Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 24, 1906, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 4, Image 16

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U1 fc takea matll IB a. tor tk
Ttln( titles a4 aarll ft p. m. for
HUi 1 l-9 a war trM Insertion,
la eaorei thereafter. Hothlac takea
far tkaa 2tOt far the Srat laeer
tloa. These aa'verilaaaaaata aaaat ha
in eoaseeatlvaly.
Advartlaara, by reaeetlaa; a ana
bered check, raa kirt intra
ri4 to a aaaebereo' latter la ear
t The Baa. Aaawera aa adareaaed
will ba dellvcre aa prcaeatatiaa at
Not Too Late
To Get
The Benefit
W enrolled 47 new stu
dents last week. We want
. 60 more Monday morning.
We have ample facilities,
and are prepared to give you
the same attention and ad
vantages you would received
during the regular sessions.
You Will Save Time
and Money
If you are industrious,
you may be a working steno
grapher, bookkeeper or tele
grapher by Christmas time.
Rates of Tuition
Are Reduced
for the summer months. This
will save you money. Come
Monday you won't regret It.
We have room for a few
more public school pupils
who wish to make up back
work, etc.
Omaha Commercial
Ron r bo ugh Bros., Proprs.,
19th and Farnam.
OMAHA Safe and Iron Works make a spe
cialty of flrs escapes, shutters, doors and
safes. U. Audi ecu. Prop., 1U2 8. loth St.
itI 21
$1 HAT store, 306 N. 16th St. Open evenings.
SIGN PA). MTING. 6. H. Cola, Uus Douglaa
K 422
TRY Kelly's Towel Supply. ?eL Doug. 8630.
; R-ia
Iowa Sanitary Cloaking Co., 1913 Farnam.
K (24
ANTI MONOPOLY Garbage Co., 21 N.lsth.
Tel. Doug. 1778. Res. 'phone, Doug V06J.
R 124
Machinists, 81? South Uth St. Tel. 637.
H 115
YALE KEYS 250 RCh ovelr $i. at
las 2974. ' R M467 Jul14
Trunks, suit cases and shopping bags.
Old trunk taken In exchange: repairing.
410 N. ISO. be 'Phone Doug. 4996.
B Hint June2
TYPEWRITERS rented, all makes. $2.6v.
Fox Typewriter Co., 1822 Farnam.
R-MS84 July II
MUs Austin and Miss M. Moore will con
duct a five weeks' summer school for Aifth,
sixth and seventh grades at St. Andrews'
parish house, 41st una Charles, beginning
June 25. 'Phone Harney R 860 21
GOVERNMENT position; examinations
this tall; want bright young man lu pre
pare tor same; sary 6uv to eiart; gtad
uai promotion bee cuuerliLU, Ai.u A. u.n.
- B 951 4
WANTED Energetic, forceful man capa
ble ol earning 2.&oO per annum to call on
lubbers and Uianuiaciurers. AdOresa ti 11,
tes. B 8JJ Ux
WANTED Canvassers to sell automatlo
screen door catenas. Make big inwuey.
Sample catch, postpaid, ic. AUuintuo
Catuu Co., Chicago. to
WANTED A sausage maker and all round
sausage kitchen man. Begin work at
once. K. M. VVestphalen, Auuntlc, la.
tion manufacturing household necessity
dealrts Nebraska manager. Demonstra
tion In leading department store; urtice
furnished; three years' contract; salary
and coaimlaaloua. Oood opening fur
man of character and aUuiy. Auureea
Manager, 22s Ontario Bldg., 'loledo, O.
ll HATS, new shapes, tut N. Utb St.
WANTED Men, everywhere, good pay, to
distribute clruulara, adv. matter, isca
signs, eio. ; no canvassing. Audresa, Na
tional Distributing Bureau, luO UaiiianU
Bank toldg., Chicago, lit B o4 Mx
WANTED Reliable men everywhere, good
pay, to distribute circulars, samples, adv.
matter, tack signs, etc.; nothing to sell;
no canvassing. Universal Adv. Co., Chi
cago. a Ms;a tax
IN SIX WEEKS you can become a suc
cessful commercial traveling salesman. Wa
taaclt you tree aioi get you responsible
position. BraUlrat School Commercial
balesmunahlp. Buffalo, N. Y. B s.6 Ux
MAN and wife with family for farm, live
In separate house: aisu man and wile
without children, both to work, 8J6 and
board, Sweuey fin pl't. ft s. 12m Si.
U-Sol M
MAN WANTED In the real estate buainess;
experience unneoeaaary ; If honest, ambi
tious and willing to learn the buainess
thoroughly by mail and earn Uuu to lots)
monthly as our local representative, wrSta
, Immediately for full parUculara. Addresa
Neareat Ofllca National Co-Opeiatlva
Really Co., 7( B. Athenaeum Bkig., Chi
cago; 76 U, Maryland UUlg., Wasnlngioo,
D. C . to-g77 2is
WANTED LMuca tad young man or woman
to work through Medical, Dental, Phex
maoal or Nurse eolleg; stata education.
Fen-Path, Chicago. B r:i xtx
WANTED Ten men to travel In each
' aisle, distribute samples and advertia
our goods. Salary. 11 per week and t x
inaa, guaraaUed. Expensee advancd.
Vjperlenoe uniieoaaaary. Address, wtUt
stamp, stating age aud oocupiMlon. Reeve
Cv ill leajbuiu Slv Chioago.
Something We Want You to Think About
You wgnt to succeed. Why not start right MOW to prepare for uceesaT
Why wait until fall? The demand for business assistants Is greater In the
fall than at any other time of the year. Business houses always add to their
force In the fall preparatory to the busy Inter season.
Let no one despair of winning success. Say earnestly to yourself, "I will
do all in my power to make occassions and Improve them. With all I am to
have or know, I will go, at the business of getting results I will start doing
something Immediately." ,
Every man and every woman must hew his or her own statute of success
out of the block of opportunity. The thing for you to co is to begin right now
to get ready for a high place In the world of business. The thing that we
would strongly urge you to do is to enroll during
Boyles College
Second Summer Term, Which Opens.
