Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 05, 1906, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 4, Image 16

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will be taltea til IB m. for the
resin edition mm ajatll . n. I
Rate 1 l-2o a. rrerd Irat laarrllna,
le word thereafter. Netnlnar taken
for less (baa 2 for the (nl Inser
loa. These advertisements snnst fee
ran coeaecatlTrly.
Advertisers, br renaeatlnar a a am
bereft rkfrk, ran bare amntri ad
f The Bm. Answer aa addressed
will ba delivered oa presentation of
OMAHA Safe and Iron Work make a spe
cialty of fir escapes, shutters, doors and
area. u. Andreen, prop., iuz a. lutn it.
R 7l)8
BIGN PAINTING-S. II. Cole, 1302 Douglas.
R ilW
TRY Keliyi Towel Supply. Tel. Dour. 8..30.
IOWA Sanitary Cleaning Co., 1919 Farnam.
ANTI-MONOPOLY Garbage Co.. f.21 N. 16tr.
Tel. Doug. 1779. Res. phone Doug, iWjl.
Machinist. ai7 South 12th St. Tel, 6537.
TYPEWRITERS rented, U makes, $2.60.
Fox Typewriter Co., 1SC2 farnam.
R MI57 AuglS
Trunks, suit cases and shopping bog3. Old
trunks taken in exchange. Repairing.
410 N. 16th tit. 'Phone Douglas 4995.
i -
BODA FOUNTAIN, any slse.
1818 Farnam.
paint. Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.,
Omaha. i 7i
HALL'S safes, new, 2d-band.
1818 Farnam.
W 717
FOR SALE Empty ink barrels. Inquire ot
J. R. Campbell, tne mall room. q 642
FOR SALE New and second-hand billiard
and pool tables; we lead the world In
cheap bur fixtures; easy payments. Druns-wlck-Bulke-Collender,
40i 8. loth St,
WE buy everything In the furniture line.
Chicago Furniture Co., 1110 Dodge.
Q 718
One two-drawer Besley letter cabinet.
Two tops for Olobe-Wernicke cases.
One leather seat chair.
One letter press.
Oue flat top desk.
One bookcase with three doors, about I
feet high.
Two oak pedetala with base.
Call tor Mr. Wright, Bee office. Q SC2
FY5R BALE Steam house heating boiler:
was uned to heat 8-room house; will ba
sold cheap, w. 11. ill luges, engineer nee
mug. y-
SEND US your mall orders for drugs;
freight paid or. J 10 lots. Myers-Dillon
Drug Co., omuna. Q 720
FINE Minnesota Ice for sale in ca riots. A.
O. Gilbert Co., Council Bluffs. Q M3G4
FINE upright piano, hall tree, go-cart, etc.,
cheap, tlo in o. sid. y 183 4z
FINE upright piano at a sacrifice. No
reasonable offer refused. Deulers need
not apply. 1819 Davenport. Q M205 4x
FOR BALE Furniture and carpets of 7
room house. In whole or in part, at a
bargain; must go at once. 30.1 Marcy
Bt. ' y M22Z 9x
FOR SALE Fine single harness, as good
as new. isot Dougia St.
' Q M528 4x
FURNITURE and rugs of 8-room house
for sale; some very choice mahogany
parlor pieces, leather goods, bed room
suits, etc. These goods will not be given
away, but will be sold far below their
real value; second-hand dealers need not
apply. Goods can be seen Sunday and
Monday afternoons, August ft and 6, at
ZIP B. 34th Bt. Q 280 6x
LADIES' shopping or utility bag, superior
make, sort nnixh, neat nsndies; &oc post
paid: send postal for Illustrations. Mo
sholu Novelty Works, 623 L, West 46th
St., New York. Q 387 6x
FOR SALE Cheap, all or part, almost
new, household effects. Inquire 710 N.
eutn St. y M3&2 Bi
specialties manufactured under contract:
models developed; we aro specialists In
patent articles; prompt service, flrst-clans
workmanship, reasonable prices. America
io., Momence, ill. y 346 &x
FINE upright piano at a sacrifice. No
reasonable offer refused. Dealers ned
not apply. 1819 Davenport. y M399 6x
I.ATHK. IR-lnrh fif nrf had In mnH Mnalpi
6 horsepower automobile, engine and!
transmission; ZH horsepower gasoline en
gine cneap. 4. Ersklne Bt. y 438 5x
Leading Palmist of Omaha
No. Ill S. 16th St., opp, Boston Store.
Valuable and icsultful predictions and
forewarning. Careful In detail described
your past speedily delineated without
asking any questions. Call and be con
Satisfaction completely assured or no tee
No. 113 & ltith St., upstairs.
Bee display sign.
8 133 t
If In need ot honest advice, consult the
reliable Mrs. FauaL Tel. Douglas 41&L
im c timing. b isi bx
Eventful and truthful predictions given.
tail ill o. itiu a i., uvu. Boston More.
a Mm
LOST Gold brooch, la shape of a knot.
Reward ou return la Hue onlea.
Lost J4S76X
LOBT Small female fox terrier: reward.
Call Douglas li. Lost 1J4
LOST Near Burlington or union station.
fraternity pin; opals; V. T. J. on back;
reward lor return to nee omce.
Lost :2 4x
FINDER of lady's brown alligator handbag
conttuuiug money aud spectacles write L
41. uee; rewara. uuuiutt x
ON northbound Twenty-fourth street car
Friday afternoon, a package containing
a black and white check silk wa.iti and
white silk trimmings; finder please re
port to 40$ Bee building. 'Phone Doug
las 1862. losi 12 ft i
LOST On road from Forest Lawn cem
etery, probably near Fort Omaha, lady's
dark len,ihcr handbag containing a blue
enameled and gold case watch. Liberal
reward If returned to Mrs. George A.
