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    unday Bee.
The Omaha
Your Mny' WrHi
Best & West
Pzks 1 to 12.
Cathglio Circles Anxions for Declaration on
fiocject of Situation in France.
Uoi Tronbles Hesd of Church, Who ii in
Tain Cocstsntlj.
l.nbor Partr of Aoatrutlu Woill Hove
Rirrnmrnl lnii(art Feet
Mall Service.
MFT.ROT'RNK. Aug. 4 (Special rMf
gram tn Th Pe All the ftrta connected
with the new Australlin mull contract are
not yet disclosed. So far from the ar
rangement mart hy trip cnimnnnwuun
government being n mere renewal of a
mull service on slightly varied I'rmi and
with new contractors. It It believed t
worM Is on the ere of a mild revolution
orenn transit, practically under cnmmo.
wealth auspices. The aspiration of Austra
lia, and especially of the labor party. Is tn
possess a state line nf mall stesmers con
necting with Great Britain. That condi
tion la not yet attained, but It la undcr
atood that the new mall service will be
mainly financed In the colonies, and that U
will receive strenuous official aupport, al
though It la of the nature of a private
undertaking. The cloae grip which the
commonwealth government haa of It la In
dleatel by the fact that the. new ayndl
rate can he bought out by the federal
authorities at any time, of course, on pay
ment of the value of the fleet which la to
be constructed, and the a-ood will of the
nuaft AU, 1-iBpecmuuifir.m w i , ouslnes which la to be built tin
Be.) In Catholic circle a good deal or
FhjiioUn Oirsi Alternative of Bemoval or
Death if Disease Inoreuee.
railing; Plaster Revrala Crurks mad
Uria Raaa ( Money Will Be
Accessary to Make
Duisburc Po1" Make Interesting Discorery
at to f . . ut Parti of Eausaee.
pet r
I Surprise la expressed at the alienee the
! pop continues to maintain concerning
i the Separation law of France, and whether
or ndt it la to be accepted by the church.
There are two currenta of opinion on the
subject of the Impending papal decision.
Some assert It to be absolutely certain that
. the pope will refuse to authorize the for-
matlon of public worship aaaoclatlona on
,- the lilies told down by France, whereas
othera declare be will not venture to re
1 fuse -submission to the law seeing how
; disastrous thla would be to the material
-l-'mterests of the church and of the prlest-
hood. The state of uncertainty haa been
f already prolonged much beyond what wua
I anticipated when the French bishops met
v ! In Paris In congreaa and expressed their
y views on the subject and it la hoped that
' , the Pope will soon make public his program
, concerning the matter.
i The condition of the pope's health this
mid-summer gives rise to serious anxiety.
He la much troubled by gout, and In al
' most constant pain. Uls holiness Is also
very depressed. He has not the Iron will
power of Leo XIII, and he feela the matter
of being compelled to remain In the Vatican
very keenly. Cardinal Oreglla, who also
suffers much from gout, recently experi
enced great relief from a change of air.
When he visited the pope on his return
Pius X, said to him, "You seem to want
ma to die here In the Vatican, and yet I
feel If I too could only have a change of
ftlr that I would b. saved." But at the
name time, his holiness' mental depression
la such that he doea not desire tu face
, uch a serious problem as that of lcuvlng
J the Vatican would be.
In return for a lnrre subsidy th" new
contractors will offer a reduction of sixty
hours In the mall transit, partly owing to
the employment of a fleet of steamers with
a uniform speed of fifteen knots and partly
owing to the selection of Rrlndlsl as the
European mail port In place of Naples.
One fleet of eight or nine steamers prob
ably nil to be built In British yards, al
though there Is power to purchase suitable
vessels will be thoroughly up-to-date In
the matter of passenger accommodation.
These vessels, each of the 11,000 tons, will
have great cargo-carrying capacity. They
will. In fact, be able to carry as much as
.coo tons of measurement and dead weight,
whereas some of the steamera at present
employed in the mall service can carry not
much more than 1.5O0 tons. To this very
large provision of space for the swift
transit of Australian products to Europe
the highest Importance la attached by the
colonies as well as by the new contractors.
Am Playfellow! and an Lmsti
tion Brintri Out Startling Facta,
Eojal Prince and Associates Involved in
Gambling Deal at Munich.
Centerlats' Candidate la Weetphnllan
Constituency Uoes Down Before
Socialist in Spite of Fnalon
by Opponents.
Scotch Court Declares Titer Have
So Right to Vote at
GUSOOW, Aug. 4. 'Special Cablegram
to The Bee.) The female graduates nf Ed
inburgh university have sought In vain for
a judicial declaration of their right as
members of the university council to vote
In the election of Parliamentary representa
tives. Women are now admitted to grad
uation honors, and as graduates they be
come members of the general council of
tVARIAN SOCIETY NOW HAS SCANDAL their alma mater. The members of the
council have the privilege of electing a
member of Parliament. Parliament has de
clared that every "person" of full age
and "subject to no legal Incapacity" en
tered upon the register of the general
council shall be entitled to vote. Miss Mar
garet Nairn, M. A., and some sister grad
uates at the lRSt general election applied to
the registrar for voting papers. He re
fused their request. In his view of election
law they were not "persons," and In any
event, being women, he told them that they
were legally Incapacitated from voting.
