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Telephone Douglas 6 IS.
In Saturday's Final Clearing Sale, commencing at 9:00 mil, 25c yard.
The most fashionable dressers have selected their summer gown or party, dress from
these materials. There has been a brisk selling since early in the season consequently there
is not a great quantity, as we never start tli3 season with carried overs, we have made this
low price in order to effect a quick clearing. : Attend early. Main floor.
Dainty New Gloves.
Gloves of pleasing qualities. In the sea
son's newest styles and colorings. Plenty
of sises In svery sort. " We're not Just out
of the glove you want." You will find no
better stock than ours no matter where
you go.
Just received, Kayser lisle gloves. In black
and white only, special value at $1 a pair.
IB-Inch Kayser silk gloves, In black and
whit only, K per pair.
Special value, long silk mitts In black,
white and green, ti per pair.
Kayser silk gloves In two-button lengths,
all the popular shades, Including the new
browns and tans, 50c, 75c, II and per
Long kid gloves, from the best makers
only, In white and gray, tan, green, navy
and new brown shades, 3 and 13.50 per pair.
Main floor. (
Women's Gowns Special for
These, gowns represent the Thompson,
Belden ft Co. standard of quality, are per
fectly finished and cut full,, width and
Women's gowns of fine nainsook, with
square neck and short sleeves, prettily
trimmed with embroidery.
Wowen's gowns of fine long cloth, with
round neck and elbow sleeves, prettily
trimmed with embroidery,
Second floor. ....
Men's UnderWeaT' at RedUCed
As the summ r season ncars an end the
stccks become more and more broken. To
make it of special Interest for you to buy
inderwear now we havs taken several of
Excitable Persons Much Disturbed Gjsr
Letter Containing an Invocation.
Protestant Episcopal Circles Agitated
Over Matter Which Purports
to Have Authority of Bishop
of Massachusetts. '
BOSTON, Aug. 10. So much annoyance
has been caused to Rt. Rev,. William Law
rence, Episcopal bishop of Massachusetts,
by the flood of letters which has been pour
ingjln for several months regarding the so-
called "endless chain of prayers," which
was alleged to have been started by him,
that the bishop has found It necessary to
Issue denial that he Is connected with this
matter: t ' '.
The endless chain of prayer, said to hav
been written by Bishop Lawrence, Is a
hoax. Rlshop Lawrence of Massachusetts
never wrote it and knows notnlng about it.
It Is the work of some demented or mis
chievous person.
A dental that such a scheme had been
started by any church official or dignitary
was prominently published In all the Epis
copal church papers, as well as In the local
secular papers in many cities. The church
officials also sent to Episcopal clergymen
throughout the country a letter describing
the hosx. Despite this, however, there Is
scarcely a day when Bishop Lawrence do-s
not receive letters containing Inquiries con
cerning It.
Letters have came from Florida, Texas
and northwestern states and points In
Canada, while only this week a query re
garding it was received by Bishop Law
rence from Purls, France.
Misfortune la Threatened
The prayer begins with an Invocation for
divine mercy on all mankind and. says It
was sent by Bishop Lawrence, who recom
mended it to be sent to -nine persons. Mis
fortune was threatened to whomsoever
failed to send It. On the other hand, ItS
promises that "he who will rewrite this
prayer will be delivered from every caJam-
: J
The Inquiries concerning the endless chain
tnd comments on it which have been re
ceived by I) I i hop Lawrence and by church
ind secular papers Indicate that the tears
The little fellows ncrer have too many Wash Suits. We hare about
200 Sailor and- Russian Styles, (or ages to years mm
$1.25. 11.50, 11.75 and $2.00 qualities 7Ml
Saturday, choice i....''
, Shoes! Shoes! Shoos!. Shoos! Shoes!
Bom of Oar Best tow "boos BtUl teft. Ksaa Tbtse prtoes. Oood TU1 10
r. at. Bataraayi
Mlcsea' Pine Sua Metal Oxfords, In
button the titaj ooea (
,.. a.
Misses' Fine Patent Colt Welt Ox-
lurus tue tpeckal
alisses' Pine Patent Colt. Turn Boles-
.'..1J.r.n!'. $1.75
Misses' Tine Kid Welt Oxfords In
ulbson Ties, welt soles and turn
soles tne fi.26 ones
Toung Ladles' White Canvas, Welt,
tiioeon nos the li.Sa oces ( CA
Parasols and Umbrellas, $1.98 Each.
