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    The Omaha Sunday. 'Bee.
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Dispute Between Turkey and Persia Has
: Attuned Eeriooi Phase.
lomt Omeers of Egyptian Assay Arc
Deeply Imkiei with RTOlntloaary
Sentiment Ml WoU Wel
Mm Troabl.
clal CtUtriwn to The Bee.) Th dis
pute between Turkey and Persia la as
suming a rather aerlous outlooK, due to
the fact that the Turks are employing
the earns dilatory and aggressive nuth
oda as they are employing- In Egypt.
The history of the frontier dispute la a
very' old one, but only aaaumed serious
noes' In 1116. when the Turklah Vail of
Bagdad auddenly besieged Mohammarah,
a Persian town. On that occasion the
British and Ruaalan governments inter
vened, and a commtaalon, on which all
the four governmenta Interested were
represented, waa formed at Erseroum to
consider the question. A map was thou
drawn up dealing generally with the
frontier from Mount Ararat to the Per
slan gulf, but It was not completed uulil
Tarks Held Tewet.
Last year the Turks once more re
turned to the attack, and acquired th
town of Vernah and a portion of the
province of Lahljan, which are two of
tho points In dlaputa. They not only re
fused to evacuate theae In response io
protests from the Persian government, but
seUed the town of Passovah. which is In
disputably Persian territory.
To save the Turkish feoe, a mlxjl com
mission has now gone to Paasovvi, to
prove formally that It belongs to Persia,
and the aggressive troops will. t U un
derstood, be withdrawn, but matters lra
on; the Turks are greatly strengthening
their forces on the frontier, and further
aggressions are feared.
As Illustrating the methods ef the Grand
Turk nothing can be more algalAianl
thaa the flat which prohibits ths . pabl
catton In Journals .throughout the empire
of all questions relative to Pen-lilamtsni.
It la a question as to whether oroUmt
tlon of this kind really do any good,
since the dlsousslona are never really
stopped and the aum resultant appears to
b that the people are left la dena-r ai.d
rienaei Ignores oe.
. r Wave ef Islasniam.
The wave of Paa-Islamlsm wbn Is
sweeping over Egypt Is a faetor In poll
ties) which oaimoS, be to seriously Inter
pret ed
it eras stemmed by the ananas ef Ureat
jYrJUia res. tbs Xaftaa incident, and fey
the execution of the murderers of Cap
tain Bull at Denishawl, but only for a
Lord Cromer haa warned the govern
ment In the gravest language of the oon
asquences of lack of firmness or th ap
pearance of It.
But what haa happened? The Kritlsh
government haa promised further troops
"at an early date." They have not arrived,
and In spite of the fiats news la being
spread in subtle fashion by the native press
that the British army Is being reduced by
the war minister and that troops cannot be
spared to keep order In Egypt.
The natives hold a high opinion of Lord
Cromer the man who has made Egypt
who,t It Is but If his advice la disregarded
It will appear In their eyea to be a sign of
weakness In the once dreaded and power
ful Greet Britain and a spur to the cam
paign engineered by Must ap ha Kamel
Pash and other preachers of sedition now
In England to strike a blow for" national
Bsrrptlaae ReveltlasT.
It Is firmly established that a certain
number of the offlcsrs of the Egyptian
army are Imbued with revolutionary senti
ments aid would give expression to them
on the first opportunity, and sheikha con
tinue to preaoh the expulsion of Christians.
The Oecumenical patriarchate has been
placed In a most awkward position by the
recent attacks on Greeks in PhlllppopolU.
as the Ottoman subjects of the patriarchs
are demanding th Intervention of Turkey
to protect the Greek clergy eju property
from the Bulgarians. The porte, however,
does not wish to interfere, knowing that
Bulgaria, will pay no attention. Otherwise
there might have been witnessed another
example of the Turks keeping rival Chris
tian churches from fighting. In the mean
while the Bulgarians declare their . Inten
tion of renewing Sunday's disturbances. In
order to fore . the departure of all . the
Greek clergy, whom they accuse of Inciting
the Oreeks to attack Bulgarians la Macedonia.
