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Trd ia HI Lines Licit and Banc it
Ysry Harrow.
Wheat Geaerally lade ' CUn ef
I'revleaa SeeeleaKx port ere Hot la
Market, Baylagf Ferelgo Bias
Art Betas? Redaeed. .'
OMAHA. Aug. A, 1MM.
WhMt held In a very nc.rr.jw nnn to
Prtcee wera generally under last
u.gnt's close, althouga at tha and tney
trine nuiwr. cable wara a - iitno
lower m tha e. tether wm favorable for
ihreolilng and harvesting, kxporls wara
not in ilia Inarael at a... eavina- fortirn
lAMs wara bain reduced, ana tnere
no prospects ot any business toon. Tha
only sausisctlon lur ins buU was ma
act tha receipts wara liant la tha north
watt, where u waa thougnt tha movement
itt apring wheat would be uaavy tnia wee.
iruue in tna corn pit waa at a atandallit,
and tna plica range waa vary narrow, tuo
close being about the same aa yester
day. Receipts wara smaller than
teumatee, auu eatlmaiea for tomorrow are
tnali, while tha weather waa favorable,
iuo trade 1a at preaenl indiapoaed to (o
strung either wei.
Primary wheat receipts wera 4,0W bush
ela and shipmenta Sts.uuO buaheia, against
receipts last year of eu7,0u bushels and
shipments of lil.uuO busneis. Corn reoeiuu
were I3ji,000 buaheia and ahtpmenta ool.vOJ
buaheia, against recelpta taat year of f4a,0u0
buaheia and alilpmenia of 6,0u0 buaheia.
Clearances ware aMsjOw buaheia wheat,
Liverpool cloeed Vd lower on wheat
ana uncnangea to a nigner on corn.
Peoria wired: - "tiuod inany indlcatlona
of Increaaed corn movement. We are art-
tin some In Nebraaka and Illlnola la be-
f Inning to talk movement now. Probably
owe will also wake up aoon. I expect a
pretty free movement In September, which
think will continue Until .the new corn la
ready to ship."
Local rauge of optional
Artlclea.) Open. I Hlgh. Low. Close. Tea'y
' 44AJ 84A WTiA 4A 84 A
4iA 87 A 4A 7 A 57 A
. 43A 43A
, 8 A A
..... Z7HB a A
A aaked. B bid. O cash.
Ornaba Cash Sales
WHEAT No. 1 hard. 1 ear. UUc: 1 car.
4c; No. t hard, 1 car, Mc; No. 4 hard. 1
car, b3e; 1 car, S2c; no trade, 1 car, tUc;
I cars, osov ,
COKN-No. 4, 1 car, 42c '
OATS No. 4 white, 1 car, S7c
Oaaahav vats Prices. '
WHEAT No. t hard. WS6c; No. 8 hard,
njo4c; no. t hard, euQMtc; no,
Ebrlnr. s34c.
COHN-No. 8, 43c; Na. 4. 4243o; No. I
yaiiow, 44; No, i white, 4&c.
OATS No. a mixed, 27c; No. I white. Be;
No. 4 white, Htffttyo.
RYE No. 8, Ho; No. I, 4o.
. Carlot Reeetple.
Wheat. Corn. Oata.
Chicago 161 348 168
Kansas City ; 864 73 88
Mlnneaoolls .............. St ...
Omaha 42 71 SI
Lmiuih If
St, Louis ...II 111 111
Fea tares e( the Trading; and Closlasj
Prleaa oa Board at Trade
CHICAGO. Aua. 28. Clear weather In the
northwest had a depressing effect on the
local wheat market today but fair demand
by ahorts caused a firm tone at the close.
final uuotations on tna uecemoer ueuvwry
tetng up He Corn was also Ho higher.
Oats were praotlcally unchanged. Pro
visions were Mac to lfrilSe lower.
Hentiment in tne wneat oil was Deonsn
for the greater part of the day and the
vnluma of tradlna- waa small. Lower
cables and an absence of rain in the spring
wheat country were the chief influences
for lower prices. The feature of the market
was the persistent liquidation of tne Sep
tember option by local holders. Country
acceptancea - were light, but cash houses
reported that tha ' movement will ' in all
probability show an Increase. This en
eaurewed additional sale. DurlnC the last
fifteen minutea ot trading tha market be
came more animated, there being a good
demand by shorts. A decrease of SO per
cent In primary receipts for today aa com
pared with tha earns day last year, waa
one reason for the improved demand. The
close was Arm, prices being at the high
est point of the day. December opened a
shade to Ho lower at 74c to 74Ho, sold
oft to 73Ho and then advanced to 74Ho.
Final quotation were at 74H. Clearances
of wheat and flour were equal to 248,400 bu.
The world's visible supply as shown by
Bradstreets increaaed 1,000,000 bu. Primary
receipts were 420,000 bu., compared with
f07,0u6 bu. one year ago. Minneapolis, Du
futures, quiet; September. 4s 'idl Decern -
ntr, r"Vl. .
lilKN-MKil Orm: Anwrlrm mixed, new.
t tHd: futures, quiet; September, 4s d;
Iecamber, 4a THd; January, new, 4s 2i.
tatlaie sf tha Day aa Tarlava
NEW TOP V In, ta .-rTT'R Rcelnta.
H.0S7 bbla ; expniis, t.UO bbla. Market
ateady but alow: winter patenta IT.Tf
4 IS; winter Mralahta. winter
eKtraa, ILKvfiJ ; . winter low arradea, 12.71
oia; Minnesota patents, M.wv.m. ny
Hour, firm; fair to imod, $l-!&62-;
eholre to fancy, IJ I04 00.
CORNMEAL, Kteady; fine white and
yellow. ll.loei.tJ; coarse, tl.10tfl.l2i
kiln dried. 2 lOOl.t.
it ik Nominal; No. S western, aie, c. i.
f. New York.
HEAT HvrelDta. K4.000 n nmrll
2.494 bu.; spot market firm: No. I red,
7Hc, elevator; No. t red, 7Mc, f.
o. b.. afloat: No. 1 northern
Duluth, 8G,Jo, f. o. b., afloat; No. t hard
Manitoba, foH. t. o. b., afloat. Trade In
wiioat waa unusually, quiet all day and
partly emlalned the early deDreesln.
other Influences being good weather, easy
cables, (September liquidation ana a Dig
increaae In world's slocke. Later prices
rallied on covering and closed partly He
net higher; May, 14 1-lMjMHo; closed at
MSc; September. 7lt'; 6-lc; Cloaed at
7Hc; December SI 7-ltSl U-lc oloaed at
o. . ' . .
CORN Receipts, 9jm du.; sxports, iuz,iw
bu: snot market barely ateady: No. t,
Wo, elevator and eSHc, f. o. o., afloat;
no. s yenow, hic; no. z wnite, a. uiiuuu
market was aulet and fairly steady on
commission house buying. The close was
net unchanged. May ciosea at ,
tember, 66 IHfiirjWHc; closed at fH0!
December cloeed at 62o.
OATS Receipts, 102,600 bu.; spot mrket
steady; mixed oats, to 12 pounds, , ';
natural white, 30 to 83 pounds, feViftSiO,
cllooed white. St to 40 pounds, ssrvc.
sfsrktt 0pni EUady, but Coon Dorelopi a
Boactiooarj Tondanoy.
Seillaar aa Aeeoaat at Easbarasaed
Philadelphia Caaeeraa Seade
Lead I a Issaaa Dew a Oaa
ta Three Palate.
NEW TORK. Aug. a.-For tha first time
since the Paclflo dividends became a mat
ter of nubile knowledge, the stock market
today began business in an orderly and
rational manner. Instead of the "wide
which prompted caution here. But after
the marking down of prices to parity, a
steady Improvement set In before noon,
Atrhlenn. Tnpeka A 8anta Fa leading.
Irregularity occurred on the receipt nf the
New York opening prices, but the market
reacted sharply and prices closed firm st
near the beat quotations of the dsy. Cana
dian Pacific was the feature on good
American buying. Kaffirs were strong
owing to the fact that they were vtrongly
supported from Influential quarters. Ja-
f'nnese Imperial ta of 1904 Were quoted at
OOH. x
bKRUN, Aug. .-Tradlng on the
Bourse today waa flfeleaa. American rail
were depressed upon the New York ad
vices. PARIS, Aug. 3. Trading on the Rmirs
today was very dull. , Russians declined
heavily. Ruaalan Imperial -fours were
quoted at 70.60 and Russian bonds of 1004
at 470.00.
ew York Meaey Market.
