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Bn Tle a Back Beat ' fof th
. Tim Beisc
1 1 dies CereeU (treat; freaa Opening;
( feast, ui Coauree Grala
9UwmW Weather aad
Cwklae Are Footer.
OMAHA. Bent. It
Short vvr) tnmri thl momlni and ca
ble did not reflect yesterday's American
weakness, ao that price wore at rone from
the start. Hesitating (or a time lata In
Vo UD. Th weather wa wot both south
west and northwest. Cash demand wu
better and premium advanced on north
western trngth, where receipt were
entailer than laat year.
Cora price war firmer after an un
changed opening, and after running back
and forth with Wheat, - cloeed about a
above yesterday. Short were good buy
er. Receipt war fairly large and cah
demand alow.
Primary wheat reoelpta were 1.201,000 bush,
ale and shipments 611,000 bushels, again
receipts last rear of 1426,000 bushels and
shipments of 448.000 buahals. Corn receipts
were 878.000 bushels and shipments 249.000
bushel, against receipts last year of TO7.000
buahels and shlnmenLa of ISfi.OOO buahe s.
Clearaneea were 14.000 bushels wheat. S7.S9S
barrels flour, 36J22 bushels corn and 11.210
eunDois eats.
Liverpool elosed unchanged on wheat and
HfPd lower on corn.
Bradstreet ear world's available supply
wheat Increased last week by 4.300,000 bush
els, against an Increase of 1973,000 bushels
Tor the same week last- year.
Mlnnearolls wired! "Northwest Is good.
but It should take two or three days for
receipts to pick up, aa the rain has de
layed the threshing and baullng. I do not
think the movement will be heavy at pres
ent. There Is a better feeling all round
and the bear are not confident. We should
sea a further advance, which will probably
neip trie mining poorness. -LooeJ
range of options:
Artlcles.1 Open. Hlgh. Low. Close. I Tes y
41! 42
Omaha Cash Sale.
WHEAT No. I spring, 1 car, SGHc; No. 4
sprmg, i . cars, eeVso. -
Omaha Cask Prices.
WHEAT No. X'herd, 5Hl914e: No.
hard, ti&ao: No. 4 hard, toaVei No, I
prill-, WMfGbe.
CORN No. 1 awSHWc; No. 1 yellow,
4H.C424II No. I white. 4345o-
OATS No. t mixed, -aiVac; No. t white,
sovto; wo, 4 white, toe.
BIIKHft X 63c; No. 1 BIMfi.
.' . . . '.. Carlot Receipts.
i , ,.;,: -Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Chicago 0 421 (01
Kansas City ....160 S IT
MlnnMtuiMl ' '140 ... .
Omaha (three days).... 8 145 110
Duluth 774 ...
fit. Louis ............. 13 SI 1
Fearare e)f the Tradlngr and Closing;
Prices oa Board of Trad.
CHICAGO, Bent. 18. A strong market fpr
cash wheat and a light movement, of the
crop ' In the northwest . caused a strong
market In the local exchange today, the
December option? advancing Cjlc. . Corn
was ttke higher. OaU were up
VrnvUlnm were 10Zf2a lowerT
Thai r.i rt maraet - Tor wneei wm idqkt
reported strong from nil sections and
northwestern conoema reported that the
receipts yesterday were - almost nothing.
In addition to this movement of the crop
lit th northwest today was again reported
lte-hr Racauaa of these two fa Ota com
mission house ' bought actively at the
opening ana many ptwraaer wno soia
ahnrt vesterdav on the break which took
place at the close of the market covered
anxiously. The result was the market
urnni all day. About the only bear
lh news was an Increase of over 4.000,000
bushel In the world visible supply. Bear
leader contend that the wheat Is ready
to be rushed to -market when care can be
rrocured, but -this statement received tit
le attention on the local board today. It
was reported that the small Russian ship
ments are not due to the political situa
tion, but to the famine and tne poor quat
Ity of wheat. December opened a shade
In Un hla-her at TTma to 72TkiS73c. sold be
tween Wmo and 78c. where It cloeed strong
at the highest point ot tne aay. uiear
ancea of wheat, and flour were equal to
333.000 buahels. Primary receipts were
1.301,000 bushels. ' against 1,126,000 bushels
for th same day last year. The world's
visible supply, according to Bradstreet's,
Duluth' and Chicago reported receipts of 904
cars, against S3 cars last ween ana
cars a year asro. ". .' -
The corn market wa strong and there
was an advance or W in cash prlcea.
Clearance continued small and It is claimed
by the bulls that It will be a long time
Before stocks are built up, especially In
view of the probable shortace of cars this
fall. The vtslbls supply Increased 196,000
bushel, against an Increase of 1,336,000
bushels last year. December corn opened
a shade lower at 4174o, sold between 41o
and 4M and closed strong at 42'WcMZVte
Local receipts were 428 cars, with 226 car
of contract grade.
'The oats market was firm, largely In
sympathy with other grain. There was
little bearish pressure on tne market.
Local holder sold freely on th advance
for profit, but the market held well. De
cember oats opened unchanged to a shade
higher at tta to X?Va32o, sold between
Wto and Kko and cloned nrm at KViSWia,
Local receipts were SOS cars.
The nrovlslons market was weak all dav.
There was active selling of the January
product, a Chicago packer being credited
with the greater part of the spiling. Live
hogs were 6c lower. At the close January
pork' was down 25o, at 113.70. Lard was
lower, at kids were 100 lower,
at 36.81.
Ehrttmated receipt for tomorrow: Wheat,
80 cara; corn, 326 cars; oats, 236 oars; hogs.
K,ouo neaa.
Th leading future ranged aa follow:
Article. Open. I High.) Low. Close. Tes'y
Sept... 70S
Deo.... 73T078
May... 1i
Bept.,. 46Hff
Dec... 41 W
May.v 42Q
flfpt.v. 3'4
Dec... S2VV
My... 34&U
Pork ,
Sept... 16 12
Jan.... 13
Sept... 6 10
Oct.... I (US
Nov... I t 40
JKU...I J 42Vi
Rlhs- I 1
8ept... I 8S I
Oct.... M I
Jan.... 130
TltJ Tn4
7144 70S
77V 721
;77H1il 76
4S 4SSI 47i
8341 ; 3l - 3SH 3!S
&, ssmj-l tin
35 I 34,4.?,;S4HaS
16 KM 16 2H
13 W 113 70
8 SO I I 72H
I MHI 1 70
140 .7H
7 6Msl 7 67V
t to j I IS
1 624 1 hO
90 tii
16 2H 17 00
13 70 IS S
172H 8S
74 I 82H
1 174 1 46
T 674 T 70
to I 16 .
6" I 65
OTVkl 1 to
No. t.
Caih quotatlnna were as follows:
FLOUR Steady: winter patents, 13.300
Mi- mVKA V
U.T-WlO; itralghH.. lS.30Q9.li0; bakers, lijo
WHEAT No. I string, 76nc: No. 1
74'Tc; No. 1 red. 7o4714e.
i.okn o. i. ",o; no. s yellow, 44c,
RTK No. 1 6W.C '.
rtAHLKV Fair to choice malting, 48f61c.
oE-WB wo. i nax. u.vf: no. 4 north'
western. U 10; prime timothy, 14. 1444 16
clorer contract grades, 112.00.
HROV'lJlONa-bhurt rils. sides (looaeV
I 5-iJS 95. Mess pork. rer bol . 114 909
1C ft. Iard. ,r 100 lbs., fe.74. Short clear
flora trx.xea),
Following were the day's receipts and
mr-meais or nour ana grain:
Receipt. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 11.90 32.4(10
Wheat, bu 44.0u0 f 00
Corn, bu 7n).uoO " 67,7i
. bu 47S 6J lid, 704
Rye. bu
Hurley, bu K.7u0 1,100
On ins Produce exenanga today the but,
'er market was at early, creamoriea llhi
dalrlea. 17ti04c. Fga strong-: at mark
rw inriuaea. nrsxa, xoe; prlm
flrnp. :14c; extras. 24a Cpeeee steady
1,1. ., . , UK
Available tapplles ot Grala.
NKW YORK. Sept. It Special cable and
lelovrmplilr communication received by
bmdstreet i4iew the following uhanges In
ni,iir . autJiiw aa oooipareu alt
pr-vd ua tmiunli
VVlteal, Lniied aUataa and Canada, oast
of th Rockies Increased, S.1M.noo bu.: afloat
for and In Kurop Increeeed, l.Jnrt.QOO bu.
Total supply Incresaed, 4.SH,noO bu.
tom, l nuea ruaies ann i anas, east oi
the Rockies, derrenaed. 198.000 bu.
Oata, I'nlted States and Canada, esst of
the Rockies decreased, 7H4.0OO bu.
