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Weighty Professional Endorsements. ANOTHER LINEMAN INJURED
. That the mwiI AarlfM medicinal
root, th concentrated glyceric extract
1 which make ud Dr. Tierce' Golden
Medical Discovery, hav the strong
kind of endorsement by score of lead
ing medical writers of all the several
hool of practice, a brief gianoe at
a standard works on Matmxa Medxcn
Will show. Of Golden Seal root, which
! eoe of the prominent ingredient of
f" Golden Medical Di8Covery,"Dr.RoberU
UUrtholow, of Jefferson Medical Col
We, says: "Very useful as a stom
achic (stomach) tonio and in atonie
dyspepsia. Cure gastric (stomach)
ratarrh and headache accompanying
pame." lie alto mention! catarrh of
the gall dnct, Jaundice and conitipa
Hon m diseases which the use of
olden ' Seal ' root overcomes ; also
-ntarrh of the inteetinea, even when
it haa proceeded ' to ulceration, ia
remarkably benefited by llydraatia
(Golden Seal root).
Dr. Grorer Co, of New York, aaya:
"llydraatia (Golden Seal root) exer
cise an especial influence over rau-
jcoua surface. . Upon the liver it
act with eqnal oertainty and ef-
:flcacv. At a cholasocua (liver In vie
!orator)it baa few eauala." Dr. Coe
alw advise it for affecttfins of the
apleen and other abdominal viscera
generally, and for acrofuloua and glnd
ular diseases, cutaneous eruptions, in'
constipation, also in aevaral affectiona
(peculiar to women, and in all chronic
eierangementl ' of the liver: also for
hronic Inflammation of bladder, for
which Dr. Goe tayi "it is oua of the
moat reliable agenta 01 cure."
Prof. Hobart A. Mara. M. D.. of the
! ' . . , - , i 11 n l
university 01 ra., eaya 01 uoiaen oeai
root that it ia "of service in chronic
catarrh of the atomach and bowels.
following abate of alcohol, and aa a
tonic after malarial fever." He further
aaya, it "haa a diatinct anti-malarial
influence. " Alto Pgood In all catarrhal
conditions, at uterine catarrh, leueor-
.rhcea, elc. and m "a curative agent in
'chronic dyspepsia."
Prof. Laurence Johnson, M. D., of
the Medical Department, University
jCity of Y., is equally loud in hit
(praise-of Golden Beal root, especially
for it tonic effecta in convalescence
from acute diaeasea and ita special
tonic influence upon mueoua surfaces
and upon the gall bladder.
Doctora Barton and Tully recom
mended - Golden Seal root aa a pure
tonic and aa an alterative in die-
eased conditions of the mueoua mem-
branes; a;
ProC John King, M. D., late of Cin-icinnati-
author of the America! Dta
)psm batoh y, givea it a prominent place
among medicinal agenta, relteratee all
'the foregoing writera have eaid about
it. at does also Prof. John M. Scudder,
jM. D,, late of Cincinnati. Dr. Scud
der aaytt "It atimulatea the digestive
processes and increases the assimilation
of food. By these meant the blood i$
enriched, the consequent
..improvement on the glandular and
nervous aystema arenatural results."
Dr. Scudder further aaya, "in relation
.uwwv UJfVI RiniCIU,
ihtri it no medicine in use mbout which
?trt u $uch central unanimity of
vrrP- l universally regarded at
,lht tonio. useful in all debilitaud
Prof. Flnlev Ellin twood. M. D., '
Bennett Medical College, Chicago, aaya
of Golden Beal root: "It la a roott
superior remedv in catarrhal gastrins
(Inflammation of the atomach), enroni
constipation, general debility, in con.
valeacenca from protracted fe vera, In
prostrating night-sweat. It is on im
portant remedy in dinordert of thi
womo." ( InlS agent, vioiaen eri iuuv,'
ia an Important ingredient of lKctoi
Pierce'a favorite Prescription for worn,
an'a weakneseea, aa well aa of the
"Golden Medical Discovery.") Dr. El
lingwood contlnuea, "In alf catarrhal
condition! it ia nteful."
Much more, did apace permit, eould
be quoted from prominent autboritlea
aa to the wonderful curative propertiea
poweeeed by Golden Seal root.
