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    THE 0MA1IA ' SUNDAY BEE: JULY 15. lflQrt.
Trfrpfcon JXiuUi 611.
Wash Petticoats, Black Sateen Petticoats, Moreen Petticoats and
Silk Petticoats, all at the following greatly reduced prices.
Alt the petticoats sdverttsed are n-w
garments, made thla season. Kvery gar
In cut full and wide and are not td
be confounded with the common kind usu
ally Hold at special !. We aell nothing
but the vry best. Ton never pay na
uiurM for really fine Roods at Thompson,
BelJin St Co. a aa In other stores.
Wash pettlcoala usually sold at 310",
clearing sale price 75c each.
Warli petticoats usually suld at II. O,
clearing sale price J5c each.
Wash petticoats usually aold at 11.71.
;lenrlng aale price $1.11.
Wash pettlcoata usually aold at 11.96,
clearing aale price 11.25.
Silk pettlcoata regularly aold at $5 00,
clearing aule price $.1.50 each.
Bilk petticoats regularly aold at ti'.U),
clearing aalr price I486 each.
eiltt pettlcoata regularly sold at JIO.50.
clearing aale price i50 each.
Silk pettlcoata regularly aold at 11160,
clearing aale price 17.60 each.
Bilk pettlcoata regularly aold at SlS.00,
Clem-lug !( price each.
Hlack mid white checked brllllantine pet
tlcoata. regularly aold at $4.50, clearing
aaio price $2 B5. '
Black lirllliantine pettlcoata, regularly
aold at I4.0H, clearing aale price 2 60.
Black brllllantlne pettlcoata, regularly
aold at $5.00, clearing aale price $3.60.
McOre adjuatahla yoke aklrt, regularly
told at i W, clearing aale price $3.60.
Black and white checked sateen pettl
coata. regularly aold at $1 50, clearing sale
price CKc.
All the fine black sateen pettlcoata, regu
larly aold at $1.10, clearing aale price 96c.
All the vplaln black aateen pettlcoata,
regularly aold at J-1 25. clearing aale price
All the plain black aateen pettlcoata, reg
ularly aold at $4.60, clearing aale price 12.05.
Btx Hcatherbloom petticoats. In pale blue
and tlnk. which faded by being In our
how window; the regular price. of theaa
pettlcoata was ,$2.60 each, clearing aale
price 76o each.
Second floor.
Lace Curtain Specials for Mon
day's Selling.
Curtain chances not likely to occur again
very anon. Curtalna of the desirable, 5e
. pendabla sort ara to be aold at low prices
$3.60 cream colored Nottingham At $1.'$
a pair.
$2 to cream colored Nottingham at $123
$2.16 cream colored fishnet at $1.60 a pair.
$1.2 aero colored Nottingham at 98c pair.
$10.00 ecru net with Battenberg cluny laoe,
W.7J pair.
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board has been formed, consisting of
Wishes Pasha Nubar, Birch Pasha, and
M."J. A. Cattanl. Twelvs months ago
Egyptian sugar was on all the. markets
of to Levant. There la no reason why
tbJs should not happen again, aa Egypt la
aald by experts to ba peculiarly fitted for
the dual crop of cotton and Sugar.
. Secretary Shaw Designate Additional
Banks to Hold Meaty the
WASHINGTON, July 14. Secretary Shaw
'ef the Treasury department on hla return
today from New York sent out telegrams
. to a. number of national banka throughout
the country designating them as govern
ment depositories and Informing them that
bonds to secure such deposits as may be
made with them must he placed with the
.. government by the close of business next
The secretary has called In the loan of
, the government made to various financial
Institutions with atate and municipal bonds
, a security, claiming his Intention to have
,. the government bonds substituted as secur-
' tr.
In order, however, not too seriously con
tract the amount of money In the banks.
, Becretary "haw will deposit with the new
depositories In the neighborhood of $7,000,000
of the SlO.OOO.CtO now called In and secured
' by atate and municipal bonda. The $10,000,
Ufv called In haa to be paid by July . the
.. dttle of aale of the new Panama bonda.
