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".'ieblandert Wii tho First Gime bj fcor.
of 8eten to f itt.
Dygert Hold the Griffith Ranch
Dam to One Hit Wei (irnmili
Prevent the l.ame In
ft. Ionl.
PHTLADELPHTA, Ott. 3. T')iila1.lphl;i
id Nfw York broke even In today's
lUble-headcr. Score, first game:
AM. H O. A B.
' inrny. If.... 4 0
I jeler. rf 4 S
I OerfeM, . a 1
iim, 1h 4 I
illlama, ?h. 4 0
l pniie. Jlh.. 4 1
, rTmn, cf.. 2 1
i mmae. c... 8 2
. irkann, p.. 2 I
AB.H ll A.B.
Hartael. K.
OArmbr'r. If.
1 liavla. lb...
0 Nli hole.
I BflMrlng. lb.
i'tle rti II 2
"W Yfrk
i hJl.idelphla
. Left on hnscs:
I Earned runs:
a Stolen hmc'f
OPIieen. 2b
llemter. rf
a Ptwrr. r...
a 0 MMuman, p
Unimex, p.
Totals ..
New York. 6
off Harris. 3. Struck out: By Fulkcnlienr,
1; by Harris, 3. Time: 1:3a. Cmplrc: Con.
Store. -ond game:
Ilney. If..
S (i fJ. htltley. :t. a I 1 f
Parent, n . . 1 n l I Jnnn. f a 1
HUM. . f . I
Il1mhi, lb a 1
Waaner, Ih.. t II
Moraan. ih.. I I
Kreeman, rf.
Carrtsau. r.. a
Pwarma-dt. p. 1
D A Hirer, h.. 3 n 1
III. kinan. Jh a 1
Anen.oa. ir. a l 4
a o
4 t
t !' a J ClaM. lh
0 "tanler. rt .. 1 " f
3 I !Vaker)eld. c. I 1
i l wiianti, p.... a o a a
v a
.31 11 27 u a
1 0 1-7
1 o o 2 5
tlillt'l iT'til
New York I; Philadelphia,
Hoffman :li. Kceler, Oid-
. nn. Chase. Three-base hits: .Hoffman,
.ian C'baM. Sacrilica hit' K. r l'cr. Clark
. n 12). Double ilay: Hhcan to Nichols
li Davis. Strmk nut: By Sluiman. 1; by
i mimes, 1; by liarkson. 4 First base on
lulls: Off Shaman, 1; off Holme, 2; rfT
t lark son, 4. Hits: Off Sliunian. 7 In four
Innings; oft Holmes, 4 in live Innings. Wild
itch: Clark wm. Hit with pitched bull:
Elberfeld, HofTinun, Bender. Time; 2:10.
I'mplre: Hurt.
The second game whh callwl at the n''
the sixth J mi i iik on account of durkncF.
iiartMl. If... 2
'nnbr'r, rf.. a
Uvla. lb..
. Irhola,
Mrlng. lb.
tiean, 2b...
. ln1ar, cf . .
irrnea. c...
''iiert, p...
u 1
1 0
v a
(I Cnnror. If . .. 3
0 (i Keeler, rf 3
0 0 K.llx-rtf Id. pa. I
1 Orhirt, lb ... 3
I W1lllama. 2h. 2
1 ft 1Bp'inr. r,b.. 2
0 u Hoffman, rf .. i
0 O'lbomaa, c... 2
oUoag. p 2
Totala 21 5 11 10. TaUla 1 1( J 1
l'hlladelphla , 0 0 3 o 0 a
.Vew York ) o i o o o 0
tieft on ben: New York. 4; Philadelphia,
'. ttoh n (.uses: Kf lcr, Hiirtsi l, i'oiuoy.
i'wo-Iihm- lutt HurtKel. Home run: Davln.
Struck 'jvu By liygert. 4: by HokK. 5.
firm bur on balls. Off Dytcert, a; clt
tiifK, I. Time: l:u5. i:mplre: Hurst
Ktei Break In Waahlnaton
WAHIUVOTON. Oct 3 WashlnprtonVa
' ball Beanon closed today with u double.
:tead,fr between the hoa. team w Hoston,
he home team winning the Him, 2 to 1,
.ind the ni'cond went to iioatuu by the snme
Hoore. Store, flint giinie:
AB. H.O.A.E. All H O A. r.
