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4, 1906.
One Thousand Pairs $
On Sale Today.
7 u
3ocEi Slightly Damaged by Smoke Oniy
Friday, the first day of our GREAT FIRE SALE, was a world beater as a record for a special sale. It was simply an
impossibility to handle the throng that filled our store continuously all day, and we wish to apologize to all those who may
have suffered a lack of attention. We wish to afford those who could not purchase Friday an opportunity to obtain some
of the phenomenal bargains we offered, so Saturday, August 4 THE BANNER DAY of the sale we will put forth a num
ber, of special articles not sold Friday, for the benefit of those who have not yet purchased.
We mention a few of our SALE SPECIALS below:
All $15 and $20 Wash Dresses and Wash Suits 3.98
Wash Waists, worth $2, $3, $4 and S5, choice 79c
$50 Fur Jackets, not' damaged one particle 5.00
One Chinchilla Stole, value $275 45,00
One Persian Lamb Coat, Z. $300 value, S.U 1 25,00
One Persian Lamb Coat, actual value $250, Vm.t. 85.00
New Is the Time to Buy FURS at Money Savin Prices
$35 New Fall Suits, not damaged at all 17,50
New Fall Suits. Old Fall Suits, New Fall Furs,
Spring Suits (all colors). White Serge Suits, Silk Suits (all colors),
Wash Suits (all colors), Spring and Fall Skirts, Wash Skirts,
Riding Habits, Fall Long Loose Coats, Silk Jackets,
Fall Long Tight Fitting Coats, Covert Jackets, Opera Wraps,
Evening Gowns, Princess Gowns, Silk Waists, Wash Waists,
nl IP
lairgeir k
The New Cloak Shop
1517 Farnam Street
Timber it Absent from Land Set Aiide
by the President.
II Bays Roosevelt Has Been Deceived
Int Relieving the Reservation
Contained Wooded
A former attache of the government
service who, for obvious reasons, requests
thai his name be not published, recently
returned from the North Platte forest re
serve country In Thomas county, said Fri
day morning at the federal building: .
"I have traversed the entire length of
the North Platte forest reserve, have
crossed It at Intervals In the Interest of
settlers, snd am In a position to say there
Is no timber whatever on that reservation,
the only exception being a few laolawd
trees, ordinarily bo elder about water
tanks, and one or two trees set out years
ago about ranch houses. There is not any
natural timber In the country. This tract
of over 100,000 acres was declared a forest
reserve by proclamation of the president
dsted March 10. 190s, on the basis that
the president had been Informed that' 'the
reservation was covered In part with tim
ber.' .
"The settlers In that locslity were sur
prised that such a statement had been
mad to the president, when the reverse
was true. My Impression Is that the vast
area of land was badly wanted by the
cattlemen In order that they might lease
It for graslng purposes, and I understand
that ntarly every acre of the reserve Is
under lease. Representations have un
doubtedly been made to the president that
there waa abundant timber on these lands.
In the meanwhile efforts sr being made
by these same parties to "tiave parts of
McPhereon, Grant and Hooker counties de
clared forest reserves, when. In fact, there
Is no timber on these lands, scarcely a
plum thicket. The scheme appears to be
to have these lands segregated from public
entry In order that the cattlemen may
lease them under the forest reservation
laws and thus keep homesteaders out.
Settlers are going Into the country now
and are being told that these lands are
about to be made forest reserves and can
not be settled upon. Since the csttlemen
have boen compelled to remove their fences
they are now working the forest reserve
lease schema.
. "With the Dismal River forest reserve
It la different, as there is considerable
timber along the Dismal river, which would
bring that section within the pale of the
forest reservation laws."
Will Stand by Its Favorite Son for
Senator. Says James
Captain James Whitehead, formerly reg
ister of the land office at Broken Bow, Is
a guest at the Arcade.
"Everybody up our way Is for Currie for
United Slates senator," said Mr. White
head. "We will hold our county conven
tion Saturday and probably will Instruct the
delegation for him without serious opposi
tion. Everbody up there, as far as I know.
