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Eemhrd Holdi Philadelphia Bunch Down
to Two Eiti for Nint Inline.
Two single aad a arrlne
Brlag la the Wlnalna Rata
Resalts f Other
CLEVELAND. Aug-. 2. Philadelphia
defeated Cleveland tod.? In a ten-lnnlng
time Bernhard held Philadelphia to two
hits In the (lrit nine Innings, but Bar
beau' error allowed the visitor to tie
the score In tha eighth. Singles by Sey
rld and Cross, with Murphy's sacrifice,
cored the wlnnlnr run. Score:
B.H.O.A 6
the bull end hurled It .toward the plat,
almost without looking. The runners were
coming down the line aide hy side. The
catcher was stsndlns; on ' the plate, hit
arm outstretched ty catch the ball, which
wbb coming like a rifle shot from the Held.
Burtdenly a eoarher yelled, "Slide." and
both runner threw themselves Into the
rath and slid over the plate. Just sb the
(tall landed In the catcher' hands, and he
touched both men out. It was one of the
most remarkable plays. I- ever saw." St.
Joseph Mews-Tress.
B.H.O.A E-
Herlaet, If..
tor, cf
!.;. lb...
Bejrbnlit, rt..
Murpbr. th. .
One., M. ...
Kniaht, lb..
Pnwere, ...
rmratx, p...
1 I
0 I
r 11
1 I
OldrlnB. Ib... 1
PHck. cf t
A Jerkenn. If... (
I 1 Turner, si.... t
1 1 Lajola. 7b.... 4
I d RnMnmn, lb. . I
1 'onulton, rf 4
1 DlrbHU, lb.. 4
I Bu.tow. c.... I
X 1 p.rnhard, . I
KtOTi 1
0 t'llM 1
1 t
0 I
1 f
0 II
0 I
1 n
0 0
e rf..., I
lberf14. a.
Cbaec. lb I
LtpnrU, lb. . . I
Williams, lb. 4
Plehantjr, If t
Totals... ...M te 14 I Totala II n 14 1
Philadelphia .0 00100010 18
Cleveland ... 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 03
' First base on errors: Cleveland, t;
Philadelphia, 1. Two-base hits: Flick,
Bar beau. Hart el. Three-base hits: La
Jole, Flick. Sacrifice hits: Lord,
Murphy. Double play:- : Davis, unas-
aisled. First base on balls: OIT Bernhard,
i ll off Coombs, 2. Left on bases: Cleve
land. 0; Philadelphia, i. Struck out: By
JJernhard. 6; by Coombs, 6. Time: 1:60.
llrnplrei Connolly,
Detroit' tSjr for !ew York.
PETROIT. Aug. 2. Detroit's makeshift
infield went to pieces In the seventh, al
lowing New York to score at will and
turning the game Into a farce. Score:
- B H O A.B. - B.H.O.A E.
Conror. cf..- I 4 1 frmw. cf 4 1 3 V
B 9 0 f.rhaeler, as.. 4 0
4 10 Mrlntrr. K.. I 0
t T 1 1 Crairfnrd. lb. 4 I
lt Payne, rf 4 1
111 0 Cough I In, lb.'. 4 1
til 0 Llnd.iy, lb... 4 1
14 0 Sfti-hniidt, c... 4 0
., t 0 0 0 Kllllan. p.... I I
.. Bubank .... 1
'.'Totala IS 17 II I
..40 14 37 II I
Hatted for Kllllan In the ninth.
New VOrk 1 0 0 1 1 0 6 2 0 11
.Detroit 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1
Karned runs; Detroit, 1; New York, .
Hits: Off Chesbro, 7 In seven Innings;
off UrlflUh. 2 In two Innings. Two-base
hits: Crawford, Keeler. Maori flee hits:
Keeler, ' Williams. Stolen bases: U
Intyre, Keeler, Laporte, Dolehanty,
Thomas. First bass on balls: Off Kllllan.
4; off Chesbro, 1. Left on bases: De
troit, 8; New' York, 7. brruck out: By
Kllllan, : by Chesbro. ; by Orifflth, I.
Double play: 8chaefer ana Coughlin.
Time: 1:50. Umpires: Evans and Sheri
dan. 84. Loots Pile I p Bis; Score.
ST. LOUIS, Aug. 2. St. Louis ran wild
on the bases and with opportune hitting
easily defeated Washington today, 11 to
2. Score:
Dearer Ua4 Wlaner In a otnerly
tt Errera,
LINCOLN. Aiig. t Both Lincoln and
Denver gave an amateur exhibition of ball
playing this afternoon, errors -piling up In
every Inning. Ongnler lost for the locals
lv falling all over himself on two ground
hits nnd throwing the ball wild on one that
he did manage to field. Rain stopped the
first game Ht the end of the seventh In-,
nlng and prevented the second. Score:
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
.... 4 11 0
...."4 0
8 1
...., i
.... i
.... t 0
9 '
Innlnara: off Sage, In flv Inning. Tims:
60. I'mptre: Werden.
atandlag of Ike Tai.
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
Columbus 1- M .19 ..?
Milwaukee 11 67 41 .iM
Toledo 13 f 47 K
l.oulsvllla lul M M .fun
Minneapolis h'5 64 b2 .n'C
Kansas city VI 41 M .4.1
St. Paul 11 4A f.7 .441
Indianapolis li2 36 67 . 343
Onmes today: Milwaukee at Louisville.
Kansas Pity at Indianapolis. St. Paul at
Toledo, Minneapolis at Columbus.
McHale lb...
T. Smith, ss..
Itnndall, rf...
Kusmell. cf. ..
Welgardt, c
neddlck, 3b...
Iinahue. 2b..
Bclden, If.....
Paige, p
H. PO.
- 0 10
. ...'...? 4
::::::: t I
z 1
Katchem, cf.
Qulllin. 3h...
Kenlnn. If
Thomas, lb.. 2
Collins, rf 3
Oagnlpr. sa. ...nM 3
Wolfe, o 2
Barton. !b 2
MoKay, p.. 3
i ;
M. PO.
0 1
0 8
1 , 2
0 .