.Vhalflr. lb.. 1 i nlinev. If i 2 ft 0 0
12 0 0 I'arrnt. R ... t 0 I 2 U
4 SC. Xlabl. cf.. 6 1 0
2 0 ;rlmRaw. lb a on 1 o
0 OWaaurr, tb.. 4 I 1 i 4
1 0 Morgan. 2b. . 2, 0 0 5 a
0 0 Krvcmun, rf.. 4 0 2 0 0
3 1 Armbr'r, c... 4 0 3 t
4 OHarrla. p.... 4 0 4
Tnlala 24 3 21 10 1 Totala 2r 3 21 11 1
nofton 0 110 0 4) -2
WiiKhlnirton 1 0 o o o o o 1
Thrre-bHie hit: C. btahl. Siu-rlfiie hit:
Parent. l'ft on bnnc: Washington. ;
IkiHtoii, 4 1-Trst base on lwilli: OrT Wil
son, Firt Imif on errors: Bomon. 1.
lilt with ball: Hy Wllxon. 1. 8trtiL-k out:
Hy Wilwin. 1; by BwarniKlHdt, 2. Time:
1:10. I'mplre: Connolly.
Cleveland, Defeat Detroit.
CIKVKLAN1, O.. Oct. 3. -Cleveland de
feuteil I lMtrolt today, 4 to 3, closing the
seanon I in Cleveland. Score:
AB. H.O.A.E. AB H O A E.
Caffyn. If ... 4 0 10 OMrlntvr. If.. 4 0 10 0
81ov.ll. 3b... 6 3 2 1 Ol miahlln. .11). 3 112 0
liirnrr, 2 1 2 I KrawfoH, rf. 4 U 1 0
Uj.ilc lb.... 4 3 1 4 Ol'nbb. cf 4 2 3 1 0
I nriMltnn. rf 4 1 1 0 (IPayaa, e 3 O.a 0 0
Kllrk. rf 3 3 I 0 (I S hafr. !h. 4 1 4 i 0
llnuman, lb. 4 1 in 2 K blnrtaar, . lb. .. 3 0 10 0 0
IKrmia, r 4 3 1 Hiriaij, a.. 3 0 3 2 0
lieu, p 4 1 it 2 lukank. p... 3 10 4 0
Totala 14 13 27 14 1 Tnlala 20 3J4 13
lijoie out. htl by battrf ball.
one out when winning rup wan scored.
Cleveland 0 0 0 2,1 0 0 1 i
Detroit 0 ii 2 0.0 0 0 0 13
Two-bane hits: Ht.Mnls. Kulutnks, Cobb.
Saerltlee hits: Payne, CafTyn. Stolen ba.cs:
Flick 12), ltossninn, Cougnlin. Double iiluyn:
Coughlln to Schaefer to L-lndsay, Lajoie
to Turner to Koftiiian. First bane on
balls: Off Eubniik, 3. Left ott bases:
Cleveland, 9; Dotmit, 4. Struck out: liy
Henn, 6: by Kuhauka. a. Time: l:jo. du
plies: O 1oughlln and d-annj.
I'oolpoarfl (;aiie.
At 8t. IjouIs St. Loula-ChUaao game
postixined on uccount of wet grounds.
Hlandlna; of the Team
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
Chicago 117 81 50 .HID
,pw York !!! 8S t.l .uid
Cleveland 11H 87 .02 .i4
i'iiiladelphU 145 in b7 .ZiS
at. Iiuis 1 46 74 ''72 ..uv7
uctrolt - 14H 70 7i .IVJ
vVashington ljn Do lifi .,:?
Honton 152 4 103 .222
Uanien tiKlay: Cleveland at Chicago. New
l oik at I'hiludelphia, Boston at ashiug
toti. ...
on balln: Off Dorntr. 4: ,fT Pranlon, ?
Ptrmk out: fly tVanlon. .. nv liorner. 1.
Time: 2.12. rmpli: Conaay.
4aaker la frnm (ilanta.
NliW YORK, Or. S Philadelphia lat
New York In toda)'a game, 3 to 1. Store:
Tbomaa. rf... e t " enhannon. If., a I I 0
i 'J e Mrr.wn. rf . .. 4 2 0
4 1 "Svmnur. rf.. 4 1 0 0
I a l'1'rrlln. 3h... 3 0 3
3 i f Hr.rman, lb 4 112 0
1 I 1 lUnnlfan. aa. 4 1 I 3
3 n 0ST.n. 2b 4 14 3
1 1 Vfiiillh. r 4 0 4 1
113 0 M";lnnltr. p 3 I 1 I
a.n'.Oe. 2h..
I Prana'd. lb..
Tllna. rf
ln. If...
I ft'iftnrf, 3h.
lirxtlln, aa. . . .
Donoran, a..
Illlrhl. p....
Totala 2 rt 7 1 Totala 33 t rT 11 I
T'hllndelphiH o 0 o 0 3 0 0 0 03
New York .0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 01
Flrnrt bane on errors: Philadelphia, 1.
Ijefl on bnnen: Philadelphia. 3; New York.
