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OIJ Elorj, Dearer Bits Sander, but Not at
Timet to Win Game.
G Tar Ma Home on Spit Ball
Artist Eagle aa4 Thea Wrlh
Goes la, bat Caaaot
Kit &
DENVER. July 13 Omaha wn revenged
on tenver for yesterday's scratch victory
by taking a ten-Inning game here this
afternoon. Foor tejn work In the outfield,
several plnyer coming together while the
hall dropped safe, were responsible for sev
eral of Omaha's runs. In a collision with
Randall, Tommy Smith, who has a weak
ankle, was forced to retire. Omaha got a
lead of three, but Denver got one at
time and finally tied at four on Randall's
homer. In the tenth ZaJusky gave Omaha
a chance by letting an easy grounder get
through Ms legs. Welch's hit to right and
Bassey's fly to right allowed the winning
run to come In. Score:
AB. R. II. PO. A. R
Csrter. rf 4 0 0
Howard. Zh
I'errlng, Jh
, Welch, cf .
' Fnsfey, If
(ininl u , c
iMinVv. lb
I-onff, ss
Sanders, p .
cn.ii". cf-2i
T. Smith, 2b
Wright, p ...
ralge, cf
Randall, rf ..
Zniuskv, lb ..
Kt'drik'M, 3b ..
B-'ldon. If ....
J. Smith, ss ..
Welgardt. c .
Fngle, p-2b ..
4 6
ab. R.
1 s
A. E.
12 30
0 1-6
0 0-4
Totals 41
Batted for Welgardt In ninth.
Omaha 2 0 6 1 0 0 0 0
Denver 01101010
Stolen base: Znlusky. Sacrifice hits: Bel
den, Wright, Dunkle. Two-base hits:
Oondlng, Zalusky. Three-base hit: Za
lusky. llrirne run: Randall. First baso on
balls: Oft Panders, 1. Struck out: By
Wright, 4. First base on errors: lenver,
1; Omaha, 6. lft on bases: Denver. 10;
Omaha, . Time: 2:00. V'mplre: Keefe.
Attendance, 9.0.
Paeblo Trounce Lincoln.
PCEBIjO, Colo., July lS.-Faurot kept
Lincoln's hits well scattered, and ss he
was given perfect support he had no trouble
In winning from the t'ornhuskers this aft
ernoon. The fielding of Elwert and
Ketchem wss the feature of the game.
Morse, who was on the firing line for the
visitors, was hit hard and wss wild, forcing
In a run on a base on balls In the fifth
Inning. He walked three men In this In
ning. Pueblo made enough runs to win
In the second. Score:
AB. It
... 3
Cook. If
McOlIvray, lb...
Morrison, cf
Melchlnr, rf
Elwert, 3b
Messitt, o
Fiske. ss
Buder. 2b 4
Faurot, p , 2
II. PO. A, E.
2 11 0 V
12 0 0
10 0 0
2 16 0
12 0 0
S 8 S 0
18 6 0
10 10
12 27 16 "?
H. PO. A. E.
3 3 0 0
2 111
10 4 0
1 11 1 t
0 10 0
2 2 0 1
12 11
2 4 0 0
0 0 3 0
0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0
I: u . 12 ' "4
BatteVles: Pllger. Reardsley and resrsnn;
Beemer. Fehlman, Harrison and Harrison.
a.ans. p Ill
Rohannon, p. 1 1
Kansas City Wins frntn Colambas la
Xlath Inning.
KANSAS CITT. July 1 J Kwann pitched
winning hall today until the seventh ln
n'ng, when Columbus knocked him out
of the box. scoring seven runs. Columbus
tied the score In the eighth, but Kansas
City scored th winning run In the ninth.
ft. H O A f. B.H.O. A K.
rrrln. as... 4 t 1 4 I PkVerlns. d I I I t I
Welaron, rf . 0 1 0 tWrialey, lb . I I t 1
Prantl 1 t A IHIn. hmin, rll I I I I
I !)?. It... I I I matter. It ... I 114
Hill, cf 4 110) K.lim. !h I 1 It
Phrle, :b 4 I I OFHel. n 4 I 4 I I
P.irHo, 3D ... 4 (II I Hulnwltt. aa. . 4 t I 4 0
Fulllrtn, Ik.. 4 I I IRvan. o I 4 4 4 1
beetle, e 4 til "Berter. ....! 0 0 0 0
I (lroth. p I 1 0 0 4
0 0 Flaherty, p... 1 1 4 4 4
Total! 84 11 t7 14 I Total! S9 I2M 14 I
Batted for Waldron In the ninth.
One out when winning run was nwh
Kansas City.... 2 0 2 2 2 0 0 0 1-9
Columbus 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 1 0 a
Two-base hits: Wrlgley, Coulter, Huls
wltt, Frants. Three-base hits: Pliyle,
Perrlne, Bohannon. Double plays: I'hylo
and Sullivan; Leahy and Burke. Stolen
bases: Cassady, Hill, Thyle. Sacrifice
hits: Cassady, Ryan. Hits: OfT Swann,
7 In six and one-third Innings; off Bohan
non. 6 In two and two-thirds Innings; o.T
Berger, 7 In five Innings; off Oroth, 1 In
one inning; oft Flaherty, 3 In three In
nings. First base on balls: Off Swann,
1; off Berger, 3. Struck out: By Hwann,
1; by Bohannon, 1; by Berger, 2; hy
Flaherty, 1. Left on bases: Kansas City,
2; Columbus, 6. Time: 2:10, Umpire:
Minneapolis Wins Both name.
MINNEAPOLIS, July 13. Mlnnespolls
won a double-header from Louisville to
day by superior stlckwork. Cadwallnder
pitched better ball toward the latter part
of the first game and the locals found
Dunkle, winning, 6 to 6. In the a''Oiid
game Ford outpttched Elliott, allowing
only four hits, and would have scored a
shutout had his support been better in
the first inning. Score, first game:
B.H O A B. B.H.O A.E.
