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Saturday will be a banner day in our great July
Clearing Sale. Every section of the Dry Goods Departments in the Bennett
Store will be bristling with bargains. One of the most important is our
Waists Marked $3.00, $3.50, $3.95 and
Waists Marked $4.50, $4.95, $5.50 and 9 QQ
$6.00. at.....
Waists Marked 50c, 75c and 98c,
Ladies' Wash Suits Fine percale, well
made, marked down from $1.25 to. . .
Ladies White Aprons Bib aprons for maids with
suspender effect ruffles on shoulder
straps, regular 35c aprons, at OK
Two Great Neckwear .Bargains Saturday
Big purchase from Great Manufacturer's Clear
ing Sale of Ladies' Up-to-date Neckwear at whole
sale prices.
Bargain No. 125 dozen fine batiste, fancy em
broidered stocks, baby Irish designs, regular
, 35o and 50c values Saturday's sale f C
price each. UC
Bargain No. 2200 dozen fancy embroidered
linen stocks and turnover collars, in plain white
and colors, regular 25c values C
Saturday's sale price each JKt
Specials In Our Glove Section
Ladies 16 and 12-button length extra heavy silk
lace mitts, in black and white, a regular $1.25
value Saturday's sale a QR
pair Ow
12-Button Chamois Gloves The economical
ladies' gloves, every pair warranted f y Q
washable special Saturday a pair. . . . J
Short Gloves Special Ladies' pure silk 2-button
length gloves, with warranted improved double
interwoven finger tips and extra quality French
lisle gloves, good line of colors sale Cfl,
price, at pair, 75c and JVC
Lace Half Sleeves Made of fine val. lace and
heavy baby Irish effects, cream and white.
This lot worth 75c and $1.00 a pair. To go on
bargain center Saturday, at, a LHi
pair T'OC
For Waist and Suit Silks'
500 yards of small fancy patterns in waist and
suit silks, in a good range of shades, at a price
that is far cheaper than wash goods. These
same silks are sold everywhere at 59c a yard.
"While they last Saturday, at a 19c
36-inch cream Japanese silk, guaranteed
to wear and launder, full yard wide,
the regular selling price 75c .Q
a yard; Saturday at, a yard. . . s-rC
Special Sale ol Bed Spreads
50 fine white crochet bed spreads, full
bed size, worth $1 each; Sat- "7 C
urday only, each OQ
20 very fine imported white and colored
Marseilles bed spreads, some fringed,
worth from $2 to $5 each; Saturday we
will sell them at 331-3 per cent dis
count. Great Saturday Bargains
All our silk finished batiste, in light and
dark colors, and all our lisle dimities,
worth to 30c a yard ; Saturday C n
only, a yard IjC
100 pieces of fine organdies, plaid effects
with pretty floral designs and em
broidered Swisses, worth to A
25c; Saturday only, a yard. ... 1UC
28 and 36-inch , percales, in light and
dark colors, regular 10c andl2l2C T
qualities; Saturday only, a yd. . . . C
French bed ticking, regular 25c fl C rt
quality; Saturday only, a yard.UC
Big Clearing Sale of Belts Saturday
Over 25 dozen ladies' belts, consisting
of new, up-to-date plain linen and
fancy embroidery duck belts, all wash
able; fancy colored silk belts and gird
les, that sold up to 75c each J?
all go Saturday, each iJ
Special No 1 Ladies plain white Irish
linen covered parasol, deep hem
stitch border, regular $1.25 7
value; Saturday only, each. ...
Special No. 2 Ladies' white Irish linen
covered parasols, with fancy embroid
ery edges and embroidery insertions,
our regular $2.00 ones; Satur- f J? A
day only, each JU
llTi''irK")nin)-7rKVf?lTrrffl TNim
m ii i ifii ii ii ii rfi ii i if uii in iiii ii ii i
1 Owners of Dry Goods Dept. in the BENNETT STORE
Fifty-Eicht Counties Returned f how Otst
a Million Dollars' Worth.
