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Mr. Mortsnwu Hat Little Om Half Million
Bt&U MoO'j in Custody.
Thla TV 111 Be Materially Hdaed
Wku Baada Which Hav Been
Contracted far At Deltr
ered to TrtMirtr.
Hall ha been mentioned aa a probable can
didate. All are warm friend of Mr. Bryan
and t think It out of plara for Lancaster
County to Instruct for Mr. Barge, a mem
ber of another party. In view of thta being
Mr. Bryan's horn.
"Mr. Ber has charged that all demo
crats sulked In their tents and ha fought
the la at battle alone. Thla -has not en
deared him to the democrats of the state
and It would not do for Bryan'a home
county to plik him up and alap Bryan'a
other friends. I aha.ll certain) oppoae any
' , today, shows there la In the trenaur
4jf i tlim $201,41.7f la In the- permanent
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Ail-. !. (Special.) The re
port of State Treasurer. Mortenaen for the
month of July, filed ''with Auditor Seuie
jry now
Of thla
fund. Thla amount would be materially
leaa than It la had the governor of Ten
nessee delivered bonds which the mate
treasurer had purchased during the month,
but because the southern governor was out
of hla state the bonds have not yet been
delivered. The temporary achool fund con
tains tl41.74o.16. The report in detail, to
gether with', the bank statement, la aa
July 1. Aug. 1.
...t 2.-'S 24 I .22 4
... 19T.HM .TS 2"1.41.7
... M.M4.M
Permanent school.
Temporary school
Permanent university..
Agr. college endowment
Temporary university..
Redemption l.lfrJ.irt.
Kearney Normal library 32.24
Orthopedic hoapltal 6&6a
Hospital for Insane 14438
State library l.M6.7t
Vntversity cash 19.W.9 97
Normal library 2.2."5
Normal endowment 2.649 12
Normal interest 2,461.79
Agr. and mechanic arta 6100
U. 8. Exp. station 229.11
Totals 1362,744.48 24,488.16
Bank balances. Julv SI:
City National, Lincoln..
Columbia National, Lincoln.
50.710 53
3. 242. 43
619 50
.S f
602 67
621 50
312 63
Resolatlon to Inatrnrt for McCarthy
Voted Dow a
COLUMBUS, Neb., Aug. t (Special Tele
gram.) The republicans of Platte county
met In delegate convention thla afternoon.
Ben R. Cowdrey was chairman and L. F.
Franklin, secretary.. The convention waa
a very tame affair from beginning to end.
All waa arranged before-hand and there
waa little to do but carry out the program.
No platform resolutions were offered. The
motion to Instruct for Congressman Mc
Carthy waa voted down by a large major
ity, and yet It la said that more than half
of the convention waa for McCarthy, but
opposed to Instructions, though Just before
that they had Instructed the delegatea "to
Lodge, and Broe. O. J. Vandyke and 8
R. Barton, of the Nebraska Grand Lodge,
will deliver addressee. Congreesman Hin
shaw and others will apeak during the
Now fa Jail at Beaver City Charar
of Blaamr
BEAVER CITT, Neb., Aug. l-(8peclal
Telegram.) Walter Degarmo Is In the
county Jail charged with wife deaerllou.
Degarmo waa married In July to Miss Lu
ella Thompson, a prominent young woman
of Wllaonvllle. It was a double wedding
In more wave than one. The Ilcenae was
Issued In Furnas county, but the couple
went across the line In Red Willow county,
where the ceremony was performed. After
wards the county Judge Informed Degarmo
that the marriage waa not valid and a sec
ond ceremony wua solemnised in Furnas
county. In a week after the marriage De
garmo disappeared and was captured a
day or two ago In Red Willow county. Ke
was detained upon a charge of wife de
sertion, but evidence haa been obtained
that he haa a wife In Carthage, 111., and
today In county court. In the presence of
the girl that he had wronged, he confessed
that he had a previous wife and had not
been divorced.
He will be held on a charge of bigamy.
wvj mi iiviiiii KUIC IIITjaun vr liuimiianc v j
roll D. Evans, as United States senator, ( Miss Thompson, whom he Imposed upon, is
Omaha Man Bailed with Crtmpi While
lathis: in Manawa.