" 0
Qrintb, p.,
Cheabro, p.,
Thomti, 0..
Total. . . .
Totals ....23 2 8 21
Denver ....0 t 0 0 0 2.0-r4
Lincoln ..i. ...... .0 0 3 0 0 03
Sacrifice hits: Qulllin. Wofe. Welgardt,
Belden. Stolen bases: Fenlon, Ggnler, Red
dick (2), Belden. Bases on-balls: Off Mc
Kay,1 2; off Paige, 1. Hit ny pitcnea oan:
By Paige, 2. ' Struck out: By McKay, 2; by
l'aige, 4. Time: i:io. umpire; rverie.
tendance: 1,200. ' ' .
Champa Win Llatleaa f;ante.
DES MOINES, Aug. J.-Ptaylng llstleKs
ball, the Pucbloans lost the final game or
the series to the Champs by a score of
9 to 6. Rain delayed the game at the end
of the fifth Inning: and after that the west
erners seemed to care little whether they
ored or not. A small crowd witnessed
the gnme. which was all one way, although
Des Moines Dlayed an oulflelder at third
and a pitcher In the field, with a shortstop
at .first. ..The score:
AB. . R. H. PO.
... 5 3
... 1 2
6 1
4 1
NIIm. lb
T. Jonea. lb.
gtona, If
lumphlll, rf,
Wallar. as.
O' Brian, 2b..
Koehlar, cf..
Rickey, c. ..
Howell, p.,.
till AHliar. aa... 4 1 I I 0
I 4 II .Bunly. rf...t 0 10 1
I I 0 a OC. Jonea, cf. . I 0 I 0 C
J J 1 0 rroia. lb 4 1 1
10 4, I - 0 Anderson, If. 4 1 1 A 0
i I 1 4 ! Buhl, lb 4 1 0
II 0 0 Srhartl. lb.. I 1140
4 2 7 0 WakeSeli), C..4 0 0 I
t t 1 4 IHmitb. p , a 0 0 4 0
-r Mil- u 0 0 0 ft
Tottla ,lt 14 S7.14 J . -
' Tofala 14 IK 11 1
Batted for Smith In ninth.
Ft. Louis r.. 3 0 1 0 1 2 4 0 -ll
'(Washington .........1 0 0 I) 0 0 0 u 12
' Earned runs: St Loiils, 5; Washington, 1.
Two-base hit: Bchalfly. Three-bae hit:
T. Jones. Homo run: Rickey. Sacrifice
hits: Wallace, Howell. Double play: Cross
to Bchalfly to Stahl. Stolen bases: O'Brien,
ah Stahl, Cross. Wallace 12), Btone. Bulk:
Smith, Bases ort ballsr Off Howell, 4; off
Smith, i. Struck 'out: By llowell, ?; by
ttmun, o. Leit on oases: St. Louis, si Waslt
ington, K Time: 2:02. Umpire: Hurst..
Clitragto hatB tut Boston.
CHICAGO, Aug.. 2. Chfcago shut out
Boston In easy fashion, 3 to 0, here today.
In the first Inning Jones was a(e on Mor.
gan's error. Isbell singled inn Davis trip
led, scoring both. In the third Halm trip
led and scorea on isneirs long fly to riant.
The visitors were unable to hit White ef
fectively. The home team fielded perfectly,
ffcore: . .
B.H'.O.A.K. Jl.H.O.A.E
Fahn. rti 4 110 Hayden. rf..,4 1 3 0 0
0 0 Parent, ae.... 4 I 0 I 0
0 Stahl. it S 1 4 0 0
I Ferrla. 2b.... 4 0 14 0
OHney. If ... . I 0 I 0 0
I (I Freeman, lb.. I 0 I l 0
0 OMoraan. 3b. .. I 0 1 4 1
1 OAmibruatar, c I 0 4 J
I 0 fauni, p 2 0 ) I 0
10 0 0 0
Jonea, rf 4 0 I
labell, b.;v.. I 1 1
Iavte. aa.;... I I 4
Donobue, lb.. I 1
Southerly, If I 0 1
fSulllvan, c .. I' 0 I
Tannablll. lb I 0 1
Vv hit,. p i a
Caffyn. If
tl'I.eary, bs....
elrliiy, cv....
Dexter, c
Andreas, lb, ..
Hogriever, 3b..
Clcotte, rf
Magoon, 2b....
(Jlllcn, p
Cook. If
McGllvray. lb.
Shugart. 2b....
Melcholr. rf...
Klwert, 3b
Rennlcker, c.
Klske, ss
Under, cf
Carnes, p
. 3
. 8
8 U 27 11
4 ,
0 -!
0 1-6
Totals ...1 41 6 14
Des Moines 0 0 5 1,1
Pueblo . 1 0 0 1 2
Stolen 'bases: Caffyn (2), O'Leary, Hog
rlever. Clcotte, .Melcholr. Two-base hit:
McOllvray 2). Blwert (2), Flske. Bader,
rfTvn Vcldv. Double Dlavs: Magoon
O'l'ary and Andreas; Elwert, Shugart and
McOllvray. Bases on balls: Off fames, 8;
off Olllen, 4. Struck out: By Carnes. &;
bv Gillen. 8. Passed ball: Dexter. Time
2:00. Umpire: Davis. Attendance: 600.
fiame Postponed.
At Omaha No game. Tain.
Standing; of the Teams,
Played. 1 Won. Lost
Des Moines W 66
;Omaha ...i: 8 ' 49
8lou City X...VH2 44
Denver B2 43
Lincoln 92 . ...,.3
Pueblo 92 33
No games today.
3 r '
'48 '
S3 . .
stone Still la the Lead.
Up to the close of lsst week George
Alonto Stone was still leading the Ameri
can league In hatting, except Eberfield,
who hnd only played In thirty-nine games,
Icks than half the total. Stone has In
creased rather than decreased his average
this week. For the week up to Ihursilay
his average was .417. This is making It
hard for the mighty Larry. He was ten
points below Stone at the closa of last
week and nas not (lone as wen mis weeK.