: A announced by the aecretary the treas
urer will leave on deposit with the banks
at least one-third of the amount realised
from the sale of the Panama Issue of $30, -CO0.O00,
and the probabilities are that half
of the amount realised from the aale of the
Infants' cotton gauze wrap
per shirt, long or short sleeve
far 8V. v
Infants' Una wool gauze
wrapper shirt, a perfect summer"
wool garment, alxeg 1 to S, up .
from 3tk
Infants' fine silk lisle game
Kuben shirt, sizes 1 to 6, ft 5c up '
Stork Pasts for Babies
. ytork' absorbent oiapers. the
" moat, ronj fort aide a well aa the
raost economical cloth diaper
' made, come In S aties, V daaon .
In an antlseptlcally sealed box,'
prices TSc, l)c, f 1 per 4 dozen
yyow pzfs
ill : , . i
A - j
ii s m m
rite for Illustrated Catalogue.
'.y 1 lm
Our Semi-Annual Sale of Petticoats
Commences Monday Morning at 9 A. ML
Trlcea on white Nottingham lace cur
talna greatly reduced.
Bonne Femme luce curtalna almost given
$2.nn Hwlxa curtain $1.00 a pair.
Iluffled flwlsa very cheap.
In baaement.
Special Wash Goods Sale
When choice, clean and perfect Wash Ma
terials can be had as cheap aa these. -there
la no eitcuse for you buying trashy, soiled
or Imperfect goods.
Wash Goods Special at 6c per yard, In
cluding 16o Batistes. 16c Olnghams, lie
Madras, 2flc Organdies, etc.
Wash Goods Special at 10c yer yard 60c
Im. Bilk Rajah. 40c Novelties, 6nc Zephyrs,
40e French Organdies. 4ic Silk Organdies.
Wash Goods Special at 19c a yard, In
cluding fine Silk Organdies, 60c Swisses,
460 Embroidered Walstlngs. etc.
Wash Goods Special at 25c yard 60c Silk
Zephyra, 75e Swlseea, &oc Imported Zephyra,
fc French Pongelree, etc.
In Basement.
Monday in the Children's Wear
In Basement.
Thia will be an Important day. as w will
sell all our Children's Colored Dresses at
greatly reduced prlcea. All well made, per
fect garments not the damaged or Imper
fect kind that are usually offered by some
atores at reduced prices.
Children's Gingham Dresses, pink, blue
and ox-blood, made In bishop style, sites
1 and t yeara, regular price 60c, now 85c.
Children'a Gingham Dresses, In pink and
blue, with embroidery Insertion, pin tucked
yoke, good fast colors, slses 1 and t years;
regular price, 76c; now EOc.
Children'a Pereate Dressea, In pink and
blue, tucks to form yokes, neck and sleeves,
lace trimmed; regular price, $1.00; now 70c.
Children's Gingham Dresses, pink and
blue, made with feather-stitched braid,
ages 1 and-1 years; regular price, $1.26; now
Buster Brown dresses for children, made
of linen, madras, gingham and percale,
agea from I to 8 yeara.
$3.60 linen dresses for $2.50.
$3.00 linen dresses for $2.00.
$2.60 gingham dresses for $1.60.
$1.80 gingham dressea for 98c.
$1.65 gingham dresses for $1.10.
A beautiful ahowlng of Buater Brown
dresses. In white linen, pique and lawn,
from 1 to 4 yeara, prlcea $1.75, $2.00, $2.50,
$3 00, $3.60 each.
Pretty wash hata, In plain or fancy
styles, 60c, 86c. $1.00, $1.60. $2.00. $2.60, $2.76,
$6.00 each.
Mala floor.
We close evenings at 5 o'clock, except Saturday at 9:30.
Howard Street, Corner Sixteenth.
Panama issue and perhapa a little more
will be left with the banka. At leaat until
after crop moving time.
Mrs. 1.1111c Kern and Mra. Anna Lots
Instantly Killed by Divorced .
Husband of Former.
ST. LOUIS, Mo.. July 14-Mra. Llllie
Kern and her mother, Mrs. Anna Luti,
wera shot and Instantly killed tonight by
Ooorge Kern, the divorced huaband of the
Kern fled and. after a pursuit of several
mllea, during which detectlvea Impressed a
railroad engine Into service for a wild dash
across the Merchants bridge, the fugitive
disappeared In the deaerted bottoms on tha
Illinnla aide of the Mississippi river.