Is also in favor of the state convention
nominating the senator, and Is opposed
to Inviting any more deadlocks by re
ferring the senatorial selection to the legislature."
Judge. Burke of Imperial was an Omuha
visitor Friday.
"There Is a large Rosewater sentiment
In Chase county, but I think we will e'ect
a delegation for Miles for governor and
try nof to Instruct for any one for United
States senator." said the Judge.
On conditions out west he said: "The
crops of Chase county never looked bet-
Attorney for Indioted Cattleman Visits
Germany on Legal Business.
, . i
Will Make that His Future Home
and Therefore Wishes to Con
suit with Lawyer About
Matters Here.
R. S. Hall, attorney for Bartlett Rich
ards and W. G. Comstock. whose de
parture for Europe was announced a few
days ago, is now said to have gone over
the ocean not so much in search for
health, with which he Is already richly
blessed, as to consult with Mr. Richards,
who, with Comstock, is under Indictment
on the charge of conspiracy to defraud
the United States out of titles to public
Mr. Richards Is in Germany, was thers
when the last federal grand Jury indicted
him, lias remained there since, so far as
anyone hero pretends to Know, aim is
ter than they do now. The fall wheat will j
give from thirty to forty bushel, to the to have evoWKa puruoBe of mak
w.e , wneai rrom ni.een 10 , ,ng th(U n futu, home
It has been ascertained that Mr. ttlch-
twenty-ftve bushels. The corn Is In good
shape and a good crop is Insured. For nine
successive years Chase county has raised
good crops without a sinrle failure. Tlie
country. Is filling up with good settlers,
Germans predominating.
"The citlien of Imperial recently hav-j
raised $2,600 to go toward building a new
church building for the Catholic parish."
It Is stated that a caucus of the Douglas
county delegation to the democratic stat
convention will be held next Friday to
frame up the sentiment of the bunch re
garding gubernatorial candidacies and other
matters and to decide upon who shall bt
backed as a local candidate for railroad
commissioner. Two candidates already
nave snown up, one being Benjamin H
ards renounced his American citizenship
and is now a subject of the emperor of
Germany, which was made necessary
through his marrying a German wile. It
Is likely that a peculiar question will arise
over the extradition of Mr. Richards,
should he feel disposed to take advantagu
of his German citizenship, as the often
with which he la charged la not extradi
table. It Is thought that Mr. Hall's visit
to Europe may have something to do wltn
the untangling of the dilemma.
names to Conjure With.
For years the names of Richards and
Comstock have been conjured with In cattle
matters In Nebraska and the west. They
were once convicted In connection with
Hayden, an Insurance man. The other is j land frauds and turned over to the custody
i.papnrodltus J. Porter, a physician spe
clalising In obstetrics and diseases of
women and children. Mr. Hayden has been
putting forth considerable effort In his own
Diarrhoea, Dyaeatery. Flux. Cholera In
fantum, ate., can t qulokiy cured by
Blackberry Da.lso.rn
Bvary home should have a supply of
this rw Rabin remedy m hand. CO years
at auras. Ail druggiau soil 11
f e fee at
6 f IS lain
' v vrr
ItatasX I r gig for asatsrel
ImuUNi er tlimimi
S.l . L At Ulll..
tuu umsm u. (! m uos.
4. lor
II It.
J 1 al ky Drmt
J i emi Is slata in
V 1 br pw. rpi
Jf; J St. r MUn S1 1
I Ctnalar Ml ea ri
of the United States marshal for a period
of six hours, aside from being fined. It
waa this case which resulted in T. L.
Mathews losing the position of United
Stales marshal.
Richards was Indicted with Comstock by
the last federal grand Jury for conspiracy
to defraud the United States out of title
to public lands by procuring fraudulent
filings on lands within the Spade ranch
enclosure in Sheridan and Cherry counties.
