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iwedH Enjoy TbcmMlrei in OeUbrttiei of
Mid-timmtr Day.
Pwiiet waa nr4 r fii
Party, wk RHdently waa
ehotlaaT a Rl at
The BMm of Couth Omaha enjoyed
ihemsehrea Sunday. Teaterday u th
iv H apart and known In Sweden at
-1 -Summer's day. Thla day la honored
,1 aa Thanksgiving, except that tha
monies ara of a nature mora in keep.
Jj with lumiwr tint. Tha celebration
irraay wm unuer me airecuon i tne
Independent Order of Vikings. on of the
trongest order of thla nationality In
South Omaha. About 1.000 people visited
the picnic grounds In Syndicate park. Many
of them were from Omaha Appropriate en
tertainment waa provided There via a
band, all of the Swedish nationality. BeY
eral athletic conteeta were engaged In. Tha
day waa an Ideal one with the ezception
nf a few drops of rain late In the afternoon
A dancing floor waa provided Juat eaat of
the little lake In the park. Hera the young
people made merry, dancing all the popular
dances and a few that were exclusively
Swedish. There were many family plcnlct
through the grounds, where the people en
Joyed themselves In the liveliest fashion.
Captain Turnqulst of the South Omaha po
lice force was one of the prominent ones
who took a hand In entertaining the crowd.
It waa Intended to have a dance for' tha
younger people during the evening, but this
was dampened by the rain which began
early In the evening,
Grassbaaah Re parts Haifa.
Andrew Qrambaugh, a man who lives
nesr Twenty-sixth and O streets, over the
Splrl bakery, reported to the police last
Saturday night that he was held up be
tween Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth
streets shortly after U o'clock. He ststed
that th
ti un
Vf tha i
that the men took a watch from him. He
unable to give an accurate description
men who held him up, and a search
vicinity by the police did not bring
any results. Qrambaugh had some money
at the time, .but the holdup men did not
take it. He states he had the money hid
den. No trace was discovered yeeterdsy,
attd none la HkMy for there Is no accurate
description to work on
Ballet Plereee a Ut.
Matt Mollner, living at Twenty-fifth and
Folk streets, waa accidentally shot yester
day by an unidentified party. The bullet
pierred his lung Just sbove Ms heart on the
left side The man suspected la supposed
to be a peculiar character of the neighbor
hood, who delights in target practice. It is
thought to be one of the stray bullets from
his rifle which Inflicted the dangerous
wound. Mollner was attracted by the sound
of something striking the pickets of his
fence. He went out to see what It was
and discovered a 22-callber bullet which had
pierceo me pirgei He stooped to pick up
:auen slug, and as he straightened up
second bullet struck him, Inflicting the
dangerous Woundi Dr. De LAtiney waa
celled and dressed the wound, making the
discovery that the left lung was punctured
In such a manner that there was no possi
bility of probing for the bullet The wound
was bound up. If no complications set in
It Is thought the man will recover.
Made City (Soasla.
Mrs. John Keller of Fremont is visiting
with Mrs. 8. C. Bhrlgley. .
Mrs-(ioorge DotvHa.visltln Moniti a, .A
relatives at Coon'' Rapids. la.
Miss Harriet Duke of Sioux City la the
guest of Miss Frances Tsnner.
.letters Oold Ton Beer delivered to all
parts of the city. Telephone No. I.
Mrs. Mason Zerbe and children have
Itinie on a month's visit to David City.
Kied Clerk of Waterloo Is visiting over
Sunday with, his mother. Mrs. Elton Clark.
J. V. Jordan Is rejoicing In the visit of
his brother. Jke Jordan, from their eastern
home In Ohio.- ..
MlfS Anna I.ane will attend the Chau
tauqua assembly at Beatrice this week. She
l ft the city Friday.
' Re and Marlah Dawson, dnughlers of
Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Dawson, have gone to
visit relatives in Falrbury. ,
Frits F. Rand wall left the city yesterdav
n a visit to penver. He will return In
me course or a wees or two.
Mr. and Mrs. Morrla Htrater of Lushton.
are tne guests or Mrs. Qeorge Me
to whom Mrs. Strater la a sister.