7. n" on balln: off Rltehle. 2. Ptnick
out: By Rltehle. 1; hy Mrdinnlty, 4. Two
bane nits: Seymour. Shannon. Stolen
banes: Strsng. Bowerman. Time: 1:40.
empires: Carpenter and Klein.
Standing, of the Tram
. Played. Won. Lost
Chicago ....
New iork .
Cincinnati .
Brooklyn .,
St. Louis ...
1 i
l ,
4J1. Cf..... 4 aa... 4
I'UaniaTi, 2b. 4
Anuerann, If. 4 1 1
KlaM, lb.. 4 4 3'l
'nicy. rf... 4 1 2
Varner, c... 3 1 2
Kalkan'ra, p. 2 0 1
Total! 23 i 33 13 l ' Total! 36 432 2
'Two out when winning run scored.
Washington . .0000000001 12
lloaton ,.i 0 0 0 0000 0. 010 1
Two-base hit: Anderson. Sacrifice! hits:
Altlier, Falkenberg 2, Ortmnhnw, Morgan.
.Stolen bases: Jones, Wagner, J. Stahl.
Ieft on biiBen: Boston. H; Wnshlntrton, 3.
I'lrst base, on balls: Off Falkenberg, 2;
Ronton l.oe to Ilrooklyn by Score
of Thirteen to Fonr.
BOSTON, Oct. 3. Boston nuntalned its
li'ith defeat of the seanon today, losing to
Brooklyn, 13 to 4. A foul tip broke ITNeil s
mask in the second Inning and the ball
ntiuck him in the eye. lie was carried
off the Held and attended In the club rooms
hy a physician, who has ordered his re
moval to the hospital. Later hu was taken
to his hotel. Score:
AB. H.O.A.E. AB.H.O.A K.
Cavy. 3b.... ( 3 3 1 ODolan, rf....4,J 111
Malooejr. cf... 1 1 0 0 lenne,-. lb... 3 I 11 0 u
1 0 tlHrain. 3b..
Lumlay, rf .. 3
Jordan, lb... i 4 It 0 OBatoa, cf.
Mrl arlhy. If. 3 0 0 1 0 Howard, 3b.
lawia. aa 3 0 13 flnnton. aa.
Alperman. 2b t 4 3 3 0 Brown
3 4 3 (4
4 110 0
4 0 4 1 1
aa.. 4 1 3 4 1
If. c. 4 1 2 4 1, c... 4 II 2 00'Nclll, c... 0 4 0 0 4
Bcanlon, p... 3 0 0 0 oPfefTer, p. If 4 1 1 0 0
Dorner, p.... 3 0 110
Total! 31 14 27 0
Total! 33 1 27 1
Brooklyn 1 8 0 0 1 2 0 1 613
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 44
Two-base hltn: Alperman, 2.. Home runs:
Jordan, Alperman, Bates. Sacrifice hits:
McCarthy, 2. 1 Stolen basew: Alperman,
Maloney, Jordan, Lumley, Dolan. Bases
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I r i i i li
i i ij
Every day to October 31, 190.
One-Way Colonist
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To Portland, Tacoma. Seattle
ind many other Oregon and Wash
ington points.
' ' Innutre nt
citt ricxvT omcs,
a 1334 rarsaan
1,bob Soajrla 34.
tlatnen today: Brooklyn at llunton
adelphia at New . York. Chicago nl I'ilts
ourg. pi. i.ouis nt t'lncinnatl.
4 h lea go 4 Inches i'ennaiit.
CHICAOO. Oct. 3-The Chicago Ameri
can league bane ball team became the win
ner of the. pennant for the season of lliiaj.
when both gaim. of the doulile.hparler i.i
, St. Ijouls to(Jny, in which th Chicago
team was scheduled to play, were called
! off on account of wet grounds, while Phtl
i adelphia and New York split even In the
I two games played - at PhlladHphla. The
v ip i luu eniiiiKi nun up overiaaen,
even though they lo- the four games yet
to be played.
Mllko Win the Kenlacky Fnturlty
from Fa at Field.
LEXINGTON. Ky., Oct. 3. Slliko won
the $14,00 Kentucky Futurity this nfter
noon at the Kentucky Trotting Horse
Breeders' association track from the best
Meld of 3-dr-nldn that hav faced the
starter this year. In winning this, the
blu ribbon event of the Season for 3
year old.. Slliko defeated Governor Francis,
winner of the "lark Horse Hevi-w Fu
turity. The Abbe, winner of the Ken
tucky stock farm purse, snd Kd. Cuntcr,
No victory In the Futurity In ytars was
more popular than that of the stout
hearted son of Moko, yet the lace was
marred by an accident that resu'ied in
serious Injiiry of W. II. (Knapsack) Mc
Carthy, who drove Slliko
In thV third heat Ben White, who drove
The Abbe, made an attempt to get the
rail near the quarter pole and Tne Abbi
stepped Into the wheyl of the sulky of
Sillkn. In an Instant Siliko tripped,
throwing McCarthy headlong on the trak
beneath the hoof a of The Abbe and In
front of nine other horsen In the r;ire. A
murmur of pity went up from the thou
sands of spectators who wltntawd the ac
cident, but this waa changen u shouts
of applause when they saw McCarthy rise
apparently uninjured.