The leading Inn-rases reported this week
are: At Manitoba. l84.noo bu.: at Ogdens-
burg, 6S.0u l.u., snd at Omaha, 63,Ono bu.
The leading decreajiea are: At Newport
News. 171ij bu.: at Naehvflle, lOK.imo bu.;
at Portland, Me., WOOO bu ; at the Chi
cago pnvat elevators, ji.oou du., ana ai
Rochester, 40,000 bu. ,
((aotatlon of the Day on Tarloaa
Commodities. '
30,411 bhla.; exports, 6.222 bhla. Market steady.
monermtie aemana: m nnp-oia rai-nu, ri-iv
114.36; Minnesota bakera, 3.4fl3.l; winter
patents, 13. 76414. 10; winter straights, 13.aVu"
grades, tlT& Rye flour, "trady; ta,r to
lorra, j 9 9y ""I cnoico to lanry, j.h'iijjo.
v uivi m rjAiz-r irrn ; nne wniie enu in-
Inw ti r-ra r tl 1 JWI If, kiln drtftd.
12.7VJ2 88. . ' ' .
RTB-Steadyj No. t western, M4o. c. i. I..
X' ..... V.L.
BARLEY Dull; feeding, 3S3Mc. C L
f.. Buffalo.
000 bu. futures. Spot market firm; No. 3
. (v.. - . . ... . , .u, n
rm, imc in etevaior; no, reu. iw-n.. . w.
b., afloat; No. 1 northern Duluth, &34o, f
o. b.. aJloat: No. 3 hard winter, 804c. f. o.
b., afloat. There was a return of bull con
trol In the wheat market today and prices
advanced Ho per bushel on steady cables.
a ounisn crop report ana nunu mm mo
spring wheat crop- had not turned out so
1 1 ,nn.t.j In th. ... ann
.ml M , . 1 1 , I r. ri 1 , . . , - - -
The close represented So advance; May,
p'Q'w ij-ioc, cioniug ai f11 iu, y ' v
Tii 7Hc, closing at 784o; December,
80 n-16rasn4c, closing at 814o. .
CORN Receipts, 73.100 bu.; exports, 36.833
bu. Spot market Arm; No. 3,(610 In ele
vator and Wi 40, r. o. a., anoai; mu.
low, 69c; No. 1 white. 894c. Option market
was without transactions and closed nomi
nally 4c net higner: May cioaea ai nu,
September closed at 664o; December closed
OATS Receipts, 111,000 bu.: exports, 7,900
bu. Spot market Arm; mixed oats, 26 to
32 pounds, 87c; natural wniie, ou i o
pounda, SMr!4c; clipped white, 86 to 40
pounas, Bvaao.
FEBDftteaOy; spring bran, tl9.$8, Sep
tember shipment; mlddllnga, tao.lo, Septem-
per siupmeni; cny, .ouv"w.
HAY Oulet: shlDDlng. HVafiQc; good to
Choice, 0H6o. . .
HOPS Firm; state common to choice,
1906, 114170; 1904, nominal; olds, nominal;
Paclflo ooast, 1908, 13$ 18c; 1904, 12o; olds,
HIDES Steady; Oalveston, ra ins.,
30c; California, tl to 26 lbs.. 21c; Tsxa dry.
PROVISIONS Beef, steady: family, 1O00
ffll.60; mess, in.gotrn w: ueer nani,
160; packet, tlo.Out9lO.6O; city extra India
mess, 116.OOC5lji.50. Cut meats, ,0Ut:
w . u , ia rmM4 nor . rtlckled
shoulders, nominal; pickled hams, l'1"'
17-9600; reflned firm; continent, I),
South America, 110.00; compound, 17.14
rhortcleaVtT6.655l8.75; ..;
TALiajw trm; cuy yr pi j,
country (packages free). 6Hratc.
RICH Firm; domestic, fair to extra,
BUTTER Firm ; creamery, common to
extra, lBuaio: state aairy, wjramun i
fancy. 18&24e; renovated, common to extra,
154-gio; western factory, 16SH9c; Imitation
creamery, 19Hl6Mo-
CHEESB Steady; state, full cream,
large, 11112ic; small, UA&lTAc; Inferiors,
nina III flinrT. ZtlfKOc:
22c; seconds, L"co; iveniucar,
POULTRY 14V, not quoim; ur"ni,
I . w . .n anHn. nhlnkenfl. 1 ?(l lbO. '.
spring turkey. 166g2c; fowl. lOflltc,
a. Innli Oeneral Market.
am tArna a.n 1 1 WWF A T Hlrher:
, JVJAK, ' ' " . .
tracic, rxo. a reu cu, iioiv,
TlVyfiHc; May. TMto. k Jni
464.02 No. white. 4&di8c, December, 40Vito;
a m ill. Wl A
OAT ugnsr! traca. o.
S24c: No. S white. 14c; December, 8340
?svt.y TMm, u .Int.. nstantl ljt BIVfl
1.06; extra fancy and straight, 13.063.46;
BK1CUH iimomy, . sieaay; avww
CORNMISAU-Bteady, 12.60. '
BRAN Firm; sacked, east track, 7&Jp79o.
HAT Firm : timothy. tl3.00Qa6.00; pralria.
ts.ooaio.60. ,
IRON LT1 XTJJt XlSiOr-W)l. ?
BAOeLK?l-16c-- . i
nnmfTttTAva Itrl, vinnlnar.
riullD'Va .w.i ... . , . .
... toil Inw... nm. . r . . m IX 4U.
Dry sale meats, steady; boxed extra
shorts. . 124: clear ribs, 89.874: short
clear. 19.60. Bacon, steady: oxed extra
snorts, '. cear nua, iv.u7i, "
Clear, sjv.zo. t
nim tdv mmm. 1(V. anHnsra
lie; turkeys, 14c; duoks, 84cr - 1
BOOS Firm; case count, 17c
V)AilntB Slhlnmentn
Flour, bbl 8.000 14,000
Wheat, Pt w.'juu oi.wv
Corn, bu .V.... 62,000 ' 103,000
Oats, bu 81,000 , 80,000
. Minneapolis Grata Market,
patents. H10W4.20; second patents, 13.960
too; nrat clears,; secona clears.
itKAis-in duik, niuwaii.a.
(Superior Board of Trade quotation for
Mlnnaanolla and Chlcaso delivery). The
range of prices, as reported by F. D. Day
Co., no-m oara ot iraae, was:
Articles. Open. Hlgh. Low. Close. Tes'y
71V8' .73 T1S Tf
72SP4 734 71. 724
7514 764 764 4 ......
124 eeeee see i
1 lOtj, a seaee aeaa
Minneapolis Cash Close: Wheat: No. 1
hard. 47Vc: new. 76Mc: No. - 1 north
western, 764c; new, 764c; to arrive,
744o; No. 3 northwestern, 75c; new, 7S4c;
to arrive, 734c: No. I, 72c; new, 7237J4c;
No. 1 Durum. 6lc: No. 3 Durum. 5sc. Rye
No. 1, 44c Com: No. 1, 434c; No. 1
white. 804c Oats: No. 1, rVg'-To. Bar
ley) 447o. Rye: 6Z413M4C r'lax:
Kaaiai City Grain aad Provisions,
tember, 644c: December, 6640: May, 70ty
704c; cssn. mo. j nara, no. i.
Wic: mo. 1 red, sic: mo. 1. 6cgticc
CORN SeDtember. 424c: December. 8744c
May. 384c; caah. No. 1 mixed, 4844MH4c;
No. t white, 45c.
OATS-No. t whit, !2824o; No. I mixed,
JSUfiSOc. .
EGGS rtrm: extras, Kc; firsts, cases in
cluded, 19c; ssconus, 12c.
HAY Steady; choice timothy, H1.75C1100;
choice prairie, ou.
HTE Steady, 4A0oc
BUTTER Creamery. 33c: packing. 16c,
Wheat, bu , 15,000
Corn, bu U.OiiO
Oata, bu 4.000
Peoria Market.
PEORIA. Sept. 18. CORN-Steady; No. I
yellow and No. t, 46c; No. 4, 46c; ao
grade. 444.C.
OATS-Hlghsr; No. I whit. 834o; No.
white. IMSi4c; No. 4 white, 114D314o.
RYE Firm: No. t 6954c
WllISKY-On the basis of fl.3 for fin
ished goods. . .
Mllwaakao Grala) Market.
MILWAUKEE, Sept. 18. WH EAT No, 1
northern. 7iin7c; no. i northern, ivaivfrc;
Uecemoer, vac.
RYB-8teady; No. 1.' 69f694iC.'
BARLEY Steady; No. S,. 660: sample,
KMIc. ..
CORN-Firm; No. caah,' 464S474jc: De-
cemoer, 4Tc.
Dmlatk Grala Market. .
DULTTH. Bept. 18. WHEAT No.
northern, on track. T64c: No, 1 northern.
