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Prri iii "He
OMAHA WKATirKIi POtXBCAST--. SatmHtrnf Fair. '
t J. srrra trirrr
maJia's Leading
. The Ecohciay, Fruit Jar Should be
Used by Every Housewife
Suitable for every vegetable or fruit.
When you open the jar, though it be at the
end of years, .the fruit or vegetable will be
as perfect as when first sealed. No failure
possible if you carry out the directions,
and the directions are most simple.
t h' WeUbach BnrnM complete with mantr, Q glob and - 7 C p
very ono works riirUfc on sal Saturday. ........ .......f t
New shlpavent of ft ahadoa pretty pattern at 2 6c, 9 oo C
, U1A ....
nst special band tumbler la the best
gowa iniu fciano, ma iui
Not lh Talaes In cut glasa oa our
- t 1 A.- m . . ... k 1
etc., Miuit nam gomt tuvnto, ... j u
each. . .' .'. . ...........
niWFRWARR TTHADOtlARTKRS Orer fifty rat terns, all exclusive
' eeu, the Taloes we frtw at $10 are
.sets, all largo pleoes, for....
tretty needle etcbed water or lemonade get, oeu snapea i 7U
tumblers, new shaped Jug seta, complete for .T J
Special Hardwe Saturday
lS quart Tin Tomato Cans, per dozen 38c
" And Ten Green Trading Stamps with each doten.
"Fruit Jar "Wrenches ...,10c
'' :- t' And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Fruit; Jar Funnels , .60,
Fruit Press, regular 25c, Saturday. V 15c
itunter 'pattern Flour Sifter .'.V. . . .'. . .. . lOo
; , ...... And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Shaker Flour Sifter . . ... 19c
And Twenty Green Trading Stamps. '
Champion' Jelly Sieves"-. .v.. ....... . 10c
- ,. And Ten .Green Trajllng Stamps. ,,.
Tin Qoilenders, two Bizes, 14c and. ............ .P. . .12c
tl. v And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
' Mrs.-Pott's 8ad Irons, regu- Q, " . ' '
i : lar 80, Saturday. ........ U . y
J-HoSe- Gasoline Stores, T f (J
Eatnrday special ......... J. 1 3
., J-Hole Gasoline Stoves,
Bole. Gasoline Stoves, ) AA
Saturday special . . . a , . . . aW. V V
Dirt Wheelbarrows, J
-Don't delay your painting. ..Improve .youi,, property .by ,ualng . Ben
aett'a Paints and Leads. - i.a m" i',-.:. . 1
x ' . .' " Double Green, Trading Stamps Saturday. .
Chicago Nationals Ehut'Ont Brooklyn in a
... , , , Fast Contest. '. .
Browa Pltebes a Sdy Game and
Strike Out rtv. Men- "
Scores of Otber
BROOKLYN,' Aug. lu. Chicago. In a
pitchers' battle between Brown and Btrlck
- lett, shut out Brooklyn .at Washington
park today by a acora of 2 to 0. Jordan
waa back at flrat for Brooklyn. Score;
S H.O.A B.
lwl. et.v..
hoc!ur4. K.. 4
M.hnT. cf.. 4
(". lb 4
0 I
0 11 !
chult., rt... 4
Chane. lb... I
SiWnl.ldt. jib 4
Tinktf, m.,.. I
Rwn, lb...,, ft
Koran, b I
Brown. B...M t
Jord.a. lb 4
I I Alp.rmn. lb. I
M.i'.nhi. K.
Lwi, M . I
I Humm.ll. rf . ft
1 A D.rn.n, o I
' t OSlrlrklell, p.. I
ft -
Totaia , i i ToUl.......ti 7 1& 4
Chloaao 0 0- 1 0 0.0 1 0 02
rooKiyn, .e 0 o 0 .0 0 0 0 00
Sacrifice hlta: Tinker, Moran. Stolen
b4a: Blagle, E-era. Ir ft on baaa
Brook n. 1; Chicago, 3. Firm bnse on
hnlla: Off Stricklett, 2; off Brown, I. First
m on iwa . (.mono, a. Ktruclt out
By Brown. &. Tlma: 1:36. Vrapires: . ODay
CianlBaatt Defrata Philadelphia.