Burning with Indignation, they rushed to
the court of sessions, demanding from the
university authorltlea 123 for compensation
for the expense and Inconvenience to which
Illinois Senator Wins in Primaries by a
Handsome Majority.
Anti-Semites Declare Revisionists
Failed to Make Case nnd De
plore Major's Acquittal.
I , May Leave Vatican.
'. Tha pope Is anxious to go to Caatel
vjiclt,Ao, And he has already spoken of
I ' th.a to Dr. L&pponl. The pope's physi
cian Is too discreet to discuss such a ques
tion with any but the few famlgllarl ot
the pope on whom he can rely. If, how
aver, his holiness' state should get worse,
and It should be I)r. Lapponl's duty to put
j : the alternative bi fore the Curia that Pius
' X. must either leave the Vatican or, lose
his life, the problem would be a very dc
' j llcate one. Thttt a section of the more
, broad-minded members of the Bacred col
. Itg-e favors an understanding with the
QUIrin-il la certain, but, this ' Is not tn
section that haa the pope's ear. The ultra
conservative party, headed by Cardinal
Merry del Val, Is practically supreme at
The eternal problem whether a Catholic
sovereign may visit the king of Italy in
Rome has again come under discussion.
The king ot Portugal has never been in
Italy. He once got as far as Paris on his
way to . the city of the Caesars, but waa
stopped by the Vatican. Now It appears
T thai Win r&rlnt hAd Arranged to see his
cousin. King Victor Emmanuel, at tbe
Milan exhibition, but this time It Is the
Italians who raise an objection. Even tn
the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies
, protests are heard, it being maintained that
It would be undignified for King Victor to
receive the Portuguese sovereign anywhere
but In Rome. That, however. Is Impossible,
so the project will probably be abandoned.
Apoatolle Palace Falllna.
A fact ot much Interest to the whole
: world haa leaked out, notwithstanding
i Coat efforts on the part ot the Vatican to
beep H secret. There seems to be no doubt
that the apostolic palace Is In a grave state,
and many walls are threatening to fall. The
other day while the Noble Guard were on
duty In the papal ante-chamber, they were
; thrown Into a state of panlo by a shower
. of plaster, tbe fslt ot which revealed large
cracks. A hurried examination was made,
showing cracks In all directions, caused by
tf. frequent subdivisions which had been made
! lrj the course of oenturles without regard
to the strength of the original walla It Is
estimated that the expenditure of more
than 1260. K will be necessary for restora
tions. Fortunately the glorious picture gal
lery has already been moved to a place of
' A young Llgurlan printer, named Cava,
, Jias' Invented a method of typesetting by
! telegraph. . He couples the Hughes Instru
ment with a monotype composing machine
' and, Instead ot the message being printed
on the tape of the receiving apparatus, per
foratlona are made on the monotype paper
bands. Completely successful experiments
hive been made wtth the new Invention.
The newspapers are complaining that the
alien government will not allow them to
private wires, without which they
w. Sii R ran! rwhl
In Case of Rnsslan
PARIS. Aug. 4 (Special Cablegram to
The Bee.) Dreyfus, In an Interview de
clared that he would be glad ceraonallv
If a great foreign war should break out
and if be could by his conduct on the bat
tlefield show how much he appreciates
latter-day treatment at the hands of the
French nation. He does not hesitate to
atate that he would willingly die for the
nation on the field of battle If circum
stances would only permit It.
One of the Hebrew papers of France
calls attention to the fact that though
the Hebrews are alleged to make promin
ent their religion though they have been
accused of being lacking In patriotism the
career of Dreyfus has given the lie to
falsehoods of this sort. All ot the boyish
dreama of Dreyfus, his youthful ambitions
appear to center . around the army and
French nationality. Ha appears to have
cared little or nothing for the Jewish re
ligion and according to. the Frertch Semitto
papers he cared absolutely nothing for
money making.
On the anti-Semitic side of the contro
versy the "Libre Parole" after declaring
that the revisionists have not made their
case says: "The Jews triumph, and their
traitor la the central figure of the apoth
eosis, whilst everything that our ancestors
respected, everything that went to make
FTance, Ilea shattered on the ground re
ligion, army, magistrature, crosa, and
Representatives of British Companies
Write Home Abont the San
Francisco Situation.
BEP.LIN, Aug. 4. (Special Cablegram
to The Bee.) in various sausage manu
facturing centers the German police have
discovered abuses which. It not so scan
dalous or on so large a scale as In Chi
cago, should make importers of German
sausages and tinned "delicacies" very
careful. Among these abuses Is the largo
and growing use of horseflesh, and In
Dulsburg, on the. Rhine, where large
quantities of sausage for export are manu
factured, the police have happened on
large quantities of disgusting stuff which
It was Intended to work luto these arti
cles. Russia and the eastern provinces
of Prussia are the main sources of supply.
