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Suwrtly ready-are we in
AutiimnJ Shopping
chaminneW all goods. Everything as newias the season. Smart, jjjh; suits, the ieaspn's
approved fioat, JoVely fdrs,' handsofqe waists and desirable skirts, all surprising low priced. -
The ,Readjr-to-Wear Department iaindeedwelT prepared for, fallr ' j' . ; '
lie-chposing'of dress goods' we have made pleasantly -easy, as "the assortments are so
wide. And ihe eilks.the product of the best looms in the world plain silks, fancy silks every
weave. TbepYicCT "are very moderate. "
Redera Whalebone Corsets.
Not expensive Corsets when compared to
custom-made, tout tha best shape the market
affords beat because each coraet la aa cars
fullr made M If cuatom-made. Tha fitting
la dona by hand, hence there la no varia
tion In tha seaming, each lection fitting to
a nicety ita mate.
It coata more to make a coraet thU way,
but It la tha only way to make a corset
'modal. .
optimistic over affairs In Cuba, believing
that peace between the government and
revolutionary parties In the island la a
question of 4 short time, active work
goea on In the War and Navy departments
In preparing for eventualities.
General Funaton, who undoubtedly will
ba In charge ;'6f tha expeditionary forces
In Cuba, having a larger knowledge of
the topography of the country than any
American pffjeer,' carried with him a list
of officers ijwhot would probably ba selected
to have $sge QCthe several branches of
tha fore n ' the field. These e-rf&oers
will ba Vty- wh ' ,,w cf lvln
satlsfactlft' Oie general.
From thV iolawlng liat of quarter
masters the 'Chief quartermaster will ba
chosen: Major Aleshlre, Major Llttall.
Major Bellinger, Major Hodgson, now
stationed at Atlanta; Major Baker, Major
Joseph Crabbe-.and Captain, Butt. Major,
Bellinger. Jt ia ftnocra.tooa llirfa asked
for a detail TaaJphUf uArt'rmaatr. tut,l,s
now en govt lo.Mnanolsoo rtlleva
Colonel Carroll A. Devol, 'who Is ordered
to Wtaa.hiarton for duty wUh the general
staff. " ' ': '. ' "
Ii( "tW coffifnlssary Vpartmarit n sens-.
tary, of war will havd following offi
cers Yo 'slct Ironif Lieutenant CoWntl
Knlskarn. now stationed At Chicago; Lieu
tenant Colonel D. U. Bralnard t New
TorVi1 liajVr F. V: taatman 'aV Ban 'Tran
claco. and Major ;W.;H- .Hart, atatloned
hers. .
Cojopel C,H Whlppla w)U be ,cMf Pay
master of tha Cuba" expedUlon Iri event
of American intervention, having made
application -when, the question of Inter
vention wae Orst broached., Major. Muhl
enberg, stationed at Omaha, '' also asked
for this assignment,' but aColOhl Whip
ple la his senior and having asked the
duty flret, Paymaater Oaneral Bnlffen
undoubtedly will defer to' tha wlahes of
the senior' oflcer. '-.r
LlsutensJBt' Colonel George C. Soriven,
with, station In New York.- probably will
ba In. chfg of tha signal corpa In Cuba.
Ae.'ohlet' surgson, Major Guy L. Edje Is
spoken -'O- in .laudatory terms. Others
who rt. mentioned are:. Colonel Phillip
F. Harvey, Stationed at New York, and
Colonel, John Van R. Hott at Omaha.
The military secretary a ofrlce: In all
probability will ba represented by Colonel
H. O. BrHeltaad, now-n New-York, -;.
. ' '"' - '
Sterling sliver Frenser 16th Dodge sts.
la Wtik.
(atae a Tmrae-' Rooeevelt
WASHINGTON Bap Ths ofllctal eall
for tha Wavttotiat encampment of tha 'United
SpanTshjrr 'veterans, ttf be held hers thsj
week, beg ytqlng Ootobetv i. waa recelvea
today.' by Department Commander Walter
Mitchell, who la secretary of the national
encMnptnanl-comtplttee.-.' The eall states
that the date was arranged "to ault the
convenience of (. Comrade and Preeldent
Theodore Rooeevelt. Vho will be present
and parUclpate la)t encampment."
Pastor's Wife. In Southern CJty Re.
stored to llt alth by the Wonder,
fol Pyramid PUe Cure.
Ws Want Zvery rtla Baerer U Test frbis
area Cure a pat Sspaasa. gtaad Tear
STama a4t Aflaxeaa Fas a
rise ;lTrti4 raekaga.' ' '
"in l0, ray f wife , waa attacked wltk
piles and Buffered f rop them 4 years and
was unable toT attend to her domeetls
work. Wa trlef many remedies, but all
failed, and aha 'gave, up la despair. Mr.