Mrs. Kern and her mother were sitting
on the rear porch of their home In the
northern part of the city when Kern, ap
parently under the Influence of liquor, ap
proached and without warning opened fire.
Mrs. Kern was shot in the breast and fore
head. Mra. Luti waa ahot only once. Both
women died almoat Instantly.-
Central American Brlllarerente Will
Bo Given Ckssri to Vse
America) as Mediator,
OYSTER BAY, July 14. In extending the
good offices of the United States in con
Junction with Mexico to end the dispute
between Guatemala and Salvador, President
Roosevelt has no program of action out
lined. The United Statea will follow the
suggestion of tha contending two govern
ments If they Indicate a dealrs to accept
tha mediation offered.
No auggestion aa to tha mods of pro
cedure to be followed win come from the
United States, it Is announced here today,
unless the suggeatlon ahould be made by
Guatemala or Salvador.
Stork -water proof pants. S
sizes, Btnall, medium and large,
Soc each .
r- ' .
1 The "Arnold"
Knit Night Drawers.
. (Summer weight.)
With or without feet.
The little tota will persist In
throwing aside the bed cover
ing, hence the advantage of
these. summer weight sleeping
garments. Ther oo not over
heat even on the warmest night,
and afford ample protection
against chills and colds from
sudden changes In temperature.
fabrics are of light textuie.
' Prlcea from floe upward.
D?r JnjVK, !(.
Our Customers' Deposit Ac
count Department. -
lias been a grcst success, and right well
II should be. The conveniences of having
an account In our customers' deposit ac
count department are many. You may de
posit as email a aum aa you wish aa often
or as seldom as you car to, then when
making a purchase you have the smcAint
charged to your deposit account. A very
safe and satisfactory plan, all tba ad
vantages of a credit plan on a caeh basis;
the unspent balance of your account earns
4 per cent Interest, compounded every three
months. Tour money la not tied up. It
may be withdrawn at a moment's notice.
Reports showing the condition of your ac
count mailed monthly.
We do no banking business.
Thla department la located In balcony at
rear of main floor. Come and learn mora
about It. Tou are sure to lfke It.
In connection with our pretty rest room
on third floor, we have opened up a room
for manicuring. Expert manicurist In
charge; strictly sanitary methods ara used.
A Word About Our Men's
Wa want the men to know that thla
popular department is conveniently located
on main Jpor. south aisle, handy trom
either Howard or lth street entrance.
Shirts, collars, cuffs, neckwear, sus
penders, pyjamaa, night ahlrta and all the
little things that men wear, buttons, studs,
garters, etc.
A Complete Store in Itself
Everything Is bought or mado with an
eye to exclusivenesS, originality and satis
faction. Our buyer gats the beat to be
had. ' v '' '
Our neckwear freshens constantly.
Our collar and cuff stock la always com
plete with slses.
Our dollar shlrta ara the beat to be had.
Our underwear and hoalery stock repre
sents the best makera,
MEN! Do you know thia department aa
you should?
Just Received, New Novelty
Ask to see the new (novelty back combs
right from the east. Beautiful new ef
fecta In light and dark shell and amber
colors. A trifle larger than those shown
heretofore, "but -strictly new.
V TTS3 T t f I'lS"
tonio Martini, recalls to mind how In the
middle agea tha Latin language, was, em
ployed. In public acta, for the relations
concerning princes and 'atXtes, and that
the Catholic church continues to use Latin
In the drawing up of Its documents. -
Headquarters Opened for Forty
Second Session - of Grand
Lodge of Order. 1
, DENVER,. July lf-r "Hello, you're a. mile
high," was the greeting at the Union depot
hera tpday by members of the local, re
ception committee ' to thousands of Elks.
who ara gathering In this . city for tho
forty-second grand lodge session and
twentieth annual reunion of . their order.
Fifteen special tralna bearing Elks arrived
during the night and sbout fifty mors are
enroute. The city haa been lavlahly dec
orated and will be brilliantly . Illuminated
at night In honor of tha visitors.