Paele. et I 0 4 0 ) Hallman. If. . I 0 t 4 0
V 4, Pt ... 0 110 4
I 4 Braehear. lb.. 1 1 0 I I
t llf VulllTan. lb t 1 I 0 4
1 4 Karwln, rf ... 1 0 4 0 1
t 0 Woodruff. Jb. 4 1 1 1 4
2 I Chaw, t I I I 1 4
I OQulnlan. aa... 4 14 11
I 4 Dunk la, p.... 4 0 11b
Gnat Battine Rally Landi Gam That
Eeemad Hopelessly Loit
Home Team Had Only Tbree lilts
ad One Ran at Est
of fbe Klgbth
CHICAGO. July 1.1 A great hatting rally
gave Chicago today's game In the ninth
nnlng. Duggleby held them to three hits
and one run In eight Innings, sn error
scoring the run. Schulte led off with a
triple In the ninfti. a sacrifice and four
bunched slnglea following. Score:
Srhulta. rf . .. 4 1
hanre. lb. . . 4 1
Stelnfel4t, lb I 1
Tinker, at.... 4 1
Evera. ib 4 1
Kiln, c I 1
Luodgran. p. I 0
Sullivan, rf . 4 4 0
Fraaman. lb. 4 4 II
Oremlng r, Ib 4
Hart. If 4
Oyler. aa I
Orabatn, Jb. .. I
Veaeer. r 4
i.'adwel'der, p 4
I 1
0 I
1 1
Totals 38
I ann
potchem, cf S
imrinn, sn o
Wulllin, 3b 6
Jiiomas, lb 4
Volfe, If 4
"enlon, rf 4
Steen. 2b 3
'i nran, c 4
Morse, p 3
Collins 1 0
, Jones 1 0
Totals 30 V 4'
Batted for Morse In ninth.
Batted for Thomas In ninth.
Pueblo o H I 0 1 2 0 0 -10
Lincoln 0 0 0. 0 2 0 0 Q 24
Stolen bases: McGllvray. Melchoir (2).
Bacrlrlce hit: Faurot. Two-bsse hits: Zin
ran, Faurot. Three-base hits: FlsKo,
Kttchem. First bse on balls: Off Morse,
6; bit Faurot, 1. struck out: By Morse,
; by Faurot, 1. Left on bases: Pueblo,
8; Lincoln. 9. Time: 1:30. Umpire: Mc
Carthy. Attendance, 1,000.
Btonx Downs Leadera,
SlorX CITY, la., July 13. Sioux City
broke the hoodoo today and won from Dcs
Moines by a score of 4 to 2. It was a fast
gnme all the way through. Pitcher Jar
rott was In fine fettle and kept the hits
well scattered, -while allien was not quite
o fortunate In that regard. Umpire Da
vis was remarkably erratic at times, out
divided his favors about equally between
the two teams, and as It happened tha
questionable decisions did not affect She
result. In the ninth Inning Hogrlcver sent
a hot one down the line over third. It
looked fair to the grandstand, but Davis
railed It foul.' Then he was called out
on strikes, and for prbtestlng was fined
and put off the grounds. The same thin
nappenea to Andrea, who followed him at
bat. 1 )s Moines' first score was made on
a hit by Andreas that struck the netting
on the end. of the bleachers, the umpire
calling It fair. Score:
AH. R. H. PO. A. E.
Campbell, If I 1 10 'J
Sheehan, rf 2 0 0 2 0 0
Noblit, cf 1 1 2 0 0 0
Weed, 2b 4 0 1 4 2 0
Meyers, lb 4 1 0 10 1 0
Newtun. ss 8 0 2 li 1 1
Frost, 3b 4 0 1 0 2 0
Freese, c.,.., 4 0 1 8 1 1
Jarrott, p 3 0 1 0 3 0
Totala 84 II 2T 11 1 Totala 81 825 4 1
One out when winning run was made.
Minneapolis ....0 1200011 1 1
Louisville 1 2 00 1 1 00 0 It
Two-base hits: Qremlnger, Yenger,
Qulnlan, Sullivan (2). Three-base nit:
Hart. Stolen bases: Davis. Sullivan,
Graham, Brashear (3). Sacrifice nits:
Hart, Brashear, Shuw. Double plays
Freemen and Oyler; Brashear, Qulnyin
and Sullivan. Passed ball: Yenger. Wild
pitches: Cadwallader (2. Dunkle. First
base on balls: Oft Cadwallader. h; off
Dunkle, 4. Hit by pitcher: Freeman.
Struck out: By Cadwallader, 1; by Dun
kle. 4. Left on bases: Minneapolis, 10;
Louisville, 7. Time: 2:00. Umpires:
Longley and Sullivan. -
Score, serond game:
B.H.O.A.K. B.H.O. A.E.
Davit, rf I 1 I 0 0 Hallman, ff . . 4 I 4 0 0
P Sullivan, rf I 1 1 0 0 Ptovall. -(.... 4 110 0
Frreman, lb . 4 4 10 0 0nrahiar, 2b.. 4 114 0
Orrmlnf'r, 8b I I 1 1 0S.8ulltvan, lb 4 0 10, 1 4
Hart, If I 0 10 UKrrwIn. rf....4 0 14 0
Oyler, aa 4 4 1 I I Woodruff, 8b. 8 0 1 1 0
Graham, Jb. . ,4 4 4 1 1 Si oner, e 8 0 I I 0
Yer. C....I 14 0 OQulnlan. ft... I 0 0 0 0
Ford, p I 0 0 I 0 Elliott, p I 0 1 I I
Totals it 4 37 10- 8 Totala 82 6 24 11 I
Minneapolis .1 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 4
Louisville .1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Two base hits: Oremingcr. Struck out:
By Ford. 6: by Elliott. 2. Bases on halls:
Oft Elliott, 3. Sacrifice hits: Hart. Stolen
bases: Sullivan, Freeman. Left on bases:
Minneapolis, 4; Louisville, 6. Umpire: Lang-
ley. xime: i:oo.
Hooslera Beat Brewers.
MILWAUKEE. Wis., July 13 -The vlsl
tors spilt even on the series today by win
ning a slow game bv a score of 6 to 6.
