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9. lflOfi.
J 1 LAI "-
Telephone Douglas 118.
Our Greai
-" New
The store is radiant with attractive fall merchandise. Every day adds new arrivals. Pros
pects ahead Indicate a most unusual era of commercial prosperity and we have arranged for a
broader Autumnal showing than ever before. Every department tells of something new today
which is worth your while to come and see, if only to get an idea of the new styles. Welcome.
... . .' Millinery
In selecting our . Fall, stock for thla de
partment we made speelsl effort to tret
the best styles obtainable. Ten will find
our line tha -mo." varied and moat e
rluslve In the city. Our price are low
eat, our Workmanship beet. Tha great
success of, thta department has earned
for ut tha reputation of leader In thla
line. 'Call and . see new mod el i. . -.'
Second floor. '
, Suits, Suits .' ;
All our own exclusive' designs.
Price a.00. 127J60. ta.oa, WO.
and l 00.
Separate skirts, very handsome new
styles In black penamas and beautiful
black voiles all fitted and altered by our
own expert fitters.
' New Japanese ' bouse kimonos lovely
designs the prettiest styles are now here.
;' Children's and misses' coata hundreds
of pretty new Ideas for the little ones.
Ladles' coata, suitable for now "or later
wear, checks, piaidA plain and fancy
Second floor".
Best Room Manicuring
A delightful place to rest la our cosy
rest room, make It a point to meet your
friends here, while . waiting you can en
Joy the large easy chalra, magaslnee, free
telephone, writing desks and stationery.
Manlouring room In connection. Mies
Logan expert manicurist la In charge, her
methods are strictly sanitary.
Quick; Convenient, Economical
. Deposit any sum you care to, make pur
chases In the usual way and bare them
charged In the unusual way to tha sum
We send monthly statements and allow
4 per . cant Interest, compounded every
. three months, on your dally balance. Any
r all of your money may be withdrawn
meeeages from all parts of tha United
States, wishing them success.
The Harvard men took an early after
noon Heats. They wee smiling and looked
contented as they donned thetr 'racing
toggery. Each-map stripped and then put
on a pair of while canvas knee pants and
a flimsy sweater, their . muscles standing
out firmly beneath' their :,scaflty .. racing
clothes. As the Amerloans supped Into
their frail eraft they presented,- a picture
of sturdy development and endurance.
Without being big men, they had. the fin
lines of thoroughbreds and the ploknesa of
ektn denoting good condition. They smiled
good naturedly In acknowledgment 'of the
applause with which their, appearance was
greeted and seemed Imbued with plenty of
confidence and stamina. A vast crowd be
sieged the boat house and thsre was an en
couraging yell from thousands - of . the
throats sshore and afloat ae the Harvard
men stepped Into, their boat
' , ' Start la Qaed.
The two boats quickly got, into position
and R. C. Lehman, the starter and umpire,
administered the ueual caution and a mo
ment later, at i:Zt p. m., a pistol shot sent
the two racing shells away to an admir
able start. Although the Cambridge oars
struck the water only twenty times In the
first halt minute to Harvard's twenty-two, '
the noee-of the light blue boat Immediately ,
showed to the front. 4he drive being so ',
strong and tha recovery so prompt.
Slightly quickening their pace while Har
vard reduced theirs, the light blue stroke
had gained a further advantage at the end
of the first minute's rowing. Although the
advantage of taking the lead at the start
the Americana showed no signs of being!
nisturoefl. i ney Kept up a steady pull at
the vt of about thirty-five strokes to the
rtilhute, which suits the crew so well.' liti
tl more Inan a length separated the oals
at-Cravtvteps, but on reaching the mile
p-is'. tr-e bend of the river on the Surrey
aid- the Cambridge crew a great ad-
' ' laserleaaa la Hard Wlad. ' '
i A head wind sent the tide rolling down
qi!a reach, making a broken sea. of which
the Americans got-the full benefit, while
the Englishmen were sheltered by the rivet
bank on the Surrey side. By too time the
boats reached Jhe .Crabetree. about, a mile
and a half from the start Stuart, the Cam
bridge stroke, had, taken hie boat over two
lengths to the front The Harvard stroke.
