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etmtk end ut and Imbedded Itself several
Inches Into the concrete of the first floor.
lily OeariDKBB I 1ct9
Writes to Vsjor Pahlmsn About that
Reception on Eii Arrival.
Advance in Real tod Personal Property ia
Douelu ' County.
Tetal Aaeoaat Over Ob Ht
area Million, Bproftl Lota
BrlsuclnsT Vp the
An increase of IS.40t.t4S In the valuation
of Douglas county real and pergonal
property la shown by the report of County
Assessor H. D. Reed to the State Board
of Equalisation, which he has Just com
Vpleted. The total -valuation of real estate In
the county la 1100,829,346, which la an In
crease of more than I2.non.000 over last
year, when It Was IW.a2.2ao. The raise In
values comri entirely In the Item of Im
proved lots, the Increase there being about
l-.iOO.ono. This le decreased In the total
by the two Items of unplatted lands and
unimproved Isnde, both of which naturally
how a falling off. This la due to the
fact that considerable land from these two
classes has been transferred to the Im
proved class. The (roes figures follow:
If IK.
I nplatted lands $ ll.7Hl.IiR ll.hwluOS
Improved lots 71.2ai.198 74.42.0't
unimproved lots 15.2n7.7H 4,euo.ZP6
Connctl Wtiti Ordinance 1 Cobb
ael feasaif to SIoto
ta Talag.
At the request of councilman and a num
ber of ritlsens the city attorney's office
has prepared an ordinance to require the
Omaha Oas company to move Its manu
facturing and storage plant from Ita pres
ent location at Twentieth and Center
atreets. As prepared the measure would
oust the plant from all residence neighbor
hoods and fix a slta along the liver bot
toms or elsewhere o ia to be a long dis
tance away from much habltated districts.
What the plana are about Introducing
the ordinance In the council are not known.
It Is the culmination of a fight property
owners adjacent to the gas tanks have been
making for years. They claim to have
been damaged In many ways and thet their
lives and property are constantly menaced
nd Injured.
The gas company has now gone Into
court to secure a mandamus to compel the
city to permit the building of a new gas
tank holder at the present location.
Totals $ IW.l32.23n
Personal 49,030.710
Grand Totals.... tl47.2W.Mr 1B2.W.S75
The Increase In personal property shown
by the table la a little over 13,600.000. The
Itemised statement shows an increase In
most of the Items of property. Dogs, pri
vate car lines and Ice show a falling off,
the latter belnff reduced both In numler
aad value. Horses are reduced In number,
but are Increased In valuation. There are
Just fourteen more chickens In the county
this year than last. It Is suspected from
, the figures that some fancier raised an
extra brood this year. Some of the 1m-
, portant items In the table follow:
No. 1906. No. " ISO.
. Merchandise f 8,871.(170 tlO,47.H17
Dogs 406
Horses 12020
Cattle ....... 16741
Sheep &"M
Hogs 144U9
Wheat, bu... 22427
Corn, bu ;:l
Osta. bu 42TWO
Chickens .... MW7
Corporations ...
Express A Tele
phone Cos
Pullman cara .....
Private Car
. 117S4
672,560 .
409.416 1797
23.1 IfiNM
18.915 222I0
-102.960 310233
18.0(0 62719
17.890 64981
?T6, 7W
17,896 .....
14.77a 880
LOW. 405
7.126. 110
. 14.600
Cottages Will Be Erected 01 Old
'Lots Where Big Shawl
Have Performed. -
Goodby. circus grounds at Twenty-first
and Paul streeta. The hallowed precincts
are to be broken up and devoted to the
erection of small dwellings by the Hor-
bach estate, and In 'a few short months
no circus of any also can show where this
- ' . kind of entertainment haa been held In
s ' Dmaha for many years.
Adults and children have learned to re
gard the vacant lota at Twenty-flrat and
Paul atreeta aa the official show ground la
the city. Advance men for olrcuaes never
thought of renting a location any place
else,' and every succeeding summer fixed
the spot more definitely In the public,
m4nd. . ., . - '
,The desecration haa already begun and
permits have been Issued by. the building
department for the flrat two cottagea.
Other permits Issued are as follows: .
