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lat f Brnth Omaha Pgliog Board Await
Saw Erarisr.
Llateaa to kvldea at ' Two Jt-M-aeaees
and The Adjoaraa
Heartagr to la
Behind eloaed floor ' Oovernor Mick?
pent three hoars hearing evidence and con
sulting with the member of th Booth
Omaha Board of Fir anil Potk-e Commit-
Blurt In an Investigation of the charge
mad by Joseph Spelts that tha commission
permitted saloon to retrial open Sunday
In violation of tha law. At tha conclusion
of the conference none of tho who partic
ipated was vary talkative. - Oovernor
Ukk mmlA V- W-Jl vu..a -It - 11 m.H-
nwwi and would 'not dlactiM th confer
enca nntll ha had. " " Tha remaining wlt
naaaaa ha aald would appear befor him In
hit offloe la Lincoln. Ha dacllnad to make
any statement until than. " '
Tha conference la tha reoult of a demand
by Mr. Spelt that the commission b re
moved because Of Ita fallnre to enforce the
Sunday' dosing law. 'Attorney Oeneral
Brown . haa Just given the immor an
opinion to the effect that he haa the Bower
to remove the 'member of the com m la
Job provided It 14 shown they have failed
to require the saloone to obey lh law.
The governor's decision. It la believed, will
determine whether or not the Hd wilt be
clapped down In Omaha and South Omaha,
though the attorney general's decision aa
to the power of tha governor did not apply
te Omaha.
. ...
Those at Coafereaee.
Those who attended the conference were
Oovernor Mickey and A. B. Allen, tha gov
amor's secretary. Chief Brlgga of the Bouth
Omaha polloe, and tha members of the
commission. - Mr. Spelts appeared at the
request of the governor and renewed his
charges that the commission wsa permitting
saloons to remain open en Sunday. He I
aald he had purchased drinks on Sunday launches and boats of all descriptions. I
and to substantiate hla charges called upon see In the paper that there la a move
George Bradeen, who waa the principal wit- ment on foot to Improve the lake and
Itesa agalnat Crlef Brlgga before the grand
Jury, last spring. . After Bradeen had come
out of the conference rrom he said:
"I told the governor I had bought drinks
on Sunday and expected to buy mora to
morrow. He asked me If I did not think I
waa a co-partner In the crime and therefore
In a and position to testify. I answr?d I
had taken aa, oath to tell the truth and had
told it" 1
After Spelta and Bradeen had left the
room the commissioners and the governor
remained In conferecne for an hour. At
the conclusion of the meeting Ooverm,.
Mickey declined to dlsousa the evidence he
had listened to.
"I will hear some more witnesses In my
office at Lincoln next week," he said,
"and. I will not decide anything until then.
I do not oare to discus the evldenea now."
. Statement of Wolao.
Thomas Nolan, a member of th com
mission, said:
The hearing was a farce. Spelts, who
made the charge, admitted he had piloted
stockmen front hla restaurant to disorderly
houses and had been stopped by th chief
of police. "He seemed to have more of a
grievance agalnat Chief Brlgga than
against th. members of the board. There
waa, no evidence that an ordinary person
would give much weight. I think the whole
thing la over I
Mr. Nolan said ' tha member of th
board neither admitted nor denied that the
South Omaha, saloon have been running
an Sunday. Who ' th witnesses are that
will go to Lincoln to testify was not
itated. Oovernor Mickey aald there would
probably b some on both sides,
Bradeen and hla wife, it la charged.
formerly ran a disreputable place In South
Omaha and were cloeed out by th board.
Th member accuse him of trying to get
revenge now by testifying against them.
It was on his testimony and that pf hi
former wife, now Mra. Beck, that the In
dlotment against Chief Brlgga was re
turned by the grand jury last spring.
Oovernor Mickey vlstud friend In Dun
dee last night, returning to Lincoln on a
lata train.
Salooaa Ordered im Close.
Tn accordance with the wish of Governor
Mickey the South Omaha Board of Fire aad
Police Commissioner promptly Issued th
order for Sunday closing last night. Chief
Brlgga and Captain Tumqulat rod all over
th rlty early In the evening and laaued the
order In person to alt the aaloon men. Strict
observance of all details will be exacted.
Alt curtains, both front and back, and all
obatruetlona to a clear view must be re
moved so that tha entire Interior can be
seen eaetly. Order were laaued at roll can
to tha patrolmen t enforce th closing. In
thu Issuing the order the board adheres
consistently to Its original position, namely.
that If the Board of Fire and Police Conv
ml airmen of Omaha Issued similar orders
the board here would be moat willing to en
force th regulation. The governor yester
day gave the board his pledge that he
would compel the Xtmaha authorltlea te
have a similar order to the police or re
move them and appoint those who Would,
Mr. Nolan, speaking for the majority of
th board, aald It was always tha Intention
of the members to Insist on ths enforce
ment of th law when Omaha should ba
put oa th aame basis, and under tha
promise that thla shall be done at one th
present order takta rla. ...
Order Hot Hew la Osaaha.
Omaha aaloon, keepers will b held to a
strict observance of the prescribed closing
hours by ths police, In accordance with
order laaued to the department some time
ago. , Saloon must be cloeed, at 1 o'clock
on all nights except Saturdsy nights, when
. .iMl,u.b im tmm 1i-it ' Am m , ...
