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August Art Specials
Pyrography, the summer outdoor pastime.
60c Rose desipn and 'Kerchief Boxes, extra large C-
size, Saturday only .JC
90c extra large Glove Box, rose designs, etc., Q
Saturday only UaC
Double Green Trading Stamps on Picture Framing.
Visit our Art Galleries, Second Floor.
A 10, 20 and 50
Per Cent Cut lo all
All papers at
Wholesale and
many below cost.
Crockery! Crockery!
Amari Bowls in several different
shapes, pretty odd article for ' the
table, worth 50c and 75c, 1 0
on sale Saturday, each
Big window of German Cooking
Ware Baking Dishes, Jugs, Indi
vidual Custards, etc. All r
on sale Saturday, each
New Lot Beautiful Ilaviland Dinner
Seta, good shape, pretty, neat spray
decorations, pink and
green, a $35 set for. . . .
Wonderful $10 values in dinner
sets semi-porcelain, very pfetty
'shapes, new, full 100 pieces $10 set;
also sold on open stock. Buy one
piece or a dozen.
Pretty thin Table Tumblers with band, a new
lot just received, regular $1 dozen, 6 for. . . UC
The finest Cut Glass Water Set for $10 six tumb
lers and large jug, very swell netting, easily a $15
value. On sale at $10 set.
Ton Green Trading Stamps with each dozen Jar rubbers at 10c
a Saturday. 1
Thirty Green Trading Stamps with each doien Mason or Econo
my Fruit Jars.
Special display of fruits and vegetables In the wonderful
Economy Jar.
Let us show you, the Jar. Once used you will use no other . .
I t rr TT"1
Your choice of all our $15.00 Suits,
in black thibet, blue serge and the
new grays, both single and double-
breasted, three and two-piece suits,
our regular $20.00 suits,
Your c,hoice of any suit in our large
stock, blue serge or black clays, fan
cy worsted, worth and sold (TIC
up to $30
Youth's Suits, 15 to 20, single-breast
ed only, sold up to
$12.50 ,
Half Price on Outing Coats and
Dutchess Trousers
10c a Button! $1.00 a Rip!
Cotton kinds, $1.75to $1.00
Wool kinds, $2.00 to $1.60
Special Outing and Odd Trousers,
Dig Sale
Ai shows In window,
will, they list, etrta each
Less than
One-Ball wholesale
Saturday Shoe
Ladies', misses' and
children's white
canvas Gibson ties,
$1.50- Ojfin
Mm's Wah Ties, (3) for a half.
Men's Shirts, worth and sold up to 11. SO
at 75c
Mens' Outing Collar, worth to 40c, with
every Jl.l shirt and upwards.
Negligee Shirts, the very best to be had.
They fit well, wear well and look well;
colors, plain blue, tan and black and
white effects, extra special Saturday bar-
fain, at Ro
Shirts and drawers, bargain square 25c
BOo Neckwear, bargain . square ...loo
Boo Boys" Blue Overalls, bargain square 2So
2fic Fancy Hose, lfic, 2 pair for 5c
75o Mohair and Soisetta Shirts 50c
And Ten Green Trading Stamps
11.75 Black Satin Shirts, bargain square
t $1.(10
$1.00 Black Satin 8hlrU, bargain square 7So
Too Black Satin Shirts, bargain square 50c
Any straw hat In the house at one-half
the marked price.
$10.00 Panama, at $5 00
$7.50 Panama Hats, at $3 75
$6. On leghorn Hats, at $2.60
$2.50 Panamas, at $1,25
Men's Novelties Telescopes, Rackets and
$3 00 ones at $1.50
$2.00 onea at
$1.00 ones at ROc
Men's and Boys' Sailors $1.50 onea at 76c;
$1 OA ones at 50c; 50c ones at 25c.
Children's Sailors $1.00 ones at 50c; 50c
ones at 25c, Saturday only.
Men's, Boys' and Children's Hats Odds
and ends, worth up to $1.00, at 19c
value,, at...