Slliko ran diiverless around the track
Into a harrow, but iwas caught before he
was Injured. McCarthy staggered back
to the stand to claim a foul against The
Abbe. Neither Slliko nor The Ahbe fin
ished the heat. It was discovered that
The Abbe had stepped on McCarthy's head.
Inflicting a painful and nerlovs iniurv.
The .Abbe wan distanced for fouling Sll
iko and the heat went to Lightsome !n a
driving flnlnh with Ed. Custer. The judge
allowed Siliko to ntart In the next heat.
whn he won. with Myron Mcllenry in the
sulky, from Ed. Custer by a neck, and
wan awarded the race. He Is owned by
J. E. Mnden, the winner of three- futuri
ties, two Sheepnhead Bay futurities wllh
Ballyhoo Bry and Yankee and the trotting
futurity this afternoon with Slliko.
The Tennense slakes for the 2:0 clans
pacers was won by Kent a tie In two straight
heats. The mare was a favorite at all
The 2:08 clans pacing went to Lady May
vlthout a struggle.
If the weather Is favorable Sweet Marie.
2:02. will go for the world's record for
trotters tomorrow afternoon. Summaries:
Tennesaee stakes, $3,000, class 2:0ti, pac
ing three In five:
Ecstatic, b. m. (Long).. 1 1 1
Argot Boy, b. g. (Demarest) 5 2 8
Bolivar, b. g. (Walker) k 2 S 3
Texas Rooker, h. g. (Snow) 4 4 4
Kudy Kip, Jbr. in. (Murphy)....: 8 6 6
Iledbird, b. h. (Hogani 7 f!
Hal Chaffin, br.' h. ((.eel's) 8 7 7
Uratt. blk. h. (Spencer) 3 dls.
I'.nnnl Stelnway. ch. fi. (Curry)...... dis.
Time: 2:01, 2:01?;, 2:01.
Kentucky Futurity, $14,000, 3-year olds,
hree In five:
siliko. b. c. (McCarthy and Mc- '
Henry) 111
Lightsome, br. f. iflenyon) 4 3 14
L.'d. Custer, ch. c. (Chadler) 4 2 2
Woeste, br. f. IDeRyder) 3 3 ,4 ft
Daffodil, br. f. (Amen) , 7 7 3 3
Vera Prodigal, b. f. (Chllds) 8 6 5 u
Quisetta, b. f. (Nolan) -..6 8 7
The Abhe, b. c. (White) 2 2 dis.
Kid McGregor, b. c. (McPherfoii) . Dells.
Governor Francis, b. c. (Foots). ... dls.
Time: 2:JlVt. 2:11. 2:144. 3:134.
Slliko was run into by The Abbe and
did not finish.
Class 2:0b, pacing, purse $1,000, two In
lady May, b. m. (Hohson) Ill
Schermerhorn., b. g. (Meeks) 2 2
Phalla, h. ni. (Gateomh) 3 3 S
Nancy H., blk. in. (Davis) 4 4 3
Bertnena Bars, b. m. (McPhcrson).. 5 5 4
The Doniis. dn. m. (Deliyder) 5 8 0
Bed Tell, b. h. (Jones) 7 6 ds
Edwin 8., ch. g. (Curry) 2 7 ds
Morvalls, b. m. (McBain) ds
Time: 2:iiH. 2:07.
Lady Amelia Wins the Mercury Han
dicap at Brighton Draeh.
NEW YORK. Oct. 3.-Lady Amelia, at 1
to 4, won the Mercury handicap at Brighton
Beach today. Hue carried the top weight
of 1:15 pounds and took the lead at tne
start, gradually Increasing her advantage,
and won by four lengths. After B. Hehne
ber's 3-year-old Dr. Gardiner, hy Bannoik-burn-L'arda,
won the third race at one
mile In the fast time of 1:34. Willi 1.6
pounds up. he was sold to Frank J. Fur
rell for 15,ii. Results:
First race, six furlongs, selling: Tea
cress won. Niblick second. Belle of Port
land third. Time: 1:13.
Second race, nvc and a half furlongs:
Waterbury won. Altuda second. Elliott
third. Time: l:V.y
Third race, one nnje: Dr. Gardiner won.
