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Closing out nearly 5Q slightly used upright
N pianos. Every one must be sold by Satur
day night at some price today they are on
.sale as follows: ft few of the many . ...
" .-v. a ine v
I vers & Pun J. upright, mahogany case $85.00
rumnnu, upnglit, walnut case v $95.00
Arioti, upriglit, 'oak -ase .-.
Kimball, upright, nihinet grand...
linger, upright, mahogany case..
('nickering & Sons, parlor upright $135.00
Smith & Barnes, upright, walnut case. $146.00
, ; AVe also carry a complete stock of Steinway & Sons,
Steger & Sons, Emerson, A. B. Chase, Hardman, McPhail,
Kurtzman, also Pianola Pianos.
1311-13 Farnam St. Omaha.
fll Hi
BobW Cuieht at Crime (fftrt Uoosft.
Captor fr Hi. Belai6.
Latter, with Hired Man, Haas Dawn
Oatlaw, Bind and Takes
Hint to Umlht
I Police.
While John Wipf, a gardener ''" Uvt.
abuut acven miles west of Unmlia. on
Leavenworth street, was marketing u load
of vegetables Thursdny morning John
Smith of South Omaha found the Wlf
house without occupants for the time be
ing and prolied.d to add to hla wealth,
which tili-rcady of stupendous propor
tions fur a burglar. Wlpf returned home
about 11 n. m. and cmight Bnillh in the
lu't of milking his escape from a window
of the hou.e and called on him to slop.
Smith drew his US-callbcr revolver ami
started on a run, with Wlpf In hot pursuit,
calling on his hired man for assistance.
As soon ns Smith saw that his pursuers
were gulnlng on him, he turned and fired
at Wlpf, Inflicting a glancing blow on the
stde of Wlpfs head, but this did not deter
the pursuers, so Smith fired again, hitting
In the right hnnd and breaking the
finger. ?oth Wlpf and his hired man
continued the chase and overpowered
Smith, who was bound hand and foot,
although he fought desperately to escape,
as he is an exceedingly powerful man.
Wipf, with an Injured hand, and the hired
man succeeded in securing him and pre
pared to bring him to the city.
..When Smith saw his moments of freedom
becoming fewer he begged for his release,
offering Wlpf tao cash if he would let him
go. Wipf turned a deaf ear to his en
treaties and the offers for liberty were
gradually Increased to S1.O0, and it devel
oped at the police station, when Smith
was searched, that he was amply able to
fulfill his offers if they had been accepted
by Wlpf, as he had 11,494.64 on his person
when searched.
Police Surgeon Harris dressed the In
jured man's hand, while Smith Is held on
the charge of burglary and shooting with
Intent to kill. Wipf and his hired man
brought the prisoner to the police station
bound with an abundance of straps, ropes
and other materials of every description.
and said no amount of money would have
bought his release after the fight he Had
with hi in.
second rlHS. IVWa.K; Intnl. K.S.O-1.&.1. The
tnlal sales f"r both cls-s of postage foi
September. I!i6. were !?.I.TI. The In
crease for September. 1J. being U."47 S
Bavlae Tested with Tnfcerralla and
Fnn4 ta Be f'ree from
Health Commissioner Connell Installed a
sanitary cow at the Kmetgency hosplul
Thursday morning. Wednesday the bovfno
was tested with tuberculin for tulierculosls
and found In perfect health. Wednesday j
afternoon an attendant was sent from the t
hospital to the Rumaiclottl barn for the
row. but apparently the cow was in such
perfect health that she refused to give lh
hospital man a hearing. Dr. Scott wns
summoned to help, but the animal dis
missed the doctor with one kick. The cow
was taken to the hospital In a wagon.
Thursday morning Dr. It. G. Strauss of
the hospital telephoned Dr. Hamacclottl
that the cow hnd nn evil mind and was
disposed to tear down lather than build
Mare Room eceasary at McKlnley
( Ilk Faaetloa Becaase of
Ureal Demand.
The demand for plates for the McKinley
club dinner to be given Monday evening at
O'Brien's Is so large the officers of the club
have been forced to ask' for extra tables.
Additional plates have been promised, hut
It Is believed the demand will be larger
than the places available. After the dinner
a doxen or more local orators will be turned
looso for two mlnuts speeches.
