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Time When.Women Are Susceptible to Many
Dread, Diseases Intelligent Women Prepare
for It. Two Relate their Experiences.
The "ohaffe of life" U
tha moot critics) period
of womoV ulitnro,
and the anxiety felt by
women aa It draws near,
la not without reason.
Every woman who
nplecta the care of her
lAsith at thia time in
cites disease and pain.
I H hen her system is !n;
i deranged condition,
or ahe is predisposed to
apoplexy, or coniri'Stion
r V of any organ, the ten
" Vrney is at this period.
'V. likely to become active
'" and with a host of ner-:
Tons irritations make
life burden. At this
) time, also, . cancers and
' tnmors are more liable
I to form and begin their
destructive work,
v Such warning Ttnp
i toms aa sense of suffo-
i cation, hot flashes, head
aches, backaches, dread
sealnst Mr. Lillian Chapman, doing basi
n's, as Mrs. Lillian Anderson. This Ik a
bankruptcy raw, tha plaintiffs having be
gun proceeding's against the defendant un
der the bankruptcy act. The defendant re
sluts tha notion, alleging that ahe la not
The case of McMillan Co. against the
H. W. Brown Drug and Book Company
was continued by stipulation.
It Is understood that tin criminal cases
will be tried at this term of court.
Dr. Miller Call, at Capitol.
Dr. George L. Miller of Omaha, a niera
Iter of the Boatd of Fire and Police Com
missioners, which twmrd Is Just now cm
trial tiefore the governor for not enforcing
the laws In Omaha, was In Lincoln to
day. Dr. Miller came down this nironlng.
SHELDON DEFINES ISSlEb .gnnancEnnaaannnaa
Reaahllraa the Oaly Party Which Has
Aeeajmpllahed Aaythlna Practical
fnr the Pee pie ( the
Oitm Voter sf Onminc County 8smthii M
U Iuink About i 3
i M
WEST POINT. Oct a-(Preclal am i ! M
A l re. an4 tnlhndKri frn-A r.t .11 .. I"S
but a Governor Mickey had gone to i , ... ... I rm
. . ., . ... lltlral faith thronged the West Point op- EJ
Otnnlia II Is presumed he did not aee hin. . . , " . ; E2
era hous. tonight to hear Hon. Gorge L. 1 M
Woman's MUslanarr "oelety. j Sheldon dlsufa the political Issues of the ms
The Women's Home Missionary society , day from the republican standpoint. The : f3
of the Methodist Episcopal church will I next governor wna In fine form and aiod ' "
hold Its annual meeting in Lincoln, be- I pirUg Bm1 created a rehiarkably favorable W
ginning tomorrow. The society la national lmDrc,on on thB vo,.r- nf rmln eountv. VI
He was Introduced to the audience by
former Stnator D. C. Qiffert, chairman of i srs
M fin) En a
1 1 I UdrtPE
On Sale
In Its scope and, people from all parts of
the country are expected to b In attendance.
of impending evil, timid-
t" itr, sounds in the ears,
palpitation of the heart,
f sparka before the eves,
Irregularities, eonstipa
, tion, rariable appetite,
- weakneaa, inquietude,
and dlttlness. are
promptly beeded by in
telligent women who are
annivMKIntf t.Hfli VhAflfwl
In life when woman's great change I " t wrote you w adce and commenced
table Compound an you clirwtd, nd I m
5, Jfrs. AEGMvlan d
': taaaouasaoeMtjasiiooMaaBOioO
may be expected.
Lydia B. rlnkham s Vegetable Com-1 happy to say that all those distressing symp
toms left me and I hae passed sareiy inrouicn
povnd was prepared to meet the needs
of woman's system at this trying
period of her life. It invigorates and
strengthens tha female organism and
builds np the weakened nervous system.