71c; September. 734c: October, 714c; De
cember. T:c; May, 77e.
OATSTo arrive, 125pJMlcr September,
Liverpool Grala Market.
LIVERPOOL. Sept. 18. WHEAT Snot.
dull: No. 3 western winter, 6a 84d; futures
steady: September, ts 14d: December, 4a Id.
CORN Spot, steady; American mixed, 4a
tod; ruturea steaay; oeptemDer, nominal;
ueceniDer, avta; January, new, 4S a.
Vnchangeit; extra weetem creamery, :4c
FXXiH Firm: weatern, fresh.- Sir. at mark
CHEESE Firm: New York full creams,'
fair to fancy, lWlc. 1
. Toledo eed Market.
TOLEDO. Sept. 18.-8EEDS-Clover, cash
and iH-tober. 4i.arv; t'eceniaer. n 60: Jan
uary. 17.624: March, 87.574. Timothy, prhn
tl kfW Alalka. prim, ttftk Ria. No. 2.
Bnjinc of Ealtimore & Ohio by Unisi
Fkoifio Fetter of Dty.
Violent . Reramkle for Stock , Start
SI amber of Ramor of Contest
for Control Close I
NEW TORK. Rent. It. Tha nrlnclnal
factor In the stock market today waa by
the admlaslon of the banking houses hav
ing the transaction In hand that negotia
tions were In progress for the ssle to th
Union Pacific of the stock of the Balti
more A Ohio railroad, recently sold by
the Pennsylvania railroad to the bankers.
w nue the sensation in the day s market
was in the Reading movement, the Bal- j
tlmore transaction was none the less the
impelling cause. This was so for the
reason that the division of control of the
Reading among the trunk line railroads
was managed in the case of the Pennsyl
vania by placing holdings of Reading
stock In the Baltimore A Ohio treasury,
as th New York Central on its part
placed Reading's holdings in the Lake
Shore treasury. With a passing of con
trol or Baltimore A Ohio to other hands
than tha Pennsylvania, Its share of In
fluence in the Reading control would be
affected also. Wall street waa mystified
to the full bearing of the new ar
rangement and aa to the extent to which
the negotiations had. actually gone.
Kuhn, Loeb A- Co. asserted that the re
port of sale to the Union Paclflo was pre
mature, while admitting that it was under
negotiation. Various problems were thus
presented for the consideration of the In
vestor and the a peculators.
It waa assumed that the Pennsylvania
would Insure Itself eralnet harmful use
of the control of Baltimore A Ohio be-
rore parting with It. But leas certslnty
was left to the possible attitude of other
trunk lines to the new arrangement. The
violent advance in Reading aroused some
apprehension that a scramble might be
going on amongst the railroad powers to
achieve a belated readjustment of the
balance 'and Reading holdings.
It was held to be plausible also, that in
fixing the destination for Its holdings of
Baltimore St Ohio, the Pennsylvania might
have been actuated by a policy of hostility
10 tne - uould project lor a tnrougn line
from ocean to ocean, as was shown in
ths opposition to the Wabash efforts to
secure entry into Pittsburg. The lurking
possibilities of resentments and harmful
contests thus suggested, made the Reed
ing movement a dampener rather than a
stimulation to speculative confidence.
tne continued strengtn ot tne money
market also was a cause of dissatisfaction
in speculative circles and disappointed the
belief that the Inrush of gold last week
and the continued arrivals by steamors
this week had effectually relaxed the
money stringency. Some further Ughtet
lng was looked for aa the first of October
approached, but In the meantime1 easier
conditions were looked for. Not only was
the call money market hard today, with a
high rate of 9 per cent, but the premium
on time loan waa again advanced. The
demand for time money wa reported
strong and almost no funds were offering
In that market. Discounts hardened in
Paris and London, the open market in
the latter center rising abovs the official
rate of the bank. The rise In the German
banks' official discount rate was sufficient
notice of the rising course of the money
market at that center. New York ex
change at Chicago fell to 28 cents dis
count. ' '
The Points of strength In the day' mar
ket were generally amongst Industrials,
Amalgamated continuing consplclous
with reiterated rumor of a dividend In
crease. The railway equipment stocks en
joyed th benefit 01 tno Known urgent
requirements of tha railroads. Republic
Steel waa affected by th proposed In
crease In Tennessee Coal stocks. In view
of the belief In ultimate merger of. tha
two companies. Minneapolis, St.' Paul A
Sault ste Mane sunered irom tne aisap
polntment of persistent close, that the
dividend was to be Increased at today's
meeting of -. directors. The market
showed some relief when Reading yielded
more than half It 6 point advance, but
the closing was Irregular.
Bonds were Irregular; sales, par value,
12.088.000. United State bonds wore un
changed on call. ' '
, Followlnar were th sals and rang ' of
prices on the Stock vxchang today.-
Adarae Kxpraaa
Amalgamated Copper . . .
. m ice uMt ii4 '
,. 14,100 44 ' 414
Amr. car ana Foansry.
do afd
100 101
.. 1.304 M
Amar. Cottsa Oil
do pfd
Amar. Bxpnaa
II .
Amar. Hide baaloer pra
Amar. Ioa -
Amar. Uneetd Oil
da pfd 100
Aater. LeoomottTe 14.101)
do pfd 100 1114 11I4.HI4
Amar. Bmeltla At Banning 14,004 Ml 1M 1U4
do pfd 60 1UH 1M4 1114
Amar. sagar Ranalng 100 117 irr 17
Amar. Tobaora ptd etfa... 104 100 100 M
Anasonda Mlnias Co 4,100 Wl M 11
U.tno los 1074 1074
l,ino 1014 , 1004 101
100 144 ' 1444 144
87.104 1144 1(1 111
do ptd ,
Atlantlo Ceaat Line
Baltimore A Ohio
de pfd
Brooklrn Rapid Traaalt..
ranadiaa PaalBa
Central of Naw iaraay...
Chaaapaaka Ohio
Chlcaso Oraat Wait are...
Chloaso at Northwastara.
C, 14. sr St. Paul
Chicago Term. A Trans..
do p(4
C. C, C A St. Leula...
Colorado Pual aad Iron..
Colorado A Soutkara
do lot pfd
do td pfd ...1
Conaolldatad Oaa .-
Corn Produeta
do pfd
Delaware 4ft Rudaoa
Dal.. Lack A Waatarn....
Danrar A Rio Oranae....
do pfd
Dlatlllara sacurltlas ....
do let pfd
do id pfd
Ganarat Elaetrte II T
. 404 171 177
4,100 44 II
' 400 17 17
400 no no
11,000 171 171
4 .
400 49 44
. It
04 It
no 74
t,40 t
tOO 41 41
.... t,4fll 714
.... 47.MO 41
MS 77
.... lee ti
too lit
'too lit"
.... too , 11
Hocking Valley
Illlnoia Cantral
Intar. Papar ..
171 171
do pfd ,
do pfd
Intar. Pump ,
Iowa Cantral , ,
do pfd
K, C. Soutkara
da pfd
Loalavllle A Naahrllle..'..
Maticaa Central
Minn. A Bu Loula
St., 8t. p. A sault Ita. M
do pfd
Mtaeourt Paolfta
St., tUnau A Taiaa......
do pfd ,
National Lead
N. It. R. of Maxlos pfd...
Naw York Cantral
N. T . Onurto A Waatara.
Norfolk A Waatara
do pfd
North A marl can ,....' ,
PaelSc Mall
Pannarlvania ,
Feople'e- Caa
Puts., C, C. A ta. Loata.
Praaacd Btaal Car
da pfd
Pullmaa Palace Car
da let prt ,
do Id pfd
kapublle steal
do ptd
Rock Ialaad Co...
do pfd
St. Loula A 4. F. Id ptd.,
St. Lou Is toath waatara . . .
da pfd
Bouiharn Faults
da pfd
Soutaara Ballwar
da pfd
Teaoeaaee Coal aad Iron. .
Taiaa A Paolfta
Tol.. 84. L. A Waatara...
4a pi4
Do lea Pactae
4a pfd
4,704 10
to 11'
40 tl
l ino 111
1.4U4 141 141
It. 104
r tt
17 11
70 70
Tl T
41 44
4.400 144 141 141
8.100 ti to ie
l,M0 t4 M4
4l" it" Ml,
ut M4 17 ' II
44,100 144 141 14 .
km v te s
44 44
H S7
10 141
Ml, 1M 111 1M
wa ...
a w iwa
.. lt.704 II
1.700 100 .
