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    he Omaha Daily
PAGES 9 TO 16.
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Preserves, assorted, Jar loo
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N Blue Strge and all Other CoUr Coats and Trousers ,
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50c and 75c Balbriggan meshed, porous knit and lisle, at 35c'
Coat Front Shirts, worth $1.00, at 59c
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Furnishing Goods Department
Comfort and golf wear shirts, collars attached or separate, sum
mer weight flannels, mohairs, silk, crepe, linen, sosiette, crash
anything in shirts you may ask for largest line in the city.
Some new patterns and styles just received for this hot weather
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Men's Panamas, $10 values $6.50
Men's Leghorns, $5 values.! $3.95
Other $3.50 values at .$2.50
Men's and young men's Pan Dips, Telescopes,
tourists and sailors, all grades, $2.50, $2.00,
. $1.50, $1.00 and . . .50c
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wll imi '-sit .A
Union Suits Anything in cotton, wool, silk
finish, suit at $3.00, $2.50, $2.00, $1.50 and $1
New ones received for hot weather.
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Candy Section
Saturday Special Offer
of Chocolate Frappe
. Finest mde, apri
cot, peach, cherry,
raspberry, straw-
. berry and other, fla
vors, pound QCfi
box 03t
And 20 Green Trading
Saturday Sales
Z,a Clnora, an Imported ' r
2 for 2o Cigar, each....c'
Fifty for S3-B0
At Faaoa, a good cigar, ier
for rJl
- And 5 green trading stamps.
A Genuine Trench Briar Pip,
straight or bent stem, Ocr
each AOW
And 30 green trading stamps.
Lola, a good cigar for 4 if
the money, 60 for vv
T. t. Borf Mlxtura, q
a blg.lbc sack for ow
Com In sad fft ear- box
prloas ob Imported and domes
tlo cigars.
Meats! Meats!
Everything the best on the market. Nome
Saturday Specials:
Pork Shoulder Roast, pound. 0c
Leaf Lard, 11 pounds for $1.00
Choice Mutton Legs, pound '....10c
Veal Shoulder Roast, 4 pounds 25c
Veal Stew, 6 pounds 25c
Choice Rolled Rib Roast (all bones out),
pound, -12V4c and 10c
Rib Boiling Beef, 10 pounds 25c
Bennett's Special Pure Kettle Ren
dered Lard, in 5-pound palls
' And Thirty Green Trading Stamps
63c I
Oricin and Derslopment of an American
Hot Weather Tipple.
Blt of Soda Foaatataa Aroand the
Wvrld Secrets of the Trade
Variety of Flavoring' Ex
tracts ta Caa.
" V
Soda water Is an American Institution.
Uka the constitution and the cocktail it
follows the flag. In fact It seems to flour
ish only under the stars and stripes and
while one may aecure a poor sort of soda
water In certain placa In Europe it Is
vended solely for the sweet tooth of the
tourists. ' Baying that soda water is an
American Institution is not saying that
America la Ita birthplace. On the contrary,
England Is entitled to that credit although,
apparently, not very anxious to claim It.
VJa water, or purified water charged with
fr' iwim dioxide Ell that adrla the Azk
la so long ago In Kngland that the
t nory vz iiw muni x,. ac o. arinaer run
' I . . k ..... .
1 HOI w mini.iy, ni.iury gon
; tall when brandy and soda became
' ular In England; hut the soda end of
. revivifying combination was plain
soda water. And It is plain soda water
The affluent rounder, calling for his B. A
8. in the cold, gray dawn of the morning
after, apecifles English soda. He knows tt
ts the thing berauie It costs more than the
plebeian siphon aoda of domestic make and
because It la served In a bottle with a
round bottom, which presents the problem
of the king's Egg until the waiter produces
"tha four- pronged silver holder. The shape
of tha bottle and tha fact (hat it is an
English product make the aoda better -to
tha thirsty customer, but the fact is he
Is paying for tariff, transportation and a
name. It la Imported all right, but nowise
different from the sparkling product of
the commonest American aoda fountain.
In this form and as a necessary part of
a proper B 8. aoda water Is popular In
England put not otherwise.
