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12 -
Double Up and Ttkn Two Camel from tb
OmtbM on Friday,
Itaarke's Men Start Oat la the La4 la
Eaek af the Contests, bat Dea
Mala la nana lit
Ulna Oat.
DE3 MOINI8, la., June 21. By taklnf
both game of a doubla header today tht
champion mad It four straight from
Omaha. In both game Omaha took thj
lead at the. atart and It wa only by tho
hardeat kind of work that te Molne
finally won, 4 to I and I to 7. Rain and
durkness (topped the aecond game at the
end of ihe llrat half of the sixth Inning.
In the flrat game lea Moinea failed to
find Corna until tha aeventh Inning.
Bunrhed hlta gave two acorea In both tins
aeventh and eighth. Omaha scored one
run on two and three hlta In three differ
ent Innlnga.
At the opening of the aecond Manake
waa wild and easy to hit. Three baae on
ball and four single gave Omaha four
runa In the firat Inning. In the aecond,
Mahake'a own error and four alnglea gave
Omaha three more acorea. Ie Moines hit
Koukallk hard and ha waa taken out early
In the aecond. Dodge, who waa substi
tuted, "held the champions down well until
the last of the fifth, when Perring'e bad
blunder In letting a thrown ball go past
him, after hie wild throw to first, allowed
Dea Moinea to tie tha acore. Three hlta
that followed won tha game. Score,' first
game: '
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Caffyn. If
flchfpke, ab
Welday, ef
Dealer, lb
Town, c
Hngrlever, rf...
Andreas, !....
Magoon. 2b
Clcotte, p
UUlen, p
I J7 14
AB. R.
H. PO.
Bender, c
Carter, rf
Perrlng, lb...,
Welch, cf.....
Bassey, If.,...
Dolan. lb
Runkle, as...,
Howard, 2b...
Corns, p
1 4
.17 I 10 21 13
Batted for Welch In ninth:
Den Moinea 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 4
Oiwiln 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 03
B'.oW n ' hastes: Andreas. Magoon, Glllen,
Carur. Two-base hit: Runkle: Bares on
bull?: Off Olllnn, 2: off Corna. 4. Hit by
pitched ball: By Glllen, 1. Struck out: By
Oill'n, ; by Coma, 1 Time: 1:60. Umpire:
K-fe. Attendance: 1,800.
Score, second game:.
AB. ft. H. PO.' A." K.
Cuffyn, If
E'-fclpke. 3b...
eltiay, cf...
Tex'cr. lb
Towns, c
Host lever, rf.
Andreas, ss...
JtAgoon. 2b...
11 snake, p
Totala ....
2 2 10 0 0
20 I
7 13
H. PO.
Carter, rf
Howard, 2b
Perrlng. 3b
Welch.- cf.
Uafsey, If
Dolan. . lb ,
! 2
i 1
i 1
i 1
I 0
I 0
3 2
.4 I
. 0
1 0
0 0
S 0
Runkle. as 3
.') nntng. c t
Kiukalik. p 1
iijuje. p
Totala ,.
Drs Mi'.nca..
On. Mm
4) 0-7
StoleiV bases: Caffyn, Schlpke, Dexter,
Andiraa. Two-base htts: Caffyn, Schlpke,
To Ana. Hogrlever, Andreaa, Howard. Kirt
bAe on balla: Off Manske, 3; off Koukallk.
2: uiT Dcdge, 3. Struck out: By Manske. 9;
by Dodge, 4. Hit by pitched ball: By
Dodge. 1. Time: 1:35. Umpire: Keefe. At
tendance i 1.800.
Lack' la with Lincoln.
LINCOLN, June 29-Denver outhlt Lin
coln taday and played an errorless game,
but tha locals won, 6 to 3. Zackert, Lin
coln's new pitcher, showed excellent Judg
ment and was particularly strong when
nn were on bases, always working out
of a bad hole. En?le, for Denver, had one
bad inning, tha eighth, when ha gave two
men b&cea on balla. made two wild pitches
and waa touched up for a doubla and two
tingles. Score:
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Fill man. as 3 10 12 0
Wolfe. If 3
QuiUln. 3b 4
Thomaa, lb 4
Collins, rf 4
Kotchem, cf.
Carton, 2b....
Zinran, e
2,ackert, p....
k Totals
"h Smith
H. PO.
v 0 1
AB. ' R.
A. E.
icHaJe, cf-2b......-.. 2 10 1 0 0
an i.i. IV ' 1 A A A A
i Omilll, atU .'... 3 V A V V V
j'ge, cf.,.. I 0 4 1 0 0
Ritylnll. it 4 112 0 0
fiu.vll. lb.. 4 1 1 6 t 0
K-vl'lltk. b 4 0 14 10
Reld n., If 4 0 1 4 1
Bimtrt, s. 4 0 1 0 4 9
altiakv. e 2 0 1 f 0 0
f right 1 0 0 0
fci'wrt. p....v 3 0 3 1 3 0
Totaw n a
I 24
BattVfor Zaluaky In ninth
Lincoln 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 4
Denver ...a. , MIMMH
Earned runa. Uneoln. 3; Denver. 1. Two
base hlta: "Hk Thomas. 'Randall. Russell,
?'UK."y-.8I0lBVb,": ln. Barton.
Double Pl'; B'Vnn. Flllman and Thomaa:
Qlul- UZV? Thomaa: Reddlck and
M-c 0nXi.alla: Off Zackert. 2;
off iMigle. 2. Struut: By Zackert 1
by Engl. -.Wild P Vhes: Engltr 3. La t
on baa: Lincoln. 2; nvr i. Time
1:31 Umpire: McCarthy. Att.ndance: .lico!
, Talleadera Wla Rx( Oaa.
SIOUX CITY. la.. June -, tan,noera
took two games out of three x-nm Bi ,.i J
City, winning today's game by a aenra nt
t to I. Though the game was notLrl, "
larly fast, it waa close and excttlnisf rorn
siarx to nnian ana was in aount unllKth.
last man was out In the ninth. Pitcher
Undorf was hit by a thrown ball In the
ona inning ana waa forced to retire In fuV
si rui,n, i.iiu tt nm nil ireiy for two
innings. Alter mat ne settled down and
there waa little doing for Sloug city. The
feature of the game waa Freest a catch of
a difficult foul hit. Score:
AB. R.
... 4 1
... 3 0
... 6
... t 0
:::t i
... 4
... 4 1
... 8 1
H. PO. A.
8 1
Cook. If
Mcotlvray, lb..
