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JJL U I 11 - X -1
Best in the Land
DyseU'a torn Oream Soda
. n rich, appetlxlng and re
frrshlng. Made) from rich
cream, pure and sweet
Kymp. the cholrst and be
fruits. When you patronlxe
our fountain you are getting
the very best that money
run buv. We couldn't mail
our sodas better If they cost
iia ten time mora -In the
Visit our cool and com
modious room.
1318 WHGLAH.
Witk a measurement fit.
Sorosis fitted ladies are al
ways that. We fit Sorosis
no other way never by
guess always by measure.
Many ladies regret, after
is too late, that they
bought patent leather shoes
(the brittle kind) when they
see that Sorosis Special at
$4.00, are in patent kid like
they must pay $5 and $5.50
for elsewhere.
Shoe Store
Frank Wilcox
203 South .Fifteenth Street
317 SouiMtfi. Street
Wlahaa to ennoanas that
formerly of Haydsa Bros.' millinery
department, has been incised as eales
lady, and wll) bo pleased to meet aJI
bar old friend and have them In
spect tha new fall stock of fin
millinery now on display.
J17 South Sixteenth Street
Oriental Rugs
Now are ready for inspection.
Beautiful Oriental Hugs. Bring
your friends with you.- Gel my
prices before you purchase else
216 McCajrue Building. Telephone
Douglas 5.127.
Respectfully yours, '
Kxptt't Itr-pairor and Cleaner.
.tloMten tbe hair, mous'.acbe or abutters
with Siioiiglit Hair Toaio lefore retiring,
the hair will be the proper color in the
morning. Kasilv applied, entirety harm
less; won't b off hor stain the linen.- One
liquid, no sediment.-no emelt, no sticki
nets. New preparation. Bold ly rljnijjjiste,
wkla! retail. Lue v" V) cents,
or express-prepaid, thirty A f Hamps.
'e-t wnl1. W-M refunds J ti 1 li s,
SSO J.aeia Awsuss, M. M
EirnamSf. 0iuUu
Try the Waal
Columns af Tha '
ice ikf
tarty lalt ttsds f eepU Xneliiti U Do
' Tbiflci Generally.
Aaasaaeed Affair Are AttratlT,'fcat
Ereals Atsrd Maeh Ileal
A butterfly they call you so.
Those somber folk who Uch yot go
Berenely on your airy way
To duct and dinner, rout and play,
Where'er the blossoms Of plessure grew.
Perchance, 'tla true, sine high and low
I follow, an my masters may.
The daintiest thing on earth today
A butterfly.
Oh, Psyche, this Indeed I knew:
Those wings that swing you to and fro
Are youth and girlish laughter gay.
Sweet winds of love, be kind, 1 pray,
And on day to this bloaeom blow
A butterfly.
Theodoata, Garrison In Ufa.
MOKt) AT First meeting of tha Marehlon
. ette club, Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Hamilton
TUESDAY Mies Mary Rogers, a bridge
party; Mrs. John Monell, a luncheon;
Mr. Howard Ochiltree, a matinee
party; special table d'hote dinner at
tha Country club.
WEDNE8D AY M rs. A. U Rockwell
hostess of Comls club meeting.
The fashionables put In several unusually
busy days, doing nothing In particular,
last week, Unless It was packing the
"youngsters" off to schobl. A few luncheons
and bridge meetings and a theater party
or so constituted the week's offering out
side the clubs, and In the main tbese were
Inspired by tha presence of visiting guests
or the return of some of the summer pil
grims or the departure of the school folks
who went off ty the dosen. The finely
arrival of a holiday, Labor day, with Its
accompanying celebration, served to en
liven the otherwise doubtful possibilities of
a Monday at the Country and Field clubs.
The clubs, by the way, have more than
held their Own of late. In fashionable favor
the Wednesday and Saturday evening din
ner and dance being about the only thln-s
to which society lends Its presence with
any degree of Interest.
Several of tbe card and kenslngton clubs
are beginning to rouse from their summer
lethargy and plan for fall and winter meet'
I rare. Some ot them are even to resume
before the month Is over and theee, added
to tbe faithful ones who play bridge sum
mer or winter or whenever they are In
town, regardless, will about provide for
the card playing contingent. The closing
of ' Lake Manawa haa occasioned a ma
terial falling oft 4n picnicking, but the boat
house is still open and there will continue
to be sailing for a while and that will
take many an Omaha party oyer the river.
