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Tejephon Douglas til.
( ' We have about 2,000 most beautiful high-class Shirts and Shirt-"Waists for-ladies, consisting 6f net waists,' lace waists,
black and white China silk waists black' ahdVolored i lk taffeta waists, Peter Tan waists, linen waists, and all the dainty
lingerie waists.; For Saturday, the whole of our second floor Cloak Department will be devoted to .waists. Ample, room and
probably enough waists to last the entire day and evening. We have all sizes, plenty of 40, 42 and 44 sizes.
If you expect to attend this
sale, be here on time
All the fine ltD Waists, regularly mid
t $1.00, (Saturday clearing lain plica, 50c
All the Una lawn Waist, regularly told
at Saturday clearing iala price, 71o
All the fina high claaa Waists, regularly
sold at $2.60, Saturday clearing tale price.
tl.S each.
All the high clan lingerie Waist, regu
larly in Id at 13.00, Saturday clearing aale
price, -II 50 each. .
All .ha lovely white china silk Waists,
regularly sold at 3.90, Saturday clearing
iala price, fl.98 each.
All the beautiful lawn, lingerie and china
silk Walsta,- ree-tilarly mM at 16.00, Satur
day clearing sale price. 12.50 each.
All the fi.oo Waists at
All the I"? M Waists at 13.75.
All the 110.00 Waists at IB00.
All the $12.60 Walita at $S 28.
AllHhe 115.00 Waists at $7.60.
All the $18 00 Walste at MOO.
During this great clearing aala none of
these wlsts will be taken back or ex
changed, so ba careful to get the correct
ls. j
Monday will be Skirt day. Watch Sunday
paper for particulars.
Second Floor.'
Men's 50c Underwear 35c, 3 for.
1 $1.00.
For. Saturday's special selling we have
taken'' one of our regular lines of men's
Wo Underwear, a very fine lightweight gar
ment known aa ."Crepe Knit." See win
dow. Extra well made, . Saturday's price
36c, or for $1.00. Main Floor".
Men's Furnishings
The hot weather styles are here. Tou
should visit this department at all times,
for ,lf there Is a new .novelty on the mar
ket We are sure to have it.
New Summer Neckwear, 25c and BOo each.
Fancy Vests for summer wear, $1.00 to
$4.28 each.,
Hot weather Suspender. 25c and 60c a pr.
New styles tn Shirts, $1.00 to $.'.:( each.
" Main Floor.
! Hot Weather Underwear for
Women and Children
'. Good yaluee from our basement depart
ment. '' t
' Women's wlss-rlbbed cotton Vents, plain
tape top, all sites, 15c each, or I for 25c.
Women's fine - ribbed cotton Drawers,
; made with, French band, umbrella knee,
lace trimmed, mostly small alaea, lo each.
Children's ' fine ribbed, gause lisle I'nlon
Bui is,' Iqw ftackv sleeveless, umbrella style,
1 laoe trimmed, made with drop seat, all
. alses, eta" each..' J basement.
I hut all witnesses will be examined at
jpapllllon. It Id understood that In deciding
rto hold another. Inquest and empanel an
Vother jury Coroner Armstrong Is acting
on the advice of County Attorney Patrick
of Sarpy county.
' tAi jury empaneled at the Kurasal yes
''.terday waa composed of the' following:
F. TV.' pavls, Omaha Printing company;
;,TeMlenM, . Council Bluffs.
J. Houert Mjnrier, farmer; lives near Kur-
i F. W, Beaton, Hayden Bros.; residence,
l'uvld. plover; employ at the Kursaal.
.' V. J. Mtsrtlleb. Crage Elliott company;
, residence'. 'Omaha. '
At W. H. Bush, realdence, Omaha.
'. Aa ohly a, email portion of territory on
the Manbttan aide of Lake Manawa Is
Vln the confines, of -Sarpy county, If at all,
' CoroneX" Armstrong experienced some dlffl
xculty in securing a lut-y. The Omaha men
.i, Impaneled-wera- camping on the beach and
In thia" waV" came to be enlisted.