For special advice regarding this Im
portant period women are invited to
. write to Mrs. Pink ham at Lynn, Mass.,
land it will be furnished absolutely free
lot eharge. Ihe present Mrs. Pinkham
tithe daughter-in-law of Lydia E. Pink
fiam, her assistant before her decease,
and for t.wenty-flve years since her
advice has been freely' given to sick
women, '
Bead what Lydia E. Pinkham's Com
pound did for Mrs. Hyland and Mrs.
0 I
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:
" I had been suffering with displacement of
the organa for years and was passing through
yhe change of life. My abdomen was badly
t twollen; my stomach was sore; I had dizzy
U pells, sick headaches, and was very nervous.
the cbanze of life, a well woman. I am
recommending your medicine to all my
friends "Mrs. Annlo R. G. Hyland, Chester
town, Md.
Another Woman's Caae
' During ebansce of life words cannot ex
press what I suffered. My physician said I
had a cancerous condition of the female
organs. One dsy I read some of tbe testi
monials of woman who bad been cured' by
Lvdia E. PirJt ham's Vegetable Compound,
and I decided to try it and to write you for
advice. Your medicine niade me a well
woman, and all my bad symptoms soon
dimnpeared. ,. .......
" 1 adviss every woman at tuts period of life
to take vour medicine and write you for ad
vice." Mrs. Linie Hinkle, Palem. Ind.
What Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound did for Mrs. Hyland and
Mrs. Hinkle It will qo ior otner women
at this time of life.
It has conquered pain, restored
health, and prolonged life in cases that
utterly baffled physicians.
jdU C Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Succeeds When Others FaB.
Good Attendance at Opening Session
at Kearney.
KEARNET, Neb.. Oil. 9. (Special Tele
gram.) The twelfth annual convention of
the Nebraska Federation of Women a
elubs opened here Tuesday afternoon with
1(V visiting womn in nttendance. Miss
Jane Brownlee of Toledo, O., and Enos
Mills of Estes Park, Colo., both epeakets
on the program, were among the early
arrivals. An Informal reception of dele
gates preceded the meeting at the Baptist
church, where the esslons will b? held.
Mrs. II. M. Bushnell presided during the
afternoon. Mrs. A. O. Thomas, president
of the hostess club, welcomed the visit
mo iriumiiviii .-iruiuy (fiiirsia cuniuii t ir, "3
and BrMTike fnr ono hnnr niui titit4n min. i
uts, during the whole of bin pch cur
rylng bis sudlence with him and making
many telling points. His remarks were
frequently interrupted by spplsuse, both m
loud and lung. j i
In his opening remarks Mr. Sheldon dwelt M
upon the phenomniuil development of th!e R
country, tffpeclally the west. Illustratl
the enormous output of our country
stanced the fact that only 7 per cent
production la exported, yet small as that
ratio appears it makes us the greatest cx- , lw
porting nation on earth. The speaker , 13
spoke a few words commending Norris fJ
Brown for senator and expressed the hope . Ft
. 1. . 111.. V I .,,...1.4 1, - . n , S"
iiiai iiiuitt iiicii iinr nun nvuiu wm mi j i
Washington to hold up the hands of the j
of th!e M
tratlng 19
he lu- g
of our
is that 13
Ing club women. Mrs. H. I.. Kuefe of West administration. W
Point responding. Mrs. Keefe's popularity i n then took up the question of railroad f3
with the convention and the general desire taxation, the attempts of the Burlington !
ana me union racinc raiiroans 10 evaae
mf orastl
Otherwiis Seporta to. Bepabliean Head
jqaarUn Promise 8nocu,
Board Accepts New Library
BwlIdlasT at PeraAttendanee
-' mt Xornsal School Moat
'FVdm'''a'r8tafl Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Oct. 9,-(8pecla4.) Chairman
Hose Of the republican state committee,
said at noon today that the campaign la
progressing nicely and tha organisation
was Using perfected as rapidly as possible,
Msny applications are coming In for Qeorgu
Ij. Sheldon and Norria Brown to address
meetings of republicans, but Mr. Brown's
abaenon In Washington will cut . Into a
number of meetings, while Sheldon Is go
ing night and dby. Tonight he speaks at
West Point. The poll books were sent
out rather late this year, but returns ar4
coming In and there are no Indications but
what the republican ticket, with the ex
ception of Williams for, railroad com mis
loner., will get the Usual republican vote.
