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Caw of Badly Kfttfirc.ed Child Brooch, to
Attrmtitn of the Police. '
Collision on. 'iMnck lord Tricki
Resolla In Kncln and ninlirr
of imrm Bflft Pndly
9innitifil t o.'
M4 ar ltvl..
bnrT. v4
Wtcii. ft
K vtKMl tha lM
ff 67 ?rtf, Kb 4
o fcarrri
taatett ft bwenrvrl
la properly k1w
Arrf qo oauirv
flt f alsiiiw
(MR. TT. U jV
pAr Mitt t
lulf f tbt hint
t n (ft paiM'
"A you M
Ui 0 trMB
I rtemmte
UlmmrnmA'm Crrnm tb fft fcrrrifil of H ih
Jin h mh. t k r ..1. v U iiHiita avewt lur
J neighborhood it Twenty-fifth and I" streets J FI3XT.HQPI1R&, PrOfU 17 Gntl JoRSI Strt,scwTi
jesterday. Ths first Intimation of the affair i
vas Riven to the police by the ncillihtr 1
wno reported thaf a 'little f-year-old child , tery. Daltow s story In that he dlseov-
wae being- left by Its parents day after day i eved the relations of the two and whs
alone in a,' hiije. af JVift y atroet. When the j provoked to auch a degree a to give his
representatives r(. the, police and the papers spouse a beating A aisler of the woman
arrtred the bov wan Innml iln In a room ' Interfered and had Daltow arrested. He
T. Fella Oouraud'e Oriental
Cratm or Megloel SJeeutifler.
a. m.a Ta, rtwf'a
f rr . Ftrk
XMU, .ne Ml. Ita
ivivt'p Aonrnc tat nil re J e"Tc'llr finfl m T,n(,u Mua
WIM J UlVLLUj fUIV VlLLL .'Blaok . Beauty.'' ridden by Mr Royal, la
aald to be the most perfect gait horse In
the world. Eaneetrlan rake walking and
General ISUet Command for Camp of dancing were amusing features of this part
Instructions Hit Eammer.
Historic Pawnee Flats 'Hill Be the
Iceae of This Mo-fable Gather
lag of Stat aad .Na
tlaaal Soldiers.
of the program.
The program closed with the customary
series of hippodrome race. In ten eventa.
from a contest between Kngllah whippet
hounds to the favorite Human chariot
rscea. The show la accompanied by the
usual aide attractions of Interesting freak,
and novelties.
which had th appearance of never blng -It. contained a mattress with no bed
clothing. A big' baket full of clothes sat
on a chdtr and - rubbish of all kinds waa in
every earner. Kllea Vere thrre by. horde
crawling on the chlld'a head, .which showed
marka of their rai-nea. T.h . Infant la
affllefeiT by sptnal trouble anlfannof walk,
which Dr. DeT-anney delareil -wws the result
of neglrct find laelt Cf proper nourishment.
In a .second room things Vere In a worse
condition. .Here the remains of the bHbv'a
breakfaat and dinner wre found on the I
floor. rHstlngulshable Iri-lhe mess, through
which It hpd rolled, were stewed potatoes
and a bfg chunk of holled beef which would
be worth the life of ad ordinary child to eat.
Tha chUd bad been left to feed ltslf. the
dish being set on tha floor and left there.
In the make-shift kltoben waa a mesa of
partially prepared fnilt ajrid a dlshpan full
of green app1 ' At that point of the ln-veatlgatlon-the
mothnr and grandmother of
tha child arrived, having learned that the
police were examining the: honse, The
mother,' VCios narti. waa Mrs. John J.
Painter, broke down and wept, while she
put up a defense for the conditions. Rhe
eald her husband worked at the Howland
Lumber company and earned $10 a week:
that he was not a drinking man. She aald
she was working for.' her mother, Mrs.
PQUlrea... who runa tha.-New Home restau
rant at Twenty-alxth and P streets. She
aald they were trying to get money enough
together tt pay for having a doctor attend
tha child. It. waa the expresaed opinion of
4 Viji nolle that tf th fftthup .rnit much
' i as he did.'' there waa no reason' wby the
mnther might not attend to her child, es-
rf perlally since It was alck with spinal dla-
ease and helpless. Step will likely be taken
to have the child placed In flw state Insti
tute for crippled children, where It may
have proper nourishment and medical atten
tlom A fnora thorough examination will be
made this tnornlng. and It la likely that the
Juvenile authorities will be called on to
take charge.