Alarcan stopped a threatened batting rally
in the ninth Dy a wonderful stop, score i
B.H.O. A.E. B.H.O. A. IE
Dunleavy, cf. 4 0 0 4 Roblnaon, aa. I I 1 4
0 Oreen. rf 4 1 0 V
0 Mdhean'r. If I i 1
4 Bateman, p. .. I I 0
1 Hemphill, cf. I 1 1
0 Baviile, o.... ail
1 Clark. 8b I 4 2
4McCorm'k. 2b 4 4 1
Totala II 4 IT 14 4 Totala 14 1027 11 I
One out when winning run was scored.
Chlcsgo 0001000084
Philadelphia 1 o v o u w v
Iieft on bsses: Chicago. ; Philadelphia, 4.
Two-base hit: Oleason. Home run: Dug-
gleby. sacrinre nits: uieason, ioonn,
Stelnfcldt. Stolen base: Stelnfeldt. Struck
out: By Lundgren, 6; by Duggleby, 3.
First base on balls: OfT Lundgren, 3; on
Dugglehy, 3. Wild pitch: Lundgren. Tlrhc:
M. umpire: Johnstone.
Cincinnati Bala Oat Victory.
CINCINNATI. July 13. The Clnclnnstls
made five three-base hits In the game this
afternoon, all of them figuring In the ecor-
ng. Wetmer whs taken out or tne pox
or the second time in two nays, aiciniyre
relieved Pastorlus In the sixth after one
man had hit safely. Score:
B.H.O. A.E. B H O. A.E.
Huaalna, lb.. I I I 1 0 Ma loner, cf 4 10 0 0
Barry, rf I 1 4 4 1 Caaey. 8b 4 1 I 0 0
Kelley. If.... 4 110 0 Lumley, n...l x 1 o v
Jude, rf 4 1 I 0 4 Alperman, Jb. 6 I I I 0
Peal, lb s 1 1 v Hummeii, id. a a o j
Pelehanty, Ib a 1 4 0 0 Lewla, aa 1 8 1 l
Lobert, aa.... 4 I 1 t 1 R'lter. If t 114 0
SchM, c 4 114 0 Bergn, c... 6 14 11
Welmer, p.... 1 1 4 0 0 PaVnrlua, p..t 4 0 1 0
Wicker, p.... I 1 0 0 0 Mclntyre, p.. 10 0 1 0
Totala...... 88 14 27 7 I Totala 40 16 24 I 6
Cincinnati 2 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 - 8
Brooklyn 0 1 2 0 0 3 0 0 06
Tw-base hit: Schlel. Three-base hits:
Kelley t2). Ixbert (21, Delehanty, Ritter.
Sacrifice hit: Pastorlous. Stolen bases:
Hugging, Jude, Deal, Maloney. Double
piny: Pastorlus to lewls to Hummel.
Struck out: By Welmer, 2; by Wicker, 2;
by Pastorlus, 2; by Mclntyrc, 1. First base
on balls: Off Welmer, 1; off Wicker, 1;
off Mclntyre, 1. Hit with pitched bill: By
M.clntyre. 2. Wild pitch: Welmer. Wicker.
nits: urt Aveimer, i in seven inn.nge; orr
Wicker. 8 In six Innings: oft Pastorlus. 11
In five and a third innings; off Mclntyre,
3 in two and two-thirds Innings. Time: 3:17.
Umpires: Klem and Carpenter.
rittabnrg Defeats Bolftnn.
PITTSBURG, July 13. Ieever was very
effective against the Bostons today, Pitts
burg winning by a score of 8 to 2 in a
very ordinary game, (score:
B.H.O. A.E. B H O A
4 1 4 0 0 Brldwell, a..4 1 4 I 0
4 0 10 0 Tenner, lb... 4 4 1 1 0
10 10 0 Brain, Ib 4 1 1 1 0
4 1110 Batea. cf 4 110 0
I 1 I 0 0 Howard, If... 4 I I 0 4
I 1 I I I Dolan. rf..... 4 0 10 0
1114 1 O Nell, c 16 4 11
10 4 10 Slrnbel. 2b... 1 0 4 4 1
14 0 14 Pfeflar, p I 1 0 I I
Atherton. lb. 10 0
Hlmaa. lb.... 4 I i4
1 Carr. If.... 4
Wllllama, as. I
Parry, rf 4
Marran, lb... 4
Kaboa. e 4
Thlalman, p. I
1 Hynaa, lb.... 4 0 14
Totala 80 4 8 27 12
AR. R. II. PO. A.
4 0 3 6 2
1 I
Caffyn. If
Schlnke, 8b 4 0 2 2
Welday, cf 4 0 0 1 0
Dexter, lb 4 0 1 8 1
Towne, c 4 1 1 2 2
llogrlever. rf 3 0 0 1 0
Andreas, ss 4 18 0 4
Maioon, 2b 4 0 0 3 1
Ulllen, p 8 0 0 0 1
Totals 34 8 10 23 11 1
Campbell out for attempting-to bunt
intra siriKC.
Sioux City 3 0 0 0 0 110 4
Des Moines 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2
Earned runs: Sioux City, 3. Two-base
hit: Campbell. Double play: Newton,
Weed and Meyers. . Left on bases: Sioux
City, 6: Des Moines, 6. Stolen bass: Wel
day. Sacrifice hits: Sheehan, Newton.
First base on balls: Off Uillcn, 2. Hit by
pitched ball: Noblit. llogrlever. Struck
ont: By Jarrott. t; by Oillcn. 3. Passed
, ball: Freese. Time: 1:36. Umpire: Da
vis. Attendance: 1,100.
Staadla af Ik Tea ana.
Played. Won. Ixjst. Pet.
Des Moines 70 48 21 .tOO
Omaha 88 37 31 .4t
Denver 71 87 84 .621
teloux City 70 31 3s .443
Lincoln 70 2 41 .414
Pueblo 2 43 .277
Games today: Omaha at Denver. Des
Moines at Sioux City, Lincoln at Pueblo.
Caaaa at Caaatry Claa.
A gam of base ball is scheduled for
this ariernoon at tne boutn ontaha country
club grounds between tha South Omaha
Stock Yards team and th team of the
South Omaha Country club. The gams will
be called at 3 .
