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14th and Farnam Streets
Largest and Most Complete Slock
Original Hot
(t " ''" - ri
i JiL S9Q-00
jl Cole's
iKMi't buy mii imitation Our prices up .from
$ Demonstration, with hard nnd soft
coal, f'Hduy and Saturday.
Quick Meal and Malleable Steel
wo Hundred DeltnaUs Alrnady Hsre to
Erolberbood Convention.
. -etlnaa Will Be Meld at Crelahton
Hall and Will Continue
for Three Day from
'.'he Millard hotel Is thronged wllh the
ii '.-fince guard of delegates nnd officials to
1 fourth biennial session of the supreme
. 'ieof the Modern Brotherhood of-Amer-
10, which irlll convene In business session
adnewiay mornluu at Crelghton hall.
Aioot 2 delegates are 'present nnd nev
ii rivals arc conilns: In. Twenty-five slates
ii j represented. The supreme officers now
tin are: T. B. llanlay of Tipton, la.,
Ii sident; Thomas Lambert of Snbula, In.,
l president; E. L. Balr of Mason City,
la., secretary; A. H. Gale of Mnion City.
U.. treasurer. Board of directors: W. H.
11. iley of Kansas City," M. ecctt of N'or.
folk, Neb.; C. A. Fountain of Clerks, 8. D.;
J. H. Miller of Grand Forks." X. ft : P. 13.
K ith of St Paul. Minn., nnd Albert Hass
if Menominee, Mich.
A preliminary meeting -of the board of
Sectors was held Monday evening, and
i' i a u., . iwAit ;on a.-a,- tv ricliH. t
e - i
rations of the several committees to out- j
ll::e the preparatory work of tho session. I
Meets at t relaliton Hnll.
Vha convention will ussemble at Crelgh-
ball at 10 a. 1,1. Wednesday and will
continue in session until Frid ly. Mayor
1 hlman will deliver the address of wel-
oi ne, which will bo responded to oy -resi- ,
Cut Hanley. The first order of business
wl,l be the election of officers for the en- ,
suing: blannlum. Two sessions will be held
daily. Wednesday evening the visitor wilt
lie given an automobile ride about the city
by the local committees and will visit the
Li .linger art gallery. Weduesday evening
i(u entertainment will be provided for the
d legate under the auspices of the South
ir.iaha lodge, which will consist of a prize
ill ill between the degree teams of Mlnne-
6l ent at my office may be of priceless
vi lue to you. Don't you believe I
vuld advise and encourage you?'
' I surely can, for I have been doing
t'ilw very same thing -for other for
t liese many lung years; yes, all my pro
visional life has been given up to the
i-eatment of all diseases of men.
You Have Made
.Of course you have, and are you
i.ever going to correct these mistakes?
iet me tell you your mistakes and how
o right them.
Let P.le Do
; This Today
' ' Do not teU your ailments to your
Irlends, 'who can do you no good or
We you no relief, but tell them all to
tue. either at njy orace or oy letter.
It Is all Free and Confi
dential. ''' - - -. :
' ' What Vetter can I offer?
Office hours'are from S to i. Sun
. 4y from ta 1!.
Treatment . h.v mail. Call or write.
box TUti. -Offlcvs, 215 SI Mill 3tvet,
Omaha, fu.
of Stoves and Ranges shown la
Radiant Home
Base Burners
This is the now that gives more
heat uses less fuel and lasts
longer than any other. Many
hundred of these eold by. us now
in use in Omaha proves this.
ipolls and Kansis City. Tho' program tor
Thursday contemplates a visit to the Union
stock yards at South Omaha and a tour
through the packing houses and other
Omaha Industries. Thursday evening a
banquet will be erved the visitors by the j
local committees at the Millard. The pro
gram for Tuesday evening will Include a
theater party at the Burwood to be given
the visitors by the local committees. '
Already there is a lively content on for
the next biennial meeting of the order, with
Detroit and Milwaukee as the principal
Tho local committee of arrangements tin
ier the chairmanship of Mrs. Jennie Hicks
ma left nothing undone for the comfort
nd entertainment of the visitors.
Vesta Dor Wlna the Johnson Ktnke in
tHralftht Heats.
