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Unprecedented Bargains
Furniture Carpets
Oar Prifes Mean a Great Saving
to You.
Prices are persuasive and the
high quality of our offerings even
more so. : That the remarkable bar
gain offerings are a pleasure to our
customers is evident by the tre
mendous selling.
Merchandise of True Merit
priced at half and less its real value
is the magnet which has drawn and
will continue to draw great throngs
to our store daily. Take advantage
of Saturday Specials.
.. w h m
A Savings Recount
Hayden's Bank
It thi Stttsl Kind eft P t Cent nter
esf lartstmtnf. hvtsltgtt
Many Bargain Surprises Await You Saturday
In Our Ladies' Suit Dep't.
Appoint ronrlf a commits of on and ln
cmwbuT tlirm.lToa are the most persnaslvf arjrumita to bayrrs, unaur
SZSTlB "r-sTty of deign .material. VncqnalM in low trHces. See them
L.,i.T. iwrtctrd traantltie w the necessity of an early call.
lot Saturday
$50 to $75 Tailor Suits High
class Sample Garments only
on of a kindf-made of fins
imported fabrics in the very
newest styles and colors.
Gre&teet Bargains ever offer-
. ed. Saturday at $21.50
$30 to $45 Tailor Suits Ele
gant Sample Garments only
one . ' of . a " ' kind unequalled
bargains Saturday, at, your
choice $14.90
$15 and $20 Tailor Suits
Slightly damaged; about 150
garments ' to Beleot from,
choice" $3.95
Charming White Wash Suits,
that sold regularly at $25 and
$30, 'fresh clean garments, in
, ' newest .styles, choice. . . .$7.95
$15 to ' $18.50 White Wash
Suits, absolutely ' undamaged,
. all newest styles, ' handsomely
trimmed, at -....' $4.95
Dainty White. Wash Suits, that
sold regularly at $7.50 and
Big Water Damage Shoe Sale
sa.DU in one
at choice 1 ... .$2.95
Pretty Wash Suits, that sold
regularly at $5, will go Satur
day at choice. ... . ... . . .$1.50
Women's Silk Underskirts, $5
and $6 values, made of Giver
naud's best taffetas, Saturday
at choice $2.65
Women's $10 and $12 Silk Un
derskirts, at ......... '. $4,951
Women's $1.50 Sateen Under
skirts, Saturday at .......69c
Women's Dressing; Sacques, $5
and $6 values, the greatest
bargains ever shown in
Omaha, at $1.95
Women's Wrappers, that sold
at $1.50, Saturday........ 59c
Wrappers well worth $2 in
Saturday's sale, at .98c
Women's $5 and $6 Walking
Skirts, at .......$2.95
Women's $3 Matinees, Satur
day .,...,...$1.50
Women's $2 Dressing Sacques,
at ......... ...75c
Men's Stetson, Crossett and Huiskamp Shoes,
Vici Kid, Box Calf and Patent Colt, Pft
former prices $5.00 and $3.50
Children's Shoes, all kinds, styles and PA
leathers, values up to $1.50, 75c and. . JUC
Misses' Vici Kid, Box Calf, Wax Calf and Pat
ent Leather, in welts, turns and Mc- 1 AA
Kay's, former prices up to $2.25. . . . .IUU
Men's Box Calf,, Kangaroo Calf and 1 AA
Vici Kid, values up to $3.00 . . . . A.UU
A splendid opportunity for our Grover customers to buy their supply now at greatly reduced
prices. It only happens onoe in a life-time that you can buy Grover Shoes at less than regular
prioes. " . '. We fill mail orders at these prices.
