Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 26, 1906, Page 6, Image 6

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With Tripl DBTir Catcher Bench Trio
Orr Plate, Winning- Gam.
fllrhrr Dodge Gnu Ip la Alath
Inning After Hsvlsg HfU
lsltors ta J-alterla-Hits.
A ninth-Inning hatting rally by Dnvr, a.
gnrsl siesta by certain Omaha players
and some high-handed anil cold-blooded de
cisions on balls and strikes on the part
of. the umpire, by which he contributed hl
portion toward giving the game to the
visitors, enabled Bill Everlifa Cuba to win
at Vinton Street park yesterday by a score
of 4 to J.
A crowd of about 1.4ml people, many of
whom were women, for It was ladles' day,
raw the game.
Kngle and Dodge were the nppoatng slab
men and lionura were even until that faial
ninth Inning, when Dodge blew up and the
Mountaineers madr four hit, which netted
them three runs. Kngle pitched a pretty
gnrti all the way through, having perfect
control all th time and did not give one
pam to first.
Tmplre McCarthy waa badly off color on
sur.e of hla work, and the crowd took loud
exception to hi rullnga on balla and
strikes, especially In the seventh Inning,
whn he at ruck out Welch and Bsssey, It
...m.d deliberate. Jle ha" called some bad
halls strlk"S. and the crowd bawled him
out.' Thia see'rrled to anger him and he
took hla revenge out on Welch and Baaaey.
Both (Idea blanked In the first, and clear
to the sixth, when Denver scored the first
run by a triple by T. Smith and a single
hy Randall. Thia aame triple ahnuld have
beep nothing more than a single, but Welch
wai alow getting over to the ball and It
lent on toward the beer sign.
Dnlan Starts with Triple.
Unisha made lta first run in exactly the
ssrfla fashion in the aeventh. After two
were out Joe DoUn hit a corker for three
bases and Rutikle beat out the ball which
h placed In front of the plate and toward
first."- Omaha got hit In each of the
next Inning, but could not cash them.
Denver woa blanked In the aeventh and
eighth, but In the ninth, with the acoYe tied,
they came In for business. Randall, the
flrat man up. hit safely past Dolan and
Russell hit to Dodge, who threw to Runkle
In time to catch Randall. There waa no
queatlon but Randall waa out, but Old Man
Kverltt, who has donned hla ball togs for
Just such occasions, rushed into the dia
mond and anapped at the umpire and
barked around until the umpire had to
threaten to throw him out before he would
move. All thia hullabaloo seemed to rile
Dodge, fur the next man hit him safe and
Belden flew out to Baaaey. J. Smith hit
a grounder to Pprring, which that player
did not get to flrat In time to catch the
runner, and the bases were filled. Za
luskr had been able to do nothing better
than hit popupa all' day 'and the crowd waa
aettllng back for an extra inning game,
when Dodge made a mistake hy pitching
him a low ball. Zaluaky must have thought
he wns playing cricket from the way he
swung, hut at any rate It had' the desired
effect, and when the' ball had been re
turned to the diamond Zaluaky waa perched
on- third and the other three had trotted
around ahead of him, Omaha did .nothing
In the la at half except for Dolan to make
"hltr third ' 'Mt. and the gahie waa over. '
The ardtw: .'- '..
AR. R. H. PO. A. K.
Bender, c. ..
Carter, rf. ..
perrlng. 3b.
Welch, cf. ..
Bassy, Jf
Dnlan. . lh. . . .
Runkle. ss.
Howard. Ub.
Podge, p. ..
...... 4 0 0 6 1
Totals ;
,....,...34 1
AR. R.
H. PO. A. E.
MtHale cf ..
T. Snitth. 2b.
i.andall, if. .
Russell. b. ..
Keddick. 3I. .
Belden. If. ...
J. Smith, as. t
Zaluaky. c. ....
Kngle. p. .....
Hits 1 0 1 0 1 2 0 1 4l'i
Runs ,.0 0 0 o 0 1 u 0 34
Hits .................0 1 0 2 1 0 2 1 1-S
Runs '. 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0-1
Thi'ee-hase hits: Dolan. Zaljsky, T.
Smith. Twn-lnse hit: Howard. First base
on balls: Off Dodge, 1. Struck out: By
Dodge; 4; by Engle, 8. Ift on baaea:
Omaha, ; Denver, K. Stolen base: Rus
sell. Double play; Carter to Dolan. Time:
l'.itfc."' L'mpire: McCarthy. Attendance,
t Motes of the tiaute.
'Johnny Smith plaved too far toward
third, expecting Dolan to crack the ball
1 down that way. but Dolan fooled him and
nisde a clean single In the hole he had left
; vacant.
Perring hit a ball at Johnny Smith which
hud whlnkera on It. Johnny stopped it. but
a was entirely loo hard fur him to handle
McCarthy did a bad Job with the indi
cator In the seventh inning when he culled
everything a tilth came along a strike. He
acted like a man in w hurry to get home
and wished the game to be finished.
J. Smith hit the ball past Dodge fur a
single In the fifth inning which was so fast
that Dodge did not try to get It. Some
one remarked thai Sanders would have
ti ted for It at least.
Hl'l Kverltt .ciaild not keep to the bench
aa he did on the first trip to Omaha with
his blown suit. The lite was too tame
for him and he had to don his uniform to
he could mix it up a little.
Fugle, the splt-lall aitist. had all kinds
of haila up hla aleeve and mixed them up
well. He did not pass a man during the
miie game.
Kloax Wis Batting Bee.
KIDCX CITY. la.. June 25 Today s
bet seen Lincoln and Sioux City waa a
floret tarnival of heavy hitting. The locals
having a little the better of the argument
won by a acore of 11 to t. In the aixtii
lulling when, Jackson as being hit all over
the kd, he waa relieved hy bawyer. who
j;iickly retired the vieltora allowing no
safe hit. Corbett then went In for the finish
and there was nothing doing on the Lincoln
, wide after that. .
Pitcher Morris was hit hard from stsrt to
finish, but Holmes had no available I wirier
vliteend in for relief. Score:
AB. H. H. O. A. K.