NEW TORK, Aug. S.-MONEY-On call,
.V Ot n.e nan t IMtltn a M t at AiL MP
openings and 'new high recorda" so fa- cetU. cio,iri- bld, H per cent; offered at 4
miliar in the paat fortnight, trading opened pfr Mnt. Time loana, atrong and dull;
In moairils volume but prlcea aoon oe- ,ixty days, fH per cent; ninety days,
. .ov.iviibij imiuciii:;. pr cent; six monins. vgi per cent,
seeming change of sentiment waa ascribed , PRIME MERCANTILE PAPER 4
to a variety of causes, chief among them - c.nt
being the money situation, disappointment 1 STERLING EXCHANGE Weak at
at the absence of gold from I. u rope and t4.fc4lura4.e4La ,or demand and at HIUO
increasing distrust at the failure of the 4.J115 for sixty-day bills; posted rates,
many reported deals' to materialise. Do- . 4.lwif4.JH and M-MCH SoH; commercial
cal monetary conditions showed no Im
provement. Indeed, It anything, were
worse, the banks thus far showing a loss
to the stibtreasury of over 12,000.(00. Call
money opened at t per cent while time
rates held at praotlcally 7 per rent for all
periods with the supply diminishing. As
for gold Imports, expert opinion is that
things are tending toward that dtrecton.
Another batch of Australian gold was en
gaged during the day. It Is believed that
efforts are making to Induce Secretary
Bhaw to renew his "anticipation" order
ot last spring, but that official, who waa
in town today has thus far given no Intl-
Vina,, t7 iwvi.m m
SILVER Bar, 6c; Mexican dollara,
- BONDS Government, steady; railroad,
Quotation on New fork bonds today
were as follows!
as, it lMVJasaa ts, M ssrles.. W
0. t. rel.
4s eAvpoe
D. a ts, rag......
ee eoupea
t. a eia 4s, tt
4a osaeea
V. 8. or 4s, tea
flo coupes
Am. Tab. 4s
as s
Atchlsos sja. 4s.
Se adj. 4s
Atlsntie C. L. 4s.
B. at O. 4s
do IHs
Brk. R. T. at
lumu if iim. am w r ,
HAY Steady; ahipplng, tSW'o; too matlon of his attitude In the matter. Ex-
to choice. 0&i 11.00. ... . chan-e weakened further to 484.10 early In
FEED Stesdy; spring hran, lis. 25; I the day.
middling, 1. 76; city, 20.5024.5O. The market bore strong evidence of pres-
HOPS Quiet; state, common to choice. 1 sure in many quarters, among the early
iiac iimii., iiai .nil aMn. noml al: weak tsiea helnr United States Steel.
Pacific coast 1905,' llfllo; Xu4, 12cl Smelting and Reading. On the other hand cntrl'ot 6a V""'lli
OldB, nominal. ' . I"1"""" s-anilio wn jironnurarui, i So 1st inc
HlDEo Steady; Galveston, 20 to ':5 advancing over four points In the laet do 14 In ,
pounds lOo; California, 21 to 25 pounds, ' hour. Durlnjr the greater part of this do M mo
lie Texas dry 24 to 80 rounds, lie period, the market sagged, but toward noon Chea. A O.
LATHER-JFIrm' KKxTVfcc the trading increased under the active lad Chieao A A. 4s.
PKOWsToNrBeef. TIaady. fam:!y. I Atchison. St. Paul and Amalgamated C B A Q a
HO.OOfflll.OO: mesa. Il.f 048.80: b""f Copper. Atchison advanced to a new high r-
,..M; to Hs, etrs H
..1M aa 14 series W
,..I0 o 4s. ct(s 111
..Itt U A N. sol. 4s 1S
...10)14 Msnbst. e. o!4 4....10iS
m. Oniml 4s T
,..1M So lit I no II
... II Mlns. A Bt. U 4s.... 44
...lit M., K. A T. 4s 104
,..l"SSl as Is 17
HK . n. R. at st. i 4s. MS
hams. 221.04622.50: packet. t8.lO0.oo. . ' " ccc. Bt. L 1.
city extra India mess. lt.00 lt.iJ; cut, J only would tne 'J"cn7" ' ma. W. ssi
mexts. steady: pickled belllea. liaiic; ! 11 "I1: J"JAULr M1. ?f .n .';8."! I f!"-
pickled shoulders.- IHetHc; pickled I w -.oca par , S"L
ofMcisJ quarters. The movement In sugar, , D. A R. a. 4s. i
rxt li.r.i fl.H.n, .tilt i DlSt. B hm
even before it became known that the reg-, 'Bna prior Use 4s
hams, !2f12Ho. Lard, quiet; western
steamed, .80u.90; refined aaay; western
nent. t.t&; South America, 110.00; com-
round, 7H97HC. Pork, quiet; family,
18.60Ol.00; ahort clear, I17.00&1..T5;
mesa, I it. 00 Ol Lift.
TALLOW Steady; city, IHc; country,
IK6H0. t
RICB Steady; domestic, fair to extra,
IHH'c; Japan, nominal.
BUTTER Firm. Street prices: Extra
creamery, 23H24c Official prlcea: Cream,
ary, common to extra, lfcj)23Hc; stats dairy,"
common to fancy, l&22Hc; renovated,
common to extra, lS-jJOHc; western factory,
common to firsts, UHIlBc; western imita
tion creamery, extras, 20c; western firsts,
CHEESE Firm; state full cream, large
fancy,. 12V; falr to good, 12H12Ho; small
fancy, 12V; fair to good, UH&UHo; ln.
ferlors, 10H11HC
EGOS Firm; state and Pennsylvania
nearby fancy selected white, 6tf'7e; state
choice, M2c; mixes extras, H!!'2aci west
ern firsts, iOHflSle; seconds, IB&lto.
POULTRY-AUve: Steady to firm; west
ern spring chickens, 15c; fowls snd turkeys,
14c. Dressed quiet; western spring chirk
enc. 13.ff.15c; turkeys, 11014c; fowls, 10 Ho.
St. Loals Oeaeral Market.
ST. LOUIS, Aug. 28. WH EAT Higher ;
nNo., ! 71U72C; No. 2 hard,
70gHe; September. t.SoSHc; December
71 7i72c.
CORN Lower; track No. t cash, 47f?47He;
September, 4Sc; December, 41 He; No. 2
white, oojfcoHo.
OATS weak: track No. t cash, 20H830Hc;
w,:m8H0i Ueoember'
-KH?.lii6t'lir: rd winter paten's,
SR4NrFlrm; cke(J t track, 7375o.
HAY Steady; timothy, IU.60iitlI.00:
prairie, I7.60fil0.50. t".ii.w,
BAQOINO I l-l(c.
PROVISION - Pork. lower; jobbing.
ri.60. Lard, lower; prime steam. tSMl
dry salt meats, ataadv; hnx4
J9.I7H; Clear rtbs. W.S2H; short clears.
Bacon. tdy: boxed . extra shorts,
i012Ho; clear ribs. tlO.I7H;; short clear.
POULTRT-Quiet; chickens, IHcrsprlngs,
12c; turkeys, 14hc; ducks, 8Hc; geeae, flrm
at ta.
BUTTER Firm; creamery, lJ25c; dairy,
1&&22C. t
buuDiirm si 10c
Flour, bbl .'..
Wheat, bu.
Corn, bu...
Oats, bu....
Receipts. Shipments.
7,000 12.000
. 23,000 108,000
.118,000 211,000
.128,000 M,i
Mlaaeaaalla Qrala Market.
inneapons, iu- r,. Lirwin. . a ......... -.
car, ta&JSW J3? I
vear asro.
The corn market was Inclined to be
weak early In the day on selling by cash
houses. Weather conditions are now con
siderable favorable for the maturity of the
f rowing crop and this accounted, aocord
. . ..i.. hAiiu. In, Ka. n 1 1 I
' increase In the amount of country accep-
. tanoes. Local receipts today were larger
than had been estimated, the total arrivals
being atil cars with 200 of contract grade.
Late in the session a firmer tone devel
oped on covering by ahorts which was
based upon the expectation of small loal
receipts tomorrow. The market closed
firm. December opened unchanged to a
shade higher at 4IH$44o to 44o, aold off to
4H41Ho and then advanced to 44044HO.
Final quotations wera at 44444'AC.
k Trading In oats waa quiet and the
tone of the market was easy. The prob
BRAN In bulk, I13.502JU.75.
(Superior Board of Trade quotations for
Minneapolis and Chicago delivery). The
route ot prices, aa reported by F. D. Day
A Co.. UO-tU Hoard ot Trade, waa:
Articles.! Open. Hlgh.j Low. Cloae. Tea'y
Wheat-I I
May... 76
slept... TXHwHl
riaa-- 1
Dec... 7JH
Sept... 1 U
Oct.... 1 11H
Nov... 1 U
Dec... 1 10
1 IS
1 u
1 10
71 H
1 11
1 10H
1 10H1
1 lOHl
1 lvHi.