Governor Mlrker Iakla Ints ti
Expenditures ( Dr. AMI of
he Norfolk Aylm Item
Ur Bill Lacklac
Great Northern Man Falls to Bee
Signal and Train Coea
lata Ditch.
FREMONT, Neb.. July .-(SpeclaJ Tele
gram.) Elmer E. Cole, an engineer on the
Ureat Northern, was killed at the North
western crossing five miles north of this
litjr about 8 o'clock this morning. When
Ills train, which was a special construction
train of flat cars loaded with cinders, bound
north, approached ths crossing the sema
phore was set for the Northwestern. Cole
did not stop and his train went on to the
derailing switch at a speed of from fifteen
to twenty miles an hour. It was too late
to stop and the engine went off the track.
The fireman Jumped from his side of the
cab and escaped with slight bruises. Cole
Jumped from the right itde and he had no
sooner struck the ground than the locomo
tive rolled over on top of him Into the ditch.
A wrecking crew went up from Fremont
and the body of the dead engineer was
brought to Bader Bros.' undertaking room
The signal man In the semaphore tower
ays that the track was set for the North
western, and that Cole must have run
past the signal without looking until It
was too late. There Is no curve at this
point, or anything to obstruct a view of
the semaphore, the tracks being out on
the open prairie. The accident occurred
about 1.000 feet from the tower and dlj
not obstruct the Northwestern tracks.
Cole waa SS years of age and single.
His home Is In Lincoln.
.via hold an Inauest.
Coroner Evergard
Two Killed and a Xnraher Injared
Thronh Mistaken Orders.
MARSLAND, Neb., July 6. -(Special.)
Harry Gregg and John Ritchie were In
stantly killed In a wreck at this place be
tween trains on ths Burlington road.
Thomas Campbell of Alliance, brakoinan,
and C. Miles McCracken of the same place,
conductor, were seriously Injured. Others
were slightly Injured and one man is miss
ing. A mistake in orders la said to hava
caused the accident.
Carl Cosendal died th'is afternoon at St.
Mary's hospital, making the death list four.
He was arraigned this afternoon before
Judge SparTord, and as he was unable to
speak English It was found necessary to
secure the services 'of an Interpreter.
Dalejoa pleaded not guilty and his pre
liminary hearing was set for next Tuesday.
In default of $500 bond 'he waa remanded to
laleldo at Shelley.
SHELBY, Neb.. July (.(Special.) Louis
Goeti, aged 66, killed himself yesterday
afternoon with a 31 revolver by discharging
it In his mouth. Shortly prior to this he
had shot a couple of times In the barn
and then went to the house and balanced
his carpenter book and returned to the
barn. The Conner 'phoned that an Inquest
would be unnecessary. Goetg Is a member
of the Ancient Order of I'nlted Workmen
and Modern Woodmen lodges.
Caasht Ra a sack Ins; House.
BEATRICE. Neb., July (.(Special Tele
gram ) H. L. Wick, a farmer living five
miles -west of town, this morning caught
a Bohemian named Dalejoa ransacking his
house. Sheriff Trude was notified and at
jnce lodged Dalejoa In the county Jail.
You must have had 60 at least!
What? Only 40? Then it must be
your gray hair. Ayer's Hair Vigor
stops these frequent birthdays. It gives
all the early, deep, rich color to gray
hair, checks falling hair, and keeps
the scalp healthy.
The best kind of a testimonial
"Sold for over sixty years."
AIM fcdahan ff
iTM'l SABtAfABTUA Vet tae stood. ATIB'S MIX For eoasttsatlaa,
AYa S CHJUUL Y MkCTOkAI w Coaghs. AIM'S ACUg C0k&-Var nalaru aUagn.
Mr. Thomaa Hayes Finds Hla Wife
Bound and bagged.
RL'LO, Neb., July t. (bpeeial.) About
?:15 on the evening of July 4 an unidenti
fied masked man entered the room of
Mrs. Thomas Hayes. Mrs. Hayes sat
with her back toward the door and paid
no attention, thinking It was one of her
own household.
