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IiitfatlTt and !lefretdam to : Be - Pit
Befbr th Voter V
City Eaclarrr'i Mat et AppelatsneatB
Aala .Held Ua Somtlay by
. the Mak , the ,
i ' Oeaacrl,
T'nder the Inspiration of a iwb br 1
J. Quinby, representing the Federation of
improvement viuds, in council iwwiay
tilg nt passed an ordinance ac editing article
I of the referendum lew, which Mr. Qutnby
. says mniM iu, qumuun in jjuv-
una; J3 , imw in lorra m viiiii"
which wilt be submitted et the
November election. Only Councllmen Funk-
fhouser and McQovern ' voted agadnst the
ordinance although Davis and Brueker
. were lined up with them In a preliminary
skirmish over the adoption of a report
from Elsasser recommending the miure.
The document beare Mr. Elsasser's name.
There, wu no debate on . the matter after
Mr. Julnby told the council that W. J.
' Bryan and Abraham Lincoln favored the
Initiative and referendum.
An ordinance war Introduced amending
the duties of the city veterinarian by re
lieving him of the Inspection of meat and.
foods, requiring htm to Inspect dairies and
eow and advancing the salary from $100 to
IU6 a month.
Viaduct ' Matter ' Goea Over.
Action -On" a resolution declaring the ne-
'ceealtjtpf a Viaduct on Arbor street, from
Twenty-sixth- ,to Twenty-eighth, was de-
' f erred, owing to defects In the document
And the, statement of Councilman Bedford
and Bheidon that If any viaduct waa to be
constructed It should be on Bancroft street
Instead of Arbor.
' City Electrician Mlcbaeleon notified the
council that the time had come when the
. fees in his office mora than paid expenses,
and the business required the services of a
second Inspector at 11,000 a year. He said
that without the second Inspector electric
Institutions would have to go into service
without offlcUj scrutiny and approval.
Engineer's kelp Held Va.
v In delaying action on a number of ap-
. polntees for teamsters and laborers In the
sewer department and C. C. Waldo as an
Inspector of public works, the council drew
S w.atament from City Engineer Hosewater
that he, bad received an opinion from City
Attorney B-jrnam to the effect that employes
already In the service do not have to be
reconfirmed, br' the mayor and council. In
view of this opinion, and on the urging of
ooundlmen; the engineer said, some em
ployes had remained on duty. As former
City Attorney Wright had held differently
, from i Mr.. Burnam, s according to the en
gineer, he preferred to take the safe
course and have employes approved. Ho
said, the teamsters were needed, . but the
counctlmen refused to confirm the men
without Inquiry Into their personalities.
Bids received for paving . district 870,
vrwenty-third street, from Leavenworth to
Mason, were as follows: Hugh Murphy,
a-phalt, 1.8; brick block. 1215. C. E. Fan
ning, brick block,, 12.01.' Barber Asphalt
i Paving company, asphalt, 11.68.
Wesley, W. Benieh of the Myers-Dillon
Drug company explained that . on the
morning of the Diets fire he had rendered
valuable aid to Engineer Falconer of the
. fire department, who was cut by a bursting
? water gauge. In the process he lost an
' umbrella and .while he does not wish re
imbursement for his services, he desires
i' that the city replace the rain stick.. The
municipality , has. no precedents to guide It
' in such a' case., hut the aoDeal was referred
Tto a eomfctttee.t M
. Ladles- day at the Field club was pop
ular today, when several large luncheons
were given. Mrs, 3. D. Foster had twelve
guests In honor of Mrs. Buckingham of
Bait Lake City ' and Mrs. Cora Mott of
Los Angeles, Cat., who Is a sister of Mr,
Mrs. H. 3. Bun-el! entertained Mrs. Al
bert Edhotm, Mrs. Howland, Mrs. Rogers,
Mrs. Bllck, Mrs. R. C. Patterson, Mrs.
Rich and Miss Burrell.
With Miss Mary Bedwell were Mies Mar
tha Cllne of Lincoln, Mies Ena Brach of
Ha 'tings. Miss Zola Dellecker. Miss Faith
Hoel and Mrs. Bedwell.