Sister Fiances second. Astronomer third.
I '1 line: 1 ::t:s.
; rourin race, ine aiereury nundlcap, MX
j furlongb: Lady Amelia won, iiandzurra
recoml, Pantoiirlc third. Time: 1:124a,.
j Filth race, five and a half furlongs, ne.
i lug Colon"! Jack won. Patient second,
Mintherla fliird. Time: 1:07.
i Sixth race, mile and a sixteenth: Lady
Tarantella Won. Woodsman second, Adonis
I third. Tltv.e: 1:18.
IAJI ISVU.LE. Ky.. Oct. 3. Results:
First race, aix furlongs: Agnes Virginia
won, Toougeiaii second, Alllnta third. Tunc:
Second race, one mile: Matador won.
i Bitter Hand second, Colon"! Bartlctt third,
i Time: 1:4S-
! Third race, five and a half furlongs: Red
Gauntlet won, Grace Larnen second, MHs
i Otllclous third. Time: 1:09.
Fourth race. Iroquois handicap, six lur
' longs: Don Domo won,. Devout second,
liuiuiskie third. Time: l:1f.
Fifth race, one mile: Charlatan won.
Knvuy second. Omar Khayyam third. Tunc:
1 Sixth race, mile and a sixteenth: High
, Bear won. Chanlda second. Postman third.
; Time: 1:51',.
Barosrl Saa He Fx sect a to Cballenae
for the Cap.
I CHICAGO. Oct. 3. Should Sir ThomiiK
Llpton decide lo try once more for the
America's cup the chalh ngo will be Issoed
from Chicago. This statement w:as imide
by the baronet shortly after nis arrival
' hero from the east tonight. "You knov
that I am ready and most anxious to take
that cup home with me," said Sir Thomas
; when asked what the prospects were for
another race for the trophy. "You abut
k.'ow that under almost any conditions will
I agree to once again make a try for it.
' But If I do challenge I want to make it
through my friends in Chicago."
On Ivs arrival In Chicago Sir Thomas
was met by a reception committee, which
vhc rted mm .to the Auditorium notei,
where h" will stay during hlf r'k' visit
here. A gm rsl reo piloti will be given htm
lomormw mornirg nt the Chicago Athletic
club, to tie followed by a luncheon t the
boai ho ix! In the afternoon. Friday niuht
he will Ih- btnoueted nt the club and Satur
day night by the Chicago Commercial as
sociation. Saturday afternoon the Columbia Yiv ht
cluh will h 'lil a regatta In honor of the
4X OU) and WKLlVTHlKU ltK.MEI.
lass. wxjtru.owti aooTamuio KrmoY,
baa lira u-a lor SlXTf T ftAKfe lo MILUONS
IM1 U1IH HHrll T fccei k.S. IT SOoTUaVS (ka
frilLD. SorTKNS tk OLUg. ALLAYS all PalNi J-St
RES WIND COWL. u aa ia Mat raM4y a
DiAKKHoKA S4a hj lirasalaia la aai pan al
tha vrM H aura an4 aak tur .
4a,4 u aa a' baa maa. 3 aaala a
4)neen'a Weatmlnatrr Yolnnteera
f eaten la Rifle Match.
CREEDMOOR. t-. 1.. Oct. 3. The silver
challenge shield donated by Colonel How
ard Vincent, aide de enmp lo King Ed
ward VII of England, will remain on thl
side of the Atlantic for two or perlinim
lme year. The rifle shooting teama of
the Seventh regiment. National Guard,
N. Y.. won the trophy In decisive fnn:ilon
here today from the Quef n Westminster
vi lunleers of London, whom they defeated
by a margin of sixty point.
Rons of F.I I Win Flrat Foot Ball Uame
of Season hy Blar Score.
NEW HAVEN, Oct. 3-Yale had little
difficulty In defeating Weslfyan today In
the first foot ball game of the season here,
81 to 0. Punting whs resorted to freely
and the double pass attempted by lioth
rides with poor success. Yale was able to
gain always the necessary distance otr
straight line plunges. . Only once during
the game was the long over-head double
pass successfully worked.
.. - : .. if.Tr3 il-Ci . . i. -
1 1
2 2
3 3
Racing at Tecnnmeh.
. TKCl'M-PKH. Neb.. Oct. X. (Special Tele
gram. I The racing at the county fair here
today was fine. Summary:
2:20 trot:
William Hamilton...
Ruben's Baby
Jennie Lee :
Time: 2:22. 2:27, 2:25.
2 22 trot:
Menmer .....i
Check Book
Time: 2:3m, 2:32. 2 2:iH
Gentlemen's road-ter race,
Time: 1:12, 1:21. 1:18. 1:19.