A festal event of great and unusual In
terest to very msny people, and more espe
cially to those who have resided In Omaha
for the past half century, or for a, time
approaching that period, will be the fir
tieth anniversary of the wedding day of
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krug, which will occur
on Thursday, September 11 With simple,
ceremony, befitting their long live in this
city, this venerable and highly' esteemed
couple will be "at home" to all who will
call upon them at 818 South Twentieth j
street between the hours ef I and I p. rn. j
of that day. As this will be purely a golden
wedding anniversary wherein love and
friendship are paramount, the request '1
made that the custom of gifts which usua'lv
prevails on such rare occasions, be en
tirely omitted. Mr. and Mrs. Krug will
most cordially welcome all their friends,
especially ' the long-time residents, with
whom they have all grown old tegether.
No formal Invitations have been sent out,
the public notification through the dally
press and other newspapers being consid
ered sufficient. '
The Country club waa gay last even
ing, though with hardly more than the
usual Saturday evening gathering. There
were not many dinner parties, out eome
of them were 'somewhat larger than
usual. Among those w&o entertained par
ties were Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Millard,
who had as their guests a party or young
friends of (hair son, Mr. Bam Millard,
who leaves soon for school. Covers were
laid for twelve.
Mr. and Mrs. i. L. Paxton had as their
guests Mr. and Mrs. Charles Oeorge.
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Austin gave a family
dinner for nine.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Martin had as their
guests Mrs. Marple and Mr. Charles JIull.
Mrs. J. E. Baura entertained at a large
and beautifully appointed dinner at the
Country, club Saturday evening. Tbe
tables were arranged so as to form a
hollow square, around which the thirty
Invited guests were seated.
One of the largest dinners was that
given by Mrs. J. O. Bourke, la honor of
her visiting guests. Miss Daniels and
Lieutenant Horlyle, Covers were laid for
Judge W, R. Kelley entertained a party
of sla and Mr. T. M. Davis had nine
The dinner givea at the Field club
Saturday evening were mostly of an in-
r formal order, only two or three having
I snore than a half dosen guests. Those
having tables were:
I Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Sheles. whose guests
were Judge and Mrs. Munger, Mr. and
Mrs. Ben White, Mr. and Mrs. M. P.
Peters and Mr. and Mrs. Ewing.
Mr. and Mr. J. D. Foster entertained
Mr. and. Mrs. Tyler Belt.
The gueets ef Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Conrad
were Mr. and Mra Frank Boyd and Mr.
and Mrs. E. C. Twamlay. . . ,
Mr. and Mra. F. E. Pearce hail Mr. and
Mra. Murrey as their gueats
: Mr. and Mrs. R. I.. Huntley entertained
Mr. and Mrs. X B. Rahm.
Othera having table were: Mr. U H
ItoMy, Mr. U M. Talmage, Mr. J, T Fred
erick and Mr. H. "uamann.
Barlal t bit-Chat.
A aon waa born to Mr. and Mrs. H. Q
Leevltt Tuesday. '
Mr. W. 1. C. Kenyon ia convalescing
from a recent illness.
. Mrs. II. J. Pen fotJ la convalescing rom
a recent operation at Emanuel hospital.
Dr. and Mta. P. C. Morlarty have taken
an apartment at the Hamilton, having
moved laat Wednesday. s '
Mrs. W, S. Pcppletua la spending tbe
month at Oakland Farm, near Elkborn,
the gueet of Mrs, Shannon,
Mrs. Francis A. Brogan. who has been
111 for several weekr, will leave this week
for Excelsior Springs for an Indenalte
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Love have postponed
their return to Omaha another fortnight
and are making the HL Lawrence river
trip, i
Mra. R. C. Clapp, who has 'been at
Wequetonsing, haa left there and la at
piesent tha gueat of her etster at Fort
Mra. John 3. Monneli and Mrs. Louis
Bradford expect to leave Omaha the latter
part ef the month to apend the winter
abroad. ' '
Mr. and Mrs. Joha N. Baldwin expect te
return to Omaha the middle ef the month.
when they will take possession of the
Woolworth home, "on t. Mary'i arena,
which they have leeaed for two years.
The new home of Mr. and Mra John 1
Kennedy wui net be ready for eeeupancy
before the last ef the week, is It la under
going some rhsngee.