'. The witnesses examined were County At
torney W. R. Patrick of Omaha, Deputy
- Fish and. -Game Warden E. C. Brown of
'.Council Bluffs. Sam Dobeon of Council
'Bluffs and A7 W. Kirk, deputy sheriff at.
the Kursaal, In pay ot the Manawa Amuse
" went company,
Floor ttarted Earlier.
v" That glfen by eounty Attorney Patrick
was the principal testimony at the hear
ing. He suited that he and his wife, with
a party of friends, were at the Kursaal
from T to I o'clock on the evening of fne
Fourth of July. While the party was
standing on the platform the floor of It
suddenly sank beneath their feet and after
settling" several Inches stopped with a Jerk.
Mr. Patrick said he felt for the moment
that 'the entire structure waa about to
eollapee. a The place, he said, was crowded
"at the time, and In the excitement that
followed one of the women In bis party
fainted. Alarm over the evident weakness
of the floor of the atruoture Induced Mr,
Patrick and party to leave the Kursaal 1
Everybody to the fore Saturday! unreasonable prices on ecaeoua
bla gooUa. Store open Saturday eveniug till 10.
t) on will buy boys' splendid
.CU suits or ages S to 14 thai
are worth 1600 and
s 7c buys boys' suits that sold
4. IS fur ti.50, and t
ages I to 11
will buy boys' $1.00 and U N
K. at H. bluuxea.
buys boys' 46o 1'nderwee.r,
Vests. Pants and Drawer.
CI OC'r 'children's washable
SJ.3J Reefers, worth 16 00.
1n for all fto Hose, from to
SC. n a. m. and I to i p. ro
tor buys' Wash Bulls that
Boya' and Girls' Store ope.
OflAllAaliEjOoVw 7
Our Great Semi-Annual Saic of Ladies' High Class Waists Begins
Saturday, July 7, at 9 A. M. Every Waist at Half the Regular Price
Saturday Night Specials
The following specials all go on sale at 7:30 P. M. It
will be to your interest to be here on time.
Grand Special Clearing Sale of Beautiful Silks Saturday
Evening at 7:30, at 29c a Yard.
It will pay yon to come, If for no other purpose than Just to gee
these handsome silks. It will pay you still better to come to buy.
All roads Saturday night will certainly lead to Thompson, Belden &
Co.'g great Bilk sale. In point of value giving it will exceed any pre
vious sale.
Regular $125 all silk "Rajah." f 1.00 and 6Sc silk "Bungalow,"
your choice, 29c a yard.
Don't mln8 seeing them, and. very Important, see them early.
Fine line of colors white, cream, navy, new blue, reseda green, brown
(two shades), hello, etc. Choice, 29c a yard. .
Beautiful white, cream and black crepe de chine. Saturday, 19c
a yard. The) prettiest, newest, feshest lot of crepe de chine we have
ever sold, for the soft clinging gown. Nothing handsomer at any price.
As long as they last, 19c a yard.
Main floor. ....
Great Special Sale of Figured French Organdies.
All our beautiful figured French organdies, that have sold all
season at 50c per yard, go on pale Saturday evening at 19c a yard.
Great Special Sale of Embroidered Linen Suitings.
All our fine embroidered linen suitings, that have Bold all season
at 76c per yard, on sale Saturday evening at only 19c a yard.
Main floor.
Special Sale of Soap, Saturday Evening, Main Floor.
A sale that should be of unusual interest, a special selling ot
fine soaps at reduced prices. -
Venetian Toilet Soap.
A fine toilet aoap, comes In four different odors violet, rose, Mat;
and heliotrope on special Bale Saturday evening at 10c per box of
three cakes.
Sylvian Toilet Soap.
A high grade toilet soap, comes in seven different odors violet,
carnation, heliotrope, rose, clematis, lilac and sandalwood sells reg
ular at 10c a cake on special sale Saturday evening at 15c per box
of three cakes.
