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Coitrol af Iron FlanU h Otbtr Cities Dosi
lot Effect Eiii3Bc.
Policy Will II Iaarrre4 ef Ellmlaat
la Middle Meat tellta
Direct frota Pradaeer
laiesesleal Palttiml mm Heelal
Claa Keeps Osea
Andrew Eom water Aooepted at City En-
riaeer With Poor Grace.
n cSxpps
J. n. Bum rtinM Tueadsy from PL
lul. where ha snd his brother lmit wvk
completed tha desl fnr the purchase of the
rad1ock-Hswler Iron company of Bt
J-niils. lie hu tvn cut the first authQ)ta-
tlre statements regarding th transfer anil
regarding the organisation and purpose of
the New Paddork'Hawley company a;
The purrhase of the business of the Psd-dnek-Hawlsr
Iron company of St.- lunula
inak-a Omaha the central point for a very
l.irge volume of business In the Iron and
h.-avy hardware trade. It la known that
the Haiima era already In control of sev
eral wholesale houses In thla Una locatad
In western JoVihlhg polnta, and that they
ere alao largely Interested In a rolling mill
Mild horseshoe factory at South Milwaukee,
and by the acquisition of thla new concern
at St. Iuls they come Into control of
hrge manufacturing plant In the line of
wtjton end carriage wood atock located at
Fayetterllle, Ark. The capnclty of this
p ant will be Increased to serve the other
Louse rt which the Haumt are interested.
1 hey wilt thua be able to work out to atlll
g'-rater perfection their policy of ellmlnat
Irg the middle men In furnishing auppliea
I'lrer-t from producer ti consumer.
In nddlllnn to the grent advantages thua
si-cured to thrtr different business Inter
im ts la lsr the large advantage of buying
fr.t a number of strong concerns, thua en
isling them to c-intrart for enormous quan
t:tles cf matertels, giving the manufacturer
an ontiorlunity to nuk a special run, auch
' will enahle Mm to produce at the loweat
possible, cost. Omaha will remain the home
cf the 'Hiiuma, although their Interest! In
Pt. Louis will be of auch Importance as
to require a great deal of personal atten
tion. . ..
Corporation Thirty Years Old.
The Psdrinek-Hawley- Company la a cor
poration that hae been . In existence for
thirty years, and haa been doing a business
approximating two million dollars per an
num, occupying a building about liO feet
square, fcix stories lt height and resem
bling very much In lta general style the
1 ee-Glass-Andreesen building of thla city.
The building was especially constructed for
this business acme years ago by the Samuel
Cupples Warehouse Co., and Is part of
what Is known ae "the Cupplea warehouse
system" and la located on the tracks of the
Pt. Louis Terminal Co. Buslnesa extenda
f:-im Ohio to the Pacific coast and as far
north as the Canadian line, and an exten
.ve trade Is done in Mexico.
Th new organization, known a the New
Padrtnrk-Hawley company, haa been Incor
porated under the laws of Nebraska! with
D. A. Baum, president; Pan Baum, Jr.,
vice president, and J.: K. Baum. secretary
and treasurer. Prominent In the local or
ganisation at St. IOuls will be Charles T.
Brace, Fred Hawley and Oalua - Paddock,
Jr., all of whom are young men who have
grown up with the business.' It 1st a notable
fact that Omaha, while boasting of some of
the largest Individual Jobbing houses In
the United States in certain lines, at the
same time controls more Jobbing houses
located lh other cities than any other west
ern community. It Is a tribute to the en
terprise and Success of the Jobbers of this
community that such Is the fact and the
growth, at amr principal Jobbing- houses Is
most remarkable as compared with, the Job
bing houses of any other city In the west.
Mr. Baum vouchea for all the statements
made above.
Open house was beld last evening In tha
new rlub rooms of the Independent Politi
cal and Social club of Omaha, to whloh
the friends of the members had been In
vited and moat enjoyable time was bad
by all present. Although there was no
formal program, music rung through the
rooms and when Mayor Dahlman appeared
he was called upon for a speech In which
he was very fellrtjoue In his remarks snd
wished the club members success In their
new undertaking.
