Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 14, 1906, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 15, Image 15

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Office, It IW1
Clark's sadaa.
Pavls drurs.
fttockert sails csrpta
- rina entravlne at Lcffart'a.
Ed Rogers' Tonjr Faust bar.
Bruroil In Western Iowa Coll now.
Nrw location. tO Pmrl St.. Maloney.
V Plumbing and heating. Bluby Son.
Woodrlng Undertaking- company, Tel. MS.
- Big discount Rale at Uefforta all this werk.
Lwl Cutler, funeral director. Thone 17.
Bouvenlr post carda. C. E. Alexander,
l3 Broadway.
Diamonds aa i
tffert about It.
Diamonds as an tnvastmsnt. Talk to
Duncan A Dean's Dutch Auction. 12
bow window. U So. Main.
Oeorga Hoagland haa the Kanaaa Shall
Brick. All hard brick. Get hie price:
Stephen Broa for fire brlrk and lire
clay, sewer ptpe.,flttlnga and garden hoae.
Wanted Board and room with a private
family. Addreea Z, Bee ofhe. Council
For Bale Five-room cottage; one 1
" One-half blocks from ioionce. Ownr.
41 J South Ninth atreet. 'Phone 177.
For sals cheap A large refrigerator, suit
, able for a grocery or restaurant uae. A
nap. D. W. Keller. 14 South Main atreet.
JTyneta at coat at Van Brunt.' Fifty
different atylea to choose from. Then nvii
he cloaed out at once. Get one before too
We wholeaala lea cream. Shipped to
ny part of toe atate. Special prices to
. tee retail trad. I. Muocl, US West Uroad
, Way, Council Bluffs, la. Tel. 14.
Wa hava the finest lice of sample monu
- raante to select from In the west, oftesly
at Liv Marble and Uranus woras, w
Kaat Broadway, Council Bluffs, la. .
Council Bluffs aerie of Raglea will hold
memorial servlcea Sunday evening. The
' services will ha held in Kngls hall, it P"eii
atreet, and will commence at 1:80 o'clock.
Hava you any nlca pictures to frame T
If you have, just bring them to It. o.
wick. Ill South Main, and see how nlca
he can do the work far you and now
cheap ha will de it.
'. Smooth as velvet, exceedingly line, fe
'.. freshing, (rota and flavored Just right, In
many flavors; It'a the beat Ice creum in
tha olty. Wa want you to try it. Council
Bluff Candy Kitchen, Me W. Broadway
Mrs. Anna Leutsinger, wife of Jacob
Lautslnger, 884 West Broadway, died last
Ivenlng at Mercy hospital, aged 63 yanrs.
eceaeed waa an old-time resident of this
city, and besides her husband la survived
by two daughters and a aon.
' - Cheap fraK Jars are high priced thla sea
son. Why not bur good ones at a vary
little more? Wa have the "Olobe" glaaa
top, patent aelf-soallng fruit Jars. Hnis,
tl per dosen; quarts, 11.10. Also estra heavy
rubbers, tin top telly glaaaea and root beer
bottles. W. A. Usurer. ,
Tha following drinks, tea and lea cream
will ' be served at our soda fountain all
ili Is weak: Carosrcla Kiss. Cantaloupe
undaa. College teea. Red Raspberry
Sundae, Froaen Phosphates, Eldorado Sun-
Jte, Florida Julep, Banana Royal, Banquet
oquet, Clark Drug poiqpany.
Jamea Haaklns, arreeted Thursday on
Suspicion of being Implicated In the robbery
at vV altera Broa.' harneaa store on Broad
way, was discharged yesterday morning,
-there being bo evldenoa agalnat him. Jamea
Maher, who waa alao arrested Thursday
- on suspicion, la being held for investigation.
The firm of Day at Heaa haa purchased
g atrip ten .feet In width on Pearl atreet
. opposite Baylisa park, adjoining tha twentv-
foot atrip which they recently bought. It
la tha Intention of the Arm ta erect a two
. story brick office building on the site. Tha
. building will front on both Pearl and Main
streets and the work, of construction will
be begun thla fall, according to tha present
' plans of tha Orm.
- Jamea Collier, under arrest at the city
Jail orv, tha ohargs of breaking into and
. roDomg me jmn air saiopn ai ins corner
or sroaawtr sna siren
moved late Thursday flight, to 8t.
hospital on advice of City Physt
v Collier collapsed in police court
et uroaaway ana Bryant atreet waa re-
to 8t. Bernard s
Physician Rice,
ourt the morn
ing following his arrest and his preliminary
. rearing naa to Dm postponed in consequence,
e 5 Thursday- night- ha developed symptoms of
delirium tremens and It waa thought best
to send htm to the hospital.
'" ' Mra Ousels Ellis, wife of C. W. Ellis.
1 died yesterday noon at tha home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Keellne, tut
- feast pierce street, aged M years. Besides
her husband and parenta arte la survived
by four aistera and four brothers. Tha
. funeral, which will be private, will be held
Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock from the
faintly resident and Interment will be in
Walnut Hill cemetery. Rev. O. W, Snyder,
paator of St. John's liifrlieh Lutheran
church, will conduct tha services.