Fred Burnett. 11,600 frame dwelling at
Thirty-sixth and Grand avenue; Mrs. Anna
P. Sypes, 12.600 frame dwelling at 8421 La
fayette avenue; 8. E. Dutcher, 82,600 frame
dwelling at 683 South Twenty-sixth; John
W. Haskell, $4,000 frame dwelling at Thirty-
fifth and Woolworth avenues; Bhlmer A
Chase, $2,600 frame dwelling at Seventeenth
and Laird; Thora S. Mlchaelsen, $2,600
frame dwelling at Sixteenth and Ijithrop.
Warning Served ea Cltlseaa by Three
Mea Appointed by City
Health Commissioner Connell, after re
ceiving assurance from the city council
that It would approve his bills, haa put
three men to work serving notices on prop-
rty owners, occupants and agenta to cut
weeda. Five daya are given for obeying the
mandate. If the notices are not compiled
with the commissioner will, file police court
complaints charging the maintenance of a
He has taken this course rather than
taxing the costs of weed cutting to abut
ting property, as he finds the rJty hna no
funds to do the work. He has secured the
co-operation of real eatate men and agenta
for large estates and believe that he can
accomplish more by $300 or $300 for serving
notices than spending the annual allotment
of $2,000 for Indiscriminate cutting. HIa ef
fort has taJien a business-like shape and
he aays he Is perfectly willing to cross arms
In police court with anyone who thlnka he
la running a Muff.
One II n -id red People Will Re Ready
to Start with the Com
mercial Club.
"More men have signified their Intention
of going on the Black Hills trade excursion
than we have aver had at the very start,'
sild President F. W. Judson of the Com
mercial club, "and I am confident we will
hsve 100 at least. Though the trip will be
. a long one--four daya and five nights the
weather will be cool up In the hills, and
we will have Idrnr stop St Belle Foufche,
Deadwood and Hot Springs.
" "It used to be that Omaha Jobbers con
sidered the Black Hills theirs without
atruggle. Now the Milwaukee la about to
complete a Una .Into. Rapid .City, and the
Northwestern Is following, so that Mlnne
apolis and St. Paul will soon be able to
give Omaha hot competition. Then, too
penver. Jobbers made a trip Into the hill
last year and are making a strong effort
for the trade. I believe the Omaha people
are awake to the aituatlon and moat of
them will go."
The excursion will be made July 25, 26,
17 and tt. A schedule haa been arranged
and will be given to the Jobbers Saturday
Owing to the short time the- Jobbers are
requested to hand in their names and their
money and not wait to be asked personally.
Mil la Redsaond-O'Doaahae ' Balld
las Barely Missed 'by
1 Heavy Timber.
An unusual accident occurred Friday
morning at the new Redmond-O'Donahue
w building-, Sixteenth and TToward atreets,
where a twenty-foot plank fell from the
roof to the main floor, through an elevator
v I shaft, narrowly eacaplng three workmen
The big atick was twenty feet long, three
i Inches thick and nearly a foot In width.
A workman was moving It from the roof
and let It fall when he could no longor
keep It In tow. The timber went down
with a deafening; crash, ripping two lad
tiers In twain in the deacent. On the sec
ond floor Charles Qulnche. a steamfltter,
nd his helper had Just left one of li
ladders which waa struck by the plank.
On the main floor the plank landed within
two feet of George Bo wen. a Chicago elee
trlelsn working on the building. The plank
Diarrhoea, Dysentery. Flux. Cholera In.
fan turn. aw., can be quickly cured by
Wakefield's .
Every home should have a supply of
this rallabla remedy an hand. $0 years
sU surea. Ail arutiy jell (,
Will Re Pleased te Come te Omaha
Afterward and Mayer
Thlaka that la All
William J. Bryan will give first aid to the
ome-comlng reception planned for him at
Lincoln and will do what he can for
Omaha's proposed reception later on.
Thla la the aubetance of Mr. Bryan a de
cision aa expressed In a letter from hlrrrre-
celved by Mayor Dahlman Friday morning.
The mayor, several weeks ago, proposed a
big welcome home for Bryan when he en
tered Nebraska from the east after his cir
cuit of the globe, and immediately wrote
Mr. Brjan aeking his sanction.