Houglund. 48th and Cass Bts., Dundee, or
Tel. liarney iw. isi-i, u
LOST A amall note book, with black hard
covers, which contain, many Jewish and
Fngllsh addresses written of many cities.
Finder will ulease return to S. Ureenberg,
lift 8. 14th bt. Finder will also be re
warded. O U351 7x
LOST Man and team, spring wagon; team
was buckskin mare and gray mare; 14
reward tur return to 43d and leaven-
worth. Lost 4 5x
winder of lady's brown alligator handbag
containing money and spectacles write L
41. Bee. Rewara. ixsi wi sx
Lr8T Lady's rose gold brooch with small
dnunoud and pearl svttUurs, Reward for
return, to be Uffc. Lusl-447 Ix
The treat men of the world rlalm that no education Is of so much prac
tical value to the young man and young women today as a liuMneos Educa
tion, and that no Institution Is doing as much good today as the Commercial
College. ,
To the young man or woman who Is Just about to Degin a livunooa, a
business career opens up a wonderful prospect. The business prosperity of
Omaha this vear is unparalleled and Omaha Is actually sufferlnn from a famine
of capable business assistants, stenographers, bookkeepers and telegraphers.
Omaha Is going ahead In a business
by any other city of its size in all this
demand for business help every day In the year. Omaha business men are
making demands upon us for business assistants to an extent we simply can
not fill.
The opportunity and the time Is here, You have but to grasp tne one
and take advantage of the other to Insure Independence of position. t
Opens Tuesday,
September 4th.
Our new 1906 catalogue is just off the press and we want to send It to
you. It Very clearly ana very empnaucany seis ionn me great. uyuis;
possessed by young men and young women who take the time to become
finished stenographers, bookkeepers or telegraphers. You should get a
catalogue tomorrow. Write, call or "phone for It today. Address,
H. B. BOYLES, President, Boyles Building, Omaha, Neb.
WANTED Cigar maker; 8 rollers and 6 breakers; win pay tne nest ot
prices to go out of town; will send tickets.
Address 11 12, care of Bee. is 7J3
DRt'O STORES bought and sold; drug
cleiks wanted. F. V. Knlest, 624 N. Y. I'
ll 724
MEN with teams to sell line of medicines.
Star Med. Co., Charles City, la.
R sal augsx
WANTED Men to learn barber trade; the
advantages we oner save years or ap
prenticeship; positions waiting; top
wages; the rush for barbers never so
great; special offer now. Call or write
Moler Barber college, 1116 Farnam St.
B M118 augox
CIVIL. SERVICE Want young men to pre
pare. ee unacrniu, SiJV rortn zin.
B M augit
YOUNG MAN, Al references, to sell typo-
writers on road. Address Kamng. ii
Farnam. B M424 augl8
WANTED Brick handlers and laborers at
the Avery brick yard, two miles soutn
of Albright; boarding house at plant.
11 mvu
WANTED Good marble cutter; good
wages; steady employment. Glldea Ac
Glldea, Norfolk Marble Works, Norfolk,
Neb. B M478
WANTED Carpenters; steady work,
dress Jos. ghlesiger, lutan, iseD.
WANTED-For the U. S. marine corps,
men between ages il and 36; an oppor
tunity to see the world. For further In
formation see poster in postomoe oi any
county seat In the stale of Nebraska,
giving address of recruiting office located
therein. b-mdb ojux
WANTED Car builders, repairers and
truckmen. Cudahy Facklng Co., soutn
Omaha. B M840 A-10
new work and repair
Roofing Co., Lincoln,
B MSCS aug4
work. Nichols
WANTED Teams at C. B. Havens tt Co.'s
yard, 14th and Webster Bts.
' B M886 Aug4
WANTED Two men to travel for Minne
apolis wholesale house In this territory;
I--0 per week and expenses to start; ex
perience unnecessary; win arrange tor
personal Interview; address at once with
self-addressed stamped envelope, F. W.
rotts, Minneapolis, Minn. a ftiitxi ox
PARTIES desiring to work In sugar fac
tory at Leavltt, Neb., during tne coming
campaign, which Is expected to start
September 15, will please file application
now. The better positions will be as
signed parties who file application prior
to AuguAt 20, and later applicants will be
assigned what may be left after that
date. Address W. H. Ferguson, agent,
Leavltt, Neb. B M214 11
600 YOUNG MEN to prepare for firemen
and brakemen; experience unnecessary;
firemen, tloO; brakemen, 180 per month,
with rapid promotion to engineer or con
ductor; hundreds of positions open.
Call or write for particulars at ence.
National Railway Training Ass'n, btO
Paxton block, Omaha, Neb.
0 M208 septl
POSITION open for first-class registered
drug clerk. Apply to Porter-Kyerson-Hoobler
Co., 1315 Howard St. B-MW0 6
WANTED Five boys, good wages, per
manent job. A. D. T. Co., 212 S. 13th Kt.
B 11213
PRESSER wanted.
The Wardrobe, 518 8.
B 220 4
WANTED Experienced furniture packer.
Apply to manager rurniture department,
Hayden Bros. B-219 4
WANTED Two first-class tinners, with
experience, on furnace work. Milton
Rogers & Sons Co. B M232
CLEAN, neat boy of good character and
habits to make himself generally useful.
The Omaha News Co., 1Mb and Daven
B 2-14 4
tired and willing to work, apply the
Omaha News Co., 15th and Davenport.
B 243 4
MACHINISTS wanted for light repair
. work, 14th and Nicholas. R. Rumble ic
Baa. B-iti x
Bookkeeper KB.
Stenographer V&.
