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Tax Lot j for 1907 Tentatively Brouiht U
Official Notice.
Departments te Be Asked (or F.stl.
roates ea Which to Base Final
Calculations hj the
The matter of making the IMC tax levy
was brought before tha city council last
night by a, resolution from Councilman
jedford, naming tentative figures for tha
tiifaanti required. Councilman Zlmman im
mediately Said that tha subject wss one
worth thorough discussion and considera
tion and that aatimatea of expenses alaiuld
be received, from all departments and an
effort mad 'to trim tha levy as low as
possible. Eedford Bald he agreed with him
and tha document waa referred to the gen
eral corn mft tee. It named the sum of
ITRO.OOO tar sen eral city purposes, lafl.ouo
for tha atnkJn fund and 13 mills for the
school district.
Health Commissioner Connells ordinance
to give hla office the right to condemn
and ramore vaults and cesspools within
aewer districts at will met death by a vote
of 4 to 8. Councilman Davis attacking the
measure severely. Dr. Davis aald he would
not want to trust anything to the discre
tion of the eommlKHloner. accenting his
hostility to Commissioner Connell plainly.
McOorern talked from tha standpoint of
tha poor man who 1 trying to pay for a
home. Tha commissioner wanted the old
restriction about condemning nuisances of
tha kind taken away,
Call for a New Viaduct.
A resolution was Introduced Instructing
' tha engineer to prepare preliminary plans
for a viaduct over the railroad tracks from
Thirteenth to Fourteenth streets on Locust
but was referred to the committee on rail
ways and viaducts at tha request of Zlm
man. who said he did not believe the trafflo
on Locust street Justified aamanning me
expenditure from tha railroad companies.
f juncllmen Bedford. Brucker and McQov
,tn said the conditions were the reverse
...... . U n . V . atKAB waa ntnnh 1 1 I. H 0.fu-
UIIU H ' .ill V V fa nan Liu.. " ' I r
clally by .women and children.
Ordinances were Introduced to make It
punishable by a $100 fine end ninety days'
Imprisonment to take and use automobiles
without the consent of owners; to abolish
the Job of clerk In the street commissioner's
office end to make the transfer concessions
granted by the street railway company
Question of Gas Inspector.
The ordinance to abolish the office of
gas Inspector was passed, but so amended
as to Indicate clearly that the council In
tends to re-create the place as soon as
the' present" Incumbent, John C. Lynch, Is
thrown out of the Job. This amendment
struck out the section transferring the
duties of the office to the city electrician
and makes no arrangements for perform
ing them.
By way of ringing In the necessary char
ter change for the offices of city prosecutor I
and gas Inspector Mayor Dahlman sub
mitted the names of V. J. Connell and
Humphrey Lynch Instead of those of Tom
" and John C. Lynch, both being
promptly rejected by the council. Zlmman
made a aarcaatlo speech about Connell und
caused considerable amusement.
Mayor Dahlman named three appoint
ments to All vacancies on tha library board,
tha council confirming them, as follows:
W. II. DeFrance vice Alfred Kennedy;
FUU.': Andrea vice Charles E, Morgan;
George ftogers vice Nathan Bernstein. The
terms end July 1, 1909.
As low bidders, sewer construction con
tracts were awarded to R. L. Kennedy for
S5.302.95 and ItM.Tl In districts SIS and 320,
and to John F. Daley for $1,81.60 In dis
trict 319.
Bids for Advertising
The Evening Bee and the Evening World submitted proposals for city adver
tising, the prlcea being for squares of ten
unleaded nonpareil lines each. The Bee
flgurea were BT cents for the first Inser
tion, 24H cents for the second, 21 cents
for the third, 21 cents for the fourth: 20
rents for the fifth, 19 cents for the sixth.
18 cents for the seventh, 15 cents for the
eighth, 14 cents for the ninth, 12 cents for
the tenth, and 13 cents thereafter. The
World-Herald proposed to do the adver
tising for 38 cents the first Insertion and
20 cents for subsequent Insertions of the
same matter. The bids were referred to
the finance committee.
