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TMefiiiMierM-tjriia t
; Unusual Display of Fashion's Newest Hats.
-;: Thompson, Belden & Company (he leading style store (or Select Millinery.
."'i Swvi;il effort I in been put forth to nssomble for this great festival weekan assortment
:of hat that wilt please the most critical eye. Visitors in the city should make it a' point to
'I hoe this ginnil department, 'just now overflowing with the most beautiful hats ever placed on
.view hi' Omaha. ' Shapes run riot this reason, most any style that you should desire will be
'Torrent, whether it iff real large, medium or small, iirowns and blue are winning favor in the
;jfol(r line. ..Our hats are priced to suit all. ...
T ',. Coni' and see the new models, if only for a look, the visit is worth your while. Second
:';floof. . ;v ' .
jTMuslir Underwear Specials.
fcoerlsls that will rsy jou tq take ad
vantage of. Th garment are well made
from (rood material and the savings from.
'.;" third to uae-half In price. Come!
Thursday and share In the savings. t
y '' , VIEWERS. .
;;l)rswers mails of tine 'nainsook, with
pretty embroidery edging and tucks;' reg
ular prlre 8ftf-.
:,' , joe EACH..
Women's-gowne made of good cambric,
liigh nec(c and long rteeves.. other styles
with V nock and trimming of Insertion
and tucks, grtai value
' A special lot of odd corsets covers made
off good grade of nainsook with lace edging,
a great rpecial ,
V ' , 19c EACH.
Aeconii floor. .
't Shawls and Fascinators.
vie have Just 'received a. laige line of
Knitted Wool Fascinator, In black, white,
blue -and pink, now on display at this
popalar'i Basement Department. Out-of-town
customers should be s Interested In
these, goods; the' prices are 3oCj 50c, 60c,
twc,' 76e 5c. H.OO and 11.23 each. .
Indies' Black Wool Shawls at 11.36 and
rJ.eo'chi '
Ladle Wool Cardigan Jackets, 1.25 and
fi.tft Vertu"' .
v. xiakA out store rour headquarter and meeting place.' Your traps
nder you are not obliged to buy; a.k H
words make yourself at home.
so Vfl ifMiM see It. 'a:, Urge banner pro
claimed tha title of tha aleclrlcal pageant,
and a profusion of flowers gathered from
tha ifour corners of-'tho earth and from
tha highways and byway completed the
float. --' -
Th Nalloiie Balers.'
. An Immense creation' holding all the
rulers of all the .nations of . the earth
formed In one band.. ..Tour -own .Uncle
Samuel was holding the baton and direct
ing , tha music . When" Vncie Bam told
-play, ' the, nations of Jlie earth , played.
The front of tha ftoat wia-avmmblnatlon
of a illroa4 . engirt . automobile;
with eU Father Tlmawerfng' an automo
bile cap doing- the steering. The hot paoe
.'was clearly expressed.-; The rear . waa a
large cage, over which this American, flags
waved and In which nestled quietly the
dove of peace, a bird now In the keeping
of Vnele Samuel, who- stood directly. In
front Tho wheels of the float, resplendent
with eleetrlo bulbs, were, of automobile
pattern, while the body was covered with
emblems) of the nations. The occupants
' of the float were D. II. Peck, captain; Dr.
Gaantner. -.
Great Britain.
,-The front waa the portion of a ship
filled with Bailors. Indicative of the great
SAa powers of the mother country. In
the prow stood the mythical Mercury,
messenger of the gods. In the center was
the monster - Frlllsh lion. indlcatlni
strength and endurance, while the white
,.,'...:. , :. : ....
, . : .': ' .' ;
1 3eimCpmSim j
Here Are Three Special Priced Suits and Overcoats
$1252, $1022 and $752
They'll convince you of their true value if you are them.
S elling
Kohii v
Brokaw ,
Sporty Togs for Sporty Boys.
Play suits and dress suits as
quiet or as loud as you please.
Each one bears the guarantee
which means what It .ays perfect fit,
materials, finish or your money baok on
Just complaint. . ,
Come in today and look 'em over.
and .
Our Buster Brown Suits and Overcoats 3 to 8 . y Q C
years, have no equal; up from. . .v : tJo
Norfolk Double Breasted Suits and Overcoats A C
ln1"Perfection, are the best ever; up from. , . .a-ttTJ
Young Men's 'Perfection" Suits and Overcoats r f fV
Special prices, at $10.00,
Only Three More Days
Those who have not yet had their
filling!" of this famous corset should
make It a point to be her Thursday
or Fill) ay, "as the last day will be a
buy one. "Miss McCauley leaves here
Saturday. It ynu want td enjoy this
unusual opportunity of being properly
fitted, come this week.