Information received here w to the ef
fect that Judge Williams will be scratched
by the republicans all over the state, and
ao far. as hesrd from, no tears are being
shed anywhere over this matter. Demor
crats Are urging republicans here who
really want: to lect good men to office to
concentrate, their votes on Qeorgu Hurst,
'the Polk county candidate on the demo-
aV. -. cratlc ticket. Mr. Horst, they claim, has
' r,l.mriM record aa a member of the
Legislature many years ugo and can be de-
tpended upon to be fair to the people of
the statS should be be elected. So far
.'ta, h,.nl fMM Iti thfa aeetlnn of tti atute
except through the mouthpiece of the fake
reformers, not a good word has been said
of Williams or hla candidacy.
Tha State .Normal board met at Peru
yesterday afternoon and accepted the new
library building and Inspected the new
arrangements whereby many of the girl
pupils are doing their own housekeeping
and thus learning to otcome good house
wives snd Incidentally cutting down ex
penses. A large building has been rented
by a number of the girls and each suite
has been fitted up tor housekeeping.
Three or four of the girls occypy a suite
and do their own cooking- A woman
appointed by the board has general super
vision over the arrangements. Other cot
tages are shortly to be erected and rented
for this purpose and before long it is ex
pected most of the girls will be cooking
for themselves snd learning to keep house.
The Increase In the attendance at the
normal school has. been gratifying to the
board, the Increase this year bver last
year being 164. Kor the past, four years
the attendance has Veen as follows: 11M8,
4U1; WM. 4 '.Hi; 19U6. 491; 10u6, 666.
The senior class this year Is the largest
In the history of the school.
Insnraaee Feea Hee.T.
The insurance department, under the di
rection .and supervision of Auditor Searle,
has done a good business during, the
period from December 1, 190S, to the pres.
ent time in the matter of collecting fees
and in the matter of weedina out unde
sirable companies. There are now fifty
five companies less doing business in the
s;r-tc than there were In 1899. ..
For two years or more- the suit brought
to tist the. legality of the reciprocal tax
law held up considerable money,' but as
soon as the law was held to be constitu
tional. Auditor Searle gtit .busy on a col
lectlng tour and succeeded lu getting ull
the money due this department. At this
time there are 323 Insurance companies do
ing business lu Nebraska against 378 in
1S99. The collection of fees for the past
few years follows: 18SP. H8.612.I9;' 1900,
47.6li9.!; 1901. eaS.Lm.OJ; 1902. M5.3a.14; 190S,
Mi.30tl.72; 1904, 177.548.28: 1900, S.SS.765.90; .up to
September 1. 1900, ti:2,oini.o7.
Federal foart Proceedings.
The federal grand Jury got busy this
morning, with K. D. Wend, an Omaha, real
estate dealer, as foreman. Charles Nos
bitt of Nebraska City will act as clerk.
After the court had dtKpoxed of a few
motions today a Jury was called for the
trial of the cosa of Gage Bros, tt Co, et-al.
In the state that she accept the nomina
tion for the presidency was attested by
the applause that greeted her as she
stepped to the platform. Hon. K. O.
Holmes welcomed the convention on benair
of the business men.
Mrs. Glen Batson of Seward, corres
ponding secretary, reported 137 clubs In
the state federation, five new clubs hav
ing come In during the year and six
dropped out through disbanding. An
nouncement was made of the appointment
of Mrs. H. M. Bushnell of Lincoln as chslr
man of the reciprocity bureau of the
General Federation of Women's clubs and
Mrs. A. A. Bcott of Lincoln sa a . member
of the outlook committee.
