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Telephone Douglas 111.
& TIi e Oandsomcs! New utaran
Wc Have Ever Shown;
"Different" is what our customers are saying of th flew Autumn Dress Goods. Such
changing shades pf gray, not dull and dismal, pretty bright shades for early months and darker
tones for continual service. v While in the store ask to.see thq new Chiffon Spot-Proof Broadcloth
in the new Autumn shades. '
Special Bald of Haskell's High
Grade Black Dress Silks,
Saturday, Sept 1st.
This great special sals of silks U not
to make' tndney.' Wa voluntarily relinquish
our profits during -this groat pciel sale.
W want nor pec pi to know of Has
kail's silks, to compare quality, style sod
prices In 'U ths different lines, sad we
will sire goo. samples (or comparisons.
Note See display In our lth street win
dow. Our mail order customers should
write for samples st ones.
The Newest Neckwear for Men.
Tee advance Irusrds for fall sa-e here;
already there Is wide and varied choosing,
the popular width In the four-in-hand art
two and one-quarter and two and one-half
Inches. The coloring are truly beautiful,
gray predominating. Aak to see the "Long
worth" plaids.
Fancy Vests,. tow Priced.
Tou win feet more comfortable from now
on with a Test, particularly so If It Is
one of our faultless fitting Tests. Our
prices are so that you1 -will find It positive
eoonomy to buy here.
We are sgents for the celebrated "Ratrle
underwear." Aak our furnishing man for
booklet telling about It. The Ideal garment
for all seasons; Mj'. r'
Vain floor. . . : .. , . ,
-if- Knit Shawls.
It Is almost necessary when sitting on
preeenl practice of havW tariffs in the
cuatody - of - agents - with a placard an
nouncing that they are open to public In
spection. '"'
That onix, one amendment Jo a tariff
snail be In effect at one time and when a
later amendment la necessary It shall In
clude all live changea up to date.
Aa to the thirty day requirement of pub
lication of tariff: That we favor the com
mission ruling that a reduction In domfts
tlo ratea can be made effective on ten
days' notice, and on export business allow
three days legal notice for any reduction
on ine same.
That we favor a commission ruling that
a line having no published tariff rate or
carrying a higher published tariff rate
than Ita competitor publication, should be
permitted to accept and forward --business
upon telegraphing the commission the facta
and stating that they adopt the competi
tors rate aa their own to become effective
at once, and to prevent discrimination, it
must accept the lower competitive rate.
That we favor the railway adopting a
switching la tiff at each competitive point.
That insane be devised to make a rs.ll
way.. company uote ;rate . to - the public
and be responsible , .therefor, . even though
they make an error in so quoting.
That we favor, a rulme? from the commis
sion. ..that - an application . sheet showing
anon territory or such ... railroad connec
tion as are parties to the rate from a
particular. 'terminal should -be considered
legal and sufficient. -r
That we should Insist that the' railway
companies recognise the sum of locals as
the only lege" rate- when such sum Is
lawsr ihaa higher published through
rate, .... . . : - -,i i -
That- the practice of making import ratea
on -commodities competitive with domestic
productions I discriminatory and that the
lowest basis from any foreign port to an
inland destination" should not be lower than
the domestic 'rats of' the-moat favorably
located porfi. of. entry- and In no cam
should through import rates be leaa than
the export rates In the onoait direction
between ths snwne points. -
That we favor the adoption by all nip
per of a freight receipt or a bill of lad
ing without - any conditions aa are now
embodied In, 'Milt oi lading In use gen
erally. ,..., .
After ths. tqress for luncheon, Oeneral
Counsel Clardy , of the Missouri Paclflo
railroad -addressed ths 'commission along
the -lines ' followed by- the ' other speakers
for the raproAda ,
J. A. Fatter, f Dallas; Texas, represent
ing the- Amerlcarr Shippers' association,
urged .thaV. the' commission ought to ex
erolks discretion) In the .matter . of the
change of (port and Import rates! He In
sisted thecal! rate should, be published In
ths full acceptation of the term, as they
were1 rwwicmrwrtmgfs property. 1
Through Chairman,. Knapp, the commis
sion announced at. .the conclusion of ths
hearing thAitf. would tak up the matters
presented r far, ''consideration and " later
would make known lie deotalon. .
Femoral sf Mrs. J. It. Watts.
WATERLOO. Neb.H-'Aug, It. (Special.
