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    Telephone Douglas 118.
Simplified Storekeeping.
When simplified storekeeping comes in high prices go out. Sim
plified storekeeping simply means: t. K
Buying for Csh, r ' Selling for Cash,.
Paying no Commission. '' Makinf no Concessions
Tkat all may not thsLrc.
Simpijfied storekeeping! : Thompson, Belden & Company have
been Mbing it for twenty years. ,
Fall Weight Underwear for
?.V,' .'Men..-
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weight for now.. Prlf, II' per garment..
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ood record, letr.l Of flrat Importance,
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Note: Sample wlirtie mailed to our out-
f-town customer.
, r
In the water,, waa one coach with juat the
top a font Vf' twoy iibov the surface. I
could see four persons on top ol the car. 1
was helpless to.' Assist. Suddenly a large
piece of driftwood bruahed them off the
coach anJi the' next Instant they had gone
down." K,r ,V
v? ; . ,
Dlplomate nnd. Warrior Have Serlau
Dtffarenee la Regard to -i'-
f-afe of Manchuria.
VICTjpfA; B. C, Sept. 18. The ateamer
'Empress tt -India, which arrived yester
day finti," tne, orient, brought: news of
serious .dlfrerfnces.fh. the Japanese cabinet
regarding. Japan's actfon Jn Manchuria. '
Vleeount tya'shl. formerly" minister to
Great BrffanJ," 'tealgriAd i the ' post . of for-:
elgn minister In" PieYiilit Batonlji's cab
inet because of tbaatlon i&ken regard
ing th South Manchurlan railway .system
whfch Japan took over aa a .government
concern. Japaneaq' ' veraacujar.. . paper
pointed out that (the Qoarrel la really, a
fight between dlploHiacy., bead by Vlaoount
Hayaabl, and militarism', headed by Mar
quis Tamagata. The military section op
poaes the opening of Manchuria and,
ranorevet. --wishes, tsi control the Manchurlan
..railroad; 11 1 strategy line,- while the dip-.
Torhatlo ttA-tloft lias 'declared for th open
ing of. Manchuria and sank .to subor
dinate 'mflitarlam whit fighting for ' the
.commercial '.development by Japan of
. southern.. Manchuria. The military sec
tion, , which -sought to appoint the late
Field, Marshal Kodama In charge of the
Manchurlan railway system, seeks to ap
point a military advlaer who would In ef
fect control the line. It waa In protest
'to, this 'arrangement that Viscount Hay
ashl resigned.
' One Tvklo paper , point out the effort
of - the- military section haa more than
one occasioned relations, of more or leaa
unsatlafartory, . character with America
and England regarding Manchuria.
Head of St.' Loale World's Fair Pro-
.. seals Last o Medala to
' Kfacs.
''PARIS, Sept.' 18. David ' R. Francis of
th Louisiana Purchase exposition, arrived
her; today from Brussels, where he pre
sented the St. Louis exposition medal and
diploma' to' King Leopold. '
Ths i mission abroad of Mr. Francla la
thus completed and h (a excee'dlngly gran
ted at' the' reception accorded . him by the
vartou "Vowned 'head whom h visited.
Mr-'.FrancIs will leave Cherbourg tomorrow
on board th Kron'Prln William.- ''
t Mr Praacls la watching th ' political
development1 In - the Vnlted Statee with
keen Interest. He told th Asaoclated Press
. today that jn hi opinion th party advocat
ing .government ' ownership of. railroads
.wouUf.te. defeated In 1M. He was glad,
.therefor, ' to sea that '.William J. Bryan
jn his, Loulavfll speech had disclaimed tb
' Intaoflon of trying-to oramlt the dento-
. craCy 1 that dootrlne.. .
' -
. , If yon' hare anything to trade advertise
4t In th For Exchange t column of , The
Be Want Ad pag. P . ,
"i lii)" ' ' ' -
Life Assurance
"Strongest In
The following letter will prove of interest to all who may
-,'tV .carry or are thinlring of taking out insurance.
Mrlyll. P. JKeely, Manager,
" -Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U S.