Am v ... .,.. r,wl nm
tha police mean bu tinea three arrests for
keeping open after houra have been made
within the taat week, The last arrest waa
that of P. II. Hammon. whose aaloon was
found open by Patrolman Crow after mid
night Saturday nignt. The other oases
were C. T. Perkins. -1U North Sixteenth
atreet, and th Burke ealeen In the Third
Mteeee Her ' Haabanal aad gloats
' ' Maa la Alley la Rear of
" '
William Seawarts. tM South Thirteenth
strset. waa shot In the right shoulder Sat
urday evening while unhitching a team of
liorae ra th allay adjoining the home of
John Hart, 1MT South ' Twentieth street
Xl shot waa one of, three which, It la
ssarted. ware Brad by Mr. J east Tracy,
d tughter of John Hart, at her husband.
r viarlee Treey. during a quarrel.
The polloe were notified and the wagon.
-' H officer aad Surgeon Harris, wer sent
the soene. Scbarart had been taken to
. nerger troeary store, itfl ftoMth Twen
tieth .atroat. where the wound wa found
to be superficial. He we taken home by
tha police. J
Mr. aad Mra, Tracy fled from the neigh
borhood before tb wacoa reached
st ber Howt-ll le At.
OMAHA. Auf. .-To the Editor of The
Bee: In answer to the query I have re
ceived a treat many tlmee during the last
dv of two aa lo my being a member of
the Dahlman Democracy. 1 wleh to etate
that I am" not only a member at thla or
sanitation, but one at the Inoorporatora
thereof, and I believe thi club la Intended
to sustain and hold" up the, hand a of tha
beet dty administration Omaha haa erer
had. and 1 believe that alt democrttta should
unite In the support of an administration
that, to my mind, la honestly and .con
scientiously trying to carry out the planks
of the best democratic city platform ever
Thla "cowboy mayor of Aura waa turned
loose last spring with his "larlet rope and
epura" to win this fight, and as one demo
crat I don't feel like shrinking or, shirk
Ing any responsibility of his administra
tion, and tf the brand keep to Its present
high standard on all things (except as to
a tew miner appointments) 1 am ready to
follow It to the end of the trait.
- ' Cat-Otr Lake.
OMAHA. Aug. S.-To the Editor of Tha
Bee: Cut -Off lake la a beautiful body of
water lying right In tha city's lap. so to
speak, well stocked with fish, free from
destructive storms and an 'Ideal body of
water for bathing and boating. Few people
a fWnaka 1t what a nrirn1 tha eltv
U.a m im. i.k. at tha ntv'a door.
, .,,,.. x boulevard
,v, .... v.,- th.
one thing to popularise this much neglected
body of water. The poorer class of people
as a rule so far have been patronising tha
lake and In my judgment the proper au
thorities could not make a more popular
move than by seeing to It that the lake
la Improved by a boulevard and parking
In spots along the boulevard. Any other
city but Omaha would appreciate thla body
of water. Kansas City, for Instance, would
have spent thousands of dollars on Im
provement and beautifying long before thla.
and the shore would be lined with cosy
cottages and the water dotted -with private
build cottages. Am glad to aee thla spirit
manifested and hope It will grow until
Cut-Oft lake will be tha pride of every
man, woman and child In this neighborhood.
Douglas (44) FrtnUng Co.. 150B Howard.
Caaaea laanaoaaeed ad Onseers
Daty Fall to Reeoaais
' Hlsa.
Oovernor John H. Mfckey and Lieutenant
Oovernor McOllton called at the Omaha
city jail Saturday evening for the purpoae
of going through the lockup. . When, bis
excellency presented himself at the window
and asked for tha chief,. Desk Sergeant
Havey failed to recognise the executive.
but replied that th head of the Omaha,
polloe department waa not at the station,
He told him, however, that Captain Dunn
waa In. but that the captain eras very
busy just then and he would have to wait.
Basing that all cltlsen were given the
same treatment without favor, prejudice
or regard to distinguished appearance,' Mr,
MoOllton ' leaned Over 1 and Informed the
sergeanjt what persona xe It was that waa
calling. A soon aa thla became known, a
,,..aUnc proo, whlch th, captain was
. ,im- Mtiittir immui.tdu
Interrupted, and he emerged to greet th
The two visitor were then taken through
the jail and both made a careful inspection.
WATCHES Frenser. ISth and Dodge.
The most .popular mode at preaent la
Parts Is thai of ths corselet skirt, and a
very attractive nw model for an eutfit of
this kind Is shown. Th blouse la one of
those fetching tittle affair of soft filmy
fabric, which are nof difficult to niak and
yet serve for any sort of nice occasion. It
may he made of a thin silk, taffeta, cash
mere or veiling and with or without the
chemisette or yoke of lac. The broad
shouldered effect is given by th tuck over
th shoulder, which la taksn up after th
shoulder seams are sewed. The sleevee ar c
very charming little affair a shows, bji
they may be long if preferred. The Alrt
I a aeven-plec circular one, Ottlug rtcel-
Molly at the tup and fUrliig widely .-about
the bottom. It the corselet la not desired
It may b finished In regulation fntlln or
In round relnture effect. These aktrts are
little trimmed save for bands or; folds about
the lower edge. The skirt ray be devel
oped In any of the new materials, broad
cloth being excellent. For the medium at
th waiat.ralla for three, yarda of X-laca
material and the aklrt . -yard, of M-lach.
Two pattrrne-ett. u to it inche
bust measure; 1715, to U Inches
Ths price of thew4 patterns Is M cents, but
either will be sen Xpon receipt of 10 cent.