Boston sent the first soda water mission
ary to Great Britain when. In the 70s, the
O. W. lowi Co., soda water fountain
manufacturers, established a branch in
London, expecting to rescue England from
tha blighting curse of the pale-faced ale.
tha inspired lemon equash and the Insid
ious 'arf and 'arf. Too American reprt-
tlves found tfcs full otrongth ot tha
bulwark of British conservatism In the
matter of soft drinks and the branch was
such a failure that It bankrupted the
American tree. Within the last few years
another firm set up In London and tried
to induce John Bull to take soda water.
but there was little more success than In
the effort of thirty years previous. In
cidentally, Boston Is the greatest aoda
m-ater city In America, population consid
ered. Whether there is some occult con
nection between "physical" and "finical"
culture, or whether New England's no.
torious preponderance of female oyer male
population Is to blame or climate, or what
not It la an accepted fact that the home
of John L. Sullivan leads the world In
the per capita consumption of soft, cold
Soda Water" a Misnomer.
Uke almost everything else soda water Is
misnamed. No one expects to And soda In
soda water. What Is known to the trade
asMhe English method of soda water mak
ing consisted of mixing sulphuric acid with
marble dust an ominous sounding combina
tion. The result was the liberation of the
carbon dioxide gaa which was used to
charge the .water. Neither the sulphuric
acid nor the marble dust entered Into the
composition of the water. The by-product
of this process was plaster of parts, which
represented the rewldue,abut which, like the i
acid and the marble dust, did not enter at '
all Into the flnlhed product.
Improvement of Industrial methods
brought a change In the process, however.
The manufacturers learned that aoda water
could be made as cheaply and a more valn-
lable by-product be secured by the combina
; tion of bicarbonate of soda with sulphuric
arid. The rrsldue was the sulphate of soda.
a much more valuable product thin plsster
of parls. Bo this hss crime to be the ac
cepted method of manufacture in the larger
Tha carbonic acid gas Is Introduced Into
tanks containing purified water at least It
should be purified If It Is not and the com
bination agitated to aecure perfect charg
ing. Then the charged watrr Is drawn off
Into steel tanks containing from ten to
fourteen gallon's each and capable of re
sisting pressure of about ltJB pounds to the
square Inch. In former days the soda
fountain explosion was usually one of the
stock Items of news In the summer time,
like the pistol that wasn't loaded, but the
scientists carefully worked out the causes
and the means to prevent them, and the
deadlinesa baa been successfully extracted
from the aoda fountain. Explosions are no
longer heard of except In the back counties,
there the druggist adheres to the old-fash
toned sppliances.
Formerly druggists and confectioners
tnaauf acturod their own soda water, but
the vast Improvements in tVie methods have
rendered it cheaper and more satisfactory
to buy the water from the big manufac
turers. The tanks are delivered daily, or
when wanted, like milk or Ice, at a cost
much lower than the contents could be
made for on the premises. The tanUs
usually ara stored in the basement of the
drug store or confectionery store, or. when
this Is not feasible,' In the bottom part of
the fountain. The water is carried to the
faucet through a small pipe, which usually
Is encased In ice and issues gurgling and
frothing over the syrup aiid Ice cream.
The Initial investment in the soda water
business is largely In the fountain. Tnere
are two reasons why this expense s so
heavy, the first being that the outside ma
terial always Is of an expensive kind and
the other that the workmanship has to be
first class. In the first days of the modern
fountain white Italian marble represented
the climax of beauty and taste, but with
the Introduction of numerous syrups white
marble was found to show stains and soon
become anything but cleanly looking.' Then
colored marbles were used, and still are to
a great extent. But strictly present day
taste dictates that the fountain of high
clara shall be onyx, which is more service
able and prnate. In the eloquent words of
the catalogue poet:
"Onyx appeals not only to the eye, but to
the Imagination. Fanciful shapes of castles
crowned summits, of wind swept forests, of
rugged canyon and gently sloping river
valleys seem pictured In its surface; clouds
set in all the varied hues of the sunset ap
pear photographed in its depths; as If its
pearly transparency were really due to a
far off liquid state during the existence of
which all things and lights and colors be
tween It and heaven were reflected In its
depths and held fast after its transforma
tion Into a aolld. Aitee and Toltec con
structed with it the altars of their gods,
and the older, long vanished racea have left
many specimens of it wrought and chiseled
among the ruins of their half burled cities
and temples."
All of which, however true, probab'jr nevsr
Induced a man to buy a soda fountain.
Onyx Is expensive owing not only to the
market price, but to the great waste made
necessary by the Irregularity of the seams.
Most of it conies from Mexico, but a great
amount of what looke like the real Mexican
article Is made of paste In America, and is
such a good Imitation that the uninitiated
are readily taken In. The cheapest thing
offered In the line of onyx fountains costs
tO and the price ranges from that to any
figure you wish to contract to pay. The
flneet of fountains In ordinary use ooat not
to exceed 13.000 or 14.000.
