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Onisfc Jtkn Firtt Gam of tie Berie with
1 ; ,th Grinliw.
i , .
Visiters Cat Wine Ob Oil
Deflate, krt They Are eeallere.
LsUr Htkft Great
Pads pitcher rood ball and Ornaha won
tha opening unit of the eerlee from Dan
r . Thuraviajr at Vinton street park by
tmnehttia; tfvree ot tha five hit made off
Adama In. the flint limine, which, coupled
with . Russell's error, netted three runs,
enoug-h to. win the game.
,Th ranie was aort of listless all the
war through, although there were-many
tnterestln feature and a few hltchra
whldh reminded the fan of the time lust
paat whop, the Pea Moines team wa visit
ing In Omaha. Belden tried to get a little
obatrepero'u and went to the bench for a
drink of water while at bat. and when
TAm .nllRh4 I K m R. 11 rvr the nlAte In
his' absence txivls called him out. It wa
the third strike. Bill Everltt waa omni
present, hla new buff-colored bargain coun
ter suit having been laid aside for a Den
ver uniform, ao he could coach from; the
aide line ana paraae ms mamy 10 v
fore the grandstand.
tawler played !n bard luck. He had two
balls coma right at him and then bound
out of reach so he- had no chance to set
.them and retire tha runner. He covered
himself with glory In me seventh inning,
when he ran backwards to catch Russell's
Teai leaguer, fell all over himself and
recovered In time to catch the ball. It
saved 'a . run, for Randall had preceded
Rursell wl'h a three-sacker, and the score
would ,have been tied had not the oil mag
nate raptured the ball In the phenomenal
fashion h did. '
T)rn'tr, .has , a new second baseman In
the perarn "f one Donahue, who might hall
from Kerry Patch. He. la about fhe
mouthlest , man who has been on the
grounoa ror some time, tie ma noi seem
to bother Davis any, but kept chewing the
rag with,. hla. teammates for . hie own
Denver made one- run In the first Inning
off k walk by McHale. who waa sacrificed
to second-by Tommy Smith, and came home
when Russell hit' down the third base line.
Perrlng had plenty of time to capture the
ball, hut It go In the hope that It would
roll outside. .Denver's other run wa made
in the seventh Inning after two were out.
Smith-hit to left field and came home on
Randall' triple. ,
Omaha, made three In the first Inning, and
that was' all. for Mr. Adama aettled down
and" there. was nothing farther doing. Car
ter led off with a double to left and was
sacrificed to third by Howard. ' Perrlng
hit a popup to .the Infleid that no one
evinced a desire to capture. Welch flew
.out . to RandaU and Carter acored on the
throw. ' Bassey knocked a high one to
Rsasell, who fell In running backwards,
rose in time to get to the ball; but, unlike
Lawler, he muffed It, and Perrlng scored,
while Bassey went to second. Baasey
acored on Gondlng's soaker to middle
field. . ,
The game presented two lively firet base
men. Old' Sport McHale covered the bag
In good aha pe and took everything which
came hla way, taking one pretty atop of
.Lanier's drive In the, sixth Inning and re
covering In time to throw to Adama, who
had covered the bag. Herman Long waa
'elo rJohnhy-on-the-apot. ' He - made aome
plendld ' stops and several ttmee caught
''the half wh(itv H seemed Impossible to
,ejei IV. ,f ,. ,. , ..... , .. . j,
.The same teams will play (this afternoon,
Mh m'tll'VM istl.a nmv - Trt.
I ' ". ' .. ' ' OMAHA. ,-'
- AB.. H. Q .
Carter. rf ... 4 114
Howard. -2b, 1 0 1 t
Perrlng. b... .'.:.....'.. 4 ' 1 1 1
Welch,, of 4 0 10
Bassey. If 4 '1 0 1
OondtiiK. c t 0 1 S
I..wler. -tm 1 - A . 1 . 1
Long., lb, t 0 0 11 1
Podge, p.'..j I .0.0 . 0 . .4
Totala . .1 . I .27 . 11
. . AB. R.
McHale. lb...
T. Smith, aa.,
Randall, rf...
Russell, cf....
Zalusky, c...
Redd It It, lb . .,
Donahue, 2b.
Belden. If..;.,
Adams, ....
Wright ......
........ 1
-Total!.; JS
Wright batted for Adam In ninth.
Omaha .
Run ..-..-..-.I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hits-..,... 2.0 0 0 0 1 0 1
Run .
lilts - .1
...1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
...1 1 0 2 0 1 1 1
Two-base hit: Carter. Three-baae hit:
RandaU.. Left on, base: Omaha. 6; Penver,
t. Basea on. balls: Off Podge, t; off Adama.
1 'Hit b pitched ball: By Podge. 1. Struck
out: Iiy Podge. 4: by Adama, t. Double
play: Lawler to Iong. Stolen base: McHale.
Sacrifice hits: Howard. Smith. Time: 1:2S.
VtPlr'tI:avl Attendance: 400.
Wild Time TTlth Pitchers.
S.SIOt'K .'CITY. la . July M.-Sloux City
won today's game from Pueblo In the first
Inning on . a combination of hlta, errore
and wild pitching by Carnes. Pitcher
Jackson for Sioux City waa almost equally
erratic, but waa fortunate In having better
aupport than his Pueblo opponent. Carnea
settled down to some extent after the
first, while-Jackson weakned aa the game
progressed, holding hi lead by a narrow
margin at one or two critical points. Score:
. .... ' SIOUX CITT.
AB. R. H. PO. A: E
Campbell.' If..
Sheehan. rf..
Nobllt. cf....'.
Wefd.- 3b......
Now ton. aa...
Frt lb. ..
V lUl-ni, lb..
Hess, cv..
Jackson, p...
Total ....
Jt I
.. AB. R.
12 27 14
H. PO.
Cook. If. ...i...
MiKlilviay. lb,
"hug-art, lb...
Mek'hnlr. rf..
, 6
, (
1 0
rjwrn. bu ,,
Rrnnk'ksr. C 4
Elwert, b...
KtslLe. as 6
Bder. cf 6
Corn?.' P 4
- Total
i 10 3 IS
Sheehan out, third bunt
Sioux City ...'4 0 0 0 2
pueblo, .1- 0 0 0 0
Earned rune: Sioux City. 2:
1 0
0 4
0 0-6
Pueblo. 2.