Minneapolis Cash Prices Wneat: No. 1
ability of a liberal increase in the move- l hard, old, 77Hc; new, 76Hc; No. 1 northern,
ment from the country waa the chief da- 1 bih &u. new ?u- Kn 1 ih
preaeing Influence. There was consider- 7414c; new, 7JHc; No. I northern, old. T27c;
able changing from September to the De- No. 1 Durum, I7V.O; No. 1 Durum, aWc.
camber delivery. December opened H Corni No. I yellow. 47c: No. I. 46c. Oata:
lower at SOHc. sold between SOHBHe and . No. I. 7'c; No. I wiilte. 2540. Barley. 32
Local re-
tvSc and closed at 80H(i7eoo.
ceipta were los cars.
Provisions were weak because of liberal
recelpta of live hogs. Trading was vary
dull, there being a very alack demand. At
the oloee September pork waa) off IHc. at
117.00. Lard was down 7HC at SS-C7H. Ribs
wera UH415C lower, at li as.
Estimated receipts for tomorrow: Wheat,
ft cars; corn, 1st cars; eats, 171 cars; hogs.
11.000 head.
The leading futures ranged aa follows:
Artlclea. I Open. Hlgh. Low. Close, Tee y
to. Rys. tOVSalHc.
f Dee...
' Sept...
. Oct...
- Jan...
17 00
It 41
I 80
s w
I 71
71H 70H
74 78
. 1Z 77V
S 4t
440 H 43
44H 44H
1 '
2H 18
17 00 17 00
12 W It 4t
I 70 I I7H
t 80 I 76
I 42 t 17
f 2J T to
I 75 S an
I ) U
7 25 7 10
Available Sapply of Grala.
NEW YORK. Aug. S.-Soectal cable and
I telearraphla oommunicatlona received by
MraaatreetB snow tne 101 lowing changes in
available supplies aa compared with pra-
vioua acoounta:
WHEAT United SUtes and Canada, east
Rockies, decreased, 206,000 ) buaheia
Afloat for and ln Europe, Increaaed, t.iM),
aj buaheia. Total supply Increased 2.tou,
00 bushels.
CORN United States and Canada, east
Rockies, decreased 448,000 bushels.
OATS United States snd Canada, east
Rockies, Increaaed 1.729,000 buaheia
The leading Increases reported this week
are 175.000 bushels at tha Chicago private
elevators; 271,000 bushels at Omaha; 84.C00
1,104 , M 7144
104 11 111 lit
tt.ioe ihh ih
(a 114 114 Ji
II, 400 141 11 lllSl
toe iao 100 toe
40.40S Ml . X74 Vt
lat.too i 101 101
. 404 141 101 101
t00 ) 144VI 141
7.M0 117V4 114 111
, 10,000 n ti n
ii.ioo mi 170 m
17 00
11 40
I 7
t 0
1 to
I ts
' I 67
T 10
' Jl' buaheia at Lincoln, Neb., and vicinity;
10.000 buaheia at the Minneapolis private
4, . elevators.
17 08U
U t
I 7S
I 51
I 80
t as
7 40
Cash quotations wera aa follows:
FLOUR Steady; winter patents, 13.100
150: stralghta. tStOf110: spring patents.
3 7uS.aO; atraighle. j.iu4.4u;v bakers, S2.W
WHEAT No. t spring. c; Ko. t, TajTtc;
No. I red. T0lT71c.
CORN-No. ( 4e; No. I yellow, tOc.
OATS No. t lsc: No. 1 white, SoV&ite:
No J white, 2tT30o.
choice roaltlng, 4049
I flax. 11 S7: No. 1 north-
BARLEY Fair to
Waaallaa A Laks Brto.
WMooaala CeatnU
f?S!FD No.
wsatera. ti ll. Prima timothy, t4.OO04.OS. Steady: No. i northern, 7flSlei No. north-
"lorer. contract gradae. 11 100.
PROT8TON" Short rtba. sides 0oee.
IH tMiatn. Mess pork, per bbl., 117 04. Lard,
rer WO lha., 18.71. Short clear sides (boxed),
Receits. Bhlpmerts
Flour, bbla, 17
Wheat, bu. I'l 0i
CVira. b tn.M
Oets, bu.., esjiwv)
Rys bu.- SO OTiO
Parley, bu. . IB 400
On the produce exchange today tbs but
ter market waa firm; creemertea, lJTj2c ;
dallies, 17i0c. Eags, Am, at mark, eases
Included. UHlTlec; firsts, lo; prime firsts.
Kc; ex tree, vo. Cheese, staady a llJJ
104. tuO
MveratMl Grata Market.
miRWOU u St. WHFJiT-Spot.
ataaojri No. S red western winter, to tfd;
The leading decreaaes are 167,000 bnehela
In Manitoba. 116.000 buaheia at Fort Worth.
() Last week's total corrected to 46,811,000
Kaasas City Grata aad Pravtataaa.
September, 44 c: December. 47 c; May,
TlHc cash. No. 1 hard. 44 048c; No. I.
4643 44e. Ne. 1 red, tie; No. I, 47c
CORN September, 4lc; December.
4tHc; May, ltc; cash. No. 1 aaUed.
4IV044o; No. t white, 44o; No. ,
OATS No. 1 white. lOOIIHe; No. I
mixed. 2ttte.
RYB Unchanged; No. I. 6Sfi0c
HAY Steady; choice .timothy, - IU.BV3
1160: choice Dralrie. tK.71.
EOG3 Higher; extra, ltc; firsts, caaes 1
Included, lac: seconds, lie. j a '
BUTTER Firm; creamery, So; pack-' ws"s-rns Kiprsss
inc ltc . Woitlaekouss glsetrts
Recelpta. Shipmenta
Wheat, ba .141.000 . 14.000
rorn. du. ...........a... mi.wu- au.wu .
Oata. bu la,0u 18.0U Merlhara rioi'
Cestral Lsaikar ......
Mllwaakss Ctrala Market,
n, 7&STI0; December, To asked..
RYE Steady t Ne. 1. lac
BARLGY-aiiaady; Ne. t, K6Sc; sample,
154340. ' , .
CORN-Steady; No, I eaaH, . 4l4c;
Septeauber, 4sc
Dalath OraUa Market.
northern, 7tc; No. I northern, Hc; Septein
ber, VSa
OATn On track, too; old. to arrive ;
new, to arrive and August, kH. .
it 1 rv ojc.
Peerla Market. . j
srASll . .. . m B XI SM,.4. w.. s
yellow aad No. t. 4So No. 4 4te; no grade,
OAT Bteaay: NO. I WrJlc. sn'Ac : M 1
while. 2i43uci No. 4 watte, ii"JI')o.
ular dividends should be declared
Early In the afternoon, when the market
waa exhibiting Ita strongest tone, heavy
selling of Reading and Union Pacific started
a downward movement which soon took ln
the entire list. The cause of the sell
ing waa considerable ot a mystery until
It became known that a Philadelphia trust
company waa In dlfflcultlea. Reports as
to the magnitude of the Institution's lia
bilities and ita attendant effect were of a
character to exolte great alarm and the
great occasion was utilised to advantage by
the short. Prloes declined from one to
1 points, with only partial reoovertea In
most Issues. - Muoh of the selling of Read,
ing and Pennsylvania as well as other
stocks was believed to be for aecount of
the embarrassed Philadelphia company or
interests Identified therewith. The mar
ket remained heavy to the close, practically
all the active Issues recording: lowest prices
of the day in the final hour. In fact there
seemed absolutely no support In any quar
ter, the big Intereeta having apparently de
cided to let the movement run Ita course.
The principal net losses were Pennsyl
vania I points, Reading 1, Union Paclflo
t. Southern Pacific 1. St. Paul 1H. Louis
ville A Nashville 2, Northern Pacific 2,
Great Northern preferred 3, Colorado Fuel
2. Amalgamated Coppe 1 and Anaconda
4. London'a participation in this market
was a feature. Amerlcsns, the Harrtman
issues excepted, closed strong at that cen
ter and buvlng of our storks, chiefly Atchi
son and Canadian' Paclflo was later re
sumed here. Purchases for that account
were probably 40.000 shares on balance.
Bonds were easy. local saies par ruun.
t3,170,00. United States bonds were ail
unchanged on call. -
The following was tns range oi pnew on
tha New York exchange: '
Bales. Hit. Low. Claw
Aasms Slants ..i " JJJ "
Amalfsautad Cortpor isi. "!
Kmt.Cu set romdry.... 4,404 41 s MS
do Bf4 ,0
Amer. Cettoe Oil M4 12 11 1
da nta 4
. r soa arru Kt ti
am! His. a Leather (s 400 10 M '
Amer. los a)ooarlttss
Abmt. Uasesd Oil
do ptd
Antar. LeeonMtlTS
do ffd
Amor. SoMltlns and Rof...
do pfd
Amer. Boaar Retains
Amor. Tobsrea pld cits
Anaconda Mining Co
4o ptd
Atlsntlo Coast 14aa
Baltimore A Ohio..
do pfd
Brooklra Rapid Transit....
Canadian FaolBo
Control of Now Jorsoy....,
Chesapeake A Ohio.........
Chicago Oreat Wastora
Chleaco A Northwsstore....