The big meeting will be held at Crelghton
hall at 8 o'clock, when George t,. Sheldon.
candidate for governor and Congressman
John L. Kennedy will make the addressee!
This will he Mr. Kennedy's first speech of
the campaign at a ' political meeting and
will be Mr. Sheldon's first appearance en
the platform in Omaha. All of the candi
dates for office are expected to be present.
Inn Service l.onr Enoifh to Have
F.aahllhed Permanent Plnee
for Themselves.
The, Success of the McKeen motor cars Is J
tleth; Lyman B. Tracht, 3319 South Twenty
(ourlh, 4 months.
Clever loafldeare Man Spotted and
Jailed soon After His
tiow assured by actual service, for nine of
them have been in operation for some time. I William Maxwell of Texae, a distln
wlth as llttlo loss of time as Is the case of ! ulshd looking person, nearly whit, as
-egular trains. No. 8 has been doing a ' t0 color' n1 known t0 ,hc Pc
rhenomenal business between Lincoln sndfV" coun,r' clRV'r Pnnnce n.
Beatrice and traveling men rut themselves propped Into Omaha Wednesday and, as
out to make the trip on these cars. Mr. i hPP to most fellows of his Ilk. Is safely
McKeen ha. so srranged the engine that no' beh,nld br of.,the cltjr JkU and win
,, , ... , ,w . remain In Umbo until the excitement of the
and .moke is unknown and, of course, cin
ders are lacking.
With the circular windows, which give
the passengers a perfect panorama of the
scenery, and also perfect ventilation from
ths latest Improved devices for ventilating
tho cars, the trip Is surely a pleasure.
Orders aro expected dally from Mr. Har
liman to begin the immediate construction
of many more of these cars, which have
proven themselves the right thing In the
right place. With the 200 horsepower en
gine which was built at the Vnlon Pacific
hops for No. 8 a trailer laden with mall
and baggage la pulled with ease.
Mr. McKeen Is away for a few weeks on
his vacation and It Is thought the construc
tion of new cars will start as soon as he
Tery Low Rates Vnesday.
Every Tuesday, balance of the year, ths
Chicago Great Western railroad will sell
bomeseekers' tickets to Minnesota. North
Dakota and Canadian northwest at about
half rats; to other territory, first and third
Tuesdays. Writs H. II. Churchill, O.
l&ll Farnam street. State number In party
nd when going.
Sterling stiver Frenier. Uth & Dodge sta
Births and Deaths.. .
The following births and deaths wre re
ported to the Board of Health during the
twentv-fnilr hours endlnor Thursdsv nnin
V Birth Jamas 8tephenson, 211 Dewey
avenue, girl; Lewis Lighlon, 4154 Cass, girl;
y ' William Dewey, 2M North Seventeenth,
i gin; tt. M. t on, avis i nn l ies, ooy.
.. s v . Deaths John Von Hulaeltng, county hos-
if pital, W; Baby Rothacker, 3318 South Twtn-
carnlral subsldea
Maxwell was unfortunate enough to fall
under the gase of Detectives Ferris and
Dunn and. although he protested to them
that his presence In Omaha at this tims
la purely accidental and has by no means
anything to do with the Ak-Sar-Bcn fes
tivities, they denied him his freedom to ue
tha sights.
As the-end of the festal period arpronchei
the police hope to keep tip the record
of former years In the way of losses from
criminals during that time. In order that
visitors and residents may be safe, how
over. It Is necessary to strain the vigilance
Of the force to the utmost, and such men
as Maxwell are not allowed at large.
Ak-Sar-Uea .toavealrs.
The Ak-Sar-Ben program, which was
distributed this year. Is particularly hand
some. It Is illustrated with half-tone pic
tures of the Board of Governors and illus
trations of each float. Each alternate page
Is filled with advertising. . The advertising
composition, from a typographical stand
point, is decidedly creditable to the printer,
A. I. Root, who Is responsible for the print
ing and press work.
Mrs. Albert Bailey Is Knocked Several
Different Ways by Fast
Speeding; Machine.