Went Oat Alona la
Peraoaal Electa
and Falls to
with Cai
Boat, Leaving
at Karaaal
t 30.RO4 00
K 1SS 71
Farmers and Merchants, Lincoln. 15.0R 08
29.319. 94
26.375 SO
66. 132. 36
11.118 19
35.730 VI;
500. uo
First National- Lincoln...
National Bank of Com'rce, Lincoln
First National, Omaha..
J. L. lirandets fk Sons, Omaha
Merohanta National, Omaha
Nebraska National, Omaha
. Omaha National ...... .-.i.
1 Alliance National
tiuiiiA ru r..n-..
Bank of haxfle Mlf)e"U!!!!!!!;.'.'!!I L&
Broken Bow State 4 out on
Cuater National, Broken Bow $.01090
Security State. Broken Bow 3.63.K5
Flrat National, Chadron 6.12ft.(
Flrat National, Crete 4 90.163
State Bank, Curtis...'... 42
Iannebrog State 1.601.90
First National, Fremont S 41
Bank of Glenvllle 1 527 94
Commercial State, Grand Island.... 4.768.94
Greeley State 2,610.13
I nlon State. Harvard 3.W56.30
Harvard State 2,602.08
First National, Hasting 4,(0.4 87
German National, Haatings 7,to 61
Flrat National, Holdrege 8.635 3D
State Bank of Jansen 8,087 00
Central National, Kearney 6.ononn
Ixlngton 2.500.00
Flrat National, Loomls 3,000.00
Newport State 1 600.00
Norfolk National 6.501 (
First National, Ord 6 (Ml 50
Ord State , 4 793 09
I'lerce State fnrmiso
First State, St. Paul 4 058 00
rirai rvauonai. Boot is UlutT
In the state convention," and that waa the
only resolution adopted.
The following are the delegatea to the
state convention! VA Hoare. C. C. Gray.
E. H. Chambere. G. W. Vlerguti. Chrla I
Medll, B. R. Cowdrey, Ed Luilenskl, W.
W. Frank, H. P. H. Otrlrh, Oscar Olson,
J. L. Lower, Harry Umb.
Congressional: Ed Hoare, J. O. Reeder,
Bruce Webb, Geo. Falrrhlld, I. Cluck. It.
O. Rtrnther. C. M Waaner. Charles Charn-
qulst, Kmll Hedburg, C. C. Gray, E. H.
Chambers, R. W. Hobart. Carl Kramer,
J. W. Apgar, Reese Williams. I
Delegatea were elected to the float and
senatorial convention. For county attor
ney, C. N. McElfresh was nominated. The
central committee was empowered to fill
vacanclea on the ticket. After listening to
an hour'a address from W. W. Toung,
candidate for congress in the third district,
the convention adjourned.
highly esteemed. It developed that he not
only Ingratiated himself into her affections,
but that he also secured a considerable
amount of money from her.
First National. Superior !!!!'.!" R057'33
nuns ni pyracuae 2 706 82
Flrat National, Valentine 8 041 07
Valentine State f 13I 31
Saundera County Nat l, Wahoo.... 5.080 46
First National, Wayne . 4 017 83
Weat Point National 7 ww nn
yaOVolbach State L6OO00
i iiy iNationai, york
Flrat National. York
Contempt Case at Beatrice.
BEATRICE, Neb., Aug. 1 (Special) In
the district court yesterday County Attor
ney Klllen filed complaints againat Mr. and
Mra. Beth Terry and their son, Memo W.
Terry, charging them with contempt of
court. The papers were aerved by Sheriff
Trude at the home of the Terry'a near
Plckrell and they were cited to appear
before Judge Kelligar, Thursday, August
I. The arrest of the Terrys la the out
growth of the long-drawn-out case over
the custody of the two children of their
son-in-law, J. Alfred Johnson, of Vllllsca,
la. Some time ago Judge Kelligar placed
the older of the two children in the cus
tody of Its grandparenta, Mr. and Mra.
