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DAILY BEE: FRIT) AY. .Tt'NE 22. 1P06.
Cbtmpion f TrannmiMiNippi Fat Oat by
McCartney of DanTer.
.4 It hot t Plays flieBonaenal fiolf tleat
- I Rmil In Seranel Roand w(
Championship Rare la the
Protram for Today."
''K A. M Third round Transmlseisslppl
atne'eur championship, eighteen holes,
miitrh play.
3n A. M . Second round for consolation
prlte. eighteen holes, match play.
k 4ft A. M.-pcond round for directors'
prise, eighteen hole, match play.
l'i:O0 A M. Second round for secretary
prile, eighteen holes, match piny.
10:. TO A. M. Firm round at mutch piny
against Hogey for the clih championship
of the Transmlselsslppl tlolf association,
eighteen holes.
Teams of four nnd only one team from
cm h club to compete. The dull of the win
ning team to tmve the custody of the J. K.
Brock Olympic cup for one year, anil e.ich
member to receive a bvonse medHl. the
liHtnes and scores of '.he winning team to he
Inecrllmd thereon.
1: P. M. Rend-final round. Trnismls
sisalppl amateur championship, eighteen
holes, irlstrh piny.
1:4ft P. M Beml-flnal round for consola
tion prise, eighteen holes, match play.
2:) P M Bcml-flnal round for dlteotors'
prle. eighteen holes, match play.
215 P. M seml-tlnal round for secretary'
tiriue. eighteen holes, match play.
Bcores in the second: third and setnl-flnal
rounds above to count. If desired. In team
plav against liogey for the Brock cup.
S:no p. M. Final round at match play
against bogey for the cluh championship
and custody of the Brock cup, eighteen
Wurrn Dickinson of Des Moines, cham
pion of the Tranamlaslaslppi territory by
virtue of wlnnlnit the tournament at St.
1,0'ils last summer, was put out of the
runnlnK In the se)nd round of the cham
pionship flgh. at the Field club Thursday
afternoon by F. W. McCartney, a post
entry from Denver, who accompanied Ml.
Falrbarika ; to Omaha.
The gallery' ma busy at the time watch
ing some of the other matches and failed
to aee some of-the fastest golf of the week.
McCartney had Rained a lead on Dickin
son which the latter did not catch until the
fifteenth hole. McCartney then began to
play some t the: fastest golf ever seen on
the course. At the nineteenth hole he miide
a twenty-flve-foot put. At the eighteenth
hole he jiiHde- a twenty-foot put, which
made them all even and required an extra
hole. Dickinson's dub slipped on the sec
ond shot for thl hole, and the ball went
Into the road. He recovered and mude the
hole In Ave, one more than bogey, but
McCartney made his third phenomenal put
In succession and holed the ball from a
distant o of twelve feet.. He made a 44 on
the outside nnd 'a 38 on the Inside.
Bend-Abbott Match.
In the afterndon all Interest was centered
In the Bend-Abbott ' match In the second
round of the -championship race. Abbott
played phenomenal golf and made the out
side In 39 to Bend'a 44 for medal play and
won the match 4-up and 2 to play, being
4-up on match play. The acorea were:
Bogey In 444 6 464 441
Abbott 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 S9
Bend I 5 4 4 I 5 4-44
Bogey out - 44664644 439
Abbott 4 4 i 4 4 5 4- 40-79
Bend 4 4 6 3 6 55 4 42-86
Abbott haa been playing a most consistent
game all week a.nd nothing seemed to
bother him. The largest gallery of the
week followed these two players all around
the course and interest was keen all the
way. Boyer and Ieavltt acted as linesmen
to keep the crowds back and the good
plays of each player were- applauded by
the gallery. The first hole was halved, Ab
bott over approaching and Bend missing a
good chance to 'hole the ball and win.
Each was on the green for the second hole
III three and. Abbott won in four
The third belt, was halved, Abbott miss
ing an easy put. Bend made a pretty ap
p roach for the fourth UoU but Abbott got
.nearer the hole from 4ha under side and
each made' If In bogey. Tim fifth hole
waa halved, each beating bogey by a
troke. Bend went Into the ditch on the
aecond stroke for the sixth hole, hut lofted
the ball near the tote and then missed an
attempt at a seven-foot put, and Abbott
won the hole Kach drove Into the road
fo the -seventh hole.' Bend lofted and the
ball stopped on top the bunker beyond th
green. He got hack welt and then missed
a,.'three-foot put' and Abbot did llkewlae,
leaving the'hall stymied within six Inchej
Of the hotel which halved the hole. Ab
bott' drove, badly for the etirhth, but re
raverrert on Ms approach and Bend knocked
a stymie ,n the hole, giving Abbot
the. hole for three. Each drove well for
the ninth a,ud again Bend mlased an easv
put. giving Abbott the hole. Abbott had
. made the, nrat nine in 39.