The club open under most auspicious
circumstances Vtth elghty-nve members
snd the club rooms on the third floor of
the southeast corner of Fourteenth snd
Douglas have been most tastily snd con
veniently fitted up. The north end of the
large room has een partitioned off with
brass railing and here la the secretary's
desk, with writing desks and flowers In
profusion. Billiard tables have been In
stalled as well as a pool table and every
thing will be done to make the rooms a
pleasant place for the members to spend
the evenings.
The board of directors consists of Al.
Plummer, Frank Douglas, Full Thompson.
William Coleman, Emery Smith. John A.
Ross and Jamea Brown. The offlcera are
John Ross, president; James Brown, secre
retary. and Charles Coleman, manager.
The club haa been Incorporated under the
laws of the state of Nebraska. The mem
bership fees of the club are 60 oenta per
month with each paid up member carrying
a key.
Many visitors were present last evening
looking over the new rooms and accepting
the hospitality of the new club, which la
brganlxed for social, political and -chari
table purposes.
Successfully attacks creaM and
dirt In any forha, removes It quick
ly and completely, and with one-
half the time and labor required
with ordinary cleaners.
Cheese) fiS I
Chases) R
told hi Urge stftJg toy rtai.
At eUl Grocer. lOO
j '
Seat FTtKK en request, a hand
some lUaetrated booklet. "HlnU
for Haoawwirea", ooatainlns many
valuable and tianaJy suf gestlons.
Adareaa: .1
tW cciaxy riavw c, . fc c in
Seth Omaha, Meb.
Police Have Ko Record of so Tosnv
Person Arrested for so
erlons an Offense.
In the arrest of F.rliest Clark, aged (
yvare, on the charge of burglary, a new
record In Omaha's police annals for youth
ful criminals has been set. The police do
not remember that so youYig a prisoner has
been taken to the station on a serious
charge before.
The lad, who has begun life with a crimi
nal recornC Is the son of C. W. Clark, a
tinner living at Sixteenth and Davenport
streets. He was caught in the act of rob
blng the cash drawer In the grocery store
of Welnsteln A Oreenherg. 3ng North Six
teenth street, early Tuesday evening.
The proprietors Vf the store sre In the
habit of leeving about 12 In change 4n the
drawer over night, and for several nights
the money has persistently disappeared
Tuesday It w-aa arranged to watch after the
store closed at 6 o'clock. A trap was set
to give an alarm when anyone should
enter, and the proprietors and a clerk
waited upstairs. Before hiding themselves
they saw the Clark hoy peer Into the front
windows to satisfy himself no one was In,
and soon afterward a noise told them the
tran had been sprung. The little boy was
captured Just aa he had his hand on the
cash drawer.
It was learnf d that the diminutive burglar
gained entrance by crawling through the
Iron bars protecting a rear window. The
lad protested he waa not the one who did
the other Jobs, but that he only entered to
see If the real robbers were In there.. As
sistant Probation Officer Carver took the
prisoner to the detention home.
oath Omaha Plants Look All Rlht
to William MrMarray of
William McMurray of Portland, the new
general passenger agent of the Oregon
Railroad and Navigation company and the
Southern Pacific lines In Oregon, spent
yesterday In Omaha and In company of
Grrlt Fort, assistant general passenger
agent of ths Union Pacific. He made "a
tour of Omaha and South Omaha, visiting
the great packing plants in the Ma (tic City.
'1 must assure you." said Mr. McMurray,
In speaking of the one plant he visited.
Which happened to be Armour's, "that If
all are as clean and carefully maintained
as that one they are all right and T under
stand It Is a fair criterion. I shall take
baok to the Paclflo coast the best of re
ports o fthess packing bouses. They have
been misrepresented out there by people
whose only information Is what they hearj
It will be my pleasure, to correct these
falsa Impressions. ' .-.
V "rw.h. i. . Tl k.. lie.
energy and enterprise. I was much Im
pressed by Nebraska's metropolis."