We want to assure the reader that
"Golden. Medical Diacovery can be
relied upon to do all that ia claimed for
Golden Seal root in the cure of all the
varioue diseaeee aa aet forth in the
above brief extract, for it moat
prominent and important ingredient ia
Golden Seal root. Thie agent ia, how
ever, atrongly reinforced, and it cura
tive action greatly enhanced by the
addition, in Just the right proportion
of Queen's root, Stone root, Black
Cherrybark, Bloodroot. Mandrake root
and chemically pare glycerin. All of
thee are happily and harmonionaly
blended into a moet perfect phar
maceutical compound, now favorably
known throughout moat of the civilir.ea
countriee of the world. Bear in mind
that each and every ingredient entering
in the "Discovery" baa received th
endoraement of the leading medical
men of our land, who extol each article
named above in the highest terms..
What ether medio! n put up for tale
through druggist can ahow any auch
proft$mal endorsement T For dys
pepsia, liver trouble, all chronic catar
rhal affectiona of whatever name or
nature, lingering cougha, bronchial,
throat and lung affections, the "Die-,
covery " can be relied upon aa a aover-
tlv purpoaM. This measure would prerent
the prevent telephone company from par
ticipating In th bidding. "
Flan ia to Send All FretrhtTbron?!) Daloth
. . - - :: . .
Omaha. MMpper 8ra Tbla Will Olv
Qtt Cllr Ikt Short Km
' of th Doal Oac
Tt real object In Jamss J. Hill building
th eioux city cut-off hat comeo th front
In th announcement of that road of a re
duction of rates from Duluth to all pulrit
on the Burlington, nraVIng the rat th
4 me from Duluth a It Is from Clilcuao
Hill Is tald to have had tht objort In view
ncn nr oun inie connecung une oiwren
r the Burlington, th Urent Northern and th
northern raclllc, thua making a ood link
between hla northern and southern lines.
HID owns a fine line of boats running be
tween Buffalo and Duluth, but has no boata
to Chic jo. so by promoting th Duluth
t port he will get all th haul from Buffalo
, ant other eastern points to this territory.
X From Chlcaaa he would hav to turn th
)' Wrelsht over to some other line at Mackinac
V- some other port to b hauled to Chicago.
a,Thls will sln give Omaha th bad end
the deal, for en Immense quantity of
freight ' wljl thus ho diverted ay from
Omatia." tald a local shipper. "In making
argument why a line should b built to
Omaha from the cut-off only business to
th south wss considered, but her I a new
proposition, for! hot only will the large
bunch of merchandise avoid Omaha for n-
terlor points.1 ut th araln of th state
will be moved ' Qver thla cut-off direct to
Duluth. The drain esehange t again going
to take up the proposition of having the
line built to Oman:, ro thla big market will
not be left out on this grain to the northern
port." ...
Burlington' omelets claim this new ar
rangement and rat will not hurt Omaha,
for th asm arrangement exista from Chi
cago. They say It will simply enable Mr.
Hill's big boats to haul the business to
Duluth Instead of Ctycsa and thua get all
the haul.
rvleea Slana Omaha.
v Th 'Frisco road haa given Omaha an-
other hard slap In fsvor of Ksnsas City
by th announcement of th restoration of
ij the re tee on grain from central Nebraska
, vinta, through Ksnsas City, when destined
to Memphis and other points In the south.
Bomn time ago th 'Frisco road agred t
protect th rate on grain through Kanass
City s from central Nebraska stations to
Memphis and ether points In the aouth,
making th through rata via Kansas City
leas thsn th combination of th locale
through Omaha and thua deflecting th
Telephone Win Man Falls a Distance of
Tttirtj Tset,
Imaraaer FTatectlea af Cleetrla
Light Wires Held th Caas
at Oaeer Aere Death
at rioreaee. 1
Peter B. Olsen, Hnsmsn for th Ne
braska Telephone company, wee aerlously
Injured Thursday morning at Twenty
fourth and Grant etrseta by falling thirty
feet to th curbing from a "saddle." which
Is operated on the telephone cables en two
small grooved wheels. Though conscious
ths Injured msn eould not explain how he
fell. The metal framework of the "sad
dle" cam In contact with electrlo light
wire crossing Orant atreet and the sup
position Is Olsen received a shock. He
wsa heard to groan Just before he fell.