Lincoln Immediately expressed energetlo
ealnu-y of Omaha a presumption and an
nounced It would give the only genuine
Nebranka reception to Ita cltlsen, who,
fter hobnobbing with kings, waa worthy
of such an honor. Spurred by the fear that
Omaha might get In first, Lincoln cabled
Bryan. Mayor Dahlman merely wrote.
Hence Mr. Bryan concluded Lincoln had
flrat claim and therefore, aa a Just referee,
awarded the verdict to the capital, his
home city.
Mr. Bryan wrote July 4 from Hotel Cecil,
London1, whither Mayor Dahlman's missive
wbb addressed. He said:
Dear Dahlman: Tour letter received. Of
course I ahall be pleased to come to Omaha
and mt my friends there, but the Lin
coln people started their reception first,
and that is my home. I think there they
are entitled to the first day, ao will allow
them to arrange the reception for my ar
rival, and will come to Chnsha within a
week, if tt is desired, and see Omaha a pew
mayor and his constituents.
Mayor Dahlman thinks the Omaha recep
tion ought to be held Just the same a few
daya after they get through fellcitlng at
Lincoln, where Mr. Bryan'a next-door
neighbors once boasted that they voted
agalnet him and didn't deem him any better
than anyone else.
There ia more to the letter than the part
quoted, but the mayor saya It Is personal
and does not refer to politics or the next
democratic preaidentlal nomination.
Saloonman Wins Pair ef Goats at
Raffle aad la Sorry
ef It.
Ollle Kaneft. a genial dlapenser of the
cooling highball at Twenty-eighth and Far
nam atreeta. Is wondering If the loser In a
raffle la not' better off than the winner.
The other night a neighboring saloon man
raffled off a pair of goats and Kaneft took
chance. He won and for a few hon
waa greatly pleased. Then personal and
telephone Inquiries began to pour In re
gardlng an alleged goat farm which he was
suspected of being about to start. Inasmuch
aa his goats "have whiskers longer thsn
any buck ever wore, - Kaneft ' got a trifle
tired of the chaffing. But the trouble has
increased and applications for Jobs on the
goat farm are now contained In every mall.
It haa already coat Kaneft eighteen times
the worth of the goats In real drinks and
the end Is not In sight.
To Correct False Reports.
The report being circulated that Hayden
Bros, are using the depositors', money In
their business Is absolutely untrue, .
The deposits in Hayden Bros', bank are
loaned on the beet and moat available se
curlty for the safety - ef the deposits.
Not only that, but Hayden Bros', bank has
more solid wealth and caah resource for
IU liabilities than any other bank we
know of, either in this state or elsewhere.
There la no mortgage or Incumbrance of
any kind on Hayden Bros', property; It Is
all clear to strengthen and support the
bank aaaete In case of panlo or adverse
conditions of any kind. It might be well
to think of these facts when making your
savings deposits.
Hayden Bros', bank will pay 4 per cent
Interest from July 1 on all deposits made
before July IS; no notloe required to with'
draw your money.
Shoshone Reservation to Be Opened
to Settlement.
Announces Round-Trip Excursion Rates
from All Polnta July U to Jl
Leas than one fare for the round trip
10 unoenoni, wyo., tne reservation border,
The only all-rail route to the reservation
Datea of registration, July If to XL at
Shoshont and Lander. Reached only by
this 11ns.
Write for pamphlets telling how to take
up one of these attractive homesteads.
Information, maps and pamphlets free en
request at City Office, 1401-1 Farnam St.,
or address S. F. Miller. A. Q. F. T.
U01 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
Annnal Bxenralon To Dalath.
.Via Great Northern line will leave Bloux
City at :.) p. m. Thursday, August 1, ar
rtvlng Duluth Friday morning. Return
Ing will leave Duluth at 4 o'clock Sunday
afternoon August I. Round trip fare only
15. Special .through tralna will be run
consisting of tourist sleepers and day
coacnea. Double berth In Bleeping car $1
each way. Duluth and vlclnty comprise
one of the most enjoyable polnta for a few
daya outing. Boat trips may be made to
many places of Interest In Lake Superior
at small coat.