Mrs. Albert Bailey. Seventh and Burt
streets, was the victim In an automobile
accident Thursday morning, but fortunately
escaped with only slight Injuries. While
crossing the strset toward the cast at Six
teenth and Dodge streets a large automo
bile which was being driven northward at a
high rate of speed struck Mrs. Bulley,
throwing her on the machine and carry
ing her for a diMance of about 'twenty
yards before the machine could be stopped.
She was struck - squarely in front of the
automobile and witnesses said If she had
been ' standing a distance of six inches
either way she must surely -Jiave be,n
thrown beneath the wheels. As It was the
force of the impact threw her directly on
Full Dress Ak-Sar-Ben Ball
7 HIS bij store tamh tmhantli real to fill your
needs in all theewsntitl Jrsiiaowwiei. Whether
it bf a full drew 9'iii or at of' t nvswtry far'
nihings, our men's department tinJ at your service
with, the largest aisortmint in thi city tn cVms f rout.
Quality of ths highest character an I pricn very m'tch.
under what y m'd have to pay if you nijlectsd to pur
chase here.
Tm Ak-Sar-Ben Specials in Full Dress Suits:
Full Dress Suits, '27.SO A
fine hand-tailored, English
worsted, full dresg snlt; lined
throughout with pure dyed
silk: every seam Bilk sewed.
They cannot be duplicated
by any other house O"750
at leys than f 33 . ...
Full Drews Suits, $32.30 The
finest Imported French crepa
cloth, full dress suit; lined
with the costliest Imported
silk. Impossible to produce
better tailoring stitching Is
entirely of silk. Tailors
charge 175 for 1150
Full dress Waist Coats.. $2.50
Full dress Watch
Fob 1 to $3
Pearl Link Cuff Buttons.. SOc
such garments
Full dress Collars, 12 for . .S.V
Full dress Cuffs, pslr 25c
Dress Shirts without cuffs. .1
Full dress Shirt Protector,
satin and Barathea silk,
tor 1 to 3
Wot to Be I'ndertaken This Year, bat
Early '(est Sprlnsr Is
the Plan.
Special, opera
hats worth $8
Dress Shirts, with attached
cuffs $1 snd l.ftO
Full dress Silk Sttspen- .
ders .... fl
"hlte Pearl Studs. set...25o
Full dress white 1-awn
Bows 15 tfud U3C
Silk hats, f
hats for
heard Thursday morning. The Jury gave
Electa M. Pomeroy !v0 damages against
the Pavne Investment company and Ada
E Hubbard. She asserted the defendants
had so placed the spouting on a house next
to her hone that It caused an overflow of
water on her property and washed mud
all over her lawn and into her cellar.
Indications He la Sot the Ma Wanted
for Chaslaa Girls Sear
Fellow Gets Ballet In
Fnslllade at Two Colored
Rivers Mackey and John Pearl colored,
celebrated the festival season Thursday
afternoon at Twelfth and Dodge streets by
exchanging revolver shots directed toward
each other. The nolsa of the fusillade at
tracted tho police, who managed to catch
Mackey. Pearl wanted to see the automo
bile parade, so hs ran away and Is still
sf fugitive. Neither of the duelists was
at lras North
inrwTicYiUirc unQ
.1.- !. it. it rnIL 111 IUk.ll ii iiiw mwww
not probable the repavlng of Farnnm street
from Thirteenth to Eighteenth will be ac
complished this year, but will be one of
the first Improvement next spring. City
Engineer Rosewater said there Is a bare
pnsBiDuiiy me wont win ne done th.s ea- The tQris of residents In the neigh
'"i1, borhood of Thirteenth street snd the
An ordinance changing the character of nilll,varH tn M,ntrfv James Moss, colored, hurt. Mackey resides
the pavement mentioned from Sioux Falls . ,rpMt.d Tucsdav as the negro who chased Twenty-first street.
granite to sheet asphaltum has been before . , ,h ..(rlnltv on several oc- I Meanwhile W. Shields, a waller In a
caslons, proved unsuccessful Wednesday, restaurant rear the seat of war, reported
when a few persons called at the city Jail . to ths police that a bullet from the artillery
to look at Moss. penetrated a window and also his leg.