Ffew By.teni of Tag Arconnta,
, Tha. city! treasurer. J about to Institute
' new plan for handling the personal tax
Hat.'" Heratrfora when any party wished
to pay personal taxes tha heavy booka
werts rtarftM out' and 'the ' accounts gone
over.. Th procesa led to many error, and
m IstakeaV.. especially on, the., part of tha
people themselves, who often thought they
were, paying up .sJl the arrears of their
taxes when In truth they were paying only
on year. Tha plan contemplated li ex
actly almllar-to tha card 'catalogue of
any public library. Each reatdent will have
a card on which , will be placed tha exact
condition of hie personal taxes for all the
years In which they are unpaid. These
cards will be filed In cases alphabetically
arraoged. This system Is in vogue In many
" I.aT Aroke la Rnnaway.- ' '
James LjeaeeMa had' his leg broken In
two places In av runaway, accident yesterday
morning. Losaetta is a boy about 1 years
of age and waa. coming to tpwn with his
father with load' .of hogs. As the team
waa paaalpjf. FlfUpth and 0, streets it took
f right at a .traction engine and ran down
the. steep hill at that .point., landing. In a
gulch at the bottom. , There. the wagon waa
overturned, the .hogs liberated, a horse's
neck,, broken, .and the boy, falling amid the
wreckage, broke his right leg in two places.
The father suffered no serious Injury. The
boy , was .brought ts the city where his
Injuries were attended by Dr. Orostnan.
' Oonialeai lav Stork "Tarda.
A small' railroad accident occurred In
the South Omaha yards early yesterday
morning. A switch engine with' ten cars
of Ice ran into a string of stock cars un
loading at the chutes near tha L street
viaduct at about ( a. m. The engine be
longed ' to the- Biliilngton and the stock
to the Northwestern. The accident ocourred
because the engine crew thought It had the
right of -way in the yard, and the grade
was too steep to avoid the collision after
the "mistake was' discovered. .The engine
was ' derailed,' but In the meantime the
crew had Jumped off and saved themaelvea.
The engine Is fit for the Junk pile. It waa
reversed and continued to run after being
overturned, and the big drivers dug
hole In the ground big enough to let the
engine fall In. The ice cars in the front
of the string were damaged and a couple
of the stock car. were upset. The cattle
and hog. had to. be let out by cutting
through the roofs. Fortunately none of the
atock was Injured. The amount of the
damage wll.1 be about 8,ooo or
. Pallee Coart- Deiagi.
Frank Mooney was arrested this morning
charged with aaaault on a buy near the
Duffy base ball park. The nature of the
aaaault wasreuch that a state complaint
will fee flled against . lilin. It Is reported
thai a crowd gathered on bearing the boy's
story and oaaaed Mooney Into the country.
The time of the. allwged aaaault was about
dusk Tuesday evening.
Joe Daltow caused the arrest of Ed Ak
roiv and- ha also has a warrant out for his
wife, Mrs. Mary Daltow, charging the two
with adultery. Daltow was himself ar
resledt on the charge of assault and bat
thereupon swore out warrants for the ar
rest of the prlnrlpals on the other charg".
Arthur Madnen and John McCarthy were
each sentenced to thirty days In the
county Jail for snatching to out at the hand
of J. C. Noyes. All three of the men were
In a saloon at Twenty-slnth. between N
and O streets. wher Noyes was asked
to buy drinks. When he produced the S
In old tliev knocked It out of his hands
and. after pretending some of the by
standers had picked It up. made away with
It. Noyes caused their arrest and sufficient
evidence was secured to send them up for
thirty days.
Maatc ( My nnaatn.
Wesley Summers Is about to erect a
dwelling at Twelfth and J streets.
xiiss Th f.-1-ost of central City la visit
ing her aunt. Mrs. Amanda Tibbtts.
John Russell Is buildlns a house at the
northwest corner of Twenty-second and F
Mlsa Mae Trnnson expects to go to Te
kar.iah today for a visit of a couple of
Miss Ceciie I.yon hns returned after
finishing a course at the summer normal
at Peru. .
Peter Donokos and William Smith were
flned yesterday for breaches of order und
The South Omaha rircle of the Fraternal
I.tfe associntlon met last evening at Work
men temple.
Pemardo 7Jan was arrested at the Omaha
Packing company's plant yesterday charged
with taking Ave pounds of meat.
Mrs. Clemma Hendricks. Miss Marie
Swanson nnd John Swanson left yesterday
afternoon for a pleasure trip to Michigan.
a. OrifTln. William Beer, and William
I.ytle were flned for vagrancy and tres
passing on the fnion Faclttc right-of-way.
rhe rltv attnrnev reports thai me caao
of Mrs. H. Lovely against the city was
won on a demurrer niea isei wee. l ne
Judge handed down hla finding Tuesday
evening sustaining the demurrer.