' i
Tor th aersmmodation f Th Omaha
Be readere Aiaas pattern, which usually
retail at ,fr tm K to 60 centa. will be fur.
Blahed at y nomiral price (10 cents, which
to vara )' expense. In order to get a pat
tern en loss 1 cents, giving number and
name f patters wanted and buat measure.
Aa A patterns are mailed direct from the
pubAahara ta New Tork. It will ruulr
efut a weak' Urn to fill th order. Ad
'Awas: Pattern DepartniaaL Th Ooaaaa
Omaha, ftiefc.
it n
I iii
f relimiiary Eenad of Golf Tauntaieat at
th Country Club.
Mayor Haeter Mavtaaj Coed gaeeeae
geearia Waivers tor tlht-l-Way
Prlvat Property
for the Sewers.
Tha first round of th pretlmiaary tryoui
of the contestants for the golf toarnament
(am off yesterday afternoon. About
twenty-fir members entered the lists. The
weather was exceptionally well adapted lo
the comfort of the playera and the contests
took a lively Interest from the start. Some
of the crack playera were on the field and
good score were recorded. No comptla
lion of the result will be made until to
night when the record will be completed
and the candidatea for the tournament will
be announced. Over forty conteatanta are
expected to appear on th field today and
they will represent the strength of the
healthy young club.
The Friday night dance last week was
one of th moat enjoyed functlona of the
summer. Next Friday evening a novelty
wltl be Introduced whloh promise much
fun. Th member of th entertainment
committee have decided to give at th next
regular dance a ladies' choice danle...
Last evening Mr. and Mr. Ed. Munshaw
gave a dinner at the club house at which
they entertained Mr. and Mrs, D. Green
of Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Green of
Omaha, Mr. Cyrua Nelson and Miss Louisa
Preparing for School.
N. M. Graham, principal of th " South
Omaha High school. ! looking for a large
enrollment of students for the present year.
Now that the opening of achool Id but one
week distant some timely instruction are
In order. It la anticipated, aa usual, that
many stulents will put off oomtng to tha
principal's office thla week to register for
their ooursea of. study. Thla they should
not do. During tha present week eaoh
student should visit the high school and
determine his or her course. If this I
negleoted such a pupii on coming to school
oa th opening morning will be sent home
the first day, as thsy cannot then be
classified aa to course of study. Tbos who
desire to select courses of study and to
have their program made out for thera
ready for the first day of school should re
port to the principal's office before Thurs
day. Next Saturday between 1 and I p. m.
locker keys will be distributed to th
students enrolled. A deposit of S cents
will be required from each pupil for a key.
School begins at I a. m. Monday, Septem
ber t.
Mayor goearlaar Walvwra..
Mayor Hootor la busy with ths waiver of
the various property owners for the right-
of-way of the different branches of the
sewer system. He Is of the opinion that
most of the work will be completed by
Monday night. There I some difficulty In
getting signatures of soma of the property
owner for the reason that they ar non
resident. AU ol the larger holder have
signified their Intention of signing the
waiver in th matter and a majority have
already signed.
John Latenser, the architect to whom was
granted the contract to prepare plan for
th new city hall, baa called the city offl-
ers In their turn to consult him with regard
to their respective offices. 'Yesterday aft
ernoon the city clerk waa ' asked to pax
his visit. In this Mr. Latenaer I adopting
a different tine of taotloa than tn making
th plan' of th South Omaha High achool,
The plana 'of th new building will be
completed within a week or more, it la
believed. The grading . gang is ktlll at
work leveling oft the sit.
(ltk Caao Partially Triad.
The cases of Oeorge Outh and Lulu May
Hyde of Kansas City, under charge of
I adultery, were brought to trial yesterday
morning. The defense .fought bard for a
continuance, offering affidavits that mate
rial evidence was lacking In the person of
several Important witnesses. This the court
over-ruled on the ground that the principal
tn the defense swore to the document not
having the least conception of Ita meaning.
Outh admitted that he did not know what
the document contained, and he had sworn
to the statement because he believed he was
not "getting a square deal In South
Omaha." The last reaort of the counsel
for the defense was that he himself waa too
III to try the can, but thla waa only par
tiaJly successful. Hyd was allowed by the
court to give his evidence In the case, which
was to ths effect that Lulu May Hyde was
his lawful wife, and rn substantiation he 1
produced the marriage certificate. He swore,!
that she had left him for the company A
Outh three montha ago. Since then IJte,
couple had left Kansas City and come to
South Omaha. Aa to their living to-.her
here he waa unable to awear, not vlng
found them together. At that point ybe can
wa continued until Wednesday i of thl
week Ths prosecution have a loen or
more witnesses from the neighborhoods
where ths man and woman hav baen mk.
Ing their horn sine cornier; to South
Omaha. The defenee will at mpt to prove
that Hyde drove hie wife from him and
compelled her to enter a llf a of shame. ,
Work oa Caralvi Qroaads.
Th fenc surrounding ths carnival
grouada la being , erected and a
well designed gate ,l fset wide will be
built on M atreet fcext to Twenty-fourth,
Jut back of th . poatofflc. The electric
light contract hr been let and abundant
lights will be furnished for the ground,
as tha commit expect te surpass any,
thing that b been given heretofore.
One of the, features that will ba attrae-
tlv to th children during the coming
week will "be the sending up of big paper
oanoona from tlv Ancient Order United
Workman temple each night and the bar.
ties rturnlng the Ug which la attached
to thsaa big balloon will receive a season
tlckt to the carnival.