Two-base hits. Weed. Cook. Flake. I .eft
on. bases: Sioux City. K: Pueblo, 8tolen
bates- Sheehan. McOiliray. Sacrifice hits:
Nobllt.' Weed. Frost. Bases on balls: Off
jwcaaon. a; on t-arnes, a. nil Dy pitcnea
ball: Weed. Williams. Struck out: By
. Jackadn. I. by Carnes, S. Paased balls:
Hess. Rennlrker. Time: 2:06. Umpire:
Karl. Attendance: cOO.
LlaceLa Wabea In Too lte.
LINCOLN. July I. The Llneolna played
'a sleepy game of bail today and Pes Moines
woo by score ef 4 to 3. The pitchers were
v cquaily effective, but every one of Lincoln's
error figured la the run getting. A bat
. ting rally in the ninth saved Lincoln from
a shutout. The local team sr., weaiarned
by tite observes of Third Baseman Qullhn.
vu auinLa.
. AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Caffyn. If 4- 2 2 t 0- t
oVIUpWe,. 3b 8 0 0 1 3 0
.-WrlcUy. cf I 1 t I 0 1
Andreas, lb...j I 111 0
leaner, .c..... 5 1 2 T 0
. Hogrlever. rf 4 0.1 1 0 0
O'Leaxy, aa 4 0 0.1 2 0
Maatxin. ID. 3 0 1 I 4 0
Oinen. ................ 3 1- 1 ft u 0
k- Total .....3 ' n "I
AB. R. H. PO. A. E
fclalcliajn. cf... 4 1 a a a
Collins, rf...
... i
... 4
... 4
0 110
0 0 0 1
1 1 10 o
1 2 1 t
0 0 0
0 14 4
0 02
0 10
"l TO 27 11
Wolfe, lb...
Thomas, lb.
Fenlon, If..
Ganlr, as.
Zinrsn, c...
barton. 2b..
K ler, p
Holmes ....
.... 4
.... 4
.... I
.... 1
Total 27
Batted for Eyler In the ninth.
Des Moines .1 0 19 0 0 0
Lincoln 0 0 0 0 0 0
0 -
0 -t
Earned runs: Lincoln, 1; pea Moines, 1
Two-baee hits: Fenlon. Holm's. Stolen
bases: Ketrhem, Andreas ?. Dealer.
Hogrlever. Sacrifice hits: Schlpke ill,
Hogrlever. Double play: Barton to Oag
nler to Thomaa. First base on balls: off
Eler. 1: off Oilln, 1. Struck out: By
Kyler, S; by Olllen. Tlme 1:40.
plre: McCarthy. Attendance: ".
tanflaar of the Trams.
Played. Won. Lost
- .42
Pea Molnea
8i')U City ..
Llnvoln .....
Games todsy: Penver at Omaha, Pueblo
at Sioux City, Pea Molnea at Lincoln.
Manaaera Cantlllnn and Holmea Find
Common Rrsaad,
IJNCOLN. July J6-If Manager Cnntll
lon of pes Volne and Manager Holmea of
Lincoln have their way the clays of Ira
J. iSlatsj Davis ns a Western league um
pire are numbered. Both manngere today
announced their Intention to Hie charges
with President O'Neill against Pavls, de
manding the latter dismissal." The com
plaints against Imvls do' not deal so much
with his decisions, but chiefly with hi
character. Manager Cantlllon aald: "Davis
Is so partisan and partial toward tha
Omaha ball club that it Is almoat Impos
sible for a visiting team to win a game
In that town while he la umpiring. He
took a game from Pes Molnea and gave It
to Omaha by forfeit absolutely without a
shadow of cause. All the time -he had a
telegram In his pocket from President
O'Neill positively forbidding a double
header. I refused to permit the Pes
Moines club to play two games, aa was
my right under the rules of the league,
and Pa-vls deliberately look the game from
us. In the presence of spectators and In
frcnt of the grandstand. Pavls charged me
with trying to Influence his decisions, the
Insinuation being plain that I had sought
to bribe him. If the charge were true I
deserve the blacklist, but they are not true,
and Pavls himself la the one deserving
expulsion. I shall file charges with O'Neill
and the directors of the league and dt
mand hla dlimisaal."
Manager Holmes declares that Pavls,
during a game In Lincoln two weeks ago,
the day nfter the fistic combat between
the Lincoln manager and the umpire,
threatened to get even with the Lincoln
club. The threat was made to Tltcher
Zackert while the latter was In the box
and while Davla was umpiring behind him.
St. Panl Defeata Mianeapolla by Bat
ting: Both Pitchers Hard.
ST. PAUL. Minn., July 26. St. Paul de
feated Minneapolis today bv batting Cad
wallader and Oehrlng hard. Morgan waa
wild In the first Inning, forcing In two
men, but after that he allowed but five
hlta. Score:
B.H.O A.E. B.H.O.A B.
Oeler. rf I 1 1 0 Paris, tf 4 1 1 0
Siidm. lb... 1 1 II 1 Ognlllvin. rt . I I I I I
V,nZndt, cf. I 1 14 tQremlni'r, lb I 0 0
FrlKk, If 4 I I 0 CH.n. If 1 1 0 0
Wharler. It.. 4 I I 0 lb. I I i 0
Rock deld. Mill! 0O?lr, u 4 4 1 I A
Paildra. 2b... 4 t t 4 4 Fnt. b t 1110
Prill, c Ills r)rahtra .... 1 t 0
Moron, p.... I 0 4 4 AShannon, C...I J 4 4 0
-Yeatrr J 0 0 4 0
Totals 1114 17 11 OCadwal'der, pi 0 0 4 0
Oehrlng,' p... 1 0 9 0 0
Total, II 24 I
Batted for Fox in ninth.
Batted for Shannon in ninth.
Pt. Paul 2 01- 0 0 0 0 1 4
Minneapolis 200001 0 0 02
Two-base hit: Frisk (2), Padden (2),
Geler, Wheeler. Stolen bases: Oeler, Rock
enfield. Double plays: Prill to Sugden,
Morgan to Padden to 8ugden. Hlta: Off
Cadwallader In one inning, 2: off Oehrlng
In seven innings, 11. First base on balls:
Off Morgaiy i; off Cadwallader, 4; off
Oehrlng, 2. 'Struck out: By Morgan, 6: by
Gehrlng, 6. Sacrifice hit: Vancandt, Mor
gan, rreeman. ieri on Danes : Bt. laul,
b; Minneapolis, a. Time: i:ub.