Ths soda fountain is tha tug-heat typo of
refrigerator known. Exclusive ft the orna
mental features, It is nothing rrfre nor less
than a refrigerator. To accomplish the 1
greatest efficiency of refrigeration the
workmanship must be careful and propor
tionately expensive. The materials used In
piping, faucets and other fixtures must be
not only well put together, but of block
or pure tin linings. This Is made necessary
by the danger to the consumer In the use
of other metals. Of late years much of the
beer drawn In the large cities Is forced
from the barrels by gas sold in tanks and
delivered to the saloon like the soda water
tanks. In the saloon apparatus copper Is
used In the pipes, and it requires but a
comparatively small amount of neglect or
uncleanllness for the gas to cause a corro
sion that, lntrodjced Into the beer means
as certain death as a Mauser bullet. Not
only Is this the theory, but many deaths
from poisoned beer consumed In the cheap
and filthy saloons have been reported. This
danger Is entirely averted In the soda foun
tain by the use of pure tin, which ts im
pregnable to the action of the gas. This
tin costs 45 cents a pound, and is an 'Im
portant Item of -expense In a soda foun
tain. With his rented tanks of carbonic acid
water. Installed In his basement and . the
fontaln placil temptingly In his store, the
soda water merchant finds It smooth sail
ing and Inexpensive. The glases cost from
fl to J1.50 a dozen, the Herman silver hold
ers' about $15 and the long spoons about
S a dozen. Then comes the supply of sirups
and Ice cream. Nothing Illustrates the
enormous spread of the business better
than the Increase In the trade In simps.
One firm in this city does a business of
about $p0.000 a year In fruit Juices and
sirups for soda fountain use alone. Re
cently most of the grocery houses and can
ning firms have gone Into the business, so
great has become the market for this class
of goods. The sirup Is Just what its name
Jmpliea. made .of about eight pounds of
sugar to a gallon of water. Tha flavora are
so numerous and well known that they
need not be enumerated, but the principal
onea are . vanilla, chocolate, lemon and
None of tha vanilla extract used In soda
fountains ever came Into cloae contact
with a real vanilla bean, but Is made of
"vanillin," a product which originated in
the analyzing of the vanilla bean and Its
reproduction by artificial means. In short,
vanillin Is artificial vanilla, and it la claimed
for It that It ts no more Injurious than the
product of nature. The high -4t of the
vanilla bean precludes Its use In flavoring
ex tract a to any great extent, and thers Is
mors of tt used In the manufacture of per.
f urn as t&aa la lbs miking of .flavorinc ex
tracts, whether they be used in soda foun
tains or for domestic purposes.
The chocolate extract, also, Is a delusion
and a snare, so far as Ha genuineness goes,
for It Is cocoa, substantially the same as Is
served hot at the breakfast table. While
It is not chocolate. It Is not Injurious.
The lemon flavoring Is aiade from the peel
of the lemon and tartaric acid, and, ac
cording to the manufacturers, Is no more
Injurious than would be the pure Juice of
the lemon. The orange extracts UHcd are
said to be exactly what they purport to be.
The crushed fruits that have become so
popular of late years are made In the same
way the ordinary table preserves are made,
except In the Isolated cases In which the
soda fountain man uses the perfectly fresh
fruits crushed before the eyes of the con
sumer. .Attracts Notice of Las.
The enormous spread of the soda foun
tain business haa caused the authorities of
several states to pass laws dealing with the
syrupa and fruits used In the making of the
delightful Ice cream soda, and It la probable
that similar legislation will be enacted in
Illinois. At present the pure food commis
sion may seize materials of questionable
character at aoda fountains under Its gen
eral power only when It finds something
being served that plainly Is a menace to
public health. No system of Inspection Is
provided for. Commissioner Jones said the
other day that special legislation on this
point wea badly needed, not that there was
reason to believe wholeesle and Injurious
adulteration was being practiced, but be
cause with the growth of the business to
such a volume there is certain to be adul
teration If the manufacturers are not
watched and certain standards established.
The laws passed by some states regulating
tha manufacture of fruit syrups have
brought a howl from the manufacturers.
In the eary part of the year the firms en
gaged in the business met In New Tork and
formed a national association to put
through amendments to pure food laws
which prevent their products from being
kept longer than a certain time. They de
clared they must be allowed to add a harm
less preservative or they would withdraw
their products from those states In which
such lawa had been passed. The Pennsyl
vania dealers took the same step. .