The art session followed. Mrs. Mary E.
Hart of Peru presiding. The evening ses
sion was given over to civics snd forestry,
Mrs. Enos Mills being the principal
speaker, giving her widely popular talk on
"Our Friends, the Trees."
The Omaha clubs are well represented,
the delegation Including Mesdames A. B.
Bomers, F. H. Cole, F. W. Miller, A. L.
Sheets. W. C. Sunderland and Miss Jen-
nette Jessun. As many more Omaha
omen will arrive Wednesday.
Although there are five new officers to
be elected there Is little political talk
except of Mrs. H. L. Keefe for the presi
Reports Show Order In a Flourishing
FREMONT, Neb., Oct. . (Special.!
The great council of Nebraska of the
Improved Order of Redmen held Its an
nual session here today. An Informal re
ception was tendered the visiting brothers
at the Grand Army of the Republic hall
last evening. The council convened this
morning with Great Sachem T. H- Benton
of Lincoln presiding. The great council
degree was conferred upon a number, of
delegates and past sachems. The follow
ing officers were elected: Great sachem,
Hugh A. Myers, Omaha; great senior
sagamore, Charles Loree, Falls City; great
junior sagamore, Claud S. Wilson, Lin
coln; great prophet, T. H. Benton, Lincoln;
great chief of records. 8. J. Dennis, Lin
coln; great keeper of wampum, Dan Mc
Clean, South Omaha; trustee. Dr. T. H.
Line, Marquette; repreaentatlve to the
great council of the United States, D.
W. McCullum, Nebraska City. The offi
cers were Installed by Great Incohonee
W. A. 8. Bird of Kansas, who is the
highest officer of the order.
The principal part of the session today
was occupied with routine business. The
reports of the great chiefs showed the
order In this state to be In good condi
tion both numerically and financially. The
session was an Interesting one. This
evening the visitors, numbering sixty-five,
were the guesta of Pawnee tribe No. 11.
at the Larson theater, and saw the "Vol
unteer Organist." . After the theater thoy
were given a supper at the lodge roomn.
The next session will be held at Aurora.
S reft r -, y ?. 1 V
No More
Cold Rooms
If you only knew bow much comfort
can b derived from a PERFECTION
Oil Heater how simple and economical
Ha operation, yon would not be without
it another, day.
Ytu can quickly make warm and cozy
any cold room or ballwsy oo matter in
what part of the bouse. Yon can heat
water, and do many other things with the
; Oil Heater
., : (Eqmlppcd with Smokeless Device)
Turn the wick aa high or low as you can there's no danger.
Carry beater from room to room. All parts easily cleaned. Gives
intense heat without smoke or smell because equipped with smoke
less device.
Hade in two finishes nickel and japan. Brasa oil fount beauti-
luuy .cuuuasca. naiua 4 quarts ot oil and burns 9
hours. Every heater warranted. If von cannot get
beater 'or information from your dealer, . write to
nearest agency for descriptive circular'.
IHBmi: trawMara cannot be
&yo s-j-k
asassw and steady light, simclecon-
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Equipped with latest improved burner. Made of
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Teramaeb Welcomes Mlsaoarlana.
TIJCUMSEH. Neb., Oct. . (Special.)
The St. Joseph Commercial club. In a spe
cial train. of eight cars, visited Tecumseh
yesterday, arriving about 12:46 o'clock and
remaining for forty minute. The visitors
were met down the line by a representative
of the Tecumseh Commercial club, who
provided them with badges of welcome, on
which was printed "Compliments of the
Tecumseh Commercial Club; Welcome to
Tecumseh. the Best Town In Southeastern
Nebraska; St. Joseph Commercial Club, Oc
tober 8. 190U." Arriving a this station the
local club members and other citizens,
with the Tecumseh military band, extended
a warm welcome to the visitors. A regi
mental band of St. Joseph was with the
excursionists. School was dismissed and
the children Joined In the proceedings. A
line was formed, which marched up town,
whertt the wholesalers of St. Joseph called
on the retailers of their respective lines,
while mublc was discoursed by the band.