The James Morton Sk Rons company sub
mitted a bid of 31,170 for furnishing sixty
Suffered Severely With Eczema All
Over Body Examined 15 Times
by Government Board Who Said
There , Was No Cure An Old
. Soldier Completely Cured.
"For over thirty-five years I waa a
eevere sufferer from eczema. The erup
tion was not confined to any one place.
It. vaa all over my body, limbs,
id even on my head. 1 am sixty
t rata old and aa old soldier, and have
Va examined by tha Government
Board over iiftoea time, and they said
thers waa no cur for me. I have
taken all kinds of medicine and have
spent Urge sums of money for doctors,
without avail. A short tuna ago I
derided to try the Cuticura Remedies,
and after using two cakea of Cuticura
Boap, two boxes of Cuticura Ointment,
and two bottles of Cuticura Resolvent,
two treatments in all, 1 am now well
and completely cured. A thousand
thanks to Cuticura. I cannot speak
too highly of the Cuticura Remedies.
John T. Roach, Richmondale, Hone
Co., Ohio, July 17, 1903."
100,000 MOTHERS
Dally Tell Other Mothers
That Cuticura Soap la the best baby
aoap In the world for cleansing and
purifying the skin, and that Cuticura
Ointment is of priceless value for
aoothiug and healing itching, tortur
ing, and dislifrurtng eruptions. A single
application of Cuticura Ointment. pro
ceded by a warm bath with Cuticura
Boap, rives instant relief, and refreshing
sloop fur akin-tortured babiee, and rest
for tired mothers. Bathe tha af
fected parts with hot water and Cuti
cura Soap, to cleanse the aurfaca of
crusta and scales and soften the thick
ened cuticle ; dry without hard rub
bing, and apply Cuticura Ointment
freely, to allay itching and tnflamma
tion, and soothe and heal.
ct imiM. ui nn im : tknr4
s rH urvf ikn, ',.. a... fiop.. a.
Comfortable Dentistry
There Is very little dtucom
f.ort In modern dentistry.
Wonderful advances have
been made and a really skill
ful dentist should nut And It
nec-eaeary to cause pain.
However It Is largely a
matter of personality. All
dentists have accent to the
new discoveries, but not all
take the trouble to learn and
adopt them. Besides that
Home are less sympathetic
and less deft than I am.
I do not wish to be classed
with the so-called "lyiinless
dentists" but I give you my
word that I have practically
eliminated pain In my opera
tions. I do not use bhb I do not
deaden your senses, I simply
use harmless local applica
tions and care.
You will commit yourself
to nothing by calling and I
would like to tell you some
thing more of my methods.
Crown and Brtdgework a spe
cialty. DR. FICKES, Dentist. 338 Itee Itldg.
'Phone Douglas 63 7
sets of brooms for the street-sweeping ma
chines, and K. J. Rohhlns bid $1S 6 for ench
ten sections. The proposals were referred
for tabulation.
The health commissioner reported that
during June he had served 800 notices or
dering people to clean up alleys and back
yards, and that a surprisingly large num
ber had compiled. The Hits were being
checked up and delinquents are to be given
the alternative of complying within twenty
four hours or going tu Jail.
City's Cash Account.
The comptroller submitted the following
statement of cash checked In the hands of
the treasurer:
Cash In drawer 3 6.HU5 89
Checks for deposit 113,u0.11
llalance In banks, city tunas
First National bank 3W.416 15
Merchants National bank. H3.4H9W
Nebraska National hank., bxm 7
Omaha National bank t,l:.f3
V. S. National bank 62.3!4.
Kountxe Bros.. New York W,54.SH-399.191.61
Balance In banks, school funds
First National bank I18.2I2.&7
Merchants National bank.. 223 40
tmiilia National hank.... 5, 4X6. 70
V. S. National bank 9.W0.76
Kountxe Bros., New York l,tt.2 50,386 11
Police relief fund
Merchants National hank. .f3.130.l
U. a National bank 1.792.11 4.M2.92
Total funds on hand $675,116.64
Pnts In Ills Time Off Doty to Good
Advantage nnd Lands rick
pocket. A policeman without a home ts a most
lonesome person when off dyty. i When
Patrol lirlver Murphy lost his through the
ravages of the vacation germ, which robbed
him of his wife and family, the other day,
he suddenly realised how few places there
are where a full grown man can find amuse
ment. Bo he began to go hack to the police
station nlgl ts after his day's work on the
wagon, lending a hand through force of
Tuesday evening he started out for a
walk In the neighborhood of Eleventh and
Farnam streets and spied two men, one
Intoxicated, standing together on the ride
walk. To the layman there was nothing
at all suspicious about this, but to Murphy
It was all wrong or at least it looked as
though It might be. It wasn't exactly his
business to "butt In," as he wasn't on duty,
according to some people's Ideas, but
Murph" sidled over toward the men to
Investigate. Just as he was getting near
enough to overhear the conversation he
saw the sober man extract a watch from
the pocket of the other and slyly hand It
to a confederate, who started off. Murphy
Jumped forward In an Instant nnd captured
the pickpocket, but the man with the watch
made good his escape.
Murphy took his man to the station and
found him to bo William Iarkin, well
known to the police as a worker of drunks.
His victim In this case was Patrick O'Brien
of Kansas City. On the way to the patrol
box with his capture Murphy picked up a
couple of drunken men sleeping on the
walk. For a man supposed to be at home
In bed this record Is considered very good;
In fact. Murphy Is entitled to congratula
irons over inn ijHrain capture under any
conditions, as ho has been a troublesome
Which Did She Prefer?
When she entered the car It waa easy to
see that she was very angry. Her chin was
high In the air and her lips were set In a
rigid line. The car waa crowded and every
seat was occupied, so she pushed her way
up front with a determination that gave
further evidence of her vexation.
She reached the front end of the car Just
as a tall, good-looking man rose, and. lift
ing his hat, ssked In a pleasant voice:
"Won't you have this seat?"
'No, I won't," she snapped. The young
man was surprised, but sat down again
without speaking.
For about five minutes she rode along.
hanging on to the straps. Then the car
gave a sudden jolt and she waa thrown un
ceremoniously Into the young man's lap.
She blushed a vivid red, and struggling to
rise was almost on her feet when another
lurch threw her back again.
'Madam," he said quickly. In the same
good-humored tone, "If you prefer this seat
to the one I offered before, you are quits
welcome to It." Baltimore Bun.
To Correct a False Report.
The report being circulated that Hayden
Bros, are using the depositors' money In
their business Is absolutely untrue.
The deposits In Hayden Bros.' bank are
loaned on the beat and moat available se
curity for the safety of the depositors.
Not only that, but Hayden Bros.' bank
has mure solid wealth and cash resource
for lta liabilities than any other bank we
know of, either In this state or elsewhere.
There Is no mortgage or Incumbrance of
any kind on Hayden Bros.' property; It is
all clear to strengthen and support the
bank assets In case of panic or adverse
conditions of any kind. It might be wall
to think of these facts when making your
savings deposits.
Hayden Bros.' bank will pay 4 per cent
Interest from July 1 on all deposits made
before July it; no notice required to with
draw your money.
DIAMONDS Edholm. Hta and Harney.
Flaking end Casaplac nates te Clear
Lake, la.. Via Chleage Great
Westers Railway.
For parties of 10 or more one fare and
one-third for the round trip, good for It
days. Tickets on sale dally until Septem
ber W. For further Information apply te
11. IL Churchill. Q. A. 1M1 Farnam ftl .
'at Driver lajared.
Oscar Schults. US South Thirteenth street
waa thrown from an Omaha Trannfrr com
pany depot 'bus which ha waa driving in
front of Callahan'a livery barn. 14 Bou'h
Fourteenth street, and sustained a painful
spraining of the rlirht ankle. The horaea
etuched to the vehicle were running away
firobably frightened by the no! of explod
ng firecracker. Bi bulla waa earned Into
tha Callahan barn and Ister removed to
hie r wim by the ilct. Hurgeoa aUmert
aiteuaea turn.