Seth Terry, and gave the other to Ita
father, thus separating the children who
were at that time living with their grand
parenta. Recently the younger child was
brought Into court and given to Mrs. De
volre of Omaha, a sister of Mr. Johnson,
who came here after It. She' had boarded
the train and waa about to leave the city
when Mr. and Mra. Terry again secured
the custody of the child by habeas corpua
proceedings. The ease waa called in the
county court and continued to August 27.
The action of the Terrys In violating the
order of the court by again coming In
posaesslon of the child la the cause for
their being held In contempt by Judge Kelligar.
Bonds for Kew Plants.
FREMONT. Neb.. Aug. J.-(Speclal.)-The
proposition to build a new electric light
plant separate from the present water
plant and to issue bonds In an amount
not exceeding $40,000 for Its construction
was submitted to the voters of the city
at a special election yesterday, and carried
by a good majority. Only 490 votes, less
than a third of the registration, were
caat and there was but little Interest taken.
The new plant will be built near a rail
road, the location of which haa not beer,
decided upon. The water commissioner is
nstalllng water meters aa fast as practi
cable and. It is believed, will thereby de
crease the amount now pumped. The
minimum rate per year is $6 for 40,000
Total 8f.22.845.15
Hla- Crowd at Assembly.
The principal address before the Epworth
assembly today waa delivered by Rev. L. A,
Banka, of Denver, the crowd hearing him
numbering over 3,000. TheEpwortb parlia
ment waa addressed by Rev. D. K. Tynda.ll.
Tonight the Jubilee singers entertained the
crowd which was leasened by reason of
the rain this afternoon. The Women's
Home Missionary society held forth thla
afternoon. Miss Nellie Snider, national or
ganiser, delivered the principal address on
"Mctliuds of Work." Thla society elected
the following officers: President, Mra. S.
E. Miller, University Place; flrat vice presi
dent, Mrs. Thomas Darnell, University
Place; second vice president, Mrs. Lyrla
Andwera, Table Rock; corresponding secre
tary, Mra. Leslie Stevens, University Place;
recording secretary, Mra. C. M. Shepherd,
Pawnee City; treasurer. Mra. J. 8. States,
Lincoln; assistant treasurer, Mra. C. W.
Reiser, Lincoln; conference organiser, Mra.
Nellie Richardson: mite box aecietary, Mrl.
Holmea. Table Rock; mission supplies,
secretary, Mra. J. F. Piper, Lincoln; young
people'a work, secretary, Mra. G. H. Dan
forth, Lincoln; chlldren'a work, aecretary,
Mra. A. T. Searle, Lincoln; literature secre
tary, Mra. John Vance, Wymore; systematic
benefcence aecretary, Mra. Eva Parker,
Geneva; reading circle aecretary, Mra. Clara
Elder, Hebron; temperance secretary, Mra.
J. L Clad In, University Place. Lydla K. An.
drewa, of Table Rock; was elected dele
gate to the national executive board melt
ing to be held In this city In October, at
which time delegates will be present from
very part of the country. Mra. W. B.
Alexander, of York, was elected alternate.
Bert laaaea lltlmatum.
George W. Berge, populist candidate for
governor, before the democratic state con
vention today Issued an ultimatum that
Lancaster county must Instruct for him,
and. It la reported, he also said Dr. P. L
Hall and Mayor Brown could not go aa
delegatea to the atate convention unless In
structed for him. The ultimatum haa
started, the fight In this county and It will
be a tmt one. .
Mayor Brown said: "I am opposed to
Instructions. W. HNThompson la a candi
dal and so is Mr. .Shallenberger, and Dr.
Rilled Mall Sack Poand.
TABLE ROCK, Neb., Aug. 2. (Special.)
Edgar Stevens, who Uvea a couple of miles
southeast of here, near bridge No. 113 on
the Burlington line to K ansae City, yester
day found a rifled United States .mall
pouch, which i had, . been slit - open . and
robbed of Ita'contenfs. "Thls'mafl sack "had
been - mlneing alnce June 22 and was
pouch which had been left here from train
No. 41 from the aouth, which passes at
U p. m., to transfer td train No. 13, which
cornea from the same direction at 1:20 a.
m., but passes west on the Denver line.