4.10 17
40. fc
1.70 7 t7
114. IU4 US) U7 114
V. 4, gipraas
D. 4 Raaltr
C. 6. Rubber
do pfd
V. 8. Steal
da ptd
Virginia-Carolina Cham teal.
da pfd ;
da pfd
Walla-Pars Bxpraaa
Waatlaskouaa glaeuie
Waatara I n Ioa .,
Whaella A Lata Brt
WlMMMula Caatral
do pld
Nonbara Parita ,
Caatral Leataar
do pfd ,.,
Uraat Nonhara pfd
Intarborousk atatrapolltaa..
do pfd
tot 14 Tl Tt
la 14 14
JO 110 101 11
4I.I0 44 WW 4k ioi tea, imv
I.KO 41 41 41
.w .vio iiwia iwa
tliii tii tit S
1,H4 4. M k
KO 10J 104 101
4.10 U4 tU Ml
'' 1
ia r4
Total aakra for tha 4a, l.M,04 akaras.
Baak llerla.
OMAHA, Sept. 18.-Bank clearings' for
today were ll,a.121.08 and for th oorr.
spondlng dais last year tl.tW.W4 4l.
k Oeraaaay Btatesaeat
BERLIN. Sept. I8.-Th weekly statement
nf trie 1 1 : r r-tf I I' ,.W . 9 c ,
jib fulloaing change: Cash la hand, ds-
creased 6,840.000m; treasury notes. Increased
2.i0.tmm; other securities. Increased 166,
sm.nnom; note la circulation, Increased 11,-
Rew "I orat Moaey Market.
NEW YORK. Sept. 18. MONEY On
call, strong, 408 per cent; ruling rate,
7 per cent; cloning bid, 4 per cent; offered
at 6 per cent; time losns, dull and strong;
sixty and ninety days, 7 per cent; six
months,- 4 4 pr cent.
per cent.
actual business In bankers' bills st 14 83jf
4.AW5 for demand and at M.iH!" fur
sixty day bills; posted rates, l4.81t4.814
and 14.844; commercial bills. 14.7VH-
SILVER Bar, 674c: Mexican dollar.
62 4c.
BONDS-Government,' -stesdy; railroad,
uuotations on New Tork bonds today
were us follows: "
V. S. raf. ia, ra....f44,Japaa . M rla..t(
4s eeuooa ...1X614: So 44a rtfi M4
V. 8. la. nt i;.HH! to 14 aerlaa tn
to ecuDOa ivt L. K. am 4....liwu
V. t. old 4a, rf 1014 Manhat. r. (nit 4e..l0e
do coupon ,.,.10 4I. Cantral to
V. 8. Bw 4a. res 131 do 1M ma XI Mb
to eminoa 131 Minn. A St. L. 4a... 14
Am. Too. 4a 7I4i M , K. T. 4 11
4 da Ma IS
AlcblMia too. 4a....l0iVN- R k. at M. - 4a..
da id. 4a t3 N. T. C. fan. IVfca.. !
Atlantic C. L. 4a.. MiN. J. V, seif. la... .124
B. O. 4a int-Nft Fictile 4a .141
do l4 n ' do la i 75
Brk. a. T. ct. 4n... I4a Norfolk 4V W. a. 4a. loo
laniral ot Oa. 4m. ..HI1., Or, s. U rfa. 4a.. N
do lat Ins.
Pans. c. Ia lan
Raadla aea. 4a
do 2d Inc
do Id Ine 7
St. L. a l. M. ft. ta.114
t. U A 4. P. If. 4a. U
St. L. 4. W. a. 4a.. 77
Seaboard A. U 4a... M
80. Pacific 4a !
Chaa. A O. 4fci IM
Chicago A A. Ia.... IT
1., u. A g. . 4a..
C, B. I. A P. 4a.. 7
do col. la
X do lot 4a, Ufa..,:.. M
At T,anntlkara U ft. 11(1.
CCC. A St. L. I. 4a. 101 ''Southern
Colo. Ind. K. aar. A. 14V Taiaa A Part flc 1
. at
. 14
. M
i-olo. Mid. 4a., T IT.. St. L. ft W. 4a
Colo. A so. U'nloa Pacific 4a...
Cuba ta ..i.los ill. S -8tal M ta..
U. A R. a. 4a.,....IO0vjWabah lata
Dial. Baca, la ai do dab. B
Krla prior Ilea 4a..l0OVaJ Waatarn Md. 4a....
do gen. 4a ,W. AUK. 4a....
Hock. Vallar 4a...J0S Wla. Cantral 4a...
Japan la ...100I
Boston 8torks and Bonds.
'BOSTON. Sept, 18. Call loan. S per
cent; time loans, 7 per cent. Closing
quotations on stocks and bonds were as
Atchlaon adj. 4a.
. W i Bingham
. It
. to
. 71
. II
. II
. 1
. 11
. 41
. 4S
ao 4a
M. Cantral 4a..'.,
do pfd
aRoaton A A
Poaton A Ma ,
Buaton Rlarated
Pltchburg pfd
Max. Cantral ...
.100'C'al. A Recla.
. Tijt'Cantcnnlat ...
.107;copper Range
Daljr Want
.USit!e Rorala
.110 Man Mining
li:Slichtsan ..........
N. v., N. H. A H..1II
Para Marquette ... II
Mont. Coal and C.
Old Dominion ....
union Paclflo ..lit
Am. Aria. Cham.... il
.... 11
.... H
.... 10
.... M
.... 10
.... 14
.... 41
.... 16
.... 1
.... la
.... M
.... 11
.... 11
.... t
-ao pia
Am. Pnau. Tube...
Am. Sugar
' do pfd
I Parrot
li IQulncr
114 Dhannon '
1M ITamarark
Am. Tal. A
Am. Woolaa
Tal. ...1H Trinity
........ I7il!nltad Copper ...
do pfd
Boa. Ira A t ...
Edlaoa Klae. 111...
Maaa, Elactrlc
do pfd
Maai. Oaa
t'nltad Prnit :
fnltad Shoe Mack,..,
do pfd ,
TJ. 8. Steal
do pfd .,
Allouea ..,
Bid. Asked.
.104iU. S. Mining
V. S. Oil
. 10
. 71
. ia
. ii
. to
Oraana Coa
North Butte
Butta Coalition .
. Mai1
ral. A Artaona
I 14
Arli. Commarelel.
London Cloalasr Stocks.
LONDON, Sept, 18. Closing quotations on
the Stock exchange were:
Console, money M7-1M . K. A T.... t
da account
NHI K, T. Cantral 14a
.. liNerfol A Waatara.. 41
..111 do pfd 14
..101 Ontario A W 12
do pfd
B. A O
Canadian Pacific
..iz; rennarirania
iaa,Raad Mlnee ....
.... 1
.... 71
.... IS
.... 16
.... ft
.... 41
.... tl
.... 47
(.-nee. Ohio...
Chicago O. W. 1
C. M. A St. P..'.MllSu
Southern Rr......
oo pia
Southern Paclto
li Ion Paolta ..
do pfd
D'. g. Btaal
'do pfd
do pfd ..,
.... 11
D. A R. Q
oo pfd
do lat pfd....
-4o td pfd...
Illlnoia Cantral
.... II
.... 40
.... 0
.... 11
..17l .
1. ft n
SILVER Bar. 'quiet; SI 6-ld per" ounce,
Ipanlah 4a
mut,i-m'j4 per cent. .
DISCOUNTS-The tit of discount In the
open market for Abort bills is 4&44 per
cent; for three months'yblll, 4S44 per cent.
Boston Caster Market.
Closing quotations -a Boston copper mar
ket, reported by Logan A Bryan, 1 Board
of Trade building, Omaha:
AdTeoture t Mohawk 44
Alloaea tl Nevada Conaolldatad. 11
Atlantlo 11 North Batte . M
Bingham j.. 14(4 Old Dominion 41
Black Mountain 1 Oaeeols Ill
Boatas Conaolldatad.. II Pnau. Service ....... li
Butte Coalition ..... 17 Paeu. Service, ptd... 10
Calumet A Arlaona. .Ill Qulncf M
Cal. A plteburg 71 Shannon 10
Calumet A Hecla.... K Tamarack ............ioa
Copper Range 4 YrlnHr 10
Dally Weat II United Fruit ..104
Eaat Butte t I'nlted Btatee, com., 41
Franklin 11 I'nlted Btatee. pfd.., 41
Oreene Copper 17 t'tah Conaolldatad..., Ii
Oranbr ir t'tah Copper
tela Rojral '.. I Victoria ....,.... T
L. S. A Plttaburg... uWlnooa I u
Maaaaehuaetta t Wolverine lit
Michigan 1 .
New York Malnsj Stocks.
NEW YORK, Sept. 18. Closing quotations
on mining stocks wbt
Adama Coa 14
fLIttla Chief ...
.... 1
.... 14
.... It
.... it
Alice .144
Breeee 10.
Bruiuwlck Cos...;... 40
Comatock Tunnel .... II
Con. Cal, and Va..,, st
Horn Silver ,)I0
Iron Silver 404
Laadvilla Cos.' I
Hlerra Nevada
Small Hopea ..
Staadar ......