Fl(ley. at thla point called on hla men for
a. great effort, and they responded gamely.
The quickened stroke soon told, ths day
light between the boats wss sensibly les
sened and when the Cambridge shell shot I
"'''",' , '",'""" ."". " "!
The scene on the banks of the river waa
gmasing. Americans and Englishmen vied
with each other In cheering their rham-
ptone. while the din of the accompanying
squadron of steamers was deafening.
part Does Xe Oaod.
Pushing on past tha lead mills, where
both boats were doing thirty-seven, strokes,
Cambridge maintained their teed, and the
crew appeared to be coming well within
themselves. Ae the boate turned the bend
. and entered rougher water Harvard again
sported. A magnificent effort aent the
American, boat open Its opponent, foot by
foot OS ' the Doves, although Harvard
Well Fed
Well Bred
m eea pick ateadj sisef of
, , Tha a Roajioa."
We Announce
Ttae return ot our linen buyer, Mr. V. W. P. Home, from his European
trip, where he hat been for the last three months. Through his
untiring efforts and searching of all the great markets he has secured
for ua the moat handsome and exclusive line Of fine linens ever shown
In Ihe city of Omaha. These linens are made in Scotland. Ireland, Ger
many, Australia and France, and were bought before the recent, rise
In the markets. Everything in really fine linens are to-be found at
Thompson, Belden ft Company.
at a-moment's notice. We do no bank
ing 'btielnees. r ' .
Great Half Price Sale
of Dressing Sacques
-.. Monday
Half price In this store means the orig
inal selling price has been cut square In
two. - A half price sale on these dainty
dressing saeques ' should ' cause a rapid
exlf of every garment. Monday. ,
Pretty white dressing sacques made of
reheer lawn with short sleeves and low
neck, with lace Ineertlona and edgings,
klwono style. Other styles with embroid
ery trimming. Regularly priced at $1.60
to 16.00 each, Monday we cut the prices
in two. Be here early.
New Corsets for Fall
The new models for Fall are here, the
long back corsets with high busts sre
now winning favor.' Before . buying your
new gown for. Fall be sure your .corset
fits perfect Our model corset department,
with expert ntters, and modern fitting
rooms should certainly decide tha ques
tion of where to buy your new corset.
Most, any wanted price or styla of cor
set, to be had here.
Second floor.
Our Special Sale of XXu-'cell's
Black Dress Silks a
' Great Success.
A great saving on reliable black drees
silks right at the beginning of the season.
No woman does herself fullest Justice .In
the selection .of a new black, dress silk
without first seeing our silks.
Open Saturday
Howard Street,
lost ' ground, Stuart., kept.- up ' hla steady
stroke.' At Chlswlek. Bfot, the- English
stroke, spqke to his crew, and began, to pull
away from HAryard. At' the. three-mile
post Cambridge was over three lengths rn
front,' .and on reaching ' the , Devenehlre
tneadows tha Englishmen, were Jwq and a
half lengths ahead and .the race, wea( praff
t)cajly 6ver, , Harvard, however, 'ir, gam
to ,;tnt esdi nd apart ed- again; 'gaining a
length.'. But It was too lata to' retfte? the
fortunes of: the day and tha Cambridge
men parsed. the, winning post, easy .victors
of -.a gallant race by two lengths, ".-Time:
:ia. ': : ' : v? v '. .
ls Pr Isomer .at Oao Bearreeted a
'taarge Of Marderlagf Deaver .
. Deteettve,,
BOISE. Idaho, Sept. I.-The stats today
made no Objection to the release- of Steve
Adams, ths witness In the Steunehberg
case, on the- writ of habeeo -oorpue Issued
yesterday on application of hla unole, John
Lilland of Haines. Ore. ' Assistant Attorney
Oeneral Bnow- appeared for the state and
eli (hat the state had no objection to the
bHng released If he wished to leave
" i-rltentlsry. It had lodged no charge Mm and he was kept In the Instl-
tutlon with his full consent
The moment he was released he was ar
retted on a fugitive warrant sworn out here
by County Attorney Koelech on telegraphic
instructions from' Sheriff Alexander Nlsbet
of Denver. The dlspstch stated that Adams
was wanted- for the murder of' Lyte
Gregory in that city on May 15, 1904, and a
warrant had been Issued for his srrest.