Vox E. won the half mile dash, with
Ruben O. second, I'leken third. Anna
Shaffer fourth and Robert J. fifth. Time:
1 1 1
3 3
half mile
1 2 2
2 3 1
3 1 3
IS a sai mi a lia lawai ti lair. , .
f Coffee Drinkers Versus Beer Drinkers X
ThonasBda o mas and w. mm niln thetr bealtb ky haMtaal drtnklsg. roffao rraK ImUgaaMou, anrl I,
omnia, boronaa boln an trlni-ntl It itrlea p . pentln claarla and atraloa ha aorrafc Wbaeaaa irMrllcsl a.nh irltl.a daulara a r.llf
main cu barlay ma. I berr If proportf liraoed and flaror! wlta tb tonic Jutca of fin Bokemlaa hopa Ilk
Gunid's Pecirless Beer
la one ol the moat wnole-onia and 'Oorlablas drink- la Ih world. It contain anoat 4 pf cant of aleokol. the right amount to promo4)
dlircatlon. Hence It la truly a temperance nera. Dr. Joalah Bclaler of Korlbwaaarni I nlraraltr ol Chicago aaya: - folly hctlora
that tha modrratc naa of a good hcer at meal tlmaa acta aa a tonic, and la thmrfor naeful t adina psracma. rrric-a la mm arry
wbarc. but bottled at the browarr only, where U hae bo brewed t.r oyer fifty yaara by th ealebrated "4) aalaral rcea.,
All hivh trade idaoca atock It. Aak for It If roa want .omathlna bettor Ikaa ordinary. Try a oase dallyared to your home. TohV
phoiia i' today, wa deliver It at our.
J0I1N GUND BREWING CO., La Crosse, Wis.
V. V. IIKVDKX, MannKcr. 1320-82-24' let'avcnworth St., Omaha, Xrb.
Telcjiliotio, llouglgM 2344.
UItXHAUT KLKIX. Wholcsalo DiHlributoi, 162 West Broadway,
Council 111 ii IT, Iowa.
Intercollegiate l.airn Tennla.
PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 3. Philadelphia
and Harvard will fight it out tomorrow for
the collegiate lawn tennis ningle eham-
rlonnhlp, 1-roy of Columbia and Pell of
larvard being the contestants. By de.
feating Gordon of Princeton today in the
annual tournament on the grounds of the
Merlon Cricket club at Haverford. the Co
lumbia crack entered the final round. Pefl
defeated Tllden of Pennsylvania In a hard
struggle. Results:
Singles, aeml-finals: Leroy of Columbia
beat Gordon of Princeton. 6-3, 8-2.
Pell of Harvard lieat Tllden of Pennsyl
vania, 6-3, 4-6. 6-4.
Iwiublen, seml-tinal , round: Wells and
Spaulding of Yale beat Dnbney and Liver
lng of Harvard, 8-4, 6-4.
Harvard Defeats Bowdoln.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.. Oct. S. In a w, II
plaved game of foot ball Harvard defeated
Kowdoin in 8oIdicr'n field thin afternoon
lo to 0. The first score was on a goal
from the field by Burr from a place kick
on the thlrtv-seven yard line. The second
was made down the field to a touchdown.
si aVll
Princeton Win! from Sterena.
PRINCETON. N. J., Oct. 3. The Prince
ton foot ball team defeated Stevens today
In a closeH played game, 22 to 0. The for
ward pass and one-side kick under the new
rules were worked successfully by Princeton.
Carlisle Indiana Win.
CARLISLE, Pa., Oct. 3.-The Carlisle In
dian font ball team today defeated Sus
quehanna university by a score of 48 to 0.
Sporting:' Brevities.
The high school boys are working hard
In preparation for their game Saturday
with the Nebraska City team.
Owen was called upon to win one of the
needed games and' he made good, hold
ing the Browns to. Tour hits and no runs,
Dav by day It Jooks more and more like
a cliich' for the . White. Sox. Two more
games won and tlm, race will be over, for
then they cannot ,ibe , beat out of first
place. . ; ol. ,
Did you notlfV 'wliht Glenn Llebhardt
did ill the game "TuaWday against -Detroit'.'
Sold by Memphis to Cleveland, he
pitched his first In fast company
and had the Detroit team as his oppo
nents. To make his entre strong he held
them to three lilts.- '
Federal . Conrt 'otea.
