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Btlf of Pnlimia&riei and Two Garnet of
Tim Bound Oomplewd.
rcrarteea Claba 'rasa CUT la Aa'dl
tlaa to rial Clan Mraktn
Participate la tha
About half of the preliminary games anl
two gimi In the first round of tha city
championship wero played at the Omaha
Field club court Saturday afternoon, rain
delaying the play and making It Impos
sible to play off more.
A large gallery waa present and watched
the matches with Interest, many of tha
Kanieg being worth while. The courts wera
perfect before tha ahower, which made
i hum a little alow for fast play. The alx
courts wera occupied from the atart, tho
stventh court being reserved for club mem
berg during this tournament. ,
Fourteen cluba from the city are repre
tented and the outside club members out
imniber the "leld club players for tha first
i:me. The standard of the players Is higher
than In any previous year and some fast
tennis Is looked for before the week Is
The best match of the afternoon waa the
or.e between Koch and Dufrene. Both
piayers were In good form and tha showing
put up by Koch makes him a probable con
tender alt tha way through. Dufrene did
not put up quite the game of which ha Is
capable because, he has been unable to
i,rt In any practice for the last two weeks,
lie will probably be heard from In the
Another good match waa between
tin warts and West. Schwartz' ability to
(.over ground and his general head work
.,.nb!ed him to win over West's mora speo
m ular gam,
ilie other games for the moat part ra-
-uited about as expected, but many, of
.tm were closer than the scores would
. it I too early yet to pick a possible win
ii- of the tourney, but this may be mora
..parent after Monday's play, when tha
,. jllmlnarles and first round are com
ine winner of the tournament will ba
v.. champion, as Conrad Young, the pres
.. viiampion, does not Intend to defend
.... litie, but will let the honor go to. the
. ,.y will commence Monday evening at
una any players not on hand will lose
. . v...iui.iy round:'.ies beat Pollock, -. -J.
..cell beat Heyn, s-4. 0-L
oc Deal ljutrene, (M, ti-S.
teat tx-ai Heed,
. u i-uiter bai Ktchardson, 6-1, 6-1.
.Dnr beat Wood, -S, -4.
.. un.tspt beat liarnett, 6-1, 6-1.
otiiwaria brat West, 8-4. round: .
. noun beat frttchett, 6-1. -.
uvnerty beat Cooley, s-1, 6-1
a ta
Guard the Watars.
That the Omaha Rod and Gun club la to
br.eome one of the strongest fiah and am
luilnm In the west. Is well
corns out by tha fact that during tha
.at week from seveniy-nve 10 auu mwnwi.
ueve been calling at the club house each
uuy and have caught some of the finest
ninngs of black bass taken from Cut-off
lake in recent years, as well ss coming back
wltrt storlea of what they loat, that would
innke the eyes of the most sleepy listener
. wrltK nW
Vita the protection and eare given this
hodv of wster by the Omaha Rod and Gun
club. Cut-off lake Is fast becoming one of
the but rlsl.lng resorts In tne vicinity of
Omaha and with frequent plantings of bass
and plB and proper protection from seining
It will Become ine iaeai epu rer m
vs oflxaak Walton In this vlolnlty.
As - quoted by George L,- Carter chief
a) ik. VKhruaka name and Flen
eommliS on, Cut-off lake Is the best body of
-.i.. in tha tat nt Nebraska for bass
mid there Is no reason why, with proper
protection, it should not become the best
bass lake in Nebraska. Even the pike
ftrg-rlinRS, which were planted a year or
two aso bv the State Game and Fish com
mission, have grown to be from twelve to
fifteen Inches long and quit a number have
been caught this season, which proves with
out a doubt, that pike, as well as black
ras. thrive in these waters. .
Since the completion of the new V boat
. bouse fitted with lockera, and the new
. tr.ii-r with tha club house, the
Omaha Rod and Gun club Is fast becoming
a popular rendeivous tor umana ntnwnwn
nnd for the man who wishes to get awsy
fmm lh, nnl of the cltv. Besides this.
many people are takln" advantage of th
ra"! HICS orrerea xor cmninni iub
of the club, which are In cloae proximity
to the car line, and It la but a abort ride to
I in-n
It Is hoped that by another year the club
ran hn.i nf nulte a fleet of sail boats and
a good start ha already been made In that
direction, as a numoer oi imn nicmm,
ere now figuring on plans for boats which
they w.ll work out during the fall and
-.Inter and by which they hop to outrun
any or the boats now on ine iaae.
Why Coartacy Leaves Cornell.