Miss May Welch had Miss Blanche How
land, Miss Fannie Howland; Miss Nell
Carey of Chicago, Miss Grace Allison, Miss
Henrietta Reeee and Miss Grace Conant.
Mrs. E. P. Smith had covers laid for six.
- Wedneeday, ladies' day at the Country
club, brought out the ' following hostesses
with their guests: Miss Florence Lewis
entertained In honor of Miss Bernendlng
of Dayton, O., who Is the guest of Mrs.
A. V. Klnaler. At her table were: Miss
Ada Klrkendall, Miss Mary Lee McShane,
Miss Oertrude Moorehead, Miss Edna
Keellne of Council Bluffs, Mrs. Hamilton,
Mrs. Bam Burns, Jr., Mrs. A. V. Kinsler,
Miss Bernendlng and Miss Lewis.
In honor of her guests. Misses Ruth and
Edna Baker of Lincoln, Miss Adele Me
Hugh had Miss Mabel Christie, Miss Edith
Butler, Miss Mona Kloke, Miss Ruth Baker
and Miss Edna Baker.
Complimentary to Mrs. Herbert of New
York, Miss Daley Doane entertained Mrs.
Herbert, Mrs. H. T. Lemlst, Mrs. . Arthur
Oulou, Mra E. H. Bprague, Mlse Cartta
Curtis, Miss Stewart of CouncH Bluffs and
Mrs. W. E. Martin.
Mrs. W. H. Tates had twelve guests.'
Mrs. Cora Mott of Los Angeles, Cel., is
visiting her brother, Mr. J. D. Foster.
Miss Mabel Christie and Miss Edith But
ler gave an Informal dance In the Majestlo
apartment house Monday.. About forty
guests were present.
Miss Alice Buchanan gave an Informal
card party Tuesday morning at her home.
Mr. Horace Gregory will give a dinner
at the Country club Saturday evening for
the Misses Baker, who are visiting Miss
Adele McHugh.
Mr. and -Mrs. W. F. Gurly have moved
into their new home on St. Mary's avenue.
The friends of Mra F. J. Andrews will
be pleased to hear that she has almost
fully recovered from the effects of the
stroke of paralysis by which she
stricken several months ago.
Mrs. Alexander MacKensie has returned
from a month's visit to Colorado accom
panied by her daughter, Mrs. F. ' E
Wlnegar who will be her guest for several
Mies Alice McCullough Is home from
Denver, where she spent last week.
Miss Arietta Dam man and Miss Darmar
Hansen leave today for Tellowstone park,'
Denver and Salt Lake City.
Mrs C. F. Behman Is visiting in Louis
ville, Ky., aa the guest of her mother,
Mr. A. E. Miller is home after a de
lightful vacation spent In southern Call
Mrs. Reba Morgan and daughter Miss
Mary and Dorothy Morgan are expected
home from the country Sunday.
Miss Meniam Patterson, who has been
spending the summer at Lake Okobojl, Is
expected home In another week.
Mlsa Ella Mae Brown leaves today for
Camp Harding, Colo,
The Misses Edna Ruth. Baker of. Lincoln
are the guests of Miss Adele McHugh.
HEAT IS FATAL IN CHICAGO Mr an1 .M"- ?a" "ndln
i .. ii lew weens in oaueys, i;oio.
Three Karnes Added to- Death List f Miss Emily Myers of Dubti
f -Ja me?, tif ,v -ft.
T.d. mm of Hlarfc I v,n,l"'
I -Miss Pauline Schenck and brother. Mr.
Robert Evans Schenck have been spending
this week at Lake Manawa guesta at Snug
Harbor cottage,
Miss Charlotte Du Bota and cousin. Miss
Mabel ' Du Bols have gone east for two
Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Meallo and Mrs. O
A T-T 1 1 rH mrA ann sTl-art va4 nnta am Giiwa
' I day last from a two weeks' outing in the
4 , V , " ' , , mountains, spending a part of their time
tin nt ih. nr,nlI-.n tnr th ni Knpih. ! In Denver with Mr. A.