Kossrnan has fallen from way above .300
to. 78. Here are the men above .810 up to
the end of last week:
LaJuie ....
Clarke ....
Seybold ..
Hemphill .
McUuIre ..
H. Davts
Keeler ....
Murphy ..
Turner . ..
Bad Day for Pltrhers.
SCHUYLER. Neb.. Aug. 2 (Spei-lal Tele
gram. Schuyler today defeated Ulysses In
Hn uninteresting game today by the score
of 8 to 5. - Mevera of Ulysses and Jellen
of Schuyler were both hit hard for four
Innings and were tsken out of the box.
Mallory taking Meyers place ana snita
taking Jellen's place. The same teams play
tomorrow. Score:
Schuyler 2 2 0 8 0 0 0 1 -8 7 0
I 1 o ft 4 o o o o o s
Batteries: Schuyler. Jellen, Stllti and
Smith; Ulysses, Meyers, Mallory and
Hastings Defeats Arapahoe.
ARAPAHOE. Neb.. Aug. 2. (Special Tel
egram.) In today's game with Hastings
the local team snowed a oecmeo reversal
of form and Hastings won out In a walk.
Sadler, as umpire, was, as usual, compe
tent and satisfactory. The score: K.H.E.
Hastings 8 8000202 0-10 14 4
Arapahoe 0 21010000475
Batteries: Rugge and Poteet; Tanner
Saline and Rupert. First base on balls:
Arapahoe, 4; Hastings. 2. Home run:
Harms. Two-base hits: Tanner, Johnson.
Struck out: By Rugge, 4; by Tanner, 7.
play Nat Emereon of Clnclnnatl.who Just
arrived from Chicago today. The latter
beat Jones of this city with comparative
esse, the score being -2. -0. The Blather-
-tck-Kmerson frwtrn today win oe a dib
(Tlr mI with aroo4 weather the men will
le able to pnt up the star game that both
ave shown In their previous tnaicnes.
Haln lnterefere1 with the games today,
but five contests taking place. Wsldner,
he easterner, ana two maicnee io
is credit, one a forfeit and he beat a local
player for the other victory.
Dandelion Wins the Invincible Handl
es p at Brighton Beneh.
NEW YORK. Aug. 2 On a muddy track
nd backed down from s to b to 0 to s,
Dandelion, runner up In the Brooklyn and
uhurban handicap, today won tne in
Inclhle handican. mile said a oiisrter, at
Brighton Beach, defeating Coy Maid after
terrific drive all through the stretcn ny
head, with Cedersrtrom third. Jaunty,
favorite In the fifth race, broke her leg and
ell. She will probably be destroyed.
Bewell, her rider, escaped Injuries. Six
favorites were defested. Summaries:
First race, rtx furlongs: Nannie Hoge
won, Far West second. King Colo third.
Time: 1:14H.
8econd race, six furlongs: uoiaiadv
won, UoPTball second, Montgomery tnira.
Time: 1:1M.
Third race, mile and a alxteentn: uonna
won. Watertank second. Cholk JUedrlck
third. Time: 1:60.
Fourth rare, hsndicap. mile and a quar-
er: Dandelion won, coy iwaid second.
,'ederstrotn third. Time: 2:09H-
Fifth race, five and a half furlongs:
Flowawny won. Jim Ijeonard second, Rose-
well third. Time: l.nsv
Sixth race, mile and a sixteenth: O. K.
won, Left second. Tarlac third. Time:
1 :fi".
Seventh rac, mile and a sixteenth: pruia
won. Hyperion second, Jennie- Mccatxe
third. Time: 1:48W
CINCINNATI, Aug. 2. -Results at La-
tonla :
First race, nix furlongs: Scotch Ianee
won, .Weber Fields second. Prince of Pless
third. Time: 1:1(.
Becond race, five furlongs: Webber won
Oromoboi second. Beautiful Mayo third.
Time: 1:0K.
Third race, six furlongs: Field imtk won,
Zinda second, Nona third. Time: 1:14.
Fourth race. handican. six furlongs:
Meadow Breexe won, John English second.
Colonel Jim Douglas third. Time: 1:13'V
Fifth race. Ave and a half furlongs: ove-
lando won. Morales second. Bitter Boy
hlrd. Time: l:ns. Bottlen finished second
but was dlsuualined for fouling.
Sixth race, mile: Oberon won, Royal
Begend second. Alma Gardia third, nine
Westfall Too Mnch for llaatlnas.
BERTRAND, Neb., Aug. 2 (Special Tele,
gram.) Bertrand defeated Hustings today
to the tune or ll to 2. The feature of tne
game was the pitching of Westfall. the
Bertrand left fielder, who has not pitched
a game before this year, score: it. it. ti
Bertrand 0 4 0 0 6 0 0 2 0-11 13 !
Hastings 2 000000002 4
Two-base hits: Rohes. Wicker. Drehut.
Allenson. Brlce. Struck out: By Westfall,
7: by Mace. 3. Batteries: Bertrand. Vest
fall and Masters; Hastings, Mace and
Central City One to the Good.
CENTRAL CITY. Neb., Aug. 2. (Special
Telegram.) The Central City Young Men's
Christian association ball team defeated
Aurora today In one of the finest exhibitions
of base ball seen here this season. Before
over 5O0 people. The pitching of Lutes
was especially note worthy. Score: K. f i. ti.
Central City ...1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 7
Aurora 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 01 6 3
Batteries: ' Pockenberry and Jeffers;
Lutes and Patterson.
1 .467
4 .269
Kansas City Shuts Ont Indianapolis
Three to' Xothlnc
INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 2. Kansa : City
hnd no trouble In shutting, out the locals,
3 to 0. Score:
H 11 O A t. .ti.x..,.
loiBi-. ..' anuu
Totala 10 4 24 10 1
Batted tor Youmj in ninth.
Chicago 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 -3
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Left on base: Chicago, 2; Boston, 4.