Misses' and children's patent colt
Gibson ties, $2.00 tfl Re
values, at Ot
Misses' and children's vici kid ex
tension sole Gibson ties, Cl)Q
$1.50 value, at;... J'Ot
Men's vici kid oxfords, exten-1 .50
sion sole $2,50 value, at....-
Infants' tan and black ijt
sandals, at... v
Men's and boys'
canvas shoes
and oxfords
The Best Table Products
Mocha i
Java and
Coffee, tUljftfa."
8 ll.s a.UVfl
Ami flftv ereenw
...... ...
traaiug stamps.
Teas, all kinds, a I
pound nHrl
at ""Ifil,
And fifty green jp.,.io!
diamond S Fruit... "Trra-w
DCtf'HT-T i-Vwf
I VL O A. V.l
And thirty grtt TTT , I '-'TJ
radlng stamp. 1
' A WOT f "" 1 A COLD AsbeRtos Sad Irons (set of three), the best Irons on the mar- T P
IRON 'ZiihAJfDLS kt, hold heat longer, per set. I. I J
A I And Forty Green Trading Stamps.
, Water Coolers Different sizes and colors, 20 per cent discount
on each Saturday. '
Star Tin Dinner Pails come J4 I Star Ti
in two sizes small ....... . aCrC large
' Fruit" Funnel that will fit the fruit Jars, the thing during the
fruit, season
Tfa Cullenders, come in two sizes, 'J I Scythe Stbhes,
14c and 1-C Saturday.'.
Per Doxen ...,,.,....
Damaged Tubs Damaged in transportation from factory; Saturday will sell
at 8Sc and :
Family Ice Tons Every family using Ice should have one to handle their ice jf
regular 26c, Saturday only, each IDC
Cigars Cigars
La Crono, an Imported 5c
Cigar, 9 for. 2.V:
50 for $1.33
La Cinora, a 2 for 25c
Diplomatic shape, Im
Imported, each Rc
50 for $2.50
A genuine French Briar
Pipe, straight or bent
stem, each 80c
And Forty Green Trading
Porto Rico Stogies, a
good smoker, 3 for. ,5c
100 for $1.50
And Ten Green Trading
Catlin's 'Mixture, a 10c
sack, Saturday 6c
We handle a full line
of Smokers' Articles.
Finest Display of Kodakery
in the West.
Newest Ideas, Latest De
vices, 1 Expert Instruction
and Right Prices.
A Dandy Five-Dollar Machine.
Southeast Corner Main Floor.
Pork Loins 11 He
Leaf Lard 11 lbs. for $1.00
Choice Sirloin Steak of best
quality pound 12 He
Spring Chickens strictly
fresh dressed, selected
stock per pound 20c
All best grades Morrell's hams
and bacon. Full line of Welssel &
Co. s Milwaukee high grade sum
mer sausages and cervelats.
Rex Bacon 13 He
Rex Hams 10 to 12 lbs. av
erage, at .liic
Bmoksd Pish
Smoked Whita Fish.
Smoked Halibut,
Smoked Salmon,
Fancy Bloaters, best grades of Cod
Fish, Mackerel and Herring AT
Blood of the Grape, quart FtOc
hottle j ..
And thirty areen trading stamre.
Blood of the Grape, pint 2Rc
And fifteen greon trading Stain pa.
HOJTBY arxcxAi.
Large Jars Pure Honey. ' 25C
nd ' thirty ' green 'trading 'sfampg.
Red Cross Cream, large fc
can V7W
And ten green trading stamps.
Direct From Ths Beat Dairies Dally.
Bennett's Capitol Creamery, O An
pound brick, full weight W
Fresh Country Butter,.. . Ofic
pound tJS
And ten green trading stamps.
croundy.?.ut.t?:. i6c
New York full cream Cheese, Ofln
pound iVW
And ten green trading stamps.
Brick Cheese, 1ftr
Uneeda Blacuits, four
. packages Ov
And ten green ' trading stamps,
Worcester Table Salt, two tfir
sacks 1VW
And ten green tradlnir stamps.
Schepp's Cocoanut, pound 2Sc
package AicW
And ten green trading stamps.