The' heurlng upon the application for a
permanent Injunction In the case of the
Trl-State Land company against Baker
and others, farmer of Scott's Bluff and
Box Butte counties, to restrain them from
interfering with the enlargement of an
irrigation canal owned by the plaintlffn, was
set before Judge .Monger In the United
States circuit court Wednesday. Owing to
the unavoidable absence of some qf the
attorneys In the case, the hearing has been
continued Indefinitely and In the meanwhile
the temporary injunction will remain In
A mandate was. received Wednesday
morning from the I'nlted States circuit
court of appeals affirming the Judgment of
the Nebraska I'plted States, circuit court
In tha case of the Victor Safe At Lock com
pany of Ohio against James J. Derlght of
Omaha, dismissing the case at the cost of
the plaintiff and In favor of Deright. The
Victor Safe & Lock company brought suit
against J. J. Derlght for libel in the sum
for sending out written notices that the
safes manufactured by the plaintiff were
of an Inferior oharaoAer. Deright filed de
murrer proceedings against the Victor com
pany and the demurrer waa sustained and
the case dismissed In the Nebraska court.
The Victor company appealed the case to
the higher court and the mandate just
received Is the result,.
Ameslnititution Will Hold Annual Ftce i
tion Prida and Saturday.
lovra People tilven Opportunity to See
fifvr Hulldinata and IMnn of
Education at Agricul
tural College.
Motor Cyeltata Injured.
SAN DIEGO. Cal.. Oct. 3-Breed and
llcrrlck. motor cyclists, who left here Sat
urday enroute to Buffalo. 'N. Y., were badly
Injured at Eecondido Monday. The puir
were traveling fast when the machine De
came unmanageable -and ran Into a wall,
throwing both riders violently. The men
and machine will resume their Journey In
a few days.
Fair Today and Tomorrow In e
hraaka. Cooler Today Rata In
Iowa Today.
WASHINGTON, Oct. S. Forecait of the
weather for Thursday and Friday:
For Nebraska and South Dakota Fair
and cooler Thursday: Friday fair.
For Kansas Fufr Thursday, cooler ex
cept In southeast portion; Friday fair.
For Towa and Missouri Rain Thursday;
F'lday fair and cooler.
For Colorado Showers and cooler Thurs
day; Friday fair.
For Wyoming Fair Thursday, except '
rain ana cooler in southeast portion; Friday
Local Record.
OMAHA. Oct. . Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared wltb
the corresponding day of the last three
veara: . Ife-Jti. lHMi. 1M04. lacy
Maximum temperature.... 76 83 TO 78
Minimum temperature.... 50 fxi 54 55
Mean temperature B3 70 66 lid
Precipitation .0t .00 .00 .01
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March 1
and comparisons with the last two years:
Vormal temperature ,10
Excess for the day 4
Total excess since March 1 4
Normal piecipitation 0 Inch
Deficiency for t-he day 09 inch
Precipitation since March 1 22 94 Inches
Deficiency since March 1 S.OMhche
Deficiency for cor. period In 1805. S. Inches
DerVbwy for cor. period ta lfM. 1. 15 Inches
Reports from Statlona at T P. M.
ration and State Temp,
of Weather. 7 p. m. '
Rlsmarck, cloudv, So
Clieyenne. part cloudv 56 .
Chicago, part cloudv 6
ravenpart. part cloudy 7o
Denver, clear 74
Havre, cloudy 56
Helena, elouiif 46
Huron, clear 72
Kansas City, part cloudy... 66
North Plane, clean. 76
Omaha, clear 68
Rapid City, cloudy 62
Si. I-oul. ruining 48
St. Paul, clour
Salt iMke City, clear M
ai ntme. part cloudy
Wlliiaion. cloudv - U
l indicates traie of precipitation.
U A. W1LLAU, Local i'siKular,
AMES, la., Oct. 3. (Special) The Iowa
State college will see one of the lurgest
excursions of Its history Friday and Sat
urday of the present week. Never slnco
the establishment of this custom by tho
late President W. M. Bearshcar have the
prospects been so good for a record
breaking excursion, and last aouson ln,
000 people visited tho college in a single
day and over 100 railway coaches were In
the yards at Ames at one time. Only the
Chicago &. Northwestern railroad granted
excursion rates then. This year flvo
roads, the Chicago & Northwestern, Chi
cago and Great Western, Illinois Central,
Iowa Central and the Milwaukee will
run excursions each day and exceedingly
low rates have been secured. The fare
from Sioux City will be only $2.50, from
Council Bluffs $2.50 and the rate de
creases steadily for Intervening points.
College Is Ready.
The college will devote Its best energies
to the entertainment of Its visitors both
days. All departments will be open to
visitors from 10:80 a. m. to 2:15 p. . m.
each day.
A live stock parade will occur each day I
at 1 p. in.. In which till of ' the prize'
winning stock of the college will be
Exhibition military drill will be given
each day by the college cadets and music
will be furnished by the college chimes
dally at 1:30, at which time old students
and alumni of the college will meet and
shake handa.
