Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 26, 1906, NEWS SECTION, Page 6, Image 6

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Try a, glass of
our Ice Cream
Soda these hot
days they are
the kind that re
moves thirst.
Made from the
pure fruit juices
and appetizingly
are the proper thing after
a tiresome shopping trip.
They are satisfying and
1518 Douglas St.
18th and Harney
76o iAdy St. Claire's Perfection
Cold Cream : tOc
60c De Mars' Elder Flower Cream Sua
Mo Orange Flower Cream tSc
60c Majeetlo Creme A S5o
60o Majestic Cream too
too Dr. Carter's Snow Cream 50c
$1.60 Recamler Cream, GSo
$1.00 Pompelan Maasage Cream 60c
$3.00 Bath 8praya ...$l.i0
(With Rubber Massage Brush.)
Beatoa Drui, Co.,
15lh and Farnam Sts. .
Wa carry In stock all foreign creams
that have any reputation.
Eva lis Hotel
Hot Springs. 80. Dak.
Beautifully situated la tha vale of Mln
The health and pleaaur resort of tha
northwest. Only a night'b ride from Omaha, I
i..:H.W,r.. .'J . ''.'' I
menu. Excellent oroneetra la attendanoa
Vtalt wonaoriui wind cava. 1
Bxoeotlonally low ratea on both C A N. I
W.ana BurUn-toa, . ..
yor ratM ana inrorraation. aoorsaat
BOY M. SCOTT. Mmmrngt.
for Rent...
Tetepkoa Bed rtM
II. K. Wheeloclc,
Jsb atlloa Onan, Xt
aa na
'"Moliten ths hair, mejstacha er whukers
with 8aalig;ht Hair Tnio bafor retiring,
the hair will be tb proper color in tb
tuorniaf . Easily applied, entirely harm
lij won't rub off nor stain th linen. One
liqnid, no sediment, no smell, no sticki
ness. New preparation. Sold b druggists,
whole! and retail. Large sis GQ ceuta,
or express prepaid, thirty 2c.C jtainp..
Agent wanted. ISM rfas4 If ii talis.
LacMa A VMS, a. Lhm, Ma.
To all knowing aufferera of ' rheumatism,
whether muscular or of tha Joints, aul.Uoa.
tuniuagoa, backache, pain la tb ktdne.
or neuralgia puina, to write to her for a
home trMtm.nt which haa reueatedlv
cured all of th.ite tnrturva bit. feel, it her
duty to .and It to all eufl.rere PRICE. You
eure yourealf at home, aa thousands will
teatlfy no clknge of. climate being neces
sary. This slinpl. dlcuv7 banUhe. una
acid frum the blood, luoaena the atiflenod
JtMnts, purlflc th. blood and brlghtena tho
:'. giving elasticity and ton to th. whole
system, it the above Intereata you. for
t rout addraaa .Mr. U. SuiunMtr, iios iii,
ItttU Luute, liid,
" "
V!il.Vit TWawa fimitt Bat T)ail ta Field I
I .
Glib Court,
' i
Serial Feataree af the Meet Made Moat
Eajayabl ay th Hosa ralka,
Who Make Vlattora Moat
No one to call me "Huebandl"
No loved and cherished wife.
No question, to be answered
Muilo of married life.
No baby coo or prattle.
No merry, laughing group,
No rake-walk for the colic.
No audden apell ox croup.
No one ta call me "Dearest,"
Then call me tor a gown;
No one to call roe "Darling,
' No one to call me down.
The Bachelor.
n.. i-t r.i..j... J.
MONDAY Coha-Furth wedding. Metro-
poiuan club, o ciock.
WEDNESDAY-- Plnuer ana uance
ATCRDAI-SVnSir and dance at Field
and Country cluba.
The Middle West tennla tournament at
th. Field .stub monopolized society a at-
i.min. i..t w.k Rvervone 'aemd In-
. ...a ,nA hnel hele no. '
rreclatlon by tfolng out early, eo aa to loao
no pointa of tha game, stayed to dinner In
the evening to become better acqutUntad
with tha playera and on dance nights
Joined ln the ' Home Sweet Home" dance.