Redfern Corsets.
Bespeak of figure style -that suits
prevallng fashions. No matter what
kind of atyle whether the Louis XV
'ostume, the dressy or severe tailor
made a Redfern style builds (he
necessary contour.
The little thing in corset construc
tion are Important; chief of all Is t
exact matching of the seams, In ord
ler I
that there may ba- Do variation from
the size lntcndud. ; Jn every .detail
Redfern ' styles, under the closet
scrutiny, reveal only careful work.
Second floor.
Fashion's Favorite Dress
This is the a-fc atore from every possi
ble view point. 1'his store's name on
piece of Dress Goods or Silks Is a guaran-i
tee of quality. .Among. the Dress Goods
favorites Is the New Chiffon Spot-Proof
, . i .. 1 ... 1. TkU tianrtanma fithrin alands
oruHui-iuiii. int. - ------ 1,
on Its own merit: beautiful lustioua finli-li, f
il requires no sponging: will not spot with I
water; all colors and black-lioO. j j
. .
Open Saturday Evenings.
Howard Street, Corner Sixteenth.
and red roses over the coat of arms of
the nation, covered with brilliant white
and . red lights and mingled with flowers,
completed the pleasing . pictuiiSi; 0" float
No. t were William Kennedy, captain; E.
Paul Shaw, M. BJornson, H. H, Campbell,
H. C. Marsh,, Frank Bchope, W. L. Mardls.
' The land of poets showed the modern
Oermanla. in front, with the allegorical
figure with, the palm In hand resting upon
th -busts- of Goethe and Schiller. Piles of
books,, tl)e harp wltri decoration of flrtwem,
brilliantly Illuminated, cartled 'but thfe sug.
gestion of the home of the , poet. , Those
aocempanying . Germania , were. . ,.0. . C.
Kuetine. captain: Orscar Kuenne, C. H.
Royles, William Raapke.. . ' '
-, Franc,! .. .
Art and science were depicted in every
feature of the representation. The French
arch, expressive of the-trlumph of Paris,
constituted the greater portion of the beau
tiful creation, while French guards stood
on either side with the figures' representing
art and science In the front.' The French
guards were George Gillespie, captain; J.
P. Kepler. Hal Fink. Will Hosier, H. Dear
mont, Verne Miller.
A scene of peace and beauty, with noth
ing indicating any war-like spirit, repre
sented this progressive little nation. In
the center of the brilliantly lighted float
was the Japanese tea house, with Its geisha
girls, while In the front was the tori, the
Men's and
and Gaps
nishing Goods
$7.50 and.
Bee, 'October i, 10.
Tour new dress Is" surely among these.
Coma and we will make the finding of it
a pleasure. New Bilk Warps, Poplins,
new Ombre Novelties, new rialds, new
Batistes,' ferslan 'Novelties, hew' Serge,
new Panamas, etc.
A Great Sale of Remnants in
Our Basement Dress Goods
Department. (.
- No, matter, how bury your day Thurs
day, If will pay you to visit the Basement
Dresa Goods Department.
Remnanta of Plaids. Novelties, Suitings;
also many broken lines of Dress Goods by
the yard, here and there a color missing,
all go at a great sweeping reduction In
prices. Take time to look. them over. The
prices represent a great saving in price.
A Great Bargain Opportunity.
- In Basement.
The money-saving visitor will do well to
lay In a -supply from these, for rarely ever
will you have a chance of buying reliable
merchandise at such big reductions in
Remnants of Outing Flannels.
Pretty styles In light-colored Stripes and
Checks, regular 10c quality, at 8c per yard.
Remnants of the best American stand-
ard points navy Blue, Cadet Blue and
Gray In most desirable pattern, regular
, fPic grade, at Sc per yard,
t Remnants of standard Blue and White
J Apron Ginghams, regular Tc quality, on
. Bare si oc J)ir yaiu.
c Pr
ts y o
Remnants of Flannelettes,
in choice
styles, regular 10c quality. 5c per yard.
Remnants of 12Hc Dresa Ginghams, neat
checks and stripes, at SUc a yard.
R-.mnanta of finest grade 36-lnch Per
cales, regular lc qualities, on saie ai ic
per yard.' . .
will be checked free of charge;
the questions you like; In other t
religious gateway. The abundance of
chrysanthemums and green leaves carried
out the Idea o a flowery kingdom. ' In this"
flowery bower rode Dr. Foster, captain;
A. W. Johnson! I. W. Soukop, J. Kruger,
R. M. Jones. . , .'...'
A float designed no doubt when Denmark.