Start your preparation for your career as a Stenographer, Bookkeeper or
Telegrapher then. Our Summer Course is In every way as thorough as our
Winter Course. Instead of Idling away your time this summer use it to lay
the foundation of knowledge and ability upon which to rear a stately structure
of success.
Tou will find Boyles College Building an Ideal summer college home. Cool
praifle winds of this great old State of Nebraska pour in at its great windows,
that perfectly light each room of the entire building. A fine gymnasium with
lefreshlng shower baths add to the enjoyment of every student and makes the
college work not only beneficial to the mind but strengthening to the body.
iaig mis over wun yourseir and with your friends and parenU. Ask any
business man In the city if they are not glad to secure Boyles graduates as
business assistants. Ask any Boyles graduate if they are not glad they
secured their business education at Boyles.
You might send for a catalogue if you can't call tomorrow.
MEN and boys wanted to learn phimblng.
bricklaying, plasteilng trades; pay U a
day. Coyne Bros. Co., New York. Chi.
cawo, Cincinnati, St. Louis. Free cata
logue. B 435
WANTED Three men of good personal
appearance; outside position; steady em
ployment. C. F. Adorns Co., 181 Howard
St ij 43
DRUO stores bought and sold; drug clerks
wanted. F. V. Knleet. 624 N. Y. L
B 437
WANTED For TJ. S. Army, ablebodled un
married men between ages of 21 and J5;
citizens of United States, of good charac
ter and temperate habits, who can sp-ek.
read and write English. For Information
apply to Recruiting Office. lth and Doug,
las Sts., Omaha; l.inooln and Grand Is
land, Nsb., or Sioux City, la.
CARPENTERS wanted at Fort'Omnha.
F. P. Keefo, contractor. B MI71
YOUNO Men for Locomotive Firing,
Freight nd Passenger Train Braking.
Address Ry. Dept., 209 & Uth St.. Omaha
B 230 JulylO
TEAMS wanted. C. B. Havens A Co.,
yard. 14th and Webster. B-7M 26
WANTED Several good
Baker, Supt. Bee Bldg.
lathers. R. W.
B 786 :x
WANTED Ico cream maker. Apply W. S.
BaldufT. 1C20 Farnam. B 775 23
WANTED All-round laundry man at
once; state wages. Albion Steam laun
dry, Albion, Neb. B M788 24
WANTED-Qulck. plantation performers
or show musicians for band. Operators
and tslkers address Dixie Carnival Co.,
Laramie, Wyo. B M787 26x
In one of Omaha 's leading
clothing stores.
Address, II 9, Bee.
B 802 24
PRESSMAN WANTED Man competent to
' cimrife or uoiaing ana uordon Job
bers, Cottrell two-revolution cylinder and
Dexter Intermediate folder and keep ssme
In good repair; must be able to do good
wont and willing to feed machines; ex
cessive use of liciuor sufficient cause for
Immediate discharge; 118 per week and
better If man makes good; steady Job to
right mm; no union In town; munt be
filled at once. Argus, Lewlstown, Mont.
. B 817 i3x
WANTED Men to learn barber v trade;
spienaia time to begin; busy season now;
little expense; few weeks completes; top
wages paid graduates; position waiting;
small capital starts business. Call or
write Mohler Barber college, lilt Farnam
t B Mill 2Sx
WANTED At onca; experienced sales-
yvypia in ui oeparimenta; must rurnlsn
references. Hayden Bros. B M107 26
biaiijxu KliNU OF POSITION DE-
SIR fc-R.
Dept. B., 840-1-1 N. Y. Life Bldg.
B Mi92 26
WANTED Clerk for office work; require-
menu, apeea ana accuracy In handling
figures; salary. StO. Address H . Bee.
B 796 Mx
WANTED Ctgarmakers; I rollers and
ouncn oreaxers; win pay the best of
prices to go out of town; will send tickets.
Address K 12, care of Bee. B MslS
WANTED-Steady, Tellable laborers for
lat-iory worn; must nave good recom
mendations. Address H 16, Bee.
B S37 24
CHERRY PICKERS Apply at orchard of
... ' " eacepi eunuay. uren
vlUs Bros. B Kg Six
WANTED Man with aome experience for
wan man. ruriian Laundry, ZS10 Far
nam. B-437 24
WANTED Two experienced order clerks
' wiwhjbb, uru nouse; must DS Tamll
lar with buainess. Address H 20. Bee.
fl HATS, new shapes. 2e N. Uth BL
BOY wanted to learn Jewelry trada; must
be of good habits snd live with parents;
wsges J J. L. Jacobson, 161 1 Dodge
St., 2d floor. b S49 'Ux
SALESMAN wanted to call on physicians.
kxceptknal opportunity fof Intelligent
man. Also one for outside city. Stale
age, experience. Lock Box iU. Phils,
B mx
GIRL wanted for general housework. 3611
sarnam ,
WANTED Girl for lady clothes lrener;
also machine girl. Puritan Laundry. 2810
Farnam. , C a U
WANTED First-class dressmaker at X
Douglas block. C U 14
VICTORIA Suction Sweeper Co.. tst F St.,
Uncoln. Neb. Send Victoria sweeper for
$3.60. alt charges paid. C
WANTED Lady aa district manager for
staple line. Salary, fcluo weakly. Writs
at onca for particulars. Mcltradv Co.,
Chicago. c U7 tig
SEWERS Olngham aprons; mska highest
waga; material sent to door free of
charge; stamped, addressed envalope for
paitioulare. JU P. tUoUaru. fc4 WabasH
vs., lUUcago. C 4 tax
B 959 14
COOK wanted, reference required. 3611
Farnam. C MiiU
MIDDLE aged woman for general house
work; good home and good wugee: na
tionality not considered; 623 4th St., Coun
cil Bluffs. C M4i
WANTED Girl for general
family of two. 106 S. J6th.