Campbell. If 4 11(0
Fenlon. rf t o u 1 0
Nobllt, cf i 1 1 0 1
Wesl, Ub & 1 1 0
Meyers, lb i 2 1 0
Newton, ss 1 2 t I
FtYMM. b....'.t. ... 4 12 A 7
.H'SS. c ,.......,... X 2 I 1
Jackson, p.. 1 0' W 0 0
Sawyer, p 0 0 0 0 0
Corbett. p 10 0 0 2
Totals ..
11 u n 14
' AB R.
H. PO. A.
S 1 0
2 S 4
Fillmsn ss....
Qulllin, lb.... .
J homes. Jh.-. .
teen, rf
Ketchum. cf...
Bartoa. lb ....
7.t!iran, e..-,..
Mol se. p ...... .
i 0
1 0
t t
4 6
4 S
II M 14 I
loux city
o 4 I 1 1 0 1 -ll
Lincoln w 1 S I 0 0
Earned runs: Utoux City. I: Lincoln. 1
. Two-base, bits: Nvbllt. Frost, lleaa (.. Fill
nisn. Barton, Morse. Three-base bit: Camp
bell Hums run: Weed Double play:
vioillin (uiiaasisted). Hits: Off Jackson.
11; -off CoibeK. i. Left on bases: Hlous
4 "Hy. S; IJncoln. I Sacrifice hit: Froat.
Bases on balls: Off Jackson. I; eft Corlieti,
1; off Morse. S Hit by pitched bail: New
ton. Fenlon. Mors. Wolfe. Hiruck out: by
au. 4, by Sawyer, 1; by Muiss. 4. n lid
pitches: Bv Mora, S. Time of game: 1 ;.t.
empire: Davis. Attendance, l.fn.
(Kansas Bat Wat Vletarr.
DFJ MOINRfl. June 31 Pes Motnes won
from Pueblo todav by outhtttlng the Indiana
In a slugging match. The score waa 11 to t
and It was either team's game until the
eighth Inning, h-n the champions batted
In four runs. Both Miller and Faurot
were found manv times, but generally after
two bed be'n retired, and their teama
gave them grand aupport. Pitcher (lltlen
will Join the champlona Tuesday. "core:
AB. R. H. PO. A. K.
f'affyn. If
O l,esrv. 3b
Wrlday. cf
Dexter, lb
Towne, c
Hogrlever, rf.
Andreas, sa...
Marnon. Jh....
Miller, p
fi .
U 17 27 I
AB. R.
H. PO.
! o
A, K.
Cook. If
McCilvrav, lb.
Hhmtart. 2b ...
Mehholr, rf...
Bader. if
K-lwert. Kb
F'lske. sa
Messitt, c
Kail rot, p
T.itals 24 5 11 14 12 1
Des Moines 1 1 0 0 1 4 0 4
Pueblo 0 0 3 0 0 0 2 0 06
Htolen bases: Weldav, Andreas. Two-base
hits: CafTvn (21. O'lxary. Welday. An
ilreas. Miller. Cook. Shugsrt (Si. Flske. Mes
sitt. Double plar: Andreas and Dexter,
bases on halls: Off Fanrot. I: off Miller. 4.
Hit bv pitched hall: Bv Faurot. 2. Struck
out: By Miller. 6, by Faurot. 3. Time: 2:n.
I'mplre: Keefe. Attendance: nn.
Btaadlaar mt the Teaaas.
Played. Won. Ixt.
Pea Molnea...
Sioux City....
Pueblo i..
. M
Osmes todav: Denver at Omaha. Peublo
at Des Motnes. Lincoln at Sioux City.
(tnakera Win a Brilliant One tn Soth
Ina; Contest from Bonk Worms.
PH1I APKI.PII1A. June IS.-Ird'a triple
and Murphy's single gave Philadelphia the
onlv run scored In today's game with Pon
ton. Waddill and Dlneen pitched gooc.
steady ball ami both were brilliantly up
ported. Score :
Hartsel. If... 1 a I urirsnt. ss...
4 0 110
H A'b tr, r4
1 1 I) u Sishl. rf
1 s 0 frmn. lb.
1 II 0 oo.lhrh, If..
1 4 Kerrls. Jh. ..
1 in t 11 Hivrton. rf. .
J 1 J 1
4 I n l
rl. lb
l.ora. it ...
Murphy, b
Srhrerh. c.
Crofl. m. . .
Knlsht. b
tVsilArll, f
.. 4
.. S
... a
1 2 n
l n t
n ( t
l l l
4 0 Mnman.
fl 0 1 or A br'mer,
0 (1 n 0 Dlneen, p.
Tnll J 7 17 11 0 Totils 2i 72S 12 0
Otte out when winning run scored.
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 u 0 II 0 1-1
Boston o 0 o l 0 0 0 0 0
Left on bases: Boston. 3: Philadelphia. .
Stolen bases: Havden, Murphy. Two-buse
L"rd Double nltivs : Cross" Murphy
n.j r..i. a ,ui .r, ,,nA ff rani -
"l.P-aHAi,r,'haM.irJf.a..n ""i la"L"
Hartsel and Davis; Murphy and Crosu.
Struck out: Bv Waddell. 11: by Dineen, b.
Flrat base in balls: Off Waddell, ; off
Dlneen. 3. Time: 1:50. I'mplres: Connor
and Hurst.
Joss Pitches Ureal Game.
DETROIT. June 25. For eight successive
Irtnltiira tn.i sa ftolmlt rtnan In nri4ap i
, ' 0 . - i 1 I i ,k. fAi,rlh
was out trying to make it a homer, being
the only map to get to second base. W'ar-
ner's double and Jones single scored a run 1
in the ninth. Score:
B.H O.A E. B H 0 A K.
Flick cf 3 I (i Jnnas. cf 4 1 4 0 u
JlrltKon, If... 4 Oil OSrhaafrr. lb . 4 111
Turner. aa....3 1 ! U rawfori). rf. 3 1 I n u
Lajole. lb ... 1 10 4 (1 ( nhh. If...... 3 0 4 1 f.