The total average cost of an Ire cream
soda to the retailer is 4 cents that is, for
tha full-sized, pure' enda that sells for 10
cents. The manager of one of the largest
chains of confectionery stores in the coun
try Is authority for tha statement that
purity cannot be guaranteed, the quantity
of materials being the same, if the Ice
cream soda la retailed for lees than 10 cents.
The aoda tbat Is retailed for s cant con
tains a much smaller amount of Ice cream,
less fruit syrup or crushed fruit and soda
water of a cheaper grade. Low grade of
soda water, it should be explained, is not
adulterated water, but water containing
less gas, or of a lower degree of efferves
cence. This estimate of 4z cents per glass
Includes the cost of all materials. Ice, rent,
service and such minor Items as enter Into
the business directly or indirectly.
Orlala of Word "Sundae."
A soda fountain manufacturer was asked
the origin of the Vord "sundae."
"I've been in the business about all my
life,"', he said, "and have tried hard to run
the word down, but without success. As
nearly as I can trace It, the word was
coined by the University of Chicago stu
dents during the world's fatr. As to Its
derivation I never could make any progress
In my Investigations. But despite the mys
tery of Its origin, the aundae Is "with us
to stay."
For the summer thirst 'of I'ncle Sam
and Aunt Columbia and the children there
Is an astonishing variety of soda water
drinks, almost all of them with the plain
soda water as Its base. One catalogue
lists be vent y flavoring extracts in common
use. The list of drinks prepared for the
selection of the public at the soda foun
tains Is logger than the wine lint at a first
class hotel or the menu at a Chicago res
taurant. The possible combinations of soda
water, Ice cream, fruits, sirups, nuts, phos
phates and other materials make one dizzy
to calculate. Mixing has become a fine art
and the professional summer drink mixer
haa become a bartender of distinction.
The requirements In the first class saloons
have become so onerous that many bar
keepers have deserted their places for the
marble and onyx of the soda fountain.
With them they have carried many of the
tricks of the adept mixer to their new call
ing, auch as the long-range pouring from
the fhaker into the glass., which a few
years ago was the accomplishment of the
cocktail mixer solely. The soft drink' bar
tender has a fixed occupation. Chicago
Ho Was Real Indastrlons.
Two Washington . negroes meeting In the
street tell Into a discussion of the pecu
liarities of a mutual friend. Eald one:
"What kind o' a punson la dat man, any
how" 8eems to me he never do no work."
"Oh, he Is Industrious, all right," promptly
responded the ke.nd negro, "even If he
don't do nothln' hisself. Why, only la'
week dat man spent two whole days tryln"
to git his wife a Job!" Success Magazine.
If you have anything to trade advertise
Bee Want Ad page.
Dasclng Masters' Decree Calculated
to Rob the Giddy Whirl of
Ita Charm.
The Chicago dancing masters are In re
bellion. The United Professional Masters
of Trancing of America have declared for
the "squeezeless" waltz, and the local mas
ters will have none of It.
"What's that?" queried I. Woods, as hs
was asked for an expression.
"The squeezeless waltz."
"Beg pardon, but I don't quits under
stand." There was astonishment in the
voice. '
"You hold your partner at arm's length."
"How?" Mr. Woods has been teaching
dancing for many years, but hs couldn't
quite comprehend.
"You hold your partner at arm's length."
"Oh. I see. You catch her right hand In
your left and you hold her left hand In
your right. Then you shove her away from
"Something like that."
"Hay, It would never do to whirl
j rapidly at the turns, would It?"
"Ever play crack the whip when
were a boy? Ever serve as the tiill?
member the sensation?"
It certainly would be uncomfortable if
It happened more than a dozen times in
.me evening.
"Couldn't squeeze her hand, either, could
Why not ?"
"You'd be looking straight Into her eves.
She might be a demure maid. Bhe might
drop them."
"And then?"
"Well, only a mountain goat is surefooted
when they can't see."
"You don't seem to think much of the
"Not In It with the Chicago waits. Oh.
the idea:' and Mr. Woods was much dis
gusted. "You know the proper way to
hold a young lady when you waltz? Place
your right arm about her waist lrmly.
but not too tightly. Not In the middle of
ii,-r u,-, lui unoui ner waist. ion I
bear-hug. It Isn't only Impolite, but It's,
uncomfortable for the girl. Many novel
ists hsve told of the short breaths. It
Isn't love a I way. Sometimes the glii'a
breathing apparatus Is cut off."
An attempt was made to nee A. F Bur
nlque. He wasn't In the clly. but fine of
his aaslMants was.
"Would the new way of dancing fee
graceful?" nhe was a?ked.
"Is a kangaroo?" she queried Chica