Mrs. Howard waidrtge and eon. whe hare
oen summering at Wequetonelng. eapect
to spend the month of geptember there.
Mr. BeMrlge will return this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthnr Keellne ar tne
guests of Mrs. Keellne s sister. Mra.
Beaton, until their new home en Tblrty-
flfth and Farnam streets Is ready for occu
pancy. Mr. and Mrs, B. P. Pec and rsmliy
moved back te the city Friday from their
country place St Calhoun aod are occu
pying their residence at Nineteenth and
Davenport streets;
Miss Landli ef the high school rseuity.
has secured a two month's leave ef ab
sence and will sail Tuesday for France.
where she will Join Mis Bertha Swensberg,
who le there, in poor health. "
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Rosewater wilt
be with Mrs. Edward Rosewster at her
home en Douglas street for the present
until their new residence at Thirty-ninth
and Dewey avenue Is completed.
Mrs. Frank Slsbaugh will entertain the
members of the Flower Mission at lunch
eon, followed by a kenslngton afternoon.
Friday of this week In honor of Miss Ella
Norwood of Chicago. Covers will be laid
for fifteen at the luncheon.
Mr. end Mrs. D. C Patterson have
closed their eottage at take OkoboJU where
they have spent the summer, and returned
to Omaha, aocompanled by their daughter,
Miss Merriam, and their son, Mr. Dick
Patterson, who is at horns on a furlough
from the naval academy. Me will return
to Annapolis the latter part of the month.
Mrs. Herman Kountse arrived Monday
from Watklns Qnn, N. t., and Is arrang
ing for the closing of the Kountse home.
Forest Hill, for the winter. She and Mr.
Kountse, who Is In 111 health, will spend the
winter In the south, and during their ab
sence her daughter, Mrs. Ella Kaah, and
little daughter, will be with Mr. and Mrs.
Ben Cotton. .
Weddlaa Kasjasrewieats.
The wedding of Miss Carrie Hawver,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hawver.
to Dr. Irving Bddy of Chicago, will take
place Sunday evening. September IS, at I
o'clock, at the home of Mr.( and Mra. Haw
ver, 1814 Emmet street.
The marriage of Mr. Will Qodso, formerly
of Omaha, to Miss Altbea Simmons of Chi
cago, took place Thursday at the home i
of the bride. ' Mr. and Mrs. Qodso will be
at home after November t at tOM South
Park avenue, Chicago. Mrs. James Morton
of Omaha, a sister of Mr. Qodso, and Mr.
Morton attended ths wedding.
The marriage of Miss Norah H. Emerson
to Mr. Alfred W. Rlemer will take place at
8:10 o'clock Monday evening, September 10.
at the home of the bride, SOW Dodge street.
Rev. R. M. McKalg of Sioux City, formerly
paator. ef the First Methodist church of
Omaha, wlil officiate. Owing to recent be
reavement In the family of the bride, the
wedding will be very quiet, the guests to be
limited to the near relatives and a few
of the nearer friends. After a wedding
trip Mr. and Mrs. Rlemer will be at home
at M06 Dodge street.
The marriage of Mr, Oscar- F. Bhults to
Miss Nellie Inls Brown was solemnised last
Wednesday evening at 8:80 o'clock at the
home of the groom's parents, 1017 South
Thirty-first street. Rev. t.uclus O. Balrd of
St. Mary's Avenue Congregational church
officiated, using the ring service. The wed
ding was quiet, only relatives, and a few
Immediate friends being present. The bouse
was prettily decorated with asparagus fern.
golden red and cut flowers. Mr. and Mrs.
Bhults will be at home after September 15
at 1021 South Thirty-first street, Omaha.
A very pretty wedding was solemnised
Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas D. Carey, it being the mar
riage of their daughter. Miss Gertrude
Maud," to Mr. William Harris Larson of
Omaha. Rev. Hubert C. Herring officiated.
The house was very prettily decorated In
yellow and white, the ceremony being per
formed In the back paTlor In a bower of
green and white. The bride wore a dainty
gown of white French lawn inaet with lace
and Insertion with tulle veil caught with
clematis blossoms and carried a shower
bouquet of white aaters. Bhe was attended
by Mlsseas Annie Kruae and Alice Carey,
who were gowned alike In yellow and white
organdy trimmed In lace and Insertion, and
carried white carnations, and by her little
sister. Miss Irene, as flower girl. Mr.
