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The Omaha Daily Del
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clui jnailer. .
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livery to City Circulation uepartment.
Omaha The Bee Building.
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Council Btufls 10 Pearl Street.
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ew lora-ln"" Hume l.lle int. Building.
Washington 6ol Fourteenth Street.
CO R R ES H ) N D 1 N C E.
Communication rein ting to news and edi
torial matter should he addressed: Omaha
Bee. 'Editorial Department
Under our syiitera wf government
every rltltet ia ft aoverelgn, privileged
to eipreaa his will through the ballot
box without being responsible to any
one but hit own conscience. On the
other hand," every man who represents
the voters In any capacity Is responsi
ble to the sovereign voter and is ex
pec tea to carry out his will and wish
In the discharge of the duties devolv
ing on him.
Members of legislative bodies,
whether national or state, and dele
gates In political conventions, are not
free agents, n the contrary, they are
expected to voice the will and wish of
their sovereign constituents on every
measure that afreets the public welfare.
For this reason the constitution of
Nebraska requires every member of
Remit bv draft, exoreaa or postal order rna lP-l.l t urA in record hla vote on
payable to The Bee Publlsnlng Company.
on'y y-cetir stamp received as payment of every bill or Joint resolution as well
mail accounts. Personal checks, except on . .. Biprttnn i. And the
Omaha or eastern exchanges, not accepted. in me election OI US omcers ana tni
the bee FiHusHiAU(.u"''' election of united States senators
State of Nebraska, Iouglas County, as:
C. C; Rosewater, general manager of me
Bee t'tilillshlnc Company, being duly sworn,
aav liiat the actual number of full and
en.m.lete Louies of The Dully. . Morning,
This principle has always been the
unwritten law for presidential electors.
The American people do not vote di
rectly for president, but presidential
Evening an.l Sunday Bee printed during the I electorg are in honor bound to cast
month of June. lf. was aa luuuw-
l ai,7so
2 33,10
1 30,760
4 31,950
6 33.070
7 32,010
i 31.S00
g 33,410
10 .. 30,680
11 ...... 32,300
It.......... 31, 93
1J 31,810
14 ,.. 31,690
16 31,870
Address of Editor of Th9 Bee at the National Conference on
Trusts Held in Chicago September 13-16, 1899.
From the, Official Report of Proceedings.
Edward Rosewater of Nebraska was the next speaker, and said:
We are confronted by grave problems generated by the industrial revolu-
are permitted to retain as a deposit of
treasury funds one-third of the amount
of the new bonds allotted to them.
Thus the secretary takes advantage
of opportunity to create a demand for
the bonds he Is selling, at a time, too,
when the demand for cash for moving
the western crops Is at its height Or
dinarily a new Issue of government
bonds causes depression of the prices
nt rtyi at a rAr tr tmndl' hilt Blirh lfl the
effect of the secretary', measurea that "on ot the nineteenth century. Th. trust Is but the outgrowth of natural con
r,He.. r,f honrf. .re notablv ad- U'"ons. The trend of modern clviliiatlon Is toward centralliation and con
vancing In the teeth ot the new Issue, centration. This tendency is strikingly exhibited in the congestion of popula
The outcome, In short, will 'inevitably "on in large cities, the building of mammoth hotels, tenement blocks, sky
hA that the treasury will receive sev- scraper office buldlngs, the department store and collossal manufacturing
eral hundred thousand dollars more plants.
for the Panama canal bonds than it The monopolistic combination of corporate capital known as trusts has
would have received if the secretary it origin in overproduction and ruinous competition. Honestly capitalized and
had not taken such precautions, the managed with due regard for the well being of their employes and operated
difference being the "rake-off" which economically for the benefit of consumers of their product, these concerns
the old private syndicate method of would be harmless. Within the last decade the trusts have, however, for the
marketing government bonds secured most part degenerated Into combinations for stock Jobbing. Near every trust
to the operators. recently organized had Its Incentive In the Irresistible temptation held out by
On top of all this, this bond issue is the professional promoter to capitalise competing plants enormously In excess
offered with every facility as a popu- of their actual value. This fictitious capitalization constitutes the most dan
lar loan, so that any person with mod- gerous element of the modern trust. In nearly every instance overcapltallza
erate savings has an equal chance with I tlon becomes the basis for raising the price of trust products and Invariably
the sharpest speculators and greatest I lays the foundation for bank failures, panics and all the ills that follow In
bank or syndicate to bid and secure a their train
share within his means, a Circumstance It has been asserted from this platform that fraudulent capitalization is
which is no more palatable now to as evil that will cure itself and at the very worst concerns only the stock
Mill J
Like the sound of hells si night breaking the slteno
only to lead us to deeper pace- I.Ike a l alen cloud a
morn, hanslna as a golden mist. sAon to-dlapper brfnr
the fttrnnrt . the aim t.lUe the-' hentitiftll memorle
that flit before in as we watch, shine, the shadows froml
the fire place, com and go Uke sudden songs bursting I
upon our dreams from the open gates or a better worm I
So Is music.