The pouch was taken from the platform
of the depot or the car, but by whom la
not known. The mall clerk from No. 41
reported that he had made the pouch up
und the one from No. 13 reported that he
had not received It. , The mall sack was
brought here to the postmistress, who re
ported the matter to Chief Butler and It
will likely be thoroughly Investigated and
the responsibility located.
New Bnlldlna- Material.
ARAPHOE. Neb., Aug. I. (Special) In a
small way Richard brothera have begun
making cement building blocka for foun
dations and entire buildings. The blocks
are eight by ten by twenty-four Inches
and so moulded as to resemble cut stone.
In the moulding the fronts are covered
with a water proof cement and are leas ex
pensive than brick and cheaper to lay In
the wall. The new residences of Robert
Chambers and William Weaterbeck will be
built of theae blocka and additional moulda
have been ordered. The force employed
will be doubled to meet the demand. Last
year the brick yard at thla place made 960,-
000 brick and not enough to supply the de
mand as It waa Impossible to secure handa
at any price. This year William Kalley
the proprietor expects to double the out
put snd while he shipped some thirty cars
last year to other points haa boen com
pelled to refuse car load orders for ship
Plcale at Dlller.
DILLER, Neb., Aug. I ((Special) On
Thursday, Aug. 16, the Workmen and De
gree af Honor lodgea of Dlller will hold
their tenth annual picnic. Arrangemenla
are being made for a bigger time than
ever. Bro. J. G. Tate, of the Supreme
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you? And your husband certainly
doesn't like them. Then why not try
a bottle of Ayer's Hair Vigor? It
restores color to gray hair every time,
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And it cures dandruff also.
The best kind of a testimonial
"Sold for over sixty years."
1 N .
Kaae by the 1. C. ayar Ce., Lawelt. Mae.
Ala ataaaOMtiawa af
AYKt'SSAItAPABIIXAPwtsSSlooi. ATER'S PILL 7oc caettipa tioa.
AVIKaCUKKYfliCTOSAV-rstCeecka. ATlB'g AGU E CUKI Foe malaria sa Afa.
Xewe of Nebraska.
BROKEN BOW Nearly two and one-half
Inches of rain has fallen In this vicinity
within the past thirty-six hours.
FLATTSMOUTH-Ou te a number or
Plattsmouth people are attending the Ep
worth league assembly in Lincoln.
TEKAMAH Cmmnv EX Nebraska Na
tional Guard, in charge of Captain A. H.
Barker and Lieutenant G. P. Thomas will
leave tomorrow morning for Fort Riley,
Kan., for a ten days' outing.
LEXINGTON This haa been another
Ideal day for the Chautauqua, and the at
tendance haa reached Ita climax, save per
haps that of the coming Sunday, whlcn Is
expected to eclipse all former occasions.
NORTH PLATTE The attendance at the
North Platte Junior Normal has now
reached 106. Examinations were held laat
week and but few failurea resulted, most
of the teachers receiving excellent grades.
BEATRICE John H Ellis today assumed
the management of the Gage County Her
ald, a weekly paper published in thia city.
He succeeds Ed Huberts, who has taken
a position on the road In the Interest of the
western publishing company.
BEATRICE Word was received here by
the local lodge of Elks that Horace Soun
der, a member of the order and at one time
one ot the croDrletors or me raaaucn
hotel In this city, wao lying seriously 111 of
typhoid fever at Denver.
NORTH PLATTE The funeral services
of Edward A. Park, Jr., eldest son of
Mr. and Mrs. Edward U Park of Omana,
were held from the Eoiscoual church Sun
day. Rev. C. V. Chapman officiating. The
child died at Denver Friday.
PLATTSMOUTH A stmnged passed a 810
check on Ed Donat. The check waa arawn
on the First National bank of thla city
and made payable to H. H. Brown and
bore the false signature of A. S. Will, a
wealthy farmer residing west of Plaits
mouth. . '.
PLATTSMOUTH W. C. Williams, who
disappeared ao suddenly from his wife and
chuuren in Council Ulurts, haa been lo
cated near Oreapolia. working for a farmer.
He says ne nua no intention .ot oeserung
his faintly and will send money to tnem aa
soon aa ne earns it.