Robert W. Brown of Louisville, Ky
grana exauea ruler, .and Fred C. Robin
son of Dubuque, , la., grand secretary.
opened their headquarters today. They are
enthUBlaetlc regarding tha preparations
tnat have been made for the reunion, which,
they say, promises at least to equal any
heretofore held.
"The grand lodge Is In fine shrape' said
Mr. Koulnspn. "It numbers 1.041 lodges,
with a total membership of 224.80. showing
an increase of over i'4,w members the last
Kaaaas City, Kaaaas, Offiulals Whi
.Lev-ted Tribal a Illegal Salooas
to Be Proaaeated.
JCaadAS CUTY, Mo., July H. c, w.
Trlckett, assistant attorney general, who
recently closed tha saloons at, Kansas City,
Kan., said today:
'Proceedings will be nicd against two
members, of the police department, and
probably against a higher city official, for
levying tribute on 'Joint keepers' by at
j tempting to guarantee them Immunity from
1 arrest and prosecution. Not only 150 waa
collected .from .each 'Joint keVpar' In Uiv
j and 1100 fron each in June, but for months
j prior to that time a 'campaign' fund of ili
.a monm waa collected rrora each 'Joint
keeper.' ' , ,
"I expect to have 190 affidavits from (hat
number of 'joint keepers' who have been
forced to pay. these large sums of money
to a certain official In tha employ of the
before Attorney General Trlckett began
his crusade there were about 130 saloons
In Ksnsss City, Kan., and Us suburbs.
Joka Itts. '
WOODBINK. Ia.. July H.-Opectal.)-The
funeral of John Shane occurred here re
cently with Interment in' the local ceme
tery. Rev. C. J. W. Trlem preached the
funeral address. Th deceased waa born In
Beaver county. Pennsylvania, on November
27, 1N63. and was married to Lois C. Pools
January t, 186S. at Mansfield. O. He wss a
railroad man and had resided here three
.Mra. rarella Fleet.
Mra. Carolina Fleet, II yeara of age,
1 died Saturday morning at tha horns of hat
j daughter, Mrs. F. W. Coleman. 1111 Ssuth
1 Eleventh street. Services will be held at
. the Coleman residence at 1:41 o'clock 8un
! day afternoon. The burial will b at
I Lamooi. Is.
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Pit Ub nicer Disaereei wits Hii'Lswjsri
About Plan of Defense.
Mather RUt'" "
Ha-om Bark to Defend
. Hot Son.
NlW ' VQHK, July .14 -Mrs. William
Thaw'.njnther of. Harry, K. Thawgccused
at 4he, tmirder -of Stanford White, returned
ttt New Vrk today rm the steamer Kalserln
Atiguate Ylctis-la. The passengers did not
land until pearly 5 o'clock this afternoon
and It -was.' then too late for Mra. Thaw
to Visit hjr son in the Tombs. Tomorrow
being Sunday nowleltors are allowed In
the city prison, except, by a special permla
slon. So far, the young mini wife haa
been unable to secure this special privilege
from the commissioner of correetlona.
Whather the mother will attempt to reach
the Tomba tomorrow la not known. 8h
may be compelled to wait until Monday
before seeing the boy upon whom she has
lavished $80,000 a year from her own In
come. . .
Realising that she would perhapa arrive
too lata to, sea the prisoner todsy, Mrs.
Thaw sent a wireless telegrsm which was
delivered to Thaw early In the day. The
rnessage seemed to cheer him greatly. Mra.
Thaw was saM today to be In fair health,
.haying stood the voyage home remarkably
J. B. Gleaaon of counsel for Thaw and
Chaplain Wade of the Tombs prison went
out on the that met the vessel today
and came up the bay on the Kalserln with
Mr. TTJaw.i k
. Thaw. Dismisses Attorneys.
It wss stated tonight that Harry Thaw
haa dismissed the taw firm of Black, Olcott,
Oruber A Bonygne In a fit of anger and
that the firm of -which former Governor
Frank 8. Black la the head, will not defend
the yo ting Pittsburger In his trial for the
killing of White.