PHILAXKLPHIA. Aug. 10.LUBh-8 poor
pUttblng today gave Cincinnati a victory
over Philadelphia. Ewlng pitched . good
ball for the vlaltors. ticore:
B. H.O.A C. " B H.O.A. S.
HuaaiDa. IB.. 4 i I IThomu cf. .. 4 0 4
If.... 4 114 tb..4 4 14 4
Juto. rf t l'l bbr.D.d.14, lb. 4 111 0 4
timt. of 110 4Tituh rt 4 1 0 0 4
I.itMuitr. Ib 4 1 1 4 c M.ira.. If 4 I I l o
,Dal lb...:.. I I 1 0 Uooila. m.. .. 4 114 1
Corowma, wm.. $ 4 ft I 4 Oourtnr. lb. I 0 ft 1 0
Srhl.1. e ft 1 I I 4 Ixinla. c I 4 I 0 1
Evlaav 4 1 Ol.u.a p-. l'l ft ft
Bitcbi.. a.... 4 4
M 1 17 ft 4 Rot. p 0 t
d.nUII i..,l 4 4 4
tii ii mil I
Betted for Ritchie In eighth.
Cincinnati . 0 0 3 1 1 0 0 0 04
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0-1
Left on baaeft: Cincinnati. 11; Philadel
phia, I . Two-base hit: Bmoot. Sao rifle
hit: Hugglna. Btruck out: By L.uah, 1.
by 'Ritchie. 1; by Ewing, 7; by Roy. I.
B&eea on balls; Oil Lush. (; off Bwtng. 1.
Dlarrhiooa, Dysentery, Flux, Cholera In
factual, ate., can b qulcary cured by
Wwrnrf home should hara a supply' of
tttis ratlabla rrnuadr on bsnd. years
Pt earaa. All drusgUts sail It,
buin. aala
v yslla to tMtet Oia
Cms ... ai i a bas fmiiia
a. al i .
nxiirs trni i25
" " '
we have ever bad, V ;
I1.TS UWe tray, nappiea, vRa,
SI SW) aa.
eye-openere complete A
' V
Hits: Off L.tiRli! H fn five Innlnis: off Roy.
1 in one Inning. Paexed hall: pooin. .Time:
St. I.oala Shnta Uvt Boaten. ....
BOSTON. Auir. 10. Bt. Loula ahut out the
home. tean, 2 to 0. scoring on the error of
the latter. Beebe kept the 'Mis well scat
tered or else allowed them only after two
rr.en were out. Score: ;
ST. ' LOl'IS.. ' BOSTON.
B.H.O.A.B.' B. H.O.A. B.
Banr. rf 6 1 1 0 4Brillw.ll, M..4 ft ft K I
Burrb. c( 4 0 1 0 0 Brown, lb.... 4 1 i 1 1
M.rtf.. If.... 4 1 .1 0 1 Brain, lb I 1111
B', Ib... 4 0SI ORatn, CI..... I 4100
r.rady, lb.... 4 Oil 0 0 Howard, If... 4 0 1 ft 0
Phyl. lb 4 ft 10 OPolan, rt 4 0 1 I 0
Marshall. e...l 1 ft I INwdhim, c. 4 ft t 0 1
( rawford. as. I 0 t 1 OStro.b.1. lb.. I 1 ft ft
Hb. p 4 I 0 I ULlo.aman, p. 4 0 1 1 1
Totals 25 117 ft 1 Touts!.;.. .11 "ft 17 M 7
St. Louis ;...:.0 .0 1 0 0 0 0 0 11
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Two-base hit: Phyle: Sacrifice hits:
Marshall. Crawford. 8to1en base: Burch
Ha sea on balls: Oft Beebe, 3. Hit by
pitched hall: By Beebe, l. Struck out: By
Beebe, 10; by Llndaman. 3; Time: 1;B5.
Umpire: Conway.
Sew York Shots Oat Pittsburg. '
NEW YORK, Xug. 10. -By shutting out
the Pittsburg team today the New Vorks
climbed Into second place. Score:
B.H.O.A.E. R.u n a k
ShaDnnn. If.. 4. ft 1 0 (I Lxtarb. 9b....t 0 0 4 0
Brown., rf...4 1 1 0 OB.auraont, cf. ft 4 I 0 0
now.rman, c. s a u oc iarK., IT..., 4 0 0 0 0
Seymour, cf.. I ( 0 fiWagn.r, as... 4 Olio
Ii.vlln. ib....t ft ft ft O.N.alon. lb... I 0 II 0 4
MKiann, lb., ft 1 11 SI 'J rt . .., I 0 10 0
lahln. as ... ft I I t OHItrh.y, lb., ft 0 I ft 0
Strang. Jb....l 0 I J lOibaoa. e ft 0 4 10
Taylor, p ft 0 0 I a Lever, p.... ft 1 0 ft 4
iVinllii 10000
WUu. p 0 0 1 4 0 Totals... ... 124 11 II
. Totala 17, IH II I
Ratted for Taylor In eighth.