BEATRICE Edward Ulrich and his sis
ter. Miss Augusta, were severely injured
in a runaway accident near De Will,
uoth narrowly escaped being killed and tne
buggy in wnich they were riding was
smaiiiied all to piecea and scattered along
the ruaa tor a cunsiuerajjie distance.
NORTH PLATTE Richard Sculley. who
was killed on the Union i'aclllc railroad
here last. Friday. left unite a bit Ot prop
erty. He had recently sold a piece of land
for which he received fo.Ouu. He was a
single man and at present there are no
relatives known. Leo lotiln ot tins city
waa appointed special administrator.
TEIvAM AH George Waters, an employe
at Stout tiros, meat market, met with a
very paint ui accident yesterday while load
ing ice. The team became frightened and
Blurted to run, and in attempting to get the
lines Waters slipped under tne wagon and
the rear wheels ran over nis back, in
tllctlng severe injuries, but luckily no bones
were oroaen.
PLATTSMOLTH On the Perry Walker
farm Frank Jean and w. 1. Smith threshed
12.UU0 bushels of oala by welgnt in four
hours, or at an average of five bushels per
minute. The oats are turning uut from
thirty to forty bushels per acre. Tne
wheat Is also a large yield. The large
ears of early corn are hanging down and
the late corn la growing very rapidly. Tne
potato crop waa never better.
FREMONT Work has commenced tear
ing ilown the old buildings west of the
Kuiniera and Merchants National bank on
Sixth street, which are to be replaced with
a brick block extending to the alley. The
buildings were among the oldest In the
city and have been an eye-sore to that
street for some time. .Another new busi
ness house is under construction on the
same street one block west.
OAKLAND The Burt county teachers'
Institute will open at the high school
here next Monday morning. Miss Nelson,
the superintendent, has secured Miss Daaie
C. Johnson and H. H. Hahn aa instructors.
A lecture course has also been arranged
and the speakers are Dr. Edward Amherat
Ott. Superintendent H. H. Hahn and Dr.
George E. Condra. A reception to teachera
and patrons will be neid at tne nigh achool
ou Monday evening.
NORTH PLATTE-Mr. Hoffmelster. pres
Idem of the North Platte Water Works
company, haa been In the city for aeverai
days In connection with the negotiations
pending for the disposition of the local
plant to the city. The mayor of North
Platte Informed Mr. Hoffmelsier that the
city would not submit to any other valua.
tlun than a physical one and that any
value which might be attributed to the
plant ua a going concern would not be
considered by the city. Mr. Horrmelster
nnnouncea that lie will go at once to Pitta
burg. Pa., to consult with the officials of
the corporation which owns the local plant
OAKL.AND A teain hitched to a lumber
wagon belonging to uuat Hailing, a farme
living six miles soutnwest or here, ran
away Wednesday afternoon. They started
on Main street and when they reached the
Northweatern tracks turned and ran down
the tracks until they reached the tower
house, then ran onto the road going west
and were not stopped until they were over
a mile west of town. No serious damage
was the result, but some of the wires and
filpes running from the power house were
adly bent and twisted, out were soon re
paired. One horse was scratched a Utile,
but the wagon remained Intact.
T. Milton Weirlch of 810 North Twenty-
second street waa drowned In Lake Man
awa Wednesday night. While swimming
alone he evidently waa atrtcken with
cramps. His body waa recovered at (.46
o'clock Thursday morning 400 yards north
of the Kursaal.
Welrich waa a drug clerk and worked
at the Sherman A McConnell and Peyton
pharmacies during hla two years' residence
here. He left the employ of the Peyton
pharmacy, 2401 Leavenworth, Wednesday.
The body will be sent to Munroe, Wis.,
for burial. Weirlch was 82 years of age
and single. He was the only child of Mr.
and Mrs. C. H. Weirlch of 810North Twen
ty-second street. Hie uncle, T. H. Welrich,
is secretary ot the Alfred Bloom Planing
Mill company.