The dlsmlasal tame, It was aald, as the
culmination of a number of arguments
Thaw haa had with various meCxbers of
the law firm -ox-er, the question of a de
fense. Judge tMf'dtt, who haa been the ac
tive member pf th0 firm In connection with
the cnar, has. ajl Along insisted that in
sanity be made the chief point in the de
fense, .itt is- believed, wmle Thaw hug In
sisted, with quaJ,vir not greater emphasis,
tlml hn) would, no.t stand for the Insanity
plea.' "
While there have been numerous argu
ments pevweeq Thaw and Judge Olcott on
this .question, there waa no open 'break. It
fa "aald, until Friday afternoon. Then, ac
stny is
can en
cording to the authority upon which the
based. Tha""?, during a verbal com-
lth Judge Olcott In the Tombs, be-
enragsd 'and wound up a tirade by
tellliTjr hla lawyer flatly that me firm of
Black.. Olcott, Gruber 4 Bonygne ho longer
was hip counsel. ,
' tauee of Disagreement.
'if am the awiss," Thaw la said , to have
declared after Judge Olcott had given It
as. "'his ultimatum that Thaw should place
himself : absolutely in the handa of Ills
counsel, aa .. patient in the hands of hit.
physician, and submit entirely to the judg
ment' of the law firm ai to the beat man
ner of conducting the defense.
"And I will not stand for the Insanity
plea," the prisoner added.
Judge Olcott then left the prison, it Is
said, gnd oday.. received a letterj accord
ing to the story, 7rbm Thaw, In which the
young man 'put th writing his dismissal of
the firm.
A member of Judge Olcott's firm, when
questioned about the matter tonlgty), said:
Our Arm was not engaged by Harry
Thaw, but by the law Arm pt Delafield &
Longfellow, who are .counsel for -Harry
Thaw's mother and were counsel. for Harry
Thaw's father auHrUT iH f Wer . Thaw'i
lifetime. They retained us1 to taks' charge
of the criminal end of tUrry Thaw's caae.
We have been obliged. In making our plans
for the defense of yoting Thaw, to go
along lines In defiance of his wishes. Far
ther than' that I do not care to talk just
It is' said that another cause for' dla
agreement 'between' young Thaw and his
counsel arose oilVOf the payment of certain
billa Thaw contracted In the Tombs after
hla arrival'there aa a prisoner. ' ' . :
The flrat noticeable disagreement between
Thaw and Judge Olcott's Jlrip cams one day
last week when .Thaw Issued a written
statement to the ' newspapers with Judge
Olcott's consent denying that hs was In
sane and declaring that Insanity would not
be tha defense when hit ease cams 'to trial
Judge Olcott, in speakmg of the statement.
said: . "Yes. t permitted Harry to msks the
statement. - He pestered me so much I had
tO.'V i . . I . ;
Young Thaw waa angry when hs "heard
of this and the next day called in the re
porters and made a verbal and still stronger
statement along- the same . Unas without
Judge Olcott's consent or even knowledge.
It waa Judge Olcott's tura' to be angry
when he saw this second statement In the
newspapers and it was as a result ef that
statement that hs laid down the law to
young 'Thaw Friday afternoon and ac
cording to the' story received' his dismissal
as Thaw's legal representative In eon-
rhectlbn with the murder trial.
Inciter, etary is Denied.
Platrlct Attorney Jerome, accompanied
by two .of his assistants, Messrs. Gprvan
and Vandlver. left fo.r the south tonight
to be gone ten daya. H waa reported today
that the district attorney wanted to Inter
view Joseph Letter of Chicago as to some
details. of a dinner dance at Which Thaw
was present, but thla wws later denied by
Mr. Oarvan. A atatement from Mr. Letter
who Is In Chicago, says he wss not present
st the dinner in question and that he is
not scqualnted with any ef tha parties to
the Thaw case.
Harry Thaw's lettrr or diamlsaal to his
counsel la as follows:
NEW YORK. July 14, 19u6.-Messrs. Black
Uluott, uruber ft Bonygne jutar fl rs
After careful conslderstion I have, on-
eluded to make a change In my attorneya
and while I have1 no possible criticism to
make ot your conduct or my caae, my de
cision ia such that 1 have concluded to no
longer retain you as my attorneya. You
will therefore reaard your connection with
my case aa finished, and will please deliver
all papera In my case to Clifford W. Hart-
1 have sent a copy of this letter to Mr,
Hsrtiidge, and as you to communicate
with hint at once. Yours truly,
. Mr. . Hartrldg has heretofore acted as
personal counsel to young Thaw.