LEXINGTON, Kj .. Oct. 9. Despite the
cold, raw western wind, which made the
day disagreeable, one of the larg?nt crowds
of the meeting was present at tiie Kn
tuekv Trottina Hdrse Kiedrrn' rniirin
this afte.noon. The main event -on the I
program was the Wllaon Hlake and the fa
mouse walnut Hall cup.. Tho atjike
on by Vepla Boy, but only one heat n
trotted In the cup nice. , Nui. Boy won
,hls heat easily. . . . .
W. J.-Lewis won the il:0S tlot nd Baron
l.attan won the 2:3 pace, both races he-
tug iciv over irora yeHteruayj 'wummary: i
t.'lass 1:18, pacing;-purse. U.OUO thiee' hi '
n-e: . . . .
Ruby Lacey. b. m. by Gam
bron. dam by Blue. Vih (Tal-
Robm Kernan, b. g. (Doug
'a"i h
Moore, ft. g. (Murphy) 1
jj, If lnlon, bk. g. (Real).. 7
Besle Karl. ch. m. (Gerrst., 2
'4 U 10
3 3 4
i x'e iii-i urn, in. rii. iDuucnnrL.ij
I (iranil Kller (Hend Irks) ....It 7
Stonewall, h. g. (Mclotidld I. .10 10 7 8
Deceiver, br. g. Bowermnn 11 II T tl hk.-ni. (Doflfre) 8 C 9 ills
I mac t'atchen. bk. g. (Ho
ouie w.. .- m. ini-raaon..n ia ta uis
g", ;- fyJV.A Ml?'
Time: 2.10U. s:lOVi. ':0!Vb. 2:lll. 2:13'i.
a, trotting: nurse. 11.200.
two in
W. J. Lewis, b. g., by Norval,
dam Dunlora (L, Murphy) S
Van .aniit, b. m. (De ereaux). . 4
The President, b. h. (Loomis) 1
John Taylor, gr. g. (Ames) 2
Turley. br. g. (Gcers) 3
3 1
1 2
2 3
Tuna, ti. m. (Curryf t
John Caldwell, .br. g. (Thompson).
Time: 2:07,. :':07Vi. 2:fHi. 2:0.Stt.
Class' 2:06. pacing; puis. $1,200; two in
barun Gratlan. b. a..' bv Orntra.n.
dam Mary Gamuleon (Geera) 1
Alfalfa, ch. m. (Pendtr) S
. r.
Nervola, b. h (Dean)
Schtrmerhorn, b. g. (Meeks)
Kudora, blk. m. (Valient ne)
Time: 2:0t4, Z:074. 2M.
Wilson ' stake. 2:12 pacing: purse, $2,000;
three in five:
Vesta Boy, ch. g., by Motte Vesta '
(Mu pliyi
Prince Hal. b. g. (Snow)
Italia, b. m. (Nuchols)...
Cuater. ch. g. (Hnll)
Owalssa, br. m. (Titer) v....
Spill, b. ' g. idarrity)
Bonnie Btonway. ch. h. -(Curry)
('nylon E., b. g. (Estes)
.. 5
.. I
.. 4
.. 7
f 6
1 a
Karina. ch. m- (siiedecker)
Director Joe, blk. h. (Demareat)....10 die
Time: 3:074. r:iH.
Class 2:14. pacing; purse $1,000; three' In
five: (unfinished):
Conroy.- b. h.. by Ashland . Wllkea.
(.sw.-ar'.ngen) 1
Klolse. b. in. (Clementi (
Queen ct -Clubs, b. m. (Hopkins) 2
Fred Miller, ro. g. (Htoun s
Jlmmle O., br. g. (Mcpherson) 4
Jenny Wren. ro. m. (Price) 6
Time: 2:12. 2:10Vt-
Walnut -Hall Farm cUp. class 2:15, trot
ting: purse I3,un; three in five; (uiitin-
It hid):
Nut Boy, b. ni.. by Nutplue (Mclienry)
Al le Jay. b. in. (Uirrncy)....
Totora. b. m. (Titer) .
.. a
.. 4
.. i
.. i
.. 8
Dr Chase, ch. g. (Nucnols)
Jiowcatcher. b. g. (McCarty)...-
lmpe.lal Allerton, h. h. (Snow)
Pulsus. O- h. Kreers) t
pmo h. g. (Murphy) v
Belle Isle, br. m. iReahy)
K...,lna, b. r. (J.imlxoni
Admiral Srblcy b. g. (Shaffer).
Kaesona (Snedeiker)
Horace W. Wllaou. ch. g. (Dryder)
Time: 2:12.