Edwin Shaver cf Salisbury, N. C, who
waa cured with, your pyramid Ills Cur
recommended it- a a sure cure to ma. I
have used I boxes) eflt. and part of a bes
of salve, on m wife, and aha. has bee 7
cured. May Go blees you and ' your
remedy. Yours very truly, M. U. Has.
kins. Pastor Noltaway. Va., Presbyterian
Wa want te sad you ' a free trial of
this remedy at eaos, so you can aa with
your own ayea what t ran do.
' Your cure yourself with perfect ease, In
your own home, a ad foe little expense.
Pyramid Pile ;Cura, gives you prompt
relief. It heals aoraa 'and ulcers, reduces
cocgeetlon and ilaflammation, aad. takes
away pal a, itchtpg and Irrigation.
After you have tried th sample treat,
ment. and you fre satisfied, you eaa get
a full regular-altad' treatment of 'Pyramid
Pile Cure at yor druf gist's for t cents.
If ha hasn't It. reixj ua tha money and we
will send you the treatment at onoa, by
mall. In plain sealed package. , i..
8end yaur name,' andadSreeV aL.o'nVa
for trial ef tbli rveloUa ti(irvk,.ajare
cure. Address Tj r.mVd ' Irug ; i.'o.,'' i(
PyraaUd BI&4- Marshall, Mien.
Grand Display of Fall nnd Winter Merchandise ; ; lv
every tiroartment ,4f;thU hlpfhl
of Greenland whalebone. Of the meat pliant
nature. -
special coreetler for the Red fern cornet, ta
her for a few days and will be pleased to
meet. the women of Omaha and 01 then) to a
roper .corset In a proper way..'
Second floor.
. Ladies '.Sweaters. ". ' .
Wa all tha .famous make of Northland
sweaters. They are the very beat made and
coat no more. than the common kind. ', .
Ledles' petticoats, In silk, at 16.00, 16.00,
$7.50 and DO 00. Second floor.
Worthy Notions
Mohair Shirt Binding, all olors, In five
yard bolts, 10c each. - '
A good quality of pins, Sc a paper.
Darning Cotton, In black and white, to a
ball. ' ' V tc,
A good Pearl Button, two dasen on card,
at 10c pr card.
Whit Basting Cotton, te a spool.
In basement.
Free Lessons Art Embroidery
Miss Steenstrup. tha zpert needle artist,
la atlll with us and contlnuea to glre free
Open Saturday Evenings.
Howard Street, Comer Sixteenth. '
OommUaioner Ftxmlj, Secures - Mors .Evi
dence Acafott Uaioa Faoiflo'Ooal Co,-."-,
WMaess' ftays Reraaal of
to Vablfah Tariff
Davelbaaaeal of the '. . ,
SALT LAKE CITY. .8ept. Much 'evi
dence tending to ahow that' the' Union Pa
cific Coal company hd secured coal lands
Illegally waa produced at tha hearing con-j
ducted try.Chariea A. Prouty of tile Intei
atate Commerce oOtiimlsslon today, bt
the effort 4tq brlngot caaea of diacrim-"
Inatlon.ln rates and dlstrflnAlon' t cara
waa not successful. Vice President W. 11
Ban,erOft; of' the' Oregdh" Short' Line.- wa
Interrogated concerolng an alleged secret
rate of 4 mills per ton" per mile, said te.
have been made to .the Anaconda, poppt-r
company ...from Dlaroondvlile, Wyo. iMr.
Baacraft denied .all, knowledge of. Such
a rate. , ' ';,.'" ,;J ' . '
The government brought out.' testimony
that the 'coal company has obtained much
government land in Wyoming- through Ita
employes. Severe) witnesses confeaaed
that -they took up quarters which they
never saw. improved or paid , for.
Robert 8: Spence, an Evanetbn,- Wyo-.
attorney, testified that the Wyoming oil
Inqulr y had been 'dormant because the
Union Pacific has refused to publish' the
rates On oil. The Witneea said forty com
panies have , oeen organised to . develop
the oil fields and one company had been
willing to spend $1,090,000 on Its property,
but waa forced to abandon its project be
cauee no railway facllltlea could be ' ob
tained. "
At tha opening hearing Commissioner
Provty explained that the Sa)t Lake City
sessions ' were to be a continuation of
those held laat week in Omaha and undor
the provisions' of the TIUman-Glleapie
senate resolution relative to' the coal hold
ings of the Harrtman and- other railroads
end other maters such as discrimination
both-. In ratea and supply of shipping fa
cllltlea. IUJs, considered probable- that
the testimony will involve, tho Rio Grande
system. aV well as the Union i-aclnc. ,
Proaalaeat Deaaeerae .Takes. Iseae
- . with Caadldater. Porter. v'
SIOUX CITY, la.. Sept. M.-tSpefial Telegram.-)
While Claude' R. -Porter,' demo
cratic nominee for governor, waa address
ing the Stoux City democrats? -in a- ral'y
held here tonight, Joe Kelly,- brother -of
John C- Kelly, editor of the Sioux City
TYbune and the "boss" pt the. Eleventh
district, attempted to break up the meet
ing by repeatedly Interrupting the speaker.
