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,11 1 IT -TFTTTTV.
Fall and winter sale of Men's and Young Men's Suits, including blues and blacks, worth
and sold up to $30 priced in four lots, at ' .
I 1
iomv rail
'tTi Jar
Sure seal
0ocvto tvwun riinns
NO 3? "Aft AT l (B6t
fum ro uak aip and
No Bubber Ring to
quired the cheapest and
most, economical Jar in
the world. Will pay for
itself in the Fruits and
Vegetables it saves.
Easy to Open
Positively No Loss.
On sale China Section,
The greatest Vase Sale we have ever had. Hundreds of fine
Japanese China Vases, in dozens of different ZQ
shanes and designs, values ud to S3. Saturday. ....
- o - - - - , , w
Pretty New Table Tumblers, nioe tliin glass, a $1
dozen value," Saturday, set of six for. .. ,
Dinnerware and Dinner Sets in Endless Variety.
Handsomely Decorated 100-piece American Porce-. CIA
lain Sets, upeoial
English Porcelain 100-piece Sets, pretty green and . Q ft
blue pritts$10 sets for .'. '. . .' . .U.nO
Finest Ahrenfeldt China Dinner Sets from one of the foremost
factories of Limoges, France. A $35 set yL
;l See the Wonderful Values on Our $5 Cut Glass Table.
Jugs, Bowls, Celery Trays, Vases, Comports, Sugars C
and Creams, values up to $8 for. . . . . . .PJ
$15, $12.50, $10, $7.50
Brokaw Bros., Lion, Perfection; Hirsh, Wickwire & Co., Makers.
J. ve.
Men's, Youth's and Boys', 28 to 42 sizes.
$15 Conts and Trousers $7.50
$12.50 Coats and Trousers $6.25
$10 Coats and Trousers .$5.00
$7.50 Coats and Trousers $3.75
$5.00 Coats and Trousers $2.50
$4.50 Coats and Trousers $2.23
$3.00 Coats and Trousers $1 50
Trouser Sale Men's and Boys' Dutchess and Other Good Makes.
$5.00 ones, at $2.50
Saturday Only Brokaw Bros.' Hand Tailored Frock Coats.
, 28 to 34, made to cost $15 from 10 to 12 a. m. $1.50
; From 2 to 4 p. m., at $1.00
From 7 to 9 p. m., at. 75c
i Open Saturday Evening 'till 10 O'clock!
Country Club Col
lar Free Worth 25c
and 40c, with every
shirt in our shirt sec
tion at $1.00 and up.
One of the most com
plete shirt stock-, in
the city. Anything
&"r& . from silk to cotton.
New 6hirts from our factories.
. $10 Panama Hats, at .$5.00 ':,
$7.50 Panama Hats, at $3.75
$2.50 Panama Hats,' at . . $1.25
$5.00 Leghorn Hats, at. $2.50
Bargain Square 50c Suspenders 25o
Bargain Square $1.00 Shirts, men's and
boys', at 50c
Bargain Square 50c Ties, at 15o
Bargain Square 25c Ties; at 5c
White Lisle ($1.00) Garments
Paris Knit (50c) Garments
Balbriggan (50c) Garments
Mesh (50c) Garments
Boys' Blue Stripe Alls, worth 50c, 4 to 14, at 25o
Specials in Hard
ware Salurday
Smen Door, rain ted Green. 2-8x7,
regular 98c. n
special OUC
Screen Ioor, hard oil flnUh, 2-10x7,
regular $1.25 and $1.50, OR
special aOC
1- quart Tin Tomato Cans, TO
per dozen JOC
Sealing Wax String. 1
per 100 pounds...... a3C
Galvanized Refrigerator Pans, regu
lar 28c, Satur- m
day.... IVC
Galvanized Refrigerator Pans, regu
lar 88c, Satur- 24C
2- hol Gaanllnf Stores, F
regular 12.98, Saturday ... D
8-hole Gasoline Stoves, "IIP
regular $3.98, Saturday. . ID
Scrub Brush, extra fl A
good IUC
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Clothes Mnc, 50 foot,
extra good AvC
And Twenty Green Trading Stamps.