Roaaman. lb. 3 0 14 0 Of nuhlln. h.. 3 0 0 1 0
Cnnitahnn. rf 4 1 1 (I fl blnnaay, lb.. 3 7 ! 0
Bradley, 3b.. 4 1 1 3 Ofi'Lcary. aa..l 0 t 3 0
Clarke, c 4 13 0 OWarner, r....3 0 3 0 0
Josa, p 3 I fl 8 u Donovan, p... t 0 17 0
Tniala. 30 3 17 14 A Tolals It 3 27 17 3
Cleveland 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1.-3
Detroit 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 I
Three-base hlta: Crawford. Flick. Sac
rifice hits: Ijijoio (2), Joss. First base on
balls: Oft' Donovan, . Ift on bases: De
troit, 1: Cleveland, 6. Struck out: By Don
ovan, 1; by Joss, 7. Wild pitch: Donovan.
Time: 1:18. I'mplres: Lvana Hnd Con
nolly. St. I.oala Defeats Chicago.
ST. IH'IS. June 2b. Chicago was lucky
to acore aa often as It did and the locals
deserved lta ti to 4 win. Jacobson was
wild and retired at the end of the sev
enth. Score:
ST. 1.(11 19. CHICAGO
B.H.O A C. H H O A E.
Nilea. rf 4 1 1 0 fl Kahn. If 1 0 0 1 0
T. Joura. lh. 4 I 13 3 IF. Jonaa. cf. 4 ft 0 1
Stone. If 3
Hemphill, rf. 4
Wallar. an. .. 4
O Brim. in. .. 4
Hamall. 3b. . 4
O'Connor, e.. 4
Jarebaon. s. . 1
3 m libel I. lb... 4 1 1 1 0
1 ii l liavla, aa 4 0 1 : 4
a 3 1 Dunnhu. lb . 4 1 i 1
1 4 UO'Nell, rf.... 4 1 1
1 1 b Sullivan, c... 1 o 0 1
1 2 0 Altrock. p.... 1 1 1 1 II
1 S Hart, r 3 1 4 4
0 1 OTanuchlll. lb I I I I 1
0 Pelty. p 1
- Kobe 1 0 0 0 ii
Totala 17 14 17 It 2
Tolala It 4 J4 14 3
Batted for Altrock In the ninth.
St. l.nuls 2 0 2 0 1 0 0 1 6
Chicago 1 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 04
Earned runs: St. 1-ouis, 6. Two-base hits:
Wallace (2). Sacrifice hlta: Stone, K. Jones.
Double play: T. Jonea and Wallace. Passed
ball: Hart. Stolen baaea: Wallace, O Brlen,
Isbell. Wild pitches: Jacubson, 2. Bases
on balls: Off jacobaon, 4. Struck out: By
Jacobson, 1: by Altrock, 4. Hits: Off
Jacobson, In seven innings. Left on
bases: St. Louis, 8; Chicago, ,. Time: 1:45.
I'mplre: Sheridan.
New York ghats Out Washington.
WASHINGTON. June 26. Ohesbro heid
Washington down to three hits today and
New York easily scored a shutout, Slo 0.
Two singles and a double were bunched on
Falkenbeig In the second inning and they
were enough to win the game. Score;
B H.O.A. E. b H O A E
Kaelsr, rf....t t 0 I Jntan. rf i o 1 o 0
Chaaa. lb t 1 It 1 Sohalfly, :b .. 4 1 4 4 0
Conroy. sa...4 0 0 1 l row. lb.. ..4 1 10
Lapnns lb . 1 1 i 1 Axleraun, If . 4 0 1 0
Willtania. tb" 3 1 1 .1 u llkkmao, rf. 3 0 1
Prlahanly. If. 1 II i 0 Ulllmr, aa....3 110
Hngman. rf..t 1 4 u Siahl. Ik 3 0 11 1
Mi-Gutra. ... 4 111 0 Hdon. c 1 044
I'haabro, p.. . . 4 0 11 0 Falksnbera., pi 0 4
J WakaRtla ..lul
Tolala 11 7 17 It 1 .
Tolala 10 1 17 It 1
Batted for Falkenherg In ninth.
New York 0 2 (I 0 0 0 0 0 02
Washington 0 o o o o 0 0 0 00
Two-base hits: Bchalfty, Cross. McQulre.
Sacrifice hits: Williams. Delehanty. Stolen
base: Chase. Left on bases: Washington.
I: New York. . Bases on balls: Off Fal
kenherg. 3. off Cheshro. 1. Hit bv pitched
ball: 1-alkenberg. 1. Struck out.' By Fal
kenherg, I; by Cheshro, . Passed halls:
heydon, 2. Time: 1:3a, Cmpire: O'lxiugh
lln. Standing of the Teams.
Played. Won. Lout.
Cleveland an 35 31
Philadelphia b," X4 23
New York Wi 34 24
St. Louis "... M II 27
Chicago bti 2,'
Detroit M SO 2g
Wssliington IS7 2u 37
Boston 8 is 42
Games today: Chicago at Et.
Cleveland at Detroit. New York at Wash
ington, hob ton at Philadelphia.
1 Seward Beata Gertuaalowa.
SEW ARD. Neb.. June 25. -On its home
w grounds Saturday afternoon the Seward
ti college teatA defeated the Geimantown team
In an Interesting game of base bull. The
1 game looked like a shut-out for the Ger
0 mantown boys, who mansged to get In a
ti score In the ninth inning after two outs had
Ut been made and the man up had two strikes.
M Pitcher Rttimann of the collegians struck
oui seventeen plaers. The score was:
- ! R. H. E.
4 Seward t 1 2 ( 1 10 7 10 0
1 Germantown. U 0 u 0 (I 4 0 0 11 4
ij I Batteries: Sewsrd. Rltsmann and Deth
ojlorl; Germsntown. ileyer snd Klnneman.
vi I'mpne: Louis Becker
ij RlaaattU Beats Hartlagloa.
ni.iauih ir.uii. Nt., June as. iHpeclal I
The hail season was opened hers yester
day by defeating Hartlugton In an eleven -Inning
game. The feature of the game was
the pitching of both pitchers. Cox not al
lowing a bit until the eighth inning. He
weakened then and Bloomfleld won out in
the eleventh inning. Score: R. H E.
Bloomfleld 004441443 4 14 41 S
Hartlugton (I 0 2 1 0 V 4 0 4 0 ti t I
Battel lea: Bloomfeld, Book snd Gard
ner; Hartlugton. Cog and r'keen. Bases
on balls: (iff Buok. 4. off Cox. t Two
base hits: Dye. Tnuni. Double play: Kinks
and W. Thuni Hit by pitched ball: Bv
Book. 1. Si ruck out: By Book. 15: by Cox.