Mr. Kelly refused to be subdued by a po
liceman and waa finally hauled out of the
audience by Alderman.' William Johnson,
chairman ef the police committee of the
city council, and pushed down stalra. - An
allusion made by fir. Porter to George D.
Perkins, editor of the Sioux City Journal,
who waa defeated bjr Governor Cummlna
for the republican nomination for -.governor,
caused Mr. Kelly to make his demon
stration. raltael -tretkMs' Kad Ca(eanv.
. AMES. la., Sept. t (Special.) Te
United. Brethren conference at thla place
elnce Tuesday was closed and the appoint
ments were made today. - Bishop Weekley,
president of the conference, preached to
a crowded houae tn tha Armory opera
house thla morning." The theme' of 'hi
addreaa waa "Love,'?; and he mad, a
strong plea for tha little acta and deeda
Of ' kindness and of leva that' ahow the
true man and woman. After hia address.
Presiding Elder MUler came forward with
a requeat that If 00 be raised by the
gathering to finish' paying tha bishop's
salary for the year, end "ti'wss . Immedi
ately raised in dollar and fifty cent gifts.
All the ehruchea in the city dismissed
their meetings that the' conference might
have full swing.
fws Beys Tkesfkt te Be Drawee.
ALTON, la.. Sept :i-(8pec!al Telegram.)
The shots, and clothing of Nick Jonaa
end' Nick Haster, peered IS and It -years, re
spectively, were found this -morning en the
banks of the Floyd river and It la believed
the beys have been drowned Jonaa waa
the eon ef a farmer near Alton and Heater
lived at David City. Neb."' r-
DES MOINFJB,. Ia., Bpt. Jj.t That Carl
KJumb, avtpoed to h ecoram?tt ad suicide,
whose body. Was found near the. OoU end
Couatry cluq Saturday. alh4,wes"mBnrt-ed
6a the claim- of -Ma-weklthy Velatlvea. who
started aa faavaatigaUoa today. gat"4jr
. . jt
'.V f,v ? "Be. September 14, IsOcV '
Are Here
storfr to tre'et oar friM33( rith
Instructions In Art Embroidery. Come and
learn tha new atltrhes. Cluxs meets every
day from 1 to S p. m. .Materials must ba
purchased here.' : ,
Mrs, Stork, well known In the art work
tine, la now In charge of our Art Depart
ment. . .
A Change of Weather Me&nS ft
... Change of Underwear.
In making this change you ahould buy
your undrrgarmenta of tha beet store, that
handles the beet goods at the lowest prices.
Women's fiwisa ribbed gause wool vesta,
low neck, no sleeves, also high neck, long
sleeves; color, cream; 11.00 and each.
Drawers', Jtnea Or ankle length, 11-60 each.
Women'a medium weight ribbed cotton
vesta, high neck, long sleeves, hand trim
med;, tighta to match, ankle length; 60c
'Bora' heavyweight cotton shirts, high
neck, long sleeves, drawera to match, ankle
length, all aises, 60c each . : . - .
Men's fine ribbed cotton shirts and draw
era, medium weight, just right for now, ex
tra finish throughout, three colors, brown,
blus and ecru, all slsea up to snd Includ
ing it
Main floor.
Sea display In Howard atreet window.
i H t
night the body, badly decomposed, was
found, hldden-jn. a brush heap, with a' bullet
near the hearty. Relatives claim.' that ha
could, not possibly, have committed suicide,
aa no'gun waa found near the' remains, and
Klurrib had. no rnotlyea for .'taking', hie own
llfe.' -Hela believed to have bid on ,W per
son considerable, money, , whlclT is mlaellig.
-. . '
Frank Vancart. Waats His Soa WlUle
Released from' Kearney ndas.
'Alleging ala aoru. Willie; Is wrongfully de
tained at, the Kearney 'Industrial school
for boys, ' Wrattk Vangert hae applied to
tha dlatrlct court- for 'a writ ef habeas
corpus to get possession of the lad. WlUle
was.- adjudged Incorrigible by Judge Day
of the juvenile .court September 16, BX6, and
sen(. to ' Kearney ntil ' he bocawe , M.
according to th copy at the order attached
to the 'petition. vTha court ""thertf Ound ' he"
was 16 on SeBtiember 10, 805..Jt Is. alleged,
by his parents be became 1 early "In
this niontH p ehoulfl. be released- from
the school. Tha writ u directed to Super
intendent fl. p.. Hayward and' is made, re
turnable before Judge Sutton September
is, at a p. in. . . . '.' "m -' '
; Mlltoa S. Boaasa.
- Milton S. Bourn, an attorney, died Sun
day In Colorado' while on a trip 'In the in
terest of his' health. - Death enaued from
bronchial trouble with which Mr.- Bouma
had been afflicted for aoma time Mr;
Bouma ia survived by a wife, who lives
at tha family homo at Thirty-seventh and
Ida streets, and a brother and Bister, who
live in Iowa and Oklahoma, "respectively:
Mr. Bourne had offices In 'the . Ramge
building with C. H. Balliet.. The remains
will arrive ' Tuesday afternoon and will
be taken to tha Leslie undertaking rooms
until burial arrangements are decided
upon. " "' ' '
TLIIHe Resek. .'
