Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 15, 1906, HALF TONE SECTION, Page 7, Image 27

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    17IE OMAHA' SUNDAY BEE: JULY 13, 190(1"
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The tnoet Improved method to free a
Itouae of large or email roaches In to um
the contents of ft box of Peterman's
Roarh Food" at one time. Shake It on the
Joints ao aoma of It will pentrate and re
main to kwii tha premises continuously
free. Roaches eat It a food; It la tha
moat dnetnictlve remedy on this earth to
thetn. and It will not aratter them to other
places to live and multiply.
BEDBUG 8 "Peterman's Discovery"
(Quicksilver) Bedhurs
Zgf take It up In the ctrcula
fTS'K. tlon when going oyer
Lav whra it is brushed on
llKhtly. It's Invaluable
If brushed on beds when
apart, and on back of
picture frames, moldings,
etc. It will not ruat or
barm furniture or beddlna;. Odorless and
"Peterman's Discovery' fllquldV-Tn flex
ible, handy cans for cracks, walls, mat
tresses, etc. Odorless, nonezploslva.
"Peterman's Ant Food" A strong pow
der to kill and drive away ants, alao water
battles or black beetles. In one night.
"Peterman's Rat-mouse Food" makes rats
or mica wild; they wlU leave and not re
turn. Take no other, as time may ba even mora
important than money.
Originated In 1873. Perfected In 1908 by
Win, Peterman, Mfg. Chemist,
S M. M West 13th A.. New York tlty.
London, Eng., Montreal, P. ,Q. .
Bala br all inn' wit Id Omaua and throughout
tha t:ntu4 lulw, alio br
Sherman atiCouaall I'rug Co., lth as 4 Dodge
Mrsra-Dllloa Drug Co., 1Mb aod Parnaa Its.
Ball Drug Co., 121 ramaro St.
Te Bnntt Co., Ipartaint Store.
Boaton Store Drug Department.
Beaton Pnig Co., lftth and Farnam fta.
Howell Drug Co., ltik and Capitol Are.
C. A. atelch.r. N and lh Sta., Sou 16 Omaha.
Klchaxdaea Drag Co., Jebeara
Omaha Pitchers Gettio? in Form tad the
Outlook it Eriehter.
INVERT drop of water
uaed in brewlns;
Stora Beer la drawn
from our Artesian well
(1,400 feet deep). This
water ts Ideal for brew
lns; purposes, being pure
ana spanning, ana pos
sessing1 In Itself health
giving properties. The
absolute purity of our
water supply 1 one es
sential feature,, In add
ing to ,etonv Deer a
sparkling clearness and
healthful Equality, that
la found only in our
beer.( jAak'v forw" Storr
ccr aown town. uraer
a caseforyojyhome
xnialia,' BJ
f ' v
WFrW-. s-sa." aasxi VajaeaVasrW up. ftsJaf.J.
Quaker Maid Rye
"The. Valakej with a Eeptiation"
ST. LOUIS. 1904
PARIS. 1908
P4ITUMD, 1901
for sale at leadlag bars,
-cafes and drug stores
S.HIRSCH & CO., Kansas City, Mo.
D .A. Sampson, Oen'l Bales Agent, Omaha.
we sell ALL kinds of Dog Medicine.
For fleas get our "Dog Shampoo." Kills
every flea. Price 26c For mange get
"Improved Mange Cure," to apply, price,
loo and Tonic Condition Tablets for inter
nal use, loo.
Stierman&McGonnellDrug Go.
Corner Sixteenth and Bodge, Omaha.
Every Yoiaaa
hoald I
A. t . W Wi V , e "isaesiea ana
f " - X fi '. L' ai.ui iha won
IS i Xfl I "ikil Whirling Spray
V . ?fr f tweiad .-.. Iteat-claf
- 7 ' V"TT.J eel-Mual CoiiTaaienL
,VS c ."V3aer a '"'" uu.
Ayaar dnevM tm a. ' I m.,-?
If h nntaulIT the X! ' tCi ,
MIS) Ibtnipl Vr-v-e
fiifwr. lul nt1 aiAiitp ftjg l'v 1-
IUtairaid bo..-J. Ttgtws I M '
full frtlculr and nri ia 4 F g
iiuui. to m h i. ex. 7
a. !.. a Mr ivga.
lsth and Dodsa Bts.
at. Cur. lath and Fa.rna.rn ata.
For Obstinate Constipation, BUllouaneas,
Bour Stomach. Sick Headache. Nervous
ness, Nausea, Inaoranla, Jaundice. Torpid
Xivar. Try one. Z&o per bottle, postpaid.
Oernar itth and Dodge SU.
Tto'. aufferiug from arena
Deafrl VQlrh ikD the Diea.aurt
of lUeshuulJ use Juveo Fill a
mmmmmm UQI IX'I IU lell a aiory Ol
aarvelous reaulis. This medicine baa more
lajuveuMing. vitalising force Uian baa ever
ofore boea offered, hent Doaa-aid In plain
parsage ouiy oa receipt ei uia wi. sou gi.
Uie b ' lu urnnDaiora C. i. buod ... pra
sVWtMfa Uwds bwaaarUia. LuaiL Mae
Uaeola Magnate Peevishly Bastes
Imp la the Iseet aad Is Now
taapeaded freaa Aetive
Omaha fans think they sea a ray of light
ahead. The showing made by tha team In
tha last two weeks has been quite encour
aging In all departments. The batting and
fielding haa been superb, and only the pitch
ing has been below par. With tha defense
practically perfect, and tha attack only
weak In one element, it ts not too much
to expect that Omaha will give the leaders
much tighter race than they have yet
ad. Tha pitchers are all doing better
work. Dodge la showing - mora signs of
being a ball player than at any time dur
ing he season, and Corns, prior to the
accident at Sioux City, was doing spiem
dldly. Ha will be laid up till the team gets
home by his Injured leg, but will then be
ready to go Into the game with a winning
arm. McNeeley Is taking better care of
himself, and ought to be a winner from
now on. Saunders, of course, la keeping
up the gait he struck early In the season,
and Ayers, the new man. Is likely to pull
off something before the end of the sea
son. All In all. the outlook Is good for
Omaha. Herman Long's handling of the
team on tho field has been quite satisfac
tory, and the fact that Omaha Is keeping
In the race ts still in the minds of its loyal
Chicago Is surely making good In the Na
tional league, end It now Is certain that
only a complete reversal of form can pre
vent tha Cubs from winning the coveted
championship. The team Is In good shape
in all deportments, and the pitchers are
working well, with the exception of Pfelster.
He continues to win his games, but is not
sent in often enough. The Inference Is
that he Is still suffering from the ailment
that Incapacitated him early tn the spring.
All the others are doing splendid work,
while the hitting of the team Is terrifla.
The average for last week was .266, a win
ning clip. With Its present makeup Chi
cago looks to be good for at least three
years at the top of the list. Chance has
splendid machine framed up.'wtth a
bunch of pitchers that are sure to get bet
ter right along. Btelnfeld is the only man
on the team likely to go back, and It Is
not at all probable he will slow up until
after next season. With Hoffman ready
to go In at any point, the danger of acci
dent Is mora than accounted for, and It
isn't an extravagant prophecy to say that
Chicago will lead next year as it haa this.
and tha next, too, for that matter. In the
meantime the Giants will have to be re
constructed. They ha,ve surely slowed up,
or,, at least, have met their master, and
will be In the same fix that Jack Doyle
found them when he began his brief but
eventful career as manager. It Isn't prob
able that McGraw will be superseded as
manager, but be will have to bustle fot
young players to take the place of the
apavs he will soon turn out to grass. Frod
Clarke also haa his work before him. He
hasn't been able to get the Pirates Into
proper running order, and If he la to seri
ously dispute premier honors with Frank
Chance he must bring out some new ma
terial. Every turn of the proposition makos
It look a HtUe brighter for Chicago for at
least two more seasons.
, - .... -i -
During the week Ducky Holmes allowed
hie peevish disposition to put him in a de
cidedly awkward position before the ad
miring public He was betrayed Into ths
carelessness of taking a swift punch at ths
features of one Ira Slats Davis, who hap
pens to be an ump on tha staff of President
O'Neill. For this oversight the president
has strung up Ducky Indefinitely, and
Ducky Is now over on his Iowa fajm paying
or the hands and looking around tha crops.
It is too bad that Mr. Holmes should have
forgotten that he la now a magnate and
not a player, and that the dignity of hla
new position carries with It some responsi
bilities, among which Is one that requires
that he should forego the pleasure of talc
Ing a punch at an amp simply beoause he
disagrees with him. Mr. Holmes had a
long and In some degree notable career In
oonneotion with various big league clubs,
and It la not all likely that he can recall
u mmwa in wnicn the manager or
owner of the team ever swung on an umn,
They do those things much better In the
big league, and Ducky must have noted It.
it is the player's right exclusively, and
ts denied to the magnate, even though he
combine with his managerial position tha
attributes of a player. It would have been
much nicer for Ducky to have suggested
to some of his angello band. Jack Thomas,
for example, that a punch In the snoot
might have some effect on tha ump's de
cisions on nails and strikes, and then to
have awaited development. It's a mortal
cinch the ump would have connected up
with the needed punch, and Its correcting
Influence would have been as potent as If
delivered by the fist of the magnate, while
the latter would have been In a much
more defensible position the next time be
happened to be oalled upon to deliver him
self of an Interview In support of the policy
marked out for the Western league by
Joe Cantillon. Charles A. Comlskey and
ueorge Teoeau. viewed from any angle.
the action of Magnate Ducky appears care
less. It Is notable, though, that the Lin.
coin sporting writers didn't make near
as much of a hullabaloo about It aa thsy
am wnan some or Mike Cantlllon's cherubs
were In trouble down there.
Whatever else may be said of Slats Davis.
this much Is true: He has the correct Idea
of the umpire s relation to the game, and
he insists on living up to It. He draws no
distinctions when players get disorderly,
oui quictuy aominlsters toe rebuke. He
was a somewhat unruly player himself.
and he knows the Ilk thoroughly, and never
lets the outbreak get beyond the premoni
tory symptoms. Ths effect this has on the
game Is that with Davis In charge the
players hustle, and the patrons sea a ball
game. If all umpires were like hlin In tbjs
rspeci me nnlng of players would soon
be at an end. It Is experience with tha
weaklings that lead the malcontents to stir
up strife with a strong man like Davis.
mats may not know evervthina- hut
does know that what he says goes while tha
game Is In progress, and ha may always
feel sura a welcome awaits him from the
Omaha public
Tennis men are figuring on tha Middle
West, for all the city tournament la still
unfinished, and Indications are that the
attendance at this annual affair, which Is
held at the Omaha Field club, will surpass
them all. While the time has not arrived
for the entries to ba coming In. numerous
letters have been received from ths cracks
of former years stating their Intentions of
returning this summer. The committee has
been sending out .numerous notices and
personal letters to well known tennis play
era In the middle west to Induce them to
add their presence to the large number
which is sure to ba on hand. The Middle
West has long since become recognised as
one of the classic events of the year la ten
nis circle and the quality of players has
been increasing' from year to year, until
It Is a hard matter for the local boys to
Bold their own with the visitors. Tha Slout
City crowd has expressed Its Intention of
being on hand and Hayes Is being groomed
by the ambidextrous Dr. Blaltherwlck for
the occasion. The committee has hopes of
getting a larger delegation from Kansas
City than In former year. To this end
some of the tennis men expect to go to
Kansas City for a short trip. They will
take their rackets along to try out the
courts and for a general good time.
The Interstate tennis tournaments In
tha western circuits are about to start,
the first being at Kansas CUy July 30,
where the championship of the Missouri
valley will be held. The Iowa state cham
pionship will .follow at Des Moines Au
gust T. The Trl-State will follow at Sioux
City August II and the Middle West at
the Omaha Field club August 20. The
Omaha meet is about the end for the sea
son In the western country. Conrad
Toung, chairman of the Field club tennis
committee, is urging the tennis players
to go to the Kansas City meet and Is re
ceiving many assurances. Kansas City
has done well by Omaha In the past and
the Omaha players feel they should re
ciprocate this year at the fifth annual open
tournament, at which the championship
of the Missouri valley will be decided.
The Kansas City announcement reads:
The fifth annual open tournament for
the championship or tne Missouri vaney
m-iii he held on tha rourta of the Kansas
City Athletic club on Monday, July- 30,
1806, and following days. '1 ne games win
ba held under the aurlces of the United
States National Iiwn Tennis association.
The events will be mens singles ana
doubles. Suitable cups and prizes will
ba awarded winners, runners up and con
solatlons, the latter to be competed for
bv contestants defeated tn their first
match rtlaved.
The winner or the sinsTies win De re
quired to play Mr. O. V. Vernon, the pres
ent singles champion. The handsome Uur-
ney & Ware trophy Is tne prise in mis
event, the cup to be won three times, not
necessarily consecutive, to become tho
tirnnertv of anv one Dlaver.
The winners of the doubles will be re-
oulred to nlav Messrs. James and jotie,
the present doubles chamrtons. The Kan
sas City Athletic club trophies In Bus
event are to become the property of tho
lm winnlnar the rhnnlDionshlD twice.
All matches will be Deal two oui vi
three, except the finals, which will Do
W-- . I. A M ,r.
An entrance fee of II will be cnargea
In singles and $2 per team In doubles.
Our new SSO.OOO club house, which Is
being built for the Kansas City Athletic
club, will be ready juiy x. i no inu-r,
reception rooms, library, trophy and bil
liard rnnma are finely finished in manog-
any and oak. The gynaslum is one of the
largest in the country, 'rne ounei unu
dining rooms cuisine will be the best.
The beautiful grounds and lare cool
r cl a nf the nlllh hailBft Of the Kn-
sas Citv Athletic -club oval, delightfully
situated at Forty-sixth and Lydla streets,
will be at your disposal. All the priv
ileges of both our club houses will be
..t.n.,1 tn the rtlavers and friends.
Additions have been maae to our ior
xmma anil ahower hut ne. ana tne BIX uin
courts have been resurfaced and kept in
..iuni onnriittnn. Our reception com
mittee has planned a nance at tne cmo
.iitnmAhn, rlripff over our parka ann
boulevards during the week and Intends
to see that nothing is lacmng in tne en'
...t.inn.ant ell the vlaltlna- players.
held for the
championship of Oreater Kansas City the
entry list compnseu unny-iu -.,
and In the Missouri valley tournament we
confidently expect the largest entry list
we have ever haa.
aii .ntHai mimt rte maae oeiora
nVlr.rU KaturflRV. July 18. to James X.
Gibson, 1600 Grand avenue.
The nineteenth annual tennis tournament
for the championship of the west will be
held In singles end doubles and mixed
doubles for men and women on the turf
courts of the Kenwood Country club be
ginning Saturday, July a, and continuing
through the followlnr week. First, second
and consolation prlxes will be given In both
singles and doubles. The winners of the
first place In men's doubles will be the
western champions and will be called upon
to play the winners of the eastern doubles
a Newport on August 21, and the winners
of that event become challengers for the
championship of the United States. All
matches In singles for men will be best
two In three, except the semi-finals, finals
and championship round, which, with all
double matches, will be the best three In
five advantage sets. All matches for
women will be best two In three advantage
sets. The winner for men's singles will
be called upon to play Mr. Krelgh Collins,
present holder, for the western champion
ship. The winner of women's singles will
be called upon to play Miss Myrtle Me
Ateer, present holder, for the western cham
plonshlp. As the entry list Is always large,
players must report on the opening day or
they will be defaulted unless previously
arranged. Play will commence at 2 o'clock
each day and matches will also ba sched
uled In the morning when necessary. The
entrance fee will be $2 for each person
In one event and $1 for each additional
event played In and should accompany entry
or be paid at the grounds on opening day.
Entries close July 19 at noon. The rules
of the United States Lawn Tennia asso
elation will govern the play. Mr. J. W.
Brooks, jr., will act as official referee.
The annual golf tournament of the Glen
view club will be played July 18-21. Mem
bars of clubs Identified, associated or al
lied with the Western Golf association or
the United 8tates Golf association are cor
dlally Invited to compete. The prizes will
be the Glenvlew cup, ths winners of whlc
have been: 1M1, William Holablrd, jr
Glenvlew; 1902, - Walter T, Egan, Lake
Geneva: 1903, Louis N. James, Glenvlew
1904, Knowlton L. Ames, Glenvlew; 1905,
Walter E. Egan, Eiranor. The Director1
cup and the Lear cup and the North Branch
The annual midsummer meet of the Cen
tral Whist association will be held at the
Grand hotel at Council Bluffs Friday and
Saturday, August t and 4. The contest 1
tor pairs and will consist of three plays
Friday afternoon at 2, Friday evening at
and Saturday afternoon at 2, to be followed
Saturday evening by a free-for-all. Tro
phies will be given to the winners In each
The prospectus says: "This contest Is
open to both men and women and all
lovers of whl.t are cordially invited to
participate. Ample opportunity will be
given for players to enjoy a trip to Lake
Manawa and the many other summer re
sorts and parks surrounding Council Bluffs
and Omaha. No more enjoyable outing
can be had. The Grand hotel has shown
the greatest courtesy to this association
at Ha anuual meetings In the past and can
furnish unexcelled accommodations for all
playera The Council Bluffs Whist club
h&s welcomed the association each year
with tha most cordial hospitality. We are
sure that no one has ever regretted at
tending these meetings In tha past and the
Indications are that the coming one will
be the best In the history of the associa
tion." Foot ball will ba played on ths Omaha
gridirons this fall Just as much as In
former years. In spite of all tha agitation
against ths game and all the changes In
the rules. The University of Nebraska baa
given Crelghton a game for Vinton Street
park for November 10. An effort Is being
made to get tha Nebraska team in Omaha
for another game. Doana will ba here for
a game with Crelghton Thanksgiving day
and Crelghton will play Mornlngslde at
Sioux City October 11 Crelghton will also
arrange for games la Omaha with Bellevue
and South Dakota, ao as many games will
be played aa In former years. Foot ball
schedules are being made out by all the
universities In the west and Minnesota bag
The Summer Camping Parly
that equips itself properly for aa enjoyable time in the woods is always careful to include
a few cases of rich, ripe malt bser in its outfit, like
Gemdl's Peeress Beer
tne beer that makes you feel that life i worth living1. Wo man can once taste this splen
did e).er without pronouncing1 it a beer of commanding1 superiority and magnificent
flavor. It contains, indeed, all tne elemental etrentftn of tne choicest barley and hops.
because it is brewed, not by any of tne common processes, but by the famous Gund
Natural Process, a peculiar and unique old German Process, which retains and develops.
ia a most remarkable degree the life principle of the barley and tne nop. In fact human
.knowledge and skill cannot produce a more truly and wholesome and delicious bottled beer.
Peerless" contains not mora than 3 'a percent of alcohol, enough to just stimulate
digestion. It lias been brewed and aold for more than half a century. Peerless when first
produced, it i Peerless (till.
Bottled at the home plant only. Sold at all reputable hotels, restaurants and
buffets but you must ask for It by name. Tbe borne trade a specialty.
Try a case delivered this very day. Telephone, write or call. Taste it once and youll
rememLer it forever.
W. C. HEYDEX, Manager, 1320-22-34 Leavenworth Street, Omaha. Neb..
Telephone Douglas 2344. I1ARXHART & KLEIN, Wholesale DiMtribuU'ra,
162 West Broadway, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
gone farther than before and arranged
games with Indiana and Chicago. Chicago
has taken on the University of Nebraska
tor an entirely new foe, and renewed rela
tions with Cornell and Minnesota In addi
tion to Indiana. Wisconsin has made out a
schedule of "easy marks" tn comparison to
the teams played In former years, and
Illinois and Purdue are completing their
schedules. Michigan has not been heard
from. Many "big" games will be played in
the west this fall tn spite of all the changes
and hullabaloo. The Chicago-Minnesota,
the Minnesota-Indiana, the Chicago-Nebraska,
the Chicago-Indiana, all these look
aa If the Idea' of abolishing "big" games
had been forgotten. Will there be a west
ern championship? This Question la being
asked In all the colleges. From present In
dications it seems aa H there might be In
spite of the strenuous efforts which have
been made to abolish it. Chicago will play
Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and Nebraska,
and Minnesota will play Nebraska. Indiana
and Chicago. Wisconsin has not been a
factor for four yeara and probably would
not this year In Interchanging games with
these colleges. Purdue and Iowa have not
had championship aspirations for several
years and probably would not this year.
Should Michigan play Illinois according
to contract something may ba arrived at by
comparative scores. Michigan has always
been the leading factor In the western
championships and now with a smaller
schedule, with only one veteran and talk
of benching Tost on full pay and cannot be
left out of consideration at this time. We
may have a western championship even If
we do have to arrive at the conclusion by
comparative scores.
The Carlisle football schedule for next
fall as announced haa twelve games and
one dale Is ope'n October It for which a
oontest will be arranged. The datea fol
low: September 13, Villa Nova college, at
Carlisle; 26, Albright college, at Carlisle!
October S. Susquehanna university, at Car
lisle; 6, Pennsylvania State college, at Wll
llamsport; 13, open; 29, Western University
of Pennsylvania, at Pittsburg; 27, Uni
versity of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia;
November 3. Syracuse university, at Buf
falo; 10. Harvard, at Cambridge; 17, Uni
versity of Minnesota, at Minneapolis; 24
University of Cincinnati, at Cincinnati; 29.
University of Virginia, at Norfolk.
Yale foot ball forlsi: October 1, Wes
leyan; October . Syracuse; October 10,
Springfield Training school; October 13,
Holy Cross; October 20. Pennsylvania State
college; October 27, Amherst; November S,
West Point, at West Point; November 10,
Brown November IT, Prlnoeton, at Prince
ton; November la. Harvard.
The announcement of Harvard's foot ball
schedule for next fall leaves no doubt now
In the minds of even the most skeptical
of the students that the faculty will not
change Its mind and Interfere with the
sport, this year at least. A conspicuous
omission on the schedule It the Pennsyl
vania game. The Amherst Agricultural
college has been substituted for the Quaker
university. Princeton tried bard to get on
the Hat, and the Crimson authorities con
sidered the request seriously, but did not
think it wise to make the arrangements.
There are eleven games, as usual. The con
tests with West Point, Brown and Carlisle
come a wetk later this year than hitherto.
With these few changes ths schedule Is
tha same as It has always been. The sched
ule follows: September 23. Williams at
Cambridge; October 3. Bowdoln at Cam
bridge; October . Maine at Cambridge;
October 10, Bates at Cambridge; October 13,
Amherst Aggies at Cambridge: October 20,
Springfield Training school at Cambridge;
October 27, West Point at West Point; No
vember 3, Brown at Cambridge; November
10. Carlisle at Cambridge; November IT,
Dartmouth at Cambridge; November XI,
Tale at New Haven.
Annapolis foot ball schedule: October ,
Dickinson; October 10, Maryland Agricul
tural college; October 12, Princeton; Octo
ber 17, St. John's; October 20, Lehigh; Oc
tober 24, Western Mary lend college; Octo
ber 27, Bucknell: November I, Pennsylva
nia State university; November 10, Swarth
more; November 17, University of North
Carolina; November M, Virginia Polytech
nic Institute; December 1, United States
Military academy.
With tha closing of the college door for
the summer vacation the university athlete
has In Id away bis base ball bat, running
shoes and gwaaa. and r""ilna raoiaUna but
the echoes of the controversy aa to which
Institution's brawny students won the
greatest honors during the season. Un
doubtedly the mythical laurel wreath falls
to Cornell. The Ithaca athletes swept up
victories on land and water this spring In
two or three branches of sport prominent
in the closing months of college life. The
progress shown by Cornell In athletics
within the last year especially proves con
clusively that the Ithaca university la fast
taking a prominent place among the In
stitutions of the east In the field of sports
aa well as learning. To win the Inter
collegiate track meet and the Intercol
legiate rowing races and to come near the
top in base ball la a record of which
Cornelllans may well be proud. Cornell
haa for several yeara enjoyed the position
of prominence In the water that Tale en
Joys on tha gridiron, but until recently Its
base ball and track teams have not as
pired so high. Ttma was when tha red
and white would send a team of six men
to the Mott Haven games. Maybe a high
Jumper or a hammer thrower would score
points for his colege, but that was about
all. That Is why the collegiate world was
Jolted a bit when Cornell actually carried
off the meet tn 1906 and then again In 1906.