Treaanry Statement.
WASHINQTON. Sept l8.-Today's state
ment of tha treasury balances In the gen
eral fund, exclusive of the 1160,000,000 gold
reserve, shows: Available cash . balance,
1216,715,168; gold coin and bullion, 1110,7116,614;
gold certificates, 139,207,230.
Wool Market.
B08TON. Sept. 18.-WOOL Market Is
generally quiet, but active In spots. The
activity 1 marked In both worsted and
clothing wools. Merchants are waiting
for ths anticipated heavy buying ot the
country's great consumers. M tntlme
prices are steady. There la a substantial
aggregate of sales In territories. In pulled
wools. A and B supers are still In moder
ate request, the ' former selling at 6tKji2a
and the latter at 60S6c. Foreign grades
are steady. Leading quotations follow:
Kentucky, Indiana, and Missouri combing
4 blood, X331bc; combing, 4 blood, 83s34c;
Texas (scoured basis fine 11 months, T1&
71c; fine, 6 to 6 months, 4T4jWc; fins, fall
clean, pftgWc; California, northern choice,
6U,7uc; northern good, 43gf7uc; middle coun
try, fiic; southern, tcc; fall free, 66
tf67c; Oregon (scoured ibasls); eastern No.
1 staple, 72U'?4c; eastern No, I clothing, 67
f6ao; valley No. I, twintfo; Territory, sta-
Sle, (scoured basis), fine, 73-6 "5c; fine ma
lum, 664770c; medium, - f&jiac; Territory,
ordinary (scoured bitais) nne, . TO(J,72c; fine
medium, e(fi70c; medium, 65t6sc; Colorado
and New Mexico, spring scoured X, iMcP
70c; No. 1, 644jrlc:' pulled wools (aooured
basis), extra, 72(&'74c: (In4 A, fl&iWcS A
super. 6THg4c;. B supers, ' fcotifioc.
ST. LOUIS. Sept. 11. WOOL Stead v:
medium grades comMpg and clothing. 'a
fee; light fine, Ul3i2c; heavy fin. l4VJuc;
tub washed, OSoo. ' . '
Metal Market. 1
NEW, YORK. Sept. 18. METALS Ther
wa a strong advance in the London tin
market, with spot closing at 14 and
futures at 182, 12. d. Locally the mar
ket wks quiet and higher in sympathy,
with buyers at 13 8. while sellers were
demanding 140.00. Copper waa 10s higher
In ths English market, closing at 87 17s td
for both spot and futures. Locally copper
was strong and a shade higher, with Uke
quoted at tlt.lZ4OTt.e74: electrolytic at
tll.0Ot318.lZ4: easting at 81 8.766 19.00, Lead
was unchanged at 11 lus In - London.
Locally the market continues strong, par
ticularly for deliveries out of store. Quo
tation range from 86 76 to 84.024, ths Inside
price being for thirty-day shipment.
Bpelter was lower at A2T lis d In London,
but advanced to 86 10 .40 In the local mar
kst. Iron. was unchanged in 4hs English
market, with Standard foundary quoted at
6.1s 10d. Locally ths market waa unchanged,
with No. t foundry northern quoted at
t20.Wa.O0; No. 1 foundry northern at
I J0 kef, 21 00, and No. t foundry southern at
2 (j620.6O.
ST. LOriB. Sept.' It METALd Lead,
firm at 16.90; spelter, 16.9.
CobTm Market.
market opened steady at a decline of 109
IS point In response to lower European ea.
bles, very large primary receipts and pri
vet cable from Havre reporting that the
valorisation Plan had been shani med by
Sao Psalo.- Offerings were not very heavy
sni the market ruled steady durlns the
middle session on support from local fade
Interests, but prices remained .around the
Initial figures snd the rinse was easy st
a net loas tit lr-HH point a Sale for th
dav were t3 7W.hge. Inr'arM October t
4 Vc Peoaniher at t lasvvi KS. V-rvK at s enea
!7V. "V s rvek nol .'!' iff
Spot Rio closed steady; No. T Involc. y.
Otttl Gsnerallr 8utdy to Ctrooc, Is
Spit f Bains,
Liberal Receipt ot Both bees aad
Laaab, vlk Most of These
Feeders Active aad
Steady to Strong,
SOUTH OMAHA. "Bept. 18. 1906.
Receipts were: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
OOlclal Monday 6.636 J,! 4.411
Omcial Tuesday 6.800 6,300 17.UU0
Two days this week....11.42S 1.KX CI.411
Sams day last week 13.704 8, 16.1W
Snnve two weeks ago. .. .14,693 11.0"! 42.5(
Same three weeks BS0..14.2H 16.15 .!76
Sams four weeks agt....ll.W7 11,978 17. 1M
Sam days last year.... 14,048 6.846 41,ti20
The following table show, the receipts of
rattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha for
the year to date, compared with last year:
lot. 1908. Inc.
Cattl 6S4.I94 644.47S .
Hogs 1,44S.92 L76K.7SS 18S.274
Shssp i.l.2M,48 1.148,010 W.,488
Th following will shew ths arte paid
for the different kind of cattle n tb
Pnth Omih market: . M
Good to ehofc corn-fed steer 15.66OT63
Fair, to good corn-fed steers 1 22f 2
Common to fslr corn-fed steers.... "25'?e
uooo to choice rang steers
Ftlr to good rsns steers 4fln2JI!
Common to fslr range st-re J-ZlVj
Good grass cows and heifers
Fair to good cow and heifers. ... l onja w
Common to fair cows and heifers.. l.BWl.gJ
Good to choice stockers 6V feeders. 4.0nM.8
Fair to good stockers and feeders.. j-JW' J"
Commin to fair stockers ITodM.JJ
Bulls, stags, etc vM T
Veal cslvee . 4.W8;.7!
Cattl. Hogs.
Omaha $1.9Otf.O0 16 Wjxi.
Chicago l.KHir6 80 .40ln5.e
Kansas City l.'frii 50 6.0rih.44
St. Loul , i.0fK.28 6 (Hi 60
Sioux City IKKSW-O 6.8O&4.10
Th official number of car nf stock
brought In today by each road was:
tnme. nogs. nop.
C, M. 4 St. P 1 1
Missouri pacific '
t'nlon Pacific 81 17
C. A N. W.,' east
C. N. W,, west 101 SI
C, B. A Q . cast 4 1
C, B. .& Q., west 74 19
O., R. 1. A P., east 8 8
C. R. I. A P.. west I
Illinois Central 6
Chicago Gt. Western 1
Total recelnts 221
Th disposition of ths day's receipts wss
as follows, each buyer purchasing the num
ber of head indicated;
Cattle. Hoar.
Omaha Packing Co....
Swift and Company...
Cudahy Packing Co...
Armour A Co
Armour A Co., f'm K.
Vansant A Co.
Carey A Benton
Lobman A Co
MoCreary A Carey ....
W. I. Stephen
Hill A Son
.. 614
,. 650
i. '136'
.. 148
.. 198
.. 169
.. 90
.. 15!
.. V
F. P. Lewis
Hamilton A Rothschild... 229
Lt F. Hues 12
Wolf 107
J. H. Bulla ..I 68
Mike Haggerty 4S
J. B. Root Co 99
T. B. Inghram 1
Sullivan Bros. Ill
V. A. Brltton IS
Lehmer Bros. 41
Other buyers 6&0
Totals 6,764 6,276 18,034
CATTLE Receipt of cattle wet very
much smaller than had been anticipated,
as many as 360 cars being figured on for
today. When It became apparent that only
about 200 cars were to be expected, with
not many more than halt of them In sight
when tha market opened, tha situation
was changed very materially.
Reef steers were la very good demand
and moderate supply, so that steady prices
were maintained on all desirable kind.
In fact If any change at all took place It
wa on th sids of stronger price. It
waa, however, no easy matter (9 make
very close estimate of value with th
rain falling steadily throughout th morn
Cow and-, heifer were also - free sellers
at good steady price. Buyer Beamed In
a hurry to fill their orders and get inside
away from the pelting rain, so that It was
a cas of sell quick or look for a buyer.
The supply waa not large and the early
arrivals were dispose! of In good time.
Feeders of good quality were fully
steady .and the trade reasonably active.
Speculator had cleaned up very well yes
terday and were all In need of a few mora
cattle, so that In spite of the rain they
were good buyer this morning.
Representative sales:
14 a.
At. Ft.
,, HO IK
. 141 I tt
. 444 I 71
.100 I M
At. P.
....llll t U
....1004 4 44
....1104 t 7
.... 114 I 44
....1114 I Tl
....!0 IT4
,...11M I Tt
.... 464 1 Tl
.... lit 1 44
.... 441 t 44
.... adl I 10
....116 I 14
.... 414 I M
.... 171 I 44
. 404 4 44
,. 104 1 tt
.414 1 40
.404 1 00
.1114 I II
. 410 t 4!