A few fancy Silk Parasols and Colored Silk Umbrellas left after a
busy season's selling. Parasols That sold up to $10.00; Umbrellas that
sold up to $5.00, Saturday night your choice at $1.98.
Remember there ars not many In this lot tfnd they are not exchange
able. -
Main Floor.
Wash Goods
Another one of those popular Saturday night sales of Wash Goods.
Included la this lot arc 811k Mulls that sold at 30c; Dimities that sold
at 25c; Chiffon Tissues that sold at 40c; Embroidered Walstlng that
sold at 40c all go on sale
In Basement. '
- ' Men's Underwear, 12V.C a Garment.
If you need an extra garment or suit of underwear to finish the sea-'
son with, now is your opportunity. Saturday night we will place on .
special sale a line of Balbrlggan Underwear, Shirts and Drawers well
finished throughout, a good value for 26c, nearly all sizes at 12 Ho
garment. '".
Main Floor.
our regular lines and marked them at a
greatly reduced price. .
Men's "crepe knit" underwear, regular
price 50c, reduced to 25c a garment.'
Men'S ribbed or rlnln balbrlggan, regular
price 50c, reduced to 36c each, or three gar-
ments for $1.
Men's "poros knit" underwear, lets your
body' breathe,' regular price 80c, reduced to
We close evenings at 5 o'clock, except Saturday at 9:30.
Howard Street,
of many persons have been so worked) upon
by the- mention of "dreadful aeefdent" as
the penalty for falling to comply with the
conditions of the scheme that they have not
only aided In the spread of the pray.;r, but
have felt great terror lest they might meet
with misfortune. One of the most striking
letters regarding the -matter was received
by, the editor; of a Montreal paper from a
correspondent In British Columbia. This
correspondent wrote as follows: ;
I inclose you a copy. of. a letter (the en
IVsif chain tetter) with which the United
States and Canadian malls are flncded. I
received the seventh today and have re
aolred to give the matter publicity. One of
my lady correspondents suys she Is "sick
with fear" because her husband would not
let her follow the directions In the letter
she. received of the kind and she was so
afraid that some calamity would befall her
self or family that she has disobeyed him
and written secretly nln letters and sent
h.m nft to manv different parties, my
self being one of the victims, thus placing ,
nine others under me -ran 01 m i-msr. i improved tne attendance at seaside resorts,
n slw calls It, If they do not likewise I but the most Important deve.opment In the
am sending a copy of the letter that Is ( business world was tlie Increased activity
pausing so much discussion to leading news- , o( Jobbing and wholesale departments 111
nupers In Csnada and hore the mntter will t preparing (or autumn and winter rrquire
lm so widely discussed that it will put a ! menu Crop reports are all tnat couid bo
top to such sacrilege. , . 1 desired, harvest and crop returns surpass-
1 j Ing all hut the most sanguine expectation.
ut-n willow nit 1TV
Aa-rv on County Attorney, but Splt
I Splt
, Te,e-
on Rest of Ticket.
M'COOK. Neb., Aug. 1ft. (Special
gram.) The democrats of Red
J. Cryan for president and ex-Congressman
Phnller berger for goyeinor. ,
The populists met in Indlanola today also,
but failed to fufe. The populists nominated
C. II. Boyle for county attorney, the demo
cratic' nominee. A preacher by the name
of Hart Is their nomine for representative
and C. W. low for commissioner.'''
DIAMONDS frenxei.' isth and Dodga '
Card of Thank. 7 -
W wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude
to our friends for the kindness and sym
pathy shown us during the recent; Illness
snd death of our beloved husband and son,
Charles J. Rlti. as well as for the beautiful
floral offerings setit by them.
DIAMONDS Edbolm. Mth ami Hanisy.
Misses' White CajiTaa, Weit,CSIhbn
lies the H.75 ones s. '!:
at ....
Children's Whne Canvas Gibson Tls
the H Si enes Jl 8
Children's Taa . Welt Oxfords-font
form shap-tbt also and QA
I1J6 ooeui SaJiuday. J1.2& and
Children's Kid Gibson Ties ribbon
lacea the H.aO and U.33 Aft
ones at ll.U and I.V
Barefoot Sandals In boys' and girls'
and tiuuts iwltea, were tZ'JO. 1 jo.
