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(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Sept. 26. (Special.) Superin
tendent Kern of the Hastings asylum Is
expected t oOrnf to LJncota shortly In an
swer to a summons from Governor Mickey
who raquast ' that, the superintendent
rku and Earl Wsstcott (or the construc
tion o food elevators at the asylum.
Should th Investigation show irregular
Itlea lb letting the contract the governor
says ha will ask tlie Board of Public Lands
and Buildings to cancel tha present con
tract and make a new one. Falling to get
the consent of tha board to do this he will
In alt probability report the matter to the
next legislature along with a number of
other contracts for an Investigation.
Secretary of Stale Oalusha has not yet
returned from out In the state, but In the
Journal this morning he Is quoted as say
ing work out there had not been discon
tinued either on the elevators or the
porches. Both Governor Mickey and Mr.
Mortensen requested work be stopped and
it Is presumed to be. .
The contract for the coestructlon of the
porchea la another case of the board dele
gating authority to the ' superintendent.
Mr. Mortensen was present at a board
meeting when the matter came up and he
opposed Itv Later, during his absence, the
board gave authority to Dr. Kern to have
th porchea built. The cost will be be
tween 16,000 and $6,000, so It is understood
by the governor.
At the present time the maintenance fund
appropriated by the last legislature for the
tis of the asylum amounts to about (40,000.
This sum has to run the Institution until
th appropriation of the next legislature Is
available. Should the'' cost of the ele
vators and th porches be paid put of this
fund undoubtedly there will be a deficiency,
and . this Governor Mickey Insists he will
not permit.
Governor Mickey will ask the board and
Dr. Kern to meet together and go over the
matter, though It Is by no means certain
that the governor will be Invited to attend
th meeting. '
Williams Now a Farmer.
J. A. Williams of .-.Pierce county, who
old out the. republicans of his county in
order to secure the republican nomination
for railway commissioner,' called at the re
publican stat .headquarters today. He In
formed an official of the committee that
ha was now a: farmer and was harvesting
his clover this week,
"I us my farm in illustrating my little
speeches," he said, exhibiting a fake re
form smile.
During his residence In Nebraska Mr.
Williams haa been, besides a chronic office-
seeker, a school teacher, a lawyer and now
a farmer. One who knew him and went
to school with Mm la Wisconsin had this
to aay of him:
"Williams is like a weather vane. Tou
never know where to find htm. He goes
1th th wind. When he first came to Ne
braska he tried to practice law in Omaha.
Then he moved into Pierce county and the
next thing I heard he had given up the
law and was a school teacher. Then I
learned he had given up teaching school
and had gone back to practicing law. He
managed by some way to get elected
county Judge, but I understand he was
badly defeated; tor rejection. : He la so.
changeable there Is, no dependence, to be
placed In him." .?' . ,'
Whether the state committee will dare to
allow Williams to go before the people to
preach honesty In government and talk re
form remains to be seen.
Dates for Sheldon.
Tha speakers' bureau of th republican
state commltte has revised the dates fixed
for George X.. Sheldon, making a few
changes from the announcement of yester-
Lift the Rock.
Many a man and women has
cause it waa served before being boiled long enough.
jWhen Father, Mother, Sister or Brother feels the hurt of coffee and seeks to be well again and
able to do things In this world, do your share Mr. or Mrs. Cook and see ' that the Postum is
made right, and that's easy. Either put it in the pot and let it soak over night and then boil 10 or
12 minutes, or put it on fresh, a piece of, butter the size of a pea in the pot to keep it from boiling
over and then let it actually boil at the bubbling point for 15 minutes. Then you have Postum
and not the common weak stuff too often prepared by a careless cook. .
rou, man, who have been poorly served, read this to your "wimmen folks" and ask for a
Square Deal.'1 If coffee congests your liver, ruins nerves and stomach and handicaps you in the
race of life, quit it entirely and start on Postum. . .
The little stored-away elements that nature uses for the Bure rebuilding of the lost gray mat
ter in the nerve cells are in Postum. - .
