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    nrn , OlmattA' . daily ree:. ttt:stut. .jixy, 10.
Omaha Git thi Ld Eod of It in Both
Eita tod Bast
or Hill lor Fight Rases, While
Perrlna; fiels Too for Wit Seeks
Others Also Bnay with the
Waaon Tonitr.
PIOIX C1TV. Ja.. July !.-Omaha
touch, d up Sawyer and Jut kson for a to
tal of eighteen, has and won by a score
of II to S. It koi a sorry exhibition of ban.
I all tht way through, abounding In
nrjra and poor Itching;. Sioux City
started out like a house afire, hitting Mo
Nrely hard and scoring three . runs
In the first Inning. After that McNeely
lightened up and held them down until
tii sixth Inning, when they landed on him
nilr, and kmxked him out of the box.
I firs wsts mure enVi live. Jnrkson. who
it-H-ved Sawyer, Whs hit hard. Score:
4 :
CarlT. If ...
Howard, 'b .
i'ernng, 3b ..
NVel h. cf ....
Ima-ey. rf ..
I'oUn. lb ....
l ong, ea .....
Mr.Veeley, p
orns, p
Totals 45 13 IS 17 U
AB. U. It. PO. A.
Campbell, If ...
3 2 11
4 12 1
6 0 2 b
4 1 V 4
6 12 6
6 0 1-
3 0 2 2
She-nan. 2b
Nohllt, v
s ee(, ;b
Meyets. lb
.'etnn. ss
M hite, f
Y r eef e, c
NHwer, p
,ia knon, p
M .ux City ....
Kt.rned runs:
'I wt.-biec hits:
37 6 11 Tt 4
0 0 3 0 2 2 3 3 01.1
3 000020006
Sioux City, 3; Omaha, 7.
Campbell, Slicchan, now-
ton, .Nublii, Caller, 1'erring, Welch u'.
'I In ee-lnne lilt: Welch. Home run: l'er
ir: Double piny: Howard, Long to Do
l.i ii. I. ell on buses: Sioux City, 1-; Omaha,
i.i Stolen bases: Meyers, White, I'Hsaey.
: in-iilie hita; Sheelmn, Hasscy. Hhscr on
bdlln: I ff Sawyer, 3; off Jackson, 4; on
..lceoy. ; on Corns. I. Hit by pitched
li.Ui: od. White. Struck out: Hy Haw
i'r, 1; hy Jackson. 3; by McNeely, 2; by
((Ins, 1. Wild pitch: Sawyer. Attend-.i.-.c.-;-
l.t. I line: 2.10. l inplre: Keefe.
Wright I'Dcilea I'ueblo.
11 KUUi, Colo., July 'fUiitus Wright
was in good form tootsy and Denver hnd
no difficulty in winning from the localH
by the score of 8 to 3. The Grizzlies fell
on Vollendorf in the llrst, scoring three
earned runs. After that Voliendorf steadied
ilown. but the locals could not overcome
l ne lead. The features of the game be
sides tne pitching of Wright were Ilia
double play In which Mcllale took the
initial part by pulling down a high drive
mill one hand and Zalusky a hit, tliat awnt
it oer the center field fence for a homer
In the ninth. It was the longest drive
ever made on the local grounds. Score:
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
... 6
Iteddick, 31)
IJcldeii, If .
J. Smith, I
Weigart, c
W right, p
t U 27
A 13. R. H. PO. A. E.
Cook, If
McGilvray, lb
Morrison, cf ..
Faurot, cf ....
Meli holr. rf. ...
l-.lwert, 3b
Hciirarit. c ....
1-lske, ss
1 4
.... 0
; -a 4
Bader, 2b
Vollendorf, p
Totala ....34 3 W 27 13 ,3
Uenver S012OO20 08
J'ueblo 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 03
Two-base hits: Russell. Belden (2),
Bchrant. Home run: Zalueky. First base
on balls: Off Vollendorf, 7. Struck out:
My Wright, H; by Vollendorf, 1. Double
piays: Morrison to Fish to Klwert, Mc-jiho-
to 2,alusky, Russell to Smith. Left
on bases: Pueblo, &; Denver, 6. Time:
1.J0. I'mplre: McCarthy. Attendance, M).
Champa Shatoat Lincoln.
LINCOLN. July . Des Moines defeated
Lincoln today, 2 to 0, In one of the fastest
games of the season. The visitors won on
ineir merits, getting nine hits to Lincoln's
seven, and playing a perfect tickling game.