91. tna si iu. sccoraing u
aise now,, SI 00 and..
Odds and Eiids Barefoot.
county met In convention in Indlanola this . teve, tlf Hl eommodlt e, reflects the cheap-' " ' . h effort to down Berge and se-
sfternoon and placed ticket In nomlna-! enlng of farm products on account of tne I light In the northwest corner and Jnot ", ,'VLT. i f I M
tlnn as follows- Renresentatlve TEphnlm Ml crops. Halfway earnings In July were immediately it seemed that the whole west r ,ne nomination or. a democrat ..or
BcnlamlJ of McCook couJ Ty wn " 1 12 r l"r-r ,hn 1"f,,. ?r' ?d r?Il M -Prang Into flames. He started for "vernor. This insistence upon the no.alna-
Bcnjamln or mciook. county auorno. , elgn commprcP at tni, port alone for the . " a,arm tlon of a democrat was voiced by the mayor
Charles H. Boyle of MeCook; county com- ; iat week shows gains of $V2-3.M In ex- th' m'n floor to turn in an alarm and Hitchcock and met, with in-
missloner. James Ponrieily of Indlanola. ports snd al.0Mi.8T4 In Imports over the same had jujt arrived there when, the f)re ap- " D hTi t - -iVJi - r
. .,.,, a spii in iQtif. K. . 1 tnuftiaam. Berge had not a . single sup-
Resolutions were passed endorsing William "19,f-.. . ,w., In Pratus arrived on the scene. Lrt , ,k -hi. 7
5c a Yard.
Sic each, or three garments for II.
Men's ribbed white lisle, ver fine and
elastic, regular "price 75c, reduced to 50c
Every man's union suit In the house st
reduced price. As we sell only the best
makes it will pay you to attend this sale. .
Main floor.
Corner Sixteenth.
. ECiaased. Aotivitj ia Wholesale Trade in
Winter Good
1 to
and Steel
Maintain Phenomenal ' He-
. aalta-Jtallnay . Earnings
. Increase. 1 ' . '.'
NKW YORK, Aug. 10 R. G. Dun & Co.'S
Weekly Review of Trade tomorrow will
In some sections the intense heat facll-
itated retail trade In summer goda and
Mercantile collections might be more
Hompi St some eastern poln s. D tneay -
eruge is wen mainiainea oy aiscoutiLea diiih
st the west and south. Manufacturing news
1st the west and south. Manufacturing news
' Vi8 of 001. Purees, the li on and
: "mi ' Wy .omenl,fi'r uV
Prices prevail In the foot wear Industry and
t'nited States, against 222 last year, and 13
in Canada, compared with IS a year ago.
Pall Trade Opens Actlrely.and All
Partorles Are Basyt
NEW YORK, Aug. 10 Bradslreet's to
morrow will say:
Fall trade has opened actively, the first
rush of house buying being noted at ail
iarge centers east and west. - free ami
confident buying of dry goods. boots,
shoes, clothing and kindred articles is
reported from all western and south
western points, and Aral and . second
hands at the east report business of full
ments have been mainly favorable. Heavy
rains have affected some lines of retail
trade at the west, checked spring whet
cutting at some points, and Injured the
quality rather than the quantity of winfir
wheat In stocks; but on thi other hand,
neded moisture has heen received by
corn and enough, has been secured to
sure maturity at most points. Only the
btst reports come from tha southern corn
ciop, and cotton has been . Improved by
the cessation of heavy rains in the south
Atlantic states.
Industry is active as seldom, 1f evr
before, and the only subject of cemplalnt
herein is the scarcity of labor available,
This complaint, however. Is prartically
cc untry-wide, despite the enormuus past
and present Immigration. Ftrikes ar
more numerous but effects are localised.
mand for a .midsummer perlodr building
and building materials, though less act I. '4
at New York, shows few signs of a M-up
at the west, where records of previous
years have been broken. Railway earn-
inns continue heavy, a gain of 12 per
iron uu enn orr. in u 1 ..- "
cnt being Indicated for July over a year
no. and hank clearing, wnun siiKnuy
below last week are much In of
last year.