Norway and Swedenwere pulling together,
as each had an'oor In pulling th-ehp of
state, the huge Viking.' The red Are 4ssu1ig
from the noatrlls of the flejre . looking
business gave 8caidlnav. a.very. war.rllko'
aspect,; The taw'niv IVl"""." 'W
A. 8ter, captain;- Henrr?. Hieing M W-otier.-
C. ,R. .Hutfcoii Fre4 'tenn!n$, -Rtc1
Martin. G.' V. She patd.' '.' . , f . V'. '; '
The Hungarian and Bohemian soldlerf,
the bust of Emperor Francis Joseph ? In
front of his throne room, upon which was
the coat of arms of this nation. The old
fashioned lamps, not unlike the hour-glnns,'
told of the flight of time, while allegorical
figures told of the progress of yi nation
as time is passfng. C. Foster, captain;
Dan Butler, I Henderson, J.; W. Novnk,
Henry E. Thomsen, R. W. Hodder,. W.
Btryker and Dr. E. H. Bruentng were the
men oh the float.
A representation of Venice was por
trayed, true to life, while In the rear was
constructed the cottage amid the palms and
sunshine, and magic, with people of tho
sunny clime to give . life to the picture.
Representing the olive-skinned , people of
the south were: E. Uhiiiaa, captain;
Charlea V. Goodall, Charles fihuniway, P.
a. Moeller, N. II. Nelson. Herman Mete.
Misses Jennie Qtone and Bertha Kansblde.
Resale, .
The old Russian bear with one foot tleil
up In a rag showing the effects of Ida re
cent and present troubles was a good
representation of a country in the con
dition in which Russia finds Itself. Guard
ing the bear were Russian soldiers, while
in tha rear whs the home of the Douma.
At Intervals, only too frequent for the
peace of mind of the soldiers and the bear,
explosions were heard and flnmea leaped
up mound the bear an Index of the shape
of Russian governmental affairs at this
time. The guards of the sore-foot bear
were: E. 1 Potter, captain; W. A. Case,
8. J. Potter, Frank Colvln. Henry Rowley,
C. DeWaal.
ast., )
The sphynx, the palms, llie pyramid, did
service for this ancient country, while
upon the sides of the pyramids a diamond
star and crescent biased. These sons of
Pharaoh reclined In the midst of thin trop
ical scene: T. I.. Combs, captain;
Newcomb, Carl Kase, C. C. Phelps.
Kvithout a name It would have been
recognised. Standing out in a biaso of
glory waa tne typical Swiss cottage, in
I the rear of which were formed the moun
I tains upon the sides of which were aen
I the .chamois. The Swiss guide and the mllk-
j the float were: Ed Thompson, captain; E.
I K. Crane. R. W. Koenlg, J. W. Uradehopt,
J. T. Cunningham.
A float that appealed to the romantic
and the dare-devils. The nation was rrp
; resented by the Spanish bull tight, the na
j tlonal sport of the Spaniard. While the
- bull fighter and the beaat came together
In their death atruggle, the high moguls. In
a beautiful grandstand In the rear of the
float, applauded. Impersonating picadors,
toreadors and spectators were: Robert
Man ley. captain; O. A. Helqulst. Frank
Janda. J. R. Wells. C. W. Ortmaii.
The Netherlands.
The Industries of the Netherlands were
aptly portrayed on this float. The girl
making the famous Holland chlnaware, the
girl mending the net, and the old-fashioned
wind mill, swinging in the breeae, spelled
the Netherlands all over. The Jolly Dutch
mrii and women In this scene were: Frank
Simpson, captain; P. Peterson, A. B. Cook.
H. E. Bell. Fred Kuhn. J. R. Stephene and
Ed Wilcox.
Any one who ever heard of Greenland,
recognised this float a mile away. A stiff
breese preceded it and a turnlaaf up of
overcoats Indicated It approach. On It was I
I tha reindeer hitched to the sled, the polar ;
bear -that had Juat caught a seal and!
, birds which Inhabit no other country all '
in a soho mass or ice. wiiiiam Btoetaei ua
this float suggested to spectators that
Quenlsad la Inhabited.
The longest float In the parade and the
most fereclone looking- The tlme-hnnnrvU
dragon was brought Into sen-Ice while In
lis center, was the temple with Its guards
looking to tha safety of the Chines god.