I p to the elgnth Inning neither side had
scored. Then an error by Flllman. fol
lowed by three hits, sent two men across
the piste. Lincoln looked dangerous In
the ninth, with two men on bases and no
one out, but a. wonderful stop by O'Leary.
followed by a double play, spoiled its
cnarve to gel a run. Score;
AB. R. H. PO. A.
Caffyn, If
. 6 0
. 0
Si hipke, 3b
Welday, cf 4
Andreas, lb 4
Hogrlevi r, rf
lila IT. ss ..
Magoon. 2b ..
Uilkn. p
Totals 37 2 15
AB. R. H. O. ss 3 0 0 2
Krtehum, cf 4 0 10
in amn ii !., ii iii m
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v wan .vra.rrn
Put your Foot into a
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Weft leading shoe
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ever put into foot
wear. For
$3. to $3.
?'illlin, 3b ..
nomas, lb .
Wolfe. If ....
Fenlon, rf ..
Barton, 2b ..
Zlnran, o ...
Jones, P ....
Totals r 0 7 "26 15 2
Welday out, hit by batted ball. .
Kartou out, bunted on third strike.
l)es Moines 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 02
I,inooltt 00000000 0
Earned run: Dea -Moines. Two-base hit:
Caflyn. Stolen bases: Thomas, Wolfe.
O'Leary, Magoon. Pouble play: O lrf-ary
to Magoon to Andleiis. b li st base on
balls: On Jones, 1; ofT Ulllen. 1. Hit by
pitched ball: By Oillen, 1. Struck ou;:
Hv Jones, 6; by C.illen, 3. Ijpft on bcises:
IJncoln. 7; Iks Moines, 9. Time: l;u5. Cm
ptre: lavls. Attendance, SuO.
Stantllnat of. the Trania.
Played. Won. Iost
.in; i
O. 8
lies Moines
Sioux City
.... lin
ti? ;7
. . . . tW . . 21 .
tlanies today: Omaha st Sioux City,
Moines at Lincoln, Uenver at Pueblo.
Kicellent Material In Omaha, Sooth
Oiuahit aud Council BlaRa.
The uniformly high standard of amateur
ball that is being played in Omaha this
summer suggests the thought that eight
or ten of tue teams In Omaha, South
Omaha and Council Ulufls ought to got to
gether. If not this year then next, and
organize a city league. The results would
not only be Interesting' to the fans; they
would lie profitable to the players, for wmi
an organized. systemic schedule tne
standard of playing would be nen better
than It Is now and develop ball players
for bigger diamonds. It is to be questioned
If there is another city in the west of
Omalia'a class or even a class much above
it, that can boaat bo great a number of
high grade amateur teams.
Experience has proven that some of the
most brilliant stars on the diamond haw
come from these city leagues. .This has
been demonstrated In St. Louis and Chi
cago and Cincinnati, for Instance. Another
thing: this league could have its games
so scheduled as to fill in at Vinton street
park on one day In tfie week at least, dur
ing the absence of the Western league
team. Dletz park Is already In good shape
and could be made one of the ofllclal play
grounds, while Jetter park In South Omaha
could be made another. Hnd another should
be established in Council Bluffs. The
league should be known as the -Tri-Clty
league. . .
Affair Occnrf After the Gam and
Outside the Gronnds.
T Tvcftl X? I .... . a iiarun'lal TlAl'9m I
Ducky Holmes assaulted I'mplre "Slats"
1 w . . I , V. I nfnr-.u,. .1 . Th tiril'lllltlt I If -
curred at the corner o Thirteenth and O
streets after the game,
Uavls nao nnea jjoimes u miu jiciajr
. . . . , , . . I. .. . 1. M.M 'I'l.ia
it ana oruereu imiu vi nr... .
with numerous other fines, raised the Ire
of the manager. .. When the two met
Holmes asked Davis if he Intended to make
the fines stick. Davis opined he did.
Holmes then smashed Davis on the Jaw
and staggered him. Davis came back with
a rush ana tne iwo sparrcy mmi "urv
car came near running over both of them.
South' Omaha Stars Lose.
BLOOM FIELD. Neb., July 9.-8reclal.-Bloomfield
defeated the Bouth Omaha Stars
on the home ground Friday by a score of
4 to I. - Score by Innings: ... R.H.E
Bloomfleld 0 1 0 0 2 0 1 0 i 12 4
g. o. S. 0 0 1 0 0 0 8 0 0-1 4 1
Batteries: Bloomfleld, Brandt and Gard
ner; Smith Omaha Stars, Irvln and Whaley.
Bases on balls: Off Brandt, 1: off Irwin. 4.