Manv a woman, though rnnnhle of dolna much, has
a good deal of unoccupied time on her hand. You read till your head aches
end reading lead to little lasting value. To do the thing that some people
think are the only oni fit for women to do I like setting a steam hammer
to knock pins Into a board Some out-let Is wanted, some recreation that will
take you out and away from the hum-drum of everyday life. Tn Vomn, muila,
sweet piano mualr. comes with a power of relief and a gentle grace, little .
short of the supernatural. When you flng some old familiar song, you Sing
more than a song: you plaint your feelings are floating awv on the wing
of melody. Burdens mav be lifted, that "restless longing" passes away mtislo ;
did it. '
If you have no piano In the home and are contemplating the purchase of '
one, either now or sometime In the future, we want you to call at our store,
see and hear a Kimball Piano. The Kimball has Just the tone to suit you. It e ',
tones are sweet, full, round and melodious, not harsh and ear-piercing as many .
pianos are. ,r "
We represent ver 1 Slffertnt fseterles' eutput.
g sa,4eo I uieir vuies lur me inuuiuiin ui inn
17 ao.800 party that has polled a plurality of the
l votes in their respective states.
riolocaroa in naMnnal rnnvAntlnn A.
JO 83,000
jl ai.MO as a rule, are not allowed to go as free
22 agents to vote for whom they please, I lie policy
2 - .!? but are Instructed to use all honorable
24 30,340
25 1 . 31.T30 means for the nomination of the candl-
( 31,800 I date who represents tne preierence or
2T. 31,860 I R majority of their constituents. This
s 31,780 usage has orevalled not only in Ne-
to'".'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 83',ao braska. but In nearly all the states of k,ed prote8t8 wlth tne state Board of dustry. Fraudulent capitalization is, moreover, not merely a menace to the fh""t 'rtu was puIv
iiib uuiuu. F.nna iatlnn domandlni a reaucuon "en ueiug ui tag preseDi xeneraiion, out. aiso endangers, me luiure oi genera- .k. . t- u.i i n v. ti.nt
As a matter of history, delegates at in tne .oitroad assessment, which they tions yet unborn. It Is an open secret that life Insurance funds held In trust Dreyfus was not its author, with thii
An Associated Press dispatch from Tarts
some eastern financiers than It was speculators who voluntarily assume the risk of investment In over-valued ust Monday told with great detail how
during the war with Spain, when this trust securities. Experience has exploded this delusive theory. Nearly all the M. Bunau-Varlila. formerly diplomatic
method proved so phenomenally sue- so-called "Industrials" are on the market and the owners of over-valued plants 5'nt ' Pnma .R'ub,' urvthA
cessful from the point of view of pub- either dispose of their holdings or place them In banks as collateral for loans the j,, which led to the conviction
negotiated for speculative schemes financiered on the balloon plan. The in- and banishment of Dreyfus. Briefly. Bu
evitable outcome in cases of money stringency or panic is shrinkage and col- nau-Vamia asserted that he had in his
- . . . . ... . nnaiMfllnn mn old letter from Drevfus nfak-
SIMPLY BLUFFIXO. lapse or me concerns invoivea: Banns rareiy loan meir own money, oui inai i . " " a..,,.
The railroad tax agents are bound ot tbeir depositors, and when the banks go to the wall the whole commercial that hu broth, Maurice, proprietor of the
to earn their salaries befQre taking " inuuairiai iaoric is invoivea in wrecu ana ruin. into means me aesiruc- I Farls Matin, had a photographic copy oi
their annual vacation. They have tlon of confidence and widespread distress to the toilers in every field of In- the bordereau; that the handwriting of the
Total 854.180
, ,a i. 10.488
" - " ' - VI I X'V. ..1. . n . I 1 I . . .... .. . . , I nM Ka I J. . V- . a . 1 , . t . j , I I I . .... J 1 i. , i . , i, - Iara n th.