Women at Golf.
WEST NEWTON. Masa.. Oct. .-Mtlder
weather and a much lighter breeze than
prevailed yesterday greeted the thirty-two
survivors of the preliminary round ot the
woman s nsii'mai s"ii i-uiiiiuiigi!ip uiur-
nament when they came out on the links
of the Brae Burn Country club today for
the first round of match play.
Fatal Powder Explosion.
TAMAQITAT. Pa.. Oct. . Four men
were killed today by an explosion, at the
Dupunt Powder company s plant.
The Simple Life
is best To live naturally; work
during the day, keep your temper,
eat three meals and take a Beech
rnn'i Pill . regularly, as required.
There is no medicine (or the sim
ple life, or the rtrcnuous, like
atoid L'vsrywhunr- la buses lc. ud &c
.Jm-- tJu&k. I
.limini msmisssisi1
VioFreiidt ICohlor Officially Announce!
Parch us ef Headquarter! Sits.
Trsrt Covers Hundred and Muet
Eight Feet on Dodge and
llaadred and Twenty on
Fifteenth gtreet.
"Tue I niun Pacific Railroad company luul
arranged by purchase for sufficient prop
erty at the northeast corner of Fifteenth
snd Dodge strsets to provide for Its gen
eral hearquarters building. This may be
This, statement was given out by Vice
President Mohler of the Union Faclflc yes
terday afternoon.
The ground bought to date Is 19s feel on
Doilgc street by la) foet on Fifteenth and
there Is still mn;o to be acquired. How
much more 'Mr. Mn.iler doe not Buy. Ne
gotiations aie ttndtr ay for a strip of
ground to the ncrth of that already bought,
but how wide till strip is. neither the
t'nlon Faclflc ne-r its real estate agents
have stated. '
It" looks to the real estate men us
though. the company were bent on acquir
ing the entire block, ievlth .the exception
of the two lots whose length runs along
Fourteenth street and on which stands
the Dellone hotel, the Ancient Order of'
United Workmen building and the Odd
Fellows' building. The remainder of the
Mock would make a building site 1! by
240 feet, facing on Dodge and Ffteenth
streets and Capitol' avenue.
' Merely a Conjecture. .
Thai the company will buy all this Is
merely a conjecture. t is based on the
fact that the Boston G found Rent Trust
owns a strip sixty-six feet wide, extend
ing north and south through the entire
block; that the: I'nlon Faclflc has bought
the south half of this and can buy the
north half. The other two lots in ques
tion, comprising the northwest quarter of
the block, belong to the John G. Jacobs
estate nnd nre said to bo for sale.
The lots whose put chase Mr. Mohler lias
announced are 5, 6 and 7. They comprise
the Frank Keitnard property, -forty-four
feet wide, with ' a three-story brick build
lug, known as Labor Temple: twenty-two
feet which belonged to the Brown estate.
Providence. R. I., with a three-story build
ing: forty-four feet, which belonged to
Martha Ish and on which is a one-story
residence; twenty-two feet which belonged
t0 the Xorlhwestem'Mutiial Life Insurance
company and on which the Willis block
stands, and sixty-six f 5et . which the Bos
ton Ground Rent Trust owned.
Old Government Corral. i
The old aovernment corral formerly te- I
cnpled a part of this ground. On one lot
also was the first school in Omaha, a
private Institution, known as the Benle
school and taught by Prof. Bcals. who aft
erwards became principal of the Omaha
High school.
Actively engaged as agents for th
Union Pacific in the transactions was the
McCague Investment company. Thomas
McCngue returned Tuesday from. Boston
ami other eastern points, where he sue.
ceeded in closing tht deul o:i pnrl of tli3
property concerned. . .
Vice President Mohler has not announced
the slse of the building the company wilt
One anywhere from six to twelve
stories In height has been discussed by the
company's officials. It will be fireproof.
(Continued from First Page.) .
advanced to the. plate a great cheer went
r.p. The cub lend hit a twlft bounder to
Donoliue and was out by Donoliue, unas
sisted. Steinfeldt dumped a roller to right
and was put out by Altrock as he ran
down the baso I'ne. Tinker sent a fly. to
liahn. No runs. . -
Third Inning, Americans Sullivan shot a
hot bounder to Kvers, who l.andl d it neitlv
and threw It to (.'nance in plenty' of llme.j
Tannelilll wan the fourth member of the,
American league team to strike out. Ait. i
j rock made tho Hfth victim of Brown's de
, ceptlve curves when he finned. No runs.