.1004 I I)
. 740 I It
. ISO I 14
'. tit I N
110 1 It . 4 ,
104 t 71 tt ,
tit, t 44
1114 1 44 I
1140 I 71 1
tat 1 ti
44 4 44 1
Ul 4 44 4
, TIT I 04
44 I 44
,.4014 1 44
.1464 I 71
.... 144 I 44
.... Ill I 10
lev 1 00 1
...... Ml t 44 1
17 II
170 I to
144 4 44
174 IK, t lit M
44 I 4t t 400 44
TOO I 44 II TI t4
414 t 41 I ton t 4(1
114 I 10 4 100 I 4
170 I W ' t el 1 ft
764 I 10 aa a 1
I cow 1010 2 60 10 oowa, .
Wa) 1 06
1 OOWS.1..J0U3 1 to 13 cows..
8 cows fJO 110 3 cows..
1 calves... 196 4 16 11 cow.,
1 cow 9ul 8 W
P. Bmith-Neb.
19 steers.. ..1119 4 IS
John Palmer Neb.
4 cow 982 1 18 IS cows,,
1 cow...... W HO
..1033 1 06
.. 460 1 60
.. 846 I 00
SO I is
A. W. Bnlrd A Son-Neb
41 feeders.. 979 1 90 12 feeders., tit
11 cow.. 1.. K4 106 (row 954
J 78
i 04
u. uaiiort neti.
It feeder.. 840 1 10 11 feeder.. 808 f M
s reeaers.. evo s ( 7 steers,. ..1054
18 steers.. ..1031 1 90 ' 6 steers. ...1031
J. D. Baird Neb.
18 feeders.. 1116 4 28 3 feeder., lilt
P. Watson Neb.
I cow..',... 790 120 I feeders. .11M
11 feeders.. 11X1 4 25 6 cows 696
3 in
1 80
t 26
1 80
3 COW W4 1 40
W, L. Ashbrook-Neb.
I steers... .1396 8 60 106 feeders. 1210 4 80
1 feeders. .1210 1 50 ,
E. R. Cherry Nfb. ,
18 steers, ...11&0 4 35
P. Smith Neb.
t cows MO 11 1 cow tfO 1 40
It cows 1040 1 86 .bull 1230 t 80
1 cow...... o f 40
B. R. Cleary Neb.
1 heifer... 1070 3 60 1 heifer.
1 cow T70 8 90 "
Lv Kruger Neb.
cow llfS ! tcows...
scows...,.!; 1M J heifer
110 t W
rm i
4 It
8 feeder.. 6s3 1 60 1 heifers... t" t 66
Western Land and Cattle Co. Vfh.
84 feeders., V 8 5fV 30 feeders.. MSI I 30
13 feeders.. 411 1 40
R. Armstrong Neb.
I heifers... Ml 1 60 .8 rows H f In
10 feeders.. 670 1 40 1 rows 1050 t 40
1 cow 1200 ?
18 cows.
... to t ) 8ft cows..
... "S 3 In 1 vteera.
..imo j is
.. JIM 4 .
...1265 4 71
R. A. Torrer Wyo.
M steer . ..1146 4H n steers.
78 steer.... tot 4 18 s'ers.
74. A. Tarry Wyo.
17? eows....1U 44 trow...
tl'n t M
98 steers... 1WI4 4 Tt 10 st-ea....lM6
Wtlllsn-s A R-Wyo.
1 7
4 steers..
R cows...
17 cows...
. s4 M) 84 eter....t1R 4 16
.jnee a m t row lit 1 40
. M 8 A
it cows.,
68 rows.,
1 rows.,
4 cows.,
t a'eers
. 8 Vll tilt" 4 w
t 4 calves... t rrt
sss n t rows W i
1 A 4 eeaera.... Ul lit
aan en 4 steers.... saw it
I steers. .
I steers... 11
6 4 steers.... ao t '
I M J ereers ...1110 1 28
TVhler. Colorado.
1 row.
x I i r0w 7n ea
. 1 rew Tan
ewrs..... SA
t feeder,, 4
T cow.., 171
a rows "t f w
8 4 feeders.. 7M 8 e
heifers.. -
1 Ct T Cw..... 760 1 00
I cows 8J t 00
6 heifers... 4H 1 46 8 pows W 10
1 feeders . 1 1 86 4 feeders . 827 86
H M. Bsssett. Colorado.
18 feeder.. IV t 90 1 feeders. .IK
1 feeders. . 971 1 86 K) row.....U
i cows 990 t 60 1 row liMO
J. H. Evans Colo.
It rows W in .8 cows 911 1 11
6 heifer.. 7n6 1 60 It feeder.. 787 1 T
10 steers.. ..1146 1 68 1 steer 1210 1(0
C. H. Mills-Colo.
( feeders.. 90 171 17 cows 891 181
J. A C. McNsIr Colo.
I feeders.. 820 1 60 1 rows WTt 1 10
6 calves... 8 60 18 cows 84 188
18 feeder.. in 8 no 1 feeders.. !"6 1
8 "n 3 feeder.. 79 a
I 71 6 cows 871 i '-
40 I cows 70 i 89
1 30 feeder.. 1100 1 91
to heifers.. 6.A I 70
at cows an
6 cow. .,..1061
1 cow 900 1 10
J. R. Evans Col.
t cows 101 1 116 rows..... 874 190
8 rows 94 I 10 K cows WS t 16
1 heifers... 6"8 t SS 11 cows 8M i 00
feeder. . 873 1 20
P. D. Coates Colo.
8 feeders.. 991 1 m 11 cows.... .110 8 V
ti rows 82J 100 1 cows..... 878 1 60
HOOS Receipts of hogs this morning
were light, a was to be expected with
railroads more or less disabled by th
heavy rains of the last two days. In spit
of the fact that there were no large runt
reported from any market pHlnt, price
were lower all along the line.
Owing to the heavy rain the market wa
stow to open, buver holding back until
everything reported wss In before start
ing out. When Hhe trade was one under
way, however, the movement was fairly
active and the most of th hog sold in
reasonable season.
Prices were generally a big Sc lower
And In sortie esses possibly ss much as 10c
lower. All kinds of hogs felt the decline,
both light snd heavy. The choice hogs
sold up to to ), ss against 1636, the top
yesterday. It is a noteworthy fact thst
good hesvy hogs sr gradually crawling
upward and sr selling considerably closer
to good lights than wss the esse a short
time ago. Thl Is especially true of th
medium weights weighing between 260 and
176 pounda. Thus a load of choice hogs
averaging 167 sold a high aa 86.86 this
The market closed very elow and wetk
with prices generally 10c lower than yes
terdsy, other market reporting similar de
clines. 'Representative sales:
Ns. v sh, y. a,., at. S.
M 4t7 ... 1 ta ti I II t It
4. U4 ... I 40 t 141 ... 4 IS
67 Ill 40 t 44 Tl 117 H 111
tl Kit 14 IN II Ill ... I 14
10 Ill ... I 0 Tl 141 44 4 14
M Ml 110 I K) tt '...lit M t It
64 111 is 1 i m ... a 1
4 !M ... 145 Tl 44 114 I ll4
i 44 I H 71 H4 44 I IIV
14 t4 IN IN IT Ml ... 4 11
II Ill M 4 on If) I4T ... I II
17 1T 100 t 44 Tl 14 144 4 II
71 164 ... 4 4T II 144 49 I II '
I, 1 15 1M 4 W tl 444 1M lit"
11 Ill ... IM tl 161 ... t 14
! tU ... I WH TT lit 44 f M
4 171 44 I M Tl Ill ... I 86
IT HI 40 I 44 44 Wl ... 4 II
14 171 It I 04 44 MT ... 4 M
H 101 SO t Ot tl Kt 44 4 W
4 144 ... t 14
SHEEP Ther Is nothing Ilk heavy re
ceipts at this point to make a good mar
ket. - With sixty-two cars reported this
morning buyers, both for packing house
and for feeding purposes, were out early
and took hold In a hurry. The result
was that almost everything In ' sight
changed hands at an early hour.
Chicago was reported lower yesterday
and the early messages from that point
this morning Indlcsted a still further
break In values. Moreover, prices on
fat stuff at this point were already high
as compared with other markets and in
the natural course of events lower prices
might have been expected today. Ths
demand, however, was so good that in
stead of being lower th trade was active
and fully steady, with packers claiming
that some ot their purchases at least,
were considerably higher. The quality
of the offering"., as a rule, wss nothing
extra and there were no great number
of killer of any kind on sale.
Th great big bulk of th receipt con
sisted of feeding sheep and lambs, but
thsr were plenty of buyers In the yards
o that trad waa active, at steady to
strong prices, sellers meeting with no
difficulty In disposing of everything at
very satisfactory prlcea.