Mrs. Thaw Will -Defeat Sea.
Mrs. Wltllsm W. TAaw'waa accompanied
on her .trip from JCpgland by her aon-in
law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. George L.
Carnegie- She. was met on 'the pier by. her
son. Josiah Thaw. The. party was driven
to the Hotel Lorraine. ..where Mrs. Thaw
was soon cloaeted with Mrs. Evelyn Nesblt
Thaw, wife of tha prisoner.' Their meet
tng was aald 40 be most cordial.
Speaking for hla mother-in-law, Mr. Car
negie'-'aaid' to newspaper representatives
'Mrs. Thaw is ao nearly prostrated over
thla terrible affair that aha cannot posslWy
see yen. 6 ha haaabsolutely no etatamenl
to make. If she has anything to aav,
will be communicated through- her lawyers
sometime later possibly Monday er Tust
day probably pot st all-"-
. As shs was leaving her stateroom Mrs
Carngl reused long anoagh to ss y o the
."Mother aaks me to say that she has re
turned to America to defend her eon. She
Is naturtlly not conversant with 111 the
details of t'ie caae. . All the Information
we have received la from the newspaper
and personal cables, supplemented by wire
less reports aboard the boat." '
sister of Pefendaat Says he Wrote
Letter on Whlcn nivoreo
Snlt la Based.
riTTSBl'RG. Pa., July 14. Postponement
until Wednesday. July IS. Waa the result
of the hearing of the charges of consptraev
against Augustus llarlje, who now has
pending In the courts a sensational suit
for divorce; his friend, John K Welshons,
and Clifford Hooe, a negro and former
coachman, who Is In Jail awaiting trial on
the charges of perjury, brought against him
n connection with the divorce case. The
charges of conspiracy against these- men
were taken up by Assistant District At
torney Robb last week and the hearing
waa aet for today. Despite the strenuous
opposition of counsel for Hartje, Alderman
King granted the postponement.
The trial of the divorce case will be re
sumed Monday or Tuesday, but in the
meantime there are Indications that the
sensational disclosure are at an end. It
was said tonight that Miss Ida Scott, sister
of Mrs. Mary Scott Hartje, would go on
the witness stand next week and would
swear that she wrote exhibit No. $4, the
envelope which was directed to "Thnmas
Madlne, care of Schulenberg'a stahle." It
was one of Mr. llnrtje's strong cards, as
he a lie ires rris wife wrote It. " She will "also
swear that she wrote exhibits Nos.'M fcnd
64. She will tell why she wrote to MacHne
and what business she had with him.
It waa learned late tonight that threaten
ing letters have been written to witnesses
for Mra. Hartje. As a result Mra. Alex-
arder W. Slocum, who Is to b Mrs.
Hartje's closest woman friend, Is con
stantly attended by a physician and also
guarded by two private detectives.
Aarly In the Hartje rase Mrs. loMim
was called to the aland to testify aa to
Mrs. Hartje's habits and character, and
since her testimony she has been Mra.
Hartje's constant attendant.
Today Mrs. Slocum received a letter Com.
mandlng her to leave Pittsburg, retract
her testimony given In favor of Mrs. Hartje
or she would be ahot.
Mr. Slocum took the letter to Mi
Hartje and both women went immediately
to the office of Mr. Freeman of counsel
for Mra. Hartje. It waa in Mr. Freeman's
office that Mra. Slocum broke down from
the nervous strain and tension to which
she had been atibjected. The letters were
shown to the county officials and to District
Attorney Robert E. Stewart, but no copy
of the contents would be given out.
Democratic Hons Leader gays He
Thlaka Roosevelt Can Be
Forced to Ran.
NEW YORK. 'July 14 -Befors sailing to
day for London, where he goes as a dele
gate to the International ' Parliamentary
congress, John Sharp Williams,' minority
leader In the house, gave It as Ms opinion
that President Roosevelt would consent to
run again.