Tha body of John Mass. tha farm hand
L from Avoca. who died Tuesday at tha
. Uerieral hospital In this olty from tetanus,
tha result of Fourth of July, firecrackers.
Is still at tha undertaking rooms of the
. Woodring company. Supervisor Brandcs,
who sent the man hare, haa been unable
to learn anything about his relattvee. A
" few daya before the Fourth of July Mass
and a companion about his own -age ap
peared at Avoca and secured work on a
. (arm, Maaa' companion refuses to give
r ariy Information about tha dead man.
Here wa are at tha and of tha season
and (or tha next thirty daya 1 will make
fine clothea regardless of cost. 1 have a
very One Una of Scotch suitings, both
light and heavy weights, from fid to 111,
: that will-go at 2i.. Your choloe of all la
tha store, black thlbeta, undress worsteds.
, black and blue aerges, gray worsteds, will
.' go la July regardless of cwst. I over
loat at tit. If you want to save lit on a
- suit' or overcoat drop In. and see Hlckj.
Perfect satisfaction is guaranteed wi fe
vary thing. U. at. Hteke.
.t gatarday Specials.
Mason fruit Jars, pints 4?c quarts, Kc;
;;- half -gallons ' 77c. Coifntrjf butter, per
;. pound at from IBc; Washburn Crosby's
Oold Medal flour, grunlte aolander,
'Ito; S-qt. granite preserving . kettle, 13c;
No. 1 galvanised wash-boiler, 7e; fancy
- cuts of beef, pork, vsal, mutton, ste.; also
peaches, plums, apricots, watermelons, to-
,', matoes, bananas, . oranges, lemons, fresh
. vegetable of aH kinds, stc. J. Zolrer Mer
r' cantlle Co. 'Phone 130.. 100-loe-lOg Broad
.. -'way.
We iravca Bleep.
Twenty per cent discount on kigh-grade
lawn mowers and hammocks. Swains 4k
Maurer, 1st-SSI Broadway.
For mora than twenty years tka Standard
. huttle Sawing Machine hag given unquall
' fled satisfaction to buyers. Tha Standard
'jSompany hava ao Improved their machine
that It pow la two machines In tine, aa
It makes perfectly both tha lock and chain
SVltch; It runs lightly and sews rapidly; It
"will pay you to call at 8. M. Williamson's
atom U Boutfe Main straat and look through
- bis stock of machines and get. hla terms
and prlcea. He handles other machines aa
? -well: Ind. phone W7 Red, Bell phona Red
115J. , , . . .
"Why ara MoAtee's bakery goods better
than any mads of sold In tha cltyf Simply
because all f tha Ingredients that go Into
their composition ara absolutely pure and
t.f tha highest grade produced and will con
form (at and pass Inspection under any pure
, feqd. law on .earth. . No compounds or Imi
tations used.
Base Ball.
Tha Peteraaa Bchoenlng base ball team
af thla city would Ilka to hear from the
management of any ball team wanting
'g game. Addreea P. O. Box 74, C. H.
Unther, manager, Council Bluffs. Ia.
Taa.r Per Ceat Dleeaaat
aa Our' new Iceberg refrigerators, porch
and lawn goods and hammocks. Keller at
rarnsworth Furniture Co. .
I haul dead aaimala, Q W par bead.
Garbage, ashes, manure and all rub
bish; clean vaulta and ceeepoola. All
work doB la auarantaed.
i promptly attenaea pa
-ftMute, Red ltd .
BC Tel. 48.
Four ConTentiom Billed for the Bam "Week
in Angnit.
Conference Held With Local Members
aad Prnarram for Meetlita; of
la Prepared.
V. T. Morris of Dea Mnlnea. president
; cf the Iowa State Association of County
Supervisors, was In the city yesterday In
consultation with Supervisors Felix Sets
and Henry Brandea, relative to the con-
; ventlon of the organisation to be held In
Council Bluffs, August tl, 21 and 23. There
. will he a large gathering of county offl-
clala from all parts of the atate In Coun
cil Bluffs on those days, aa the state as
sociations cf county auditors, county treas
urers, clerks of the district court and
probably county recorders will also hold
their annual convention In thla city on
those dates.
President Morris of tha State Association
Of Supervisors said yesterday that he ex
pected the convention of his organisation
alone would bring at least 360 supervisors
to the city, from all parts of the slate.
The convention, ha said, would bring to
the city a large number of" bridge men,
blank book, office furalture and other sup
ply men who do business with boards pf
supervisors. "As tha clerks of the district
court, county treasurers, and county audi
tors have arranged to hold their conven
tion In Council Bluffs on tha same data
as tha supervisors, and I understand tha
. county recorders have been Invited to do
likewise, I should not be at all surprised
! to ovr , 006 county officials from over
the state gathered In this city on the dates
named In August," said Mr. Morris.