Charles E. Garde served as best man and
Messrs. C. H. Blevers and J. J. Booth as
ushers. Miss Edith Ewers presided at the
piano. Following the ceremony an informal
reception waa held, about seventy-five rela
tives and friends being present. Among tbe
out-of-town guests were Mrs. F. C. LeLang
of Chicago. Miss Fay E. Reasoner of Colorl
ado Springs, Miss Mamie Lane and Mr.' L.
A. Lawson of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Lar
son left Immediately for a trip through New
Mexico and Colorado and on their return
wlU realde at Columbus, Neb.
Cetnae sal Ge Ooaalp.
Mlas Ruth Atchison left Saturday even
ing for New Tork City.
Mr. Louis Meahl ef Chicago, is visiting
his sunt, Mrs. L. H. Korty.
Mlas Corinne Paulson lias returned from
a two weeks' stay in Chicago.
Mrs. Harriet Qriswold la noma from a
delightful vacation spent In Canada.
Mrs. Mark Bohrer of Minneapolis la the
gueet of Mr. and Mra. O. -L. Hammer.
Mrs. W. B. Millard has gone toNNcw
Tork, where ehe will spend the month.
Mrs. B. A. Howell and son and daughter
have returned from Les Chendaux, Mich
Mrs. E. T. Dixon has returned from a
summer's trip through Norway snd Bwtdon
Miss Joe Lyman haa left for ' MershsM-
town, la,' where she will visit with friends,
Mr. Bamnel C. Brandon of Detroit, Mich.,
Is the gnest ef his cousin, Mrs. B. E
Mrs. M. A. Zanner haa returned from
Lake Mlnnetonka, where she ha spent
the eunrmer. '
Mr. John Redlck left Friday for Wil
liams' college, where he enters upon his
senior year.
Mrs. Brlnker and Miss Nell Brinker are
guests of Mr. and Mr. C. K, Coutant for
two weeks.
Mr. C. N. Robin returned th , last of
the week from a month spent In ' Detroit
and New Tork.
Mrs. Walter T. Pace and family liav re
turned from Prior Lake, where they have
apent the summer.
Mr. Hal Tatee I making a trip through
Tellowstone park, expecting to be absent
about three weeka-
Miss Delay Beveridge of Uat Military
aveaua left today for Elk City, where ehe
ha a position as teacher.
Miss Elols Jenks, who has spent the
past Ave weeks at Prior Lake and St. Paul,
Minn., returned home last week. ,
Mra Refca Morgan and daughters, whe
hare spent aeveral weeka on a ranch near
Sidney, have returned to the city.
Judge W. R. Kelly came from California
Saturday to spend the week (he guest of
his daughter, Mra. Raymond Welch.
Dr. Harry O. Cox of Loat Cabin. Vytn
Ing, la spending a few days with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Cox.
Mr. E. H. Bprague, accompanied by her
mother, Mr. Richie, and her sister, ar
rived from Chicago Saturday morning.
Mra. Phil Mullen ,of Kansas City and
son, agent, are visiting at the home of
ner aunt, Mrs. ft. carroti or mis city.
Mrs. F. O. Patrick, accompanied by her
son and daughter, ba returned from Wyo
ming, where ehe has spent the summer.
Mr. and Mr. T. B. Cowgill ar entertain
ing Mrs. Penntrh ef Leulevllls. Ky.. who
will be Ibelr gueet for about two weeka
Mr. Tom Chambers exports to lesvs the
first ef the week tor Seattle, a here he will
engage In buatneee with Mr. Will McCune.
Mr. and Mra C. C. Troaell and daugh
ter, Mlaaes One and Alice, have gone in
Clrclevllle, O., to attend a family reunion,
Herbert T. Btarum leaves today for Pur
due university, Lefeyette, Ind., to pursue
a four years' course In electrical engineer
ing. .
Mrs. R. R. RJngwalt left last wek for
Port Townsend, Wash., where ahe will be
the gueat of her daughter, Mrs. H. D. Hop
kins. Miss Ingrid Pedersen haa returned from
Chicago where ahe has spent the suuiimT
studying with the noted pianist, Uttukar
Mra Thomas A. Fry sad daughter are
back from a visit In Denver, Colorado
Springs and other point of Interest In
Colorado. .