Women's Patent Kid Oxfords and Pumps in
welts, McKay ,'s and turns, values f t(
up to $3.00.... I.UU
Women's high grade Shoes in Patent, Kid, Gun
Metal and Vici Kid, in turn and t'AA
soles, former prices $5, $4 and $3.50. AiUU
Women's Fine Shoes, odd .sizes, former Art
prices $2.50, $3.00 . and $3.50. . .I.UU
Misses Shoes and Oxfords, black and
tan, former prices $1.50 and $1.75
75 c
Men's Furnishing Bargains
Interesting Saturday
Many Other Splendid Bargains in this Department Saturday.
Fancy Pillow Tops and Backs, in great variety of
pretty designs, worth regularly -up to
50c in four lots at 29c, 15c, TVfcc and
15c and 20c all Silk Wash Ribbons, at,
10c and 12c all Silk Wash Ribbons, at,
50o Hose Supporters. . .25c
15c all Linen Handkerchiefs, Satur- ' 1g
day.... . i 2C
10c all Linen Handkerchiefs, Satur- C
day ; JC
25c Hose Supporters 10c
In Our
Jelly Tumblers with tin top, 1
each ......... C
Decorated English Semi-Porcelain lflr
Dinner Ware, any piece. 1UC
Semi-Granite Cups and Saucers, f
each. fiC
Wine Glasses,
each 1C
Fancy Art Pottery Vases, $1.00 and j!Zn
$1.50 values, at
Hand Decorated Chop Trays, Cake C
Plates and Salads, each. . ........... .DC
Men's $1.00 Negligee Shirts, in
the very newest patterns and
best materials, clean (JA
high grade stock, at..JUC
Men's Negligee Shirts, sold
.regularly at 50c to 75c in
two lots Saturday "TQ
at 39c and Jv
Men's Pyjamas, in fine madras
and percales, that sold regu
larly at $1.50, Satur- PQ
day, at '.
Men's 15c Linen Collars, on
sale Saturday, fL
choice C
Men's Ties, in very newest
styles, worth . regularly up to
60c in throe lots, at f f-
25c, 12a and lUC
Men's Union Suits, regular
$1.75 values, Satur- QQA
day to close, at aOC
Men's $2 Lisle Underwear, in
plain white, to close Satur
day, at, garment
Men's, Ladies' and Children's.
Hose, in plain and fancy
colors, worth 19c, . 10c
ladies' Furnishing Bargains
Ladies' Skirts, handsomely
trimmed with rows of lace
and embroidery, in finest
materials, worth up f PA
to $3.00, at $1.93 and. JU
Ladies' Corset Covers, prettily
trimmed with laces and inser
tions, at, 50c, 39c
Ladies' Drawers, nicely trim
med, worth up to $1.00, will
be placed on sale C l
Saturday, at UC
Ladies' Union Suits, all sizes
regular 50c values, f
Saturday, at 39c and.ewJC
Children's Muslin Drawers, in
all sizes, at, 10 C
Worth double the price.
Ladies' Gauze Vests, in plain and fancy colors, at 71$o
See These Saturday
Hosiery Specials
Ladies Gauze Lisle Hose, in
all sizes,' regular 50c
' .quality at, pair. . ;;. .
JUes' Fancy Ic ILjk) In black
or white, worth up to SGc, J
at. pair. .. . 12V
Misses' THark Lace Bom. in all sizes.
tb 26c (frailty, at,' - t l
: pair. . ; . , . . ........ .', . .'. .
Nev Corset Models
Our Corset Department offers to our customers a
completely new stock of standard corsets.
Every new Corset Model in Kabo, Warner's
and R. & G. are here at from $2.50 1 Afl
down to.
Broken lots of Corsets, standard makes, 7 C
that sold up to $2.50, choice Saturday. . L
Batiste Corsets and Tape Girdles in CA
great variety, remarkable values, at. . . vUL
ft I'-Oj '
, Secure the traraling neceisitiea
fr your vacation trip Saturday
A Handsome Laather Suit Case, 3 9$
Genuine Cow Hide Salt Case, 24-ln, ft QO
steel frame, at . ,' iiO
Omaha's Meat Saving Section
Guaranteed Fresh Spring Chickens,
Rib Roast, rolled and boned, pound.