Btenograpner vw.
Bank Cashier (German) $78 to $100.
Firstclass Grocery Clerk-50.
We place applicants in good positions. Call
or write lor particulars.
Dept. a. 840-41-4? IM. x. Lite tilS.
B-271 4
WANTED Table waiter at once; $25 per
mornn, Doaro. ana room, nun ion ua
kery and Restaurant, Red Cloud. Neb.,
box 13. B M264 ox
BLACK8MITH, Iron worker, wire worker
and boys 17 to Is to learn trade. Apply
at Iron Works, 611 8. 10th St.
B-M263 17
WANTED An all-round printer, capable
of handling lob composition, ad. coni
position, stock cutting and Job press
makeready; country town. Antl-boose.
Send references and state wagea Ad
dress L 46. care Bee. B
WANTED A first-class cylinder press
man, competent to handle high-grade
work, including half t,onea and color
printing. Will have chart) of press
room; country town. Antl-boose. State
references and wages. Address L 46, care
Bee. B M267 (
WANTED If you are a man with a fam
ily, out ot work, or working every aay as
a bookkeeper, clerk, mechanic or laborer,
but unable to save any money, would you
be Interested in moving to the healthiest
and best climate on earth, where school
and church families are unsurpassed:
where a good situation Is assured, good
wages; also an opportunity . to make you
a home and pay for it out of your sur
plus earnings? If so, you can get full
particulars b( addressing the under
signed. They are building an extension
and Deed a great many men In all depart
ments. Gainesville A Gulf Railway, Con
struction Dept., Gainesville, Fla. B
MANAGER wanted. An Ohio corporation
manufacturing household necessity de
sires Nebraska manager. Demonstration
In leading department store. Office fur
nished. Three years' contract.. Salary,
$l,(u) and commissions. Good opening for
man of character and ability. Add leas
Manager, IJ Ontario Bldg , Toledo, Ohio,
WANTF3D Traveling salesmen to devote
their whole or spare time In handling
an advertising specialty of exceptional
merit; can be used by every business;
ample carried In pocket; average cum
inlasion each sale $30; some sales in aa
earn 110.0m) yearly Taylor Mathers. J
Broadway, n lurju tt u ax
way wltn strides tnai are not equalled
broad land. Omaha is Increasing its
WANTED Twenty men; Ice houses east
end Cut-oft lake; good pay. Take Sher
man Ave. Locust street cars to Lead
works. B-M272 6
BRICKLAYERS wanted, best wages paid
to the best men. Apply 8th and Far
nam 8ts., Omaha. ' B 2S1 bx
Steady work. C. B. Havens & Co., 14th
and Webster. B 2S2 6
WANTED Whip salesmen; good reference
must accompany application; commission
or salary; experienced men preferred.
United States Whip Co., Weslfleld, Mnns.
B 363 6x
WE have positions open at the present
time for:
Two stenographers, $S0 to $60.
First-class bookkeeper, 6.
One dry goods salesman and window trim
mer, V6 to 170.
Traveling salesman, dry goods specialty,
One good grocery clerk, city, $55.
See us at once or write, stating position
Dept. B, 640-41-42, N. Y. Life g
CIVIL SERVICE examinations will beheld
In every state during September and
October; 3,200 appointments made month
ly. Full Information and questions re
cently used by the commission free. Co
lumbian Correspondence College, Wash
ington, D. C. . B
15 YOUNG MEN for Freight and Passenger
Train Braking and Locomotive Uring.
Call or answer at once Ry. Dept., 209 S.
12th St., Omaha. B
WANTED Men, everywhere; good pay; to
distribute circulars, adv. matter, tack
signs, etc.; no canvassing. Address Na
tional Distributing Bureau, 100 Oakland
Bank Bldg., Chicago, 111. B 236 6x
BOOKKEEPER wanted; competent ledger
man for city accounts In large retail
store; one with retail experience pre
ferred. Address L 60 Bee. B M398 7
MAN wanted In the real estate business;
experience unnecessary; it honest, ambl
nrf willing to learn the business
thoroughly by mall and earn $300 to $600
monthly as our local rpprniiiini,
writs immediately for full particulars.
Address Nearest Office National Co
operative Realty Co., 765 B, Athenaeum
Midg., t-nicago; iw a, juiirymuu uiug..
Washington, u. u. r w b
WANTED A man to travel In eastern and
central Nebraska; expenses aavancea;
alary weekly. J. E. McBrady A Co.,
Mfg.. Chicago. B 831 6x
WANTED 60 men for sewer work at 27th
and Fort Bts.; onng snoveis.
B 557 6
CARPENTERS Agents wanted for book on
cement blocks, posts, warns; reiniorcea
concrete. Cement Instlttue, St. Louis,
"ree booklet. B 347 5x
IN six weeks we educate you In salesman
ship, secure you position as traveling
salesman with responsible firm. Address
The Bradstreet System, Rochester, N. Y,
B-240 5x
WANTED Poet to write song words; we
will write music and present to big New
York publishers. Metropolian Music Co.,
1201 St. James Bldg., New lorn.
B-Sll Sx
WANTED-Laborers for Illinois, Kansas,
Nebraska, Colorado. Wyoming, carpenters
and helpers. Ed. Rothery'a General In
formation Bureau, 111 S. 14th. B 436 llx
WANTED Watchman;
quired. People's Store.
references ra
il M 428 7x
WANTED Good ooatmalter.
. Council Bluffs, la.
E. S. Hicks,
B-M441 7
L HESS CUTTING and dressmaking taught
by McDowell system. fcarnam.
C M636 4
GIRL for general housework; no washing.
Mrs. B. a. uaidweu, taut ueorgia Ave.