' Mr. and Mrs.. W. S. McCune have gone
to Seattle, where they will be guests of
their eon, Mr. Will McCune, who Is In
buslress there.
Mies Charlotte Bmart of Bt. Louis is
expected the early pert of the week, to be
a guest at the home of Mr. and Mra
Qeorge P. Moorhead.
Mra. James I. Woodward and daughters,
Misses Clarre and Marie, have returned
from. an extended trip up the St. Law
rence and through the Thousand Isle.
L . Mr. and Mra E. A. Cudahy and daugh
ters, Misses Jean and Helen, arrived In
Omaha Friday after a tonr through Eng
land, Holland Bwltserland and France.
Mine Edllh Fisher 'has returned from
Boulder, Colo., where she has been the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Waltcmeyer and
Miss Waltemeyer, formerly of Omaha,
Mr. and Mrs. Addleon Townsend and
Mrs. Ortago, who have been guest of Mr.
and Mrs. C. H. Townsend for several
weeks, have returned to their home in
Havana, Cuba. -Mr.
and Mr. N. P. Fell and daughter.
Miss Anna., who came -to Omaha for the
funeral of Mrs. Fell's father, Mr. Edward
Rosewater, returned to their home In Cleve
land, O., Saturday. '
, Mrs, A. F. French end Mrs. W. c. Hall
returned last week from a three weeks'
trip at St. Paul snd White Bear Lake,
Minnesota. Mrs. Hall leaves this week for
St. Louis to join her husband.
Mrs. George Palmer and children and
Mrs. H. K. Palmer returned Thursday
from' Dennis, Mass., where they have spent
tha summer. Miss Ethel Morse, who was
with her slater. Mm. Oeorge Palmer, at
Dennis, has gone to Vermont for a few
weeks and Mrs. B. M. Fairfield, also - a
member of the Omaha colony at Dennis,
went to New Tork Wednesday and will
spend September in Ontario and Weathamp
ton. .
Coaalasr Events.
Wednesday evening Mrs. A. L. Rockwell
will entertain the Comls club at her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward O. Hamilton will
entertain the members of the Marchlonette
olub at their home Monday evening.
Mra Howard Ochiltree will be the
hoetess or the Omaha Country Club
Luncheon club at a matinee party at the
Burwood Tuesday afternoon.
Miss Mary Rogers entertain at Bridge
Tuesday afternoon, compliments to Miss
Daniels, who IS the gueat of Miss Bourke.
Mrs. John J. Monell haa Issued in
vitations for a luncheon Tuesday, In honor
of Mr. Bradford.
A 'special 7 o'clock table d'hote dinner
haa been announced by the amusement
committee of the Country club for Tuea
dsy evening of this week. The dinner
win be roiiowea ny a musical program
furnished by Mlse Bhadduck's Juvenile
orchestra ef fifteen pieces snd there will
also be musle during the dinner.
Pleasures Past.
The members of the Harmony club to
the number of about thirty-four delight
fully surprised Judge and Mrs. Munger
Friday evening te a houae warming at their
recently completed home on South Thirty-
second street. .
Mrs. Jo Barker, Jr., entertained infor
mally at whist Saturday morning at her
home. The first prise was awarded to Mra
Martin and the second prise to Mrs. Coles.
The guest were Mmes. Roger, Chase,
Reddlck, Martin, Caldwell, Bharpe, Scoble,
Beeeon, Remington and Cole.
Mr. John R. McDonald gave a luncheon
Saturday In honor of'Mlaa Olive Crofoot
of Chicago, who 1 visiting Mlas Katharine
McMennemy. The guests were all college
friends at Rock ford. III., and the color
scheme of purple and white, which was
prettily and artistically carried out, with
thistles and white clematis represented
the college colors. The guest Included
Misses Crofoot, Margaret McMennemv.
Katharine McMennemy, Crowe of Council
Bluff, May McMennemy, and Mmes.- C A.
Woodland, Lynn Kemper, Joel Wright,
and Ralph Bhephard.