Lillie Resek. the infant daughter '. of
John Resek and wife, 8611 South Thir
tieth atreet, died Sunday afternoon:" The
funeral, will take place Tuesday ' after
noon." from tha family .home and inter
ment will be at the Bohemian National
cemetery. . ... .
Ilaea DeLasaeter.
SAN DIEOO, Cel.. Sept. t4. Simon Dela
meter, formerly of Chicago, died yesterday
after a short illness, aged 78 years, , Ha
came to this city laat winter 'from. Chi
cago, where he wae a prosperous real ea.
tta agent .and. a prominent Maaon.
'' Blaae at Tepeka.
TOPEKA, Kan... Bept, 14 Fire atartinr
from a natural gaa asploaloa in the base
meet of the, Crawford Opera, houae,. a
four-atory building at tli-tli Kansas ave
nue, today cauaed tha destruction of tha
etpek of the Moffatt furniture store, the
Union Tea company, the theater .and
scenery and the 'household goods of sev
eral families. Tha loss Is estimated at
MeDoaald-Taeyer. ,
Frank O. McDonald, Fourty-elghth and
Arbor streets, and Violet A. Thayer of
thla city were married .Saturday evening
by Justice of the. Peace Eastman at' his
home, 1101 Seward atreet. Mr. McDon
ald haa been an employs of the Cole
Grlnnell Transfer company Xor several
years. Tha couple will reside at their
home, tilt Charles street.
Weasaa KJIle Baa.
KANSAS CITY, Sept. M.-Mrs. Joy
Bamea, aged 42, tha wife of an employe
in the car., shops of the Kansaa City
Southern, and her 4-year-old son Prank
were found unconscious in their home here
today. - The room waa filled with gas
from an open Jet and It developed that tee
woman had attempted to kill both her
self and her son. The women waa resus
citated and will recover. The boy died
Some time ego Mrs. Barnea waa released
from an asylum. The family cams her a
year ago from Atchison, Kan.
Suppose .you quit . fj
"' ' ; 10 day 1 and tea If
Is the trouble. Meantime use
i....,..HTherwVAa Reaon.'
CelebraViei On wltk Esiw fMili
lrytOrrniittiinl. .
ctwiri.,' lintel feierade
Pioneer Ar 'v. Cawapleeone
' 'Fairbanks In 'Reviewing.
COLORADO SPRINGS.' tj-oto.. Sept.
With the city gay In the Jfuff and white
of the revolutionary -period, -.'thenatlonnl
colors floating from almost1 every building
and tha strains of martisl moelc resounding
throtieh the streets from early morning,
tha Pike centennial celebration, commem
oretlng the discovery of Pike's Peek by
the man whose name it bears, opened here
today. 1
The chief feature of the day'.-ead tha chief
military display of the week. ws tha parade
of Infantry, cavalry and artillery,, followed
by members of the Grand Army, of the Re
public, Colorado National . Guard. Spanish
war veterans, high school; cadcta end other
local mlHtla, organisations,, which moved
from 'the-Colorado college campus at H
a. m. and proceeded through the atreets
of the city. Cowboys, Indiana snd Colo
rado pioneers steo held conspicuous posi
tions In the parade, the column being fully
two miles In length and requiring an hour
to pone the reviewing stand, where Vice
President C W. Fairbanks officially re
viewed the parade. ,
Vice President Fairbanks snd Mrs. Fair
banks arrived In the city from the east
early In the morning ano were escorted to
the Antlers hotel by Thomas F. Walsh,
whose guests they will be during the en
tire. week. Congressman F. E. Brooks and
several other prominent cltlsens also acted
as ths official reception committee.
Prearraca ef the Day.
The sports of tha week opened this after
noon with ths first games In the polo tour
nament on the grounds of the Cheyenne
Mountain Country club. Teams from sev
eral western cities,' Including the regular
army team from Fort Robinson, Neb., are
entered In the tournament.
The principal Indoor feature of today's
program was the holding of patriotic ex
erclsea at the Grand Opera house, begin,
nlng this afternoon; under the auspices Of
the Daughters of ths American Revolution
and the National Society of Colonial Dames
vi Ainmcs. , 7 ; - v y ''f
Conditions for7th .pSfceC- centennial, at
least' so far aa the first day was concerned,
could 'not have been more favorable' had
they been made to order. A glorious' Colo
rado sunrise,' garbing In red and gold tha
peak that ia It reality the center of at
traction for the v' assembled thousands,
uehered the day'tn.
.two band concerts and a military re
ception were th attractions for the evening.
The Midland band'er this elty, which dur
I'ngs the Philippine campaign played "A Hot
Tims' m' the Old TownWhUe 'marching on
Manila, through "the erf ';d1sco'teed music
at the North pars '' ''. '' v
'' The official receocJorTjo Vlce President
Fairbanks and visiting' 'jnllltayy .'!.eJBccra
was held at ths Antlers' parlors this even
ing, a military ball following.