Weirlch hired a boat shortly after
o'clock Wednesday evening at the Kursaal,
checked his valuables and started out with
bathing suit. In an hour he returned
and placed hla coat, vest and hat In the
boat. At 9:30 an empty boat was slghtid
by partiea at the boat club house on the
north aide of the lake. The boat waa
brought In and from letters found In the
coat It was surmised that Weirlch was
missing. A search waa at once made and
the uncle at Omaha notified. The body
was dragged from the bottom some dis
tance from the Kursaal.
Coroner TrOynor was called from Coun
cil Bluffs. From the position of the dead
man's legs and arms, which Indicated
cramps, the coroner decided an Inquest waa
not necessary. The body waa sent to
Swanson'a undertaking rooms on this side.
Thursday morning the dead man's fulhcr
stated his son was an average swimmer
and had been In the habit of going to Man
awa to swim. So far as (he father could
aay his son's health had been normal.
Weirlch was born at Munroe, Wis.,
where the funeral .service and burial will
be. The bodjt will be taken to the Wis
consin town by the father, mother and
T. M. Wrelrlch worked six years at the
Auditorium pharmacy, Chicago, before
coming to Omaha. Last Sunday he visited
hla sweetheart at Belleville, Kan.
Contract for Telephone Service for
North Platte Irrigation
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Aug. 2-(Speclal Tele
gram) The secretary of the interior, has
approved the contract with the Platte
Valley Telephone company, of Scotts Bluff,
Neb., to furnish telephone service In con
nection "with the North Platte irrigation
project. In Nebraska and Wyoming. Un
limited service will be furnished until July
1, 1906, for $110 per month, and additional
Instruments will be installed and paid for
at the rate of 83.00 per month. If desired.
The business of the reclaming service shall
take precedence over the llnea when pos
sible but not to the extent of Interfering
with the use of Its toll lines for toll busi
ness, but between hours of 8 and 9 p. m..
of each day, the busineea ot the reclamat
ion service shall have right of way over
all llnea. - - ,.
The acting secretary-of the Interior has !
ordered a temporary withdrawal of ninety-
three townships of unoccupied land In Wy
oming, so that it may be examined by the
gelloglcal survey to ascertain Its character.
The lands withdrawn consist of twenty-five
townships In the Evanston land district.
thirty-four In Lander, -twelve In Cheyenne,
seven In Douglas and fifteen In the Sun
dance district, amounting to 80,800 acres.
E. A. Baugh and wife and Dr. F. Simeon
and wife, of Oakland, Neb., are In Wash
ington after a month's sightseeing in the
east. They will remain in this city several
The Farmers National band, of Madison,
Neb., has been authorised to begin busi
ness with 825,000 capital. Thomaa O'Shea,
president; Oliver S. Christian, vice presi
dent; and John Tulley, cashier.
Investigation of Belfast Sldlngc Affair
1 Ordered by Wnahlngton and
Officials Go Oat.
Pursuant to telegraphic Instructions re
ceived late Wednesday afternoon from
the Department of Justice, Assistant
United Statea District Attorney Lane,
L C. Wheeler, superintendent of the se
cret service department, and R. L. Jervla,
stenographer for Mr. Wheeler, left lata
Wednesday night for Greeley Center to
Investigate the alleged burning laat week
at Belfast Siding of two cara containing
rebate records belonging to the Burling
ton. The purpose of the visit of the offi
cials la to secure affidavits and state-
ments of partiea In that vicinity supposed
to have knowledge of the burning of the
As late aa 4 p. m. Wedneaday Lane and
Wheeler declared they had received no
word from Washington.
The "Anna Held" is a "cultured " cigar.
Real "cigar culture" begins at the beginning
on the plantation not in the factory.
It commences with the planting of the seed j
and continues through the cultivation and har
vesting, the sorting, the curing, the grading, the
fermenting and the blending of the tobacco lea
rvn rvn n n n nn nv
is produced under the American Cigar Company's
exclusive system, which combines all these de
partments of cigar-development under one
management, insuring the correct treatment
of the tobacco from plant to purchaser.
This is real cigar culture,possiblc only
under such a system.
You benefit as you'll realize,
when you smoke the "Anna Held."
Sold by alt dealers in good cigars.
Trade Supplied Dy
j. a B. MOOS,
Memphis Equalization OounteracUdby Low
Tariffs East from River.