Two-base hits: llosteltler, 1. Three-base
hits: Hostettler. Sutton. Double plays:
Smith' to Jones to Taylor.- Hit ty pitched
ball: Brandt, 1. Struck out: By Brandt, 11;
by Irwin. 1. Passed balls: Gardner. Left
on bases, Bloonifield. 11;' South Omaha
Stars. 2. Time of game: 1:10.- I'mplre:
George Downs.
The South Omaha Stara will play a game
at I'loomtivld Saturday and Sunday, July 14
and 15.
lows l.eaaiae Reanlta.
MARSUAILTOWN, la., July . (Special
Telegram.) -Following are the results In
the Iowa league:
Fort Dodge, 4: Waterloo, 3; ten Innings.
Off day for other teams.
Office Hours 4) 4V m. to I p m
Sunday 10 to 1 only.
1 1 a -rrt JTTTn iCTi-r-srsiiij ja u.a.lf t
Made only ly p -X I
' ,r f ,
' 1 44 A.' e
V f
Cnbi Win on Good Fieldinr, Good Bua
Eacninc and Lone Eittinc.
tVlnar t ltr , Tirlrlers Toarhed 1 1
Kreely and l.andamaa Strikes
Oat Tea Me a scares of
Other names.
CHICAGO. July 9 Clean lleldlnf . good
base running and long hitting gave Chi
cago an easy victory today, although Lln
daman struck out ten men and Boston hit
Chicago's pitchers freely. Score: '
B H O. A E. R H O. A e.
8UI. cf 4 I V Btdell, m
4 I
4 14 4 0
Bhwkiril, If.. I
Srhult. rf... I
rhnr, lb... 4
Slelnfeldt. lb 4
Tinker, n i
Cwi. :b 4
Minn, e 4
pflter. p J
Rrullxrh. p 2
1 v Trnnar, lb
III "Brsln. Jh
111 Balsa, rf
4 1114
14 4 9 1
4 14 0 0
4 10 4 0
4 4 114 1
t 1 1 0 0
1 Hoard. If.
t I' 4 l imian, rf...
14 4 OBrown, r...
1 4 1 8ir.,bl. 2b.
0 0 0 0 I.lndatna. p i 0 0 i
a t or'.sti 19 0 0
T"tal 37 U 17 IS 1 Totala 34 11 24 4
'Tbittid for Lltidaman In ninth.
Chicago 1 0 2 0 1 1 1 2
Boston 0 1 0 01 1 0 U 1-4
Hits: -Off Pfelster, 6 In five Innings; off
Reulbach, 6 In four innings. lAft on bases:
Chicago. 10; Boston, 10. Two-base lilts:
Chsnce (2), Moran, Tinker, Bridwell. Three
base hit: Stelnfeldt. Sacrifice hits: Bheck
ard, Bteinfeldt. . Stolen baues: Strobel,
Bheckard. Tinker, Ever.- Double play;
Evers, Tinker and Chance. Struck out:
By Pfetster. 2: by Reulbach, 2; by IJnda
man, ir. Bases on balls: Off Pfelster, 2;
off Reulbach, 1; off Llndaman, 3. Hit with
pitched ball: My Pfelster: Bates, Tenney.
Time: 2:10.. Umpire: O'Day.
eir York Beats Cincinnati.
C1NI1NNATI. July 9-New Tork wort
today's game from Cincinnati by combining
three lilts, a stolen base and an error tn
the seventh Inning. Cincinnati tried two
new men. llrst baseman Ieal and Rlght
flelder Jude. Moth performed well. Bres
nshan was put out of the game In the
ninth for doffing his cap to I niplre Klein
after being declared out on strikes. Score:
B.H.O.A.K. H H O A K
Rrranahan. cf 4 110 Olluaalni. lb.. 4 14 4 4
Marshall. cf.. 0 10 0 heller. If.... 4 10 0 0
Strang. rf....4 2 l'o 0 Seymour, cf.. 4 0 4 0 0
Mrtlann, lb.. 3 1 It 0 O liide. rf I 110 0
Morten, If.... 4 (1 0 0 0 Peal, lb I 0 11 0 0
Dahlen, I 0 4 4 Olielehanty, Sb. 3 0 1 1
Devlin. 3h ...4 110 0 Uibert, ai
(illlert, tb... 4 0 4 0 Sohlel, c.
Bnwerman, c. 3 1 3 2 0 Lwlng , p
Mcllinnity, p. I 0 0 1 0
TolaU. .
1114 1
..32 27 14 I
Totala 33 7 27 II 0
New Vork 0 0, 1 0 0 1 3 0 0-6
Cincinnati V 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 03
Two-base hit: Bowerman. Three-base hit:
Hugglns. Home run: Strang. 'Sacrifice
hits: Deal, . Hoggins, McGinnily. Stolen
bases: Ixibert. Devlin, McGann 12). Struck
out: My Kwtng. 2; bv McGlnntty, 1. Bases
on balls: Off Kwing, 3; off McGinnity. 3.