Ills visit hers yesterday was to confer
with Supervisor Felix Sets, who Is secre
tary of tha state association, relative to
the program for the meeting. Aa Super
visor Brandes happened to be In the city
on other business ha waa Invited to par
ticipate In the conference and assist In ar
ranging the program. The entertainment
of the visiting delegates to the several
conventions will be In tha hands ef the
Commercial club. While this part cf the
program a not yet complete It haa been
decided to entertain the visitors at Lake
Manawa the evenings of the first two days
of the Conventions. Special cara will be
provided for tha visitors and special ar
rangements made for their antertslnment
at tha lake resort and at tha Kursaal.
Tha supervisors will make their head
quarters at the Grand hotel and according
to present plans will hold their sessions in
tha ball room there. This Is the program
ss arranged yesterday for the business
Mornmg session, 10:30 o'clock.
Convention called to order by F. T. Mor
ris, pss Moines, president of the associa
tion. Registration of members and navmint of
annual dues.
Afternoon session, 2:80 o'clock,
Address of -welcome by Dr. D. Macrae,
Jr-j mayor of Council Bluffs.
- Response and annual addreaa bv Presl-
I dent F. T. Morris.
Morning session, t:M o'clock.
-Meeting called to order by president.
Reading and approving minutes of previ
ous meeting.
Appointment of railroad and finance com
mittee by the president.
Discussion "New Laws and Changes in
S. A. Wilson, Scott county,
H. C, Brandes, Pottawattamie county.
John Q. Smith, Algona county.
T. H. McQuillan, Dubuque cuunty.
Godfrey Durst, Woodbury county.
Frank 11. Plumer, Mills county.
A. S. Hosbrook, Harrison county.
L H. DeFord, Polk county.
Afternoon session, 2:10 o'clock.
Eleotlon of officers.
Selection of place for holding next con
vention. Referring of bills.
Morning session, 1:30 o'clock.
Meeting celled to order by the president.
Iriacuaslon "County Bridges, Cement
and Steel Culverts."
William Dnwson, Butler county.
J. C. Manley, Poweehlek county.
A. J. Gardner, Wapello county.
Neeton Williams, Jefferson county.
W, 8. Stokes, Blackhawk county.
Andrew Groves, Polk county.
T. K. Mann, O'Brien county.
A. Merchant, Guthrie county.
Allowance and payment of bills.
Afternoon session, I o ciock.
General discussion open to each
every member of the association.
allsof uaneous cuainess.
' Adjournment.
E. A. .arson, county auditor of Mont
gomery county, notified County Auditor
Cheyna of thla city yesterday that ha
would be in Council Bluffs July $4 for tha
congressional eonventlon and at that time
would arrange with him the program for
tha convention ef tha atalo association of
county auditors.
house with gas,, city water and sewerage,
also a l-room cottage with city water and
sewerage, both well ranted. Never vacant.
Must ba sold at ones. Will maka a goad
Invaatment or a good home. Please call
and let ma show them to you. Hava houses
ta rent an monthly payments. Call ma up.
'Phones 417 and 401 Red. P. 8. Kerr, 1441
Broadway, Council Bluffs. Ia.
' Sale Chlldrea'e Oxfords.
I W hava now on aala 100 pairs children's
and misses' low shoes, $1 SO, $1.T1 and $104
values; sale prloe. fgc. At Sargent's.
atarday Specials.
Mssnn fruit Jars, pints 47c; quarts, 61ej
half-gallons T7c. Country butter, per
pound at from l&c; Washburn A Crosby's
Gold Medal flour, 11.11; granite colander,
22c; i-qt. granite preserving kettle, tic;
No. 1 galvanised wash-boiler. Tec; fsncy
cuts of beef, pork, veal, mutton, etc.; also
peaches, plums, apricots, watermelons, to
matoea. bananas, orsnges, lemons, fresh
vegetables of all kinds, tie. J. fcoller Mer
cantile Co. 'Phona 320. 100-lOMOt Broad
way. If you want a guarantee that protects
pou on your planoa. purchase it of A.
Hoapa Co.. 13 South Main street. Council
Do not buy paint until you get prices
of Hafer. His prices snd stork ar right.
C. Hsfer.
At .eert'a
Pal lee Asked ta rind Hasaaad.
Julius Harper, residing at 10 South
Twentieth street, left home last Tuesdsy
and haa not been heard from since by his
arlfe. who ia greatly worried over his die.
appearance, and yeaterday asked the au
thorities to assist In locating bar hus
band. Harper waa employed aa head cook
at the Union PaetSe. Transfer hotel, aad
Investigation ahowed that Immediately
Brocading hla disappearance) ba draw bis
aalary check ' from the railroad, leaving
his wife and little baby without a rent.
At the time he left there waa $10 still duo
Mm, but his wife cannot draw thla money,
much aa ahe needs It. without an order
from her husband. Mra. Harper doea not
believe that her husband would voluntar
ily' leave her and their baby In aurh des
titute circumstances and fear lie has
met with an accident or foul play.
l.IC.HTl(l HAS
Oae Hoase ftrirk and several People
During the storm Thuredey afternoon
lightning struck the residence of H. F.