The Baptist young people are to give an
ice cream social Tuesday evening in High
land perk. Everyone is cordially Invited.
All of the concrete work on the Twenty
fourth street paving has been completed.
The brick work is about three days be Mrs. f). 8, Parkhurst has recently re
turned from M anlan, N. ., where she hss
ncen visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. M
The women of Iaiurel hive of the Macee
bees were entertained delightfully at Fif
teenth and Vinton streets by Mrs. Starr
and Brock Mullen.
Mrs. J. D. Moore and son sailed yester
day from New Tork on the F'irnessia,
bound for Glasgow, Scotland. They left
Omaha last Wednesday.
Tuesday . and Wednesday of this week
there will be functions of Interest to the
societies nf the churches, conducted at the
I nlted Presbyterian ehurcn.
Miss LJIllan O'Connor will be married to
Dennis McNeal hefore the week cieee
he ceremony will le In St. Mary a church
he couple will live In Lincoln.
All - membere of. Carnation council,
Knights and i,anies or necunty, are re
quested to meet at the hall Tuesday even
ing. Matters of great Importance to the
fraternity will be diacuased.
Rack is Statristeat at rsasellmas
Wtt Waste Peaee with
1 -- ke Hsisr.
"We have heard nothing further from
Jesse Uwt as to whether he will or Will
i.ot accept the position of city engineer,"
raid a democratic councilman Monday.
"We will pot receive any word from him.
X!n my opinion, until tha thirty day a In
pthlrh he haa for acrjtntanca are almoat
i i 7 hlch he has for accept
"veiet'Xplrel. Then he will d
I "Andrew Rosewater's n
In again by the mayor ar
name will be aen:
nd sooner or later
he will be confirmed and retained In the
position. It is entirely safe to say that
Rosewater will remain city engineer. A
a matter of fact the hostile feeling is
not so much against him aa against Mayo
r 4 " "I think if hi a honor could be Induced
JL to coma down off bis high horse and hold
V Kf a friendly conference with the council tne
whole difficulty would be cleared away
and ha would find a majority willing to
approve hla choice for city engineer.
"Personally, I do not find much to crit
icise in tha mayor's wish to retain the
present rlty engineer. I think he Is sin
cere In his statement that he fears to
make a change Jest It be for the worse,
and I have aa Idea that the council might
be made to see It la the same way If tha
mayor changes hla tactics.
"It baa been demonstrated to the mayor
that there la a majority la tha council
composed, of men who have lust aa much
The Qre&t Uric Acid Solvent Ask your dealer to drop a line to ;
Natural Litfci Spring Water SII0G0 LI Till A SPRING CO,
A Delightful Table Water Milf ord, Neb.
If your teeth are sensitive and
hurt you when thev are filled,
you probably dielike to go to your
dentist, and delay the visit aa
long aa possible, until vanity or
pain compel you to aek dental
Now, I fill and crown aensitlva
teeth painlessly. That la, 1 have
remedies by the aid of which f"
can remove that Intensely sharp
pain familiar to so many who
have had teeth filled by th old
fashioned methods.
Of course. If your teeth are not
sensitive, and It does not hurt
to haTa them filled, painlessness In
dentistry la of little Interest to yo j,
but I can offer you cleanly,
superior work.
Crown and bridge work a
DR. F1CKES, Dentist. 838 Bre Bld
'Phone Douglas 637
nerve and backbone aa ha claims to pos
sess. "As to the controversy over the offices
of city prosecutor and gas Inspector, I da
not know how that Is to be settled. The
matter of the city engineer, however. Is
the toughest nut to be cracked and pre
sents the problem to be solved first."
Order Holda State Convention, Begin-
las; wltk Big Banquet
Colonel J. J. Ryder went to South Omaha
Monday to assist In the preparation for the
holding of the first state convention of the
Ragles. The first assembly call was at I
p. m. Monday afternoon end when the dele
gates began to arrive they saw a city
dressed in gala attire to welcome them. A
banquet will be served in the dining room
of the South Omaha Ilve Stock exchange
this evening st 7:30 and the room has been
Isvlshly decorated and remodeled for the
occasion. H. B. Fleharty will be toast-
master and other entertainers are: J. J,
Ryder, Mayor .Hoctor, H. 1. Iiavia. Misa
Louise Jansen, A. J. Lepenskl, William
Cole. J. A. Tuthlll. P. J. Barrett. Rev. F.