Shugart, 2b
Melchoir, rf....
Elwert. 2b
Prhrmnt, e
Mesfilt, C
Fiake. as
Ifncter. rf..i..,.
Vollendorf, p...
Faurot, p
3 10
1 7
I 2
1 0
1 0
1 0
Totalg ....
S3 I
AB. R.
ia ti . la i
H. PO. A. E
Campbell. If.
Fen ion. rf....
Nok.Ui. ef....
eed. 2b ,
Mtyera, lb...
Newton, as...
Frost. 3b
Frees, c
Jackson, p....
3 4.1
3 10 1
0 12 0
0 12 2
4 Id !
12 7
2.7 4
14 27 12
Totals 40
Pueblo 0 1
Boux City 0 22
8 o
2 0-4
Krr.d runs: Sioux City, 4; Pueblo, 4.
Two-base hits: Nublit, Waal, Meyers, El
aeri. Flake. Horn run: Schrmnt. Left on
bases: Sioux City. , Puebio, 11. Bacrlflc
hit: Nol.llt. Hits: Off olleadorf, 4; off
Faurot. 11 First base en balla: Off Jack
son, t. oT Faurt.t. 1. 6'ruck out: fcy JcH
aua, (, by frvt, 3. Wild puck: t aurut.
10. I'mplre: furls. Attendance:
Standing? af tha Teams'.
Flay-d. Won. I,nst. Pet.
te Moinea r 1
Omaha S J
Hut City .
Lincoln I . 4 M -
pueblo M 30 3
Games tndsy: Piiehln at Omaha. Lincoln
at Dea Moines, Denver at Bloux City.
Cleveland Defeats Chirac br Seara
of via ta Two.
CTUVELAND. June 2 -Cleveland de
feated Chicago by the score of to 2.
Walsh and Owen were hit hard, while
Townsend was effective except sgainst
Jonea and Donahue. Jackson was overcome
by the heat and forced to retire. Bradley
waa hurt sliding. Bcore: "
B H O. A B. B.H.O.A.S
riltk. rt-rt...
Jaraaon. If... 1
Turner, aa. . ft
l.alnla, 2b ... 4
Rnaaman. lh . t
c !, rf-lt 4
Pr,4lty, lb.. 4
Bfnta. 9...... 4
Tnwnsan4, p.. t
ISO, If 4 e l e
DOS ,'onoa, rf 4 I I I
110 lbll, 2k I 0 I 1 1
4 1 Pith. aa. j... 4 I I
0 A innohua, lb.. 4 I II 1 I
toe O'Natl. rf ... 4 I 1
1 I 4 Sullivan. ... 4 4 4
4 I Tansehlll. I. 4 4 1
1 4 4 Walth. 1 1
e e eowan, a I l 1 4
Pay, af I
IM I bra vi. lb. .
Totala M inn a
44 14 R 14 4
0 2 1 0 0 0 4 0 -
0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 02
Chicago .
Earned runs:
Cleveland. 4. Hits: Off
Walsh 4 In two Innings; off Owen. 11 In
six Innings. Two-base hits: Rossman, ton
galton, Bay, Bradley, Jones, Donahue. Sac
rifice hit: Rossman, Bay, I.Jole. Stolen
bases: Bay, Jones. Basea on balls: Off
Townsend, 1: off Owen, 1. Left on buses:
Cleveland. 7; Chicago, t. Tlma: 1:64. Cm-
litres: Connolly and Evans.
. Detroit Baaehea Hlta.
DETROIT, June 29. Detroit bunched sis
lilts with three errors and two passes,
scoring seven runs and making the game
esfe. In the eighth Inning for St. Louis
the first five batters hit ssfely, but only one
tally scored. Powell, who led off. waa
caught, napping at third and Donahue
forced 'Wallace to pop and struck out
Kochler with the baaea fuli. Score:
B.M.O.A.E. B H 0 A E.
D. Jonas, rf..
8chafr, lb..
I rawfors, rf .
Cobb. If
Coushiln, lb.
Llndaar, lb..
O'Lioary, aa...
8hmidl, o....
Donahue, ...
Nllaa. rf I
I T. Jonaa. lb.. I
0 t ttona. If 4
(t 1 hamphlll, cf. 4
1 0 Wallaca, aa... 4
4 0 Koahlar, lb... 4
I 0 Hanaall, Ik.. 4
I 0 Spanrar, c . .. 4
I Povell, p 4
Totala.. ..,.U 11711 1 ToUla 44 10 14 10 4
Detroit .4 0 2 0 6 0 0 0 0 7
St. Loula 1 0001001 0-3
Two-base hit: Scharfer. Sacrifice hlta:
CoughMn, Undsay, T. Jones. Stolen baees:
Cobo, OXeury. Bases on balls: Oft Dona
ftue, 1; off Powell, 1. Hit by pitcher: By
Powell, 1. Deft on bases: Detroit, 4; St.
Louis, 4. Struck out: By Donahue, 3; by
Powell, 4. Time: 1:26. L'mplre: Sheridan.
Evea Break In Wasblngtoa.
WASHINGTON, June 2. Washington
and Philadelphia split even in today a uou-bie-headcr,
the visitors winning the flmt. V
to 6, and tha local team the aecond, to 6.
Kitson was hit hard and timely in the
Patten waa knocked out of the box In the
aeventh Inning of the second game, while
Philadelphia used three pitchers. A re
markable catch by Hickman while lying
prone on the ground was easily the feature
of the afternoon. Score, flrat game:
H.O.A.E. B H O A E.
Hartaal. If... 4
1 1 ll 0 Alttaer. aa.... I I 1 1 0
Lord, of t 1 1 4 OSianl.y. cf...4 4 11
Darta, lb.... 4 I 10 0 !l BohalBjf. tb... 4 4 110
Sarbold. rf... I I I 1 croaa. lb I 1 1 I 4
Murphjr, 2b... 4 0 1 OAkdaraoo. If.. 4 I I l'O
Briireck, c... f. Ill Hickman, rf,. 41104
M. Croaa, aa. I 0 1 1 v Buhl. Mi 4 0 I t
Knltbt, lb... 4 0 1 4 0 lUydon, c... 10 4 14
Coakler, a... I 0 0 10 Kltaon. p 4 10 10
Bandar, p.... 0 4 4 0 4 'Wakefield ... 0 0 0 0 4
Arnbruaur .11000
- Totals .44 10 17 11 t
Totala U 11 17 II
Batted for Heydon In the ninth. i
batted for Coakley in the eighth.