, miivh inn i iih HMNnM ill iiHLitiuiii i.uu- I i i m M r. . . . A nil t n rii ii r i i.i in n wiuuwa nun iiriiimiiN ill iiiiiii'v 11 ill II Hr H m nvumiin in inniiMiriMi hhitiii I. I iiuiiiirnimii. 11 waa v iniiuru, n ...
a . t. - i i laHii is uui ui nil 411 wiiul I.1VM VVvv-. . j . . . . . .
Net total sales vanMnne hove, alwove hen inatriirtprl. I . .v.- tv. ...or) Hm rontlnir nn a fnondorlnn nf sanrf onrf w.l movement for the vindication of Dreyfus
1 ill l " . . - I 11(11 if? I I V ill lllM BlttlC. X UVJ """ 1 1 " 1 " " " " "" ' "
Dally average si.aoo
Oeneral Manager.
Subscribed In my presence and sworn to
before me this 30th day of June VM. y
tBeal.) m. i, Ki I
letter to the New York Times, Walter
I . . . V, X
T I..I.. 1.. ..., ... ... . . . . . . , I. 1 Vl.i lU - wl- I J 1 ivi. " l-ll-l IU nil-
ui wiuo mnuM uicsain u" with tneir usual Dravaao mat, real - umner ui iiioiuiy uiii eyeiy panic turn, una yer uccurreu iu hub ij,.if-d ripmollahes this hid for some
Sabeerlbers leaving; the city tern
porarlly should hare Tho Boo
mailed to them. Address will bo
ohaaaod aa oftea as required.
been compelled to pledge their sup- tate Is assessed at not more than 13 country was brought about by Inflation. The panic of 1837 was caused by 0f the glory now surrounding this ceie-
port publicly to the candidate endorsed per cent of Its value; live stock at 12 wild land speculation and Inflation of land values. The panic of 1857 was "pre- brated case. Mr. uttiefleid assert that
by the convention. In the memorable jier cent merchandise at S per cent, clpitated by the enormous Inflation of paper currency Issued by wildcat banks the publication of the bordereau ln Jj
state convention held at Columbus in egricuitural implements at 6 per cent, and consequent overspeculation and Inflation of values of all classes of prop- rv"'," I"
1876 every delegate in the convention while railroads are assessed at 20 per erty. The panic of 1873, ascribed to the failure of Jay Cook and the col- proof of this assertion Mr. Uttlefleld quotes
was compelled to stand up and pro- cent. lapse of the Northern Pacific, was In reality due to the inflation' caused by an l Matin's editorial accompanying the
nounce himself for Blaine or for Grant jf this relative divergence really ex- almost unlimited issue of greenbacks and consequent reckless speculation In publication of the. bordereau, which cloed
i. r th. nif I . ... . ,j v- til.11 j i. tv. - , with these sentences: in oraer to acnievo
u uiuci -lion, hid -.. v.- v. -i I ISIS mey unaoUDieaiy wouiu u uu- ihi; biucm buu uiuer n..uniie- hiui ana ueen iruuuuienuj innatea. ino ,.. . . . . .... . health-alvlng
.l.Ut 1 . 1 II.. ..1.1. I . . . .. ..,. 1 . . . .... - ... . I .
iniRui us .ui.iiauiniij capicbbuu -iMi- tied to a reaucuon, out lax agenui panic 01 i.aj was again caused Dy me enormous inflation 01 securities issued we publish the fac aimiie of tho famous
out equivocation. , figures are sometimes very deceptive, hy railroads and Industrial concerns of every description, among which the bordereau, written with Dreyfus" own hand
Th Auditorium ouht to be finished What applies to the delegation to Flsturinsr cattle, for example, at South trust securities were quite prominent. To ssny one who has been able to comparn
I .. . .. .. 1 . I ... .1 . .. . .. I Vi. .Iml.t.l -irltlnff r Tleevf IIB with that
1 .A v. 1 n . . 1 .Iamm ta nsnnna r.nnvonrinna nmiiipa wild oM.k. -1. ..-1 . ..i.hnnt n qi 11 pr- 1 Tht mnAp.t ut riittv re thi. .r.r.e.w.nMk 1. n 1 . ..., tk-t .. 111 1 -,. - -
iuoruiun iu 1110 ui igiuai iiio. w 1 - -' uuioua uiai -v fnico -, . ... v . . rv,u,c uuj v vmo uici 10 t ino mcasuitn mat uui . h jn.m,i mhlrh wa here renroduca
raise the necessary money may appear equal force to delegates to state con jng the cost of transporting them from make the trusts harmless. With this end in view It should recommend: H w)n be clear that it was his hand which
difficult, but it can be done. ventlone when the issue is squarely the farm and figuring the cattle of all Flrst-r The creation by act of congress of a bureau of supervision and traced these lines.