The funeral of ' Mrs' Watts, widow of the
late J. R. Watt, former. Yesident here and
14 settler In Douglas county, occurred this
afternoon .at the Presbyterian church of
Waterloo, Mrs. Watts had been living at
Alllanoe slhco laat June, wss sick - Were
hut two weeks and died Sunday of heart
failure. The remains were brought to
Gretna over the Burlington and tnet there
by friend. Interment was at 'Prospect
11111 cemetery-by the sldar of her husband.
- B. S. Wells, i
" ATCHISON, Kan.. Aug. H-H. B. Wells,
oas of ths firot.oivtl engineers smployed
by the Burflhgtoh railway and a friend of
Abraham '.'Uiicolilr" whaft! both lived In
Springfield, Ut. died) at air homo hers yea
terOy, ad n years. T -.' . : i .!'!
kietsit t,rrt Biitr
JT?T.,?IlJtT' . Aug. -Ths third
Mrlod of Instruction for the regular trooe
... m ma csmp nere ana win last
torelht days. ., The team practloe of
marksmen that wlir go from the Missouri
':?!"n Ouard now here to the national
rifle competition at lea Girt was started
f eaj si imy.
. . j ' i .- t j i . , .' - eaa
a.- . - -, s - . . .
BlHd word Zeiss.
i. ,.C. M. FREDERICK CO.. .Mlt.-;J! '
V 'I
1 t
the porch these cool averting to have some
sort of wrap over your shoulders. - Tou
will find theee shawls the needed wrap for
this purpose; the prices are not expensive
White Silk or wool shawls, 11.00 to $6 60
Whits wool shawls, with stripe of blue
or pink, very dainty and pretty,. Rot each.
Main, floor.
: , ' s For the Baby.
In gathering together, our large new au.
tuma showing, we've taken Into considera
tion that nothing Is too fine for the little
darling and yet we have not overlooked
the price end of the matter-, Tou are wel
come to look.
Celluloid Novelties. -
. Celluloid -Novelties absorb considerable
attention and, though the holiday bualneaa
to the biggest Item, .'there la a eteady de
mand -for there as gifts all' through the
season. The daintiest of hand-painted
floral designs In pink and blue appear In
their decorations tiny Toilet Sets, constat
ing of comb, brush, soap and powder bos.
Prices, 11.60 - to 15.00 a est.
Celluloid Teething Rings combined with
rattle. Prices, So to 06c eaoh.
Pretty hand-painted boxes, covered with
pink or light blue ribbon, to put the little
darling's trlnketa In. Prices, 60c arid 76c
eaoh. '
Hot Water Bottles, with pretty allk cov
erings of light blue or pink silk. Prices,
11.00 and tl-to each.
Safety Pin Holdera, made of pretty col
We close evenings at 5 o'clock,' except Saturday at 9:30.
Howard Street, Corner Sixteenth.
Etcine Court Definet Act of Trades Connoh
M Actionable Gonipirgcj.
Masi Who Refuses to Riga Contract
for Closed Shop Awarded Dts
.v ages for Loss Ceased
br Boycotts '
RACINE. Wis., Aug. ft.-Unlon labor was
dealt a heavy blow by the decision of Judge
Chester A, ppwler In .the . boycott suit for
126,000 damages brought by Baker Otto B.
Bchults against- the Trades, Labor council,
Benjamin Dressman and others. By-the de
cision ths contract exacted from ths boss
bakers by . the union men In an effort to
enforce ths closed shop IS held Illegal, ths
tradea council. 'and -the -individual Members
are enjoined from uslpg. ths "unfair list,"
the boycott Is declared an actionable con-
- spiracy 4to accomplish a f rlmjoal vDX-AinJwn
i ful purpoae, Baker Bchults" la allowed to re
cover damagea of $2,500 for the low of
! profits from the time of the trial and
3,Sod' in damagea for the amount of Injury
to his business and property In relation to
its selling value.' '
What the JTvdge) gays.
The decision In part Is as follows:
All boss bakera of the city signed this
agreement except the plaintiff, who . has
steadfastly refused' to do so. Upon the
plaintiffs refusing to sign, concerted attack
upon his business was begun by organised
labor with the object and purpoae of com
pelling him, against hi will, to lgn the
contract and has been maintained with
more or leas vigor up to the present time.
The plaintiff haa suffered a permanent
and all but destructive Injury to his busi
ness, which haa been caused by the com
bined acts and ths attitude of -organised
An Injury to one'a business and trade Is
on the same footing aa an Injury to his
tangible property,- and the law furnishes a
remedy ror one as well as ths other.. . .