Quotations on kl.iers: Good to choice
lambs, 17.007.60; fair to good lambs. t.76
7.00; good to choice yearlings,;
fair to good yearlings, 4o.66iii6.7S; good to
choice wethers, 10.164(4.40; good o choloe
wes, S4.7dj$.10; fair to good ewes, 14.60
64 75.
Quotations . on feeders: Lambs, 86.76(9
t: yearlings, 16.256.76; wether. 14.1
6.S5; ewes, 11.6004-76; breeding swes,
5.0085.26. . .
Representative sales: '
No."4 Ar. Pt.
78 South Dakota lambs, cull
feeder 85 4 00
U7 South Dakota ewes, feeders. 71 4 60
8 South Dakota culls, feeders.. 34 4 00
71 South Dakota ewes, feeder.. 81 4 80
404 Idaho ewe , 104 4 90
160 South Dakota ewes, feeders.. 78 6 24
299 South Dakota awes, feeder.. 76 1 86
297 8. D. awes, feeder ylgs 63 1 10
176 Idaho wethers 86 1 81
171 South Dakota lambs, feeders M 1 14
21 South Dakota iambs, feeder 86 t 80
3 South Dakota lamb, feeder 6t (80
ltd Idaho lambs, feeders 67 6 60
lftS Idsho lambs, feeders (7 I 60
611 Idaho lambs, feeders 68 (60
87 Idaho ewes, feeders, 42 4 66
269 Wyoming wethers 113 1 26
164 Wyoming wether Ill ( 26
131 Idaho yearlings, feeder 86 (66
(3 Idaho lambs, feeders 47 ( 71
898 Wyoming Ismbs (I 7 00
Cattle Iteady, hat Slow Hogs rive to
Tea Ceata Lower.
CHICAGO, Bept. 13-CATTLERecelpti,
11.000 head. Market steady but slow; com
mon to prime steers, 13.7trfi6.80; cows, 12.70
24.76; heifers, 12.60rJT5.3t; bulls. 13.2644.(0;
calve, . 0006. 26; Blockers and feeder. (160
4 46.
HOGS Receipts, 20,000 head. Market tff
100 lower; choice to prim hesvy, 16.tOifI6.lo;
medium to good heavy. !6.0u.15; butcher
weight. (6.8Kf.46; good to choice mixed.
W.Of.flo-V; packing-, 16.40iff6.tO; pigs, It.stO
6.60. a
BHIiTEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 2,0M
head. Market for sheep steady, lamb 10(3
l&c lower: ehee", t4.60436.76; yearlings, 16.60
.; Iambs, to.60ft-7.fi6.
. gt. Lonls Live Stork Market.
ST. LOUIS. Mo., Sept. 73 CATTLE Re
ceipts, 9,500 head, including 1,000 Texans.
Market for natives, lower; Texans. steady;
native shipping and export steers, f 4 m
6.26; dressed beef and butcher steers, 12.76(9
(.00; steers under 1,000 lbs., (3. 600 4. 46; stock
ers and feeders, !2.00rr4.tS: cows and heifers,
xxiiu,ai. canncrs, l.oii'4.uu; DU1IS, &40.4
4.00; calves. 13.2U&4.60; Texss and Indian
steers, 13.0Wi4.10; cow and heifers, (2.00(3
160. .
HOOS Receipts. 8 608 head. Market
stesdy; pigs snd lights. !6.00r.4S packers.
16 00rh4.49; butcher and best heavy, 16.3&9
'IsHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 1000
head. Market steady; native muttons, 43.00
65.76: lambs. tl.OtXjjl 66; culls and bucks,
14.0094.60; stockers, 12.76ff4.AO.
Kansas CHr Live Stock Market.
ceipts, 17,000 head. Including 1,000 southerns;
msrkst stesdy and actlvs; choice export
and dressed beef steers, 15.toifr4.6o; fslr to
rood, (38.9660; weatern fed steers, 13.600
36; stockers snd feeders, I2.6M4.76; south
ern steers, t2.754tn.90; Southern cows, 11.80
es 78: native cows, tJ.toftS.Tt; native heif
ers, 12..&fi.l6; bulls, le.l64.26i calve, HfS
trt IS.
HoaS Reoelpta. (.500 head; market
steady to 6c lower; top, 16 42V4:' bulk of
ales. 16.1K$.36; heavy. 16.1' 4 2?H: pack
ers. 84 16; pigs and llirhts. 19 30CT4.42H.
SHKEP AND LAMBfl-Recelpts. 7,600
head: market strong to lOo higher; Ismbs,
(ti.0ti7 65; sheep nnl yearllnks. 14.7Ml.40;
weatern sheep, U.Vi&T.'A; western year
lings 4.o&5.ffi; etocker and feeders,
took la right.
Receipt of live stock at lh sis principal
weatern markets yesterday were fol
Cttfle. Ho'l. She.
,. Wl Ion IT.fJrw
South Omaha
Sioux Citv ...
Kii City .
St. Joaenh ....
St Louis ,
Chicago t
' Totals
r '60
s.rcs 7to
(.41 IT
zoo t.oo
r.O0 Jttn
M 051 to, in a,w
love -4e t,ve. teek MrW4.
SIOUX CITY. ta.. Sept. ll.-(8rcla Tle.
grav) CATTIE-necelnts, l,a) head;
market steed vt stackers. wk: bevea
14 OOfitOO: cowa. bulla and m'xed. l',fre
4.00; stockers and teees, 13 104 25: calves
ll vearMnga. tJ!.rrrt 50. .
HOOS Receipt 4. tifO head: "via'ket
stead v tq we-: exiling at ('agt 10; bulk
tf eiie- 15 818 00,
SHEEP ANT' f.AMBS-Recelpts. 50
hend; market stesdy.
1 rows..... 840 1 m
.. jTna
.. 8 6M
.. vn
t. Jeeep live Steak Market.
ST. JOSEPH. Mo., Sept. 18 CATTLE
Receipts. .6f4 head. Market , stesdy to 10c
lower; natives. 84.10; rows and heifers, (2.00
443 76: atockers and feeders. U 604.00.
HOGS Receipts. 6.477 head. Market
steady to to lowert light, 6..4!W, bulk
Of sales. K.Or.r? 30.
illP AND LAMBS Receipts, 1,(71
head. Market Heady; Ismbs, 17 60: year,
lings, 86.00; wethers, tt 6a; ewes, (l ei.
Staple aad riser Predaee., .
EGGS F-er do., 18. , ,
LIVE POL'L'I H v Hons, IViSlOei roosters, ,
tr; tuikrs. IMilJc; . duL-ks, ..'. apitng
ehli-kens, 10SAllVc.
Ul'TlKK-facking stock, lVfJlHe: choice
fancy dairy, Kfellvc; creamery, CUMo.
HAY.-rrirea aiinlea riv itn..,ia eed rem
pany: Choice upland. (160; medium. tt-OOJ
coarse. tYOotil ttl. Rye straw, t.el i.CA
BRAN Per ton, 115.00. , .
SWEET POT A TO KH Per bbl., H-00,
VOMAIOKS Home grown, per basket 4v!
90 Itve . 160360.
WAX BKAVk Pr snatket . basket l
bout 11 lb., 860,
bu., 760.
LEAF LETTUCE -Hothose. get 0,
heart. 10c.
CELEItY Per dos . 2(4l40o. .
Cl'CUMHICHS-Honi gtowa, per dotv.
t)NIONS - Horn grown. IHo Pr lb. J
Spanlah, 11.76 per oral. 1
GREEN ONIONS Per do, bunche. U.
RA DISH K8 Per do bunches, 1610.
?AVY BEANS Per bu., iao. 8. 11.7
IMA BEANS Per lb.. Vie
GREEN PEPPERS Per market bask m
PARSLEY-Hothous. per dos. buaobee.
CABBAGE Horn grown, per lb., laiO.
EUO l'LANT Per dot . lao.
POTATOES-Per bu,, 86a.
ORANGES Valencies, according t l
LEMONS Umonlera. extra taney, let
slse, 14.00; 800 sise, (9.60; 360 Ms. 19A0; Other
brsnda. (1.00 lesa
BANANAS Per medlum-slaed huACa
U :1.; jumbos. 12 W434.0.
DATES Per lb (43itt& ' ,
PEACHES Colorado, T5Q90C: Missouri,
per t-basket crate, (l.OOajl.26; California Sal
ways, per box, 860.
PLUMS California, .J01.7; Orgo
Italian prunes, 11.26.
PEARS Bartlett, per Lo: P 16.
GRAPES-Mom grown, fer -lt basket.
tie: Tokay. (1 76.
APPLES-Per obi., (10031(0. ' .
CRAN BERRIES Per bbl., (6.00.
WATERMELONS Per lb., 1710, OT
bout HtdMo each.