M. Slsson, T. IX Metcalf, George West, L
J. F. Jaeger. C. A. Tracy, Carl Relter. A.
I,. Sutton, Myrtle Shumway and 'Doc
At Fresco Mnslcale Planned for Tues
day Rvenlaar at the Pamp
laat Station.
Mlnne-Lusa. the beautiful pumping sta
tion at Florence, is to be the scene on
Tuesday evening of an outdoor musicals
at which some of the best of Omaha's
voices will be heard. Mr. and Mrs. A. B
Hunt are sponsors for the affair and the
proceeds will be given to the Creche, Old
People s home and the Young Women's
Christian aaaoclntlon. Those who will take
part in The program are: Mr. Stanislaus
Bchersl, violin; Miss Damm, Mexso so
prano; Miss Allen, soprano; Mr. Stewart
Alex, tenor; Mr. Harry Batss, basso; Miss
Paulson, pianist and accompanist.
If disfigured by pimples, ulcers, sores,
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve will heal you up
without a ecar. 25 cents. Guaranteed. For
ssle by Sherman at MeConnell Drug Co.
Love Rates to Okobejt and Spirit Uke
Via Chicago, Milwaukee A St.
Pa a I Railway.
Round Trip from Omaha.
W.V on sale Friday or Saturday, good
returning Monday.
ts.00, on ssle daily, return limit 30 daye.
"J9.S5, on sale dally, return limit Oct. list.
An Ideal 'spot to spend a summer vaca
tion. Write for Okoholt folder.
F. A. NASH, Gen'l Western Agent.
1524 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
Hints for Planning Year Vacation.
A little) note will bring to you our book
let on Summer Vacations where to go. how
to get there end whst It will cost. It con
tains ovfr eighty different tours, combin
ing rail and water routes. No vacation
plans should be completed without consult
ing this guide. For a copy address C. C.
Merrill. Traveling Psssenger Agent, lnth
and Walnut Sts., Kansas city. Mo. W. J.
Lynch. Psss. TrsfTlc Manager, Chicago.
Marrlaare Licenses.
The, following marriage licenses have been
Issued :
Name and Residence. As-e
jnsepn J. Bioup. Omaha 26
Anna Kotera, oinahs 2
Isaac Ertckson. Omaha 29
Mary iArsen. Omaha
Alex Greenberg. Omaha ". 2
Kva Cotler. Omaha ,
PIAMONpS Edholm, Wth and Harney.
Railway Note and Personals.
E. I- Lomsx, general passenger scent
of the Union Psclftc, hss returned from
Chicago, where he has been sttendlng va
rlous meetings for some time.
The tteel rails are now being distributed
along the Wyoming division of the 1'nlon
o for the new double track which that
road is isylng rrom ' umsha to ogden.
Several large ganga will be put to track
laying ana tne worn punned as fsst as
C. Li. Mills, formerly city psssenger agent
Illinois Central In Omaha and now travel
ing pnasetiaer agent for thst company out
of New York City down along the Atlantic
seacnast, one of the most Important terri
tories. Is in the rlty for a few days. Mr.
Mills' genial disposition drew to him hosts
of friends during tlie period he spent in
Omaha snd thst same valuable asset hss
made him one of the most populsr men
along the esstern coast the Illinois Central
has ever had there. He likea the eaat, ao
the afiectlon la mutual.
The Southern Pacitlc is contemplating
considers hie Improvements st Hasen, con
sisting of a new round house with water
system snd fifteen miles of switch tracks,
and the Import of these improvements has
been discovered. The Southern Pacific will
build a road from Keeler, the terminus of
the Toncpah extension to their line, to
Mojave, thus completing the line from
Hasen to ls Angeles. By going south
from tlssen the Southern Pacific will save
all the distance between that town and
I.os Angles they now go west from
The Chicago Great Western has sprung
two Interesting pamphlets on the public
at the same time. One is labeled "Oulde
to Guide Books, Kast. North and West,"
and the other ia on the national eocamo
ment of the Grand Army of the Republic
st Minneapolis August 12 to 18, inclusive;
The guide book contains some veiy valua
ble Information to anyone going aay for
the summer, showing Just which guides to
send for in any part of the country. The
Urand Armv of the .Republic pamphlet
shows the beauties of Minnesota and de
scribes th various short side trips which
may be taken from Minneapolis.