Toledo Win lav Klnth
' INDIANAPOLIS, July 2 Poor fielding
on the pari of the locals gave Toledo the
first game of the series here today. A
spectator in the 'grandstand ao angered
Carr. the Indianapolis first baseman, that
the latter, on returning to the bench aur
the first half of the ninth, made hla way
into the grandstand and assaulted a man
aid to be M. L. Clawaon, an attorney of
this. city. Clawson, it is claimed, wu
making disparaging remarks of Carr a
fielding ability. Carr waa arrested and
later released on bonds. Score:
B.H.O.A.K. B.H.O.A.
Cltnfman. as. I 0 1 I 1 DunlaaTT, ef. 4 0 I
J. Clark, If., f 1 I
Odwall. cf I I 0
Demont, rf-tb 111
Krugar. lb... Ill
Knaba, lb.... Ill
W. Clark, lb. 4 1 II
Land, e 10 4
Cboch. p 10 1
Vaooa. rf.... 1 0 0
Mlnaban, p.. 0 0
v jamas, in.... 4 4 4 1
0 0 Hlraea. If.... 4 110
0 4 Carr. lb I 111 1
I 1 William,, aa. 4 1111
1 4 Bcttt. rf 4 1 4
1 tluai, lb... 4 4 10
1 I Holmas, c... 4 1110
I 0 Kallum. p.... 4 0 0 1
0 0
0 0 Totala 44 t n 14
Totala U T t? II I
Batted for Chech in the ninth.
Toledo 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 4 7
Indianapolis ....0 2 0 0 2 0 0 0 0
Hits: Off Chech, T In eight inning
First base on balls: Off Chech, 1: off K -
lum. 2. Struck out: By Kellum, i; by
inrrn, z. vna pitcn: Keuum. Hit oy
pitcher: By Kellum, 1.. Two-base hits:
Odwell, Pemont. Three-base hlta: Holmea.
J. Clarke. Sacrifice hlta: Carr; Clingmaii,
Demont, Kxueger. stolen bases: Hlinen
Williams (I), erry, Knabe. Left on
bases: Indianapolis, 2: Toledo, a. : Um
pires: Worden and Sullivan. Time: l.u
Brfwera Pile l Big Score.
KANSAS CITY, July :. Milwaukee
won touay by hitting the ball hard. Tha
batting of McCormlck waa the feature.
B.H.O. A.E. B.H.O.A.K
Roblnaoa. as.. 4 1 I I 1 Waldreo. rf.. 4 1 I i
UraxDe. 1ft... 4 0
D uab'tr. c-rf I 0
Both, lb 0
Bata'n. lb-rf. 4 I
btlle. c 4 I
Hemphill, cf: I 1
MThean'jr. lb 4 4
Mctorm k. lb I 4
UoodwlB. p.. I 1
I I III. Brlda. aa.. I 1 I I :
I t ' I PirrtH. lb... I 1 4 4 I
14 4 Hill, cf 4 0 l
4 0 0 Burks, lb.... till!
I '0 OLaahr, e I 1 I 4 1
14 4 Caaaa4, If... I I 4 0 l
0 1 OCrulrbar, p., I 0 0 -0 '
1 I ISulllvao. lb.. 1110
0 1 Fraali, p-lb . 111!
Totala 111117 T I Totals......!! I 17 17
Milwaukee 04440000 0 1J
Kansas Clty...O 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 t 4
Two-base hlta: McCormlck, 3. Three
base hits. Hemphill, McCormlck, limiu.
pouble play: Leahy to Perrlne. pans, d
boll: Bevllle. Wild pitch: Goodwin.
Hit by pitcher: Robinson. Left on ow-i:
Kansas City, 11; Milwaukee, 4. Hlta: off
Franti. 7 In three Innings. Struck out:
By Goodwin, 8, by r'rantx. i; hv
Crut her, 2. Firat base on balls: Off
Goodwin, 8; off Crutrher, 6. Stolen baseb.
Perrlne, McChesney. Sacrlflio hit: iio
vtlle. Time: 2:00. Umpire: Owen.
Colnmbu Win from Lonlavllle
COLUMBUS. July 2. The home club,
by superior batting and aenaatlonal field
ing, easily defeated Louisville, t to i.
Score :
B.H.O.A.K. ' a H.O.A C.
Plcaertiil. ef. 4 I 0 w 4 Hallmsa. If.. 114 0 4
Wriler, lb.. I
Htnrninan, rf 4
t'oullsr, II.... 4
hlam. lb I
Friel. lb 4
Hulewlu. aa. I
4lue, c I
Merger, p 4
0 I
1 1
I 0
I 10
1 I
1 I
1 0
4 Sulllvaa, aa.. 4 14 8 1
4 Urmahoar, lb. I 1 4 0
4 Pullmans, lb 4 4 11 a 1
4 Sto.all. cf... 4 1 I 4 0
4 Woodruff,. IS. 4 4 114
4 Shaw, c I 4 4 0 0
0 Keena. rf ... I 0 1 0 0
4 allllott. p 10 14 1
j Totala. M II n II Totala..
Columbus 0 1 0 3 0
M 4 14 II I
1 0 4
Ltuisyuie 1 u a o 1 0 0 u o .
Stolen bases: Pickering, Wrlgley. Hall
man. Two-base hits: Kihm 11. uis
witt. . Struck out: By Berger, ; by El
liott. 3. rUcrince hits: Kihm, Hulswltt,
Brashear. Flrat base on balls: Off lar
ger. 3; off Elliott, 1. ased ball: Shaw,
imptr: Kane. Time: l:i.
Standing of the learns.
. PUyed. Won. IxjsL
Minneapolis ....
.62 36 .633
W 5o 41 .673
9; 61 . 46 . jJi
4 48 46 .63
46 49 .44
tt 42 61 .442
94 41 63 .4V
93 35 64 .376
Kanxaa City ....
St. Paul
Indianapolis ....
Gamea today: Toledo at Indianapolis.
Louisville al Columbus. Milwaukee at Kan.
aa City, Minneapolis at St. Paul.
Gaaaes la Three-I Lee gee.