I P.iased bail: Gardner. Time: t la. em
pire: Mud Wsshbuih of Hartlugton.
Btsillug Siuer-Frtniar, UiU aad Dodgs.
Ghicaco Vational Twirler Holds Et. Louii
to Losolj Siarlo.
Wladr (Itr Pitcher Win. Hla
Own 4ame with Two-Base Hit
la Fifth Inning, Driving
la Ever.
CHICAGO. June 28 Reulbach held St.
IiOula to one lonely single today, but the
hit waa timely, coming after a paas and
a aatrlfloe, and saved the vlaltora a shut
out. Karger had a hand badly split In
attempting to slop a vlcloua liner off
Kling'a bat In the third, giving way to
Thompson. Reulbach won hla own game
In the fifth with a clean hit. acorlng Evers,
who led off with a double. Score:
B H.O.A.E. B H O A E.
ITofman, rf . .. 4 4
Sue. hard, If. .301
a- hulls, rf . . . 4 n
I hinro lh . . t HI
atsinfldt. Itl I I
Tinker. J 1 I
II Burih. rf .1
I 1
l 1
0 10
0 1
a a
l Hennelt. 2b .. I
r H'lktr. lh 4
0 Smeot. rf
ft Shannon. If. .
0 Hhlv. lb
1 MeRrlile. .
fi Oraitr. t
F.rors, b.
Kilns, r..
i 1
1 1 7
t 1 II
Reulbarh. p.
o Karfr. p.
Thompson, p. 2
Totals 17 1 14 It 1
Chicago 0 0 I 0 1 0 0 0 2
St. Louis 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Hits: Off Kaiger, 2 In two Innings; off
Thompson, 2 in six Innings. Left on bases:
Chicago, 4; St. Louis, 3. Two-base hit:
Evers. Sacrifice hits: Reulbach, Kling.
Bennett. Tinker. Double plays: Smoot
to McBilde; Bennett to Beckley, 2. Struck
out: By Reulbach. 7. Bases on balls: Oft
Reulliaoh, 3; off Thompson. 2. Time: 1:30.
I'mplres: Klem and Carpenter.
Brooklyn Shots Oat Boston.
BOSTON. June 25. No Boston player
reached second base during today's gam,
which Brooklyn won by 2 to o. Scanlon
allowed but three hlta. Score:
B.H.O A K.
H H.O.A E.
MalonfT. rf..S 0 1 ft 0 Tftney, lb
Caaer, 3b 1 t 0 1 li Brldwell. . 4 0 J 1 0
Lunile?, rf... 4 110 0 Brain, .lb 4 0 17 0
Jordan, lb... 4 4 10 0 Tt.nrn. rf 3 0 1 0 0
Alperman, 2b I 0 1 I 0 Howard. If .. 1 0 0 0 0
Lla. aa 4 u 0 I 0 Dolan. rf 1 1 1
Hummel, If.. 3 0 4 0 0 Nreftham. r . J 0 I 1 0
Berirn, c a 0 0 Strohl. ;b... 0 fl 1 1
Sranlon. p... 1 1 0 S 0 Vnunc p 110 4 0
0'Nell 1 0 0 0 0
Totata 30 t.27 to-
Tniala 30 3 17 14 1
Batted for Young in ninth.
Brooklyn 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 02
Boston o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Two-base hits: Jordan, 2. Sacrifice hit:
Alperman. Double play: Is'eedhani. Brain
to Tenney. Bases on balls: Off Young. 1.
Hit by pitched ball: Casey. Struck out:
By Young, 7; hy Scanlon. 6. Time: 1:24).
Cmpirea: Conway and Emslle.
Pirates Defeat Reds.
CINCINNATI, June 25 Stolen banes were
largely responsible for the vlclory of Plita
hisrg over Cincinnati today. The local team
! "! "l"!1' Inning, scoring Iwo
i ii fi im'i urn nm n ww ri irpq. in is in"ii
held them safely for the rest of the inning.
, Score:
B.H.O. A E.
O H O A K.
Rsaumont. i'f 4
Ganley, rf 4
2 10 0 Husaina. 2b.. 4 1 1
I 0 a II Sermour. cf.. I 1 3
0 4 0 0 Keller. If ... 4 1 1
1110 Barry, lb.... 3 1 11
0 II 0 0 Itelrhanty. 3b 3 1 1
1 1 1 0Otwll. rf 4 1 1
0 3 1 0 Corcoran, aa.. 2 0 0
0 1 4 n frhlel. c 3 0 4
10 10 Kwln. p 3 A 1
.0 0
0 0
II 1
II 0
1 0
4 0
f'larka. If...
WiKnar, aa.
Nealon, lb.
I lSrh
J:lof,)n c
! wiiu. ' "
3 0
II inn ll
1 0 0
u 0
Total 30 8 27 10 1
Batted for Ewlng in ninth.
Pittsburg 0 0 2 ll o 1 10 04
Cincinnati .; 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 22
Two-bane hits: Seymour, Delehanty. Wag
ner. EacilnVe hits: Delehanty, Corcoinu,
Rltohey. Stolen bases: Ganley, Clark",
Wagner. Double plays: Hugglna to Barry;
1-each to Nealon. Struck out: Bv Ewing,
: by Willia, 1. Bases on balls: Off Ewlng.
2; off Willis. 4. Wild Pilches: Ewlng, 2.
Time: 1:55. empire: O'Day.
New York Plies Ip Big Score.
NEW YORK. June 25. The locals had
no difficulty In winning from the Phila
delphia visitors today. They batted Lush
for seven runs In the sixth Inning and
then Richie replaced him. Score:
B.H. O A K. B H.O.A. II.
Kraanahan. cf 1 1 1 n Thoma. if... 4 1 1 1 II
Marahall, rf.
1 1
1 13
1 4
3 1
1 1
1 1
0 II
0 1
3 0
1 OTIlua. rf 4 S
( 0 Courtney. 3b. 3 1
0 0 Magna, If 4 0
1 0 Dnolln, aa 4 0
1 OHrananaH, lb 4 1
4 OGIsaaon. tb... 4 1
1 Donovan, e. .. 4 0
0 0 l.uan. p 3
4 u Richie, p 0 0
(i 0 'Dooln 1 0
n ii
4 0
1 0
1 1
Mctiann, lb..