In some cases the - old-fashioned Jokes
about the sausage makers grinding up
the favorite cats and dogs of the children
for sausage meats are no longer reck
oned as Jokes, inasmuch as cases of thla
kind are not Infrequent. In fact. In one
case, at Dulsburg In particular, It was
the destruction of the 'canine and feline
f ets of the children and the protests of
the little ones to the grown-ups which
led to the Investigation of certain sau
sage factories, and will. It Is stated, ,-e-suit
In a new order of things all around,
Bavarlnn Society Scandal.
A great society acandal at Munich la
causing Intense excitement In Bavarian
society. One royal prince, two duke,
about twenty counts and many lesser
members of the nobility are ln!vcd in
the scandal, which haa overwhelm nur.y
leading Bavarian families with n. r . d
shame. The root of the whole evil cp-
pears to be a fashionable club a M in .eh,
which Is nothing less than a gambling re
sort of the worst type. Heavy losses have
ruined many promising young ollkeis ot
the Bavarian army, as well as numerous
young noblemen and members of tiie i n 11
service. Some of them, unable .o fiice
the disgrace of not paying debts incurred
at the card tables, resorted to 'ill sons
of swindles to secure sufficient funds to
enable them to continue attendance til the
Othera committed suicide to escape the
consequences of their folly. The suicides
Include .Count May Preying, who was un
able to pay gambling debts exceeding
Prince Francis Joseph of Bavaria, who
waa accustomed to play at the club. Is
Implicated In the scandal owing to the fact
that a number of officers forged hla slg'
nature to promissory notes, whrreby they
obtained large suma of money by fraud.
Investigations have shown that sums up
to $250,000 have changed hands within the
club In one night. Some unscrupulous
members rsorted to systematic card sharp
ing In order to fleece Inexperienced players.
One young officer haa been arrested In con
nection with the scandal, but the precise
charge against him Is not known.
War on Long Skirts.
The campaign against trailing skirts be
gun some weeks ago by the Nordhausen
Voters of All Three Parties Express Prefer
ence for Candidates.
Lorimer, Mann and Graff .Win Fifhti in
Their Distriota,
For First Time In History of City
Saloons Are Closed, While
People Take Part
In Election.
Forecast for Nebraska Fair
Mariner Sunday. Mnnnay Fair.
they were put by their refusal of voting
privileges and seeking a declaration from
the court that. Instead of trampling upon
their electoral rights In future elections,
the registrar should be ordained under
pains and penalties to Issue to them voting
papers. That they were "persons" could
not be disputed. To say that they were
subject to any legal Incapacity when they
were of full age waa seemingly ridiculous.
They naively Instructed their advocates to
suggest that In using In the reform act
of 1S6S, upon which they based their claim.
the word "person" In dealing with uni
versity elections and the word "man" In
regard to burgh and county elections. Par
liament had In Its deliberate contemplation
the day that subsequently dawned when
women became entitled to enter the general
council as graduates. This Idea was scouted
by their opposing counsel, and Lord Bal-
vesen has dismissed their plaint with a
note tb the effect that they are not "per
sons," at least In the sense of the statute
they were pleading, and even If they had
been, aa women they were subject to the
legal Incapacity of voting.
LONDON. Aug. t.-(8peelal Cablegram to
The Bee.) Advices by mall from the fire
Insurance comrany men now In San Fran
cisco are to the effect that they are greatly
worried over the outlook there. They
write that they can stave off a settlement
of the earthquake claims, but that If they
take the risk an agitation is likely to result
which may cause the legislatures in the
various states of the union to pass laws
forbidding the fire companies to do any
business If they neglect or refuse to take
care of-California claims. The position of
the Insurance agents now In San Francisco
Is that they can "stave off" payment and
that they might even fight matters In tha
courts, but public opinion may be reflected
Confectionery Storea ot Metropolis
fald to Be in nn Insanitary
IX3NDON, Aug. 4. (Special Callegram to
The Bee.) London, like Chicago, Is "clean
ing house." One of the causes Is the re
port on the Inspection of factories and
workshops In 1905. The report contains a
thousand or more detailed statements as
interesting as the following:
"I have found a newly-opened choco
late department the walls of which were
excessively dirty. It Is surprising how
very rarely overalls or head-coverings are
provided in fruit factories for the girls and
boys, who come In their oldest and dirtiest
"I have seen the surface of the floors
of confectionery works reduced to a.condl
tlon of sticky, churned-up mud. In a mar
garine factory the floor was thickly coated
with a black, greasy, sour-smelling mud.