The southwestern part of Nebraska and
the northern section of Ksnsas had another
generous sosklng Sunday night. Railroad
reports show rain all over western Ne
braska, with V Inch at Republican In
Harlan county, 1 inch at Norton. Kan.i
W Inch at Gherlln. Kan.; V Inch at Oxford.
Furnas county; S Inch at Orleans. 4 inch
at Wllsonvtlle, 14 Inches st McDonsld.
Kan. and Inch at Arapahoe. At Mo
Cook .11 inch fell and Inch at Benkle
msn; In fact, good raina were reported all
over the southwestern part of the atate.
These rslns come Just ss needed snd In
sure the crop for thst section. The rains
of last week helped and these will Insure
the crop.
Labor in Grtater Demand in West Than
Can E Bnppliod.
nalldlaai at Tracks Caald Irceed
Rapidly If Bafncleat Crews
Coals Be Oktalaed
Da the Work.
Men. men, men, I the call of tha west
at present In all classes of work, especially
for railroad work, along the many new
lines which are being built,. An employ
ment agency In the west Is said to be mak.
ing special efforts to secure the 4.000 men
employed on the Gould line to go with the
Southern Pacific. With advent of the har
vest, which promises to be th largest In
tha history of the west, the labor problem
for th railroads now building promises to
be a serious one. Unless something un
foreseen happens to relieve th situation
there promises to be a considerable ad
vance In wagee.
Not only does the lack of men delay the
work at hand, but also keeps the con
tractors from bidding on new work. In
stead of contractors with large grading
outfits going around looking for work the
situation la reversed and the railroads have
to look up the contractors and beg them to
bid oo any new work. This fact is keeping
back considerable new building In this
state and Wyoming which would bo under
taken thi summer wera it not for the
scarcity of labor.
The call Is out for laborers In the harvest
fields, and this work suits many better than
the work on the railroads, as the farm
housea are often better homes than the
grading camps. Many are now going to
the Kansas fields, as the railroads hsve put
In a rate of a cent a mile for parties of
five or more. This same rate went Into
effect for Nebraska points June 25, and
many harvest hands will soon be needed tor
the bounteous Nebraska crops.
New Stations to B Opened
The stations of Walthlll and Winnebago
on the new Ashland-Sioux City cutoff will
be opened for business June 27. The whole
road will soorr be In position to handle all
kinds of freight and will then hustle to
get ready for passengers. This brings to
mind the fact that all talk of a road from
this ciloff to Omaha has been dropped
since Freight Traffic Manager Crosby of
the Burlington handed out his "Jolly" at the
Commercial club rooms about a year ago
With the completion of this road the
freight of the Hill lines from the north will
evade Omaha entirely. It will be trans
ferred at Ashland for the south and east.
that for the east being sent over the river
to Pacific Junction by the cutoff through
Louisville. The freight for the south will
be diverted to Lincoln and then south to
Ksnsss City.
Elevators have been built at the new
towns along the cutoff, and this grain Will
also have a tendency to stsy away, from
Omaha. With the fight now being waged
In the matter of elevator charges the mem
bers of the Grain exchange are to reopen
the question as to whether this grain Is
to be permitted to go by Omaha when
the gateway of the west Is the natural
market for It. By avoiding Omaha the
Burlington will have an edge on other
roads to get the grain either to the south
or eaat for itseit witnout anptner roaa
having a chance to bid.
The Burlington has decided not to place
an exclusive Burlington agent at Sioux
City, but the work will be done by the
Great Northern agent at that point.
Big Sunday Kxcarslona.