C . at. A Bt. T
Chloaao Torn. A Trans...,
do pld
P., C. C. A Bt. Louis....
Colorado Fuel and Iraa...,
Colorado A Bouttera
do lot pfd
do Id ptd
Consolidated Oas
Oora Produota rfg
do ptd
Da la wara A Hoflaoa
Dal.. Lack. A Waotora...,
Uaavor A Rle Oraada
de pfd
DuaUlars SssariUss
do 1st pfd
do td ptd ,
OoBoral Blootria
Hoeklng Vallar
Illinois Osntral
Inter, fsper
da ptd ,
Intar. rams
do ptd
Iowa Central
do pfd (
K. C. Southern
do pfd
LouisTllls A NaahTllls....,
Mailean Central
Minn. A St. Louis
M.. Bt. !. A Baalt Ita. U
do pfd
Missouri PaclBs
Mlaaourl, Kaa. A Taaas...
do ptd
National Load
N. R. R. at Moxlos pt4
Now Tor central
Now Tork, Oat.
de Sfd
North A mart can
Paclao Mall
People's Oas
Pitts.. C C. A SC L,
Prsaaod Stool Car
do ptd
Pullman Palaoe Car .,
to, lot pre
do'M ptd
Ropuhllo Btaol ............
da pfd ..
koah Ulaad Oe
o Pl4
Bt. L. A Ban Fraa. 24 Bid
Bt. L South waotora
do pfd
Southern Paolto
do pfd
Southern Railway ........
do ptd ,
Tons. Coal ant lroa.,..
Tease A Pastas
Tol., SL L. A Wastora
ee pfd
Co loo Ptcito ,
do pfd
V. S. Kip
V. B. Realty. .
U. A Rssbar ,
do t'
rj. A Stool....
4o pfd
YlrftnU-Cerolina CaoaaloaL
do pie
do awn.
Hork. VsL 4s...
Japan ts
N. T. C. sen. tm.,.. II
N. 4. C. aan. ta 124V,
No. Parlto 4a 10 J 14
e ta 7lti
Nor. A W, eon. 4s....l0tiVa
Ors. A L. rf(. 4s...'..-
ftnn. i. IVts HOkj
Raadlni gen. 4s MV,
St. U A I. M. e. ts..lUH
St. L. a 8. P. f. as. 12V,
itt. U 8. W. eon. 4a. 74 s
Seaboard A. L. 4s.... .
IW 80. Pad Be 4s i'.S
S..I01S, do 1st 40. ctfs M
A. 14 Southern Ry is 114
... 7 Tax. A P. lata lllu
... 1 T., St. U A W. 4s.. 12
...104 iC. P. 4s 101V4
... V. B. Steel M ts ,
... a nsoasn lets
...I0! in dab. B
... M4 Weatora Md. 4s....
...104 W. AUK. 4s.;.
...ltWHlWIa Central tea..
104 H
7a H
. 0
. 44
. MV
. Wit
Ileatoa Stocks aad Boads.
BO8TON. Aug. 28. Coll loans, 6(81 per
cent: time loana per cent. Closlus
Quotations on stocks and bonds:
Atraisoe adj. 4a.... M4,Biuaam
do 4s
Mos. Central 4s,
do ptd '.,
Boat on A A....
Booton A Mo...
Hostea Bleratod... ,)M
Pltchburi ptd 1M
N. T.. N. H. A H.IK
rare Msrsuotte
Daioa Paclto ...
Am. Arcs Cbom..
do ptd
Am. Busar -
do pfd
Am. Tel A Tel..
"Aa Wooloa ...
do pfd
Dora. I.
Mass. E loc trio
do pfd
Masa ties
United Bhoa Mach.
do pfd
Oroeoo Con
U. A Stool
do pfd
.100 Cel.. Hoela.
.... T4Centennlal
....101sCoppor Range
....lOuVj, Dsiy Wort ,
....ta rranklla
.147 Orsnhr
lelo Roralo
M.aa. Mining
.. Fa Mohawk
..Wll Mont, Coal A C...
.. t4 Old Dominion ....
.. Oecaola
..1S Parrot ,
..117 uu'.ncr ,
..183H Shannon
.. 14 fsmarack .,
..lUSTrlnltr ,
. n l sited Copper -...
. K) U. I. Mining ....
. 7u V. t. Oil
. S I'Uh :
. 7 Victoria
. tt Winona
. Wolverine
. 4.r.S North Butta
.Id44 Butta Coalition ..
. 4 Nevada
. U (al. Arlsoaa..
.H8H4 Tocamseh
uta Arts, con
. it
. 4Vj
. 71
. 14
. U
. 11
. H
. 41
. 4
. 1
. IS
. t"4
. 47Vs
. 10
. to
. 4W,
. tJ
. 34
. M
. 11
1. II
Lostoa Closlaa- Stocks,
LONDON, Aug. . qiosing quotation
v., iuo rwta iKcntBsi were;
Consols, money. .. .17 14-14 M., K. A T
.I7M-1IN. T. Central ..
....14 Nor. A Waatsra
....not,, de sfd
.lOtiy, Onl.. Wsstsra.,
do aeoount
Anaconda ,
do pfd
B. A Ohio
Caaadlsa Pad to
Chea. Ohio
Chicago O. W...
Ck.SK P.
V. A R. 0
do ptd
Brio ...1
de 1st pfd
do td pfd
Illinois Central
.... w
.... W
.... Uka
... 44
.... k
... 4
.... tl
.... 74
uand , Mines
Reading ,
Suuthem Ry .....
ee pfd
nouthorn Paclflo
Union PaoISc ...
I 4o 1 pfd
ID. S. Steal.
4 ptd .........
do pfd
. M
. St
. 4
. 71
. .4
. 71
. 40
. 3 H
. SS
cf, Rv.W'i! 4!saaalah 4s 13
flkXikD-?: steady; a Ad per ounce.
unxi-per cent.
The rate of discount In the open market
fer short bills Is I l-lff3 per oent; for
three months' bills, 1 per cent,
NEW TORK, Aug, 2l.-Closlng quota-
.iwiist im iiiejijiiBK, eiiwcrvai wfrt :
Ltfft tu sf Csttls, with Bert Grades
Otntrallj tedy.
Fat Sheew ef All Klade Aetlve aad
Fully Steady Fat LasaWs Slow
te lewer feed ere la De
sjaat aaA Steaay.
SOUTH OMAHA. Aug. 17, 190.
Recelnta ra: t'aitla. Hoes, fineen.
OfTlclbl Monday T,4J6 5,v4 I.S.I
Olflclal Tueaday ibuO lO.ooO 1V700
Two days this week ll.ttt 14.544 12,771
Bams days last week....ll.MT 12 t.t S7.104
1 wo weeks agu 1,291 11. tit io,lv7
Three weeks ago S.417 la,lb6 kO.7l
Kour weeks ago 12.410 14.434 U.4K4
Same days last year 11.714 7,nI S0.0U
niKt-ll-tb r Oat 1HK lbAH TO llA'lb.
I lie followlna table ahowa tha receiuts Of
cattle, hoss and sheep at South Omaha for
vna to aate, oomparea witn last year.
lftsl Iftiin Inc.
Cattle g 11 400 t7,K)t 45.510
'togs ....
Shevp ...
The followlne will ahnw the crloe DBld
for the different kinds of cattle cn the
South Omaha market:
Good to choice oorfl-fed steers f$.'9n
yair to good corn-fed steers 4.iTasu
Common to fair corn -fed steers... 4.ttrB4.5t
Uwou to choice range steers 4.u 25
Fair to good range steers I 7Hr4.4u-
Common to fair rsngs Bteera I tOBl-tO
Good to choice cowa and heifers... 1.754 40
Fair to rood rows and ho! f era tbuvll.'t
Common to fair cowa and heifers... 1-Tatty! 50
tiood to choice Blockers A feeders. I 7&4i4.40
Fair to good stockers and feeders.. s.5tf3 75
Common to fair stockers 2.7Tyf3 SO
Hulls, stags, eto
Veal calves 4.Ct&.7
The followlna table shows the averago
price ot hogs at South Omaha for tha laat
several days with comparisons:
34 feeders.. 7a
4 cows... ..1017
15 cows Vi
44 COWS tea
tl steers ... 1?40
12 feeders.. Ui
17 cows Bst
It feed era. . Ml
10 cows Hit
11 heifers.. 371
17 cows....
11 cows...
I feeders.
4 cowa...
I 10 11 cows M
I to It SOWS 1AI
I M 11 COWS -4
I St 47 cows '
. tt7
F. O
S cows 1011
II cows..,.. 114
IS cowa P
t cows tu
4 00
I 10
I 20
I 0
1 75
D. Stlna
I 15 I
I 04 I
4 steers . ..!?
It (eeoeiB..10ll
1 cow
t feeders.
7 cowa...
54 cows....
t cowa....
I caivea..
14 feeders.