' Omaha, Neb. .
ily Dear Sir: . :. ,, . ' , ; . ;
I-,ani..glad to acknowledge "receipt of youf Society's
cheeky paying tlie claim presented td your office, in Omaha,
Septnber 12, 1906, on policies on the life of. jriy father," the
late Hon- Kdward Rosewater. - ' -
My father's life was insured 'for $21)499.00 in four
teen different companies, the largest ' amount in' Any, one
cco'mpany being held in the. Equitable, and you have made
good your assertion that the Equitable would be' the first
to pay any money to the estate.
Tlianking you in behalf of all the family and executors
"for the prompt manner in which you have made the settle
pient, I remain, Yours Very Truly, '
" ' ' VICTOR ROSEWATER, Executor." -
II. D.5 NEELY, Manager lor JVcbraska.
. 482-3-5 Merchants' National Bank Eldg.. Omaha, Neb:
The Opening of Our Millinery;
Department. j
- In suite of the dlaaareeable weather thfll
opening haa been a great euccec. The trip
la worth your while, aa the new autumn
styles re certainly beautiful. Our allow
ing of the neWeet atylea flrat, 'and at eco
nomical prices, ha won. lor us the repu
tation of leadera In thia line. This flrat
faahlon ahow la a notable .event.- Tou are
moat heartily Invited to be our gueat dur
ing thla opening week. .
Second floor? ; ' i : -.,
New Sweaters at Children's
; Department.
Pretty, new atylea for fall. are here, now
awaiting your seeing and choosing. ' '
Peter Pan blouae No. 161 la a handaoma,
all-around garment for boy and girla be
tween the ages of 2 and 12; knitted In hand
some etltch and la made for service; - col
or, -white, navy, cardinal, maroon and o
foid; pretty brass buttons are used. Price,
$2.00. ... i -
Pastime blourfe No. 181 Is one of the moat
popular numbers for boya and glrla be
Open Saturday Evenings.
Howard Street, Corner Sixteenth
Netcotifttioni Between Government an
Insurgents Almoit at Standstill
Both ' Bide Wlik to Hits Plan
Read to Submit to Secretary
Taft on HI Arrival
HAVANA. Rent. 18 Notwlthstandlna
. . . i, ; r. "
Some appearances of activity; no dclelvj
progress waa made today In the peace n
gotlatlona. A few peace-aeekera went west
ward in automobiles with the Idea of reach.
Itig and conferring with Pino Guerra, th
Insurgent leader In Plnar del Rio province,
and othera visited Loynai del Castillo, the
commander of ths Insurgent forces In Ha
vana province, but the only definite thing
reported la that the Insurgents In the field
are' hot willing to enter on negotiations un
til all the conspiracy prlanners ahall have
been released. While It Is poaaoble that
those most highly responsible may wchr
basia of agreement In time' to present It to
Secretary of War Taft' 'ahd Assist ant -Secretary
of ' State ' Bacon. ' when they land
hers tomorrow, there la nothing to ahow
that auch a bast haa been reached as yet
and there I every evidence that If If has
been reached It will not be accepted. by the
I Insurgent following..
I Considerable earnestness haa been ahown
by some of th leadera looking lowards a
' settlement upon acceptable terma, but oth
ers, and notably ao among the moderates,
appear to be satisfied to let the raae rest
a It la until It can be adjudicated by Pres
ident Roosevelt' representatives.
The liberal are more anxious to place
themaelvea In a position which may be
considered at leaat equally a strong as
that of the government and eoneequently
they are more persistently active.
General Menoeal. th chief of the veter
ana' peace commission, stated t othe As
sociated Press tonight that the Important
part of hla mission waa ended when h
brought th leaders together. The liberals
feel that they accomplished something In
procuring the release of ths alleged con
splrttnrs more recently arrested and In In
ducing a cessation of hostilities. Part of
their leaders also remark on the fact that
the cessation of hostilities was the act of
the government.
Fight Sear Loa Palaelwe.