Keller at the Fslrmount svenue entrance
to Falrmount park. The bolt passed
through the attic and down the chandelier
In the dining room, blowing out four elec
tric light fuses, splitting the gas pipe and
setting fire lo the gas thus liberated. Mem
bers of the household succeeded In shutting
Off the gas before much damage was done.
Several members of .the Kountte Me
morlal church Sunday school, who were
picnicking In the perk Thursdsy afternoon
and who had taken shelter In the pavilion,
were quite severely shocked when bolt
of lightning struck a telephone pole In the
vicinity of the pavilion. One elderly woman
Is reported to have become unconscious
for a few minutes.
I.eland Swenson, son of Postmaster
Swanson of Crescent City, had a narrow
escape from death by lightning during tha
storm. He was sitting on the front porch
of hla fsltier's store when he was knocked
prostrate. He picked himself up and ap
parently was none the worse for his ex
perience. After a short while, however,
he was taken violently sick and had to be
carried home and a physician summoned.
Word yesterdsy waa to the effect that he
was recovering and would probably be all
right again In a few days.
Now Is your time to buy low shoes. All
cut to We will blsck them If you
want. Sargent's. Look for tha bear.
Enroll In tha Western Iowa College now.
Oaaliiy Coaata.
More with paint than with anything else.
Tou may think you save a fes dollars on
first cost, but you'll lose a year or mora on
the wear.' Wa don't offer bargain counter
prlcea for paint, but wa paint ao it stays
painted. Jensen 4k Nicholson. Outside and
Inside House Decorations.
Sea Duncsn A Dean's Dutch Auction, tl
show window, 23 So. Main.
Sale Children's Oxfords.
: Wa hava now on sals 300 pairs children's
and misses' low shoes, 11.50, $1.75 and 1-.00
values; sale price, 9fc. At Sargent's. !
CENTRAL FLOUR - 11.16. Every sack
warranted. Central Grocery and Meat Mar
ket. Both 'phones M.
Gas Foreman Pays Finn.
After several delays and continuances
Judge Soott succeeded yesterdsy morning
In getting sctlon In the cases against Man
ager A. L. Engliah and Foreman J. J.
Daugherty of the Citisens' Gas and Elec
tric company, who were charged with vio
lating the city ordinances by not replacing
the paving on Ninth avenue In the manner
required. Foreman Daugherty was not In
vldence, but Manager English was, as
were also City Solicitor Kimball and At
torney Harl, appearing for the defendants.
Councilman Wallace,' who had Instated on
the prosecution of the company's represen
tatives, was not In attendance, but his ab
sence did not prevent the. esse coming to
a hearing. As a compromise the case
gainst Manager English was dismissed
and he In turn entered a plea of guilty for
his foreman and the latter Was aasessed
$S and coats. ,
llaet Ga.
Thirty-one lots belonging to an old estate,
west of car house on Avenues A, B and C,
First, Second and Third avenues, fifty lots.
1100. each, on monthly payments. Wallace
Benjamin, room 1, Firat National bank
building. Both 'phones tot.
For Sale.
I have eome bargains In dwellings from
$650 to $6,000, owned by eastern mortgage
companies. Look at them. Tel. .- -Chas,
T. Officer, 411 Broadway.
Enroll in the Western Iowa College now.
6,800 acres good farm land In eastern Colo
rado, $6 per acre and up; no Irrigation re
quired. Csn raias all kinds of small grain
and corn. ' A few good homesteads Join
our land. Send for printed matter. F. C.
Lougee, 134 Main street, Council Bluffs, Ia
For Imported winas, liquors and Bud
weiser beer go to L. Rosenfeld. Wholeaala
Uqdor dealer, ill South Main street
Enroll in the Western Iowa College now.
Heal Batata Transfers.
These transfers were reported to Tha
Bee July 11 by the Title Guaranty and
Trust company of .Council Bluffs: ','.
Nosh L. Landls and wife to Huttle
M. Jacks, lot 1. block 22, Baylies
A Palmer's add., w. d 1 81
Anna M. Sleeter and huaband to
. lot 4, Audltor'a sub of outlot
6, Jackson's add., w. d.... 1,660
F. J. Schnorr and wife to Arthur
A. Wells, lot 20. block 16, High
land Place add., q. c. d
County treasurer to J. P. Green
shields, lot 12, block it. Burns',
add., t. d . , . . . 1
Same to same, und of lot II, block
7, Howard a add., t. d 1
Same to same. se nefc 14-74-44,
t. d T 1 J
Same to F. J. Schnorr. lot 20. block
16. Highland Place add., t. d S
Seven' tranafera; total ..11,141
noclal tala.
Lawn swings. $6.96: lea cream freeiera,
11.46; hammocks, up from 76c; lawn mow
rr, $176; garden hoae. per foot, 6a; gaso
line stove ovens, 11.60. J. Zolltr Mera. Co.,
100-02-06 Broadway 'Phona M
Buy your gasoline stove now. Wa ara
making aneclal discounts on all gasoline
stoves, refrigerators, ate. Paddock Hand
achy Hardware Co.
For rent, g-room cottage, modern In all
respects, with plumbing and hot water
heating. 741 Madl.on avenue, 122 64 per
month. Inquire 'Stephen Broa
Men'a Tan Saaee.