I5c bottle Gedney's Pickles for.,.15o
Velvet Cocoa Toilet Soap, 6 cakes S5o
Corn. 2-lb. can 6o
Tomatoes, 2-lb. can 3o
Peas, 2-lb. can So
Anderson's Tomato 6oup, can ,...6o
Gelatine, package Eo
Chocolate Menler, 11
And ten green trading stamps.
California Ripe Olives, i(c
bottle 1UW
And ten green trading stamps.
Toasted Marshmallows, fresh flc
made, box tv,w
And ten green trading' stamps. .
i pa.
Sour Pickles, lOr-
quart tui
And ten green trading stamps.
Chow Chow Pickles,
And ten green trading stamps.
New Potatoes,
peck . .
New Potatoes,
Fresh Roasted Peanuts,
quart .
Bennett's Copltol Lemon 4Qr
Extract, bottle
And twenty green trading stamps.
Baked Beans, thrf large 25C
And ten green trading stamps.
Wiggle Stick Bluing, three 0r
large sticks
And tun green trading stamps.
Bennett's Capitol Wheat, lOfi
package ivw
' And five green trading stamps.
Jell-O, assorted. thre rttc
packages - J
Ana ten green iraami lauifs.
Th Bronoho Males Sew World's Marks for
Harness Bones.
She Also Go Futnt Three Consecu
tive Heats and Fastest Third
' Heat Results of Other
CLEVELAND, Aug. 8. Get-away day at
the Qlenvllle track was a memorable one.
The program consisted of three events, the
Merchants' and Manufacturers' consolation,
th 2:1B class pacing and the free-for-all
pace,-but three world's records were shat
tered by that fleet-footed pacer, The Bron-
. cho.
This little daughter of Stormcllffe. that
Tiras recently purchaaed by Messr. Uochon
"and Doble of Winnipeg. Manitoba, for $10,-
000, won the three heats of the free-for-all
pace in 2:03, t:03 and 2:024. thereby break
ing the world's record for three consecutive
heats by one-quarter of a second, the
world's record for pacing mares In a race
and the world's record for the fastest third
heat In a race.
Charley Dean, The Broncho's driver, took
her away fast and In each heat was so far
ahead of the other four starters that It
looked like a parade. Baron Grattan won
second rrtoney and Maud Keswick third.
In the Merchants' and Manufacturers'
consolation Csar In. Dawson won In straight
heats, never being headed during the race.
Fashoda was second and J. N. Blackmore
Van Nuckols with W. P. Murray's Italia
won the 2:19 class pacing In straight heats
from a field of eight, J.. B. Hanlon wan
second and Who Knows third. Results:
Trotting, 2:24 clans. Merchants' and Man
ufacturers' Consolation, purse J2.on0:
Czarina Dawson, b. m., by. Cxar (Mc-
Cargo) 1 1 1 1
FashiMla, b. m. (Geers) S 2 3
J. N. ftlakemore, bl. g. Foote 4 3 2
Frank Hordic, bl. g. Grulyj 2 4 1
Time: 2:11, 2:13. 2:lH.
Free-for-all pace, purse 32,000:
The Broncho, b. m. by Stormcllffe
(Deanl Ill
Baron Grattnn. b. ft. (Geers) 6 2 2
Maud Keswick, b. m. (Curry) 2 3 5
.Nervoio, b. h. (Murphy) 3 i I
Hiiiel Patch. M. h. (Fleming) 4 4 3
Time: 2:03, 2:08"4. 2:02.
Pacing, 2:19 class, purse $2,000:
Italia, b. m., by Hombro (Nuckols)... Ill
J. R Hanlon, bl. g. (Rhea) 4 5 2
Who Knows, bl. g. (McCurgo) 7 2 4
Ivan B.. b. g. (Stout) 2 6 6
Moore, b. g. (Murphy) 3 3 S
Itessie Karl. ch. m. I Geers) 5 4 7
Harry L.. ch. g. (Donahue) 8 7 3
Casslus, b. h. (Benvoni... ds
Time: 2:09. 2:10. 2:llVi.