CHICAGO, 'Aug. 22. Three more names
were esdd. today to the death ro'll caused
- by hea Ftom midnight till sunrise the
i temperature remained stationary, at 75 de
., greefj With the oomlng up of the sun
' the mercury began gradually to rise. At
- 10 o'clock the official thermometer regis
tered 81 degrees. . x
Western freight depot In Omaha by an
error In the specifications, which made
It neoessary to send out the plans a second
time for figures. The local railroad officials
. do not know 'when the contraots are to
be let. The bids are sent to the office of
a Chicago architect. .
' . 3. Mlghlll of Lake City, la., la in
Oiaaha. -
County Judge Leslie has returned from
m short trip to Chicago. '
Chief Clerk Kknyoa of the Murray hotel
, haa suftlolnntly recovered from his recent
iiineae to be aule to returo to duty.
Mlse Florence Moore, deputy United
Btatea district . court clerk nns returned
from a vacation visit of several weeka
, Mr, 8. a mills, deputy clerk In
office of the UulteJ States circuit court,
. has return od froiu a visit of several weeks
la Celoralo ,
W. E. Brown of Santa Rosa, Cal.i Oeorge
SL Zimmerman of Condon, A. R. Ensign of
North Platte, Outvies Chadwlck and
Jemea Borland of Rapid City are at the
H. . McCauley ,of Toronto, Mr, and Mrs,
A. J. MoKelvey of Bt. Kl wards, Olal John
on Chares Conk. J. K. Mathews of Yank
ton and U. 3. utafferd of Volln, B. D,,' are
, at the Millard. .
United Btatee district Clerk R. C. lloyt
' haa gone te Beatrice for a brief visit, lit
' will oe accompanied on his return by his
In other, Mrs.' W, O. Hoyr, sister of ex
preatdent itroves Cleveland, who will spend
' the fall and winter In Omaha.
John B. Powers of Worlend. Wyo.; W.
W. Brown. J. T. Coe of Crelghton; Miss
Manllok of Broken Bow: Dr. J. A. Inks,
Mrs. J. Inks, Mies Edith Inks of Brelby;
.Miss Max Vhllg of Holdrege and R. T.
v Cooper of Loe Angeles are at the Pexton,
Denver with Mr. A. O. Rlddock and
family, formerly of Omaha; as well
several days in Salt Lake City.
Mrs. E. II. Bprague leaves today for
Chicago to play for the Woman's Western
Golf championship, held on the Exmoor
Country club links next week.
Mr. Edwin Heaford has been visiting
at the family summer home on Madeline
Island. From there accompanied by his
parents, he went down the Bt. Lawrence
river to Quebec through Lakes Champlaln
and George, up the CatsklU to Niagara Falls
and the Boo. Mr . Edwin Heaford ' re
turned home Tuesday.. Mr. and Mrs
Heaford will not return until later.
Citj Engineer Complete! the Tabulation of
Eidi on th Sower Construction.
Mad Creek aad Jetter Creek Se-wars,
radar Preacat Bids, Will Afcaarh
Practically All of Meaer
la awr Fvad.
' Business propositions advertised In The
Bee go Into the homes of the best people.
Woraaa Leaves Valaablee . la Depot
aad Flads Money Geae am
Her Retara.
Mrs. J. F. Smith of Ogden, Utah, while
watting between trains at the Webster
street station on a Journey to New Oxford,
Pa., left her pocketbook In the toilet room
and did not discover the loas until After a
short time. When she returned to look
for it the purse was gone. Later It was
found on the, floor, but tlM had been re
moved. A return ticket from New Ox
ford to Ogden was unmolested. The mat-
fter was reported to the police.
1 pound a
whrf yea set out ot
Jfit Story of
peckkM of PulaVury's Beat Breakia
stands tor the "BST"
la wheat loooa,
VITOS.ataceto DceotaTbe
seats asMMBd ci the ardiaaiv Eaiy-to
esnre foods at tea ceatt a Decease would
coal To about $1 J2. Tost sieani a
Matinr at 91.1 aa every packase ol
Pillsbary s Vitoa yoa aas. Pills.
bury VitoeeaoUuMtwehillpovnck
of the "white kesrt of tU wheat Whoa
simply and ouiokly prepared ft Bakes
12 poeads et the atast eVhewea food.