The Indictment was the largest In the mat
ter of specifications ever brought In the
lederal courts In the Nebraska district,
comprising over JuO pages of closely type-
At a meeting of the local aerie of Eagles j written matter. The case was carried over
John J. Ryder waa chosen to act In con- ! until November 12 of the present year. Mr.
DIAMONDS Frensei. :itn and 'Dodge,
John J. Ryder Will Go to Milwaukee
as Spoclal Aceat to Land
Three Companies Leave for Fort
Riley to Participate in Army
... t
Three companlea'.e Nebraska National
Guards stationed In, Omaha left Friday
afternoon via the Burlington for Lincoln,
where they will Join the Nebraska brigade
and proceed via the Union Pacific to Kurt
Riley to participate In the army ma
neuvers. The companies leaving Omaha were
Company L. First regiment, Captain W.
E. Baehr commanding, with Lieutenant
Charles Burmelster, Second lieutenant
ttaiph Edmunds and tltty-eignt enusiea
men; Company I, Second regiment. Cap
tain J. A. Wlig commanding, First Lieu
tenant B. T. Eller, Second Lieutenant
Bert McMahlll and fifty-six. enisled men;
Company G, Second regiment. Captain A.
D. Falconer commanding. First Lieuten
ant E. C. Hervey, Second Lieutenant Guy
V. Furay.
The battalion will go under the com
mand of Lieutenant Colonel O. G. Os
born of the Second regiment, with Cap
tain Falconer second In command. Thi
battalion takes with It a full equipment
of camp and garrison equipage for each
company and will wear their khaki uni
forms enroute. The Nebraska brigade
will rt-ach Fort Riley .bout 6 o'clock Sun
day morning and will Make the trip en
tirely by rail. The delay will be caused
by the concentration of other companies
of the brigade at Beatrice, to enable tho
entire command to proceed by one or two
trains from that city.
There will be two regiments of Infantry
and one battery of field artillery from this
state. Their Instruction at the camp will
begin with drlls by the Infantry and
artillery, under the direction of the com
manding officers of the regular service
regiments of the various arms, to be fol
lowed by lectures. There will be exerclsot
In outposts and patrolling, marching, ad
vance, flank and rear guard, tout pitch
ing and tndvdual cooking! with muster,
regimental parade, lnspeuton of brgade
and athletics. On the day before their
departure the troops will be paid. This is
practically the same program that will
be followed by the Missouri, Kansaj,
Iowa, South Dakota, Arkansas and Okla
homa troops.
Junction with a representative of the Com.
merclal club In opening headquarters In
Milwaukee In the campaign tq secure the
next national convention for Omaha. Mr.
Ryder will go to Milwaukee Friday, Au
gust 10, In order to be on the ground several
days before the convention opens. He will
begin a press campaign at once and 'will
distribute literature setting forth the ad
vantages of Omaha as a convention city.
The special train carrying the Nebraska
Eagles will leave here Sunday night. The
plan l for the excursionists to reach Mil
waukee on a boat Monday evening. Headel
by a band and with banners flying they
will march through the streets to ths hotel
which will be selected as headquarters.
The demonstration Is expected to assist In
securing the convention for this city. The
work of the convention will begin Monday,
August IS. .
Comstock appearing for Mr. Richards and
going on his bond for Jo, (00, with other
u re ties, Mr. Comstock giving a similar
Take m Vacation.
Now is the time to take a vacation, get
out Into the woods, fields and mountains
and visit the seashore, but do not forget
to take a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy along witn
you. It Is almost certain to be needed and
cannot be obtained on railroad trains or
steamships. It Is too. much of a risk tor
anyone to leave home on a Journey wltnout
Saturday commences a stirring sale in our
Men's Pants Department. Not a great quantity in
this- sale (only- one thousand pairs) but the values
are big. Pants that we sold all season at $3.?0 and
$4 are reduced to the exceeding low price of
$1.90. Fine cassimeres, worsteds and flannels, in
all Regular sizes also sizes for the tall and short
men, who think they're hard to fit. ,
$2.00 Men's Wash
Vests -Reduced to ....