The general assembly will meet In a
large tent on the campus each day at 2:15
o'clock. Mere a program of music and
addresses will be given by O. II. Cessna,
professor of history; President A. B.
Storms and Prof. Newens of the college
and on Oct. 5 Hon. LaFayette Y'oung of
the Dps Moines Capital will address the
assembly, while on Oct. 6 Dr. Frank W.
Gunsaulus of Chicago will deliver the
principal address. This will make five
or six addresses by Dr. Gunsaulus at
Iowa State college In the past two years.
Mpurts for (Vathrrlnii ,
October 5 Coe college of Cedar
Rapids and Iowa State College will play
at hockey at 11 a. ni. In the afternoon
Coe college and Iowa State College will
meet at foot ball at 3:15. October 6
Ames high school and Iowa Statu college
will play basket hall at 11 a. m.
while Des Moines college will play foot
ball at 3:15 p. m.
Laboratories and experimental work of
the college will be In full sway curb, day
and the people of the state will have the.
greatest opportunity ever offered to sen
the practical workings of the Institution.
A large force of extru police has been
sworn In and Is already on duty.
The Purchasing Power of Thousands of Onr.! nf TMF
Prosperous Western Families is Found Ot4UI Ul lilt DLL
n There Is No Time
The World Needs Strong, Vigorous Men
. and Needs Them
Plow! Today-
' :'i "r i'i Ai I It'll P. iVi 'tj (.;)...,
Thirty Years OF
Dr. EicGrew
Ak-ftar-Ben Ylaltora
Can have mall addressed to The Omaha
Bee. We will see thnt It Is properly cared
for. Open day and night.
ix. Rain-
ip. fall.
f .
7 T
66 .00
T .
84 .00
64 .04)
So .i
84 .00
74 .)
V .Oil
76 .)
2 )
7n .21
76 .00
Ti .02
X . m
(6 .00
Y laltora Take l a C e Ho
Owing to the crush of Ak-Sar-Ben visitors
at the Commercial club the Ileal Estate
exchange was given but one small room
and the meeting had a light attendance
and was cut uhort. C. F. Harrison made a
talk on the necessity of hurrying along
the publication of the Omaha pamphlet
which the exchange propose to put out.
and George G. Wallace suggested some
subjects for the future consideration of
the exchange, among Ihein the present
arbitrary way of fixing rents and the ad
visability of taking abstract on outlying
property only as far back us it was platted.
Has been one of the most successful specialists in the treatment
of any and all forms of diseases of men. ' Thirty thousand cured
cases prove the correctness of this statement. Xo specialist is
better known, or has a cleaner record for fair and square dealing
with men.
His Cured Patients and his Reasonable Charges are his best
advertisers. There are more than THIRTY THOUSAND ol
these satisfied patients passing to and fro through the West,
North, South and East, and every one of these curel men will tell
you that for square dealing and low qharges Dr. Mclirew has no
The bettering of men's lives, morally, mentally and physic
ally, has been the work of my life, and the great comfort and con
solation in this work comes from the many letters 1 receive, tell-.
ing me of the good I am doing, or the relief I have given.
Write him, consult him it's all free, and if yoivneed treat
ment come and get it. GET IT TODAY.
Office hours are from 8 to 8. Sunday from i) to 12.
Treatment by mail. Call or write, Hex 7(i(J. Oflices, 213 H.
14th St., Omaha, Xeb.
Lararent Sign In the World.
The O'Donohue-Redinond-Noinille elec
tric sign is In place and was lighted Tues
day night for the first lime. Electricians
who have been in all the larger cities suy
thia sign la the la i gent perpendicular sign
in the world, an it reuches nearly to the
top of the new department store. The sign
Is seventy feet high and contains 42m light.
f '.tsasa- Trarft Maik l
Trade Maik
ThahHalilMl Ihlnar ttl elova
p4illh trr l,IM4l. fillip Cllllek
brllltnrt liialrw and iMIks
FRIiK NAMPLH A-tdreaa Ilept. !
I Jtt,trn1 t ,-rn ' .At". V O...M St . N Y
ftr U
. .fli ..: .ion, weak-
nnaei v.uieu ai, uix pleasure!
vt life should lake Jureu Pilia.
One box will te a alorr of
marvelous reiull. Tbis mediriua baa mora
rejuTenailng. viiaJixina; force than baa ever
before been offered. ent post paid In plain
pay kkare only on receipt of thl alr. and tl.
Mada by it originators C. I. Huod Co., pro
atriaiwrs lived a aasai.arilla. Lowell. JUaaa,
aim AiUmrk -.a
1 UfaolH i.r
li t 111
bl : 1 r i tf'W.
I imjjij JB an ui ijj hu isjir tt ai ii ' - "
Laa.-t- -m !.