In a creamery I found dirty water and
muddy milk standing In palls on the floor."
says the Inspector
The principal lady Inspector says that
In the underground labeling department
of "a world-famous provision manufac
turer" the only Inlet for fresh air was at
the yard level at the loading hole, where
cars and horses stood a large part of the
time. Many Impurities and a marked odor
of ammonia were noticeable, t'p to then
the firm "had opposed every suggestion of
Improvement." In a certain bakehouse In
London the presence of a brush, ' comb,
sponge, etc., on the baking table led to
Scotch Town Declares Municipal
Ownership of Telephone Lines
ts Mistake.
later in antagonistic legislation, as in the ciaIlBt" .and th! "al electoral
the explanation. "When the place Is cleaned
town council Is being continued by the ' up we bathe lhe chndr,"n ner'-'
municipal authorities at several Sileslan
summer resorts. The local commissioners
responsible for the administration of affairs
at Salsbrunn Issued a public appeal to
female visitors at this favorite health re
sort to abstain from wearing long skirts.
This appeal being disregarded, the local
commissioners have now paased bylaws In
flicting penalties for the wearing of trail
ing skirts. The local commissioners at
Warmbrunn. also in Silesia, have followed
precisely the same course.
The social democrats have scored a re
markable victory by the return of their
candidate, Htrr Haberland, for the con
stituency of Altena-Iaerlohn, In Weat-
phalla. Although the radicals. Christian so
CHICAGO, Aug. 4 -For the first time In
the history of Illinois all the primaries of
all the parties were held on the same day
and the voters were given an opportunity
to express their preference through their
ballts for candidates from Tnlted States
senators down to sheriff. The new primary
law passed by a special eeswlon of the
legislature last spring was given Its first
trial and gave general satisfaction. In
the tempestous districts In Chicago the
vote was large, but In the districts where
there were no local contests apathy was
manifested by the voters, and In these sec
tions the Vote was so light that It pulled
down the total for the city to slightly over
12O.0H0, out of a total registration of
The greatest Interest In the election cen
tered In the vote for I'nlted States senator
and for that or republican congressman In
the second and sixth districts, located In
Chicago. The voters cast their ballots for
three candidates for United States senator,
Shelby M. Cullom, ex-Governor Richard
Yatea and William G. Webster. The demo
crats had no candidate for United States
Cnllom Fnr In Lend.
Today's vote for United States senator
waa merely an expression of preference
and Is not binding on the members of the
legislature. In Chicago Senator Cullom re
ceived nearly twice as many votes as
former Governor Yates and from scattered
returns throughout the state the Indica
tions are that he will carry the atate by a
handsome malorlty. The total vote cast
in the city for United States senator i was:
Cullom, 36,783; Yates. 21.297; Webster. ,S71.
Both Congressman I.orimer and Congress
man Mann secured a majority of the votes
cast In their districts. In both districts a
heavy vote waa cast. In the Sixth the
Indications are that Congressman Lorimer
received nearly twice as many votes as
his opponent, Louts P. Frtestadt.
In the Second district Congressman Mann
waa opposed by Franqls W. Parker and the
vote was heavy, as both candidates made
a spirited campaign. Mann won by a
large majority and will go before the con
vention wltlt. enough delegates pledged to
hint to Insure his nomination.
Chlcaaro Saloons Closed.
, For the first time In Its history Chicago
was today, while the primary elections
were held, an absolutely "dry" town. The
law forbids the selling ot spirituous or
malted liquors during elections under Iron
clad provisions, which make it mandatory
upon the authorities to cancel the license
of any saloon keeper violating the law
Should a license be taken away the saloon
keeper could not In any way secure an
other ono for at least twenty years. Hith
erto on election days It has always been
possible for the thirsty to secure relief
via back entrances and side doors, even
when the police attempted to keep the
saloons closed. But It Is the saloon keep
ers themselves who are responsible for to
day's unprecedented condition of affairs.
Cnllom Cnrrlea Peoria County.
PEORIA, III., Aug. 4. Cullom won over
Yates In Peoria coupty today, I to 1, and
W G. McRoberts and Charles Black, Cul
lom men, were chosen to go to the legis
lature. Joseph V. Graff was renominated
for congress.
KKWS SF.CTIOSi Twelve Panes,
t All Eyes In F. a rope on the Pope.
Germans Discover Adulteration
Cullom vVrna in Illinois ITImnrles.
Turmoil Prevnlls In Husaln.
3 Sews from All Parts of Sebrnskn.
Republican Conventions Held.
4 Crowd F.nrnned Oier n Shooting.
Victims Before People's nr.
H Sporting Events of the Day.
II Clement Denies Killlnar tioldle.
H Past Week In Omnhn Society.
T Philippine Bandit Alive Aanlu.
Sunday Services at the Churches.
S Honaebont Life in America.
Flnnnre nnd 'Prosperity.
9 Condition of Omaha's Trnde.
New (arc lor Cnncer is Found.
lO Honaebont Life In America.
Flnnnre nnd Prosperity.
11 Council Binds nnd lown Xews.
12 Allison, town's Velvet Senntor.
Greatest of the Hnwnllnn Kings.
1 Two tooths Fooled by Cupid.
Shreley Juveniles t p in Court.