Philadelphia 1 0 2 0 2 0 1 124
Waahlngton 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 0 16
Karned runa: Waahlngton, 3; Philadel
phia. 4. Two-base hits: Beybold (2), AltU r,
Hickman. Three-base hits: Kitson, Loru.
Sacrifice hits: Lord (2), M. Cross (2. Stolen
basea: Hartael (2). Doubla play: L. Croeu,
Schalfly and Rtahl. Hits: Off Coakiey,
In seven Innings; off BendeT, 2 In two in
nings. Left on baaea: Washington, 4: Phil
adelphia, 4. First base on error: Phila
delphia, 1. Struck out: By Kltaon, 4; by
Coakley, 2; by Bender, 3. Time;. 1:66. Um
pire: O'Loughlln.
Score, aecond game:
B H.O.A.g.
B. H.O.A.E.
Altlaar. aa ... 4 14 4 1 Hartaal
Btanlay, cf... 14 14
Schalfly. lb.. I 1 I 4
Croaa. lb I 3 I I
Andaraon, If.. 4 114
Htrkman, rf.. I I 1 0
ttahl. lb 1111
4 Lord, cf
0 Davla. lb
Osayhold. rf..
4 Murphy, tb..
0 Croaa. aa. . . .
1 Oldrlng, aa..
4 Knlshl, lb.,
0 Pcara, c. . .
0 Bhravk, e...
Wakaneld. c. 4 1 I 0
Pad .a. p I 0 4 4
ralkanbrif, p 1 4 4 1
Iari. p. . ..
.U 11 IT 14 I hartley, ...
Bfrnder, p....
ToUla 14 T 14 13 1
Batted for Knight In the ninth.
Washington 0 0 0 2 3 0 1 0 6
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 161
Karned runs: Washington, 8; Philadel
phia, 3. Two-base hits: Hickman, Schalfly.
Three-base hits: Altiaer, Armbruster. Sac
rifice hit: Stahl. Stolen baaea: Stanley, L.
Crosa (2), Wakefield (2), Knight, Sohreck.
Double plays: K Cross and Stahl; Altlzer,
Schalfly and Stahl. Left on bases: Waah
lngton. T; Philadelphia, 6. First base on
balls: Off Patten, 1; off Falkenberg, 2; off
Dygert, 3. First base on errors: Philadel
phia, 1; Washington. 1. Struck out:- By
Patten, 2; by Falkenberg, 8; by Dygert. 2;
by Bartley, 1; by Bender, 3. Paaxed balls:
I'owers, 1; Sohreck. 1. Wild pitch: Bart
ley. Hits: Off Patten, In seven Innings;
off Falkenberg. 1 in two innings; off Dygert,
4 In four innlnga; off Bartley, 4 in two in
nings; off Bender, 8 In two innings. Time:
2:10. Umpire: O'Loughlln.
Boston Easy for Blew Tork.
NEW YORK. June 2S.-The New York
Americana easily defeated Boston today.
B H O A B. . B. H.O.A.E.
Kaaler. rf.... 4
Chaats lb 4
Conroy, aa..'. . 4
La porta, lb. .. I
Wllltama. tb. 4
Ptltkanty, If. 3
Hoffman, cf . . 4
M tiu ira. a... 4
Cheabro. p.. ,. I
4 14 0 Parant, as.... I 1 t I I
t II 4 4 ttahl. cf 4 1 1 1 0
I t Fryman, lb.. 111 4 1
14 14 Hot. It 4 1 1 4 4
1 4 4 4 Parria. lb ... 4 4 4 3 4
t 4 4 Hayoan. rf... I 4 4 4 4
14 4 4 Moraaa, lb... 4 1 I 1 1
44 4 4 Artnbruater, 041124
4 4 3 4Ptnan, p.... 10 4 10
- Hal back 1 4 4 0 4
II II It It 4
Totala 44 I 44 11 4
Batted for Dlneen In the ninth.
New York 0 0 0 4 0 0 I 3 8
Boston 0 0 4 6 0 0 0 0 04
First base on errora: New York. 2. Left
on bases: New York, 3: Boston, 8. Struck
out: By Cheabro, 6; by Dlneen, 1. Threo
base hits: Lnporte, Freeman. Two-bane
hits: Wllllama t8, DelehMnty. Sacrifice
hit: Delehanty. 6tolen base: Parent. Hit
with pitched ball: By Chesbro, 1. Time;
1:40. Umpires: Connor and Hurat.
fanning at tha Teams.
Played. Won. LoaL Pet.
Cleveland ...
Naw York...
M 87 24 .07
41 ST 24 .Sv'7
2 37 2S .6:7
62 83 29 . 6.12
41 82 29 .625
62 32 80 ' .616
61 22 S .341
62 16 .253
( letrolt
Chicago .
! St. Ltiuls.
Pllger Laaea on Errera.
AYNE. Neb.. June . (Hnerlal Tl.
gram.V-Wayn defeated Pllger here today
in uuo.tii me Dest aames or thai
Pllger pitched good ball, allow.
ing but
singles, but errors at critical
tlmea gav
yne its three runa. Score:
. RH E.
"'00111 1 k 1
1 U 0 O O a 1 11 7
Struck out
Bwarti. t; by Pile. 8.
0 Two-baaa hit
'aria. W lfnnt,i.r
0 Harrison.
Flrat baa n balls: Off Swarls!
z. fassei oau: tiartison. Batteries: Pll
ger. Swarti and Harrison; Wayne, pile and
ieuiiuma. - imyirtj. uiiir.
i. . .
HOT SPRINGS. 8. D.. June, 2 dpecUl )
lint Sprlnga is getting vneNof tti best
oa a, learns oninura lor tiua. season it
: baa ver had. The Black Hills Warn will
t . fur in league and a warm cunteat ia ex-
1 rected during the aeaaon, aa there al
wjya been great rivalry between thiji on
- nu. i wm juiercating games wfie
. .Tvea nera oeiween tne locals and l
t oadrnn team, and although ii score a?
v k ,ie-smen to games were spirited si
many brilliant plays were made. The Chad
run tram laueu 10 score in eitner game
ivw niinnn winning tne nrsl by 14 to V
and the second by 6 to 0.
. . Caaaea la Three. I Leagae.
At Dubuque THibuque. 4; Blooniington.
At lecatur Rock Island. 1; Decatur 4,
At Davenport Peoria game postpoued
At Sprtnfficld-BrljigfWld.
RAPida. 4. '
4, . Cedar
V -
National I tuns Ttilendert Win Close
Contest from tha Championi.
tease Holds Visitors Iteva to Fair
Scattered Hlta aad . Errora
Tell Rest af tha
' ftary.