( The sets complained of are. In my view,
plainly in violation of section A a. Wiscon
sin atatutea of 1M. as oonstrued by the
' supreme court. This statute makes any
' two or more persona who shall combine.
associate, mutually undertake or concert
together for the purpose of wilfully or
maliciously, injuring another, his trade or
' business by. any means whatsoever, or for
j the purpose of maliciously compelling an
. other to do or perform any act against his
win, gumy or an onense punianaoie oy nno
and Imprisonment..
This contract wss In Itself an' Illegal con
tract In that It would by Ita terms obligate
the plaintiff to employ union labor only aa
distinguished from nonunion labor: It would
obligate him to maintain a "closed" as dis
tinguished from an "open" -shop.
Llatea Addresses Para Twplee
.-v- - and gee Ball Oaaae.
C LARKS, Neb., Aug. 28. (Special Tele
gram.) Ths Joint picnic of the fanners' in
stitutes of Clarks and Silver Creek, held
midway between- the two place In Mock
rtdgefs grove at Haven' Biding, was at
tended' by taS people today. Prof. A. E.
Davison of ths University of Nebraska
gave an- addreaa on "Agricultural Edu
cation," and Hon. A. C, Shallrnberger of
Alma'talked on" "Advantages "of' Improved
Jye Stock. " - Two; band discoursed' muslo
and a match gams ' of base ball between
Clarits and Havens resulted .la tne t score
of .13 o S In favor of the former." Seven
head of Shorthorn cattfe rom the -Willow
Springs stock farm of I. C, Iaweon and
ever!, peas ;of , purs bred Jersey.- Duroo
hogs . from ,t. Armstrong. . Sens herd
were on exhibition. The picnic continues
' 1 '
iliinrnnf Qtlff
Bm, August it, uoe.
Dress Goods
ored ribbons. Prices, with complete set
of pins, 60c, 11.00 And $1.60 each.
Baby Baskets In pink and blue, lined
with silk dotted net and wide net ruffle,
trimmed with lace, beading and ribbons.
Prices, $$.60 and tt-to each.
'Baby Hamper, lined with the daintiest of
light - blue silk and covered ' with dotted
net, prettily trimmed with large bows of
ribbon. This Is a work of art and must
bs seen to fully appreciate Its beauty.
Price, 115.00 Main Floor. . ' '
"Knitted Corset Covers."
Tou will need them as the days grow
cooler. Better buy now and fce prepared.
Women's Pine Ribbed Cottori CdrBet
Covers, medium weight, high neck,-long
sleeves, 60c each.
Women's Swiss Ribbed, Marino Corset
Covers,- high neck, long ; sleeves, medium
weight, all slses, Wo and $1.00 each Main
Floor. - ' ' "
A Great Success. .
OUr Customer's Deposit Account Depart
ment ha been a great success. Each day
there are new names added to our already
long llet of depositors.. Come In and learn
about this twentieth century method of
shopping Main Floor.
Miss Steenstrup, Needle Artist,
gives tree lessons In needle work"every day
from I to 4 30 p.- m, All the .tie west
stitches are taught. Class meets on sec
ond floor near Art Department. Materials
must be purchased here.
tomorrow when a larger attendance Is
. Mayor of gchayler Assaalted.
SCHUYLER, Neb., Aug. 28. (Special
Telegram.) Mayor Rathsack waa tonight
attacked by J. W. Bingham, and knocked
down. J. W. Bingham was a number of
times arrested for taking water from the
city, pump without privilege, . to fill his
water barrels for his hay field. After these
arrests the key for the . pump was taken
away from him and given the mayor.
Bingham hearing of thla demanded the
key of Mayor Rathsack, - and. being re
fused knocked him down. Bingham will
be arrested. !
isr of Co-operative ' Csseersi
I'.WIJII "Sadraror '.1 Forsa. ay J'
National Aaaorlatloa, ,-
TOPBKA. Kan., Aug. 2.-(Speclal.)-The
following call has been Issued by Jame's
Buttler of this cltyV' ?-' ';
A Farmers' CoWncrlflv"' Ann
gress Is hereby called to meet at thla city,'
Monday. OctotteV, 22. 1908. In .the , Auli-
. -r- v . w v vwciv ill-, iur ins TDilO wulg
purpt sea: ', .