' A ........ ' -''
fift the rock and get the treasure.- It's there, and "there's a reason" for
s a -; s - ... .
iSrr - ''"' - Bt"id"-",
Beptember , Grand Islsnd (afternoon
nd evening: "mtember .ID. Sunday, at
Grand lslarxl; Or toner 1. Clstka (afternoon
and even In i ; October 1, David City fetter-
noon I. olumiius tevenlngi; Ortolmr i.
Albion (afternoon!. Cedar Rsplils teven
lngi: (irtober 4. Ui eelev Outer laMenmoni,
Ord (rvrnlna-); Or tolwr I, York (afternoon
ana evening); October a, iiastlnaa (auer
noonl; October 7, Sunday, at home; Octo
ber , Omaha (evening); October , Scrlb
ner (afternoon). West Point - (evenlngi;
iK-tnher ' 10, Stanton (afternooni, Nellgh
(evening); October 11, Newman Grove
(afternoon); Humphrey (evening); October
12, Pierce (afternoon), Norfolk (evenlngi;
October IS. Wayne tnfternoon). Randolph
(evening): October 14, Sunday, at Ran
dolph; October 16, Dakota City (afternoon).
fonca (evenlngi; October 11, vvaKencia
(afternooni, Hartlngton (evening); October
17, BloomfleM (evening); October IS,
O'Neill (evening): October 19. Atkinson
(afternoon), Haesett (evening); Octolier SO,
Rushvllle (afternoon), Chadron (evening);
October 21, Sunday; October 22, Alliance
New nnlldlnn- Conrpany.
The Carpenter Building company, an
Omaha corporation, filed Its articles this
morning with the secretary of state. Th
capital stock Is 1175.000 and th company
has a right to buy and sell real em ate and
other things In this line. The Incorporators
are: Isaac W. Carpenter,. J. Frank Car
penter, George C. Carpenter and Jama A.
Carpenter. ,
Ree Inspector Flamed.
Cyrus Douglas of Tecumseh will look
after the bees In Johnson county, having
been appointed bee Inspector by Governor
Mickey this afternoon. He has authority
to look Into all the bee hives and to see
to It that no contagious diseases are prev
alent. Express Franks Recalled.
President Thomas C. Piatt of the United
States Express company has mailed out
letters to members of congress and others
requesting (hat they return their express
franks. Such letters have been received
by officials In Nebraska and It Is supposed
the same letters have been sent to all the
other states. Just how many of the
congressman and officials had franks to
send fjack Is not of record, so far as their
constituents arc concerned. The state of
ficer were supposed to have been taken off
of the free list many months ago.
Goacher Vivid Imagination.
Carl R. Goucher of Wahoo, democratlo
candidate for secretary of state, called on
some of the state officers this morning and
said he felt very much encouraged over the
outlook for democratic success. He really
seemed to Imagine he had an opportunity
to be the next secretary of state.
Good Meeting nt Cook.
State Superintendent McBrien returned
this morning from Cook, Johnson county,
where he, with Norris Brown and the local
candidates, made speeches at a republican
meeting last night. Mr. McBrien said
the opera house in which the meeting was
held was crowded to the doors and a great
amount of Interest was taken. He talked
on good government and what mado It,
and Mr. Brown dealt with the railroads
and their non-payment of taxes!
Gandr Appeals Case.
James I Gandy, who was convicted -In
the Nemaha county district court on a
charge of Influencing a witness by means
of money consideration, has appealed his
case to the supreme court.
Traveling Haa Missing.
F. A. Smith of this city, who travels
for an Omaha house, has not been beard
of recently by friends in Lincoln and it
Is believed he was on the Ill-fated train
In Oklahoma, which fell In a river, caus
ing the death of many passengers. Mr.
Smith's friends have made inquiries, but
have failed to get him located.
Regents Go to Lincoln.
President Williams of th Regent Shoe
company of Omaha, accompanied by his
attorney, Ed P. Smith, was In Lincoln to
day aqd made arrangements to locate his.
factory In this city. He has secured the
D. E. Thompson building on P street, re
cently, vacated br tha Lincoln Drug cum-,
Newspaper Haa Weds.