One description of the man says he Is ,n
rather light, snd although Moss is quite BAND PLAYS FOR THE SICK
dark he conforms In every other way, and i
he was therefore held. The efforts to find
the right man are still In progress unabated,
while the people at the scene of the fel
low's operations go about armed and look
ing for sneaking colored men.
Chief of Detectives Savage Is satlsned
the council for first and second reading
snd was referred to the paving committee.
It Is believed the ordinance, will be In shape
for pasage next Tuesday night. Then Mie
city engineer will be ordered to prepare
contract with the Harber company and tjke
steps to cause work to be done.
dnestlon that Is Just Sow Agltatlac
Members of the Omaha Grain
"Who broke de lock on de chicken house
Instead of chicken house nut exchange
the center of the machine, and she suffered j room an(j you htLytl tha 0CBtnn tnat ls
only a few bruises. The driver of the auto helng asked about ths Grain exchange. In
Sehraska City Mnalelana serenade ft.
Joseph's, with Special Trihnte
to Cont Crelghtoa.
The Merchants' band of twenty-two
pieces from
Nebraska City visited 8t
.h.t v.. I. not the hadlv wanted mulatto Joseph's hospital Thursday morning and
and In court Thursday morning Moss was serenaded patients snd attendants. The
released. Moss said It had been an exciting occasion partook of something more than
few davs for him. as ho did not know what a mere serenade, as refreshments wars
the officers were trying to do to him or served and a special visit made to Count
.i,o i,o wanted for. ss he had Just John A. Crelghton, who is making his
srrived from Minneapolis on a side door home at the hospital while his residence at
was surely Tweniietn ana v.nicri mreni m-ins; re-
- . .. - . ... " i Pni man wnen arresiea ana
KM irremfa, jinng ni numc w, : tne orK our O Wtln(wla nlfhl nornp. 1 " " ... ... .. v. I j-ti Th. ennnt entnved lh must
w i n r hiira ti or n r narn mn BsiMin mm nn , iiiwmiu. " .- - - -
and gavo bail for his appearance in court , one forced open tha, big double doors of
in the sura of $.6, but It is not thought j the exchange room and broke the lock,
likely he will appear for trial. Officer Waa Jt some Ak-Sap-Bcn visitor who was
Crowe, who made the arrest, said, the ma- unabie t0 flno . piacs.p sleep tn the hotels?
chine probably was going at the rate of ( w lt ,omo grain .man In the Board of
thirty miles an hour through the crowds . rraae building who was shy on chairs and
on Sixteenth street at the time, and that poug.nt to replenish his office furniture?
several other pedestralns had narrow es- Tnes two explanations are given, but no
capes on the crossings. one knows save the guilty person. Of this
The arresting omcer torgoi sucn utile ne- a)I are satisfied. If. the culprit wanted i
tails as getting the name or the automomie chair he was disappointed, for the chairs
could sight a choo-choo.
thoroughly and thanked those who re
membered him and the hospital. P. C.
Heafey, M. II. Collins and Alfred Thomas
escorted the band to the hospital.
owner and number of the machine. So
the police are now guessing who "John
Doe" may be.
Only Loss In a Ua.
Mrs. George H. Hawkins, a visitor In the
city from Uncoln. lost her handbag
Wednesday afternoon containing S15 In
cash and a check made payable to herself
for 11". The loss oi-curred on the carnival
grounds, and this is the only loss of any
description reported to the police during
the last twenty-four hours.
A. E. Baker, who said his name was Jim
Dahlman when arrested on the charge of
vagrancy Tuesday night, was fined to and
costs In police court Thursday morning.
The iiairM (Joneph Teller & Co.) on every package of Telle;' Tea in
sures every buyer against impurity. The only way to get acquainted with
its tlellciousness Is ly trying it.
McCORD-BRADY CO., .Wholesale Agents, Omaha.
Varicocele: Under our treatment this Inaldiout
disease disappears. Pain ceases almost instantly.
The stagnant blood Is driven from tho dtUtud
veins and all, soreness and swelling subside.