Mrs. T. R. Mullen entertained Informally
at her home. 1814 Grace atrcet, on Filday
evening for Miss Margaret Mullen of Kan-
sas City. Tha evening was spent playing
parlor games and contests. The Belmont
Pleasure club quartet rendered a' few num
bers. The prises were won by Mr. Leo
Manaan, Francis McGovern. Miss Blanche
Parker and Clare McGovern. Those pres
ent were: Misses Blanche Parker. Beatrice
O'Nell, Margaret Mullen of Kansas City,
Margaret Murphy. Mildred Mullen, Bessie
Phelan, Florence Mullen. Mary O'Brien,
Clare MoGovern, Mary Moore; Messrs. F.
Mullen. Ben Jenkins, George P. Carroll,
Leo Mangan, Thomas Murphy. Francis Mo
Govern. John Phelsn, Coamo Murphy,
John Moore. Nugent Mullln, Earl Moore,
William Hayes.
New tall millinery at Kahl V Johnston's.
- Pat tear Savlacs
in dlamonda and enjoy your investment
while It grows in value. Every diamond
we sell la backed by our reputation.
Importers. 16th aud Douglas.
Repablieaa Legislative Asplraata
Fall Beach 'Deelalaj
Will Meat Ala.
Thirteen candidates for tha legislature
responded to an invitation to meet lq
Court Room No. 4 St the court house
yesterday afternoon and dlecuaa plans for
the making of a legislative slate by
eliminating all but nine of the forty-three
republicans who want to go to the lower
house. . ,
- After a fruitless discussion the meeting
adjourned until Tueailey evening at 7:30
o'clock, when it will reconvene at the aame
Jamea Walsh was chosen chairman and
A. R. Harvey, secretary. The attendance
being small and some of those present
being opposed to the object of the meeting.
John O. Yelser moved to adjourn. J. I
Kaley offered a motion that the Fontanel!
and the so-called machine factions of the
party each be Invited to appoint four mem
bers ef.a committee and the eight to
designate the ninth member, this committee empowered to. select the nine candi
dates fer the house and sll others be asked
to get out of the way. Mr. Yelser immedi
ately called attention to the fart a motion
te adjourn had already been made. The
point was well taken and th motion to
adjourn carried with Mr. Kaley and Harry
B. Zlmmaa voting agalnat It.
,. . - , ,
New toll millinery at Kahl Johnston s.
laV fin
Accepted lodes , for the Autumn
AS the autumn season advances our superb showing of women's correct fall attire be
comes more charmingly replete with all the latest conceptions of the fashionable world.
This exquisite assemblage impressively reveals a rare collection of artistic garments for
every occasion, some beautifully elaborate, others strikingly simple, yet distinct in every way
from previous conceits. , . - ,
New Fall Suits
at $25.
The accompanying illus
tration portrays one of tho
many new models ' we aro
showing at this price. Ap
propriate hip length jacket
suit, double-breasted, snug
fitting effect, made of ex
cellent quality broadcloth
in black and colors,
trimmed with tailor stitched
straps. The skirt is the
new panel fan plaitrxl
New Dress Skirts
at $10.00
Handsome dress skirts,
made of French voile, gores
of cluster of double box
pleats stitched over hips,
extremely"- full flare, alter
nating panels trimmed with
tailor stitched bands. These
skirts are exceptional values
at this prl :e J10.00.
This illus
trates one of
thebeautiflu fancy
boxes in which we
are packing Gold
Medal Chocolates,
When you 'want n
crisp stick flandy, buy
SUCK candy:
Put up in boxes thttt
sell for 25c.
1520 Fornam' Street.
Mrs. Frank' Heller Is In receipt of a
souvenir letter card of Stratford-on-Avon
from Mrs. Frances M. ' Ford, formerly of
the Omaha Woman's club, who haa been
traveling in England this summer. Mrs.
Ford says. In part: "I have had fifteen
cathedrals. We began with severe, uncom
promising Durham, on its cliff (the- church
militant), and ended with dear, graceful
Salisbury, In It green velvet setting (the
church of peace), and every one' haa Us
own beauty and, of course, rts own historic
Interest. . I fairly ached over Canterbury:
It waa ao crowded with that which has
gone before and has made us what we are.
As for the cathedral music, It Is the ex
pression of my highest conception of what
the worship of God ought to be. Now I
am In Chester, last city of all, for tomor
row (August - 28) we meet the I ' at
Liverpool and we sail next day.