'I think," aald Mr. Williams "that ths
president Is planning It so thst he will be
forced to make the race. The president
rather reminds me of ths old lsdy of Ssra-
gosaa,' who hung about, asking when tha
gentlemen were going to begin kissing,, as
she wanted to be there." '.'.'"'
The minority-leader declared that "W. J,
Bryan Is the logical candidate of the demo
cratic party.'' r '" .-
Mr. Williams .did not say whether he In
tended to meet. Mr. Brysn In Europe: He
denied a report that he had - refuaed to
serve rn ths reception committee, which
will - welcome Bryan In New York nest
month, , . .
OYSTER BAY. July U.-When the- Inter
view of John Sharp Williams was shown
to Mr. Loeb, secretary to the president, 'te
day, Mr. Loeb said:.
"Ths president meant exactly what hs
said on the night of his election, that.hs
would not be a candidate again for tha
presidency; that atatement is irrevocable."
lasloa of. fact Baised aa to
r Pleading's lit ae 'at , '
PAOLI. Ind.; July H.-Attorney General
Miller today argued In support of the
state's .suits against the French Lick
Sprlrgs and West Baden Hotel companies,
replying to the arguments made yesterday
by former 'Attorney General Alonso G.
Smith in- suport of a demurrer to the com
plaint. -,'.
The stats demands a temporary receiver
for the hotel properties. . -
In closing . his argument the attorney
general said; '
"These corporations admit that they have
permitted gambling and tha .breaking of
the laws. The -state of -Indiana demands
by Its laws protection for its cjtlxens and
for us good name."
John W. Kern replied to Attorney Gen
eral Miller on behalf of the hotel com
panies. He said emphatically that the de
fense did not admit the charges mads by
ths state, aa stated by tho attorney gen
eral, but, on the contrary, denied team.
. At the conclusion of ths arguments this
afternoon Judge Busklrk . announced that
he would render a decision Monday..
Commercial Travelers Take Stess to
-Clot Crowd at the Bryan
NEW YORK. July 14. The committee
headed by Mayor Joha F. Fitzgerald of
Boston, which was appointed yesterday
by the plan snd scope commutes of the
Commercial Travelers' Anti-Trust league to
secure tha co-operation of the business
Interests of the country in the reception
to ba tendered William ' J. Bryan at
Square Garden pon hla return from Europe
pn August - 80. today - issued a - call to all
persona snd organisations, Irrespective of
party or faction, interested in the fight
against truata and monopolies, to' join with
out further invitation and lav their own
way, in. the welcome home to Mr. Bryan.
The Nebraska o Is referred to 1n the call
as "the foremost and most trusted leader
of an aggreaalve opposition to all trusts
and monopolies. - -
Sire- ot Dead Prestdeat Will Be Mar.
' rled ta Regalar Army
NEW YORK, July 14 -Cards have
reached thla city announcing the coming
wedding of Captain Qrayaon Vlllard Heldls
of the Fifteenth cavalry to Mlaa Grace
Howe MeKlnley, a nlecs of President Mc
Klnley and for a time mistress of the
Whits House. The wedding will be st
Fort Pes Moines, Is., nest Wednesday.
Captain Hsldle cornea from Atlanta, Oa.,
and has four brothers In the srmy. He
graduated from Wsat Point In ISM. Miss
McKtnley has bsea teaching at Mount
Bepublio Keienta AlWtd IuTaeion ef Boil
bj Troop of Onattmala.
objection' PURSUIT OF . RLBCLS
Hevolatlonlsta In liiilfmalt Have
Keen riaanlaax for tears to
Overthrow Freetdent,
PANAMA. July 14 A telegram received
here from Ran Salvador ' says that Hon
duras declared war against Utiatrmala
According to this same message the fol
lowing proclamation had been circulated
In Salvador:
Clenerel Ronilla. commanding the Salva
dorean army has repellerl the Guatemalan
forces at Matapan. In Salvador, ten miles
east of the Oiiatemalin frontier. Tho vic
torious army of Salvador retained the
posltlona raptured from the enemy.