Main floor. t
Special Sale of Lace Curtains, Saturday Evening at 7:30.
$2.60 ecru colored ruffled bobblnet at $1.25 a pair.
15c and 20c curtain Swisses, white with colored figures embroid
ered, on sale at 7 He yard.
$4.50 Bonne Femme ecru curtains, at $1.73 a pair. One to a
$2.60 ecru colored Bonne Femme curtains, at $1.23 each.
$3.60 cream colored lace curtains, at $1.73 a pair.
$2.75 cream colored lace curtains, at $1.38 a pair.
In Basement.
Special Sale of Linen Finished White Shrunk Muslin,
at 6Vc a Yard.
' Saturday evening, in basement, we will sell this popular material,
36. Inches wide, at 6c a yard.
We close evenings at 5 o'clock,
CQward Comer
as soon as they, could possibly do so. '
Ur,: Patrick's testimony was corroborated
by that of Mr. Abbott of Omaha, who was
a member of the party. The " testimony
of Deputy Game Warden Brown and Sam
uel Dobson was substantially the same as
given by them at the Inquest held by Cor
oner Treypor In Council Bluffs. .
Officer Kirk's evidence related to the
else of the crowd and the efforts made by
hlm and other employes at the Kursaal j
to keep the crowd from breaking through
the turnstiles leading to the floating docks.
It failed to throw any light on the cause
of the accident.
Miss Laaalna; Escapes.
The report, that Miss Mary Lannlng of
1127 Seventh avenue, thia city, waa among
those precipitated Into the water and
Injured by the collapse of the platform of
the Kursaal at I-eke Manawa, on the
Fourtfi 'of July appears to have been ln
correot. Miss Lannlng was among the
crowd on the Kursaal, , but as a short
distance away from the portion of the plat
form which gave way. The young woman,
however, la of a nervoua disposition and
waa severely shocked and frightened by the
fearful scene which she witnessed.
' The funeral of Miss Mary West, the
Council Bluffs victim of the Fourth of
July tragedy at Lake Mnnawa, waa held
yesterday afternoon from the residence of
the parents, Mr. and Mrs. cnaries west.
Thirty-fifth street and Avenue F. Owing
to the mother being very low from the
shock of her daughter's death, only brief
services -were h-ld at the residence. Many
beautiful floral tributes from sympathlxtftir
friends graced the cmeket and six young
worrwn employe ot the Byrne-Hammer
company, where U)f West had worked
for several years, fccled, as pallbearers.
Burial in Fa lr-lew cemetery.
Hn Hard to Locale.
Inquiry at the parking houses for lnfor-
matlon concerning Al Reno., who waa sup
CI tor Wash Suits that were
1.03 ijo, lt uu, 13.Au and .?&.
and I
for girls' Continental Straw
Hals, reduoed from
and n 60. '
buys choice of a large lot
of boys' and girls' Caps.
for choice of large lota of
boy' and girls' Hats and
Cape, worth to a dollar.
O Qfi buya choice of Baby'a short
t.OU Coals, worth 3 5 and 4 60.
jj 53 90
for choice of all $5 00 and
00 Baby Coat. -
Saturday evening till 10-
except Saturdays at 9:30.
Sixteenth Street
posed to. be. among the victims of the
Manawa disaster, 'shows he has not been
working for Armour 4 Company and his
name does not appear on their books. He
waa not found at the other packing houses.
There are men about town who knew hltn,
however. It Is said that he lived for a
couple of years near Twenty-seventh and
H streets and that he .left the city for
Ht. Louis over a year ago. After remalti-
'ng there a year he returned to Omaha
,Bllt spring. He has been around the city
since that time. A. A. Wrlaht reported
that, be heard a man who was eatlntr at
the Eagle restaurant yesterday afternoon
say that there was nothing 'to the rumor
Mw ,or " "a
wen iKiKiiii wiiu iiuti aim ami'uHiui ki
reports In the papers but a few minutes
before his arrival In . the restaurant. No j
i At . l-l. K,, Tk . !., . ,,.,, hv.
i lie name or jonn tteno or Knyno, came
to the police atation and asked If there
had been any inquiries about him and
seemed surprised to learn that there had
been none. He said he had been away
for two or three days and . that he hud a
family and some daughters and thought
it strange that they had not Inquired aboat
w.. ... ... ...
him. He was a man of 45 or more with
a dark mUBtache, and in thla does not re
semble the young man. reported missing.