made. . The object . of nominating a .zea ani as-eg at a standard rate per control of coporations engaged in Interstate commerce, with Dowers for its
The Kansas supreme court Is again candidate for United States senator is head when thousands are unsalable is chief similar to those exercised by the comptroller of the currency over national L T!?e ""h of f,"r"or ...? Jrn ln ,,,n
after Mayor Rose of Kansas City, but to select the candidate that comes Wore of a Bnare and a delusion than banks. .. hV ,1
Colorado Is still several laps ahead ln nearest to representing the choice of figuring agricultural Implements at Second Legislation to enforce such publicity as will effectually prevent amendment made in the measure originally
the game to nullify elections. the rank and file of the party. By the catalogue prices or at the purchase dishonest methods of accounting and restrict traffic and competition within introduced by Baron Sonnino frustrates the
rights that choice should be exercised from the retail dealer, when as legitimate bound.. latter", main purpose. The great scourge
The race between "the man on Ik. rflr.. nrlm.r. hut until we hBV I t .. .ii. .m . Intn i. . ".... . . I ' southern Italy and the Islands Is the
1 v 1 - - - 1 uiaiici ui iai.v v.-ii uo o 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 lie ftornunn or an narnnra n n n rnniri. nta non hv frtiati whan. ... , . . . , 1
.-...." .r tha man with the - nt . ... -u-i v- . ' I . . , .. uii.17 wmcn n rumra 111. m, .umi ...
. . - .. . - 1 l uireti Lirnii-irT 1110 i. nun n . un uo c- tha rr. n n a wirnin ewn or Lure. vp rh rant fa .iii . K.eA.A . 1..J1.1.1 .-iu 1 . v. . . 1 . . , 1 . . . u i ,
. . 1 1 - " - I v.v a cqipiioucu -ciuic a juuiLiai iiiuuiiui iiiHi, any uranca 01 in- 1 ricuuuriis ana irnimi ui vniau immiiig-.
ouuiB uimi ucaiui m ivunit, pressea moBt enectiveiy mrougn aeie- 1 v. nm
chances ln favor or tne nign explosive. gateB ingtrocted to cast ttfeir votes for of the 66.000.000 acres of lands in
the candidate) preferred by a majority Nebraska less than one-thirtl is under
IFV. VI .k .mnr.. .K .Kin.ntl I I ' ' ' " " "
, 7" , , t- f tn delegates in the conntr conven- cultivation and millions of acres are
tloji. . , . . absolutely unDroductlve. while the
at the recent primary In this county
proves to be neither the Uewly-elected
mayor nor the lately discarded con'
dustry has been monopolized by the holders of such patents or copyrights. There are seasons when for the purpose of
Fourth The'enactment by congress of a law that will compel every cor- on,tllniIn J" -"a rP. "."
poration engaged In Interstate commerce to operate under a national charter, ,ttLnA they can only' borrow at ruinous
that shall be abrogated whenever such corporation violates Us provision. rates of Interest. In the Sonnino bill a
Fifth The creation of an interstate commerce court, with ovcIiihIva Inrta- clause obliged landlords and proprietors to
Any systematic attempt to send un-1 railroad is a productive property whose diC,i0n In all cases arising- out of the violation of lntratit commorca lawa. furnish their tenants with. these advances
instructed delegate, to.the state con- valu9 can readily be determined by ; gixth-Th reVWon of the constitution of the United States by a constl- f.' JJZTitEl .nd "0 Tnab" t
.yentioi) Is palpably su,bvrt the market .price-of na, stock . and tutlonal conveitiop-io be caUed by two-thirds of the: states at the earliest pos- do so banks of aararian credit were to
the will of the party either by repu- bonds, or 1U earnings. On Che basis eible date. a provided by article v of the federation constitution, which reads b established to supply loans to- lnnd
llatlnas 4ha dxHaii rr tdm mt a t a trim a i v . -.ia HaA r V. -l i t-v V n n rl ... . nwnaes m a awma TVi a tot aal smsnrl.