Persons desiring berths should make
reservations as early as possible In order
to Insure getting accommodations. Apply
to Agent Great Northern railway. Sioux
City, or to Archibald Gray, . Assistant
General Passenger Agent, Sioux City. Ia.
Side Trip.
via the
Tickets on stle Puly 14 and 17; return
limit July a. Folders snd full Information
1S34 Farnam 8tret. Omaha.
Sammev Tonrs.
The Wabash has Issued a beautiful
SEA." Those planning a summer trip
should ask for one. Wabash City Office.
1001 Farnam St., or address Harry
Moorea, G. A. P. D.. Omaha. Neb.
Row York and Philadelphia
cannot be more pleasantly er conveniently
reached than by the Grand Trunk-Lahlah
Valley Double Track Route via Niagara
Falls. Solid through trains, magnificent
S7.M te M!naeailla aad Retnra Yla
Cbleago Great Weatera Railway.
Account ef G. A. R. Eneampment, August
11th to ltth. Tickets on sale after August
11th. For further Information apply to H
Best Medicine In the World foe Collo
nd Diarrhoea.
I And Chamberlaln'B Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy to be the best remedy
In the world." says Mr. C. L. Carter of
Bklrum, Ala. "I am subject to colic and
diarrhoea. Last spring It seemed as though
would die, and I think I would If I
hadn't taken Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. I haven't been
troubled with it since until this week, when
I had a very severe attsck and took halt
a bottle of the 26-cent alse of this remedy.
and thla morning I feel like a new man.1
Husband Refuses to Snpport All
Wife's Relatives and Dlvoree
Salt Follows.
The refusal of Frank Wllle to support
his wife's relatives waa one of the prln
clpal reasons they could not get along to
gether, according to Mr. Wllle's petition
for divorce from Florence Wllle, filed In
district court Friday. They were married
October 28, 1906, at Council Bluffs. He
charges her with having "foolish snd ex
travagant habits"- and with calling him
bad names." Finally,' when he refused to
allow her relatives to come and live with
them at his expense, he says, his wife
scolded him so It was impossible for him
to live with her any longer. He also says
she made threats of personal violence.
Howard W. Bloodgood secured a decree
of divorce from Amor D, Bloodgood on the
grounds of desertion.
District Coart Will Saw Off
Until Middle of Next
At a meeting of the Judges of the dls
trlct court Friday afternoon It was de
elded to take a recess about August 1 until
September 17, when the work of the present
term of court will be taken up again and
continued until October 1, when the regular
October- term will begin.
Judge Button said he might call a Jury
In September to try criminal cases If an
unusual number of cases go on the docket
during the summer.
Aanoaneements of the Theaters.
The new Bijou theater, with Its attrac..
tlve summer garden, has sprung into pop
ular favor quickly thla week. Crowded
houses have been the rule and
the capital vaudeville program won
much praise at each performance,
The Lockhart Blatera, who have
proved one of the big hlta of the bill, are
making their debut In vaudeville this a
son. They have been with musical come
dies heretofore, having appeared In Omaha
In "The Burgomelster" and "His Highness,
the Bey." The musical act of Lopes and
Lopes la accompanied ' by a brilliant tleo
tiical stage setting, which la In Itself some
thing to see. The Berger Brothers perform
some wonderful feats of hand to hand
balancing. Others on the program are Jack
Caasln, with hla aongs and funny stories
the BIJou Stock company, presenting "In
Honor Bound;" Pauline Courtney, the
popular singer, and a series of sensatlorAl
motion pictures which are quite out of the
ordinary. An orchestral concert la given
each evening in the summer garden at
7:46. The performance beglna at 8:14 sharp.
A matinee will be given Saturday at 1:30
and bargain prices will prevail.
The elephants have made a sensation at
Krug Park this week and have drawn
many thouaands of people to witneas the
marvelous performance that they-give. It
Is wonderful to witness the high degree o
training theae immenae animals have at
talned. Everyone who haa wltneaaed thel
performance will aay that it ia well worth
a vlatt to Krug Park. The elephant ea
gagement will cloae Saturday night.
Mr. inompeon naa an engagement a
Winona Lake, Ind., for next week.