Though the man has not been seen by
any known people of the city It la likely
that he ia safe.
Engineer Found Dcnd
LEAD,' 8. l., July 6 (Bpeelal Telegram.)
Oeorge Harwoodv engineer at the Bmead
hotel, was found dead In the engine room
this mnrnlnv T(Ih heait waa r.ruahed In.
.His head was crushed In.
It Is thought that he slipped and fell and
his head atruck between two rapidly re
volving wheels, lie was unmarried.
Fair Today In Nebraska, Booth Dakota j
Portion Fair Tomorrow.
WASHINGTON, July g-Forecast of the
weather for Saturday and Sunday:
For Nebraska, South Dakota and Kan
saa Fair Saturday and warmer In west
portion; Sunday, fair.
For Iowa and Missouri Generally fair
Saturday and Sunday. '
Local Record.
OMAHA, July g-Ortlcial record of tern-
perature and precipitation, compared wrtl
the corresponding day of tne lst thr
' . .. . larul lull 1 . .'I
I rui . ...vM. . v -
Altl&iniUIIl irilll-l HUIV. . . . 10 r-, iw no
Minimum temperature CI 62 61 tW
I Mean temperature.... M 71 64 74
Precipitation m T .vt w
' Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March 1,
and comparison with the last two years:
Normal temperature 78
IVnclency for the day lit
Total deficiency since March 1, l!XXt pa
Normal precipitation 17 Inch
Deficiency for the day 17 inch
Total rainfall since March 1 13 M inches
Deficiency since March 1 i 30 inches
Deficiency for cor. period, lf S.7S inches
Deficiency for cor. period, l-4 1.84 lnche j
Resiorts Irons Stations at T P. M
Station and State
of Weather.
Temp. M.ix.
7 p. in. Temp.
Bismarck, clear 70
Cheyenne, - raining Hi
Chicago, clear 61
Davenport, clear 74
Ienver, cloudy 6i
Havre, clear..: 7
I Helena, clear 14
Huron, clear ,s
Kancaa tVy. clear... 7
Omaha, ckar 74
Rapid City, clear 78
St. Louis, clear M)
St. Paul, clear S
Salt l-ke. cloudy 74
Valentine, partly cloudy.. 74
T Indicates trace of precipitation.
Bn, July 8, 1906.
Dainty Bolero Jackets, Low
Priced for Saturday
At our I.are Counter, Main Floor.
We will place on sale the balance of our
handsome lace and . embroidered Bolero
Jackets at the following reduction:
One white pure linen embroidered Jacket
that was $20.00 at $15.00.
One Thill pure linen embroidered Jacket
that was $15,00 at $10 00. .
.One white embroidered batiste and lace
Jacket that . was $10.00 at $7.50.
Oiw white embroidered and lace Jacket
that was $4.50 at $3 00.
One' pal blue linen Jacket, trimmed with
Inserting of white lace, that waa $3.00, at
12.00. Bites 36 and .8. '
Hand -Embroidered French
' 7 Mull Waist patterns
Saturday morning we will sell all our fine
hand embroidered French. Mull Waist Pat
terns, at half price."
All rour $8,00 French Mull Patterns, $3.00
.. All our $6.75 French Mull Fatems. $3 SS
AI1 our $7.75 French Mull Patterns, $3.S8
All our $1000 French Mull Patterns, $5.00
. All our $1100 French Mull Patterns. $8.00
All our $15 TO French Mull Patterns, $7.50
eacfi. '
Hand Embroidered Linen
Waist Fronts
Saturday morning we will sell all our fine
hand , embroidered linen Waist Fronts at
half price.,
All our $3.00 hand embroidered Fronts,
$1.60 each.