BOSTON, June 29. Boston turned tia
tables on New York today. Good consecu
tive hitting In tha first and fifth Innings
enabled the home team to win, I to 2.
n h n a E
ban, rf 4 1 1 4 1 Rrldwtll, ai
Maraball, rf. 4
M-Oann, lb. . 4
Martaa. If ... I
Pahlan, aa... I I
lTlln. Ik .. 4 1
fill hart. lb., t 4
anwrman. c I 1
McGlnalt;, p. I 4
t 0 aTannay. lb.
14 Rraln. lb..
14S P.htra. rf. . .
t 3 Howard. If
I i 1 IWIn. rf
I I a Nitdham. f
t I Strnbrl, tb
a I I; Young, p. . .
t I
1 1
4 I
t 0
Totala K 4 24 12 4 Totala II I 27 IB 1
Boston 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 2
New Tork 0200000-00 2
Two-base hit: Bresnahan. Sarrlftc hit:
Brsln. Stolen bases: Iievlln (2), Gilbert.
First bsse on bnlls: Off Young. ,3; off
McGlnnity, 1. Balk: Young. Strut O'.it:
By Young. 3; by McGlnnity. 2. Time), 1:23.
Umpires: Emslle and Conway.
Pirates Bat Oat Victory.
8T. I-OriS, Mo , June :?.-Free hitting
won today's game for Pittsburg, 6 to 2.
Wagner waa especially strong with the bat.
rrrTSBrRO. t. loiis.
B. H.O.A.E.
.114 0 0
Ganiay. rf.
ef. 4 I 1 4 4 Rurrh.
4 110 0 Bannatt, lb.
1 1
1 4
4 4
0 I
Laarh. If...
Vvat.ier, aa..
Naalon. lb
Bhchan, lb
Rltrhar. 2b.
Glbaon, e...
Wlllla. p....
. I 1 I 0 V Arndt, lb...
.41110 Smoot. el. . .
.1114 1 Shannon, If.
.41010 Berkley, lb
.40111 MrBrlda. aa
.44110 Oradjr. c...
.4 0 0 1 0 Pmhot, p. .
'Murray ...
1 II
0 1
0 I
t 1
4 4
.It 10 17 1
Totala 11 0 17 17 I
Batted for McBride In ninth.
Pittsburg 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 2 06
St. Louis 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 02
Earned runs: St. Louis, 1; Pittsburg, 6.
Two-hime hits: Leach, Burch, Wagner.
Three-bexe hit: Wagner. Sacrifice hit:
Leach. Double play: Wagner to Rltchey.
Stolen bases: Nealon, 2. Bases on balls:
Off Druhot, 2; off Willis, 3. Struck out:
By Hruhot, 2; by Willis, . Left on banc:
St. Louis, 6: Pittsburg, f. Time: 1:46.
Umpire: O'Day.
Philadelphia Oatbats Braoklya.
PHILADELPHIA, June 2.-By consecu
tive hitting today Philadelphia defeated
Brooklyn.- The visitors were unable to hit
Lush effectively. Score;
B. H.O.A.E. Malonay, f..4 110 1
Thomaa, of... I 0 1 4 4 raaar, lb I 1 I 1 ft
Glaaaon. 2b... 4 1 I I 0 Wtlnljrra. rf., I 0 I 0 0
Tltua. rf I 1 1 0 0 Donovan, rf..l 0 0 0 4
Courtney, lb. 4 1 4 4 4 Jordan, lb I I I 4 1
Maiaa, If 4 1 1 0 4 Alpartnam, tb. 4 1 I I V
Doolln, 4 14 1 0 Lewla. aa 4 114 1
BranaSald, lb 4 0 1 1 0 Hummell, If.. I 110 0
Dooln, e 4 0 4 1 0 ttergen. a 4 si I 1 0
Luah, p I 114 0 R. anion, c... I 0 0 11
Eaaoo 1 4 0 0 4
Totala II 1M1I 0
Totala It I 14 I I
Batted for Bcanlon in the ninth.
Philadelphia 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 3 6
Brooklyn ...0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 01
Left on basea: Brooklyn. 8: Phlladelnhla.
8. Stolen base: Doolln. Two-base hit!
Gleason. Sacrifice hit: Caaey. Double plav:
Bergen to Lewis. Struck out: By Lush, 8;
by Scanlon, 2. First base on balls: Off
L.ush. 3: off Scanlon. 3. Hit with nltcherl
ball: Mclntyre. Time: 1:46. Umpire:
Game Postponed.
At Chicago Ctnclnnati-Chlcaco game
postponed; rain.
Staaalaa; of tha Teams.
Piaved. Won. Ixisl. Pet
Chicago 66 46 20 .603
Pittsburg 61 41 20 . 67J
New York 64 42 22 . 6W
Philadelphia 67 34 33 .607
Cincinnati 66 26 40 .394
Brooklyn 63 24 39 .3X1
St. Louis 67 26 42 .373
Boston 66 22 43 . 338
Oamea today: New York at Boston
Brooklyn at Phlladelnhla. Cincinnati
Chicago, Pittsburg at St. Louis.
Toledo Shata Ont Colnmbna by Score
of Ten to Nothing;,
TOLEDO, June 29. Toledo outplayed
Columbus generally today. Robertallle waa
knocked out In the sixth inning. Both he
and AlehafTey were extremely wild. Score:
B. H.O.A.E. B. H.O.A.E.
Nanea. cf.... 4
110 0 Plrkerlne, ef. 4 1 1 1 0
J. Clarke. If. 1
0 10 0 Wrlslay, 2b.. 4 1 I I 0
1 0 1 0 Hlnrhman, rf 4 1 0 0 0
1110 Coulter, If.... 4 14 0 0
10 14 Kihm. lb I 1 II 1 0
0 8 14 PYlal, lb 4 0 0 4 1
1 4 0 0 Hulawltt, aa.. 4 1 4 I 1
1 14 0 I Blue, c 4 1 4 4 4
14 10 Rohenallle. s t 0 0 4 0
Daroost, aa... 4
Jtlda, rf I
Kruegar, lb.. 4
Knaba. tb 1
W. Clarke, lb I
Ahhott. c I
Camnlta, p... 4
Ryan 1 0 0 0 4
27 I 17 1 4 Mebarrey. p.. 0 4 4 1 4
ToUla 14 7 24 It 3
flatted for Robertallle In seventh.