Belief Fannie C Was Not BetnK
Driven to Win.
FREMONT. Neb., Aug. 3. (Special Tele
gram.) There was a good attendance at
the races this afternoon and the way the
Judgt-s (11k tied out-fines to drivers brought
down the applause of the grandstand. Pool
favorite fared hard all around. I -arty On
line took the 2:27 trot by steady work In
the last three heats. Wax Wing showed
some wonderful bursts of fpecd in this
race, but wa too erratic. It was in the 2:36
trot that the talent had things fixed with
the drivers, It was stated, and got a jar.
Urowncll's cheatnut mare. Sequel, won the
first two heats, with Fannie C. and Mar
garet B. close up. Lew Brown, driver of
Fannie C, was removed and fined $i0. C
P. Johnson was put in his place and his
Want Some Real Good
Downright Honest Bargains?
Then come here you don't need
money to get in on these snaps
your promise to pay is good
enough for us.
t I 1 II
i ) I
--we v
58 Busy Stores
taUd Ucoye
work was only a shade less rank than that
of Brown, and he was given a fine of Sno.
Anderson, driver of Grey Fox, was also
fined $26 for pulling her. Leona C. did some
remarkable work in the 2:30 trot. In the
second heat her sulky broke down at the
beginning of the last quarter and she was
given last place, being led under the wire
and allowed to start In the next heat,
which she won easily. Results:
2:27 trot:
Lady Online, b. m.. by Biamont
3 1 1 1
Helen C 1 4 2 2
ax Wing 2 2 S 3
Mlas Derby 4 3 3 4
I.esto, Jr 6 6 4 6
King Roscoe dls
Time: 2:24V. i:234; 2:23.
2:30 pace:
Leona U., b. m., by Ham-
neitonian 3 Bill
Adrian N 2 12 3 2
Fortunella 1 3 3 4 3
Sliver Fox 4 2 4 2 4
Lord Direction 6 4 6 6 6
Jim Booth 6 6 6 6 dls
black Douglas dls
Time: 2:Z4, 2:30, 2:20V 2:C44
2:35 trot, which was the race the drivers
of Fannie C, got in their work, was not
Fannie C 3 2 2 2 1 1
Sequel 1 1 3 4 4 4
Margaret B 2 3 112 2
Oakland Flash 4 4 4 3 3 3
Llizie Blgstaff 6 6 dls
Time: 2:14V 2:23. 2:234. 2:2414, 2:21V
S:23fc. '
Has Btaaja Frlgbt and la Defeated by
Hnnt of California.
MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 3. (Special Tele
gramsThrough a change In the schedule,
blatherwick of the Omaha Tennis club was
matched with R. G. Hunt, tne Californian,
today. It was a case of either stage fright
or a complete loss of control, (or the Nc
braskan pUiyed a very poor name and gave
Hunt an easy victory, Incidentally a boost
to the championship play. BlathrwliU
was completely outclassed In all the rounds,
showing hut an occasional streak of some
of his past good work with the racket.
Beautiful weather brought a large crowd
and has about evened up all the matches
so that the finals may be played tomorrow.
C Collins, who Just won honors in Chi
cago, arrived today to defend the north
western championship.
Nat Kmerson of Cincinnati defeated R.
H. Hunt of California this afternoon in
the scnil-flnals for the Northwestern tennis
championship. The match was the harutst
fought of any of the present tournament.
The defeat of the coast representative
was a surprise, as he was playing in great
form and It was expected that he would
carry off a victory In his match. The final
score was 7-6, -), 3-, 4-6, -7.
Tomorrow Waldner and Emerson will
meet and the winner is matched with
Krelgh Collins for the championship.
Drawlnsrs for Field dob Tennis.
The handicapping and drawings at the
Flifld club Friday evening for the play for
the Hamilton cup resulted as follows:
Martin (owe 16), bye.
McConnell (scratch), bye.
Kasmussen (Scratch), plays.
Dufrene (receive half 15).
Kolin (owe lui, plays.
Glen Buck (receive 30).
F.peneter (recelvo lo),. plays.