Company Organised to Manufacture Ful
from Stock Yards Waste.
City Connell Reaches Agreement with
Spltser Company Regarding
the Taking Ip of the
Smtr Bonds.
A number of prominent cltiiens met Mon
day evening and orgsnlted a company
known as the American Feat and Chemical
Coal company. John Flynn waa elected
preeldent. Lew Wentworth vice president.
Ed Culver gcneial manager. Dr. McCrann
treasurer and 1). M. Click secretary. The
object of the company Is to utilize the
waste product of the city and the stock
yards for fuel. This fuel Is made by a
certain mixing of chemicals with the com
bustible waste so that It forms a solid fuel
which can be handled like ordinary coal.
The company expects to have a plant In
operation within thirty days, which will be
capable of making HKI tun dally. The lo
cation bus not been secured, but It Is ex
pected that the arrnngements can be made
with the I'nlnn Stork Yard's company
for a convenient site. The machinery ued
is simple, resembling thai uxed fur brick
moulding and mixing. The product Is dried
In the sun and Is then ready for use. The I
Stock Yard's company Is said to have ap
propriated IJi.OOO for the work of remov
ing Its cftal dumps, and It Is likely, there
fore, that they would be glad of a chance
to have such a company take the burden
off Its hands. The present company Is
capitalized at :,CA
Enforcing; Building; Ordinance.
The city building Inspector, Kd Trapp,
is busy these days keeping the ends of his
business even. There is a huge amount
of building going on and In some cases
there has been difficulty In convincing the
builders that they munt comply with the
city ordinances regarding the taking out of
permits to build and of properly construct,
ing their buildings. D. J. Karrell was re
minded of tils fact yesterday afternoon in
the construction of a house belonging to
Mrs. Mangan. He had failed to take out
the. permit and his work was stopped by
the Inspector until such had been complied
with. When confronted with the ordinance,
ha made haste to take out the proper pa
pers. The Inspector has conciemnen several
buildings within the past week. There are
two on South Thirtieth at T street, which
were condemned a wfok ago. Yesterday
the Inspector condemned the brick building
known as the Transit house belonging to
McCague, located at Twenty-eighth and M
Agreement with Bond Bayers.
There was a special meeting of the city
council held last night In the mayor's office.
The meeting was held for conference with
the representative of Spltser Co. rela
tive to the South Omaha sewer bonds. The
proposition failed of acceptance on a
former occasion for the reason the council,
mayor nnd treasurer were not satisfied
that the city was made sufficiently secure
hy the banking company. Last night the
company agreed to put up a collateral
security of IlGX0O0 In municipal bonds with
the Fourth National bank In New York
City, or the eastern correspondent of the
Packers National bank of this city, as
additional security; besides allowing South
Omaha to keep possession of Its own bonds
while the money remained on depc-'t with
Spllrer & Co. There remains, inerefor
Jl 00,000 4o be placed pn deposjt wth Spltzer
& Co. The agent of Spltcer & Co. Incor-.
pnrated the above proposition In the form
of a contract with the city, and on this
being done a resolution was passed making
Spltzer and Co. one of the depositories of
the South Omaha funds. On the money
deposited they will pay the city 3 per cent
on the balances and will pay accrued In
terest up to the time the agreement as
originally proposed was entered Into. The
Fourth National bank, under Instructions
from the Packers National, will be the
Judge of the securities which shall be
placed as collateral, and which shall be
In Its keeping. It Is now thought the
treasurer will have no fault to find with
the proposition. The contract was entered
into under the direction of the city attor
ney. Fire and Police Board Meeting.
There was a meeting of the Board of
Fire and Police commissioners last night.
It being their regular meeting night. There
was not a full attendance of the board
and little business was attempted. One
druggist's permit was granted. There were
some matters of Importance which might
have come before the meeting, but these
were all paased over until a full attend
ance of the board could be secured.
Maatc City Gossip.
Mrs. Richard Dervln Is reported to be
suffering from a severe illness.