C 217 S
WANTED Experienced cloak salesladies
for rail season: none other need apply,
Address K 6. Bee. C 411
WANTED Woman cook. $X per month
roust furnish recommendations. Address
L 7, Bee. C-MS64
WANTED A competent girl for general
housework, wnere a second girl is kept;
good salary; family of three. Fred Hall,
car f eopies store. c M163 i
WANTED Chambermaid, Koehler hotel,
Grand island. Neb; will furnish ticket.
C 245 4
WANTED A a-ood. nlaln cook at once
good wages paid. The Rose, XjX Harney.
C iSO ux
WANTED A good cook.
1916 8. 32d Ave
C-243 5
WANTED Good girl for general house
work. 3821 Cuming St. Tel. Harney
1174. O U2ba ax
WANTED Good girl for general house
work; best wage to competent one. 1024
Park Ave. C M270 t
WANTED Girl for
2H0 Harney St.
C-278 (x
WANTED Girl for general housework
also nurse girl. 2608 Dewey Ave.
C 277
WANTED An experienced girl for general
housework, no washing. 416 8. 3Sth Bt,
'Phone Harney 2t0. C-M3M
VICTORIA Suction Sweeper Co.. $28 V St
Lincoln, Neb. Send Victoria Sweeper for
83.60, all charges paid. tJ
AM AT El ' R and professional actors. Good
salaries, steady positions. Write at once
for Information. American Dramatic Co.
Cincinnati, O. C 813 ix
SEWERS Gingham aprons; make highest
wanes: material sent to door tree of
charge; stamped addressed envelope for
particulars, u. r. riicnuras, bow r orresi
vine Ave., imcago. ja n
LADIES for siiadow drawing; natural tal
ent unnecessary; $'J0 weekly easily earned
at home; stamped envelope for particu
lars. Address Bureau of Commercial Art,
117 Indlaan Ave.. Chicago. VSJ3 Sx
LADIES To work on piecework, $3.00 per
dosen; all materials funished; no can
vassing; steady work guaranteed; send
lamped envelope. Rest Mfg. Co., Cham
plain Bldg.. Chicago. C-tl Sx
WANTED Eenergetlc woman to travel In
Nebraska; something new; no canvass
ing; good salary and expense paid
weekly; experience unnecessary i. some
. knowledge of music preferred, but not
essential. Jo. IL Moor. Omaha. Neb.
Commercial College
Fall Term Opens
SEPT. 3.
Never before have the conditions been so favorable for young people who
wish to get started In business. This generation may never see a better time.
Farmers, merchants and manufacturers all have splendid prospects. The
demand for thoroughly competent help Is unprecedented. Good stenographers
and bookkeepers are in urgent demand. Are you energetic and ambitious?
The kind of Instructions and training we give will enable you to get and
keep a lucrative position. Much depends upon your prompt action. Enroll
with ua Sept 3 and qualify for some of the good things prosperity offers.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Day teachers In charge.
Every facility provided. Work while you learn to earn a better salary. '
We expect a very large enrollment this -fall, and have made extensive
preparations to take care of it. ,
Our splendid new building, new furniture and equipments, high grade
teachers and Improved courses of study, will supply every requisite for study
and comfort.
Your name beatutlfully written on six visiting cards, If you send names
or. nve young persons, interested In commercial education. Catalogue free.
WANTED Girls to make overalls and Jack-
ets. Apply to Byrne ft Hammer D. Q.
Co., factory, 12th and Howard Sts.
C-353 8
WANTED Some good Ironers and good.
strong woman to help with washing.
2813 Leavenworth. C M39S 7x
GIRL for general housework;
good wages.
C M406 '
116 B. 36th St.
WANTED Competent girl for housework;
nu wanning; no launary; good wages, ui
N. 26! h St. C 435 6
WANTED Ladle or gentlemen, to sell la
dies embroidered shirtwaist patterns and
also other novelties to the public; no In
vestment; can make $10 to $15 dally; don't
tarry and lose a good thing; we answer
all mail orders. Inquire of The U. S. Em
broidery Works, 109V, S 15th St.
J M980 Aug4
WANTED Agent to represent us In the
saie or our western Kansas lands. Uloua
Land and Investment Co., Omaha, Neb.,
and Sioux City, la. J M445 19
AGENTS SALESMEN: Rapid seller.
large profits; automatlo self-cleaning
curry comb; write for Introductory of
fer to first from each locality, clean
Comb Co., Racine, Wis. J 269 4x
AGENTS Attractive money-making prop
osition, selling or nananng crews witij
our Gold Sign Cleaner; makes oH sign
new. Write S. F. Colt, lOOil Elmood
Ave., Buffalo, N. Y, J Uui 4x
BECOME our agent; make money selling
tira-un rrocess visiting cards; copper
plate effect. Much cheaper. Gray Co., 102
Fulton St., New York. J 3S0 5x
AGENTS WANTED Our gum machine
work while you sleep. Wanted, young
men throughout the country to take the
agency of our Nlx-e Won't Tell gum
vending machines and candy tablets; ex
tensively advertised on the market for
five years; have proven a quick seller and
repeater. Our machine Is an ornament
as well as a money maker for agents;
sells to dealers at sight; $2 to $3 profit on
each order. Agnets sell five to eJsht or
der a day. Nlx-e Mfg. Co., Dayton. O.
J-866 6X
OUR wonderful premium offer Just out; get
next quica; we nave greatest inducement
ever ofrered agents; write today for ter
ritory. Davl Soap Work, 33 Union Park
Place, Chicago. J
PERFECTION Skirt Gage; every woman
ju. ouiaia juig. to., 1434 tit Madison,
Chicago. j
SEND ten cents for gallon sample package
of Wheeler's lemonade. 100 per cent profit
to agents. Agent Novelty Mfg. Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y. j
AGENTS Learn to fit glasse. Our eye
book with full Information free. Jack
onlan Optical College, 16 College Place,
Jackson, Michigan. J
AGENTS competent, to sell patent, lease
or manuiacture Dest fuel saver and most
powerful heater Invented. Address J. A.