All klnda, all prices, for 12.48, at Sargent'a
Ws pay $11 OS per ton Tor cast Iron; mixed.
1900 per ton; stoves. $7,60; rags. 1c. a lb.;
rubber. Tc; copper, 14c per lb. J. Kattle
nan. SCO South Main. Both 'phones 6o0.
A. Metsaar Jt Co.
New Location of Wholeaala Bakery.
1 Mynater St., Co. Bluffa. Ia.
Home-made Bread a Specialty.
ale Children's Oxfords. '
Wa hava now on ssle loo pairs children's
end misses' law shoes, $1 SO, $1,71 and $2.00
values; , sale price, c." At Sargent's.
nra.alxs Han. fran. Convention.
Ex-Mayor Dell Q. Morgan and O. H.
Brown arrived home yesterday morning
from Cedar Raplda. where they attended
the annual meeting of the Iowa Pharma
ceutical asencistlon. Mr.-Brown was elected
first vice president of the association, and
both he and, Mr. Morgan were named among
tha five delegatea selected to' represent tha
Iowa aaaociaUast at tha aaauai maaUasV
of the nstional ass.K-latlon, to be held In
Atlanta. Oa., In October.
rcmoii.v nJiRF.n i tot.Miio
One Haa Jaw Broken tha
Other Loses Teeth.
Charles Rlchsrds and LestT Phillips,
residents of Omaha, who were camping at
Lake Manawa. were the vlctlma of a pe
culiar accident Thursrlay evening. They
were playing hall when both started to
catch a "fly" ball. Neither saw the other
and there was a h'ead-on collision. Rich
ards came out of the collision with a frac
tured Jaw, while Phillips lost several of
his front teeth. They were given first
aid to the Injured st Dr. P. J. Montgom
ery's houseboat and Richards was later
taken to the office of a local dentist.
Utile ann ea a C hange.
Effle Gunn. the half breed Indian charged
with using a kalfe with dangerous effect
on Blanche- Sharp, 'took a change of venue
yesterday morning from police court to
the court of Justice Gardiner, where she
will have a preliminary hearing next Tues
dsy morning. . In default of ball placed at
l.mO the woman waa sent to the county
Jail. Chester Nash,' the colored man Im
plicated In tha affray and who was sr
rested with the Ounn woman In Omaha,
Is being held on a charge of assault with
itt o Inflict arrest hodtlv Injury, an In
formation having been filed against him
yesterday by the authorities. At first Nash
waa held merely as a witness.
Injared Switchman May Die.
J. W. Scott, the Illinois Central switch
man, whose right leg was Injured while
making a coupling in the local ysrds Inst
Tuesday, Is In a precarious condition.
When 6cott waa first taken to Mercy hos
pital It was not thought- the Injury wns
serious, but yesterdsy morning It was found
that gangrene had set in and the limb as
far as tha knee was affected. This made
amputation of the limb above the knee
necessary.. Inquiry at the hospital last
evening showed that flcott's chances for
recovery were considered most precarious.
He Is a married man and lives at 1111
Avenue D.
Tha Title Guaranty and Trust company,
abstracters of titles. Books dats back to
1851. Books ara all up to date. Work ac
curately and promptly dona at lowest
prices. Office opposite court-hfiuse, 235 Pearl
street, Council Bluffs, la.
Don't fall to sea those new photoa they
are now making at Schmidt s. Thay are
worth doubls tha pries.
gale Children's Oxfords.
Wa have now n -sale 300 palra children's
and misses' low shoes, $1.60, 11.76 and $2.00
values; sale pries. He, At Sargent's.
What fits like he paper on the wall?
What gives mors Joy to the family all?
Than tha artistic paper on the wall. Add
a few pictures, some large, some smslt,
Mirrors which will reflect them all, theu the
family doh't need to take a trip at all
See Hewetson before you buy, to decorate
the wall. Broadway and Fourth St., Coun
cil Bluffs, la.
N. T. Plumb
Co. Tel. SO. Night LeM
BlnnTa Man Killed by Train.
vWord was recelved from Portsmouth, Ia.,
that a man" giving the name of William
Ramsey and said to be from Council Bluffs
had been strufk by an eastbound passenger
train there yeaterday morning and sari
ously injured.' Ramsey, It was said, waa
driving acroaa tha track and apparently
did not notice the" approaching' train.
Tha name of William Ramsey does not
appear in the Council Bluffs directory.
Pythian Initiation Feature of Gath
erlnsr of In via and Nebraska Men.
CEDAR FALLS, la.; July L3.-r( Special. )-
During tne nrst week or August tnere win
be a reunion In thla city of a remarkable
family. The' present family consists of
the father, Frank Sewart, and his eleven
sons. The mother died ten years ago and
of the thirteen sons born of this union, orm
died In Infancy and twelve lived to their
majority. One-half of theae men have been
school teachers sometime during their
career. The father, Frank Stewart, was
born In Pennsylvania, December 19, 1829.