Business failures In the t'nited Stares
for the week ending August 9. numbr
Its." egalnst'170 last week. 1 In the
like -week of 10KJ 1(1 in and i0
In isnl '
In Canada failures for the week number
19, aa against 19 last week and In (nla
week a year ago.
Wheat.-twinning flour, exports from the
t'nited States and Canada forthe week
ending Auguat 9, are !.22.9! againt
l9R.02-o bu. last week,. S5,0f2 bu this
nlr tnat vlr 1 1.SI)9 bu. 'in '11)4 and
a ma :ci .hu. In 1IA1 '
For the past six week of the fiscal
year the exports sre i-,it'".zss ou., ' nuirnins. oomf or inn rers were
against 6.i8.645 bu. In 105. 7 MK.7J1 bu. loaded and some partlslly loaded.
In li and 41.844 0 bu. in l!ftl. Cern B vi.n...- nlah, ..,.h ,h-
nport! for the w eek are l.i.3a,. hu.. ! B eithaus ss night wstchman at the
Bflnt f.i'H.14 last week. l.l;.44l.jl year . Diets yard. He could not b located Frl-sgo-and
695. JO bu. In 1. ' For he , dav morqlng. The rumor st the ysrd wss
s"5 V"V..,rB.d" oVir'n'i'.os6; h
t m.Hl bu In 1904. I hut Secretary Dunn stated that so far as
MoCa lar-Sr ha fer.
Tha wedding of Harold T. McCilg and
Mlsa Helen I Schafer .toqk place Thurs
day evening at the Saints" church at 1:30
o'clock. Elder Charles Fry officiating. The
Imrrh waa decorated with Dslma and
aiflowera and well filled with Hie invited
Be, Aug. 10. 1906.
Special Corset Sale Saturday.
The various lots are growing smaller.
Particular makes of -certain . sises have
daily dropped out of the procession, but
Still plenty of makes left on which sav
ings average half the usual prices. No
make with full ' sises. This sale Includes
all, the standard makes in summer corsets,
on which half price are rare exceptions;
all In white; best for all occasions.
"W. B.," "R. A a.." "Kabo." "Thomp
son's - Glove Fitting," "Warner's Rust
Proof," "C. Q. a It Spirits" and "J. B."
at 75c. reduced from fl.60 each.
At.Cvc each all eur 11.00 corsets.
At each .all our 00 corsets.
At '11.85 each all Our 12 60 corsets.
At li ft) each all our.- $3.00 corsets.
At 12.00 each all our $4.00 corsets.
Your pick of these splendid corsets
one-half price. ,v , ',
Second floor. ..
Women' j Knitted Underwear.
Tha lines are. broken, sises are missing
hers and there, the special. prices for Sat
urday should sell every garment.
$1.00 and 85c Swiss ribbed lisle and mer
cerized vests, low-neck, sleeveless, Saturday
5oo each. ' v .-.
60c Bno ribbed vests. In white or blue,
Saturday 86c, or "three for 11.00.
11.00 fine ribbed drawers, lace trimmed
umbrella knees, Saturday 60o each.
50o ribbed drawers, knee length, both
umbrella and' tight knee, Saturday 35c, or
three for $1.00. i
$1.00 union stilts, hand finished, low neck.
sleeveless, knee length, tight knee, Batrur-
day 60c -per suit '
$1.50 fine lisle union suits, sise 4 only,
low neck, sleeveless, knee length, tight
knee. Saturday 75c per suit. .
Main floor. - . . - .
guests. Mr. MeCaig is In tha employ, of
the Nebraska Telephone company, having
charge ;of the ifachey station.' . The bride
Is the; adopted,, -daughter, of Frank . R.
8chafer7 Who.'ls also -In the employ of
the telephone chlripany and Is president of
the local .organization of , the Reorganised
Latter Day Salma!"ciurch, .Mr. and Mrs.
McCaig I'ff, for 'Morado1 Friday morning,
where., thqy V(ll,,ralB two' weeks. They
will be bx homw latter -September IS at 2818
Cass, strfc. 'JJ-"A - ,
Estimates ot Diets. Lumber
OtuDafcr ILo-ss ' Prove -.