Tomorrow morning Vice President Fair
banks will deliver an address at, the Grand
Opera hoese. r '" vi
r !-- r;. . ly v .,'
Preabyteelaat Mlaetemary eeetety ef
the Kebraaka Byaod Coaveaea
Tale Week.
. J ,j y I , t J'l ir 4j1ii4
. The. '.thirteenth, -aaaaial meetlnk- of the
Woman's Missionary .society of the Pres
byterian aynod of Nebraska will be .held
at 'Hastings; September 2T and .' 'Mri;
George Tllden of Omaha Is .president cf
tha organisation and will preside during
Its aesslons. An executive committee
meeting . will 'preeeVJe the 1 convention
Thursday afternoon and will ba followed
by an open . conference. Rev. E. Van,
Dyke Wright, D. D.," will presld' during
the evenlng'sesslon,' fhe foaturea of Which
will be an address,! -"The Whiapera of
God's Power." by Mrs. D. B. Wells of
Chicago, field aeoretary of the northwest,
and an addreaa, "Our Nebraska Red Men,"
Illustrated by views, from the. Winnebago
agency, by Rev. L. ,W. Bcudder.
Mrs. W. H. Fuller of Hastings will ex
tend the. formal greeting to 4ne vlsUiug
women . Friday morning, Mrs. , Georgo P.
Carley to make the .response. . A. roll call
by presbyteries and. a business -hour. In
cluding the annual- election fit officers,
will follow. . c ,. . ., , ,
"Our Work at Home and Abroad" , will
be presented by Miss Quendrld Graslngor,
missionary correspondent, and a. tribute
.to Mlaa Mary E.; Holmes by Mrs. Oeqrge
P. Carley.. . Mrs, John 1 P, Elliott, secretary
Of literature, will speak on "Seed Sowing."
A review of the year by Mrs. J. B. La Rue,
corresponding aeoretary, and a talk - on
"Missionary Study' Classes", by Mrs.- D.
B. Wells will conclude the morning. pro
gram. . In the afternoon the following
program will be given for the young
people, Mrs. P. M.i Conklln - presiding:
"The Tear That Haa Past," secretary;
"Missionary Work . tn Junior Endeavor
Bands,". Mrs. L. W. Harrington, Bawnee;
"What of Our Sabbath BchoolsT' Rev.
John.Crelghton, synoA's chairman, young
people's work; "A Personal Question-
Are You Alive?" Mrs. D. B. Wells.
Jack McKeasle Kaoeked Clear Oat by
Terry MaWla.
PORTLAND. Me.. Sept. 24.-Jark Mc
Kensle of Philadelphia waa tatally in
jured in a fifteen-round bout with Terry
Martin of Philadelphia, at - the Portland
auditorium . tonight. McKenale recelv' ;
a blow in tha stomach and died within
few minutes. - Martin went to the pollw
siaiion immfomipiy mna sv nimseir l,p.
Herman Miller of Baltimore waa- acheduled
to meet Martin, but failed 10 how bp
and McKensle was substituted.
" Beortlas; Brevities.'
Whst would the Quakers think of their
former champions If, Be. Iouls would crowd
them Into the second division. ,
A Chicago maa haa trained a cocker
spaniel to hunt the golf balls. Hs hae
saved his owner $30 in , lost balls this
summer. ' . -
New York Nationals lost two games Mon
day and Plttaburg won two, all of which
placea the Smoky -City . team within one
game of second place.
Holmes haa a fine lot of new material,
which will be aure to be heard from nest
rear.. He haa several youngsters, new to
sat company, but who have the gooda.
Ths signal corpa men at Fort Omaha are
talking of Organising a foot ball team.
The parade grounds woeld make a splen
did place to practice.
The Whits Bex will have a aeries with
the ancient Bostona, while New York Is
wrestling with Detroit. The ancients may
wake up Just at the wrong time to please
the rooters of the White Box.
The Lincoln team baa made a phenomenal
run. A abort time ago a question of one
fame separated Lincoln and Pueblo from
he foot of the ladder and now Lincoln Is
tied with Omaha for second plaoe.
The poaslnllltlee under the new foot ball
rule will be given a tryout all over the
country thla week and the preas will he
able to chronMe aome ef the advantages
of the new game aa aliown by practice
rather than theory.
It looked like Ducky Holmes waa playing
the baby art when he refused to play in
Ojnaha. What sense .there could be in
runrung-'twrf terfms to TJncoln fur a Monday-crowd,
.which would not pay the rail
read fere, la .fiat apparent to the naked
eve eacept tha-r.Helmea sni afraid ef the
lose of a game and 1 here waa no need to
be with his team Playing ths bail It slaved
ouada. '
There were loads of peaches on the mar
ket Monday morning, but notwithstanding
their abundance they cost more than they
did at the close laat week. Nothing finer
haa been 4n thla year . for canning pur
poesea than the Albertas from Colorado
and Utah that are selling at tl.ltf a crate
Peara are still up at 1150 and $2.18 a box.