Mr. McMurray succeeded AL L. Craig,
who left the Oregon Railroad and Naviga
tion company to return to the service of
James J. Hill, taking the position of gen
eral passenger traffic manager of the Great
Northern, made vacant by the resignation
of F. I. Whitney. Craig went from the
Northern Pacino to the Oregon Railroad
and Navigation company only a few years
Meaaare Satisfactory to Cotnpoay
Knocked Oat as Sot Coming
l to the t'alversal
Traasfev Idea.
No action with reference to City Engineer
Rosewater's contention that he is entitled
to hold over the office was taken by the
city council last night, but communications
and recommendations from the engineer
were received and acted on ami laborers
for the sewer and asphalt departments sub
mitted by him were approved. Though
some disposition was shown to make diffi
culties over his bond, the council seemed
disposed to let the matter rest where It Is.
By accepting communications from the
official It was presumed that hla claim to
the engineers hip was recognised.
His bond had been approved by a Judge
of the district court and merely filed with
the city clerk, who nevertheless brought It
before the council. Bridges. Brucker and
McQovern were Insistent that the bond he
not accepted, but Zlmmrfn raised the point
of order that the document, upon which
the American Bonding company appears
aa surety, wss not s proper matter for
consideration as the letter accompanying
it showed Mr. Rosewater's purpose was
simply to die It with the clerk. After dis
cussion President Johnson sustained Zlm
man'e srgument and the question was ruled
oft the course.
Implacable at Work,
Later, when a communication was re
ceived from the engineer to the effect that
he had reappointed George W. Craig as
assistant city engineer five councllmen tried
to adopt a resolution refusing to confirm.
It was colnted out that the charter makes
this form unnecessary, but Bridges, Han
sen, McOovern and Johnson refused to ap
prove Craig's bond, succeeding as only ton
councllmen were present. This will not
hamper the latter, as he can have the
omission rectified by a district court judge
In the manner followed by his chief.
Just after he had ruled the point of order
In Zimman's favor President Johnson called
the former presiding officer to the chair
and entrusted the gavel to him during
most of the session. Zlmman, the sole re
publican member, was surprised to find
himself on the stand where he stood three
years, ' this time directing a democratic
body. He dispatched routine business with
great speed and In a manner generally
satisfactory to his associates.
Elsaaier's Latest Carre.
The Initiative and referendum law may
become an operating factor In the muni
cipal government of Omaha If Councilman
Elsasser has his way. He Introduced an
ordinance for the purpose of having the city
formally accept the law. Until this Is done
the statute does not apply to any munici
pality. No debate was awakened tiy the
measure, which was referred to the Judici
ary committee. If the ordinance Is passed
it will open the doors to a whole catalogue
of things.
Street Railway Transfers.
Bridges snd Zlmman, Assisted by Hansen
nd Johnson, succeeded In defeating the
ordinance requiring the street railway
company to grant transfers at specified
points, contending that It was not of "uni
versal" application, and while a forward
step did not go far enough. Sheldon- and
Brucker said the ordinance went as far as
possible and still prevent passengers from
making round trips, - but Bridges declsred
that such contingencies could bo, .mat by
he company by the ' issuance ' ' of
different colored transfer slips snd other
precautions. It took seven votes to pass
he ordinance and only six voted for It,
Councllmen Jackson and Funkhouser being
absent. Bridges has a "universal" transfer
ordinance In the hands of a committee,
which he will try to have passed.
Some of Zlmman's utterances about the
matter and the attitude of the street rail
way company towards the public were ap
plauded. Councllmen on the railways com
mittee admitted that street railway officials
had assisted them In compiling the ordl
nance and that It was satisfactory to
Man Was Shot at Hla DlToroed Wife
ad Broke Jail Is
Castared. N
H. J. Sleek, who broke out of the county
jail at Carroll. Ia., soma time ago, was
arrested Tuesday afternoon by Deteotlves
Pruraray and Maloney at Eleventh and
Douglas. streets. Me is charged with be
ing a fugitive from justice. Sleek shot
at his divorced wife about two mum ha ago
at Coon Rapids, la., and waa bound over
to the district court. Ha waa awaiting
trial when he broke jail. He will bs taken
back to Carroll.