I cows..,.
Robinson Idaho.
. wil
. anu
. l.s
. t,
. Bbl
11 seera.,
I bulla...
1.061.17! 1,475,408 174,16
1,084, 7o4 Wa,47 to.tfl
Date. 1 not. nm.iim.iira.,im.!im.iios.
A nr. It...
Aug. 20...
Aug. 21...
Aug. 31...
Aug. a...
Aug. 24...
Aurf. Ot...
Aug. ...
Aug. 27...
Aug. 28...
I 1 10 I 11
t 02 s t 13 5 15
t 96 I 14 s I 4
I S0 I 14 I 03 t 10
6 4 t 2 t 03
I S5 IK 104 I 4
t as. I 88 I 13 I 45
I 17 I 21 S 11
6 85 114 ID
I 80 S 12
t to I R7 t of
17 7s 5 oi
t i
7 1H
T :
7 2S
7 27
t ti
1 is
t 01
1 00
1 01
4 7
4 M
5 03
Cattle. Hoaa.
Omaha I1.7r8 28 Ifi SMS'a.lO
Chicago l.ZMiaeo l.oOtr4.57
Kansas City LOOww.SO I llv0
Bt. Loula 140-6 50 6.7lN 41
Sioux City IsCfeTj.St a.SOajw.00
Tha following ahowa the number of cars
of stocksrs and feeders shipped to the
country and their points ot destination:
Cattle. Cars.
C. W. Butledge, Bancroft M. A 0 1
O. F. Clocknr, Hosklns-M. A 0 1
W. W. Crown, Lyons M. A 0 1
Thomas Hud. Auburn Mo. P 1
U. E. Kelley. Vorhaae, la. N. W 1
luetach Bros., Wheatland, la. N. W.... I
C. M. Fee. Toledo, la.-N. W 1
A. P. Hymen, Dunlnp, la. N. W 1
Wearover A Pitta, Beaton, 111. Mil 4
F. H. (iarlty, Kegle Grove. la.-U. W.... 1
Henry Nulle. Bo tna. la. Q. W I
J. H. Toree, Tekamah M. A O I
Longman A B., Uvm Molnea, la. ft. I.... I
A. W. Rutledge. Burlington, la. Q 1
J. Finnan. Carlville. 111. Cl
E. Patter. Bancroft M. A O
R N. McCahan. Senax, la. Q
K. R. Myar, West Orange, N. J. N. W
Walker Broa., Denver, Colo. R. I....
The official number of cars stock brought
in today by each road was:
Cattle. Hogs. Sh'p.
Wabaah 4 1..
C. M. A St. P 1 I
Mlaaourl Paoino 1 s
Union Paclflo SO 28
C. A N. W. (east) t
C. A N. W. (west) SO 45
C. St. P.. M. A 0 17..
C, B. A Q. (east). t 11 1
C, B. A Q. (weaO 138 J4 20
C, R. 1. A P. (east) 4 t , ..
C, R. I. A P. (west) S
Illinois Central 1 .. . , .,
Chicago Great Western ; " 4 ; ; ..
Total reoelpts ...171 ' 151 II
Ths disposition of the day's recelpta waa
as follows, each buyer purchasing the num.
ber of head Indicated:
Buyers. Cattle, Hogs. Sheep.
Omaha Packing; Co 157 v 1,504 1,140
I 00 II cows tn
IK t rows mi
lit 1 rows In
Wuson-S. D.
t SO 21 cows lO'-i
I SO I calves... eil
I is)
J. A. Rar Cattle Co. S. D.
17 Bteert....llll 15 f steers.. ,.10;
7 steers... .1117 1 16 steers.. ..1I4
I steers. I 46
Master Bros. Wyo.
a cows lie t a 4 cows 1180
i cows lisit 15
L. K. Parish 8. D.
I feeders. .1071 ISO It cows IM
bulls 1130 I 36 4 cows f0
Edward Griffin 8. P.
22 Bteera, ...Iks) 1 70
F. T. Humphrey b. u.
4 feeders.. 110O 175 I feeders.. 1083
4 Steers.. ..1140 I 45
J. Bean 8
17 steers.
10 cows.
10 cows.
23 cows.,
It cows..
t cowa..
28 cows..
,.103 I 70 12 cows 171
Leeter A
t 85
I w)
I 75
I so
1 0
3 M
I 14
t i
t tw
II bo
1 4u
t 28
t 85
1 6
t au
I to
t IS
t 70
I 00
head: market for lambs weak;, top,
Sheep, strong.
St. I. oata Lire Stork Market.
ST. LOl'IS. Mo., Aug 2S CATTLF5 Re
ce'pta, 7.5)0 head. Including t,0rt Texapo,
Market alow and lower. Native shlpe ng
and export Bteera.; orsed beef
and hutrher steers. tnSlS: steels ululir
1.00 pounds, IJSHM in: etorkers and (eedrs.
tJ axit); cows and h'lfers. 3 4t4i'.7;
nera, tl.Wfttoo; bulls. 12.11.76: calves,' tw
ft4.n0; Texna and Indian steers, S3 2VU4.10;
cowa and heifers. 2.IMiS50.
H OO 8 Receipts. 8.500 head; market
stead;-, piss and lights, M 34 46; packers,
tSTMij.40; butchers and best heavy,
SHEEP AND LAMPS-Rece'pta, 10
hra1; marret steadv; nntlvr muttons. I3
1lf.K); lamhs t3.50-t;7.50: mils and bucks,
S3.0ltji:5; stockers, tl2tVfi4.N,
loos City Live Stextk Market.
8TOCX CITT. la., Aug. a.-(Spectal Tele
gram.) CATTLE Receipts, too head;, mar
ket steady; heeves, $4 f(io.85; cows, bulla
and mixed. I? twxfj 4 StO ; stockora and fewiers,
3nrvf(4 00; calves and ycsrllnirs, :.5(Mt.i.
HOC1B Rec-lpts, 4.S00 head; market for
best, steadv. ethers 5c lower, selling at
16.605 4 ; bulk of salsa, t5.AVII8.7a.
aWae Neb.
171 I 85 t COWS S53 I 00
A. Anderson Neb.
...1027 2 75 1 bull 1480 I
C. E. OtteNeb.
...1064 1 05
Al Smith Neb.
45 feeders.. 1030 ISO I feeders.. 1020 8 26
1 leader... it.) 3 50
Huh.a Ja J Wvo
SM IKj I cows 808 I 35
9u0 1 75
R, Haney Neb. . .
8H1 i wi a cowa.... 191 3 45
Lsindla A T. Neb.
23 feeders.. IUJ 4 25
D. Hill Neb.
40 feeders,. 1211 4 60 44 feeders. .1210 4 50
A. O son Neb.
20 feeders.. 1101 4 to
A. F. Woodard Neb.
54 cows Ua I 70 1 cowa 1045 1 28
t cowa.... m 1 86 4 calves... HI 4 .a
Hhaw Bros. Colo. .
I heifers.. 703 I 60 7 heifers.. 671 1 50
11 heifers.. 443 1 60 I calves... 260 4 25
I calves... 10 8 00 1 calf 130 5 V0
HOOP As was the case yesterday mo.-n-Ing,
It was the light hogs mat wer In tne
beat demand, and buyera of that Hind were
out early aud tne trade was lainy active.
The pneea paid were about the same as
those which prevailed yesterday, good Uglit
hogs selims largely at o.(jT.tW. Tne top
today, however, was 5c hither than any
thing brought yesterday, a iancy load sell
ing up to 5410. ... . .
Heavy hogs were moatly 6c lower and In
extreme caaes aa much aa 6(3 luo lower than
yesterday, and slow at the decline. They
sold around lb.etob.50, with the mixed luuas
largely at tt.7f:. t . . .,
It was late oclore buyers started out
and bUII latsr before the trade was reaily
under way. The n.a,rket was at no Umj
very active, and it was well along towaid
mid-day before anything like a clearauce
was e fleeted, . .
The market closed slow and weak at the
lowest point of the dsy. At the close all
kinds ofhots were lower, with benvy hosa
Buffering tne moat, that kind being lu
many cases fully 10c lower.
Represents live saies:
Adams Coa.
17 tne asu liu s21a I Alice
Brunswick Con
Comstock Tunnsl....
Coa. Cal aad Va...
horn Silver, .i
Iron Bllrar...,
Lssdvllls Coa
1,100 II 11 II
7,404 t!4 110 110
Tt.MO 1M 1 1M
- .... IT
I.S04 H M U
1.404 17 IT t4
too M n a
1,40a 141 11s 11s
Little Chief..
Ontario ,
Ophlr ,
Sierra Nevada
.Small Hopes.. ,
. t
. t
. It
. It
. tt
. M
Treasury Statesaeat.