Quite a number of South Omaha noys
ook the second examination In tne civil
service which took place In Omaha yester
day. The first examination was held last
week. The onject or tne examination wan
o aeeure more Inspectora for tne meal in
spection under tne new law
Mr. and Mra. R. K. Taylor recently cele
brated their golden wedding annlveraary at
their home. 411 North Twenty-tounn streei.
About' twenty a-ueets were present and a
most enjoyable evening was had. Plenty
of good natured rivalry arose over games
of carda. After the cards refreshments
were served. Numerous girts were pre
sented to the happy lovers of fifty good
old summer times.
gli-Year-Old Barglar Tells Police
Parent Coached Him fa
t steal.
Thst he taught his (1-year-old son the
evil art of burglary Is the charge placed
against George W. Clark, a tinner living
at Sixteenth and Chicago streets, and now
locked up at the county Jail. The man
came to Omaha but a short time ago with
hla family from South Omaha, and it Is
alse-sert he bad another- little -boy aa
dudII. He had lived in a number of
Nebraska towns before coming here
The serious charge under . which the
father- was arrested- Is made by hla own
son, Ernest, the little fellow who was
caught in the act of robbing the cash
drawer In the grocery store of Welnsteln
A Greenberg, Sn North Sixteenth street
early Tuesday evening, shortly after the
place had been closed for the day. The
boy waa arrested and placed on record aa
the youngest burglar ever taken Into the
Omaha police station.
When Asalstant Probation Officer Carver
took charge of the prisoner the boy said
the father had a hand In the affair. While
the little fellow sat In a chair at the police
station crying and begging to be allowed
to go home to hla mother, and asking
when he could go, George W. Clark, the
father, aat outside the bare and told of his
painstaking efforts to bring up his children
In a righteous path, teaching them the
terrible' sin of stealing even the slightest
article. He said he could not understand
where Ernest learned to steal, considering
his careful rearing, and had not noticed
his having any unusual amount of money.
Later in the night the mother also went
to the station, but by that time the child
had been taken to the detention home and
she could not see him.
Ernest told Probation Officer Bernstein
and Assistant Carver his father helped
him through the window Into the grocery
atore and coached him in what he wae to
do, and also that the father stood guard
outside In the alley waiting for him to
return with the contents of the money
drawer. That still another little boy
named '-Johnnie" was a member of Clark's
class for child burglars was asserted by
Ernrat and a search la being . conducted
for the lad. Clark, however, denies the
atory In toto.
The formal establishment of the camp
of Instruction at the Fort Riley reserva
tion was accomplished Wednesday morn
ing by the Issuance of these orders:
Headquarters Provisional Brigade, Camp
or Instruction, tort Klley Reservation,
Kansas, July in. mofi Uenerai Orders,
No. 1. 1. This command wfll constitute
a provisional brigaoe coiniirisina
troops, regular ana militia, which have
reported or may report at any time ior
duty in this camp of Instruction.
2. In compliance with general orders
-o. 110, current series, War department,
and general orders No. 29. current series,
northern division, the undersigned hereby
assumes rommand of the provisional
Drigaoe ana camp.
3. The following slaff is announced:
Personal Mart i ii.-i I .leuieiiiim Ed
ward lavls. Eleventh cavalry. ald-rte.
camp; First lieutenant Charles C. Allen,
thirtieth Infantry, aUI-de-camp.
Candidates getting ready
Mort of Them Will Hbt Headquarter
Opened bj P aturdaj Kitfht.
Rooms la All Leadlaa Hotels Rat One
Are Already Tafcea for the Dates
of the Repaellraa state
Retlrta Poaadmaster Refnaea to r-
reader Affairs to Hla
Poundmaster Alfred Millard has been un
able to gain possession of the records and
papers of the office from former Pound-
master John Laughland and the council ha. ( ncro
adopted a resolution ordering all emolu- building, several
menls due the latter from the city to be , ,, t,v folding
(From a Staff Correspondent )
PE9 MOINF.B. July ZS -iSped'
Oeorge D. Terklns. candidate for governor.
Is expected to resrh Des Moines Friday or
Saturday of this week, and will take up
his ousrters In parlor C at the Savery
hotel. Thla Darlor la on the first floor
fred t '. 8harie. Thirtieth Infantry, chief
of staff; Captain John T. Haines, adjutant,
f.leventh cavalry, adjutant general: ii'i-
nant Colonel CunMlTe u. Murray
Eleventh cavalry. Inspector general and
Judge advocate; Captain Robert D. Walsh,
Ninth cavalry, chief aua.rtermn.ter; First
Lieutenant Ollbert C. Jmlth. Second cav-
withheld until he turns over the books and
documents; also Instructing his bondsmen
to be notified of the state of affairs.