Ths finest kind of blue plums for putting
up sold Monday morning at $1.10 a crate or
$0 cents a basket. Grapes have dropped
again and are plentiful et 10 and 16 cents
a basket. Klpe tomatoee coat mora than
they did a few .days ago. the beet aelllng
at 40 cents a market baeket.
There are still a few home grown water
melons In market that sell from 16 to 90
rents, according to else and quality. Rhu
barb of fairly good quality sells two
bunches for 6' cents. Small cucumber
pickles are not abundant by any means snd
sell for $1 a market basket. The Midgets,
when they are to be had,- cost $1.60 a mar
ket basket.
Greed corn, selected, sells for 15 cents
a dosen ears snd nice radishes are still
to be hsd at t cents a bunch. - Eggs are
still atva centa a' dosen and package
creamery butter costs 28 and K cents a
The desrth In fruit cans and mason jars
that necessitated some house wives letting
fruit go by recently, has been relieved and
the price hae dropped accordingly. Pint
mason Jars selt now for 60 cents, quarts,
60 rents and half gallon Jars 80 cents a
doxen. The tin quart cans ' have not
dropped back entirely and sell for 46 cents
a dosen Instead of 88 cents, the cost before
the scarcity. .
Timely Recipes.
Portuguese Stuffed Egg Plant Wash a
large egg plant, drop R into boiling salted
water, boll for ten minutes, drain and set
aside until cold; cut Into halves and from
each acoop out the eenterv leaving the
walls a little less than an Inch thick. Chop
the pulp fine and add to It one large green
pepper, seeded, chopped fine and cooked
for five -minutes In- one tablespoonful of
butter, one medlum-slsed enlon, grated;
one cupful of drained tomato pulp, one
heaping cupful of Irled bread crumbs and
one-half of a cupful of chopped cold
chicken. Season Well with salt; refill each
half with the mixture, heaping It over the
top. Sprinkle with a tablespoonful - of
melted butter;' place on a fiat pan and
bake In a quick oven until tender. ' Berve
on a platter and send with It a bowl of
tomato sauce. -'
Farcied Cucumbers Pare short, thick cu
cumbers; cut off the top from each and
scoop out the seeds in such-fashion as to
make a boat; -drop into boiling, salted
water;" boll for ten minutes, then drain.
For, six cucumbers peel two medlum-slsed
onions, pare and core three sour apples and
slice all quite thin. Fry tn two tablespoon-
f uls. of butter . until : tender, but scarcely
colored; add one teaspoonful of salt, one
quarter of, a teesponful of currie powder.'
one ' tablespoonful of flour, one-quarter of
a cupful, of, rfine bread crumbs and one
half ef a cupful of milk. Stir end 000k for
flveihlnutes; set aside until cold. Fill the
cucumbers, roll them In flour, dip In beaten
egg. ; roll .In bread crumba, arrange on a
greased pea, and bake for .ten minutes In
a -hot oven. Serve ' with tomato sauce.
poured around them. "
Cucumbers and Onion. Ragout For six
people thinly sites-two large or three small
onions; heat' two tablespoonfuls of drip
pings or butter'l'n a frying "pan, put In the
onions, and. cook, slowly- until they begin to
color, .then draw- to one aide of- the pan;
add'!' four .tugurhbers'" which have been
pared, cut in long, thick slices, dried and
dipped In tour 4 Brown. ..them rapidly. and
draw-to' one fide; dredge In' sufficient flour
to absorb Che fat.' then gradually add bolt-'
Ing water to make a sauce about one cup
ful, end a baif, .Color with a few drops pf
kitchen boquet, season with, .salt,.- pepper,
a spoonful, of. tomato catsup and a little
walnut catsup, then cover, and stew alowly
for twenty minutes. Serve on toast..
Turnip. Croquettes With a roast of Iamb
try turnip . croquettes. Boll and mash
White turnips, pressing as dry as possible.
Season highly snd for a pint add one
scant. teespoontul of onion juice, one tea
spoonful, pf butter,, one tablespoonful of
chopped.. parsley and one beaten egg. Stir
over the pre until the mixture draws sway
from the sides of the sauce pan; when cool
enough to handle form Into croquettes, egg,
crumb, and fry. . , . , .
," WATCHES Frenser. 15th and Dodge Sts.
. .." Treaty with Balgarla.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 24. -Acting Secre
tary of State Adee today received advices
from Minister Jackson in Bulgaria that he
had concluded commercial relations agree
ment with Bulgaria under article ill of the
Dingley tariff act. ' The agreement was
signed on September 16 and will become
effective on September JO. The arrange
ment concluded la 'Similar to that entered
Into between the I'nlted Btatea and Spain.
Admiral Kaaieett te Retire.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Sept. M.w-Rear Ad.
mlral M. T. Endlcott,' chief of the bureau
of yards and docks. Navy department, will
retire from that office upon reaching the
statutory age, 82 years, November 28 next.