Three-base bits: Davis, Hahn. Double play:
Ferris to Freeman. Struck out.- By White,
I; by Young, 3. Bases -un balls: Off While,
1; off Young, 8,' Time: 1:23. Umpire;
O'Loughliu. ,
Standing; of the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
Philadelphia 91 67 84 .626
New York 91 66 36 , . .t18
Cleveland 91 (2 39 .6,1
Chicago W bl 43 .643
Detroit 92 47 4S .oil
8t Louis .. 92 47 45 . 611
Washington 91 32 59 .3T2
Boston ., ... 96 26 69 .274
Games today: Washington at St. I-ouiH.
Phlladalphla at Cleveland. New York at De
trolt, Boston at Chluago.
i , . -
Clnelanatl Bnnehes Hits In Last
Inning; and Wins from Boston.
BOSTON, Aug. a After Boston had
. mad today's game close by a combination
of hits and errors In the eighth the vis
itors fall upon Dorner and their five hits
In a single Inning Included one three and
a two-baxe hit. The score at the end of
the game stood: .Cincinnati, 7; Boston, 3.
, Score:
WaMron. rf
M'Hrlrie, aa
Perrlne. - 2h.
Hill, cf
Burke, 3b...
Pranti. lb..
Caaeaily. If.
Leahy, c...
Euan, p..
cf 1
Hu(lna. lb.. I I 1 I I Brtaw.ll. aa
Keller, If I 110 1 Tenney, lb.
Juite. rt I 1 10 I Hraln. 3b...
grblel, lb.... I 0 11 1 0 Bales, cf...
lxienanty, lb 4 I I I 0 Howard. If.
Biefie. at I 1 1 0 Polan. rf...
Corcaraa, aa.. I t 4 I v Needham, c
L(lTlneton, 4 0 1 OBtrubel. 2b.
SCeimsr, p.... I Oil I Dorrter. p...
B H O A E.
1 I
I 11
10 0 Dunlesvy: rf. 4 1 4 0 u
111 Jamee. 3b.... 41101
111 Hlsiea, cf.,.. 41100
10 0 ( arr. lb 4 0 10 1 0
110 Kahoe. sa. ... I 0 2 I I
I 1 1 Perry. If 4 14 10
10 0 Marran. 2h.. 4 0 I I 0
0 0 Holmea. C.... 4 A I I 0
1 t 0 Kallum, p.... I 1 0 4 0
-! 1 TnUla 14 I 27 11 4
Totala II I 27 11-1
Kanxaa City 0 1 l'O 0 0 0 0 1-3
Indianapolis 0 0 0-0 O 0 0 0-0
Base on balls: Off Kellum. 1. Struck out:
Bv Kellum, 1; by Egan. 2. Wild nltch:
Egan. Sacrifice hit: McBrlde.- Stolen bases:
Perrlne, Kellum. I-eft on bases! Indianap
olis. 7: Kansas City, .4. Umpire: Kane.
Time: 1:45. I . .',
Toledo OotbatB St. Pnol.
TOLEDO, Aug. 2. Toledo mitbstted the
Saints and. won easily, 8oe excitement
was caused In the ninth inning when Sug
den refused to leave the field as ordered by
Kgan and an officer escorted' him out.
'. TOLEDO. ' :' ST. IAi:ii.
B.H O.A.E. u.n.u.a.a
Arapahoe I'nable to Hit.
ARAPAHOE. Neb.. Aug. 2 (Special Tele
gram.) The local team again proved easy
to Hastings, owing to their Inability to
bat. aa shown by the detailed score:
R. H. E,
Hastings 0 03023000-8 10
Arapahoe 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 03 (
Batteries: Dort and Poteet: Rupert. Sa
line and Rupert. Two-base hits: Hastings,
3. Umpire: Sadler.
Kearney Is Shut Ont.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Aug. 2.-fSpeolal
Telegraru.l Grand Inland gave Coykendall
perfect support ana Kearney securvd bu
three scattered hits, resulting In a shutou
for the Midway city. Score:' R. H. E,
Grand Island 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 2 5
Kearney ......0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 3
Batteries': Kearney, Howard and Zalusky
Grand Island, Coykendall and Townsend.
Iowa League Results.
MARSH ALLTOWN, Ia, Aug. 2. (Special
Telegram. )Following are the results In
the Iwa league:
Burlington, 3; Clinton, 2.
Ottumwa, 3; Waterloo, 2.
Fort Dodge, 3; Oskalooaa. V:
Keokuk, 4; Marshalltown, 3 (ten In
Bancroft Defeats Indians.
BANCROFT. Neb.. Aug. 2-Special.)-
Bancrnft defeated the Omnha Indians
a fast game here today. Score:
Bancroft 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 1
Indians 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 02
Bateries: Tarrant and Harvey; SonsHser
and Miller. This makes seven straight
games won ty uancrort.
Cllngman, aa. 4 I 0
J. Clarke, If.. I C 1
Odwall. cf .... 4 I I
Ixmont. ,3b... 4 0 i
Krueser, Sb.. I 1 0
Nance, rf 11
W. Clarke, lb 4 I 12
lnrt, c 4 I
Suuhotr, p... I I
I Oeler, aa 4
0 ftujflen, lb . . . I
1 Mvera, cf I
0 KYIok. rf 4
0 wbeelerv W.v 4
Cy. If,..:.'.. I
0 Padneu, 1 '.m... 4
1 Drill., c. .;... I
.0 Prultc. p..... I
I 2
Hinrhman. rt I
Clymer. rf... I
( oulter, if. ..
Totala 14 27 U . I Tiaala J 27 It I r."
Cincinnati lOOOOloa 37 lA'J T.
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 3 I Hui.wltt i"
Two-base hits: HuggliiM, Jude. Tlree- I Wriaiey.' lb.
Total. It 11 t 2. TotU....,.l 24 20 I
Toledo 2 0 0 0 0 2 V 8 -
St. Paul A..1 .1 8 0 0 0 0 0 0-4
Two-base hits: Wheeler, W. ' Clarke.
Bases on balls: Off Siitthoff. 6: off Pruitt.