The wretch, calling Mrs. Hayes by
name, said that he would cut her throat
if he had a butcher knife. Mrs. Hayes
was about to scream for help and he aald
that he would kill her sure If she said a
word. He then gsgged ber and tied her
hands behind her back with her own hand
kerchief. During the struggle he kicked
her violently In the ribs, this being the
last she remembered until her husband
came home.
I'pon coming home her husband found
her lylug on the floor with a towel ovHr
her face and her arms tied behind her
back. The knot in the handkerchief was
so firmly tied as to necessitate the use
of a knift to release her arms. Not being
a strong woman she Is In a highly ner
vous condition and Dr. Shepherd hus
treated her since.
There is no clue as to the Identity of
the wretch only that Mrs. Hayes would
know his voice. To make his identification
Impossible he had a large red handker
chief tied over his head beside the mask
over his face.
Candidate for Conwrras to Be amtd
at Auburn, August 0.
(From a Btuff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb, July (.(Special Ale
gram.) The republicans of the First dis
trict will hold a convention to nominate
a candidate tor congress at Auburn, Aug
ust 9 at s p. m. Tne basis of r presenta
tion will Le one delegate at large and cue
delegate for every fifty votes cast for
Pollard at the last election, making u con
vention of 13 delegatea. This was decided
at a meeting of the committee at the Lin
dell hotel tonight with practically no dis
cussion of the primary. Pollard having, it
la said, decided not to ask for the pri
mary. The delegates will be apportioned as fol
lows: Cass, 36; Johnson, II; Lam-aster,
M; Nemaha, 18; Pawnee, 16; Otoe, Ju'; Rich
ardson. 25.
t'nder this apportionment the outside
counties can nominate without the assist
ance of Lancaster and Cass, as It takes
only eighty-seven votes to nominate. At
the laat convention, when Pollard wis
nominated, Lancaster and Cass named the
candidate. Last year Lancaster had 77
votes In the convention.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. July . (Special.) In fifty-
eight counties In Nebraska chickens have
been returned to the 8tate Board of As
sessment at a total valuation of 1, 040,840,
against a total valuation In all the ninety
counties last year of $1,499,00. A compari
son of the returns this year with the report
of last year In those counties already re
ported Indicates a material Increase In the
valuation of this very Important though
much overlooked Nebraska crop.
Hooker county hasn't a chicken or any
fowl of that description within Its borders
according to the assessor's report, and It
contains no mention of Methodist preachers
having been there lately, either. In Mc
pherson county there &re Just n worth of
chickens. Last year at this time the
chickens In this county were valued at
$179. Logan county has only $337 worth of
chickens, while Loup has $601 worth. These
figures are the assessed values, being one
fifth of the actual value. Just how many
chickens were under the house or behind
the hedge when the assessors called, of
course never will be known, but It Is as
serted by eminent statisticians there were
Inasmuch as chickens were not returned
to the assessors prior to the enactment of
the new revenue law, chickens have cut
quite a figure In the Increased valuation
of the state under that law. Chickens in
the flfty-elght counties reporting are of
equal value with the sheep crop of last
year, sheep being valued at $1,040,560, there
being less than $300 difference. Ths total
hog crop last year amounted to $12,999,935,
which, taken with the eggs sold.' probably
makes the chicken much more valuable
than the hog. The following table shows
the assessed value of chickens In the
counties already reported:
Cnnntv. Ass'd vnl. Countv. Ass'd val.
Adam .T10 Hamilton $6.0
Antelope Hitchcock 2.ST7
Banner VA Howard 2,910
Boyd $.229 Hooker nothing
Buffalo Jefferson ( 212
Brown 1,289 Johnson B.752
nr 5.245 Kfearnev S.624
Butler S,57( Lxis-an 337
Chose I. Iup Ol
Chevenne 1.3S4 McPherson 22
Cherry 1 Madison
(.'ass o. tw jvierncs.