Alfred Zayas, president of th liberal
party, Informa the Associated Press that
Colonel Avaloa, with 509 mounted men, at
tacked a rebel fore under Pino Guerra
yesterday near Los Palaclos In Plnar del
Rio province. -The rebels' had ana man
killed and two wounded.- The government
soldiers had eighteen killed and thirty
wounded. A second attack waa about to
begin when Ouerra'a brother, In ths ca.
pacity of peacemaker, arrived from Ha
vana and urged. an armletlce, which was
speedily arranged.
The official repert of this engagement
aays a party of Querra's men cam to Los
Palaclos and sent In emissaries with an
the World."
B, September IS, 1101.
tween the ages of I and 12 years. It la an
absolutely practical garment for hard wear
In school or at play. Comes In white, navy
and cardinal, with brass buttons.'. Price,
12.50 each. . v ' "
Plain-knitted sweaters, either for hoys or
glrla; colora red, navy and white.. Price,
14.60 each. . ... ; .-.,. . ....
Main floor. . ; . . . . t. , . .
Free Lessons; Art Embroidery;
. . . . . - V
Mlaa Steehstrup, .our ekpert needle aftletf
gives free Instructions to fancy work every
day from 2 to I p. m. All ihe newest and
latest stitches are taught. Materlala must
b purchaaed here.
Investigate This.
Form the habit of making your money
work for you; visit the deposit a ccount de
part men t on the balcony; depoalt aa much
or as, little aa.-you. please. You buy lor
cash-here .and the money that, you have
work for you and earna Intereat. Thla la
the secret-, of success, recommended by
Thompson, Delden Co..
Iter lo aurrendcr. - Befor an answer could
e given the town waa attacked. Th ninety
nllltlamen guarding the town fell back,
.tMvIng aome dead add prlsonera. The
.naurgents were finally dispersed by Colonel
Avaloa' force. . Many depredations were
committed by the Insurgents In the town.
Of the militiamen three are dead and three
wounded, and of the townspeople one la
dead and two are wounded. Among the
prisoners are thlrty-slx' militiamen.
- Report from Sleeper Held Vp.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 'IS. Acting Secre
tary nf State Adee received a dispatch from
Mr. Sleeper, American charge at Havana,
concerning the situation on the Island, but
In view of the prospective arrival In Ha
vana of Secrftary Taft and party tomor
row morning, th contents of the dispatch
were not diecloaed. s. -;..,..
It la believed to have dealt toward the
attitude of the Cuban government and the
Inaurgenta toward the - American officials
and the consideration to be given their
mission., f,.,
1Jl not known here, trhat course Secre
tary Tsft and Mr. "Bacon will puraue on
their arrival In Havana. . .
Marine leaded ft ' Cieafaeaos.
Commander Fullam of the gunboat Mari
etta cabled the Navy department today
that the landing force veema to have ovea
awed the Insurgents -and that -tker Is at
present no anticipation of further destruc
tion "of property, Commander Fullam has
13) 'bluejackets on the Marietta, 160 on trie
Dixie, and 300 marines. Information was
received at th State department late to
day from M. R. Spellman of the Colonial
Cuban company at New York that he had
been advlaed of the destruction this morn
ing of the Esperansa sugar estate, near
Clenfuegoa, Cuba. The estate was burned
by Colonel Collada and a band of Insur
gents. It la not known whether Colonel
Collada waa unaware of the suapenalon of
hostilities or merely waa "acting aa an out
law. The Esperansa esttae la not far from
the Conatantla estate, which waa reported
to have been destroyed several daya ago.
The Insurgent have been particularly
active In ths vicinity of Clenfuegoa and are
reported to have destroyed considerable
property. Official advice concerning the
burning of big plantations which have been
reported from time to time are lacking,
' Some question has arisen over ths 'con
tents of Mr. Spellman's dispatch and It la
poaelble that he refera to the eame planta
tion mentioned in Commander Fullem'a die
patch received by the Navy department late
yesterday afternoon.
All of the ahlp of the navy deatlned for
Cuba at preaent are on the ea and It Is
expected they will constitute a. sufficient
fores unlea pear plan fail and Inter
vention becomes neceaaary,
. It la understood that the navy will send
a supply ahlp with food and a collier to
. All Qatet ta Havana.