' Alfred - LeRoy Btxby, telegraph editor
of th Lincoln Star, will hereafter use his
weekly stipend to keep Mrs. Alfred Btxby,
who uatll this afternoon was Miss Nellie
Margaret Weaver. The wedding occurred
at the home of the groom's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. A.L. Bixby, and the couple left
on the evening train for Denver for a
wedding trip. They will reside at 1746
Hidden Treasure
The Gold is There
yet to find the hidden flavor and
South Fourteenth street In a home alreadr
prepared by the groom, who contrary to
the custom of newspaper men, saved his
money and put It Into a house. Both
young people are well known 1n Lincoln
and enjoy the friendship and esteem of a
large number of peopl
Preliminary Hearing In Wllllame
fnse Anbarn.
AUBURN. Neb., Sept 2 S. ( Special.
The preliminary hearing of Clarence and
Charles Williams, on trial for the murder
of their father, Isaac Williams, wh'.rh
occurred September 12 last, waa held be
fore County Judge McCarthy today. Mr.
Mager was the first witness callod. Ho
testified that he had known the Williams
family for more than fifteen years and
that there had been more or less trouble
and contentions In th family during all
that time caused by the uncontrollable
temper of Mr. Williams. He waa also the
first one on the scene of the tragedy, called
there by Clarence Williams, who, when he
came met him In the road, and told him of
the killing of hla father He told Mr.
Mager just how It came about and what
prompted him' to shoot his father; that
the family had been In constant fear that
the father would take the life of one of
them In one of his fits' of temper, and that
the climax was about reached when this
trouble came up. He told Mr. Mager that
when this trouble came up over the ques
tion, of whether or not he should furnish
Charles with money to go to school his
father got very angry and said, "I'll money
you," and started for Charles with th
pitchfork. Clarence immediately ran to
the old house which stood but a few feet
away, got the shotgun, came back and
shot his father twice In the back, both
V. n. talrlnH- U. .I.M n 1 .4 Ikfll 1. 4
K..h., .v,; . h.." e.t,, .tth . ,.tvee I
four or five times after his father had
fallen, but in the excitement only one
bullet took effect and that in the arm.
The boys were both held for murder In
the first degree and bound over to tbe
December term of district court. Charles
was released on furnishing bond In the
sum of $10,000, and returned home with
his mother. Clarence was returned to
Large Attendance from All Portions
of Nebraska. , ,
AURORA, Neb., Sept. 25. (Special Tele
gram.) The thirty-second annual conven
tion of the Nebraska Woman's Christian
Temperance union convened In the First
Congregational church this morning with
delegates from all parts of the state In
attendance. The work today consisted of
the executive committee meeting and dis
cussion of plans for next year's work.
The following subjects were discussed:
"Outlook In the State," by Mrs. Wheelock;
"Plans for More Efficient County Work,"
Mrs. Annie Steele; "How Can We Improve
Our Department Work?" Mrs. W. D. Whit,
more; "Bible Lesson," Mrs. Nesblt.
Fair Draws a Bin Crowd.
BROKEN BOW. Neb., Sept. 25. (Special
Telegram.) The Custer county fair opened
today with a big crowd In attendance. It
Is estimated that there are now over 6,000
people In town and great number arriving
hourly. Out near the grounds numerous
tents have been provHed, while hotels and
boarding houses In the city are filled to
the utmoat capacity. The exhibits and at
tractions this year beat all previous efforts,
while the racing program is particularly
good. In town there are amusements
galore, especially at night, the principal
ones being a street carnival, Arrlngtons
comedians at the opera house on the north
side and the Wolford Stock company at the
New Temple theater on th south side.
The crowds are being well handled, all
visitors being given ample accommodation.
- Big Brick Plant Open. .
HUMBOLDT; Neb., Sept. 25. (Special.)
A large number of our business men and
citizens drove out to witness the starting
of the new brick plant, the Installation of
which has been going on for several
months past. The power, which Is fur
nished by the dynamo at Cooper & Linn's
electric light plant, was turned on about
10 o'clock, and the machinery worked to
perfection, turning out a fine specimen of
brick, which it Is thought when burned
value of Postum Food Coffee be
Sold Everywhere,
will compete with the output of any plant
In the west. An average of thirty hands
will be employed and the enterprise will
prove a great thing for Humboldt's busi
ness Interests. C. L. 8nyder, the superin
tendent, states that the Humboldt plant
is equipped more completely with modern
machinery than any of the thirty-six
Pt he has Installed for the company,
In whose employ he has been for
ber of years as expert machinist.