. . . .nv r.r tha mnn.1 time I
prevalent. But aociety la capricious. This
week found them entirely absorbed In one
port, and. that of tennla. The social cal
endar for this week la almost a blank,
but the resourceful girl will find something
to do.
You may think because there re ao
few large affairs that we are doing noth
ing but getting a good rest these months,"
said a society girl the other day.. "It Is
I StS Cm. noee not Iw,. read
our names In the papers, aa they only get
the 'function or more formal affairs. But
we do not rest when we have the oppor
tunity. There are " always the clubs to
lanena, sailing pan., .-
bile riaes, small onafte gaincnngi ami
numberless little Informal affairs which
keep ub up. late nights, encourages nervous
prostration, put are more run irmn an m.
. . u . ( . MMkt.u1 . XXtrlm in I
winter guyetlea combined.'
the enter recreation tneee not summer oays.
Tnoee wno nave not nijrow io '""laerved at the club.
mountains or lakes nna a great oeai or
atlsfact(on In getting up a email party
and taking a well mien namper ano onv-
Ing out to some woody spot, toward tne
coot of the evening. This Is an easy and
very sucoeesful way or entertaining as tne
hostess knows that the beautiful setting present. . After a short visit in New Kng
of the trees and grasa and water of th ianj( jf. , nd Mra. Troatler will return
park will do the rest for the entertainment
of the guests. So time goes on. we
live ln the present, reminiscing things In
the nast and wonhesytng great events for
the future. But. as one of our modern
writera aald: "Each age has Its own
standards and no one can Judge the prea-
... v. .k. ft, m
r.n u I
can predict the likes and dislikes, the hopes
and fears of the future."
Boelal rhft-Chat. '
Mr. T. M. Orr Is 111 at his home. I
Judge and Mrs.: Baldwin will or upy the I
Woolworth houee after tha first of the
Mrs. D. "O. -Clarke, who has been seriously
111 for some time,' Is reported greatly Im
proved. "
Mrs. Henry RusHn will move Into, town
from Florence tomorrow 'and occupy the
house at 515 Dodge street.
MVs. George A. Keeling of Council Bluffs
underwent an operation -for anpendlcttls
this week and la Improving rapidly.
Mrs. George Tfi. Townsend will entertain
the women of the Comls elub Wednesday
afternoon at her home, 2MS Ohio street.
Mr. and Mra. Kloke. who have been oe-
cupytng the W. B. Clarke residence during
their summer absence, will move next week I
to 2323 Harney afreet. I
Miss Carlta Curtis, who left for Europe
laat week on the ateamshlp' Augusfa Vie- I
toria. with Mrs. Frank M. Avery, reached I
Cherbourg,, Saturday morning. I
Mr. Henry T. Clarke received a message I
Saturday announcing tha arrival at Boa-
ton of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. WhltUl
from Europe, where they have been travel-1
tng alnoe their marriage In June.
Whlttal was Mlsa Gertrude Clarke.
' Plea.aree Past.
Mr. J. E. George gave' a dinner of eight
covers at the Country club Thursday even
Tha girls of ths Paxton ' tt Gallagher
company entertained the boys of the of-
nc at a launcn ride at Cutoff lake. An
elaborate luncheon waa served on board,
In the evening the crowd went to Mlsa
Coffeen'e, when the evening was spent
with muaio and games.
Mra. E. L. Potter nf Bemls park gave
a VBrV nrettv .llnftnwee llinhnn Vriil. Ih
"Onor of her guest, Mlaa Zlllah Anderson of
Wheeling, W. Va. Covera were laid for
MlM Eva Murphy. Miss Caesle Campbell.
" " axiom mht onrer,
mum uiea Mar in all, Mlaa Ethel Marshall,
vri.. -- t....
t VkC" 7 w w ....