' Shaker Flour f Q
Sifter. . 1C
And Twenty Green Trading Stamps.
Nicely Japanned Bread P t.
Boxen, 73c, 63c and DJC
And Forty Green Trading Stamps.
Nicely Japanned Flour f"
Cans. 50 pounds OC
And Thirty Green Trading Stamps.
M ash Boilers, Q
up from JOC
And Forty Green Trading Stamps.
1 Best Quality Ready Mixed Palnte,
Leads and OUa.
s Biggest Gn eery
LIST. .'
uti rir,4 An
otXllPu Jva nnd Mot Im Coff
lrt'lTTTvl pOHtl.lB
d Forty l!wn Tnul-
pOUIlils iV
Aiii Kitty lircrii TruO-
fV&woI ,, Onpltol Hnk-
h o e Beo ga. i ns
Saturday bargains in footwear
'Xcell all competition, both in
value-giving and aggregate
sales. " Every foot intelligently
"fitted. Money savinir and long TiFl
wear satisfaction dominates fc:-:
evftrv Rain.. 'J
ZU pairs laaiea wimu canvas u-b, y
' with extension edge, ClO m?
i Dlutcner cui, iarg eye- 11' ' JT
1a. 11 SO value t ......
Ys'Sha CRrtdrshV mile 'cnar'iii)Mii : fffc
..and Christie Ties. $1.50 value,. . v 70C
All Men's and Boys' Canvas Shoes f AA
and Oxfords, f 1.50 value, IUU
at ,
150 pairs Ladles' White and Gray Canvas 1 PA
Ribbon Ties, $2.00 and 2. 50 values. I.JU
at - '
Dorothy Dodd Tan Calf and Chocolate Vlvl 1 A ft
Shoes and Oxfords. $3.00 values. .aSeUU
. i
All Dorothy Dodd White Calf welted sole J Cfl
Oxfords, 13. &u values. J XI
at , .
-,Tm..uiL..I.,a....IUJl , -tATVTr
Extraordinary Picture Sale
Snralu Stock M J. L Sutln Ct.. Cklci
1,000 Shadow Box Pic
tures,' Landscapes, As
sorted Heads, Venetian
Scenes, Etc., values up
to $5.00, in Ebony
Shadow Box Frames
at $1.98, $1.48,
98c and.......
Don't Miss These
Display Sixteenth Street
Window All This Week.
. 20 . P,er . Cent T Discount
on Picture Framing.
20 Per Cent Discount
on Framed Pictures in
20 Per Cent Discount
on Framed Mirrors.
Frames for The Bee
Art Second Floor.
A Sale at
1 the Price
, We wish to close out Hats of all Mid-Summer Styles
before arrival of Silk Hats for Travel and Fall.
A Sweeping Out Sale at
Oive-tKird the Price
' i , ..I,-.'-
Pretty' line of Black and Horse Hair
Toques for Travelworth $6 and $7 each,
At One-Third the Price
A lot of Fancy Children's Hats to close out Saturday
Special line of Duck and Soft Outing Hats, Saturday
At One-Third the Price
Second Floor. ,
Pound , IJLzC
Pound , JmDC
PORK XiOlMS, lb... 10 HC
SPARE RIRS, 4 lbs. for 25c
RIB ROAST Rolled, all bones out. lb 12 c and 10c
SHOULDER ROAST REEF, lb 7c, and 5c
CHOICE NO. 1 REX HAMS, average 10 to 12 lbs. lb. 18 He
REX BACON, lb. . 18 He
MUTTON LEGS young and fresh, lb......... 8Hc
Jnst the tiling for luncheons. Full line of the best
grade Sausage and Cooked Meats. Direct shipment by ex
press daily from Weisel & Co., Milwaukee.