Big Hnrvest and Shortage ot Help.
8 Edltorlnl.
S Modern Homes for Omaha People.
Homes for Sun Frnnclaco Refugees
Prise for All at Shoshonl.
Timely Real Estate Topics.
4 Want Ads.
B Want Ads.
tt Wnnt Ads.
T Flnnnclnl nnd Commercial.
Wlnchell Hopes for End of Strife.
Uprising: in Russia Does Not Develop the
Proportions Expected.
Success of MoTr-ment Depends Lareely Upon
Disaffection in Arm).
1 Brynn nt Sen of Onlllee.
Recent Progrese of Edncntlon.
S Some of Cnpld'a Uneer Copers.
Tales of People and Things,
fi. r;osslp of Plays and Players.
Music and Mualcnl Mutters.
4 Secretary Root nt Hlo de Jnuelro,
Meanderlnga of Migratory Homes.
Quaint Features of Curreut Life
6 Omnhn Trnde Boosters' 1-otest Trip
8 Woman Her Wnya and Her World.
T Weekly flrlst of Sporting; Wosslp
S l.lttle Stories for Little People
( hat Abont People of Note.
Temperature at Omnhn Yeaterdnyi
Hour. Dear. Hour. .Dev.
B a. m TJ 1 p. m tut
n. m 7"1 2 p. m 78
T a. m T2 8 p. m 72
8 a. m 73 4 pm 7"
ft u. m 74 5 p. m TH
10 n. m 7lt p. ra 77
11 a. m 78 7 p. m 77
ii m M
Two Persona Killed and n Score
Injured hy Smnshup Near
Vermilion, O.
VERMILION, O., Aug. 4.-In a headon
collision between two pasrenger cars on
the Lake Shore Electric road this after
noon two persona were killed outright, a
third was fatally Injured, while a score
more were Injured, several seriously. Tha
westbound West Shore clectrlo limited
crashed Into the regular No. IS eastbound
three miles west ot here and the limited
waa telescoped more than half way through
Its length by the westbound oar. Bot
were running at a high rate of speed and
the two cars met at a curve. About eighty
persons comprised the passenger list of the
two cars. The collision Is said to hav
been caused by a misunderstanding of or
ders. The Injured were removed to a hos
pltal In Lorain.
The dead:
W. D. MOODY, Beach Park, O.. motor
man on limited.
FRED SMILEY, 22, of Lima, O.
Fatally Injured:
Jamea Yerrlck. Milan, O.
case of tha life Insurance scandals. Under
the circumstances the representatives of
the English and Scottish fire Insuance com
panies now on the coast decline to take
the responsibility for acting In this mat
ter and have referred the entire subject to
their home offices.
i ne i
f Italia:
CONSTANTINOPLE. Aug. 4.-(Speclal
Cablegram to The Bee.) The new Turkish
cruisers and destroyers in thevflolden Horn
are coaling, and an extraordinary council
of ministers hss met at tbe palace tn con
elder measurea to be taken In connection
wit & the disturbed atate of tha Russian
Black sea littoral The unrest In tha
Island of Samoa Is also thought to be con
nected with the meeting.
Hew Warships May Be Found Csefal
In Case of Russian Revolution
CONSTANDNOPLE. Aug. 4 (Special
Cablegram tn the Bee.) The new Turkish
cruisers and destroyers in the Golden Horn
Three Australian Pravlncea Make
Arrangements to I se Water
from River Murray.
SYDNEY. Aug. 4. (Special Cablegram to
The Bee.) The Interstate agreement be
tween New South Wales, Victoria and
South Australia, which permits a certain
amount of water annually to be drawn from
the River Murray for purposes of irrigation,
will have the result of making large areas
of land available tor settlement. A be
ginning ts to be made with a patch of
S.0O0.0OO acree in Victoria extending from
Swan Hill to the border of South Australia.
All homesteads are to be on the river
frontage. In aettlementa of from twenty to
fifty families, and each settler is to have a
consliierable area of from 4U0 acres and
upwards of Interior land.
Terms of payment are to be made easy
in the early years, the crown's charge for
the land to be on the basis of lis value.
subject to Irrigation advantages, but other
wise unimproved.
Asiatic Allies of European Power Do
Kot I'nderstnnd Reduc
tion of Army.
TOKIO, Aug. 4 (Special Cablegram to
The Bee.) The proposed reduction of the
Brltsh army haa caused widespread sur
prise in Japan, where, despite tha success
achieved In war, the army is to be enor-
committees conjured their parties to vote
for the candidate of the center rather than
for the socialist, the former haa been sig
nally defeated. There is consternation In
the liberal and radical camps, as It Is evi
dent that unless they close their ranks for
joint electoral action the socialists will
succeed in gaining further seats.