. ! ..r-
" t weanesday a number of
.i wiiviv vuutu, b iiuiu. mui, HACIl
evening novel idea were carried out' that
brought back recollections of the happy
school daya of Ann Arbor. Hla guests are
Messrs. Harry Moaea. Louis Hlller, Joe
Neuman and Walter Mandelberg.
Mr. Jame Llddell gave a picnic at
Hanacom park Wednesday. -Thoae present
were: Mlaa Edna Bruning,' Mlaa May Cat-
Un, Mlaa Irma Springer, Mlaa Florenoa
Hathaway, Mlsa France. Hathaway, Miss
Grace Shaffer, Miss Marion Harnlsh. Mlsa
Beaale Munaon, Mlsa Maude Lenhart, Miss
Liuian jncisonaiu, raise irene liaaeii, Mra.
w. kj. natnaway, rt. jonn Cleveland and
. jame. uautii.. (
-ne nign cnooi riaae or hob bad a re-
union Saturday afternoon at Fairmont park.
Mr. Curt la Lindsay aa prealdent of tha
! claaa inspired a great deal of class en
thusiasm among thoae preaent -and an
alumnae waa formed. Mr. Raymond Hay-
ward, Mlaa Adelaide Clarke and Mlaa Nattle
BKsb, were on tba amusement committee.
Mr. Lyman Bryson acted aa toastmaater
for the evening. Very original and witty
toasts war responded to by Mr. George
Wallace, whose subject waa tha "Past."
Mr. Raymond Steel, tne "Preaent," and
Mr. Mllea Btandum, the "Future."
Among thoae giving dinners at the Country
club Saturday evening were Mr. and Mra.
Alfred Millard, who had alxteen guests
ror tneir son. Mr. Bam Millard. There
waa also a tab! of thirty covera made up
oi tne party, wnien waa recently at
Okobojl. Covera were laid for Mr. and Mra
John S. Brady, Mr. and Mia. F. H. Davla,
Mr. and Mra. J.' E. Baum. Mr. and Mr
Bare Caldwell. Mr. and Mra. C. M. Wllhelm,
Mr. asm Mra Men i-ottoo. Ml
Hrady. Mlaa Mary L McShane, Mlaa Ada
Kiraenaaii, uu tiavla. Mlaa Elisabeth
luura, win r.iiaaoio iiavia. Mias M.llra
lavis. Miss t-atnenne Baum. Mia Eater
wuueim. Mr. isimer Cope, - Mr. Robert
Burns. Mr. Tom Davla. Mr. Frank
vouneini. .sr. a.e wcon.n.. Mr. Kit-hard
oauui, aar. 4uiuiu oruwo, jar. nai ttreay
and Mr. Walter Roberta. With Mr. and
Mra. Chart H. Onto w.r Mr. and Mm
Thomas 8ob and Mr. and Mra. T. A.
IT. wins. Mra. Nathan Merrlam bad four
aueats. Mr. McClure.' eeven: Mr. K.lley.
.. . .... 1
rourt Mr. warren a bckwpil. tour; jir,
rarriam Smith. ten.
There were aotna of tha fonseet dinner
Itsta of the season at the Field elub Satur.
ir evenlna. but none er tnem were, Terr
large. Dr. MrDlarmld had four guests: Dr.
Frederick Lake, alt; Mr. A. E. Engllah,
eight: Mr. Balrd, eight; Mr. F P. Loomls,
six; Mr. C. R. Shaefer. two; Mr. A.. U
Welsh. Mr. A. B. Hamilton, four; Mr. A. B.
Roger, two; Mr. F. A. Naah. four; Mr.
W. H. Garrett, three; Doctor Sherraden.
four: Mr. El B. Carrlaan. four: Mr. J.
Thoma. three: Mr. B. F. Marehail. hra;
Mr. Jullua Kemter. two: Mr. J. Rlnehart.
three; Mr. Carrier and Mr. Frank Furay.
A oartr of frienda aurcrlaed Hr. Clyde I
Mlchaetla and Mr. Lewie F. Bhonlau by
going to the home of Mr. Bhonlau Thura-
day evening. Tha time waa event in carda
and music. The prlaea were won by Mra.