Third Innln.'. Nationals Evers grounded
to -Altrock, who reached for it In the air
and threw Evers out at first. Kllng wus
expected to start the hit column for the
Nationals, but he went out, . Tannelilll to
Doiiohue. Brown struck out, the first Na
tional to fall. No runs. Cubs 0. Sox o.
Fourth Inning. Americans This Inning
started ut the top of the batting list for
each side. Hahn went out. Evers t)
Chance. Jones drove a gruundi-r straight
at Brown - and was au easy out at first.
Isbell popped a high fly which Chance
pulled In. No runs,'
Fourth Inning. Nationals Hoffman struck
out. Sheckard out on grounder to Dono
hue to Altrock. Sehulte chopped a high
grounder over Altrock. got to first and
stole second when. Isbell dropped tho ball.
Chance went out on a bounder. Altrock to
Donohuc. No runs.
First Rnn In Game.
Flftl Inning.-Americans Rohe hit down
past third and Sheckard kicked It over into
tne vacant oencn in lelt. Kohe
third. Donohuo struck out. Dougherty
bunted and Rohe was safe when Kllng
failed to hold Brown's toss. Doughertv
went to second on a passed ball. Sullivan
and Tannelilll both out. Tinker to Chance.
One run. 8core: Americans 1. Nationals 0.
Fifth Inning, Nationals Steinfeldt out.
Roho to Donohue. Tinker popped a. foul
which 8ullivan gathered in near the play,
urs' bench. Evers struck out. No runs.
Sixth Iiiilng. Americans Altrock walked
Hahn sacrificed, Steinfeldt to Chance.
Jones singled to center. Altrock was put
out at the plate, Hoffman to Kllng. Jones
went to second and moved to third on a
Sassed hall. Isbell singled to left and
ones ' scored from third. Isbell stole
second. Rohe out. Brown to Chance. One
run. . .
Sixth Inning, Nationals Kllng passed to
first. Brown sent the ball past second
for a hit. Hoffman sacrificed. Altrock to
Donohue. Kling came hame on a wild
pitch. Brown moved to third. Schul'...
was out, Rohe to Donohue. , One run.
Score: Nationals. 1; Americana, i.
Seventh Inning, . Americans Donohue
singled to Brown, tho ball bouncing off
nis root 10 .rigni, ana went 10 se-ona on a
wild pltcli. Douglinrty nit to Brown and
Donohue waa run down between second
and third. .Brown to telnfldt to Tinker,
Dougherty stole second. Sullivan filed to
Seheckard. Tannehilb. out. Tinker to
rlmnpA. Tinker inaklna a ereat itnn hunk-
or sreona. o runs.
Seventh Inning. Nationals Chance shot
a line drive to left but Dougherty held it.
Steinfeldt seat another liner to left but
Rohe speared the ball in his left hand.
Tinker fouled to Sullivan. No runs.
Eighth Inning. Americans Altrock sin
gled down -pact third. Hahn tried to sac
rifice but forced Altrock, Brown to Tinker.
Hahn was out stealing, Kllng to Evers.
Evers being spiked, but continued to play,
Jones nut on a grounder to Chance, un
assisted. No runs.
Eighth Inning, Nationals Evers went
out, Isbell to Donohue. Evers was lame
from the effects of the spiking by Hahn.
Kllng smashed a single past Altrock to
center. Brown sacrificed, Sullivan to
Donohue. Hoffman lifted a high fly to
Junes. No russ.
Ninth Inning. Americans Evers threw
Isbell out at first. Rohe went out on a
fly to Sehulte. Donohue fanned. No runs.
Ninth Inning. Nationals Morgan went
to bat for 8heckard and filed out to Jones.
Sehulte owl on a grounder. Tennehlll to
Donohue. C nance. SMigld to center, i
Steinfeldt filed to Jones. No mm. Final ;
score: Americans. 2; Nationals. 1. I
Seore: I
E. 1
0 !
a ;
o i
a !
Hahn. rf
Jones, cf
Isbell, 2b .....
Rohe. 3b ,
Donohue, lb .,
Dougherty, if
Sullivan, c
Tannehlll. ks .
Altrock. p
Totals .'.'...