The visitors distributed many souvenirs,
and upon their return, as the train was
leaving the cify. the Ttcunieehites cheered
them until they were out of sight. A short
stop was made at Elk Creek, in this county,
before the train reached this point, snd
at Sinurtvllie and Sterling after leaving
Tecumseh. The St. Joseph gentlemen very
favorsbly Impressed our people.
payment of their taxes, showing the fact j
that us nonresrtdents they had J'
taken advantage of that fact to appeal to , W
the federal courts. He showed that the
republican party, who had ever squarely fj
stood for the people as against railroad m
HnmltiaHn. In rtAlltla Dnaln.l SHI
allowing them the right to fix their own j
assessments. His arraignment of the In- 1
Justice snd Inequality of freight rates In
Nebraska wns scathing. He quoted rates
valumnlously. wherein tt was conclusively
shown that the rates on staple commodities
from central and eastern points In this
state to Omaha were more than the rates
of the same, produce from Omaha to Chi
cago, and this. In spite ' of the fact that
the earnings of the Nebraska roads, per
mile, are much more than In lows or any
western state. Discrimination In the rates
on coal from Sheridan, Wyo., to Ne
braska points Was also touched upon. The
speaker showed that Coal from Sheridan to
Omaha was delivered there at a freight
rate of 12.76, whereas to Grand Island the
rate Is $3.75, a difference of $1 on a shorter
haul of some 2110 miles.
Maximum Rate Law Dissected.
The speaker proved the futility of the
present maximum freight law and showed
lu inc MiiiDintiiuii VI inn Iiirfti.:i9 ,nai inc ; aS
only and proper solution of the rate proh- j U
lem now confronting the people was In the 1 f$
passage of the amendment and creation of , r
the Board of Ball way 'Commissioners,
clothed with plenary power- to enforce Its
own regulations as to state commerce.
He next took up the question of regula
tion of passenger rates, Incidentally men
tioning the agitation now prevalent for a
2-cent passenger fare. Answering the sug
gestion that a state law fixing this limit
would answer the purpose,- he stated that a
law as suggested would bo Comprehensive,
that It would Include in Its' operation all
the roads In the state on sn equal basis
and that In case one 'small' railroad, of
which he Instanced several, should attack
the law successfully. Its -abrogation would
have the effect of restoring the present
rate on all the roads In the- state, as well
as the road complaining, whereas under
the proposed railway commission if any
Individual railway complained of the 2-cent
fare being a hardship Its case would be
Judged on Its own merits without reference
to any other road, and It could, on a proper
showing, be released from the operation of
the rule, leaving all tha other roads sub
ject to it, a point which . the audience
seemed to think was well taken. '
In speaking of the pass question. Sena
tor Sheldon emphatically denied using a
pass or free railroad transportation of any
kind since January 1, 1906. . He admitted. In
1903, accepting a pass from the Missouri
Pacific railway, which. he used a very Ut
ile, but he explained that upon ' reflection
he considered that he could best serve his
cor.stttutents by being perfectly .Inde
pendent of rallroud Influences and there
fore returned the pass, as also other passes
he has since received. This, action on his
part was taken voluntarily, long before the
pass question became an Issue In politics
or before It had entered the public mind
as a campaign Issue.
J. A. Williams of Pierce, candidate for
railway commissioner, and Prof. Mnggl of
Lincoln, who Introduced himself as a fu
slonlst. also spoke.
(1511 Douglas Street, Omaha)
Ladies9 loaks I Suits
Skirte. tilliherv
Hosiery and Underwear
On Sale
Just i Shelley's Mm
J. L. Brandeis (Si Sons
Wuta s track by Tralu.
liURWELU Neb.. Oct. . (Special.)