'" Correct. ' '
The first . estimates of tha loss In the
Diets. Lumber ,;COmpny fire prove to be 1 aspect of the matter Is was not decided,
correct., via.; From $160.0nfl. to $130,000, fully j hut Hitchcock used the opportunity to push
covered by insurance. . There was prac- I through a resolution of double-barreled sr.
tlcally nothing saved from the Immense chltecture, whereby all proxies at the cau
stock of lumber and In addition ten freight ' cus were recognised, but at Lincoln ab
cars standing on the .sidetracks were cpn- i sentees are to be voted by. the -majority
turned. ., , . , . . , . ! of the delegation. This motion was adopted
The origin of the blase Is still, shrouded I
. , , ,
i """j ts '"i nun,
I the story of a kettlenian working on the
I the story of a kettlenian working on the'11'64 "V Hitchcock to. count the noses .by
, top floor of Jhe Mp,m BreWng company, . aecxet JJRllot on a preference for governor.
foiractly overlooking U,e scene of ,h. fire. , Hitchcock said .this was the proper p
j According ,to this man s story he happened dme Douglas county a position In a clear
Mr. Faulkner, the engineer, who was hurt,
is reported, to be dolng nlcely at his home
and no serious results are expected.
The fire Is still burning briskly. Chief
Salter stated Friday it would be several
days before the hose would be taken off.
Practically everything has been destroyed.
The salvsge will be comparatively insignl
flcant . Workmen will begin as soon as possible
to clear away the debris with a view to
reconstruction of the yard. The Diets
company holds a long-time lease from the
Burlington Railroad company, owners of
the property, and the Intentions are to re-
I Pn a soon as possible
C. N. Diets, president of the company. Is
sojourning at Poland Borings, Me. Efforts
were made to communicate with him over
long-distance telephone Friday morning.
The fire will not affect the company's
business to any great extent; as rush orders
were -sent Friday morning, and the other
local lumber companies will assist In filling
current orders. Tha Diets company has
considerable lumber In transit. The fire
did not affect the. records, all of which sara
j tne
, "ireer.
general office at 1M4 Parnam
The destroyed lumber yard was one of
the most complete In the west. The yard
, . . . . . , . .
i ""-' -- ieei ainng Lesvenworin street
j from Fourth to Third street and extended
(mo ft south of Ieavenwnrth street. There
.f . .i.-.. 7V, . .
i r""r K" sheds. TS0 feet each, and
'be alleys In the yard were all planked.
The yard had three traoka. with a capacity
of nearly 100 cars. The new ysrd was built
this year snd had only been occupied a
rhort while. : The stock was all new.
The Diets company carried a generat
stock of building material and has been in
business here twenty-five years. The fire
of Friday morning was the third th com
pany has had. During 1?87 the .company
sustslned a loss of Kivo In Its yard at
Thirteenth snd Callf-rn!a streets, the
origin then being spsrks from an engine.
The other fire wss of small nnsequenre.
Ten box csrs wre destroyed In the fire
he knew Nelthatis had not been looked for
Stall.. Oould Diets was tired nut snd could
rot be seen.
Mof 0f the Insurance Is carried through
Crelgh-Faldrlae com ran v. H. K. Palmer
ft Son and W. Farnam Smith.
If you have anything c trade adrertlee
It In tht Per Exchanaa column ot The
bee Want Ad page.
Ponclaa Democratis Dsleratioo f pliti on
f balled freer tnd Tnompson.
Lysis' I. Abbott Bites a a F.nrioraement
f Mis 'andldscy fnr -lb
domination for Attorney
The caucus of the delegation to the demo
cratic state convention at the Taxton hotel
last night did all that was predicted for It,
and a few other things. It split between
Fhsllonberger and Thompson for governor,
selected the future state committeemen
from Douglns county and launched with
unanimous endorsement the boom of Lysle
I. Abbott for attorney general. Ied by
Gilbert M. Hitchcock and Bill Canada of
the I'nlon Pacific, a secret ballot was taken
for the endorsement of a gubernatorial
nominee, and In the Interests of Shallen
berger. That gentleman received thirty
fire of the fifty-three votes In the caucus,
Thompson seventeen snd W. 8. Poppletqn,
who Is not a candidate, one.