To adopt for recommendation uniform co
operative corporation Jaws and plan for
their adoption by the varloua auto legisla
tures. ,,
To prepare and adoht for recommendation
the most practical plan for Incorporating
co-operative telephone companiea with auK
oble bylaws for the aame and recommend
them to all farmers' companies organised
In the future and to thoae already or
ganised. To prepare In like manner and adopt for
recommendation plans and bylaws for co
operative exchangee, oo-operatlvo clearing
houses, co-operative warehouses, co-operative
cotton gins, co-operative commission
houses, co-operative creamerlee, co-operative
Insurance, co-operative terminal mar
kets, co-operative flour mills, oo -operative
factories, co-operative elevators local and
terminal,- co-operative packinghouse,-' and
to adopt such other measures aa the con
gress may deem essential to the advance
ment of the co-operative movement, and
to put method, system and harmony in to
operative enterprise, and to unite the en
tire syatem In way that will give ' It
strength and power to execute Its, plans
and carry out Its purposes.
We Invite all farmers' co-operative cor
porations, associations or companies 'who
are now transacting business In any of the
lines above named In the states of Kansas,
Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, North and
South Dakota. Wisconsin, Missouri, Colo
rado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas. Ar
kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama
and QcOrgia to send delegates to thla -congress.
- Eaoh of these farmers' . co-operative
corporations, associations, companies or
farmers' unions engaged in business trans
actions are entitled to one delegate. Karnv
er' union where there are no such bust
ns transacted in the - county will ' be en?
titled to ons delegate from each regularly
organised county union. Farmer' dine ele
vator companies will be entitled only to
represents lives selected by the local stock
holders at each point where an elevator la
operated. '
All delegates must be selected by - the
Stockholders or actual member of - these
or a meeting called for the purpose,- and
! given muiw crtuenuua, .. '
We recommend where special meetings
are called that they be held on Saturday.
October t, 1U6, and request that .names oi
all delegate when selected be st.onoe sent
to James Butler, acting secretary, TopekA.
The calling of this congress haa been In
dorsed by the following prominent workers
In co-operative lines and many others: . ,"
R. H. MeCulloch, beebe.. Ark., national
Secretary of the Farmer' Educational and
i co-operative union oi mnni'.
- Campbell Ruasall, Warner, 1. T member
f fl natintual executive committee of the
i Farmers' Educational and Co-operative
Union of America. - "
8. O. Daws, tttiawhee. Okla., president of
Farmers' Co-operative State fJnion of
Oklahoma. '. '
C. W. Pekham. Haven. Kan.,' president
of the Farmers Independent Grain Dealers
of Kanaas. ' .
B. M Black. Preaton. Kan., aecretary of
the Farmers' Grain Company of Nebraaka.
C. Vincent. Omaha, fNebv general- man
ager of the Farmers' Grain Company of
Nebraska. ' . -j -
J. H. Bearrup. Albuflueraue, N..M.. presi
dent of the Co-operative Woolen .Mills at
.UQJUW2oUokNP.U- City. , Ala.. aecreUry
treasurer of ths Farmers' Educaticol gAd
Cok-operativs Union of Alabama, ' .
- V. T. Barrlnrer. Ruthvea, Iowa, director
and member of executive committee of ths
Farmers Grain Dealers', association, state
JIUVV'" Hayn, Barnum,' Iowa, irloa presi
dent of ths Farmers Grain Dealers' associa
tion, state of Iowa. . A
B. F. Chapman, Dallas. Tsxas, secretary
Farmers" (Jo-operative State - Unloa of
TEV Holmes. Bemiee, La . prestdsnt
Farmers' Co-operative Stats unloa.
IMstlUers Hot Ws(l.
NEW TORK, Aug. II M. F. EUlott
general counsel for the Standard Oil com-
fany, denounces as absurd the report that
be Standard Oil company had taken steps
to acquire all of the principal dt-t'lieriear
In the United States, aa the taage of
tbs denatured alcohol law by consress.
He said the Standard OH company had no
Interest whatever in buying up ele
UUeriea. - - -r
. . rsvtavl Fight JSetwooa Mtatara, K.
PHOENIX. Aria.. Aug. tt. George Me
lioh and Meile Vukamanovtch, Moatene
graa nilnera, spent Saturday drinking and
quarreling. Friends frequently separated
theoa gurlag the day., toward ntgbC by
agreement, they met near town, both
armed. Mellch shot five time without
effect. Vukaroeaovtoh fired enc. mart&kiy
woanttlng his adversary, and Is stow In
hiding. . . - -
Iggder of MtM3erU Jarty,' EoweVer, Ei-
MTergted Wten He kae Eepori
r4ary Loot MeJtea rwraaat Deal I
o Reports noajaureUagi Mr. Roeso
velt's Polley Twward
Islaad la Troable.