' 0
i V
l.ti I O
I lfofT-..Ul cf
dceckuid. 1:
("hener. lb
Steinfeldt. 3h
Tinker. ss ...
Evers, 2b ....
Kllng, c
Frown, p
Totals ....
... i
Batted for Bheek.ird In ninth.
Americans 9 0 0 1i 1 1 ' 0 0-2
Nationals 0 0 0 V 0 1 0 (t 1 j
Left on bases: Nationals. I; America:- j
8. Thrve-lmse hit: Rohe. Sacrifice hlls:
Hnhn, Hoffman. Brown. Stolen '
Hohulte. Ishcll, Dotiftlierty. Struck cut:
Bv Hrown. 7: by Altrock. 3. l"nsed bu!N:
; Kling. 8. Bases on balls: Off Brown. 1,
off Altro. k, 1. Wild pitch: Altroc k. Time:
l:lo i mplrts: Johnstone and O Lnughtui.
Little Farts Concerning Chlcnae"
Great National Lesaae Team.
Here are a few facta of lnteret,t about
the C'hleaao Nationals:
Jack Taylor is the oldest man on IhT
team. He was born December 1J. 1R7J.
Slaglo is next, being born July 11. 171.
Kllng next. 1S7", and Mordecnl Brown,
Patrick J. Moran and Htetnfeldt were bom
In 1S7. , Thomas J. Walsh, born Vebruarv
28. lS8fl, Is the youngest. Manager Frank
Chance was born September IS, 1S77, at
Fresno, Cal.. i
Orvllle Overall Is the giant of the team. :
standing six feet two Inches and weigh- !
Ing 20S pounns. He is 25 years ot as;
and a native son of the tolden rftan.
Chance and Ruelbach Come next In sis--.
Chance neighing too and standing even j
ix feet, and Ruelharh weighing 185 and i
standing six feet two Inches. rJvera
the smallest man, weighing ISO and
standing five feet eight inches. Hofmn !
only weighs ISO. but is six fet tall. Jach
Pfeister ttps the beams at 171 and Brown
at 172 and Jack, who Is five feet eleven
and'one-holf Inches, Is one Inch taller
than Mordeeai.
Sehulte, Evers. Walsh, Moran, Overall.
Hofman. and Oessler are unmsrrled.
Jack Pfeister has one of the unique
careers. He broke Into fast company
when Muggsy McGraw took Mm on at
Baltimore in 101. Rut he drifted back to j
the minors, playing with Columbus in
190-03 and landing on the Psclrtc coast
with Spokane and Han Francisco. Then
Pittsburg got him In 1K03 and his re
lease and pick-up by Omaha are well
known facts J.o fans here. ile boVan.o
the premier pitcher of the Western
league and went to Chicago, where he lies
more than made good. J
Manuger Chance has had little experi
ence oistslde of Chicago and his homo
town of Fresno. He played for a little
while with Washington university (Cali
fornia and then, in 1S98. went directly
from Fresno to Cap: Anson at Chicago.
It was on Frank Seleo's suggestion that
Chance quit catching and took first.
In the piiehing department of the game.
Brown. Omaha's old favorite, has made a
record that outstrips thut even of the
great Christy Mattv-wion. Brown won
twenty-seven and lost six games during
the season Just closed, giving him a rec
ord of .818. against Mathawson's 1905 rec
ord of thirty-one victories and nine de.
feats, or a percentage of .773. Brown
pitched two games in which his opponents
made only one hit. one gsniu in which
they made but two hits and Jive in which
they got only throe -hits. Kight of Ills
twenty-seven victories were hut-out
That is the best reoord of the big league-.
Pfeister scored Ave sbut-ouls and pitched
one single hit game of ten Innings aad
one game of only three hits. I
All Western ' Flayers Pnt Out of j
Woman's Contest In First Rouud. i
WEST NEWTON. Maas.. Oct. 9. The
woman's national golf championship will
remain in the east for anoiher year. All
western aspirants for the title were put out
today In the first round of match play at
the Brae Burn club. The sixteen survivors
are made up of nine from the Mas.aciiu
setts district, four from New York and
three frofn Philadelphia. Among the sur
vivors are Mlns Pauline Mackay of Boston,
the present champion, and Miss Georglannt
Bishop of Bridgeport. Conn., and Miss
Frances C. Orls.iom f Philadelphia, both
former champions. Summary:
Woman's . natiunol championship, first
round: . ;,' i
Miss Frances C.,"Gricom, Merlon. Phila
delphia, defeated Mrs. M. , D. Paterson.