Totala 34 I 17 14 I Totals 81 I 27 IS 1
Milwaukee 3 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1-5
Indianapolis 1 1 0 0 1 0 8 0 0-6
Two base hits: Bevllle, Kahoe. Three
base hits: Carr. Stolen bases: Koblnson
Clark, Hlmes, Williams. Perry. Bases on
balls: Off Bateman, 8; oft Thlclmun, 4.
Hit by pitched ball: By Bateman, 1; by
Thielman, 1. Wild pitch: Thtelman. Struck
out: By Thielman. a: by riateman, 4. uou
ble play: McCormlck to Clark. Sacrifice
hits: MoChesney, Dunleavy, Mimes. Left
on bases: Milwaukee, 10; Indianapolis, I.
Umpire: ligun. 'lime: s:iu.
St. Pnut Wins from Toledo.
ST PAUL. July 13. An error and a mis
Judged outllcld hit gave the St. Pauls two
runs today and they won from Toledo 6 to
4. Chech and Morgan both- pitched good
ball. It made three straight for bt. ruul
B.H.O.A.K. B.H.O. A.E.
Oeiar. rf 4 1 0 0 0 Clingman. aa. 4 I 1 8 I
3 u J. Clarke, It. I u 1 u
4 0 odwell, cf.... I 0 ft 4
I 0 Nance, rf 1116 1
I 0 Krueiar. lb.. 1 I 0 I I
1 4 Knaoa. lb.... 4 1 1 4
I 4 W. Clarke, Ib 1 0 14 6 I
1 4 Abbott, c 4 0 I 1 I
4 4 6 6 Chat h. p 10 14 1
Uemont .... 1 0 0 0 1
Totala IB T 17 14 I -
Totala 21 7 24 14 1
Batted for Chech In the ninth.
St. Paul 0 0 0 0 2 1 2 A 6
Toledo 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 .2 04
Two-base hits: Frisk, Cllngman, Sugden,
Krueaer. Stolen bases: Geier, Padden. Ab'
bott. Double plays: Chech to Knabe to
Kllngman. Rockenfeld to l'adden to Nor
dvke. Bases on balls: OfT Chech, 4; oft
Moraan. 6. Hit by pitcher: By Chech
Rockenfeld, Wheeler, Nordyke; by Morgan
W. Clarke. Sacr lice hits: Wheeler. ror
dyke. Cllngman. Odwell. l-f t on bsses
St. Paul, 6, Toledo, 7. Time; 2:10. Umpire
Standing of tta Teams
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
Columbus t
Milwaukee '. 1
Toledo 80
Minneapolis &4
Ixiulsvllle 1
Kansas City i
St. Paul 81
Indianapolis 60
iinmpi toriav: Columbus at Milwaukee
Toledo at Minneapolis. Indianapolis at Kan
sas City, l,ou!8viue at Bt. raui.
gugden, c-... 8
anZaodt, cr. 4
rnek. if I
Wheeler, lb.. I
Rork feld, aa. I
Paddan, 2b... I
Nordyke, lb.. I 0 10
MorKan, p.... 4
Johnson. ..
.. Caughey
, Sherwood
61 84 .6H)
47 34 . 6W
44 36 ' .604
44 40 .624
42 39 .619
88 44 . 4i-4
82 49 .U'.
29 61 .863
Both Pitchers lilt Hard, bat Winners
Field Better.
wahoo. Neb.. July 18 (Special Tele
grain.) Wahoo again defeated Schuyler to
riav hv Bund hitting and fielding. Painte
made a star catch In center Held which was
easily the feature, acors:
B.H.O A E. B H O A E
Smith. If 4 4 1 4 0 Brown. If I 1 I 4
Adama. cf . . 4 1 4 4 4HuS. Ib 4 I I I
0 Jellen. 10.... 4 10
ORirh'daon. aa 4 I I
IGodenrh r. lb 4 4 11
4 Kirbler, rf... 4 4 1
1 Smilb. c 4 14
4 Painter, cf.
4 Complos, p
Slia dynaa, Ib 4
kirckmaa, aa. 4
Wotta, a 4
Olaen, lb 4
r.Johnaoa, Ib 4
Anderaon, rf. 4
glumaon, p. 4
4 4
4 4
4 11
Beesser Easy far Pllger.
RF.F.MER. Neb.. July 13 (Special Tel.
egraru.) Pllger defeated Beemer In a one
sided gam her today. nVore : R. II. fcl
Pllger ....... 1 I 1 2 8 8 0 4 11 11 1
Beemer S0001800 14 8
Two-bit hits: C. 8 warts, R. Swartz,
R. psarson. Three-bass hits: Beardsley,
Kile Martin. Horn runs: Kile Martin,
U. Fehlman. Stolen bases: Fred Martin
4 8), Charles Montgomery (J), Ohman 1 3).
George Fehlman, Mangold (8). Struck
out: By Beardsley, 10; by Fehlman. 4; by
JUriUun, 1, Umpire; Mia tjulUvao.
Totals IT 11 17 14 1 Totala 14 I 14 li
Wahoo 00013203-
Schuyier fOOlOOOl 0-3
Earned runs: Wahoo. 2; Schuyler.
Two-base hits: Rltimsn. Woita, Richatd
son. Brown. Passed balls: Smith. 2. Bases
on balls: OfT Rilxmann, 1. Struck out: h
tiltsmann, 9; by Coinpton, 8. Tims: 1 is.
Umpire: Cook.
Iowa I.eagae Resalts.
MARSH ALLTOWN. Ia.. July 13 r(8pe
clal Telegram.) Tonight it ia practically
assured Clinton gets Boone's franchise "at
the pries of 1460. Today's results;
Boone, 3; Fort Dodge, 0.
Waterloo, 3: Marshalltown, 1.
Ottumwa, 14; Oskalouaa, 4.
Keokuk, 7; Burlington, C
for disputing Hurst's decision on strikes.
Iale. rf I 0 I 0 0 Trotnaa, cf .. I
tierkard. If.. 4 10 0 t Oleason. Ib . 1
0 4 Tltua. rf 4
4 4 Courtney. Ib. 4
I 4 Mnee. If.... 4
I 4 Pnolin. aa I
I 0 PranefleM. lb 4
4 4 ponln, e I
I I Dutttrby, p . 1
1 J
Leach, of...