New York......'..;:.. 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
i'lttdhlll-. . ' A.AASMA a A
. . . n ..w-w u u U V U V o0
First base on errors: Pittsburg, 2. Left
base on balls: Off Taylor. 1: oft Leever 1
Struck out: By Taylor. 3: " by Leever,' 3.'
Two-base hit: Strang. Double play: Nea
lon. unaaslsted. Hlta: Off TayJor, 1 in eight
innings. Time. . 1:26. -..Umpires; Emslie
and Klem.
Staadlna of the Teams.
Won. Ixist. P t.
73 .r 30 .7
63 .- 35 .643
U . 3H
47 ..i- 66 , .4x1
- 46 68 . 437
41 . ; 68 .414
.39 66 .3,6
34 68 .US
rg at New York.
Chicago ..103
New York Its
Pittsburg ........... 99
Philadelphia h'i
Cincinnati Ui
. . .-. m
Bt. Lou la
uit-iufiaii .1 x-iiuBbueipiiia. i.nicago at
UrouKlyn, Et. Lou1 at Boston.
Chlcaao' llaa Mock the Best of
Beaajr laager.
INDIANAPOLIS. Aug. 10 Kid Hermann
of Chicago waa given the decision over
enny anger in a glove contest tonight
af the end of the tenth round, before u
people at the Base Ball park. The condi
tions of the match' were ten rounds, one
arm free In clinches. Both men were under
the neceesary 133 pounds.
Hermann continued infighting tactics
throughout the contest. Frequent clinches
and hard hitting characterised the bout.
1 anger, though fighting back bard, waa
against the runes in -the final round, and
the decision of Referee Abe pollock met
with favor Hermann was a 1 to i favorite
In the betting
Hermann forced 'the fighting in the first
and second rounds, .getting close to his
man and hammering at the ribs. Honors
were even In the third, which was charac
tertied by hard, fast fighting bv both men.
In the fourth, however, two hard left hooks
to the head saook Yanger considerably.
Both men were swinging wildly when the
hell rang. Yanger fought cautiously In the
fifth round and In the sixth forced the
fighting, reaching Hermann with left and
right on the body and again with tils riant
to the riba
He fully held 'his own in-' the seventh,
whloh was full of hard fighting, but In the
eighth ' Hermann'! continual pounding of
V anger s rlt began to have its effects and
the little Italian slowed considerably
Yanger (uughi hard la the ninth aad lentil.
Shoe Snaps (or
Men's Tan Shoes and Oxfords, four dollar
values for
Ladles' Tan Shoes and Oxlords, three dollar J
values for -
Misses' Patent or Vici Kid Ox- Of p
fords, one seventy-five value 0 .
Barefoot Sandals, soft and
ScvcntHlve Pairs White Kid Oxfords, three
fifty values f or
Double Green Tradlna Stamps Saturday
On fill Oxfords
Bennett's Bi Grocery
kv a Pride of Bennetrs Flour, sack S1.80
And Forty Green Trading Stamps.
Java and Mocha Coffee, three pounds. .fl.OO
-And Fifty Green Trading Stamps.
Teas, all kinds, pound arte
And Fifty Green Trading Stamps.
Pure Ground Black Pepper, can 12c
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Diamond 8 Fruits, can ..23c
And Thirty Green Trading Stamps.
California Ripe Olives, bottle 10c
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
iieautuarltrs tor Deet values new iora v-ream luwho.
pound " 20c
And Ten Green Trading 6tamps.
Oedneys Bc Pickles, bottle 15c
German Noodles, large package 16c
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Batter direct from best dairies dally.
Pint bottles sparkling Ginger Ale 10c
Dosen fl.lS
Coco Velvet Soap, six bars for V;
Two sacks pure Salt 10c
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Chow Chow Pickles, quart 15c
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Small 8weet Pickles, quart 20c
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
U need a Biscuits, four packages 15c
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Pure Honey, large jar ........25c
And Thirty Green Trading Stamps.