HAVANA. Aug. It InvssUgaUon show
that tbs statement made by -Senator Dols,
a leader of the moderate party, at ths con
clusion of a conference with President
Palma at midnight, 'IS the' effect that prac
tically all the Insurgent tesuftrs- of cons
Quenoe except Pino Ouerra had slgnined
thslr willingness to disband thslr men If all
were positively, guaranteed.-Immunity for
their Insurrectionary, gets, was an exaggcaa
tlon, but Ihe Jmprelon, Is very general
today that'lltis Insurgents', with ths excep
tion of Pino Guerra, will shortly lay down
tbelr. Arm-., Meanwhlje, asserted, all
recruiting will cease'. t
Acting Secretary ''of the" Interior ' Hon
talvo had 'a leitg tem-ferajfe this momlug
with General Rodrlgues. commander of
the rural guard, and directed him to
continue the: "enllitment of recruits and
to push the pursuit of ths Insurgent la
all directions.
Ths only details received this morning
by General Rodftgeus r Yesterday's en
gagement between :tns gSaueMtinent forces
and the Insurgents at Clenfugos, province
of Santa Clara, wore contained In a dis
patch from Colonel Valle, who commanded
the detschmeat of rural guards and vol
unteers engaged. The dispatch says ths
insurgents were completely routed, leav
ing many killed on the field. According
to1 the report the Insurgents were encoun
tered at-the- towns of Abrena and Rodaa,
Guns, horses and ammunition were left
by ths fleeing rebel, whb' were com
manded -' by Gansman hd ' Portela. ' The
report concludes aa follows:
"Our forces -fought valiantly throughout
ths engagements. Later the enemy re
turned and, rushed .the town, .but the revo
lutionists were scattered by our machete
charges." i M l ,."' '
Colonel Valle expresses the opinion that
the engagements fought yesterday In Santa
Clara will bs of great Importance toward
ending the Insurrection In that province.
OTSTKB. BAY, Aig. -In. view -o pub
lic. statements that. President Roosevelt has
made known his intended policy' toward
Cuba In the present revolution In that
Island, Secretary Losb said-today that any
such statements ,- were . awitlrely without
foundation, as the president has Indicated
to no ons any determination in the matter.
(Continued from First Pags.)
the close Of business on Friday. A meeting
of the board was hurriedly called and It was
decided to Instruct the officers of the bank
that all deposit received after the opening
of" business Saturday morning should lis
set sslde and deposited with ths Franklin
National bank In the names of ths Indi
vidual presenting the money. This waa
dor.e. to absolve thejJjrec.J.Qte from criminal
proceedings for recelvTnV'moriPy after they
khew the- trust 'rempa'fy! wa.. insolvent."
On Mondtfy more than $16b,(fc6"was deposited
by patrons ..of ths -h&fvkM which was prac
tically offset by wiMJenwetla by. person
who had heard -THimars 'of the ompsny's
condltion.,.Thoh?2dfJsjtedinck' Sa,tur
ds'y. -wlll, however, t jjje .saturned- to the
depositors, but will lis In ths Franklin H
Uqual ,Jank.untlWVv oourta..have,eolded
whether it should .be paid hack. ;
-' '. T' i. ".'" 1 ' ..
' " Aeayl t ClearUSfssi. . ?
WhHe - the.. deposlMrV were supposedly
placing fhelr' money 'with 'the Real Eatat
Trust company, the directors , wees making
strenuous efforts to tide the Institution
over, the difficulty.- AW-Vfty Vesterda they
worked... but It became apparent, Shortly
after noon' today that -the- crash wss In
evitable. Application' pper for a tempor
ary' receiver were prepared and Wft at ih
offices of the trust company,, after the dl
ristors -went to the'.rheetlng of th Clear
ing: Uouaa associstlon to jnsk a, last Ap
peal for help. The newspapers wers Swsre
of the' trend of the events and had men
stationed at the bank, building ready to
flash: the closing of the bank. If It -occurred.
There were probably' fifty bank presi
dents at the clearing ' house' to mrt the
directors of the trust -company! The latter
stated thkt they needed 17.000,000, ml the
best the banks could Jfx waa. to guarantee
$J, 600,000. This was hot' enough and as all
other mean for getting money hod failed.
Vies President Houxtpii teiephene'd to the
bsnk to suspend business s.nd send the
reoelvereVilp paper Jq cpurt, In an vn
creditably iH.oft tlrhs Jne tory was on" tlie
street end (" created great ' ( 'coristerha Jlo'n,
Hundreds of. pejjraons Vsttiefed. .'bdut' the
building clamoring for nformatmh ind
ths. crowd, greW' sp gtealjhal' a' Retail of
police waa sent' for to'clesr" ths streetThers
wa no disorder. ,; f .....