Clsv Nemaha (.575
Colfax $. Pierce $.788
Custer (.198 Platte 7,514
Duknta 1.952 Perkins 857
Dawes 1.752 Richardson .5.18
Dawson 4.253 Red Willow 3,875
Deuel 14 Rock
Dixon 4.813 Harpy S.373
Dodpe .38 Stanton 2.26
Dundv 1.784 ThomaS 1'R
Frontier l.-'2 Thaver 7.310
Furna 4,8' Valley 2 82
Garfield 61 Washington 5.381
Gosper t.7 Webster (.030
Greely 2.3O0 Wheeler 9S
Hall 5.445 York 6.798
Hayes 1,C7(
Inereaaa la Valuation.
Reports of assessors received by the
secretary of the State Board of Assess
ment to date, show an Increase In the
total assessment of sixty-one counties over
the assessment In the same counties last
year of $4,458,000. The Increas is larger
in Dawson county, where property waa
assessed $279,091 higher than a year ago,
and Custer county comes next with an
Increase of $228,369. The twenty-nine coun
ties yet to be beard-fVottt will materially
Increase these returns, .-bringing the total
assessment' up to a figure In excess of he
returns last year by Over $7,000,000 or an
actual Increase of over $35.0(0,000. Some of
the large counties are yet out, Douglas,
Lancaster and Gage being Included In tho
missing counties. The first and second
named will be increased, it Is presumed,
over $1,000,000 each, while Gage county
will be Increased about $200,000. The esti
mated Increase of over $7,000,000 Includes
the increase on railroad property and new
railroad property which amounted to about
$1,000,000. '
.lessen to Hear Coha Case.
Max Conn, who waa to be tried before
Governor Mickey on a charge of a misuse
of his position as a notary public, will
be tried before Judge Jessen at Nebraska
City Instead. The attorneys In the case
have discovered the statutes provide the
case must be heard in the county In which
the crime Is alleged to have been com
mltted and the governor is empowered to
appoint some one to take the testimony.
Judge Jessen has been appointed.
Insurance License Held I p.
No license has yet been Issued by the
Insurance department to the Western Life
and Indemnlt'. company of Chicago to do
business in Nebraska, Bpeclal Examiner
Wiggins, who went to Chicago to Investi
gate the company, having recommended the
license to be held In abayence for iho
present. The company is now undergoing
a change from the assessment to the legal
reserve plan of Insurance. Mr. Wiggins
In a report to Insurance Deputy Pierce
criticised several parts of the report of the
examination made by the Illinois officials
which reported on the company. This sain
company some time ago attempted to con
solidate with a Nebraska company, but was
prevented by the courts at the Instance of
some cltiiens of Lincoln.
Froblna- Alden's Accounts.
Governor Mickey has received from
Stewird Alex Peters of the Norfolk asy
lum a number of vouchers and receipts
showing money drawn from the cash fund
of the Institution by Dr. Alden to pay his
expenses in going to various towns, pre
sumably In the Interest of the Institution,
though there are no records showing what
the money was spent for and no Itemized
statements were filed with the steward.
The receipts signed by Dr. Alden amount
to Hornet hlng over $100 and most of them
merely read "expenses to Lincoln."
With the receipts Mr. Peters enclosed a
letter from Secretary of State Galusha in
forming Dr. Alden no claims Hied by him
for expenses would be allowed unless ac
companled by receipts and vouchers. It
Is asserted by the governor since the board
refused to allow the claims Dr. Alden had
the steward pay the same from the cash
fund, and the bills were not audited by
the State Board of Public Lands and Build
ings. Governor Mickey has not decided what
action ha will take in regard to Alden
and Nicholson, but Is still getting fects
together for his next onslaught. He said
the board had the farts about Dr. Alden
drawing expense money from the cash fund
without filing receipts showing Its ex
penditure and a member of the board
promised to Investigate this, but no action
was tsken.
Since ths governor's position hss been
endorsed by Treasurer Mortensen a num
ber of other parties have railed upon Mm
and endorsed what Mr. Mortensen said.
Roof Collapses With Workmen.
A section of the Lincoln Traction com
pany power house collapsed this afternoon
at a time when six men were at work on
It and they were precipitated to the base
ment, a distance of about twenty feet.