I'.vht indication of Varicocele vanish--.!, and in
stead comes tbe pleasure of perfect health. Many
vulintnta are. reflex, originating from othei oU
. For instance, Innumerable blood and nerv
ous dlseaivea result from poisonous iaints in tha
system. Varicocele and Hydrocele, if neulxct d,
will undermine ths physic! strength, depress lii'.
mental tuuiiltlos. derange the nervous syMetit, and
produce, uomplicated rvaults. In our treatment l
always c-.nre Hie effect as well as the ca-ik. verv
person attilcted with thrae diseases should tall t,n
us to learn our methods of cure, which are safe
and permanent. Consultation is free, and our
thari-s for a perfect cure are uo more than you
will i able and willing to pay for the b.miits
Certainty of cur Is what you want. We guarantee to cure you.
ae 1
Jawbreakers Famished by Trial
Japanese on Chars of
were locked in the secretary's office.
Woman's Auxiliary of Post A Starts
Pins for that Par-pose.
For the purpose of endowing a room In
iti-i a fl m Vi a tinanlfnl fnp that 1 1 a A nf IrBV.
The trial of Hyakutsu Ishald. a Japanese ( m ft t0 rall,M by ,.,
laborer in one of the packing houses, for ( Woman., Auxlllary of Po(,t A, Travelers
shooting with Intent to kill was begun be- , Protectlve agBOCaton. The auxlllary will
fore Judge Sutton Thursday morning and Is , mfift 0ctobpr at a vensington at the
causing the court officials all kinds of grief of Mf( WortnlnKton m22 Knrnain
First F.xpoaltlon of Kind Her Will
Be Held Next Febraarr at
the Auditorium.
A hardware exposition, the first thing ,
of its kind In Omaha, will be held In the !
Auditorium February 4. 5, and 7. Manu-
facturers from New York to San Fran- '
Cisco will exhibit their product.
The exhibit will be given by the Ne
braska Retail Hardware Dealers' associa
tion, which will hold Its annual conven
tion In Omaha February 4 to 7. While
the association has never undertaken any.
thing on such a large scale. Its officers
rather expect to have trouble In finding
enough space In the Auditorium for ex
hibitors, instead of having difficulty In se
curing exhibits. The secretary has opened
a correspondence with hundreds of manu
facturers. I
owing to the Jaw-breaking names of wit- I
street, to perfect arrangements for an en-
Child Labor Authority Will Deliver
Address fnder A aspires of
Consamers I.eagae.
Mrs. Florence Kelly of the Consumers'
league, who will address the Women's club
Monday afternoon, will be the guest at a
luncheon tendered by the Bocial Service
club at the First Presbyterlsn church at
11:11 Tuesday. Mrs. Kelly is a lesdlng au
thority on child labor and ls an author of
note. She will discuss questions relating
to tha child labor problem. OoveTnor
Mickey has promised to be present
Mrs. Kelly
afternoon at the First Congregational
church on the subject "The Child Worker
and the Shopper."
Is Ak-tsar-Ben's baslest Knight,
and well docs be betar his honors.
We are Omaha's busiest tailors.
We are the busiest and the big
gest, too; because we make high
class clothing at popular prices.
There is satisfaction and profit,
too. In dealing with ft big house.
We carry the largest and best
assorted stock of wooleng in the
city. We employ two expert cut
ters, two expert salesmen, sixty
expert, tailors. We are big enough
competent enough, conscientious
enough to give every order indi
vidual attention.
Suits and Ovvrcoats to order
$25 to $50
Tell us your tailor trouble.
Phone. Doug. 1Mb. 104-IW So. lth Bt.
Next door to Wsbaah Ticket Offlc.
Aetor Wires that Property Stole aad
Pawned Belonged to
George MacFarlanc. one of the singer
with the "Ulrl and Bandit" company, whlo'n
rived In Omaha last week, has tele-
- " -
Ffty Yeara a' Blaeksmlth.