GIRL WANTED Small family; no chil
dren; high wages. Mrs. H. D. Neely, 4771
Hamilton St. C M17
WANTED Girl for general housework.
It'll Chlcsgo St. C M715
WANTED Experienced shirt makers, on
Bower machines. Howell, Allen A KaulL
'enver, Colo. C M730 Jyl9
WAJNTJtiJ oin tor gen
small family. Apply 2623 Davenport St.
C 798 2lx
U HATS, all shades. 306 N. 16th St.
FIFTY GIRLS for bag dopsrtment; experi
ence unnecessary. Bemis Omaha Bng Co.,
11th and Jones Sts. C MS24 25
WANTED Machine operator at King
Graham Mfg. Co., lltli and Jackson. Ap
ply 6th floor. C M818 26
SALESLADY WANTED Salary 82.00 por
day and commission to stsrt, with early
advancement. Lambert Wrench Co..
Como Building, Chicago. C 806 23 x
WANTED A good second girl, 1130 Park
Ave. C M76S 24
GOOD girl at once for housework. 2404
West Farnam. C M791 23x
WANTED Girl to do general cooking at
the Creche, 19th and Harney.
c M826 25
WANTED Capable girl for general house
work; family ot three. 3006 Mason.
LADIES For shadow drawing, natural
talent unnecessary; 120 weekly during
summer months at home; stamped en
velope foe particulars. Address Bureau
of Commercial Art, 1917 Indiana Ave.,
Chicago. C-916 24x
WANTED First girl, who Is a good cook;
small family; large salary. Apply 1517
Farnam St. C M974
WANTED Experienced girl for general
housework; no children; good wages. In
quire 2306 Blnney St. C 986 30
WANTED Girl for general housework.
Mrs. Charles R. Sherman, 8. W. cor. 27tb
and Pratt. C 406 24
WANTED Experienced salesladies In laoo
department. Only those with experience
in large store need apply. J. L. Bran
dels & Sons. C M990 2
WANTED Girl for dishwashing; also a
chambermaid; experience not necessary;
good character required; transportation
furnished. Perkins Hotel, David City,
Neb. C 988 Z4
WANTED At once; experienced sales-
prupio in an uepartments; must rurnlsn
references. Hayden Bros. C M106 26
to sell our l-plece set of "Dutch" Earthen
ware Cooking Vessels to consumers.
One of the greatest money-making prop,
osltlons ever offered to a canvasser.
It Is entirely different from what has
been sold heretofore.
We are exclusive manufacturers, the
trade mark being registered.
If you mean buainess send 35c to cover
postage on complete canvassing outfit with
which to begin work.
J-B18 23x
LA DDES wsnted to canvsss for the Ed
wards skirt supportsr; one supporter fas
tens every shirt wslst to skirt for seven across back without pins, points
or teeth to tear garments; free terms.
Edwards Skirt Supporter Co, 617 Main
St., Buffalo, N. Y. J-MJ89 JulySx
AGENTS wanted to sell our popular poli
cies, covering all accidents, diseases and
occupations; something entirely new and
Issued by this society only; easily under
stood and easily sold; cost but 86 per
annum each; large commissions paid Im
mediately and exclusive territory al
tuned. Andreas National Accident So
ciety, 320 Broadway, New York. Estab
Uthed twenty years. J
AGENTS Learn to fit glasses by sending
for our free book on the eye; It will tell
you all about it. Get a profession that
pays from 876 to 3150 per month; the
optical profession will do It for you. No
field so pleasant, profitable or so little
worked; no longer necessary to work for
someone else and a meager salary. Don't
miss this opportunity, but send us a pos
tal card by first mall. Jackauntan Optical
College, College Place. Jackson, Mich.
SOMETHING new; patented June V, ex
elusive territory; tremendous profits. B.
N. Edgren Co., Milwaukee. J
OUR wonderful premium offer Just out; get
4u.i.M, wv iMTf aiicai iiiuucemenis
ever offered sgents; wrtta today for ter
ritory. Davis Soap Works, 33 Union Park
Place, Chicago. J
AGENTS Quit merely existing and get
in- wwt .iiii if iruinmi
money aelllng E. Z. Jar Opener; aeila on
sight; big profit; live men make 810.00
par day; exclusive territory; season Jut
commencing. Excelsior Co., 166 Dearborn
6t, Chicago. J
BELL our reservoir dustless floor and car
pet brushes In stores, schools, residences,
fiublic building, hotels, halls; field ununi
ted; reduce dust 97 per rent, actual test;
gold medal at St. Louts World's fair:
strictly guaranteed; big margin and great
seller, with opportunity to build up per
manent trade; exclualve territory; no
competition; state experience. Milwaukee
' Dustless Brush Co., Milwaukee, Wis.
J-904 14x
AGENTS We want reliable, hustling
agenta to Bell our line of fountain pens
In every county In U. 8., A.; nuest goods,
lowest prices, big money maker; send M
scamps for Illustrated catalogue and full
information. Nathtaniel Field, 16 Broad,
way. New York City. J auo fx
COMPETENT salesmen to aell Fortieths
electro hygienic machine and exerciser
to bankera, lawyaia. business man and
women, for office sad horn a uae; elec
trical health-giving features makes selling
easy; Ug aala wheravar introduced; lib
eral commission. National Specialty Wrg
Co.. Milwaukee Wla. J- Ux
BECOME an optician. Write today for
free booklet how to fit eyexlasars; easily
and quickly learned; big demand for op
ticians; splenilld side line; tremendous
profits fluo weekly easily made. National
Optical College, Ht. Lous. Mo.
J-8S9 24X
AGENTS Comlo picture, "Everybody
works but Father," doea the old man In
justice. Our new comic, "Nobody works
but father," sets the old man right.
Agents clear 110 or more dally. It s a
lightning seller. One hustler wanted In
each territory. If you want an Income,
write quick. Sample. 4 cents. XV. Gra
ham, 111 Fort St., Victoria. B. C.