, ..AppileaullfOa tatt BeefJvsr.
' The appilcaUcn for Ihe recelvnr.saya th
company haa a paid up capital of tl.MO.OOO.
and apparent surplus of an equal amount
and depoalta of about $10,000,000. The
assets consist . of real estate In Philadel
phia, loan -on collateral on demand and
on time and . other securities. President
Hippie, the application says, "by false re
ports to the directors of the loans made
by .htm. brought about .the condition of the
company which was flrst discovered by the
e-ffloer pf ths , bank subsequent to the
death of; he president.'.'
. The court then appointed. .Mr. Karl re
ceiver and ha entered- .security . to Uve
amount ,of i - . . A , , . ..
. JUter his . appolntmawt Mr, larle held
a Jong .conferenco with the director and
officers of the company, at which the re
ceiver waa put In possession of th con
dition of the- company" as ' far aa tha of.
floors of the concern oould Inform him. '
Segal f eewrltleaWorth Uttlo. '
! John . IL , Jdlchener, president of the
Clearlna- House association, in an Interview
tonight sajdthat ths allure of. ths siso-.
elatlon to subscribe the S?,000.000 guarantee
fund requested by th Real Estate' Trust
company was. duo to insufficient security";
The truslV company, he said, offered 2.0O,r
000 In flit sdgs securities, a two-third in
terest In the . trust company's building.
valued at M.000,000, and te.WO.000 securiUef
from Adolph SegaL valued by the director
of., th. trust at $3,000,000. The
Clearing Houss association did not regard
th Segal securities worth mors than U.06,
000 and declined to subscribe more thaa a
Hot Postum
la Hot Wi(hdf
1 MTOw BOMB BtOMhCbg that
Ice htva Hurt
MTher' a reon.
. -j -...... ' , . ..' i - ' ,f . -f -rut: .. .
Miller, Stewart & Beaton's
Removal Sale. :
Is Stilt Holding the Attention' of the Omaha Public. .
' When we announc ths opening of our new. store at 413-J6-17 So. 16th SL ..
we want to be able to eat that the ttore contains a complete stock of neio " ', ' '
"-.!? " , Furniture, Carpets Rugs and Draperies. -
' ; ' -' 2 hat's why we are mdhijig such herculean . efforts to dispose of our present " '
stock. 2 hat's why we are offering such liberal discounts on every line of goods.
Z' . 'Jlerm . ,
1 " replenish i our, stock eterg roll of (?ARPMT every roll of STRAW '
MATTING, every ROOM SIZED RUG, every piece of FURNITURE, every; ;
. number of LACE CURTAINS "has. been moved from, warehouse No. It our'.,
present store and offered for saletill 4T GREA2. DISCO UNTS. " ' , . 1 ;.;
, 'DISCOUNTS bringing the prices down in many inttances to half. what
.,, they are regular. - Surely you can't realize a ', greater profit on such a short time .
investment. ' . , ' ' ' ; ,'s, ' 5 . , . , ...
. 18 15-17-19 FARNAM STREET.
total of $4,000,000 unless -the remaining se
curities were more substantial.
Bamuel F. Houston, vice president of the
company, sld tonight' that no other bank
ing Institution In this or any other city
would be In the least affected br the fail
ure." Gilt eadge security waa given for
whatever money was borrowed from other
. He ss.ld he hoped ths company would be
able to resume business, but would mako
no prediction on that point.
Presbyterlaav Deposits Largo.
The board of publication of the Pres
byterian church which hsd between $18,
000 and $20,000 on deposit with the Real
Estate Trust company, mads an effort to
withdraw ths money, but failed . by . three
minutes. Hearing rumors of the unsound
condition of the trust company members of
the board notified the offllclal Of their
Intention to trsnsfer the account to the
Philadelphia National hank, ' A represen
tative of the latter Institute made all
haste to ths office of the. trust company
and and arrived there three minutes after
ths doors had closed.
The board . of ministerial relief of the
Presbyterian' church had $50,009 deposited
with the trust colnpany. ''
According to last May's minutes of the
Presbyterian general "assembly Mr. Hip
pie wa treasurer of the board of trustees
and had in his charge funds amounting to
$968,896. distributed as follows:
Bonds and mortage, first Hen on prop
erty, $71.01.7. 'Invested Ih securities. $100.
309.14; advances to secure - bequests, $3,
$26.07; p'ala to secure property -under fore
closure, $ti$l.t; In trust for benejtt of
board 'af: vhtnlsurla'. 'relief, teal y estate
mortage M $4.000 - nd-. nine properties In
Philadelphia-value not glveni'a piece' f
property Jn Philadelphia for the berftflt of
the Mariners church, value not given,
Effeet In Hew York.