Opening Sunday, Banford Dodge and hla
profesalonal dramatic company will give an
open air production of "Ingomar," the first
dramatic event of Its kind at Krug Park
or In Omaha. Amateurs have given
fresco performancea In thla city, but thla
1b the flrat profesalonal open air engage
roent In thla city, and it will be both
pleaaure and a novelty. It la believed that
Omaha will show appreciation of Man
ager Cole's enterprise In securing this un
usually high grade attraction by a largely
Increased attendance at Krug Park during
the coming week.
The Passion Play Imported motion pic
turea on the new Biosphere will be pre
sented Friday and Baturday eveninga. In
response to a very general request for the
special entertainment of the Baptist Young
People's union, row in session in Omaha.
7ATCHE8 evenser, lsth and Dodge Sta,
Third Papple Overflows.
Word hss reached the county eommta
aionera that the rreek known as the Third
H. Churchill. O. A., lill rarnam at Papple nar Millard overflowed Its ban.
1 Burin in.
rainstorm Friday and In some
I places was (00 feet wide. More or less
Today $75 for Suits Worth up to $13.50
Prices have been reduced to nearly half, give quick rerponte to the initial announcement
of thi sale This clearance of Mens Suits, comprising some eight hundred garments, is but the natural sequence of the
broa d-0uged lv8ine8 methods idititified icith this house and a determined effort to dispose of all odds and tnds of Mens
S uits in teascn, regardless of the original wholesale cost.
The scope for selection 19 great. The varieties of fabrics, tho
many nobby styles and the wide divergence of patterns and
colors will appeal quickly to men of discriminating taste; this
fact in conjunction with the extraordinary price reduction,
gives unusual significance to this sale. :: :: :: :: ::
Bou& Wash Suits
Today we will offer nil
our high grade wash Suits
for boys, that sold up to
$2.95, choice, in AA
sizes 3 to 7, only. . ,IUU
Wash Pants, that sold up to
40c on sale' C
today at UC
All Wool Knee Pants
Some have double teat Tf
and knee values up It
w e v
Prices on Straw Hats Dave Been Reduced
Today You Can Buy Straw Oats at Great Reductions
Men's Straw Hats that sold for .60, $4.00, $3.60, choice il.ftO
Men's Straw Hats that sold for $3.50 and $3.00, choice S2.00
Men's Straw Hats that sold for $2.50 and $2.00, choice l.ftO
Men's Straw Hats that sold for $2.00 and $1.75, choice,. fl.oo
Men's Straw Hats that sold for $1.50 and $1.25, choice 7ftc
Men's Straw Hats that sold for $1.25 and $1.00, choice BOc
Men's Straw Hats that sold for $1.00 and 75c, choice 8c
Men's Straw Hats that sold for 75c and 60c. choice 21)c
Boys' Straw Hats that sold for $1.25 and $1.00, choice "5c
Boys' Straw Hats that sold for $1.00 and 75c, choice Oc
Boys Straw Hats that sold for 50c, choice 20c
$8.75 Panama Hats reduced to $YPO
$5.00 and $5.90 Panama Hats reduced to 9.1.90
$4.50 and $3.90 Panama Hats reduced to $2.90
Men5 Pants
Today you can buy
men's odd pants at a great
920 pairs of pants that orig
inally sold for $3 and $4
your choice to- J? A
day for jStD3
Included in this lot are 260 pair
of pants taken from high grada
suits that sold for $t5.00. All
in one lot today $2.60.
H I tn 7K tndav
1 Terv O'clock. yk'X' fe - - , .TT ' Ten O'clock.
(fll BHEcSnsBflBBBBsffl&sV
L2)n ITn
Leaving Omaha July 16th, (Monday) 4:00 p. m.
Arrive Denver July 17th, (Tuesday) 7:50 a. m.
Equipped with Pullman palace sleeping cars, Pullman Tourist sleeping
. cars. Buffet, Smoking and Library cars, free Reclining Chair
cars and Dining cars meals a la carte;
Tickets on Sale Every Day to July 16th at
Inquire at
City Ticket Office, 1324 Farnam St.
'Phone Douglas 334
damage to crops and roads was reported.