ITHACA. N. T July 14. Coach Charles
K. Courtney or tne i.ornen nayy wa
n'rhi noalclnc nf hla realarnatton. that hi
hid placed his house on Eddy street tn th
The Handy Doctorin Your
Vest Pocket
rrTS a thin, round-oornorod Uttia
I I Enamel Box
I I han carried In your vest pocket
, - It mean Health-Insurance.
It contain Six Candy Tablets of pleasant
taste, almost as pleasant as Chooolate,
Each tablet Is a working dose of Cas
earets. which acts like Exerclae on tha
Bowels and Liver.
It will not purge, sicken, nor upset tha
stomach.' J-
Remise. It la not a Bile-driver." like
- ...
ailS, CXKllum, vatomoi, jaiap. .senna, nor
Aperient Waters. j
Neither U It like Castor Oil. Glycerine,
or other Oily Laxatives that simply lubricate
ths Intestines (or transit of the food stopped
up in them at that particular time.
a a a
Tha chief causa of Constipation and
Indigestion U a weakness of tha Muscles
that contract tho Intestines and Bowala.
Cascarets ara practically to tha Bowel
Mii-1a wfhflt a Mtsiin and Cold Bath
T-rr ... 7 .
are lo tha Athletlo Muscles.
Thsy stimulate tha Bowel Muscles to
contract, expand, and equeese tha Diges
tive Juices out of food eaten.
They don't help the Bowels and Liver In
such a way aa to make them lean upon
similar assistance for tha future. .
This Is why, with' Cascarets. tha dose
may ba lessened aach succeedint
Instead of Increased, as It must ba with aQ
other Cathartics and Laxatives.
a a a
Cascarets act like exercise.
If carried In your vest packet, (orcerrled
la My Lady's Purse,) and eaten Just when
you suspect you need one, you will njver
know a sick day froipthe ordinary Ills cf life.
Because these Ills begin tn the Bowels,
and pave tha way for all other diseases.
"Vest Pocket" bog 10 cents. W
Be sura you fat tha rsnulno. made only
by the SterllnfRemedyCompany. and never
old In feulk. Every tablet stamped ''CCa'.
and of an Ithaca, realty company three
rally effected. Courtney has Veen cara-
ul to emphasise that hla dlpaatlsractlnn Is
not with Cornell, but witb the athletic
KebraaUa Association Kveata at
Caaatrr Claa ta Aagast.
The second annual tournament of the Ne
braska Golf assoclstlon will be held on the
links of the Omsha Country club August
l. IT and 1. The first meetlna- was held
last year at the Field club snd wss a
pronounced sweress and the directors hop
to make this season's meet much mora so.
The program for the meet:
6 a. m.e-Quallfylnc round. 16 holes.
medal play: i to qualify In flights of It
each. Prise for low sooi.
1:00 p. m. Nebraska amsteur champion
ship. First round; IS holes, match play.
p. m. uireotnre prise, nrst round;
IS holes, match plsy.
l:oo d. m. Director prise. First round:
16 bolea, match play. .
s; d. m. Bwstfesl qualifying round.
For those who fsiled In first qualifying
round; 16 to qualify in flights of 6 eacb.
t.SD a. m. Second round for Nebrssks
amateur championship. 18 holes, match
lo.oo a. nv Becona round lor consolation
prise; ll holes, match play.
iw:w a. m eecona round lor aireciors
pris: 18 holes, match play.
ll. -n a. m. Finals nrst nignt or swairesi.
Octagon match play. At eacb hole th
nign score drops out.
11:30 a. nv Finals second night or Swat-
test. Octagon match play.
1:00 P. nv Semi-final round for Nebraska
amateur championship; 18 holes, match
Z:io p. m. oeml-nnai round consolation
prize; 18 holes, match play.
z.vo p. m. Hemi-nnai round directors
nrlie: 18 holes, mstch olsv.
J , p. m. ftletlsl nandicsp; is nnie.
medal Play, with handicap allowance.
Beml-flnal scores may be used In this gam
all balls to be holed out.
6:30 a. m. First half final round Nebrss
ks amateur championship; 18 holes, match
. a, m. final round lor consolation
miae: 18 holea. match may.
iu:uu a. m. f inal rouna lor aireciors
prise; is holes, match play.
10:60 a. m. Nebraska club team eham
plonshlp; 18 holes, match play, against
bogey. Teams of four. Cup to become
property of winning club. No limit to
number of teem entries. Scores of finalists
mav he need In team match. p. m. Becona nan nnai rouna Ne
braska amateur championship; . Is holes.
match play. Cup to become property o'
winner. Kunner-up to receive prise.
Any member af a Nebraska association
club In good standing Is eligible to enter
l me tournament on payment oi a lee oi i.
r ea ror team. 14 eacn team.