Englewood. N. J..,4 up, 3 to play.
Mlwt W. E. S. Pooler, Country club. Bos
ton, defeated MWjt.E. ' Harry. Epglewood,
1 up (IS holes). , . r . ',
Mis Mary Adairyi-M'ollaaton. Boston, de
feated Mm G. C. plilton, Oakley, Boston,
o tip'.'4'to play. ' '
Mix. S. F. fcefferts. JCnglewood. Tf. J.,
defeated M is." CVi Teb ' -F. Fox. Huntington
Valley. Philadelphia 2 tip, 1 to play.
Miss Julia Mix. Engiewood, defeated Miss
Grace Semrle. St.' Louis. S up, to play.
Mrs. R. R. Bailov. Merlon. Philadelphia,
defeated Mrs. Edwin Read, Lexington, Bos
ton, 4 up. 2 to play.
Mr:F. W. BatV-helder. Oakley; Boston,
defeated Miss MrTa Helmer. Midlothian.
Chicago, by default.
MI03 G. BlKhop. ' Brooklawn. Bridgeport,
defeated Miss Mary C. Dutton, Oakley,
Boston. 7 tin. 6 ty play.
Mis Frances C. Osgood. Country c'ub,
Boston, 'defeated Miss Grace Stullz. Oak
ley. Boston. 4 up.' 2 to play.
Miss Han-let R. Curtiw Country club.
Boston, dented Mm (1. H. Rooper, Denver,
4 up, 2 to piny.'
Mra W. Fellows Morgan, Baltusrol. N.
J., defeated Mrs. F. W. Anderson. Hins
dale. 5 no, 4 to nlfly.
Miss Pauline Mack-y. Oakley. Boston de-
i feat-.d
Mrs- Altxander Mcuregor, vaaiuy.
4 11 n '1 to liliLV
Miss Florence N. Jkyres Riverton. Phil
srlelnl'ta. defeated Mlse F. O'G. Pheope.
Hamilton. Ont., 4 un, 2 to play.
Miss Catherine Charley. Fa'l River, de
feated Miss Emily I.ckwood. Country club.
Boston 5 un. 3 to.nlay.
Mis'. nlta Ph'w. 8"rlnf1old. defeuted
Miss Loplsa A. Wells. .Country club. Boston.-
1 un (at holes). ,
M'n-i Mari-irie w. Phelns. Brae Purn
Boston,. rtfted Mrs. F. O. Fleer, Cora
iiiotiwenlt.h Boston., o up, $ to play. .
The drawlnvs fr the second round to
morrow are as fol1o':
Vlss rtriseom 8"H Miss Porr: MI- d
nmn and Mrs. I vrta Miss M"x an-' M'S.
pSri0- Mrs. )steh-liler and -B "Ison.
Miss nsirooit ntl Miss i urns. wrs. "'oin
sort Miss Maebav. Ml"" Avre and Miss
Harley. Miss PH"s ard Miss Phelps.
First Round nt Pi-nt Stakes Run on
v . Owenlna: Day.
FRIKND, Vh., .Oct. '.. SneclaI Te'e,
rrnm ) The Fulorlty races taan tMs aft.
rrnonn wih eiehty-two entries, and ton.
seouentlv races were run off
The nttendaiue ,wss good and. while hc
wAtH.r was a little chilly, yet the inter
est mi vood.
In. the raipov stake. Bandit Ktnr be:it
Bi.tsr C'r. Mr. Air be-t Hard Ifnnch.
Yonn Filvurd bMt Winnie M'lln, Fun
on the 'Hria t..t N1lie St. Pint". Black
Joe beat Fits H'ednte. My Ronnie liea
I ord Prinrlle. Rinmisrer best Pominerelal
Hfov. Ronnie Pf 'C'1r best (mnt, Fhn
nn het lord t'nton Washer. Oame
Snort bent Blnrlt dale. CiinH- Arrow Vet
White n(r t'iir-nfy heat Towe's Vs'en
tlne. Favorite Fffort' beat Chanmn Oir:,
P't R'Veo Iwat Ms,nnnis's Plim M. Rlltin-W-
he-.t Rt'Vev St. Clair. Master Bob beat
, unMSpHer. Beldame het H..sp) t. riair
' Hidian Kurcmer bet Meclrfe F., King Dod
t heat -Rlbionwood Msmma's Bst eet
; Vi.rder Valenlne Elds Ren bent Win
Sienal. Coronario St. C1b- beat Charlie
Romm. Mvstje Max )es Pistol rndlvMd
Huse IM.t wind's Hi"'rwnv Miv RoeVleT
h,-at Rct MrDonsJd, Bonni" Bu'timn" Vms
Finvd's l-i'rtv. Mv "en het Red Sietial.