In the Woodervware
$1.25 Curtain Stretcher for 95c
And Ten Green Trading Stamps
38c Bread Board at..,,... ....32c
And Thirty Green Trading Stamps
Clamp Sleeve Boarda 35c
And Thirty Green Trading Stamps
Four dozen Clothespins .3o
18c Feather Dusters 14c
And Ten Green Trading Stamps' .
3-lh.' run
Ami Kil'ty r.ri'ii Trad
ing 8t:mip!t.
1'Mii.rlnl rt AprlcntB. rilitii!)
nnd I'lnon Wiles, run
And Thirty Green TihcIIhk 8tnnivK.
l!nket Klred Jnpan Ten, 0
pound VOv
And Sixty Green Trailing Stamp.
Olniter Ale bottle. 10c; 1 1C
doien hollies 1.1)
t'needa nisruit. four f n
pH ck HRes !...; IDC
And Ten Green Trd(J!ti Hiiiiiiiin. .
line of bottlei . irl
for.. .I...-...;..' V... 15C
mm, 2-1!). run t 5t.
! . 1-J. r Hit ,...!' lie
Hokid Benns, ran .t. . 4,.
I'irkles, s,irtfsl. rt t lo. . . . ." .
IVpptT gjwioa,-iottK... Ko
PHlaee (.:nr, jm. Ih.. vnn....lf.o
Salmon, fancy,- li-lh. cnn....Uiu
B,VrT.J.? ? r K.-si-irpuxt- onk-
POT'Nn HH1CK , an
PRKM1LM..,...-.A.V " 2?C
And Te.i Green Trsdinc Stainim.
YOH K. POV.W... J ... 20C
. . . BTAMl'S. V
Baked Heanu. thne Ihib . p-
cu"- , .25c
Plrk'" Own ..Trading' Stamp,
1 lckllnn Bplce, wlmje.
pound - Z5C
And Ten Oreen Tradinii ' Stamps '
Planond S Chill Bauee, PP
pint bottle Z5C
J.'naTn'?e.SP GreC" -"'i'BV.rjps.
two pounds HC
JCe5. ClLn Trading 's't imps
Kippered Herrln(r, 'an
can ' ZvC
niMTeA irtn Trading Stamrs
Diamond C Soap,
ten bar ZiC
Sour rickle. - ' A
quart . IUC
.And Ten Green Trading .Stamps.
Chow Chow, '..
Q"rt 15C
o AfJdTen Oreen Trading Stamps.
Small Sweet,
quart J. .....s.". ZUC
And Ten Oreen Trading Stamps.
eooklnir. pound , IDC
finest on the market, pound 41.
brick, full weight. .....7..........Z1C
Jell-O, assorted, three re
packages .' ,C
And Ten Oreen Trading Stamps.
Wiggle Stick Bluing. ... , rM
la stinks for ...,...'....'....ZJC
And Ten Oreen Trading Stamps.
Bchepp's Cocoanut, pound
package JC
And Ten Oreen Trading Stamps.
Bennetts Capitol Leiuoiv.; 0
Extract, bottle 15C
And Twenty Oreen Trading Stamps,
Peanut Butter,
two Jars.......: ......-...."'
And Ten Oreen Trading Stamps. .
Worcester Table Salt, 4 A.
two sacks IUC
And Ten Oreen Trading Stamps.
Cocoa Velvet -Toilet Soap,
6 cakes JC
FRAPPE, assorted flavors Apricot,
Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon.
Bitter Sweet, pound jjg
And Twenty Oreen Trading 'stanips.
omuraay s price, pound. ,t.A.
Bi Bill MorriBon Joint the Tribs and
Team Back from West with Uood
trlaaj of Victories mmi a Little
tory of I'aespected
Hard Lack.