Hot Drive Hole Utah for Tenth.
Both, drove hole high for the tenth,
Btnd approaching short, leaulting in a
half four rat h. Abbott drove wild for the
ele ventn" recovering on his approach, halved
the hole In four. Abbott won the twelfth
hole. Bend missing a two-foot put. Abbott
five up and six" to play. The thirteenth
was an uninteresting half lu six. Bend
drove- the green on number fourteen, win-'
iitn ; h. hsil.. 9 1a 1 . Hit nnmhr lltlcn
Abbot dubbed his first drive into the li-n j , Tb V""U-i"' el,',itTi-!liVVrr""..e!LTrotn
, , . , , " tors uf the Trananifrslasippl Golf association
giass, losing the hole, to 5. For the six-! al) helli t tm, (.Hnaha Field club Thurs
ln'M'll hole each approucl.ed wiy (M r the day -night prior to a sumptuous banquet,
g.eiti. Albott being the stealer n ,.u which was Klven to the visiting plivrrs t
.1.. ,h . i. , . . t the tournament. The officers . elected . for
oowtt 'he put. winning the holj. 4 to 6 ,.,,. VPar were: 11. G l.eavttt,
nd also the match by four ip and tv i president; A i. 8. John.ton and K. R. Tal
to play. . . I hot. vice presidents; John It. Cady, secre-
The genera, feature of ,hc ,..-h wa. ; . rearer Thc-o.lw rtor.
the mlaerahle short work of Hn'-oid Jee-ri Walter Fairbanks, l'. never; Warren Dick
jU the del dly approaching which clmrac- Inson. Des Moines: A. B. Davis. Colorado
terlied Abbott's game throughout. iSprlnas; K. W. Hoige. Kansas City ; Colonel
in the second round championship piay VBrshHl'ltown; N. Reckard. iniaha:
."Bun',' Guinand won the flist four from I j.;. jf. Bprague. Omaha; C. F. Morey, Hast
T. R, Kimball and then Kimball picked I ,, oml M. Van Dyke. Sioux City,
up a few until they wire even to the 13th, ' , .Th" ,.""' ' ",lTr1!?TTv...-a7,tl'.hi?
when "Bun" won the l."tli and halved thel(nt. rtltectors ihoose'Rock Islaml as the
Ittth, 17th and 18th
J B. Rahm played fust and consistent
golf all day, in the morning winning from
Jerome Magee and In the afternoon putting
out R. R. Kimball, one of the crack play
er of Omaha. The Rahm-Klmhall luatc.i
wa most Interesting. Rahm winning the
.1st hole, Kimball the 2d, halving the K.
Kimball won the 4th and halved the 5th.
Rahm' won the nth and Kimball the 7lh
and Rah in the 8th and 8th. making Kim
ball 1 down at the turn. Rahm won the
loth snd Uth. making hln 3 up. The Utli
waa halved, a waa also toe Uth. Klmlull
won tbe 14th and halved the 15th. Kit It and
. 17th. niuking the score up and 1 to play.
'Rsbm score in the morning was and
In the afternoon 1.
Talbot., the "golfing parson." won from
Walter- Fail banks, president of the Trans-
inlsaisalppl, in the second round for the
ehaniplunslitp. The game waa nip and tuck
all Ike wt through, with each lining a
hall. Neither player put in form, Mr. Fair
1 bank Just returning front a European trip
nd not being in condition. He was alau
confused on the 12th hole and missed an
eay 12-inch put which cost him a hole, and
again oo green 14 he wa visibly confused
by the gallery. Talbot lost a ball In a
gopher hole which never wss found.
Amatenr Championship Rnnnd f.
R. W Hodge. Kama City, boat A. W.
Mitchell. R-k Island. I up and t to play
C. T. Jaffray. Minneapolis, beat. L. H.
Johnson. MuinraBolia, i up and 4 lo pluy.
,. J. U Rshm, lima ha Country club, beat
R. R Kimball, Omaha Country club. 2 up
, and 1 to play. .
Kpmtfur Abbytt, Omaha Country dub.
beat 11. P. Heud, St. Paul, 4 up snd 2 to
MS. P- ft- 1'a.lbetL Hutchinson. uaat
fi alter Fairbanks, Icnver. I up and 2 to
A D. S Johnston, ft. Paul, beat A. A.
.Mci'lure. Omaha Country cluh, 6 up and
S to play.
B . tjulnand. Des Moines, beat T. R.