Entries must be made through the sec
retary ot tne piayers ciuo ana rorwsraea
with fees to tne secretary oi tne associa
t-ntries close at 7 n. m.. August in.
Address all Inquiries and entries to
Prank J. Hoel, secretary Nebraska Golf
association. Thirteenth and Lavenwortn
streets, Omaha, Neb.
Callforala Tenals Player Adds Aa-
tber Title to Her List.
UCnrnnDT CnwlanH Tlllv 1 i itltl MllV
Button of CsJiromia had a very easy vio
torr tnd&v In the final women's singles In
the Welsh women's championship tennis
contest. Her most rormioaoie rival, airs.
Rturrv anrained her ankle and waa forced
tn rtlt- rter reachlns the aesnl-finals. al
though she was anie to continue pmyma
In the doubles. Miss Garfltt, to whom was
left the task of trying to wrest the cham
pionship from Miss Button, Is a good
plaver. with fine Judgment and many ex-
riin atrnkea. notably a fine aide line
drive, but Mies Button did not giy ner
rhiiuv. with a killing service and a drive
of remarkable power tn aiuornia
outplayed Mies uarmi anu.
HISS Button snowou iu m,T,,.l ZZ.
vuiiin in the women a doublea. With her
. Ma Btarrv nraftlna.ll V CrlDtlled.
t. r.'t h. .Ark devolved on the plucky
Callfornlan, and she rose to the occasion
In magnificent style, tn tne n.nuii:K
and her partner won easily. They also
won th scratch event. Miss Button s only
reverse occurred In the mixed doubles.
K.r. she wna handlcaoDed by a weak
pV"nr; m ne r-.lifnmla and F. H.
Pauncey neat air. ana jwi t
mixed ooub!., 6-1, M. Miss But on and
. . oi.AH . Main iiiim. hMt Mlaa Gar
field and Miss Boucher In the doublea hand
icap, 6-3. t-7. ... n.r
in tn nnajs saise ouuun
n...'BTT; .nrt Mra. Bterry beat Mrs
Ralkea and Miss Anthony tn tha women a
doublea handicap, 6-. 6-J. lmWM
In the nnal of the women's open douh es
Miss Button and Mra. Bterry beat Miss
Garntt and miss poucngr,
DlAdaaaVaassav Maff Defaata Lyoa af
Tvraata r.
rwm irroL-rinn V i. Jul 14. Bben M
nu J.. n KMttahnrv hn haa made many
attempta to win the national amateur golf
championship and one promising effort
for the British title, won the American
honor today by defeating .George B. Lyon
of the Lambton County club, Toronto, In
the Hnal of is noies matcn pisy w
kim.m4 l i , K' mlipu.
It waa a stirring match from beginning
to and. as the former Canadian champion
the Ptiiihuri man 4 down at one
.. -h innrnlio rnund. which ended,
however, with the representstlve of the
Dominion being only 1 up on the first round
of 18 holes. In the afternoon It was nip
and tuck all th way and there wss little
ta choose between the two. On the flf teentn
hole Byers, wno nao o eme"
n hla work durlnc the afternoon
took the lead and after the next two holea
had been halved in tours ana uvr, ui.
?.,.rTri? n ver made a brilliant putt for
. w . b.' nt won out by X UP
A large gallery wltneased th matah and
It wa a brtlllant scene at the flnlah and
m.Ainm tn nni nt tha most enjoy
able tournaments In the history of tha
nm in this country. The cards:
Pycra 6
6 4 4
6 8
l.yon .
Lyon .
4 81156
Golf at Ptel Claa,
Golf at the Field club was the qualifying
round for the president s cup. eight to
ouallfy and as four were tied for the last eleven qualified and will play off
during the month. The cup waa won In
Slay y Herb Howell and In June by Guy
Tkn... made an 82 over the new
J.I. JIT whirh la the record to date. Those
ou-llfyl"g were:
J. W. rarisn.
. 82
. 64
. n
. 86
. 7
. M
. n
. M
. 87
. 54
10 H
6 86
6 86
8 64
10 87
7 86
1 86
6 80
7 80
4 W
16 90
B. M. Martin
p. Schneider
J. B. Clark....
J. Epeneter
A. C. Jonea
M. H. La Doueeuer..
I. B. Porter
F. J. Hoel
Jtmes Allen
J. J. Donahue
Ha ara Doxlac 'Prtsea.
BAN FRANCISCO. July 14.-Boxlng hsa
been dropped from the list of sports con
trolled by the Pacinc Athletic association
and In the future no sanctions will be
ranted to clubs. Such action waa tsken
! ' tha fact that at th
tournament recently held In this city sr.
called amateur boxers demanded either cash
prlte or trophies of more value than
designated by the association.