William Rourke and his base ball tribe
arrived from Kearney Friday morning
ready for the fray with Pueblo. Rourku
explained' several matters over which Urn
Omaha fans-have been worrying. In the
first place rain fell at Denver from 1 o'clock
in . the afternoon to Just before time to
start the game, which kept the crowd down
to nothing, or 600 rather, when Rourke
said they expected a large crowd, as Den
ver is completely overrun with Elks from
all over the country. He said he" never
saw a town as lively as Denver, for the
Elks had taken the whole city, even block
ing the street cars by the large crowds on
the streets.
In regard to his new pitcher, Rourke
said It was Bill Morrison from the Pueblo
team whom he had signed and not Movie,
the knlveralty boy, as the dispatches aid.
He says Morrison is in fine condition and
should help the team out materially in its
present shortage of pitchers. Morrison was
ens of the stars of the Des Moines team
last year and helped them to win the pen
nant, being a good hitter as well as a
good pitcher. He has been helping Selee
la the outfield when not pitching. Ayers
has been released.
Dolan strained a tendon In his leg snd
)iu hardly been able to walk and should
have been left at home on the recent west
ern trip, but he thought he would round
out before this time. Long has been play
ing a phenomenal game at first, but is
not the hitter Dolan is.
"Although we have won seven out of
eleven games, we should have done even
better for we had some hard luck," said
Manager BUI. 'Perrlng muffed a high foul
which cost us a game. Bassey dropped an
easy one right In his mlt and Carter lost
the last game by dropping a fly he should
have held. These are all unusual occur
rences and counted hard against us."
Omaha will play with Pueblo until Mon
day, with a double header Sunday, and Des
Moines will come along for a series.
Caldwell Finally Beats
Potter In First Rmnil
The city tennis tournament was resumed
at the Field club courts Friday evening, but
only two of the courts were dry enough to
admit of play and consilient ly but few
matches were played off. The dram-lnjrs
have been matio in the consolations and
those are posted on the bulletin hoard.
The drawings In the douhl.' were made and
posted last evening. All players are ex
pected to report this afternoon at when
play will be resumed. The championship.
the consolations and the doubles will be
run off as fust as po'sible.
Sum Caldwell won from Cub,Potter In the
finish of their tlrst round match. 1
games had been played before and the third
was played lust night, Caldwell winning
-4. Caldwell then played Swarts In the
second round and won.
An Interesting match In th second round
whs that between George Potter and 8crlb-
ner. Each won n set, 8. Tinner winning the
first 8-4. and Potter the second S-l, when
they quit for the evening, ihe third game to
be played off today. Results:
First Round Caldwell beat Cub Potter
5-7. -4.
Second Round Scrlbner and George pot
ter, set apiece. Schneider lx-at Rainey, e-2.
-4. Caldwell beat Swans 6-3. s-2.
yard dash, a standing broad Jump, a rope
climb, a pull up and a running hop, step
and Jump. The contest is open tq all boys
over 14 years of age and an effort will be
made to secure a large number of entries
among working boys.
Races at Wymore-. (
BK4TPIPP X' v. T . . 1 a a 1 , .
Yesterday was Beatrice day at the Wymore
races and about residents of this cltv,
accompanied by the Beatrice Military band
aAn. tn A -. .1.1 . '
...v v., vii n, ppeciai irtiin, reiurn-
i n a hnm In Ih. A.nmlnv T ....... I .. . . 1
. .... . i.ii,t, b- .mt luiai anisiiu-
ance Is placed at 3,000. Results:
2:1 pace:
Fred H 1 4 2 t
Jessie A 2 14 14 3
VVanello Clivi ..
Albert J 4 6 5 4 &
benator, Jr S S S S J
Honest Joe ,lr
Indicates dead heat.
Time: 2:I5, M5. 2:12. 2:M,
J:n trot:
KHk Tie .
Thomus M i
Surena 1
Time: 2:16, 2:18V,, 2:14V
2:22 pace:
College Maid 1
Mora weiks 2
Weidon Boy 8
Eddie Woods 1
Joe Walnut 6
Bill Moore g
Bryan ' 7
Ringroae 7
Tune: 2:12. J:l.ti. ?-19.