NEW TORK, Aug. a. The stook market
was affected unfavorably by the failure of
the Real Estate Trust company of Phila
delphia. . Prices declined from 1 to I points,
ths latter Chicago, Milwaukee A- St. Paul.
.There was tremendous liquidation in
Reading and Pennsylvania,, which demoral
ised ths general market. Reading dropped
rvi to 1SS and Pennsylvania I points. Losses
In several other stocks ranged rrom moi
points. Great Northern preferred gave
way 4 and Sugar $H- St. Paul sold down
to 1H. compared with 198. the earlier
high price.
" Baatth Adaalts, Klllla. ""
PIERRE, S. p., Aug. . (BpecUl Tele
gram.) On prellmlnsry hearing today the
man who did the killing here yesterday
said his correct name Ik Frank Smith, and
hie borne at Atlanta, Oa. He admits go
ing after tho gun for the purpose of kill
ing the man he wee after, and after he had
been called a- vile name for refusing to
drink with his vlotlm. The name of ths
dead man Is now believed to. be 'Joseph
Barry Instead" of ntsgerald. as he wae
known on the pay roll. ; Smith wee bound
over without bsll.'
Press dabs- at Deaver.
DENVER, Aug. 2S The elsteenth annual
convention of the International -League of
?ress Clubs opened her todsy. President
. J. Keenan of Pittsburg, presided snd de
livered an appropriate response to several
addresses of welcome made by the city and
stats officials, snd Edward Keating, presi
dent of the Denver Press club.
Fair Cooler ! Sebraska Today
Shovtero sal Cooler la
WASH1NQTON, Aug. t$. Porecest of th
weather for Wednesday and Thursday:
For Nebraska and Kanas Fair and
cooler Wednesday; Thursday fair and
wSrmsr. ' '
' For IowaShowers and cooler Wednes
day; Thursday fair. .
'For South 'Dakota Fair Wednesday and
Tnursday, warmer Thursday. . '
Fot Wyoming Fair Wednesdsy snd
Thursday, warmer Wednesday.
For Colorado Fair -Wednesday and
Thursday. ;
" ' leeal Heater.
OMAHA, Aug. hi Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
the corresponding day of the last three
years: ' 1. 14. 104. lfcrt.
MaaHnum temperature,.., a M . 4 Tt
Minimum temperature., , 70 64 g
Mean temperature ' 14 TV 7 M
Precipitation 01 .40 .0$ .0$
Temperature and p red pi tatloa departures
from the normal at Omaha sines March L
and comparison with the last two year:
Normal temperature 71
Exeeee for the day $
Total deficiency sine March 1 ill
Normal precipitation .10 Inch
Deficiency for ths day .00 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 II 10 inches
Deficiency since March 1 4. M Inches
Deficiency for Cor. period. lM... ?.M Inches
Deficiency for Cor. period, IfeM.... I.1C Inches
. Reports fr.s gtatloas at T P. M.
Station and State Temp. Max. Rain-
of Weather. . t p. m Temp. fall.
Blsmarok, cloudy 40 eu T
Cheyenne, clear Tt 0 .00
Chicago, clear 71 74 ' .00
Davenport, clear 74 ' to .00
Denver, clear a , M M .00
Havre, part oloudy ....u.a.a 74 74 ' .00
Helena, (Mart cloudy .,71 ' 7R .00
Huron, clear M '74 .00
Ksrsas City, dear a.... 74 ' M .00
North Platte, dear tl hi .00
'Omaha, clear it ' - aj - .00
Rapid City, part cloudy .... 7 74 .00
St. Lui,(clear ..... 74 7 '.'.00
Bt. Iaul.-cloudy 74 ; $0 . ,00
feajt Dake City, dear 41 44 . M
Valentine, clear TS 44 H ' ,0
T Indicates trace of precipitation!
U A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
Thousands o! people find Banking by
Mail most convenient. Our facilities
are arranged so that money may be . ;
withdrawn at any time.
' ' 1 J - (-tja
v We Respectfully Solicit Your Business ; ,!
ltitti and
Titmbltd ChlcsUtr Teat her Ftfotd to Bnra
t m -from Iowa 8ohoA
Eighteen Years Ago Basrctary of
School. Board Kaew Fryo Was '
Llvlaug lisider aa-As-
' saaaed hasno.
- . v
ONAWA. Ia,, Aug. ' .-(Spec1al.)-Prof.