Hixbuig. adjoining the famous Appomat
tox, where the gallant Lee surrendered to
the famous Grant. Is the home of Samuel
nesses, who aro all Japs. Here ure some , rtalnment tne proceeds of which will be
of the subjects of the mikado who have - n..t for ... tan Th. or.
been summoned to testify: 8. Shlgemi, T. ; ganilaton has a membership of sixty. ! R worley. now 86 years of age. and
Tcguchl T. Murakam'. I HIguchi T.', eh. yeIy tngtigei , hore,noelnK who
Matsu Mukal. Supa Suikl, Ju Torao. U. HI- The Tn,vejpr,- Protective association s j relates how h shod horses of unoli
l Name and Address.
will speak at 3M Monday graphed from Kansas City that ths trunk
Whlcn was louna a i?w wj ' j
tectlves Mitchell and Bhepard In a lumber
yard near Union station wss his property
and contained theatrical clothes to ths
value of 150. Nearly all the clothes havs
been found In pawnshop by Detectives
Dsvls snd will be returned to their owner,
together with the trunk, which is in a
sadly dilapidated condition.
DIAMONDS Edholm. lth and Harney.
Marriage Licenses.
The following marriage licenses have
been Issued:
names have been sdded St the booth to the
membership of the organisation.
tuka, Hideo Nakamura, H. Malsuada. None
of them can speak English and the testi
mony Is all taken through an interpreter.
Iahaida is charged with pulling two guns
on a number of his countrymen at the old
Oood Shepherd home In South Omaha, I Very Iyow Rates to the West,
which Is used as a dormitory for Japanese The Chicago Oreat Western railway will
laborers. The crowd scattered, but before sell tickets to points In Alberta, British Co
they could get awsy Ishaida punctured lumbla, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Wash
three or four of them with bullets. He , ington at about one-half the usual .are.
often nenrew w. Mosher. Sarpy county...
.. .1 v i i- IAtiwIaa fmm,u
i relates now iiv wuu nm vi uiiuiuivi, uimib jyiuuu, u
booth on the King's Highway is proving a and confederates from ISfiO to 1866, making Albert Pace, Mills county, la
popular place for traveling men. Fifteen ' th shoes and fitting them. Mr., Worley . Florence K. Kadford. Mills county, la
also was wounded. The trouble Is said to
have been the result of a quarrel over a
gambling game.
Withdraws from On Signal Concern
to Start Another t nder
Arisen Laws.
K. S. Stotts has withdrawn from active
participation in the affairs of tbe Stotts
Logsdon Signal ft Equipment company,
though ha still retains his stock and hat
organised the Stotts Signal company. This
has been Incorporated under the laws of
Arizona to do business In Chicago and the
incorporators are Elsa B. Stotts of Omaha,
A. H. Dindley of Chicago. Balrd Llndley
of Dea Moines, Lester Dickey of Omaha
and R. A. Streeter of Council Bluffs.
The new company claims to have the best
of others in that it has a patent on an in
termediate block signal system, that is, one
which allows two or more trains to go on
a block at once, showing to each train th
presence of the other and at the same time
announcing the approach of a train from
the opposite direction. The company has
secured patents, has Its working plans
drawn and expects to begin the manufac
ture of signal equipment within three
week a
Tickets on sale dally August 27 to October
31, Inclusive. Get full Information from H.
If. Churchill, General Agent, 1511 Farnam
St., Omaha, Neb.
r. i
says: "I have been snoeing norsei ror
more than fifty years, and Chamberlain's
Pain Balm has given me great relief from
lame back and rheumatism, which advanc
ing years and hard work brought, and it is
tha best liniment I ever used." When
troubled with rheumatic, pains or soreness
of tha muscles give Pain Balm a trial
and you are certain to be pleased with th
prompt relief which it affords.
WATCHES-Frenrer. 1Mb snd Dodg 8ta
First Verdict of Terns.
The first verdict returned tn district court
since the opening of the October term was
John M. Jurank, Patillne. Neb
Rosa Novak, South Omaha
AUguM Kempf, Omaha
Clara M. Klug. Columbus, Neb
Emll F. Bandhauer, Omaha
Laura Vodlcjta, Omaha
Stephen Wilcox, Caas county
Minnie Shoemaker, Montrose, la ,
Robert L Wldener, Kennard, Neb....,
Christina Sorenson, Kennard, Neb ,
I Clyde W. Turner, Coin, la ,
Lottl C. Herron, Ciarinda, la
v- ISiah I n sf ftVtri hna Math
' Bnlldlas Penults. , J-m wa, 5ir,u.r, Neb
The following building permits have been t win r- mm), i.vnna. Nb
issuea: jamra luiiron, uric iriuie ouua- jvan Hoar, Lyons, Neb..
i'-'fv. V:..t"i;:,J,"tS.."..-""S,r,r7.:.V." Gale C. Lawyer. Friend. Neb
I I tt aiifi imn tn mull hmiaj, ml I . ------
Fourth a
dwelling at Twenty-atxrh and Decatur.