Faura, Mlse Zaffle. Mr. Leo Bhonlau and
Mr. Clyde Mlchaella. Those preaant were:
Mra. Mlchaella, Mra. Faura, Mra. Sands-
burg, Mra. Bhonlau, Mra. ft. Stewart, Mr.
Stewart. Mlaa Louisa Zasale. Mlea Ellao-
beth Lee. Mlaa Nellie Bhonlau. Mlaa Alma
tsnoniau, miss uiga Btewarc, Mr. h. nam
mig, Mr. Fnnk Tonuon, Hr. U Bhonltii,
Mr. A. Cummlpge. Mr. C. Mlchaella. Mr.
iw snunwu, ear. xj. a. juitiiMiii, nr,
i j. BtewaTt, Mr. b. Btewart. Mr. u. oanaa-
burg and Mr.. U, Wllcohuaen
Weddlnaja and Engrasjesaexta
The engagement la announced of Mr.
Albert Rosenthal of thle city to Mlaa I
Lillian wildman or Baltimore.
Mr. arid Mra. James Howe announce I
the engagement of their daughter. Miss I
Alice, to Mr. Franklin Haines Price of
Philadelphia. - '
ir. v. j i
issuea caros ror tne weaomg oi tnoir oaugn-
ter. Gertrude Maud, to William Harrla
Larson at their noma on Wednesday even- I
lng, Beptember .
Mr. and Mra. W. H. Oalllgan announce
I hat am rekma- - tka ana Ma BVanr) I
tr., i
wedding will take place Wednesday, ep-
temner e, at a o'ciock, at aim iere i
streets. A reception will ba held In tha
evening at the home of tha groom's par
enta. 2m Castellar etreet.
The marriage of Mlaa Ray Cohn.- daugh
ter of Mrs. Bertha Cohn, to Mr. Carl
lwl Mtolfini at
Monday evening at Metropolitan dub.
Rabbi Cohn will offlclato. There will be
B,fnrtnt. .nd the nuti will he eon.
RneA to memberS of tha family and a
.... ...
few out-of-town friends. A wedding sup-
. , fn,,aw . rrmonv and will ba
rr. Iaador B. Trostler. formerly of thla
cUyi and M,B, Ruphell Luce of New
vineyard. Me., were married August 1. At
tne homa of tha brlde'a parents. Tha
weaainp; waa .'very flulet, with only tha
immediate family and near relatives
t0 Orleans, Neb., where tha doctor ta
located In the practice of medicine.
. . Cobs aad Go Oesalp.
Mrs. Blerbower has returned from Chl-
Mr. Byron H. Smith Is home from New
. . . - . I
M- ungate is npme irom xsm-
Mr, Ben Murpny len irnaay evening xor I
New York.
. Mrs. Frank Boyd returned this week
f rom Des Moines.
Mrs. 'George C. Strahan has returned I
from an eastern visit. I
Mr. and Mrs. John Dougherty returned
today from Bailey, Colo. I
Mra B. G. MoGllton returned 8aturday
from Camp Monarch. Colo. I
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Peake are visiting I
their old home In Illlnola. I
Mr. Denlae Barkalow ta expected home )
from Colorado thla week.
Mr. John A. Crelghton returned from
Chicago and Lake Beulah.
Dr. and Mra. Burt Christie have re- I
turned from a visit ln the east
Miss Lucille Hall returned today from
a two weeks' visit ln Sioux City.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Baker are expected
home tomorrow from Bait Lake City.
Mrs. J. El F. McOee of Independence, I
Kan., Is visiting Mrs. J. M. Met calf.
Miss Mae Weeks of Chicago arrived to-I
day to be the guest of Mlsa Jessie Nason. I
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Aarona and daughter,
Miss Essie, have gone east for a short
visit. .
' Misses Llllle and Anna Rose have re-1
turned alttr a two weeks' vlait In New
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Whltmor. and daugh-
ter. Mlaa Eugenie Whltmore. are ln Paria
this week.