prosecution by promising to go out of -7"-- T , r r "L , .. as ro,,OWBr "Tbcongress. whenever two-thirds of the state, shall deem tt 7"" ."."k' . VV.u .tii W
business, must have gotten iu pointer 7'""" ',?. ut..uBO, w.v.u... -v neCess8ry, shall Propose amendments to this constitution, or -on application of bnWl but oppresses those relating
from the Nebraska Grain Dealers' as- "VMV, ? Pr cem. lu ' 1u'"n the legislatures of two-thirds of the several states shall call a convention for to agrarian contract, and the obligation of
aoclatlon. nomination of Senator Burkett or by are assessed at less than 12 per cent propo8,ng amendments which In each case shall be valH to all Intents and ,ana mak8 Jvance. of seed and
B.Diyu.dUDj iuo couvenuon no a 10 or their actual value. ine tax agen.s nilrnn nr .rl nf tht. .nntlt,,lo who,, rM K K- iii.... 1 .k mns or labor, one or tne main ODjec.s
to brine about the nomination of a dark Ur. simply bluffing to keep up their fourthg of tbe BeVerai states or by convention in three-fourths thereof as the UagthghTcV.'
I hnran nr dnmmv whrv lnrba Iha olo. I ...ntlnn I I mruugii k cub
Canada Is temporarily permitted
send power to the United States across norge' or dummy, who lacks the ele- reputation
Niagara falls and no one on this ait". roenis 01 popularity ana aoes not rep
of the border is clamoring for reel- re8ent tn sentiments of the party on
nmeitv 1.. kinrl vital issues oi tne aay.
An impression exists ln this country
that when Scotland wants a home par-
one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the congress."
. It will be noted that the, Initiative, tnr tho arlnnrlnn nf itnontt omanA.
rr. I m .1.1 tnK..1nl.n n9 Ikt ..... I
1UC ment. to the constitution must be taken by congress, while the initiative for
a revision of the constitution can be taken by the states through their legisla
tures, and when two-thirds of the states have endorsed the proposal It be
comes mandatory on congress to call a constitutional convention and aubmlt
cast at the recent primary election In
Douglas county discloses some Inter
estlng figures. The typical vote cast
The preliminary abstract made up for the delegation for Edward Rose- U( for raUflcatlon- Manlfe8tly the revIslon of the con8t,tut,on is more
efeated, though Its pas-
mber where the south
ern landlord Is largely represented is prac
tically certain. A reduction, also. Is made
In the government grants toward improv
ing roads ln southern Italy, and this vital
reform will be brought to a standstill.
A bill will shortly bp laid before the Ba
varian Chamber proposing a change In
tho. national constitution, by which the
tltmtnt T nnn will Ha nntlfln.1 hv I Kv Ka tinrcan nf si ntluM. theiwa tnln I wotop fnr ITnitad St R t BenAtOr Wfl.1 I ... .