"The D s went to Edlnburg again last
week and left me to take Stratford, War
wick, Kenllworth, Litchfield and the lake
country alone. J've been to Hawardrn this
afternoon, Mr. Gladstone's estate, 'and up
to his house (not open). I've also been
over the church have seen the beautiful
new monument, unveiled Juns 18. 190. that
the son had placed in the church at a cost
of $40.000. v It Is beautiful, but I couldn't
get over feeling that I had gotten Into
their bedroom by mistake. There lie Mr.
and Mrs. Gladstone, holding each pther'a
hands, and It is all so natural all but tin
angel hovering at the head. Chester Is u
great city hss a big wsll. I am going
around on it In the morning."
The folio Ing program has been an
nounced for the annual convention of tho
Douglas county Women's Christian Tem
perance union, which will be held In the
preahyterlen fhureh at Waterloo. Thurs
day of this week:
Morning Session, Thursday, 10 O'clock
Devotional exercises, led by Kdlth Hhln
rock. Omaha; address of welcome, Mr.
lierrliiKton, Waterloo; response, Mrs. lirt
ward Burks, Valley; reports of correspond
ing secretsry and treasurer; appointment
Of committees; reports of local presidents
paper. "Why Motheis r-hould Belong to
the Woman s Christian Temperance t'n
lon." by Mrs. Adelaide Rood, Omaha;
duet, by Mra. Coy and Mrs. Burleigh,
Valley; reports of superintendents; noorif
tide prsyer.
Afternoon Besslon. i O'Clock Devo
tional exercises, led by Mrs. Rood. Omaha;
readlne ef the minute; recitation, by
Ml May Cobb, Elk City; paper, "The
Need of the Ballot." by Mra. Pa.tteraon,
Omaha; appointment or auperlptendent
Daier. "A Talk on Health and Heredity.'
.v Mrs. E. O. Whit more. Valley; election
of officers; paper, -"HclentlnY Temperance
I nt ruction.'' by Mr. G. P. Carley, South
Omaha; aolo, by Mra Henry ueiaton, r.ik
City; reports ef vommlttee; short talk
by the president; adjournment.
i evening o'Mion, i.w umik u--
tloaai exercise, led by Rev. Aaht
Evening oeion. j:s uuo w
W-ls.'-M "S ..' hi " 1 "'T7C
w . s v i f k .its i, .. inf
Buy one of Baldus fancy
boxis filled with Geld Medal
Chocolates when yeu want a
dainty gift for presentation.
There is nothing too good to
hold Gold Medal Chocolates,
mid tre're putting them vp in a line of ,
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3UTillH? miration of every one who tee them. V'
differ eiue different 'jtP&
Waterloo; talk pn "Juvenile Court" by
Mrs. K. B. Towle, South Omaha; medal
contest, epeclHl medul, Harold Thorn,
"The Evil Beast;" Karl Clark, "A Terrible
Charge;" Kthel McCluig, "The Infamous
Liquor Trarlic;" Jessie ("alder, "The
Scourge of the Republic;" May Morlarlty,
"The National Courae.". Collection; bene
diction, Rev. Ashton.
The county organization is officered by:
President, Mrs. K. M. Covell, Omaha; vice
president. Mis. W. O. Whltmore. Valley:
recording secretary, Mrs. (jeorge Carley,
South Omaha; treasurer, Mrs. K. P. Whit
ney, Elk City; corresponding- secretary,
Mrs. William Todd, Waterloo.
The following from a London paper Is an
Interesting account of one of the vacation
schools of which Mrs. Humphrey Ward Is
the chief support, and that Illustrates some
of the accomplishments of many similar
schools supported In this country by club
women and others:
Today the summer vacation school, which
hss been in existence for the past month
at the 1:i -amove Edwards' Battlement In
Tavistock Place, W. C. closes. But before
closing It give an admirable account of Its
work, or, more correctly speaking, of its
piny. The scholars invited their parents
to spend the afternoon with them to see
them at work in the workshops, in the gsr
den, the sjyninaslum and the kitchen, while
the talented among them entertained th.
company with song and dance. The habits
started the program with action songs and
dance movement, then the older ones fol
lowed with more ambitious attempts In the
same direction, the boys diinclng a horn
pipe and th girls giving an admirable ren
dering of a scene from the "Midsummer
Night's Dream." In the Intervst the parents
sought out their offspring at the carpentry
benches. In the pnlntlng room or In the
and pits at the bottom of the garden
Meanwhile mlnlnttire cernenters. with
planes neerly as big as I homsel ves, wcr
making key racks and soup boxes and egg
stanlH. looking lyixintisly the while for n
home fate among the crowd.