At Rock Island Rock Island, 4:
catur. I.
At Broomlngton Pubuque. 14; Blooming
ton. 2.-
At Peoria Peoria. 11; Paveoport, 10.
At Cedar Rapid Cedar Raflda , Spring
field, 3,
Blunders of Begs Eaton Enable Cubs to
Hake Hon Bans Tbtn Bits.
Brilliant Playa by Brtdwell and
Chasre'a Steal Home Are
the Featarea ef the
BOSTON. Masa., July 25 Numerous mis-
play by Boston erjabled Chicago u ac
quire more runs than hits today and the
visitor won, B to 2. Pesplte hi two costly
error' BYidwell' brilliancy waa the fea
ture of the game aside from Chance
teal home. Score:
B.H.O.A .
B.H.O.A B.
ef ... 4 4 I 0 OPrldwall.
1 0 4 4 1
Sberkard. If.. I
1 4
4 4 tmt. lb... 4 I 14 0
SrhuHe, rf... 4
1 I
1 II
1 4
0 0
1 1
0 1
ft 0
0 4 Brain, lb 4 111
rbanr. lb. .. I
1 4 tlitn. rf 4
1 4 Howard. If.. 4
4 0 Dolan. rf 4
4 1 O'Neill, c. ... 4
4 1
1 1
1 0
0 1
FtetnffliJt. lb 4
Tinker, aa.... I
F.rera, 2b 4
Kllng. c..... 4
I 0 Strohl, lb... I
Taylor, p 4
4 0 Pfeffer. p I
Total, 31 I 17 14 1 Totala II 4 17 11 t
Chicago 01200101 0
Boston 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 12
Two-base hits: O'Nell. Rtelnfeldt. Three-
base hit: Polan. Stolen bases: Tenney.
Chance (21. Double play: Bates to Brain.
rirsi ra se on dsiis: un r-ierrer, : on
Taylor. 1. Struck out: By Pfeffer. 2 Wild
Sltch: Pfeffer. Time: 1:33. Umpire;
Ft rates Wla la First.
PHILAPELPHIA. July .-Oood hitting
iy Pittsburg. oouDled with several mls-
plays by Philadelphia, gave the visitor
today' game in the flrat Inning. Phila
delphia waa unable to make any headway
against Willis' pitching. Score:
B.H.O.A.K. B.H.O.AK.
Lesrh, lb.... I
1 0 0 OTtiomaa. cf... 4 1 I 0 0
Shaehan, lb. . I
0 0 1 OGIeaaon. lb.. 4 1 1 I 0
110 0 Tltua. rf. I 1 0 C
110 Orourtnar. lb. 4 0 0 I 1
114 0 Maiea, If.... 4 14 0 0
1 14 0 0 lo..lln. aa.... 4 1 I I 0
0 10 4 Prar.rffeid. lb 4 It 4 0
0 0 4 4 Liooln. e 0 0 0 0 1
111 0 Donoran. C...4 1100
1 1 I 0 Sparka, p.... I 0 tl I 1
Lu,b 1 0 0 0 0
Beaumont, cf 4
Clarke, If..
Wagner, aa
Nealon, lb.
Oanler, rf..
Pitcher, lb
Olbann. c.
tttlna, p...
I 17 II 3
Batted for Sparks in ninth.
H I 17 .1 1
0 12 0-7
0 10 1-2
Pittsburg 4 0 0 0 0
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0
Left on bases: Pittsburg, 3
hla, ". Stolen base: Ganley
a uiuicii uaot; . Mm i itt j u v i j r uv.
tvimlr nut
y Sparks. 1: by Willis. 1. First base un
balls: Off Sparks. 1: off Willis. 1. Wild
pitch: Willis. Time: 1:40. Umpire: Klcm.
Jfew York Bnnchea Hlta In First.
NEW YORK. July 24 -By bunching hit
In the opening Inning New York defeated
Cincinnati today by a (core of 2 to 1.
B.H.O.A.K. B.H.O.A.K.
Breanahan. el I I 1 1 Hutglna. lb.. I 1 I I 0
Browne, cf .. I 110 0 Smnot. If 4 0 0 0 0
Shannon. It.. 4 4 0 0 1 Jude. rf 4 0 1 0
Seymour, cf., 4 1 0 0 0 Deal, lb 4 1110
McOann, lb.. 4 111 0 1 Delehanty, lb 4 1 I I 0
Devlin, lb.... 4 1 0 4 0 Sleile. of 4 0 4 0 0
Dahlea, a,.... I I 0 k 1 Corcoran, aa.. 4 I 1 I 0
Gilbert, lb... 4 111 Ol.lvlnanon, e. 1 0 4 1 0
Taylor, p 4 10 1 0 rVhlel J 0 0 0 0
Fraier. p I 0 1 i 0
Total, II 14 17 14 4
Totals II I 14 II
Batted for Livingston in ninth.
New York 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
Cincinnati 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-1
Left on bases: New York 6. Cincinnati 7.
Bases on balls: Off Taylor 3. off Frazer 3.
Struck out: By Taylor 4. by Fraier 2. Two-
base hlta: Seymour. Huaarlns. Corcoran
Bacriflce hit: Shannon. Stolen bases:
Browne, Pahlen. Corcoran 2. Pouble plays:
Pahler. to Oilbert to McGann 2. Hit by
pitcher: Frazer 1. Umpires: Emslle and
Johnston. Time: 1:56.
St. Lonla Defeat Brooklyn.
BROOKLYN. July 26 The Brooklvns
on their home-coming from a successful
western trip had to succumb to a young
pitcher whom the management of the St.
ixiuis ciuo iound In Parsons. Kan. After a
chance to retire the visiting club In the
eighth Inning, Pastorlus went to pieces and
was naitea ior nve sare hits, Which, with
errors, gave St. Louis five runs and the
game. Score:
ST.- LOl'18. ' ' BROOKLYN.
B.H.O.A.K. B.H.O. A.E.
Bureh, ef . ..
Bennett, lb.
Barrr. lb....
Mertea, If...
Grady, e
Beckley, lb.
Marahall. rf.