( As freight train No. 55 came Into Burwell
fthis evnine and lust it lhi i-rnkilmr
south of towni Jonathan Mattley and hla
son, Leland. drove onto the crossing and
were struck by the train. The boy and
team escaped, but the wagon was reduced
to kindling wood and Jonathan Mattley
was thrown u.veral rods .and severely
bruised, but at the present time Is rust
ing easily und the indications are that
he will recover. This is the first accident
of any importance that has occurred in
this plaee for some, time.
Merchandise Mock Traaaferred.
PLATT6MOVTH. Neb.. Oct. S.-(Spei:ial.)
Henry Herold gave a bill of sale of his
Aldrlch for Reoator.
BKAINARD. Neb.. Oct.. (Special Tele
gram.) The republican state senatorial
convention of Seward and Butler counties
was held here today. The convention met
at 3 o'clock and nominated C. H. Aldrlch of
David City. Mr. Aldrlch Is a lawyer. He
has resided here for many years, la well
acquainted and will make a strong run for
the county clerk. The .capital stock Is
12,240 and the Incorporators are Pr. K. t..
Ankes, J. F. Dunte. Harry Tweedy, B. J.
Demlng, John A. Johnson, William Rohe
and Henry Polhast.
NEBRASKA CITY A residence belong
ing to Sheriff Donovan and occupied by
John Malone. two miles west of Dunbar,
burned to the ground yesterday morning,
entailing a loss pf $l,o00, partly covered by
Insurance. ' The origin of the fire Is Un
known, aa the members of the Malone
family were away from home at . the time
of the fire.
BEATRICK Mrs. Nancy Dalen. a pioneer
resident of Gage county, died Sunday at
her home, about ten miles northwest of
Beatrice. She was a native of Kentucky
and had lived on the old homestead, where
she passed away, for the last thirty years.
Three sons Edward. Prather arid James
Dolen survive lr. Funeral services were
held yesterday afternoon from the family
Eugene V. Debs will speak at Washing-J
ton hall Sunday, Oct. 14, at 8 p. m. Ad
mission, 10c.
ews of Nebraska.
PLATTSMOrTH-Ioe formed on exposed
water in this vicinity' Monday night.
BEATRICE The 'democrats of the First
supervisor district met yesterday and nom
inated L. (.'. Caley as their candidate for
BbAiKiCIC-Rpv. and Mrs. J. L. Swan
of the I'nlted Brethren church were given
a surprise last evening by their friends to
the number of forty.
Ut-.t in.ii. fer-'ine New Home Telephone
company has a force of men engaged In
installing iia new exchange in tbe Beatrice
Aam.nai bang block.
bEATRll'tt Mrs. Mary Palmer died at
her home In this city bunuay night, agud
wi years. She is survived by a lamily of
children three sons and two daughters.
PLATTSMOUTH Florence, trie s-year-old
daughter of tounly Kecorder snd Mrs
H. Hnyaer. and Josepn. the b-year-jid son
of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bvoboua, died yes
terday with oiphtuerla.
BEATRICE The of the Beatrice
Poultry and Cold Storage company is com
pleted and It will be ready fur business
in a few days. The company will manu
facture Ice for Its own uae and also for lo
cal consumers.
PLATTSMOL'TH Rae Patterson and
Miss Kllsaheth Dovey. daughter of Air. and
Mrs. George K. Dovey, were united In mailing-
In tne St. Luke's Kplscopal church
In this cliy this evening, Cannon H. ii.
iiurh'Hss ofliclating.
BfcAihli h Mayor Shults yesterday
signed the ordinance granting Dr. Eaton
of Cleveland a franchise to operate a gas
plant In Beatrice. The promoters will tie
gin work on the plant at once and agree
to furnish gas at tne rat-., of II and II. 1 per
I. itt) feet.
SCHUYLER Mrs. Lambert, wife of
stock of general merchandise , this c.ty JVs-i away'Sa-urda m'KS.?
today to his brothers-in-law. ffhe stock her home. The cause of her death beln
Is reported to be worth H.'M) snd his I la- ' old age. She was SI yeara old and was
bilitiea are 20.. Possesion his I oris or the oldest settlers of Coif a county.
sOiiik ner mure limn miny
Fair and Warmer Today and To
morrow la Nebraska. Iowa
aad Boath Dakota.