Perceiving In advance that Hitchcock and
PHI Canada and the Bhallenberger sym
pathisers hsd the upper hand. Mayor Dahl
man and his minority faction present en
deavored to block the organlxatlon and
preparation of a program last night. That
Is, lieutenants of the executive did the talk
ing, and the latter contented himself with
voting against the motion to go ahead and
do business. The mayor made no effort to
capture the chairmanship of the delegation,
the honor going to C. B. Montgomery by
acclamation and with the mayor's expressed
Da hi man Lands Here.
In the choice for committeemen to be
recommended to the state convention the
Dahlman faction fared better, scoring at
least two out of the three men chosen.
The three were George Rogers, II. 8. Daniel
and H. B. Fleharty of South Omaha. Other
candidates for the committeeship voted on
were A. L. Anderson, Sam J. RothwHI.
Councilman Alma Jackson, LoulifJ. Plattl,
William Russell. Kd Howell and C. Q.
Cunningham. Rogers was elected on the
first ballot, Daniel on the. second and
Fleharty by acclamation, after Ed Howell
had withdrawn and said a place should be
given to South Omaha.
Ed P. Berryman, who acted as secretary
of the caucus, was recommended for secre
tary of the convention, and Gilbert M.
Hitchcock and W. S. Shoemaker for the
resolutions committee.
Abbott's Name a Surprise. " '
The endorsement of the Abbott candi
dacy for" attorney general was made at
the sacrifice of a railroad commissioner
from Douglas county. No sounding brass
had announced Abbott's ambitions and he
presided ' during the greater part of the
evening as chairman without many of the
delegates knowing anything about it. Then
Ed Walsh suddenly let loose the bolt and
found the caucus In art exceedingly Vccep
tlve mood. 80 was Mr. Abbott, who
smiled and voiced .his thanks. Then Walsh
started "In to have Dr. Ira W. Porter en
dorsed for railroad commissioner. He wus
followed by W. S. Shoemaker with a plea
for B. H. Hayden for the same Job. Bill
Canada bucked the endorsement of either
man and Ed P. Smith said that Douglas
county was asking for enough In the Ab
bott candidacy. There the matter' rested
and adjournment soon followed to 1 o'clock
convention day at the Llndell hotel, Lin
coln. .," , Several Delearates Shy. J ' '
There 'Were forty-eight delegates 'present
and five proxies out of a total, of alxtyrslX.
Objection was made by the Hitchcock, peo
ple, to admitting proxies and the discussion
brought out the Interesting question If any
proxies are allowed from delegates chown
at .primaries. Chairman Abbott thought
hot. Mayor Dahlman declared that dele
gates In' the convention 'certainly "were en
titled to be renresented If thev-eOAM nut
he present themselves. Just what the legal
y thirty in the affirmative, or the Same
rrlA1 tha n.nnnsal flrst mn
r- -r
"'I6' hy Hitchcock to. count the noses .by
porter In the whole crowd.
The mayor made a strong talk for Thomp
son when his faction found It was useless
to oppose a ballot on the question. lie
said the contest for the gubernatorial nomi
nation was between Thompson and Berge
and that to carry Dougln county by a big
majority Thompson , inst b . nominated.
Bhallenberger, he asserted, would not get
within gunshot of the nomination. He said
that If Douglas county was divided on the
proposition "Berge would most X"e'y walk
away with the prize.
Ed P. Smith took the opposite end and
made a good-, strong talk for Bhallcnberyf r,
saying tlie delegation was bound to be
Sneeessor for Her. Mr. Ware.
ABERDEEN. 8. D.. Aug. 10-f8peclal.)
Rev. Marshall F. Montgomery, rector of
St. Mark's Bpiseopal church, has re
signed and' will leave for Lead and Dead
wood, 8. D.,: October 1. The call was
You Don't
until you try, how much
better' you will feel to .
and use well made
"There's a Reason"
Our final clearing sale of Mimmer g"l will end In a fr (lays.
nMtrr hurry for first rholce and take advantage of thr" many bar
gains e are;-offering. F.very rtpn-xs bring us hew norcHIrs In fall
tailor suits, skirls, waist, ronts find furs, but before- we short
Iie new fall goods every summer garment must bo sold. ,
Up to $7.50 Lawn Suits,. $1.95
Take your choice of any Lawn Suit In our store, formerly Q C
priced up to $7.60 . ,, ,lJD
Up to $12.50 Linen Jacket Suits, $4.75
Choose any Linen Jacket Suit la our store, worth up to ' M 1
$12VB0, for ,.,',7i i O
This announcement will clear every Linrn and Lawn Suit la quick
time, and we. ask that you coma out early.