It appears that Mr. Laughland hn been
sick for some time. When Humane Officer
EJllson. as Mr. Millard's agent, attempted
to get possession of the pound he met with
sonic resistance from the superintendent,
who la a son of lAitghlands. After
conspiracy to In.tur the trade of a num
t'r of the Irtrcest h ishicss houses In the
1 1 y. as w us that of all the express
e.unpa nl a.
Hold Dakota Jadae Will
Federal Conrt Here Seat
W eek.
Judge C.-irland of Sioux Falls. S II. , hss
notified Circuit Court Clerk Thumniel of the
I'nlted Slates court that he will be here
early next week" to h"M conrt In chambers
and may remain during the vacation ab
sence of Judge MunKer. lie probably will
dispose of the ticket brokers' case during
the coming week.
Murderer Commit eulrlde.
PKOHlA. HI , July ?S-T.lge Wfiges. who
yesterday shot and killed James Ponnegan
at Fdwarda station, fifteen miles northwest
of Peoria, was found dead wltliln one-half
mile from the shooting this afternoon bv
a posse of residents of the village with a
bullet hole In his temple. A nearby re
volver told of suicide.
Brigade Staff Lieutenant Colonel Al- threats to deport him bodily young I.augh.
land left. Soon aftcrwaru James C. l.lnd-
doors. State Superintendent Rlggs la oui
this week on a lecturing trip and will not
reach the city before Saturday, when he
will open his headquarters The Cummins
headquarters on the lobby floor will be the
writing room, which Is now being arranged
for him and will also be occupied by Sena
tor Garst. candidate for lieutenant gov
ernor. Their room will bo opened probably
Saturday. The greater number of the candl
rlatoa fnr I. nffl Mrl 1 1 nnHII tllPtT head-
say. who is a cousin ol.the elder I-augli- . .... . . . . ....
'. . . ,, qtiuncrs in me omi-o c.iiui ,i j nv. .-
rrc.cMvu wrim,,-,u . .o ...... .,. , j. n p pavpr. Welllng-
record book of the pound In order that the
former master might make up lis final re
port to the city. The book not only ts sup-
airy, assistant to chief quartermaster; p,,,,, to oontan a complete record and dls
v. , 1 1 1 n I I II 111 ill. , u . a i n, vviiniiinrai.,, 1 . , , - . . .. , , ...,,,,, .l . , ,
C. S. A., chief commissary; Colonel John i""'""" '" ....v i..r
Van R. Hoff, assistant surgeon general, V. receipts for dogs redetnu-d.
A., chief surgeon; Major Kdward C. . Tht was more than a month nao nnd the
Carter, surgeon. L'. S. A., medical .in
spector; Cautaln Bradner D. Slaughter,
paymaster, I. t. A..-enter paymaster, m-
lor Thomas H. Rees. corps or engineers,
engineer officer; Captain iieorge Vt . Hurt-,
Ordnance department, chief ordnance of
fleer; First Lieutenant ueorge r;. numpe,
signal corps, rhler signal oiih-
Brigadier General, 1,'. S. A., Commanding.
The camp Is located about Ave miles
east of Fort Riley on what Is known as
the Pawnee Flats. The ground Is historic.
on it being located the first stone building
erected In Kansas for public purposes.
and In which the first territorial legisla
ture of Kansaa was held. In this building,
too, were enacted certain territorial laws
of Importance to Nebraska, which cul
minated In the enactment of the Nebraska-
Kansas bill. Here, also, was wrought out
the Initial features of the John Brown
crusade, which culminated In . the
Harper's Ferry Insurrection In 1859, which
was the "reveille" of the civil war and Its
crowning glory the abolition of slavery in
the United States.
The. roofless old building still stands
on the Pawnee Flats and around and
about It will the great military maneuvers
be conducted for the ensuing two month.
Between 8,000 and 10.000 regular troops
will be at the camp during the maneuvers.
and for several days during August the
state militia of Nebraska and Kansas
will be encamped there for instruction.
The Fort Riley reservation comprises
some 60,000 arres, overlooking the Kan-
book and all papers of the office, which
were taken also, have not leen returned,
though repeated requests have been made
for them. Finally officer Ellison laid the
matter before the mayor, who wrote a let.
ter directing the return of the records.
Thla produced two sheets Wirn from the
book and representing a si;aiiary of the
ton, Victoria, Illlnd. Elliott and Kirk wood
has been taken for Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday of next week for the state con
vention. There were a few rooms still
available in the Chamberlain today, but
these will soon be taken. Arrangements
are now being made for taking care of the
crowd by systematically keeping track of
rooms and boarding houses. The Commer
cial club of this city will likely take the
matter up and-tipen an Information bureau
during the convention days. It is expected
that the attendance during this convention
will be larger than for many years. A
lnrge number of the delegates would prefer
tended that everything else In the volume
was the personal property of Laughland.