Although generally opposed to the Sun
day excurslun business, the I'nlon Pacitlc
went into It for keeps Sunday and did a
big business all over the line. The crowd
to Omaha of 1,500. which was picked up
between Grand Island and Omaha, was an
orderly bunch and was returned home
without mishap or accident of any kind
The fact the lid Is on In Omaha gives en
couragement to railroad officials to run
these Sunday excursions, and the people
spent the day at the various parks and at
the ball game. In addition to the Omaha
bunch the 1'nlon Pacific hauled 1.00U Into
Beatrice from the north and TOO from the
south to the Chautauqua celebration. From
Saltna to Concordia BOO were hauled for a
Knights of Columbus celebration, and J60
returned from Denver to western Kansas.
Hltcheork-Croanse-Kentanelle Crowd;
Whining Aroaad at the
Eleventh Hoar.
In the frantic effort to repair the pre
dicament In which they have found them
selves after muddling the primary ballot
through the courts the .Fontsnelle braves
are now trying to pick out a slste of
eighty-three names from the 140 anti-Rose-water
filings to be known ns the "Crounse"
or "Fontanelle" delegation to the atate con
vention, either designation to be used as
circumstances msy seem to warrant.
To this end Duncan M. Vlnsolhsler. who
by some mysterious authority has been
dubbed "manager" of father-in-law's csm
paign, has called a meeting of the 140, more
or less. Independent delegates at the Indian
camp tonight. Invitations were by postal
card and It cannot be ascertained what
names were overlooked and what remem
bered. It Is given out that the prime func
tion of the powwow will be to pick nut
elghty-tnree candidates for the delegation.
One of the most prominent of the Indians
admitted frankly Monday morning that the
Rnsewster delegation was sure to be
"We hope to get a few delegates on, that
Is about all I can see ahead," he remarked.
"Our campaign haa been blundered ao badly
that nothing else but defeat ran be ex
Reservation to
B Opened
to Settlement.
Announces Round-Trip Excursion Rate
from All Potnta July U to Ja.
than one far for th round trip
to Sboshonl, Wyo., tho reaervatlon border
Th only all-rail rout to th reeervaiioa
border. ,
Dates of registration July I to a at
Bhoshoni and Lander. Reacneg only by
this line.
Write for pamphlets telling how to take
Up one of these attractive homesteads.
Information, maps and pamphlets free en
request at City Office, Uvl-S Farnam St,
or address 8. F. Miller, A. O. F. at T. A.,
i:01 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
Lake, la.. Via Chicago Great
Western Railway.
For parties of 1 or mors on far and
ns-thlrd for th round trip, good for II
days. Tickets on sale dally until Septem
ber Ml For further Information apply to
H- H. Churchill, a. A.. UU Farnam Si
ew York Philadelphia
cannot b more pleasantly or conveniently
reached than by tn urand Trunk-Lehlgo
Valley Double Track Rout via Niagara
Falls. . Solid through trains. magnlOaeut
WATCUk ersnaer. UUt M Pedga eta
Conditions Along the Rarllagtoa
Giro Eseesrsreisest to Far a,
era aad Others.
The Burlington soil and crop report for
the Wyoming district for the week ending
June 3 shows that on the Alliance division
wheat Is doing well under the circum
stances, but Is showing the need of rsln.
A good rain was reported last Saturday,
hlch should have remedied that defect.
The dry surface sod high winds were hard
on oats, but the present rain should bring
them out. Corn made slow progress owing
to the cold weather, but the rain should
set It right. Potatoes are In good condi
tion and doing well. The first cutting of
alfalfa yielded a good crop, but grass and
ranges need rain. IJttle rain fell on this
division until Saturday. ' '
On th Sheridan division wheat la grow
ing faat, the stand ia even and the pros
pects are for a good crop. Oats also ara
growing fast and unless 1t should turn
dry there should be a good crop. The po
tato crop la In fin condition and the mead
ows and pastures are still In good condi
tion, with an abundance of feed for all
kinds of stock. About an Inch of rain fell
during the last week and the soli la In ex
cellent condition. Reports from sgricul
tural districts show all kinds of vegetation
In good condition. Stock fattening fast.
8heep shearing not yet completed on ac
count of delay getting shearing crews.
Wool clip Is fine and larger than previous
On the Sterling division fron Holdrege
to Curtis wheat la filling better than was
expected and the beat crop will be on
pieces where the ground waa put In good
condition last fall. From Curtis to Ster
ling, except at Curtis and Maywood, the
prospects are good, as the cool weather has
kept the ground In fairly good condition.