British OOIeer in India Hns
with Benst from the
GLASGOW, Aug. 4 (Special Cablegram
to The Bee.) The committee of the Clvlo
Federation of Arnerlca, headed by M. EX
Ingalls of Ohio, will And Unnecessary to
reviae its reports upon municipal owner
ship so far as Glasgow ts concerned. When
the committee visited Glasgow among other
cities in search of intelligence regarding
municipal ownership the members of the
committee appeared greatly Intereated In
the workings of the municipal telephone.
This telephone was established between
five and six years ago to compete with a
private company. It was found that the
municipal company was not a paying ven
ture and the town council decided to sell
the business to the postofflce at a loss of
$19o,nu0 rather than continue the under-
Hana Berlin of Laramie Draws First
Prise at Shoshone Lnnd
LANDER, Wyo.. Aug. 4. Hana Berlin of
Laramie, Wyo., drew No. 1 here today In
the lottery of Shoshone Indian reservation
homesteads. The drawing of names began
at I o'clock and Is proceeding rapidly.
The drawing was In charge ot Commis
sioner General W. A. Richards of the
general land office, with Judge McGlnnls
of Billings, Mont., and Colonel W. R.
Bchnltger of Cheyenne. Wyo., as referees.
Hans Berlin of Laramie, Wyo., who drew
number L will have first choloe of all the
Employes of I nlon Trust Compnny of
Pittsburg StenI fl2A,000 Off
tha Counter.
hnmxinili offered. The statement haa
taking. When the sale was decided upon mad. that tWa privilege Is worth
more man .l.ww.uw nao oeen spent on me , tti. luck holder. It is also said
CAIiCUTTA. Aug. 4-(Bpeclal Cablegram
to The Bee ) An extraordinary adventure
In a bedroom with a panther is told by
Lieutenant Colonel Bundle, the comman
der of the fifth brigade of the Royal Field
artillery at Jubbulpore, in the Pioneer.
One afternoon Mrs. Rundle came out ot
a portion of the bungalow that waa seldom
used and said she had seen the tall of a
panther protruding from behind a large coll
of matting In one of tha rooms. Colonel
Rundle supposed that the animal was a
tame panther and sent for a brother offi
cer to assist in dispatching It.
Opening the door enough to Insert his
rifle barrel, he flred and wounded the
beast. The door swung open as the
wounded animal bounded against It. It
then sprang at Colonel Rundle, missing
him by about a foot, and bolted.
Colonel Rundle, with Lieutenant Macan,
reconnoltered each room In turn.
eventually ine paniner was round In a I
spars room hiding behind a coll of mat
ting. There was a window to this room about
fourteen feet from the ground, and Colonel
equipment and a further expenditure of
tyO.OOO had been found to be neceaary.
The Glasgow Herald asserted that the
undertaking was a mistake In the begin
ning and that the citizens have cause for
being thankful that the loss Is not more.
that any number up to twenty la worth
from 16.000 to IIO.OUO.
Other names drawn up to No. 25 were:
No. 1. F-dward B. Buck. Basin. Wyo.
No. 3, Thomas Flye, Falrplsy. Wyo.
K' i .Tnhn 11. McPliersoii Central. Mich.
V-.. William Urlntiiir I 'ti.vunn. V','
Telephone experts say that the Glasgow j ,; t; charlrs Overcanip. Lyons, la.
experlmenta settle tne question as to the No. 7, rumert 1 nariey, oaiex, mo.
practicability of a municipality successfully
operating a telephone exchange. It is ad
mitted that the nationalization of the tele
phone under the management of the Post
ottlce department may become a success,
but that the municipalization of a tele
phone in any city is doomed to failure.
Creat Interest Created In Newspaper
Revelations of Conditions In
Anstrlan Capital.
VIENNA, Aug. 4 -'Special Cablegram to
The Bee.) The sensational revelations of
the Ulustrlertes Wiener Kxtrablatt regard
ing the corruption In the Viennese police
sre creating great Interest. The atory is
almost incredible, but the new-paper de
clares that it Is prepared to prove Its
are coaling, and an extraordinary council niously increased, both In men and gun,
of ministers haa met at the palace to ion- ! 1 ' Vars' system of conscription is
alder measures to be taken in connection
with the disturbed state of the Russian
Hack Sea littoral. The unrest In the Island
f of Saim la also thought to be counseled
; Vita Uis meeting.
tn bt- adopted, sweeping reforms will be
msde, and all brigades and regiments are
to be commanded by young and cnerge'.i
ofrrera. The wceding-out process has
J already cwuinicuui-d.
The Extrahlatt has made allegations re-
Rundle procured a ladder, but before he ! garding certain alleged dressmaking es-
No. 8, James A. Morrow, Lewlston, Mont.
No. , R. N. Gllwoti. Clinton. Neb.
No. 10, Bernard Frommell, Spokane,
No. U, Will T. Cressler. Cincinnati. O.
No. 12, William B;iasart, lender, Wyo.
No. 13, Henry Scholrs Cheyenne, Wyo.
No. 14. William St. Clair. Butte. Mont.
No. l&, John Ixindon, Osborne, Colo.
No. 1. Willie Watts. Sheridan, Wyo.