T.dv Wbitehat 1et pick-v Mornln "
beat Flume's One, n. Sunshine- beat K1-n
Bt. CNIr fonntrv Girl hat Anie-ic
""t. Van Pmtr,n le t Ooeen' of he
Hi". Fine Vmhleni heat Mlrt Sect ion.
m" Ronrltt lwt Vll"l,'ll V''nlne. Ms.
ter Red Patch beat Farewell. Fighting Fire
Sehulte. rf I
Good Clothes
Our Men's Clothing is now shown in larger
and greatly improved quarters on the main
floor, old building. Brundeis is the more con
venient as well as the most satisfactory store
for men. The best fitting and best wearing
clothes that arenade, at prices that mean a
saving of one-third to one-half the money
you expect to spend for clothing this fall ami
winter. '
Our Special Clothing
Brandels shows at these special prices the best apparel
that can possibly be made for a moderate figure
Single or double breasted suits in new mixtures and
reastea suns m
plain Overcoats with
new style features
good . solid wear
every overcoat or suit, at . .
Overcoats and Suits
Made by the best tailors to the trade up-to-date
New York style new plaids and mix
turesthe correct style features
tailoring is perfect
Special price
Our clothing for little fellows is now on our main floor
and convenience for mothers. The stock is larger and more
Boys Fall Suits
Combination Suit Includes one coat, one
pair straight knee pants, one pair Z 9 C
Knickerbocker pants all for. . . .
best Beftonvale. BuMer Brown beat In
quisitive Girl. Garry Owen Box bent Anna (
St. Clair. Bright Chiir heat Ullie Wood.
Happy St. Clair beut Doon Boy, Best S;. :
Clnir beat Mable St. Clair. I
The seconds and thirds of today's races j
will be run tomorrow. An excursion of the i
Commercial club of St. Joseph.' Mo., bns I
been announced to be present at tomorrow's I
toarslna at Hot Springs Furnishes
tood Vport.
HOT SPRING8. 8. D.. Oct.' . (Speeial
Telegram.) The second round of the Fu
turity was finished toduy, with results as
Lo'd Buff beat Fine Kmpress. 11 to I;
Wrong Idea leat After Me. 13 to 2; Wild-woi-d
heat Comedian. 10 to 0; Butte's Bul
let heat Fine Elf. 10 to 3; Oddsldes heat
Favors Emln, 4 to 0; Consignor beat Bon
nie Butte, 2i) to ('; Friends' Effort heat
Golden Trail, i to 5: Tennis Ball beat Con
signee. 17 to S; Rear Admiral btat Trap, S
to 0; Fair Empress beat Lndv Weokuy. It.
to 1, Fine Edge beat Miss Gratnbelt, 3 to
2: Ehlett Reee beat Ring Ividy. 14 to !l:
Miss Fair beat Maiollca. U to 5; Lord Bel- ;
ford beat Me First. 5 to 3: Russell Lady '
beat Cartimance. 6 to 2; Sir Patch beat I
Canadian Express, R to 2; j
The stake will be finished tomorrow.
Thursday will see the commencement of
the Texas stakes. The hares ran strong
and the weather was fine.
The O. D. K.s and Ston Rlues did some
great bowling at the association alleys last
night. All six games were above and
three were close to the 1,000 murk. The
cigar men won two games -and were only
fifteen pins away on the third. "Ted"
Nealo was best man on totals, with -5,
and a single game of 237. J
Tonight there, will he n special matPh lie- j
tween Huntington and OJ-rde against An- i
dersuii and Frllsoher. Scores: I
-. O. D. K s.
Chandler 14
Molyneaux 18!i
2d. 3d. Tot.
1!W 237 fi.",B
lOli 147
1S7 L'2:t HliU
19S IHi bKl
225 , 174 tU2
!3 975 21 fi
2d. 3d. Tot.
m m m:
iw a; ffi
w as
I'M i:o o.Vi
16 . 17!l 677
tifil !)90 2.845
Totals .