J 696 24X
AGENTS WANTED To sell new tabor
saving device; lndlspnnsstile to women
who sew; loo per cent profit; write Im
mediately. Gordon Manufacturing Co.,
Toledo, Ohio. J 910 24x
CANVASSERS and organizers, either sex,
to Introduce new Invention; exclusive ter
ritory to hustlers; none others need apply.
Mants Lace Frame Co., Box 102, Pekln,
lit. J 879 34x
PICTURE AGENTS Get your pictures di
rect from artist; save middle men's profit;
best work at lowest prices. A. Hlnger,
Artist. 1106 South Hoyne Ave., Chicago.
J 871 lis
OUTSELLS everything; our new soap box
containing 6 solid sllverold spoons and 6
cakes soap, worth 31.50, sells S5c; agents'
profits amazing; agent In Durham made
81,000 first 10 weeks; splendid Inducements
for branch office arul crew managers.
Parker Chemical Co., Chicago. J-S-3 Ux
AGENTS make big money selling our Gold
Window Letters, etc.; no experience neces
sary. Buokeye Novelty Co., Hamilton. O.
J 882 4x
ANY ONE can sell our celebrated Dry
Powder Fire Extinguisher; far superior
to liquids generally used and much less
expensive. Write for agents' terms.
American Chemical Co., Box 76. Stee-lton,
Pa. J-863 24x
AGENTS handling or selling medallions,
write us for prices on 8x10 medallion
frames. Holablrd Mfg. Co., 799 W. Van
Buren St., Chicago. J So9 2-tx
AGENTS In every community to sell Top
shine Polishes. Topshlne Mfg. Co., 207
Ohio St.. Omaha. J M927 JuIKx
81 HAT store, 308 N. 16th St Open evenings.
WE START YOU selling diamonds. Don't
fall getting our liberal offer; $5 dally sure.
Carbon Diamond Co., Syracuse, N. Y.
Mention paper. J 874 24x
BUILD up a permanent business that will
net 3100 to frJO monthly, selling best high
grade teas and coffee. XV. J. Fountain,
7S Park Place, N. Y. City. J 949 Ux
AGENTS Fair ground, picnic workers. We
have It. Just out. Lightning photo ma
chine. Takes and develops picture in 80
seconds. Money getter everywhere. 3i0
per day easily. Address Taylor & Forster,
919 Opera House block, Chicago.
J 953 Ux
AGENTS New article, never before adver
tised. Will be greatest seller of 20th cen
tury. 31.50 to 32.60 profit each sale. Every
family wants one or more. Write today.
R. Smith, Mgr., 466 Carroll Ave., Chicatto.
J-954 24x
AGENTS wanted. Most money-made build
ing cement stone houses. We furnish all
Information and plans of houses, llenn's
Building Co., 702 River St., Dayton. Ohio.
J 965 24x
TWO experienced lady agents, 33 to 34 per
day. Call 1006 S. 2wh. J M936 26x
AGENTS You can sell the Hearwell tele-
none attaenment ana make big money.
lecently patented. .1. F. Uhlenbrock, 69
.h Ave., Chicago. . J 942 Ux
AGENTS can easily make 310 a day sell
ing our gold window letters, novelty
signs, and changeable signs; catalogue
free. Sullivan Co., 405 W. Van Huron
St., Chicago, 111. J 926 24x
AGENTS For the latest Improved self
heating smoothing Iron; automatic fas
tener; great success; large commissions;
exclusive territory. Ideal Iron Co., 174
Lincoln Ave., Newark, N. J.
J 918 14x
AGENTS wanted. We have a gasoline
lighting system for store and house light
ing. A world beater. Will give- light of
200-candle powr or will give the light of
an electric arc two hours a night for a
nickel a week, or four hours a night for
a dime. . An Inverted lamp. No under
shadow. All the light Just where it Is
wanted. Handsome fixture. Looks like
latest Nernst electric. Quick seller. Big
money maker. Gloria Light Co., 214 W.
Lake St.. Chicago. J 890 24x
WANTED AGENTS Local and traveling
to sell our well known Red Tag Nur
sery stock; steady employment; good
pay; cash every week; complete outfit
NECESSARY. Established over 60 years.
600 acres; 15 green houses. Address
226 Unity Building.,
. Bloomlngton, III.
AGENTS 8end for free description of our
self-generating gas burner, fitting com
mon kerosene lamps; brilliant portable
gas light; a sure winner; without equal.
Ba stern Gas Light Co., -80 Broadway, New
York. J 806 24x
WANTED Salesmen, experienced In line
of teas, cigars, coffees and baking powder.
Including large premium line, for Neb.
and S. W. Iowa, on commission of half
the profits; no objection to side lines, not
conflicting; references required. Apply to
W. H. GUI & Co., Chicago, 111.
L 819 24
WANTED 4 good traveling men; 860 per
week to the right men; reference and
bond required; legitimate buainess; no
fakirs wanted; communications ronfldn.
tlai. Address, F 21, Baa. L 1201 J-26
SALESMEN on rural routes can double
salary handling my specialty In spare
time. Write quick. W. T. Laing, Omaha,
Neb. L 862 24x
SALESMEN Aggressive and resourceful,
by long established manufacturing com
pany; baking powder, spice, extracts, etc. J
men filling requirements 3100 par month
and expensea; exceptional opportunity;
suite your experience fully. Box 517, Chi
cu j. ill. L9U3 24x
CAPABLE salesman to cover Nebraska
wun staple line; tgh commissions, with
3100 monthly advance. Permanent posi
tion to right man. Jess 11. Kmlth Co.,
Detroit, Mich. L Su6 24x
SALESMAN WANTED Permanent posl
tlon for first-class traveling salesman,
worth 8-.00O per year and expenses; staple
line, responsible munulacturer. United
Mfg. Co., Iowa City, la. L 9u6 24x
SALESMEN Sell our Ice crushers to sa
loonists, soda founlalnists, confectioners.