Taaag Playar frasa laws Ctty Wlaa
tat Oalf Taaraasacat.
DE8 MOINES. Ia, July 14.-Bpctal
Telegram. Arthur Gordon of Iowa City
f tha Hvoerlan elub of Pes Moines
i kL$0&X&
Park club or tuts city, sv up n i iu
play. In a 6-hole match. The playing
of Gordon, who has made a hard fight
throughout the tournament, was steady and
brilliant. The tournament was ths moat
successful In the history of tha atata. there
being 1CW etortera.
Qeallfy ( Colaetser Cap.
These eight men nu lifted for the Col
reiser g"'f ru ,h Country club yester
1v afternoon: Luther Prake, W. B.
Ha'ncker. John A. McBhana J. A. McGe.
laeae Col. E. H. Epregue, Stockton tieth.
W. P. Byrn.
Paveapart flab Caaaae Owaara.
BlVMINGTON. III.. July 14 President
Holland of th Three-! Baa Ball league
a aiimmoned to Pavennort. la.. Ionian I
to supervise th tranafet of the traocais
of the Paver, port elub by Owner J. T.
Hayes to a syndicate of oltisans wno win
hereafter assume charge. An unprofitable
season and the III succeaa of th team
decided Hayes to surrender the franchise.
Cleaa Oasaa aad Kearsey Wlaa.
KP1ARNETT, Neb.. July 14. -(Special Tele
gram.) Kearney and Hastings played
again here today and th game waa cleaner
and better played man yesterday, ororo:
n. n. bh
Kearney W U I
Hastings 4 1
Batteries: Kearney, Bailey and Ea.lieky;
Hastings. rrt and Poteet. Urnplre:
Vim thews of Grand Asia no.
8aertlBT Brevtttea.
t-ifv lust rot twice as many bits ad
Omaha Friday, and yet Omaha won. I)en-
ver also piled up six errors me onmw
Omaha a hits.
Banders wins more aameS than any other
pitcher who la hit for twelve safe ones to
ne game.
Joe Dolaa haa been on tha shelf for sev
eral games. Kunkle Is on first and ap
parently doing very well.
Slats lavla Pined Hoggle and put him off
the diamond Friilnv mat because lloggie
Insisted on umpiring toe gsme and playtng
right lield at the same time.
The Chlcobargredee Gun club will hold
Its first shoot this morning and afternoon
on Its arounda directly north of Florence
lake, bus will leave ttlxleentn anu Ames
avenue at 6:16 a. m. and 2 t. m.
old Riilv nrle. who has played on more
teams than anr other man in the business,
at last has quit the game. He la umpiring
In tha Cotton Btates league, jn wmi.ii
league he waa manager of the ivlcksbut g
Evidently the number of hit did not
count much In the Western league -
uenver maae twelve tu viimnw
lost; Ues Moines made ten to bioux - "
nine, and lost, and Lincoln and Pueblo
split even. Pueblo winning.
T-. .. I , a r, a ,o! . .CTI M. IOUIS. 1-1"
cinail and New York are reportea to om
mot for sweet peace s saae man an "
else. Seymour nad long been a sulker In
Cincinnati and all was not harmony in
the cases of some of th other men in
volved in the deals.
Charley Chech has been sent from Cin
cinnati to Toledo. Chech made h i nrst
appearance on the professional diamond
from the Wisconsin Ktate university. No
young pitcher la the country promteod
more than Chech, who could bat aa well as
pitch, but he did not come up w u -
. . . . . , . 1.1, n tha hla ilia
ara nis inmu
mond atter joining nummi".
Ualoa Paclfle Employes
Plcasaat Afteraooa at
The annual picnic of the Union Pacific
shop employes waa given at Lake Manawa
Saturday, about 609 attending the outing.
The afternoon was spent In contests of all
sorta for mothers, fathers and children,
many beautiful priica being awarded the
100-yard dash for boys under years oi
age: First prtae, watcn, nvinmu. -.
second prise, knife. Victor Nelson.
76-yard dasn tor gins ,k n.ii-
age: Urst prise, on nainuuB,
aecond prise, fun, Ruth Riley.
100-yard sack race for men: First prise,
box cigars, H. Franklin; second prise.
knife. Tom Meldrum.
76-vard dash for women: First prise, um
brella, Clara Sennits; second prise, knire,
Ollle Chase. . , ...... -
Old mens 60-yara race
age): First prlxe, umDreua, .imn-r.
son; second prise, pipe. Tom Meldrum.