Delivery of the torn sheets was made at
the T'nlted States National bank to Mr.
Millard by Mr. Lindsay.
The course did not suit the present offi
cers or the mayor and the resolution In
the council followed. Between $-'O0 and
$300 ts still riiie the ex-noundmaster. As
an upshot of the somewhat unusual pro
ceedings the pound ,. will he one of the
places In which Expert Accountant Gil
christ will have his attention specially di
rected. The accountant began work Wednesday
morning in the treasurer's office. 11c will
work there, checking back to 1903, until
Deputy Comptroller Coegrove completes
his investigations and arrangements of the
records In the police court. Mr. Gilchrist
will then transfer his examination to these
book, and return to othe work when they
are completed. He spent fourteen weeks
checking the treasurer In 1W, and having
found things In irreproachable condition at
that time, will go back no further. Part
of his labor consist, of checklna- everv tax
sas river, and Is admirably adapted for receipt duplicate against the dally cash
monthly reports made In W. It being con- j ' ,. ,,
. to go to cheaper rooms In small holds and
all classes of army maneuvers.
Rala llara peas Groaad, bat Does Xot
Keep the Big Crowd
Two Immense crowds witnessed the per
formances of Rlngling Bros." circus yester
day. The evealng show was threatened
somewhat by the heavy rain that fell about
, o'clock but the mud -around the tents'
was not enough to keep the people away
and the monster tent was crowded at' both
The parade at 11 o'clock drew out one of
the largest crowds . that has been on "th
Knocks Her Dowa ' "talra, similarly
Treats Her Hasband aad
Thea Escape..
boarding houses and arrangements will be
made to assist these In speedily finding
rooms. The hotels. Including the small
hotels of the city, will care for 4.000 people,
and it is believed these will about care for
the entire crowd, though If unaaslsted there
will be some trouble experienced In finding
the hotels and rooms.
Hrfynra Increase of S'J.OOO.
Rev. Merle N. Smith, pastor of the First
Methodist church of Marshalltown, la., has
refused an Increase of $2, out) In his salary.
offered by the First Methodist church of
Lincoln. Neb. Hla salary in Marshalltown
Is $1,800 a year and the Lincoln church. It
Is understood, would have pll $3.6,0 a year
but because he desires to complete work
started where he la the offer has been re
fused. - J.
Railroad Track Washed Ont and
Crops Damaged.
ONAWA, la.. July 25 tSpeclal Tele
gram.) During a severe storm this after
noon lightning struck the court house, but
did not do any serious damage, except to
frighten the officials badly. At Ticonlc
Monona county, 1,500 feet of the Illinois
Central track was washed out and all the
glass In town was broken by hall. Crops
were blown flat to the ground. There was
tome hall at' Castana and other points in
the Maple valley. The rainfall at Onawa
was 1.80 Inches in a few minutes. No hail
MISSOURI VALLEY, la.. July 26. Spe
A man who the nollce believe to be a
circus follower entered the home of Mr. fclal Telegram.) There was an exceptionally
a..i r it.. v. i-i, t- . . . . I . ...... ...
end Mrs. Hugh Flanagan, Twenty-second
and Seward-streets, while the Rlngling
Bros.-circus was pltchlugUs tents nearby,
and upon being discovered pushed Mrs.
Flanagan down a Htairwsy,'. Injuring her
arm, and forcing Mr. Flanagan over a
balustrade to the first floor, then making
his.- escape, , Wednesday, forenoon. Mrs.
streets of Omaha for a long time. The FUnW?aD WX th en"", Ient" ot the
street along the line of mnrch were lined
with people who craned their necks and
stairs from the second to the first floor and
her arm was badly bruised; Her husband,
strained their eyes to take In every feature Uhoulh he fe" ft,en 't. not
of the Drocession of concentrated snlenrior I jurea.
All the usual spectacles were on exhibition,
from the clowns In the band wagon to the
steam callope. It was said to be one of the
largest parades ever given In Omaha.
- V.
The burglar secured entfarice by removing
a window screen while members of the
family were either watching the circus or
otherwise engaged outside. When Mr. and
The weathef man made good with the Mr- Flanagan returned and started to In-
best of circus weather until 5 o'clock In vestlgate. upon finding the screen missing,
the afternoon, when he pulled the rain tney were confronted by a tramplsh looking
atopper and let the water down In bucket- man "Psla'-rs. He had some plunder in
fulls on the afternoon crowd Just after n,B hnnda but . dropping all but a watch.
took the two by surprise and threw them
down stairs, when he was able to make his
The police, who were notified, found a
coat lying behind a back fence containing
dirk knife and a newspaper clipping giv
ing information regarding the circus pa
rade. Neighbors' ' children said they had
noticed a man lying behind the fence a'
Harry R. Mllllsiai Meets la.taut
Death, While Otarr Mem
Escape Iajarr.