5. Struck out: By Sutthoff. 6; by Pruitt. 2.
Sacrifice hits: Myers, Drill. Stigden. Sutt
hoff. Stolen bases: Wheeler, Krueger (2),
Nance. Double play: Drill and Geler. Wild
pitch: Pruitt. Time: 2:00. Umpire: Egan.
Champions Outclass Millers.
COLUMBl'S. Aug. 2 Tha champions
completely outclassed Minneapolis today
and scored an easy, victory, U,to 2. Score:
B.H.O.A. E. -B.M.U.A.a;
base hit: Tenney. Seurlrtce hits: Keiley,
tiegia tz. rioien base: bcnivi. nrst
on balls: Oft Dorner, 4; oft Wuliiier, 1.
Hit by pitcher: By Dorner. Jude. Kelley.
Struck out;. By Dorner, 2; by Weimer. 5.
Wild pitch: Welraer. Tiin: 1:60. . Um
pire: Emalle.
titnta Postponed.
At New York Now York-St. Louis post
poned; rain.
At Philadelphia Philadelphia-Chicago
postponed; raiu.
At Brooklyn Pltuburg-Brooklyn game
postponed, rain.
ttl41s( of the Trams.
Played. Won. Lost.
1 .
New York
Cincinnati -.-
St. Louis...,
Games today:
. 94
, !'
Blue, c.
Flaberty, p
10 0
I 10 1
10 1
Parle, cf...
ogulllvan. rf,
0 Graham, lb.
0 Hart. If,
Games in Three-1 l.eagne.
At Springfield Cedar Rapids, 4; Spring
field. 3.
At Dubuque Dubuque, 7; Bloomlngton, 4.
At uecatur uecatur, 3; KooK island, 0.
At Davenport Peoria, 2; Davenport, 0.
St. Kdward Beats Lindsay.
ST. EDWARD, Neb., Aug. 2 (Special
Telegram.) St. Edward beat Lindsay, 13
to 8. Batteries: Ilndsay, Munley and
King; St. Edward, Peterson and Rosen'
Pittsburg at BrooVlv-
Cincinnati ai nosion, nicago at pnila
delpUla, St. Louis at New York.
Wonderful Doable Play,
"fm of too moat remarkable double
flsya I aver saw,'' said Pitcher Claudo
ailott, "aeveiopad from a base hit. The
cams waa a tie at the e.nd of the tenth
inning 4 to 3. In the eleventh our side
bad men on second and third, with only
one out. when a pop My was knocked back
of third baao one of the kind thai neither
the third baseman, snortstop nor left
' fielder can reach. The man at third hesi.
taied. fearing Ike ball might be caught,
but the runner at second, who could tee
the IvOl was a base hit, kept running, and
v. omy two feel behind the other runner
when h saw the ball bit (he ground snd
roll toward th l(l fltddet. That tleid-r
Wl a wonderful thrower. He had a great
, Ih4 arw. fal.Brllu ntuacla, 11 giabbed uo
0 Freeman, lb., 4
OOvler. aa i 4
1 Ko. tb . .. 4
Yeaer,' .-.... 4
(.4wal'flar, p I
- . Total.. ... U I 14 11 I
M 1 27 11 1
Columbus 3 0 0 4 1 1 1 1 -ll
Minneapolis 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 002
Stolen bases: Hutswitt, Wrlgle-. . Blue,
Flaherty. Sacrifice hit: Klhm. Two-basa
hits: l'lckermg, Flaherty.' Threevbaae hits:
Freeman, Yeagcr. iMjuble play: Wrlgley
nnd Kimn. Miruoet .onu By Flaherty, 2;
by Codwallader, : 3. . Bases on balls: Off
Cadwallader, 6. Umpires: Owen and Sul
livan. Time: 1:46. ...
Distillers Defeat Brewers
IjOUISVU.LB. A ig 2.-Loulsvllle defeated
MHwac!ti today in the first game. In the
series. Both Goodwin and Sage were batted
hard bv the locals, vhile Dunkle kept the
visitors wta wen.scutiereo. score:
B H O.A 7i. B. H O. A.B.
Hallnao. II .? 2 1 ORobtnaoo, aa. I 0 I 4 1
2 1 4 OOrean. rf 4 I
11 trlrac. 'If. 4 111
1 11 0 Baleman. lb. I 11 1
0 Seville, e.v... 4 14
11 HmsIM, cf. I II
,1111 M't'beea'y. lb 4 I I
.411 0 Mrraraa'k. ' lb I I I
.411 OOoodwia. p.. I 1
. I 1
14 11 27 14
. Total. . A . .mo T 14 11 I
Louisville .'.,....,..,.0 2 I M I 1 I M
Milwaukee . ' I 0 0 0 0 1-J
Two-base hits: Kanna, Sullivan. Threev
baae hits: Kenna. 6haw. Green.. Stolen
bases: . Halluoan (!). Sullivan. Woodruff.
Sitcrttlr hit: Sul.lvan, Robinson. Bases
on balls: Off Dunkle. 4i off Goodwin, 3; off
Sage, g. struck uut:,By, Dunkle. 3; by
Goodwin, 1. Double plays: Woodruff.
Brashear and Sullivan; Braeiiear, Qulnlan
and Sullivan; Hoblnaon. McCormlrk and
Bateruaor Bateman. Ttoblpson and Bate,
man. Left on- bases,; !xmlvflle. 6; Mil
wavke, . . iiiu; urf Covdwln, 1 Jo Uu
WoedruS, 3b. I
Braahear. 2k.. I
Sullivan, lb.. 4
Siovell. of.... 4
Kenna. rf.... 4
Shew, e I
Qulnlan. aa... 4
Liunkla, p.
Sweet Marie Wins the Kree-for-AII
Trot In Stralatht Heats
CLEVELAND, . Aug. 2. A large crow-
turned out to see the fourth day's racln
at the Glenvllle track. The card was good
and Included the rree-ror-all trot, tii-
sweepstakes for 3-year-old pacers, the 2:10
cIsbs trotting and the 2:23 class trotting.