410 0 Malonej. ef.,4 I i 0
110 0 r.eer. lb I 0 1 1 0
10 4 OLumler, rf...l I I 0 vl
111 Jordan, lb... 4 1 4 0 0
1 4 0 4 Alperman, lb 4 0 4 II
I 14 0 0 McCarthy. If. 4 i 10 0
110 0 Lawla, aa 0 4 1 0
114 1 Rltler. c 4 010
10 1 0 Paatorlus, p.. I 0 0 I I
Hoalak'er, aa. 4
Bbodea, p.... 4
Totala II lo24 17 I Totals II ir I I
Lumley declared out for Interference.
St. Louis 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 5 07
Brooklyn 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 14
Two-baae hits: Hoelskoetter, Beckley,
Lumley. Three-base hit: Grady. Sacrifice
hlta: Mertea, Casey. Stolen basea: Barry,
Mertea 12), Maloney (2 Lumley (3), Jordan.
Pouble play: Pastorlus to Alperman to
Jordan. Left on bases: Brooklyn, ; 8t.
Louis. 8. Bases on balls: Off Pastorlus 3;
off Rhodes, 4. Hit by pitched ball: By
Rhodes, 1. Struck out: By Pastorlus, 2; by
Rhodes, 4. Time: 1;68. Umpires: Carpenter
and Conway.
Btandlnir of the Team.
Chicago 90
Pittsburg 87
New York 8
Philadelphia W
Cincinnati 80
Brooklyn 87
St. Loul 82
Boston 68
on. Lost. Pet.
62 28 .e8
66 31 .644
54 - Si .628
42 48 .4-i7
41 49 .4,-4
35 62 .4)2
35 67 .iH)
30 68 . 811
Oamea today: Pittsburg at Philadelphia,
Cincinnati at New York. Chicago at Boa
ton, St. Loul at Brooklyn.
Young Collegian Cornea from Slonx
City to Omaha.
After Manager Rourke had announced to
the press Thursday that he had aigned
Newlands of Sioux City, whom he had
bought from Carney by telephone, he re
ceived another message telling him Carney
would not let Newlands go, but offered him
Sawyer, "a better pitcher for more money "
and Rourke accepted the offer. Sawyer will
report at once.
Hastings Defeata Schnyler.
HA8TING8, Neb.. July 2fi. Special Tele
gram.) Hastings defeated Bchuyler to the
tune of 8 to 4 In a seven-inning game
played today. The game was called on
account of rain. The features of the game
were the home run b' Johnson and poteet
and the fielding of Jenkins and Harms snd
Ruff of Bchuyler. Score: R.H K.
Hastings 0 0 4 1 0 3 08 8 2
Schuyler 0 0 0 0 8 1 04 8 6
Batteries: Hastings, Bailey- and Poteet;
Schuyler, Stlt and Smith. Two-base hlta:
Ruff (-), Harm. Home runa: Johnson.
Poteet. Struck out: By Bailey. 7; by
Stits. 3. Flrat base on balls: Off Ballev
1; off Stlts, 1. Hit by pitched ball: Mc
Carthy. Left on bases; Hastings, 6;
Schuyler, 7. Fremont and Hastings will
play here Friday and Saturday.
Orleans Beata Alma.
ORLEANS, Neb., July 28. ( Special.
Orleans and Alma played a very interest
ing game of bail before a large crowd
here. Score:
Orleans 0 1 0 0 0 3 4 0 8
Alma 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 03
Batteries: Orleans. Bramble and Wade;
Alma, Stout and Hayden. Struck out: By
Bramble. 7; by Stout, 7. Hlta: Off Bram
ble. ; off Stout. 11. Errors: Orleans. 2;
Alma, J. Attendance: sco. Umpire: Peery.
Lincoln Win at I tlca.
UTICA, Neb.. July . (Special Tele
gram.) Another good game of ball waa
Llayed here this afternoon between the
incoln and I tlca teama. A good slm-d
crowd attended. The feature of the game
waa a borne run by Clint Neff. Score:
v R H.
Utlca 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0-2 5
Lincoln 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 1 16 8
Struck out: By Wlnslcker, 4: by Pari.
18. Two-base hit: Vt elgert. Home run:
I Clint Neff. Batteries: Utlca, Wlnslcker
and Cunt Neff; Lincoln, Pari and Traver.
Umpire: Ragan.
. Iowa Leant Resells.
MARSHALLTOWN. Ia.. July H. (Special
Telegram.) Following are the result in
the Iowa league:
Marahalltown, 9: Oskalooaa, 1
Waterloo. I; Burlington. 3; ten inning.
Clinton. ; Ottumwa, 4.
Keokuk, 5; Fort Podge. t
Ilaekell Indiana Win.
(Speclal.) The Haskell base ball team of
Indiana of Haakell Institute, Lawrence,
Kan., were here yesterday and played toe
Republican City team. The local boys, not
having had the practice that the Indians
fcavs, r badljc dcltaitd t a low o(
14 to 0. The town wa full of people to
witness the game.
l.EAAt K
Cleveland Wins Bat feat from Waah
' laaton In Third.
CLEVELAND. O. July .-Tha crippled
Cleveland bunihed nine ot their twenty
one hits in the third inning, driving Hughes
from the box snd winning easily. Score:
I H O At
B H O A C.
Fllrk. lb..
114 4 AAMIier,
1 2
Jarktnn. If... 4
I 1
Stanley, rf..
4 4
I 1
I 1
loia. aa I
4 4
1 Nlll. cf
Rnasman. lb. 4 1 IS 1 4Croa. h
Itll, rfl I M OAnderroa
Jfa,, cf 4
I 4
I 0
4 flSrhalflr, lb
I OStabl. lb...
4 4 KerOns. e...
0 1
Barheau. 8b. . I
1 II l 4
Buelcw. c... 4 11
Heaa, p I
4 n
i e Hnahea, ... 1 4 4 0 4
- KltMS. p.... I 1 I 0
Total, 44 11 IT II
Totala 14 II 14 S I
Cleveland .0 0 8 0 0 1 2 2 13
Washington 0 0000003 14
Hll: Off Hughes. 10 in two and one-third
Innings; off Kltson, 11 in five and two
thirds Innings. First base on errors:
Washington. 1. Two-base hit: Barheau.
H'sa. Stanley. Three-base hits: Rossman,
Kltson. Sacrifice hit: Joss. Pouble plays:
Lajole to Rossman; Rossman to Lajule to
Rossman. First base on bslls Off Hughes.