McDanlel, Letts, la. J 299 Ex
JUST what agents want: 1 specialties
which, once Introduced, will bring perma
nent, profitable and Increasing business.
Address J. H. Patten, Butler, Mo.
J 297 Ex
LADIES to sell our Indelible painted houre-
noia supplies; scarfs, stand covers, cush
ion tops, felt pieces, new and sells at
sight; ajtents make $6 to $18 a day; agent,
Houston, Tex., sold $46 worth In 1H days:
agent Austin, Tex., sold $40 worth In 12
hours; her profit, $20. Here Is a seller.
G. W. Lankford. Indelible Painting Com
pany, 1203 E. Douglas Ave., Wichita. Kan.
J-L93 6x
AGENTS Drop everything and write us for
special terms on our latest omce specialty;
sell Itself; - greatest money-maker in
years. Address American Lock-Crank Co.,
Milwaukee, Wis. J 292 5x
WANTED Energetic, trustworthy man to
work In Nebraska representing large man
ufacturing Co.; salary 840 to JaO per
month, paid weekly; expenses advanced.
Address, with stamp, J. H. Moore, Omaha,
Neb. J 230 6x
IT'S alive; It' new; its hot: It sell. Who
ha it T fjdgren, the npeciaity Man.
Write for sample Just write Edgren, Mil
waukee, Wis. Don't need any address.
Everybody know Edgren. J 3u4 6x
MANAGER wanted In every city and
county, handle best paying business
known; legitimate, new, exclusive con
trol: no Insurance or book canvassing.
Address Chaa. Halstead, 34 West 26th St.,
N. Y. J-822 5x
RELIABLE agents wanted everywhere,
either sex; large line; liberal commis
sions; household necessities. Baldwin,
Auer A Co., New Nelson Bldg., Kansas
City, Mo. J 316 6x
MEN and women agents to take order
for made-to-measure underwear for men,
women and children; direct to wearer;
union suits and separate garments; sam
ples, etc., furnished free; good commis
sion; write at once. Textile Mfg. Co.,
2ce-260 E. Division St., Chicago.
J-333 Sx
AGENTS make big money selling our gold
window letters, etc.; no experience neces
sary. Buckeye Novelty Co., Hamilton, O.
J 827 Sx
AGENTS WANTED For the Leader Fold
ing Sleeve Board: big money for hustler.
The J. O. Aten Co., Monroevllle, O.
J 328 Sx
AGENTS Good live men and women
wanted in this section to sell Busklrk
door and window fasteners, nicely nick
led, quick seller, 100 per cent made; send
20 cents for. samples and terma The
Hughson & Burchett Co., Inc., 34 Me
chanic St., Newark. N. J. J 361 ix
ILLUSTRATED secret history of the Nes-blt-Thaw-White
tragedy; most sensational
book of the year; send 26 cents for copy;
agents wanted; tremendous profits. Frank
Carpenter, 84 Adams St., Chicago.
J 360 Ex
$S TO $10 A DA X easily made aelll.ig and
putting up our new gold and sliver win
dow letters; send for samples and partic
ulars. R 213, 6 Dearborn St., Chicago.
. J 860 Sx
WANTED An experienced traveling sales
man who ha been railing on drug and
general store trade. Preference given pat
ent luediclne salesman. Reply confiden
tial. Li eel lent opportunity. Salary and
eapensee. Give aga and experience Bog
tea, Chicago. L 4 Sx
WANTED Two or three experienced sales
men or salesladies, or both, to take charge
of a well selected stock of high grade
piano lit best town and country In cen
tral Nebraska of 16.0U0 inhabitants; good
salary and commission to right party;
state experience, age, nationality, refer
ence, etc.. first letter. Cash Williams
Muslo House, Hastings, Neb.
L M864 aug4
WANTED Salesmen for choice nursery
stock; liberal cash payment weekly;
write for particular. Willi Nurseries,
Ottawa, Kan. L M280 i
SALESMAN WANTED One acquainted
with the drug and dry goods trade and
familiar with perfumes and toilet arti
cles. Address L 86, care Bee.
L M228 .
WANTED Hardware salesman; an ener
getic young man with at least 6 years'
experience. Address, with references, L
67, Bee, stating salary expected. L 247
WANTED First-class traveling sales
man; good salary; no competition; ex
pense money advanced. Midland hotel,
8 to 9 a. m. W. J. Kyle. L 264 4x
WANTED A capable man in every
county, with experience a solicitor, to
employ, organize and direct squads of
solicitors; good cash profit guaranteed
for fall and winter work. The Thomp
son Publishing Co., St. -Louts.
L 268 4x
TRAVELING salesman for Nebraska and
Iowa, with a full line of soaps, perfumes
and flavoring extracts; furnishing the $2
for $1 selling plan to the retail dealer;
1,10.00 weekly advance. F. F. Cook, Sale
Dept., Detroit, Mich. L
WANTED Salesmen who have sold ad
vertislng, Insurance, stock or contract
propositions. We have place worth 1600
per month. Write for particular. Me-Alllster-Coman
Co., 366 Dearborn St., Chi
cago. L 335 6x
WANTED Traveling salesman . who has
had experience In selling Jewelry on the
road to sell the Jewelry trade In Iowa.