Commander Colwell of the cruiser Denver
cabled the Navy department today from
Havana, saying that things were quieting
generally and the leaders were diseueelng
peace term.
Oeneral Frederick Funaton, who la now
on his way to Washington under order
from th War department, will probably
be assigned to command the army In Cuba,
If Intervention should be found necessary.
Whils orders have not been lsaued for ths
movement of troops te Cuba, th army wa
never better prepared for quick action. If
It la found necessary to send troop to
Oeneral Funston Is probably as well in
formed regarding conditions In the Island
as any general officer in the army. Hs mad
a good reputation In the Philippine and
only aifew months ago be attracted atten
tion by ths manner In which he handled
th difficult situation growing out of ths
employment of troops In San Francisco
after th earthquake. Th fact that he is
under orders to com to Washington and
await further Inatructlona Indicate that hs
Is "wanted for further Important duty.
Minneapolis Goes Caba.
PHILADELPHIA, Sept. Il.-Th big triple
screw cruiser Minneapolis, with ITS marines
snd a Urge quantity of ammunition and
other supplies on board, alld from th
Lreagu Island navy yard today for Cuba.
Th Minneapolis arrived her last week
and waa being placed out of commission
when rush ordera were received from
Waahlngton to Immediately prepare the
cruiser for sea. . At th earn time marine
were ordered her from Boston, Brooklyn,
Minneapolis, Washington' and Norfolk and
they went aboard the Minneapolis yester
day. Captain , Flake declined to say to
what particular Cuban port" h had been
ordered. , "
Utbaalaa Canal Meetlaa Delayed. '
WASHINGTON. Sept. ll.-Tb nxt meet
ing of th Isthmian Canal commission Is
scheduled for October 1 on th lathmua of
Panama, but th meeting my be deferred
until November, at th tlm th president
maka hi visit. Chairman Shont intends
to go to th Isthmus with ths president or
will be ther at th time, and If the meet,
ing Is deferred ha will not be obliged to
luak two trU. - --
Inline that Futmctr and rrtlcht BsrTio
M ait On Tils Bail.
Featc Ksplrea Within Three Day
Settee (VsM(t Is Jelat
WASHINGTON. Sept. 11 In an opinion
rendered September IS. but msde public
tody," the Interstate Commerce commis
sion take Important action In construing
the application of the new railroad rite
law and providing general rules applying
to Joint tariff rates on new line and to
commutation, mlen(V uj- excursion ratea.
The decision In fuIV 'a a follows;
The Interstate t'ommrree commission. In
nser to numsrntia inqulde from rallrond
officials and other1 Jntereeted persons, and
for the mirnnse rtr -lfc-ln Knmlnl.tmiu.
cnhructlMl to certain: prnvlslona of the
arhended act to reaulal commerce which
-became-; efiectlve on -August :'8, vm, an-
iiuui cm . -Tije following rulings:
' "Payment "for Transportation Nothing
but money cVn be law(uljy received or ac-
Jejvted in payment for transportation ub
ect to the act;Whetlr 'of passengers or
property.. r for slv ervlr in connection
therewith, It belfig i Keptrilnn of the com
mission - mat tne- promoiuon aranut
charging or collecting a greater br less or
different compensation than the established
ratee In effect at the time precludes the ac
ceptance of sen-Ices, propertv or other
payment In lieu of money epeVAed In the
published echedulea.
"Notice of Changes In Rates-Where two
or more connecting carriers establish a
Joint rate which la less or greater than
the aum of their local rates, auch Joint i
rate is a civangc or ratea and requires a
notice of thirty daya. In such case the
Joint rate when duly established and In
foroc becomes the only lawful rat for
through transportation.
"Nw Rosrus on new line tf road. In
cluding branches and extensions of exist'
Ing roads, ratea may be established In first
Instance and also Joint rates to and from
points on such new line without notice, on
posting a tariff of such ratea and filing the.
same with the oommlsslon.
Exearaion Ratea.