Kainey (scratch).
Capon (receive 15 and half 16).
Collett (scratch).
A. C Potter (scratch), plays.
Whitman (receive 3UI.
gcribner (owe 30), plays.
Wood (receive half 16).
Rogers (receive '). plays.
Chambers (receive half 15).
Kennard (receive 15 and half 15), plays.
Doherty (receive 15).
Warren liillls (receive 15 and half 15),
fcrfirl Buck (receive 30).
William HUlls (scratch), plays.
Dinning (receive 16 and half 16).
Ld Potter (scratch), plays.
Neely (receive 16).
Hughes (owe 16 1. plays.
Van Camp (receive half 15).
Jaynes deceive 3, bye.
West (scratch), bye.
Play will commence at 2:30 p. m. Satur
day and all players must be in readiness
to play at that time.
rhaler Baals Oat I lyases.
SCHUYLER. Neb., Aug. 8 c Special Tel
erram ) Schuyler today defeated L'lysses
In a splendid game of base ball by a score
of 1 to o. Kurt tor b nuyier was in nne
form. Mallory also pitched well, except
in the sixth inning when the Schuyler
boys lauded on mm for three Mts and
two runs, enough to win the game. The
feature of the gam were the food all-
around playing of Richardson and the one-
nanaea cairn oy rainter in center neia.
Schuyler plays Wahoo here on Sunday.
R. H v.
Schuyler 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 -2 6 3
I lysses 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 2 i
Batteries: Schuyler, Ruff and Smith;
l'lysses. Mallory and Felex. Two-base hits:
White, Booth. Struck out: By Ruff, 4:
by Mallory, 7. First base on balls: Off
Ruff, 1. Stolen base: Jellen. Time: 1:26.
Umpire: Godenschager.
Resigns as Manager on Account of
Wife's Sickness.
SIOUX CITY, la., Aug. 3 Manager John
J. Carney of the Sioux City Western league
base ball team, has resigned. Carney's
resignation was due to Illness of his wife.
lie is now at her bedside In Boston.
Field Club ame.
The Field club ball team will play the
People's Store team on the Field club
grounds this afternoon at 8. Manager
Knapp is figuring on putting a stop to the
winning streak of the Field club, which Is
beating all comers, but judging from the
records he will have to go some. The
Field Club. Positions. People's Store.
Abbott First Pendergrast
Chamliers Second Parker
Murphy Short P. Kennedy
Creighton i. Third McNamee
Kelly Left Vincent
Hoapland Center '. Kehoe
Rogers Right Brown
Karr , Catch P. Kennedy
Gordy Pitch Kacher-Knapp
miser Too Mark for Stanton.
STANTON, Neb., Aug. 3. (Special Tele
grain. ) Pilger defeated Stanton here today
in a one-sided game. Swarts pitched fine
!all, allowing but four singles. Score:
Pllaer I 2 0 4 1 0 0 0 0-9 7 i
Stanton 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 13 4 5
Three-base hit: Tift. Bases on balls:
Off Swartz, 4; off Mayer, 2. Left on bases:
Pilger, H; Stanton, 10. Struck out: By
Mayer, 6; by Swarts. 8; by Chacee, o.
Double plays: Holsteln to Kearney; Swartt
to Bwartx. Batteries: Pilger, Swartz and
Tift; Stanton, Mayer. Chacee and Person.
Umpires: Wells and Kitterman.
Armonrs and Diets.
The Armours play the Diets Saturday at
Diets park, Thirtieth and Spalding
streets. Game called at 3:30 p. m. sharp.
The lineup:
Armours. Position. Diets.
Buhner Catch Massman
Donahue, Garness Pitch Rice
Williams First Camp
Carey Second Hall
Shanahan Short Knight
McMahon Third Latham, Casey
English Ift Anderson
Driscoll Center Laferty
Burech Right Hunter
to the tune of 18 to 10. Kearney got ten
hits and seven errors; Pueblo six hits and
three errors. Batteries: Kearnev. Pen-
dergraft, Weisbrod and Zalusky; Pueblo,
Williams and Rennlcker. Umpire: blata
Nelson Wllllna; to Meet Gans.