Hit by pitched IjmII: By McGinnity, 1. Wild
pitch: - Ew.lug. 1. Time; 2:00. Umpires:
Klein and Carpenter.
Pittsburg; Shots Out Brooklyn.
PITTSBURG, July 9. Pittsburg had no
trouble In shutting out Brooklyn today.
Leever whs strong and only one Brook,, 11
player reached third base. The Pittsburgh
hit Pastoiius freely. Score:
R.H.O.A.E. B.H.O.A.E
Beaumont, cf. I
2 10 0 Maloney, cf.. 4 1 0 0 0
1 1 4 0Caey. b 4 0 1 4 0
2 I 0 Cl.iimley, rf... 1 0 1 0 0
111 Jordan, lb.... -4 1 10 1 0
1 II 0 OAlperman, 2b. 1 1 2 1 4
0 14 0 Lewla, aa Ill 1 1
1110 Hummel,, It.. 1 0 1 1 1
1 3 0 0 Rltter. c 1 0 4 0 1
Oanley, rf.
Clarke. If...,
Waajnar, aa..
Nealon, lb.,
hearh. lb....
Rltrhey, 2b.
Phelpa, c...
LeeTer, p....
1 4 3 0 Paatorlua, p.. 3
0 J
Totala...... it 14 17 11 0 Totala.
. 4 24 It J
Pittsburg . 1 0 0 1 2
5 0 0 9 I
Brooklyn 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Two-base hit: Jordan. Three-base hit:
Ritchey. Sacrifice hits: Beaumont, Gun
ley, Leach, Hummel. Stolen base: V,ag
ner. Double play: Leach and Nealon.
First base on balls: OfT Leever, 1; off
Pastorlus, .3. Struck out: By Leever,
3; by Pastorlus, 1. Passed ball: Ritter.
Left on bases: Pittsburg. 13; Brooklyn,
4. Time: 1:45. Umpires: Conway and
EmBlle. ' '
Standing; of the Teams.
Played. vVon. Lost,
New York ..
Pittsburg- ...
Cincinnati ..
St. luis ....
Brooklyn .;.
Boston ......
71 .
47 .
Games today: Boston at Chicago. Brook
lyn at Pittsburg, New York at Cincinnati,
Philadelphia at St. Ixmis.
Minneapolis Wlna en Ktiay Victory
from Kansas City.
KAN'SAS CITY, July S. Ford's ef
fective pitching at critical stages and
the ragged support given Durham en
abled Minneapolis to win with ease today..
R.H.O.A K. B.H.O.A.K..
PaTla. rf 4 0 1 I 0 Purine. aa... 3 4 2 4 1
n Sulltran. rf 4 1 4 0 0 faeaady.- It. .. 1 0 10 0
Kreaman. lb.. 4.0 1 1 Waldron, rf.. t A 2 0 0
Orcmlng r, lb 1 0 0 1 OHtll. if 4 14 0 0
Han. .rf 4 14 0 OKIatleiy. lb.. 4 0 1(1 0 0
Ovicr. aa 10 4 11 Phyla. 2b 4 1 2 I 0
Graham, lb.. 4 1 I 1 0 Burka, 3b 4 1 2 0 0
Y eager, c 4 1 1 1 4 1-eahy, c 4 1 4 0 1
Ford, p I 0 4 2 0 Durham, p...! I I I I
ey-ranta 1 0 4 0 0
Tolala 13 1 17 10 1
Totala S3 7 27 11 1
Batted for Durham in the ninth.
Minneapolis 2 0.0 2 1 0 0 0 0
Kansas City 0 0 0 0 1 o 0 0 0 I
Two-base hits: Hill. Leahy. Thres
base hit: Graham. First base on balix
OfT Durham, 3; off Ford, 2. Struck! out:
By Durham. 4; by Ford, 1. Double play:
Davis to Yeager. Left on bases; Min
neapolis, 5; Kansas City, X. Wild pitches:
Durham, 2. Hit by pitched hall: Fr .
man. Stolen liases: uurice. itavis, i aui
livan. Gremlnger. Sacrifice hits:
Iriger. Ford, Caasady. Time: 1.40. Um
pire: F.gan.
Brewers Bnnch Hits.
MILWAUKEE, July 9. Milwaukee made
It four straight from St. Paul today ny
bunching its hits off Morgan in the MfMi
and eighth. Ooodwin was Invincible i;p
to the ninth, when he was found for two
safeties, which scored two runs. Score:.