A aroup of artTts In embryo were paint
ing flowers from nature, othera were busy
hueket-niukiriK, playlns halma and draurMr
or lesrnlng how to play In the gymnasium.
Blackboards were set under the In
the garden and round them sat earnest
little group of. girls, esch with a teach-r
In attenrliince. In th. midst of one circle
two liny chickens were being sketched
as thev pecked nt their food. but. it mini
be admitted, the srlltlc reults bore li'Me
reaemhiance to the engaging models. An
unpreltiillced critic would have been at a
kiss to recognise the specie of snlmsls
sketched, for they bore varying likenesses
to piss, canaries and guinea funis, and all
of them were destitute of feathers, esve
one. and that had spikes like a hedgehns
curled at the md. The guesta wandered
from group to group admiring the habtfa
sewing, the outline of cows snd pigs tn
eolord worsteds, modeling nueer animal
out of clay, or merely building castles In
sand, object lessons St everv turn of how
to be hspnv though holtdeyless. Mrs.
Humphrey Ward and her stsff of able ns
sistants are to be ronrrstulated upon thtr
holiday school, which has weaned so many
bright scholars from the pavement to auch
apparent advantage.
N'ew fall millinery at Kahl A Johnston's.
I eUhmsa Is Sea Ssltaa.
WASHINGTON. Sept. l.-,Ambaador
Lelshman expects to ba received by the
stiltsn of Turkey at an earty data. The
State department today received a dis
patch from Mr, Lelshman, saying that ths
sultan has practically recovered from his
Smart New Suits
at $35.00
Beautiful suits, made in
either mannish coat styles
or in the new blouse effect
of attractive plaids, serges
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pleats down tho front and
back, others are pleated all
around. Either plain or
elaborately trimmed. Price
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serious Illness end within a day or twe
would give an audience to the French and
British ambassadors. After these foreigr
representatives are received, It Is believed
the sultan can offer no further reasons
for not permitting Mr. Lelshman to pre
sent his credentials.
Woaiaa Who Accuse Hasbaaa el
Mslirloasly (alllna Her lasaao
' Saes for Separatloa.
Mra Anna Suits, who recently applied
for a writ of habeas corpus to secure her
release from the county hospital, where eh
had been placed by tae Insanity commission
on complaint of her husband, began suit
for divorce tn district court , Saturday af
ternoon. Her husband Is Kssper. Suits,
who runs a shoe store at 177 South Twenty
first street, South Omaha. She does not
mention the insanity, complaint In her
petition, but charges her husband wltli
striking her on numerous occasions. One
of these times wss August (, shs says and
as a result she waa driven from home.
She says she was given S00 by her people
and invested It In a lot and a stock, of
-.hoes In th store her husband runs, i Far
ing he would convert the property to cash
she secured a restraining order from Judge
Kennedy to prevent hla selling, pending
the hearing of the suit. She also demand
illmony. Tha Full was brought by C. L.
Hoover, who appeared for her In the habeas
corpus case. The couple waa maj-rled in
November, 171, In Prague, Bohemia.-'
Mrs. Clara B. 8chr,lher charges her hus
band. Edward Schrelber, with 'deserting
her when her youngest child was t months
old snd with failure to aupport her alnce.
They were married In Burlington, la.,
October -J1. ISM.
Elisabeth A. Plumer declares that hu
miliation, due to the fact that her hus
band. William A.' Plumer. would not work,
drove her from him several years ago.
When they were married shs had two
children by a former husband, but shs says
Mr. Plumer wss shiftless and didn't sup
port them. She wss forced, she says, to
earn tho family bread.
Black and a lilts ailk gloves, elbow
length, 11 to; Peter Pan waists; fast
black cotton hose, iie. New If .te of bel's.
Weinlander Smith, S17 South Sixteenth
N'w fall millinery et Kshl Johnston's.
Miss fioulten, tescher of piano and or
gan, who returned recently after a year's
music studv In Berlin, hss reopened lier
studio st til MeCagu. building. Whlls in
Merlin Miss Boulter studied th organ wlra
th lata Dr. H. Relinann royal musto
librarian snd organist at Kaiser Wllhalm
Memorial church, and piano ths well
known tescher and composer, iterr Fell