Mra A. H. Lea and children returned
Tuesday evening from a trio to Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Clark and daugh.
ter. Mlaa Dorothy Waller, returned Frldav
from Chase. Colo.
Mlsa Llllle Crummer will leave Tueadav
for Vancouver, whence aha will sail on Sep-
tember I for China.
Mia. Laura Anderson left Friday for .
I w. - -1 ' 4.l 1h In .V.. m.,K
era part of the state.
Mlsa Frances Nash and her guest. Miss
Emily Meyer, of Dubuque, left Friday for
a oriet uimy m
Mr. and Mra. C. H. Walroth and Master
L -1! 1"T1 "
..u.i..wv "' -
northwest Paclflo coast cities.
Mrs. J. E. Jurgenaen departed Saturday
I vrvnini lur iv.u, wuviv fu wilt v imi
her eon, Mr. J. H. Jurgenaen
Hon. J. S. Baume, Judge of the ap-
pellute court of Illinois, is visiting his sis-
ter, Mra. A. B. Andrew, of Omaha.
w ""u "u" "l'
J aTa. t. T i. a Tir.,A .a. .
Tueaday from Dome Lake, Wyo., where
I they have been spending two weeka.
I Dr. and Mra. E. Comble Smith, formerly
of the First Methodist Eptsooual church
here, are spending the summer ln England.
Mrs. George Patterson, Mra. George
Squire and Master Clarence Squires are
expectea nome toaay rrom uioucester,
Mr. and Mra. William Tracy Burn re-
turned thla week from a visit to Mr.
I Burns' parenta at "Burnalde," near Annap-
I oils, Md.
Mr. Jame Cahow of Hamilton, Canada,
and Mr. Frank Cahow of Kewanee, 111.,
are visiting their alater, Mra. George Btone,
and family.
Mlsa Margaret Garner returned Thura
day, evening from an eight weeka' visit
with her alater. Mra. L. O. Low of Lex
ington. Neb.
Mr. R. W. Hodder returned home this
week from Minneapolis Minn., where he
left Mra Hodder.. who will remain several
I weeka longer.
Miss Luella Allen and Miss Lillian Fitch
I left Saturday for New York and later will
go t Colorado. They will return about
September 10.
Mra. J. J. Brown and daughter. Miss
Jeanie Brown, returned Thursday from a
vlatt of several weeka on tha "P. K." ranch
at Wolf. Wyo.
Mr. Elisabeth Goodrich returned thi
I week from aa extensive trip to he Pacific
I coast. Ban Francisco, .Loa An rale, and
Bait Lake City. .
Mra. Joaeph P. Cohn of Spokine. Wash ;
Mra. R. Oroateln of Lewiston. Idaho; Kr.
A. B. Cohn of San Franclso and Mr.
Phllln Btepo and daughter. Mlaa Led a
Btepp, of Kansas City, are among the
lout-oi-tewn gueat tor wa conn-rurta wea-
dins. They are being entertained at the
horn of, Mra.. Berth Cohn. 921 Pacific
Mra. A. U, Mohler, Mra. Ella Naah, MIm
Maria Mohler, Mr. Jerome Hmm and Mr
tli.lA ru.l. .. . Unnl.
i upvm
,po Hot Spring.
Mian Flora Webater leavea today with
father. Mr. John U Webster, to attend
lm'i"n ur ""-
Ing at 8t. Paul. Minn.
Mra. Ada Cotnlsh Herteche la now In
Portland. Ore but will return the laat of
October to apend tha winter with her
father, Colonel J. M. Cornliih.
Mra. Jennie M. Welndennall baa gone to
Portland, Ore. She will atop at Pueblo,
Colo., to vlait bar brother and will be
Jo'hed there by her alater.
Mlea Louise
r " ra. uiibert H. Money reiurnea
Friday from an extended weatern trip ac-
compelled by Mra. Morlry's mother, Mra,
van. wmp or urana island, wno
will be their gneet for a time,
Among tha Omaha people who returned
from Okobojl hl week were Mra. Robert
Ql'more, Mlsa Amy Gilmore. Miss Ruth
MooreheadJ Mra. Harry Waller, Mra. H. I
Whitney atod daughter and Mr. and Mra.