CANTELOUPES Colorado and Artsona,
Kir crat (atandard). II. 763.00; ponies, (Law,
ockyford atsndsrds. 13.64,
No. 1 ribs, 12c; No. 1 ribs, 9c; No. ( rib.
(Vc; No. 1 loin, 15V; No. 1 loin, 13c; No. 1
loin, (c; No. 1 chuck, (c; No. 8 chuck. 4c:
No. 8 chuck. lc; No. I round, (c; No. 1
round. 7c; No. I round, IHo: No. 1 plat,
1c; No. 1 plate, Hie; No. 1 plate, 1c
SUGAR Granulated cane. In sacks, 16.411
granulated beet, in sacks, 16. 1 L
CHEESE Swiss, new, 16c; Wisconsin
brick, 14Ho; Wisconsin llmberger, Uo;
twins, 14c; young Amsrkcans. lbo.
COFFKE Hoastsd, No. an, etVaa per lb, I
No. 20Hc per Ib.i No. 26. lV,o per llvi No.
10. UVko per b. Np. , lStae per lb. -NL'i'S
Pecan, large, pr lb., 18a; small,
per lb., He. Tlmonds, soft shells, per lb.,
lie; hard shells, per lb., 13jl4o. Cocoa
nuts, (4 .00 per sack of 100.
SYRUP lu bblavv 27o per gal. I la eases,
1 10-lb. cans, 11.70; eases, li (-lb. oaos, UAx;
cases, 24 W-lb cans, 11.81,
HONEY Par 14 frames, (XsO.
CANNED 0 KjDrJ Corn, atandard woet
em. (t47oci Main. Il ls- Tomato, 1-lh. ,
cans, 1100; 8-lb.. 87Vc43(l.OO. PI nee p
ples grifo l-ib..; siloed, tl.tvf
130: gallon apples, fancy, 12.66; California
apricots, ll.SOtiiX; pears, (1.763.(0; peaches,
fancy. tl.76tt.40; it. C. pescnes, v3i.
Alaska salmon, red. 11 K: fancy Chinook, F,
1210; fsncy sockeye. K., IjJ; erOinos, H
011. 1176; 4 mustsrd, (1.00. Sweet po
taines, 41.1 atl.ts- aaurrkraut. 11.04; pump,
kins, (OorJLOO; wax beans. 1-1 b. 5yi
lima beans. !-lb.. T6ci41.86; splnseh. Tl 81
rhene peas, 3-Ib., 60c; estra, ,uavc; fajwry,
tl 1HT1 76-
CURED FIBH Family whltsflab. pef
cuarter bbl., 100 lbs.. 84.00: Norway msek
sreU No. 1. 1 00: No. 1 826.00; No. 6, 830.00:
Irish, No. 1, 116 00: herring. In bbls,. 808 I be.
each, Norway, 4k. (11 00: Norway, Ik. (U.80
Holland, mlasd, 1U.00; Holland herring, g
kegs, milkers. 80c: kegs, mixed. 704.
FISH Buffalo. !rg (Jrsased. (c; trout,
medium or large, dressed, lie; pik. draaaed.
lie; halibut, fin stock, lie: catfish, dressed,
l&c; bullheads, dressed and skinned, lte;
whit perch, dressed, (o; orappies, target
ltc; sunfiah, pan slse, 6c; whit baa, extra
choice, 12o; pickerel, to; salmon, Chinook,
lie; whit Ash (frossn), 12c; mackerel
(Spanish) ,16o; natlv. per flsh, llc;
codfish, fresh frosen, 12o; flounder, freab,
frosen, 11c: blueflsh, fresh frosen, 15c;
haddock, Jresh frosen, 10c : red snapper,
dreessd, lice smelts, . No.j 1, per- lb., llo;
lobsters, (boiled), per lb.. 40c; green, r?o
eel. per lb., lie; frog legs, per dos., 36c;
roe shsd, 11 each; shad roe, alr, ti.
1I7DKS AND TALLOW Green Baited.
No. 1, UMe; No. 1 12Hoi bull hides. ttJlOoj
green 1
hides. No. L 1)440! No. 1 I0c: hsrsa,
I.U; sheep pe't. aOoCll.ti. Tallow
4c; No. L o. ,
gOUle-rir ID.. tso2Xs
Cettoa Market.
closed quiet at ( point decline; middling
uplands, 8.7&o; middling gulf, 10.00c; sales,
238 bales.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Sept. 18,-COTTON-Qulet;
middling, 8c; sales, nons; receipts.
8 bales; shipments, ( pales; stock, 11,561
quiet, prices 4 point higher; American
middling fair, 8.14d; good middling, (.d:
middling, (62d; low middling. (.61; good
ordinary, (.Ukl; ordinary. 4.92d. Ths sale
of the day were (,000 bale, of which (00
were for speculstlon snd export and In
cluded (.100 American; receipts, 8,000 bales.
Including 600 American. ,
NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 11-420TT02
Spot closed firm; ssles, 4.100 bales', low or
dlnary, (l-16c, nominal; ordinary, 6 t-ltio.
nominal; good ordinary, 77ec; low middling,
81-16c; middling. 6(-16o; good middling.
8 8-16c; middling fair, 1 16-16c, nominal; fair,
10 6- 16c. nominal; receipt, 1,66 bale, stock,
tt.Mt bale. . .
Oil aad Reela.
NPW TORK. Sept. ll-OILV-CMtonsed,
steady; prim crude, f. o. b mills. 24 H
tfc: prime yellow, 38c. Petroleum,
stesdy; refined New York, 60c: Phtlads.
phla and Baltimore, 17.46; Philadelphia and
Baltimore. In bulk, (4J6. Turpentfn. easy
ROSIN Firm; (trained, common to good,
(4 10
OIL CITY, Sept. 18.-OIL Credit bal
ances, 1161; shipment. 11,081 bbls.; avsr
age, 84. l2 bbls.; runs, 183,710 bbl.; arr-
Savannah-oa.. Sept. h-tttrpem.
TINE -Firm, 61 o. '
n..'-.cTr r .. , 1 1 . A TJ m r V. rffV W ' T.
(S.90, B, 14 Of 34 07!; G. 84.10J4 15; Q, (4 le
T H, K10w4.; I. (4 16; K. (4.16: M, (.;
n.; w. a. (6.00: w. w 16.40..
.Dry Goods Market. .
market today wa quiet. Cotton yarn
wer In te ady demand, but price were Ir
regular. The export trad wa -quick, th
Cuban trade for th nason being demoral
ised. Heavy good solid for Immediate de
livery, but were not being called for freely
n contract. Th Irrmortant feat tree of th
market was th bidding for wide print
clot'ns for delivery tn January. February
and March.
Sever aad Mntaase.
NEW YORK, Sept. 18.-UOAR-nmi
fair refining. 33.0: centrifugal, 98 test,
4ic; molasses sugar. IV.ritVc, Refined,
flrin: No. 6. 4 60c: No. 7. 4 45c; No. 6, (4Uc;
No. . 4.3fio; No. W. 4.26c: No. 11. Alto; No.
11. 4.16c; No. 13. 4.10c; No. 14. 4.05ct eonfec
tinners' A. 4.80c: mould A, 6.36c: CVt loaf
and crushed. ( JOc; powdered, (.IDC! granu
Itited. tro-i rules. 8.20c. t
MOLASSES Steady; New Orleent. Ope
kettle, good to choice. SOi&Mc. . .
EvneeratenT Applee and Dried Frwlts.
A PPLR8 Market continue quiet, wllh th
beat supplies available from th old crop
commanding loailc. New crop, stats. In
roses, sr quoted st New crop,
southwestern.-In bee. 44Jf6c.
re easy on spot snttclustlon of new crop
deliveries, with quotations ranging from
6He to according (o grade.
Clara 8. Kounts and husband to Hsn
r,aita tt. Carter, kl a, block 10. " '
Highland Place , I LIDO
Jaint Kicharueun snd wife to Alice
C. Ullwortb, lot 14, block T, HUlstd. -add
, ...-.'. !(
Juu M. Cobry, guardian, to Delbert i,
C. Johnson, w32 fret ef est feet lot'.
17 and 18, block 1)1 South Omaha..
Frank Koutsky to L. A. Dunn, lot 4, ""-
suudlv. of lot 7 and 8. Wock 8A ':
South Oiuihi LMM
Wladysiaw Kalamaja and wife to Al- ;
bert Uoehhk. lot 8. block 10, tunvt -mlt
add LIS)
Emma 11. York to Carlton D. Hutch
iueon, lot 17, block L Mount D'u4- -, -
1. . 4
Joseph Koutsky and wife et si. to
Kiank Koutsky. lots 10 snd 11, block' ",
50. 1st add. to South Omaha i...., I
Fred C. Haver and wlf to Barthokvt
mew J. ScanneU. lot 16, block 1,
Stevens place jro
Totals I li