DMIOWrSTta'S KW4U40M. . .
lssbsl "." lTaie;, " k"!"!
aataw 1 BBMtBsaMsmfegi fcaL-allL nSj W 4a sVaWMa
tie i "'a,,? r r -
s aw iki V,TTiT?
J. W. t'arr Sella Hla Homo.
J. W. Carr has sold his fins residence.
Lawn Crest, just outside of the city limits.
one-quarter mile south of the Center street
road, to Mr. Andrew A. FUray, who sold his
farm near MUlard to ths I'nioo Pacific
Railroad company in connection with ths
cut-off to Valley, Mr. and Mrs. Carr will
move to A r Icons LVcember 1, where Mi
carr nas large interests. The sale was
made through ths real estate firm of J. H.
pumost A Bon. ...
WATCHES Frenser, l&th and Dodge Sta,
Mortality Statistic,
Ths following births and death have
been reivorted to the Hoard of Health Jur
Ing the twenty-four boura ending at noun
Blrtha-A. Catania, M Davenport, fclri
Jan-es Isli, lajt Paul, girl; Thunms Julian
sen. 141 North Seventeenth, bori Albert H.
Head, 2146 South Thirty-third, boy: John
Halter, till Ohio, boy; Claus Luethje, Uls
Wirt, boy; I. Newman, iJ'i arnani, boy
(Wrsro Polsnd. 4315 Patrick avenue, alii
Henry Schnauher, 4X11 Grant, girl; joef'
H. Shelly, 4M( Franklin, buy; David
Phulta 1714 Charles. Vey '. James Vanola.
til Marcy, hoy: Juhn Vteuiaad. ll uu
una, oy
Deaths Anton Borteo Sanger, XI Ban
inrant liars, liif wuu
,re Burke. Ittt South 1
fifth avenue, 11; Leroy Peters. la Ohio,
croft. M;
month I Oeor
r2 v
am. '
h Thlrtj
days: Axel Henri Olson, la Ohio. I months,
William limm, iva i anion, a
Automobile Ken mi C'o. Offlee NUee
Meaar, atixleatua and Farimav . Tel. Doug
las lMft.
DIAMONDS - Frenser , Uig ead Dedfw
i7hich is Matting
a Record
PIANOS continues .with unabated success. Over eighty high grade instruments sold during
the last week. The enormous price reductioua we made on our entire stok has attracted
the greatest throng of buyers that ever attended a piano sale in this city. From every nook
and comer of Omaha they come, and also from surrounding towns and counties. The stock
offered is of the highest character, including the world renowned Steinway, the famous Steger, the celebrated Emerson,
llardmau, A. I. Chase, MePhail and many other makes. The reductions in price are genuine and appeal to the buyer at
once. Any piano purchased during this sale (as at all thm) can be returned if not satisfactory and the money will be
cheerfully refunded. Uead these bargains over carefully and come early:
Ebony Case Upright..... $75
Oak Case Upright.... $100
Mahogany Case' Upright $125
Rosewood Case Upright $150
Fine Chickering Cabinet Grand .$175
Slightly Used Steger, oak case $200
Ebony.vCase Steinway, big snap $250
And Many Others. Square Pianos and all makes 92.1, $50 and up.
Out-of-town customers should take advantage of the above special offerings. We ship pianos everywhere.
hmoSletr x (TwiJyelleir FSaim o.
1311-1313 Farnam Street. Phone Douglas 1625. Omaha.
' - -- - -ir
Th Oldest and Largest Piano
Nous In ths Wast.
poratlons to repair pavements that have
sunk over conduits.
City's Cash Aocounl.
Comptroller Loleck reported he had
checked the city cash July J) with the fol
lowing result:
Balance in Banks.
First National
Mercrmnts Isetlonel ..
Nehrnka National ...
Unmbi National
I lilted Btnuo National
Kountie Broe.. New
Cash In drawer ....
Checks for deposit
City Funds.
.... P2.MO.s3
..... 212.07P 31
190.206. M
1.4'.4 K
Total .4?.14
Balances in Banks. School r unds.
Firet National '
Merchants National 3n.2:3 4A
Omaha National r. .?
1'nlted States National- io.o- n 11
Kountso Bros.,. New lork l.jtet.m
Total I..-'..' 132.013 07
Merchants National
I nited States National.. !.-n
Total funds on hand..