Jetter's Gold Top Beer delivered to all
parts of the city. Telephone No. 8.
T. C. Marah and family have started on
a six weeks' vacation from this city.
The South Omaha Country club will have
a carryall accommodation to Its grounds
during the day and evening.
Oeorge Bchwer Is building a new residence
at I htrty-secona and X streets and Mrs.
William Manaan Is bulldina a residence at
Btxteentn and M streets.
The members of the Baptist church and
Sunday school will give a fsrewell recep-
Let the (Tea test athlete have dyspepsia
and hts muscles would soon fall. Physi
cal strength Is derived from food, it a
man has Insr fbcient food he loses strength.
If he baa no food he diea. Food la con
verted Into nutrition through tha stom
ach and bowels. It depends on tha
strength of the stomach to what extent
food eaten Is dlgosted and assimilated.
People can die of starvation who have
abundant food to eat. when the stomach
and Its associate organs of digestion and
nutrition do not perform their duty.
Thus the stomach Is really the vital or
gan of the body. If the stomach la 'weak
the body will be. weak also, because It la
upon the stomach the body relies for lta
strength. And as the body, considered aa
a whole. Is made up of Its several mem
bent and organs, so the weakness of the
body as a consequence of "weak" atom
ach will be distributed among the or
gans which compose the tiody. If the
body U weak because It la Ill-nourished
that physical weakness will be found In
all the organs heart, liver, kidneys, etc
The liver will be torpid and Inactive,
giving rise to blllousneas, lots of appetite,
weak nerves, feeble or Irregular action ot
heart, palpitation, dizziness, headache,
backache and kindred disturbances id
Ut. Umii Pare, of Quebec wrlteai "For
roars after my health brgao to tall, njy head
grew dttij;, eyes pained me, and my stomach
was sore aU the tine, while aerrihlng I
would eat would seem to lie heavy like lead
pa my stomach. The doctors claimed that
It waa sympathetic trouble due to dyspepsia,
and prescribed for me. and although 1 took
Uielr powders rogularly yet I felt no belter.
MX wife advlasd me to try 1t. Plan-e Golden
fcedieal Discovers -and Hop taking the due
tor's Qiedu loe. fiiie Uu-ht me a bottle and
we soon Icond that 1 brcao to Improva. so 1
kept up Lta reatmenL i took on Both, my
ioiuk J fcoratue normal, the dlgeaUve organs
worked c-rfecil and I soon Xeeao to look
lise a alffereut person. I can haver ceaae to
be grateful for what your aedlcln baa dose
ferine and I certainly alva It blcbrat pra.'
Ion I be wheedled by a penny-grabbing
tfealer Into taking Inferior substitutes fof
I)r. Plerce'a medlciuea, recommended M
be "Jus, aa good."
To gain knowledge of your own body
In sickness and health aend for the Peo
ple Common Sense Medical Adviser. A
book of UJuo page. Send 31 one -cent
at am pi for paper-covered, or Bl stamps
for cloth-hound copy. Address Or. k. V.
rW lo) Mln bireet, Buffalo, fi. ),
tlon to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Heymsn en
Friday next at their residence.
Friends of Patrick J. Coyle In this city
received word of his denth In California,
where he went In quest of his health. Mr.
Coyle was a pioneer of South Omaha.
For sale or rent. W19 a St., So. Omaha.
Address R. A. Krebbs. Tel. A S94.
Charles P. Hatcher and Mary K. Arm
strong were married Monday night at 9
o'clock t the home of the brides parents,
ykH N street. They have gone to Denver
for a wedding trip.
There will be a double-header hnd ball
game at the Young Mens Christian as
sociation gvmnaslum this morning. Hesfev
and Fltxgerald play against Cahlll and
Pheehan and the Cohn brothers play the
Tanner brothers.
Vonna Wtati'i Christian Association
OMAHA. July J.-To the F.ditor of
The Bee: Permit .. inc. through the
columns of your valuable paper, to call at
tention to some fcatuns of our locul
Young Women's Christian association In
comimrtson with the work In other cities.