"Round Trip Excursion Rates It la the
opinion of the commission that the ptd
vislnna of the amended sixth section In
respect to the publishing, filing and posting
of tariffs- apply to the milengo, excursion
and commutation ratea authorised by the
twenty-second section. Such a rate when
first established or offered la held to be a
change of rates, which require a notice
of thirty daya. No reason appeara why thla
Ootlce should jiot be given in the case of
mileage ratea, commutation rales, . round
trip ratea or other reduced fates, which,
like ordinary .passenger rates, are estab
lished for an Indefinite period and appear
to be a matter of permanent policy. Strictly
excursion ratea, however, covering a named
and limited period, are of a dlTrent char
acter In thla regard and may properly be
estnbllahed on much shorter notice.''
To avoid' the necessity for apeclal applica
tion in eaaee of thla kind the' commission
ha made general order fixing the fol
lowing named time of notice for round
trip excursion ratea, and carriers may gov
ern themselves accordingly:
"Rates for an excursion limited to a des
ignated period of not more than three days
may be established without further notice
upon posting a tariff one day In advance
In two public and conspicuous placea In
the waiting room of the stations where
the tickets for such excursion. are sold and
mailing a copy thereof to the commission.
"Ratea for .an exotirelon limited to a
dertpneted pclud f rhortt' than three daya
and "not '. mora : thwWrty day may- be
establiahed uDon a notice of three day In
plac of the thirty daya' notice otherwise
required by the amended stath section.
'Rates for an excursion limited to a des
ignated peilod exceeding thirty daya will
require the statutory notice unlea shorter
time I allowed In special case by th
pomrnlsBlon." ":
W'llsoa Annoaare Regalatloa 'for
Enforcing; Inspection Law.
WASHINGTON. Sept. U.-8ecretary Wll-
gon-'todny - rOmrolaaled - the - . regulations-
yndsrjthe new, niat , lnpcltlon law, gov
erning in transportation oi meat in inter
state and foreign Icommerce. There are
eight amendment q the "regulation al
ready In force and these hav to do with
Interstate transportation, inspected meat
and product, exempted meat, meat of
fered for transportation by farmsrs and
the restrictions upon "common In certain
The1 new regulations are 'embraced In a
six-page circular' Which describes the
products coming within their scope as car
cames, parts of carcasses' and meat food
products of cattle, eheep, awlne and goats.
A "meat food product" Is held to be any
article Intended for. human conaumptlon
which la derived or prepared from any por
tion of the carcaaa of cattle, sheep, swlhs
or gosts, snd which, when eaten. Is capa
ble of supplying nourishment or energy
to the human body, or of repairing bodily
waste. ' It la expressly declared, however,
that a' mixture of which meat la an In
gredient will not -be ' considered a food
product unless the' meat contained therein
IS a definite and considerable portion of
th said mixture.
"But," It Is stated, '.'when such a mixture
Is prepared In an establishment where In
spection la maintained, the sanitation of
that portion of the establishment In which
the aaid mixture Is prepared will b super
vised by the department, and th meat or
food product which enter the mixture will
be inspected before, It enter th mixture.
Th mixture will . not, b officially labeled
Mixtures such as mine, meats, soups, etc.,
whfch come under , this . ruling and which
Orapa-Vnt AooeatpUsae Want Ooeaa
Travel ama Kedlola Oeula Wo.
Ifs not what you eat, but what you di
gest that give strength.
Many a man drag around year after
year half dead because hi food Is not
digested, and he take flrat on kind of
medicine and'then- another, without re
liefbecause medicine -cannot tak tha
place of well dlgeated food, and never
Olve nature a fair chance, a a promi
nent German-American of Chicago did.
and If you're In a bad Hi from stomach
troubl read what hs say and try it on.
"About a year ago," h writ, "I wa
afflicted with stomach trouble, which so
enfeebled m I had to quit work. I grew
o lean I wa merely akin and bones.
"I had th advice of six different doc
tors and two college profeor. On
thought I had cancer 6f th atomach, an
other advised a chang of climate snd
recommended ocean .travel. I decided to
follow this last and went abroad for
three month.