. ...H7W.92
. .JW&.23K.49
Sever Sent a Mas the Hospital.
miring the Spanish-American war I -com
manded Company O, Ninth Illinois tnraniry.
Purine; our stay in Cuba nearly every man
In the company had diarrhoea or stomach
trouble. We never bothered sending a man
to the eurareon or hospital, but irave him a
dose or two of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Plarrhoea Remedy and next day he
was all right. AVe aJwavs had a dozen
bottles or more of It In our medicine chest.
Orra Havlll. This remedy can alwaya be
depended upon for collfl and diarrhoea and
should be kept on hand In every home.
Annual Eieamlea to Dolnth.
Via Great Northern line will leave Sioux
City at 6:30 p. m., Thursday, August 2, ar
riving Dulnth Friday morning. Return
Ins; will leave Duluth'-at 4 o'clock Sunday
afternoon, August 5. Roifwl trip fare only
$5. Special through, trains - win m iu.,
consisting of tourist rteefaprs and day
conches. Double berth" WarfVptne; car 1
each way. . Dululft and. vwipuy compr.E
one of the most enjoyablo j.ainta ror a r w
days outing. Boat trips may be maae 10
many places of Interest In Lake , tupenor
at small cost.
Persons desiring berths should make
reservations as early ns possible In order
to Insure getting accommodations. Apply
to Agent Oreat Northern railway, Sioux
City, or to Archhald ray. Assistant ura
eral Passenger Agent. Sioux City. Ia.
J. H. Hamilton Offers to Bet Chicago Man
on Nebraska's Output,
Strength of Report by Chicago
Trader Bnlllsh Letters on
Corn Crop Are Sent
New City Laws.
The ordinance requiring the weighing, or
measuring of all fuel. Ice and foodstuffs
sold by weight or measure, the giving of
he full purported quantity and holding
both employer and employe responsible un
der the penalty of lines waa passed. The
same happy fate met the law creating the
office of second assistant attorney at a
sslary of $2,000 a year.
City Engineer Rosewater suggested In
writing to the mayor and council that for
the purpose of promoting general publtn In
erests a Joint meeting of the executive,
councllmen and heads of departments be
held to counsel mutually and to dissemi
nate Information about public funds, needs
and service that a full understanding may
be reached for the good of the city; to
eradicate false tmpreasions, bring about
economical management and a good admin
istration. The letter was received but no
action taaen.
Hxpert Aeesialaat Accepted.
The mayor's appointment of John M. Gil
christ at S7.M a day to examine and audit
the clty'a financial accounts for two years
back was approved. His honor sent In
the name of V, J. Connell for city pros
ecutor as an alternate to that of T. F.
Lea and the council turned It down, as
usual. .
Treasurer Fink reported that for the pur
ohase of I100.0UO, twenty-four 4 per cent
sewer renewal bonds, he had received but
three bids and one of these for less than
par. Rhoadea A Co. of New Tork offered
1X4 for the Issue; th City Bavlngs bank
of Omaha, $100, and Rollins Co. of Chi
cago 14,000 less than face value. The treas
urer recommended the acceptance of the
highest bid, but the council referred the
matter to the general committee for con
sideration.' This Is one of the most disap
pointing bond sales the city has held In
Conarllmaale Palls Weak.
Councilman Brucker started something
by raising an unanswered Inquiry ss to
why councllmen could not succeed In get
ting men on the street commissioner's pay
roll. He said ha doubted If a single coun
cilman had "a man" In the street gangs.
Davis pleaded guilty to having one, but
Elssvaser said no ane had ever applied
through him, but be thought the commis
sioner would try to mske the jobs go
round ss equitable as possible. Discussion
stopped her.
A challenge from the, South OmaJia city
council for a baseball game st Vinton
street pain, proceeds to go to the South
Omaha city hospital, waa referred to Pres
ident Jotinson.
Several hundred property owners and
residents about Twenty-sixth, Twenty-sev.
entfc and Twenty-eighth streets in the vi
cinity af Arbor petitioned the couru-11 to
open Arbor street for trsfQc from Twenty
slats to Tweatr-elghta streata and to have
tba railroads build a viaduct ever the
track that weuld cross the thoroughfare.