In the free-for-all Snvder McGregor,
Wentworth and Sweet Marie were in
only starters. Sweet Marie shotted that
she Is In a class by herself, with the pos
sible exception of Tiverton, by winning all
three heats in easy style.
In the 2:23 class, trotting, there wore
ten starters, among them being Ann Hi
red. Brilliant Girl, Billy H. and Nanco.
Brilliant Girl won In straight heats.
In the sweepstakes for 3-year-old pacers
Kelly, a bay gelding by Huron Mo r-.
carried off the hnuors, with Brenda
Yorke second and Dlrectal third. ,
. .The 2:10 class, trotting, was one of ths
best events pulled off so far durlntf i.n--meeting.
Ed. Geers' Gold Dust Maid won
In straight heats, but was forced to Ht,i
the second heat In 2:07' and the third in
2:07V Results:
Sweepstakes, 3-year-old pacers, pursa
Kelly, b. g (Chandler! 1 1
Brenda Yorke. b. f. (N'uckols) 2 2
Dlrectal. b. c. (Walker) 3d
Time: 2:15. 2:10..
. 2:23 class, trotting, purse 22.000:
Brilliant Girl, h. m., by James
Madison (Curry) 1
Nanco. gr. g. (Saunders) 2
Billy H , b. g. (Gerrtty) 4
Flexo, eh. h. (Demarest) 9
Lucretla, br. m. (Thomson) 9
Jessie Benyon, ro. m. (Benyon)..3
Sister Collelte, b. m. (Cahill ) . . . .
Ann Direct, blk. m. ( Mcllenry ) . . K
Kim. ch. g. (Shank) 5
Paul Wilson, blk. g (Rhea) dla
Time: 2:1191. 2:10. 2:12.
Free-for-all trot, purse 12.000:
Sweet Marie, b. in., by M Kinney
(McDonald) 1
Snyder McGregor, ch. g. (Hogan)..3
ent won
3:10 class, trotting, purse $1,200:
Gold Dual Maid, blk. m, by Sil-
verthorne (Geers) I
The President, b. h. (Loomls).... 3
Helen Norte, b. m I Rutherford. . 10
Oro, blk. g. (McCarthy) 3
W. J. Lewis, b. g (Smith) 5
Aerolite, b. m. (Saunders 1 4
Walson. ch. g. ( Wlckersham) . . . . 9
Belle C. b. m.' (Higbeei 6
Van Zandt, b. m. i Devereui). , 7
Alexander, b. g. (Stlnson) 8
Time: 3:10. 2:07 . 2;07V.
Blalherwlrk Keeps on Ulaaln.
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn.. Aug. 2 (Special
Telegram. ) Again today BUiherwick, the
Iowa crack tennis player, won his tennis
match at Deephaven. The Iowa man had
an easy game and won handily. He showed
uperior tactics all the way through hi
game. HI score waa (-2. 6-0. Tomorrow
h will bat one of ihe hardest malches of
lh luuroamoDt wa tua baa da, havlug to
Shower Keeps Many People Away and
Renders Track Slow.
FREMONT. Neb.. Aug. 2. (Special Tele
gram.) The annual meeting of the Fremont
Driving Park association, wnicn was post
poned from Tuesday on account of the
rain, opened today. Owing to the shower
this noon, which fortunately am not ex
tend to the race track, the attendance was
1st it. but those who did attend saw some
fast time for a heavy track. Some of the
best 3-year-olds In the country were In the
first race. Volo. after coming in rourtn in
the first heat of the race, pulled himself
up remarkably well and won In the last
three heats easily. Iowa Splnx, Jr., took
the first heat hsndily in the 2:16 pare and
was the favorite in tne pools lor me toi
i .....
lowing neat ana race, insieaa ne Droxa
badly and in the third was badly dis
tanced. Summaries:
Pacing. 3-year-old class: purse. 12n0:
Volo. b. h., by Volant 4 2 11
Klnirnln 1 12 3
Mator Gantg 2 8 3 2 ,2
Ottawa Boy 6 4 4 4
Lady Online 5 6 as
Time: 2:164, 2:18. 2:18V. 2:194. 2 21.
Pacing. 2:16 class:
Miss Cappy. b. m.. by McRoberts..2 111
Jessie M 3 2 2
Nina Russell 4 3 3
Jessie A , 6 6 4
Queen L av, 5 5 6
luwa splnx. Jr.. .....1 4 ds
Time: 2:16. 2:1, 11:1914, Z:ZZ.
Goldaelda Wants Prise Fight.
OOLDFIELD. Nev., Aug. 2 The Goldfleld
Athletics club guarantees a purse of 320.000
for a contest between Oans snd Nelson
nd 810.000 lor Brltt and McGovern on
Labor day. . .
Sportlna Brevities.
I.eifleld seems to draw more extra inning
games than ally one else In the business
No ball game is' scheduled for Omaha for
Friday but Duc-kir Holmes and his bunch
will come Saturday for a series of1 four
games. '.' . .
Bebee lost a game with St. Louis but It
was because tils teammates could not hit
Wiltse. rather than any damage tha Giants
aia to him.
Rumor has It that Jimmv Hart will re'
enter base ball' and be president of the
National league. Pulllam is said to want
the Boston team and to want Hugh Duffy
to manage it for him.
Stone still persists In that unscientific
position at bat. It waa this alone! that wa
responsible for that miserable performance
or three hits out of four time at Dal. St,
Louis Globe Democrat.
Poor Old Freese, he threw the ball away
weunesaay oy wnicn Larter later scored
and Jarrott, not the best uphill pitcher.
got sore, but Hutch's blunder didn't lose
the game by any means.
Pfclster waa taken out of the box In the
eight inning In the game with Phlladelnhl
Wednesday but aa no runs were made off
him in the seventh it was probably to give
Kling a chance to bat for him In the hope
or starting a batting rally.
Liebhardt has finally lost out on hi
string of double-headers. After wlnnln
three pair of games he lost the second gam
of the fourth pair. A rumor has It that
Uebhardt will go to Cleveland next season.
burn, a business, such a business.