'But my health became wore and worn,
Th Uaat amount of food caused m
awful pain, and I obtained relief only by
having my atomach pumped out. .
'Nothing- did m any good. Soon I could
tak no food at all except atralnd oat
meal; then a time cam when I could not
van tak that. I lott courage and pre
pared myaelf to die. At that tiro my
wlf brought m a package of . Grape
Nut, but I had no confidence In anything
any longer. . .
8he finally perauaded m to taata a f w
spoonfuls of tha new food, and to my sur
prise I retained It and had no distress.
That mads me feel fin and encouraged to
make another trial for life- For vr4
month I at nothing 1 avery day a
bowl of Grapa-Nuta with cresm. and tu
I regained my health, my old-time weight
and am now as well as ever. I could not
live without Grape-Nut.", Nam given by
Post urn Co., Battle Creek. Mich.
"There' a reason. .Read the littla book.
"Th Road to Wellvlll,'' in'pkg.
SEPTEMBER 19, 1901?.
re not officially labeled ar allowed In
Interstate and foreign rornmerce without
Inspection and without certlflcatea. subject
to th provisions and requirements of th
pure food law and th regulations made
thereunder. "-
Th regulations further hold that prod
uct uch a meat Juice, meat extract, etc..
Which r Intended. nd ued only for medl.
cal purpose and which are advertised only
to the mrdical profession ar not meat
food product.
The regulatlnna are to become eff-ctlve
on and after Octobef 1 next, but shall net
apply to the contlnuoaa carriage of meat
r of meat food products which are In
transit on October I next.
Then follow the various regulations, re
quiting that no person, firm or corporation
shall receive for transportation or trans
port from one state or territory or the
restrict of Columbia any' carcass, meat
food product, etc, until a certiflcat la
made and furnished according to the sev
eral forms which the regulations prescribe.
These call for the most exact statements
of the name of the railroad to which the
shipment . le-.ofTered, the shipper, the con
signee, point of shipment, point of destina
tion, csr number and Initial and whethev
the establishment Is exempted, snd. if so.
Its' exempted number, whether the meat
sre inspected or uninspected. The regula
tions slao provide for the forwarding to
the chief of the bureau of animal Industry
of. dupTlcnte certificate In rase Where th
meats have been lupcted nnd the ship
ment placed In a railroad car. sealed by an
employe of the bureau. In these case it
Is not required that the meats shall be
marked "Inspected and passed." Duplicate
certlflcatea alao . are required In the case
of exempted meets and products, and shall
he senarate and apart from any waybill.
bill of lading or other form ordinarily uaed
In the shipment of meet. As to these latter
product the certificate must show that
"the eald meet or meat food producta are
sound, healthful, wholesome and fit fur
human food."
Farmers shipping meat must give a simi
lar certificate of purity and who1eomens,
duplicates to be sent to the depnrtment at
One of the principal regulations Is that
requiring that "all original certlflcatea de
livered to the common carrier aa required
In these regulations shall be retained nnd
filed by th Initial carrier In order that
they may be readily checked by thia de
partment In such manner as the secretary
of agriculture may from time 'to time pre
scribe.". ' - ' -
liable of Bessie, Qaeen of tha Ani
mal Family that X ome to
' . Fnll'Festrvnl.
Bessle.'one o the linnesee of the animal
clreua of the New Parker Arriusemnt com.
pany," which will be on the King's High
way this year. Is the mother of thre baby
Hons. Press Agent Fred J. Hollman, who
haa arrived In Omaha, has had word of the
birth of the Cubs from General Manager
Harry R. Raver at Yankton, 8.' D where
the show now Is.
Mr. Raver says one of the Cuba Is to be
named Ak, one Bar and the other Ben.
They will arrive fcn Omaha next Monday.
Mr. Hollman says they will Pe old enough
to le'av their mother's cage fdr short In
tervals and allow themselves to. be fondled
by the subjects, of Samson. ' ' .