Ice cream manufacturers, etc.; side line;
good oommlsalon. Davenport Ice Chip
ping Machine Co., Davenport, la.
L 911 24x
WANTED By an established house, travel
ing salesman for near by territory; prefer
specialty salesman who has been accus
tomed to making small towns and calling
on drug and general store trade; good op
portunity; give, age and experience. Box
666, Chicago. L-8S6 24x
EXPERIENCED proprietary medicine
salesman to retail drug trade; choice ter
ritory; salary, expense, commits on. C.
W. B., 36 Union Park Ct., Chicago.
L 84 IHi
31 HAT More. 308 N. 16th St. Open evenings.
WANTED Salesman by wholesale, Jewelry
nouse to sen innir line or jeweiry to gen
eral trade In Nebraska. We offer special
Inducements to merchants which makes
sales easy: high commissions; permanent
position. McAlllster-Coman Co., 3T Dear
born St., Chicago, 111. L 8 24 X
TRAVFLINO salesman for Nebraska and
Iowa with a full line of soaps, perfumes
and flavoring extracts; furnishing the 82
for fl selling ajen to the retail dealer;
830 weekly advance. F. F C ok, Bales
Dept., Detroit. Mich. L
WANTED At once, one for each state,
one first class experienced road salesman,
Mlnneaota, Wlsconxln. North Dakota,
South Dakota. Iowa and Nebraska. Old
estshllahed tobblna house. Apply Room
tot, Sykes Block. Minneapolis, Minn.
Lr-At 24X
SALESMAN wsnted to sell grocers, drua
glMs and confectioners; 8'2 per month
and expenses. California Cider and Ex
tract Co., St. Louis, Mo. L 873 21 x
WANTED Salesman to sell high rlsaa
proposition to general merchants. Can
maka 36.000 par yaar. Bol 91, Cedar Rap
Ma, la, Lr-eU n
SALESMAN to act as general agent for a
lesitlmate, sure money proposition. No.
Investment, but first-class reterence re
quired. Gregg Co.. 31 E. 3d St.. Cin
cinnati, Ohio. L 934 Ux
8ALLSM AN Flrt,rlae all round sales
man to cover unoccupied territory; perma
nent pcsitiin ami goi'd Income to ngnt
msn. Expenses advanced. Sales Mn-
ager, Box7i5, Chicago. L H37 24X
WANTED A situation as bookkeeper, as
slstant bookeeper or sslesmsn, either In
the city or to trsvel on the road. Will
furnish ths best references. Salary not
so mucn an object sa a permanent sit
uatlon. Address, G-61, care Bee.
A-M747 I4x
WANTEIi Fy young man, position as
stenographer; can also assist on books.
Has had experience and csn furnish best
of reterences. Address 11 X, l.
A M782 24x
YOUNO man wants position ss bookkeeper;
very good references. Address 11 6. Bee.
A-798 23x
31 HAT store, 108 N. 16th St Open evenlnga
glneer wants Job with good outfit: about
four years' experience. Address George
uvans, Afton, la. A M814 JulySx
HAVE you got more business than you
can look arter7 Have traveled exten
slvely; can deal with men of affairs, un
derMind real entate, loan and commercial
agency work; have ability-to handle most
any proposition. What are your needs?
Address n it. Bee. A 854 Z4x
YOUNO businesslike woman would travel
with children or aged people. Address H
ii, see. A 806 24
YOUNG woman wants employment for
summer; would travel; no canvassing.
Address not B. Jlst St. A 857 24
POSITION as working housekeeper for
Dacneior or wiflower, riy widow or re
finement, age 2S, good to children. Best
references exchanged. Address H 67, care
FOR SALE One almost new lS-horse re
turn flue Hueber engine with Newton ten
der and steel tank, complete with pump
and Garr Scott separator, 86-66, complete
with self feed and blower. A snap for
8WK); must be sold at once. Address U-63,
care Bee. x M7BJ tci
WANTED To sell or rent, hair dressing
parlors, newly ruralsnea, on casy terms.
to responsible party, v-au sui or svi ise
vllle Blk.. Omaha Neb. Y M971
Do You Wish to Make a Change t
If you have a farm, home, business or
property that you want to sell or exchange
write us.
umana, rseo., or csioux uy, la.
Y-M545 J2
LAUNDRY for sale or lease to practical
parties. Address G 67, Bee.
Y M723 29
10-ROOM rooming house, full of roomers;
good location. Address G-C4, care of Bee.
X M768
FOR SALE Location In good business dis
trict; present owner wants larger place,
Address H 7, care Bee. ' , Y 799 23
PRIVATE sale of up-to-date drug stock.
Nemnha Co. (southeast Nebraska): well
established; sales from t0 to $75 per day;
advise with owner; no trading stock; will
require about 35,000 cash.
Address H 8,
Y-801 Jy21
PARTNER with 3100.00, quick moving plc-
iure biiow leaiuring r risco Disaster.
Address H 8, Bee. Y 807 23x
FOR SALE Complete set foundry tools
3t-in. cupola, blower, crane, lathe, drill
ptess, lo H. P. engine, 20 H. P. boiler.
large assortment house patterns and
ranks; all first class. Address Box 816,
cat r-oini, INCD. I 29
WANT Investment with services or opening
tor -smau Dana business. Address H 16,
ee. Y 868 24
MAGAZINE FREE Send the names and
addresses of five souvenir post card col
lectors and receive FREE three months'
subscription to Post Card Collectors1
Register, Buffalo, N. Y. Y 924 24x
$25,000 will buy half Interest In depart
ment store In fastest growing section of
tew iora uuy. jnira million business;
Can be doubled with extra cnottal. A. D.
Taylor, 891 Cauldwell Ave., New York
ty. X 924 24X
WHY TAKE 1 per cent from your bank
wnen tne (.aliroruia Security will guar
antee you 12 per cent per year. All our
loans are secured by! real estate. Write
ror particulars. California Security Co.,
azu I'oiomao uiock, ios Angeies, (ai.
Y 923 24x
DIVIDEND-paylng mining stock Is due for
a heavy advance. Do you want an opnor.
tunltv to make big DrofltT Write tndav.
Clarence M. Smith & Co., 714 Broadway,
new x ora. . x vzo 24X
IF. YOU want to buy or sell any kind of
Dusiness get in toucn wun tne Lerew
Land Co., and we'll get quick action for
you. x 101 24
A SURE-ENOUGH snap In one of the
finest high grade luncheon s In the city:
owner leaving city; must sell; small
amount of cash handles It. Call, Lerew
Land CO., First National Bank Hl.lg.,
Oman a. X 938 24
Corporation with 2,000 acres coal, Port
land cement and brick shale land, to secure
additional funds for further development
ana erection or Portland cement plant,
offers for a limited time a block of stock
at a low price. This entire property Is un
derlaid with three veins of coal. A thor
ough examination of Portland cement prop
erty shows supply of material sufficient to
run plant over 2to years. Portland cement
hsa been tested by an expert chemist and
found equal to the nest In tne United
States. This Is a great opportunity t
make a safe Investment that will yield
lanre profits during the present year.
Write for Illustrated prospectus. Address
Guthrie Mountain Coal and Cement Co.,
316 Hall Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.
Y 886 24x
MONTHLY sslary of 8)00, expenses snd
commission for satisfactory man with
$1,600 cash, as sales manager at Omaha;
right man with executive ability and a
clean record can maka $3,600 or more per
annum. Mr. Eaatland, &S Wabafh Ave.,
, Chicago. Y 917 24x
Rudolph Guenther: Dear Sir My adv.
In your 810 list of papers has brought phe
nomenal results, and I take pleasure in
giving you a renewal of same for four
weeks. Respectfully,
Dealer In Unlisted Securities, North Amer
ican Bldg., Philadelphia.
one time a 26-word classified adv., either
under Agenta, For Sale, Business Chances
or under Business Personals heading. In the
Indianapolis News, .Huston Herald,
Omsha Bee.
rnua. ro. American,
Chicago Inter Ocean,
Syracuse Herald,
Buffalo Courier,
Roch'er D. & Chron.,
Providence Telegram.
Cleve. Plain Dealer,
Dos Moines R. A
Denver Republican,
San Fran. Chronicle,
Atlanta Constitution
Dallas News,
Kansas City Journal.
Plttaburg Dispatch,
Baltimore Herald,
tit. Louis Globe-Dem.
Washington Post,
Milwaukee Free
nnclnnitl Enquirer,
Minneapolis irmune,
Detroit Free Press,
Write for Combination Offers. Magaxina
Lists. Y
TOU can never proa' y buslneaa chancss
unless you have some money; small sav
Inga are the foundation of large fortunes;
start a savings account with J. L. Bran
dels A Sons, Bankers, 16th and Dougias
Sts. Assets over $400,006. -
A GOOD thing In growing Colorado town
of. I,0u0 people, where a large augar fac
tory la being built; a billiard, pool and
soda fountain buainess, fixtures, large
atock cigars, tobaccos, confectionery, etc.,
doing a $35 bua.neaa everv day; for aala
cheap If taken at once. If you are Inter
rated, write Edw. H. Msdlson, Brush,
Colo., for further Information.
Y 901 14
FOR 8ALB Jamelson hotel and furnltare.
For particulars Inquire Jaonelaon hotel.
Grand island, Nsb. .
8300 00 PER MONTH PROFIT For Pale
Restaurant In good mining town; price
$l.iu.0u; half cash. Addre.s The White
House Cafe, Cripple Creek, coin.
Y-803 24x
31 HAT store, jm N. Itith St. Open evenings.
MONK V Do you need It T We are In a
fiosltlon to furnish capital for any mer
loi lous enterprise. VVe can sell your
stocka and bonds quickly on commission
basis. Money advanced on good securi
ties. Chnrters procured In sny state.
iw not fall to confer with us; It will be
to your interest. R. Ksati A Co., Bank
era, Tacuma Bldg., Chicago. Y SS8 24 x
$125,000, or part, for Investment In eomo
good enterprise without services. i. n.
Cameron, Sentinel Bldg., Milwaukee. v Is.
1 -wl 24X
OUR unique proposition Is a cinch; sells
goods without talking. Establish your
own business without risk. Small capi
tal and references required. Chance of
lifetime. Only one man appointed encn
city, so you snouiti write immediately.
Sherman Co., 13 Dover St., New 1 org.
Y 834 24x
FOR SALE A good paying shoe store In
nest city In southwest lowa; stock win
Invoice about 34.00; annual business about
$12,000; expenses light. Address G 2. Bee
X u KX
WHEAT-112.50 buys five ups and five
downs; good for one week; 2-cent advance
or decline from nr re: trlves 3100 profit
Write for particulars. Commerce Grain
uo., commerce Bldg , Chicago, X gsi ux
SEND for "Successful System" of trading
In grain with rmall capital: booklet and
-market letter sent free; refsrenoes. com
atock A Co., Commerce Bldg., Chicago.
Y M) 24X
WE OFFER for sale best little clothing
and furnishing business In Iowa; good
county seat town, 2,500 people; Invoice
37,000 to 310,000; no bad merchandise: net
profits past live years, 330,000; good lease;
best- location: beautiful room: small ex
pense; business healthy and Browing
steadily. It takes 8100 cash to buy. If
terms don t suit, don t write. No trades.
Investigation will prove merits of propo
sitlon. Address, H 4. Bee. Y 871 24
FIVB CENTS SHARE on Installments; 25
gold mines; among recent enormous rich
strikes In Nevada. Write aulck. A. L.
Emberson, "XVZ," Jacobson Hldg.. Den
ver, Colo. Y 870 24x
CAPITAL arranged to promote or Incrcaso
any good else proposition that can prove
If a mAfit l.n.l.ta. .. n . t ..... 1 n .11
n uii-aii. unuri v.. Ell II I miUJ II. J. O
Barnum, 409 Rector Bldg., Chicago.