Toledo 1 1 2 0 0 3 0 8 10
Columbus 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Two-base hits: Pickering, Krueger, W.
Clarke, Abbott, Hulswltt. Three-base hit:
Jude. Sacrifice hlta: Demont. Abbott.
Struck out: By Camnlti. 7; by Robertallle.
8: by Mehaffey 1. Bases on balls: Off
i.amnitx, s, on ttonertallle, I; off Mehaffey,
4. Stolen baaea: Abbott, W. Clarke, Nance
Hit by ball: J. Clarke. Double play: De.
inont. Knabe and W. Clarke. Hits: Off
KODertauie, in aix innings; off Mehaffey,
1 In two innlnga. "L'mplre: Kana. Time:
Hooalers Based Hlta.
INDIANAPOLIS, June 29 Through the
ouncning oi nua in tne tnira inning Indian
apolis defeated Louisville In a well played
game. Score: f
B. H.O.A.E. nun a a.
unnieary, CT. I 1 0 0
Alhartos. lb. I 4 1 4
Hlmaa, if 4 I I 0
carr. lb 4 I II 4
W llllama, as. I 4 8 4
Parry, cf 4 4 14
Marran, 2b... 4 4 14
Kaboa. a 4 o
Harford, p.... 4 1 0 1
Hallman, rf. . 4
OSiorall. cf ... f
4 Rraahaar. lb. I
4 Sullivan, lb.. 4
1 Karwln. If.... 8
4 Woodruff, lb. t
I Shaw, e I
4 Qulnlan, aa. .. 4
0 Wolfs, p..,.. 4
21 4 27 12 1 ToUla 14 I 24 T I
0 0 3 1 0 0 1 0 5
V U V U U Z Z 0 04
Btrucx out: By Hafford. 6: by Wolfe, 6
Hit by pitcher: Shaw. Two-base hlta-
Kerwln, Qulnlan. Stolen bams: Dunleavy
121. Hallman, Brashear. Qulnlan, First on
errors: Kahoe, Woodruff. Left on baaea'
Indianapolia, 7; Louisville, 11. Umpire:
V v U34a. x it .AJT.
8t. Paal Wlaa lu Flrat
ST. PAUL, June 29.-8t. Paul won the
game In the first Inning today, getting lour
in nu iiuTC xuoa aner iwo were gone
Moore pitched fine ball for tha loc&la
Score :
t. pail. Kansas enrr.
B. H.O.A.E. B H.O.A.E.
Oaler. rf 4 4 4 I I Perrlna. aa... 4 s 1 a a
Bugdea, a 4
VatiEandt, cf. 4
frlak. If 4
Whaaler. lb.. I
Rnrk'tald. aa. I
Paddaa, lb... I
Ralay. lb I
Moore, p I
i aaaaay. ll.
0 Waldroa, rf .. 4
4 1
4 I
1 II
4 Hill, ef..
I Siattary, lb.
4 Phyla, lb....
0 Burka. lb....
BulltTan, a..
OKrantaa, p...
I 11
Totala 24 11111 I ToUla....
St. Paul 3 0 0 0
Kanaaa Ctty 0 0 10
24 I 24 17
0 0 1 a
0 0 0 01
Two-base hlta: Sugden, Padden, Casaady.
i'ouuio piays: raaaen. Kockenneld to
naiey; nocxenneia, fanaen to Kalev;
nocgenneld to Haley. Bases on balls: Off
rraniae, i; on oioore, 1. Hit Oy pitcher:
Kockenneld. Struck out: By Moore, (i
by Frantae. 2. Sacrifice hit: Moore. Left
on DBHea: bi. rsui, : ivansas vlly, 3. Time:
IX. Umpire: Haskell.
Brcwvra Win la Kleveath.
MINNEAPOIJS, Minn., June 9 In the
eleventh inning today Ford dropped
pop-up off liynes' bat and tha batter waa
safe at first. Batenian, the next man up,
knocked the ball to the fence for three
bases, scoring Hynes. Milwaukee won, 2
to 1. score:
a. H.O. A B.H O A k
Poblaaoa.'vsa. 4 14 4 Oaaa. ef e I i 0 0
Oraaa. rf I
t 4 SullWaa, rf . I I 10
4 I Kraaaua. lb. 3 4 1 4
Oraiainger. lb 4 I I 1
4 Hart. If 4 4 14
Hyaaa. if 4
Hiltmil. Ik . I I 11
imaoill. cf. 4 1 I
t a i
I a o.i.r. aa ... I
lb 4 1
a reaaw. c... I I a I
ktr.Vnk. Ik 1 4
I Poi. . lb.
1 Ford, m.
. .. 4 4 11
LutA P....
.... I a
.... I
...M 14 44 13 I
0 0 01
TsuA "
I Total.
Batte Jr Ford in ninth.
Milwaukee ...
iinneDll 1
TtUM-tA Batsman, siolta bast:
Davis. Tesger, Sullivan. Hemphill. Sacri
fice hits: Sullivan. Oyler O. Hart, tlra
dam. Hynes ureen. r"urt!a Double tiav:, JcTrnirk to Hateivan. Buses
on halls: Off Curtlns. 4; off Ford.
3 Struck out: Bv Curtlsa. 6; by Ford. 6.
Ift on hsses: Mlnnspnlla. 1?: Milwau
kee, . Time: 8.16 l'mplre: F.gan.
landlaa of tha Teams.
. Played. Won. Loat. ret
Toledo 41 Ti .
Milwaukee S J7 N".i
Cntiimbus 71 41-30 577
IxuMvtlle 7 S2 .5-3
Ksnsss fltv W 31 & .4T0
Mlnneaivills ,.. M 31 37 .4f-
St. Paul -. 27 S .l'O
Indianapolia 67 42 .373
Oamea todav: Columhus St Toledo, Louls
Yllle at Inrtlannpolls. Milwaukee at Mlnne
gpolla, Kansas City at St. Paul.
Pnettlo ana Omaha.
plee and his Pueblo Indians wllUbe at
Vinton street park to do battle with Pa s
Colts Ssturdsv. Snndav ftwo gsmesl and
Monday. Monday will be ladles' day and all
the women are invited to be present when
Dlmlck's orchestra will be nn added attrac
tion. Pelee has st remit hnen nis team
since his last v'stt to Omaha. All games
will be called at 3 if- p. m. i no lineup:
...... Second
...... I'enter. .,
., Bhngart
... Elwert
.... Flske
.... Bader
. Melchlor
... Meseltt
.. Schrant
.... Minor
.. Stimmel
. .. Faurot
Basse v
Welch ,
' , Field Clab aad Diets.