Running, seven-eighths of a mile: Irish
Swede won, Ben Ler second, Ossian third.
Time: l:3u.
Running, four-and-a-haif-f urlong dash:
Buck won. Young Pilgrim second, Nettie C
laud. Time: 0.S6.
Javealle City f'esteit.
The first athlette contest In the history of
the Juvenile City at Twentieth and Fai
nmii streets has been . arranged for the
evening of July an. There will be a forty.
tj the 014 lefliUa PI. SlUtLES A SEA1LES
Established in Omaha for li years. The many the.
sands of cases cured by us make as the atost expert,
noed Specialists In the west. In all disease and alb
menu of men. Ws know Just what wUi our younw
and our quickly. .
We snake no misleading or falsa statements or off
you cbMkp, worthleeo tieaimenL Our reputation and
name are too favorably known every tut we treat,
ur reputation Is at stake. Your health. Ufa and hap
blness is too serious a matter t place In the hands 44
a "HAJaKUCeS BOOTOav" HoimiI doctors of ability
use owa at asm IM tavkXB tj !. Ws
ran eect for everyone a llfe-leog CVIlm for Weaav
Nerros Men, Varicocele troublae. Nervous. Debility;
1 Blood Poison, Prostatto trouble. Kidney, BladWv
Vraa'TTlia Dtalanaa, Hrdrocala. Chraale DieeaoaZ
. T Con t raotad Dtseasss, atooiactt and Haln Lasnaee.
M gj fl rj -J Examluatlon aiid Consultation. Witt
s- byinpiom Blank for tioaaa Treat
' a. m. . m. . - .... , m . . , . . k . . . numtwoiKl. innrr 01 lue nulla and sou in
ltaeJt.yyLJJiLJti aMliM l&Sf tMJAfc tePtatt LivJ. vUuow)hjp at Planum I. M. C, last
Oxford Wins a Hot One.
OXFOBll V.h Julu n.aMii
- . - . v. . , lioi irir
gram. 1 In one of the swiftest amateur
Barnes ever piayru, uxiord today adminis.
tered a ahutout to the rumhrM.. v,n
The game played In an hour and
twenty minutes, the visiting team going out
one. two three in four different innings,
while the home team hud many men left
on liases. Oxford scored in the sixth In
ning. In the eighth Cambridge, had three
men on bases and no outs, but a batter
hit Into a double play, which was followed
by an easy out. sending their chancea glim
mering. The score, 1 to 0, made It Ihe best
same ever played on the Oxford grounds.
Score: R H E
f xf ord 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 01 t 2
Cambridge 0 0000000 00 4 3
Struck out: By Ingalby, 0; by Fulton, 4.
Campers at Boat Hons,
Nearly forty people are camping nesr tho
Omaha Rod and Gun club boat house
whrlh niak 1 a moat handy camping
ground. The street car service Is excel
lent and the campers have everything
handy with the boat house so close.
Omaha now baa as good fishing right at
Its door as many of the far-famed sum
mer resorts which people go miles to visit.
The bass have been taking the lure in
good shape and large quantities of sun
fish and crapples have been caught. These
are much larger than any caught In
previous years and show the good work
which has been done by the club and the
fish commissioners as a protective associa
tion, tilnce several convictions were se
cured the seiners have been making them
selves scarce around the lake.
aaaat Traded for Barry.
ST. LOCI8. Mo . July -Manager Mc
Closkey of the 61. luls National league
announced tonight that Outfielder 8 moot
has been traded to Cincinnati for First
baseman Barry.
Wood and Mania la finals.
CHICAGO. July .-Warren K. Wood of
Home wood, winner or trie nortn and south
spring, will meet Runcle B. Martin of Cal
umet In the finals for the Glenvlew cup. In
the seml-nnals today wood defeated orrln
W. Potter of Midlothian, 6 up and 4 to
filay, and W. E. Clow of Onwentsla. who
s a prominent figure In lnterscholastlc
golf was defeated by Martin, 6 up and 4 to
portlnsT Brevities.