Cochran .
Weber ....
Totals H"4
The Falstaffs got three games from the
Armours, on the Metropolitan Hltevs.
Klauck was high man on totals, with ftt!.
Tomorrow night the Gold Tops against the
El C'andillos.
La Vigne Ml
Jay V,ii
Jay 17ti
Klauck ls7
Hunter 141
Herger 157
2d. 3d. Tot. 1
li KS 635
17 m; 4" 7
14 1HJ l7
1! 174 b0
152 175 MS
m i7!t 135
4 85t J.SS4
2d. 3d. Tot. I
132 14K 4ft !
liB US Art
V0 150 3s2
140 137 4.D
152 151 4.3
704 i.117
, :....S32
, ....731
Collins .,
Manning .,
ToUls ..
Lapels are the ear-marks
of good Raincoats.
lapels and collars set right,
the whole coat holds its
shape through the rain and
sun. Look around you and
see how few garments stand
this test after wear.
Th Kscyod Psctartet. tbs grsstsst la
the wot I a Slipesss with sweat sbop work
ass methea Until that was o tueb
per (set gsnneats wers Impesslbls.
sbsrs this suMrlortiy. Latest style book
frara tbs Sealer wbs sells KesrsifB Costs
or fress
new mixtures ami
- 12 - JS
and Children's
Now Shown on Oar Qreat flaln Floor
These is little Russian
little box coats as well new and
pretty colors, very latest style.
) p
Boys' All Wool
values, at
Boys' Blue and
Blouses worth
DOCTORS for il3Exl
The Reliable Specialists
Everything has to have a beginning, and one of the most prolific sources
of the diseases and weakness so prevalent among men is the result of abuses.
In early life or neglected or Improperly treated pelvic diseases, such as
Gonorrrhoea., etc. While Gonorrhoea is considered one of the simplest con
tagious diseases, yet throush neglect Is developed into Stricture ami Gleet,
insidiously progressing and tenaciously fastening iteelf upon the system un
til It hua invaded the kidney, bladder and prostatic region, rendering it so
complicated as to be incurable in some eaten, perhaps the first symptom
was a little discharge, which. If properly treated, could huve been cured In a
few days. Rheumatism is another result of Improper treatment of this condi
tion, producing not only excructat ng pain, but It. frequently warps and
and twists one or more of the Joints of the body, producing horrible de
formities, frequently depriving the individual of the ability to earn a living for
himself, h aving him a helphai and tortured cripple for life. . Another deplor
able result of this disease when Improperly treated, is swollen glands that are
not only painful, but will finally destroy a man sexually and in many cises
physically. When thla dl'eare. through neglect or Improper treatment. . bv its
extension has caused a cystine invasion of the bladder, thence, by its exten
sion up the ureters to the kidney, It there produces retulta that are iudeffd
Some ni'-n. through ignorance of the consequences which are sure to folio
neglect or improper t estuc-nt. consider this a trlflllng ailment and . rely
upon patent med Vines, drugpi-ts alii unskilled doctors in an effort to s-cu e
relief for the cost of a bott'e of medicine, and by this procedure allow the
disease, to make such eerlous inroads upon the sexual and nervrus system that
it incapacitates them for the physical, mental and sexual duties of life, and
the patient pays dearly for bis economy of the selection of incunictent at
tendance. ,
We. cure safely snd thoroughly:
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexual Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Rectal,
Kidney and Urinary Diseases,
mid all tlis'"aHB and weaknesses of men due to evil habits, self-abusu, excesses
or the result of spectfli! or pilvate diseases. - ,
Free Consultation and Examination -feffl ft Ton&nfc
1308 Farnam St., Between 13th and 14th Sts., OmahaNeb.
Homcsceker's Excursion
Many points in the South and South
east. Tickets on sale the 1st and 3d
Tuesday of October and November.
For tickets, rates and detailed infor
mation call at City Ticket office. 1402
Farnam St., or write,
S. NORTH, Dist. Pass. Agt.
I.-1 :n. ,
where we offer every
complete than t?ver.
effects and
Knee Pants
75c and $1.00
Grey Flannel Shirt Waist
7 fie, at
I o l
t- - . J. i . .1...
' i
.j S
-.s..- a
.1 zizzgrz: