Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 09, 1906, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 7, Image 19

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TV A NTH5D Oood blacksmith. tmptrtt
habit, to start ehup at thl place; not
work sufficient to keep busy nUr
year, but hf can secure free homestead
within halt mile of sbop. Address, wlta
tamp, W. H. Harrison, TuttlycJJ1,0;l
WANTED Bulnw mn to minnit hIm
and premium show room at Omch (or
grocery supply house; salary $' per
month and commiioni mpirnc
miirv. iTn kl Madison St.. Chlras-o,
" Y-4S4 9X
WRITE u about furniture and learn of
modern 40-room hntl In live county Beat
town of 9.W.O. Address, O 64, Bee.
BEND for "rTuccasful Method"' of trading
in rraln with email ruDltal: booklet ana
market letter lent free; reference. Corn-
stock 4k Co., commerce mag., cnicago.
T 4o 9x
STOEAT-$12.60 buy five up and fiva
I downs, rood for one week: 1 cent advance
Vir decline from erica rive 1100 profit
TWrlto for particulars. Commerce Grain
t"o.. commerce mag., cmoago. i v n
FOR BALE, quick, control half million dol
lar trust company, eastern city of n0,000.
Excellent chance; price right Addreaa
Lock Box 43. Council Bluff a, la.
. V 460 9x
MONItT. do von need Itt We ara In a po-
altion to furnish capital for any meritori
ous enterprises. We can sell your tooks
and bond quickly on communion basis;
money advanced on good securities; char
ters procured In any state. Do not fell
to confer with us. it will be to your Inter.
tint. R. Kaata 4k Co., Bankers, Tncoma
bldg., Chicago. Y-A a
' Patents Secured or Fee Returned.
Band model or sketch for free opinion a t
patentability. Pend for Illustrated Guide
Bock. Contains 100 mechanical move
"WANTED. Particulars NEW TRADE
anta advertised free In World Progress.
$83 F St Washington, D. C.
YOU can never profit by bustneas chance
unless you have om' money; small sav
ings are the foundation of large fortunes;
start a savlnus account with J. L. Bran-
dels Sons, Bunkers, 16th and, Douglas
Bt. Aiaets over 4UO,uuo. K
CONFECTIONERY, lee cream and cater
ing huslnea In city of over 10.000, no com
petition, average alea K0 per day, will
su ror invoice, writ ror particular.
wm. Maagett, Hastings, weo. I
WORTHY people started ' in advertising
business; capital or experience unneces
sary; credit extended, commercial serv
ice Co., U Bt James Bldg., New York.
FOR BALB First class restaurant, located
near two depots; good business; death of
proprietor cause of sale. Price very re
sonaDie. A.aaress wi bo, lvtn.
SPLENDID location for a flour mill In a
good wheat country; neareet mill twenty
miles; for sal cheap, mill site, water
power and race; 'mill doing a good busi
ness; burned down; unable to rebuild.
Address 1. B. Nolaon, Burwell, jvet.
' . . Y-t96 t
FOR BALE Best drtig and J'welry bis in
state of Nebraska, cash; real okiate con
sidered. Full particulars, 423 Bee Bldg.
Y-697 x
FOR BALE Rooming houses; close In. Be
i. E. Kcyes, 107 S. 17th Bt. x Ma71 10X
FOR BALE Life and accident charter;
very broad, splendid location, middle
west, good laws, business established, ex
cellent olana. exceptional opportunity.
Terms and prlc very reasonable. P-H
Be. X eer ix
A SUCCESSFUL high-class theatrical
management wants lady or gentleman
with capital either as active or silent
nartner. This Is a lifetime opportunity
to th right party; state qualification
and amount of capital you would car to
invest, curiosity seekers ignorea. mgn
est bank and other references given.
J. ' M 602-608 Knickerbocker Theater
Bldg., New York City. Y-UB x
TIN CANS. . .. .
Capital wanted for manufacturing 'only full
automatic, continuous operating,, .look.
i seam can body-forming and soldering
riachln ever Invented; capacity 4.000 to
OoO per hour:' oatent one month allowed.
Fred J. Ramsey, Inventor, 176 Bduth Fits.
mgh Bt, Kocnester, N. , x. ... y all tx
LADIES and gentlemen, write and I will
tell you how to make 4 per cent a week
on money; no risk. 1. M. Levis, Chiio. o.
. . . , Y-Ml X
HERE Is your chance. We want a good
furniture and undertaking stors in hust
ling lo wa town. Aaartsa f , care Mea.
W 00 BUYS 100 shares in th Manhattan
Gold MJnlna: and Milling Co.: 120 feet of
development work on property already
completed. Gold values can b planned:
aasays show well. Officers are men ef
standing. Integrity and responsibility;
capitalisation, low: money rieeded for
further development work; particular
free. Address U. R. Potter. State Bunk
and Trust Co.. oGldfleld. Nevada.
Y 628 9x
Real Estate and Investments
we conduct a general real estate and In
vestment business along modern and up-to-dat
lines. Business lntruxted to ua re
ceives prompt and careful attention.
U. 8. Sale Bureau.
304 Neville Bldg.
t Y-629 I
CORPORATION controlling old established
business desire energetic experienced
business man to handle branch ornce: sal
ary 32,500 and oommlmlons; investment of
xi.ooi) and upward unit unquestionable ref
erences required. Address Holilster Drug
Co., waoison, wis. xtxm ix
ot plies cured internal, external, blind,
bleeding or Itching pile. A guarauue
given tu every nw treated by Dr. Max
wall, who has hud twentv-flve years X-
perlenc in treating pile. Hundreds of
testimonials given on application. 624 Be
oiag., umana, Neo. jruon uougias i.
ANY POOR J3IRL In need of a friend call
or write to the matron of the Salvation
Army Home for Women at 3&24 N. 34lh
St., Omaha. Neb. U-tM100
TRY KELLY'S Laundry.
'IViOn DoUgla
DR. ROY. Chiropody, R. 3 3. lbui Farnam.
PRIVATE confinement home. Mrs. Dr.
King, JvU N. 21st t Tel. Doug. 8oo.
Dyvlng aud Cleaning. SDontiua and bhrtuk-
Ing, ou.y 6c per yard, bend lor price t
Goldman pleating co..
MO Douglas Block. Tel. Douglas IXIC.
Tel. Doug. ,
Hi 8. 11th St
THE Salvation Armv sollclU cast-oft
clothing: in fact, anything ton do cot
rieetf. V collect rrpair aud sell, at 114
N. lltli Kt. fur rt tit coli.otlua to the
rorthjr duoi: CaU 'Pbon Doug.
wagsa will call.
FREE medical and surgical treatment at
Citighton Medical College, 14ih and
Lj tuport St, iiuecial atteotioa paid to
connoeiuent cases. AU rrcaimaoi. vk
VU by rollera profeasora 'I'hoae Doug.
l.ui. Calls abswcied day or aiht.
U 139
THE City Garbage Co.-Omc. 1Mb
ImnEorth Kla TL DnuvlMS 127.
PRIVATE im during confinement; ba
ll adopted. The Good Samaritan Ban-
- irariutn, T!i First Ave.. Council Bluls.
la. Tel. 774. C-
6URVETTNQ. Slick ensdarftr, Ot Bee Bldg.
PENNELL Millinery Co, formerlv of 16th
and Douglas, now located at l-i N. 1U
!. ' C W J
" losU'.ute, Raioge Bldg.
w ,
LTCK Willi, aged I years. on of Jame
Lyck, Bept ember 7, a result of acciaem
Funeral will be held from reeldenee. 33
I Bout h Twenty-eighth trC flunday, Sep
timbn 9, at I o'clock P. m. Burial at For-
at Lawn cemetery. Friend Invited.
JOHNSON-Jhn J., husband of Mn. M-
role Heal Johnson, and brother or Mr
Wirt Hahm.
Funeral Sunday, 1 p. m.
from St. Phllo-
ANDERSON Mra. Martin. Sept a, 1906,
axed, 48 year.
Funeral klondav. Bent. 10. 10. from resi
dence. 614 Florence Boulevard, at I p. m.
Interment Forest lawn cemetery. nenue
Grt Western OranlU Co. Dou1a M1.
L. H CKDERAON. tfli Farnam, Tel. Doug.
1263 . "1
SYRINGES, rubber good, by mail; cut
prices. Bend lor tree catalogue. mr
Dlllon Drug Co., Omaha. U-8S6
xo.uxi4.xw tenhouaa, 410 N. 16th,
room 3. second floor. U M437 S24
WE RENT sewing machines at II per
..r.K: ?.WT mc.n:5e JS,1S,
tz n . WW 1 , ,WWUU-lilU w . .
up. Nebraska Cycle Co., corner lotn ana
Harney. Tel. Douglas 1663. U-836
DRS. VnOBL nrrrata bosDltal for women
ana for ladies oeior ana auring counn-
Blent. BIS B. 13 th Bt, Uraitit. wen.
1610 Howard.
Tel. Douglas 8782.
V-6M hi
TION not give speedy or satisfactory re
sults, notify Prof. I. filancliard, skin
SDeeiallst. Minneapolis. Minn. Whole
salers supply all druggists.
U DLOiU Diva
M AnTJF.TTf! treatment and bath. Mme. Bmlth m N lt tA floor
CHIROPODIST Dr. Dunbar. 106 Neville
block; tuuraressing, etc. jjougiaa w.
WANTED Carnival company, who ha
open date September 19, 30 and 31. in con
nection witn stoca snow ana races, a
Pender, Ueb. H. U. Heyne, secretary.
CHAMPION Carpet cUanlng. Doug. 655. 1623
TJ-M926 Oot.l
FOR anything In th sewing machine line
go to f. jrioaiuan, uit capiioi av.
ARCHITECT O. L. Brolln. 613 Bee Bldg.
PRIVATE HOME during confinement; spe
cial attention given to th boarding oi
Infanta. Madame Pickett 2216 Charles
Bt. Telephone Douglas 6311. uzot uct ix
ELDERLY WIDOWER. no children.
wealthy and liberal, wants a good sensi
ble wire. Address f. Kicn. z wasn-
lngton Bt, Boston, uasa u mo vx
1VK Bmcl tfm. U.. t VT-k.. r
ag 40, worth l&.OOO, have son, aged- I
years; bachelor, 6i, worth 376,000, strictly
reliable, liome Circle, Detroit, Mien.
V 480 9X
WE SEEK marrlare within 90 days for
widow in Nebraska; ngea zt; worm
cash. One aged 41. worth iso.oro. write
us. A. J. Miller, Detroit, Mich.
U 491 9X
LIQUOR HABIT cured by Commonwealth
institute treatment, witn or witnout in
patient's knowledge. A positive and cer
tain cure: 3.8U0 persons cured at the in
stltute without a single failure. A better
our than the 3100 to 33u0 institute and
sanitarium treatments, so formulated that
th Secret Cure costs but 12.60 and the
Non-Secret, 33. Order outright; or, If
you desire to try first, aend lO. stamps
or coin, for demonstrating treatment to
Th Commonwealth Institute, or to
Denver Colo. .Book of particulars mailed
ire. .. - u ous x
DON'T b lonesome. Send 10s for Sept.
Matrimonial Register. Join ths inter
state Introducing Society. Box 361,
Seattle, u an sx
GENTLEMAN, high standing, lonely, takes
tnis new motnoa to secur congenial cor
respondent; object matrimony: referenoea
exchanged, 817 North Broad, Phlladel-I
U 167 x
MORPHINE, opium, laudanum, cocaine
nabit myseu curea; will iniorm you oi
harmless permanent horn cure. Mary
Baldwin, vox uu, cnigo. u
I OMAHA Btaam Past Co. manufacture
paste. 2Z10 Cuming.
SUPERFLUOUS HAIR, warts and mole
in-ruianciiii j rcmuvcu uy tirvuiuii, -
sultatlon free and confidential; all work
guaranteed. Miss Allender, N Y.
ie. u
BUFFER ERS from kidney trouble can b
cured by taKing bwann bure cure K.ia-
ney Remedy. Bold unoer guarantee. Made
onlv of herbs and Dlanta.
uunarea oi
arrulAfiil (MilmAnlal. 1 r- mi Ihnu h,k
j, v. .. . i. , ,ki. . i t .m
edy. Particular free. American Herb
and Plant Co., iilgh Bridge, K
-663 9x
YOUR FORTUNE FREE With advice on
business, love and health. Bend date oi
birth, three questions and Inclose stamp.
It. Diaa, uept lu, uriugepori, toiin.
U M6S1 15x
MIDDLE AOED widow, worth t ,40.000, with
Independent income, would UK to corre
spond with view to' matrimony. Hot 406,
St Joseph. Michigan. U x
Nt'RSlOfi Caa vou ere rare food properly
ror your paiienist iaa our course vi
"Invalid fnnktn.r " The knowledft-a of an
Oread gradual at your service: Particu
lars free, Th a. Mandalberg Co., V. O.
Box 8U. u 1
NO CURE, no pay; any disease, male or
female. Enclose 11.00. 1 monlba' medicine
state diawase fully. Dr. Brown, 76 Qluuk
Block. Niagara Fails. N. Y. U-W x
BEST nrv bracer for men. "Gray's Nerve
r ooa rms i oox, pusipaja. navrann as
MoConnell Drug Co., Omaha. -39
PR. PRIES, specialist women'a disease.
WeaKuCSSe. Hn, m.umi (Lea,
cured painlessly and safely. Wlthnell
block, lath and Harney, room X, Omaha,
nn. HUTCHINSON, specialist of women
and children, umce, wununa. faun
Douelas 367.
JOHNSON institute, 41 N.
L. Tel
DOUg. 1664.
DR. W. W. BOWSER, over 1600 Farnam.
Tel. Douglas torn km o-i
CHATELAIN School cf Languages-
French, uerman, tianisn; rencuig. v
vldg Bldg., lSth and Farnam.
VTf4 03
WE HAVE a standard make, two-cylinder
touring car, nearly new. for sale at a
bargain. R, McKay. 1813 Harney Bt
Want a
t ns) fuicajr
tvt m all aoat.
feme feature that Diitioraiib tha Gnat
American CaraTaoiariea,
Wl"MH vr suwu n intumni vbh-vi
Problems Solved by P-
seat Bom laterestlas; Flgarea
la Detail aaa Ikew E fleet
f Orsjaalsatlaa.
NEW YORK. Bept. I. With ths coming
of cool weather, ths managers of ths great
New York hotel ara making arrangemenia
for ths season of dinners and banquets.
Ths capacity of ths modern housa of en
tertainment Is suggested by th faot that
without disturbing ths regular routine, it
la possible to give a dinner In a private
dining room or banquet ball to a party
numbering hundreds of people. Americana,
besides being the world's greatest travelers,
bay In recant years mastered the art of
dining, and those who cater to ths wants
of the Inner man In th large cities of this
country know that their patrons, while
appreciative, ar also exacting. Whether
It la a breakfast given by a woman's club
as an accompaniment to a lecture on do
mestic science, or an after-theater aupper
Party, th hotel man must havs ths ma
chlnery or nis sstaDiisnmsni running ( wiv
equal smoothness.
... ..... . , , . .
In th Way of "uppers.
Mention of an after-theater supper sug
gests a little party of friend who can be
accommodated In one small room, and who
partake of a few choice viands. But the
modern host Is prepared to entertain thea
ter parties which may b equal to the
population of a good-sized town, and the
word "supper" sometimes covers a multi
tude of courses. Last year, for Instance,
1.200 men, members of the Order of Knights
of Columbus, sat down to what was proba
bly .the largest after-theater supper ever
given In a New York hotel, or. It may be
safe to say. In any hotel In the wide world.
The gathering filled both the large and
small ballrooms of the Hotel Aitor, the
7,000,000 caravansary In Longacre Square.
The "supper" on this occasion was.
In reality, an eight-course dinner,
and the 1,200 were served in the space of
an hour and a half. At the same time a
number of other prlvat dinners were In
progress In the same hotel, bo important
Is this feature of the hotel business be
coming thst at the New Astor, on any
fairly busy day, from 800 to 1,000 pereons
are served Jn the seventeen rooms reserved
for private parties and banquets. It Is
often mora difficult to arrange and carry
through -these affairs than it 1 to take
care of even a larger number of Individual
guests. People who are giving dinner and
supper parties very often do not know ilong
In advance Just how many pereons they
will entertain or Just what they want. But
the hotel people have a carefully worked
out system by means of which the Informa
tion Is made available as soon as It Is ob
tained, and when a party gathers In the
room set aside for It everything Is In readi
ness, even to the floral decorations which
may not have been ordered until half an
hour before.
Other Bits of Hotel Lit.
But the giving of banquet Is only one
feature of the hotel life of the fall and
wmter In the metropolis. A hotel like the
Astor, with It 600 guest rooms and It
great dining room, shelters every day
thousand of people. To car for them
means doing much more than providing
something to eat and place In which to
Vnioa Pact.
IiaTi Arrlva
Overland LlmlteV a 1:40 am a 1:13 prs
The China and Janan
Fast Mall a 4:16 pm a 3:10 pm
Colo. A Calif. Ex a 4:16 pm a 9:30 am
California A Ore. Ex.. a 4:25 pm a 1:10 pm
Los Angelas Limited. ...all:30 am a10:45 pm
...a 1:Hcm a 3:30 nm
Colorado special i: ini a i:m am
North Platte lxcal.....a i:io am a 4:w pm
Beatrice coej! o s:t pm o i:w pm
Cktoago, Ueck Island m, rolg.
KAa T.
Leave. Arrive.
Chicago Limited a 3:2k am a 7:10 am
Iowa Local a T:0v am a 4:39 pm
Chicago Mail a 8:1 am 10:10 pm
fnw, TamI hlz:L nm b i'&A nm
Chicago tEastern Fxp.. 4:06 pm al:4Spm
i ctilcagu tlow mneo i .a : pm aim pm
Rocky MounUIn Lira... a 7:20 am 3:18 am
Colo. & Cal. Kxnias...a Z:fli pm a :SS pm
nirl. Texas Exo a 4:40 nm all .06 Dm
Colorado Fast Mall aW:16 pm a T am
a dally, n daily except Sunday,
Chtcaao Crtkt Waster
St Paul A Minneapolis. 3:30 pm
7:1 am
I Mr Paul Jfr Vf inneauolla. V-.4& am
11 :W
i nm
Chicago Limited 6:40 pm
9:00 am
Chicago bxpreaa 7:4 am
11 M pm
Chtc.-o Express 3:30 pm
;ju pm
St Louis Exproea. ;30 pm a 9:40 am
bt LiOiit ixicai iirom
Council Blurts) a :! am ai0:30 pra
Council Bluftsl U6;00pro bU:W am
etanocrry uicu tuuu -Caicaicv,
UUnsakM at. FaaL
Chi. A Colo. Special.... a T ie am a 7:30 am
caiuoraia u. j...a :e pm a 1UU pm
Overland Limited a 3:36 pm a :M aia
Marlon A Cfcdar n. Uoo.b l.b am bU: pm
lilseeart Paclao.
i a, Lout Express.
I u- -i u. at t .
a 9:09 am a 1:1 nm
w. m ,.. ius a ;mi pm
Cateaao Kortkiweateva.
Cedar Rapid Pass.... a i:6 am a SO nn.
Twin City xpreas ....a 7 .60 am alo.uo cm
Cluoaaa baynaut
...aieam all: 16 pm
...aU:s am a 3:e pm
...b 3.U pm a 9 6 am
...a 443 pm a9.iuaa
... .... b 1:44 nm
caicao i yai .
Bioux City Local
Cai-roll Local
Sioux City Local
Chicago tprea
a tM pm a Ma) am
Fast Mall
Fast Mail
,a 9:2 pm
a 3:M am
a i.oo pm
Twin City Limited ...a 9:2b rtA a 1:09 am
Overlanu Limited a 9:113 pm a 9:16 am
Chicago Limited aU:00 pm all: 14 am
Norfolk-Boneateel a 7:40 am liKo6 am
Lincoln-Long Pin b am b!0:36 am
Dad wood-Lincoln a 3:00 pin a 9:06 pm
Casper-Shoshonl a 3:00 pm a .- pm
Hadlngs-Superior b 3:00 pm b :uf pra
Fremont-Albion b 6:03 pm bU.W pm
HUnela Ceatraa,
Chicago Kxpreas a 9.-00 am a 3:66 pm
vuwav - ....... .m .w tfm i aa
BtRLIMGTOS 4AT10J iota A MA90.1.
Leave. A rrlva
Denver 4k California... .a 4.10 Dm ilkn.
Black Hills a 440 pm a t.v pm
Nurtawest Bpeciai a 4.iu Dm a ,
Kortbwo.t txpr aU W cut a tM pm
kebraaka Local . I.W aia ....... ..7.
Uutoia i.ocai a 9:06 am
neolu Fast Mail...... .b 3 0v pm ai:M pm
E. i;ruua m w..v ym ui u .m am
Uevue A PlalUiu a..a 1m am . am
nvir Limited a i-ia an.
beltevue A Pae. June.. .a 9: am a 3:30 am
bellevue A Pao. June. a 9:19 am a I t pi
Lhiuaao coecial a :J am a 7: J an
Chicago Lxprca a 9:46 pm a 3.14 pia
rhio ruir e.w Dm ai:mam
Iowa Looai-, a sue am aiu pi
at. Uta A.w,va a .w iu Ji:J am
Laasas Ciiy-St Jo. ...: pm a 9:46 am
Kana Cltv-8t Jo.. ..a :16 aiu a t.ld nm
tinii Cliy-bt Jo a 4:9 pm ,N...,
Cbleas. I at Mlaaeapeli. ,
Leave. - Anlva
fwia City Passenger. . .b :a am b 1.14 pm
loux City Pasauna-er...a 3:0 pm allrw am
Pmarann Local
b6 Mpm b 9 10 am
Emerson Local ....
Usee art PaelAe,
" to pm
4Sbraska Local,
Weeping Vt aier
.0 IM pm tdl Japa
a Dally, b Dally except Sunday. 41 Dalll
xoepl Saturday, e buna ealjr, LaUy
excn.i Honiif.
ABICHY Clark's tth Aaaaal Ornlse, Feb.
vnitni -07. 70 daye, by chartered BS. "Ara
bic." 19,009 tons. 3 Tours Round the world.
, r. u it, 99 way, . x.
sleep. From th time h guest hands hi
rails to th boy In buttons who meets
htm at th door until long after he ties
left the hotel, the efforts mad to promote
his comfort are never for a minute abated.
Perhaps, from the point of view of th
guest, th greatest convenience afforded
by the modern hotel Is fourd In the fa
cilities It offers for obtaining all aort of
things quickly and on credit.
As oon as a vialtor Is assigned to a room
the house open an account with him nd
he may charge to It his restaurant ex
penses, his laundry checka. telephone call,
telegrams, baggage transportation; messen
gers, thester ticket, carriages, or what
ever els he may desire. More than that, at
any hour of the day or Bight he may call
for his bill and find It waiting for him.
Th vouchers for whatever he has ordered,
whether a bouquet for hla buttonhole or a
ten -course dinner for twelve friends, ar
Immediately sent through pneumatlo tubea
to th cashier desk and ar entered at
once In a loose-leaf ledger. In which a page
already has been Inserted bearing the name
of the guest. Every night these Items are
put on a bill to be presented In the morn
ing If asked for. All that la left to be
done when any one comes to th desk to
make a settlement I to complete the bill
by adding any chargea that may have been
Incurred elnc th prevlou night, and thl
work take but a few moment.
What th Gweet Forccta
The modern hotel keeper literally speed
th parting guest, because arrangements
are made to see that the head baggage
man Is notified when the visitor I to leave,
After he ha passed out of th building
on hi way to train or steamer, the earn
care I exerted to see that letter and tele
gram and the thing which he ha for
gotten mny be promptly ent after him.
The average American I a forgetful per
son. He leaves about 3,000 article of hi
personal property In the Hotel Astor every
year. To take care of these things there
an elaborate card index system and a
special safe In which are kept article of any
lntrinslo value. Such an article 1 placed
In a bag, tagged and deposited In the afe,
and unless Its owner ha disappeared en
tirely from the haunt of man he will
sooner or later be located and hla property
returned to him.
The great modern hotel contains magy
labor-aaving devices and many kind of
machinery. But the telephones and ele
vators, the Ice making appliance and the
machine which purify the air, the pneu
matic broom which capture dust, and
germs and the hundred and one other
contrivances for other useful purposes can
not take the place of th hotel clerk. ' The
bell boy may disappear, but the man behind
the desk, with his vast fund of inform
tlon and hi marvelous memory, Is still In
dispensable. It Is no longer possible for
the proprietor to meet his guests personally,
but the clerk greets them with the old-
time cordiality. He Is the connecting link
between the barren and cheerless Inn of
years gone by and the great establishment
of the twentieth century.
Where the Clerks Come la. -
Now, as In the last generation, the hotel
clerk' memory la one of hi chief asset.
To the stranger in a strange city It is a
gratification when he asks for the room he
occupied on a previous visit to hear the
clerk reply: "Certainly; number 609. I'll
ee If It' vacant." It I the clerk who can
tell which la the best part of any one of
the theater from which to view th atage,
He know all about the actor and the
amount of their salaries. In hla many
chambered brain are the figures of. the
railway time table and the sailing hours
of th steamships. He Is. In manj par
ticulars, a better city directory than the
printed volume. And. above all, he la a
born diplomat, able to give confidence to
the timid and peace of mind to the wan
derer whose longing for home ha made
him Irritable.
Indication are that this Is to be a record
breaking season In the New York hotels.
Every year see an Increase In the de
mands made upon the hotel men for ao
commodatlona for dining and dancing par
ties, for gathering of associations and bus
tness organisation. At th same time, th
number of famine who prefer a hotel to
a house or a flat I constantly srawinc.
while th great army of ths visitors to th
city to steadily growing. New hotel ar
going up by the doxen, still the accommo
dation do not exoeed the demand. Th
Englishman who aaid that New Yorker
worked In twenty-story skyscrapers by day
and alept In twenty-story hotel by night
was not rar wrong. And because Americana
ar the world's greatest travelers, they are
also the hotel-man's beat customers. They
have created a demand which has - mad
American hotel the best In th world,
- i
Deslsjns Faahloaed by faveatere Coa-
etltate a Mnsam lav the ,
, . Pateat ORree.
There are thousands upon thousahds of
models at the patent office of 'Inventions
that are of absolutely no use whatever,
They represent the blasted hope and often
the ruined fortune of Innumerable in-
ventora who Invested their time and money
In worthies Ideas. The model forwarded
by these lnventora to the patent office form
a sort of museum by themselves, and those
who wish to look a bit beneath the aurfac
can find a tory abounding In genuine
pathos In pretty nearly every one of these
foolish Invention.
The star Invention In th wav of real
aburdlty Is said to be th "windmill boat.
This Is a device intended to supersede the
sailboat of today. The motive power
furnished by a windmill erected on the
deck of the boat which I to take the
place of sail. One glance at th model of
thl boat Is sufficient to convince gay per
son 91 ordinary Intelligence of It absurd'
Then there I th Invention of on Helnta.
eimann "for floating horses across river.
A very funny little model of a strangely
shaped horse .with a still more wonderfully
fashioned rider, a soldier, accompanies the
patent papers. Little bladders filled with
air are fastened around the horse. If the
model were placed In a tub of water tha
little bladders would support ths horse and
rider on the surface of th water, but sad
to relate ths poor soldier and horse would
float with their feet up In the air and the
head of both man and beast well sub
merged. Mr. Helntxelmann'l Invention w
never adopted by the army of thl or any
other country.
A -very odd exhibit la the pistol and
pocket knife combined. A nail file project
ing from th under side ot the knife act
as trigger. The Inventor, one Mr. Peavey,
blandly states In hi description ot the con
trivance that "this Invention Da th great
merit of being useful in two way If you
do not kill the man with tha pistol shot
you may then attack him with th knife.
Note that It ha several blade. Also you
may use U to dig stones out ot a horse's
There ar counties numbers of baby car
riages, go-carts and baby chairs. They
are so complicated with all aorta of "Im
provements" that no person of' only ordi
nary human Intelligence can understand
how th chain are la tended to be used.
Another patent office model In th line
ef chair 1 less complicated, but more in
teresting, and, perhaps a good deal more
absurd. It I a "life-saving chlr." A hol
low compartment made of sine gad per
fectly air tight constitute the bark ed
arma. The rest of the chair la very lm-
to any ordinary chair. , Th patent
peclflcatlon relate that "when th ateamer
la alnking th passengers may su In these
chairs and be washed ashore to absolute
coaiforf ' JXew York Bun.
Baltimore. PUn to OelebraU t& Uplift
from It Asbea.
astrsjctlv ptatlstlea Aboat th
Losses aaa Ik lasaeaae Paid
A ttroaarer, Btgg aa
Better City,
From the 9th to the 16th Inst. Baltimore
win have a Jubilee and "Old Home Week"
In honor of the triumph of energy, pluck
and resource over the devastation of fire.
Like Chicago, Baltimore ha risen from th
ruin of February T, 1901 atronger, better
and bigger, and the people have warrant
for rejoicing.
How great waa th destruction wrought
Is best shown by th report of Chief En
gineer George W. Horton, who wa In
command of th Baltlmor fir department
at that time, and la atlll It head:
"On Sunday, February T, 1904, Baltimore
waa visited by one of the most disastrous
conflagrations (In money loss) thl coun
try ha ever known. The fire originated
In a 1x-story brick building occupied by
E. Hunt A Co. a a Wholesale dry good
and notion bouse, located at German trt.
Liberty etreet and Hopkins Place.
"The thermoatat alarm waa received at
14:41 a. m. and waa responded to by one
engine company, one hook and ladder cdm
pany, one district engineer and on sal
vage corps company.
Where the Fire Bearaa.
'On entering the building from German
treet the fire wa discovered In th base
ment and appeared to be among the pack
ing cases. A flame .waa seen drawing
acroas th celling toward the elevator haft
on th south side of th building. Very
little amoke wn seen on the first floor
or basement. As th men descended th
stairs with two and one-half-inch line of
hose and three-fourth of an Inch chemical j
hose, th daylight seemed to fade away,
caused by the downpour of smoke through
the elevator shaft, and Instantly there was
an explosion, the impact of which waa
upward and outward. Th time between
the receipt of the alarm and th xplosion
waa about flv minute: th roof waa
lifted and every window light above the
tint floor was broken, and the flames shot
out with a loud, whistling noise. The con
cussion broke tha windows In the sur
rounding buildings and heavy brands of
fire were carried from tha Hurst building
Into the adjoining property, and at once
aeven buildings were burning fiercely. The
wind at thl time wa blowing twelve
mile an hoar from . the southwest; tk
street at thl point are thirty-five and
forty feet wide.
"Brand of fire at one began to be
blown several squares away, setting Are to
rubbish In yard and awning, the flame ot
Which Immediately entered broken win
dows, mad o by the Intense heat and th
explosion of a box containing powder,
nearly Opposite the Hunt building. It being
Sunday and a commercial district there
waa no one to look after the numerous in
cipient Ore.
Effect of tha Wlad.
"The fir followed the direotion of the
wind, which remained from the southwest
until U o'clock at night, when It changed
to almost due west, and at noon on Mon
day changed to northwest Bo great waa
the wind and the vacuum caused by the
beat that deluge stream were torn to
fragment and could aot reach th second
"Th conflagration raged until 11:30 a. m.
Monday, February 3. During that time lt
had traveled over about 140 acna of ground
and destroyed eighty-six blocks, containing
1,626 building and four lumber yards.
Total Insurance paid, 329.221,861.-
There wen engaged at the Are 460 fire
men, 34 steam engine, 8 hook and ladder
trucka. 1 fire boat, 1 police boat ail be
longing to Baltimore.
"Then -wen alio 771 firemen, 13 steam
engines, hose Companies and 1 hook and
ladder truck from other cities and towns.
"Then were about 70,000,000 gallons of
water used.
"The department lost 1 steam engine,
hook and Udder truck and 29,900 feet of
"The assessed value of th building
ourned waa 91Z.90S.300. Th total loss, ex
elusive of office furnishings, etc., waa over
1100,000,000. It Is difficult to conceive how
such a disaster can be viewed, a little
over two yean later, aa anything but a
calamity. At first temporary structures
were erected on thirty, sixty and ninety
day permits, and th business part of th
"Monumental City" resembled Nome or
Bad Axe or What Cheer rather than- the
commercial center It had been and was to
be again to an even greater degree. Aa an
example of the -self-reliance of It cltlsen
If may be noted that Baltlmon expended
only 123,000 of tha quarter of a million do!.
Ian voted a a- relief fund by the Mary
land legislature.' Thl sum was used to
give temporary relief to those whose tools
or mesne of livelihood had been destroyed.
The remaining $227,000 was returned with
Expansion of the City.
Not content with regaining th around
lost, plans were at once made to recon
struct on better lines. A a tint tep it
wa epaoted that all buildings over eighty
nv feet In height must be fireproof
throughout and building under that height
be of the leaser grade of protection known
imply a fireproof. It waa possible to
faoe on such fin cheerfully, but a repe
tition was not Invited. Secondly; 700 lot
mad vacant wen acquired by the city for
Broadening street, laying out one new
tnet and Increasing the docking facilities.
For this last purpose an appropriation of
ti 2.000.000 haa been made, which coven
tn cost or dredging the harbor. The na
tional cTovernment came to the aid of th
stricken city with an appropriation of
11,000,000 for a new custom house, the for
mer one being among the buildings de
troyed. The massive wall of th court
house, which had atnpped th progress, of
the flames, were reconstructed, at cost
of $160,000. A aewerage system to cost
310,000,000 wa contracted for. In addition
to theae sums the city raised 12,009,000 for
the improvement of what is called th'
Annex." an outlying district of the city;
31,000,000 for the improvement of the park
system, 36,000.000 for street paving, 11,000,000
lor th construction of school houses and
91,000,000 for the construction of Are en
glne housea The remarkable thing is that
money for these and alt other similar and
incidental expense waa raised without dif
ficulty at SV per oent and that th tax
rat, naver high. Is today lower than be
fore the fin. The exact figure ar for
1W4, in; ror lata. 3.11; for 19u6, I. It Is con
fidently expected that the rate next year
will not exoeed L7I. A boom town 1 BaltJ.
more, and the exceptional and right kind
or a boom town.
This increase In trade la not ao noticeable
to the casual vhltor a th wonderful
change In the 140 acre burned over. Of the
1.313 lot made vacant only eighty parcel
remain unimproved. Seven hundred and
two new building bav been erected on
the reu many of them "sky scrapera" of
fifteen stories or more. When the value
f those destroyed, as alnady stated, wa
til. 90a, 800, today their place la taken by
Structures valued at X,6OO,C00. t
The chief source of all this prosperity
Baltlmon harbor. Oa account of thl
ever 90.009 emigrant oUr this country
yearly through Paltlmom, which divide
the honors of second place with Boston.
Grain elevators having a rapacity of
9.000.000 bushel and direct line to many
European port appreciably cheapen the
handling of grain as compared with other
Atlantic porta.
Amerteaa Ranks Maa aaet
Varlea Games latereet lb
Even ancient Mexico I not free from
th American confidents man, and, aa waa
demonstrated by the recent round-up- of a
number of swindler In on ot the tower
of th old cathedral, the old, old games,
worked with uch success In th United
State on the unsuspecting, are Just aa suc
cessful In the land of th Montesumaa aa
In the land of their origin.
The smoothest of all the crook I th
confidence man. The little game he work
en the uninitiated an Interesting to that
portion of th publlo that haa already been
up agatnat one or more of them, aa well
as to th onea who have never been bun-
koed. To be bunkoed by a clever group
of operator I an experience that haa
fallen to many, and many a lesson baa
been gained thenby. If you have never
been bunkoed don't laugh too heartily at
f those who have, for who know but you
may be alated tor an experience similar
to those who have gone before.
In Mexico the ratera Is purely a local
product. He Is credited with being about
the moat expert lifter of valuables In the
world, as many a tourist, with a record of
many thousands of miles of travel in for
eign land and loada of experience, will at
test The ra.tero la endlted by some with
being able to take oft your vet nmove
your valuable and then replace the gar
ment without even you being aware ef
the trick. But hi game la a coarse one.
In the language of .the "perfesh" when th
genuine bunko man appean on the scene.
This genius of grafter haa In the past been
practically unknown In Mexico, and the
easy pny to which many of the unsus
pecting have fallen to the Ant onea ar
riving' tn Mexico leads to the belief that
more of the gentry will soon . leave the
original Aelds In the United State and
make a tour of the republic. Some of the
moothest of th class could doubtless make
very profitable tour In Mexico should
they so choos.
It seems that the simpler the game the
easier it Is to take In the average human
being. A game that Is too complex Is
shunned by all the experts of the business
and only the appanntly simple stunt are
used. Th confidence men usually work in
two and thnes. The beat looking and
most affable man of the lot will land the
prey and each of the othen will appear at
the right time to get In their work, with
the reeult that by th time the bunco men
get through with their victim he la out a
considerable amount, generally about all
that he haa, for thee men do nothing by
halve, and he 1 much th wiser for his
The first gam worked was the old one
of matching coin with three In the
gam. Instead of proceeding In the usual
manner, the victim was lad to think that
he waa in with on of th othen and that
the two of them wen taking the money
ef the third man away, only to return It
to htm and to glv him a lesson. Finally,
when the big aum waa a atake and every
man had hla pile up before him, the
grafter got In their work and buneoed It
to the victim, In the most approved style
among the profession. It worked so easy
that the graften must surely have "hated
to take tha money." probably acting upon
the old aaytng that "th better tha place
the better the deed" they chose the cathe
dral tower for their scene of operations.
But, alas, they rounded up on too many
of th Innocent and they an In the handa
of the police awaiting trial. . . The confi
dence men have many other stunts than
the on tried as a starter In Mexico and
from time to time It la expected that th
unsuspecting will spread the new of new
games that are being played. The police
of the northern republlo an giving th
confidence men such trouble that It 1
only natural that they should drift to
another climate.
Bewan of , the smooth-talking Individual
who become your friend ao easily. If he
wants you to learn the little game with the
pea under the shell, don't go up against
It. Then Is many a man who has bet his'
all that the pea la still under the shell
when the man put It, but when the shell
waa lifted the pea was not there. If a
nice appearing young man fall In with you.
you have a few drlnka and ha often to
how you th town, keep your eyes open.
When h gives you his talk about the
wonderful prosperity that he has enjoyed
In Mexico and telle you of many Invest
ments he has made, 'believe It If you want
to, but look out. When he leada you
through th Mutual building, which he
tells you belongs to him, and shows you
all Its many Ana points, don't decide to
buy It on th spot and glv him a big llc
for the option. Just remember about thl
time that the Masonlo temple and the
Auditorium, In Chicago, the Flatlron and
th New York Life building, tn New York,
are aold dally In thl manner for aum
ranging from 31.000 to 44,000. It all de
pends upon how muoh th victim haa. Ot
course, the latter game is usually worked
off on the members from the rural pre
cincts, but because your home is th
county seat don't think you ara Immune
to the games of a thoroughbred American
"buneo ateenr." Mexican Herald.
Valets Propose to Hava s Head la
Maklaug tha Faees of Their
' Masters.
Th Amalgamated Association ef Valet
I nnderatood to have under discussion
th right of member to wear on their
face such hair as natun provides. In such
style a may b pleasing to themselves.
Soldier, drawn from th plow to th
hardships of th militia eamp of Kansas.
have been informed that they must be
smooth shavea, and tha length to whieh
they may. permit their lock to unfurl I
also tated tn th regulation. All over
the eountry there la war on th beard.
A few year ago th ambition of vry man
seemed to be to make a hiraut showing
a an evidence of maturity. Now the bald
chin-1 th general rule, and faces once
mercifully hedged, behind a disguising
heaf look out unadorned upon a world
that looking back, doe not admire.
The prejudice agalnat th beard 1 not
nadlly understood. It la one of nature'a
glfta and must hav some excuse for ex
istence. It protects the throat hides th
wavering cnin, nil up tne hollow cheek.
buries th mole and th moth patch. Bom
men look well by reason of It who, In its
absence, call to mind th comle valentine.
Yet some men look far better without it
and these seem to be having their way.
Just how the atyle Is bemg set haa not
been explained. The king of England,
whese hats and neckties are copied the
world over, la bearded. So Is the Prince
of Wales, the csar 'likewise. But some
one. born with th Inability to raise a
beard, has stolen a march.
To b sun. a question might b asked
to th utility of th . beard, but the
earn query applle with even mon fore
to rh hair of th head; for If the later
I a protection. It 1 rendend superfluous
by th habit of wearing -a hat Viewing
the change of a decade, ft Is not impoasi.
ble to Imagine that In th near future th
only man really In style will be the on4
who poll Is aa bar a a blllard ball.
Philadelphia Ledger.
Maeh Capital Employed aad Maay
Llvew Risked Aaaaally la th
Pearling at Jolo, which Ilea at the outh
westerly extremity of the Philippine group,
Is a mysterious Industry. A large amount
of capital and thousands of live an rlskea
each year In delving Into ocean depth fof
the great rough shelled bivalve which oc
casionally contains a pearl worth a king"!
ransom. Because of the great risk In.
volve and the possible fortune to be
gained, the Industry has a fascination
scarcely to be resisted by those who have
once experienced lt. Because of the great
variety ot peop'e who search for pearls,
the vast area of th hunting grounds, th
eenturies-old custom ot the Mo roe and
the special laws covering the Industry, n
statistics can b obtained which will ap
proximate the profit. The business I
therefore mysterious.
Pearling I a gam of haiard for high
takes. The pearler must risk capital and
hnman life. H must bnv th aea and go
prepared to fight for hla rights with sav
age men, and he must pay the taxes and
dlvld the profit with th hrwd traden
from Ceylon and Slngapon. Sometimes,
ay the Far Eastern Review, fortune
smile. Three yean ago a alngie pearl waa
marketed In the Celebea for 36,000 peaoe.
Buch And rarely com to publlo notice.
Shrewd tnden an alwaya on hand to
natch them away from the Ignorant and
fearful diver, and the jewel Is first ex-
fposed for ale In London or Parts or a
Dutch port.
Th Moro have thne waya of getting
the pearl ehells out of the sea. One la by
actual diving, one by dredging and a third
bv a three-pronged catcher let down by a
rattan rope. Thla last method can be used
only when the sea Is ab.olutfjy calm, be
cause the least ripple will prevent th
fisherman from seeing th ahell at the bot
tom of the sea. When the first method I
employed the diver alwaya saya hi pray
er before he goe down. In the day when
hells were plentiful the diver went down to
a depth Of from eight to twelve fathoms,
but now there are men who even go as
deep aa twenty fathoms.
In former times the dtven were aup
posed to give the bbjget pearls to the sul
tan, but when the nattvea came to learn th
value ot money they secretly sold them to
the traders. As a consequence, wljcn It
came to the knowledge of the sultan that
one of hla ubject had, auddenly become
rich he concluded that a pearl mut hava
been eold, else how did he obtain all these
fine thing in o hort a space of time. A
messenger would be sent out at once to
fine the man a large um of money.
Special law have now been made by
the Philippine commission covering th
pearling Industry. The sultan and hla fol
lower have no longer any legal right to
colleet One and penaltlea, but th custom
haa obtained for ao long that th ignorant
people atlll fear the power of the aultan,
and have not yet gained aufnclent confi
dence In the American government to ac.
cept Its guarantee of protection. New York
Nearly Two aad a Quarter BUltoas,
Real aad Persoaal, Listed
la Cook County.
The largest amount of taxable property art
the book of any city in tn cnneo
State Is listed on the books ot Cook
county, which Includes Chicago. Th full
value of All the taxable property, real and
personal, reaches U230.113.686. The actual
sum on which th tax rat win be ieviea.
which b law 1 one-fifth of the full value.
Is $446,023,717. Figuring at a flat rate or
7 per cent thla would yield 331.121.690.3 In
This information la the result of labor
of the Board of Review, whoae booka
were closed recently. The board.
which went Into session July and
closed August 22. added r74.706.a40 to th
figures compiled by the Board of Aaessora
this year. Thla 1 figuring on th full
valuation, which In the case ot the re
turn made by tha assessors was 3600,
369,310, while the Board ot Review fixed
the total at 3574,987,660. The comparison
between the work of the two boards la In
personal property - alone. The action in
real, estate resulted In a reduction ef th
aseeeson' figures to the sum of 114.090,730
In full value and taxed value ot $2,313,146,
Then was, however, an increase In th
realty assessment of $40,068,746 In full val
ues over the work of the Board of Review
for last year.
The full values returned by the Board of
Review for 1908 wa $1,633,461146, aa against
$1,698,406,000 for 1906. The tax values for
the aame year are $319.G81,60 for 1806, as
against $327,0113.829 tor 1906, giving an ex
cess of 33,011,149 for the board work this
year over that of last year In the, tax
The full value of the personal property
a distributed In th city and the outsid
town 1 a follow:
' 1906. 1906.
City of Chicago 33M.bl8.944 $477,844,239
Outsid towns U,0S,46 2S,6O6,0b0
City of Chicago excess
of 1906 over 1906 Si,22M7f
Towns outside of Chi
cago excess of 1909
over 1906 11,136,108
Taxed values for same
City of Chicago 179,923.7m $06,648,944
Outside towns ,U.7W 4.606.013
City of Chicago excess
of 19U6 over 1906 1,346,06S
Outside town exoess ot
190 over 19U6 791.32a
Tba city will charge that th tax as
sessment of $3,000,000 made by the Board
ef Review upon th personal property of
th tunnel company. Including the tele
phone rlghta, railroad track and tunnel
company, including th telephone right,
railroad track and tunnel construction la
"apparently ridiculous and absurd" In pro
portion to the real value, and that It be
come practically a "fraud upon th public'
or an Indication that the Board of Review
has had a fraud perpetrated upon It by
the tunnel company.
The court will be asked to have te board
reconvene for th purpose of Increasing
the taxation of $7,000,000 for the present
year, and impoalpg an additional $7,000,000
for the past year for which th tunnel
company waa not taxeu at ail. Chicago
nreaktaa It t p.
It wa on of those dental parlors when
you pay in advance for haying your teeta
pulled and await your turn.
"Your sign saya," grumbled the customer
who had just got out of the chair, " 'We
extract without pain or cheerfully re
fund.' "
"Did It hurt youT" asked the young maa
with the forceps.
"Hurt? It felt a if you wen taking th
whole top of my head off."
"Well, lr, you can have your tooth back
If you want It." Chicago Tribune.
RrUeetlens of a ISaelirlor.
Most men have to be In love with some
body, even If it s their own wife.
A very rich widow can get very N stout
without any on daring to call her fat.
If a man did the things he tells his sons '
to do he would think he was a milk-sop.
When a man tries to build a chicken
house himself to save money It' a sign
h 1 going to be broke for aa t
year. New York Press.