Jell-O, assorted, three packages 25c
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Wiggle Stick Bluing, six sticks .25c
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Blood of Grape, quart bottle .BOc
And Thirty Green Trading Stamps.
Sweet Eating Chocolate, 5c package Zc each; 2 for. . . .5c
Chocolate Frapplee, assorted flavors, pound box. ...... .85c
And Twenty Green Trading Stamps.
choice, pound
Fresh dressed Roosters, pound..... .8 He
100 pairs Toung Mutton Legs, from yearlings, pound.. 7 He
Mutton Loin Chops, pound 10c
Veal Shoulder Roast, four pounds for 7.25c
Veal Sew, six pounds for.... ... .25c..
Pot Roast Beef, from the shoulder, pound 7c and 5c
Hams Beat grades Cudahy's Diamond C, Armour's
Star 10 to 12 pounds average, pound 15Hc
Lrmit one to a customer.
but In the latter round received a hard
left on the chin that sent him to the ropes.
The men were fighting hard at close quar
ters when time was called.
Earaa and Hunter Will Meet In 'lie
Finals Today.
CHICAGO. Aug. 10.-H. Chandler Egan of
Exmoor and Robert E. Hunter of Mid
lothian will fight It out tomorrow for
ItossAHslon of the Mayflower cup, chief
trophy In the open golf amateur tournu
ment being played at Onwentsia. This con
dition waa brought about today by Egan's
victory over Orrln V Potter of Midlothian
and Hunter's over W. F. Clow of On
wentsia. The feature of the Semi-finals today was
the contest between Egan and Potter, the
lHtter losing by one down after the battle
had been extended over twenty holea. Pot
ter gave the former national champion a
battle all the way, losing only when he
failed to lay hla approach shot on the
twentieth green. Egan holed out In three,
while the best Potter could do was 4.
In the other match in semi-finals Hunter
defeated Clow 3 up, 3 to play.
Scores In Hamilton Golf f'np Series.
Play for the Hamilton handicap cup on
the Field club courts last night resulted as
McConnell beat Martin, default.
Pu Frene beat Buck, 6-4, 6-1. ,
Collctt beat Ralney. 7-f3, 6-4.
Scrlbner beat A. Potter. 1-6. 6-4. 6-3.
Chumhers beat Dougherty, 7-6, 4-6. 8-6.
W. Hlllls beat Armstrong, 6-1, 6-1.
Hughes beat Neeley, 8-6, 6-8.
Jaques beat West, 6-3, 6-2.
Piny today begins at !:), when the fol
lowing matches come off:
McConnell plays Dufrene.
Collett plays Scribner. '
Chambers plays W. Hlllis..
Hughes plays Jaques.
The winners of these matches will be in
the setnl-flnals, which will also be played
Sporting- Brevities.
And Muggsy hasn't brayed since.
It really begins to look as If the Na
tional league had the right man for presi
dent. Kansas City, with all Its speedy men,
made but one run against Columbus with
twelve hlta
Lelfleld got his from the Oiants Thurs
day. Four hits In one Inning, and then
Clarke sent him to the stable. .
Another one of those star first bsse
plays with a three-base throw cost Omaha
the game at Lincoln Thursday.
The Lincoln Associated Press man moat
'have weakened, for In his account, of the
omana-Ljncoin game inursday he sent a
report of hut 9n0 people being at the game.
It's a hundred to one shot that Mr.
Strang won't request Mr. Pulltam for a
continuation of the correspondence. Pui
I Urn's letter must have com before Thurs
day's game, for Its recipient only made
ihra. errors.
Lundgren not being a hot weather
pitcher, It Is announced that PfeiBter Is to
now make up the other member of the big
four regular pitchers of Chicago. That
will make Brown, Taylor, Pfeister and
Ruelbach the regulara.
The rive straight games which the White
Sox ttfok from the Phillies nearly Jarred
Connie Mack out of first place. It is now
up to Commie to hand the same package
to Clark Or! frith, and then the White Box
will be right in the running.