In the vicinity of Sidney wheat is In good
condition and promises good yield.
Oats will be light unless we havo plenty
of rain in the near future. East of Curtis
they are perhaps too fsr gone now to make
anything, but there will be a fair crop on
the reet of the division If the weather con
ditions are favorable.
Corn Is backward on account of the cool
weather. The stand, however. Is good, and
if we get plenty of rain within the next
ten days or two weeks It will be safe and
will probably yield as good a crop aa last
Potatoes are in very good condition and
the yield will be about an average. Beets
now being cultivated and thinned. Pros
pects are good. Weather quite favorable,
except little short of. rala and they were
set back by high winds.
Pasture Is quite short for this time, of the
year, but la thick on the ground. Some
cattle and hogs are being disposed of on
account of the present outlook for grain
and hay. In the vicinity of Sidney, where
more rain has fallen, feed la in excellent
Ther has been but very little rain on the
Holdrege-Cheyenne line during the last
week. In the vicinity of Sidney enough
rain has fallen to keep crops up In good
A little forethought may save you no end
of trouble. Anyone who makes It a rule to
keep Chamberlain's Colic . Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy at hand knows this to
be a fact.
riahlag and Cassplng Rates to Madl
son Lake, Watervllle aad Elyslaa,
Mian., Via Cnleago Creat
For parties of ten or more, one fare and
one-third for the round trlfj. good for ten
days. Tickets on 'sale dally until Sep
tember 10. For further 'IHIOrmatlon apply
to H. H. Churchill, G. A.',' lfili farnam 8L '
Kansas City aad "t. I.oala Inspectors
Come to Whark I on
Llewellyn's Goods.
Chief Postofftce Inspectors 1 Fullerton of
St. !xule and Hsrrlson of Ksnsas City sre
In Omaha for the purpose of looking after
a division of the furniture of the head
quarters of the Omaha division, rural free
delivery, soon to be abandoned. Part of
the furniture will be shipped to St. Ixiuls
and the remainder to Kansss City, for use
in those headquarters. The equipment
consists of desks, cabinets, typewriters and
office equipment generally. The fixtures
will be packed for shipment by the letter
part of the present week. The formal
abandonment of the headquarters will take
place Saturday, when a part of the Inspec
tors and special agents formerly operating
from this division headquartera will be
assigned to duty with the Ksnsas City
division, though still operating in this
state. Kansas, Iowa and Oklahoma, as
usual. Superintendent C. E. I,lewellyn
III remain In Omaha for the present. The
clerical force will be transferred to other
headquarters, but their definite assign
ments have not yet been made.
The 44 Discovery
of the
Soda Cracker
T'JN e-W
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We have just received from our wholesale tailors a new shipment of the famous
"Washington Mills" pure All Wool Blue Serge Suits. They are without a single tlouht
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tall, short, stout or slim built men.
I A Panama Hat l.r.w Summer Shirts Summer Underwear
it Our 5 1 .00 Line For Mcn' Ncw Line ,!
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Four Million Dollars Brian Attorney Befon
Board with a Protott.
Comealssloaer Ire Asks far Heoelpts
and Expeasea, bat Company's
Agent Says He tsaatt
Famish Them.
George E. Prilchelt. representing the
Omaha Gas company, appeared before the
county Board , ot Equalization Monday
morning to protest against the proposed
raise in the valuation of that corpora
tion's personal property from W.126.tst to
$4,090,000. After listening to the argument
the board look the matter under advist-
Mr. Pritchett said his company was a.
praised at SJ,600.0uO In 102, after a hearing
In the supreme court, and that the plant
Is not worth as much now as It was tnen.
The franchise, he said, being limited, de
creases In value as the time of lta termina
tion approaches. The company, he de
clared, pays a tsx of f cents per I,0u0 feet,
which he considered all it ought to pay
on the franchise.
He said there was a large amount of
common stock Out which was practically
worthless except for voting purposes. The
II, 1X0,000 In preferred stock, he said, had
not paid dividends for two or three years.
There are tl,$a,0C0 bonds outstanding worth
about par. Valuing th preferred stock at
50 cents, he said the combined value of the
stocks and bonds would show the plant to
be worth not over I2.5o0.0o0.