TAie committee ha atretched aomo ban-
.- ever the atreeta and the bill board
f the city ar fairly well covered with
the advertisement of th ahowa that will
b here.
The St. Louis Amusement company ha
It men here and will ba on th ground
continuously during th completion of th
ground for th carnival, which will open
promptly on I .a nor Day. September t. at
I P. m. The committee Is making prepare
tlons to hav a parad la th evening, and
Judge Power with a well an! ret eg drill
team will pull oft a comic Initiation In th
lower ball, and all the com mitt Is wish
Ing for now Is good weather to make this
the best carnival ever pulled off In South
Mania (It, flaealp
Jay I.averty Is out of ths city on a bust
it--", i ri p.
Dan BiTflta waa given thirty days yeoter
day tor habitual drunkenness.
Mrs. J. McCullougb of Iowa has beea t
guest of C, M. Rich ths paat weak.
Miaa LI isle Bentsburg haa gone for 4
viait with relatives at LotiUvlll. Jfy.
Mra J. L. Duff and daughter ar In Cm.
ion. ia.. wner iney are visiting friend
Mrs. Wiyian Smallrldgs Is enjoying a
visit from her sister, who lately arrived
trnm irejana. '
Eugene Muensenmlr Is a guest of her
sisier, sirs, ueorge a. Kennedy, Eighteenth
ann u atresia.
Mra. May gwatsanbaurh of Ottum
Is.. Is the gueet of her brother. Robert
v eir. sma laxniiy.
Mra, B. B. H1L aee Mis Margaret Mur
ray. now of Onsaa, Kan., la visiting her
parent In thla city.
James Thomas wss sentenced to ten days
In the rlty jail for dl "orderly conduct while
In a state at Intoxication.
Thomas Robinson, colored, who was con
victed of petit larceny, having stolen a
suit of clothes Isst week from the W.glng
houe of All Nation at Twenty-sixth and
M atreet. eras sentenced to twenty-thre
dar m th tourty jail.
Thomas McCollum flied his tlr of ap
peal with tha rHy clerk. He haa a Nairn
against the city for Kn.BOn, arlatng from
slleaed Injuries sustained on N street last
February. He appeals from the action of
tha city contacil to the district court.
The death of Albert J. Krejek, Twenty,
fifth and M etreete, an aid resident, well
known aa a musician to the people of Bouth
Omaha, occurred yesterday evening. Th
funeral will b held from the reaidenoa to
the Bohemian Catholic church Monday
morning at l: o'clock. The burial will
be In St. Mary's cemetery.
"The rharlty BmilM of the Bmrwwo.
The Charity Ball." a drama In four act,
by David Belaaco and Henry C. de Mllle,
by th Woodward Stock company. Th
Mra. Van Buren , Marie Hudson
Bophle , Ha ae I Brown
Mess Van Buren Isadora Martin
Mr. Betta .....Harry Long
Phyllis Lea Fern MaycllS
Mrs. De Peyster Mary Hill
Alex Robinson Grant Blmpeon
Ann Cruger Loma Klltott
pick Van Buren Carl Fay
Mr. Creighton .. John Todd
John Van Buren- Albert Morrison
Judge peter Ourney Knox. Charles SohoAeld
Cain (a waif) Lotti Salsberg
Mr. Cruger John Davtee
Jasper Harry Lot
Quite a hofna-oomtng waa that of th
Woodward Stock company, which returned
to th Burwood Saturday night to begin
a season of forty waesn. IT any member
of th company thought th people bad for
gotten him or her during the summer va
cation, th mistake waa soon vary ap
parent, for th greeting extended to each
waa most sordlal. Mis Hudson wsa first
to face th nulling and nthualaatle audi
ence of friendly Omaltaria, who packed Ihe
theater, and she was given a greeting that
nearly mad bar forg ber role of Mr.
Van Buren and becoraa Just plain Marie
Hudson for a moment. , Then cam tha
others, and a fast aa ths action of the
play brought one of th company to th
stage, just that often was the progress
of the first act interrupted. Each member
waa given Individual welcome home. Th
men were alt called on for ahort speeches,
and each responded with the most appro
priate of sentiments. Grant Simpson's re
marks being th hit of th evening. Those
of the company who came as stranger
were made to know that they were among
friends for th time being, at least, for
the effort waa spontaneous 'and evinced a
promlae of even more cordiality when ac
quaintance haa ripened Into friendship.
Miss Elliott. Mis MayoUff and Mr. Fay
ar th principal who cam to Omaha
for th first Urn last night.
Th play Itself la too well known to re
quire any review. "Th Charity Ball" la a
splendidly constructed drama, put -together
by two masters of the art, David Belaaco
and Henry C. de Mill. They spared no
effort In their ' undertaking, and the fad
that seventeen year after Ita ft rat produc
tion It la still potent to move people 'to
teara, and to awaken th da par emotion
I ulRoient praise. It is produced and
staged with care and intelligence. Director
Long haa provided all that la needed for
the proper exposition of the strong points
of the piece and the cast Is adequate.