All our $3.50 hand embroidered Fronts,
$1.75 each. t
All our $5.00 hand embroidered Fronts,
$2.60 each.
All our $6.00 hand . embroidered Fronts,
$3.00 each.
. Main Floor.
Great Clearing Sale of Desira
ble Wash . Materials
Big reduction in prices. Choice, clean
perfect Wash Goods; these are the features
that will make our1 Wash Goods Depart
ment one of the busiest In the store on Sat
urday. . ,
- 15c Batistes at 5c.
25c Egyptian Tissues at 15e.
25c Zephyrs at 10c,
: 60c Imported Novelties at 23e.
SOc 811k Moussellnes at 25c.
40o Organdies at 19c,
35c Ginghams at 15c.
15c Ginghams at 5c.
16c Organdies at 6c.
60c 811k Ginghams at 26c.
In basement.
America Minister lo Guatemala
, . President . of Salvador
to Meet.
WASHINGTON, July .-The State de
partment has been notified by a cable
gram from United States Minister Combes
yesterday at Guatemala City that efforts
are being made to prevent hostilities be
tween Guatemala and Salvador as a re
sult of an alleged breach of neutrality by
Salvador' during the progress of the In
surrection which has just failed
f Mr. Combes says that Benor Pacus,
SDeclftl ,nvf
appointed by the president
. of m.tvmAn.. 4
of Salvador i already on hla' way to
this city, and he (Mr. Combes) Is about
" -nu en-
I deavor,
by negotiation, to bring about a
peaceful settlement of the difficulty. Mean
, while the government of Guatemala has
agreed to suspend' preparations for war
: with Salvador pending the conclusion of
the peace conference at Washington.
llJh.Bt"e P""" w" vlsed today
lf frm" Minister
Merry that he has arrived at San Salvador
rry that he haa arrived at Ban Salvador
and la ' endeavoring, with some! hope of
success, to make arrangementa there for an
agreement between Guatemala and Salva
dor. 1,
, g aVJL SlJ JL kj V
I as
4 Z
. H
Guided to
Grape- Nutsj
:A mloiater stty: "A few days ago an
Incident occurred In iny house that may
Interest you.
."Our baby boy, a fine specimen of two
years -and three months old babyhood,
waa brought down stair Immediately
after bt awoke.
: "U was teething, and had eaten but
, June food for two or three daya. and had
, , . . . . ' '
: '" " 10 mat. un mis particular
mirn(rtv hl' --.....,.. .
...... ...ho .' ., wv iitjur. wa lur urspv
J.ut."f which he is very fond. His
mother had same cornmeal mush cooked,
and strved him with that Instead, but
after he had looked at It for a moment,
he pushed 1t away indignantly, saying.
I don't want that; I want Urape-Nuta.
He would not be satisfied until Urspe-Nuts
was served to him, which he ate with
evident enjoyment. We were interested
in his discrimination, and you will doubt
less appreciate the boy's taste."
I'robably no food in existence not even
( excepting the very best prepared baby
i fuoda la as well tvA n m .! to thA na nf
' 'nnu Orape-Nuts, well-soaked In warm
. It contains the elements required for
building the bouts, also the gray matter
In the nerve centers: A child or an adult
fed 'on Grape-Nuts will show marked Im
provement In physical and mental ability.
Many of the elder testify to the removal
. of niiyajca) ailment by abandoning por
ions Of the food thst have been In use,
Jin and taking ip Grape-Nuts regularly.
.Art Bold by grocers everywhere, and made
'-JO a r k. ,.ur. rwl (1 f IVxm Pnaliiin
, , !, .... . .
Expert Employed by Chicago Business
Men Tind Condition! Geaerally Good.