The Nebraska State Golf association will
hold Its tournament at the Omaha Country
club August 16, and the names should be
sont to Frank Hoel, at Thirteenth end
Iavenworth streeta, before that time, al
though entries will be received at the first
BOISE, Idaho. Aug. 10 William Henry
Hicks Bond was hanged today at the state
penitentiary fur the murder of Charles Daly
In this city October 6. The execution
of Rudolph Welter, the ngjrderer of Christ
Long and L. 1). Wall, waa expected to take
place at the same time, but at the eleventh
hour Governor Gooding granted Wetter a
reprieve until October 1. Bond s crime was
one of the most brutal m the history of the
atate. With the help of Mra. Jennie Daly
he murdered bar husband. Cbarlea Daly.
Saturday Bayers
scriptioiYS The right place for
having your prescrip
tions properly filled.
Acouraoy In filling,
purity of Ingredients,
promptness, right
3. E. Cor. Main Floor.
Bring them to our
optician, he'll test 'em
without cost and sell
perfect - fitting glasses
-that'll relieve eye
strain - and save you
' money.
jlan Who Catches Hotels on Bogus Drafts
Slips Up at Murray.
Attemps to Cash Paper at That
Hostelry, bat Clerk Ken.
yon Fails to Be
Taken In.
The hotels of Omaha have Just received
a card from the Koehler hotel at Grand
Island asking them to be on the lookout
for one F. W. Wilson, who had succeeded
in working the clerk of the Koehler out
of 385 on a forged draft.
It appears that Wilson had not only beat
the Koehler hotel out of 385, but that a
short while previous he had succeeded In
playing the same game on the Hotel Wat
son at Nebraska City and then included
the Grand hotel at Council Bluffs in hla
Itinerary to the tune of 386, and also worked
off a worthless (125 draft on the Manhattan
club rooms at Council Bluffs. Then Mr.
Wilson dropped out of sight as far as
Council Bluffs was concerned. July iS
Wilson appeared in Omaha and registered
at the Murray. The next day being Bun
day Wilson suavely approached Clerk Ken
yon and asked him to cash a draft for 3K6.
Mr. Ken yon was a little auspicious of the
draft and found an excuse not to cash the
paper because of lu being Sunday, but
would see about it the next day Monday.
During the afternoon Wilson made a pre
tense that he had to go to Kansas City
Immediately and took up the draft and haa
since been absent from Omaha.
Wilson claimed to be traveling for a re
cently established house at Crawfords
vllle, Ind., and was opening up a new ter
ritory for the firm. He was a pleasing,
attractive fellow, dressed in a dark suit,
straw hat, slender, smooth shaven, about
five feet ten Inches In height, welgh'ng
probably 150 pounds and was about 35
years of age.
A party answering Wilson's description
was arrested at Council Bluffs Tuesday
afternoon, but later Investigations proved
that he was not the man wanted. It now
appears Wilson worked his game in this
state and Iowa some time between July
Z& and August 1 or 2. He was In Omaha
July 29. The Nebraska City forgery oc
curred the following day. On August 1 he
turned the trick at Council Bluffs, and the
notification from Grand Island Indicates
that he must have been there either Just
before reaching or after leaving Omaha.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Aug. 10.-tSpeclal Tel
egramsThe Beatrice authorities are look
ing for F. W. Wilson, a noted forger, who
recently operated in Nebraska City, Grand
Island and other towns In the state. He
visited Beatrice Isst week and succeeded
in passing two forged drafts amounting to
too at two hotels here. He claims to be
traveling for a manufacturing concera at
Crawfordsvllle. Ind.
Salt for lstarasw.
Foster C. Hennion and V. W. Chapman
have begun suit against R. C. Peter
Co. to recover the value of a I2,0ii0 policy
on a barn owned by Chapman
which was destroyed by fire September 13.
16, sfter the Insurance hsd expired. In
surance was carried on the barn In a com
pary of which the defendant company la
agent. Chanman claim, he innniio
Patera A Co. to renew the policy, but, aa
Fruit Specials
For SitnrtUj Oclj
Fancy Table Peaches
Nioe, juicy Lemons
dozen; ., 20c
Sweet Valencia Oran-
New Potatoes, while
they last, C
per peok IJC
While Supply Lasts.
In the Grocery Dept.
Art Specials
Pyrgr,phv! Pjrfrphjl
$1.00 large Photo Box, 65c
40c Glove and itandkerchief Boxes, 25 C
30c Picture Frames, lC
20o Panels, ovals and squares, 15 C
Picture Framing
Prices and ideas are right.
Second Floor
Reserve Club, a good 6c
sr:: -rr 25c
Fifty for fl.25.