Olsen was taken to the Central hospital
on ieward atreet and attended by ur
Charles Impey snd Dr. C. C. lmpey, who
found thst ths msn sustained a compound
fracture of the left thigh. Injury to right
ankle, laceration to left eye and cuta about
the face. It la not believed th Injuries
will prov fats I.
At th time of th accident Olsen was re
pairing the telephone cable on ths weat
side of Twenty-fourth street. Just across
Grant atreet. Th saddle on which Olsen
wss working waa later aeen against several
electrlo light wires which appeared to be
poorly Insulated. In places th Insulation
wss worn. Olsen fell face downwards.
Motormsn Joaeph Thlrtle. passing at the
time, heard Olsen yell before he left ths
saddle. Police Surgeon Elmore waa sum
moned and, rendered what aid he could
before th man waa taken to th hospital.
Olsen is 25 yesrs of sgs, single and re
sides at 8401 Maple atreet. He haa worked
but a ahort tlms for th telephone com
Electric Wire to aiasse,
, A coroner's Jury found thst the death of
Omer B. Ayers, employe of ths Nebraska
Telephone company killed at Ftorence Tuas.
day evening, waa due to the Omaba Klec
trie Light and Power company not having
proper protection on Ita wlrea. The Inqueat
waa held at Coroner Bralley'a office Thura
day morning. ,
The Jury returned a verdict that Ayers
came to hla death from a shook caused by
the Omaha Electrlo Light and Power com
pany not having proper protection on Ita
wlrea at Florence. Th evidence at th In
quest disclosed th fact that th electric
light and pole wher Ayers wsa killed had
only one circuit breaker Instead of two, a
usually used. In the Florence caae the clr-
ouit breaker waa near the lamp. Usually
there I a circuit breaker at th lamp and
one near the windlass.
Night Inspector Richard Weaver and
other employee of the electric light com
pany said at the Inqueat they could throw
much light on the manner In which Aysra
came to hla death.
Ayers' body haa been sent to Dayton,
O., for burial. . ...
Bay la Haa Over
Harry Achate, I yeara of age, was
verely hurt about the head Thursday morn.
Ing by being run ovsr by the delivery
wagon of Ueb A Adalson at Sixteenth and
grain from thla market. Thla waa done by Dod t1' 8vrJ "'P wounda were
a reduction on thla througn grain on the v' """"' mw
other end, Bo much pressure waa brought P,lc atatlon. Th boy waa riding with
to h..e on the 'Frisco, which la the Bock V nver oi me wagon ana ion irom me
Island, thst the rata was taken ut. They "" i"B toe ariver cou.u rrx.H wnai
have given notice that they intend to put i happened two wheelaol.the vehicle
the rat In again. The 'Frleoo haa alwaya Peo.ovr. ma uoy s neaa. ina ooy was
been protecting Kansaa City aa against unusually plucky for one so young. H
Omaha and in numerous Instsnces haa put nl teeth na wed the aurgeon
In th. rate tn.t mt the rlrht time which " me wounae wimom a wnimper,
na was issen 10 .jus nome si mi bouib
Old Maa, Rick Before Ita 'Fraaelsesi
Calamity, Kaw Mail Aik
fovj Alms. '
A pathetic Instanc of hardship from the
Ban Fraaclsco calamity waa noted la
Omaha Wedneeday, when a man named Un
derwood, more than 70 yeara old and crip
pled ao that he had to hobble about on
crutches, sppiled to the Associated Chari
ties tor aaaistance in making hla way back
to the city by the Golden Oate.
I'nderwood told Superintendent Morris he
had been proprietor of a picture frame and
molding business In San Franclaco valued
t $47,000 and lost 'everything be had In the
Are. Taking advantage ot (ha free trana
portatlon offered refugees he decided to gu
back to hla old horn at Warsaw, Wis.,
which he had not vlalted for thirty-five
yeara. Arriving there he found all hla rela
tives and former friends had died or acat-
ered to other parts of the country and
trace of them loat. Underwood atayed for
time at Waraaw and then finding nothing
here that would enable him to make a Uv-
ng decided to go back to San Franclaco
again and make another fight for suste
nance. If he should become a pauper he
thought he should depend upon the com
munity In which he had lived the greater
part of hla life.
Superintendent Morris offered to tske th
matter up with people In California, but
Underwood did not like thla plan and left.
saying h thought ha knew of other ways
which ha eould mansge to keep on ths
Journey. .
eien remedy.