B H O A B H H O. A K.
Roblnaoo. aa. 4 0 1 a Odeler. rf 4 1 0 0
(ireen. rf 3 1 4 0 0 Sttclen. lb . .4 3 1ft 0 4
Mtt'hean'y, of 1 0 2 4 OWheelar. lb . 4 0 0 1
Baleman. lb.. 4 0 It 0 0 frlali, If 2 1 1 1 0
Htlia. If 4 1 1 1 0 Kikk fell), aa. 1 0 1 I 1
BllLr. f 4 3 12 OPatlden. !b...4 1110
Clark, lb 1 1 0 1 0 KHuy, if.... 4 2 10 0
Hemphill. 2b. 4 I 2 2 1 Prill, c 4 0 2
Goodwin, p... 3 10 0 1 UutU. p 10 0 10
Totala II 11 17 II 1 Totala 32 I !l li 1
Milwaukee . .' 0 n o 0 I 0 1 t 8
St Paul 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 i
Three-base hits: Padden, Kelsey, Hemp
hill. Stolen base: Oreen. First base on
balls: Off Ooodwin. 3: off Morgan, 4 It
by pitched ball: By Morgan. 1. Passed
balls: Drill. Bevllle. Wild pitches: Jior
gan. Goodwin. Struck out: By Ooodwin,
2: by Morgan, 4. Double play: nines,
Koblnsoti and Bateman. Sacrifice lilt...
Robinson, McChesney. Left on bases;
Milwaukee, , St. Paul, 5. Umpire: Kane.
Time: 1:45.
standing of the Trams.
Plsyed. W on. "lot
Columbus SI 4
Milwaukee 77 4n
Toledo 77 44
lAiulsvllle 77 42
Minneapolis SO 40
Kansas City 7W 37
St. Paul 78 29
Indianapolis 7b' 27
Games today: Columbus at Kansas City,
Toledo at St. Paul. Indianapolis at Mil
waukee, Louisville at Minneapolis.
Rleoangrld Detente C'roftoa.
BIXJOMFIFJ.D. July . "Special
Blocmfleld defeated Crofton on the home
grounds today by a score of 13 to 4. Score
by Inninga:
Bloomrteld ... I 1 S S J f t -13 12 4
Croliou 0 0 0 0 1 I 0 0 0 t C10
Batteries: Bloomfleld, Brandt. Book and
Gardner; Crofton. Boyers. Owns. Cagley
and Lundstrom. Bases on balls: off Brandt,
2; off Book. 1; off Cagley, 1; oft Owns. 1.
Two-base hits: Owns. Hit by pitched ba'l:
By Brandt, 3; by Book, 1.- Struck out: Bv
Brandt, s; by Book, I: by Boyer, 1; by
Owna, 3: by Cagley. 1. Pnssod balls: Gard
ner. J; Ijindatrom. Z. Wild pitch: Book.
Hits: Off Brandt, three In seven Inninga;
off Book three In two innings; off Boers
eight In three Innings; off Owns, ene In two
Innings; off Cagley. three in four Innings.
t fcapsisa Detente Central city.
' CHAPMAN". Keb.. Joly . t Special-Tel-egram
t Chapman defeated Central City
on the diamond here today in a very lop-
sided me. CentraUCIty-was outclassed
at every stage or the game. Score; , In to .
Batteries: Ijiub and Shanks;- Kom-
brtng and k'larke. Hits: Chapman. 21;
Central City, 3. empire: Powell.
r.MM l TIIK AMK.Rir I K Mil K
(levrlaail aporea aa Kasy Victory
Ore-r ThlHiaclBhla,
PHM,.rET.PHIA. July 9. Cleveland
scored nn easv victory over Philadelphia to
day. Khoades pitched llrst disss 111, while
Couklry was hit hard. Score :
B H .A V.. B H O A 1
nitk, rf 10 tHiiOfl. If .1 1 I 0
Buy. rf 4
Turner, n. . . . H
L)nl.. tb ... 1
Ttniumin, lb. ft
I 1
1 I
I 1
1 II
: i
) i
o o
ArmtiHr. If. X I
f OLord. rf
1 1
0 t 1
0 1 4
0 1 5
0 4 4
n 1 2
0.4 I
0 1 2
4 0 harts, lb ...
5 1 Sevhold. rf .
A OMurphv, 2b.
2 0S-hre, k. c.
I Otll.lrtnu. 3b
i OCroae. aa...
.larkann. If.
rratlley. 3b.
Befnla. r....
Khoades, p.
Coaklev. p.
4 14 27 14 in-onmtM ItO 0 0 0
' Tstals 2t 27 11 1
Batted for Coaklevl In ninth.