Oanley, rf..
larke. If..
Wagner, an.
Nealon, lb..
Sheehan, Sb
Kitrhey, 2b
Olbaon, e...
Leaver, p . .
Totala 28 1 17 11 I Totala II I 24 II 8
Pittsburg 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 3
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 02
Two-base hits: Nealon. Brain. Stolen
bases: Wagner (2). Sheehan. Bases on
balls: Oft Pfeffer. 2. Hit by pitched ball:
L,eever. strucg out: ay i.eever. z. Lrt
on bases: Pittsburg, 4; Boston, 6. Time:
l:u. Umpire: Conway.
Game Postponed!.
At St. Louis St. Louis-New York game
postponed; rain.
SiantfluaT vC ilia) Teaiaan.
' Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
Chicago 80 66 24 .700
Pittsburg 77 49 28 . 638
New York ( i .11 .kk
Philadelphia 79 40 39 .6"
Cincinnati 70 33 , 46 . 418
St. Louis 79 31 48 .3H2
Brooklyn 75 28 47 .378
Boston is a at .Mi
Games todav: Boston at Pittsburg, Brook.
lyn at Cincinnati, New York at St. Louis,
Philadelphia at Chicago.
Altlsar. aa. ... I
Stanley, rf... 4
Nill. cf
Croea, Sb. . . .
Anriereon. If.
f halfly. Ib.
hi. lb....
Hardes. e...
Huihes, p ..
Puck, rf
1 I Kay. cf
1 e Tamer, aa...
4 0 La)me. Jb. ..
I 4 Rnneman. Ib.
I 4 Jckin, If...
4 I Bradley. Ik..
I 1 Bnelaw. a....
1 t- H!tile. t
Pernhard. p.
D II 17 II I p
Congalton .
I It
I 4
I 1
4 1 1 4
I M 1
6 4 1
Totala 17 14 14 1 I
Bstted for Moore In the ninth.
Wsshlngton 3 0 1 0 0 1 t 1 -
Cleveland 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 14
Two-base hits: Jackson. F.rndley, Hughes.
Three-bsse hit: Schlafly. Hits: off Hern
hard, 10 In seven Innings; off Moore, i In
one Inning. Serrtflce hits: AIiIst, Stan
ley. Nill. Stolen bases: Altlzer. Cross. An
derson. Bradley. Double piny: Jnckeon to
Itjole. Iieft on bases: Wnshlng'nn, 7;
Cleveland, 6. Ftrst base on balls: (iff
Hughes. 2; off Bernhnrd. S: off Moore. 1.
First base on errors: Washington, 2; Clevo.
land. 4. Struck out: By Hughes, 3; bv
Brnhsrd. 1. Wild pitch: tdoore. Time:
1:55. Umpire: Hurst.
Standing nf the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost, Pet.
New York 75 46 29 .813
Philadelphia 74 46 29 .6"8
Cleveland 74 44 30 .59"
Chlcsgo 78 , 43 33 .b'A
Detroit 75 40 35 .6.'!3
St. Ixiuls 78 3R 38
Wsshlngton 74 25 4 .338
Boston 77 19 68 . 247
Oames today: Chlcsgo at New York. St.
Louis at Boston, Detroit at Philadelphia,
Cleveland at Washington.
t P. tore at Field Clab.
, The Omaha Field club bsse hull team
Will hnve for opponents on the Field club
grounds Saturday afternoon the t'nlon Pa.
clllc store team. The game will be called
at a o clock. The lineup:
Karr Catch....
A boot t-Haca ter. . . First
Malone Second..,
Crelghton Third....
Murphy Short ..
Chambers lxf t
Hoagland Center...
Kelly-Houck Right....
Rice I1tch
Uordy Pitch....
... Waldrlge
, ... Kennedy
.. Iveathcrby
Pnteet Batting gome.
KEARNEY. Neb., July 13.-Ppeetnl Tele
gram. ) Outside of the decisions of Umpire
Kougee In today's gnme between Hastings
and Kearney, the game was good. His
decisions were so distasteful that the peo.
pie were on the diamond hnlf the time, the
game ending In Hastings' favor. The best
feature of the game was two two-bsse hl.s
and two home runs, all by Poteet. Score:
, R.H.n.
Hastings 7 8 3
Kearney- 4 8 6
Batteries: Kearney. Pendergrnft and Zn
lusky; Hastings. Dort and Poteet. Umpires:
Bailey and Rougee.
Detroit Wins from Philadelphia on
PHILADELPHIA. Pa.. July 13. Coombs
pitched good enough ball today to win, but
the errors of his team mates gave Detroit
the game. Score:
B.H.O.A.K. B.H.O. A. 81.
Jonea. cf I 0 I 4 4 Hartsel, If... I 1 8 6 0
114 0 Lord, CI 4 1 1 0 0
1 0 0 4 Davla, lb 8 1 I I 1
4 110 Beyhold, rf... I I 6 0 6
0 110 Murphy, Ib... 4 1111
1 11 0 0 Croaa. aa I 0 I 4 I
1111 KnlKht, Ib... 4 1116
110 0 Powera, C....I 1 T I 0
110 0 Coomba, p.... 4 6 0 1 1
Oil 0li brack .... 1 6 0 0 6
6 0 0 6 Toula II I 27 13 4
Pairing for Preliminary Ronml,
Which Begins at Field Clnb Today.
Drawing for the cltv tennis tournament,
which begins st the courts of the Field
club this afternoon, were held at the Field
club house last night. The prellmlnsry
round will open at 2: sharp this afternoon.
The drawings resulted:
O H. Prltchett, Racquet, a bye.
Herbert Kohn. Field club, a bye.
M. O. Headley. Saratoga, a bye.
Anton Potter, Field club, a bye.
E. Sweet, Saratoga, a bye.
L. Heyn, Windsor Place, a bye.
D. O. Berg, a bve.
O. Martin, Field club, a bye.
J. Hughes, Field club, plays O. G. Pol
lock, Field club.
F. Hamilton. Racquet, plays W. HUlls,
Field club.