Pot Roast, pound ,
Shoulder Roast, pound ,
Shoulder Steak, pound
Veal Stew, pound ,
Round Steak, pound
Sirloin Steak, pound
pound. . 20c
9C I Robber Gloves at
Drug Department
i .BO
5VaC Elder Flower, Cream Marquise and
' ' I Almond Cream ISO
5 2 ; Colgate's Tooth Powder. . .'. . . . . . . I So
. . 50 ! pear's Sop, (Unscented) ........ lOo
Pear's Soap,
Roach Paste
Laxative Fig Syrup ; .
Dr. Hall's Female Syringe,,
Dr. Lee's Corn Plaster, bo.
, .", .JOo
. .91.49
The tfMatest groorj, freab fruit, cracker, tatter, 1 oheeea,' 'jkaA eandy 4partmemtela the west.
I lbs. tt band- picked Newr Beans.. SSo
I lbs. beat Rollfid OetmeeJ. 99e
J0 lbs. beet Oranulatcd Cornroeal . . . 13 'A o
t OH' ardlnee. per cm.
1-lb. can Fancy AlaaKa Salmon... .
J-lb. Jare Croaaeft Black wall's . ,
Jama of KlUlere' Marmalade....
Pint bottle Pure Tomato Catsup...
,'The beet Soda Crackers, lb
. (Freeh, crisp Olngvraaapa, lb.
Xcelo Braakfaat Pood.' pkg........
. -Saratoea Flakes, pk
Potted Meats, per can
Condeneed Cream, can
. Fancy fiantoe Coffee, lb
ncy- Porto Rloo Bland.' nothing
finer for family uae, lb ..SOo
Kanry fun Dried Japan Tea, )lf . . .';r'io
Funcy Basket Fired Japan Tea. 30o
Fancy Ta RtftlnKB, lh t ISHe
Fancy Dalrv Table Butter 16o
l 4m r txiij puiJammr xuiLer, 4U..a
. .96e
, ... 60
. . .15o
New York While Cheese, lb 15a
Fancy Full Cream Swlsa Cheeae, Ib..l8o
Baylea After-Dinner Cheeae.. Jar 7VtO
AJ1 ruaular 20c Candy for thja sale I
per pound , lOe j
All regular 40c Candy for this sale I
per pound ;.. SOo I
Fancy Table Peaches, baeket. . . . J . .'.abo
1 3uart boxes freeh picked Blackberfes.T?6
Pint boxes fresh picked Red
Raspberries ..lOo
Two heads fresh Celery to
Large baskets freah ripe Tomatoes. , .loo
Lrg, Juicy Lemons, per doawn SOo
2 measures fresh roasted Peanuts. .... .so
1 V,
For Way Down Prices On Tools and Builders' Hardware 500 Planes Co at Ridiculously Low Price
Henry Diseton D. 826 in. Hand Saws
7 ?P
"' 1 '"
No. ll(k-74 tn. long, (like cut), each,... '.:5c
No. K Black Plane, SV In. long each.. lac
No. lot Black Plane. In. long, each..22o
No. 108 Black Plane, 6H lh long, adjust
able, each ..j. 20c
No. 180 Black Plane, 8 In. long, each... .400
No. 220 Black Plane, 7V4 In. long, adjust
able, each
Nol H Bafley Woo4 Plants. I in. loaa; . &o , Back Saw and Frame).
Jin, K Bailey AVooa Jack Plazas. IS tn.
long JSC
Ifa. t-BaHa(y 'Wood Fora Ptaneav. B In.
lansr -fU'i
No. X3-Bailey -Wood Joiner Places. X lr.