The ortkovy cookacl food, lOeeatia
uAm Mnaltw HUWM Juad TL
I I if, " ciepoaad. if pouock would ceel
mji. a m only a Butter el
aapk anthoMbe to pioes the
.reel ecaaem o
I t "V X.
The city engineer completed the tabula
tion of bids for the eewer contracts yester
day and struck off blue prints for the
same ready for the council meeting, which
Is to be held tonight . According to the
tabulation the National Construction com
pany, represented by George Parks, wilt be
awarded the greater portion of the con
tracts. His bid on the Mud creek sewer
amounted to 1166. 179. and on the Jetter
creek aewer t46,t06.94, therefore his con
tracts will amount to mZ.flRS.S.1 If this
amount la paid It will leave 137,911.17 In the
fund. According to the original appropria
tion Incorporated In the election proclama
tion, the amount available for the Mud
creek sewer waa not to exceed 1141,000, and
the present contracts would represents an
Increase of over 121,000 -for the work.
With the proposed modifications of the
plans of construction it Is the Intention to
use op the funds available as far aa they
will go atid depend on the future for a so
lution of the problem, , which, naturally
hinges on an act of the legislature providing
the authority to the city to Issue more
bonds' and a subsequent Issue to cover the
deficit According to the present ' senti
ment so far as expressed, there Is con
siderable doubt as to the popularity of
another Issue,
The serious question also arises, "Is It
possible legally to make a contract involv
ing the sum of 1300,000 while there Is but
1241,000 available?" It Is with this question
that the city engineer and the parties In
terested In the-enterprise have been strug
gling for the last few weeks. There can
be little doubt that the first move toward
the construction of the sewers will be met
with ' a determined opposition and injunc
tions. The legal questions will have to be
threshed out, no doubt, before the actual
work 'can be done. It is positively asserted
by some that an. Injunction club, or some
such company of men, is already preparing
to act directly on the first move of the
council. The number of men In the com
pany Is variously stated from twelve to
seventy. It may be that this opposition will
be mollified before there Is any - active
measure inaugurated.
1 Charged with Bteallaa; Flae Dog.
August Hellman waa arrested on sus
picion yeeterday afternoon. It is stated
that ths immediate charge against him Is
the theft of a fine Scotch collie dog be.
longing to M. B. Stoner of Omaha. Mr.
Btoner Is a street Car conductor on the
Benson line and his home is at 1207 North
Twenty-seventh street. His floe collies are
his particular pride and are known to a
greater part of the dog lovers of the city.
Yesterday he missed one of his best ani
mals. He sot out in hot pursuit of the
dog thief. On the way he enlisted the
services of his motorman. W. C. Blake.
They soon got a good clue because all
the carmen knew the dogs and It waa
found that some of them had seen the
animal on the way to South Omaha. The
arrest of Hellman followed. He claims
to have a ranch near Red Oak. la.,. where
he breeds blooded dogs', hogs and cattle.
By i he use of' his advertisement he haa
been in the habit of prevailing on parties
In the tast to ship him their blooded stock.
On receiving the consignment , bfrfeells .the
same, but It Is stated, that "Afterward he
falls to settle with the oroglnal owners.
It Is alleged that he hsa no ranch at Red
Oak. It Is likely that the charge of using
the malia to defraud will be filed against
Maarte City Gossip. '
Jetter's Gold Top Beer delivered to all
pans or me city, leiepnone xmo. b.
John Cuikm is about to build a new
residence at Twenty-second and G streets,
A neat, new, wall, and a cement sidewalk
Is being built about the grounds of the
Lincoln school.
Frank Tvrdlck Is making extensive re
pairs ui nis resiaence at ai Boutn Twenty
second street. . ' .
Mra Dore. a patient "of Dr. KouUky.
underwent a euocesaful. operation at the
boutn umana hospital.
George Parks and wife will celebrate the
twentieth anniversary , of their marriage.
weanesaay. August a.
Fred L. Scott, who haa been suffering
for several days from an attack of qulnsey.
is reporiea to oe improvea.
Armour & Co. have taken out a permit
tor me use oi a portion oi w eireet ready
lor ma reconstruction oi tne oieo pianti
John McCann waa fined 110 and costs for
assault and battery on tne person of
Anthony McGlnty, which look .place Aug
ust ii.