The peacock feathers and the pagoda In
(he rear were emblematic of the celestials.
These plg-talled celestials rode beside the
dr.gon: Harry Steel, captain; A. W.
Miller. F. A, Beaton. Frank Holl.rook.
-t . ... ... "TsirkeF.
The land of the Turk was represented
by the harem and tha dancing girls. The
workmanship was of Moorish design, and
the star and crescent flashed forth from
Hie sides, peter Thind. captain; Ieo pen
fold. Henry HU and J. Jackson rode on this
The land of mystery was recognlaed In
the big elephant which formed the fore
part of the float. Upon his back rode the
ajahand the big guns of the Country, who
would rather ride than walk, whllt the
rear was covered with all kinds of tropical
plains. Tee 'Hindus In' this Jungle scene
were; George- Duncan, csptain; Robert
Wilcox. Louis Bllckenderfer, 'J. J. Cnnflek,
F. R. Bishop, W. i. Shallcross and J. V.
Kerr. . ..
1 America.
Every heart thrttled when tllli float came
Into sight. It 1-arried a story from the
day of the Declaration of- Independence
to the time of the big stick and the big
policeman Of the. World. In the fore
ground were two immense torches biasing
the way of, civilisation, then came the
Indians, immediately behind which was
Columbus, standing upon the great- Ameri
can bird. Then the ' signed Declaration of
Independence, ,the 'colonial soldiers ahd the
old liberty beir will) the niudern soldier
beneath the folds of the flag 1n the rear,
and the national eniMeiu on the' sides. The
king's subjects honored by a part of this
float were: C. Karbach, taptatn; F. D.
Parmer, Henry . Wood. C. W. Peters, Wil
liam Dorrunce. C. A. Yot, William Welch,
F. H. Turnej and A. T. Petrle. ,
The Kins.
His Mnjt-t, King Ak-Sar-Ben' Xlll
Long live the king. A herald standing in a
profusion of flowers Announced his coming.
Two guards stood 'before his throne to
protect him from the strenuous attempts
of hlSvloyal subjects to get near him. .The
kliifj was seated on his magnificent gold while flowers were everywhere. He
bowed gracefully and smiled often at those
who love him. 'These "royal favorites rode
In corr.rany' with tha king: ' William El
bourn, captaln;'F. J. Ellison, H. Fitch and
William Karbach.'
' -i
Nature's Malt Combines with the
t. Brill la Mt fi-Maile Glorf.
Out of the hills across the river the
moon rose at' the foof'Of Farnam street last
night, dim through the Intervening hate,
but round and rich red. looking wonder
fully like a glowing ball suspended across
rhe street by the1 hand of man in honor
of the king, tt hastened to climb upward,
for through the lower atmosphere t could
not begin to outshine the electrical splendor
which illuminated the highways ' of the
chief of the' Seven "Cities of Cibola.
The. whole' city was ablaze : along the
sides of th' treetrand the poles of "the
street lamp,' '-festooned over windows and
on signs. an(f: h'lihtf 'in every conceivable
tilace wrier :st Hub's ' of llK-hts cnulri hi
j hung; made 'tire' whole range of vision bne
sea. of glory-. ; t ' ' ' ., .
"'By "'far the most" beautiful "'place ' Was
fti'hill"1n tHenfddle of the cltv. Where
the' peiiplW; ;'e'ach Veer" to view the
noble 'paweajitbr 'fhelf klng, op his .Irl
umpha? e'titrf' Wd''fhe city. Resplendent
above all the buildings of his capital were
the city hatt-ar.trTmrrt house, between
wfmVltffli-'Xfl-ftttlfefn p'aseed' lA ;e;lory.
A tftgJ'flery -'horseshoe "crowned the hlah
iMoirje bf 'the court ; iho'useI"'whiIe, down the
erne or ine nome ana. tower and along
the;Aive8 of the "upper story bung Hie lights
In; myriads. ' On 'each of three sides of the
tower was' a huge' star, .while on the
side where passed the . kJug and, his re
tinue was a bright shield .in red. . white
and blue. From each of the four corners of
the court house brilliant Chinese lanterns
hung on wires stretched across the street.
The city iialL was beautlfu with lighta
pn every parapet and tower and pn every
arch from;top to 1ottoin of the big build
ing. Surmounting all the statue Tif Lib
erty witn a torch of electric bulbs In her
hand, bowed to Justice on-the court, house the wav.