At tha age of 77 he now desires to join
the Knights of Pythias lodge. In which
order his sons are all active, and a special
dispensation has been Issued on account of
his Se permitting 'himto take the oath
of admission,' and while in Cedar Falls
the event' will be solemnised, the 'eleven
sons filling the various offices and Initiating
their parent Into trie order. L B. Stewart
Is chancellor commander of the local lodge
and J. R. la vice chancellor of the grand
lodge. Many lodges from other towns have
asked the privilege of being present at this
unusual event. While here the eleven
brothers and their father will challenge any
other twelve men of the city to cross bats
with them at a game of ball on the Normal
campus, ' Many pleasures have been planned
for the time of their reunion. "
steady for Dlteh Work.
ONAWA, la.. July l$.-8peclal.)-The
dredge1 boat to be used In the construction
of the Cleghorn ditch, which la exuected
to drain Stiver lake, has been completed
and Is now at work on the north end, west
of Whiting. The contract Is held by tha
Chicago Canal Construction company,
which hopes to complete the contract by
September 15. The same company haa
about half tha work -on the Monpna-Harr!
son ditch, where two dredge bouts are now
lying Idle pending a , decision In the su
prerqe court on the appeal ditch cases.
Chickasaw ut Mlaslnsr.
CHICKASAW. July 13-(8peclal )-The
disappearance of 13-year-old Grace Vander
hayden from her home here lias caused
anxiety and the whole town Is excited over
the affair. The girl has been mlesing from
the home of her grandparents, with whom
she lived, ever since Monday night. She
disappeared about dusk and no trace haa
been found of her It la not thought that
she wilfully went away, as her relations
with the family were pleasant.
Moaoan Democrats Called.
ONAWA, Ta , July 11. (Special.) The
Monona county democratic convention has
been called to meet at Onawa August 1, at
1 p. m.. to choose delegates to the. state
congressional senatorial and Judicial con
ventions, the caueuaea to be held not later
than July 28. At present the democrats
have the offices of county treasurer and
sheriff In Monona county. In spite of a
large republican majority.
new Savings Bank.
MAGNOLIA, la., July 13. (Special.).
Work haa begun on tha building to be oc
cupied by the new Magnolia Savings bank.
It will be of one 'story, 10x40 feet In site,
with g cement, stone and plate glass
front. It Is expected that the building will
be completed and bualneas begun by 8ep
tember 1.
Editors Elect Ogleers.
CEDAR FALI.S. Ia.. July 11. (Special
Telegram.) The Upper Des Moines Edi
torial association today elected officers as
follows: President, G. L Casswell. Dent
son; vice president, Bert Harwpod, Clarion;
eeoretary-trsaaurer, A. M. Adams, Hum-
bo Id I.
Atserta Dobson Ascribed Improper Motif e
in Accepting Campaign Money,
Senator Saandera Determined to Re-
latredaee Indeterminate en.
tenee Law at the Xest
(From a Staff Correspondent )
DKS MOINES. July IS. (Speclal.)-In an
mended petition In his suit against George
L. Dobson, ex-consul to China, for libel.
Congressman J. A. T. Hull today declares
that Mr. Dobson Intended to charge him
with receiving 120,nno from Plerpont Morgan
as a brlhe to Influence his vote In congrrrs
In favor of the'Standnrd Oil company. Con
gressman Hull alleges In his amended peti
tion that those who attended the political
meeting addressed by Dobson when- the
statements were made understood Mr. Dob
son to say that he had accepted the tfO.OQO
campaign contribution In exchange for
legislative favors. Congressman Hull Is
suing for 110,000 damages for libel. The al
leged statements by Mr. Dobson were made
during the recent campaign In this county
for congress, in which Mr. Dobson and Con
gressman Hull were candidates.
Javenlle Conrt Low la Good.
At tha session of the Btste Bar associa
tion today It was decided that the Juvenile
court low, which has been attacked by
lawyers and others. Is good In spite of the
attacks. A paper was read by Judge Hend
erson of Indlanola, In which he pointed out
that While the law Is necessarily crude In
some respects, It is far better than no law,
And he proceeded to the defense of the law
In such terms that he waa vigorously ap
plauded and his recommendation that tbe
legislature he recommended to make no
change was adopted.
A considerable part of the time this morn
ing was spent in discussing ways and
means of overcoming a $600 Indebtedness.
It waa decided to raise fhe annual dues
from $3 to $3.
After an agitation of two years, the asso
ciation todsy voted to recommend to the
legislature that it amend the divorce laws
of ths state and that It punish wife de
serters. Recommendations as to Jury re
form went over to next year. 1
The principal address of the sessions -today
was that of Judge Campbell of tha
supreme court of Colorado, In which he
took the position that the supreme couct
of Colorado did right In refusing to relesse
the president of the labor federation In that
state on a writ of habeas corpus during the
San Miguel oounty troubles 'two years ago,
when the president ef the organisation had
bten Imprisoned on order of the governor
as an insurrectionary. The subject of Judge
Campbell's paper was "Freedom of the
Executive In Exercising Governmental
Functions from Control of the Judiciary."
He took the position that In times of dis
turbance and bloodshed, especially, the
executive is free entirely from the Judiciary
and necessarily so.