Egg race. 50 yards, . women only . First
prise, box perfumed cream, O
aecond prlxe, handkerchief Mrs. TlddeH.
100-yard dash for men: First prise, box
clgsrs, H. Franklin; second prlxe. knife,
Q. E. Phelps. ..
Three-leg race tor mm, r ;-,
hat, W. J. Taylor; second prise, hat, G. E.
Idwomen'a race (over 60 years of age):
First prise, framed picture, Mrs. Marford,
second prlxe. fan. Mrs. Begcroft.
Putting the shot: First prise, parasol
case, T. Berlew; second prise, pipe, a.
"TTig'ofwar: Prise, box clgara, Watson's
crew. . ...
Boat race: First prise, nat, a. dch,
second prise, knife. H. Franklin.
Bowling: Prlxe, box cigars, F. Wind
helm's team. ; ., vt; ..
Shooting: Prise, pair slippers, D. Kinney.
Race for women over iO years of age:
First prise, chop dish, Jennie Bergevoes;
second prlxe. vase, Mlnnette Puyette.
The prises were distributed by Mr. Mel
drum, chairman of the games committee,
from the bandstand after the final event.
Sixty Feet High and Sixty Peat Dees
Hast the New Breadels
Lift a.
Men who put up modern building now
adaya dig down aa far In the ground as
they erect It into th air. Thla odd pro
cedure is evidenced In the construction of
th new Brandels building. A aeriea of
big ateel pipes Is being drilled sixty feet
down into the earth to render safe the
elevators for the new structures. The ele
ratore will. In turn, run sixty feet upward
In th building. Throngs of ahoppera who
have been dally stopping in tha runway
between tha arcade and th annex to watch
the drilling and th sinking ot th big
pipes have fancied an artesian well was
tinder way.
The new elevatore are novelties In
Omaha. They are the "plunger" or direct
hydraulic elevators, the power being fur
nished by water which, forced up the alxty
foot pipes, drives the supporting elsvator
shaft upward. When the elevators come
down, the water escapes through a valve In
the tubing and allows a uniform drop. It
the upper supports of the elevator should
break, the elevator , could not fall faster
than th water In the valve could eacape
from th valve. It la on this tested prln
clple that th elevators are declared abso
lutely safe.
The drilling has brought up a rsriegated
lot of clay, some hard and some soft. In
the drilling process, the yellow clay gave
way to black and finally to different shades
of blue. The installment of the plunger
elevators at Brandels marks the addition
of a new feature to Omaha's modern build
ings. Wlae Meaiorlal Plemle.
A great number of tickets have been sold
In advance by the canvassing committee for
th fourth annual outing of th Wise Me
morial hospital at Krug park nxt Wednea
day. The Maennerchor haa volunteered
Its services and will sing several selec.
tlon. Th Brandels prise and the Megeath
Stationery company's prise will be eagerly
contested for. Several other valuable
prises will ba disposed of In the usual
manner. Th net receipts of th outing will
go Into tha hospital building fund. Tha
new hospital la being built at Twenty,
fourth avenue and Harney street and will
cost, with tha four lots, over 880,ono. It
will ba ready for occupancy before winter
sets In.
rtaklaa- aa raaawtaa: data ta Mad I.
aaat Lake. Water-villa eat Klyslaa,
Mlaa-. Via Caleaga Ortat
For partis of ten or more, on fare aa
ne-tblrd for th round trip, good for ta
gay a Tlcketa on sale dally anUl Sep.
teinber 80. For further Information apply
to U. H. Churchill, o. A.. 1612 Far nam BL
R.aaaaabl Rates at Flaa Raw,
Maw Tark.
"Comfort without extravaganoe" at th
new. fireproof Hotel Woodstock, on Forty,
third atraet. near Broadway, New fork;
Try the new Hotel Woodstock and you
will com again and bring your frlenda
There Is no better hotel In the world and
the prices ara moderate.
Sasasaa Tear.
Th Wabash has Issued a beaatiful
SEA. TUoss planning a summer trip
should ask lor on, waoash City OfHc
1031 Famara St., o address Harry K.
Moores. a. A. P. V., Omaha, Nsb.
Appeals Taken in Two Case ia Which City
is Party Defendant.
Labarer at Kllpatrtck Gradlag Caaap
Fall Forty Feet aad Came
Oat with Oaly a Few '
Notice of appeal from the action ot th
City council to tha district court his been
filed la two Important esse. In both these
esses the council has denied the claim of
the petitioners for damages. Th first case
la that of Coatsworth for Injuries alleged
to have been received at Thirteenth and
Missouri avenue. On the advice of the
ctty attorney the Claim was denied. He
demanded 6,Ono. His complaint Is that n
fell owing to a defect of the street and
broke hla leg. The city attorney not only
considers the claim exorbitant, but Is of
the opinion that the city can easily be
proven not responsible In the case.