It Is said that Clarke Griffith has an even
320.000 to give for a good brace of pitchers.
This is as much as was ever paid for one
pitcher except when Bobby Caruthers was
sold for 314,0110 by Chris Von Der Ahe of the
old St. Louis Browns to Brooklyn.
Babe Towns made a hit and an error
in his opening game with Commie. He will
make many hits if given a chance to play.
Selee said while here that Commie needed
another catcher, as Hart was hardly fast
enough for the company he was In and It
threw nearly all the work, on Sullivan.
The G. W. Wattles trophy will be played
for Saturday afternoon the Country club
under new rules. The trophy Is an elegant
toilet case and will be played for three
times before a decision is reached. 1 The
game will start at 2 o'clock and any player
can select his own partner for the play
which will be handicap match. If the entry
list Is large there will be a great many
byes so the element of luck will have a
great deal to do with the case.
Charley Comiskey denies the report that
Joe Cantillon will be next year's manager
of the White Sox. Nevertheless the rumor
has been spreading throughout the base
ball world with persistent pertinacity. Can
tillon did have an offer to manage the
team In the past, but did not see his way
dear to accept it at that time. But, as
Comiskey said, it Is not customary to an
nounce such matters as this until the sea
son has closed. Chicago Chronicle.
Vollces t Cat Weeds Fallowed by
Warrants of Arrest fraaa
Health Department.
Sodnctioo ia Eo&lt Loidi to Belief Local
Ctmbint is Broken.
Ftgnre Drops from Three Dollars
to Two Thirty a Tea
and Dealers Are Hot
Parlfled Yet.
Local users of steam coal are almost
prepared to believe that there Is no such
thing at a coal trust In Omaha, so low
have they been able to buy the fuel during
he last two weeks.
A contest In steam coal prices has been
carried on, by several of the large firms
and the result has been to batter down the
rate from 32 to $230, with tendencies for a
further descent. Several companies have
got scared and pulled out of the com
petition. Dealers say money is lost on
such prices as have ruled the local market
and they are wondering when the clipping
will stop.
Competition for furnishing the coal
bought by Rome Miller for his two hotels
Is said to have Initiated the fight. A year
ago steam coal sold for 33 and It was held
at that figure after the settlement of the
miner' troubles In the Cherokee district,
where the kind of fuel refered to supplies
most of the Omaha demand. In an effort
to get the Miller business C. B. Havens
Co., are said to have cut loose and
made a slash on the price. Then Victor
White butted Into the game and the Cen
tral Coal and Coke company followed suit.
The latter went under the Havens and
White prices. The latter firms came back
and the Central people chopped off a few
cents more. This game of seesaw has
finally put stesm coal at the command of
the consumer for 12.35.
Us I.ona-Tlme Contract.
Tha glee of the man who has to buy
steam coal In the summer for power or
other purposes has some alloy In it, for
the dealers refuse to make long time con
tracts and will not agree to make deliveries
at a specified price for longer than a month.
As the fuel cannot be stored In quantities
without danger from spontaneous com
bustion, the consumer Is not able to fudge
very much on his tribal enemy, the coal
"The war In steam coal may signify that
the local coal combination has gone to
pieces," said a business man. "As I under
stand It two or three of the dealers who
mixed In the scrap pulled loose from the
dealers association and started to get busi
ness independent of all rules and regu
lations. Rome Miller Is credited with a
good deal of responsibility for provoking
the competition and every other user of
team coal Is tickled."
Victor White, reputed to be one of the
leading figures in the fracas, was mute
when asked to explain the situation.
World-Herald Prevented by Adverse
Decision from Persisting; la
Charging; Donhle Rates.
Assistant City Attorney Dunn ha ren
dered an opinion for City Clerk Butler that
official notices of the city requiring more
than six days' publication do not have to
be printed In the official newspaper Sunday.
He holds that legally Sunday publication
cannot be required and further that the
official publication, the Evening World
Herald, ha no Sunday Issue. The clerk
will follow his advice and discontinue
printing; advertisements Sunday.' The mat
ter wac brought up by an attempt of Pub
lisher .Hitchcock to charge double rate
for Sunday stuff.
The opinion of the assistant attorney
strikes off at a tangent from the success
ful practice of the city In the past. It may
have an effect In invalidating special taxes
for paving, and the new policy will be
closely watched by lawyers who make a
specialty of this kind of litigation.
One effect of this decision will be to save
Mr. Hitchcock, the trouble of "putting It
Finding that the serving of notices and
mere moral suasion Is having little effect
on the weed situation tha health depart
ment Is preparing to back up Its demands
by Issuing warrants against tenants and
property owners who have spumed orders.
Arrangements have been made with Second
Assistant City Attorney Rlne to havo
g ! something like 100 complaints filed in police
h 1 court. Warrants will be Issued and nrrests
Increased Fire Schedules Adopted
Two Months Ago Pnt In
Effect Gradually.
The Insurance companies which do busi
ness in Omaha are gradually putting In
effect the new schedule which was adopted
about two months ago and which, in gen
eral, means a higher rate of insurance,
The city is taken block by block, and as
faat as each property Is examined it is
insured on the new basts. Also whenever
a policy expires it is Issued again on tha
new basts. It will be several months be
fore the entire city is covered, and, of
course, every day a number of people
will be apprised of an increase in Insur
ance rates which they have to pay. It Is
this condition, say the Insurance men,
that leads to the frequent rumors of con
secutive increases, though in reality thero
has been but one change, that announced
two month ago.
Miners Found Dead.
OURAY. Colo., Aug. 2. L. A. Thompson,
general manager, and V. W. Mather, fore
man of the Mlckef Breen mine of the
Tempest Apex company, who disappeared
a week ago, were found dead today under
a mass of debris In a small tunnel half a
mile from the Mickey Breen mine. They
evidently sought refuge In the tunnel from
a cloudburst and were overwhelmed by
the rocks and dirt that washed In from
the mountain side.
.7 ?
7 I
; . i . t- .