GOLDFI ELD, Nev., Aug. 3. Battling
Nelson, through his manager, today ex
pressed a willingness to meet Joe Gans In
a finish fight for $30,000 here on Labor day.
The money, now on deposit at a local bank,
win dc posiea in can rTancisco tomorrow.
Gans' acceptance Is expected tomorrow.
Miss Sotton .Wins.
the Northumberland tennis championship
contests today Miss May Sutton of Cali
fornia beat Mrs. Averad in the semi-final
of the ladles' singles by 6-0, 6-0.
Harvard Wins from Haatlna-a.
HARVARD. Neb., Aug. 8. (Special Tele
gram.) Harvard defeated Hastings this
afternoon In a hard played game by the
score of 6 to 3. Perry drove In the win
ning runs with a two-bane hit In the last
of the eighth. Morse pitched consistent
hall from start to finish. Score: R.H E.
Hastings 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-4 1 0
Harvard 0 10 0 0 0 18 6 t 3
Two-base hits: Perry, Bender, Nestle
house, Moore, Johnson. Batteries: Crable
and Poteet, More and Lang. Umpire: Ling.
Attendance, 400.
Bradsbaw a Wlaner.
BRADSHAW, Neb.. Aug. 3. (Special.)
Bradshaw won from Benedict yesterday by
a score of 11 to 6. Benedict was saved
from a shutout when in the seventh Inning
with two passes, three errors and one hit
they scored their five runs. Score:
R.H E.
Bradshaw 0 0 3 0 1 4 1 0 011 15 5
Benedict 0 00000600 66
Balttrlci- Bradshaw, Yoder and Plckrel,
Benedict, Urlckey, Chlttlck. Canfleld and
Myers. Struck out: By Yoder, 7; by
Urickey, 2. Umpire: Belcher.
Games In Tnree-I I.eacae.
At Decatur Rock Island. 3. Decatur, 1.
At Dubuque Dubuque. 8: Bloomlugton. 2.
At Springfield Cedai Rapids, 7; Spring
field 6 (tnirteen Innings).
At Davenport First game: Peoria. 5;
Davenport. 1. Second game: Davenport,
6; Pour la. 6 (called end of fourteenth In
Pneblo Wins at Kearney.
KEARNEY, Neb.. Aug. 8 (Special
Telrgram.) Pueblo said they would trim
tbe WhU Wings ug lodajr aod Utey did.
Sporting; Brevities.
Denver and Lincoln each made three hits
Thursday, while Denver landed six and
Lincoln live errors.
That Lincoln man who sends out the
Western league scores must see double.
He never allows his "attendance" to drop
below 1.200. But there's nothing like mak
ing a front.
Comiskey Is said to have an option on
Mike Welday, who Is leading Des Moines
In batting this year. Commie probably
can have anything Des Moines has If he
only says so.
The date of the meeting of the Nebraska
Golf association Is August 23 at the Coun
try club. An effort will be exerted to make
the event of wider scope than lat year,
when several towns of the state were rep
resented. All Field club members not entered In
the handicap tournery for the Frank Ham
ilton tennla cup must hsnd their names to
O. H. Scrlbner by 8 p. m. today at the
Field club, when drawings begin. Play
starts at 2:30 p. m. Saturday.
Low Rate Excursion to ,ew York City
On August 28 and 29 tht Nickel Plate
road will sell tickets to New York City
and return, at rate of one fare plus $2.00,
from Chicago. Return limit, September 4,
leaving New York City. For detailed In
formation call on or address John Y. Cala
hsn, general agent. No. 107 Adams street,
(Continued from Third Page.)
the atmosphere greatly. It interfere!
somewhat with threshing, which is the
principal Industry on the farm now, and
brought many farmers into town to look
after business.
ALBION Mrs. Hllma Dalstrom of Shell
Creek precinct was yesterday adjudged
insane and taken to the Norfolk asylum
this morning. Mrs. Dalstrom Is the mother
of six children, the youngest of which is a
year and a half old. She has been showing
Indications of insanity for some time and
lately ha become quite violent.