The annual statistical report of the asso
ciations of tue l iiiled Bt.ites has Just been
received and we are pleased to note that in
point of memliei'shlp our asSm latlon i
fourth. Ios Angeles is tlrwl, then Detroit.
Harlem and tnnaha. The attend. tnce in
the lunch room is also fourth. Los An
geles leads, then Detroit, Minneapolis and
Omaha. Nineteen associations hive linger
educational departments and fully one-half
of the associations of the co.intry have
larger gmnasluni enrollment. Our rcllg-
lous department is fair, Bible study enroll
ment is eighth and attendance at religious
meetings tenth. Our classes in dressinak-
Ina and millinery are small. We have no
room In 'our present quarters to accommo
date such classes. We have no school of
domestic science, very Inadequate toilet and
rent accommodations; not suinVlent office
room to make possible good employnit nt
bureau and boarding house directory; no
public baths. The public may be interested
to know that the Minneapolis association
gave fJ.utW baths last year at 6 cents each
We believe that public baths for women
are one of the great needs of our city.
Socially the Omaha association ranks
among the first. The' number of social oc
casions and attendance Is large and the In
terest on the part of our members I very
unuHual. We are proud of the record made
by our girls In raising fa.wo toward our
new building.
It will be seen by these comparisons that
the Omaha Young Women's Christian as
sociation Is really one of the largest In the
country, but tftat It- 1 nut- a symmetrical
work. It has some vory decided weak
nesses. One of the greatest needs of our
city Is a school of domestic science, where
our young women may study all the essen
tials of good housekeeping cooking, buying,
sewing, laundry work and household econ
omy In all of its phases. The Young
Women's Christian association has planned
to have one entire floor of the new build
ing given to this department, also a model
laundry In the basement, where a proper
method of washing and ironing may be
taught. Considerable pace will be given to
public baths and lavatories, large and alt y
rest rooms, with plenty of couches, will be
provided; also a room where tired mothers
may take their babies to rest a while, a
good gymnasium With proper showers, lock
ers, etc. The sssoclatlon hopes to meet all
the needs of women that are so apparent In
a city where there are 1000 wage-earning
The need of a flve-etrtry building for our
work has been questioned by some of our
citizens who are not Informed of the scope
of the work. Statistic show our weak
nesses are on account-' of not having room
and equipment for all"deartments. One of
our national secretaries said she had never
seen space so well utilized, and Vet we
have not a fourth of the room needed In
order to have the well-rounded organlza-
tlon for women, such as they have In De-
trolt and Harlem and Minneapolis and
other cities where they have their own
buildings and everything suited to the
needs of so great a work. We are Justly
proud of the results of our finance cam
paign last April and believe that If the
Ban Francisco disaster had not happened
when we felt obliged to retire from the
field, we would now be In possession of the
necessary tltS.000 for our building and
equipment. As It Is we are happy. In the
possession of pledges amounting to tS2.0O0
and believe that the 43,0OO still to be
raised will be forthcoming In the very near
future. Perhaps some good friend, or
friends, will send In gifts especially for our
school ot domestic science or other depart
The association Is grateful to the gen
erous public for the munificent gifts that
have made the building possible, and we
hope to dedicate the building free of debt
some great day not very far distant.
EMMA F. BYER8, General Secretary.
The Very Beat Remedy for Bowel
Mr. M. F. Borroughs, an old and well
known realdent of Blufftort. Ind., says: "I
regard Chamberlain's Colld, Cholera and i
Diarrhoea Remedy as the very best remedy
tor bowel trouble. I make this statement ;
after having used the remedy In my family
for several years. I am never without 11.
hashes Reaervatloa Be OaBd
to Settlemewt.
Announces Round-Trip Excursion Rates
from All Points July IS to SS.
Lass than one tars Cor tha round trla
to Bhoshonl. Wjro,, tha reservation border
The only all-rail route to tha reservation
Dates of registration July It to SI at
Bhoshonl and Lander. Reacnea only by
this Una.
Write for pamphlets telllna bow to take
up one of these attractive homesteads.