Cleveland 0 1 1 4 0 fl 0 0 0-l
Philadelphia o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Left oh bases: Cleveland. 11 : Philadelphia,
1. Stolen bases: Bay. Turner. Three-btiso
hits: Jackson, lajole. Sacrifice hit: May.
Double plays: Ijiole to Turner' to Ross
man. Struck out: Bv Coakley, 2; by
Rhoades. . Bases on hiills: OfT Coakley.
4. Passed ball: Selneck. Tiiue: 1 :. I'm
plres: Connolly ntul Connor.'
"4 err York ihnti Ont Boston.
NRft VOKK. July 9 -Rain cut short the
game between the St. louls and New York
teams today, the. locals winning by 2 to
0 in five Innings. Score: r
I H tl.A I. ' B H 0 A K.
Kaeler. rf....l 1 1 4 Nlle. rf 1 0 10 0
Chsa. lb..,.. I 4 14 0 Jnnea. lb I 4 4 4 0
Conrnr. aa....t 11 0 Stone. If I 110 0
Laporta. lb... 1 1 1 1 1 Hemphill, cf. I 0 0 0 0
Wllllama. lb. 1 1 0 4 0 Walla'-, aa... i'O 4 4
Pelehanty. If. 1 4 1 t OO'Rrten. tb... I 1 1 1 0
Hoffman, cf..! 0' 1 OUartr.ell. 3b.. I 4 110
Thnmaa, C....1 0 4 4 DRIekej, c t 1 1.0 0
Orth, p ., I 0 11 tt Pelty, p 2 0 0 1 1
Totals.. ....11 4 1 7 1 Totala. .....14 IIS 4 3
New York. 0 10 1 02
St. Jxuls 0 0 0 0 0-0
Tx-ft on bases: New York. 6: St. Louts. 3.
Struck out: Hy Pelty, 1. Three-base hits:
l.aPorte,. Stone. Two-base 1ilt: LnPorte.
Sacrifice hit: Delehanty. DouMe play:
Wallace, O Brtrn and Jones. Hit by pitched
ball: My Pelty, 1. Time: 1:00. .Umpire:
Sheridan. ,
Detroit Defeats Washington.
WASHINGTON,. July . Detroit won
from Washington today. 7 to 4. The local
team went to pieces In the eighth Inning,
and through the medium of two singles,
a double and three errors the visitors
won easily. Score: . .
D. Jonea, cf.. 6 J 2 0 OAltler. ai....6 1
Prhaefpr. i:h.. 4 3 9 1 or. Jonea, ct.
Crawford, rf. 6 2 10 Hickman, rf.
Mrlotrre, If.. 2 O.I 0 fl Croas. 3b...
2 4 0 0
2-1 1.0
10 11
0 110
fooahlin, 3b. 4 2 3 1 0 Anderaon. If.
lb... 4 0 1.01 S halfly. 2b.
fl'Leary, aa
..4 1 17 osiahl. lb ...
..4 0-4 1 0 Harden, c...
..4 0 10 OWakeOeld, c
. Patten, p....
14 0 1
2 6 2 2
0 13 0
Warner, i
Mullln, p
..34 10 T 12 1 Mil
..l.O-O (I 0
Totala 33 4 27 11 4
Batted for Patten In the ninth.
Detroit ...' ... '0 2 0 0 0 0 5 C 7
Washington ...,,2 0 0 0 0 0 2 0.0 4
Two-base hits: . C. Jones. Hickman,
Schaefer. Coughlln. Three-base hit: C.
Jones. Stolen bases: Cross, Anderson,
Schaefer, Crawford.' ' Double plays: Hick
man to Hayden; -Coughlin to Schaefer.
I,eft on bases: Washington", ii; Detroit,
4. Struck out: By Patten. 3; by Mulltn,
3. Wild pitch: Patten. First base on
balls: Off Patten,' 3; off Mullin, 1. Time;
1:45. Umpire: llurst.
Boston Win from Chicago.
BOSTON, Mitsa,-,' July .--The local team
plaved In its old time form today and de
feated Chicago i4o-2. Abili'.v to bunt the
ball was an important factor in this result.
Parent's nne-liitaiit catch for all unnssistc'l
'.'double play was a startling performance.
score: - t
R H l A B B.H.O.A.K.