Hans Wagner ought to be released at
once. He hatted four times and got four
nits inursaay. .
It looks as though the Cantillons would
not win more than one pennant this year,
but tne Brewers may skin Columbus yet.
While some of the umpires In the West
ern league may have needed rotten eggs
at times, the fans on this circuit have
never gone quite that far asyet.
'Pendergrast is a good limplre." said
Frank Selee. "but I see he Was not called
in to umpire the Omaha-Kearney game un
til the game was well along. He has good
Judgment on balls and strikes."
E. Quick Is playing left field for Little
Rock, and your old friend, Douglas, Is
hanging onto first base. Somebody by the
name of Hwkey Is covering third. Little
Rock seems to have a cinch on eighth
place In the Southern league.
"Kearney Is getting too swelled up," said
Manager Melee, "and we expect to stop off
there August 3 and take a fall out of
them. They are beginning to think they
can beat any of these league teams. The
trouble is the boys go in and loaf until the
other team gets something on them and
then can't win out."
Golf at the Field club Saturday will be
for the Foster cup and a new scheme for
play will be worked out, something new
for this neck of the woods. The play will
be medal with handicaps, eight to qualify
at eighteen holes. Thirty-six more holes
will be played at medal play, with handi
caps for the low score, and fifty-four holes
will be played to determine the winner.
The tennis men are having a hard time
trying to pull off the city championship.
They are not complaining, however, as
they ngure tney can tlnish before time lor
the Middle West tournament, and by that
time they have hopes the rainy season will
ims over. The date of the tournament has
been advanced thlss season In hope of get
ting better weather than was had last
iteaaon, when two days' rain made the
players hustle to finish the tournament by
Saturday night. The club handicap cham
pionship lu singles Is scheduled fur Au
gust fc. .
Annooslrements of tho Theaters.
An excellent vaudeville program at the
new Bijou theater this week, has drawn
crowded houses at nearly every perform
ance. On Saturday at 2:S0 a matinee at
bargain prices will be given. The week's
bill will close in the evening with a per
formance at 8: IS.
The stock company has scored a gVest
success ih its clever play, "Love and War."
The Okuras, the Juggling Japs, present an
act that Is both novel and sensational.
Bandy and Wilson are clever dancers; the
two Beckets have a sketch full of pleasing
novelties, and the great Le Fevre accom
plishes some wonderful feats on the bi
cycle. Pauline Courtney, the popular little
singer, renders "Genevieve" and "Way
Down East," accompanied , by beautiful
lantern slides. The motion pictures this
week are excellent.
Maasaeaasetta Woman Mission.
BEI'HERTOWN, Mass., July 20 Search
is being made for the body of Miss Wlnslow
Mabel Grxidell, 22 years old, who disap
peared two weeks ago. It is believed now
the young woman was murdered.
DlAKLeW'rwuar( Uta aad Dodxi sti
Andrew Eoeewater Tikei Steps to Hold Hi
Prewnt Position.
Coanrll Majority's Plan Not as Yet
Disclosed, bnt Soma More In
Opposition Is Expected.
Claiming that the failure of Jesse Lowe
to qualify for the position of city engineer
permits him to hold over under the general
laws of the state, City Engineer Rosewater
Friday morning filed an official bond In
the sum of $10,000 and the following letter
with the city clerk: ,
Herewith please find my bond in the sum
of 10,uuU as city engineer of the city of
Omaha tor the term from date thereof
until the end of the mayor's term of office
and mull my successor shall have been
unoolnted and ouallned.
This bond is filed with you In accordance
with the provisions of the statutes of this
state, which provide that the incumbent of
an office holding over by reason of the
neglect or refusal of the successor to qual
ify, shall qualify anew within ten days
from the time at which his successor. If
appointed, should have qualified.
You are therefore requested to file .the
same for record in your office In accordance
with the said provisions of the statutes of
the state of Nebraska.
Supported hy Mnyor.