Today men can take their choice of
several hundred washable, vests that
sold all season up as high as $2.00 all
sizes all reduced TC
75c Boys' Pants O Qv
Reduced to www
The biggest values ever offered in boys'
Pants go on sale today materials
are all new this season's colorings
taped seams and guaranteed not Of)
to rip and a big value JajC
worth 75c reduced to
Men's Straw Hats Reduced
$4.50 and $4.00 straw hats, now $2.00
$3.50 and $.100 straw hats, now $1.50
$2.50 and $2.00 straw hats, now $1.00
$1.50 and $1.25 straw hats, now 75c
75c and 50c straw hats, now 39c
Boys' straw hats that sold up to $1.50
choice at these reduced prices, 19-39-50c.
Men's Suspenders that sold for
25c Reduced to , . ,
Men's Furnishings Greatly Reduced.
Men's Fine Underwear that sold
for 35c and 50c Reduced to .
Men's Fancy Shirts that sold
for $1 Reduced to . .
H O'CLOCK. nmmm
tummia -u .,,y,wiH. mum u i ,lmur-mKM1rmm mmi m
. r.ii '''hit ' - 11 1 " - . ...n
August 4th, 5th and 6th. Return limit August Sth.
Tickets good on all trains and in chair cars and sleepers.
Diagrams now open for reservations. Double berth in Tourist
car $1.25.
Fast trains leave Omaha at 3:00 a. ra 5:00 p. m. and 6:00 p. nv
City Ticket Office. 1402 Farnam Gt.f Omaha.
1 .-' 1
New Street Commissioner Ess Only EleTen
Thousand Tollars in Fund.
Question at Cltr Hall Is How Mr.
Klrnn Is Gains to Blake the
Balaaoe Meet the
Omaha Ladles Are Wise.
The reopening of Berger s. store yesterday
morning after their recent fir was signaled
by a crowd of purchasers that packed ths
sales room from end to end. Bo great
was athe crush that It was nicessary at
times to close the doors. The fact that
this crowd waa made up very largsly of
old customers shows that ths ladles of
Qnisha not only recognize fine materials
even when sold at ridiculously low prices,
but that they appreciate . the genrruua
treatment for which this store Is noted.
A sal at Berber's always means that
-..-aw cvmi. c-t.i. umai, aim me.r pa-.,
trons irt nui.'Lf t ,1 ..It t..-i-. . t
Sale continues Saturday.
Mortality Statistics.
The following births snd deaths hsvs
been reported to the Board of Health dur
ing the twenty-four hours ending at noon
Friday: -
Ulrths Edwsrd 6cji!lck. K6i South
El h tee nth. girl; Peter Koopman, 14
South Eighteenth, boy.
lies ths Kobert Ayers. county hospital,
tS; Edwin R. Blackwell, 4102 North Twenty-eighth.
63; Thomas A. Welrlch. 110
North T em v -second, 3Z.
To the Ulsth Ware. Republican.
The annual election of officers of the
Sixth Ward Republican club will be held
Saturday evening, Auguet 4. at Unwood
hall. Twenty-fourth and Purdette streets.
All republic. ns are requested at attend.
H. E. OBTROM, President.
WMhaell Wins His Kieht.
Building Inspector Withnell has won In
his effort to compel a fruit stand at Six
teenth and Harney stre.t. to move barn
off the street As soon ss the building is
ensctmced on private property he will start
proceedings to have It removed or de
stroyed, because It violates the Ore limit
regulations ea (rams structure.
One Way Fare Plu 2.0U for Round
Trip Fare
Grand Trunk Railway System to msny
summer resorts In Canada, Toronto and
East, and In New England.
Particulars of dates of sale, limits, stop
over privileges, etc., can be obtained by
writing Geo. W. Vaux. A. G. P. at T. A.,
Hi Adams St., Chicago.
Automobile Rental Co. Office file, i,
Moser, Sixteenth and Farnam. Tel. oug
las Iks.
9T.1U to Minneapolis and Retora Via
Chicago Great Western Railway.