Parent. aa....4 1-' 0 Itahn. lf..... 4.0 4
0 0
1 0
1 0
1 0
0 0
2 0
1 1
4 0
0 0
flahl, cf; 4 lO OJonea. (f .1 4 2
Hoey. If 3 ' 2 0 0 labell, 2b..'... 4 0 t
Ferrta. 2b.... 4 0 1' 1 0 Davia. aa. 4 1 4
Undvln, 3b... 1 0 14 (IDonnhu. lb.. I
Hayden. if... ' , 'HO'NUI. rf 1 0 1
Freeman.- Is. I t . 4 0 Bulllran. c. . . 1 0 1
Armbruater, CI 0' 1 ' OTannehlll, lb. 1 1 1
DlDMn, p.... 2 t'li 0Oen. p 1 0 0
-U -el-I 'Douaherty .. 1 0 0
Totala It-; 1! JO . - -
r t l T0Ula..,.,.S 4 24 la t
Batted -for1 Jonos' In ninth. ,
Boston v.. 1 10 11 0.1 0 -5
Chicago ."..o o 0 1 o o l 02
Two-base hlf: Ferrts: l'hree-oase hit:
Davis. Sacrifice htts: Hoey, Godwin, Dl
neen, Armbrusfer. Stolen base: Donohue.
Double play. Parent (unassisted!: Owen to
Donohue to Tnlitiehill.' Bases on balls: off
Owen, 1; off Dlneen, 1. Struck out: By
Owen, 1; by Dlneen.. 2. Time: 1:24. Umpires:
O'Loughliu and.b'vans.
Standing; of the Teams.
'S, Played. Won. . Iist. Pet
New York. . ,
Cleveland . .
St. Louis...
71 44 27 .613
71 43 2 .60
71 4 3 2 - . ');
71 39 32 .KI9
r.-i 38 34 ' .bli
7 2 3d 3 1 .-16
71 25 4 .35.'
72 - lit 53 .2 04
Chicago at Boston. St.
Games today:
Louis at New ?York. Detroit at Washing
ton, Cleveland at- Philadelphia.
Harvard Wins n Hot One.
HARVARD. Neb., July . (Special Tele
gram. I Harvard defeated Hastings today
in a last thirtetpn-innlng game by a score
of 1 to 0. 8andtrson's two-base hit in the
last half of the thirteenth inning scored
two men ahead of him and won the, game
Miller, Harvard's new southpaw, pitched
a magnificent game, allowing eight scat
tered hits. . Sanderson's hitting was a fea
ture, getting four bits out of five times up.
Score; R.H.E.
Harvard 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 11 2
0 II 0000000000 00 8 l
Batteries: Ahline, Dort . and Poettctt;
Miller and Ling. . Attendance, 300.
Kearney Heats Grand Island.
KEARNKY, Neb.. July .-lSpecial Tele
gram) The Deaf Mute ball team was to
play here today and tomorrow, but can
celled the games and the Grand Island
team took the dates. The game today was
won by tne Kearney boys. Score: K ILL.
Kearney 3 II
Grand Island t..-l 6 4
. Batteries: . Kearney, Welshrod and Za
lutiky; Grand Island. Crable and Townsend.
Lindsay Defeats lluiupnrey,
LINDSAY. Neb., July 9 (Special.) The
local' team defeated Humphrey In an in
teresting game on the hoiae grounds by a
score of 3 to 1. Both Hunt and Zouk pitched
a good game, but the locals were strong
with the bat. Score:
Lindsay 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 03
Humphrey 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Batteries:' Lindsay King and Hunt;
Humphrey Moore and Zonk. Time: 1:30.
Cherokee W ins Two.
IDA GROVE, la., July 9 (Special Tele
gram.) The Cherokee Indians defeated
Lake View Sunday. -6 to 4, and Ida Grove
today, 11 to 3, be tore large crowds.
tClKVr l TIIK Rl 44lt THAt'KS
Arrlte, Hundred lo One Shot, Wlna
Third Race nt Sherpsnead Hay. .
NEW YORK, July 9 -The surprise of the
racing at Sheepxhead bay today was the
victory of Anile, a loft to 1 shot, in the
third race. So little was thought of his
chance of winning that he was uuotcd at
one time ut ; to I and a number of small
bets were made on him. McCarter. the
favorite, made the pace for llwo furlongs,
when Troxler brought Arcite up and won
easily by two lengths. Hams Horn .won
tile Bay Ridge handicap. Cederstroine
made the pace for nearly a mile, when
Ram's Horn moved out and won by three
lengths. Comedienne, in winning ttie fifth
race, six and a lialf furlongs, main course,
equalled the world s record for the dis
tance by covering It In 1:18V Three fa
vorites won. Results:
First race, five furlongs: Somnus won.
Gallant' Dan second, Anna May tut id.
Time: l;0iv
Second lace, one mile: Dolly Spanker
won. Old Faithful second. Rose of Gold
third. Time: 1 Slet,-
Third race. Ave and a half furlongs:
Arcite UW to li won. McCarter second,
Marathon third.. Time: 1 :.