Criticism of Sanitation and Hyalene
la Some of tbe Plants
Inspection of Carcasses
CHICAGO. July .-The report of the Joint
committee of the Chlcsgo Commercial asso
ciation nnd Illinois Manufacturers' associ
ation, appointed to Investigate the packing
Industries of Chicago, together with the re
port of the experts who accompanied them,
was made public today.
The committee says:
That a board of experts of the charicter
employed, with professional Ideals and
(iilded and Influenced by an aesthetic sense,
which embodies something of necessity and
something more of luxury should find th
product "wholesome," the yards "generally
clean" and the Inspection "efficient" seems
to your committee to cover the situation.
As a result of this Invest Ual Ion we our
selves hsve no hesitancy In statins; that the
meat produuets at tlTe yards are wholesome
and proper food. , . .
We find that the companies have been Im
proving the conditions and products from
yesr to yesr, that Improvements are con
stantly being made and will be made, and
we believe that the conditions and sur
roundings at the plants carefully protect
the quality of the product.
Experts on Committee.
The experts who accomranled the com
mittee were:
Dr. W. A. Evans, professor of pathology,
Tnlverslty of Illinois: Dr. Maximilian Her
tog, late pathologist. Hureau of Science,
Manila, P. 1.; Dr M. P. Ravrnal, paih
ologlst 10 the 1'lilppx institute, Phil
adelphia; Prof. A. T. Peters, L V. 1'nl
versity of Nebraska and Prof. M. H. Rey
nolds. D. V. 8., I'nlversity of Minnesota,
all eminent specialists. Their Investigation
occupied two weeks, during which they
made as thorough a study of conditions in
the yards and parking houses as they could
possibly make within that time. They say
that part of the most of the plants are up-to-date,
yet In each of these there are
some Sections that are indifferently good
and In most of them some things that they
cannot approve of.
The committee can cite no better evi
dence of the truth of this statement than
the very extenlve .Improvements that are
now under way elsewhere. These better
ments relate In some places to minor things,
and In others thev mean a complete re
building of old plants. Generally speaking
the more recently built plants are the best,
and much of the adverse criticism has had
Its origin at old buildings, whlqh have been
added to and adapted to expanding bus
iness. The Inspection of carcasses has been ob
served in operation In nil of the houses and
a very considerable amount of time has
been spent. In some cases for hours In suc
cession, at the same place studying this
department of the work. There are. un
questionable, certain features regarding
which some minor suggestions and crit
icisms might fairly be made, hut in gen
eral It was found that the Inspection of
the dead animal, up to the time the car
cass was separated and the organs passed
from the killing room was reasonably
careful, thorough, and, In general, effic
ient. '
The committee believes that the ante
mortem Inspection Is of far less Import
ance than the Inspection of the dressed
carcass and feels that If cither men or
funds could be relessed In part from this
Inspection and expended for additional pot
mortem work, an Increased efficiency might
The committee considers It of the utmost
Importance that greatly Improved facilities
be provided In the United States for the
training of men In the important specialty
of meat Inspection.
. It Is the opinion of the committee that
animals reaching the yards dead do not
get Into the stock yards slaughtering
After carefully considering the procedure
directed by the government officials the
committee thinks it fairly certain that no
improper use Is made of unborn calves In
the Inspected plants.
It Is our opinion that the dressed meat
nf the yards Is wholesome and a proper
article dor humnn fooii .. . ,,,
tr?arleae'nnd ganltailnrn. :. .
i Regarding hygiene and' sanitation, .the
committee says, some of the water closets
are not of modern or proper construction,
not well located, often deficient, and often
ventilate into the work rooms. This they
regard as dangerous and unhygienic. In a
few houses they found satisfactory mod
ern water closets entirely new.- In' most
of them there were signs requesting the
operatives to wash their hands before re
turning to work. Some supervision Is ad
vised. The medical .members of the com
mittee paid especial attention to the health
of the operatives, particularly In regard to
tuberculosis. They were not able to de
tect. In the superficial examination any of
the disease.