Marl... If...
Ilahlan, aa. ...
rxrlln, 3h
Olluaif. 2b...
Bowsrntan. c.
Smith, r
Taylor, p
Farguaou, p..
, i
1 :
0 II 0
10 0
15 7 17 It 4
Totala 34 12 17 U t
Ran for Taylor in seventh inning.
Batted for Richie in ninth inning.
New Y'ork 2 0 2 0 0 7 1 0 012
Philadelphia 2 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 13
First base on errors: Philadelphia, 2;
New York. i. Left on bases: Philadelphia.
B: New Y'ork. in. Bases on balla: Off
Taylor. 4; off Ferguson, 1; off Lush, S; off
Richie, 2. Struck out: By Taylor. 1;
hy Ferguson, 2; by Lush, 2. Two-base
hit: Titus. Sacrilice lilts: McOann. 2.
Stolen baaea: Maries. Dahlen. Gilbert,
Bresnahan, Wiltse. Double playa: Tay
lor, Bowerman to McGann; Thomas,
Richie. Doolln to (ileason. Hit by pitcher:
By Taylor. 1; by Lush. 1. Hits: Off Tay
lor, 6 In seven Innings; off Ferguson, 1
in two innings; off Lush, 10 in six innings;
off Richie, 2 In two lnninga. Wild pitch:
FergUHon. Passed ball: Donovan. Time:
2:0i. empire: Johnstone.
Standing of the Teams,
Played. W on. Lost, pet
,...iiS 44 IS .hits
bVi 4u 'JH .to
57 : lit .i;i7
.... r3 31 32 4H2
.... iw .'5 :
H4 . 24 HI .4.5
.... fi! 22 37 .bT;;
.... 61 . 21 40 .844
New York ..
Pittsburg ...
Ciuciniistl ..
St. Umis ....
Brooklyn ...
(James today: Brooklyn at Boston. Phil-
adelphia at New Y'ork, Pittsburg at On
clnnall. at. Iaiuis at Chicago
i I 4. AMES
1 i
Batting Rally Enables 4 olumhus to
shut ont Indianapolis.
Indianapolis. June 25 a twtting rally
In the seventh inning enabled Columbus to
shut out the home team today. Score:
B H O.A.g. H H.O.A. E
Plrkaring. rf. 4 1 3 1 II Vin.on. rf 4 1 1 I U
Wrlglay. tb .l I 1 (liunleavy. el. I I ! II t
HinehnuH. rf 4 1 1 U Hiniaa. If-lb 4 1 I u 0
Coulter. If ... 6 1 1 0 Perry. If 0 ll I
Bvan. lh
4 i m a r. rarr. lb... I t t o o
Krlrl. lb 4 V Allienull. Jb. t ll 1 t
Hiil'wlu, aa. S 1 I S Ii Jim. aa 4 1 I
Ulna. 4 3 4 I 0 Marfan, tb... 4 1 t I 1 I
Klaliarty. ... 4 1 I 4 OKahoc. .c 4 1 4 1 'J
I Haltord. p i i i ,
j Totals It IS7 17U .
Tulala 4 27 U 1 I
Columbus 0 0 0 u 0 0 4 n (I 4 !
I Indianapolis f 0 0 U 0 0 0 0 0 00 I
Bases jn balls: Off Harford. K; off Fla
herty, t. Twn-bsse hit: C. Carr. Three
base hit: Blue. Home run: Hlnchman.
Bacriflce hits;- Wrigley. Flahertv. Double 1
play: Hafford and Carr. Stolen, baaeai: j
Coulter. Flahertv. First on errors: I
(Columbus. 1. Left on bases: Indianapolis. I
; Columbus, V. Struck out: By Hafford,
S; by Flaher'y, 3. Time: 1:45. Umpire: I
Owens. 1
Distillers Defeat Modbeas.
TOLF.DO. June 25. Toledo lost because
Puttman was invincible after the first in-
nlng. Minahan ass wild at times. Score: ;
B H O A K. B H.(l4. K. I
Hallmau. If . 4
Stcnall. rf ... 4
braahaar. tb. t
(I 0 NM. . rf i u I 0
1 I
I I ( larks. If . I 1 t 1 u !
1 'J Dsionl. aa .. 4 u I I 0
1 tl JuM. rf 4 I U C
i Kruaaer. lb. . 4 t J II
Sulllan, Ik . 4 1 11
Wars la rf 4 1
WooarvS", h. I
t 4 t Knahe. !h . . I t 1 I
. a a a 4 1 0 W I'larka. lb 4 14 t VI
Quintan, aa .. I 1 4 4 a Abholi. r 4 7 4 l .
Puiistaa. p. . . I 1 t 1 a Minanan. p . 1 u I
"Kranik 1 u SI
Totala It l.-lll .
, Totala II 4 17 14
Iiuisvllle 0 looIJOl 0--S .
Toltdo i 4 0 0 0 4 o 0 4-2,
Two-base hits: fttovsll, fthsw. Jude. Sac. j
rlflce hlta. Demunt, Hallman. Struck out : j
By Mlnahsn, T: by Puitman. 4. liases on
balls: Off Minshan. t: off Puttman, 4 I
Double play: Demunt. Knabe and W.
Clarke. 8tolen basr: J. Clarke. Time: ;u0.
I'mpire: Kane. J
l.aaaes Poataoaed. ,
At 8t. Paul 8t. Paul-Milwaukee game ,
port pou-d. nonamval of St. Paul club.
At Minneapolis Mlnnea.poUs-K snaas City '
g.'inie poatp-Hied. visttlng team delayed by 1
iral.l wreck. ' J
Staadlag mt the Teams. .
Played Won. Lost Pet. 1
Toledo 44 ix i 'a '
Columbus ; .:'
Mllnaiike ;s ,v.7 ;
Loulsvllis s) (4 .iJ 1
3i x: tJ'ends that It mill be the tault of the
.... 3 ,4 . 4.4) Ameriran National Assn. latlnn of Amateur
" W 2." 4)(( oarsmen If tlie Americans arc prevented
.'.'.'.'as -71 4" .:1ni from rowing at Henley.