Ion ILe
No IB Bailey Wood Joiner Planes, U In.
long B-Hi
14 In. Compass Saw IOC
1 tn. Cast Steel Hand Raw too
20 In. Cast Bteel Hand Saw DOC
In. Cast Steel Hand Saw 3Sc
Hayden Bros.' 28 In. Hand Saw war
ranted 35c
Pack's Phantom Hat cherts
A good Cast Steel Hatcbert....
X good Cast fttan! Hammer...
A sjood Hammer
Auicer Bits, each
731 eVixVi Stanley Jap Butt
Rim Locks and Knobs, complete..
Bronze Plated Martin Locks
I and (H In. Saw Flies
f In Saw Files
10 In. Mill Files
Is In. Meat Saw ,
And many other articles.
, 1
.10o to Ka
Board of Education Makes Assignment of
Teachers for the Year.
Becomes Tansled In Bhaftlua While
at Work Hepalrlna an Elevator
la tke Plaat-Body Is'
Badly Croaked.
' The teachers' committee of the Board of
Education yesterday made public the as
signment 'nf the grade teachers of the first
list, which Includes all teachers who will
be retained from the aid teaching force.
Written notices hare been sent to all teach
ers ahd'ao far no complaints have been
offered. - '' .
The board meets In- regular session next
1 Monday evening. At that meeting It Is
expected that the committee on grounds
and buildings will be able to report a fa
vorable' bid for a site of the new bulldiny.
tf a good alts is secured It la probable
that the work of erecting the building will
ta undvrtikeh with dispatch. The board
hue Urn busy lately putting In cement
sidewalks - at severnl of the buildings . In
place of board walks. Appended Is the com
plete Hat of the teaching force under the
school to which each teacher Is assigned:
Hlarh School N. M. Grahum, principal;
Perrv Mel). Wheeler, assistant principal;
Marv HtWH. T. K. Boswell, Berlhn E.
flark, Homy Clausen, K. C. Flnley, Anna
Kuwler, BiikIb Horen, Mary Hubbell, Marie
Kennedy, Marie Hchlsbv, Patricia NauKh
tln, Kvs O. Hulllvan, Hara 'Taylor, Mable
Tliomiis, Myrtle KohertH.
Jui'Kinunn School Margaret O'Toole, prin
cipal; Bntlie Fowler, Kthel Sachra, Ullve
Brown, Mary Miller. Kittle Rowley, Oert
rude Holmes. Ilattle SmlUi, Hertha John
son, Hupan Ileedle.
West Sliln School Jessie A. Robeson,
principal; Elsie Montgomery, Lillian Em
y, Klla Kelly, Nettle Mann, Mabel Fran
cisco, Mary Moore, Rosa Mulone, Agnes
Condon. Eleanor Dlckman, Florenca Slocum,
Eva Munnecke.
Corrlan School Julia Carney, principal;
Hiilome Hramlt. Jennie Smith, Mamie Heal.
Hilda Condron, IJazle Kennelly, Alberta
Barrett, Kate Begley, Nellie Lavelle, Imo
Clifton. Marie llanaerovskt.
Iiwell School Mary Fitzgerald, principal
Ethel Yost. AUle Waterhury, Ruth Fergu
son. Nellie Kliigerald, Mary Ruane, Anna
Weeth, May Hhellan
Highland School Jessie " BtUt, . principal;
Anna Orahnm, Iymlse More. Ina Pick
man, Mlna Swan Heck, Crace Thielke, Ku-ni-e
Noe. Kit!" Ilyer. Alice Sbeeban.
Washington School Uelle Newell; prin
cipal; Corn Thompson, Esther Johnson,
Lois Benedict,
i Lincoln School Cora Laverty, principal;
Nl Jb M
Suppose you inquire.
You will be surprised
how little it will cost.
Functional order In those organs that have becime weak, run down and In
capable of pei'f.wnilng tlielr function In a normal way. WHY OCR TREAT
MENT Cl'RES: It la local, direct and efl.-i tK In tills, that It re-establishes
the natural order of things. This U mal'-ly due to the fact that we personally
ponrtict the treatment and see and know that each application haa the desired
efTVct. There la no guesa work In our examinations, for they arc so Fearching
lhit we are positive of the exact cause liefore tit-ginning treatment.