Gould Diets, chairman of.tne parade
committee Of the Ak-Sar-Ban Board of
Governors,' reports th responses to his
Invitation to participate In the- l'nduat rial
parade aa most liberal. The prises offered
for this and' the flower parade are prov
ing ag extra 'inducement to ' make th
xhrbltdrii put; forth considerable effort
for1 something htee in the hope of winning
one -aC. tha- prtaea-vDecpratora ara; al
ready at work on om of the parades
and the1 preaent Indications ar .' these
psradei will surpass anything ever pulled
off In Omaha In that line,.
The committee having In charge th
Ak-8ar-Ben float parade ha requested
tht all th float men call at Lleben'
coatumlng eatabllshment and be fitted out
for th parade. There will be 100 men
on the floats and eighty horsemen.
Husband - Declares His Wife 'Waa
Iasaae When tha Asked for
Kaaper Suits, whoae wife brought ault
again st him for divorce after he had filed
an insanity complaint againat ner, haa
filed formal' objectlona to having her suit
heard. H declares shs was Insane when
she filed the petition and consequently It
should be dismissed. The Insanity board
after hearing the evidence decided Mr.
Suits wa Inaane, but not to a degree td
warrant her being placed In the asylum.
The commission recommended the ap
pointment of a guardian for her.
Charlea 8. Logan, a Florence merchant,
haa filed ault for divorce from Minnie 8.
Logan, alleging she ha a bad temper and
continually nag him and quarrel with
htm. Both hav been married before and
both hav children by th former union.
H say h refuses to do anything 'fur
him or hi child. He declare her action
cause him anguish of mind and makes it
almost , Impossible for him to attend to
business.. Ha offers to allow her th
custody of their Infant child.
Frank Will has secured a decree of
divorce from Florence Wllle on th
ground of extreme cruelty.
eventy-Flva Gvaaaate af ttata lal
verslty Attend Meeting at
CansaaaateUI C1as.
- Th Alumni Medical society of th Uni
versity of Nebraska, held Its fourth an
nual banquet and biennial gathering at
th Commercial club room Tuesday even
ing, beginning at ;0 o'clock. Ther
war abouut sevsnty-flv persons present,
most of tham from Nebraska.
Dr. A. M. Tlnley acted as toaatmaater
after the dinner had been aerved, . and
th following toasts war delivered: "On
Mor Year," J. F. Allen of Omaha, class
of 107; "Medical Education of th
Future," E. J. C. Sward of Oakland. Neb.,
class of 1SSI; "Th Price of B access." H.
M. McClanahan of Omaha; "The Uni
versity and th Medical School," Dean
Henry B. Ward of th Stat university,
and 'Th Modern Medical School," Palmar
Find lay of Omaha."
n. J. Tat-In.'
SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. ll.-R. J. Tobln.
on of th founder of th Hibernla bank
and I former president, died early today
after a lingering Illness. H formerly wa
a police commissioner and was on of th
best known cltlsens of Saa Francisco.
Chart W. Leaaaa.
SIOUX CITT, la.; Sept. 11. Charles W.
Lennon, local manager for Armour A Co.,
died at hi home her thla afternoon of
Bright' disease. He waa born In Ireland
and was M year' old.
Eddy Transferred ta Berlin.
WASHINGTON, Sept. II. floenrer F.
Eddy of Illinois, flrat secretary of h
American embassy at at. Petersburg, :ia
been transferred to a similar position In
th American embassy at Berlin, suc
ceeding H. P reive! podge tit Mut
O'Donahoe-Redmond-Horirtile Co.
Wish' to inform their many
friends and customers that they
have MOVED into THEIR
and will be ready for . BUSI
See Announcement Later
We respectfully invite you to consider our ad- -
' vantages. We pay 4 per cent interest on depos- -
its. Deposits may be withdrawn at any time.
All are protected by first mortgages on improved ,
x real estate, municipal bonds and warrants, and '
are absolutely gqod.
Write for more complete information on
banking by mail.
Linen Mesh
lm Underwear
chusetts, who has been appointed first
secretary of ' the . American embassy at
Second Klght of Band Concert Mora
Liberally Patronised Than
; ' (he Flrat.