By readini
ing the uttie dook notea
below any one will readily see the
applicability of the "Golden Medical
Discovery " to the cure of alL the fore
going list of diseases as well at many
other chronic affections, especially
those of the heart, kidneys, bladder,'
skin and blood.
A little book of extracts treating of
oil the several ingredient entering Into
Dr. Pierce's medicines, being extracts
from standard medical works, of the
different schools of practice will be
mailed free to any one asking (by postal
oard or letter),. for the same, addreeted
to Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., and
giving th writer's full post-office ad
ores plainly written.
In cane of chronic ailments, at-
tended by marked, or persistent, con
stipation, Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellet
should be taken conjointly with tht
use of the "Golden Medical Discov
ery," to regulate the bowels. They act
in harmony with the " Discovery and
will be found to be a most valuable
laxative, or, in fuller doses cleans
ing cathartic.
Podophyllln, the active medicinal
principle of Mandrake root, enters
largely into the composition of the lit
tle sugar -coated "Pellets." in fact it
one of their chief Ingredient. They
regulate the liver, stomach and bowel.
Sixteenth street.
New Vaadevtlle Haaae on Harney
Street Will Opes for Baal
aeaa Jaly 9.
would divert business belonging to Omaha
through Kansas City.
. Norlhwestera .Fallows Klrat
The Northwestern road Is the first to fol
low the example of the Chicago Great
Western to reduce -the hauling price of
grain IV cents per hundred from the Mis
tourl river to Chicago or tha Mississippi
river. This road haa published a tariff,
which la to go into enect July a, making The BIJou theater will be open for buai
the aama rat aa tha Great Weatern. Tha nees July S, with the entire structure re
payment of elevation chargea haa been fitted and repainted from top to bottom In
done away with by th isorthwcstern, so aide and outside. The new theater ocouplet
the revenue wiu be tne same as on grain tha site of the old Germanla hall On Har
hauUd. Thla reduction appliee not only ney atreet and haa been converted Into a
from Omaha, but from all atatlona In Ne- flrst-clsss vaudeville house. The theater
braaka. The Burlington had announced will be operated by th Bijou Theater com
that It would make no reduction, but with pany of Omaha, the manager being II
a cent and a quarter against It at com- Walter Van Dyke. Th booking will be
petitlv polnta It may be forced Into line, handled by William Morrison of New York,
The rate Is now 104 cents on wheat and who la In touch with all the top-tlnera of ths
t cents on corn.
A Dtarrheee, Berne r that Tea All
There are few people In the United States
who hav not used or at least heard of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholsra and Diar
rhoea Remedy. Sometime it la kept In
th house for a long Urn without being
needed, when suddenly some member of
th house Is stricksn with diarrhoea In Its
worst form. The bottle I found to be In
tact and a dose or two cures the sufferer.
vaudeville atage. Ha haa promised In the
opening week's bill a speclsl hesdltns at
traction direct from Hammerstein's, New
York. A wire received Thtirsdsv said tha
contracts had been forwarded for the first
week, but did not convey th namea.
The theater In th remodelling ha been
completely changed and presents a splendid
appearance. A osnopy haa been built
tending across tha entire front of the lobby,
running across the sidewalk. A beautiful
Immense electric sign, announcing tha name
of the Bijou Is conspicuous from up and
This medicine keens ha atrensth for years.
Much Buffering and many doctera' billa are down Harney atreet, and eno small elactrltf
saved by keeping It alwaya at hand.
1S.SO to St. raal at Mtaaaaaall
fad Retara
From Omsha. rla Chicago Or sat Weatera
Railway. Tickets on sal dally after May
11 to September N. Final return limit.
globes also add attractiveness to th front
with their grouping of light.
Th seating capacity will be TOO and all
tli rhaira are new and of th latest and
most comfortable design. Two bosee have
been added, one on either aide of the stag.
and the stage remodeled and Veflltted, the
October St Equally low rates to other scenery being repainted by J. C. Johnson
polnta In Minnesota, North Dakota, Wiscon
sin snd lower Michlgsn. For further in
formation apply to H. H. Churchill, gene raj
agent, lU Far nam atreet. Omaha,
New York aad Philadelphia
cannot be more pleasantly or conveniently
of Kansaa City, who will remain tha per
manent scenle artist of th house
A park haa been built at the west of tha
building, with a beautiful Illuminated en
trance an Nineteenth street Th interior
will be fitted with Japanese effect, wher
light refreshments of all klnda will be
ZtZ'J"."'A An orchestra will giv. eoncrt. In
j wu.v Niagara
rails. Solid through tralna, magnldoent
th garden on hour before th perform
anc begin.