The American Peat and Artificial Fuel
company has begun the erection of Us
manufacturing plant north of the L street
viaduct ,
The claim agent of the Manawa Amuse,
meat company was In South Omaha yester.
day paying up the claims of parties injured
in tne piauorm aisaater.
An expert chemist has arrived to estab
lish a chemical department In the Bureau
of Animal industry at this point In ac
cordance with the new inspection laws.
Joe Bodonka was arraigned before the
police court on a charge ot beating his wife.
On motion of the attorneys the man waa
dismissed after agreeing to pay the court
Oeorge Dtga, a Polish laborer, who was
Injured In a fight at one of the packing
houses, had an operation performed Oa his
head yeeterday forenoon, with the re.
moval of a piece of bone his recovery is
tnougnt to oe assurea.
Mrs. Harry Dennis entertained a number
of friends Moiulay evening In honor of
Mist Grace Smith of Chicago. Today a
number of friends of Miss Smith, in the I
street neighborhoods. Intend giving a dinner
In her honor at the Houth Omaha Country
Club. Miss Young, Mtaa Dennis and Miss
Rowley give a luncheon for Mlse Smith and
Mrs. Button Thursday afternoon.
Mlsa Cora Holmes and Miss Cora Lavertv
returned yesterday morning from their
summer abroad. They seera to have
enjoyed every moment of the time of their
voyage and travela Mlsa Holmes, among
otner uunga, nrougni nome a Beautiful
Parisian doll as a rresent to htr llnu
neighbor. Marguerite Smith. It Is a lovely
piece oi wuranmjiainp anu nas real nair and
Council Bluffs police reported to the
South Omaha department that they had
succeeded in capturing Thomas Kobluson,
who Is wanted here for the theft of a
suit case belonging to Luther Tapp,
Twenty-sixth and N streets. Tapp waa a
lodgne at the place known as the House
of All Nations, and while there was robbed
of his suit case containing a full suit of
clothing and shoes. Suspicion at once fell
en Robinson and the police were notified.
Robinson Is said to be willing to return
to South Omaha without requisition papers.
The larceny waa committed Monday even
ing. Civil Service Caaaeas.
The United States Civil Service com.
mission announces th,ese examinations ta
fill existing vacancies:
September 14 For the position of as
sistant examiner In the patent office. En
trance salary. 11 JOO per annum. As the
number of ellgiblea for thla position has
always been Insufficient to meet the needs
of the service, qualified persons are urged
to enter this examination. Persons who
enter thla examination end fall to pass
may, upon Cling new applications In due
time, enter the examination to be held
October 17-11, ISO. Age limit, fcO years or
September 11-11 For the positions of aid
In the coast and geodcttc survey, at 1730
per annum. Age limit, 11 to 21 years.
September 1 For the position ef econo
mic botanist and rryeolngist in the bureau
of science at Manila, P. I., at 11,400 per
annum. Age limit, SO to 40 years.
September 11 For the position of assist
ant photographer (male), at 9t80 per'
annum, in toe geological survey. Age
limit. II te 26 yeara
September le-For the position of plate
printer la the bureau oi engravinc and
printing. Salary bet stated.. Age limit
i years or over.
October 1 "or the position of construct
ing engineer. In the reclamation service of
the geulogioal sorvey, at U6i to l&O per
montn. Ihe great majority of these posi
tions are for Held service ra the western
part of the United Staiee and In places re
mote irom cittee ana orainary iinee ot
transportation. Age limit, 1ft to 46 yeara
Historic Eveat ta Be Ftttlacly Oh-
served fcy Colorado fee
Colorado la trying to make the' Pike's
Peak centennial the biggest memorial event
ever held In the state. If not In the west
It la now only a few montha short of UO
years since the gallant young explorer,
Sebuldn Pike, first laid eyes on the tower
ing mountain that haa added so much to
the fame of Colorado. . .