1. Hit by pitched ball: By Kltson. 1. Ief t
on bases: Cleveland. 10; Washington, 8.
Struck out: By Hess. 4: by Hughes, 1.
Wild pitch: Kltson. Time: 1:45. Umpire:
Detroit Win from Boston.
PETROIT. July J Petrolt won today
by mixing two clean singles and a double
with a lot of Boston fumbling in the sev
enth, scoring five tallies. Kllllnn wa In
vincible after the second. Score:
B.H.O.A E. B.H.O.A.K.
Jones, ef 4 I
14 1 Heydon, if ... I I 1 t 1
4 4 I Parent, as.... 4 lilt
4 1 lltahl, ef 1004
10 1 Ferris, .... 4 4 14 0
10 0 Hoey. It 4 I I 0
110 Freemaa, lb. 4 1 11 4 0
? 0 0 Morfan, lb... 8 18 11
14 1 Peterson, e. . 4 4 I 0
111 Young, p I 1 0
1 I O'Tannehll ...11000
Bcbaefer, lb.. I 1
Crawford, rf. 4
Mclntrrs, If.. 4 1
Conthlln. lb. 0 0
Lcwa, lb 4 1
Llndaay, lb.. I .4
O'LeajT. ss... 4 1
Warner, . ... 4 1
Kllllsn, p.... I 0
Totala...... II I 17 17 1 Totals 14 I 14 II
Batted for Young In the ninth.
Detroit o 0 1 0 1 0 6- 0 -7
Boston 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-4
Earned run: Petrolt, 2; Boston, 1. Two
base hit: Mclntyre. Sacrifice hits: Schae
fer, Lindsay. Killlan (2). Stolen bases:
Bchaefer, Lindsay, Parent (2), Ferris (2).
bJa"?-:.,..De,rolt' Boston, . Struck out: .'
a-J ip L IIIIah 4k. 4 r . 1
tr-ln. 1 oy n- 4. uouble play:
Killlan to Schaefer. Passed balls: Peter
Bon, 2. Time: 1:35. Umpires: Sheridan
and Evans.
Standing of the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost
Philadelphia .,
New York
Chicago .
Petrol t
St. Louia
Washington ..,
, W
. S8
. 87
. 85
. 85
( .it mc lvl. .. . . . .
, , "emningcon ai tjnicago,
Palladelphla at Petrolt, New York at
Cleveland; Boston at St. Louis.
Gneata of Diets Athletic Association.
The Omaha and Penver base ball cluba
will be the guests of the Pleta Athletic as
sociation Sunday evening, July i. when
the famous Cherokee induns play tue even
ing game by electric light. The Indians
are praying great ball tnrough Iowa and
two of the best games of the season are
booked for when they arrive.
Ed Geera Win the 3il3 Trot with
I.ndy Gall Hamilton.
PETROIT, July 26.-What looked in ad
vance to be a very open race turned out an
easy victory for Geers and Baron Grattan
in tha free-for-all pace at Windsor today.
Conditions of the best drew 6.(iu people,
who were somewhat disappointed in the
time made. Baron Grattan could have low
ered the season's race record had he been
pushed, but the others neither pushed or
had staying power.
Alfalfa showed high class In the 2:12 class,
winning off the reel, the third heat btlng
by a neck In 2:i.
Imperial Allerton won the 2:17 trot im
pressively after losing one heat. In the 2:12
trot Lady Gail Hamilton waa favorite. Lake
Queen made a heat in fast time, but the
next time Oeers put up one of his famous
stretch drives with Lady Gall Hamilton
ana isnaea ner nisi in 2:0K". Results:
Pacing, 2;12 cla?' purse ll.OOO:
Alfalfa, cn. m., ' try Argot WllkeS '
(Pender) 1
Bill Bailey, ch. g.rrUslemlng) 2
Papne Pirect, bi. .in. (Walker) 4
Prince Hal, ch. g. (Snow) 6
Kingniore, b. h. (Hopkins) 6
Spill, b. g. (Gerrltyi 10
John W. Patterson, ch. h. (Hogan).. 7
Mercy Me, b. m. (Thomas) 8
Harry B. ch. g. (Thorsby) 9
Hlghwoud Spider, b. g. iQuinn) 8dr
lime: 2:.4, 2:UW4. 2:0H.
Trotting, 2:17 class, purse 11, COO:
Imperial Allerton, br. h., by Al
lerton (Snow) '.
McAiiams, Jr., br. g. t Johnson)...
Ashlanddorf, b. h.. (Stout)
flrace Cameron, b. m. (Hlgbee)...
O. H. W., b. g. (McCarthy)
Irlah, ch. g. (Thomas)
1 1 1
6 7 11
2 3 6
8 2 10
7 6 2
3 8 4
4 9 3
9 4 6
Wesley Baron, ch. h. (Geers) 10
The Phantom, blk. h. (Walker)....
Joe S, blk. g. (Hatard)
Electric Bow, br. g. (Valentine)
Plrectness. ch. h. (MeMahon). .
Nina K. br. m. (SDencer)
. 9 11 10 7
.11 12 11 9
.12 10 12 dr
Time: 2:U'4. 3:13, Z:ri. 2:13,
Free-for-all pacing, purse $1,000:
Baron Grattan, b. g . by Gratton
(Geers) 1 1 1 1
Citation, b. m. (MeMahon)...-. I I 3
Maude Keswick, b. m. (Curry) 2 8 1
Jubilee, hr. g. (McEwen) 4 6 4
Hasel Patch, blk. h. (Fleming) 6 4 6
Time: 2:06Vj. 2:0K. 2:08.
Trotting, 2:12 class, purse $1.0n0 (unfin
ished): -Ladv
Gall Hamilton, blk. m., by Oak
land Baron (Geersi II
Iake Queen, b. m. (Curry) 112
Exalted, br h. (MeMahon) 3 3 3
Gale, b. g. (Hopkins) 4 4 4
Camilla, b. m. (Boone) 6 5ds
Time: 2:08,, 2:08U. i:M-
Wymore Send a Big Delegation to
Help Oat.
BEATRICE. Neb., July 38,-The attend
ance at the circuit, racea wa much larger
today than on any day lnce the opening.
Wvmore sent a delegation of 200 citizens
with the Wymore band. Many from other
parts of the county were In attendance.