An officer With requisition papers would
leave Denver not later than Monday, the
sheriff added. , On the ' fugitive ' warrant
Justice Dunbar held Adams, set'lng the
time for the-hearing on Monday at 1 p. m.
The county attorney gave notice he-would
then ask fof 'C c'rintlnuance 'of 'two days,' If
the Denver offlcera were not here.
DENVEH, Sept. 8. I.yto Gregory, for
whose murder Boise authorities ara now
holding Steve Adams,' was employed as a
defective, end special officer by a private
Denver agency, and had previously spent
severs, 1 years wocking for, the police and
detective "departments In this City,
While ' on "bis .way horns from Edward
Clary's saloon in West Denver st a late
hour on the night of May. IS, 1904, Gregory
was shot down just at ths entrance of sn
nlleyway,. It was some time before the
slartit was raised snd the police notified
end Gregory's ssnnssln made good his -
cape. Examination disclosed the fact that
I ten bullets Were fired into Gregory's body.
John Combes, a carpenter, ' was ths only
person arrested, and It was .Impossible to
connect him with tha crime, the authorftlea
released him after an investigation.
Only a. few weeks before hie desth
Qregory waa named by Wllllanr Warjon, an
organiser for coal miners In Colorado, as
cne of who hsd brutally assaulted
htm 'at Sargents,. Colo.
Reaablleaa Coavsatlea of Hla Ovra
Caaaty Refaeee to Kaderse
Hlsa. ' ' .
AKRON. O, Sept. I.-Refuatng to-be
endorsed unless Senstor Fersker wss also
Included In the resolution, I'nlted States
Senator Charles Dick wss defeated In the
republican convention of hij lwm county
(Summit), thla afuirnoon. Resolutions
which were adopted In opposition to Sen
ator Dick do not contain the names of
either of the Ohio senators and conclude
with advoea tint ' an . amendment to the
federal constitution providing for the eleo
! lion of senators by direct vote. They also
demand that In the meantime the executive
committee may' make provisions for the
nomination of republican candidate for
senators aecordlng to the Oregon plan.
CLEVELAND, .0., -Sept. (.-The friends
of Congressman Theodore Burton' were In
1 .... , .
Stocks aire Ready
Rapidly Finding Display
Little Priced Dress Goods.
Monde y In the Basement Drees Goods
Department you will And some' very pretty
i goods at small cost. '
Pretty plnlda for children's school
dresses. 6c, 10c, 36c and 8Se a yard.
New novelties, small figures, .navy, brown,
gatnet, green, etc., no a yard.
All wool storm serge, red. brown, navy
and Alice blue, (Oc a yard.
Bright New Dress Goods
' for Tall.
It is buying time, but our greeting Is as
cordial to those not ready to buy as to
those who- are.
New Parisian plslds, all plain colors. In
pretty plaid, .effect, . navy, brown, red and
Alice blue are great favorites. 11.60 a yard.
"Special" all wool chiffon Panamas;, the
secret of its fineness, lightness and beauty
lies in the fact that It is woven from a
very superior quality of yarn. No mussing,
no crushing.. .
New Colored and black broadcloth, prob
ably the moat complete . stock . of broad
cloth ever shown in this city. All the new
chiffon spot-proof fabrics, which make
them a great success. - They will not spot
with water. Very. dressy, handsome, rich
luster, colors, tl.OO, $1.60 and $160 a yard.
Black. $1.00, $1.26,' $1.60, 1.7S, .. 2.W. $3 00,
$3 50 and $4.00 a yard. ..
Note See display In our Sixteenth street
window. '' ' " '
i New Dress Trimmings for
Ours is without doubt the most complete
stock of trimmings In the city. Many of
Corner Sixteenth.
supreme control of. the Cuyahoga county
republican convention, which was. held to
day. " TKeA platform demands among other
things1 he "retirement ot t.'nited tsate
Senator '-Churl es Dick aa tha .head of the
party.- organisation In Ohio. caJls for , the
election of United States senators by popu-
lar. vote and endorses tPresifrnt'-RoosaveU
ihdSecretary.Tafti ' Cbngrssman"Burton
said tBa't .-fa-., both . Senators Dick And
Foraker, he had only kindly feelings pej
sonally.i out. that in ths issue, between the
OhtVaenatora and Uie president he. deetrod
the convention to go tm record' with i,
aaronger .eommendatlon of . the latter .thai
of the former. Only two votes were, cast
against the platform. . - V v
..... i - " aaaaesaw-s V
Roll af the Civil War VacovereS la
Toxas aad Preasptly
Cashed. '( ;
. Mining for steel rails is a new Industry
but it is being, carried on profitably at Lib
erty, Tex.
Forty-six ysars ego, JO.000 tons of steel
rails .were purchased In England by a. syn
dicate of wealthy planters of this section
and a number of New Yflrkers associated
with them In a railroad proposltlqn up the
valley of the .Trinity river., y ,
The rails were, paid for . am) brought' .to
Galveston by water and. shipped up .the
Trinity river by barges, ' They were un
loaded Just below the town and piled on
the low bank of the river. The civil war
came on and the project waa abandoned.
The members Of ths company were either
killed In the war or lost their property, cr
were scattered until not one of them-has
been heard of for more than a quarter of
a century. . . , , . , .,
A big flood In the river occurred a .few
months after the rails bad been piled upon
Its banks and Were covered with a -heavy
deposit .of sand. .Th fact that the rails
existed Anally became a dim memory in
the minds of ths oldsr residents of Liberty,
and of lata years ths story of the ' dis
astrous project ' has been a mere legend.
The. river . shifted several hundred yards
during the years and more than thirty feet
of sand and . soli had been deposited -upon
the rails, leaving no trace whatever of
It was left. to T. K. Nichols, of Houston
to bring these rails to the light of 'day.
Several months ago he waa In Liberty on
a business visit, .when he chanced to meet
an' aged pegro, who was a. slave when
the valuable cargo waa brought over and
who was employed in unloading ths' barg.'S.
He told Mr. Nichols the story of the aban
doned railroad and said that the rails were
burled under msny feet of aand, .but he be
lieved he knew the spot where they ccld
be found. 1 '
Nichols made a quiet Investigation and
found that the story pf ths lost rsils Was
true. He eould find no claimants to the
property and he made a proposition to the
town of Liberty that if It would grant him
the franchise to recover the rails hs would
give the town tl for every $10 he mined
and sold. His proposition wss eagerly ac
cepted. No one thought he would be able
to locate the rails.
Under the guidance of the old negro-Mr.
Nichols began thla prospecting for the
hidden wealth. He used ground augers in
boring test holes.' Hs bored eight. seven of
these holes before rf found the rail .They
ley . thtrty-flve feet beneath the -surface
and the tame distance from the preeent
channel of the river. '
The discovery of the rail was but the
beginning of the labor of recovering them.
The sand was difficult to handle and when
the excavation had reached a point nSar
the rails the water from tha river broke
through and the pumps had to be em
ployed to dear the bole. - v
Tha piles ef rails bAve flnstly been an
roverod aad they are- now being taken out
at a rapid rate. The ralla are twenty-four
feet In length an of a quality of ateel su
'pertor to that now veed. It la claimed. As
aa evidence of thia fact Mr, Nk-hqle has
aocepted a 'bid of U per ton tor the rails
from a big' American ateel plant "v '
" At thla prfce ' tbe rail' will bring Mr.
TPS"! W"M -..
Bee, September!, 1906.
the latest Imported novelties to be had are
here. Our buyer hse spsred no pajns to find
the correct styles, and jt will require but a
glance In this department to convince you
the t .here Is the place to buy your trim
mings. .. v .
Narrow, plain and fancy braid, from tc,
a yard and up.
Persian band trimmings, from $2c a yard
am) up. .
, Fancy appliques, from too to $5.60 a yard.
Some very choice, brown and green com-.
binations. , ,
..Blue trimmings, with a mixture at red Or
old ro. , . '
Bla( and, white and gray trimmings and
many other beautiful effects. An' attempt
at description, would not do, them Justice,
so . we Invite you. to see them. Lookers
equally as welcome as. buyers. -
,. Buttons ! Buttons !
.A vsstvnew assortment. Quite an array
of pretty novelty effects feature our present
showing. No. matter what color or style
the new dress Is to be, the button that boat
becomes It Is here. .
Those that bid fair to be the most popu
lar are the enamels, plaids, cut steel, gun
metsjs- an the most wanted grays to
match the gray dress goods. A look Is In
teresting. - Main floor. ..
Richard Hudnut Toilet
"Toilet; waters. Violet Sec,, extreme violet
toilet water.
Florida water. , ,
' Violet Superba Face Powder. ...''
Bay rum, extra quality.
"Violet' Sec Toilet Powder. ' "
Extreme Violet toilet talcums.
Orchard Beauty Cream.
Concrete Tincture Ben Zoin.
. Toilet Create. .
..Cucumber Cold Cream.
. Marvelous Cold. Cream. . '.
Hudnu't headache cologne.
t Perfumed liquid green, soap.
Hudnutlne tooth plaster. .
Wood violet tooth wash.
We also carry a full line of Colgate's
good,.' . , .... ; ;
Nichols a fortufleof "080,000, less about
H0,lfl. which ha will have expended ,ro. lo
cating -the property and removing them
and aa . additional, 410,00 to he -paid . to vtbe
town ot Liberty. The purehaaers will bear
all, 'cost, .of loadihg and "shipping the ralla.
Which, 'experts state, are in One-condition
and evidence no Injurious effect from the
ior.burlai.T-Plttspurf ml " J- WfA'Mv-
"er,A Rata' taw.' Is ,' ItespoaelklV. foe
' ' ifllek la Meresitst of "
. . Tralae.,..;
- - ' ' ' 'V N' '
DALLAS, Tex.. Sept. if. A dispatch, from
Sherman,, Tex.,, says fifty cars ; of ooal are
tied up in-too Denlson yards bf the .Mis
souri, Kansas A Texas railroad on account
of tbe Hepburn rate law, aa the. Cotton
Belt railroad refuses to, receive the coal at
tha advanoed rates. ;
The coal was for the railroad shops at
Mount . Pleasant. Missouri, ;. Kansas . &
Tefcas offlolala notified the Cotton Belt that
under the new law the rate on -coal shipped
from Lehigh, Pa.,' and "billed to. - Mount
Pleasant would be! raised from SO cents to
tl.RS per ton. The- Cotton Belt has made
protests, but so far. without' avail. The
cars are held -until the "advanced rate Is
paid. ;.; ' - ' -.:v".:.. ',- ' ' . .
City Strlrkea vrlta, Erthqaako, Has
Maay.Mlllioa's oa t'all
a Gothaai. '
SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. .-Ths Exam
iner today, says: The San Francisco bnks
have cut in the wsy of call loans In New
York ' between HO. 000,0no and 160,000.000 at
very favorable, rates of Interest, so great is
the eastern demand for ready money- ertth
which to move the unusually big crops.
There Is a surplus of money In San Fran
cisco at present and the bapks ars flsdlng
It profitable to use it In the way of call
loans in the east,.
The local surplus ts owing; to ths Influx
ot Insurance money and for tha further
reasons that pending preparations of plans
for buildings and other local Investment
many people with money have no present
use for It and are filling the banks with It.
laloa Pselle Will Hsre lasertsst
. .Hearlaa Before Interstate Cam
meree Commlssloa.
.WASHINGTON, Sept. . A hearing on
ths matter of elevator allowances by vari
ous railroads will be held in Chicago cn
September 17 by 'the Interstate Commerce
commlssloa. The hearing Is likely to de
velop some Important features. It Is known
that the old omplsint against the Peavey
company thst It waa being favored by the
fnlon Pacific railroad will be renewed at
the hearing. - f
The Interstate Commerce commission. In
deciding the I'nlen fadf.e-Peevey Co.
rase, held that the 'charge Pf Peavey at
Co. for the elevation of grain turned over
to It by tha Union Pacific was "not unrea
sonable. '
Tta Cfcleaca, Mllwaafcea St. Paal
'".."- Railway.
One far plus I2.M for round trip to Nor
folk, Richmond. "Newport News, Lynch
burg and many othsr points In Virginia,
on aala September II, October J, and Is.
November and . JO, good for return In
thirty days. For further Information can
at city ticket office, IK 4 Farnam etreet,
or wrlta to. "
. P. A. NASH. Oen'l. Waster Agent,
...Omaha, Neb... .... x
Gold for Aaaerlea. ' "
LONDON, Sept. (.-The Cnlted States
took a further enaraarement of $2.400 0) In
eaelee from rhe Bans: of Ens-land todsy.
In consequence of the steady drain of fJid
to New fork tha bank has raised the crice
M In 7M td.
.ddrm bf Priiirisat Rjoievslt at Celebra
tion of Ohnrch" AnniTtrtarr.
Relllo-a - la lue Lena- Ran la
largely .lodged ay the Mies
t Those 'Wk Pro
fess It.
OYSTER BAY, Sept. s.-PresHlent Roose
velt participated today iu Mne Moth, anni
versary celebration of .Christ Episcupsl
church, which he attends during his sum
:..e.s here.
The keynote of Uie president' epee-n,
which occupied half an hour, and ' con-
eluded a series of four addresses, wss that i
the wealtn of the nation -must not be dls- i
regarded, but looked upon as the basis for
spiritual, development, clean living and civic
Virtues. , . . , '
The celebration was held In the church's
edifice, which beers the Hate -of 1705 on Its
corner stone. Admlnelon was by card-jid
limited to the church members and the
clergy. It was followed by a collation In
the parish hall, 'of which theh president
partook, and where he chatted freely with
the visiting clergy and church member. '
The speakers preceding the president
were. Rev. F. II. Wsahhurn. pnHtor of the
church, who grfye a historll sketch of
the organisation; Right Rev. Frederick
Burgees, D.D., bishop of 'Long Island, who
predicted one church for future genera
tions in America and that the episcopal;
Rev. W. Montague Geor of New York and
Rerv. George R. VandeWater of New Tork.
Address of the President..
.The president began, his speech with a
corroboration of Dr. Geer on the essential
need of religion In its broadest and deepest
sense, to tue welfare of the country. He
This' country would not be an' abode fit
for covlllsed men If It were not true that
we put our material civilisation, our ma
terial prosperity, as the only base upon
which to build the superstructure of the
higher spiritual life. Speaking here today
as a layman, 1 wish to emphasise the vital
importance or our people being taugnt to
realise that the highest value of Chris
tianity manifests Itself In the conduct of
those who profess It. I shall read several
versea from the end of the flrst chapter of
James: '
"But be ye doers of the word, -and not
hearer only, deceiving your own selves.
"For If sny be a hearer of the word snd
not a doer, he Is like unto a man behold
ing hla natural face In a glasn.
"For he behnldeth himself, and .goeth
his way and straightway forgetteh what
manner of man he was.
"Pure religion and undeflled. before God
and the Father Is this, to the father
less r.nd widows In their affliction and to
keep himself unspotted from the wot-ld."
It Is true that In many -things the ten
dencies at work among us today are evil,
but It Is true also that there are plenty
of other tendencies for good. ' I am not
prepared to assent to the statement that
we are much worse than we used to be,
but It Is not of Importance whether, as a
matter of academic belief we hold that
thlnga have grown better or wore. '
GrcAt Doty of Christ la as.
What is of vttsl importance is tat we
should be resolved to do all In our power
no waa well as In the future to make them
fetter, and It we are a unit in that belief
t Is open to us to differ In regard to the
other matter. -' 1 feel that there has been
a real growth in broad Christian charity.
I believe that the different creeds are in
the essentials In reality vital things, com
ing cloeer all. the time, because I think
theat they 'are grasping the' fact that the
way In which- they can best serve the Lord
la not by-warring against one another, but
by Jolnjng hands, in the .great struggle
againet ' unrighteousness in the. great war
for decency, for honesty, for clean living
in the home no. leas 4han In the nation...
The worth of any creed mum in the Ions
run' be- Judged largely' by the condnci of
those who profess ir.-.TThe-A most effHlv
service tor Christianity- that ,ciui jwaaibly
b given Is to show In actual lfftthHt those
who dw give-in. 'tjieincomlao ah
approximate expression te tbe, faith othfvt
Is In. them. I doubt if spy of us will be
able ' to give more"than-eilci approximate
expression', of .that' f alth :? netiert he lews, - we
can each, of ua strive,, in our copUuat' tol
show that the--Word la alive In us that
we sre striving to live tip to the essentials
of Christianity; a the brotherhood -of tkxl
snd the brotherhood, of, man -as-they-are
taught In the Bible, as they are preached
to as Sunday after Sunday. If Is-the con
duct of tha. average. Christian, not on Sun
day, but on week days: net In the church
alone, but In hla' family and In his rela
tions to his neighbor and to the stste. that
will jnare than anything else determine In
the eyes of the general public the worth
of the creed that man professes.
Gospel af Right Living.
This applies m little things as much as
In big things.. It applies in-the little things
which In their. sum are so big. Tbe man
is not a good Christian If his domestic con
duct Is such that whtm he 'returns to his
home and hie -wife -end children feel un
easiness at his having, coma.. Tha man is
net a good Christian who In his buHlneea
dealings falls to remember' that It Is in
cumbent upon him to-hold -a hhxher stand
ard than bla. fellows,, that it la incumbent
upon him.' If he Is a very rich man. to
make It evident alike In the Way he earns
and the way he spends his fortune that the
word of the Lord la to Jlm a living truth
and pot a dead doctrine,, And, of couise,
what 1 say applies even more strongly to
the man in public life.' '-'
The nominal chnraoter. the man who has
sttended to all. the outward observances
of Christianity ' with, no matter what
scrupulous care, who nevertheless em net
tles trust funds is more, not less, to blame
or worthy than if he had never made pro
fession Of belief. .V . .
We may continue as, a republic, but we
cannot, rise toany true level of greatness,
unless that greatness la . based upon and
conditioned by a highland brave .type of
spiritual life. There Is nothing we should
abhor more than the telling of an untruth,
whether a conventional untruth or not.
(see Of Material Wealth.'
i would on no account be understood as
affecting to depreciate material bell-belng.
To tell .men to disregard riches entirely is
to preach to them only a doctrine mhich It
is tmpnaalhle for them to live up to. Re-
Sard the thlrgs of 'the body, but put them
eiow: she. things of the soul.:1 Give to the
body what the body, .la entitled to, but do
not give It more than It la entitled to. Tbe
multimillionaire generally Is not a harm,
but a good, to the community If he appre
ciates that he is a. trustee for, that wealth,
that his use of It must also' be a Use which
tell for decency id private life, for honesty
and courage in both it and public life.
V'e need material, well .being in this na
tion as a foundation, without, which no su
perstructure can be raised. But upon that
foundation we must see to it that we build
the superstructure f high individual and
national conduct, so that each man In hla
relations to his fellows shsll act nail v be
lonuetveed by in. ethical standards which
teach ua that the, thing la life bst worth
having will prove In the end to. be the snae
of having so lived that others are .better
and not worse off because we have lWed.
Father af, DefaalMac . President
, Aaaeoada Coarera Ceananlts
" ' Salrl4e.
ST. . PAUL, Sept. I. A special to-the
Pioneer Press from Butts, Mont., -says:
Leaving a letter In a-hloh'hs staled that
ha could' no longer bear the. sharne and
Ignominy brought upon him by the alloged
defalcation of hla son. J. sj. Wlsnsr of
Anaconda, public administrator of Oeer
Lodge county committed sulHde In a
Butte lodging house by swallowing strych
nine. This is the first death growing out
of the scandal In connection with the de
funct Real Estate .and Insursnce bank of
Anaconda, which it Is alleged, owes Its
customers shout 1100,000. The son of
tha dead man, a. K 8. Tyisner. Is now In
ail charged with vsrtous offenses In con
nection with' the failure. - The elder Wis -ner
was a veteran of the Civil war and
had long been prominent la Anaconda. In
hla letter, ha says that because of his
son's connection with the company ha
had Induced many of his Orand Army of
the Republic frlenda to Inveet their money
in. It. and ( that he . could not, boar oeing
accused of having deceived them.
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Decision of Minnesota -Court Clean Up
Title to Valuable Iron Mines.