VlCirnPFI F We rure aoundly anl ooinpUtely In 4 tn days, i Our treat
IMnlUUWLLL. nient la painless, and one that will prvserve and strengthen reproductive system
JTBIPTIIRF T"'re l no other treatment to our knowledge which will per
dlSlulUltl manently remove all aoieness, inn.iinnianon. callous or harrow
ing oonditlona of stricture. Ii Is most cleanly and perfect-and -comiietelw cures..
Fnnrf isnal flsrlins ur tridtmcnt for functional decline' or ''weakness."
UllbllOllal UCkilllC , termed hy some, Is the result of years' ; anecial work
Ju,. functional (llsonlera. The rcxuua t obtain are by'diroi-t methods and aie
not In common uae. . " . . j
' InvrXiKate ar.1 ierm tliut our word 1m as uk-,I as our bond, our
financial standing U solid, and tln.t our Umg riiwrience in treat lug
special diaoahc of men iiiMiren )im of miiil'-m, M lcntitic trt-atmrnl tliat
will accomplish neMratile ickuUs in all curuble cani. '
Consultation free, confidential and Invited. A tersonal. thorough and
searching examination Is require.!. Write for Information. Ter are alwaya
rnad to suit the convenience of anyone applying for treatment, and very red
so nab I a charges.
Edith Carpenter, Rertha Anderson, Agnes
iyalsh, Julia Wlllnrd, Mahle Stephen, Grace
oung. Sadie Ayer, Maud Carter, Kate
Roherta. Rertha Clements, Rose Harris,
Cora Holmes, Martha Wlildls. Grace Miller.
Hawthorne School Ruth Turner, prin
cipal; Genevieve Maddox, Josephine Ahbott,
Anna Sullivan. Nellie Walsh. Lillian Ru
deradorf, Lorena Johnson, June Slocum,
Eva Murphy, Fannie Brown, Laura
Brown Park School Elizabeth Hayes,
principal: Margaret llogan. Emma Smith,
Emma Novak, Mary Giiest, Grace ljavls.
Bertha Novak, Bess Fischer, Kstulla Gray,
Ethel Breen, Bertha Meth.
Central School Martha Campbell, prin
cipal; Pauline Winter, Maud McDowell,
Jean Roggen, Maud O'NIel, Margaret Gal
bralth, Nora Freeman. Margaret Conrey,
Lillian Haldc, Iaura Rudesdorf, Florence
Moore, Ctcilo Lyon.
Madison School Emma Herman, prin
cipal; Mary Barrett, Anna Bratton, Stella
Toft, Cora Rothchlld, , Margaret Delpseh.
Fatal Accident at fewlft'a.
Another fatal accident occurred at Swift
and Company's packing plant last night.
John Wesley Daly was crushed to death
at 6 p. m. by being wound up on an elevator
shaft. Some part of the mechanism had
gone wrong and he and a companion,
Thomas Thorgensen, a millwright, had gone
up to the top among the shlve wheels to
make repairs. In some manner he was
caught In the, revolving shaft and whirled
around several times until hU body was
practically beaten to a pulp. Ilia libs,
arms, legs and head all received injuries
each of which would most certainly have
resulted fatally. An effort was made to
aave the man's life, which was still flut
tering when he was extricated. . lie was
taken to the South Omaha hospital and his
wounds partially dressed when it was found
that life had departed.
Paly has been living at Twenty-third snd
L streets, at the lodging house of J. J.
lleasley. He la a married man and haa
a son of about 8 years, but he was divorced
from his wife, who lived at Murray, Neb.
He was a member of the Woodmen of the
World, being the counsel commander of
Camp No. 211. He carried an Insurance
on his life. His son's name In Harold E
Daly. He has two brothers In Bouth On'.aa i.