Present Survey Leaves Town
a Few
L'TICA, Neb.. Sept. 25. (Special.) An
enthusiastic public meeting was held at the
engine house in this city lust night for
the purpose of bringing the Union Pacific
railroad into this city. The survey haa
been made within a few miles north and
It Is very likely that if the proper Induce
ments are offered, the citizens will be
successful. The following committee was
appointed to confer with the officials of the
company: George Arendt, O. D. Thygeson
and F. F. Miller. Thin committee will com
mence Its work at once.
Telegraph Wires Alt Down.
WOOD RIVER, Neb., Bept. 25. (Special.)
An accident which put the Union Pacific
telegraph service out of commission for an
hcur or more happened here last evening
about 5 o'clock. A team attached to a
wagon, which was standing at the depot
became frightened and ran away, striking
the guy wire to . a telegraph pole, which
holds the wires which cross the track from
the main line to the depot. When the
guy wire broke, it allowed the wires to
sag low enough to catch on tbe headlight
of an engine as it was passing. This pulled
the entire top off of th pole and grounded
the whole system. Telephone communi
cation was secured to Orand Island and a
special train with a crew of men came up
at once, but In the meanwhile a local
electrician had connected the wires, so that
service east and west of here could be
Runaway Boy Captured.
BEATRICE, Neb., Sept. 26. (Special Tele
gram.) John Orcutt, a 2-year-old boy, who
ran away from home at.- Rulo, Neb., with
Vanamburgs circus, was arrested here last
night . upon . Information . of his step
father, Hiram Snodgraas. He will be held
until his father cornea, after him. -
Nfvts ot ' Nebraska.
PLATTSMOrTH Tha scm of Mr. and
Mrs. L. L. Atwood of Havclock died Sun
day morning.
PLATTSMOUTH Judge Paul Jessen has
granted naturalization papers to about
thirty persons here this week.
EDOAR Hon. R. D. Sutherland, democratic-populist
candidate for congress, was
in the city yesterday, circulating among the
BEATRICE The young daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Perry Armstrong, living in West
Beatrice, died Sunday night and was buried
BEATRICE The party of Union Pacific
surveyors which has been at work south
of the city for the last few days left yes
terday for Cheyenne.
PAPILLION The clerk of the district
court ha already had thirty applications
from foreigners .for papers to become
citizens of the United States.
PLATTSMOUTH The Cass county demo
cratic convention will be In this city on
October t. The republicans held their con.
vention in Louisville today.
PAPILLION In the district court today.
In the case of the helre of Wllllm Snyber,
against Attorney H. C. Wedgwood. Judge
Day handed dpwn his decision In favor of
the defendant. ,
PLATTSMOUTH At the home of At
torney A. J. Oraves and wife Sunday thole
daughter, Miss Adelaide, and Jacob, Amen
were united in marriage by Rev. J. E.
Houlgate. They will reside in Lincoln.
BEATRICE It is understood that the
Wymore city Council is anxious to grant a
franchise to Omaha parties to operate an
electric plant at that place, as more light
and better service is needed badly there.
AUBURN Aahton C. Shallenberger. demo
cratic candidate for governor, spoke here
last night. He said th farmer should be
the most Interested In obtaining a better
freight and passenger rate In this country.
BEATRICE C. B. James, one of the most
prosperous farmers In southern Quge
county, died suddenly Sunday night at tho
home of relatives near Endlcott, Neb. The
body was Interred at Wymore this after
noon. PLATTSMOUTH Judge W. H. Newell
and B. H. Atwood are contemplating open
ing a stone quetrry between this city and
the Burlington bridge. The firm now owns
and operates quarries st Cedar Creek, Wy
more and Amasona, Mo.