Reduced gehedalea - 'Will Protect
Omaha from Discrimination I'ntil
Expiration of Former, Which
I'alla on August XO.
One result of the low rates which have
been made on grain from Missouri river
points Is a counteraction of the evil effect
on Omaha of the 'Frisco's Kansas Clty-
Memphls "equalliatlon" tariff, calculated
to give Kansas City an immense amount
of grain which has always moved through
Omaha. When the rates were cut from
Missouri river to Chicago, they were also
cut to Memphis, the tariff to that
being 9 cents from Omaha and 8 cents from
Kansas City. As the cut rate from Kan
sas City is 1 cent under the Kansas Clty
Memphls proportional under the equaliza
tion plan, the grain naturally goes by the
cut rate, and the 'Frisco's "equalization"
is noneffective.
It Is said but a small amount of grain,
in comparison with what the railroad peo
pfe expected to get, has gone to Kansas
City from what Is regarded aa Omaha's
territory. From . the time the 'Frisco a
plan went into effect, the Omaha grain
firms, determined to hold their own, paid
I to 8 centa more for grain than the mar
ket warranted, simply In order to hold
prestige and bring the grain througn
Omaha. They have handled large quanti
ties of grain without any profit.
The cut ratea will keep Omaha from
harm at the hands of the Rock Island
and "Frisco until August 10. when they
become noneffective. In the meantime
the boycott on the Rock Island by Omaha
merchants la In effect, and it la said the
road Is getting practically no business out
the city. The Oraln exchange and the
Commercial club promise to keep up the
light indefinitely unless the railroad comes
to terms by August 10.
Month Just Paased Slowed Mean Tem
perature of Seventy-Three, Mai
lman, Ilelnw ninety.
The meteorological summary for the
month of July, as shown by the records of
the weather bureau for the Omaha station
Indicates a mean temperature for the
month of soventy-three degrees, as against
a mean average temperature for the lust
thirty-six years of seventy-six degrees, or
three degrees deficiency. The highest tem
perature recorded during the month was
ninety degrees on the 27th, and the lowest
flfty'seven degrees on the 17th.
The total rainfnlj during the month waa
2.85 Inches. The greatest precipitation In
twenty-four hours was .88 on the ISth.
The average precipitation for the month of
July during the last thirty-six years Is 4.43
Inches. The Heaviest rainfall recorded dur
ing any July waa 10.38 Inches in July, 1XM,
and the least .61 In July, 1K!)4. The de
ficiency of rainfall during the month as
compared with the thirty-six years is 1.68
The prevailing direction of the wind dur
ing the month waa southeast, with on
average hourly velocity of 6.1 and a maxi
mum velocity of thirty-one miles per hour
for five minutes on the 25th, when the wind
came from the north. Number of clear
days during he month, twelve; partly
cloudy, thirteen; , cloudy, six; on which
more thon .01 of an inch of rain fell, nine.
Thunder atorms prevailed on the 1, 4, 12,
lft. 18. 20, 2, 27 and 31.
Go to New York on the Lehlarh.
Double track scenic highway. Connects
at Buffalo or Niagara Falls with all llnea
from the west. ,
Write passenger department, Lehigh Val
ley R. R., 218 South Clark St., Chicago, 111.
Fair and Cooler In Nebraska Today.
Fair Tomorrow Fair in Iowa
Both Day a.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 2Forecaat of tha
weather for Friday and Saturday:
For Nebraska, and South Dakota Fair
and cooler Friday; Saturday, fain. -
For lowa, Mlssonrl and Kansas Fair Frl
day and Saturday.
For Colorado--Local ralna and cooler Fri
day; Saturday, fair.
For Wyoming Fair, except ahowera In
southeast portion, Saturday; Fr'day, fair."
I.oral Record,
OMAHA, Aug. 2. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
the corresponding day of the lut three
years: . 1006. 1906. 1K04. 19ua.