Mr. I're asked him for a statement of the
receipts and expanses of the company, but
Mr. Pritchett said he could not furnish
that data. Mr. I re then read from a letter
signed by John Dolan, president of the Con
solidated Gas Improvement association,
said to own an Interest In the Omaha com
pany, saying that the earninga for foui
years prior to 1901 were about 1168,000 an
nually and for 1901 were 1183,660, with an
average annual increase of about 12 per
Appraisement of Frank Murphy.
The appraisement of the Frank Murphy
estate was produced showing that the com
mon stock was appraised at 25 cents and
the preferred at between SS and i cents on
the dollar.
Mr. Reed Sold all the other corporation
had furnished detailed statements of earn
inga to the hoard and he asked Mr. Pritch
ett to do the same. Mr. Pritchett said he
wss unable to give the desired Information,
hut some of the other officials of the com
pany might do so. He argued against tak
ing the earning capacity of the plant as a
lis sis for taxation, declaring that would be
a tax on Industry and business ability.
F. A. Brogan of-the Western I'nlon Tele
graph company waa before the board, but
he made no protest against the return of
(KiO.oon for his company, so the valuation
stood at that figure.
P. K. Collier & Sons objected to a raise
from 14.100 to $12,000. but the bosrd voted to
leave the approvement at the latter fig
ure. The hoard included In the assessment
that part of the capital of the company
used In its business In Omaha. C. S. Mont
gomery, who represented the company, con
tended it should be assessed only upon its
tangible property.
Wardlaw Lsssary Qiirtrii,
The newly organised Wardlaw laundry
company ha leased the building at Fif
teenth snd Jackson streets formerly occn-
For years the humble soda cracker remained
obscure and unappreciated. No one seemed to
realize its food value no one seemed to know
that it was one of the most nutritious rations
Then one day the soda cracker was
"discovered." The NATIONAL BISCUIT
COMPANY saw its value if properly pre
sented to the public. . They set about to
bring its quality to the highest possible stand
ardthe result being Uneeda Biscuit,
which are to-day recognized as one of the
staple foods of the American people.
Nearly 400,000,000 packages of them have
been sold, and the -food value of the soda
cracker is a settled fact.
qc" - i ,,, ,i . ,,i i, -v-njT
pied by the 8underlsnd Roofing and Supply
company and has bovight the engine and
hollers ueo oy thst concern. 1 ne launaty
will be in operation as soon as machinery-
can be put In place, which will be In about
two or three weeks.
President Woodoary Seeks to Hasten
Report of the A ap
praisers. During his vlMt to Omaha last week
President Woodbury of the Omaha Water
company took steps to hasten, as far as
he could, the report of the appralseis on
tne water plint. In order to dibue the
public mind of tiie ImpresMon that the
water company Is delaying the report. Gen
eral Manager Fairfield gives out the fol
lowing corespondeuce:
OMAHA, June 19, l!i. M. T. Bsilow.
Esq., Acting Chairman Water Board.
Omaha: Dear Sir I learn from the news
papers and the rltisetis of Omaha that
there Is a great deal of dissatisfaction he
cause the appiaisemeiit of the water tluui
ha not been completed.
1 also understand that It is alleged Mat
the water company is trying to delay thr
aonralsenient. You. of course, know this
is not true, that the Water board obtained
an injunction which delayed the appraise
ment aeeral months, and as soon as ps-
s bie the water company got this resirsint
remc ved. After the aDpreisement wa al
lowed to go on I wrotu to the chairmsn of
the appraisers, urging upon him an early
completion of the appraisement; this wu
In the year 1W6. Two or three months ego
I wrote ssaln. union that the anDiaise
ment be completed, statins: to him that I
understood it to be the desire of the citi
zens of Omsha, as it wss of the water
company, that the appraisement te com
pleted aa soon ss possible. This matter ha
been dragring on for three yeara, and cer
tainly there should be no more delay. 1
would suggest, therefore, that we send the
enclosed letter to the board of appraisers,
signed in behalf of the Water board by
yourself and In behalf of the water com
pany by myself, asking for a speedy dc
terminstlon of the sppralsement, and. If
possible, to have It concluded prior to
July 1.