7 V .s .. i. I u t u ,r i. 7 tt 7 77 .v o TrTrT -KtV. Vr tn certain by a convention called by the states than would be an amendment pro- King Otto may be deflnitively W
such a body after It has been caHed to bold relief the unprecedented aggre- more than 2,500, while that for the .. .kik i nt,.t ..., .. , , t ,u , !v .Z . "nniuveiy o
.,'..-,. I . . . . r . , . . ... j, , ti !., it,., posed by congress, which Is not likely to pass the ordeal of a two-thirds vote throned and the prince regent, Luitpold,
A I 1 1 ... 1 . T . 1.1-
uruer iu auiu xvocaio. i icmuou uj uui iureiu iruuo .iiijuohiuu "c6"" "" - tu n,taA ai.u. 1 1.. 1 . , . . . . I v .A vin. ,v richt well in fart
aw iu iuuk rb 1 ib uitiiuutrra art. dul eiec.iea nv inn 1 ' -
t . . . . . . . I Twenty years have now elapsed since King
Constitutional democrats ot Russia M wen ag the Increase over the pre- majority was on the average fully two . . . , , - V " ' . ,c"""u Ludwig ended his life by suicide In th
ln bein torced to choose between re- cedlng year, which was the greatest ln and a half to one. Mr. Rosewater's 7"' "w " w " , " " tonior 10 lEe cnangea conaiuons Bt.renbergsee. and hi. brother, otto, who
actionarle. and revolutionists have a J, pfJiouJ records. The total value candidacy received the endorsement ot ught f morf th" . century . marvelous industrial evolution, commer- at that time w.. . regarded .. incurably
U1 . , . 1V. . icwiub. uo 1 vo' lu . ' v clal growth and territorial expansion. Insane, succeeded him. During these twenty
f " " 1 - 101 iiupuria, fi,io, 010,0 ( 9, or an in iwukiu tuuuij itiuuiu.u "'"t
confined ln Fursteni led castle, has consid
erably deteriorated, and for more than, a
year the unfortunate monarch haa resem
bled a wild animal. Nobody, dares to ap
proach him; bread crumUs and dried fruit
form his only nourishment and he exists
ln a condition of neglect frightful to con
template. Ills doctors and guardians are
unable to prevent this, as they dare not
use force. The latest bulletins concerning
King Otto's state appear to have caused
leading circles In Bavaria to form a definite
project whereby the absurd anomaily of tho
country being professedly governed by a
notoriously insane monarch may be ended.
Borne of the questions now and again
cavor of the frivolous, if It may be per
mitted to charge such a dignified body as
the UrltlHh Parliament with a tendency to
trifle with Inconsequences. What will a
United States aenator think, for Instance,
of a question raised regaidlng the charges
made In the Parliamentary haJr-dree1hg
saloon for hair cutting and shaving, which
were 26 'cents and l.'H cents, respectively t
It was complained that they were too
high, 'a grievance obviously emanatlhg
from the large contingent of poor men now
In Parliament, who have displaced many
wealthy squires and land owners. The up
shot is that these charges have been re
duced by half, so that members of Parlia
ment can now have their hair cut for KH
cents and shaved for C cents. This change
baa brought an extended patronage to the
parliamentary barbers, who also, by the
way, sell collars, ties and shirts to legis
lators. A republic treats Its legislators
more liberally. Think of iha comfort of a
senatorial shave, the massaging and rub
bing and tender care one receives from
the expert tensor lft 1 artists of the senata
and house, and then picture, the unpaid
member of the British House of Commona
pathetically pleading for a l-penny" (-cent)
shave and a (-penny hair cutl
United States Consul Miller of Khelms.
France, reports plans for city abattoirs
and that the use of horse' flesh In France
Is Increasing, bringing half the price of
heef and the only meat on which there Is
no city tax. Mr. Miller writes further
about the meat trade of France.
There were .V horses slaughtered for
food In Rhelms during 1906, an increase of
206 over the number Jillled In 1904. This Is
Indicative of a general Increase In tho use
ot horaeflaah la Fran,,t J. .manufacture
Into sauaage is now forblddfm,. ln Rhelms.
- French meats are sold In the .markets
the same, day the animals are slaughtered.
There are no meat refrigerating plants,
but I am told that one wss built at Paris
and Is now used for vegetables. Iast year
Councilman M. MlKnot of Rhelms msde a
trip to Chicago to Inspect tho packing
plants, with a view of erecting a modern
municipal establishment here. . The city
will spend POO.000 on this, the plans being
now prepared. The price here for the
cheapest cuts of beef Is 14 cents per
pound, while the price for fillet rf beef Is
60 to 65 cents a pound. About 400,000 pounds
nf foreign pork found a market In Rhelms
last year. Germany sends moat of tho
cheap pork used here, while tho TTntted
States supply the high class pork, hams,
etc. 1
ceed against the present order.
erage ot over $100,000,000 a month, a majority of the votes In nearly eev-J
That Pittsburg divorce case may re
sult In - amendment of Pennsylvania
laws, hut ' whether to make the pro
ceedings easier or harder remains for , , f t225i20i(46
. 111! 1 A.J.A- I , I T ' '
While the trusts might he reached by a single amendment to the con-
1 ftMtn tlnn T Hnnhf vorv miinH irhf ). onvtltr - 14 K- . -i u.. ... v.
is a gain of $109,102,808 over the enty-five of the eighty precincts. The " " 7' . " .
i .. .v,n ,k. t-..i ... i...J 1 ot m nrs tKa ft , wa tr dleft- """ l,,c lu"utullun t-ouiaian many otner provisions mat would constl-
Of exports. $1,743,763,612. against tlon is almost 900 ahead of the high- tu.te a ba to f ffecUve enforcement of the Interstate commerce law. The mode
ll.K7R.Rfll.666 In the nrecedtnar vear. est man among the opposition. 8el-
years the condition of King Otto, who Is
the millionaires to determine.