I'olumlms at Indianapolis, i ' "
Ksrsas City
Mlnnearxdls ..
J 81 Paul
iiKiianapoiis ..
I lames todnr
IulsviUr at Toledo. Milwaukee
at Kl.
Paul, Kansas Cltv at Minneapolis
Welsh Holds Kearner afe.
ORAM) ISLAND Neb , June A.-l Sp.-,ial
Telegram. eKev Welsh allowed only three
hits, well scattered, and Ornnd Island, iiad
an i asy thing of it. Score: It. II E
Orand Island. .1 n 1 1 0 n I 3 2
Kearney 0 0 0 l 0 o 0 l i 3 2
Batteries: Kearnev. Howard. Welsbrod
and Zalisk ; (ita.vl Island. Welsh and
Iowa l eaane Resnlts.
....,.., -r, ....... i i .,- o
MARSIIAI.l.TOW N. I . June 2o.-lSe-
dal Tel.-gram. i Following ate the results
of the Iowa league:
MarrhnlltoTvn, 1 4 : ottumwa. 2.
OskahMisa. h; Boone, 4.
Keokuk. S: 1'ort Podge, 2 (fn Innlngni.
W.ileiioo. S; liurllngtoti. K.
Davenport Defeat link.
DAVENPORT. Neb., Juno 26. (Special. i
In a very closely contested game of ball
here yesterday Lavenport defeated the Oak
team by a score of U to 10. Buck, Pike and
I.owe constituted the ualtery fur the home
teom; Dudley, Wright and Bcruggln for the
visitors. Wright umpired.
Thomas Hrrnsan Mais It la the Only
Heal Sport.
Tlwittins H re n o u e ttresf iliolt of t h Bren-
z, I nan-Loe company, anil Colonel FrnnK J
Mustang Island, near Uockrort, Texas, in
the Uuif of Mexico, where t ne Omaha men
had a royal time fishing for tarpon. While
on the Island Mr. Brennan was made n
member of the Sliver King club. Mr. Far
malee. an expert tarpon fisherman, re
ported that his protege, Mr. Brennan, did
some splendid work with the big fellows,
even If he waa nearly pulled nut of his
boat several times and threatened to cause
a tidal wave on the beach.
Mr. Brennan was telling tarpon stories
at tlie Pax ton hotel to a group of friends.
He said:
"You Just get a K00-foot Irish linen line,
attach an 8-Inch live mullet to the hook
and tell the boatman to pull out. Pres.
ently you will think you have a jroi ng
bull with a bunch of firecrackers on In.'
end of hla tall pulling at your line. Olve
him all the line he wantn and follow him
up. He will lump ten or twelve times
Into the air about fifteen feet, but don't
notice that. After tiring Mr. Tarpon out
you pull htm Into the boat, have the hm:
nian measure him and then turn him loose.
We fishermen at Mustang Island do not
Keep our nsn iiniefa f ru n one ui um-
usual length. We throw back anything
less than seven feet in lengtn. Am 1 go
lug back next year? Well, didn't t tell
you tarpon fishing waa the only Mrt on
The longest fish recorded by the Silver
King club measured seven feet, ten Inches
One of the rules of the club la that the
man who catchea the longeat tarpon dur
ing the season 1s made president of th.
club for the ensuing year. Mr. Brennan
haa his cap set for the presidency of the
club next year.
Mrs. toe and Mrs. Piatt Win
Donhlea Championship.
PHILADELPHIA. June 26 The Women's
National Championship l.awn Tennis tour
nament on the Philadelphia Cricket club
grounds was brought to a .conclusion to
dav, Mia. I- S. Coo and Mrs. D. F. Piatt
of the Knglewood (N. J. Field club winning
the doubles and Miss Sarah Coffin of
Stolen Island and E. B. Dewhurst of th"
I'nlversity of Pennsylvania tlie mixed
doubles championships, respectively.' Mrs.
Coe and Mrs. Piatt defeated Miss Helen
Hmiinn) and Miss Clover Holdt of New
Y'ork In the finals, fi-4. lj-4.
The winners tcok few chances and played
a hack court game almost continually.
In the mixed doubles two matches were
played. Results:
Women's doubles, final round: Mrs. L.
.9. Coe and Mrs. D. F. Piatt. Englewood
Field club, leat Mlsa Helen Unmans and
Miss Clover Uoldt, New Y'ork, fi-4, 6-4.
Mixed doubles. . seml-flital round: Miss
Margaret Johnson and W. 'IV Johnson.
Staten Island, beat Mrs. H. Toulmin and
H. O. Townsend. Jr., Philadelphia, 6-4,
d-7, 6-4.
Final round! tills Sarah Coffin, Staten
Island, and k'j. ,, Dewhurst, I nlversity .if
Pennsylvania heat Mlsa Johnson and Mr
Johnson, 6-3, 7-S.i-k ,
Tennis Platers at Wlmbleton.
WIMBLETON; 'Eng., June 26. The lawn
tennis championship, games opened here to
dav and will last tlie best part of a fort
night. No less than sixty-eight player
tire entered for tlie men championship.
1 America la represented In this contest by
I llavuioml D. lo'tle and Kreigh Collins.
I lie lUllll'! roil 111 oc i iu ...... w...
easily successful In the first round, beat-
! Ing A.
R. Sawyer in three straight iet
rue scores were n-i. i-., n-i.
Collins later won an equally easy victory
I I II Mltaraiin hv rum Aft 10 no! rt-
Injr. The scores were 6-1. 6-1, 6-2.
Deals C. Wright waa among the apecta
tois. His Injured hand Is improving.
Miss Sutton of Pasadena, Cal.. will de
fend the title of lady championship and
meanwhile, will participate In the mixed
Henley Likes Americans.
UENLhY. England. June 25 The real
dents of this riverside town, who reap a
rich harvest yearly from the regatta, are
anathematising Coach Fletcher of Oxford
today. They realize that their pocketa will
be touched if his proposal to exclude Amer
icans from future regattas Is adopted and
thy do not like the prospect. Among the
rank and file of the rowing men opinions
vary and -there are Indications that consid
erable opposition will develop against Mr.