Hurry R. Williams; foreman at the
Dsuke-Wllllans-Mount company's boiler
works at Twenty-third and Hickory
streets, was killed at 7: Wednesday
morning on the sidetrack at the works
by being caught under a large sheet of
Iron which was being tMken from a car.
Williams was working with John Kuan,
Max Voss and Charles Beatty with a der
rick.. A large sheet of metal, weighing
over a ton, slipped out of a clamp and
fell over Williams, killing hint Instantly.
The other workmen escaped Injury. Wil
liams' body was badly crushed. Coroner
i .1 , ... W . h. Vuulif t Ik. mnr.liu
Kvary torn. ghoTJ hva a supply of. ; whM n ,nqUMt wll, hel(1 Thursday.
it i . It ! Williams was 31 years of age and lived
llAkellClQ S at 810 South Eighteenth street. He left a
It you or soma member of your family
were taken, suddenly to-night with
Diarrhoea. Dysentery, Flux. Cholera
Morbus, or Cholera Infantum, would
you t prepared to cneca itr
the show closed. This made the grounds
bad for the evening, the water standing
In puddles In some places, but the crowd
splashed through It good-naturedly , and
fortunately found the Inside of the tents
high and dry. The rain did not affect the
finality of the performance.
The display of animals was an Interest
ing attraction and the crowd seemed reluc
tant to leave the menagerie tent for the forenoon watching the Flanagan house
main show when the time came. The
giraffes, occupying a space In the csnter
of the tent, came In for a good deal of
attention. The big tent was lined with
cages and pens containing almost every
conceivable form of animal.
The program, which waa almost bewilder
ing with the three rings and two stages
waa opened with an Introductory spectacle,
"The Field of the Cloth of Gold." one of
the most elaborate of the kind every wit
nessed here. All of the magnificence of
Flae Program aad Concert Dance Wll
Draw a Big lloaae at the
Auditorium Tunlght.
The circus and the threatening weather
cut Into the attendance at the Royal Ha
waiian band concert last night In the Au
ditorium, but the falr-slxed audience
present made up In appreciation and ap-
heavy rain here this evening. No damago
was done except to delay farm work.
Marketing af Hobs a little Heavier
Thus al Same Sraana Lnt
CINCINNATI, O.. July io.-(Ppeclal Tele
gram.) Price Current say: Marketing of
hogs was welt maintained for the season
of the year. Total western packing was
33.0CO. compared with SO.rtiO the preceding
week and last ye.r. From March 1
the total Is lrt.2S.nnrt. against .SSO.OnO a year
ai;o. Prominent places compare as follows:
?.31rt.0ix iw
1.M.OM l.:,0.'H
Kansas City
South Omaha
8t. lmls ....
Ft. Joseph ...
Milwaukee ...
Cincinnati ...
Cedar Rapids
Sioux City ..
St. Paul
.. T04.'!
.. if..M
. . iM.'")
,. 4ift.ft
.. ;is.oi
.. r43.
.. i-l.'"!
.. 4,t.V'l
. . 3'. S
.. liiWOOn
letii ,
7j D 0
JiM o
IS .
2.1. ..WO
fit Stay of
Pillsbury's name ii a guar-'
ante of the beat the world
over. Pillabury's Best
Breakfast Food is the white
heart of the wheat berry
the best part of the whole
wheat It'a the food of
the people whose motto
is "buy the best."
A 1 5-cent package of
Pillsbury'a Best Breakfast
Cereal makes 1 2 pounds of
dainty appetizing food of
more than 1 2 packages of the
ordinary ten-cent dry foods.
It is the most economical food .
in all the world, but mote,
it's the best
Delicious every day in the year.
Never sticky or lumpy. Eaiily and quickly prepared.
Best Breakfast
Traveling lings, Suit Cases and
Japanese Matting Hult Cases' tills
month. Largrwt stock . and greatest
range tf prices lit the west.
We are fole agenta for the Barnum
Wardrobe Trunks.
We carry everything in Traveling
Ilaga, Trunks nnd Sample discs.
Salesroom and Factory,
1200 Farnain Street, Omnlia, Neb.
plauae what It lacked In numbers, and the
medieval chivalry is summed up In the prOBram went w,,n a "n,p and "Plr,t ,hat
pageant and It closes with an Immense
ballet danced by seventy-five whirling girls
in rich costumes.
The feats of dmlng and skill follow each
pleased everybody. The overture from
Rossini's "Semaramlde" was particularly
well rendered and caught the audience Just
right. . The selection from "Lohengrin" was
Blackberry BcJsixm
It Is a most reliable remedy for all loose
condition of Uk bovaU. All druggist
aeU 1U
' It ensures aa enjoyable. Invigor
ating path; makes every per
- raspoad, rtneve dead skin,
' sxarta tha ctrcalatia aad leaves a
glow asjaal f a TarHsh kaU.
wife and 7-month-old boy.