1 am obliged to leave for the eaat to
night, but have authorised Mr. Fairfield to
sign my name with yours to the enclosed
letter, and would request that you kindly
answer tills promptly, directing your an
swer to the office of the water company
ere. Vours very truly,
The letter Mr. Woodbury refers to reads
is follows:
OMAHA, June 19, 19u Dsniel W. Mead,
Esq., Chairman of the Appraisement Board
or the Omaha Water Plant, Chicago: Dear
Sir We bg to call your attention to the
fact that thr delay In the appraisement
of the Omaha water plant Is detrimental
10 the interests of the city of Omaha snd
me Omaha Water company and very ex
pensive to both parties, snd we would ask
in behalf of the city of Omaha and tha
water company that thia matter be speedily
concluded. It would be very sgreeable to
both of us If it could be completed before
July 1. Of course, we recognise that all the
appraisers sre busy men and have other
calls on their time, but this has now been
going on for three years and It would aeom
as if we ought to have had an appraisal
prior to- this. We beg to remain, very
truly yours.
Business propositions advertised In Th
Be go Into the homes of the best people.
Bids on the heating and plumbing of the
new Young Men's Christian association
building are to be returned next Saturday
and probably will b opened on that day.
The building la progressing rapidly now,
as the laying of the stone over the en
trance, w hich was slow work, is finished.
James P. Maher. who wss found guilty of
plain assault some time ego under sn in-
formation charging him with holding u'p a
saloon, wants to get nut of Jail, now that
the ninety days for which he was sentenced
I up. He wss committed to Jail until th
III costs In the suit were psld. He haa
filed an affidavit alleging he nas no means
to pay the costs and auks the court to let
him go.
Faoked 100 la air
tight tin oaas
Xspresa rates lew.
Order now for th
Only factory wsst
of St. Zionia.
Sanders & Jams,
Concordia, Kan.
leoi Farnam St.
or addroas
Waboah H. R..
IN fetora Boer weguar
anteo you purity.
It la brewed In shining
copper kettles, aged In
hermetically aealed
tanks, filtered through
white wood pulp, put in
sterilized bottlea without
coming In contact with
the air, then pasteur
ized by the approved
process. It ia absolute
ly free from the germs
or Impurities that lurk
in water, milk, tea, cof
fee, or other beverage
that's why the moat
prominent physicians
recommend It. it a
promotes good health
and true temperance.
Keep a case ot it In
your home.
blors Hrewtnc Co.,
Omaha. . Bi
Diseases of iYlen
Cured for $5.00
Pay what you can and begin treatment now.
egln treatment now.
Dri McGrew
Is and always hss
been the pioneer of
low charges f"r
treatment and fair
den ling with men.
Over Thirty Thous
and Cured Cases of
all forms of fls
eacre and Disorders
of Men guarantee
this fact. Thirty
years experience.
Over W years prac
tice right here in
the West.
Omaha and throughou
A Guaranteed Cure
practically assured for only 5 00. Consul
tation and advice nu.t.
Treatment by mull tall or write. Hog
T68. Offices 15 South Fourteenth street,
Omaha, Neb.
Ev3ry Voraai?
. ItlBMTMiad ami hou.1
...... .,. si."iiii, w.urterrul
MARYd V. Sorav
, The new Mll tie.
(ton mnti .surfi,. I .mi Aaj
eel-Mest C'oi .Tenlei t.
MtHiu -..of s
f l, n n i.ul .uptl7 the
MiHUI., feel no
other. I'tit eirt .isms for
I lit.irai1 t.k-fc.W ft g
full nicul.r. and ''iren.i.,
a.. a st., Bw luKkT
ur ball u
ICth and l.Ue eta.
MYEH8-IU1.1.1N IiKL'J CO..
E. Cur. 1"'. h snd t arnani at.
Office and Infirmary, a-th and Mason Bis.
fJiEt I c m i sss.t
klktblAI Staeasil.lsasaia.i
twMiM4 J rntti ( :usi
fetf swwwwwn. vl (! u.aikri
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uSt ul swottM.
-I BM44 by Drsi(l
i at Met Is eals rsi
1 a, ''
r J l f ' I kotiiM si 7
as ejtjTwUt sst aa