Looking east from 'Eighteenth street one
saw Farnam street flanked on Both, sides
with rivers of hght, the red, blue and
gr.-en of the street signs renevlng with
pretty effect her a-nd there the white bla-i
of the lncandesoentji. . "
The New York Life building was dec
orated on Its first two stories and at Its
Very top. Oil df respect to the memory
of Edward Rosewater the Bee building,
one of the most beautifully lighted In pust
years, was tindecorated. .'
Sixteenth street was almost as brilliant
aa Farnam. Lights hung over the curb
ing In thousands, and electrical
effecta Were seen on the- fronts of the big
retail buildings In .the four blocks between
Howard and Dodge streets. Harney Doug
las. Fifteenth and all the streets In th
central parr of : In city were similarly
Aotrs el Ak-Ker-Beu.
The knights of Ak-Rar-Ben have caused
to be brought to Omaha 23.0U1) serpentine
rolls, which bo)s will sell on the streets
Thef-e aw little rolls of paper, which, when
thrown, make n long 'serpentine effect and
spring out for about -Tni ty fM. The Idea
Is to have them thrown at the occupants
of the flower parades aa they pass, thus
adding to the lire of the parade.
There ts no necessity for Ak-Sar-Ben
visitors to sleep in the hallways of hotela
and public buildings, as some are reported
to have done Tuesday night. The Infor
mation bureau of the Commercial club has
a list of several hundred rooms, and will
direct any person applying to a aultable
place to stay. The bureau also has a list
of boarding places. The information bu
reau In located In the office of the Com
mercial club, on the fifth floor of the Board
of Trade building at Sixteenth and Farnam
streets, . . , ,
Ohio Prisoners Break Jail.
NEWARK. O., Oct. !-Elght prisoners
broke out of the Licking county Jail today,
after making a vicious assault upon the
turnkey, Christopher Galvln. and locking
him In a cell.- The Jailer had unlocked the
front door leading to the corridor for the
purpose of locking two men In their ceils
of tor the prisoners had scrubbed the Jail.
As soon jtM h entered the -door he was
saulted and locked In a cell, after his keys
and revolver had been taken away.
Dsnafr ts Cotton and Corn.
NASHVILLE. Tenn. Oc.t. 3.-For eight
days rain has been falling throughout the
Mississippi valley and reports coming in
from isolated districts confirm earlier
statements of heavy ,damuge to cotton and
r . -,. . . ... t
- ThefVe a neason."
Indiana Banatof 0pn Cimpaita at tha
Bawkfja Oipiul.
Isesker fays They Shoald Be Made
at Hlk Tide ef Preserr, Wki -Baslaess
C'aa Raally Adjest
DES MOINES. la.. Oct. t.-l'nled States
8enatnr Beverldge opened the republican
campaign In Dee Moines today with a
speech that waa heard by a large audi
ence. Senator . Beverldge entered Into a
general defense of, the republican admin
istration and republican congress, but tin
also discussed the present Cuban altuntUiu.
t'pon the question of tariff revision, Mr.
Beverldge declared that there must be
some changes In srhedulns. not a general
revision, but for the adjustment of cei
tain schedules. "Some of these should be
revised.", he said, "and they should be
changed In the high tide of our prosperity
when .business can easily adjust itself to
the change." i
Teal -of the eech.
Mr. Beverldge said In part:
Events are determining the destiny of
Cuba. We have, already Intervened. But
we did not Intervene until every ITurWhad
been exhausted to help the CUUhn thetn
ioIvob to restore th. hrdcr thev had
shattered and th government thev had lm
prllled. And now that we have aitervened
we will try irgaln to make the Cuban gov
ernment onee more a success.
From Santiago to Havana the. Cuban
flag still tilts, visible proof to the world
of our Intention not to raise the American
flag nnd establish American government
there until the Cuban people themselves
compelleo us to Uo so; until events winch
are the comrr)Hnds of God order us to do
so; until the cause of elvllitatton and the
cry of despairing liberty force us to do
so. Fur when the American flag Is raised
over Cuba again It never must, be lowered.
Our record must lie as clear as our In
tentions are pure.: But epeuktng for myxelf
Hlnne, and for no one else, I believe t hut
In re-estnbll.slilng the Cuban governmni I
nil (he world knows that we are doing the i
wran ni rusypnus roiling tne stone to the
top of the hill only to soe it roll tiaik
again. When another Cuban president Is
e.ected by Culmn votes, how long will It
be before another Cuban Insurrection over
throws him? When we again set another
Cuban government on Its feet, how long
will It be before foolish tactions will again
lay It prostrate? When we have steadied
the falling Cuban flng by the arm of
American aoldiers and sailors, and then
have again withdrawn the America u power
that saved it, how long will It be until
once more anarchy will make It the vain
emblem of the powerless government.