WASHINGTON, Oct. . Forecast of the
weather for Wednesday and Thursday:
For Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas,
Iowa and Missouri Fair and warmer
Wednesday and Thursday.
For Colorado Fair . Wednesday and
Thursday; warmer In east portion.
For Wyoming and Montana Fair and
warmer Wednesday; Thursday, fair.
Local Itecord.
OMAHA, Oct. 9. Official record of teniperj
ature and precipitation compared with the
corresponding day of the last three years:
1SW6. 19r5. 1U04. 19'3.
Maximum temperature.... 49 "0 7R US
Minimum temperature.... S3 4fl W i
Mean temperature 1. o (
Precipitation J -M 4 .
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omuha since March 1,
and comparison with the lust two years:
Total deficiency since March 1, 1906 5 '
IVflcleney for the day.... 1C
Normal temperature 57
Normal precipitation 09 Inch
Deficiency tor the day 1)9 Inch
Total rainfall since Msrch 1 22.94 Inohfe
Deficiency since Marc h 1 3 64 Inches .
Dertclency for cor. period. Unil.... 5.40 lnrhea
Deficiency for cor. period. 1904. . 3.19 Inches
Reports from stations at T I'. M.
m Rose
By its soothing effect on the skin makes the child
sleep sweetly after the bath. No irritated skin
and only the most delightful odor mark
the use of Jap Rose. Its moderate
price should induce a trial and
continued use.
For tale by til
grocers and druggitti.
Jas. S. Kirk & Co.
Chicago, HI.
rvu r a
Station and Htute
of Weather.
Bismarck, clear.:
Cheyenne, clear
Chicago, cloudy
Davenport, cloudy ...
Denver, clear
Havre, clear
Helena, clear
Huron, partly cloudy.
Kannus City, clear....
North Platte, clear ..
Omaha, cloudy
Temp. Max.
St. UiuIb, partly cloudy...
St. Paul, cloudy
Bait Ijike City, clear
Valentine, clear
WM'.i.lon. cltar
T Indicates trace of precipitation.
U A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
3; 42 .00
52- U0 .0)
40 4rt T
3X 40 .00
tVN t4 .00
fxi 60 .
S .00
i 14 .JU
40 50 .
4ti M .00
ta 49 .to
44 S3 .00
40 So .00
34 Ii T
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NEBRASKA CITY Saturday evenln
1 st the home of the bride a parents, Mr.
Sballeaibrraer at Alllaarr. and Mrs. Theodore Kook. four niilea aouih
ALLIANCE Neb Oct (Sneelil T.-l... . ' M' cltv occurred the wedding of Mr.
A , , ; w : "--'"racial ,,1(e BurneU of tnUl city Md Mll), Hel,
gram. A. C. Bhall-nnerger. nominee, for j Kook. The ceremony was performed by
governor on the lusioa ticket. oeii,d the Dr. Eli Hulier of Gettysburg, Pa., an uncle
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Phelan ojera house, where b was re- ! JBEATRICE-rtlcles of Incorporation for
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$1.50 and mere
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argain Rate to
California ?kc
Daily until October 31
Via Rock Island Lines
$25.00 from Omaha to Los Angeles and San
$25.00 from Omaha to Portland, Tacoma and
Tickets good in Free Keclining Chair Cars or in
, Pullman Tourist Sleepers on payment of berth rate.
The Kock Isjand offers two good tourist routes
to the Pacicfic Coast. Daily thru service from Chicago
and St. Louis, both ways.
Illustrated Tourist Car folder and full details
of rates and service upon requeit.
1323 Farnam Street.
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