Account of G. A. R. encampment, August
13th to 18th. Tickets on ssla August 11 lit,
13th to 18th. Tickets on ssle August lltU,
llth and 13th. For further Information
apply to H. H. Churchill, G. A.. 161J Far
nam St., Omaha.
WATCHES Frenxer, lsth and Dodge 8ta
With seven months of the year gone, only
IU.000, or undor one-third ths whole amount
set aside for the purpose, remains In the
city street repairing department, the fund
from which all betterments to unpaved
streets must come. The expenditure of
this fund la In the hands or the street
June 19, or about the time Commissioner
Flytm took hold, a credit of $:n,26S remained
In the fund out of ths total appropriation
available of Hi, 000. August 3 only $11,005
was on hand, showing that Mr. Flynn has
succeeded In disbursing about ll'i.O-O, or
about one-third of the whole fund, in
something like a month and a half.
ITaturally, it was, expected democrats, so
long kept from the pie counter, would Us
ravenous, but expenditures at this rate
were hardly thought of. It has been the
talk for rime weks that the street com
missioner had an abnormally large force
at work, but there was no Idea that the
revenues were being tapped to the extent
revealed by Inspection of the comptroller's
It has been the practice of the preced
ing stieet commissioner, Joe Hummel, to
hushand the yearly appropriation and try
to n.ake it last throughout the year. Had
he remained In office he planned this yea.
to cut all the weed in the city and d'j
all the grading and repairing necessary
wlthcut applying to the cojncll for an
other dollar. Commissioner Flr.r. already
ha. put up a plea f -r several thcusind
dollars to cut weeds, but the council could
see no way to producn the money and
turned down the rest. How the commis
sioner proposes to worry through five
months with only 111,000 Is a matter that
the new council ncr anyone else clearly un
derstands The ordinances require the street com
missioner to make monthly reports to the
city engineer showing the expenditures In
his department for all purpoxes, number of
men and teams employed and such other
Information as required for the keeping of
a complete record. Nothing of the kind
has been done by Flynn, and the little
matter of the report has been neglected
In the scat of spending $10,000 in a month
and a half.
f ' f . " V-'
, I ;
The Reliable Specialiots
When you are slrk and suffering from a disease that Is sapping your Ufa
away you should not experiment with free treatment propositions or Incom
petent doctors or specialists. It Is then you need the very best, the most
skillful snd successful treatment. Corns to the Btate Medical Institute, where
you are sure to get the best.
Don't wait until your whole system Is polluted with disease, or until your
nervous eystem Is tottering under the strain, and you become a physical and
mental wreck, unfit for work, study, business or marriage. With special dls
eses and weaknesses you cannot afford to dlay. You must conquer them at
once by the right treatment or they will fill your whole life with failure, misery
and woe.
Uncertain, Improper cr half-way treatment can enly do harm. The worst
cases we have trea'ed were tho.e that had been Improperly treated before
rnrnlng to j. miri). having been maimed for l!fe by bungling surglual procedure.
We cure by restoring at.d preserving Important organs. We do not advocate
thlr mutllatlr.n or destruction In an effort to make a quick cure. Every
afflicted man owes It t himself, Ms family and to ths future generation to get i
cured safely and thoroughly.
Wewill make a thorough, searh'ng and scientific examination of your ali
ment., an exa nilns Hon that will dlslrse your true physical condition, without
a knowledge f which you are grorl. a In the dark. We want all rilling men to
feel that they can .o ne to tU Imtltutlon freely for an f xamlnal Ion of their
con.lltl. n '.vlh ut be'.ng bound by unv ubligailon whatever to tako treatment
unlenn they desire.
We cure safely and thorOMhly
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexual Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Rectal,
Kidney and Urinary Diseases,
snd all diseases and weaknesses of men due to evil habits, excesses, self-abuse,
or the result of specific or private diseases.
Office Hours a. m. to I p o
Sunday 10 to 1 only.
1308 Farnam St., Between 13th and 14th Sts Omaha, Neb.