Y 966 24x
IF YOU would Invest 81.000 In a growing
manuractunng Business ana take a posl
tlon to travel and introduce their goods
on a liberal salary and commission basis.
which should net you $3,000 to $5,000 per
year, address nt once N. L. H. A P. Co.,
9Ji w. iJiKe St., - Chicago. -i 940 24x
wain 1H.D responsible man to manage
branch office and distributing depot for
large coffee and spice company owning Its
own mills; salary, $200 monthly and com
missions; references and Investment of
$1.0uo required. Address Manager, 18
River St., Chicago. Y 941 24x
$26 FOR 8.500 typewritten names of mln
lng Investors; this week only. Postage
6 repaid ror caan with order. H. T. Mead
ox 3!2, Manchester, N. 11.
Y 922 24x
WILL rent one large, cool room, nicely
furnished, to gentleman who can furnish
good references. Our home Is In the
West Farnarm district. Nice lawn and
shade; strictly private family, snd any
one renting room will be made to feel at
come, Address, G-60, care Bee.
E 756 25x
DEWEY European Hotel, 18th and Farnam.
Doug. 611 0. M. E. Haul Trunks
E 289
Thurston hotel; rooms $1.60 up per week.
E Mooi
TWO nicely furnlahad south front room a
s04 ilarnav. . E M499X
DK8IRABLB suite of rooms; also, single:
strictly modern; gentlemen preferred; 107
XJnh IT T. ma T . . 1
.-.wa-i. , wcuuoill, AT -OU I.
FURNISHED room In new house; all mod
ern conveniences. 2308 uouglas St.
E 709
nlshed, modern room. 131 N. 31st Ave.
E 770
114 8. 26TH AVE. New house; gentleman;
reierences. rnone iiarney sso.
E 776 25
LARGE, pleasant front room, south win
dows, nicely furnished, $10 per month. 41G
iso. aa. E 797 24x
$1 HAT store, 308 N. lth St. Open evenings
ELEGANT newly furnished rooms for
rent; 1 suite of front rooms, In Hanscom
Park district; first-class board In sama
piock. 1003 Park Ave. E 861 24 x
NICELY furnished room, modern. 702 8
17th Ave. E M841 26x
TWO nicely furnished housekeeping rooms.
bid b. ism. ti M908 26 X
FOR RENT A fine furnished front room
at 4uvi sun si. J U34 24
FOR RENT Furnished room for gentle
man; reierences requirea. can 641 So
26th St. IJ 972 24 x
NEWLY furnished rooms, modern, refer
ences, loio uurt si. E M987 26x
HOUSES and rooms furnished; reliable
gooos ana square deal. io Installment
methods. Cash or credit.
' E 9W M
FOR RENT t or 3 beautiful rooms, fur-
niHiiea or umurnisnen, vsry central.
Woodjard Art Co., 618 Broadway. Co.
Bluffs. . E M128
LARGE, cool, modern rooms and board.
vi a. Aim oi. ii iVHUlf Z3X
NICELY furnished room with alcove; new
uuuio, moaern conveniences; private ram
lly; gentleman preferred. 8216 California.
E 108 24x
LARGE alcove aouth room; well fur
nished; modern detached house; yard and
shade. Address H 21 J3ee.
E M105 25x
LARGE front room, suitable for two gen-
The Rose, 2020 Harney St.
F-767 JulySx
Doug. 611 O. M. E. Hauf Trunks
VIENNA hotel; private dining rooms, cafa.
F 291
LARGE, well furnished room, with board
,w. n.w won r,uii f n 1 1 moa-
em. 'Phone Douglas 6408. 2406 Casa.
S F-MtH.9 a
CFNTRAL; t rooms; bath. Tisard. 270 N.
W. o M131
CENTRAL, I rooms, bath. Tlxard. 220 N.
2d. ' fl M6M
THREE ground floor rooms, with store
room ana range rurniHhea for housekeep
ing, 18 122 S. 25th St. G-M8 24x
WILL rent for the months of July and
August a wen rurnisnta mouern House
near the West Farnam car line. Room 17,
puiterson Block. 9s3 24
FOR RENT To responsible party, modern
nome, rurnlxneo. lor summer months,
Hanapom park district. H 21, care of H e.
122 -1
WANTED To rent, a room by youpg lady,
win wvia. iiioruinaa anu evenings in pay
ment for rent. Address H 23, Bee.
K-ia 24
BUY plumbing supplies direct. Wholesale
prices. uave on every article. Only
flrat-claaa gooda handled. Prompt atten
tion to every order. Sand for .catalogue.
B; F. Kafwi. L iUrrlawa att.. Chicago
W Mr-S7a
WE DO expert ptsno moving at lowest
prices. Tel., Douglas lt.-j. chmnller
Mueller Plana Co.. 1311-1J13 Farnam-
llUUOi'jO 0 Lavis Co.. so Wee H ..
D Jo7
UniTCI' In all parts of the cliy. R.
llUUOlo j.eUr, A Co., Bea lT-
HOUSES. Insuiani. Rlngwalt, Barker Blc
THE Omiha V Storage Co., pack,
move and store II. H. goods; storehouse,
1120-24 N. lth. Olllcs. lillVi Farnnm.
Tel.. Doug. 15i D 449
WE MOVE planoa. Mnguard Van A 8tor
age Co. TeL Doug. I. Ulllce. i.U Web
ster St. D 4M
$1 HAT store. SOR N. Itith St. Open evenings.
6EB us when shlpMr.r household gooda to
large cities -s!. We can save you
CO.. 114 N. Sixteenth St. Tel., Doug, lift
CENTRAL, 4 or 6-rooin flata. Tlsard, 22
N. d. D Mill
MAGGARD Van A Storage Co. Dry rouma
tow prices. Telephone Douglas 1083.
. D-M418 June $8
Phons Douglas 1062. 1106 rmrnmM9J
10J 8. SOT II ST. Nine rooms, modern $45.