"It Is certainly not true," the committee
says, ."that much spitting goes on. with con
sequent contamination of the food prod
ucts." In closing the report the committee refers
to the new United States meat Inspection
bill and Baya that, its provisions are so
stringent that If in Ita enforcement any
unwholesome meat unfit for human con
sumption gets into Interstate or foreign
cdjnmerce the responsibility for such a cir
cumstance must rest wl'.h the federal au
London Man Says American Privates
Arc Best Appearing Hen
In Service.
WASHINGTON, July e. The military
appearance ot the soldier was a surprise
to George V. Winter, who came from Lon
don on invitation of the War department
to design certain Improvements In the
uniforms of the service which would bring
them In line with the acknowledged super
ior fit and makeup of the British uni
form. "The American soldier has the best build
and bearing In the world," declared Mr.
Winter on the eve of his departure for
New Tork. "I thought Tommy Atkins
was the best in line, but I am surprised
at what I have seen here. . While the
American soldier is not as beefy aa, the
Britisher, he I -marter' and better set
up. He Is the best looking soldier In the
world, superior to the fighting men of
Germany, Frar.ce or England. The only
Improvement In the uniforms is to give
him a better fit, giving full effect to hi
tine qualltle."
The patterns submitted by Mr. Winter
Indicate numerous mlnoV chsnges In the
uniforms, but no radical departure from
existing styles.
Maor General Meckel.
BERLIN. July Major General Meckel,
formerly professor of military tactics In
Japan, died today. He went to Japan in
1x85, stayed there three years, reorganized
the Japanese army and wrote a noted book
on tactics. Field Marshal 0ama sfter the
battle of Mukden telegraphed to General
Mckel ascribing the former'a surefss to
Meckel's Instruction. The emperor of Japan
conferred the grand cross of the Order of
Sacred Tressure on the general after the.
Ir. Frits Schandtjna.
WASHINGTON. July . Dr. It. C. 8tltes
of the public health and marine
service today reoelved notice of the death
at Genoa of Dr.' Frltx Schaudlns of the
imperial German lieallh office. He was
known particularly for his Investigation of
Rev. L. P. Mer.
CINCINNATI. Julya,-Rev. L, P. Meyer,
pastor of the Church of the New Jerusalem
in this city snd for twenty-five years pas
tor of the largest church of his denomina
tion la ChUago, dropptd deud from h'Srt
disease at ul hoin tudky. Mr. Meyer
. . .1. . . '. & sons ca :
Open Saturday Evenings 0
Never hava Refrigerators been offered at such low prices. (
Remember every size is reduced.
Ilailgcr Refrigerator Latest Iniproveed, hardwood, galvanized steel
lining, 35 pounds ice capacity a good $10.00 Refriger- DC
ator now cut to.
I Sifts
Baldwin Geographical Contest
Awarded to Omaha Man.
. The $350 Hamilton Piano, first prize in the great
Geographical Contest conducted by the 1). II. Baldwin &
Co., 407 South 15th Street, "has been awarded to Mr. it. F.
Longwell, 2701 Dodge Street, of this city. ' , .
Mr. Longwell is to be congratulated upon Jus imccpssy
as the contest was very close, requiring much painstak
ing labor to arrive at a decision. Below is a statement
signed by the judges:
To ."Whom it May Concern: . , : ; . i
We are pleased to state, after a careful examination
of the answers to the questions in the Baldwin Geo-'
.graphical Contest, that we unanimously awarded the first
prize (the Hamilton Piano) to Mr. K. F. Longwell, 2701
Dodge Street, Omaha, as we found his answers the more
correct, all things considered. ;
"We were agreeably surprised to note the many good
papers prepared by the contestants, but came to the
above conclusion after due and careful consideration. ;
i . ....
Dated, Omaha, July 5, 1906.
Is back in Omaha to carry excursionists to Florence and 15 miles below.
- The Steamer has been overhauled and everything made new except
the name and the management.