With the exception of Adelbert Lane, none
of the men was seriously Injured. The
men were carrying a heavy piece of tim
ber across the roof when the supports
gsve way and roof and men went down to
gether. I.uddea Secretory of Normal Board.
The state normal board at Its meeting
tonight elected Rev. L. P. Ludden secre
tary, and Mr. Ludden accepted the honor.
Chairman Majors presided and the board
sent a message of congratulations to Sup
erintendent Crabtree of Peru. Neb., who I
the father of a new boy. Only routlns bus
iness was transacted.
Accidentally Shot and Killed.
HAT SPRINGS, Neb.. July (.-(Special )
Walter Davis, a young man of 20, son of
W. J. Davis, a ranchman living south of
here on Pine creek, accidentally shot and
killed himself the night of the Fourth.
Young Davis, with a companion, went to
their room In the hotel to retire for the
night and while undressing a 4fi-callber six
shooter that young Davis was carrying In
his pocket fell on the floor, causing the
same to discharge, the ball passing Into
his thigh and Into the adbomen. Death re
sulted sis hours afterward.
Hew Industry at Falls City.
FALLS CITY. Neb.. July (.-(Special.)
The firm of Leo A Son of St. Louis, which
has been negotiating with the cltlsens of
Falls City for some time In regard to
locating a vinegar factory here, has finally
completed Its arrangements -and as soon as
a site can be selected it will begin the erec
tion of the buildings, and the factory will
be In operation by fall.
First of Wheat Crop.
BEATRICE. Neb.. July (.(Special Tele
gramsThe first of this year's wheat
crop was marketed here today. The price
paid was 85 cents. The grain Is of an ex
cellent quality and tested sixty-one pounds
to the bushel and yielded thirty-two bush
els to the sere.
Kehraska Runaway Arrested.
ST. LOUIS, July (. tSpeclul Telegram.)
Willie Elliott, who ran away from the
ranch of his uncle, Peter Ryan, nr In
man. Neb., to Join a circus, has
reslod ber.
Good B&rgaLii .
when one trades COFFEE and all
tho old COFFEE AILS for health
Tea say's trial prsves.
Htwi of Nebraska.
PLATSMOUTH Congressman Pollard has
returnea nome rrom Washington.
PLATTSMOUTH The Cass county dem
ocratic convention has been called to meet
In this city Saturday, June 14.
BEEMER The Salvation Army brigade Is
nere, assisting Rev. O. L. Goodell In re
vival meetings, to remain until SunJay,
June 16.
BEATRICE A boy by the nam of Kyle
was shot through the hand by a toy pistol
weanesaay evening. The wound Is not con
eldered serious.
OCONEE Last Saturday niht. during
the heavy thunderstorm, John Scholty, a
farmer In this locality, had his barn struck
oy lightning, killing one of his horses.
WESTERN At a mass meetlne- of our
citizens, held last evening. It was unani
mously decided to hold the ninth annual
Old Settlers' picnic on Wednesday, August
BEATRICE Yesterday afternoon in the
county court. Judge Spafford officiating,
occurred the marriage of Byron Bathrlck,
aged 60, and Birdie Kllburn, aged 30, both
of Nelson. Neb.
BEATRICE MIbs Cella Whltton was
struck in the face by a ball at Blue Springs
Wednesday afternoon and was seriously in
jured. Her nose was broken and her face
severely bruised.
BEATRICE A petition Is being circu
lated by the Independent Telephone direc
tors at Blue Springs for the purpose of
re-establishing the connection heretofore
had with. the. New Home company of this
BEATRICE The body of Mrs. Mary
Schldlowskl, who died at Lincoln Tuesday,
is brought here for Interment. The fun
eral was held from Trinity Lutheran church
and interment was in Evergreen Home
BEATRICE Mrs Marie B. Armstrong,
who has been principal of the school at
the Institution for Feeble-Minded Youth
for many years, hus resigned her position,
and left yesterday for Oberlin, O., to make
her future home.