Fletcher's sweeping resolution. He con-
The healthy color of the skin Is
; ctt-onnrrti tv oil narta rf tVi lwl
! 5
blood. When the germs of Malaria get
t1ie:e rsrvrniKioTpc fltirl rnK I Via Ktrwl nf it
; V . "I-"".
i tiering it lain, weat ana watery ana
i nccucu Micngtu to icmm, uibcasc. men me symptoms oi iwaiaria sum as
pale, sallow complexions, weak vitality, poor appetite, deranged digestion, a
general "let down condition of the
; fevf.r. KT,rtw that this insidious disease-
, o J ty - - - . .
Malaria must be removed from the system through the circulation, and the
medicine to accomplish this is S. S. S. It not only cleanses the blood of all
impure, unhealthy matter, but rids the system of Malaria, and restores the
blood to a strong, healthy condition. S. S. S., besides removine the eerms
i oi luaiana. Duiias up ana gives tone
bne tonic efiects. Malaria is a blood disease, and h. S. S. cures it because
it is a perfect blood purifier. Boole on the blood and any medical advice
, ,;. t,,. i,
High Grade Treatment
(If responsible, you may pay when curtd.l
ir you have a disease or weskness peculiar to
the Pelvic region, your condition rails promptly
for the beat ires t men t Iris medical profession
affords. Of this fact you must be thoroughly
convinced when you stop to consider, how maof
different doctors you have consulted, and how
many bottles of worthless medicines you have
tsken. We have no fsult to find with tne man
who employs such Inferior treatment, for thst
Is his privilege, but the money t.e th'ia expends
would go far toward securing for him a cure
thst Is safe, rapid snd permeuent. M have
long studied and thoroughly mastered Infirmi
ties of tills character male pelvic diseases.
Recently we have treated scores of at ubborn eaves,
and not a single failure or unpleasant result
has been reported to us. Other physicians may
treat men. but we cure them, cure them to re
main cured, and (his fact ws are prepared to
prove to the entire satisfaction of any man sin
cerely interested. Our fees are ss low ss they can
grads treatment.
By th litest ani keif methods m tun to rtrntin turoi, VARICOCELE, URETHRAL
BLADDER and KIDNEY troub'ts, ni all anoditt dittltti and weiiflcssts, wits
fftg'r rcffei tompcffoni.
Northwestern Medical
Surgical Institute.
ALLEY'S FOOT-EASE a,.'!rC. fau
A Certain Cum tor Tlrsd, Hot, Achldg Fast WXa--iHAi tToi.
I an Its H4I4T WIN 4 MI'l II K It K K
core anda Two and One
for the
Mnnawa .
ST. JOSEPH. June .-i Spei lul Tele
gram. )The I'oitaWMttamic took ilie third
I lace in the series fur the Mauawa i hal-
j lenge cup at I n kt- C'intiiii v ilils alterimon
In a llglit lirere The stiirtlng gun s
(fired at 2:45 o'clock. The l'' tun at taniie.
tossln the Hue tirst, stal led to pull awav
from the Sylvia. Kvtnltig a Rood bv the
time the llrst buoy was reached. It was a
"L V '"dward to i h" next buov The
wind freshened and the ftxlvia pulled up a
,lfI hll, p.,,,.., r',..i,4 firt
j 8nn ,roK ,lt ts plnna. ker and Imme
diately Mimed to pull awav from the Svl-
via. It steadily increased lis lead during
the rest of the race and finished 4:43 ahead
of the Sylvia.
There was another race st.irtikl at 5:6
o'clock, hut tlie wind dropped and the
boats could not finish in the time limit.
The Pottawattamie was four minutes and
fifty seconds In the lead when the race was
called off. .
Wind, west: course, north: preparatory
gun. 2:30 o'rlock; start gun. 2:4." o'clock.
First Round. Pottawattamie. Sylvia.
Flrt buov 2:W:I7
S :;;:)
1:11 :5
Second buoy :i:i"i ii?i
Third buoy.' .1:21:47
Fourth buoy S::tV:i2
Second round:
First buoy .1:4;.'J4
Second buov :! : ."! : 1
Third buov 4:'::i!
Fourth buov 4 2 4.1
Finish 4:2S:ot
Elapsed time, 1:41:01.
The crew of the Pottawattamie returned
home thia evening. They will return Sat
urday and the next race mill be sailed Sun
day. The Pottawattamie has now won two
and the Sylvia one race.
Boxing; name gonday.
On'atia followers of the boxing game will
he treated to a twenty-round boxing con
tesii next Sunday afternoon at No Man's
I.nd In East Omaha, when tiny Buckles,
said to be the undisputed champion of
Omaha, and Kid Jensen will meet at catch
weights. The crowd will pick the referea
after the preliminaries. The fun will start
at 3 o'clock sharp. The bouts will be given
under the auspices of the Cut-Off Athletlu
Snorting; Brel(1es.
That's a race between the Giants and
Pirates but Just so Chicago staja In the
Wicker showed he was not quile all In
Ce hi.ii t.j. . ' i ' erl a it a rvi e tnr Wo Im.r frntn
j Pittsburg Sunday.
FV-nlon started off well for Sioux City.
making three hits and coming In with one
of the two runs which won the game.
Sunday must have been a busy day at
first for Chance. He only had one try,
something you don't see in a lifetime for a
first baseman.
Must have been the Blues' day, sure. In
Kansas City Sunday. St. Paul ,took a
double-header there and In the second game
each team made fifteen hits.
Mordecai Brown and Pfelstcr got their
bumps from St. Ixiuls Sunday, but man
aged to save the game by opportune hit
ting by Chance and Stcnfleld in the ninth
Dutch Schaefer did something Sunday
you don't often see. His team, Detroit,
was beaten. 2 to 1. hy Chicago and Dutch
was sent In the ninth inning to bat for
Donahue with G'I.earl on base. The
Dutchman didn't do a tiling but knock the
ball over the fence, turning the. game Into
a victory for Detroit.
In accordance with an agreement made
with Kourke when he signed hla contract.
Johnny Bender will leave the team about
July I to complete a six weeks' course at
Chautauqua. N. Y., to perfect himself for a
physical director. He already has a con
tract to serve as physical director for an
eastern college, the work to begin with
foot ball in September. Rngerts, formerly
with the IJncoln team, arrived in Omaha
Saturday to help out with the catching
department during the absence of Bender.