The declaration of war- by Honduras
upon Guatemala brlnga a third state ac
tively Into the Central American trotible
which has been progressing with more or
less severe fighting and bloodshed for a
month or more. Honduras and' Salvador
are now arrayed against their neighbor on
the west. Nicaragua and Costa Rica tre
the only two countries still passive, and
It haa been said- that the former is about
to takfe part In the fighting.
L'p to today Honduras has seemingly
taken no part In the controversy between
Its nelghhois. Recent reports. hoPver,
declared Its territory had been Invaded
by Ouatemalan troops In pursuit of fugi
tives from the afmy of Oeneral Regalado,
the Salvadorean commander1, who waa killed
In the fighting at Jlcaro.
History of Trouble.
The present trouble, in Central America
has Veen brewing for a long time. For
the past five years the revolutionists In that
country have. been planning, Intriguing and
preparing for the overthrow of President
Cabrera, and In their efforts to this end
they have not failed to appeal for support
to certain elements In Honduras nd Sal
vador, working on the national jealousies
for first place among the several states
forming Central America.
President Cabrera has been harshly criti
cised' by his enemies. They declare he
rules with extreme despotism, that, nti
man's life is safe under his administration
and that the country morally and econom
ically la going to the doga under his unwise
and Ill-advised course.
On the other hand President Cabrera has
declared thla revolutionary movement to be
Inconsequential and that the government
wduld prqomptly put It down.
President Cabrera's term of office In fact
expired In lflOS. He haa Insisted, however,
on holding office.
Cabrera'a army Is said to have no faith
In him. The pay of the soldiers has often
been in.arreara. The fighting men of the
stitea of Central America are little more
than automatona. to be led Into battle,
told to charge and be killed at the command
of their offlcera. The army of Guatemala
Is In fairly good shape. There ars some
7.000 professional soldiers In the 'republic.
with M.O00 sblebodied men of service age.
Ths reserves amount to sbout 80.000 men.
It ws's reported thst Guatemala had 60.000
men under' arms near the Salvador bound
ary line.
The trouble between Salvador and Guate
mala la an outcome of the progress of tha
revolutionists in their efforts to oust Ca
brera. ,
Stale Department Acta.
The State deDSrtment t Washington ha
been trying to preventnn actual claah he.
tweeh Guatemala and Salvador nrt in.
structiona have been sent to Minister Merry
st San Salvador and to Minister Combs at.
Guatemala City te rise their good offlcea
The Official Route of , . - 1
to Annual Grand Lodge. Meeting.
Leaving Omaha July' 16th (Monday) 4:00 P. M.
Arrive in Denver July 17th (Tuesday) 7:50 A. M. ;:
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Inquire at
CITY TICKET OFFICE. 1324 Farnam Street.
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You Are Wasting Money
Address Spratjue Foundry & Mfg. Co.
Council Pluffs, Iowa
with he .govemmenla to. ithlch, thejr,,sre
srcrcdlted in bring about a peareful settle
ment of the difficulty. In sddltlftn, the
State department has been In correspond
ence with Ambassador Thompson St the
City of Mexico, and he has enlisted the
actlve'Vnppnrt of ilie Mexican government.
Salvador's alleged assistance of revolu
tionists. In Guatemala caused Guatemala to
protest bllterly to the I'nited States 'anil
Mexico, and resulted In the efforts of the
I'nlted States to avoid serious hostilities.'
The Navy department haa ordered the
cruiser Marbtehcnd to proceed Immediately
to I .a IJberta. on the coast' of Salvador,
to safeguard American Interests. It was
st Panama and should arrive at La Ll
bertad not later than July 15. There Is no
other American warship within 1800 mPes
of the scene of trouble. There are Said to
be a number of Americans ajdlng with th'e
Guatemalan revolutionists. Adventurer
were enlisted at San Francisco and else
where snd the dispatches have made men
tion of a contingent of 180 Americans under
General Toledo.
Mlllard-Vona Wear.
Martin. V. Millard and Miss Ixmlse V6m
Weg were married at" the home ot the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mra. William Vom
Weg, 2123 Ieavenworth street. ' Thursday
evening. Many friends were,' present rt"d
the reremony was performed by Rev." O.
A. Luce, pastor of Pearl Memorial
Methodist church. ' ' '
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