Destiny Will Have la Way.
Jn the end destiny will have Its way.
We may lay down the task civilisation bids
tis do, but tomorrow that tusk will reap
pear and the Inevitable will command us
to do our. deferred duty. But we must not
act In haste. Let us exhaust evury resource
so 'that 'the world, history, and our1 own
conscience will sey that we hsve not trifled
with our won! on the one hand; ahd then
having exhausted every resource arid failed,
let us act so that history, the world and
our conscience will say that we have not
trifled with liberty and civilisation on the
other hand. Let us keep the Cuban flag
floating while we may, so that when we
raire the American flag only when we must.
that- flag will
oe unruried never to be
furled again.
Hereafter when the American . flag is
fnleed It must never be hauled down. That
e,a WAB n ,", r fatmeni hn i.i (i n m-ua
never hauled down but In mistake and
disgrace. It waa a mistake when we the troops were transferred from the
hauled It down in Cuba; It was a disgrace Northwestern railway to the Illinois Cen
when we hau!d It down In Hawaii; am ; . , . .. ., .
now let the clrcumetancea be such that ' tral- The. 1-ourteenlh artillery carries a
whenever It Is raised hereafter, it will, be full complement of 133 men and four offl
sri Infamy It is raised hereafter, it will be cert gun. w-apons and horses.
again. i .
Cuba needs 'tu more than we need Cuba. I . . . ' M, , .
What Culia wants is important: whst e Headaehee and enraUla Irom tolda.
want Is important; but what liberty re -
nulrrs Is more important. What civilisation
dcmandH is the supreme consideration.
The Cuban situation will need devoted
statoinanshlR before we are through with U.
IegihlHttons will be required," appropriations
iu;nviry-DRre-' we Hak rttr. this t tr- an
'opTxts'Mlnii house which would blnd.j-by.-lta
obef ruction, "the ndniinfstratlon ' hands? Iyt
patriotism and not -partisanship deposit
your, ballot for congressman.
It.'ontinued from r'ifst Page.)
m'n 'rry
flghtlng cocks tied to their
It Is reported that some of General
Castillo's forces were reluctant to dis
arm, but all the brigade rommandcrs have
informed- Major Ladd that their man
will disarm and disband when ordered
to do o by General Dl Castillo..
This afternoon General Del Castillo
rave Major Ladd an order directed to all
his . subordinate commanders and telling
them to comply with every request mode
by the American officer. Major . Ladd
will, work tonight to. carry out the dis
banding arrangements. ,.
The disarming commission which was sent
to Santa Clara province entered the Clen
fuegos district this afternoon. A dispatch
received from the Associated Press corre-'
spondent who is with the comrhlxsion, fllrvl
at Cruoea,- reports that the commission
received an ovation On the way from Santa
Clara. . -
The revolutionists encamped at various
points along the line were all willing to
disarm and disband, believing thoroughly
In the honorable Intention of Presldtit
Roosevelt and Governor Taft.
The speech delivered by Governor Taft
before the University of Hsvann has ben
received with great aatlsfactlrn by both
the revolutionists and the government pn-ty
In funta Clara province. .1 1
Since the cessation Of hostilities maraud
ing bands have stolen or fleet roved more
or less property In Panta Clara province.
This week a bund attacked the San Nich
olas plantation, owned by a captain of the
rural guarda, and butchered ilflo head of
cattle. The motive for -this destruction is
said to have been personal spite.
. Dlatrtaallen of Marines!
In addition to the American marines sta
tioned at Clenfuegos, there are detachments
In other Santa Clara towns Ha follows:
Cruces, 60; Esperansa, 26; Santo Domlnga,
JS; Sagua la Grande, 50; PiUmp-a, IS, and
the Normlgueru plantation' 12. Other de
tachments are guarding Americe.n proper
ties In the district. The dis
arming commission proceeded for C'lenfue.
goa this afternoon, accompanied by the
former rebel leader, General Gusmaii. '
Officials of the Cuban Central railroad
estimate that the Insurgents damaged the
road to the extent of $19Q,0t.
Governor Tat has received a dispatch
that the threatened disturbances in (len
fuegos hae been .obviated by the with
drawal of the Insurgents from Unit city.
Oovernor Taft now occupies trie office in
which the affairs of Cuba have been ail
minl?'ered successively by the Spanish gov
ernors of the Island. General Leonard Wood
and President Palma. He established him
self In these quarters this afternoon. He
will take up his residence In the palace in
a few days.