Must be an A 1 man who has made good
elsewhere. A good chance for the right
man. Address, 'j ting experience, where
formerly employed, amount of sale and
salary expected. Otto Young Co., Hey
worUi Bldg., Chicago. L-308 6x
SALESMAN wanted having dry goods and
general store trade, small towns, for
complete lace-embroidery line. Merk eV
Co., 620 West Broadway, New York.
L 307 Ex
SALESMAN for Nebraska; experienced
traveling man preferred; line staple for
general trade; position permanent; $26.00
weekly, advance with commission. S.
Leslie & Co., Detroit, Mich. L 303 Bx
SALESMEN First-class, all-round husMer
to-cover unoccupied territory selling sta
ple line to retail trade; technical knowl
edge unnecessary; permanent to right
man; $30 weekly, expense advanced.
Sales Manager, Box 726, Chicago.
L 849 Sx
SIDE LINE Brand new; ten minutes sell
ing exclusive one firm each town net
125 commission; sample small; specify
territory and experience. E. F. R. Co.,
Newton, la. L 848 5x
WANTED Three more experienced ssles
men; one old dry goods salesman earned
$185 last week; another one $145; If von
are earning less It will pay you to Inves
tigate. Wholesale, Box 786, St. I.oul.
Mo. ; LS45JX
WANTED By refined, cultured woman,
position as housekeeper cr governess;
best ot references. L-22, bee.
A 111 Aug 6x
YOUNG man desires position; has had road
experience; fair education. Address L 27,
care Bee. A 178 3X
BY TOUNO male stenographer; accurate;
can also write Bohemian; references.
Write L 85, Bee. A-M212 4a
COMPETENT real estate man wants posi
tion where ability . and hustle will be
suitably rewarded: tood reference given
If you have an opening please address
L 44, care Bee. a ax
WANTED By young woman, college
graduate a office aslstan. or clerk. Ad
dress L 49, Bee. A M397 9x
r. J. LARSON A CO., patent lawyer;
patent book free. Be Bldg., Omaha, jseo,
crocured. Inventions developed, drawings
patterns, castings, machine work. titH-iiU
8. 10th St. -747
PATENTS procured, bought and sold. N
tlonal Investment Co., 63 Douglas Blk.
MG70 Aug5
L H. GARDNER, 811 First Nst. Bank.
Power plants, manufacturing processes,
Ice plants, test, inspection, reports.
' -M974 All
FURNITURE, stoves, carpet, clothing
and shoes. Pay the best prices. Tel.
Douglas $971. N-M668 AugS
WANTED To buy old feather bed and
plllowa Address American Feather Co.,
General delivery and buyer will can.
N-y27 9x
WANTED To buy, a good family horse.
J. H. Lesser, Meat Dept., The Bennett
Co mpany. n jm a
I.VNT.aTAD High Grade 1OT Calendars, H. E. corner 16lh St. and
c junvc, Cpltol Ave. 748
ENGRAVING and printing. Kotera i
Co., 1610 Howard. Tel. Dougla 20u7.
961 Aug 10
WIRE and Iron Fencing, Hitching Posts,
Wire Trellis. Omaha Wire and Iron
Work. 607 Be Bldg. Tel. Red (.
-M918 Al
ANCHOR anff iron Fencing; Wlr Fencing
O Per (OOU M ti. 1JIU HU Tel. rteq si,
v UM All
of piles cured internal, external, blind,
bleeding or Itching piles. A guornntee
given In every rase treated by lr. Max
well, who has had twenty-five yrnrs' ex
perience In treating piles Hundreds of
testimonial given on application. 624 Bee
Bldg., Omaha, Neb. I'hone Ixiuitlas 1C4.
U-M174 Ag31
ANY roOR GIRL In need of a friend call
or write to the matron of the salvation
Army Home for Women at 3IC4 N. C4ih
St., O-naha. Neb. U-M100
TRY KELLY'S Laundry.
Phone Douglas
U 763
pR. ROT, Chiropody, R. 1 A S, 1505 Farn'm.
U 64
PRIVATE confinement home; Mr. Dr.
King, 2018 N. 21st St. Tel. Doug.
PI F A T I N f BuUonsRucMng,
1 LLn I I 11 V- Embroidering,
Dyeing and Cleaning, Sponging and Shrink
ing, only ha per yard. Send for price list
and sample.
200 Dougla Block. Tel. Douglas 1936.
t i llMrnl. lt ' n. , a m.
LAUlNLJrU ai Hm'h St.
PRIVATE home during confinement. Mr.
Gardell, 2216 Charle. Tel. Doug. 5311.
U 7ti8
THE Salvation Army solicits cast-off
clothing: in fact, anything you do not
need. W collect, repair and sell, at 114
N. 11th St., for cost of collecting to the
worthy poor. Call Thone Doug. 4135 nrd
wagon will call. u o:i
tenhouse, 410 N. lth St,
Room 2, ?d floor. U M361 316
FREE medical nnd surgical treatment nt
Crelghton Medical College. 14th and
Davenport Sts. Special attention paid
to conllnement cases. All treatment su
pervlsed by college professors. 'Phone
Doug. 1167. Calls answered day or nlpht.
u JJ
THE City Garbage Co. Office, 14th and
Leavenworth Bts. lei. uuugias
U it
PRIVATE home during confinement: ba
bles adopted. The Good Samaritan Sin-
Murium, 728 First Ave., Council HlurM,
la. Tel. 774. u 4--
SURVEYING, Bllckensderfer, 312 Bee Bldg
u nu
OMAHA Stammerer Institute, Ramge Blrtg.
u 111
MAHWTTP treatment and bath. Mme,
AUljilV; Smith, 118 N. 15. 2d floor,
u ftiajs AUgWX
SYRINGES, rubber goods, by mall; cut
price. Send for free catalogue. Myere-
Dlllon Drug Co., Omaha. u a
WE RENT sewing machine at $1 per
week; we sell second-hand machines $5
up. Nebraska Cycle Co., corner 15th and
larney. Tel. Dougla 1663.