It will be a case of lookout .'for the Cor
nell runners hereafter. The Ithacans are
stlU weak in foot ball, however, but they
will undoubtedly Improve there, too. The
victory of Cornell at Cambridge and again
at Poughkeepsia this year gives It undis
puted right to the title of premier honors
in rowing. The Cornell eight was the
flower of the land. Pennsylvania also had
a fine eight and probably ranks second,
with Harvard or Syracuse third. As far
aa the crimson is concerned, the Cam
bridge crew this year waa the best ever
turned out at the university on the
Charles. The Cornell base ball nine barely
missed making as good a showing as 'he
other two Ithaca university teams. It lost
Its most important gamee by very close
To Princeton must be given the credit of
turning out the strongest combination on
the diamond. The toss of tbe final game
of the season to Pennsylvania, after one
defeat of Pennsylvania, and two straight
victories over Harvard and Tale, was the
only thing that marred the brilliant show
ing of the orange and black. But perhapa
the Tigers let off some steam after clinch
ing the Harvard and Tale games. Tale
earned th right of second place by virtue
of Its two triumphs over Harvard and Ha
victory over Cornell. Cornell, which
whlrped Harvard, comes third and Har
vard fourth. Columbia and Pennsylvania
are seen somewhere In the vista of tha
base ball background. Altogether this haa
been a moat remarkable and successful
year for college athetotics. The races for
tha championship In each branch of sport
have been well run and hotly contested.
Interest has never been allowed to lag, and
tha teams that have won first honors have
done so on their merits.
Holcombe Ward, one of the members of
the United States lawn tennis team which
in June made an unsuccessful effort to win
back the Davis International trophy, snld
this week: "I believe that we should chal
lenge for the cup again next year. Thnt
Is, of course, the only wsy that wa can
get it back again, and I believe that there
are players eomlng up In this country all
the time who will be good enough to win It
back. From the showing that Little made
In the Internationals I think that he could
soon make the quality necessary for the
competitions. As for myself, I shall not
again ba a member of an International
team. I hava crossed the water twice In
vain search after the cup and I am be
ginning to think my active tennis days are
over. I shaU never again consider an In
vitation to become a member of another
Davis cup team."
One hundred yards In 94 seconds, 220
yards In Zltt seconds, and. to crown this
seemingly superhuman burst of speed, a
leap of 23 feet H Inches in the running
broad Jump that Is ons day's work by Dan
M. Kelly, the University of Oregon fresh
man, running under the colors of the Mult
nomah Athletic club of Portland, in the
fifth annual track and field meet of the
Pacific Northwest Amateur Athletic asso.
elation at 8pokane, Wash., recently. In
addition to these, Kelly ran the last lap of
the mile relay race, which was won by his
club, and Increased tha lead of bis team
mates from ten yards to twenty yards on
the fastest representative of the Seattle
Athletic club. The time for the relay was
I.SV which means that HeUy must have
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run the quarter in less than EI seconds.
The crack Multnomah athlete was raised
In the sage brush of eastern Oregon. He
Is 23 years old. stands I feet 10 Inches in
height and weighs about 155 pounds. He
has ths typical build of a sprinter thick
neck and chest, narrow hips and long,
supple legs. A year ago he raced at the
Lwls and Clark exposition at Portland
against Parsons, tbe other crack Pacific
coast runner, who is now In Wisconsin
university; also against Archie Hahn and
Clyde Blair, but was dismal failure. Noth
ing daunted, however, he entered the I'ni
verslty of Oregon last fall and put him
self directly under the tutelage of BUI
Hay ward, -who for years haa had a win
ning track team at the Oregon institution.
He practiced starting Indoors In the gym
nasium and was out on ths field early In
the late winter, almost Incessantly at bla
training, governed not altogether by ambi
tion, but because he liked It. His team
mates say that Kelly slept In his spikes.
fT.Sft te Mlaaeapulla and at. Paal asa
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