The Omaha Field rlub base ball team will
play the Diets team on the Field rlub
grounds this sfternoon at 3 o'clock. Neither
of these teams has lost many games this
sesson snd the contest should be hard
fought. The lineup: i
Field Club. Position. Dletx.
Ksrr Catch Strong
Wordy Pitch.... Mathews-Young
Abbott First Milllken
Chambers Second Hall
Murphy Short Knight
Creighton Third litham
Hatchen Ieft Anderson
Hoagland Center Onddard
Martln-Hauck Right Hunter
Both Teams Sore on l'mplre.
AHAPAHOE, Neb.. June 29,-(SpeclaI Tel
egram.) The second game between the
Arapahoe and Bertrand ball teams was
played todny and while yesterday the local
team played rings around the visitors there
was a reversal of form today and In the
field and at bat the visitors had by far the
better of It. Unfortunately there waa a
disagreement with the umpire and both
trains withdrew from the game, leaving the
result In dispute. i The score as far aa the
game waa played ' showed Bertrand far In
the lead. Score: R. H. E.
Bertrand 0 8 12 10-7 4
Arapahoe 0 0 0 0 0 22 1 t
Broken Bow Winner.
BROKEN BOW, Neb., June 2.-(8peclal
Telegram.) The largest crowd of the sea
son witnessed a close game today between
Broken Bow and Ansley, The home team
did good fielding, the work of Xanders,
Gadd, Wilson and Copsey being very effec
tive. Score: Broken Bow, 4; Ansley, 1.
Batteries: Xanders and Oadd, Hagln and
Carrouthera. Umpire: Hayes. Attendance,
Errors Costly to Wahoo.
WAHOO, Neb.. June '."".-(Special Tele
gram.) Wahoo lost by poor fielding and
inability to hit with men on bases. Score:
Fremont 3 0 1 0 2 0 0 2 08 8 2
Wahoo 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0-2 7
Batterlea: Fremont, Hannan and Shea;
Wahoo, Richmond and Johnson.
Iowa League Results.
MARRHALLTOWN. Ia., June 29 (Spe
cial Telegram.) Following are the results
In the 'Iowa league:
Oskaloosa, 4; Marshalltown, 3; ten in
nings. Boone, 1; Keokuk, 0.
Waterloo. 7; Ottumwa, 2.
Fort Dodge, 14; Burlington, 9.
Kearney la Sbnt Ont.
KEARNEY, Neb.. June 28. (Special Tele
gram.) Errors and bunching of hits were
responsible for the defeat of White Wings
by Grand Island by a score of to 11.
Orand Island made eight hits and Kearney
nine. Batteries: Welsh and Corbett, How.
ard and Zaluaky. Umpire: Pendergraft.
Orly II Easily Wlna the Free Handi
cap at Lataala.
CINCINNATI. June 29. Five favorites
were successful at ljuonta today. Orly II,
the favorite, easily won the free handicap
at a mil and a sixteenth, the feature of
the card. Brancas took the place from the
Minks. Track, fast. Results:
First race, mile: Daleemsn won, Dr. Hart
second. Revllle third. Time: l:42.
Second race, seven furlongs: Begonia
won. Alma Gardia aecond, Inspector Girl
third. Time: l:274.
Third race, six furlongs: Martlus won,
Garret Wilson second, Lady Carol third.
Time: 1:14. ". .
Fourth race, mile and one-sixteenth,
handicap: Orly II won, Brancas second,
The Minks third. Time: 1:46.
Fifth race, five furlongs: Helmuth won,
Elected second, Jay Swift third. Time:
Sixth race, mile: Whipporwlll won,
Huxzah second, Willie Newcomb third.
Time: l:41k-
Seventh race, mile; Rubicon won. Dr.
MrCluer second, The Mate third. Time:
NEW YORK, June 29. The results at
Sheephead bay:
First race, seven furlongs: Melbourne
won. Ancester secend. Lady Ellison third.
Time: 1:29.
Second race, mile: Brookdale Nyroh won,
Bohemia second, Content third. Time:
Third race, five furlongs: Jersey Lady
won. Toddles aecond, Fantastic third. Time:
Fourth race, the Thistle stakes, mile and
a furlong: Mason won, Garnish second,
Ormondes Right third. Time: 1:52.
Fifth race, mile and a quarter: Grenade
wen, Maxner aecond. . Time: 2:07. Two
Sixth rare, five and one-half furlongs on
turf: Solly M won. Frank Ixird second,
Benstrong third. Time: 1:09.'
Bl'FFAIX), June 29. Result at Kenll
worth: First race, four and a half furlonga:
Tudor won, Gold Note second, Tony Bonero
third. Time: 0:W.
Second race, one mile: Monacndaro won.
Embarrassment second, Hyperion third.
Time: 1:43.
Third rsre, mile and a sixteenth: 811
verskln won Hera second, Carey third.
Time: 1:K.
Fourth race, five furlongs: Grsce Kim
bsll won. Pnnemah 'Second, Round Dance
third. Time: 1:03.
Fifth race, one mile, selling: Duke of
Kendall won. Earl Rogers second. Orfero
third. Time: 1:43.
Sixth race, six furlongs, selling: Perrv
McAdow won, Richard, Jr. second. Lady
Stewart third. Time: 1:19. .
SALEM. N. H , June 29. Results:
First race, five furlongs: I,atrlona won.
Lady Pocahontas second, Golden Pheasant
third. Time: l:ofi.
Second race, mile: King's Oem won, Nel
lie Burne second. Llllta third. Time: J:42.
Third race, alx furlongs: Incantation
won, Yaxd aecond, Pretention third. Time:
' Fourth race, mile: ?.lenap won. Miss
Hawley second, Avinton third. Time:
Fifth race, one and one-eighth mile, sell.
Ing: Ostrich won, New York second, El
liott tnirn. nine: l:bf.
Sixth race, one
won. Sister Belle
Time: 1:43.
DENVER, Colo.,
mile: Princess Royal
second, Huddy third.
June 29. Overland re-
First race, 2:15 pace: Anna Will won in
straight heats; Kiowa second, Blaza, third
Time: :!(.
Second race, alx furlonas: Babe won,
Little Grer second, Dolly Gray tliird
Time: 1:14V
Third race, seven furlongs:
bout won. The Major second,
Time: 1:28.
The RoiiHta
Lustig third.
Fourth race, one mile: Fred Hornbeck
won. J. C. Ciem second. Flying Torpedo
third. Time: 1:4'..