Ooranaa Offlolnl la West Afrtea A
eased t KUitagr Hatlv by
ratal Paalaaaa.
BERLIN. Aug. K.-(8peclal Cable'grara to
The Be.) Herr Horn, the governor of
Togo, German West Africa, Is about to bo
tried for brutalities perpetrated on natives.
Tbe spectfle charge Is that of Inhuman
punishment Imposed upon a boy accused
of stealing a trifling amount from th gov
ernment funds. The boy was put through
various torture by soldiers to Induoe him
to confess, but persisted In declaring- hi
After a term of Imprisonment and twenty
Are lashes at th whipping post Herr Horn
ordered the boy to be suspended from a
flagstaff, choosing a burning- hot day,
when the ordal would be all th more
terrlWe. rrorn Urn to Urns th go reraar
visited th scene , and mockingly Imitated
the boy's pitiable cries for water.
The governor left next day without In
quiring as to th boy's fate. When, how
ever, he returned a few hours later he
found the lad dead.
Eaemlea Say He Has Fallea lata
Heads f Reactionaries
of Charea.
ROME, Aug. O. (Special Cablegram to
The Bee.) Th pope's encyclical Is a Hat
declination to accept the terms of the
French separation act. Th Issue concerns
pariah administration. The law requires
that a "cult association," practically a
board of trustees, shall b established In
eaoh parish.' This board Is made responsi
ble for th maintenance of worship and In
general for all the actions of the church.
In every parish In Franc Catholics will
be subject to ejectment from the churches.
Moreover, th property of such churches
reverta to the communes. Artlole T ef the
separation act says: "In default of any
association to take over th property of an
establishment of public worship, this prop
erty will be assigned by deer to che town
establishments of charity and beneflcenco
situated within the territorial limits of
the ecclesiastical district In question." The
pope's encyclical leaves every commune
free to apply th resources of recalcitrant
churches t the poor fund and hospitals.
The law has retarded the march of confis
cation by requiring In every case a decree
of oourt. Th hop of Plus X la believed
to be that th enforcement of th act will
make so much trouble that the government
will be led to adopt amendments acceptable
to th church. Th encyclical. Indeed, eon
tains a hint that th passive resistance en
Joined upon French Catholics Is tactical In
Th enemies of th pop are everywhere
saying that he has entirely fallen Into th
hands of reactionaries. After condemning
In the most blind snd retrogressive way the
Italian Catholic party kaown as Christian
democrats, which, while entirely subservi
ent to the ecclesiastical authorities In spir
itual matters, elalm their liberty In political
affairs. It Is said th pontiff Is about to
condemn In th sam fashion similar move
ment existing- among French, English and
American Catholics. In this attitude, so
contrary to th policy which th pop
seemed desirous of following at the begin
ning of his pontificate. Is traced Spanish
Influence, headed by Cardinals Merry del
Val and Vivos y Tut. This taken In con
nection with the reactionary tendencies
manifested In dealing not only with th
government of Francs, hut th government
of Italy, Is causing apprehension her.
saarav May Mat Oaasa.
BERLIN, Aug. B. The reoent dlseossloa
n both side of th Atlantic n th possi
bility that &Drr William may visit th
United States have not been treated
seriously by the Qerman press. Official
circles do not attach Importance to the
emperor's recently expressed wish to see
America. It is admitted that It - Is one
of his long cherished wishes, but It Is re
garded as practically certain that It will
remain only a wish.
Kronen. Admiral Bays New Vessels
Change Art of War aad
PARIS, Aug. S. (Special Cablegram to
Th Bee.) Admiral Fournler, the commander-in-chief
of th French fleet, in an
Interview In connection with the naval
maneuvers, says that the submarines
spoiled all his plans of attack and that
"these vessels have brought about a revo
lution In our armament"
His words have created a deep Impres
sion, and naval experts are following his
lead In declaring that submarines are fully
capable of protecting French shores and
should therefore be looked on In future as
substitutes for battleships.