Oae Way rare Plas fj.oo for Rtase
Trip Fare
Grand Trunk Railway System te many
summer resorts In Canada. Toronto and
East, and In New.England.
Particular of datea of sale, limits, atop.
ever privileges, etc.. can be obtained by
writing Oeo. w. veus. A.' O. P. T.
111 Adams St., Chicago.
11 mate a gays Let City Fraaae Praa
chlaa aad OaTc It ta th j
Highest Bidder.
Mr. O. A. Sasaptlea Of "allaa Takes
Laadaaasa aad Gaa aad
Mra. O. A. Sumption ot Sallna, Kan., wife
of Traveling Auditor. . Sumption of the
Union Pacific, took her Bf Thursday after
noon at SQ6 North Twentieth street by
drinking laudanum and Inhaling tllumlnst
ing gaa. toroner Bra I ley took the body In
charge and will hold - an Inquest at the
morgue on Friday. Mr. Sumption Is ex
pected at Minneapolis. Kan., Thuraday
evening. He ha been wired.
Mr. Sumption came to Omaha a month
ago for treatment for her eyes. She lived
with Mr. D. H. Stern under th nam of
Mr. Howard. Thursday' afternoon rha
stopped ui th keyhole of her room, placed
a rug agalnat the lower Inside part of the
door, took the drug and then turned tha
gaa on. She waa dead when discovered.
The woman left a letter advising those
who found her to notify her son, Roy
Sumption, st Sallna, and a daughter, Mra
w, H. Benhamr at Columbus. Neb. Part
ef the tetter resd: "I am all resdy for the
grave, or rather to be cremated, aa I ask
my children to have don with my body.1
Another note waa found. Intimating her
domeatlc life had not been of an altogether
pleaaant nature and that her husband had
not allowed her all the money shs needed.
, Mrs. Sumption was 4S yeara of age.
A little forethought may save you no end
ef trouble. Anyone Who make It a rule to
keep Chamberlain' . CoHo, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy at hand know thla to
be a fact. v.
City Caaset Require Meense ta Lay
Ceaseat Sidewalk, Caya
.... ''''" "...
Jadaej Troap, .
Th city haa no right to require a license
Of contractors engaged -In Is ylng cement
or composite aidewatke,' acceordtng to
decision of Judge Troup rendered Thursday
afternoon. Judge Troup held the ordinance
requiring such a license- void.
The decision waa rendered In ths esse
brought by J. M. Gray, a contractor .who
sought an Injunction to prevent the city
officials from Interfering with him In the
laying ef a aide walk. Judge Troup Issued
the Injunction on the ground the city char
ter did not give the city the right to re
quire the license. If it wss exercised
under the police power H would hsve to
apply to contractors for all klnda of side.
wslks and not merely to a single kind
The court k1d the quality and durability
of th aldewalk did not Interest tha city, aa
It eould require ' the owner of abutting
property to keep it In good condition, mak
ing It a question between the owner and
the contractor. -
The Day W Celebrate.
Ususl holiday excursion tlcksts will be
en sal via Missouri Pacific Ry. Ticket of
flee 8. E. Corner Jtth and Farnara, or
Union atatlon. . .
On July f ana 27, to Chautauqua Lake,
N. T., and return at Hi good, to days; and
dally Juns 1 until September JO, at 120, via
ERIE RAILROAD from Chicago; atop
evera also nermttted on all tlcketa to New
York, Boaton, Niagara FalCs, ate. Apply to
your local ticket agent or J. A. polan, T.
P. A., SU Railway Exchange, Chicago, IlL
Paale Averte.
In caae of conattpatlon, peritonitis, ate.,
panle la averted by curing yourself with
Dr. King's New Life Pill, t&c. For al
by Sherman V McConnell Drug Co.