Law Rates to Okobojl and Spirit Lake
Tla Chirac. Mllwaakee St.
Paal Railway.
Round Trip from Omaha.
SS 30. on sale Friday or Saturday, good
returning Monday,
tx.fto on sale dally, return I mit SO days.
$9 96. on sale daiy. return limit Oct. list.
An ldal spot to spend a summer vaca
tion. Write for Okobojl folder.
F. A, NA8H. G.n l Western Agent,
lfr Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
Hs.baaa tieta Dlvoree.
Charles R. Hopkins wsa granted s de
cree of divorce Wednesday In district
court on the ground, of extreme cruelty.
Ha declared hla wlfs evinced an uncon
trollable temper and atruck him ever the
head and choked him when in her tant
rums. He said her mother had been dl
vorcod three tlmee and he saw a decided
resemblance between his wife and her
mother as she grew ids Mra Hopkins
dlil aol fight the case.
other so closely that the nervous and alllfully executed and proved that t aptaln
excitable are held In a succession of thrills Berger and his Hawaiian musicians need
from the beginning to the end. One fat not fear to P'"5' c'asslv music by the side
woman almost fainted from nervous ex- I of "" band ln tnls or any ot'"r country,
cltement last night when the young woman When It came to the singing then the
swinging on ' the arm extension trapese audience gave unatlnted applause both to
held by her companion dropped twenty feet tna soloists and the Qlee club for their
to stop with a Jerk when the end of the singing is simply captivating and Irre-
rope was reached. A chorus of half -sup- alstlble
pressed exclamations of horror greeted the I Tonight will undoubtedly be pne of the
Clarkonlana in their feat of turning two I D'K nights of the concert season. The ad
summersaults and a complete side twist I sale has been large for tonight, and
while whirling through the air. A company after the full two hours of concert the floor
of Japs furnish plenty of amuMement with will be cleared and fhere will lie an hour
sensational slack and slant rope acts, hand of dancing, the music to he f-nnlshed by
balancing and Juggling. the famous Royal Hawaiian Olce club. This
Then there were the usual club swinging glee club will not only pl'av the dance
and throwing numbers with variations from music tonight, but following a custom of
last season. Contortionists, fancy dancers their own country they will sing It In their
and tumblers of all kinds completed the enthusiastic and beautiful style
program of skill.
The Rlngling clowns. In number some
thing less than fifty, were very much alive
and kept the crowd In spasms of .laughter
during the entire evening. All the old
favorites were there, with a number of
new ones. Comedy exploits of unusual skill
on tne aerial ladier by Oeorge O. Dole and
on the horlsontal bars by the tour Nelson
comiquts drew liberal applause for their
skill and laughter for their drollne.s. The
antics of Albert Crandall and Fred Schadle
and their troupes in bareback feats kept
the crowd laughing.
The trained animals did not have as
prominent a place on the program aa they
had other seasons. The three groups of
trained elephants were both skilful and
comical In their pranks. Educated pontes
and dogs also proved entertaining. One
of the groups waa accompanied by a trained
game cock. The acting aeala and rasor-
back hogs are missed from the program
thla year.
A little leas thrilling than the other acta,
but none the less popular, were the exhibi
tions of driving and riding horses, the pair
orivea by Mr- aad Mra Kaeda Royal being
Hydranllc Pressed Brick Companies
at Omaha aad Other Places ',
to I alle,
' " - i .
ST. I5CI8, July 2B. Announcement waa
made' today that, according to plans now
being perfected, brick plants ln Omaha,
Findlay, O. ; Kansas City, Kan.; Chanute,
Kan.; West Superior, Wis.; Zanesville, O. ;
Rochester, N. Y.; Chicago Kansas City
Mo.; Philadelphia, Washington, Toledo,
Cleveland and Minneapolis will be merged
Into the Hydraulic Press Brick company of
St. Louis. The merger includes fourteen
The capital stock of the St. Louis com
pany will be Increased from 13,500.000 to
IIO.OOO.OUO and exchanged for the stock of
the other companies.
The companies included manufacture all
grades of brick, from the finest decorative
cornice work to street paving and sewer
lining material.
The entire organization will take the
name of the Hydraulic Press brick com
pany of St. Louis, It will have an output
of 600,000.000 bricks a year, baaing the esti
mate on the present output.
Oeorge F. Raker, secretary and treasurer
of the parent company, says the deal will
be completed ln sixty or ninety days.