LADIES, If despondent or in trouble, are
given sympathy, counsel and aid. Room
2, 821 So. 15th St., Omaha, Neb.
U-M699 A6x
DR8. VOGEL, private hospital for women
and tor laaies Derore ana during connne
ment. 2319 8. 13th St., Omaha, Neb.
U M397 Augl7
MAONFTTC! Massage, 412 N. 16th St. gecoml floor, rcom 2.
----- U M800 aus25
CHIROPODIST Dr. Dunbar, 206 Neville
block; halrdressing, etc. Douglas 6170,
U M14S) Aug30
OMAHA Steam Paste Co. manufacture
cure flour paste. 2310 Cuming. Tel.
Doug. 4521. . U
PERSONAL The doctor who cured me of
Asthma and Hay Fever will not let me
rubllsh his name. 1 suffered all but death
rom childhood to manhood; tried every
thing I heard of without help, und I tell
you I feel thankful and propose to let
otner ioiks mow who cured me, it they
write. Wm. P. Stokoe, Scottsvllle, New
x ora. - u
SUPERFLUOUS HAIR, wart and mole
permanently removed by electricity; con
sultation free and confidential; all work
guaranteed. Mis Allender, 422 N. Y.
Life. U-
MORPHINE, opium, laudanum, cocaine
habit myself cured; will Inform you ot
harmless, permanent home cure. Mary
Baldwin, Box 1212 Chicago. U
FREE Your fortune told by the world-
famous astrologer; what he tells come
true; send blrthdate and 4c in stamps.
Prof. Gordon, Box 1649, Boston, Muss.
U 302 6x
WAJTTED A merry-go-round and aero
naut tor picnic August a. Aaaress, res.
Picnic Association, Oblowa, Neb.
U-311 Sx
WE seek husband for refined lady In Ne
braska, age 27; Catholic lady, 31, worth
$17,000. Write us for particulars. Homo
Circle, Detroit. Mich. U 309 6x
SAMPLE FREE Just out, the new big
7 pussle for a 2c stamp; very interesting
and Instructive. Storrs Pusrle Foundry,
510 Summit St., Toledo, O. U 318 6x
trial subscription, with 6 new souvenir
post cards of Florida and a copy in
colors of that exquisite word painting,
"Whence nd Whither," for 25 cents. Ad
dress Beck's, Box 747, Miami, Fla.
U-319 Bx
COLOR your canvas shoes to match your
dress; Dike a dressing win not ruo on,
large bottle, 26c, postpaid; send aample
of dress. Agents' Novelty Mfg. Co., Buf
falo, N. Y. U-314 6x
WE SEEK husband for maid, age 24,
brunette, worth $9,000; widow, 37, no In
cumbrance, worth $30,000. Home and Com
fort, Toledo. Ohio. U-313 6x
YOUNG widow, worth $35,000; Income of
$3,Wi0 yearly, would correnpona wun vi-w
to matrimony. Address Lock Box 406, Bt.
Joseph. Michigan. U 326 5x
WANTED For tournament at Naper, Neb.,
street attractions, sideshows, steam
wing, etc Good dates In surrounding
towns. Address G. A. Erlkson, eecretary,
Naper, Neb U 4uU 6
ARCHITECT O. L. Brollne, 618 JleeBldg.
BEST nerve bracer for men. "Gray's Nerve
Food Pflls" $1 box, postpaid. Sherman &
McConnell Drug Co., Omaha. 774
DR. PRIES, Withnell Blk., 16th and Har
ney, room 2. Treats successfully diseases
and Irregularities of women, recent or
long standing. Doug. 3768. 775
nn HTTTHiNsnM. specialist of women
and children. Office. 2205 Cuming. Phun
Dougja 3i7.
FOR SALE Very stylish, pleasant driv
ing horse; stanhope ana harness; nil
speed and lady can handle safely; will
ell cheap. Address L 38, care Bee.
P M2 41 6
FOR SALE Highly bred, toppy matched
span fine driving light harnens mares as
are In the city; a bargain. Bee sime at
6rh St.. three blocks south of Center, or
Tel. Harney 1027. P M;36 6x
FOR SALE Shetland pony, bmrgy, harness
saddle and bridle; perfectly safe for
children. 2606 8. S2d Ave. P-M139 6x
BUY plumbing supplies direct. Wholesale
prices. Bave on every arucie. uniy nrai
class goods handled. Prompt attention
to every order. Send for catalogue. B. F.
Karol, 23& Harrison St., Chicago, III.
JOHNSON Institute, 418 N. Y.
L. Tel.
CUT-RATE railway ticket everywhere.
P. H. I'hllbln, 1606 Farnam. 'Phone Doug.
184. .
J. M. Mararignd, o M. T". L. Uldf- Tel.
WK DO expert plnno moving al lowest
trices. Tel. Douglas ih.T. r-nmimwr m
lueller Piano Co.. 1311-131$ Farnam
l 7S3
irTTJVJ In all parts of the city.
lyjwxsu C- Meters Co., Bee Hlflg.
D 734
rOl'VL-Vi In all pnrts of the city. The
lULOLO 0 F j.,avl, Co., 608 Bee HJ.lg.
D 735
HOUSES, Insurance. Ringwalt, Barker Ra,
OMAHA Vnn Storage Co., rue, move.
store H. H. goods; storehouse, ll.i-i4 in.
liith. Ufflve, l.ill Farnam. Tel. Doug. K.