PLATTSMOUTH A number of friends
assisted Thomas Pollock In celebrating his
eightieth birthday anniversary at his home
in this city the rourtn. juage a. . Kam
sey also celebrated hla sixty-second birth
day anniversary on the same day.
BEATRICE Dr. A. Johnson, superinten
dent of the Institution for Feeble-Minded
Youth, accompanied by his family, left yes
terday for Minnesota, where they will en
Joy an outing of a few weeks. Dr. Osborne,
assistant superintendent. Is In charge of
the Institution during Dr. Johnson's ab
sence. BEATRICE Carpenters' union No. 1286
met last night and elected these officers
for the coming six months: J. H. C'ot.ns,
president; Henry Steller, vice president;
B. F. Gurney, recording secretary; J. (J.
Overman, financial secretary; Henry Lucks,
treasurer: Oliver Sample, conductor: George
T. Barber, warden; Henry Steller and
George T. Barber, trustees.
EDGAR Wheat harvest Is completed
here. The weather has been Ideal for har
vesting, and one of the largest acreages of
wheat ever harvested it this section Is now
all nicely in shock. The yield this year Is
heavier and the grain of better quality than
any year slnco 1&2. Oats are not yet quite
ready for harvest, but will be In a day. or
two. Corn la doing nicely notwithstanding
It has been rather dry for some weeka past.
YORK The official count was made yes
terday afternoon of the repbullran primary
election held In this county last Saturday,
which resulted as follows: For repre
sentatives, J. E. Hart. D. W. Baker.
2H9; John Doran, 266; P. J. Ruch. 18(; A. J.
Tavlor, 181. Choice for I'nlted States sen
ator, Norrls Brown, E. Rosewaier, 176;
J. H. Millard. 20;. F. Currle, 15; Crounae, 12.
Total vote. 661. C. E. Sandall was en
dorsed for county attorney.
PLATTSMOUTH Word has been received
to the effect that Elmer Cole, son of Mr.
and Mrs. W. T. Cole of this city, waa al
nmat tiiKtantlv killed In Nlckerson this
forenoon at 9 o'clock. Mr. Cole was an
engineer on the new Burlington road from
Ashland to Sioux City when killed by his
engine, which was reported to have left the
track Mr. Cole was the only son and will
be brought here for burial. His mother is
president of the Flattsinoulh Women's
ALDA Miss Lillian Glllchrlst, daughter
of R. C. Gilchrist, retired farmer, residing
at Alda. Neb., and A.' O. Wright, eloped to
St Paul. Neb., over a week ago, where
they were married, but kept their marriage
a secret until yesterday, when they w.-re
found out. Mr. UlU-nrlst opposed me mar
nan on acount of his daughter's youth
They took the Union Pacific train No. U
for Denver, from whence they will return
tn Iowa, wheie Mr. Wright is to enter the
FREMONT Walter Cash, colored, tried
to commit suicide last night by taking
poison. He had b.jen drinking heavily
slnco the 4th and had some little trouble
with his wife, but nothing serious, sbe
went to his room about 10 o'clock and he
told her that he had taken carbolic acid
and that the bottle was in his trunk. A
doctor was summoned and Canh was soon
Improving and will come out all right. The
vmnioma were not those of carbolic acid
SPRINOVIEW Sprlngvlew'a celebration
July $ and 4 waa a complete success. The
crowd, estimated at iM- was the lurgest
ever in the village. The weather was
very favorable, the raring was good and
a number of fine horses were entered, on
the third the local base ball team played
the professionals from Gregory, 8. D., with
a score of 11 to In favor of the Gregory
team. They played again on the Fourth,
but a row over the decision of the umplrt
ended the game In the eighth Inning. No
serious accidents occurred.
BEATRICE Peter Olsson of Islington
has written a letter to John Kopecky In this
city. In which he states that C. H. Nordlg,
aliaa O H. Norton, who passed several
forged checks In this city last week, floated
four forged checks at Lexington Jum be
fore coming to Beatrice. hlch bore Mr.