Maximum temperature....- 84 81 M 85
Minimum temperature Oil 68 til 66
Mean temperature 75 74 70 1
Precipitation 67 . 32 .03 . 00
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March U
and comparison with the last two years:
Normal temperature 74
Excess for tho day 1
Total deficiency alnce March 1, 19l6 179
Normal precipitation 12 Inch
Excess for the day .45 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1... .16.84 Inches
Deficiency since March 1 2.82 Inches
Deficiency for ror period 19s. ... 8. W Inches
Deficiency for cor. period 1904..-.. S. 99 Inches
Heports from Stations at T P. M.
Station and State Temp. Max. Raln-
of Weather. ? p. m. 1
Rismarck, clear 78
Cheyenne, clear 78
Chicago, clear 80
Davenport, pt. cloudy 88
Denver, pt. cloudy 84
Havre, pt. cloudy 62
Helena, clear 70
Huron, clear 78
Kansas City, cloudy 86
North Platte, clear 82
Omaha, cloudy 70
Rapid City, pt. cloudy. 74
St. 1-nuls, clear 84
St. Paul, cloudy 74
Bait I-ake City, clear... 84
Valentine, pt. cloudy 80
"T" Indicates trace of precipitation.
L. A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
l. fall.
80 .00
2 T
82 .00
92 .00
8 .00
64 .00
75 .00
82 .00
90 .00
86 .00
M .67
80 .74
94 .00
83 .03
84 . .08
St. Loals Maa Takes Polaoa.
8T. LOUIS. Aug. 2 -(Special Telegram.)
Alfred Scannell, president of the Alfred
Scannell Leather company, father of Mrs.
A. B. Hoaglanl of North Platte, Neb., died
today after drinking carbolic acid.
Mlae-re Waiea Advaaeed.
CALUMET Mich., Aug. 1 An unsolicited
Increase of 12 a month in the wagea of the
l.&uo men employed underground In the
mines controlled by the Copper Range
Consolidated company waa announced to
day. Bllllaaa Bays Blaekloek.
DECATUR. III., Aug. i -W. H. Stubble
field of Oran. Mo , laat night sold the aial
llon. Blat-kiock (2:0?, to C. K. G. Billings
of Chicago for tlo.OuO. Blaekloek next sea
aon will go for the world a pacing record.
Dtrldend Declared.
PORTLAND. Ore.. Aug. 1 The Lewis
and Clark Centennial Kxpoaltinn corpora
tion today declared a dividend of 284 pT
rnt on the par value of tha slock. It also
declared itavlf dissolved. .
Geta Promise of Patronage of Omaha
Horaa Ikon from Borne
Illinois Men.
E. P. Peck returned from the east Thurs
day morning. He stopped over to witness
the horse show at Monmouth, 111., which
he aays was a hummer.
"Incidentally I waa able to do a little
missionary work for the Omaha show,'
said Mr. Peck. "I secured the promise of
several people to attend the Omaha show,
among them being the owner of a good
stable of jumpers. Many present aald they
looked forward with pleasure to the com
ing of the Omaha horse show."
Men Who Seek Claims to sell Are
Hanled Before tha Fed
eral C'oart.
Suit waa begun In the United Statea cir
cuit court Thursday morning by the United
Statea against Charles Ganow, M. J. Gates
and othera for the cancellation of a patent
to certain landa In Cherry county. The
petition alleges that Ganow, who had orig
inally entered the land, did not do so In
good faith and for hla own benefit, settle
ment and cultivation, but merely as the
agent of another party and that he made
false statements in perfecting final proof.
Continental Will Par
Charlea R. Tuttle of Chicago, assistant
aecretary of the Continental Fir Insurance
company, is In the city.
"The Continental will Day all of Ita San
Francisco losses by August 15, with the
possible exception of a' few small house
hold furniture loaaea where the parties
have moved awiy and have made no rlalm
on us," aald Mr. Tuttle. "Such of these
as do turn up, however, wa shall cheer
fully pay.1'
August 4th, th and 6th. Return limit August Sih.
Tickets good on all trains and in chair cars and sleepers.
Diagrams now open for reservations. Double berth in Tourist
car $1.25.
Fast trains leave Omaha at 8:00 a. m.t 5:00 p. m. and 6:00 p. m
City Ticket Office, 1402 Farnam St., Omaha.
-- ,1.-