J. Heyn. Windsor Place, plavs A. Collett,
Field club.
W. Foster plays J. Brown. Country club.
H. Koch. West Farnam, plays Rasmus
sen, Field club.
J. Reddlck, Country club, plays W. Cham
bers, Field club.
Dr. Teal, Field club,' plays H. Reed, Wal
nut Hill.
S. Potter, Field club, plays J. Richardson,
JJietx. .
F. M. Wllklns. St. Croix, nlavs F. Potter-
South Omaha. s
A. Scrlbner. Fie d club, nlavs W. Wood.
Field club.
O. A. Potter. South Omaha. Dlavs R. A.
Newell, Kountse Place,
E. R. Burnett- Park, brays GlllesDle. Sara
M. Schwartx. West Farnam. n avs R.
West. Field club.
L. Wilson. Young Men's Christian asso
ciation, plays L. Kennard, Field club.
t tin I'otter, - Field club, plays Cornwell,
S. S. Caldwell. Field club. Dlavs G. C.
Hunt. Saratoga.
it. Lou, Saratoga, a bve.
R. Harris. Walnut Hill, a bve.
S. Doherty, Field club, a bve.
T. Cooley, South Tenth, a bye.
Dr. Schneider. Field club, a bye.
S. Smith, Field club, a bye.
J. Van Dorn. Saratoga, a bye.
R. Ralney. Field club, a bve.
The tourament committee Is made un nf
Herbert Kohn. chairman. Jack Hughes and
Ciaii Martin. The number of entries Is very
encouraging and the representation of a
numuer or new clubs Is taken as Indicating
the Interest felt in tennis this season.
8. hacfer. 2b.. I
Crawford, rf. 6
MVinlyra. If.. 4
Coughlln, 8b. I
Llndeey. lb.. 4
O' Laary, as... 4
Warner, c... I
Schmidt, e... 1
Eubanka. p... I
Kllllan, p.... 0
Cobb 0
Totala.. ..'..SI 7 27 16 1
Batted- for Eubank In ninth.
Batted for Powers In ninth.
Detroit 1 1001000 14
Philadelphia 1 0 0 0 1 0 "0 1 03
Left on bases: Detroit. 9: Philadelphia.
8. Stolen bases: Schaefer, Jonea. Two-
base hit: Warner. Sacrifice hits: Coughlln,
Eubanks, Cobb, Lord. Double plays: Schae
fer, O'leary and Lindsay; Schaefer and
Lindsay. Struck out: By Coombs, 6: By
uubanKs, z. liases on pans: un i oomDs,
6; off Eubanks, 4; off Kllllan, 1. Hits: Oft
Eubanks, 8 In eight Innings. Time: 2:2u.
Umpires: Connor and Connolly.
Boston En ay (or Bt. Loals.
B08TON. July 18 St. Louis batted Tan
nehill out of the box today, scoring at will
as long as he pitched. Glare, who replaced
him, held the visitors to one hit in the last
six innings. Score:
B.H.O.A.K. B.H.O.A.K.
Ntlss, rf 4 114 OPerant, as.... 4 1111
Jonaa. lb I 111 6 1 Slant, cf 4 4 I I 4
Stone. If 4 I 0 Hoey, ir 4.1 I I I
Hemphill, cf. 4 I I I 0 Pen-la. lb.... 4 114 1
Wallace, aa.. 116 1 lOodwtn, 8b... 4 1111
0 Brian, lb., 4 6 6 6 OHayden, rf .1 6 111
Hartiell. lb.. 4 4 1 I 0 Freeman, lb. I 111 1 0
O'Connor, o.. 4 1 4 0 OArmbruatar. el 4 I 6 0
Petty, p 4 0 0 1 OTannehlll, p.. 1 0 1 I I
p I 0 1 0 0
St. Louis
Boston .
Camas la Taree-I Leagae.
At Rock Island Dubuque, 3; Rock Isl
and. I
At Deeatur Peoria, If Decatur, .
At Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids. 8: Daven
port, 4.
At Bloomlngton Bpringdeld. 10; Bloom
in I ion, ,
17 I IT II 1
Totala IS I It 11 4
Three-base hit: Wallace. 6tolen base
Nllea. Double plays: Ulaze to Parent 13
t reeman. atiace to U tinen to Jones
Hits: Off Tannehlll, 7 In three Innings;
off Glaze. 1 In six innings. First base on
balls: Off Glaze, 1: off Felty. 1. Hit with
r.ltched ball: By Tannehlll, 1: by Pelty, 1
Struck out: By Glaze, I; by Pelty. 3.
Time: 1:40. Umpires: O'Loughlln and
Chicago Wins la Xlath.
NEW YORK. July 13. The visiting team
from Chicago batted out a ninth Inning
victory on rtogg tottay. uononue was put
out of tha game In the seventh inning for
deputing a decision Dy empire Sheridan.
B.H.O.A.K. B.H.O.A.K.
Hahn. If I 1 I 6 0 Keelar, rf.... I 1116
Jonea. ct ...I 1 4 4 0 Chaaa. lb 4 1114
labail. lb ... I 14 4 OConroy, aa.... 4 4 4 4 1
Daela, aa I I 6 I .1 La port a. lb: 4 I I I I
Altrook. lb... I III I Wllllama. Ib. I 6 I 1 a
Donohue, lb . I 111 I Delehanty, If. 4 I I I 4
O'Neil. rf ... I 1 4 4 4 Hoffman, cf . I 114 4
SulllT.n. e...l 4 4 4 4 klelns. a... 4 114 4
Tannehlll, lb 4 I 6 I 1 p I 16 6 6
Owen, p I 111 4 Meager 1 4414
Totala 84 T 17 I I Totals 16 I 17 I I
Batted for Hogg In the ninth,
Chicago t 0 0 0 4) 1 0 1-3
New York 000000010 1
Two-base hits: Chsas. Laporte. Sacrifice
bits: Williams. Sullivan. Stolen base
Isneii. first oass on errors: New York. I
Chicago, 1 First bsse on balls: Off Hogg,
4; oft Owen, 1. Struck out: Bv Hogg, I;
oy uwen. a. wild pitcn: Hogg. Left on
oases: istw lots, ; unicago, 1L Time
2:i.O. Umpire: Sheridan.