Tha second case is one In which E. J.
Qulgbaum takes exoeptlons to the action
of the regularly appointed appraisers for
the grading of Thirty-ninth Street In hot
allowing him any damages on property af
fected by the grading of that street south
of Q. The council aprroved the work cf
the appraisers snd from thla Qulgbaum
takes appeal to the district court.
Flaed for Trespassing on Tracks.
The Union Pacific railroad and others
using the Union Pacific yards appear to
be determined to put a stop to the use
of any of their tracks or yards by tres
psssers. They have Issued strict orders
to their special officers to arrest any and
all persons found walking on the tracks
at any point In the city limits other than
at a regular and open street crossing. The
stringent enforcement of this regulation
haa led to several arrests. The latest Is
that of Thomas Urldlvlskl, a resident of
Sheeley. He was arrested by Special Of
ficer R. A. Pease at 6:80 last night. He
was at once brought before Judge P. C.
Caldwell on the state complaint and fined
16 and costs. The officer asserts that he
has repeatedly warned Urldlvlskl that he
must not use the tracks as a street, but
confine himself to the viaducts and streets.
The man arrested doea not understand the
language well and apparently paid no heed
to the warning of the officer until placed
under arrest.
Laborer Falls from Trestle.
Oeorge Burnes, a laborer at K II pa trick's
grading camp, fell from a trestle to the
ground, a distance of about forty feet.
Although 'he lit In a hard road all his In
juries appear to be confined to severe
bruises. He was working on the top of
tha trestle with a number of other labor
ers, when he lost his balance, lanCIng In
a heap on the road below. The; fall ren
dered him unconscious for a period of a
half hour or more. During skat tlrrm a
call was sent for th Brewr( ppibulanoe,
which, on arriving, took the i fatally, re
vived man to the South Omaha hospital.
On the way he gradually regained TuII
consciousness and complained of suffering
considerable pain. He thought at least
two of his ribs were broken, but the ex
amination at the hospital showed they were
not. Ha will be . able to be out In the
course 'of a week at least. Dr. W. H. Sla
baugh did not consider his hurts at all
alarming. r
Lodge Installations.
A public Installation of officers of Msglc
City lodge No. 80, Fraternal Union of
Amerlcs, at Workmen temple will occur
Monday evening, July 16. :, All members are
requested to be present and bring their
Thursday evening, July 11, Nebraska
lodge No. 177, Ancient Order of United
Workmen, Installed the following officers
for the ensuing term: Fred Haas, master
workman: John Wolf, foreman; J. Shea.
overseer: J. J. Nightingale, recorder; J. L.
Kubat, financier; Joseph Msrek. receiver;
M. J. Rowley, outside watchman; W. B.
Flnnerty, Inside watchman; J. Bugelwlcs,
Magic City Coaalp.
Miss Amy Blrda had cone to Lincoln to
remain over Sunday.
Miss Ermtna Hair has returned from a
visit to her mother In Iowa.
Jetter s Oold Ton Beer delivered to all
parts of the city. Telephone No. 8.
E. E. E. Rlda-ewsv waa taken sfrk vea.
terday and has but slightly improved.
There will be an Ice cresm social at
IyfTter's Memorial church Thuraday even
ing, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Rich returned ves-
terday from an extended tour of the Pacific
Mrs. E. P. Roggen and daughter left for
a month's visit In Colorado yesterday
J. J. Gillin reports thai he la havlne- the
time of his life on the banks of the Mis
sissippi river.
The Woman's Christian Temrerance
union will meet Tuesday. July 17. at the
home of Mrs. George Carley, 717 North
Twenty-second street.
Mrs. James Trnbourh of Avnca. Ia who
haa been visiting for some time with the
family of A. A. Wright, will return to
Iowa today.
Mrs. C. M. Schlndel and Mrs. C. K.
Scarr entertained a large party of their
friends st the South Omaha Country club
last evening.
The burial of Miry Blasknvlc. the Infant
daughter of Mr. and Mra. Albert Blaskovlc,
took place yesterday sfternoon. Burial was
in St. Mary'a cemetery.
Word haa been received from Mra. C. E.
Campbell and Florence from Buffalo, Wyo.
i ney are on tne point or leaving for a
month's camping in the mountains.
The members of ths Ancient Order of
Hibernians met last nlglit snd perfected
arrangements to attend the funeral of Miss
May c McCrann this afternoon at Z:8o.