Charles Black.
Assert.. Pro.ter ,f Me.lra. Co-
pa ay la Bad I,la-ht Nebraska,
la the Gaase.
The police and poatofflce authorities of
Chicago declare tha arrest of Henry D.
Bunhnell and L. B. Miller, offlcera of the
Tabasco - Chiapas Trading and Transport.
Uon .company, has brought to light tha
mna arlaantlo confidence aama ever worked
ln th)i country. The authorities Bay they
Uav, ev1d9nce that provea tha Mexican
! company a coloaeal . fraud and that tha
omcera of tha company have organised a
Bvatem of stock-tobblne: concerna. caDltal
Ued atl mii0n8 of dollars, for the Bole
purpose of fleecing the public. Detective
Bergeant Wooldridge declared he had auffl
cimt evidence to secure thirty Indictments
against rreaioem . uusnneu tor nia opera
. . . m .
tiona in connecuon witn tne unitea Htatea
Peat Fuel company, m Monroe street.
"Thia mn nuahneil rvula.r N&nnlnn
Mdm: "Ha waa the head of a dosen 'ret-
drldK. "He was the head of a doaen 'get
rlcb,-qulck ' schemes,' or rather Jt waa one
big scheme. under a. doaen names. When
the grand jury convenes we expect to se
cure thirty or. forty Indictments against
him for his werk In tha TTnlted Statea Peat
FueJ pmnf alone."
According - to prospectuses Issued by
Bu8hne.ll, Miller and . John R. . Markley,
promoters of the Mexican Plantations com
pany, the various concerns affiliated with
tha Tabasco-Chiapas company are capltal
lied at (200,000.000, The Mexican Planta
tions company, the parent organisation of
the Tabaaoo-Cb.lft.paa and .the Lu-Me-Ha
Mills company, also la under Investigation
by tha postal authorities. This corpora
tion a one of the oldest of Its kind In the
United States and haa S.000 stockholders.
Postal authorities declare the plantation
companies have paid dividends on tha esti
mated profits) raised on tha Mexican land,
although no record haa been found to shew
that any of tha crops were uaed for any
thing but feeding stock and employes oa
the plantation.
Markley and Miller are said to be the
promoters of tha Mexican Plantations as-
uwlaHiui mrtl nudinall nnul m...l
, " JZ, ,ZZ 1
'; ".L. T.
imereatea in many; Mexican acnemes.
among tnem being tne' international Lum.
bar and Development company, which Is
being investigated by the government;
the Philadelphia company, a plantation
concern, and several other corporations.
All these companies, it is declared, have
sprung from the purchase by the prc-
moters of 6.000 acres of land In Mexloo at
a price of n. per acre. The' association
then capitalised at $1,000,000 and to develop
the property stock certificates were sold at
from $300 to 1400 a share, each share rep-
resenting a cultivated acre or ground.
wnicn waa to do tumea over to tne In
veetor fully developed at the end of seven
years. The association is said to have
secured the Iveatment of $1,040,000 by this
"The scheme of Miller ana Bushnell
(looks like one of those where fraud Is eov-
ered up by a certain amount of honesty."
declared Assistant District, Attorney Mar
ston, who has the case In charge.
The federal authorities say Bushnell and
Miller were unable to explain bow dlvi
1 denda were paid to stockholders, declaring
the vouchers hsd been destroyed by fire.