WASHINGTON, Anar 28 Today's state-
L700 P844 10 tO " uiaiOT in ine gen-
400 tt2 T7lt 74 i1 tund exclusive of the lloO.OOO.uOv goid
T . 1 1 trastAB-a Vi a. saves A its Its KIa .a. t ... , . .
im ! $i(.446,C67 ; gold' coin and bullion, $lll(iitli)tf :
smvaaav MHVWtwBk sy iw( Aa, geVV.
too tit tit
t.eoo 44
liiia ti
14.404 47
toe n
400 71
to 71
'ioo i
'WO 44
lut t4
'poo, ri"
1700 144
000 II
TOO ltd
Woal Market.
BOSTON, Aug. a.-WOOL-The wool
market Is firm with fair tradlnar.
foaa purchases are looked tor Immediately by
0171 , the trade, with an accompanying revival
174 of Interest In the market. The movement
n 1 in terrltorlea includes . both combing and
J4 J clothing, and a fair, aggregate Is result-
! Ing from Individual Bales runnlnar fmn.
" 60,000 to 100.0UO pounda., . Pulled wools are
"" II I ,n 'alr demand.. A supers continue to move
tt 17 I st 62ti4c while lis sell at fc&obc. Foreign
11 m 1 grades are steady. Leading quotations
147 147 ! follow: Ohio and Pennsylvania vv .j
to above, 4o; X. 8lt62o. No. 1 u41c: No. 2.
lH439c; fine, unwashed, 25;c. Half blood
unwashed, 8tbS4o; three-eighth blood, un
washed, ioibc; quarter blood, unwastied.
laftjo; Delaine, , washed, ltc; Delaine, un
washed. 17uao. Michigan fine. unw.ik.H
II I 3Mac; half blood, unwashed. Util2r: ih.'
Mesloe pt4.... l.aoj 44 44 eighth blood, unwashed, 4w3o; suarter
!lA Waacara ttS Mfw '.l M d' Un"ahft1- . Uwtlatt
it. A Wsstsra 1.400 lt tt M j;rAo. Kentucky. Indiana and Missouri
soa 4 . si as rr ; :-" "wi;; cocn-
4o 17 n 17 pin quarter blood, 83S4c; Texas scoured
4,100 to lu iu baala fine 11 months,. 72o73o; fine S to I
to it k months, MioOc; fine fall clean, t41ii3c. Cal-
100 M 14 04 ifornia (scoured haalsl nnrih... . ,
tjo. j. j tWt'Z
W4 b.J?? af,ter No- BUple. 774c; eastern
p,,2 clothing No. 1. 7fec; valley No. 1. tuo2o
at , Territory stapls (scoured basis) fine, 7S&
to 75e; fine medium, 8a470o: edlum, sfi&feoo
?i . ?ir,,tori' ordlnry (scored losIs) fine,
r ' 704,f71c; floe medium, m.dium. 6&3
2 Coorici v"i New Meslte, a'prlni
Z7i (ecoured baala) X. gstBToc: N
as ou Pulled wool (scoured basis) extra. 7&t7i-
t '""..A. 65ijo8o; A supers. 40a4c: B amrlr.
1 1 - . MfJJ. r -
too ru m
.143.704 114 1st
10 01 tl
atot tt
sue im
it, lot is
1.100 04
46 1
117 117 ' 514346c.
H ,
.. l.toe
.. 54.100
004 111
.. 1,400 M 17 44 : ST. LoUl- U. iu WfVM .
lit ioo tt . TOHi.,m ..i . "rT7"u'j
:: 4B ltt 'tl iV hc
loo tl tl si : "SBhed. I,4Juto.
rao 11 11 I
.414.000 117 ill II., j CatTea Market.
.4 ' NEW TORK. Aua? 7 rntreirc
" .foe ,.. -
" - . . u . v uiciieu weal
Swift and Co 1.216 I.4S4
Cudahy Packing Co l.SKS 2,49
Armour A Co 1.0QS t67l
Cudahy Packing Co.,
from Kanaas City
Vanaant A Co.,...
Carey .-.
Lobman A Co
W. I. -Stephen
Hill A Son
'Huston A Co.
Hamilton A
L. F. Hues
Mike Haggerty
J. B. Root A Co
St Louts Dre'd Beef Co. ... tt
Krev Packing- Co..... 80
Ind. Packing Co ... 471
McConnaughy .,
Other buyers .,
Ma At. Sh. Pr. '
i I ...4S0 ... I 40
'71 ta ... I"
It Ml II t Tt
M tt 100 I 70
44 114 ... 4 70
44 174 ... t 70.
t tit ... I TO
II 147 ... 170
41 171 104 t 70
It 144 ... t 70
41 Ill tt t 70
11 no ... 1 TO
70 100 40 t "I
tt 11 40 I TO
41 IMl IK I 7
44 t0 40 I 10
00 341 SO I TO
M J. ... t 70
00 147 ... t
04 til ... I TO
41 t'4 tt t 70
It Ill ... I 71
41 Ill It I TT
43 Ill He) t 11
tl 1.4 ... I Tl
00 Ill 40 I 71
04 147 ... t Tt
tl lit M I 71
70 147 IMl I 7t
t IW ISO I 71
41 Ml ... I 74
40. ...... .111 ... I 71
04 ISO 5 Tt
07 ,.ttt .,. t 71
To ...Hi . ta 1 n
II 171 00 I 10 -
II IM 40 I tt
117 til 40 t to
tl IV i:o 4 .
II 114 44 Itt
71 Ml 14 I II
17 M0 ... t M
44 147 ... IN
Rothschild 142
1. 07
Total 4.878 l,4t 10.228
CATTLE Receipts of cattle were very
libei al thia mornutg and at the eaine time
large receipts for a Tuesday were reported
at other selling points. The general situ
ation was rather against the selling Inter
ests. As was tha case' yesterday, there ap.
peared to be a very good demand for de
airabie kinds ot corn-fed steers and the
market on such was generally steady. Cat
tie of that kind were In very moderate sup
ply and ths offerings for the roost part
changed hands most readily. The big bulk
of the receipts cmslsted of range steers.
The more dealrabU of these sold generally
In about the same notches aa yeaterday.
On the other hand, owing to ths liberal
receipts and to rather dlscoutaarlnsT ad
vices received from other selling points,
the tendency on the medium to common
kinds waa lower. .
The receipts of cows and heifers were
exceptionally large. It being estimated tbat
there were aa umiiy as eighty oars ot that
kind of cattle on sale. The result was that
the market was anywhere from Blow to
luo lower at least.
A very good buying demand from the
country developed yesterday, so that be
fore night the yards were pretty nearly
stripped of all supplies of stockers and
feeders. For that reason speculators and
yard traders were quite eager for fresh
supplies this morning and ths market on
the desirable kinds of feeders was reason
ably active and fully steady with yester
day. As noted yeaterday, stockers and
common kinds of feeders are not very
much sought after. It being still a little
early in the season for that kind of cattle
to move freely. - '
Representative sales:
let ti
?.?i!I50di.f,..t0 rJaf.c"n enty points
ti n
104 101 10a 10a nquiaation and aelllnw h
..147,100 44 44 41 houses with Braslllan connections. . Tradlna
.. 14.100 tot 104 10, w waa active and the market ruled weak and
ae eats as - v...c.w uiui ma ena ox tne aeason
loi ; craxuian markets were slightly lower and
L400 4t
Wt tl
s 1 - caoies irom Havre were weak al
44 . though Europe was a moderate buyer In the
local marked Full recelpta, market weak
140 'In Braall and l)ian nt .ei.. .
ait. : , ' -- uBuuue inior-
xnm valorisation plan seemed
SV 1 """'H"'! aiicruisuvt lOtlgS. The
Lisa is as
oa pro
glosa-Sheetald SSO 77 74
Oroat MonaafS I4 I, Sua sti 111
lntaebenMagk Mstroselitaa. L400 at r
ds pit Lava tt ti
Total salaa tar the say. Lost. let shares.
.... too 114 11 4v pjoae was aoout t polnu up from the
14 k lis. tiaJ ti.J . lowest on coverings, but while aiearfv i
, . 7 . : ' ' ,An. tlLa.oe i .. . . . 1 . '
ss 1 " .wvm, in iiu. ,,a lowrr. caies were
101 , reported of 1)1,750 baas. Including Septem
74 ber. at t IntJs) 60c: October, S50js3 56o; Decein-
Faratara Flnaaelal.
LONJJON, Aug. ta. No difficulty was ex
perienced ln obtaining supplies of money
today, but rates were a shads harder. Dis
counts were stsady. There via much un
certainty regarding the future demand for
gold for America, On the stock exchange
business was curtailed by the settlement.
, ' z ..- "choice auoted at lac: extra rhnlna 1:
tne cnrsDona ua Davaey ana tne Mil of i..,, itA J. Paarhaa mi ,.n iLTi ViT
Kngland obtaining ths available supplies , rit'avann tricea ". S ..ta
of gold While this did not Induce f rwah , Ti ,r. 8lK.l quotatlona are unchanged
-., - - T t . nu; leceill-
ber. 4 4Mp4,76c: January. ATbc: Maroh iiui
JSSo; May, t 7&4.l6; June. 7.00c: July, I ,i
7. 10c Spot Rio, nominal; No. 1 Invoice, 5o.