Not ungrateful for ,the discovery of tier
magnificent snow-crowned mountain, Colo
rado Is going to pay fitting tribute to the
daring explorer, and will .devote the week
of September 21 to 20 to a remarkable clvio
and military celebration. ' It will mark also
a century of progress, for some featurea of
the display will show what baa been accom
plished in the golden west since Pike first
forced his way through an unknown coun
try. ; i ,
Pike never reached the summit of the
peak. He saw Jt only from a- neighboring
height and did not heetitate to make the
prediction that "BO human being will ever
reach Its summit. , t.
If ' Pike could .return en anniversary day
he would find a marvel being accomplished.
Not only will nundreds of persons make the
ascent on foot and by train, but also in
automobiles, a form at locomotion that had
not even been dreamed of in his day.
The automobile, form of the celebration
will be an endurance run of twelve hours
to a height of three miles.
The plan of a celebration was conceived
ten years agowhen the monument associa
tion waa formed. The ninetieth anniversary
was ' signalised by a banquet at which
plans' were laid for the big' event ofthls
year. ' ;' r
President Roosevelt, deeply Interested In
all that pertains, to the pioneer of the
west,' Is expected to- be present but, even
should , he fall, the United' States govern
ment will not lack representation.
Secretary Taft bearing In mind that Pike
waa In the United Btatea arnty when he
discovered the peak, haa promised to send
10,000 soldiers. These Will hold maneuvers.
Including a sham battle, and It will be the
first occasion when all three brunches of
the army Infantry, artillery and cavalry
have been maneuvered together. Nor haa
It ever happened before that maneuvers
have been held In the mountains.
The program is arranged as aa allegorical
history of the past 100 years in Colorado.
The name "Pike Peak" waa never offi
cially sanctioned by the government, but
was Informally, adopted after the early set
tlers had refused to designate the moun
tain as James Peak, the title first con
ferred by the War department. The early
maps never alluded to the sentinel of the
Rockies as Pike's Peak, and It was not un
til years after that the government finally
followed the lead of the trappers and ac
cepted Pike's Peak. . , , . . .
Pike waa a lieutenant (of 26" years when
he was chosen to head two exploring expe
ditions, the. first .'to discover the head
waters of - the Mississippi, and the second
to report on the territory of Louisiana,
which the United States government at the
time contemplated buying from Bpaln.
His first trip successfully -accomplished.
in July, 1806, he set out from Bt Louis on
the tperilous' Jpurnef. ""which 'ended In his
capture by the Bpaniafds.- bat perpetuated
his name and fame. ln ' - -
Pike nil exne'ctM b ' allV the Indian
tribes encounteiWlrn .the Unit ei States
government to avoid International compli
cations with the British and,. French trad
ers In the' north and to avert any clash
with the Spaniards In the south. He waa
to make maps of the country, report on Its
fauna and flora and topography and report
to his government the desirability of buy
ing the vast territory of Louisiana,
Pike waa the son of General Zobulon
Pike of revolutionary, fame, and entered his
father's regiment as a cadet at the age of
IB years. He waa rapidly promoted for
meritorious and distinguished service and
was but 84 years of age when, as a briga
dier general, he commanded the forces that
attacked York, Canada, April V, 181S. .
The explosion of a powder magaslno mor
tally wounded the young commander, who
died as the cheers of his soldiers told of a
victory The captured flag of the British
was placed under his head ta ease his dying
agony. . ' 7 ' .
Bathers at Cat-OS Will Bo Compelled
by Sheriff to Vso
Clothes. ' . .
Bathing suits must be worn by swimmers
In Cut-Off lake, according to the ultimatum
given out by the sheriff's office Wednes
day. This Is the1 result of numerous com
plaints from people who have been boating
and camping on - the lake. Members of
the Rod and Gun olub are among the oonv
plalnants. County' Attorney Slabaugh has
declared he would prosecute the cases if
names and evidence are procured.
"The swimmers might as well understand
they must wear bathing suits," said Deputy
Sheriff Steers Wedneeday. "We are going
to swoop down on them and make some
arrests some of these evenings."
Maa Twice Arrestee, for Asaaalt ta
Charged wtth, Violating Coart
. t lajaaetloa.