It was also reported that there was a
damaging hailstorm west of Millard.
1 A Bastalnlnst Diet.
These are the enervating daya when,, as
somebody hss said, men drop by the sun
stroke as If the Day of Fire had dawned.
They are fraught with danger to people
whose systems are poorly sustained; and
this leads us to say. In the Interest of the
less robust of our readers, that the full ef
fect of Hood's Parsaparilla Is such as to
suggest the propriety of calling this medi
cine something besides a blood purifier and
tonle aay, a sustaining diet. It makes It
much easier to bear the heat, assures re
freshing sleep and will without any doubt
avert much sickness at this time of year.
Railway Tlotvs rnd Personals.
Oeorge Horn of Cedar Creek Is at the
H. H Churchill, general agent of th
flrest Western, returned from St. Taul
A. H. Hansen, passenger traffic manager
of the Illinois Central. H. J. Phelps. .11
vlslon passenger agent at Dubuque, were
In the city Thursday.
The Omaha Mannerchor will leave here
July ;& on the Great Western n ttnd
ths Rangerfest at St. Paul. Jt has char
tered a special Pullman.,
Additional organised 'parties of Elks
which the t'njon Pacific will handle out
of Omaha are the New Tork State Elks
July 14. the New Tork, New Jersey and
Pansvlvanla Elks, with ISO people, July 1&;
Camden. July U, Syracuse and Albany,
with aeventv-flvs neonle. July 1I: Tampa.
Fla., through Kansas City, and Albany and
Syracuse July la.
A special train of nine cars with Bos
ton Kiks will arrive Kunday morning it
7:45 on the fireat Western. A commit
tee of local Elka will meet the delega
tion. George F. West of the Northwestern has
reiurnfd from Chicago, where he. was In
attendance at a meeting of the general
agenta of the road. About seventy were In
Chhsgo as the guests of the company.
The Thirtieth battery of light artillery
from Fort Snelllng, consisting of four of
ficers, ICS men, ninety-five horses, four
teen mules and artillery and other prop,
erty. will arrive on the Illinois Central
Monday at a. m. They are en routti
to Fort Riley.
Travel Is heavy In all directions at
present and especially through the Omaha
stations, where the delegates to the Baptist
conventions are pouring In. The trains lor
Denver siso are well filled and run in
extra sections to accommodate the Elks
and the movement to the Hhoshone opening
alo has grown to large proportions.
The speclsl parties of Elks coming en
the Milwaukee are one special train witn
delegations from Brooklyn, Jersey City,
Hnboken and New York, arriving at
Omaha at 10 30 a. m , July 16. Philadel
phia tiki will arrive at Omaha at 7:S0
a. m. July 1. The K.tena lodge from
Pittsburg will arrive In Omaha on the
morning of July 15. A special train frm
New York stste will arrive at 7:3u a. m,
July 1. A train from PhiUdelphia will
arrive at Omaha at 2 a. m.. July IS. Two
anerlal sleepers from Milwaukee will ar-
I rive at I H p. m , July IS. Two sleepers
from Yankton. B. L.. win arrive at
Omaha at 11:1 p. m., July 14,
Our Methods Insure Every Man a Lifelong Cura
for Blood Poison, Skin Diseases, Varloose and Pro
static Troubles. Constriotlons and Obstructions,
Nerro-Vital Debility, Acute and Chronic Dis
charges, Bores, Uloers, Swollen Glands, Ulcers in
the Mouth or on the Tongue, Kidney, Bladder and
Viinary Troubles, Piles, Fistula, aad all Chronle
and Special Diseases.
Nervo-Vilal Debility
There Is not a ease of weakness In existence
that we cannot rebuild and strengthen with our
I V Vf I O'ir cure Is a thorough and scientific course of
I --X I trejsnnent. which acts At once upon the nerve
, I force, stopping the drain and replacing the worn
out ana run-aown tissues, it gives sirengm ana
fresh vitality, building up ths entire system and
transforming the sufferer Into a type of perfect
We oover the entire field cf Chronic, Nervous and Special, Deep-Seated and
Complicated Diseases.
Northwest Oar. 13th and Farnam Sts., Omaha, Neb.