Lawn Shirt Waists at Less Than Halt Price
Saturday, we will hold a notable sale of beautiful Waists for
ladles', consisting of Net Waists, Peter Pan Waists. Linen Waists, Black
and White China Silk Waists and Colored Silk Taffeta Waists, and all
the dainty Lingerie Waists. -
for ; ; mf ff
U . - f IP . I I. 1
sii ; . w v v , ro. t "sflBHHBsnWHssW
$!.($ a Week fori
leiifiSiil lot :;:z
93 Lots to
Select From
All. Lota High and Dry on Beautiful Hill and ,50 ft. Wide ,
- Instead of Forty Feet and Full Depth ...."
Hillsdale Addition
Homes Built All Around " .
Paved Roads, Closie to School '
. .,.... T- Pine Cur Service
Overlooking' Beautiful Miller Park -
. . . These heantiful lots go on sale Friday, August 1 7th! & a. rri
Salesmen will be ou the ground, but you had better not wait too long.'
Call at our office, get a plat and select the lot before the sale cornea oft. ,
i70'4 Faroani St'
extended from the Black HIlis'Vhtirc)j ahout
eight .weeks ago, but refused. Another has
town made and this tttiie, acting; en the ear
nest wish rtf BI.hop Hare. Mr. Montgomery
has decided to accept. . This Is the parish
formerly presided oeey Hev-.'Mr. Warei '
Inks Rla4rhorit Henmes Despondent
, . ' Over Cfnlnel -. Per ,
. , Henlf li. . .
" -t ' t .
. TERRY, 8. D.. Aug. 10. (Special' Tele
gram.) John Blatchford. mine superintend
ent of the Golden Reward Mining company.
One of the best known mining men In' the
west, shot himself through the mouth nt
4:30 this afternon and died In ahout ten
i-mlnutes; Fof': some time Mr. 'Blatchford
has been despondent over 111 health and
had often Intimated that he would end his
life, but his friends paid Wo attention to
him, believing that he was not In earnest.
To Mr. Blatchford the Golden Reward Min
ing company owes the greater part of Its
success, for thre was probably not another
man 'In the' Black IflUa who knew so well
the fltft formations In - which occur the
elllclotis ores of the district.
Mr. BlatrttTocd.- waa lit yeaTs of nge and
lenyes. bewblef .h hi; Wife Six children.' some
of whom are'' married!.'' TTeTiad the confi
dence of his employers, E. H. Harrlman,
Harris Frnnklln and 8. W. Allerton, who
had always depended upon him for the
nmnagemen uf their valuable mining prop
erty in Terry. .
TVs Mills the Rate for General Btac
PIERRE, B. D., Aug. 10. (8peclal Tele
gram.) The State Equalisation Board com
pleted Its work today and made the annual
levies for the yar at t mills atate general
and 36 mills v-rporatlan property tax. But
little change was-made tn oorpdrate prop
erty valuatibns further than that of new
property. While It will be several days
before final footings can be secured the
total assessment value will be shown to be
$225.0'X.f'n. arf Increase -of about 16,800,000
over last year.
Business at Bonesteel.
BONCBTFEIa 8. T. Atig.' 10 Special )
Heavy rains have keen falling throughout
Gregory county for the past three days
making a bumper corn crop a certainty.
Work on the Chicago 4 . Northwestern
railway extiialon fronf Bonesteel to Greg
ory Is progressing rspldty. The grading Is
well -under, way and .tlie Jsylng of steel
will commence In the very near future.
Big preparations are being made for the
Gregory county fair, which Is to be held at
Bonesteel, '- BeptembVr' 19. ' 20 and il.
The boar4 of directors'! net this evening and
instructed the secretary .to, procure some
concern doing some sensational stunt to
help entertain the . big Crowds expected at
the fair. The Jown of Dallas, located
about thlriy miles west of Bonea'eel on the
Rosebud ressrvatlon. Is , being moved to
Burke and Gregory. The new railroad ex
tension misses Delia about one and one
half miles.
Farm Ilaaa Killed by Binder.