Fourth race, the Bay Ridge handicap,
mile and a quarter: Ram's Horn won,
Von Tramp second. Bedouin third. Time:
2 "oV
Firth rsx-e, six and a half furlongs:
Comedienne won, 'Monet second, Ironsides
third Time: 1:01V
Sixth race, five furlongs: L'Amour won.
Athens second. Citrona third. Time: I :(1S
Seventh race, mile and three-quarters:
Angler won. Leila second. Huntington third.
Time: 3 m,
CINCINNATI. O , July . Results at Lm
toma: First race, six furlongs: Agnes Virginia
won, , Ft-id Lark second, Lisile McLean
third. Time: 1J4V
S jnd race, five furlongs: Judith Louisa
won, Avendow second, Demo (bird. Time:
i imra race, seven lurionga. ruucuiaire
on, Mcllvali second. I'ncle Henry third.
Font t h race. Tree Meeplecliase h.mdicnp,
short " course Weird won, Frank Me, sec
ond. Slgtnund third Time: .Volt.
Fifth race, six furlongs: Mayor Johnson
won. l-arone second, olieron third. Time:
Sixth rai-e.'six fmiongs: F.lastle won. Ida
De-vis second. Heinel third. Time: I I'.
Seventh race, mile ami three-eighths:
Hubbard won, Stroud second, Drexel third.
Time; 2.21.
Tennis Tournament at Holrlreae.
H.OLDRKGK. Nrb., July 9 (Special. 1
At a meeting of the two tennis clubs held
here Saturday night It was decided to hold
a tenuis tournament nt Hoidrcne Friday
and Snutdax. July :7 and 2V The follow
ing officers were chosen: E. K. Mngoon,
manager; Harold lllelmfelht, treasurer: 8.
II. Thompson and Dr. J. L. White, prize
committee. All the tennis players in this
part r the state are expected to be present.
The games will he plaved on fine courts.
which are the property of the lloldrego
Golf and Tennis club.
Lincoln Loses on K.rrora.
HOI.DRKOE. Net).,' July 9. (Speclnl Tel
egram. ) Lincoln lost today In the sixth
by a score of S to 4. The game was called
on account of rain Errors were the cause ;
Bertrand '. 0 0 0 1 4 ft 6 1
Lincoln 0 0 0 3 14 1 4
Batteries: Lincoln, Parrls Hnd Cookus;
Bertrand. Masters and Masters.
Praise Defeats Weston.
PHVGl'E.. Neb..' July .-(Speclal.l-Prsgue
defeated Weston here yesterday by
a score of B to 2, being their second vic
tory over the reds this season, the locals
having won the Fourth of July game at
Weston, fi to B. Urban. Slmanek and Kas
par did the battery work for the locals
in both games, while. Frohncr and Wolla
offlcluted for the Reds.
Sporting BreTltles.
Manager Herman took five chances with
out a miss Sunday and walked under the
limelight for three hits.
Sunday was a great day for amateur
ball in Omaha. If you don't believe, look
at the Bee s sporting page. ,
All tennis men are preparing for the
city tournament which will be held nt the
Field club Iteginnlng next Saturday.
Omaha players were In another tiatfest
Sunday and Perilng. Massey, Dolan and
Herman Long all fattened their averages.
Jack Doyle lias filially broken Into the
game and he celebrated his advent by
making three lilts off McKay, although the.
Dueky'a' won out.
. Chance showed nerve in the game Sat
urday when he put a player like Shceknrd
on llio bench and sent in the right-hand
hitter, Hoffman in liis place. 1 he renin t :
justified the action for Hoffman got the :
hit which started the trouble that ended
In winning the game.
That man down in Lincoln wild writes I
the American Press association base ball
stories . could look starvation In the face
and smile. He suys: Mc
brilliant ball, while Cicottc
was wild."
Ami this same McKay gave four bases
on balls and was touched up lor eleven ,
hits, two more than Cicotte allowed. But
M Kay pitched lor Lincoln.
That cigar merchant up In Sluox City J
w'10 offered a box of 10 cents clears for i
every, home run Sunday has given Pa i
Rourkn a tip he ought to take. l'a owns '
a cigar store and If there is any way he
can get a bigger price for his goods than i
selling them for home runs it's up to film i
to suggest it. At any ran? It lias oecn
deniomtl rated that cigars are better than
gold watches. Bet you Stone would say so.
Fishing and Camping Hates to Mad I.
son Lake, Watervllle and Elyslan,
Minn., Tin Chicago Great
For parties of ten or more, one fare and
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