Joan Curry, the union printer, who has
already been arrested twice on charges of
assaulting nonunion men In violation of
the court injunction has another session
coming with Judge Kennedy. A new at
tachment under the same charge haa bnen
issued and the sheriff Is directed to bring
him Into court He Is acoused of molesting
nonunion printers, August J4.
91S.OO ta New Tark Ctty aad Retara.
plus 12.09, from Chicago, on August a and
2, via the Nickel Plate road, with return
limit of Septwnber . 4, leaving New York
City. -Three tralna daily, with modern
equipment Individual club meal ranging
In price from X centa to tLOO; also, a la
carta and midday luncheon, to cents, served
In Nickel Plate dining cars. Call on or
address John Y. Calahan. general agent.
No. 107 Adams street Chicago.
tory of a Raral Doctor, His Correct
Dlagaosls aad tee ahaoejr'eBt
"Generally speaking," said the old circus
man. "the great giant was as well a man
as I ever knew, and he enjoyed his good
health e-mensely, , ...
"Put like the wellest of well men, he did
occasionally have his . off day. It was
carious fact though, thkt he waa never
I sick on the road. Whether It was the
j constant excitement or what that' kept
him keyed up in shape. I don't know, but
In all the years he waa with ua there
never waa a day when the great giant
failed to show aa advertised. It was when
we oot est the read, la our wtatar e,uat
An Advertising
You will grant that art investment in advertising, should
be safe-guarded in every possible way its security as tare- :
fully scrutinized as that of any other investment you make.
BUT strange to relate, when
i it comes to advertising,
the average business man
often accepts the mere judg-V
ment" or "opinion", of some ad
vertising man whom he becomes
convinced is more or less "ex
pert at the game."
We do not ask the business man
to accept alone the ripe judg
. ment developed by our 34 years
experience and the largest busi
ness of its kind in the world.
No Sir a tangible, definite basis
underlies the advertising invest
ment we ask the business man
to. make.
We want you to know what we
do. to eliminate the waste in ad
vertising due to the use of wrong
copy and wrong mediums.
We want an opportunity to ex
plain to you in person our tan
gible basis for advertising, L e.,
the Lord & Thomas Record of
Results, the ONLY practical
! e '
We want to tell you how wo
can infuse some of the Western
Spirit Initiative, Energy, Ag
gressiveness, backed by fact
into YOUR advertising.
We want to tell you how our
unique position in the advertis
ing world has brought ua the
$5,000, $10,000. $20,000-a-year
brains of the business to focus on
your problems your entire,
One otNrar representatives Is in
your city every few days looking
after the interests of some of our
present clients. That Is why
we are advertising in this news
paper to you NOW. :
A letter addressed to us, signify-'
ing that you will grant us an in
terview tn your office,, will not
obligate you in any way. '
r -
Wa art issuing a series of imall books (dotb
bound) covering advertising in all its phases,
which wo saiwf fret to interested advertiser.
LORD 8s. Thomas
Largest Advertxsxno Agency America
ters, where, he had nothing to do, that he
would have these occasional little turns.
"What I really set out to tell you about
waa a f unnV, queer sort of a thing that
did happen once when the giant really got
sick when we were In winter quarters.
"He waa good and sick this time, and, of
course, the minute we realised thla fact we
hustled for a doctor on the lump. And we
had to get a doctor from town. Our own
doctor, who traveled with the show and lived
with' it,' - happened Just then to be away.
attending to some personal matters.
We got, of course, the star man there.
and he came and - looked the giant over,
going at It like a man who knew just
what he was about, and then he Wrote ta
prescription for him, which we got filled
by our swiftest rider, snd so we began
doctoring the giant, with that physician
coming three times a day to look him
"He seemed a wise man, sure enough,
who knew just what he was doing, but the
giant didn't Improve; ' tn fact, he got
sicker, and then the old man telegraphed
to the show's doctor to come and look
alter the giant.
" Why,' aald our own doctor, as soon aa
he arrived, 1 can't go in and push the
doctor that you've called right off ' the
map. ToU might want him to call again
any time, and It wouldn't do, anyway.
Tou must observe the proprletiee. Tou
muet get him to call me In consultation.' ;
"The old man didn't fancy that much.
but he did It, and the town doctor callnoN
our doctor In. I don't think the town doc
tor fancied this very much himself, but
he did, and in about a minute our doe-
tor gave him a jolt that must have made
him change his opinion of circus doctors.