Washington Daly and William Daly. It Is
expected that an Inquest will be held to
discover the cau?e of the death. The de-,
ceased wea elevator conductor In the sweet
pickle department. How the elevator hap
pened to be running while the repaira wero
In progress la unexplained. The funeral
will probably be arranged for Sunday aft
ernoon under the auspices of the Woodmen
of the World. Later notice will be given.
Paving at Highland Park.
A movement is on foot for the placing of
pavemepts around '. Highland park, one of
the grealeat drawbacks to an otherwise
beautiful little park being the condition of
the adjacent streets. Of late several peo-t
pie who have the attractiveness of the
park most at heart have begun an agitation
for paving. A petition haa been culetly
circulated seeking to secure signers from
enough of the property owners to put the
project through. It Js a . question with
which the Highland Park Improvement
club will Interest Itself , through several of
Its autumnal sessions. - The next meeting
of that club will be Thursday of the com
ing week. : - . -
Mrs, A. I foianir Dead.
The death of Mrs. Carrie E. Conawsy,
wifa ot A. I Ceawr( occurred last svea-
ng. She has been critically 111 tor about
two weeks, having come to the home of
her sister from Douglas, Arls., a little over
a week ago. She Was suffering when she
arrived from an attack of cerebro-splnal
menengitls. Her. agonies were acute most
of the time, though, mercifully, she was
unconscious a great deal. , The sister , who
nursed her during her fatal Illness was Mrs.
N. R. Bryson, Htt North Twenty-third
street. A. L. Conaway, her husband, is
well known in, this city, though for some
time lately he has pern In Arizona, where
he has mining interests. His wife was the
daughter of Joseph Garlow of this city. She
leaves two little daughters. It is likely
that the body of Mrs Conaway-will be re
moved to Penara, la., where she spent her
girlhood and where her, mother Is burled
In the. family sepulcher.'
Made City ftosalp.
Jetter's Gold Top Beer delivered to all
parts of the city. Telephone Js'o. 8.
August Johnson of bradshaw la paying a
visit to Fritz E. Saodwall and their
James Comamlello, ' 910 north twenty
seventh street, . reports the birth of a
Nels Peterson of Bradshaw la the guest
of his son-in-law, E. L. Gustafson, 1704
Missouri avenue. k
Kor Rent -room ' cottage, 17th and V
St., So. Omaha. Apply 'phone Doug. 4f87.
J. A.-Jacobson, mailing clerk" of the South
Omaha post oftlce, is spending his summer
vscatioh at Elk Point. 8. D.
The death of Josie Obol, daughter of
Joseph Obol, 9"S nor"l twenty-ninth street,
occurred Wednesday. She was burled yes
terday.. , .
F. M. Slsnon goes today to loin the regi
ment of Nebtaakar National Guards of
which he Is captain. The two regiments
expect to go te Fort' Riley, Kansas, Bhortly.
The sales of stamps at the South Omaha
postofhee for the month of July amounted
to l$,0!.48, as against S3, 234. 82 In the same
month last year. This represents a gain of
$1,861.60. , .
F. J.1 Etter who has been for the past two
weeka enjoyinu; hla leave of absencs at
Ansley, Cusrer county reports greatly Im
proved In health. Ills asthmatic attacke
nave ceased completely.
Lottie Connors, Fortieth and Q streets,
cut her foot so severely last evening on a
piece of shattered glass, that several
stitches were necesaary to close the wound.
Dr. Leo 1 I-Huncy attended the little girl.
Make an olfor on the northwest corner
of ISth aod Missouri Ave. a nearly new
house, eal front, and neat cottage, south
front; two now lots. ' Room for two more
houses. 'Will sell on easy terms.' price.
J2.7U). N. P. Dodge & Co.. 1714 Farnam St.