PLATTSMOUTH Arthur Richardson and
Miss Minnie Nelson were united In mar
riage Sunday In the home of his brother,
A. L. Richardson, Rev. J. E. Houlsatn of
the Methodist church officiating. Mr. and
Mrs. Richardson will reside In Omaha,
BEATRICE At the home of the groom's
brother, Orvllle Wallen, occurred the mar.
rlage of Mr. Roy Wallen and Miss Grace
Bowles, Rev. J. E. Davis officiating. About
sixty couples witnessed the ceremony,
which was followed by a wedding supper.
BEATRICE The Kansas exhibit adver
tising train, comprising sixteen cars of
wh'tn.t and other products, made a stop of
two iKiors In the city today en route west
over th Rock Island. Many Beatrice
people vlf't'Hi th station to look over the
COLVMBCfeV-Jrry Wsgner came hers
Saturday work up life Insurance and
while cropping the street a farmer's wagon
ran Into h,:n. A couple of ribs were broken
and he "i is badly bruised about the head
and tu('. He was taken ta St. Mary's
BKATRICE Judge Kelllgar of the dis
trict court was in the city yesterday and
held court In the Interests of those who
wished to take out naturalization papers
under the old law. Second papers wers
issued to about 2A0 foreigners at the sitting,
which Included a brief session Tuesday
BEATRICE C. S. Sherman of Lincoln,
the state league promoter, was In the city
today in the interests of the movement. Ho
says the prospects for state league bfe
ball next year are highly encouraging. Mr
Sherman will go to Grand Island, Kearney,
Fremont and Columbus this week.
COLUMBUS Judge James G. Reeder
went to Central City to hold the regular
term of the district court for Merrick
county. The judge has ben working over
time lately, having worked until nearly
midnight Saturday taking proof of naturali
sation and issuing pupers, as the new law.
which makes It harder to prove uo and
more costly, goes into effect Thursday.
OAKLAND Through passenger service
on the 4ioux Clty-Ashland cut-off on tha
Great Northern is at lust a reality, be-
finning Monday morning. Train No. 10
rom Sioux Ciiy reaches here at 1:13 p. m.
and No. 11 from Aahlund at 5:22 p. m., every
dav except Sunday. The mixed trains
which have been running for some time will
continue as before. Na mail service Is In
operation as yet, but will be very soon.
Confection! Held in H umber f tiitriou
Tlronchsit th Ett.
Candidate Sheldon Addresses the Con
vention la His Home Connty,
Cass Democrats Also
Trotted Oat.
RU8HVILLE, Neb.. Sept. 2S.-(Speclal
Telegram.) The republican senatorial con.
vention convened Tuesday morning at the
court house at 10 o'clock. There were two
candidates, R. S. Rising of Ainsworth and
David Hanna of Valentine. Mr. Hanna
was nominated on the second ballot.
Resolutions were passed endorsing the
platform of the national republican con
vention of 1904 and the state republican
convention ot 1906, also pledging the nom
inee of the convention to vote for Norris
Brown for United States senator. Hon.
W. H. Reynolds of Dawes county was en
dorsed for member of the state central
committee from the district; also favoring
the establishment of an agricultural ex
periment station for western Nebraska and
recommending the next legislature to me
morialize congress for some legislation
for a speedy solution by sale or otherwise
of the grazing lands of western Nebraska.
The central committee elected by this con
vention Is empowered to fill all vacancies
that may occur during the campaign.
Captain Corbtn of Alliance was nominated
for state representative today at the rep
resentative convention, which met at 9
o'clock this morning. The other candidate
was Mr. Cook of Sioux county. Two bal
lots were taken, the vote being close.
Ord Republicans Enthusiastic.
ORD, Neb., Sept. 25.-(Speclal Telegram.)
Nearly every precinct In Valley county
was represented In the republican county
convention held at this place today. Fol
lowing the unanimous endorsement of all
the state candidates, a strong antt-pass
resolution was passed by the convention.
J. P. , Balrd, a prominent farmer residing
three miles south of this place, was nomi
nated for representative and H. E. Oleson,
a resident of Ord, was nominated for county
attorney. Delegates were also chosen to
attend the senatorial convention at Broken
Bow next week. Tha convention . was
harmonious In every particular and the
ticket Is considered to be a strong one.