Evaperated Apples aad Dried Pralla.
APPLES Market continues quiet with
buyers showing little disposition to operate
for future delivery In the expectation prob
ably ot lower prices. Ths spot market Is
are unchanged on spot with California a
lua to aua quo tea at e7c and Oregon 40a
to Sai at c. Aprlcota are firm with
buaineas It bad a steadying effect ns
Ut-edired securities. Elsewhere the ten.
dency waa easier Foreigners, sxcept Rus
with choloe quoted at 10 a 11c; extra chutue,
llllc; fency, ll(t)12c; extra fancy. 13
grl2c. Ralalns are stsady with loose nut.
stans. reotvered an early loos. Americana , taTauntd at 4'i7c: aaadad rakina ax.
opened eaay en profit-taking in Wall street, (London layers, nominal
1 ..
AT. Pr,
Ill I 74
4.4 1 It
1011 4 44
1044 4 00
ltd 4 tt
till 4 St
1410 I 00
117 00
....-1114 t II
111! t 30
M ...
... 00 1 Tt T.
... 020 t 01 1......
... 744 I 44 t
...100 tit t.
...1041 t - t
...mat t tt ' 1
...Hit I 40
... til to I
... ait I I ,
... 540 1 tt 1
... tee I eo
...1100 1 to t
...lavt I 01 . 1.....
1st t 00
14 4 44
ttt 4 Tt
1 tut I 00
114 I SO
. A. Pr.
.... 144 t to
....HIT t 4t
....lut t It
....1114 I 44
,...1117 I 4t
....1101 71
....14 100
....141 tei
.,..111 t Bt
....14M t U
....1011 I 40
...,t4e 1 i
.... Ml t N
.... 144 10
....IMl I 14
.... HO I tt
. tat t tl
.140 t 00
. too I at
100 I 41
list I at
til 1 ?t
140 t 71
140 t Tt
10 t Tt
let t Tt
...ttt t 00
ISO I 40
. .. 170
I is IS 11 ess I N
1 lot 1 tt 11 til t to
I Tit t 00 It 440 t tt
1 141 t 00 4 070 I 00
4 M IM I Tat I at
tl Steers....! I to IT heifers.
14 heifers.. 44 I 45
I stockers. 4.4 IH
S cowj..... 177 I 25
14 cows 75 1 26
t steers. ... MS I 54 .
feeders.. 7tl I It)
II feeders.. 891 I 10
tt !eeders. .UU 4 Ot
I ts
10 Blockers. 4t4 I St
t cows 104a
IS co w a ... s&3
T cows...,. 2
4 ateers. .-1337
1 feeder... am la
I feeders.. 470 I M
feedars.. 140
i 36
1 1
44. .
10 ,
....a. 4
Ik. Pr.
aa I 11
IW t to
... t o
44 I 10
H I 14
10 I 00
... I 00
40 I HO
... I II
... I 4
tt I II
... I M
M t N
40 I 17
40 t 17
... I 17
110 I 17
... I t
... t to
... t to
... IK
a) IN
... t K
... t .
40 4 44
10 t H
40 I M
40 I M
... I II
... ttt
120 t 4
40 I 17
40 t II
... I 17
40 I 17
so I II
... t 00
lit t 00
40 t 00
IM t 00
... t 10
bHLa.P Keoeinia
liberal this muruing
of sheep were mora
but Ooc.Ubdiy smaller
than on '1 uesuay 01 last week, in spite uf
tUo very h.gli prices prevailing receipts
snow heavy decreases bunipareu with ttio
two days of mat aa win be iioteU
from the table at the head of thla column.
Among the arrivals this morning were some
very good sheep, but the quality of tne
lanius on ssie was not overly enticing, lu
fact, the lambs were larseiy of the. ta
twlxt and between kind, such as are not
sought alter by packets aim are suu moot
too sooa lor leeaer Du-rs.
pacasrs were out eany looaing ior ireaa
suuniiea of wethers, yearunas ana ewes.
ana the market on all deetraoie kinds was
not only active, but fully steady with tne
high prices In vogue yesterday. Uood
veutnlrma aolo UD to 16. Wltll WCthefS
hisn as 15.50 snd ewes up to lu.25. Tne
market might be summed up aa In very
satlalnctury conuitlon as rra-roo Uie sun- ntAPMta
Fat lamos were slow from start to finish.
In the first place, packers did not appear
to want verv many. and. In the second
olsce. the Quality was not good enough to
stimulate buying, even had the demand
been urgent. Under sucn circumstances 11
was not surprising that the general lamb
market was now to lower.
It looked as ll tne earn waa uu ui ini
buyers, and anyone who had aesirsoie
feeders to snow nu ra anutu.i, ... ....u...
plenty of buyers. The result was a food,
.nd ataadv market on everything
coming under the head of desirable feeders.
BwnBa SSl-tSaakfa St nit IMmnSJ.
Quotations on killers: Opod to choloe
lambs. 54.7561 50; fair to good lamna M 26
4 75: good To choice yearlings, 6.504j40it
fair to good yearllnge. 5o.2ij50; good ta
choice wethers, 4.t&43.l5; good to c holes
ewes, t4.5u4.2t; fair to good syes, 4.8
a . .. y w- 11 ica
Uuotauons on 1 prun. . i,.i.u yw...
I sti: yearlings, IS; wstnsrs, H-ooy
4JV- ewes, ti.6o4SH.2t.
Hepreoentauve saieei
No. At- Pr-
10 Nebraska iwi culls 12 I 75
tit Nebraska ewe breeders S3 t to
81 Nebraska awes yw
4 native ewes 1 5 25
41 Idaho ewe J 8 15
3bt Idaho wethers 118 5 60
81 Nebraska lamb culls 55 5 16
534 Idaho ewes and wethers Ill I 40
ate Idaho ewes and wethers Ill I to
6 lamb culls rv a su
124 Idaho yearllnge 17 8 00
87 native lambs 71 7 is
Oattle, Weak, Heara, Sheep aad La nabs
rwTfTAOOL Aur. 28. CATTLE Receipts
10,000 heed: market, weak; common to prime
ateer tA7nh4.80: cows. I3.75414.t0; heifers
tieW.26: bulla I2S54H60; calvee, $3.00
eiaiai- ai Ankara and feedera. t3.tXriT4.t5.
Hivia RecelDts. 1I.0U0 bead: market.
steady; choice to prime heavy, M.tni.46;
medium to good heavy, I4 004J4I5; buUher
weights, tti!A66; good to choice heavy
mixed. taWtj.20; packing, S5 SXtf.!; plga.
BA awid En.
61 iEEH AND LAMBS Receipts, 18.000
na.d'. market for ahreo steady for lambe.
Hc lower; aheep. 4.Nj5.76; yearlings, 85.00
Sj 50; lambs, tt-oupji n-
Kaaeas City Live llesk Market.
Reoeipta. 21,0(10 head, including l.Cuo
southerns; market steady to lOo lower;
cows 10050 lowsr; veal calves 15c lower:
top steers, St. at: cnoics export ana oroso.-o
beef steers, t6.t064.10; felr to good. 54
5.40; western steers, 114014 50; atockere and
feeders, tlstsfMeO; southern steere. 12 60
4 00; sou there cows. IM0 10: oatlve cows.
n.laMwsO; native heifers. ll.7646.OO; bulls.
tL(H' 00, calves, 53 0643.
HOOB Rece'pts, 11.500 iiead; market HI
ioo lower: top, HM; heavy, MOWdt-SOj
pactera, 5t.Cil.t5; pigs and light. 56 75
head; market for eheep steady: lambs, m
he iower at t r7 50: native aheep
and yearllnta. 4 60r50; weatern yearlings
clipped. M.fisf)S.isi weeterw cUpped Bhet-D.; stoekera and feeders, 115034.50.
St. Jasepk Live Steek Market.
ST. JOSEPH. Ma.. Aag. 28. CATTLE
Receipts, lit heed; msrkst steady to easy;
natives. S4 4ut3t.2t; cowa and heifers. Il.&utjl
4i; stockers and feeders, $100434.21.
HOGS Receipts. 1.177 head; market weak
tc 5c .lower; light, t4.1044.i: medium aud
heavy, It 10454 it
SHHncP AMD LAMBS-Racelpta. 5,111;
Stoek la Slgkt.
RecelDts of live stock at ths sis principal
western markers veaterdav:
Cattle. Hogs.
South Omaha .5no lO.fta)
Sioux City 0 4 !)
Knnsos City Zi ono 12.fW
Pt. Joseph 4.179 7.677
St Ixiuls 7.010 1.600
Chicago ...10.OI0 . 18.000
.80,17 l,9rn 4S.510
Condlttea at Trade aad qaotaUsao aa
Staple aad Faaey PreeTaea
EGOS Receipts, liberal; fresh stock.