No. 17, Rudolph Anderson, Nlwott, Co!o.
No. IS, Mrs. Karah Vaugh. lender, Wyo.
No. 19, t'atherlno Ki.onahn, Mantle, 111.
No. 2o, Gates A. Nahlxjx. Cody. Wyo.
No. 31. John M. Coanxhan, Katun, Colo.
No. 22, Charles H. 1 hompann, Omaha,
No. 23, Walter Petty, Zealtb, Mo.
No. 24. Charles M. Alspaugh. Cougill, Mo.
No. IS. Charlea S. Kelley, Thermopolls,
Oregon Legislator and lawyer Sen
traced for Conspiracy to
Defraud ftovernnient.
, PITTSBURG, Aug. 4. Official knowl
edge of the $125,000 embezzlement fro.n
the Union Trust company several days
ago waa disseminated today in a state
ment Issued by H. C: McEldowney, presi
dent of the trust company.
The statement says:
On Wednesday, August 1, while a book
keeper, C. S. Hlxson, was on his vacation,
a discrepancy , waa found in his books in
the Union Trust company. Hlxsou was
immediately arrested and has made u
complete conression.
H stated that, acting Jointly with C.
B. Wray, a toller, they had stolen $125,0til.
dividing the money equally, vt ray, iri
teller, taking uie money on; me count ir,
while Hlxson, the bookkeeper, falsified the
books. The money waa all lost In specu
lation. Our auditors have verltleu tne
confession of Hlxson to a cent namely
1125.000. Hlxson Is now unuer arrest ana
the Union Trust company will endeavor
to apprehend Wray. who has escaped, anJ
see that he Is punished.
Sailors of Four Lake States Will
tnlte in at Prnctlee
CHICAGO. Aug. 4. The naval reserves of
the statea of Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and
Minnesota will make a cruise together, be
ginning today.
In thla cruise, which was suggested by
Captain W. F. Purdy, commanding the Illi
nois naval reserves, and which was heartily
approved by the Navy department la
Washington, the sea forces of Illinois will
be represented by a division ot men on
board the cruiser Dorethea. Ohio will send
two vessels the Essex and the Hawk
manned by seamen from Cleveland and To
ledo, respectively. Michigan will bring to
the rendezvous the former gunboat Yantlc,
which, like the Essex, has made many a
distant cruise In the regular navy. Frotn
Minnesota comes the Gopher, formerly
borne on the navy register as the Fein,
which will be mantd by the naval reserves
hailing from Duluth
Bombs Intended for Soldiers Are E xploded
Martini l.nw Will Be Proclnimed la
All Disturbed Districts nnd Ornnd
Duke Mrholas Will Take (
Bl LI.ETI v.
LONDON, Aug. 4 A dispatch to th
Evening Standard from Moscow says thai
number of workmen there today had
prepared to receive with bombs a detsch
mrnt of troops sent against them, wheg
one of the bombs was prematurely ex
ploded by accident, which exploded other
bombs, blowing thirty workmen to pieces
and wounding many others. Tha soldleia
were uninjured.
ST. PETERSBURG. Aug. 4-Wlth a gen
eral strike formally declared and the
country apparently on the threshold of
glaantio struggle, minor Issues fade
Into t lie background. If the strike Inaug
urated today gathers sufficient headway to
endanger the life of the state it has vir
tually been decided that Grand Duke
Nicholas Nicholalevllch will be named
commander of all the troops In the em
pire "where martial law exists," which
would be tantamount to the decreeing of
military llctatorship. It Is possible.
however, that the government will not
be driven to this extremity, aa the show
ing made today by the St. Petersburg
proletariat was not ln)reslve. Al
though nearly 70.W0 workmen are reported
to be out at nightfall, many of the men
ppear to be entering the struggle with
heavy hearts. The spontaneity with
which practically the entire nation ar
rayed itself against the old regime laat
fall is lacking; the endurance of the peo
ple has been sapped by the long strain,
the sympathy of the more conservative
liberals hus been alienated by fear of a
revolution and the lowest elements of -the
population have been organized Into what
are known as "black hundreds" and are
ready to enter the fight on the side of
tbe government if the signal Is given.
Dissensions also are rife among the lead
ers over the opportuneness of the battle.
But these will probably be short lived it
the response of the country shows that th
nation endorses the movement.
Cltlea Will Decide Issne.
Moscow and St. Petersburg, or rather 6L
Petersburg, sre expected to decide the Is
sue. The railroaders, upon whom tne
Intlal success depends,, although committed,
have not yet formally ordered a atrlke.
On the ulterior object of the proletariat
leaders, which at present Is masked, must
depend the attitude of the troops. If the
military supports of the, government stand
up as they did at Sveuborg and Cronstadt
the leaders acknowledge that the game Is
lost, but even so they declare thut de
feat, it It forces the disaffected portion of
the army to show Its colors, will only pre
pare the way for final victory. .The waver
ing of the artillerists at Crohsladt and
the attitude of a major por"n of the crew
of the armored cruiser Pamyat Azova,
which remained nominally loyal, and which
they believe would undoubtedly have
thrown Its lots with the rebels. If the
rebels had received expected support from
the Revel fortress, they cite as being In
their favor and they are confident that If
put to a test thousands of soldiers will
refuse to fire on the people and that weak
spots will develop in the army where the
government least expects them.