Olsson's signature. The amount of the
checks varied ail the way from 5 to $:u
Mr. Olsaon Is a merchant tailor, and Nor
wig was in his employ for three w-eks
before leaving Lexington. The sheriff at
Islington offers a reward of $2u for the
arrest of the forger.
ElGAR The remains of Miss Maggie
Proisrr, a young lady 23 years of age, who
died at her home In Falrbury on the morn-
Saturday's Money-Saving Chances
Corner Chair (like cut),
polished mahogany finish,
seat upholstered In Verona,
tapestry or damask. Were
$6.00, tomorrow $3.90.
KngllMh Bobbinet, white
and Arabian, 36, 45 and 54
Inches wide tn 5 to 20 yard
lengths. Was 25c to 60c a
yard, tomorrow 17 He yd.
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on SatnnTays and to
morrow we expect to be
busy as bees, in spite of
tho weather. Our largo
cool store offers a com
fortable retreat from
sun and heat, and our
special articles at spec
ial prices are an at
traction not to be overlooked.
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are quickly transferable
from room to room. Tomor
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Rugs. 912 ft. tor 18.00.
Been selling for 116.76 to
Saturday Evening, 7:00 to 9:30
Japanese Plates Large square cake plates and
smaller round ones for tea or bread-and-butter.
Were 35c, Saturday evening 15c each, or 2 for 25o.
Three Arm Oak Towel Holder Just the thing
for dish and tea towels. Were 10c, Saturday
evening 5c each.
Orchard & Wilhelm
Carpet Co.
414-1618 South Sixteenth
, .v-'r,-'-ik.-
' Y
1l : -
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ailments, an examination that will disclose your true physical condition, with
out a knowledge of which you are groping In the dark and without a thor
ough understanding of which no physician or spoclalist should treat you.
Don't allow disease or weakness to take away all the pleasure of Mvlng.
Life is beautiful when you possess perfect health. You should not become
discouraged and lose your grip on life because Inferior or unreliable treat
ment has failed to benefit you. Our special treatment for this class of troubles,
which Is varied and modified to meet the requirements of each Individual
case. Is a safe cure, to which hundreds of cured men owe their sturdy health
and happy condition of life.
We cure safely and thoroughly:
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexual Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Rectal,
Kidney and Urinary Diseases, .
and all diseases or weaknesses of men due to excesses, self-abuse or ths result
of specific or private diseases.
1S08 Farnam St., Between 13th and 14th Sts., Omaha, Neb.
A Chicago Train for Omaha
Leave Union Station, Omaha, at 5:40 p. m. ,
Arrives In Chicago at 8:15 the next morning.
Electric Lighted Pullman Drawing Room Sleeping Cars, Free Reclining
Chair Cars and Observation End Parlor Car with Dining Room serving Din
ner and Breakfast a la carte. Returning, train leaves Chicago at 6:00 p. ra
arrives at Omaha 9:00 the next morning.
tStl Farnam St.,
Military Academy
Leslatea,Me. Oksl ud Lereaat at llavf
ei-nuojin iki aioflit ttm. tan a di i
min of wr LwpU Cns at t la D. &
one to M usourt. Mod lor 1
Ing- of July 4, arrived rn the city only last
evening and were Interred in the EdKar
cemetery. John l'riisser, father of the de
ceased, was formerly the agent of the Rock
Island road In this city, ills wife and
seven children are burled her. Two of his
sons were killed by the cars in 1M4. and a
third son was smothered In nr elevator
grain bin. The mirfher died of blood pois
oning, contracted while nursing her s n.
who was fatally Injured by the rars. Th
four daughters died "f tubercular troubles
The fattier and :i children, most of Ultm
married, still survive
COLLEGE Classical, scientific, philoso
phical cuuriea.
ACADEMY An accredited High School.
Prepares for Hellevue or any other e4a
lege or university.
NORMAL HCHOOL Elementary and ad
vanced courses.
CONSERVATORY Theory of music, pl
ano. voire, violin, elocution snd art.
CONNKCTIONa-Electrlc line and Bur
lington Railway.
Ksll semester opens September 1.
Address President Wadsaorth, Bcttorus.