Colonel. E. H. Crowder, Judge advocate,
aid today that the continuance of the
status .of the Cuban -republic without
change obviates practically every difficulty
which might otherwise have lien caus d
by the establishment of a provisional gov
ernment. ,
Henlth onteinle at Work.
. Dr. Bardot. chief executive oflictr of Ihe
Cuban health department, said today:
Governor Taft haa told us to u.t any :
amount of nionry needed for putting Cubw
Into a nrt-clans stnltsry condition and f. r '
limninc ntit I a.-na d ,,,....(ii. n... '
' we are todav installing sanitarv brigades at
Pinar del Rio. Gunna.iay, Matanzas. I'n-
' eCS.0i. ,X?a.aT - ,e..",Jt -
4 apirttua, Camagusy, Uuanianamo. BanUago,
v 1 r r j '
to Dank On
Boath. It ia gold hi two-ponnd
a package, easily prepared, will
white food, aerer ttlck- or lumpy. Twelve ponod of tha ordlaary
! 10 cast raadrto-aerra food atrcally costs you about Bat
PHUbury't. Tha delicious, nourishing, white heart of tha wheat
berry hal'e all. Na secret process, and tbaa baa tha
diflareoca -i :(1.17).
Sensible people are not willing to trifle
with the quality of their food. Yoa are
sore ef its quality when it ia
Boot Breakfast'
. Grocer
Mansanilln, Rcmedloa and Gibara. All
these towns w-lll have ample oiling and fcls
infecting brigades. We have not uhuiitieJ
to Mr. Tift any estimate of tne fxp;Bp.
He consider- that the work must bo done
and It will be done. In Havana now there
are three cap s of yellow fever, one of
which came from Guanabacoa. There aie
no capes elsewhere In the Island and there
Is no special epidemic threatened, but pre
cautions are necessary. The (Uninfecting
force in Havana already has been Increased
from seventv to 1WS men and the oiling bri
gade In Havana IP being increased to 1 0
men. There are ?ti nin now at w rk at
Camp Columbia ene" d In a quick but
thorough job of disinfection and innsiiulto
extermination In preparation for lti occu
pancy by American troops.
Card well Called fer fobs.
OKLAHOMA CITY. Okl.. Oct. 2. M. W.
Cardwell, chief clerk at the army head
nuarters here, has been summoned to
Washington for duty In the office of thi
commanding general of the forces in
Dr. Ferrer Holds Place.
PARIS. Oct. 3. Dr. Ferrer, the Cuban
representative here, has withdrawn his
resignation at the request of Governor
Brooklyn En route.
J. The I'nited cruiser Brooklyn, which
sailed from the League Island Navy yard
for Cuba yesterday with C0 niarlnee and a
laige quantity of ammunition and supplies,
passed out to sea at 2:10 p. m., today.
Coal for Ships.
PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 3.-The British
stcpmt-hlp John Bright, from Cape erdi
Islands, In ballast, arrived here today to
load coal tor Clenfu-'gr.s, Cuba. The ful
Is to be used by the I'nited States naval
vessels In Cirban waters.
Artillery Goes lit ( unit.
CHICAGO. Oct. 3 The Fourteenth artil
lery. In command of Captain G. G. Galley,
left Fort Sheridan via Tampa for Cuba
today on two special trains
At Chicago
i Laxative' Bromo Quinine, the world wide
i old ana wrip remedy, remove cauee. vn
for full name. Iook for signature E. W.
Grove. 36c.
liafrard "'. Staident . .iSaVa", , He Didn't
Knoek Down Polleesisa on .
Boston Common.
BOSTON. Mass., Oct. . fihaun Kelley of
FltchbUrg, the roommate of Theodore j
(iuui.rvritr ji., bi ii.ii.iv, ... ...
municipal -court today and pleaded not
guilty to a charge of assault upon a police
officer. At the request of his counsel the
case was continued until October 10.
The-charge against Kelley Is based upon
an incident, which occurred on Boston com
mon laet Thursday night, when Patrolman
Freyer Vai knocked . down by young
men said, to he Harvard students. Roose
velt and another student, Meredith Blag
den, have. been summoned to appear as wit
nesses In ' connection with the same case,
which will be Investigated tomorrow by the
Suffolk county grand Jury.
Aaont Qae Handrrd Ileadg of First
Class Offirn' Confer la
'-. " MUaoarl. - .