On ths reoommendatioa af ths building
Inspector August I at I o'clock tn ths aft
ernoon was set for a hearing ef owners
with reference to ths oondemnstlsn of a
lot af aid Duudmga. .
Blaasaar bad a resolution adoptea a! reel
ing in ngtnaar to utgs public aerrlc oar-
One of the l.ones ' stretches mt
Doable Track. In tha World
under cne management Is that of the
Grand Trunk Railway System from Chi
cago to Montreal and to Niagara Falls.
The Geand lYunk-Lehigh Valley Double
Track Houte via Niagara Falls reaches
from CWcago to New York.
Descriptive literature, time tables, etc.,
will be mailed free on application to Geo.
W. Vaux. A. Q. P. & T. A., Grand Trunk
Railway System, 136 Adami St.. Chicago.
One Fara for Ronnd Trip.
From Chicago, plus 4.00. for' thirty-day
limit, and one fare for the round trip plus
$2.00 for fifteen-day limit, to Canadian and
New England polnta. Tickets on sale via
Nickel Plate road from Chicago August
S and 2t. Information given upon appli
cation to John T. Calahan, general agent.
No. 107 Adams St.. Chicago, La Salle St.
station, Chicago, the only depot on the
Elevated Railroad Loop. ' " 7
Daniel Wright, a member of the Chicago
Board of Trade, passed through Nebraska
lapt week and on his return to Chicago
reported that Nebraska would raise iiot
more than two-thirds of a crop of Corn.
Some of the Chicago grain houses took his
word 'for it and began to send out bullish
letters In regard to ths corn crop of the
state. J. 11. Humllton of Omaha, know
ing that Wright had misrepresented the
local situation. Offered to bet that the crop
of the state would run 10.000,000 bushels
jver last year, proposing to take the gov
ernment's figures as authority. He placed
In the hands of S. P. Arnot of the I'pdike
Commission company, Chicago, a certified
check for $100 to cover a bet with one of
the firms sending out the bullish reports.
Tuesday the check was returned to him
with the following letter:
J. H. Hamilton, Omaha, Neb. My Dear
Mr. Hamilton: I showed your letter to
Mr. Noyes this morning and asketl him to
put up his check to cover the bet. He de
clined to do so, saying that he saw no
Mood reason for putting up the money for
such a length of time and that he h
wlllina to take your word If you would tak
Ills. I told him that In that event I would
have nothing to do with the transaction,
hut that 1 -would write and Inform you
what he had to sav. as I could not very
well be responsible for each end of the bet
as long ss there were no stakes up, es
pecially Inasmuch as I was not a party to
the bet. but only neglated tne atlair.
He suggested I return your check, which
I hirtwlth An Vnn will ktndlv advise me
vhathur or not vou wish the bet to stand
onh is word or whether you will deolare it
off. Tours very truly. 8. P. ARNOT.
Mr. Hsmilton firmly believes the state
will raise 10,000,000 bushels more corn than
last year, and he takes the fact that Mr.
Noyes refused to put up the money as evi
dence that he doesn't plabe much faith In
Mr. Wright's report.
Ns1aOl'W"WaWealll M
The enlightening sun of
cleanliness is
Jap Rose
Its exquisite odor of
natural flowers, its
transparent purity, its
cleansing and soothing
qualities make it the
choice of discriminat
ing users.
For toilet and bath.
James S. Kirk & Co., Chicago
Large manufacturer desires services of
first-class specialty man. Applicants must
. . . FT IA I. ul..,.alnv
oe Deiween ntc n ui ia uu w, , i , . vj uv.nn..ti j
snd selling experience. Must now be em-
ployed. Cheap man need not apply. Ad- i
dress K 66, care Bee.
Look Out
For the Ea;les' stupendous annual plcnio
at Bennington "park, Thursday, July 26. via
"Ths Nortbweetern Line." Dancing, amuse
ments of all kinds, refreshments. The pub
llo Invited Tickets, $1.00; for sale by the
com.nltee or St Union station. Special
train. 10:30 a. m. . .
lacreaae Yoar Income.