In explaining the delay and neglect In
I equipping agents which la charged against
I the Lu-Me-Ha Mills company It la aald a
clerk waa absent on his vacation and the
correspondence was mislaid
I The ' Peat Fuel compariy ' organised by
Bushnell had five branch corporations
scattered tnrougn the united states and
I Canada. According to the prospectus of
the company a new process was discovered
or wnicn waste matter couia do manuiac
I tured Into peat, malting a fuel far superior
to coal. The company waa first organised
m Chicago In 1905, with headquarters at
Twenty-fourth and Wallace streets. Lator
I It wa. removed to rrunham. Bu.h-
null ana inwrjwnini iur ),iw,wv uio
Imperial Heat and Power company. The
Chicago company waa then reorganised as
the-United State Peat Fuel company and
branches were Incorporated at Macota,
M.,nnV.. Bm' M"" ' l?"R!:'r
Ullaed and stock waa .old to Investor
Wh, the cm. of Bushnell and Miller
Commiasloner Foot. Au-
gust $1, it is probable that a further con
tinuance will be granted to enable attor
ney for the defendant to get books of
h from MeJtlco. The law Arm
nt u.thlfl. flhnn.. 7.nn A Wither la ren.
resenting Bushnell and Miller and the at
torneya declare they will have no trouble
In proving that the Tabasco-Chiapas com
pany and the Lu-Me-Ha milla were ply
ing venture.
The postal author I tie. declare they will
(w ..fled with nothlna leaa than twoer
,nowlng that the goods claimed to have
i)fen produced were actually handled and
that tne statement Issued by the com-
rmnle to the investors were true. Bu.h
I nell and Miller have been released on the
I nominal bond of $2,000 each. Chicago
Braslllaa Steamship LI a.
WASHINGTON, Aug. $5. Th first im
portant steamship lln owned by South
American capital and connecting the
United Statea and South America, will
Inaugurate ita eervloe today with tb
sailing of tha ateamer Goya from Ki
Janeiro, Braall, for New York, Thla lln-,
I connecting North and South America, Is
tn tw, onerated bv tha Lloyd-Brasllolro
combany. a corporation controlled by Bin.
alllan capital, which now ha , aeveial
I coast line, operating in Brasll! Th's
will be the fourth operating between the
United Statea and Braall.
The offlcera and member of the Clan-na-Uael
desire to empress their thanka to
the following frienda and Individuals who
so kindly furnished the prlaea for the ath-
I letlc sports of the Clan-na-Gael held at
Byndlcate park on laat Sunday, namely:
Havden Brothera. J. L. Brandela A Bon
I Mayor Dahlmaa. Btors Brewing eom-
pany. Black, the Hatter, Kelley A Hey-
tn Vat CuTv. pt. Bchroeder. Nick
wri.M Owen McCaffrv. Dr. R1lev. CDon-
l ahue A Redmond, Columbia Optical com
i p.ay,
with only two general offlcera and four
vice preeidents ef the Nebraska Federa
tion of Women's oluba eligible to re-election,
club women are naturally looking to
ths election of officers as one of the Im
portant features of the annual conven
tion to be held at Kearney In October
and In the mean time are casting about to
find suitable candidates. Mrs. C. B. Let
ton of Falrbury, recording secretary, and
Mr. Nellie B. Miller of Omaha, auditor,
of the general offlcera and Vice Presidents
Mrs. Laura M. Woodford of Weeping
Water, first district; Mrs. Charles Belleck
of Blair, Second district; Mrs. N. 8. Clark
of 8tromburg, Fourth district, and Mra.
Delia Hartsough of Mlnden, Fifth district.
are eligible for re-election. Naturally
chief Interest centers In the successor to
Mrs; H. M. Bushnell of Lincoln aa presi
dent. Perhaps the most generally talked of
woman for that office Is Mrs. H. L. Keefe
of West Point. Mrs. Keefe has served aj
vice president of the Third district for two
yeara and has made a splendid record and
It la said that the women of that district
will be unanimous In asking the convention
to elect her president. Mrs. Keefe Is one of
the best Informed women In the federation
In almost all the branches of work In which
the clubs are Interested and haa demon
strated exceptional executive lability dur
ing her term aa vice president of the Third
district. She haa attended the paat two
atate conventlona and waa a member of
the Nebraska delegation at the St. Paul
There Is very little settled talk of other
candidates snd Mrs. Keefe seems to be
generally popular. Chief among the mat
ters that the convention will be called
upon to consider la an amendment to the
constitution providing that the atate meet
ing be held biennially Instead of annually.