M'COOK, Neb., Sept. 26.-(Special Tele
gram.) Israel A. Sheridan of Indlanola,
Red Willow county, was' this afternoon
nominated by the democratic and peoples'
Independent parties for state senator . for
the Twenty-ninth ' district of Nebraska In
their conventions held In this city. Both
convention were poorly attended, not half
of the counties being represented at all In
the conventions.
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb., Sept. 25. (Special
Telegram.) The Cass county republican
convention elected Hon. R. B. Windham
chairman and A. L. Tldd secretary. Ex
County Attorney Jesse L. Root was nom
inated for senator and Frank J. Davis of
Weeping Water and Charles E. Noyes of
Louisville for representatives. County At
torney Carl A. Rawla waa named to suc
ceed himself and Martin L. Frederick was
nominated for county commissioner. Sen
ator Sheldon end M. F. Harrison addressed
the harmonious and enthusiastic conven
tion. LONG PINE, Neb., Sept. 26. (Special
Telegram.) The Fifty-first representative
district democratlo convention, met her to
day. It was called to order In the Odd
Fellows' hall by Chairman Thomas Heck
of Long Pine. . Mr. Heck was elected per
manent chairman and Mr- Ackerman of
Ainsworth secretary.. Mr. Heck was called
away during the convention and D. D. Car
penter of Johnstown was appointed to fill
the vacancy. James J. Carlln of Bassett
received the endorsement of the Rock
county delegation and was chosen on tha
first ballot. James J. Carlln Is an ex
county attorney and a pioneer of Rock
Sterling silver Frenzer. 16th A Dodge sts.
Seriously Injured by Horse. '
AINSWORTH. Neb., Sept. 26.-(Speciat
Telegram.) Yesterday afternoon when
Frank Stephenson, living about three miles
north of here, was trying to lead a wild
colt he was caught In the colls of the rope
and thrown to the grounfl. The horse fell
on him and he had three ribs and his collar
bone broken so bad that Dr. G. O. Remy
telegraphed Dr. Allison of Omaha, who will
be here on the midnight train to help set
the fractures.
Do Your Meals Fit?
Do Yon Feel Snog and Comfortable
Aronad Your Waist Line After
a Hearty Mealf
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to you and did you eat all you wanted?
Could you have patted your rotundity lu
glee and felt proud of your apeptlte and
of your good, strong stomach? Do you
feel rosy now because your last meal gave
you no Inconvenience whatever? If not,
you have dyspepsia In some form, and
probably never realised it.
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stomach after eating, no matter how little
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brewing and you must correct It at once.
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poor, weak, scanty gastric juice, that
precious liquid which ought to turn your
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If you have nausea, your gastric Juice is
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ing, your food Is fermenting; your gastric
Juice is weak. If you have loss of appe
tite, your gastric Juice Is weak. If you
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your gastrlo Juice Is weak.
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supply the gastric Juice which is scanty
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Juice. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet do this
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w will at one send you by mall a sample
package free. Address F. A. Stuart Co.,
U Stuart Bldg., Marshall, Mich. .
The Perfect Food Beverage
The kind of Cocoa Beans that we use contain
six times as much food value as beef.
We buy only the highest-priced.
Our Cocoa is nothing but Cocoa and that is why
it Is the most delicious of Cocoas.
Boston, Mass.
l ii iiiiiiBn iaiii.ii limn i n
3. In case of sickness none but the best should be accepted.
4. Our treatment Is known the world over and has proved Its
merits In over 350,000 cases.
5. We give value received, and that is the reason we are at the
head in our specialty. ' '
6. The. only Keeley Institute in the Btate of Nebraska is located
In Omaha. '
Correspondence Confidential.
from either depot OflAHA, NEB.
The "Friedman
Shoe Maker
Another thing I am
Sewing" in the ATLANTIC" Shoe. The latest
improved Stitchers do Clean and Perfect Work that will
not give way to the severest strain. Evtn the Thread
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different Parts, but the Hundreds of Employes in this Shop
know their work like they do their A B Cs, and I guarantee
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1. Drunkenness, Opium,
Morphine, Cocaine and
other drug addictions
are diseased conditions.
2. Therefore, scientific
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