La Crono, an Imported 6c
?r:'..e,!h! 25c
Fifty for fl.50.
At Peace, a good Cigar,
packed twelve In 25(5
And Five Green Trading
Stamps. -
A genuine Pittsburg Stogie,
long filled, hand made,
one hundered g 50
And Thirty Green Trading
' Stamps.
Genuine Havana Cigar Clip
pings, one-half ")A
pound .UC
. And Five Green Trading
Cigars for 26c a box
and up.
they had severed their connection with
the Insurance company they did not do
so. He assert they should be held re
sponsible for the damage. Hennlon's In
terest in the case arises from the fact he
loaned Chapman a sum of money on the
barn with the understanding It was to
be kept Insured.
Delegate to International Convention
Tarry In Omaha a Quest
of Brethren.
The official train bearing the eastern
members of the Typographical union and
the members of their families arrived at
Union station at 8 o'clock, an hour after
the expected time, aa the train waa de
layed Just east of the bridge. The train
came in over the Rock Island and con
tained 194 people. A committee from the
local union met the delegates in Iowa and
accompanied them to this city, where they
were met by another delegation from the
Commercial club and one from the local
union. A slight shower greeted them Just
as they pulled Into the station, but that
soon passed away and they were taken In
five trolleys for a trip over the city, after
which the men were taken to Labor temple,
where refreshments were served, and the
women were taken back to the deoot,
where the wives of the local printers had
prepared refreshments for them. At 6:40
all again assembled at Union station,
where photograph of the delegates and the
train were taken and at 6 o'clock the train
pulled out over the Rock Island for Colo
rado Springs.
The Omaha delegates to the convention
are Colonel T. W. McCuIlough and John
Assistant Enalaeer Resigns After
Score of Year In Service of
Assistant City Engineer George W. Craig
has submitted his resignation to City Engi
neer Rosewater, to be made effective aa
soon aa satisfactory arrangements can be
Mr. Craig has not decided whether he
will establish himself in an independent
engineering business In Omaha or accept
one of two attractive offers. One of the
latter would take him to Minneapolis. He
grew up with the city engineering depart
ment In a score of ytars of service and
rose from the lowest position to assistant
engineer, which place he has held for a
number of years. His desire to leave the
department la actuated both by superior
opportunities and emolument awaiting him
In other fields, and recent annoyances and
aggravations which the department has
suffrrcd at the hands of the democratic
city council.
Talk In Volunteer Meeting Land
Frank A. Gordon In the
City Jail.
F ank A. Gordon, actuated by a desire to
reform, stood up In the meeting of the
Volunteers of America al 117 North Fif
teenth street about T o'clock last night and
confessed to having committed a burglary
some time ago In Shenandoah, la. Gordon
further confeased that for years he had led
the life of a professional criminal, baving
"done time" In several of the penitentiaries.
After the meeting in a talk with Captain
Store Closes
Our New Fall Suits, $10, $12.50 and
$15 Suits Have No Equal
ft i 1
u m i
L 1
Meia's, Younjf Men's and Boys'
Pyjamas 20 Off
4.60 Pyjamas...... S3.60
$3.00 Pyjamas........... S2.40
2.00 Pyjamas..... .......$1.60
11.00 ' Pyjamas, r. . ........ .80c
Country Club soft collars, worth
40c, with every shirt from $1.00
and upwards.
Collars attached shirts, from $3
down to................ SOc
Mohair Shirts at. .BOc
And Ten Green Trading Stamps
76c and 60c Underwear, bargain
square 26c
H. Smith of the Volunteers he consented to
be taken to the police station, where he Is
being held pending advice from Shenandoah.
District Conrt Will Deride Whether
Sheriff Can Famish the
The county board. In committee of the
whole, took up the question of boarding
prisoners at the county Jail Friday morn
ing and decided to submit to the Judges
of the district court a query as to whether,
under the rules made by the Judges, Sherjff
McDonald can furnish supplies by requisi
tion on the board. The meeting was In
response to Sheriff McDonald's communica
tion asking that the board furnish the sup
plies for the Jail and allow him the present
price of 35 cents a day for feeding the pris
oners. Under the resolution of the board
passed laat January the 35 cents was to
include bath the feeding of prisoners and
the supplies.
Judge Kstelln waa present at the meeting
and promised to take the matter up with
the Judges as soon as they can be gotten
County Baatlle Overflowed a Far
Back aa Thirty-Nine
Year Ago.