"He listened with all due dignity and de
corum, and even with a touch of defer
ence, our doctor did,' to what the man
from town bad prescribed, and then our
doctor asked to see the prescription, and
when he had scanend thla:
" 'Doctor,' he said, gravely and politely,
and he could be very grave and polite,
'doctor,' ho said, yonr dlagonsla of the
ease, If ytm will permit me to say so, does
credit to our profession, and the remedies
you have prescribed are precisely those
that I should have prescribed myself, but
I think that you have perhaps overlooked
one feature of the ease, and that is the
patient's dimensions. - The quantities
called for In your prescription are such as
would be administered to a man -ot nor
mal size, but this man Is approximately
three times that sixe. I think lf you
would multiply .the quantities In your pre
scription by three you would find the pa
tient readily responding to , your t treat
ment.' , ,
"I could see the great gtant'a knees wrig
gling under his blanket he enjoyed It all
betU than the town doctor did, but the
doctor prescribed on the spot In accord
ance with the consulting physician's sug
gestionthe two doctors became friends,
as a matter of fact, after that and in
three days the giant waa around again, as
well as ever." Pittsburg Poet.
Balldlaar Permits.
The city has Issued the following build
ing permits: A. A. Beranek, S2.40O frame
dwelling at Sixteenth and Center: T. H.
Lane, A, 000 frame dwelling at Parker and
Military avenue; R. ' H. leuidsryoa, fsMOt
frame dwelling at Twenty-eighth and Kug
gles. .. .-. ..
When you have anytblng ta treds a
vertiss It la ths '"Tor, Exchange" columa
of Ths Bee want ad pag
Henry' O. Meyer returnee Moo day from
Chicago, where he spent three weeks oa
legal business In the federal courts.
The Oreat Bras d'Or Mining company
Incorporated Wednesday by filing artiolee
with the eounty dark. Ths- car!au stock
B. I. Poster vice . president and C. V.
Kedington secretary-treasurer.
Pivs applicants for positions ' "to ths
United States civil service were examined
at the federal building Wednesday morn
ing. Two of them were for the positions
of tracers In tbs geolosioal aurvey and
three for Positions in . ths Panama Canal
commission service.
Alnsworth, Black aV OllL a new commis
sion firm, has (lied articles of incorpora
tion with the county clerk. .The corpora
tion la authorised to sell all kinds of con
tractors' material and store furnishings on
a commission basis. The -capital stock Is
riS.OOO. Harry T. Black, hXigene O. Oill
and H. W. Alnsworth are the Incorpora
tors : . .
Ths Diets Athletic association thst haa
been conducting a ball park and team at
Thirtieth and Spaulding streets has In
corporated, the articles beingfiled Wednes
day with the county clerk. ' Ths association
Is authorised to maintain a olub house and
grounds for the promotion of all klnda of
athletlo ports. The capital stock Is 12,009,
divided into shares of 110 each. C. B. Mo
Donald la president, E. J. Hart vloe prosl-
aent, Frana Harrison secretary, A. Ander
son treasurer and Oall H. Johnson, B.
Tracy, J. J. McMahon, W. H. Ptatuer and
R. E. Cornwall directors. .'"
1 xSFWa
1 mmmflFi
ficXt plecsartlyf
Acts BerveiciaTlyi
tsr irvily as a. Lajcaiiv.
Syrup of Figs appeals to the cultured and the
well-informed and to the healthy, because its
component . parts are simple and wholesome -
and. because it acts without disturbing the
natural functions, as it is wholly free from
erery objectionable quality or substance. In J
the process of manufacturing figs are used, as
they are pleasant to the taste, but the medici
nal virtues of Syrup of Figs are obtained from
an excellent combination of plants known to
be medicinally laxative and to act most bene
ficially. To get its beneficial effects buy '
he genuine rr. an ufactured by the
Swv frncUco,Cal. ( York.ftX
rar sale ky an leadlag SrarcWU, la erigiaal Bsckaget eoJy, ksailqr the Ml
aaaat M the Company.