Mr. Morrison ahowa th beneficial effecJk
of hi summer's rest, tn that he enter vttb.
a greater sest on th work of hi role. Th
part of John Van Buten differs much from
the modern hero. In that' It call for cn
slderable genuine effort in Its Interpretation,
and thl Mr. Morrison; supplies veythout
stint,' and yt With a fine eeprasaton,' giving
evidence of constdeewblrerv three. In
the third act. In hla. great eoeaawUh hia
brother, hla work la .excellent. He goes
about It with an erne nee (foat is con
vincing and gives a sense of sliQrity that
carries off th situation finely, ln-the lighter
moment or th play he aUV away occa.
aionaJly and evinces so. Th glgns . of self'
consciousness, but aa a, whole the part la
well don
Most of the Interest last night centered
oa Mis Elliott, It 6elng her first appear
ance, and the desr. to .contrast her with
Miss Eva Lang Vjlng overpowering. She
felt this, too, ar suffered not a little from
the resulting n arvousnesa, due to her extra
ordinary desire to please. To say that aha
pleased puts. t mildly. Bh haa praoticg ly
assured, he position in Omaha. Th part
of Ann 'ruger I an unusually exacting
one, its, very simplicity and
cherac At belnsr it areaiest dlffleultr. But
Mies iciliott fairly, if not fully, realiaes the
pos'ktlltea of the role, and baring a alight
tetsdency to the tragi' at times, -Is a gen
"twi delight. She makes Ann cruger a
'"H poised, warm-hearted, sensible young
woman, full of tha kindly aympathy of a
good heart and the deair to aid other that
spring from an unselfish realisation of her
own advantages. In the scenes with Phyl
lis Le and with Jahn Van Buren sh very
nicely value th delleat attuatlon . and
achieves her effects most, accurately. Miss
Elliott haa a fin presence, and a good
voice. When aha haa conquered her ner-
vouaneaa and learn to feet at home la
Omaha, ah will b found a moat capable
and Intelligent actress.
Mr. Fay, also a newoemer, made a very
good Impression as Dick Van Buren. He,
too, has potae and that Indefinable some
thing that give th actor th faculty of
doing th thing a It should be done. His
presence in th east I a distinct element of
Miss May cliff, In ths sympathetic role of
Phyllis Lee, la very good, restraining her
self at all time whan temp4ld to overact,
and giving a very satisfying Interpretaton
of the part.
Of Mr. Schofleld, Mr. Davis, Mr. Todd.
Mr. Simpson. Mr. Long, Miss Hilt, Miss
Martin and Miss Hudson, little need be
said. Thsy are well established here, and
In passing It Is only neceesary to point out
that they did all that was required of them
well. Each 'cornea back refreshsd by the
summer vacation and eager to work, the
performance of each ahowlng thla most
plainly. ' "
All In all, the opening of the second sea
on at the Burwood was most auspicious,
and augurs well for the aeason. "Tha
Charity Ball will bs th bill for th rest
of th week, "vrlth the usual matinees.
Bat Cbaaaberlala'e Coll. Cholera aad
Diarrhoea Reaaedy Cared Hi Ba
it Is with plaaaur that I give you this
unsolicited testimonial.- About a ysar ago
when I had a vary sever cas of measles
I got caught out In a hard rain and the
meaile settled In my stomach and bowels.
I had an awful time and had It not been
for the us of Cbamberlaln'a Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy 1 could not have
possibly lived but a few hour longer; but,
thank to ,thla remedy, I am now strong
aad wall. I 1 hav written the above
through simple gratitude and I shall al
waya speak a good word for thl remedy.
Bam H. Owin. Concord, Oa.
Grand Trunk-Lehlgn Valley Doubt Traok
Rout Chicago te Nw Tork via Niagara
Fall; Orand Trunk-Central Vrmoat-Bos-
ton Main Boat from Chicago t Boston
sad th Orand Trunk Railway System to
Montreal, Qaebac and Port 1 nddo u bl
track from Chios so to Montreal.
Far. -dosertpUv litoratar. t will h
mailed a application to Qe. W. Vaax,
A. Q. P . T A-, U Aaam St, Chicago.
does in
A 2
10 cent
,...,-aV lbs.
West Ambler.
Mr. and Mrs. John Oants ware the meats
of their eon, Ooia, and family th first tf
th weak.
Mrs. L. Darllna returned from her two
weeks' visit with relatives at Tpellanlt,
Mloh., on Thursday.
Bd Bercer haa taken a Dosltlon with tha
West Omaha Ice company and la boarding
with hi mother In Eckerman.
Mrs..- William McDonald waa tha aueat
Of bar mother, Mrs. Maestrlok. from
Wednesday until - Friday of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Bartlett and father at
tended the Dlcnlo at Krug Park Monday
given by Oeorge Crook post and corps.
Mra Nelson Pratt and daughter. Miaa
Minnie, wer guests of the former's par
ents. Rev. and Mra Henderson, on
Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Parks and daus-htar.
Mlas Joeydell, returned Thursday from a
fortnight's visit with Mra parks' parents
In Michigan. .
Miss Bessie Faverty came home from
Fremont Friday evening, where she ha
own working since she graduated at Long
time In June.
At the auarterty conference at South
west ohurch Tuesday night Oeorge Blakely
of Kaat Ambler waa elected district steward
on pastor's salary.
Bert Oanta, with a few relatives and
friends, oeiebrated his thirty-cond birth
day at hla home' near th Woodmen hall
on Wednesday evening.
Miss Frankls Ormsby of Piano, 111., ar
rived last wsek on a visit to her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Ormsby, at their new home
on Florene boulevard.
Mr. John Blake Is busy these day as
sisting her daughter, Mra A. M. Oleaon, in
her preparation to remove to the Paclflo
coast. They wtU reside in Oregon, where
a brother live.
Rev. C. C. ' Clssell preached an able ser
mon for Dr. Oorst on Sunday afternoon
and admilnatered the sacrament. He was
the guest at dinner with hi old Hooaier
frlenos, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Aughe. -t .