Fourth and Pierce; O. B. L. Berndea, 1,600 I Joseph C. I,angfellner, Omaha
f lorenc w neeier, ummii
Colonel John Van R. Hoff, chief surgeon
of the Department of the Missouri, de-
arted Wednesday evening for Washington,
. C. Mrs. Hoff accompanied him.
II Is thought at army headquarters that
Brigadier General Wlnt and staff will re.
turn to Omaha from Newport News, Vs,,
. . ulntta ii f tha, nr. a. t t iiinnlh. .
'?! The two battalions of the Thirtieth United
States infantry arnvea vveanesaay at rori
Crook from their long march from th
maneuver camp at Fort Riley. The regi
ment Is under command -of Colonel E. B.
Pratt. The command consists of regimental
headquarters, field staff and band of Com
panies A, B. C. D, I. K. L and M. Tho
other four companlea of the regiment. B, F,
O and H, are stationed In the lepartment
of Texas at Forts Logan H. Roots. Arkan
snd Reno. Oklahoma. No part of this
24 regiment Is under orders to proceed to Cuba.
.28 The battalions will garrison their respective
.25 , posts during th winter.
Figure What You Can Save
On the Rug Sale now going on in our basement. Stock Rugs, made from remnants of
finest carpets and borders $1.25 velvets for 75c yard, $1.10 Brussels for 6Sc yard.
173 of these beautiful rugs, but they won't last long. "We don't want them to; we need the room.
X. V. Cor. and Faxnam 8taM Omaha, Xeb.
XolnlnaT let Known of Relatives of
Juki Swaasaa, Killed at
Free port.
Kvrn after diligent effort on th part of
the police for the last few days no trace
of the relative of John Swanson. wh
was killed at Frceport. III., has been found.
A telegram was received requesting that
bis relatives be notified of his death, but
they are evidently sot residents of tb
City as supposed.
Sal of Pasta a Btantu.
Th sale of postage stamps at the
Omaha po-tottW fur the month of Sep
tember. 1Mb. shows an Increase of I per
Cent over that of the corresponding month
of 1SU&. The sales in detail for September,
IS, ai; t or llisi-clasa postage, W.Onj.t;;
.50 Body Brussels, 8x10-6, .$17.50 $22,
Body Brusels, 8-3xl0-fi. . . .$16.00 $19
Axniinster, 8-3xl0-G $15.00 $J7,
.50 Brussels, 6x12 $D.75 $21.
.75 Brussels, 6-3x10-3 $9.00 $17.
Brussels, 8-3x10-6 $15.00 $18
Mogee Velvet, 8-3x10-6 ...$14.50 $22
.50 Brussels, 8-3x9-2 $12.75 $16
Velvet, 8-3x10-6 $16.00 $35
,50 Axminster, 8-3x11 $16.50
Brussels, 8-3x11 $13.00
,50 Velvet, 8-3x10-9 .$14.50
75 Axminster, 8-3x11-9 . . . .$18.50
,50 Brussels, 8-3x10-6 $14.50
Velvet, 8-3x10-6 $12.00
Axminster, 8-3x8-3 $16.25
Brussels, 9x12 $13.50
Body Brussels, 105x12. .. .$27.50
Velvet, 10-6x12 $16.00
Brusels, 10-6x1:2 $16.00
Wilton, 10-6x12 ...$24.50
Bodv Brussels, 10-6x12. .. .$27.50
Velvet, 10-6x12 $19.00
Axminster, 10-6x11-6 $27.50
Velvet, 10-6x11-6 $18.50
,50 Velvet, 10-6x12 ..$18.00
Brussels- 10-6x11-3 $19.50
Axminster, 10-6x11-9 $18.50
Ingrain Samples One yard square, used by traveling men on the road. All Wool Ingrain that sells regularly for
75e yard. They make pretty rugs. Each, 15c.
South Uth.
Orchard & Wilhelm Carpet Co.
Donglas III