Deal -Which Has Bee a Pendlaar 'for
Three Years Ejected to Be
t'oasammated Within
Few Weeks.
NEW YORK, Sept. a. The receipt of the
decision handed down ' yesterday fy' the
supreme court of Minnesota In the Vir
ginia silver mine case, which la regarded
ss definitely establishing the rights of the
Ureat Northern railway In the leaite of cer
tain' ore lands from the .state, caused a
report In Wall street today that the long
delayed ' agreement between the Great
Northern and the I'nlted States Steel cor
poration for the (esse and operstion of the
so-called Hill mines In the Luke Superior
district,' waa soon to be announced. In
quiry, showed, however, that most of the
important- officials of both corporations
were absfnt from the city today and will
not return until next Week." Rven'then it
was estlmsted, there sre many detslls yet
to be arranged some-of vital Importsnoe.
The court decision, however, removes one
of the obstacles to the proposed agreement,
for the constitutionality of the -law under
which trie-Great Northern had secured
leaseholds of many of Its ore lends hsd
been celled ' Into question.
Refollatlaaa I,sb( PradlaaT.
'The negotiations of the Hill ore holdings
have been pending for nearly. three years
snd several times have been reported nesr
a conclusion. The steel . corporation, al
ready the lars'est holder of ore 'properties
In the Iike Superior district, through Its
Oliver Iron Mining company,, has been
anxious. It Is reported, to secure the Hill
properties sa a sort of reserve, thus ss-surlna-
Itself of s longer life snd siding In
cutting out possible serious competition.
To guerd sgslnst . the properties belng
held Idle by the steel rorrnratlon, (n Great
Norjhern railway has contended for a lease,
based upon the psyment of royalty on esch.
ton of ore mined, with a minimum output
i to be agreed upon. The royalties were to
be ineressed yesr by ' year until they
amounted te ft a ton. The minimum nut
pot also wss to be Ineressed yesrly and l
wss further stipulated In the early negntls
tlons thst the Great Northern railway
should haul sll ths Ore to Duluth dorks at
s riven rafs.
Propositions by the sleet corporation and
counter proposltlona ' by the Hill Interests
have been made from time to time, with
variations of the lrmi, ss above outlined.
Ore Properties Valaable.
The Hill lands are claimed to be second
In value only to thoae of the Oliver Iron
Mining company. The few Great Northern
properties which are not being worked have
been leased to various mining companies
on terms similar to those offered the steel
corporations. Moat of the Hill holdings
are, however, aa yet unexplored, and It la
said that any estimates as to their value
aremete guesses.
The financial district Is therefore some
what puttied as to Just wbat ths deal be-
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tween the Great Northern and the steel,
corporation will mean when consummated.
Tbe annual royalties and profits to the
Great Northern from the haul of the oVe tu
the Lake Superior docks cannot be esti
mated, although Mr. Hill Is endeavoring to
approximate the result by fixing a mini.'
mum quantity of ore to be turned out each
year. In case the steel corporation ahoulg
not see fit to work the mines to theextenl-'
agreed upon It would be compelled undei
the terms offered to pay to the railroad
company an amount equal to the royaltlea
on the minimum yearly output. This mini
mum output Is variously estimated at from
6.000,000 to 10.000,000 gross tops per year,
the latter figures being Insisted upon by
the Great Northern after a certain number
of years has elapsed. v
A Moalel family.
"I dfe not think that our family haa beea.
without Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and
Diarrhoea Remedy t)slnce we commenced
housekeeping years ago," . aaya E. Y..
Archer, manager of . ths Republican.
Journal, Caldwell, Ohio.. "Whso we go uu
an extended visit we pack It In. the suit
ease so as to be prepared to ward off any '
trouble that may be caused by change ut
water and food."
Rla Oraada Bf:ort,
NEW YORK, Sept. 8 The annual report
of the Denver A Rio Grande Railroad com
pany for the year ended June ahowi
groas esmlngs of 19,R8iUl!i. sn inrreasi
over the previous yesr of $2,M.Wi. The net
earnings were t7,&Kl,M3, an increase si
61..lfS. Ths surplus for the year after
payment Of dividends snd expenses for tht
new equipment and net ferments Was
8.W. a decrease of $121.98. .
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