Fifth race, aix furlongs: Lady Alice
won. Mrs. Bob second, Ben I-ear third
Time: 1:14.
Sixth race, three qi.srters of a mile:
Swell Olrl won, Valencia aecond. Dr. Tom
third. Time: 1:16.
Seventh race, three-quarters of a mile:
Plnsticker won. lingford James second,
Knight Blase third. Time: l:lb'4.
Golf at tha Country flab.
Saturday the sei ond contest for the tour
nament commit lee cup will be played, eight
een holes handicap, medal play. Low score
will b declared the winner for the month
of Jun.
Omaha Cricket Clnh.
Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock the Omaha
Cricket club will play In Miller park .All
miuVr and Uiue Uiried la cricket
r? 'nvl'ed to participate. The club Intend
to r'y a matrii gmne en th af'ernivin
of th Fourth, ami would like to see a big
turnout at the tract ice. game.
smith wixa t.oi.r t ii iriomr
Hassan Man aw Holds National anal
Western lilies.
LAKE Fft EST, 111.. June : -Alex Smith
of ?aau today won the oik n golf cha.n-
pionahlp ef the United States, with a total
of strokes for tli seventy-two holes
plsy. With an advsntage of three atrok-
over Willie Anderson, his nare"t cjh.; e
titor on yesterday's thlrty-'ba-hole p.y.
Smith today played his morning round In
seventy-three ami the afternoon round, onrt
cf. which was played In a deluge of tain, in
reventy-flye. Nothing could lietter show t is
versatility of the I'srnostle Soot, or Ins
ehillty quickly to adopt his pHy to chsng-d
conditions on a golf course thsn the westi.-r
and course conditions today. During the
morning the greens were lightning f"-l,
with a strong south wind prevailing. Be
fore the play at the first hole had ben
completed In the afternoon the storm hurst
and the round was played under conditions
that tried the skill of the players to the in
most. Smith took thirty-nine for the first
nine holes, a higher flerure than he hss Ivid
during the tournament, but he plHyrfl Hie
Inst nine holes In thirty-six. the lat thr e
holes being played In two. three and four,
a total of nine. Smith now holds both the
western and national on championship,
as last week he took the honors In ti e
western over the llomewood links. Tlire
times runner-up to Willie Anderson In ti e
national open, twice losing to Anderson In
the play-off for the title, Smith yexter.lay
and today played golf that was little soon
of marvelous in Its machtne-llke steadl:sn
and which gave him the highest golfing
honors with a margin of seven strokes ovir
his nearest competitor.
Willie Smith. Mexican champion, with
two rounds today of seventy-four each, t' ok
second honors, with a tothl of 302 strokes,
and James Mslden of Toledo and Lawrence
Aucnterlonie of Glenvlew tied for third hon
ors, with each. Willie Anderson, present
title holder and four times winner of tne
national open championship, flnlshrd fifth.
The rain-sonked -greens were too much for
Anderson this afternoon and he took eighty
four strokes, bringing his total to 807. Ao-X
Ross of Oakley finished sixth, with lid;
Steward Gardner of Garden City seventh,
with 311: H. Chandler Egan. national ama
teur champion, and Gilbert Nichols of Den
ver lied for eighth, with 313 each, and Jack
Hobens of Englewood, N. J., finished teiuh,
with 314. Egan took eighty for, his after
noon round, but this was low enough lo
place him within the substantial honor of
the tournament.
Field CInb Tennla Championship.
Drawings in the tournament to decide the
Field. club tennla champion for 19"4 were
held laat night at the club and resulted as
A. Potter, bye.
Serlbner, bye.
West, bye.
Ralney, bye.
Martin, bye.
. Teal, bye. ' .
Denning plays Neely.
Epearter jlaya C. Potter.
McConnen plays Kennard.
' Cs dwell plays Rasmussen.
Ced Potter, bye.
, Hlllls, bye.
Kohn. bye.
Doherty, bye.
Wood. bye.
, Hughes, bye.
Play will commence promptly at 3 o'clock
this- afternoon and all players must be
on hand by that time or they will be de
faulted. This applies not only to those
In the preliminary round, but also to those
In the first round, as owing to the few
preliminary matches the committee desires
to pull off all first round matches possible.
Play will continue during the week, bring
ing the finals on next Saturday afternoon.
W. M. Wood will have the tournament
In charge and players are requested to
report to him for aaslgnment of court,
Rain Stopa Tennla.
WIMBLEDON, England. June 29-The
matches In the lawn tennis championship
games scheduled for today had to be aban
doned owing to the heavy rainfall.
Sporting; Brevities.
The real estate men made a mistake In
their assignment of extra positions. Harry
Reed should have been made watermelon
St. Louis took a fall out of Iefty Lelfleld,
the man Dea Moinea cracked up a the stai
of this league. Jack Taylor held the
Bmoky City boys safe at all times.
Mordlcal Brown was compelled to take
a beating Thursday because his teammates
back of him could not hit. Weimer. He
pitched what would ordinarily been a
winning game.
Double headers are scheduled thick ami
fast for a time. Two games were on the
bill for Dea Moinea Friday and two
between the Dea Moines and Omaha teams
on the Fourth.
New York and Pittsburg were tied for
second place in the National league Fri
day morning. If Chicago loses any more
games one of these team ia quite apt to
overhaul the Cuba.
Chance probably know hi business, but
it look strange to see him send in sub-,
stltute battera for such hitters a Slagle,
Schockard and Schulte. None of the men
sent In to bat In the ninth made a hit.
A pretty race Is on in the American
league with Philadelphia, Cleveland- and
New York tied tor first place F'rlday morn
ing at .600 all. None of these teams is
scncduled to play the other Friday so some
hard gamea may be expected.
Considerable Interest ha been worxed
up In the boxing contest between Guy
Buckles and Kid Jensen which will be held
Sunday afternoon on No Man's lind. East
Omaha under the auspices of the Cut Off
I-ake Athletic club. The opinions are
divided as to whether Jenaen. who has
been working out all winter under the
Instruction of Paul Murray can best the.
more experienced Buckles. The bout is to
be at catch weights, although the boys
are about of a size. The crowd will pick
the referee and the match is scheduled
to start at 3 o'clock aharp. Seats have
been prepared and the mailt event will be
preceded by some good preliminaries.
Qaeer Sensations
in stomach, back or bo vela, are sign ot
certain danger, which Llectrlo Bitter are
guaranteed to cure. 60 cent. For sala by
Sherman McConnell Drug Co
Lively Tinea for Fremont.