Tn nrnva that ha la an axrwinAnt. of
.v,o .... At .. i k. Tni. n. I K the fiscal year Just ended If no
dom, if ever, has there been such a
Thud the export: gain of almost ex- clear-cut verdict ln a straight-out prl
actly a quarter of a billion dollars dur- mary contest In this county.
of procedure for procuring a single amendment 1b, if anything, more cumber
some and ratification thereof more difficult to obtain than would be a com
plete revision of the organic law of the land.
If you will examine the constitution you will see that it lies within the
power of the states to call a national constitutional convention whenever two-
thlrda tiava rnnenrrd In aurb roll mVi .. . K. .!. ...niM.Ht 1 -
Dr. George L. Miller makes another the of two-thirds of each of the houses of conrr. whirh 1. v.r.
I . W a ar.M aA kA Anniiln
trv. Oovrnnr Polk i4iicm thm nn- I ' s
drawn by tbe luckiest of the bunch. lu "
two uuuon aouara. 1 no increase id rpnort of the water works appraisers.
Only. 400 applicants for places ln Imports, being somewhat under 10 per The debate 1. now falrlyopened and
the meat inspection corps at South cent, and bringing the total up to one everyone who has a suggestion to offer
Omaha. If any one who knows a and a Quarter billions, shpws a strik- should come forward with It so that
sheep from a goat has been overlooked ,n8 contrast between Increasing pur- this Important subject may be Been by
he should lose no time in filing hls!fua8lD Power ana relatively decreas- the citizens and taxpayers from all its
certificate. lnK necessity to buy abroad. various Bides.
The merchandise balance tn our
I favor, therefore, is over a half billion,
senate by the confederated corporations.
'Take, for Instance, an amendment to elect United States senators by 1
popular vote, uo you neneve tnat the senate will ever vote for an amend
ment that would bar out two-thirds of Its members? Do you believe that a
trust-made senate will ever yote a constitutional amendment that would abol
ish the trusts?
Now that the United States, through
the Phlllpplno government, has estab
lished a postal savings bank system for
the beneflt of Filipinos it may decide
to confer the same favor some day on
tbe eltlzens of the republic.
One thousand Omaha Eagles expect
to fly to the national convention of
their organization at Milwaukee, but,
strange to say, they are dickering with
the railroads to find out which Is the
best air line for them to travel.
HealtB Commissioner Connell i&v.c
xuslng some of the dairymen who sell
milk la Omaha with thinning out their
product at the pump. This may raise
another and a separate and distinct
Issue over the water works Question.
Councilman Sheldon's questions on
the dual telephone proposition are in
deed cleverly worded. No one read
ing them would imagine that the au
thor bad been elected on a platform
promising a second telephone, fran
chise. '
That Wisconsin supreme Judge who
wa willing to point out a way. ln which
the antl-rebat law could be avoided
was probably making a play for a Job
when he reft the bench- Other cases
tave been knewn where the offer was
not bo plal. ' "
Recent announcements go to prove that
ence eon-
Ud to date the only candidate for
or, to be exact, $517,148,233. the nmr,lr,atton at the hands ot the dem- rw u..n'. .i,.
greatest tn our nisiory, save oniy in ocratlc state convention who has taken vinced one listener.
tne nscai year or isui. QutDoken stand for railroad rettu- William Jennings Byan is going to ire
The aggregates of foreign trade
latlon and corporation repression Is a I 'and and will doubtless visit the historic
transactions, requiring now to be llonn-t. and he is sure to fall down ",on wner". ,n,y IOBr'
. ,,. . . ... . I oru, smote ms enemiea a plenty
corresDond with I n. . .ui if k .... r.. n....i I
" I IU Ull UIUIIIVU it tun. b"0 "t. . iuou I . ..... J. ... t .t - A
those ot internal development and they democraU control things this year. a. B.n at New Fork u such that
altogether spell prosperity. usual. guard rails at the do"cks will be necessary
to prevent the firing line being pushed Into
A good treasury BARGA1X. with the National Association of IM nvr-
I I . - . . . . - V - A . m ..!. A
The real ground of the attack being Credit Men watching the course ot In- lne, "naon Morn".h . '7 ,
made fipon Secretary Shaw in quarters gurance companies at San Francisco Bry.. tne democratlc candidate for "the
representative of eastern interests that the Interested concerns may decide It United Btatea president, arrived in London
so long had the aside track ln govern- I better to waive some strictly legal I yesterday afternoon.'