The second paragraph states briefly the
attitude of Mr. Rosewater in the matter.
He is supported by Mayor Dahlman and
asserts that able lawyers have studied the
question and told him he Is correct. Mr.
Rosewater bases his view upon the theory
that, although the charter gives the mayor
and council the power to fill vacancies, no
t specification ordinance or regulation has
been enacted to cover the office of city en
gineer, also upon section 8a of the charter,
which reads:
"The general laws of the state governing
pubiio officer, so far as applicable, shall
govern and fix the qualifications and lia
bility of sureties, the penalties for failure
to give bonds, the bonds of persons ap
pointed to All vacancies or the bonds to be
given by officers reappointed, re-elected or
holding over."
Section 17 of chapter x of the compiled
statutes says that "when it Is ascertained
that the Incumbent of an office .holds over
by reason of the nonelection or nonappolnt
ment of a successor, or of the neglect or
refusal of ths successor to qualify, he shall
qualify anew within ten days from the
time at which his successor. If sleeted,
should have qualified."
Flgnt May Go On.
It Is not at all , likely that the action
taken by Mr. Rosewater will terminate the
fight between Mayor Dahlman and the
council majority. The legal department la
understood to hsve looked Into the proposi
tion and to hold that the engineer's position
is untenable. In rase of advice of this
kind tua council la expected Immediately
to elect on their own volition, another mansl
to fill the place next Tuesday night on the
failure of Mayor Dahlman to send In a
nomination. The city engineer-elect would
Institute quo warranto proceedings to oust
Mr. Rosewater, who would hold the Job
until the courts decided to which it be
longed. Unless a preponderance of legal
opinion can be shown to bear out the pres
ent city engineer s contention, this is the
program that will be followed In all proba
The surety bund submitted by City En
gineer Rosewater was approved by. Mayor
Dahlman and Judge Redlck of the district
court. Under these conditions the approval
or tne council is not necessary to make It
From the first a majority of the demo
cratic council has- resisted Mayor Dahl
man's efforts to reappoint Engineer Rose,
water. Bitter feeling has grown out of
the contest. The name of Jesse Lowe, a
contracting engineer of Chicago and an old
resident of Omaha, was submitted by the
mayor as the Imperative alternative to that
of Mr. Rosewater. The council, after some
deliberation, confirmed him, but Mr. Lowe
permitted thirty days to pass without nc
ceptlng or declining the position, the time
being all that Is allowed by. law. The
period expired Thursday and Mr. Rosewater
filed his new bond bright and early Friday
Automobile Rental Co. . Office' JV'lles A
Moser, Sixteenth and Farnam, TaU Doug
las 1896. - .
V ''. BPWm 31) 1 1 11111 .mtmmtmmmmmmmmmmi
Vt -" A .
The Reliable Specialiotq
are you groping in the dark?
We will make a thorough searching and scientific examination of yonr
ailments; sn axumlnatlon that will discloss your true physical condition, with
out a knowledge of which you are groping In the dark, and without a thorougn
understanding of which no physician or specialist should treat you. All men,
who are not what they should be. who are weak, nervous and debilitated from
any cause, and who may at present be suffering from any poisonous discharges,
will find It well worth their time to come to the State Medical Institute for
consultation snd examination, which has been established for the purpose of
curing the terrible diseases and blighting weaknesses that destroy men'
mental, physical and sexual powers, making the social duties and obligations
of life a hardship and the enjoyment of life and marital happiness impueslble.
We treat jnen only and euro them safely and thoroughly. Every man
suffering with
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexnal Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poiaon (Syphilid), Rectal,
Kidney and Urinary Diseases.
with any of their numerous and distressing cornpltcatlaoa, owes it to himself,
his family, and especially to the faturo generations to get cured promptly,
ssfely and thoroughly.
Office Honrs:' I a m. to t p. m.
Sundays, 1 to 1 only.
1308 Farnam St., Between 13th and 14th Sts Omaha, Neb.