That complaint of the crowded condition
I of the county Jail is not of recent origin
is shown by an ancient grand Jury report
dug up In a search of the records of the
district clerk's office. The report was
dated July IS, 1867, and is believed to have
been the first after the state waa admitted.
It deplored the crowded conditions at the
Jail and the resulting bad ventilation and
recommended changes to better the con
dition of the prisoners. In this respect It
Is very much like the last grand Jury re
port, which was submitted last May. The
report waa signed by James Crelghton as
foreman. George G. Lake was Judge of
the district court.
No City Department In Touch with
Gas Proposition Since Inspec
torship 1 Gone.
CItixen are wondering where they are to
transact business with the city regarding
gas street lighting and other gaa matters.
Since the gas inspector's office was abol
ished by the council to hoist John C. Lynch
out of the place no municipal department
has anything to do with the gas proposition.
It ensure! an enjoyable, inWjor
atlng bath ; maet every pore
respond, removes dead skin,
start tht circulation, and leaves a
flow equal to a Turkish bath.
It! !3
Saturday at 10 P. M.
Last call for these Two-Piece
Suits Men's and boys'
$20.00 ones, at $9,93
$12.50 ones, at $6.98
$10.00 ones, at $198
$8.00 ones, at . $3.93
$5.00 ones, at $2.48
$4.00 ones, at 1.98
Clioice of any boy 8' "Wash Suit
in the house sold up to $4.95,
at 95c
Knee Trousers Our fall line
is ready, Knickerbockers and
Buster Browns, $1.50, $1.00,
75c, 50c and........" 25c
Dutchess Trousers 10c a but
ton, $1.00 a rip.
$5.00 Odd Trousers, at. .$2.50
Boys' long' grousers, $1.(K),
.$1.50 and ........... . . $2.00
Men's and boys' Black Satin Shrrts,
worth $1.34, at fl.OO
Men's and boys' Black Satin Shirts,
worth $1.00, at. 75c
Men's and boys' Black Satin Shirts,
-worth 76c, at BOc
All Straw Hats from 60c and up
at half price. This Includes men's,
boys', and children's. -
$T.60 Panamas, at ...3.75
$6.00 Leghorns, at 92.50
$2.60 Panamas, at $1.25
As a result all matters of the kind have
come to the city electrician, who has no
power or authority In the premises. Com.
pMlnts about gns lampa being out or re
quests to have post changed to other loca
tions fall by the wayside at the city hall,
for there la no one to receive them. Not
withstanding this condition a noticeable
Improvement In street lighting and better
ment of the quality of gaa has been com
mented on .during the last month. ,
I'nlon Laundry Ones Ahead.
The Union laundry, organised by union
men sometime ago wlien differences
between the owners and employes of the
Globe and Garrett laundries threatened to
complete elimination of union launrirlis
from Omaha, Is now In active operation.
It has quarters in a part of the building
at the southwest corner of Fifteenth unj
Jackson streets, formerly occupied by the
Sunderland Roofing and 8upply pompany.
The Labor Advocate haa taken quarlera In
the sunie building with the laundry, and
has moved Ite pinnt there.
Kaasaa City, few, niasoarl
J "' .
s 41 . r
This magnificent hotel baa 200
tlful rooms and la located at 11th and
McOee streeta In the shopping distrloU
Only half a block from the aanory.
Bird,. Thayer dry goods store; near all
the theaters.
100 Private Baths.
Telepaoaee la All Booaae. Mo aad
Cold stunning- Water la Bvary Boom.
Unaaoslled Cafe. Verfec C Ulrica. Club
JBreakfaarta and Table D'Hote Dlanara
Barred la Oafs. Bates 91 a Say aad
Bnropean Flaa
Reservations may be made by tele
graph at our expense.
T. A. BXVfJOST, Kaaagsx.
HVhen in Chicago!
a i op ai a do
Stratford Hotel
European Plan
Refined, Elegant, Quiet. Located ear
ner ol city a two finest boulevards,
convenient to entire business center.
Close to best theatres snd shopping
district 15 rooms, ISO private bttttiss
luxurious writing snd reception rooms;
woodwork mahogany throughout; brass
beda and all modara comforts; telephone
is every room; beautiful dining rooms-
in best or everything at moderate pmca.
t acicnigan ana ecKsoa Diva., uucsfto
nwai'i'ii" .ma, i iiiiii