Rcduclions in Boys' Suits--$x Boys' Suits 2-35
On Sale Commencing Friday Morning
Over 500 of our fine high-grade boys' suits were taken from our reg
ular 6tock and prices have been reduced to nearly "half off." Fri
day and Saturday will see these fine boys' suits on sale, all at one
low Uniform price, for the finest class of boys', suits that have been
sho'wn this season. Every suit guaranteed all wool, in fine cheviots,
eassimeres and blue serges. Styles are double-breasted jacket or
Norfolk, with plain or Knickerbocker pants strong and durabk)
linings. All seams reinforced and double stitched
on sale Friday and Saturday suits worth
up to $4, at .' .'
DIAMONDS Frenaer. lata ana Dodge at
Over Twenty-8ven Thousand Minors Be-
tva Five and Twenty-One,
oard af Edaratloa Haa Simply Ka
(erred Syatea ot Counting;
that Doea Away with
. Daplloatloaa.
Pride, Income and aacred tradition have
been aacrinced by the Board of Education
for old-fashioned honesty and veracity in
the 190 aohool census. The result Is u
total of 27,118 persons of school sge In
Omaha, or a lower number than any year
since 1891. Frequently since then the fig
ure haa soared ovsr 11,000. In- 1904 the
census contained S1.761 namea, but in 1906
dropped to 29,330, and now It falls to 27,118.
The directory, the actual school enroll
ment, the postofflce receipts and other
guldea unmistakably ahow that Omaha ha
Increased rapidly In population during the
laat several years. The birth rate has
been showing a satisfactory amual ad
vance, and those who know how the school
census prior to 1905 wss made have no.
doubt that there are today more persons
between the ages of i to 11 yeara in Omaha
than ever before. The discrepancy Is ac
counted for by the manner ot making the
enumeration a change from many dupllca-
tlona to entering each name but once.
In 19W the board gave orders that th
old practice ef taking the rosters bodily from
parochial schools, colleges, seminaries and
other private Institutions of lesrn-
Ing be discontinued. The enumerators had
been used to Inoorporstlng the lists, re
gardless of whether the student were
nonresidents or duplicated by calls at resi
dences. The rule resulted In -a ahrlnkags
of ,1,433 names. '
Another Step Forward, i
This year the board made another . step
toward honesty In the census. It ordered
that stores, factorlea, offices and business
Institutions of all kinds be dropped from
inquisition, reasoning that If the homes and
dwelling placea were 'covered properly all
the persons of achool age would be found.
And to prov that the board waa right In
thinking many name had been put down
twice another shrinkage it 2,433 Is recorded.
Because of the fact thst ward boundaries
wers changed since ths 1906 census exact
comparisons cannot bs made with last year, i
but there were twenty-four enumeratora
Instead of eighteen and it la presumed the !
reckoning waa made with more care than ;
ever. A contrast In tha ngurea or tha Third
ward, however, more than aceounta for the
decrease. The boundaries of the Third were
not changed. Th ward contains a large
part of the stores, offices and factorlea em
ploying persons under 21 Last summer
1.060 name were recorded and thla year
only 1M, a falling off of 2,296, or more than
the total decrease.
BtT Drop ta Foarth Ward.
Th Fourth ward, which haa most of tha
department stores and a number of large
office buildings and had Its Irea only
(lightly reduced, decreased ,322 In achool
population. On the other hand tha Fifth
ward, with few factories or stores and the
same boundaries, Jumped 404 children. Th
combined Slath and Twelfth warUa, simi
larly situated, ahow 6,924 children, against
the old Sixth ward' 6.461, an Increase of
nearly too In the aame territory. The com
bined First, Second and Tenth wards, al
waya strong on children, have 8.607, which
Is nearly 100 more than th same territory
reported last year. The Second ward leads
the bunch this year with a total of 3.233.
Tha financial loaa to th school district
oome In when It Is remembered that the
clty'a proportion of th stats school fund la
made per capita. The drawing of the lines
means several thouaand dollar to th dis
trict. Following Is th 190 census by warda:
' ' ,.
y-vA 'V '''
v . t 4 .
. A
V' f, '"., .
Iimii . .a" ,f 4 iii.ii i
The Reliable Specialists
mistakes of men.