There Is a wide difference of opinion among
club women regarding the advisability of
thla change.. . Many" feel that the -biennial
meeting would tend to decrease the Interest
In state work, while others hold that a bi
ennial meeting would make possible a much
better and more helpful program and that
the district meetings which are to be con
tinued annually would keep tha Interest
from flagging.
Aa some of the ablest women of tho
atate are arrayed on both sides It
Is difficult 19 prophesy what the out
come will be, but regardless of the outcome
this particular bit of buaineaa will un
doubtedly receive mora attention than any.
thing elae that la ached uled to come be
fore the convention, with the possible ex
ception of the election of. officers.
There Is' a possibility that Mrs: Emma
Fox, parliamentarian of the General Fed'
eratlon of Women'! Clubs, may be another
attraction at the Kearney convention of
the Nebraska Federation in October. Mra,
Fox may come weat at that time and if
satisfactory arrangements can be made.
will contribute a talk on ' parliamentary
practice to the already exceptionally fine
program planned. Mra.. Fox waa formerly
vie president of the General Federation
and served as recording secretary under
Mrs. Rebecca Douglas Low at the Mil
waukee and Los Angeles biennials, and
It is no secret among those who sat
through those two atrenuoua sessions
that her calm Judgment and quick de
cisions were largely responsible for the
admirable rulings of thoae two remarka
ble meetings. If Mrs. Fox comes west
she will visit Colorado aa well as Ne
braska. The currefft topto department of the
Omaha Woman's club will hold it annual
plenlo In the park at Florence Wednesday
afternoon and evening of thla week.. Tha
gathering will begin at t o'clock and aup
per will be served at o'clock. AU prea
ent and former members of tha depart
ment are Invited to com and bring their
Mrs. Emma Garrett Boyd, president of
the Atlanta (Ga.) branch of the Southern
Association of College Women, haa com
piled aome very Interesting and valuable
atatiatlcs regarding Illiteracy In Georgia,
which have been presented to tha associa
tion with a view of arousing the women
of the atate to the necessity of educating
public opinion to. the necessity of com
pulsory education. The cenaua of 1600
showed the total per cent of illiterate
votera ln Georgia to be $1.6. The illiteracy
of the native white votera of native par
ent .waa not greatly In excea of -tha
average for the United Statea, being 1J.1
per cent, but thla vaat exceaa was mad
up largely by the Illiteracy of the negro
voter, which was 66.4 per cent. The club
women will concentrate their energy thla
year on an effort for a compulsory edu
cation law to aupplement the new chllo
labor law.
Troop. Leave Fort Browa.
' WASHINGTON, Aug. 16. A dlapati-h
waa received at tha War department today
from Major Penrose, commanding the
battalion of negro .troopa of the Twenty
fifth infantry, which haa been stationed
at Fort Brown, Tex., announcing that Lis
command left Brownsville for Fort Rer.o
at 6:10 o'clock this morning. Major Pen
rose make no mention, in his dispatch of
a number of troopers said to have been
arrested by Texaa rangera in aontmctlon
with tha recent disturbances at Browns
ville. ttllllaga Like. Reformed Sp.lllag.
OYBTER BAY. N. Y., Aug. 26. Public
Printer Stllllngs responded to the preai-
dent' phonetic spelling order In a letter
Of hearty enaorsement reoeivva nere toaay,
Sunday, August 26
At 8:00 P. M. and 7:00 P. M.
At 8:80 P. M.
Illustrating t. 8. Army Aerial War
Signal and Method
At 5:80 P. M. and :00 P. M.
First Appearance U'eek Engagement
Famous Acrobats, Ring and Trapese
At rOO P. M.
With Aerial Hombartlment
Monday, August 27 Special
C. A. R. DAY
RrcalUng tha "Day of '61."
Five Days, Commencing Tues
day, August 28
By Co. I, N. N. G. Change of Program i
or Military Movement iuy
Fireworks Every Evening
" (Vmrluding with the
Authoritative Modes
For Women.
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Styles for Autumn.
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umt . mil
WMi iiJite
BASILi ...
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