Oeorge W. Mr sunn and wife will leave
for Idaho Springs. Colo., for a visit of ten
days or more. While In Colorado they
mill attend the Elks' convention at Den
ver. A son of Sam 8chrlgley hurt his arm
severely early In the week by a fall from
a plank on which he and his companions
were playing. He Is much Improved at
Mr. and Mrs. A. I.. Coleman and son
return to Chicago today. Mrs. Coleman is
the daughter of Mrs. Richard Gilchrist.
They have been visiting here for the past
two weeks.
Con Bheehan, stste president of the An
cient Order of Hibernians, will represent
the state at the national association to b
held at Baratoga. N. Y., July 16. He is al
ready en route.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McMillan snd daugh
ter Ethel are visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
Van Bant. Mr. McMillan has many friends
In South Omaha, being for several years
a teacher In ths public schools.
The death of Mrs. Richard Dervln oc
curred yeaterday morning. Bhe will be
honored at the funeral, of which all th
details have not been arranged, by the
membere of the Ladies Catholic Order of
Foresters of the three cities.
Joseph and Alice Pore were arrested yes
terday on a peace warrant. Mra. Nockols
complained that they threw bricks through
her windows snd Mrs. Pore, swinging a
dead goose by the neck, threutrned to strike
her neighbor over the hesd with It.
Miss Caasle Cowan, general delivery clerk
of the South Omaha postorflce. has left on
her annual vacation, which aha Is to spend
with her relatives at Irvtngton, Neb. Sue
will be gone two wsvka. Misa B'anch
Johnson will take her place at the window.
Mr. and Mra. Marion Talbot of I'rbana.
O., are visiting their brother and his wife,
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Talbot of this city.
They are drlegatea to the International
Baptist convention tn Omsha. Mr. Marlon
Talbot ia clerk of th district court in Ins
Our seml-snnusl clearing aale stsrts In the
morning. We quote prices on a few of the
many bargains which are included in this
sale. Men's suits, worth up to IlISu, now
tftuO; choice of any coat and pants. 83:
men's pants, worth up to f8 60, now 81 !4;
boys' ic knee pants, ifcc; men's union
suits, worth 81 2a. le price 76c: tan col
ored and other Uncy underwear. 18c a gar-
Third Week oi Our Great July Clearing Sale
The success of our July Clearing Sale has been astounding. Omaha shoppers
know the value of merchandise and have taken advantage of the golden
opportunity we offered them. The sale will continue all the coming week
and we want to raise the sales record $20,000.00 higher by Saturday night.
Silk Petticoat Sale Monday
Three hundred Taffeta Silk
Petticoats, in plain and
changeable colors, fancy
plaids and flower designs, all
guaranteed silk values were
from $5.50 to $10.00-the
Monday sale prices will ba
$6.95, $5.95, $4.95 TQC
Ladies New Peter Pan
All white and white with blue
collars and cuffs ordered
in May to sell at $4.95 come
in Saturday and
are marked
Ladies' Shirt Waists
This offer beats any other ever made in Omaha two hun
dred waists that were to sell at IO
$3.50, $4.50 and $4.95 -
Wash Goods (or Monday
Dress Lawns In black and white
and blue and white effects.
worth 10c yard, Monday
only, yard
Just a few hundred yards of our
fine dress Batiste left that sold
at 15c yard. To cloae
out, only, yard
A good quality dress Swiss In
plain and neat floral designs.
For Monday only, 1 5
yard UC
Bleached and unbleached pure
linen crash, worth to l"c yard,
for Monday only, f "1 1
yard . .I-W2C
A dandy Huck and Turkish Towel
that sold at 25c each, "J f n
Monday only, each aatUC
85 3 14 -yard pure linen hem
stitched cloth in floral patterns.
worth 12.50 each, for
Monday only
25 dozen aheets, linen finish, 81z
90, extra heavy muslin, worth
76c each, for Monday f P
only, earn OJC
Pillow cases in a good weight
muslin, only a few dozen left.
worth loc each, for
Monday only, each . ,
AH These Bargains Are to Be Found In Oar Dry Goods and Cloak and Suit Departments
in the Bennett Store
Write quick for copy of special folder, "With
the Elks," containing full information, rates,
description of principal Colorado points of in
terest and how to reach them, also list of
hotels and boarding houses.
Very low rates all summer, if you can't go with the Elks.
Let me tell you about them. A postal will do.
1323 Far nam Street.
mnt: msn's suspenders, worth up to Ite.
your rhuk-a 2tc; fancy vsis. wortU uj) lo
-.'.GO. your pick 96c; loc hoe. V; r.gulsr
2 quality hns, sal prle ISc; Vc
thrrad hoss, 2oc: fsncv shirts. $!. value,
4rtr. Many t(hr similar bargains. N
l.rsska Bho and Clothing I ue. South
At tha Ia Moadar Klsht.