Our special purpose Is td save the thousands of young and middle-aged
men, whose systems are. or have been st some time, contsmlnsted with the
poisonous taint of prlvats diseases, blood poison, etc.. or whoss nervous, physi
cal and sexual svstems are on the verge of ruin from the destroying effects of
self-sbuse and excesses, causing night losses, day drains, bladder and kidney1
diseases, which undermine and bring to ruin th strongest constitutions and
completely I'NMANR MEN. reducing them to a state of abject misery, with
mind Impaired.' rhysical strength gone, sexual organs weakened and wasted
For all such men the specialists of the State Medical Institute sre able,
willing ami readv to extend that skillful, scientific assistance that has Saved
thousands of men who were at one time the sufferers thst you are now, who
had become dlocotirsged and deapondent after having failed to secure the re
lief and cure they needed at the hsnds of Incompetent specialists sn cure-all
remedies, who did st last whst they should have done at first consulted th
honorable snd skillful speclsllste of the State Medical Institute, where they
were examined and their true condition disclosed snd proper treatment ap
plied, with Improvement at once and a cure In a remarkably ahort time.
We cure aafely and thoroughly:'
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexual Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Rectal,
Kidney and Urinary Diseases,
and all diseases and weaknesses of men due to evil habits, excesses, selfsbuse or
the result of specific or private diseases.
Office hours: I a. m. to 8. p. m
Eundaya, 10 to 1 only.
1308 Faraam St., Between 13th and 14th Sts., Omaha, Neb.
WATCHES-Prenser. 15th and Dodge ata.
Counollman Zimman haa eome forward
with a plan for aolvlng the perpleavltlaa In
which the council finds Itself In attempting
to beatow a franchise to another telephone
company, with three appllcetiona from aa
many separate Interests for th grant. Hi
idea I for th city to frame a franchise
to suit itself and offer It to th highest bid
der, th latter to py outright to th olty
a stated sura, for th concession, and th
annual royalty provided la th franchise
besides. Ha Intend to submit th scheme
for the consideration of hla democratic fel
low couoctlmen.
"I am In favor of a aingle company trana
aotlng all the telephone business In Omaha
provided equitable ratsa and proper eonc
lions. Including th payment of a royalty,
are made," aaya Zimman. "In the abaeno
of justice from th corporation controlling
the monopoly I would favor admitting com
petition on th most favorabl terms to
patrons gag the people of th city that oaa
be eeoured.
"A cash bond of tjf.oat r mors should he
demsadtd to insure th const ruction of aa
a 1. w J. I 3 I aaananga ana carrying vu me SDllgailOB
Aik your dealer or drop a line to t ta franchise, tiu to ha forfeited t-
Natural Lithia Spring Water ' STJOQO LITTJIA SPRING CO "hr with lh urch "
A TV I sp.Lt. tra,. - -i w,, . i-- awa paid In la ease the company hack em
or tndeevor la us th great for pula-
' V ara displaying magnificent lot of loos stonee
Thjs is by far the handsotneet lot of gems wt have ever shown.
If you are Interested, take a look whether you wish to buy or not
Th prices are reasonable and we will mount them to suit your lndlvd
ual taste.
v.-' . . 1 fit b and Douglas 6 treeu.
!-: I"", I L,; ,.v... iii.nTT;. m h ... r.Mf M '""WgHsggaaa J ".. .i n i
M'. L0TIKI0&
The Great Urio Acid Solvent
A Delightful Table Water
Hilf crd. Neb;
Very Law Rates Taesday.
Bery Tuesday, balanos of the ysar, th
Chicago Great Western railroad will 4
bomeaoekar' ticket to Minnesota, North
Dakota and Canadian northwest at about
half rat; te other territory flrat and third
Tuesday Writ H. H. Churchill, a A,
IUS Fat nam atrsst. Stats number la parly
and whea going.
Marriage Lleaasee.
Th following marriage licenses
bsea Issued: t
Name and Residence.
Frederick C. Person. Omsha
Wlnnlfred R. Edwarda, Omaha
Ross CL Zollinger, Defiance, la
Luella B. Anthony, Omaha
Ieo Roaenthal, Chicago, JU.,...,
Florence Singer, Omaha
Israel Rosenthal, Omaha....,
Stella Singer, Omaha
Siegfried F. Anderson, Omaha....)...
Tilda 8. Oblad. Omaha ,
Kdward M. Malloy. Chicago, III.
Carrie M. Anderson, Ames, Neb
Samuel W. Schwerin, Brlden, Neb.