In order to devote hla entire services there
after to the Isthmian Canal commission, of
which ha la a member.'' -' ..... 1
If You Bead This
It will be to learn that the leading medi
cal writers and teachers of all the several
schools of practice recommend, In - the '
strongest terms possible, each and every
ingredient entering into the composition
of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
for the cure of weak stomach, dyspepsia,
catarrh of stomach, 'liver complaint,
torpid liver, or biliousness, chronic bowel
affections, and all catarrhal diseases of
whatever region, name or nature. It la
also a specific remedy for all such chronic
or long standing cases of catarrhal affec
tion and their resultants, as bronchial,
throat and lung disease (except consump- -tlon)
accompanied with severe coughs. It
is not so rood for acute colds and coughs,
but for lingering, or chronle eases Ft Is
especially eflicaclous In producing per
feet cures. It contains Black Chorrybarlc,
Golden 8eal root. Blood root, Stone root.
Mandrake root and Queen's root all of
which are highly praised as remedies for
all the above mentioned affections by such
eminent nodical writers and teachers ae
Prof. Bartholow, of Jefferson Med. Col
lege: Prof. Hareyet she Univ. of Pa.t
rUTi a u
Prof. Flnle
gwood, M. u., 01 Ben
rteit Med.
King. M.
Cincinnati Prof. John
M. Scuddei
1. M. D.. of Hahnemann
Chicago, and scores of
emineni la their several
echoJ"C prac
racUce. .
en iledlcal placPverf Mi th
:i,e - Gold
,e tiurtniiH-a. tl
tnv r.i: n. Irj.i . miliar
'Vt.. I-
UlxjO publicity of Its 1
E rtftftlhla euarantv nf Its merita.
A elance at th!l Dubllhhed formula will
how that 'Golden Medical Discovery"
contains no poisonous, harmfnl or habit
farmlngdrugs and no alcohol chemically
fiure, triple-refined glycerine being used
nstead. Glycerine la entirely unobjec
tionable and besides is a moat useful agent
in the cure of all stomach as well aa bron
chial, throat and lung affections. There
la the highest medical suthnrlry for Its
use In allauch cases. The-IHaeovery "Is
a concentre wd glyceric extract e( native,
medicinal roots and ta safe apd reft wide,
- A booklet of extracts from emineuW
medical authorities, ewloraJOg' it Ingre
dient mailed Jret on 'reunert. AddreM
Dr. . V. Pierce, Buffalo, ft. Y. .
m 9 1 1 v
uch prgr?
tvtr.rA Ih & ft 1
O'Donahoe-Retlmontl-Ilormile Go.
... .' ..."
Everybody working day and nigh!
installing new fixtures, putting fin
ishing touches on the building,:'
opening up and marking new goods, :
preparing the most attractive store ;
in Omaha; Will be selling goods
M-Sar-Ben Week. ;1
Formal Opening Later
Head ef Finnish Red Guards A nested In
Capital of Sweden.
Thirty-Eight Mea Fetai Spreadlasr
Revolutionary Doctrlae Among
Soldiers Are Placed fader
Arrest at VUaa.
STOCKHOLM, Sept. 34. Among the
refugee Finns arrested here September 21, as
a remit of the discovery of a quantity of
dynamite In the house of two soclsllsts.
was the chief of the Finnish Red Guard.
A bomb factory and Important documents
were also found In the socialists' house.
TAMBOV. Russia, Sept. tt.-Prefect of
Police Tomushan of Borlcsogliebek. the
home of Mile. Marlel Sprldonovo, who
shot and killed Chief of Secret Police
LushenoffBkl, was fired at and seriously
wounded In a street here today by ter
rorists, who also shot the prefect's wife
and two guarde, who were accompanying
them. The would-be r.masslna escaped.
VILNA, Rusaia, Sept. 24.-Thlrty-elght
men belonging to the revolutionary militia
eague.- who have been working among the
troops, have been captured here. Im
portant letters revealing the league's work
ings In other garrisons were seised.
Commercial Mea at Milan.
MILAN, Italy. Sept. 24. -The International
Congress of Chambers of Commerce was
opened here today. Tha delegatea present
Included P. Hamburger of Pittsburg, Pa.,
representing the. United States; F. D. La
Lanne. of Philadelphia, president of the
National Board of Trade; L, A. Chamber
lain of the Massachusetts Board of Trade
and W. D., Ledoux of the Maine Board of
Trade. The special ' feature of the" day
wss a discussion of neutral sones for trade
In times of war, on which subject Mr.
Chamberlain delivered a speech.
Body of Bishop Fesia.
HONG KONG, Sept. 14. -News comes
from Macao that the body of Bishop
Hoare, who waa drowned In the recent
typhoon? has been recovered. - The viceroy
of Canton haa contributed personally $3,000
to the typhoon relief fund and haa also
dispatched two gunboats to ssalst in ths
recovery of bodies.
If you have anything to trade advertise
it In ths For Exchange, column of The
Bee Want Ad page.
A Skin of Beauty ta a Joy forever.