ST. LOUIS.'.. Mo.. Oct. t About 109 poet
masters of the first-class met In annual
convention here" today and will consider
subjects of interest to the rrrall service dur
ing the three days' of sessions.
United States District Attorney D. P.
Dyer made an addres f welcome and
Mayor Wells extended the hospitality of St.
Louis. ''' - ' 4
A. W. Wills, postmaster of -Nashville,
Tenn., presided over the convention.
Congressman Itartholdt of St. Louis made
a short speech In which he asked the re
operation of the Trmeury and Postofllce
Clupeeo Shrunk, ttnartsr Blae
It km of BhlrU sod Collan.
A Skin of Beauty u u loy r.,over.
T. Fella Ooureud'a Orlentel
Cream or Megloel Beeutlfler.
Itmwa Tu, flmptaa,
liKklM, Moik P.irlii
uk, fta4 bkia DiHwet
OS bcatilf . aa4 lif
flat flflct:nl. ft
ka ttuaS lu In!
( 7 trtra. mi
It M harmlM)
taatHl IftbttUrall
! yroprlf sial
Acct sgcouoler
ef a.U.Ua.'
Sam. Dr. L. A
6avrs mA U
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tos IS SalWDll.
At yau IMln
will at tkm
'(.rasa's rmn' tt tu 1-ttl ktrmrul 01 t.i im
klk BraparalMflt." f't Mis by all druaxitu n4 I MCf
Ouodt IKaltra la th Suim, Osaaus sad Iutue
FLalT.HOflllS. frua 17 Gra! J S'rart. Ira Tal
at bedtime, and next
. fine. c. Postpaid
, ft aa Uede, at.
II Cms EeoX 2aa Celu II
Tit Story of
i Bast
Breakfast food an
ablet you to ft money la
tha bank, and at tha aam
tin a delidoni food Into ytnr
packages, hoaett weight, and
make roe. II pouoda of cream-,
department- in working our plans for gov
ernment building, v "Ample grounds, plenty
of light and -good ventilation,1 he sale
were the three- essentiala. ...
Topics discussed, were "Dead Itterfl"
"Postofllce Inspection."- "Improvements to
Free Delivery Service" and "Supplies and
Tonight the postmasters. In a body, at
tended the jierfofmance of "Ben Hur" at
the Olympic theater. ''
;ld from Han Franelseo.
NEW YORK. Oct. 3. The Cnltcd Statei
sublrenrury today received ll.MJi by tele,
graph from San Francisco.
V KJ V k.2$c.$Oc75d
rreaeat Xlncola . 3. Carter's Master I
Vleoe of Baalism .
New York
Bee the (treat Auto-Train Kaoe.
Sunday TheVoIunteer Organist
BOYD'S ? IVIgrs.
Nim ial Curnival Attraction,
'atlaw At Erlangsr Preaenta Oserre
. f i. Cohan's Musio Ptay n' " ' '
45 Minutes from 'Broadway
With TAT TXMri.BTOir.
FOl'R NIGHTS, Commencing Sunday
Matinee Wednesday
Matinees Friday and Salurdny
rrlces Nights. Pun. Mats,. 10c, ISc.
Afstlnees, lOr, tor. '
Next Week TBB . Wira.
Same Ctpa- ity business.
'Phone Douglas W.
VOTX Curtain aTeM VaUl rarade raasea
f oa tke
Matinee Today iKX:: 25c
TONIGHT, i:l. ,
Prices 10c, 26c, B0crf
2424 ARVAM.
Mondaya and Wedneadaya.
Wednesdays and Saturdaya.
Juvenile Advanced Saturdaya and
Private Leaaona. '
Terma reasonable, .'commanauratt
with advantages and beneOty derived
In our school. ; . ' ', . ' .
' Telephone Douglaa 8Ti.
Mi', and Mrs. Morand'a claaeee tot
a A 0
Dancing and Physical Cvlture' will re
open In their new Academy, 2108
18th St., near Farnani, for children,
oa Saturday, October 6th. Beginners.
10 a. m.; advance, a p. rrj mattue
ciaaa, 8:30 p. in. Parenta are cor- l
dlally Invited to visit thia school and
examine the advantagea offered to our
pupils. You will 4nd it to' your In
terest to do so. Ijocatlon, riirnlel anil
arhool chamber unexcelled, For
particular telephone Douglaa 1041.
WE Make
iSpcdacIcsand ,
Eycfllasscs SSSS $iM Up 1
Columbian Optical Co.
211 South 16 ti Street
- i
fcrlllULUI 111 Mil, Ull