A larger crowd greeted the Royal Ha-
wollan band at Its . performance Tuesday
night. Owing to. tha fact that some of
the stsge accessories did hot arrive To-
banl's masterpiece, "Tone Pictures of tha
Civil Wsr." was nOWglven, but th audi
ence was favored with a very entertaining
program, which Included' a number of
Hawaiian songs by Miss I-el Lehua and
the glee club.- and the young woman was
forced to respond with an encore.
Popular dance music waa played after
the regular , program and th audience
danced. Mlaa Lehua wa among those on
the floor.
Tobanl s composition will b rendered to
night. Friday night it will be given with
special accessories and the veterans of
the civil and Spanish wars and members
of the- Thurston Rifles . and th Omaha
Guards will take part.
; ,
sow on Plke'a Peak.
The elements evidently are planning to
do their part In making th Plk' Peak
centennial celebration which opens in this
city nit Monday a success. Last night
there wa a fall of from on to four ft
of, mow, th heaviest mow vr known
on Pike Peak during September. Snow
plows were . used today to open up th
Cog railroad-
t .Bars a4 Content.
KBOLA. In.. Scot. IT. (Special.) A barn
containing eighty ton of hay and agri
cultural lmplmnts on th premises of
William Duff, residing eight ml lea south
1 QQlIof fman House
or $2.50 per box of 50 all
this week.
Myers-Dillon Drug Co.,
16th a FARNAN STS.
Originator of selling 10c clgara for Sc
on wzti, Bicuino
Monday Even'g, Sept. 17
Acooaapaaiad by th Qle C... and
Matin at S-.30 Se.ry Afternoon, ex
cepting Moaday, Svsalug Conoarts
at S:l p. bb
Banoe Mosle aa Tn.edsy, Tkoisflay and
aUuday Ever In is after th
Kagwlar Concert.
rovuLAB raicssi sse est aoc
The Doctors Say:
Linen Mesh Underwear,
for Health
Kncipp Linen Mesh Underwear it the only fun
Linen Mesh Underwear obtainable.
OUARANTEB The maker empowers ua te replace wlthsut
question ny garment la th natural shad that doe net
glv satisfactory wear.
Corner 15th and nouglm. :
east of this city, was struck by UghtDlng
during the storm last night and was eon
sumed. Ther was an Insurance of $4,000
on the barn, but there wa none on th
hay. Th loss will reach $1500.
"Katy" Pa tat Shop.
SEJDALIA, Mo., Sept. U. Th paint h6
of the Missouri, Kansas A Texas railroad
burned her early today. Eleven cars .nnd
coaches. Including th prlvat cr of 7 P.
Allen, vice president and general, managei
of the company, were alao deatroyed. Th
loss is estimated at $100,000. The cause ef
the fire Is not known.
BOYD'Swcw.?. Mgrs
rrlday, ataturday Saturday . Matin
In farewell tour KOITl CKXBTO.
mi vBBrosMAjrozs -: "
Commsaciug Bandar Wight, gtapt. 3J
in iois nr hi ko.z.9.
Direct from Its great success Power" s
Theatre, Chicago.
Tonight All Weak
in tii AiiTAjt or ranasiur.
Price Night and Sunday ma line,
10c, 26c; Tuesday, Thursday and Sat
urday matinee. 10c, 2uc. ' '
Nst Week Tha fcedy ef Lyons.
Same Capacity Uualnaaa.
Tenigh Sill. '. Matinee Wednesday.
Lillian Mortimer 5 f
a Her X.aett Oosaedy Dram'
No Mother to Guide tier
A Mammoth Scanl VrodoeUoa ef
Aetna! Kappealaga. . .
Thursday XAV&OV'g) FAVTASMA.
"Phons Douglas 4M."
Every Night, Matlnae Thur.. fiat , Sua
Paul iipaooni, Jajdes Thornton, Water
bury Bros. A Tenny, Macart'a Dog and
Monkevs Lillian Ashley, liryan A Nacllue,
Chas. Ledcgsr and th Klnodrom.'
Price luc, Zoc. 60c. ; -
d ...
Sept. 15s 18, 17, 18. 19
Monday, Sept 17, Ladies' Day.
j Game Called 3:45,' ' -