Washington Defeats Clevelaaal.
WASHINGTON. July 13-Haghes pitched
good bal) today In the face of poor support
and Aasnington defeated Cleveland. 1 to 4.
Pernhard was hit hard and timely and
Moore pitched the eighth inning. Buelnw
was put out el the gams la th first luiUng
Good Crowd In Attendance aad Sport
of a High Class.
AUBURN, Neb., July 13-(Special Tele
gram.) The fourth and last day of the
Auburn summer races was a banner one.
The weather was fine and racing never bet
ter. Four good raceg constituted the pro
gram today, 2:17 trot, purse $); 2:10 pace.
purse j-hv; i.ii pace, purse 6jo, and hair
mile and repeat run.
in the 2:li trot there were six entries
with four starting. Silk, owned bv Dr.
lJoyiegit St. Joseph. Mo., and driven by
jiariiaen. first; i nomas m., owned and
driven by E. J. U. Clncello. Pleasanton
Cal., second: 8wena, owned by Wolf &
Kennedy, Waterloo, la., and driven by
Kennedy, third. Best time, 2:18V4.
In the 2:10 pace Carle Wood, owned and
driven ny u. J. Thomas. Waterloo. Ia.,
nrst: iiaKiey u.. -owned by S. II. Newman
Algoma. Wis., and driven bv Breeding, sec
nnd; Anna' Will, owned by Irwin Bros.,
neyenne, wyo.. and driven Dy Irwin,
third: Dr. Lou. owned and driven by E. J.
Edwards, Tecumseh, Neb., fourth. Best
time, 2:ltH. which Is s record for the track.
In the third race,' the 2.22 pace, tUtre
were ten entered, all starting but one
College Maid, owned by Kuster Irwin
Horse company and driven by Irwin, first,
taking three straight heats: John Walnut,
owned by L. W. Beauland. Marlon. Mo.,
and driven by Collison, second; Aire E..
owned and driven by Ci. D. Dulln,
Animas. Colo., third; Bill Moore, owned
and driven by D. D. Conay, York, Neb.,
iourin. iicbi time. z.la4.
The half mile and repeat running, the
fourth and last race, was a good one.
Unmasked, ridden bv Johnson, 119 pounds,
first; Solden C, ridden bv Schllng, 117
pounds, second: Ruben G., ridden by
Grazer. 119 pounds, third. This was a
bard fought lace. Golden C taking the
first heat and Unmasked the next two.
Best time, 0:49. The first quarter of the
first heat in this race was made In 0:24.,
Auburn and vicinity has certainly been
given a treat In the four davs of' races.
The conditions, with the exeeptlon of
Thursday afternoon, which was not bad"
were perfeef. and the Interest that has
been manifested has heen shown In the
good attendance that the races have had
every day. Some g.d horses have made
marks here on the Auburn track. , The
starter was Nick Rowin.
Twahe Horses of Averse CI am Will Com
pete for Bit: Stake Today.
Flip Flap. Hssibsrc Belle and Whim
sical Also Believed tn llnve bond
Chances Race Is Worth
f 20.000 to Winner.
NEW YORK. July 13 Twelve horses of
aversge class are named to compete to
morrow In the Brighton handicap, the
richest of the all-aged events of the Metro
politan spring racing season. The rsce,
which is run over the Seaside course of
the Rrlghton Beach RAcIng sssoclatlon, has
a guaranteed cash value of IJo.oiiS, of which
the minner takes t2.,nmt, the second horse
W.onn and the third 3-.0"0. It was in the
Brighton handicap two years ago that
Brq,omstlrk set a new world's record for
the mile and a quarter distance. Irish Lad
was but a head behind Broomstick on that
ncrat-ton and the rsce wss one that will
llv King In tha memory of the followers
of the sport. When the horses came back
to the Judges' stand It wss discovered that
Irish Lad had broken down In the running.
but had put up one of the gamest finishes
ever seen on a race track In spite of his
crippled condition. Last year the rsce was
won by Artful, the 3-year-old filly that
had defeated By son by the year before in
the rich, futurity stakes.
No horse of the class of Irish lad or
Artful is In the list of starters fo this
year's Brighton, but there are several fair
performers In the field, who seem to have
leen brought so close together In the
weight arrangement as to furnish the most
Interesting contest of the season.
The ill-fated Dandelion, that finished
second In the Metropolitan, the Brooklyn
and the Suburban handicaps, and then fell
down during the running In the Common
wealth when the Htake seemed to be at
his mercy, Is nsmed to go In the Brighton
tomorrow and will probably be installed as
tha post favorite.
Flip Flap Has Good Chnnce.
Tokalon, the winner of the Brooklyn
handlcsp, is among the Brighton dozen, but
her chances are not seriously considered.
Flip Flap, the game little mare which won
the advance stakes st Sheepshead bay' and
finished third In the Brighton mile last
Tuesday, undoubtedly has a royal chance
for the handicap and will be played quite
as heavily as the favorite. Her liking for
the distance snd the fact that she was
running with Hamburg Belle and Whlmsl.
cal at the Brighton mile, though beaten,
two heats, made many persons predict that
with a quarter of a mile further to go Flip
Flap would undoubtedly have been an easy
Hamburg Belle and Whimsical are both
to be starters tomorrow and the consensus
of opinion is thnt the race lies between
these two, Flip FJjp and Dandelion. Ham
burg Belle, the premier niller of the Ameri
can turf. Is asked to go a trifle further
than she Is supposed to care for and her
performance will be watched with great
i Ram's Horn, that seems only recently
to have come back to form; Dolly Spanker,
a consistent winner at a mile and there
abouts; Cairngorm, stable mate of Ham
burg Belle, and First Mason are four of
the entries and seem to be about as evenly
matched among themselves as the first
The track Is extremely fast Just now and
clear weather Is expected tomorrow.
List of Entries.
The entries. Jockeys and probable odds
Flip Flap (W. Knapp, lnfi) O. Lsngdon 4 to 1
Tokalon (Bedell. 118 J. W. Fuller. ..16 to 1
Whimsical (L. Williams, 106) T. J.