FREMONT, Neb., June 29. (BperlsU
Fremont Is to have a number of attractions
during the next two months. The annual
Chautauqua session will be held the week
beginning July 30 In Barnard park. The
management expect to sell 1,000 season
ticket. An excellent program ha been
prepared, Including aeversl favorite of
previous Chautauqua. On July 81 and
August 1 and 2 occur the annual meet of
the Driving Park association, which Is ex
pected will be the best ever held here. A
good many entries have already been made
and It is expected that several fast ones
from Denver will be here. On August 14.
16 and 14 the firemen's tournament will
be held at the race track. Flremen'a tourna.
menta always draw, as the races attract
much local interest nd the committee in
charge Is assured thst the coming one
will he no exception to the rule.
This magnificent hotel ha H beau
tiful rooms and Is located at 11th and
Mlee streets In the shopping district.
Only half a block from the Emory,
Bird. Thayer dry good store; bear all
th theater.
14 PrhaM BaOav
tateaaesM kt U lessa. Bai aa4 Cat4 I as lag
Water fc Every taa si. Carvxtlr Cat, farled
Caala. Clak Breaaiast an Tabic ' gla
aar Serve 3 Cats, tats 11 Say aa Dgwara,
aareassa flaa.
Reservation may be mad by Ula
Trapb at our expense.
. " . F. A. BkSJSON, Hssmw.
Luu Ik
Out two-ptc milts we have on gale Saturday are for men only
who tare to be well and becomtngly dresssed and are economically
Inclined. Moat houaeg wait until the season ta practically gone befor)
thf-y cut the price on two-piece suits. Not so here thla aeaaon. W
rive you the benefit of a 33 1-3 per cent discount Just at the height
of the summer season. .-
Hhj now pay at roar convenience. We are anxious to at
tend you
ies Maker?.
&l timer Snd Aetv rWat
r inp hi'
1,100,000 Acres of Agricultural, Min
eral and Timber Land Almost Free
This Reservation to b opened for settlement August 15th ta
directly reached by the Burlington's new line to WORLAND, WYO
through the Big Horn Basin. Registration between July 16th and
81st; 400,000 acres of fine Irrigable lands to be drawn for and
acquired at only 1.60 per acre, one-third cash; 700,000 acres ot
mineral and timber lands to be taken up without drawing. ' Thla
Is a most bountiful distribution of Uncle Sam's land among the
people. Cheap excursion rates; only one fare for the round trip to
Worland, with a maximum of but IZ0.00 from Omaha, Lincoln,
Denver and Nebraska territory. ' Register at Worland and go over
the Burlington's Northwest line, which runs through thousands of
acres of finely irrigated land along the Big Hern River; the Journey
will be instructive as to the methods of Irrigation to be practiced la
the development of this section.
x DATES OP SALE: July 12th to 29th. Final limit, August
15th; stop-overs en route.
Consult nearest ticket agent for rates and descriptive Shoshone
folder, with map, description of lands, method of drawing, etc.
WE CURE.. tp. SO
We malt
you cheap,
name are
piness is
can ffeot
D33. 3BAKLE3
SEARUBa, la ana
Want a
A Bee Want Ad wfll
get yen one quick!
at small float.
r. rsv.
.I is
W. - Ta
Two-Piece Suits
Made of guaranteed pvr
wool worsted, half or quar
ter lined, self-retaining
haircloth fronts, beautiful
che ks. plaids and stripes.
In all the new colors, the
regular prices this season
have been 313.60, 316. t'O
and 114. r.0. n rmm,!'.r: "
Blue Serges
Have never been so popular
before. We have them In 3
and 3-plece suits, highest
class tailoring, single and
double-breaated, our t
ones, from tho renowned
tailors, Srhloss Bros, of
Baltimore, are on sale Sat
u may at xine
thlrd off the
regular price.
Light v Flannel Suits
Tweeds and mixtures that
have sold rapidly this sea
son at 310 are on sale Sat
urday at 33 v per cent dis
count. Better come early
while they i pA
,H",t 0.3U
Suit Cases
Oolng on a vacation? Better
pack, your clothes In one
of our solid leather suit
rases, made with all steel
frames, extra heavy leath
er bound edge. Our 38.SO
and -89.00 fa aaaa
ones on sale V f ?1
Saturday v" v
Straw Hats
In all the correct OF.
styles, $1 val- 03 C
ue at a. a.
13.00 value...., flJU
l a
Two daily through trains from the South
east to Worland during the registration.
Oeneral Passenger Agent,
By (he 014 tellable Da. SERIES a SUITES
Established in Omaha for 11 year. Th many thooa
and of cases cured by us make Ui the most expert,
enced Specialists In the west, in all diseases and alb
ment of men. We know Juat what will cure you-s
and our quickly.
no mlaleadlng or falsa statements or effef
worthless tieatment. Our reputatlo.i arv4
itlo.i arul
aa tJ-Mj t r
too favorably Known every ease w
our reputation is at staka. Your health, life a
ana nn ; t
too serious a matter to place in in
nm"a?! Pi
a "aTaH.EI.ESS DOCTOB." Honest doctors of ability
us their OWaT HAatS XM TnUBXX tr0I3EBS. Wa
i avoiiKr a
for everyone a life-long CVS.1I for Weak,
rterwus nin, vancoesi iruum.i, nvrvuui j-eoiiiiy.
Blood Poison. Prostatic) iroubloe. Kidney, Bladden,
WAbTDTO DISXABSS, Hydrocele. ChratUo Piaauaa
Contracted Ilseaaes, Stomach and Skin Diaeaae.
pnpr Examination and Consultation. Writ fag)
6rmttoin Blank for Home Treatment.
Oaaglaa Street, ataiaka, aanraaao
chicnistir'S taaimK
14 erialaal a4 tuhr,.
ays relUbl L41taV mi l)rf 14
CH.CH.hVl EK'ti
tll sawtftilat !.. 4 a
VlUl klU rttaB
1 Bit st tsAatS)
lricre4M llabeUtsjaerSM 4 IsviUs
l4kk Umf f jrexsr Urutgiet, r saw! A: m
M4M4KH41 lb rmrUwr; TWSAsreavlsl .
at " RasMsyf fwr I katl , lnr, y rj
tarm fttatiL . IteUBsaiAM. t4 M
t. to4peia. CiV Ufa s jgf fa amkttni r
li in,' f Pw i b Uh .mi sua aaina.
'SUaC(lKla'l n. faalareulaoa
CIM4UHUTl.t j;
(MalS by garaegtsa.
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