Saunders Wants game BUI.
Senator C. G. Saunders of Council Bluffs
said today the first bill he would Intro
duce, In the senate next January would be
the Indeterminate sentence bill that waa de
feated at the last segBion. He said he
would Introduce It early and try to keep
it out of politics and that ha believed It
would pass. Senator Saunders is here at
tending the state bar convention. He was
chairman of the commission that investi
gated the question of penitentiary reform
and the conimlt'tee was united In recom
mending the Indeterminate sentence. "1
believe the same bill that was offered last
session will ba passed at the next session
of the legislature." said 8enator Saunders.
"I shall Introduce t without making the
slightest change from the old bill."
Fire Station at Mate Pair.
At a meeting of the state fair committee
of the directors of the department of agri
culture today It waa decided to erect a fire
station at the state fair grounds and the
contract will be let for its erection at
once. The building will be erected for the
purpose of having a model station on the
grounds as an attraction and a hose wagon
and chemical wagon will be had from the
Dea Moines department, which will be on
exhibition snd also answer to fires if any
break out on the grounds.
Is "Skldoo' Profane t
H. F. Johnson has caused the arrest of
Arthur Holmea of Htff Seventh street on
the charge of using profane- language.
Holmes asserts that Johnson waa talking
to Holmes' sweethesrt and that he told him
to "Skldoo." All parties are colored. The
case ia before Justice Roe for hearing and
It Is thus necessary fr him to say whether
or not "bkidoo" Is profane.
Railroad Commission Has Work.
The Iowa Railroad commission will spend
all of next week on tha Illinois Central,
Milwaukee and Rock Island roads, hear
ing argumenta on condemnation proceed
ings in the elimination of curves, establish
ing depots and other matters.
Largest Fee Vet, ,
In the final settlement of the Colfax
bank failure, which followed the suicide of
Hanker Woods, the court today allowed
$10,000 as the fee for the receiver, W. O.
IdcElroy, which is one of th largest fees
ever paid to a bank receiver In this state.
The dividends paid by the bank will
amount to 40 per cent with the amounts
ordered paid by the courts today. Carr,
Hewitt. Parker 4 Wright, attorneys of this
city, get a fee of $2,270.
Nominate Instead of Elect.
At tha meeting of the State Board of
Health offlcera for the ensuing year were
nominated instead of elected. It was the
Intention to elect, but It was discovered
that an election held outside of the state
house would be Illegal, and hence the board
made nominations snd adjourned till a later
date this month, when the election will be
held. Following the rotation of office. Dr.
F. W. Powera of Waterloo will succeed
Dr. Connlff ss president, snd Dr. J. H.
Sims as president of the State Board of
Medical Examiners. Dr. J. F. Kennedy,
who has been secretary for a great many
years, will be re-elected, but will resign
the ofue to take effect January 31. 19o;.
gnd Dr. J, A. Thomas of Red Oak will
be elected his successor.
Earlham Soldier Paroled. .
Governor Cummins has Issued a parole
to J. W. Lee, a resident af Earlham, Ia.,
and ssnt to the penitentiary from this
county on a chargs of Incest to serve an
eight-year term. The petition for his
parole was signed by Judge Given, who
Imposed the sentence, and by numerous
neighbors who claimed a. belief . In his
innocence. He Is 66 years old and a sol
dier of the civil war.
Want Pay tor Hanging Men.
As a result of discussions had at the
Interstate Sheriffs' association today it Is
likely thst a number of state legislatures
will ba asked to pass a law giving s sheriff
$6oo extra (f It beeomea necessary for him
to bang. man. It waa discovered thst
Minnesota pays thst amount for ths dis
agreeable task and tha Idea at ones became
popular with all the members, who as
sert that such an unpleasant duty should
ba specially rewarded.
Hl.kl.nd Park Grad.atlon.
Eighteen Nebraska students will grad
uate, at Highland Park college thla month,
tha annual seoameacement exercises start
ing July M and continuing until August 2
The list follows:
Henry Houghton, Ulslr; Marjrle PlirfU
prd. Guide Hock; !.. A. Orunke, Pender!
7. Illpkc. Clarke: f. K. 1-acev. Weeping
Water; U. (J. Mlnnlrk. Nemaha: II. K.
Cnllshan. risttsninuth; Wlnnifrrd M
Young. Columbus; C A. lluhhstX Carroll;
V'rcd G. Koester. West Point; Fred N.
Ptrstton, Calloway; Jamus I., llnwnrth.
Cook: Henry F. Scheel. Grand Island;
Arcule Shraehr, Hastings; Guy A. Rose,
Nsstlngs; Kims Peterson. Orleans; Robert
Gordon, Center; J. W. Olillield, Clark.
The gradustlng class (hla year numbers
!0. of whlrh fifty-four come from IVs
Moines, 1R5 from Iowa outside of the capi
tal city and eighty-one from a dosen other
states, of whlrh Nebraska furnished the
largest' number. The other statea repre
sented are South Dakota, Minnesota, Wis
consin, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas. Nort.i
Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana,
Washington and Ixiulslana.