Cora L. Lawyer, Belden. Neb
Frank H. Boettger. Omaha
Beaale M. Hornberger, Omaha
James R. Stevenson. Omaha
Catherine Fltapatrlck, Omaha Jj
Oscar Hallgrcn, South Omaha a
Aana Dotal. South Omaha U
' SM
DIAMONDS Edholm. lth and Harney.
The colored lodge of the Knight of
Pythias with Its-friends to tha number if
86 left Thursday morning tor the annual
picnic at Benntagtoa. Desduae'a orchestra
accompanied th special train and th day
waa spent in dancing, foot races and other
athletic sports. A dancing conteat waa
else beta.
W. J. Oraham secured from Judge Ken
nedy a restraining order ta prevent the
city laying a brick sidewalk In front of
property belonging to the estate of Alfrel
Wllllta In Patricks Saratoga First add!
tlaa to the city. The ixtitlu says i.s
wanted to lay a cement skdswalk In front
f tha place, but waa refused a permit. lie
now objects te i us dts larlcg a brVk
First ward
Second ward .
Third ward ....
Fourth ward ..
Fifth ward ....
Sixth ward
Seventh ward .
Eighth ward ..
Ninth ward ...
Tenth ward
Eleventh ward
Twelfth ward .
17. 118
1,100,000 Acres of Agricultural, Min
eral and Timber Land Almost Free
' This Reservation to be opened for settlement August 15th Is
directly reached by the Burlington's new line to WORLAND, WYO.,
through' th Big Horn Basin. Registration between July 16th and
31st; 400,000 acres of fine Irrigable lands to be drawn for and
acquired at only $1.60 per acre, one-third cash; 700,000 acres of
mineral and timber lands to be taken up without drawing. This
is a most bountiful distribution of Uncle Sam's land ' among ths
people. Cheap excursion rates; only on far for the round trip to
Worland, with a maximum of) but $20.00 from Omaha, Lincoln,
Denver and Nebraska territory. Register at Worland and go over
the Burlington's Northwest line, which runs through thousands ot
acres of finely Irrigated land along the Big Horn River; the Journey
will be instructive as to the methods ot Irrigation to be practiced in
the development of this section.
DATES OF SALE: July 12th to 29th. Final limit, August
. 15th; stop-overs enroute.
Consult nearest ticket agent for rates and descriptive Shoshone
folder, with map, description qf lands, method of drawing, eto.
Two dally through trains from the South
east to Worland during the registration.
I i
Oenersl Passenger Agent,
ta Senlesaeat.
Announces Round-Trip Excursion Rata
from All Points July U to ta.
Leas than on tar for th round trip
to Shosboni. Wyo., th reservation border
Th only all-rait rout to th reservation
Datea ef registration . July 1 to St at
ghoshont and Lander. Reaowea only by
thla Una.
Write for pamphlets telling hew to take
up one ef thss attractive homestead a.
Information, maps and pamphlet free on
requsst at City Offloa, 1801-1 Faroam gt,
er addreaa S. F. Miller, A. Q. F, T. A
1201 Far nam St., Omaha. Nab.
win be open to summer boarders
July 7th. Rates for adult. $s.(u
to $8 per week. For particulars
Bcllevue, Neb.
la the beautiful Cutaberlaad V alien Courses
leading to degrees ot A.. B. an Isua H
t'laealcs, atuslc, Art. A most esceflent ftc
tilty. Campus 80 acres: 14 buildings; rate
moderate. M H. RKArtR, rh D, Fres'L
U Cvueg Ave, CUAalitJSRSAW&a. fA,
stS jet Cl'j.
if &m
12.50 There
and Back,
'ft a "Cud ta cutf
y x Books" Ire.
fcLrsrrc n-rr
vSiwitAiu it
The Right Road to St. Paul snd Minneapolis.
i'yv -t H H.CHUCHILL(r"
' f'v' t S !. a
tHi tar nam St.
II ,1
Lindenwood College for Women
Ctuift atts
ST. CIlAkLfcS Ml)
ptaioond Jubilee College of tha West. Academic, fcemlnary and CCIIeg Courses.
Music, Klocutlon, Art and Ltavneattc Economy. Fhyslcal and Strategic Lialioa.
Ascessihillty to a great city. Select paironsse. Limited number of boarder. Every
room taken during last srnool yrar. U suMful location. Bl.irlt at t b Irfala
Catalogue ea application. e. Oeogs TssierU Ajnm, Fa. Fie.