From the offices of the Omaha plant It Is
learned the Hydraulic-Press Brick company
of St. Louis has aent out circulars to the
stockholders ln nearly a score of subsidiary
companies scattered all over the country.
Inviting them to exchange their stock In
the local companies for stock In the parent
concern. The St. Louis plant is the nucleus
and controller of all the others, which are
stretched all the way from New York to
Omaha. Patent rights held enable the con- ,
cem to be the sole producer of hydraulic- ,
press brick, which Is only one form of j
pressed brick manufacture. A subsidiary '
company exists in Omaha under the name !
of the Omaha Hydraulic-Press Brick com
pany. The local plant Is located at Avery,
near Omaha. As in the other subsidiary
companies, local capitalists own stock,
though the controlling Interest is vested at I
St. Louis. It Is optional with the other i
stockholders whether they will exchange
thrlr holdings or not. i
August 4, 5 and 6
Limit August 1 5th
Ticket Office, 1502 Farnam St.
, J i
Labor Leaders ludlcted.
CHICAGO. July tt New Indictments
were returned today by the grand Jury
against Cornelius I". She, president of the
International Broths: nOod of Teamsters,
and forty-two oiner iaoor leaders and olfl
cials, thirty-one of whom were Indicted at
the same time as Shea one year ugo.
Twenty-seven counts are brought out in
the Indictments, the burden of them being
High Grade Treatment
(If responsible, you may pay when cured.)
u yea nave a oisease er weakness peculiar to
the Pelvle region, your eanditlen calls promptly
for tne best treatment the medical profession
affords. Of this fact you must be thoroughly
convinced when you stop to consider how maay
different doctore you have consulted, and hew
many bottles of worthless medicines you have
taken. We have no fault to find with the man
who employs such Inferior treatment, for that
is his privilege, but the money he this expends
would go far toward securing for him a cure
that ie safe, rapid and permanent. ' We have
long studied and thoroughly mastered infirmi
ties of this character male pslvlo diseases.
Recently we have treated scores of stubborn cases,
and not a single failure or unpleasant result
bas been reported to us. Other physicians may
treat men, but we cure them, cure them to re
main cured, and this fact we are prepared to
prove to the entire satisfaction of any maa ain-
cerely Interested. Our fees are as low as they oaa be consistent with high
grade treatment.
9y fhe fifeif and bet f mefheds are cure fe remain curtd. VARICOCELE. VRlTHKAl
BLADDER and KIDHEV freuhJe. and Mil assecate diseases and a-taknessts, wfa
fflafr refei cemsffcafionj.
Northwestern Medical
Surgical Institute....
Every womn eoret t
shapely, pretty figure, and
many of them deplore the
lost of their girlish forma
after marriage. The bearing
of children ia often destructive
to the mother's shapeliness.
All of this can be avoided,
however, by the use of Mother' Friend before baby comet, at thit
great liniment always prepares the body for the strain upon it, and
preserves the symmetry of her form. Mother' Friend overcomes-all the
danger of child-birth, and carries the expectant mother safely through
thit critical period without paia. It it woman's greatest blessing.
Thousands gratefully tell of the benefit and relief derived from the
use of this wonderful
remedy. Sold by all
druggists at Si.oo per
bottle. Our little
book, telling all about
thit liniment, will be test free
TU Bntfsl. Rii!.ti Ct,, ACuti,
1 T It
hud (Baud D
i IFirfiooddl
Northwest Cor ear
13th and Farnam 5t$M
JMr-."- si.
lr the Old Ettlibk M, SXAILB C7ARUS
Established in Omaha for 11 yeara. The many theai
sands of rases cured by as make us the most extsrl
enced Specialists in the west, in all dlaeaeos and alW
merit, of men. Wo know just what will aura you
aad cure gulokly. (
hi au veu, van ymj fay us oti ixz
We snake ao misleading er false statexaonto er effet
you cheap, worthless treatmeaU Our reputatioa and
Steme are too favoraXly kaown -erery case we treat,
our reputation le at stake. Your health, life and ba
Bloess 1 toe serious a matter to place in the hands el
a 'ViaaLlll DOOTOaV" doctor, of ability
use their owe aaata ur Tatars uamaae. w.
caa eft eat for everyone a Ufe-long CUSS for Weaa
NerVwes Men. Varicocele troubles, Nervoue lability,
Blool Poison, Prostatic troubles. Kidney. Bladdea,
WAJiXaS biaSA-aCa, Hyarocele. Cbreule Dieeaae
Contrasted Lneeeees. Mtamach and Skin Disease.
Fnpp CieailaatloB and Cou.ultailoa. Write fag
Symptom Blank fur Horns Treatoaeaf.
M tJaAjBXaa at aaaaS, &aJa aad bos.Ua txeeta, sauuu, a sen ibl