Pacing, 2:16 class:
Wapello Girl ill
Fred H ,
Jesisic A 115
Miss Capry f J 2
Senator, jr
Time: M8. 2:14V,. 2:16.
Trotting. 2:17 class: . , , ,
Thoma M ? 1 1 S
Silk Tie 15 15
Rear Guard
Best time: 2:22
Pacing. 2 23 claas
Fxldie Woods
Bill Moore
Billy Equity
John Walnut
I 4
8 6
4 2
6 1
College Maid
FlosHle Wiles ". ','c', J.u
.. 1 4
Time: Z.W. Z:1M. ' A7 V Z'nn
Running, half-mile naBhs"m c third!
Young 1'llgrlm Second. Nettle L tniro.
Time: 0:4s.
Coy Maid Wins the Test Handicap at
Brighton Bench.
NEW YORK. July 26,-f'oy B,;;t ?!
to 1, won the test handicap, one "
Brighton Bea.H today, defeating Bedouin
bv a head and Inquisitor by a half lgt".
The mile wa. run in 1:3V ,V"m,n2!d'"e
in winning the fifth race equalled the track
record for sla furlongs, 1:1. fiat.
First race, six furlongs: J""1-w0".', PT:
pban Lad second. Iunvalle third. Time.
Second race, mile and a sixteenth: 'Druid
won. Miss Rillle second, Greville third.
Time: 1:404. . . T
Third race, five and a half f urlongs: Ijor
Ing won. ijiura A second. Suada third.
Time: 1:06V ,. ,
Fourth rnce, the test handicap, one mile.
Cov Muid won. Bedouin second. Inquisitor
third. Time: 1:3&-V . .
Fifth rsi-s. six furlongs: Commedienne
won. Nannie Hodge cond. V atergrasa
third Time: 1:12. .
Sixth race, mile and lxteenth: Wool
wich won. Donna econd, All Right third.
Time: 1:4?V
CINCINNATI, July 38 Reaulta at La
ton la:
First race, six furlongs: Sallle B. won,
iJidy March second. Bhelagh third. Time:
Second race, five furlongs: Forward won.
Avendow second. Helmuth third. Time:
1 A
Third race, six furlong:
Martius second, Minnie
Freebooter won.
Johnson third.
Time: 1:14V
Fourth race, six furlongs, handicap:
Colonel Jim Douglas won. Meadow Brees
second. Barden thlid. Time: 1 14.
FifUi tac. flv and a ball 'urlonfi:
Pells, Thorpe won. Zlpango second. Iin
third. Time: 1 :.
Sixth race, one mile: Barkelmore won.
Search Me second. The Only Way third.
Time: 1.43V
KASTF.B1 l,l TKIlie TOlHrtf
Reral-Flaals Are Rearhed la the Play
for the I oasftood Cap.
BOSTON. July 2K The scml-flnals were
reached todsy In the lawn tennis tonrament
for the tjongwond cup. while th close
of the contest for the eastern championship
In doubles was within one match of that
stag. The survivors In the singles event
are W. J. Clothier and K. B. Pewhurst
of Philadelphia and R. M. Rehr of New
Haven and F. O. Anderson of New York.
Tomorrow riothler- will plav Pewhurst,
while Behr will met Anderson.
In the doubles the favorites for th
finals. Hsckett and Alexander and Clothier
snd Turned won their matches todav In
straight sets, although the Boston pair,
Johnson and Johnson, gave Clothier and
Lamed a hard contest.
The feature match of the dav was the
contest between Pewhurst and Robert l-e-roy
of New York. Five sets were played
before the Philadelphia expert won.
Of the nine matches plaed during the
day In the eastern doubles onlv two re
quired extra sets. Pana and Gross plaved
a four-set match with M. E. Haves and
N. W. Cabgt, while Hallowell and Ware
put out Pell and Irov in a hard flvc-st
contest. It Is expected that the semi-finals
In both events will hn played tomorrow and
th finale on Saturday.
Mntehe Movlnsr Along So thnt All
Finals Will Come Snlnrdny.
The tennis tournament for the city cham
pionship I drawing to a close and the first
round In the consolation doubles and the
semi-finals In the consolations will be played
this evening. This will leave the finals In
all departments to be played off Saturday,
when the remaining set In the finals for the
championship will be played between Scrlb
ner and Hughe. The game played laat
night were:
Championship double Scrlbner and Mar
tin beat Patten and Schneider, 6-3, 8-2;
Sweet and Vandoran beat Heyn and Heyn,
9-3, 8-2; Hughes and Kolin beat Swart and
Koch, 8-3. 0-4.
Consolation singles Heyn beat Prltehett,
default; Newell beat F. Porter. 7-5. 8-2,
One Tennla Game In Chicaao.
CHICAGO. July It. Play In the western
tennis championship, which Is being con
ducted on the Kenwood Country club courts
this week, waa prevented today with the
exception of one game on account of rains.
That was the contest between Ruben G.
Hunt of California and . V. Vernon,
champion of Missouri. The California
Player won in straight sets, the score being
6-4, 6-5.
Teenmseh Victor at Tennis.
TECirMSEH. Neb.. July 26. (Special.)
Tecumseh defeated Auburn In the tennis
contest In this city yesterday. Sullivan
nd Atterberry of Tecumseh defeated Crilcy
and Htocidara ot Aumirn. score: e-z. i-3,
6-3. Moore and Woods of Tecumseh de
feated Eustl and Eustls of Auburn. Score:
6-1, 2-6. 6-2. 8ulllvan of Tecumseh beat
Stoddard of Auburfi. Score: 6-4. 6-2, 6-0.
Atterberry of Tecumseh beat Crlley of
Auburn. Score: 6L 6-3.
Sporting; Brevities.
The Diamonds would like to hear from all
amateur teams for games. They especially
want a game for next Sunday, July 29.
'Phone Harney S211.
Omaha missed a fine chance of winning
the second game Wednesday when Qondlng
hit into that double play. Any other kind
of a hit probably would have done the busi
ness. The New Tork Giants helped Chance out
In his championship race Wednesday by
winning from Pittsburg, the real con
tenders at present for first place. Mathew
son wa said to have finally rounded Into
condition. This Is the steenth time this re
port has been sent out.
Mike Cantlllon and his bunch have de
parted and peace probably will reign at
Vinton street park for a time, barring, of
course, the harmless barking of Old Man
Everltt, who, however, does not lay awake
nights figuring out aome deep-laid scheme
to injure base ball In Omaha.