AUBURN It has been announced that
the Auburn concert band of this city will
from now on give afternoon concerts In the
Cltv park every Sunday, at which time
there will be nothing but sacred music
rendered. The band is one of the best In
southeast Nebraska and the entertainment
will bo highly appreciated by all.
SARONVILLE Mrs. Charlotte Israel
son, wife of A. P. Israelson, died this
morning at . her home, one mile east of
town. She was one of the first settlers
of ('lay county. She was born In Sweden
August 6. 1833, and was married In 1851
to Andrew P. Israelson and came to
America with him In 1862 and located in
Illinois tU 1878 and homesteaded in Ne
braska on the place where she died.
HARTINGTON The first threshing of
winter wheat Is turning out much bet
ter than expected. Fred Cole has threshed
1,700 bushels on the Llnkhart farm, near
town, that tests sixty-eight pounds to the
bushel. James Steffen has threshed 1.2U0
bushels that yielded twenty-two and a
half bushels to the acre. The spring
wheat also looks good and Is filling well.
There ts a considerable acreage In thU
BEATRICE Company C met last night
and made final arrangements for k-uv:uv;
for Fort Riley, Kan., to attend the an
nual maneuvers. The company, together
with Company K of Wllber, Company C,
Second regiment, Nebraska City, and Com
pany L of Alma, left for Fort Riley this
evening on a special train over the Union
Pacific. The last named companies ar
rived in Beatrice on the morning and aft
ernoon trains and were transferred here.
Seven special trains paxd through the
city today over the Union Pacific carrying
National Guard troops ior Fort Riley.
The presence of the soldier In U city,
gavw Beatrice a military appearance.
AUBURN Miss Ellxabeth Fenn. who for
the last four years has ben studying voice.
culture In Parts and who has been quit
prominent in uonnon ror tne last year,
where she has been giving concerts, ar
rived here from Omaha yesterday to visit
her sister, Mrs. C. C. West, who resides In
this city. Miss Fenn1 was a resident of
this place for many years. She expects to
spend the summer here and at Omaha,
where her mother now Uvea.
Hl'LO-The Rulo boys who took the civil
service examination for the rural free de
livery service made an excellent showing.
J. H. Brinegar received M per cent, Newton
Hosford !M4 and James Tanguey, Jr., 92
per cent. Brinegar received notice yester
day that he is appointed rural letter oar
rier on route No. i out of Rulo. No appli
cant nut of Rulo ever made a grade of
leas than 92, and of high grades Rulo beats
any other town In the country.
RULO The German camp meeting began
last evening at the Relger grove. It will
continue six days. German preachers
from the adjoining states will be present.
The meeting promises to be a profitable
one. Some sixty tents are already erected,
besides a huge tabernacle for use during
services. The preaching Is all In German,
except one sermon on Sunday afternoon.
This Is spoken In English for the benefit of
the ones who cannot understand German.
HUMBOLDT George W. Davis, a well
known, aged farmer living northwest of
the city a few miles, suffered a severe In
jury this morning while working with a,
haying gang at his home. The fastening
of a large hay fork berame loosened in
some manner and the fork fell, striking
Mr. Davis near the temple and cutting a
great gash down the side of his face.
It cannot he determined yet whether or
not the Injury will result fatally, owing
to the advanced age of the victim, but
it is thought he may pull through.
EDGA R Charles Caldwell, son of Hon.
P. A. Caldwell, was badly Injured yester
day. While drawing wheat from the shock
to the machine In the field the team ha
was driving became frightened and ran,
away. He was thrown from the wagon,
striking with such violence on his ohlti
that his tongue was cut nearly half off by
his teeth. He was unconscious when
picked up and remained so for an hour or
more. He was taken to Dr, Anderson
office, where his wounds were dreaed. Ha
was badly bruised and shaken up, but M 1
thought this morning that his Injuries ar
not fatal, though vary serious.
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. you can do more work, enabling you to earn
more money, so that you can buy more
Uneeda Biscuit
do wore work and earn still more money.
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