He warmed up with the Omaha team Sun
day. Bender will return.
The summer tournament of the National
Freight Traffic Golf association will be
held on th Fox Hill's Golf club course
June 27-2. The Omaha members of the
association are these freight agents: J.
A. McNaughton, Cudahy Packing company;
Elmer II. Wood, I nlon Pacific railroad;
R. C. Griffin. Chicago & Northwestern
railway; W. W. Garratt. Inlon Pacific
railroad; G. F. Miller, Chicago & North
western railway; Eugene Duvall. Chicago,
Minneapolis A St. Paul railway; C. E
Spens, Chicago, Burlington & yulncy rail
way. A Diarrhoea Remedy that
Ton All
There are few people In the I'nited States
who have not used or at least heard of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy. Sometimes it Is kept in
the house for a long time without being
needed, when suddenly some member of
the house is stricken with diarrhoea In Its
worst form. The bottle is found to be in
tact and a dose or two cures the sufferer.
This medicine keeps its strength for yearn.
Much suffering and many doctors' bills are
saved by keeping it always at hand.
On July 6 and 27, to Chautauqua Lake,
N. Y., and return at 214, good 30 days; and
dally June 1 until September 20, at 320, via
ERIE RAILROAD from Chicago; stop
overs also permitted on all tickets, to New
York, Boston, Niagara Falls, etc. Apply to
your local ticket agent or J. A. Dnlan, T.
P. A., Ek Railway Exchange, Chicago, 111.
given to it by the millions of little rei
in ntV.r 1 a 1, ,.,,, lif 0
into this vital fluid they destroy
rich lifk.eiictaininor siua1itia rott-
"-IS 1
unauie xo supply me svsieni wun me
S3'stem, and perhaps chills and slight
ia ararliiallv affecti no" the ntire rtealth
ana vitror 10 me entire system dv its
h conltot
Northwest Corner
13th and Farnam Sts.,
a. Aileo
a. (ilonatad.
D1T j
Ith high I
oa sry kog.
doctors for nuasrv
' V--s f
-in r - j
The Reliable
The difference between success and failure in business life is due In nine
out of every ten rases to lack of physical manhood. Your growth your
strength, your ability, your Intellectual or business rapacity, your skill ss a
workman In the usual business pursuits of life, your popularity i'h other
human beings, of either sex. Is all shaken and your future career hltghtnd if
your standard of manhood Is depleted. Ton can't be half a man physically and
4 whole man otherwise. A ohatn Is no stronger than Its weakest link
Cpon possessing the essential elements of manhood depends chiefly the
happiness of marital life, success in the commercial world aivd the perpetuity
of our race. Intellectual power and vigorous manhood csnnnt be measured in
dollars and rents. It Is a power and 4 privilege that should endure wib man
as long as life Itself, and whenever It Is Impaired or suspended through lg
noranoa. excesses. Indiscretions or dissipations, nature will asssn herself sn.l
the other aodlly and mental functions weaken.
If you have violated natures law you must pay the penalty, unless you
ar again restored to what natured Intended you s strong, robust, healthy
traw physically, mentally and sexaully. By health Is Implied thst beautiful
and harmonious blending of the mental, physical and sexual forces, which con
tribute so much to our happiness and success In every wslk of life, snd the
absence of which materially accounts for our failures. It is uselewn to worry
about the past cause after the dleewa or weakness becomes once e'stshllshed.
The fact that the trouble now exists makes It necessary that there should bo
no apathy, no delay, no deferring matters until later on.
Ws cure safely and thoroughly:
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexual Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Sypbllif), Rectal.
Kidney and Urinary Diseases,
and all dlsessns and weaknesses of men due to evil habits, excesses, or the re
sult of specific or private diseases.
1308 Farnam St., Bet. 13th and 14th Sts., Omaha, Neb.
' 'ji-iilAati iii'itnMi
f a-j fr
r !
DB. . AHI tcS A SEaVIU.1
leVtki as
Colorado possensea gom of the finest flfthing "
and hunting grounds on earth. Its myriads
I i of streams and lakes teem with mountain
trout and are the haunt of millions of geese, V
ducks and other wild fowl. . L
I W ' (tin tn Iienver. Colorado Springs, Pueblo and v.j
II ylw'WW return, July 10 to 16, inclusive.
j lift Denver. Colorado Springs. Pueblo and 11 '
IS. a w w return, every dsy to Sept. th. II
V The Ponnlar Route to Colorado. I J '
Inquire at J f
Home56ekeP5, Excursion
MUsouri. frkana. Indian Teppltoru.
LouUlana, New Mexico,
Oklahoma. Texas. Republic of Mexlfco.
1906, vla
TOM HIT.HF.S. T. P. A., T. F. CrODFREY. P. T. A..
II. C. TOWNSKXD, General Pgs.iiger and Ttdurt Ageut.
I-'. K. lUce Mctxantilo Cigar Co.,
- . v., r.- . .
VHCfcT I : A''.'
L-.iL Z. ;
By Oir 0M Reliable DS. SE4KLES A SEARUS
Established In Omaha for It years. The many thoo..
ssnds of esses cured by us make us the most experi
enced Specialists in the west, in all diseases ana ail
ments of men. Wa know just what will cure you
and our quickly.
Ws make no misleading ar false statements or offer
you cheap, worthless treatment. Our reputation and
Dsrae are too favorably known every case we treat,
our reputation is at stake. Your health, life and hap
piness Is too serious a matter to place In the hands of
a "aTaKXLEI U SOCTOm." Honest doctors of ability
us their OW1T MAMS UT TWB BTJ8IME81. Wo
caa affect for everyone a life-long CUKs for Weak,
N-rVous Men. Varicocele troubles, Nervous Debility,
Blood Poison, prostatic trouDies, Kianey, uiaaoer,
WASTZVO SMBAJiBS, Hydrocelev Chronic Disss ssa.
Ulseasea, MtomacQ ana Bum msasse.
Examination and Consultation, write rat?
Symptom Blank for Home Treatment
Dssglsa Streets, 'las a a a, Iskrsska,
July Rd and 17th.
August 7th and 21st.
September 4th anil IHfh,
October 2d and Irllh,
ftovfiutxT 0th and 2CMh.
Manufacturers, bt. Louis, M.