BERLIN, Aug. 26. (Special Cablegram to
The Bee.) The new German submarlns
boat which wss launched at Kiel the other
day Is provided with the Dequevlllay sub
mersion system. This enables the boat to
disappear under water and reappear at
the surface without diminishing speed and
renders It a matter of extreme difficulty
for an enemy's artillerymen to bring their
guns to bear on the attacking submarine.
Driver Crawls to Cart oa Hot Day
aad Dies After Freeslac
PARIS, Aug. B. (Special Cablegram to
The Be.) A man was frosen to death at
Lyons tbs other day, though the tempsra
ture at the tlm was somewhere shout SO
in th shade.
He was the dirver of an Ice cart, and at
1 o'clock In the afternoon found ths beat
too much for him and got inside his cart
for coolness.
Ths sudden change of temperature over
cams him and he fainted. When he was
found an hour later his legs and arms were
frosen and ha died at ths hospital lata In
tbe day.
Resldeate of Danish Coloay Dostro to
Became Partaer la later
aatloaal A fairs.
COPENHAGEN, Aug-. S. (Special Cable
gram to The Bee 4 it Is probable that the
reoent visit of members of Iceland's Par
liament, the Althing, will soon result In
ohsnges respecting ths relation between
Denmark and Iceland. Icelanders' desire
Is for the adoption of bills stating that the
Dar.lRh government and the Rlgsdag never
can Interfere with the , interior affairs of
Iceland. They want a bill specifying all
the common affairs of ths two countries.
Part of th Icelanders want also that King
Frederick's title shall be king of Denmark
and Iceland, and they also want to consider
the relatione between Denmark and Ice.
land as a union. They say: "We will con
serve a common king and flag; we will
belong to Denmark, but we demand home
rule for governing our own affairs."
It seems that Denmark is willing to ac
cept the Icelanders' claims.
Party Iajares Missionaries Accased of
Carrylasr Away Wsniss Acatast
Her Will.
CALCUTTA, Aug. 26. (Special Cable
gram to The Bee.) According to reports rs
celved here two European missionaries, Rev.
Mr. Hewitt and Rev. Mr. Shaul, with four
women and a Bengali female teacher, were
attacked at Santlpur station in Bengal,
recently, by a crowd of young native
students. The atudenta had assembled to
welcome Bepln Beharl Pal, who was coming-
to lecture on Slvajl, snd seeing the
Bengal teacher, who was 111 with fever,
It was suggested that shs waa being forci
bly carried off.
The students rushed at the party of Eu
ropeans, and In the scuffle both the mission
aries were wounded.
The magistrate went to Santlpur by ths
next train and arrested four of the culprits,
ordering the Slvajl meeting to be stopped.
Th students hsve now begged for pardon,
and romlsed not to join In any more
Slvajl demonstrations. They have also
agreed to give S00 rupees to the Moherpor
relief fund.
Birds Attack Hlas as He Trie to
Cap-tare Yoaas oa Alplao
GENEVA. Aug. 26.-Special Cablegram to
Ths Bee.) A chamois hunter named Hess
had a desperate light with eagles on a nar
row ledge overlooking a precipice In th
mountains above Engelberg. He hsd lo
cated an eagles' nest and climbed up alono
with ths object of capturing ths young
About thirty yards from ths nest be laid
down his rifle, which hindered his move
ments. As soon as hs reached ths nest. In
which were two eaglets, the parent birds
swept down from a neighboring height and
fiercely attacked him.
For twenty minutes a desperate struggle
took place, Hess defending himself with a
knife, expecting- every moment to be swept
off th ledge. At last Ueas succeeded lu
killing the male bird snd its mate flew
away. Hess, though bleeding from severe
wounds, arrived safely at Engelberg sev
eral hours later.
Italian Newspaper Says It Thinks
Well of Doctrine of Presi
dent Monro.
ROME, Aug. 25. Ths joml-offlclal Popolo
Romano today devoted a leading article to
tha International American conference st
Rio Janeiro, In which It says:
"No European country can object to
Monroeism,' but no one will admit the
Drago doctrine, which means that Latin
America can contract debts in Europe and
not pay them."