O'Nell states the rules wrongly If there
are any rules when he says double-headers
are not permitted until the last time around
the circuit. He know the rule Is that
double-headers cannot be plaved the first
time around, thst they may be played the
second and third time around, and that
they must be played the last whirl around.
But, then, like master,. like servant.
The golfers from the Country club will
Journey to the Field club links Saturday
afternoon to play the third game In the
interclub championship series. Each club
has won a game and much Interest 1 at
tached to the third. The old plan of cor
lng will be resorted to. one point for each
nine holes and one point for the game,
making, three points possible. The Field
club boys won on their own grounds, but
the Country club gave them an awful
drubbing on the Benson link.
Prosperity Prevails In All Section,
Bay Frank Johnson on Re
turn from East.
Frank B. Johnson, president of the
Omaha Printing company, has returned
from an eaatern trip, where he went In
search of improvement to hi health, and
he ha come back a brown a a berry from
taking sun bath on the Atlantic beaches.
"There Is nothing to thl country but
prosperity," said Mr. Johnson. "One can
not help but be Impressed with It wherever
he goes through the east or the west, the
north or outh. The man I pretty slow
who cannot make money In these prosper
ous times, for It la In the very air."
Very Low Rate Tuesday.
Every Tuesday, balance of the year, the
Chicago Great Western railroad will ell
homeseekera' ticket to Minnesota, North
Dakota and Canadian northwest at about
half rate; to other territory first and third
Tuesday Write H. H. Churchill, O. A.,
1512 Farnam atreet. State number in party
and when going.
Bee Want Ada are the dependable seed
of success.
August 4th 5th and 6th. Return limit August 15th.
Tickets good on all trains and in chair cars and sleepers.
Diagrams now open for reservations. Double berth-in Tourist
car 01-5.
Fast trains leare Omaha at 8:00 a. m., 5:00 p. ra. and 6:00 p. nv
City Ticket Office. 1402 Farnam Ot., Omaha.
- ' . r
Two Men Walk Alone and Talk, When
One Talla and Dies.
Letter Hire to Work on Perm of
tart Soreneoa of Florence
and on Way Ont
J. W. McMaster, a laborer from Lincoln,
died Wednesday evening while walking
along the railroad tracks north of Flor
ence with Carl Sorensen, his prospective
employer. It is believed McMaster died of
heart trouble. Coroner Rialley took charge
of the body and will hold an Inquest Ft
dsy. Relatives of the dead man will arrive
from Lincoln Thursday afternoon.
McMaster came from Lincoln to Omaha
In quest of work. He stayed at the Aetmt
house n few days and met Sorensen
Wednesday afternoon. McMaster engaged
to Sorensen to work on the latter' farm
two miles north of Florence. The two men
left a street car at Florence and started
v 1
-.: !
V 4
'i-' 1
The Reliable Specialists
the blighting effects of weakness and disease.
Weakness 1 a malady that rob a man of hi pirit, ambition and tore.
The nerve, self-assertion and stamina are killed by it. The courage that lead
manly men to mile at fate and continue to fight la destroyed. Thousands of
young, mlddle-aiged and old men can look back to their boyhood day of early
manhood with a sigh of remorse. The ignorance of early youth Or later on
a mis-spent life as "on of th boy." ha own the seed of future anr1a.
Nature passes no act without affixing the penalty for It violation. When
he I outraged h will bare her penalty, although it takes a lit. VToan
through violation of her Immutable law In early life or later sxosssee, man
wastes away hla nerve and bodily vigor, he I then compelled to struggle under
the disadvantage whloh impede hi proarreen and defeat hi end. Bh) cam
scarcely hops to compete with those of hla fellow, who, possessing eq,uJ op
portunities, have all their faculties unimpaired and bodily energies at their best
When the vital organs are in a weakened and undeveloped state, whloh la in
consistent with health, strength and vigor, and which render them uraftt tor
the aotlve duties and pleasures of life, they are eating the danger point, and
should secure Immediate attention.
Millions of men have been wrecked on the rock of secret vioe. The trovble
I not so much that they have digressed from Nature's Immutable law. but that
they have permitted the trouble to Insidiously progress and become more ag
gravated. They allow It to terminate, a unoared private dlseaaea invariably
do. In th horror of lost manhood with Its many depressing oornpUcaUlona. .
Thl fact I usually responsible for about nine-tenth of th suffering. Toa
should remember that private diseases are progressive in their nature. They
must be conquered by proper treatment or they will devastate yoar ayatem suoid
blight your future career and prospect.
We cure safely and thoroughly:
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexual Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Rectal,
Kidney and Urinary Diseases,
and all disease and weaknesses of men dne so evil hablta, self-abuse, mm a.
or th result of specific or private diseases.
1308 Farnam St., Between 13th and 14th Sts., Omaha, Neb.
Hal! of large
I wish to share the large corner office I am occupying ,
on the second floor of
This faces Farnam St.; has a handsome oak counter!
private office; large vault; running water; electric light.
Room 206 Bee Building.
tr) walk the tracks, Sorensen keeping thl
lead and conversing along the way.
When about midway between Florence
and the Sorensen farm Sorensen turned
around to see why he received no response
from McMaster. The Florence man noticed
something writhing In the weeds beside the
track. Hurrying back he found the Lin
coln man gasping. In a minute McMaster
was dead.
McMaster was SO years of age and had a
family at Lincoln.
Willow gprlnga Brerrery Asked foe
Ten Thonaand Dollar for
ratros'a Life.
Frank Murphy and Ellen Murphy,
parent of Jame A. Murphy, who wa
killed July 22. 1K. by a Burlington train,
have brought suit against the Willow
Springs Brewing company for $ln.nno and
Ellas 8wsnon and August Norden for
IS.ioo, alleging the brewing company sold
their son liquor, upon which he became
drunk. Swanson and Norden are sureties
on the saloon bond. The brewing company
operates a salmon at Third and Hickory
streets, where the petition says young
Murphy became Intoxicated. It Is alleged
he was only 1 years old at the time.
Sterling Silver Frenser. 15th and Dodge.
for PJiEEvl
J . if.- i t
corner office
per month.
''.,jr44i-; ' ;
J ' -S t '
I .-"V-;--'