L,ai &V Ji , -
The Reliable Specialists
nervo-sexual debility
What a vast amount of wretchedness, misery and sorrow thla dlsoaa
brings upon a man, and often due to his folly or his lariorntioe. It Is a sertotia
thing that men contract or inherit disoas or weaUtness, but the most srtoua
results are sure to follow neglect or Improper treatment. It seems strange
that some men will defer treatment day after day, racked in body and wrecked
In mind when there Is a safe way of escape. We offer you this aid, tola halu,
this assurance of restoration. ,
Private disease and weaknesses of men have been tha means ef blighting tha,
mod radiant hopes. Tendering marriage unhappy and buaiiiM a fallur. Weak
ness unfits a man for his home, where men sltould find their happiness. It
unfits him for business, where men should meet with success. It unfits him.
for friendship and leads him to shrink from oompanlormhlp. The magnetism,
that wins men is abtnnt. The manliness that ettraota women 1 dlaplaokd by n
shrinking weakness, and the victim knowing this usuallv seek lolltiids.
Narvo-Beixual Debility numbers among Its victims tbe bsst of mn Thlr
routh promised surovss and their qualifications deserved It. Tbelr laoX of man.
ood brought failure and poverty, and for no other cause. Tbre are thous
ands of men who would marry save for this debarment. There are those win
are married whose keenest afflction lies In th feeling that they ar disqual
ified and that the one whose admiration means most must know It.
For a safe cure of the diseases that so Insidiously destroy the lntnlleot.
strength and very manhood, secure the anrvlues of tiis emlnont siaolallsti of
the State Medical Institute. They will stop unnatural drains with tbelr terrible
results and restore to sound hceUth the pitiable victim of Narro-SexvuU Petal-.
Ity, brain fatigue and wrenkrd manhood.
We cure safely and thoroughly:
Stricture. Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo Sexual Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Rectal,
Kidney and Urinary Diseases,
and all the diseases and weaknesses of men due to evil habits, xoeasaa, self
abuse or the result of spcciao or private diseases.
O tries Hours a. m. to I w sa.
Sunday 10 to 1 only.
1308 Fanuun 8U, between 13th jutd 14Ua treeta, Omaha, Xeb.
Plan your Pacific Coast tour so as to include this won
AND RETURN, $5.00.
AND RETURN Including rail and coaching fare and
five and one-half days' board at the splendid Park hotels
but $49.50. ,'
rates, coaching fare through the Park and five and one
half days' accommodations at the Park hotels, only $75
GARDINER (Entrance to Park) AND RETURN-Only.
$45.00. Beyond Gardiner yon can make your own arrange
ments for transportation and hotels and can stay as long
as you like in that vacation land.
VIA CODY, WYOMING Round trip to Cody,' from
Omaha, $30.10. Fifteen days' personally conducted camp
ing tour from Cody through Yellowstone Park over the
"Sylvan Pass Route," everything provided, only $55.00.
This is an ideal way to spend one's vacation through the
Park region.
PUBLICATIONS-Send for the Burlington's Yel
lowstone Park 1906 folder, describing all Park tours and
arrangements, both via the Gardiner entrance and the
"Sylvan Pass Route" from Cody.
J. B, Reynolds, G. P. A., 1502 Firnam Street,
speedily follow. . according
claratlons posted Thursday.
to the de-
cUreaor. ch. g. (Hogan)..S
th. blk.'g. (Mi ( arito) . . . .1
2:06. SifW1. 2.ifjt.
9 dr
It is no trouble to recover a lost article
Put an ad hi th "Lost" column tt
Tha B.
sonlh Dakota Brevities.
SlOfX FAIX8 A the result of a recent
decision of Judge Frank B. Smith, of tha
state circuit court of the fourth circuit, li
censes for saloons can be issued In only
two Lyman county towns Oacoma and
SlOfX FALLS Thus far slow progreaa
has been made In the work of drilling the
test artesian well in Lake county, for
which th authorities of the county and of
Madison appropriated about 17. uo. The pur
pose of sinking the well Is to ascertain If
flowing artesian wells can be struck In
that part of the state.
SIOI X FALLS An unusual rat killing
record was made on the farm of John Mr
Intyre. residing in McCook county. Th
ruts were found under the floor of an old
granary, akUh was torn up. Thre men
and a loy nnd several dog succeeded in
killing 3-0 rats In lers than an hour. TUs
drad rodent mor than Oiled two buabel
Evans Hotel
Hot Springs, 80. Dak.
Beautifully situated In the vale of Mln
eekania. The health and pleasure resort of th
northwest. Only a night's ride from Omaha,
OoLf, tennl. swimming, coaching, horse
back and burro ride and other amuse
menu. Excellent orchestra in attendanoa.
visit wonaeriui wina cave.
Exceptionally low rates on both C. ft N.
W. and Turlington.
For raus and lnformstton, address:
KOV M. SCOTT. Manager.
at the New Transient, Bleel Built, Fireproof
1U-U W. K, St.. seat
Brasdnay, bT. T. City, au
lix-a wat of Grand Ceatral
4 Juet off Loo(ora at
Time square, th very kaara
1 tb cur. Ia th. sUdat at U
tetra and aad taaa
th ehopulDs dlatrlct. Subwaa
d "L." ro4a nd Broadwaf
ax ttdjaceat. Modars aoeen
aaodauoDa lor ev. Mod
too mm aear hath, 1 U. bus
alio all light room aad
ulte wit bath. U aa
Choir rMlauraot. hluale.
Alan Haul ,awrn.a,
Wad. Vervoki.
Bellevue College Dormitories
July 7 to September 7.
Reference required. Address
BlvLLKVl'E COLLEilt, Hellavue, Neb,
'aVbua Rod iU. Swulb Ouaba.
7 or
inneaoo s
and Return
August 12-13
Good for Extension Returning to Sfjit. 30.
Special Nebraska G. A. If. Train Aug. 11, K::j) p. m.
Regular Trains 7:50 a. in. and 8:1' 3 p. m.
1401-3 Farnam Street
It Will Save
you tlmo and
monoy if yoa
will IIS ....