Information, map. and pamphlets free oa
acquest at City Offloa, 1401-S Farnam St,
or address 8. F. Miller. A. Q. T. 4k T. A,
1201 Farnam St., Omaha. Nab.
Low Rates te Okoboil and Spirit I.aka
Via Chlraa-o, Mllwaakea A St.
Paol Hallway.
Round Trip from Omaha.
$6.20, on sale Friday or Saturday, good
returning Monday.
18.00, on aale dally, return limit 3D days.
9.K6. on sale dally, return limit Oct. 31st.
An Ideal spot to spend a summer vaca
tion. Writs for Okobojt folder.
F. A. NASH, Gen I Western Agent,
Ibzi Farnam Bt.. Omaha, Neb.
A New Trala for Fort Dodge.
Th Chicago Great Western railway Is
now running a train leaving Omaha Vnion
station at 2:30 p. m., Council BlulT. at 3:00
p. m., arriving at Fort Dodge at 7:56 p.
m. An excellent train for Mlnden, Harian,
Manning. Carroll, Lohrvllle. Somera, Fort
Dodge and Intermedial atatlons. For full
Information apply to It. H. Churchill, Gen
eral Agent, 1512 Farnam Bt., Omaha.
Kew York oad Palladelpkla
ran not be mors pleasantly or conveniently
reached than by the Grand Trunk-LehlaS
Valley Double Track Route via Niagara
Falls. Solid through trains, magalncent
Poekrta Plrkrd la Hedllgkt Dlatrlft.
Two colored women were arrested by
iiie poiu-r iut-sdav evening and 1o-k-1 up
at the city jail charged with larceny from
the peraon on complaint of white men
Chri. Christiansen of Gardner. 111., was
the first vlct'in of the pif k n Wets, saaert
lug Anna Fiink, Capitol avenue, look
The Dynamo
of the
American People
We are a race of workers
Work requires brain, nerve, energy.
We glory in achievement.
To work and work with might and main, good food is
absolutely essential.
Although nearly every one eats soda crackers sometime,
yet there are a few people who do not consider their true
value as an article of daily food. But it is now a recognized and
established fact that the soda cracker contains the most tissue, fat
and muscle forming elements of any article of food made from flour.
Great as is the value of the common eoda cracker, yet it
is small in comparison with Uneeda Biscuit the most
wonderful soda cracker ever baked, and of which nearly
400,900,000 packages have been sold.
Uneeda Oiscuit the food of power, transmitting
as they do the elements so vital to our well-being,. may in very
truth be called "The Dynamo of the American . People.
Splendid train service from Omaha to points north, east and west.
The 'Best of Everything
For full information concerning your vacation trip, hotel rates and
accommodations, railway rates, train schedules, etc., apply to
HO from him. Ijirs Bwenoon of South
Omaha was the second, and on his com-
filalnt Lena Burns, Twelfth street and Cap
tol avenue, waa arrested for taking tin.
A white man who was charged with strik
ing Swenaon when he ssked the return of
his pnrketbonk wss also locked up.
Boy Seta Fire to Hone, bat It Is Die
covered Before Maeh
la Doit,
A desire on the part of a neighbor's little
boy to see the fire department at work
cost Z. W. Avery of 2616 Hlmebaugh avenue
more than S75, according to a complaint
which he made to the police Tuesday even
ing. ' Mr. Avery stated Htlo L,yons, aged
about 12 years, living next door to him, set
fire to his house Tuesday, but the blase
was discovered and extinguished with only
17 or 13 damage, without the aid of the
fire department.
A month ago, Avery said, his house was
fired In a mysterious manner, and he be
lieves the snme boy was rcsponslMe. At
that time the repairs coat him $70. The
matter was turned over to Probation OSler
Bernstein, who will Investigate.
Advleo to Travelers.
Never leave home on a journey without a
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. Change of drinking
water and diet often cause bowel troubles,
for which this remedy Is especially Intended.