Mr. and Mrs. Will Werohel and two
children left last Monday for a two months'
visit In Minnesota and Wisconsin. Mrs.
Werchel Is the elrteat daughter of Mr. and
Mra. Michael, formerly ot Kaat Ambler.
Mrs. J. E. Aughe and Mra J. Carroll re
turned from their trip to the Grand Army
of the Republic encampment at Minneapolis
Saturday noon. Their friend. Mra. Kate
Remington, slopped oft at Dubuque, la.
Allen Faverty returned home on Friday
evening from hla trip to Peoria, III., well
pleaaeo with the country. He I assisting
i. hrnther. Albert, in oalntlna the new
N',w'?!-n hotel near the round house
In South Omaha,
Mr. and Mr. A. Hickman of Pueblo,
Colo., have been the guests ot their mother,
near Ociffln Grove, for the last two weeka.
Mr. Hickman Is an engineer on the Rio
Orahde railroad in Colorado and thl Is
his first visit horn for years. They are
on their way to Illinois.
Th Ladles' Aid society met at the ele-
Rant new home of Mra. H. Ormsby, on
llneteenth and Sprague streets, Thursday,
and nnlahed a fine quilt. A most appetising
dinner was served by the genial hosteaa,
asaisted by . her committee. Meedamea
Blake, Aughe and Oants. The next meet
ing, and the last before conference, will
be held with Mra R. M. Henderson on
Wednesday, September 6, to quilt all day.
Those on committee for the day: Mrs. M.
Faverty, Mrs. F. Benewlts and Mrs.
Mrs. H. O. Wulff left last Friday to visit
with ber sister in Blair.
Mr. and Mrs. Huber have returned from
their visit In David City. Neb.
Mr. Scougal of Sioux City was a visitor
t the home ot H. J. Kelland.
Mra. Brooke of Kansas City Is a gusst
at the home of Mrs. Ben Morton.
Mrs. W. E. Johnson attended a plcnlo
given at Krug park last Tueaday.
K. R. Parker returned home from Mil
waukee with the Eagle this week.
Ward Walah has taken a position as clerk
In Treasurer Fink's office In Omaha.
Baptist church services at the tent today
at U a. ra. tsunaay scuooi at lu a. m.
Mr. and Mr. Herman baumer have re
turned from a short visit in SU Louis.
Mrs. J. J. Oleason and daughter have
left for a visit In Missouri Vallty, la.
Mrs. M. A. Sparrow of Janesvllle, Mo., Is
a guest of her brother, Charles Norton,
The team of the Eagles returned from
Milwaukee, where th.-y wmi two piises.
Mis Besal W'oodi ufl hus gtvtn up iicr
position In Dr. Namjii a edict, 1,1 omtil.a.
Mr. and Mr. O. R. Williams left last
week for a two weeks' trip to Colorado.
Miss Schroeder has returned home to Te
tania h attar a viait to Mr. and Mra. Wulif.
Swedleb Lutheran aervlce at it- town
hall today at ( o'clock by Kev. Mr. bitiren.
Mra. H. S. Frink and daughter, Margaret,
have returned from a visit In Atlantic la.
Mrs. Henry Senger hss left for her home
in Joplln, Mo., after a week a visit In Ben
son. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Whistler entertained
a number of out-of-town gueeta during ths
week. ,
Mra Chris Martlg and children have
taken th bom formerly occupied by Mr.
Sons were born during the week to Mr.
end Mrs. Oren Olft and Mr. and Mra. W.
A- Taylor. -.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGulre entertained
a number of relativea front Blair during
the last week.
Thomas Glbb left for his horn In Val
ley, Nao., after a visit with Mr. and Mra
Wlhlaro Clarke.
Mies Jessls Rea has arrived from Holton,
Kan., to make an extended visit with ber
brother. J. A. Rea.
Mia Jeaale Maisucher haa returned to her
home la Oakdale after a visit at the noma
of Rev. Mr. Leldy.
Miss Hall a Miller left laat week for Kan
sas City, Mo., where she expects to re
main for soma time.
Good Will Court of Honor gave a wafer
melon social at the home of Mra William
Ryan Friday eventfkg
The next regular meeting of the Fraternal
Union kxlge will b held at Odd Fellows'
hall Friday, XI.
Th Swedish Missionary society gsve an
Mra Joha fratereon laat Friday . evening
which wa well attended.
Mia Oi BioomdsM anterlaiaed about
When unu bun
Brealcfast Food
15cgoes as far as SI. 20
purchasing the ordinary
pound package of Pillsbury's Best Cereal
-Vitoa costs 15 cents and makes
the "White heart of the Wheat" food.
packages of the ordinary ready
cost SI. 20. and makes only about
of food. So you see where the great.
t" I T1j . '!
economy uesi vuos requires icss
cream than dry kinds. It never
gets lumpy in cooking.
Ask Tour
twenty of her friends last week in honor
ot her visiting brothers.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Calkins have re
turn d from their wedding trip and are
now at the Paxton tn Omaha.
Presbyterian servloes at Odd Fellow' hall
today at :0 p. m. Sunday achool at 1:30
p. m. Rev. Mr. Wilson, pastor.
Mra. J. F. Pratt haa returned to her
home In Washington, D. C after a visit
with her sister, Mra Brumfleld.
Mrs. Mathew Kaiser returned Friday
from Seward, where she was called by tho
sickness and death of her fsther.