Opportunities in all lines of business In
new and growing towns In Iowa, Illinois.
Missouri and Minnesota, along the line of
the Chicago Oreat Western railway. Write
to Industrial Department, C. G. W. Ry.,
St., Paul, Minn., for "Town Talk" and
county map.
Low Ronad Trip Hates via Chicago.
Mllwankea A t. Panl Ry. '
One fare phis $2.00 for 15-day ticket, one
fare plus $4.00 for 30-day ticket, on sale
dally to many polnta In Canada and west
ern New York, and on August 8th and 22d
and September 5th and 19th to -many New
England points. Tell us where you want
to go and we will give you the best rates
for your trip. Call at city ticket office.
1524 Farnam street, or write to
Genersl Weatern Agent, Onuha, Neb.
Gm to ew York on Ike Leklsjb.
Double track scenic highway. Connects
at Buffalo or Niagara Falls with all lines
from the west.
Write passenger department, Ibigh Val
ley R. R, 21$ South Clark St., Chicago, 111.
The following marriuge licenses have been
Name and Address
Isaac Noel. 81. Joseph. Mo
Georgle Johnson, Kansaa City. Mo
Krnest A. Beasey. Miami, Kla
Edllh Carleton Hlgsins. Omaha...
Harry McDonald. Tekamah. Neb..
1011. Marsn. tiouin Omaha
Jamea Petlsllka, Omaha.
Uerliia TudJotk. Omaha
... M
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Can't hold onto both our profits and
our tailors during dull season. So, we
let the profits go and Insugurate this
during which we can cut the price of
the season's suitings down one more
dollar each day until they are al) sold.
Now. we're ready to miks to your
ANY $50, 345, cr $40
Kvery day aees the pile shrink like
a 19-cent red flannel shirt In its first
washtub. Wise men will order today!
304-3041 South- BlarteeBtli treat.
'Phons Douglas 1$0$.
Next Door to Wabash Tickst Office.
Chicago and Return
Tickets on sale August 4, 5 and 6 rith limit of
August 15. '
Through Fast Trains leave Omaha daily at 8:00 a. m.
and 6:00 p. m. '
Tickets and information at City Ticket Office, 1402
Farjiam street, Omaha.
S. NORTH, District Passenger Agent.
scientific, phlloso-
DIAMONDS Edholm, lsth and Harney..
Haaanirr Toara.
The Wabaah haa Issued a beautiful
pamphlet. "MOI'NTAIN, LAKE AND
SKA." Those planning a. summer trip
should ask for one. Wabash City Office,
1W1 Fsrnam St., or address Harry .
Moorsa, O. A. I'. Omaha, Neb.
chual courses.
ACADEMY An accredited High School.
Prepares for Wellevue or any other cul-Irk-e
or university.
NORMAL SCHOOL Elementary and ad
vanced courses. Certlfiratee granted.
CONSERVATORY Theory of music, pi
ano, voice, violin, elocution and art.
CONNECTIONS with Omaha; Electrlo
line and Burlington Railway.
Fall semester opens Bepietnoer is.
Address President Wadi
J worth. Bellsvus,
In the beautiful Cumberland Valley. Courses
leading to degrees of A.. B. and Mua. B
Classics. Music. Art. A moat eicellent fac.
ulty. Campus M acres; 14 buildings; rates'
moderate. M. H. REA8ER. Ph. D, PrWI,
M Collage Ave. CUAMBERlBfRQ. PA.
. Special
Homeseekers Excursion
Missouri, Arkansas, Indian Terrltoru.
Louisiana, New Mexico,
Oklahoma. Texas, Republic of Mexico.
August 7th and 21st,
September 4th and 18th,
Oc tober 2d and 10th.
Novembor eth and SOUu
1906, Via ,
H. 0. TOWNbEXD, General I'aaeenger and Ticket Agent,
aciiooua u com
Military Academy
Ieartaatea, M.. fttiWi ass IcseM unitary im Mamie . t'U - A ' k twu,i
attiM st ww itmpt. Om ef is V. aV Vn r
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