A SoIIt tori tlmi Is scheduled for Ak-ear-Ben'a
den Monday night Among tha speak
ers will be John I.. Kennedy. W. 8. Bum
mers H B Ziminan snd O. B Cronk.
lul Kd Thompson snd Hal Fink havs
ben commanded by his highness lo arrsng
1 1 Jffis-
all at,
Colored Dress Goods
46-Inch Chiffon Batistes and Pan
aruae all shades for street and
evening wear Bold
at the yard
45-Inch gray mixed Panamas, me
dium weight for Jacket salts
aa, me-
l salts
Bold at
and separate skirts. Sold at
$1.00 yard. All go
Monday at, yard . . .
64-Inch Sicilians In navy blue,
brown, red and black. Regular
85c quality. Monday
only, the yard. . . .
Great Stock Reducing
twenty dozen ladles' and misses'
summer weight corsets and
girdles, worth 75c each, in ba
tiste corsets, drab and white,
satin and batiste taped girdles
In pink, blue and white, to go
on sale Monday,
. each
MENT Ten dozen ladles' long
underskirts, made of fine linen
finished muslin with pretty lace
trimming, regular 98c value.
Sale price Monday, f
each O 'C
ETcD (oj
July 10 to 16
Round trip from OMAIIA to Den
ver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo.
Final return limit, August 20.
a number of cam dy specialties. The grand
mufit will be on deck and will do sundry
stunts for the dlciMlon of the multitude.
Fire Start la Itestaaraat.
Heat from the range lit the kitchen of the
Eureka restsurnat. 517 North Sixteenth
ire-t, A. J. ReevH, proprietor. Ignited the
floor snd communicated fl'e to the baarneru
of ine building, a hi h Is also occupied by
a ssloon srd also to osrhoff s hail at 1
o'clock 8 iridiy r.iornln. Prompt work on
th. part of the Are depsrlni-nt eheckd
ihe spread of the flames before much dam
ate had been dons. A fire started la th
floor from th sain eaus two yoars ago
MENT Ladies' small ribbed
gauze union aulta, low neck, do
aleevea, umbrella knee, lace
trimmed, long sleeves, short
sleeves and sleeveless vesta,
medium and extra sizes, um
brella knee drawers, lace trim
med. Special, a TV
garment JDG
Or three garments for. . f 1.00
Big Clearing Sale ol Em
broideries. Monday
SPECIAL NO. 1 Odd lot of
broken sets of the finest hand
loomed flouncing and yoking
embroideries, that sold from
89c to $1.50 yard. All go
Monday, a
SPECIAL NO. 2 Big lot of cor
set cover embroideries, 18
Inches wide, fine and heavy
nainsooks, sold from 39c to
75c yard. On sale OC
Monday, a yard, 80c and . D C
SPECIAL NO. 3 Counter full of
fine matched set embroideries,
fine Swiss nainsook and heavy
cambrta edges, with lner tings
to match. Thia lot positively
worth 10c to 35c yard. Hale
price a yard, Ittc, Iftc, C
10c and DC
SPECIAL NO. 425 pieces of all
over embroideries, 18 to 22
Inches wide, heavy and fine
nainsooks, worth 76c and 89c
yard. Sale price
Monday, yard. . .
Big Silk Sale Monday
2,000 yards of the new Chiffon
Crape. This fabric comes in
all the newest shades for street
and evening gowns; full 24
Inches wide and all silk. Regular
price the world over Is 98c.
Our price Monday, Crt-.
yard JUC
3,000 yards of clean silks In all
new designs, that sold up to
$1.25 yard, Monday
only, yard
36-lnch white Jap silk,
69c, Monday,
36-lnch Pongee silk,
$1.25, Monday,
36-lnch black Taffeta silk, regu
lar $1.00, Monday, $3c
20-Inch -white Jap silk, regular
39c, Monday, ICla,
yard . .
hi this restaurant, but wss extinguished
without loss.
I aWISnftHifTi"l i' l"aiaIW WffiBBtr
Ulaas In Jail Again. ,
James Itgg, the negro against' whom th
charge of the murder of Frank Wheeler
naa rnxde. bul dismissed by County At
torney Hifibsngh for luck of evidence, and
will yet hsve lo stand trial on th murder
against whom th. police have other
ctiarg'. Is MKaiii In Jail. It Is xslhle h
chaige, although he is now booked merely
as a suspicious character. liatectlves
Iiruaimy and Maloney picked him up lata
baiurday aflerouon.