Highland Tark college closes Its most
successful year of the seventeen It has
been In existence, the attendance having
aggregsted over t.ono. president O. H.
Longwe.ll lias built the college Into the
largest educational Institution In the coun
try without a church or a wealthy man
behind It. Highland Park college being an
unendowed Instltntlon run on rurely Ivisl
ncss principles.
Ten Years Brings Change In Career
of W. P. Roype.
SIOUX CITT. Ia., July ll.-(8pec!al Tele
gram.) Ten years after he killed hr
mother, while he wss almost a wreck from
the se of drugs, W. P. Royce, an employe
of the Sioux City Gas and Electric com
pany, was married to Miss Ixret'a V.
Henerirkson, daughter of Nellie Patton.
who was murdered by Royce in n lit of
Jealousy on November 24. IffS. Rev. W. U.
Moore, piator of the First rreshyterlsn
church of Lemars, performed the ceremony
at Lemars. Royce was sentenced to twenty
years In the penitentiary, hut wus paroled
and later was pardoned. Since then ho
has led tha Ufa of a model cltlsen.
Rebekah Installs Officers.
LOGAN, Ia.. July 13. (Special. )-Mary
Lodge of the Daughters of Ilebekah has
Installed the following officers: Noble
grand, Mrs. R. R. Sprinkle; vice grand,
Mrs. J. B. Nonis; Secretary, Mrs. Lydln
Logan; treasurer, Mrs. H. Crager. Logan
lodge No. 366, Independent Order of Odd
Fellows, has Installed recently the follow
ing: Noble grand, J. W. Gardner; vice
grand, A. M. Palmer; treasurer. Sol Black;
recording secretary, A. J. Miller.
Evading a Calamity.
The new clergyman had a stock phraso
which ha used unrelentingly on the sinners
of his new pastorate.
"My dear man," he would say , as he ap
proached a brother who waa deliberately
breaking the moral code, "I fear the devil
has a mortgage on your soul, and unless
you mend your ways he'll surely fore
close." After service on Sabbath an elder called
the pastor aside and expressed himself as
being grateful that he had the courage to
rebuke the wicked men of the city.
"But, doctor," continued the elder meekly,
"when you encounter old man Wilson will
you kindly refrain from saying anything
oth 'Phones 24. 600-602 Broadway.
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ut the devl
1? YcJ ktic
smil? Yol know. Wilson holds a mortgngt
sgalnst church, and such a remark
might arouse the devil In Mm and nceur
ago the reprobate to foreclose."
Good for Ono Hundred hafa Earl
at aa Ksnenso of One Then
sand Dollars.
"When a Mg gun is mad It becomes t
perpetual charge on the expense acconnl
of the government." remarked the Inspec
tor of naval ordnance. "It costs a lot U
make It, too, to try it when It Is mountet
snd Its extreme limit of life Is 100 shots.
The largest guns we nmke now are twelve
Inch. They are from forty to fifty fee'
long and the weight of the gun will ceu
It to droop and In a few years render II
useless. It has to be sent back to tin
ordnance yard nt Intervals to have 111
rifling 'trued tip."
"Even the toughest steel with tha high
est elastic limit and greatest . tenallt
strength will bend under Its own weight
If you support a bar of steel even a fw
Inches long nt both end for n long timi
It will curve down In the center to A de
gree that can not Indeed be detected with
out the nld of precise Instruments, but H
will toko a perniHiienl set, and n gun doei
the same thing In u greater measure. '
"When we try n gun at tnV Indlin H'sd
proving grounds near Annapolis. Md., lh
avmor mnkers furnish the piste, the gun
maker the gun, the shcllmakera the pro
jectile mul the government the. powder.
The IoIhI coat of n shot la approximately
11, OiiO, and we usually fire three shots it
different dltiices. "
"The shell ia rasc-hnrdenrd nt Its point '
and now carries a charge i f oleag riouj
graphite In Its nose, which hrenks nt th
moment of Impart and oils the hole In t lie
armor. The patent on that prnphlte :chou
cost the government .V).nno. The shell sim
ply bores Its wsy through the armor ant
Its progress Is aided materially by .'he
graphite. The navy exacts armor that can't
be pierced and shells that will go through
anything, so we have about arrived at the
paradox of an Irresistible force meeting an
impenetrable body.
"As a result the few makers of this hleh
quality of steel are now iible to furnish
from the plants constructed under the
fostering care of the government a much
higher grado of steel to the trndo tlnn
ever before. The tensile strength and the
rlastlc limit of steel have been raised in
the general market from 60,000 pounds a
square Inch to 275,000 for one and from
45.000 to 1S5.000 pounds a square Inch for
the other within a few years, and thlli Is
an indirect result of the government's ex
actions. "It's seldom a gun Is fired after It Is
mounted. Gun pointers are used for drill
and once or twice a year the gun i usej
for actual target practice and. fired once
or possibly twice. But it Is too expensive
a machine to use for practice when there
are exact way of testing the range anil
accuracy of trlangulatinn and the knowrt
qualities of the powder and other factors
that apply to it and which are preserved
from the first test." Washington Times.
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