D 737
WF, MOVE rlnnos. Mnggnrd Van A Stor
age Co. Tel. Doug. lf.Ki. Olllce, 1713 eo
ster St. D 738
See us when shipping household goods to
large cities we can save you
CO., 214 N. Sixteenth St. Tel. lKiug. 111.
D 739
CENTRAL, 4 or 6-room flats.
Tlsardr 20
D Miill
SEVERAL at $12 to $.'5. Chris Boyer, 22(1
and Cuming bu I'hone Doug. 2c40.
cation, with elevator, 13tu and Jones.
Brown Truck Co. D 116 Ag5
CTfll! A nit'' Maggard Van and Storage
tDi.yJl-MJU Co. Tel. Dough. lo,-14si.
D MiW9 Aug
414 8. 29th ST., 7 rooms, modem, $2? 50. John
is. t renxer, opp. oia xr. v. j
Storage and trsnsfer. Rest storage home
in the city. Immediate attention given.
l&l-Sl-SS N 16th St. Tel. Douglas 4619.
D M169 Ag31
FOR REN T 9-room, partly modem house.
1642 No. 18th. if la
FOR RENT Five-room cottage, 1937 8. 17th,
St., Inquire on premises. D M199 6x
24 N. Z1ST ST. 7 nice rooms; modern ex
cept furnace; large barn; only -
D 261 Bx
6-ROOM cottage, 9th and Pierce.
D M263 7x
DO jou want something good for rentt
410 Bee Bldg.
D 418 S
FOR RENT 10-room modern brick flat:
newly papered throughout; first-clas
condition; $35.00. 621 South 29th St.
D 417 6
FOR RENT Fine 8-room modern brick.
dwelling, 313 S. 2!Kh Ave, $47 50.
Strictly modern apartment. In Davldge
Bldg., facing Farnam, $40.
Modern cottage. 26. Davenport St., $-f.
2-story brick building, 1113 Harney, $'.
D 376 6
2410 LARIMORE, ( rooms, modern, $20.
1815 Jackson, 8 room, modern, $46.
D 378 t
2902 Farnam St., flat 6 room
20u9 Willis Ave
ind bath.. $25
N. P. DODGE & CO.,
1204 8. 25th Ave, 9 rooms, modern $30
2214 Lake St., 8 rooms, modern except
furnace $23,
IK 5 Georgia Ave., 6 rooms, city water,
barn $!
Benson & Myers, 318 N. Y. L. Bldg.
D 3u0 5
7-ROOM house, modern except , furnace.
2069 N. 18th. Inquire Room 3, 134 arnain
D 356 6
2227 Dodge, 12 rooms, modern $50.00
SK30 Seward, 7 rooms, modern $6.00
8312 Shermsn Ave., new, 6 rooms, mod. $..00
2303 Cass, 8 rooms, modern $35.00
2621 Bristol, 7 rooms, modern ijs.du
GARVIN DROft.. lbOt r AKntm.
1716 NIICHOIjAS ST., 6 room, modern, teaju
heat, $20.00.
70 N. 16th St., 3 rooms $13.00
7fi4 N IRth fit., store room. 22x50 $40.00
2218 Blnney St., 10 rooms, strictly mod
ern, hot water furnace, rjarn m
connection $40.00
tlOS Emmet St., 7 rooms, strictly mod
ern, nice, large, ano Darn in con
nection $
2602 8. 20th Ave., 6-room cottago I i.w
S:i Seward, rooms, bum ana
PAY N 12 l.NVKiTai'.Sl i.uJiri,
1st Floor, N. Y. Life Bldg.
'Phone Dougla 1781.
D 392 5
FOR RENT 9-room house, barn, modern,
1 hlnek from car line, Clifton Hill.... $30.00
9-riom strictly modern house, barn, Sep
tember 1, 1 nine irom couri iiuuae, i.
17th 8t -j .:: . 0.
W. G. SHRIVER, 1023 N. X. 1-ire '
2611 Caldwell St.. 7-room house $20.00
IT S 2.rth St., 9-room modern house. tuO.OO
D 401 B
WE have more inquiries for houses to
rent than we are aoio iu 'uwj- w..
us a trial.
410 Be. Bldg.
6-ROOM at 816 8. 26th St.
D M430 7x
roods stored nry rooma, ""?-
'Phone 1062. 1106 Fwnam.
D M131
2908 Farnam St
2210 Farnam 8t
N. P. DODGE & CO.,
FOR RENT Desk room In Bee office, city
hall building. u . , "-"
Omaha, Apply to manager. I-Ul
NO EQUAL, laundry, drug store. Tlstard,
220 N. 23d. l-MM
STORE ROOM for rent, 403 8. 15th Or
pheum Theater Bldg. Dyball, 1618 Do.i-
Offices For
Now 1 your opportunity to rent that office
you have been looking for for so long a
time, either a ground-floor office or an
upstair office. At present we'have some
excellent office Just vacated on the sec
ond floor, both single or ensulte. See
us at once before all the office are gone.
U. 8. National Bunk Bldg.
1201 Famam St.
DESK room for rent. I 644 Bee Bldg,
FOR RENT One 4-story brick store with
cement basement and good elevator; L07
Douglas. Building will be put in go. 4
order at once. Inquire at 120V Douglas.
John Llnder. I
ROOM-20x60. I car. 817 8. 16th St. l-iit
N. 24TH ST.. new brick, $25.
lo6 S. Hth St.. steam heat, $35.
. 1-877 I
FOR RENT Space for storage or light
manufacturing; trackage and good llKtit.
8. G. Doup, 1301 Nicholas St. 1371 6x
FOR RENT One-half of reception room,
with private office, with real estate man
in first-class office building, furnished or
unfurnished, with Use yt telephone Ad
dices U 47, B. 1-364 6 ,