. Beginning Bl'M)AV. JULY 8, the Steamer will commence running
excursions. ..... .......
Take a -ride' and enjoy the breeze to your heart's content. " Its all
free, except . the-passage.
-' Htramer leaves foot of Itouglaa Kt. 2:15 P. M., 8:15 P. M.
VlffJIB. LIIILJ 1.1 1 1
the originator of tha parliament of re
ligions, whK'li waa tin of the featuree of
the World's fair In ltSl
Dr. C. C. Inadrll.
CAWBRIDtiB. Maaa., July S.Chriatopher
Columbus Langdtll, UU IX, dean profosHor
of law, amlrltus, at iiurvurd university
and an authority on law, died suddenly at
hla home In thiB city from henrt dined so.
lie waa born In KUlsboroush county, New
Hampshire, tu IKS.
Laie Jleal la f'al Lands.
THGKMOPUU8, Wfo., July 6. tSpeclal.)
A company, headed by 8. W. Gebo of
Montana, . have made cash entry on 8.5"0
acres ot oal land near here, paving Into
the land office at Lander Tuesday last the
um of tvG.OUO tor this land. This Is one
of the largest coal land deals ever mail in
this state, and la considered by mining men
a gilt-fed e jtrppoaiUun. The land lies about
twelve miles north ot Thermopolis, and the
property will at onre be developed on a
ncale commensurate with Its value. It Is
learned that J. J. Hill is Indirectly Inter
ested In the proposition, and It Is given out
on the very best authority that the Burling
ton, will be built up to the mines, and that
the product to a great eitent will be uad
In the Butte ahopa of the Burlington.
Brady Heads BrnshBiakers.
BOSTON, July . Michael Brady of 81.
Iuls was t-lected president today at the
convention of lha International Brush
makers' association.
meant 1 good deal
It ataad for good aiatcrUla, $p4 Vfhtk
m.A u.-lf ..a. I - A A fti. H
1W wamalui-p SMIU (W III
1.00 ssj f 1. 21
UrM Utkanrl ColUra mU tklns W Us I4
rv .... ...
SSSW i' J.. WW sw.
-I.;--...-.s.i-..- i
f ON A
lladlfcr Refrigerator Hardwood
rase, galvanized stel lining, 50
pon&ds ice capacity a good. 112.00
to n..w. S9.00
recrlcas Refrigerator White enamel
lined, packed with minerat wool,
highest grnde, 75 pounds rapacity
. a fine $18.00 box
cut down to
Peerless Refrigerator White enamel
lined, mineral Wood insulation,
glass trap a flne 122.00 C1D 0(1
rut down to 1
R. C. Gunter
8 to 10 p. m. In Bijou Garden by Theater
Orchestra. Everyone Invited. Admission
Week Beg-lsnlnff Sunday Wight, July S,
Popular prices 10c, 20c, JOc.
10c Cigars 5c
10c La Tonica 5o
$2 60 for box of 50.
10c Queen Victoria ',5c
$2.60 for box of 50.
10c Hazel Kirk. .......... . .5c
$2.50 for box of 60.
10c El Effecto. . .vr.vr:. ... .bo
$2.60 for box of. 50. .
16th and Fornam Sts;
iJ)saJ -si
M A . - 1
se - -rtTi
This maa-nlArent hotel haa too beatip
tlful rooms and Is located at 11th and
Mode streets In the shopping district
Only half a block from the E-norA
Bird. Thlfir Arv umj. mi,rm- J
... . v . ' . ' e-a
vi tuai(( aa.
rtrstf Bitks.
aw. (el aad CeM aaalai
a. CarieU4 Cale. ParuS
ilaeti aab TaMe B, aj.
f desaeaei la ill Im
Katcr la twry tssav.
Caslae. Qa Irtaslssts
art Served la Uie. Baka He tay aad U
I area na rtsa.
Resenratlona may be mads by
trrapb at our sipenaa,
P. A. HKHiO.-s, Us(t.