ment bonding operations Is that he has rlsrhia than to ko ud against the men I Four aldermen of New Rochelle, N. Y.,
Just made sure of a good bargain for who expect to collect debts from Call
the government, rather than for the I forn(ans after settlements are made.
bond brokers and syndicates. Two
conditions laid down by the secretary I Admiral Endlcott's report ot condl-
in Inviting bids for the $30,000,000 tions on the canal zone might have
bonds tor the Panama canal loan were been promulgated six months ago from
Obviously devised tifr the very purpose I all It contains as to progress mads
of securing to the treasury the "rake- I Urcle Sam is certainly taking his time
off" which his critics would like to I preparing for the work. By this time
have for themselves and their friends. I the experts should know where to be-
In the first place, the natloual banks I gin
having deposits of surplus treasury
funds secured by other than national Since trade agreements between
bond. are. required to return the de- automobile tire companies are to end.
posits or put up national bonds on the I the lower price of maintaining ma
date when the new Panama canal chines may increase the sales bat the
bonds are Issued. flying machine la coming along for
In tbe second place, the national those who are eager to be ahead of the
banks subscribing for the new, bonds Jtlmea.
have been Indicted on charges of attempted
bribery. The worst feature of the case la
that they didn't get the money and roust
draw on their own coin for lawyers' fees.
Th attorney general of Wlaconsln de
clares that It la not unlawful fer a person,
not a public official, to ride on a railroad
pass. Success ln the "pursuit of happl
nesa" In Wisconsin depends on keeping out
of office. ,
Senator Piatt of New Tork has Just cele
bratad his avanty-thlrd birthday anniver
sary by formally opening his celebrated
summer Sunday school at Manhattan
Beach. Tha aenator no longer regarda May
blossoms aa a suitable adornment.
Mayor Fagaa of Jersey City and Stale
Senator Colley are leading a host of Insur
gents Mjalnst the republican machine In
New. Jersey, seriously menacing the Gi
braltar of Senator Dryden. The latter
would pay a liberal commission (or as In
surance policy Mslast 4tau
"The man who wants to run for congress
In this district says he Is like Bryan; he
Is not going to sit on a atool and look
"He Is wise not to try. thnurh he mlarht
manage to sit on a stool. "Baltimore Amer
' you wouldn t like to get out?"
the prison visitor. "Why. I
"You say
thought you were ln for life.'
"Oh. worse than that, ma'am," replied
the convict. "I'm in for a double life. I've
got two wives waiting outside." Philadel-
pnia imager.
That summer girl has a remarkably en
gaging smile.''
"That's true. I met her here last sum
mer Bhe worked the engaging smile on
me twice and; we were engaged." Cleve
land -tain jjeaier.
Browning, King & Co
New York Times.
Brother William, last September,
Had a sunstroke ran t remember.
"If the sunshine doesa't kill.
Pass It on," says Brother Bill.
Father loat hla lob last May.
Plnce then hun t worked a day.
tli 111 I gueaa we'll get along.
It's a good thing mother's strong.
When the Icy pavements frose.
Grandma fell and broke her nose.
Might have been twice as bad
If two noses grandma had.
In the laundry. Bister Flo
Fell Into the indigo.
Flo aald, when they brought her to:
"What's the use of feeling blue?"
Meningitis killed the pig.
Just when It was fat and big.
Hard luck? Well, the doctors say
Pork's unhealthy anyway.
When the roof blew off the houae.
Gee! It would have fross a mouse.
'Ceptln' when we have a storm. -Guess
tbe luortfaf keeps U warm.
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Self Evident.
Washington Post.
Colonel Bryan expresses surprise that tha
United States has made such progress
wnlklng on one leg. Bttll, the colonel has
done pretty well on the stump himself. '