LIVE POULTRY Hens. lA4noc; rooster s.
5c; turkeys, lifl3c; ducks, J6c; spring
chickens, 12613c per lb.
BUTTER Pscklna: stock, lSSWiC ; cnoice
famy dairy, 17ylac. .
HAT--I'rlcee quoted by Omaha ( ssa com
par.y: Choice upland, 160; medium, laOVi
otmrse, b.wxu.iiu. ttye atraw, .w
UHAN-Pr ton, 115.50.
SWEET POTATOES Par bbL. 13.75.
20 lbs., a-'a&c
T(.)MA'luk,s Home arvwn. per Basket el
20 lbs., 263bc
waa iih.Af.s-for marset dosksi si
about 15 Ibe., 50c
TL, Ua7k7T8 AN 13 LAnltUll-rif
bu., inc. .
LEAF LETTUCE Hothouse, per doB,
heade, lot.
CELERY -Per dos., SOc
CI'CLMBR14 Home crown, per dosU
ONIONS Home grown, lo per lb.; Span
ish, ti.vO per crate
QREF.N ONIONS Per trot Hunches. JOc.
HADlsHtB-Per dos. bunches, lie.
NAVY bUANel-Per bu, ll.te; No. A 11.71
LIMA BEA.r-Per lb., 5c,
GhakN PlLPPLlHa Per market books L
ORANQEIs Valeuciaa. oocoidlng to Blsa.
LEMONS Llmonlerw extra faucy. S4S
sue, 300 site, t!0; 880 slse, 810.50; other
fi anos, ii.iw leas,
BANANAS Per mayllum-eiat J buach.
1.7b4j2.35: iuaiboo. tl.4Wl3.OU.
POTATOES-Pea nu.. two.
PEACHES Yellow freestone, 81.26; Mil-
sou-'i, per d-baaaai tuata, el.tM4L3s; Call-
loiiiua luoertaa, per box, tl.iu.
1'Ltho-t.'MiiloiiiUi, ILotaail.,!.
t'iuAiiH-Uartiett. per bus, li.ZJ4Jl.50
UHApibtt aautne 11110. par a-lo, baokvt.
WATlvKAIELONsI Per ilk, la, er about
CANi,LOUPlti Colorado and Arisona,
per crate tat&ndard). KkJ; puniea, 83.50.
kUi rmtut.
No. 1 rioa. luo: s. rius. uic: No. I ribs.
5c; No. 1 loin. lao; Nw. 1 loin, Lci
Nu. 5 loin, a.;: No. 1 ciiuck, ac; No, 1
chuck, 4c; .So. t chuck. So: No. 1 round, to;
Nu. 3 round, 1i; Nu. i rouuu, sc; No. 1
puts, tc; No. X plow. (c; No. 1 plate, 30.
grauula'ed caiio, Ir. aataa, 15.11; granulated
beet, III aacka, 55.31,
blRUP li obis.. 170 per sal.; ln cases,
I lu-ib. cane, il.iv; caaes, 11 t-.o. cane,;
castta, ii 2-lb. cans, 11.16.
CHfiESS. bt.Ua. new. too; Wtaoonsta
brick, 1314u; Wisconsin Umbergex, 1C
twiua. lac, young Americana, 150.
COFFKL teoavaieU, No. eg, ahtae per lb.;
Nu. , aonc ver it; No. i5, isVro per (p.; No.
lu, 15o per b.i No. A, Uo per lb.
Nc 40 '.Valuuta, No. 1, son akalls, Beat
crop, per lb., 14o; hard shells, per ' lb
14c. 1'euavr.s, huge, per lb., lio, small, par
lb., lie, ChlU waUnuts, per lb., li4illc.
Ai.nunds, Butt sbolie, per lb., I'oi hard
shells, psr lb., 15a. Cvcooouts, 54. Ov per saoss
of 100.
CURED FISH-Famlly whlteflab, per
quarter bbl., 100 lbs.. 44.00; Norway mack
erel. No. L $3h.0O; No. 3. 134.00; No. 8, 830.00;
Irlsn, No 1, 514 00; herring, 10 bbla., 300 los.
each, Norway. 4k. 813.00; Norway. Ik, 118.00s
Holland, mixed. $U.t)0; Holland hanrlng, la
kesa, nillkera, sue: kegs, mixed. 7uc.
CANNED GooLiSrCom, standard west
srn, 5&luuc; Maine, 11.15. TomaUiea, l-lb.
cans, 81.061.4i l-lb. ictl00. Plneop.
pies, grain! -'-lb., Ia.054li3.3u; sliced.
2.30: gallon apples, fun.'y, 13.00; CalUomla
apricots, Jl.7D43.o0; pears, tl.754ill0; peaches,
fancy, il.7oV.40; II C peaches, tl.tXafaJIO.
Alaska salmon, red, 11.26; fancy Chinook, F
2 1o; fancy uockeye, F tl. kji sardlnss,
oil, 12.50; mustard, 12.6001.10 Sweet po
tutues, ll.l.nhl.Ui; sauerkraut, II 00; purhp
kins, 50ctJ1.00; wax beans, t-lb., 75-tuc;
lima beans, l-lb., 76c4il.S6; spinach, 1134;
rheap Pees, 2-1 b., 60c; extra, iaw,c;. fancy,
''HIDES AND TALLOW Green salted.
No. 1, 13o; No. t, 12e; bull hides., rgioc;
green hides, No. 1, llc; No. f, 10ci horse,
ll.boOa.c0; sheep t.eht, 50ci84)l.aj. Tallow.
No. 1, 4c; No. 1, Sc.
WOOL-Per lb.. 1578260,
Metal Market,
NEW TORK, Aug. 28. METALS There
was a sharp break In tha London tin
market, which closed at 183 5s for spot 11
AIM for futures, or about 1 below yester
day a prlcea. The local market was quiet
with buyers holding off for concessions and
bidding 140 60, while supplies were held as
high as 14100. Copper declined te Sd to 84
15a for both apot and futurea In the London
market. Locally no change waa reported
with the market flrm at 118.75 for lake,
118.60 for electrolytic and 151.25 for casting.
Lead was unchanged at 17 10s in London
snd at 86.7T4if6.B0 In ths local market. Spelter
waa alao unchanged In both markets, clos
ing at 5S.0oiii4.10 locally, and at 27 8s In
London. Iron was lower. In ths English
market, with standard foundry quoted at
53s td and Cleveland warrants at 84a.
Locally the market was firm at practically
recent prices. No. 1 foundry northern Is
quoted at !'30.00$?l.OO; No. 2 foundry north
ern, 119 5ora'20.00; No. 1 foundry southern at
t?1.0v&'7l.fi0, and Mo. S foundry southern at
firm, 85.75; spelter firm, 15.80.
I naej)s ss-aea VfTf a avii Whrajni
points lower: middling up
nlddllng gulf, IS. lio. No
Cottaa Market.
cloeed quiet, lu
lands, t.tvc; mil
dull: prlcea 144514 polnta higher: American
middling fair. 105d; good middling, 6.7bd:
middling, 6.5&d; low middling, I.Snd; good
ordinary, S.lld; ordinary, 4 87d. The sales
of the sy were 1,000 bales, of which 300
were for speculation and export and In
cluded 2, luo bales of American; recelpta,
ST. LOUIS, Aug. . COTTON-Mlddllng,
10c. Stock. 14.721 hales.
Spot market cloaed ateady; salea, 450 balee;
low ordinary, 6c, nominal; ordinary, Sc,
nominal; good ordinary, 7 11-ISe: low mid
dling, lc; middling, tc; good middling,
c; middling fair, 10c; fair, 10o, Re
culpta, 534 bales; stock, 15,177 bales.
Bask Clearlase.
OMAHA, Aug. 11. Bank clearings for
today were 1. 111,008.1! and for ths coin
responding date Mat year 1.17.
Esjede G. Chriatensen and wife to .
Hana P. Anderson, e lot 5, block 471,
Grandvlew , S5
Jeaae E. Heed to David Reed, nw
of the nw of sea. 84-15-11 . . I
John Miller, ft al to Katharine Miller, ..
tot t, block 2. 1st add. to Corrlgan :
place 800
J. J4. Berry sod wife to Roacoe W. J
Henley, part of lot II. Sturgla Pltoa-. (76
McCagus Inveetmenl Co. to Lloyd H. I
Hayes, lot 17, Burdette Court , 70S
William H. De Buai and wife to Alvla-
Stlngley Kelly, e40 ft, of n of lot.
72. Glae'B I 80S
Frank Flala to Joaef Clear and wife.
lot 4. Jackson's sub. of lota 13-1-4.
block T, Potter and Cobbe 2nd odd.
South Omaha S00
Antonle Kacek to Terexle Pellkan, e
lot I, block 7, Kountse fourth supple-
mentory add u t. sao