Charles H. O. Frye, who stepped into the
limelight a short time ago by returning to
Chicago after thirty-one years absence,
and handing his former wife $6,000 in crisp,
new $100 bills, ths only consideration being
that she should "look pleasant and ask no
Questions," is quit, well known at Onawa,
even after the long absence. In U7j
Charles H. Q. Frye WM elected principal
of the Onawa schools, going Into the brick
school bouse as the- first teacher there. It
was understood then that his wlfs was In
Chicago and would Join him later, but shs
never name and he said they had separated
when questioned later about It. For a
while hie school work was fairly success
ful; afterward trouble arose. It wss ru
mored around town by the "boys," who ars
gsneraliy On the inside when It comes to
news, that Prof. Charles Horace Greeley
Frye waa paying, altogether too much at
tention to some of the larger female pupils.
Investigation fully confirmed the rumor
and other things developed that showed the
(school board Just what many of tbs busi
ness msn had known1: for some time, that
Prof. Charlea H. O. Frye was a first-class
fraud, and not the man to preside ovsr the
Onawa schools. Prof. Frye waa allowed
to "resign."
Ooddard Identlged as Fryo.
In 188$, or thirteen .years afterwards, ths
secretary of the' school board, who, by
the way haa a reoord of thirty-eight years'
service as secretary of the school board,
something unique .In the history of Iowa,
concluded . ho would look at soms South
Dakota lands. Among other points vtsltod
Was Hurley, S. D. As he was at the sts.
tlon, preparatory to leaving town, he was
Introduced to an attorney, C. ' H.' Ood
dard. The minute the aecretary saw him
he knew that -Charles Horace Oresley
Frye, as: ths boys used to delight to oall
him. waa still on this, mundane sphere and
wae now known as Ooddard. The secre
tary oa his return to Onawa told a. few
of his confidential friends that ho saw
Fry up In South Dakota, but no one oared
enough ghout ths .matter after thlrusn
years to look him up, and it was soon for
gottsa, only to com up again a short time
sgo. ' ' ,.'.''.
-The secretary et the school hoard Is
one of the leading business men of Onawa
and himself was principal of th Onawa
school previous to ths advsnt of Fryo.
The Identification Is absolute and there Is
ho chance of a mistake.
District Coast la Harris).
LOO AN, la., Aug.' II (Special.) Th
August term of the Harrison wnt dis
trict court convent i hsre this morning
with - Judgo W. R. Green of Audubon
presiding. The grand Jury waa chosen and
aa assignment of oases wae mad. The
bar docket contains $$$ cases, of which
twenty-sis are criminal. - forty-nine are
probate, 141 are equity and 144 are law.
..-' Slows City Pastor Resins. .
SIOUX CITT. Is.. Aug. II. (Special
, Telegram.) Rev. Georgs Soltau, who has
; been pastor of the First Baptist . church
! ons year, has ' resigned. He . say the
j church-bas not bees as progressive in
.' evangelical , work as , he bad hoped It
: would be. Ms will engage la Institute
j work with headquarter in Chicago.
If you 'haws anything trade, ad vertlae
It to th lrr Exphaago eoaiums of The
Be Want Ad page.
Douglas Sts. ;z
Matinee Today, all Seats 25c
TONlQMT 8:10
Tke Semilog
f tke Aft ..
Tbur 1 tig Ceofegglong of g Wife
Sunday Dsvtld llijjjjtns ; in
Harnav and lath fit. Phons iMul, 4
Tonight at 8:16. Concert Gardew
7:45 1 ;;.
All Star Vaudeville
Coaley Bletcra Deaty and Prlca
Two Franclscog Great Lloyd ,
Paulina Courtney
"Secrat ' Bervlca". Greatest of
inn pictures. , i
Bljon Stock Co., In the human In
terest Drama
Dainty box of chocolates to each-
lady holding lOo seat coupon. ' "'
Night rrloa-10o, 20o, 906
uRvvooD rMr uvt
Tonight and Balanoe of . Week
Matinees Thursday and Saturday. .
Preeentlng m OSA&XTT BAXfc.
Prlcee Nights ahd Sunday Mairuee.
10c, lie Tueeday. Thureday- and
Saturday mattneea, lOo, -lOo.
K, WmIi . Tka Oawho aad XaOay.
a ft RflHTOrf - ..
Phons 4M. . . ,;i
Monday. hpu .
Box efflcs now open. Prises 10c, tto. tOc
I AtLgwt 28, 2$, 27, 23,. 29-
S. f.'- B g . rf . er " - ' " ,
cams caiiea a: 13.
- II
20c 10c