Tiie friends of Mrs. A. L. Conaway will
take notice that a snort funeral service
will be conducted over the departed thla
afternoon at 4 3o p. n., at the home of N.
R. Bryson, 1418 North Twenty-third street.
After the service the body will be aant to
her old home in Iowa; aervlce there, Sat
urday. D. D. White of Washington, connected
with the Department of Agriculture ami
surmlt-ed to be here for the inspection of
the South Omaha packing houbea. regia
tered at one of the Omaha hotels yesterday.
Nothing was seen of him about any of
the South Omaha plants, unless he traveled
Incognito. He waa entirely unknown to the
(.(lei. ,1b of the bureau of animal Industry
at this point.
The Bear Dlarrhoe Remedy.
"I have used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
snd Diarrhoea Remedy arid conalder It the
best remedy of the kind on the market."
says W. F. Mayes, a prominent merchant
of WalliavilU, Tex. Thla remedy always
effects a quick cure and la pleasant to
take. Ever;' fiNtnily sheuld keep it at hand
durli.g the summer months.
Jew Scheme of Conatraietlna Con
cretes to Be laed la Rome
Miller's Hotel.
A novel method of constructing concrete
piles will bo used In Rome Miller's new
hotel building at Fifteenth snd Jackson.
The method Is entirely new to Omaha,
though ths Inventor, A. A. Raymond,
worked out his plans here. Mr. Raymond
was formerly an Omaha contractor, but
about six years ago he went to Chicago,
where he perfected his scheme and be
came the head of the Raymond Concrete
Pile company, which Is doing the work on
the new hotel.
The plan consists In encasing a collapulble
Iron core with a heavy sheet 'Iron shell
and driving it into the ground from twenty
to thirty feet. The core is then collapsed
and pulled out, leaving the shell In the
ground, which Is filled with concrete. The
work can be done rapidly and Just as
cheaply or a title more cheaply than
wooden pile work and has the advantage
of being practically indestructible, while
the wooden pier is liable to rot In the
course of time. The concrete pile will sus
tain three times the weight a wooden one
will bear. About S0 of these piles will be
driven for the Miller building and work
will begin on the piling next week.
Mr. Raymond first tried his plan on one
of the Transmlsslsalppl exposition build
ings, but it failed, as he could not get the
core out of the ground without Injuring
the sheet iron shell. He set to work to
devise the collapsible core and success fol
lowed. The concrete pile Is used exten
sively in the east, but has never been
used in Omaha before. The work here Is
in charge of T. E. Rlckard, superintendent.
Eleetrtelty for Street Pwrweses Is
GlTingr Satisfaction la Resi
dent Districts.
Reports from the outlying districts re
ceived by the city electrician indicate that
the new electric lighting is giving gen
eral satisfaction. The gasoline tamps
burned for the last time on the night of
July 31. Not a single one remains on ths
streets of the city. The amount spent for
them Is now paid out for the new electric
lighting. One especially warm testi
monial came from a street railway motor
man, who gets up at 6 o'clock , tn ths
morning to milk the cow before going to
the car house. He believes ' Ms rural
labors will be much pleasanter of dark
winter mornings under ths rays of tfcs
nr arc lsmp near tils home.
Bee Want Ads lor Business Booster.
Tickets on sale August 4, 5 and 6, with return limit of August 15.
Tickets on sale August 11, 12 and 13, with return limit of August 21
The Burlington has made elaborate preparations in the way of spe
cial equipment and extra trains to handle the business offering for
these attractive rates.
Double Berth in Tourist Sleeper to Chicago only, $155.
No. 6 Fast Daylight Limited at 7:25 a, m.
No. 2 Afternoon Express at 3:45 p. m.
No. 12 After Dinner Flyer at 8:05 p. m.
No. 26 St. Louis Flyer at 4:45 p. m. .
No. 22 Night Express (via Kansas City) at 10:45 p. m,
Tickets 1502 Farnam Si