Messrs. Timothy and Albert. Bloomberg
have returned to their homea after a visit
to their father, C A. Bloomberg.
Mra. James Walsh and son, ward, and
Miss Eda Wltte of Klkhorn returned last
Sunday fron. their trip to Minneapolis.
The Baptist Sunday school will give a
plcnlo at Rlvervlew park on next Thurs
day, going from ths tent at :) a. m.
Mr. and Mrs. James Howard entertained
at dinner last Tuesday in honor of their
seventh wedding wedding anniversary.
Mrs. F. M Congdon and Mrs. Stevens
entertained their Sunday school classes ai
piontcs at the park during the past week
Methodist church services today at 11 a.
m. Sunday achool at 10 a. m. Epworth
league at 7 p. m. . livening services at I
p. m.
Laat week a Joint meeting of the Work
man and Degree of Honor waa held. After
the business seeslon a social hour waa
The members of the eighth grade class
of 1908 of Benson school held a reunion at
Elmwood park last Tuesday and enjoyed a
pleasant day.
Miss Maher of Imogen, la., Mr. Nelson
and Oeorge Martin of Shenandoah, la.,
wer guests at the home of Mr. Degan dur
ing the week,
Mr. and Mrs. So per - returned to their
home in Kansas City, Mo., after a visit
with their daughters, , Mrs. Ben Morton,
and Mr. Orlndulf.
Mr. and Mr. John Noble and family have
returned from, their visit to relative In
Bethany, Mo. They were accompanied by
Mrs. Oeorge Hall and son.
Mra A. Burmeater gave an old-faahloned
Dutch dinner at her home laat Thursday
to a number of her friends. She was as
sisted by her daughter. Miss Emma.
Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Phelps entertained
about fifty of their friends last week In
honor ot their china wedding anniversary.
They received many valuable presents.
Dade. "
A son wis born on Tuesday to Mr. and
Mr. William Hoagland.
On Friday Mr. and Mr. W. T. Robinson
ntertalned ten guests at dinner.
Mrs. Elisabeth Goodrich has returned
from an extended tour ot California.
Miss Jennis Peters returned on Tuesday
from a visit with relativea In Chicago.
Mlas Minnie George of aGlesburg. 111., has
been visiting Mr. and Mra. C. C. Oeorge.
Mrs. C. W. Goodnow and daughter of
New York are the guest of Mr. and Mra.
B. Jl. Ruah.
' Ellen Mitchell has recovered from the
Injury to her foot caused by atepplng on
a rake a week ago.
Mrs. M. M. Thompson of St. Louis Wsa
tho guest during t:e week of her sister,
Mrs. D. L. Jor i,on.
Mrs. W. R. Llghton snd daughters have
returned from a visit with Mrs. Lighton's
tather at Atchison, Kan.
Mrs. Drexel of Omaha has moved her
self and household goods tempo rarity to
th residence of her daughter, Mr. John
H. Harte.
Mra. John E. Tackett and son. Gordon,
of Kantee Agency, Neb., on their return
from a montha outing on the lake of
Michigan, were the guests during the past
week of Mr. and Mra. H. C. Balrd.
During the paat week Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
Seiby have been entertaining a number of
aueaia, among mem aara. Israel ana eon of I
oaceoia and Mr. Shannon, the operatic
singer, and hla - mother, of . Washington.
Word ha been received by their friends
In Dundee that Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fischer,
formerly of Dundee, who are at present
touring the Yellowstone and other wes
tern points, will be at th Her Orand In
Omgha next week.
Last Bundsy Mrs. W. L. Selby Invited a
number of people to hear Mr. Shaunon. the
dramatic aiuger of Washington, D. C, who
I at preient stopping wttb frlxnds In Coun
cil rtiun. un tueaday a number of ths
arae party met at Dr. and Mr. Cleaver's
In Council Bluffs.
Edwin Heaford returned on Tuesday from
a visit to the family summer home on
Madeline Island snd a trip with his narenta
down the St. Lawrence to Quebec through
i-ane cnampiain ana ueorge ami up the
Cataklll to Niagara. Mr. and Mr. Hea
ford win not return until later.
Mis. J. N. H. Patrick and son, Robert
PaUK'k, have returned from a visit to
Mr. and Mrs. John Patrick on their ranch
In V. yoming. Mrs. Patrick will continue
her residence st the Winona apartments.
Mr. M. S. Oleason went to Schuyler,
Neb.. Saturday to visit relative for a ouu
ple of weeks.
Frank Brown, who bas been sick the
last two weeks. Is now sble to sit up snd
hopes to be out In a few days.
F. S. Tucker, proprietor of the Tucker
hotel, spent Saturday and Sunday at Whli.
Ing, Ia.. visiting his son, Scott Tucker.
Mr. and Mra Johnson, late from Cali
fornia, are spending a few weeks hers vis
iting their daughter. Mrs. O. W. Akers.
Mlas Prudence Tracy and sister, Mrs. B.
P. Wallace, spent Haturday and Sunday
with old friend at Craig, Neb, They wer
former reeldanta of Craig.
Mrs. Lou Cole returned bom Wednesday
after a five weeks' absence on accouut of
the illneae of her daughter. Mrs. Jams L.
Wilson, who live In Omaha.
Mla Gertrude Reeve, who haa bean
here for the laat two weeka vlaitlng har
br-ither, Ed Reeves, left Friday for a few
dsys to visit with relatives st rapllllon.