It csnnot be obtained on board tha cars or
Flablag and ran pin a" Hates to Madl.
aoat Lake, Watervllle and Elyslaa,
all on.. Via Chicago Great
For parties of ten or more, one fare and
one-third for the round trip, good for tea
days. Tickets on sals dally until Sep
tember 30. For further Information apply
to H. H. Churchill. G. A., 1612 Farnam St
Haston'e ItaflT la Reinforced.
Edgar F. Walte. general aalea agent
for D. H. Baldwin & Co. of Chicago, man
ufacturers of pianos, piano plavers an. I
organs, has come to Omaha, accoiupanieil
by two assistants, U. T. Lord and C. W.
Ruse, to give a helping hand to I.oc.l
Manager J. J. tiueton In the big contest
piano aula w hich the latter la conilut-ttnrf
here from the headquarter, at 4oi South
Fifteenth atreet.
ddapoods l.rfi a th training b rwlvM bsrt wm
lb sgat ut 11 and 2v. Nu.barr ea Urn ravsm
tettrr trail U1D( fur the fret pn, bill tic of mm
hooA than t thm K K 4 H N fc Mil.lTAHl
A A fll ft. l V I l....r..A,l ,.t snlnrf m..A ijl.
If -rc(.rmi"t and InuiaUiv at lta maximuBn ftci
ne y. ( ofl.plata col lag praparsvior maaual trala
In lliiarr tart lea luat ruction and dtaripltoa
t borough. thoda aut aer Alb !, pur air
aad aarollam Mitttarv co;i(Vioaa Wrtia for (ai
lugiM aV svaaaa MiUUr? A., a dan, aaxuir, lata.
Special low round-trip rates are in
Omaha daily throughout the summer
$ Q70 TO CLEAR LAKE. $"j 35 TO
$1 950 TO ST. PAUL AID $1 f50 TO
$1 R40 TO HOT SPRINfiS, $1 50 TO
V S. D.
$1(250 TO
The Shoshone
Big Horn
The Shoshone Reservation la a new empire about to be
opened (or development and trade. Bealdea 2,000 Irrigable
farms to be drawn tor, there are 700,000 acrea ot mineral and
timber landa to be tak,en up in the usual way. The whole
Shoshone proposition deaervea thoughtful consideration by
those who desire a farm, or a mineral or a timber claim.
Those who are fortunate in the drawing for agricultural landa
are to pay only $1.50 an acre, one-third cash, subject, ot
course, to the future prorated cost of irrigation.
When you register, combine business with pleasure and
instruction, and go to Worland, Wyo., for the registration.
This la the terminus of the Burlington's new line through
the Big, Horn Basin along the Big Hora River, enroute to
the Shoshone Reservation. You will enjoy the viewa of the
Black Hills, the Big Horn Mountalna, the Cuater Battlefield,
and the acenio canona of Big Horn River. You will paaa
through the new towns along the Worland extension, which
offer splendid chances for moderate capital In the way of
stores and industries, and you will pass through thousands
of acres of perfectly irrigated farms, giving you an idea ot
the proiita yielded annually from Irrigated farming.
Iess than half fare with a maximum excursion rate ot
but 120.00 from Nebraska territory. Hend for Bhosbone de
i . tj
' . cate admlta to aaaar, Wtllea-
ley, Mt. Holyoke, Smith, I niver.lty of Nebraska, and I'nlvarilly of Chicago. A stu
dent who holds a certincate of admission to the college ut arts, of soienca, or of lit
erature of the L'nlver.lty of N-branka is admitted to tha Junior year of the Academlo
courae without examination. Exceptional advantages In Music, Art and Domestlo
(Science. Well equipped gymnasium, lennls. hockey and other field sports. Inairuf
tors college graduate of large teaching experience. Eturierita mothered .ympathct
Irally by exer!enrert women who appreciate the need, of young womanhood.
Add-esa. MISS MACKAE. I'rlnclpal.
14 a
9 1
effect from
to various
1 .'. i
scriptive folder with map of the Reservation
and the Big Horn Basin, rataa, routes, train
service, method of drawing, etc., tree.
L. W. AKELKY, G. P. A.. 10O4 Farnam St,