The paper ridicules tbe Idea that Drago
doctrine will be presented for the consider
ation of th next peace conference- at The
Hague as calculated to be a step forward
In tho direction of assuring the peace of
the world. The Popolo Romano adds:
"Such a doctrine needs cannon to sup
port It. It does not complete the Monroe
doctrine, but compromises It."
The paper praises Secretary Root for his
attitude of reserve on the subject.
Raler of Afghaalataa Keeps Posted
oa Current Ereats of
tho Nations.
COMBAT, Aug. JS.-(Specll Cablegram to
The Bee.) According to accounts received
hsre during the late crisis In Eerypt the
amir of Afghanistan took a strong Interest
In what was going on, having all news
papers that contained sny news of Egypt,
Arabia and Turkey sent dally by runner to
him from Peshawar.
The motor car which was presented to
the amir by the British mission to Ksbul
has been In constant use and his majesty
Is delighted with It.
The amir is arranging for the manufac
ture of boots on ths sams principle as Is
carried out In India, and haa given orders
for machinery, etc., to start a factory.
Plaas for Ileceptloa la Chile ModlBed
by th Earthejaak at
SANTIAGO, Chile, Aug. 2I.-Ths United
Btstes cruiser Charleston, with Hecretsry
Root on board, has srrlved st Punta Arenas
on ths Straight of Magellan. Tbs Charles
ton will reach Lota, ICO miles south of Val
paraiso, August St, where Secretary Root
will be received by th Chilean foreign min
ister and ths American minister, Mr.
Ths ministers will g ta Lots on a Chilean
crvlser. A great reception had been planned
her for Mr. Root, hut ail th plans War
changed as a result of the earthquake. Th
secretary is expected to arrive at Val
paraiso about September 3. His reception
there will be Informal and he will com
to Santiago to extend his personal condo
lence to President Relsco.
Maa Who Aided Her to Leave Saal
tarlaaa Wants Fee Promised
for Work.
DRESDEN, Aug. IS. (Special Cablegram
to The Bee.) Herr Thormann of Dresdon
Is suing Princess LouUe of Coburg for th
sum of tlO.000, which he claims is due to
him for arranging the princess' elopement
with Count Mattaslch, her lover, from ths
sanltarlam at Bad Elster In 1904.
Herr Thormann alleges that he was prom
ised great sums by the prlncets and by ths
count, but that he has only extracted SX0
from them by the most persistent entreaties.
Baca Story Comes with a He port of
Lawlessaeas at Capo
CAPE TOWN, Aug. 26. (Special Cable
Cram to The Bee.) Considerable pillag
ing of shops has taken place In the poorer
quarters of the town by crowds allege-l
to consist of unemployed, but really coin
posed largely of th colored hooligan ele
ment The pillaging followed upon a deputation
to' Dr. Jameson of tbe unemployed, led
by members of the social democratlo
federation, a small but extremely aotlvs
party here.
British Defend Trophy.
LONDON. Aug. 26.-A team of men haa
been selected by the Queen's Own West
minster volunteers to defend the shield pre.
sented by Sir Howard Vi-cent for competi
tion between the Queen's and Seventh reg
iment National Guard of New York. Th
Queen's won the shield at Bisley last year
and will defend It at Creedmoore, Long
Island, on October t and I.
Atlaatlo Liner Agronad.
ROTTERDAM, Aug. 28. While coming
up th river last night the Holland-Amer.
lean liner Neluw Amsterdam, bound to this
city from New York, grounded near MaRS
luls. Its passengers were trsnsf erred to
steamers and tugs and brought to this
city, partaflhe steamer's cargo was dis.
charged Into lighters and th vessel will
be refloated today. '
Political Coavlcts rardened.
BERLIN, Aug. S.-Th official Relch
manselger today published an Imperial de
cree pardoning all persons convicted of Use
majests toward the emperor or any mem
ber of the royal family. In commemora
tion of the forthcoming baptism of his
majesty's grandson, who was born July 4
last and wUl p baptised Auuat 2s,'