Orlando Kelrie. brother to C. J. Klerle,
th tc man. Is here from Chicago visiting
his brother for a couple of weeks. Mr. Or
lando Keirle la employed In ths wholssal
and retail hat bualneat In Chicago.
Ml berti Wilson of Long Pine, Neb.,
I here for a couple of weeks visiting her
- i- -
TAe Story of
ready-cooked kind.
12 lbs. of
- tceat
fsther. W. A. Wilson. Miss Wilson la hold
Ing down a MO-aore homestead near Lonf
Pine. She has three more years to servt
before she can get a deed from Uncle Sam.
Th Florence canning factory started up
the first of the week A good run has
leen made on corn and tomatoe th last
few days. Ths stock Is coming fairly well.
Later on th tomatoes will come a little
heavier. The factory Is a combination and
can handle both. '
Frank Dlaaaao Cat la Three Plaeee,
One of Which I of Serloa
Frank Dtnuzxo, proprietor of th aaloon
at 1301 Douglaa atreet, was stabbed three
tlmea by Jacob Schlank following a quarrel
In his saloon about 11: JO o'clock Saturday
night. An ordinary pocketknlfe waa tha
Instrument used, and the blnde took effect
In the left side, one at the back of the
left ahoulder and one across the left cheek.
It Is aaaerted by persona wsll acquainted
with the men thit there has Ween bnd blood
between them f soma time over a woman
and that thla was the cause of tha cutting.
Schlank had Just entered the aaloon and
waa taking a soft drink at the bar. Th
bartender said he did hot notloe anything
out of the way going on until Schlnnk drew
the knife and cut Dlnusso. Schlank told
the police , Dlnusso struck him with a re
volver and a bottle before he used th knlie,
but thl Is denied by some of the witnesses.
The police were notified Immediately and
officers were sent to .the place In the patrol
wegon with Surgeon Harris, who had th
Injured man removed to the Omaha general
hospital. Dr. Detweiler waa also called to -
attend him. At the hospital It waa gtated
one ot the wounds, that in the side, la
rloua, having penetrated the lung. 7
I After the cutting Schlank disappeared, bttl
wa arrested shortly after midnight by
Sergeant Dempsey, while on hla way to th
station to give himself up. He said he had
I called up his mother on the telephone and
she had told him to go to the atatlon.
Schlank Is about n years old and Uvea with
his parents at lilt Douglas atreet. Mrs.
Schlank runs a restaurant at 114 Bogtl
Tenth street. Dlnusso Is about it yean
old and lives at 2K0 Reea atreet. ,
Go to Rev Tork aa tae Lehigh,
Double track ecenlo highway. Connect!
at Buffalo or Niagara Fall with all Unei
from the west.
Write passenger department, Lehigh Vat.
ley R. Bouth Clark St.. Chicago, m
Class In china painting every Saturday
afternoon from S to 6 o'clock. -Mra. A,
Nebla, atudlo at 8761 South Tenth atreet
Telephone Douglaa 4Mt , -
DIAMANDS Edholm, 16th and Harney.
If you have anything to trade advertU
It In ' the For Exchange column of The
Bee Want Ad page.
New Maaafaeterr,'
TK tdilKInn
factur ng enterprise Is th Omaha 8oelatm
Manufacturing company, which, will ma'k
I patented oil can. Invented by R. H
- uinny. i ne company is composed of
mhy. The comnanv la
Mr. uuimoy, H. A- Hobba and John L.
Harper, and I located at 181 North
1 wtnty-fourth street. Th can manufac
tured ia air tight and a perfectly safs
veaael In which to keep aaaollne. It Is
said a lighted match thrown near It will
not cause an explosion.
ai iju rnw transient, Bteel Built. Fireproof
m-tU W. U. sc., seat
Broear. M- T. cue. 3
block vest f Or.n Ceatral
aa foal eg LaMr - ,
TiniM Squire, tkt heart
ef ta Mr- la the aii at ,e
tauter a4 dab aa au
tae akoaela trtriet. ? '
a ' J." read an Brea4ry
an adJaMat., Modem mmh,
BMdatlua lor Ud tt.ra
mini aar talk, $1.1. Laa
ariea all Hiai raoaw a
eaiu ant en. at beta. 1 as,
Ikolca rwlauraot. Muatc
w. h. vauQuam.
Alaa hiatal kwtkt, BuB
taaa v
irmin ni7o riiTimr
aea4 largely aa ta Uatalac a. calns set
tka a at U aa 1 Nawaare aaa a feeeiv
setter ' tralatB te- ta gnat seutWIIUai at aw
keel Uua at tk K.."AHHIC V MILITARY
ACADfMY. Denloeateat ef Bia aaa ,
alC-MBtralat e larltatlT at MS aiilaua ea.
.ucr. template eolle rreraterrMaul In '
tog ailliiarr tactic. - In.tnicuoa aa elaotaUae
lhotuk, tkeasb sot s.ra. - AtklatK. rare all
icell.ul aaarUrr 4IUea Tnw la Cat.
Ie A. gaaraer BtlliHarr Aaaaaav. Keener, .,
In th beautiful Cumberland Valley. Course
leading to degree of A B. and Mm.. B
Classic. Muale, Art. A most excellent fac.
alty. Campus acres; vt buildings; rats
modrat. M. H. R BASER, Pb D., Pre'!,
U Col! Av CHAMBKRSli.taO. PA.
IjexUatoa, Mo. Oldest and Largeat Military
fcchoul In th Middle Weak- CUa 'A' by
recent rating of War Dept. Su4 for
i imp