220 Chlougo St.. 8 rooms, modern $.
RING WALT BKO.. waraer r.
I MS21 U
Choice 6-R. strictly modern apartment In
one of the new apartment houses for
rent. See Payne, Bostwlck A Co., W1 N.
Y. 1. D M809 26
617 SOUTH 26th Ave., rooms, every mod
ern convenience, Including electric lights:
Mulshed In hard wood throughout; will
decorate walls to suit tensnt; rent $.16.00.
W. Farnam Smith A Co., 1320 Farnam St.
D 804 33
FOR RENT Hotel L'nder. Washington
lnke; by the week or month, or season;
will accommodate twenty people; suitable
for house parties. Inquire of T. J. Gard
ner, Mankato, Minn. D MS1I July6
NEW 9-room brick house, West Farnam
district $56.
913 N. Y. Life. Tel. Doug. -311
D-834 26
1823 MAPLE, 7 rooms, all modern, 322.60.
818 in. tn, 9 rooms, city water. -0.
D 8J 27x
708 N. 16th St., 3d floor, 3 rooms, modern, $13.
1st Floor, N. Y. L. Bldg. Tel. D-1781.
JJ 84 24
FOR RENT 9 rooms, all modern, entirely
new, strictly tlrst-cluss, near southeast
corner 2h and California $16. Co. O. C.
Olsen, 1704 Farnam. D 840 24
414 SOUTH 29TH ST.. 7 rooms, $25.00.
1S20 North 18th St., 8-room brick. $a5.00.
D 963 1A
$1 HATS, all shades. 308 N. 16th St.
FOR RENT Just finished, choice modern
9-room house in est Farnam district.
For key and particulars telephone to
Harney 927. D 928 24
2407 North 22d St., two car lines, I rooms,
modern, not water neat, large lot, snane
trees, stone walks. 'Plione 133. D. II.
Christie, 3 N. Y. Life. D 977 24 .
FOR RENT 9-room modern brtclc dwell
ing, 813 S. 29th Ave., $52.50.
Modern apartment In Ditvldge Bldg., facing;
Farnam. $45.00.
$ office rooms In Davldgo Bldg., $20.00.
VERY desirable 7-room apartment, south
and east exposure; also ono or 6 rooms;
6-room modern house, South Omaha.
'Phone Doug. 11.12. 28 Bee Bldg.
D M97 25
FOR RENT Cottage, 2437 8. 16th, tn flna
Order, nearly new, six rooms and bath,
$2 per month. PoMsession August L
T. J. Fitzuiorrls, R. 10? Bee Bldg.
D 968 S4x
FOR RENT 8-rooms, city water. 1828 N.
17tn St. c. M. Bachmann, 436 Paxton Blk.
U 973
FOR RENT 1713 Mason St., 6-room cot
tage, 8-u 014 is. 20tn, new lo-room mod
ern brick, hardwood finish, $00. W. R.
Homan, 1517 Farnam I8t. D M9S6 30
DON'T pay fancy prices for cheap furni
ture at installment nouses, uet reliable
goods from us for less money. Cash or
i.x-s-uu-ma i-arnum bt.
D-9S1 21
FOR RENT 6-room cottage, modern; va
cant July 1. -.11 Howard St.
- D 123 24x
1710 Hickory St., 6-r., bran new, strictly
modern, except rurnace. only lis.
3406 Burdntte St.. 6-r.. modern, $22.60.
516 So. 25th Ave., 6-r., strictly modern; very
choice. 8.16.
4248 Burdette St., 8-r., all modern, $30.
3L'21 Cumlngs St., 8-r., strictly modern, $30.
610 North 21st St., 9-r., strictly modern, very
choice, $.ri0; laundry, stove, gas range, and
shades for entire house furnished tenunt.
601 N. Y. Life Bldg.
P-903 24
106 N. 18th St.: steam heat
Bemls. Paxton block.
FOR RENT Desk room In Bee office, city
nan Duuaing, i . iom Bt.. oouia cmsna.
Apply to manager. 1134
NO EgUAL, laundry, drug store. Tlrard.
m m 'ri.i T ii .j.
STORE ROOM for rent, 408 S. lfith, Or-
Dheum ;i heater Bldg. Dyball, 1613
FOR RENT Third floor, slxa 33x100, suit
able tor loage, club room or fur manu
facturing purposes. Inquire Palace Cloth,
lng Co., corner Uth and Douglas.
$1 HAT store, 308 N. 16th St. Open evenings.
SUITABLE for retail, wholesale or manu
facturing; 22x100; 3 floors and basement;
1j06 Farnam. Inquire 814 First Nat. Bank
Bldg. 1-464
1906 N. 24TH ST., new brick. $25.00.
1jd S. 16th St., steam heat. $35.uo.
14(64 Itt
FOR RENT Desk room, 6u5 Paxton Blk.
'Phone Douglas ww. 1 too M
FOR RENT Brick building, 4 stories and
basement, zzxiiu rt iso. IMS Dodge St.
steam heating plant and elevator. For
Eartlculnrs see Wm. ltr Reed, 609 N. Y.
,lfe Bldg. Tel. Douglas-3217.
I-fc4 24
to rent an office In the United States Na
tional natiK building. The offices are
strictly modern and In nrst-rlaaa con
dition. Desirable location, between the
wholesale and retail districts. If you
want a small office Wli HAVE IT; If
you prefer a suite of two or three rooms
we hsve 'It. Chas. E. Williamson Co..
'1J01 Farnam St
1-110 24
CUT-RATE rallwav tickets everywhere.
P. H. Phllbln. 15u6 Farnio. 'Phone Doug
T84. 4o4
LAP SON A JOHNSON. 1408 Farnam.
$lJIAT8,nl! thsfles. Si N. J'ith St.
LYNGSTAD High Orada 1908 Calendar
a Jfmvs - ta- co"r lth St. and
JOKVE. Capitol Ave. -43
ENGRAVING and printing. Kotera A
.o., li.O Howard. Tel. Djuglas 2ov7.