Gaynor ft to 1
Hamburg Belle (Lyne. 130) B. Paget. 3 to 1
Cairngorm (Horner. 118) 8. Paget.... 3 to 1
Dandelion (Miller. 106) F. Hitchcock.. 6 to 2
First Mason (Sewell, 114) C. Row.. 3) to 1
Ram's Horn (Shaw, 114) W. 8. Wil
liams 13 to 1
Dolly 8panker (Troxler. 107) R. T.
Wilson, Jr 15tol
Cederstrome (Brussell, 86) W. R. Nel
son SO to 1
Brancas (J. Jones, 107) W. Gerst. . . .30 to 1
Miss Crawford (Koerner, 95) W. W. .
Harden 60tol
S- S (S fo
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Des Moines Golfers Lose.
DFS MOINES. July 13. (Special.) In the
state golf tournament at Waveland park
today "Bunny'' Guinand of the Golf and
Country club of this city was defeated bv
If. H. Ferguson of Cedar Rapids In one
of the hardest fought contests ever plaved
on the Waveland course. The playing puts
the Golf and Country club out of the semi
finals and forfeits to It a chance at the
slate championship, which will be plaved
tomorrow. Gordou of Iowa City defeated
Ardo Mitchell of Rock Island, who was
counted on as one of the "finals" players.
Rala Stops Tennis Play.
NEWPORT, England. July 13 Owing to
the fact that it waa raining no games were
played today In the Welsh women's cham
pionship tennis contest. Miss May but
ton of California will play In the final of
th women's championship tomorrow and
she Is also In the sucond round of the open
women's doubles. mixed doubles and
women's singles handlcsp. I'nless she re
tires or Is besten in some of the douhl-s
Miss Sutton will be on the courts nine
times tomorrow.
Coartaey Halts Cornell.
ITHACA, N. T.. July 13,-Charles B.
Courtney has tendered his resignation as
roach of the Cornell crews. He gives aa
tha reasotv for the step th continual an
noyances which he says the Cornell ath
letic iusnaaeiutal baa subjected him to.
Three Favorites and Two Serond
Choices Win at Brighton Bench.
NEW YORK. July 13 Three favorites
and three second choices divided the money
at Brighton Beach today. The handicap,
fourth on the card, at one mile and a
sixteenth, resulted in un easy victory for
Ioglstllla. . Aeronaut made the race to the
stretch, when Logistilla took command snd
won. Orly 11 was heavily played for the
filace, being backed from 3 to 1 to 3 to 2.
le finished fourth. Electioneer was played
down from 20 to 1 to 5 to 1 in the last
race, but McCarter, the favorite, beat him
a head. Results:
First race, mile and a sixteenth: Mnxle
Witt won, Albert F second, Waterbearer
third. Time: 1:48.
Second race, six furlongs: Lady Anne
Won, Consistent second, Cresslna third.
Tune: 1:12.
Third race, five and a half furlongs:
Frank Lord won, Al Powell second, Jaunty
third. Time: 1:07.
Fourth race, mile and a sixteenth: Logls
tllla won. Aeronaut second, Grenada third.
Time: 1.454.
Fifth race, selling, mile and a quarter:
Maxnar won, Rlennenwurth second, Tartan
third. Time: 2:06. n
Sixth race, six furlongs: McCarter won.
Electioneer second, Ben Strong third. Time:
1 '14Si
CINCINNATI. July 13.-Results at La-
tonia: , ,
First race, one miler' The Laurel won.
Labor seiond, Mv Gem third. Time: 1:41V.
Second race, five furlongs: Demo won,
Hvbrld second. Elected third, lime: 1:02.
third race, six furlongs: Lady L.'ther
won. Aleor second, John Canul third.
TFmirth race, handicap, steeplechase, short
course: Jim Roxeinan won. Sigmund sec
ond, Weird third. Time: i:-
Fifth race, six furlongs: Kthe Day won,
Tonolla second. Martins third. Time: 1:UH.
Sixth race, one mile: Marsh Redon won.
Reldon second, Alma Gaidia third, lime;
Toronto Bad Plttsl.nrar Players Meet
In Coif Finals Today.
FNGLE WOOD, N. J. July 13 Eben M.
ByVra of llttsburg, who Is entered from
the Allegheny Country club, and George
S Lyot of the Lambd. n Country club. To
r. ,1,- anrviviim out of
K'ofover' nn" player, who took pari ...
this year's national
p.onslilp tour , -... ,--,.
Hod Volf rc.ub Tn the Ana, round of th.i-tv-six
boles instch play, and an both of
them have shown excellent forp. through
out the week, each has a host of follow
ers Since the Cnlted Slates Golf ass...
elation started these annual tournamen s
none of them became International In
character until the present contest, tf.i.l
this fact h"s caused additional interest In
final match.
K When Walter J Trsvls. the form-r
Americsn and Hrttisn amateur ,
defested Jerome D. Travers. who Is only
s bov In years, this morning the popular
Idea was thst he would last through th-t
semi-final and win from Byers. The
llttsburg man played strong and con
sistently, however, and. while Travis and
he were about enual on the long game.
Bvers was better on the short gam and
won bv 4 up snd 3 to play. They played
out the bye boles and Byers went ground
In ". while Travis took 79.
i.vons iM-Mi r. - " - - -
S up and 4 to play, going out In 3d. which
! was the best golf the Canadian has shown
l ua km v, . .
.Semi-final round: George B. Lyon. To
ronto. Carada, beat Ellis Knowles. Bed
ford, N. V., up snd 4 to play; Eben M.
Bvers. Pittsburg, best Walter J. Travis,
Garden City, 4 up and 8 to play.
Sporting Brevities.
Tha rrlghty Ijirry had flvs chances at
bst srd didn't get a hit Thursday.
After all. he might as well blow up In
th ninth inning as any other old Inning.
The Reliable Specialists
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15-day limit, one fare plus $'2.00
30-day limit, one fare plus 4,00
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Glenwood Springs, Colo 29.50
Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo 17.50
Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, July 10 to 16 15.00
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Deadwood and Lead, S. D 18.75
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