BlOt'X FAKI.8, 8. D.. Aug. 10-Bpeclal
Telegram.) Henry Daniels, aged S7, a Uer-man-Aioeslcan,-
and for several years 'In
the ru)Uy of.' Chajles . iAieth, a farmer
residing In Wall Lake township, near Bloux
Falls, waa Instantly killed by being run
over by a binder. While operating the
binder a shaf flash of lightning caused
the horses to give a sudden jerk wtirt
threw-the UDfommate man from his seat
and djrrdx to rButjjpf. the Wpder. JMure
the 'horses could be atopped or aid reach
$.1.00 WAISTS--
, for.
Prices 0! Lots Range
Fr ra 450 to $175.
Liberal Ulsctaat Isr Cask
Ground Floor Bef BuIIilng
hire ha .hud .been . dragged- a- distance of
about 300 feet. It is thought ibis-head w
turned In such a way that his nock waa
i broken when the binder first struck him:
With the exception of tn unele and aunt
Who live near, Lbe nwne ot: tha- accident
Daniels' relatives,, including his .parents,
reside in Germany.
( olonel Cressey Takes Old In I form.
SIOl'X FALLS. 8. D.. Aug. 10. (Special.)
Among the ' old ' soldlprs. w;hd Will leave
Plonx Fulls next Monday for the purpose of
attending the national G. A. R. encamp
ment at Minneapolis will be Colonel E. T.
Cref sey, who for years has been a fa
miliar figure In South. Dakota, and who
was one of the .pioneer newspaper men of
Omaha. Colhnel Cressey has the suit of
clothes which he wore when he' was mus
tered out of the sen-Ice on June 1G, 1866,
and wlll'Wear It at the encampment. He
also' has the canteen and haversack which
he carried at Chlrkairiaugua," and will wear
them In the parade' at Minneapolis.
Secret Marriage' Aanitaneed.
ELK POINT. 8. D.. Aug, "10.-f8pectal.r-:
Miss Luverae-Wood, daughter of Mr. 'and
Mrs. I'rlah Wood, nnd Mr. Frank Harter,
of Rapid 'City, were married January 2, 1!16,'
in.Dukota City, Neb., unknown to their
manyr frlendaV the- secret i"leak4g out but
recently.' Miss Wood, bejnr a teacher In
the public schools, kept her , socret closely
until a week ago, when cards were Issued
announcing her marriage after' hr wedding
tour of a week. 8he and her hushwnd were
tendered a reception at her parents' home
Tuesday evening,. Angus; 7. Borne seven ty
five persons being preeent. '
Rev. George FMward Walk.
DALLAS, Tex., Aug. 10. Hav," Genrga
Edward Walk, dean of St.' ' Matthew's
cathedrsl, the largest Episcopal parish in
Texas, died today of peritonitis. He was
formerly a 'resident bf Council -Bluffs, la.
Rev.. G. E. Walk succeeded IRev. I p.
McDonald, now of Toledo, O., as rector of
St. Paul's and waa In charge of the pariah
for several years, leaving here -to succeed
Rev. Thomas M. Green aa recto of Grace
church. Cedar Rapids, ia. From Cedar ,
Rapids he waa called to Dallas. -Tex., aa
dean of St. Matthew's cathedral, which
position, ha waa filling at the'tltna of his
The deceased minister was horn In tha
south, bis father being a minister tn Mem
phis. Tenn., for many years. Befora tak
ing up his Ulaologlcal studies ha graduated
from the 1'nlverelty of Kentucky, 'j Prior
to the beginning of I-ent In 1H9 until Sep
tember tH. 190, he was rectos for about
a year of the Church of the 1oo4 Shep
herd In Omaha and previous t that filled
a rharge'ln Ban Francisco In tie Christian
church for several years. ;",
Rev. Mr. Walk Is survived by his widow
and nrte son. about H years of age. Al
though it was known by his friends here
that Rev. Mr. Walk had been In poor
health for some time It was not kurtn that
his aliment was serious and the news of
his death came yesterday as a great shock
to his former parishioners and frtends In
this city.
Mamey and 19ih Sts. 'Phone D'jug. Sli.
Tonlsrht st t 16. Garden on-ert 7 45.
Any Isdy who ran write her name
snd address legibly with her . left
hnd admitted free, .'Apply at boa
ofllce nfore j. ax 1 '
. fcvs.. lOc-iS-JSe. 6jt, Mat.. lOcr-Mo