While the authorities undoubtedly are
anxious, they manifest equal confidence
that the army will not fail the emperor
In a crisis and that the strike will prove
a dismal failure. Indeed, the faction now
In control seems to welcome an Immediate
test, tn the conviction that It will be able
to scotch the revolution for a long tlma
to come. The weakest point In tbe revolu
tionary armor Is believed to be lack of
competent leaders.
could get hla rifle up the panther had seen
him and sprang through the doorway.
Lieutenant Macan flred two shotx. but
PORTLAND. Aug. 4. Willard N. Jones,
a member of the Oregon legislature of
1903 and a wealthy contractor and timber
dealer, today was sentenced by Judge
tabllshments and the terrible treatment
which white girl slaves have to undergo
until they submit to every infamy. The William H. Hunt In the United States ( charged Itself when It
neither proved fatal, and the panther mother who Informed the Extrahlatt and I circuit court to aerve one year's imprison- j The bullet entered his
bolted cut cf the house and across the thus raised the outcry was able to see her ment in in reuerai peiiuemiary on at.
tennis room Into the Royal Field artillery's I dsnghtcr but only In the presence of sev- Nelll's Island and to pay a Alio of $2,00 .
mess compound. eral other persons. In these circumstances
Here It gave chase to an lniuislt!ve the girl dared not complain: but a few
sweeper, but was too badly woundej to do ' days later she secured tne services of a
more thin make a clutch or two at the I new servant, who gave a letter to the's clothes.
mother. The mother complained, but wlth-
e.n . llu f AmrA I... - J . . ...:. -.-II m rA flh Blrlli.n im , V. . ,)..
1 a here It waa dispatched. police prulect such places.
Jones was convicted or conspiracy to de
lraud the government.
Tl.arideus htevens Potter, a weii-knowu
Portland lawyer, who was tried and con
victed Jointly with Jones, was sentence!
to serve six months l:i the MuIIik ioh.i
county Jail s-ud to pay a Ana ot ao.
Revolver Falls from Belt nnd Dis
charges Itself on Striking
CASPER, Wyo.. Aug. 4-(Specll Tele
gram.) A. J. Mendenhall accidentally shot
and killed himself this evening about 6
o'clock. Mr. Mendenhall was playing nlth
a pet dog. In stooping over, an auto
matic revolver fell from his belt and dis-
struck the floor,
left breast and
heart and went entirely through his body.
Death resulted instantly. Mr. Mendunhall
was employed at the Grand Central hotel
bar and was held In high regard among
his acquaintances. Coroner Tubbe empun
eled a Jury which returned a verdict in
accordance with the above facts Mr. Men
denhall waa Ju years vt age and leaves a
Ferment tn Industrial Quurters
Tonight brought Increased excitement
throughout the Industrial sections of the
city. Although the police are reinforced
by mounted patrols in the central districts
of the city all la quiet there.- In the work
men's quarters, which the Associated Press
representative visited, there waa ferment.
Dragoons and Cossacks were irt evidence
in the principal streets snd police pickets,
armed with rifles, were at almost every
corner. Nevertheless, the correspondent
heard orators addressing crowded meetings
at many places. The police displayed open
sympathy with the men, turning their becks
to avoid seeing what was going on.
On Basil Island the workmen have begun
to close the shops and have even stopped
cabs, turning the occupants of them Into
the streets and instructing the drivers to
teturn home.
Rcarih lights from a cruiser at the Baltlo
works and from the roof of the building
are sweeping the Neva and several torpedo
boats built in the United States are scurry
ing up and down the river. No collisions
of Importance were reported up to mid
night. There will he no newspapers pub
lished tomorrow, exrept the Novoe
Vremya, whose men do not belong to the
union. The cabmen have agreed to strike
Real Object of Strike.
The battlecry of the strike, a recon voca
tion ot Parliament for the purpose of elab
orating a law providing for a constituent
assembly, does not ring true and is, la
fact, simply a peaceful slogan, to be aban
doned If the government totters when the
true colors will be run up. The mob of
the workmen s council. In conjunction
with the, radical groups of the outlawed
Parliament, have made definite arrange
ments to proclaim themselves a provi
sional government if success crowns their
efforts. But unless the whole army sides
with the revolutionists thoue in control ot
the government are convinced that, the
srike will end in failure.
A prominent member of .the government,
who is In complete sympathy with the de
cision I4eii at Petetliuf to fight the revo
lution energetically, points out that the
workmen's unions are without funds tu
carry on a protracted struggle, and be
was disposed, like many of Ids class, to
contend that the real power behind tha are the rich Jews, who are later
eltd at aU'iklug a bluw at Russia,' gdi