DR. T. Fella Oouraud'a Oriental
Cream or Magioal Beeutifler.
TtenoTei Taa. Plmslet,
tracklM, Muik r.icliM,
Xaak, aad bkia Diwaws,
saq arary sldiim
aa saauif, aas da
1 ! datactloa. P
fcaa etoed tha teal
of 7 rrara, s4
U aa harmieia wi tohaniratl
la propwly made
Aeoapt DOoountar
fait ef alailUt
Sam. Dr. L. A
Barre aaif te
Uuiy ef tha haul
tos (a pattantv:
"A you iadlM
Will ua th.m
1 reommn4
nearaaaVa Creeea' m tfca l.aat harmful or au tat
akla preparation." For by all omit and Fancy
Oooda Oealera ta th Uut4 Suuaa, tiau4a an Xurope
f30.T.H0POS. Pre 17 Great km Strait In Tort
All Grocera and DnigjlsU
THE3 Ingredlentg $ of
Ston Beer are the
best obtainable. Barley
malt made ' from the
choicest grain grown In
the west., t Bohemian
hops Imported direct at
three times tha cost of
American hops, a Arte
laB ewaterHpura and
sparkilngMrom a 1.400
foot well.T Tha high
quality f of ,'theae Ingre
dients greatly Increases
the. cost; J of making
Stora Beer. Yet you pay
no more for It than for
common.'beer Always
order (htarxlHeer., Oet
a. aall tymnet your
moneys'worth,' fw
Btori' Brewing Co
.' . Omaba, . Bt
97. V?jf -m
Ross & Walker's Sure Dyspepsia Core
It fiurtntik to cr all gtoma'!. antl bowl trou
ble, 4tJW: ItdlffMftfMl, fletttlMrTT,
nan, eMtjUpsKtltm, catarrh of tho maimi ttrd
bo wn I , bat brvath. batching $f gat, cankar meuttt.
COt4 tontnie), btlHoaanaam, etc.
Reliable Physicians Prescribe It
It tstmsMS th appetite, purine the felon in
tnns op the entire arsiem. serross. Me. porta far
Slswtloe n Lr th tnnaastlon et fn4 fcesHh One
bni of R-W-S D C aulrklr prom It. value. PRtra.
VniO DEPT., or write Res Walkar, Dear,
bora St., Chloags. , . , .
vovzoar siib. MATtjrww was.
The Great Metropolitan;
Melodrama ..
Ths Hebrew Impersonator Whs
Knowa How to Sing.'''"
nrumsDAT, predat awd bat-
The Colossal $10,000 Production of
At the World's Mercy :
Sunday Matinee and Night Only
AOI1 Beat Mnaloal Comedy
Peggy from Paris:
With Arthur Deagoa and Big 'Cast
of Favorites
AW WIZI Opening- Monday
Evening-, October 1. -'
Present XJnooln J. Carter's Master
, Play ef Baalism . , .
See ths Great Auto-Train Race.-.
DOYD'6 r.tV. MjrJ
Edwin Ardor.
Direct from Its all summer's run at
Power's Theatre, Chicago.
Friday, Sat. Mat. and Night'
Presenting a Big Success
Tmta ozbzj ajtd tu BAjrsrr.
CAJurrrAi. win ocrr. 1 to
MaUaees Wad. aad Bat.
SEAT I10, M' Cohan's Muslcsl
riPTX BIO Will. .
Presenting TO VA9Y OF X-TOsTSJ.
Prices, Nights, Sunday Mat., 10-2 60
Tuas., Thurs., Sat. Mats 10-20O
Next Week TVXJTBD DTP. ' '
.. .-.-.
Omaha vs. Sioux City
Sept 25-26-27-28
Friday, Sept. 28, Latiies'Day.
Games Called 3:45. ; .
'Phone Douglas tM.
Every Nlght-Mstinees Thur., Sat , gua. '
Raanna Ouartette: Mc Waters Tyson;
Collins 4V Hart; Burton A Brooks; Under -Beckwlth;
Ziska A King; Musical Forrest,
and tha Klnodrome.
PRICES Wc, c. Wc.
Tues.ty Eve.. Sept. 25, 8 P, M.
Max Lanclow
In a PUno Recital ...'.' ' '
lth and Uaeenport Sts: -
Harney St.. and Hospe's. U4J Douglas- St.
COlA-sX.-Ciacaiiel, . SOeHiBw . pSMoae- -ahical
couraea. i " -
ACADtMV An accredited High Seaeek '
Prepares for ballevue o . ear ethee ve ; -kae
or university. - .
NORMAL. aCHOOL-Elementary and ad
eanced course. C'eruncalee graataeL ; '
i-nNKKH VATOHK 'I beery of aiuaaa. aav' '
ano. voice. vl llti. alocuitoe) and art. ...
OMAHA tlOWNECTK'S-tlecU'le,, line
and Burlington Railway. ,j ,,,
Four Modern iwrmnones.
Adrtraaa Praaloaat Vta4 worth, tlslsnaa