Kimball, i una ha Country dill. 1 up.
F. . Mc 'artney, Oinabe. Conntty club,
beat Warren Dickinson. Ies Jl lines, 1 up,
l holes.
Cnnaolatlna Prise.
First Round-Thomas beat J H. l.einist.
Magee beat Htewart. 6 up J to play.
Sumney beat Sprague. 4 up.
C. R. Jones lieat J. D. C'ady. 1 up In 20
M. Doran beat Davison. S up 4 to play.
Revnnlds beat Coskley by default.
IdDoucier beat Morey, 1 up 10 holes.
Gates beat Cutts. 1 up In Zi holes, halving
the last
Rest Handled of An.
A. D. 8. Johnston of St. Paul, one of
the crack players at the tournament and
a successful business man of St. Paul.
In speaking of the tournament, said lie had
been to a gieat many, but had never seen
one handled better than the present one.
"I have played at tournaments for a good
many years," said Mr. Johnston, "and
have been to a good many towns, but this
Is the best handled of any I have ever
attended. The Field club Is so admirably
adapted for audi a big undertaking that
the boys are having I he best sort of a
time with everything running so smoothly.
I can't say too much for the splendid
fellowship shown amongst the club mem
bers and all seem to try to outdo them
selves in trying to do something nice for
the visitors. The house committee il
surely outdohig Itself and la setting a
table hard to lieat anywhere. We will all
hate to leave."
Play tarta with Playoff of Ties.
Play started Thursday with the playoff
of the ties, after which the players were
started for the amateur rhamplonahip,
tlien the director and secretary's troprdea.
The wind waa blowing about aa It waa
on the opening day and while this seemed
to bother some, others were apparently
not disturbed.
The low score up to noon waa made
by Mitchell, who turned in a 77 and barely
missed a 76 by a tiad put on the last hole.
In the playoff of the tie of the 185 play
era W". C. Humney waa the winner, which
qualified him to play for the championship
and matched him to play with II. P. Bend.
W. E. Palmatier waa second and C. H. E.
Hoardman was third and O. M. Livingston
fourth, putting the last three named In
the play for the director's cup.
In the playoff of the 161 tie. W. D.
Banker won, which qualified him for the;
director's cup and he was matched with
N. P. Reckard. Ntockton Heth and. R! (J.
Hawkins were put In the play for the sec
retary's cup.
Jay D. Foster withdrew from the 199 tie.
i leaving Albert Calm to play for the secre
tary's prlxe.
t Thomas Rona JarTray Hard.
One of the closest matches of the morn
ing waa between Guy Thomas and Jaffray
of Minneapolis. Thomas had JarTray 2 up
at the ninth hole and halved the tenth.
Jaffray won the eleventh by a 3 and the
twelfth by some splendid golf. Thomas
lopped his drive on the thirteenth and
JafTray won it with a 6. which made hlm
1 up. JafTray drove Into the ditch on tho
fourteenth, making honors even. Both
drove well and made good second shots
on the fifteenth, but Thomas missed hia
put, giving Jaffray the hole in 4. On the
sixteenth Jaffray sliced hia ball and
Thomas drove Into the hank, giving Jaf
fray the hole In 6. making him dormey 2.
They halved in the aeventeenth. giving
Jaffray the match, 2 up and 1 to play.
Several surprises were sprung during the
day, the principal of which was the de
feat of Magee by J. B. Ruhm. Davison
played a splendid tame all the way
through, being 2 np at the ninth hole and
having a chance to tie at the eighteenth,
but loat 2 down.
Amatenr Championship. First Roand,
c.Aodo.V' Mitrh"'l of Rock Island Taeat
iv 1 . Uatee of Minneapolis, 6 up and 3 to
R. W. Hodge of Kansas City beat A:.- U
'-"J"" Minneapolis. 6 up and 4 to play.
C. 1. JafTray of Minneapolis heat G D
rhmmte. Field club, 2 up and 1 to plav.
H. P. Bend of 8t. Paul beat H. C.
buinney Field club. 7 up and to plav.
J. B. Rahm beat Jerome Magee, ( up and
2 to play.
R. Jt. Kimball. Country club, beat F.' E
Stewart. 1 up. 19 holes.
Sprague Abbott beat E. H. Sprague. 7
up and 6 to play.
Walter Fairbanks beat C. R. Jones. 3 un
and 2 to play. H
Paul R. Talbot beat John D. Cadv, 2 up.
A. A. McClure beat M. A. Da Doucier. I
up, 1 hole.
A. I). 8. Johnston beat C. F. Morey, 3
up and 2 to nlay.
T. R. Kimball beat P. C. Davison, 2 up.
B. G. Gulnan beat M. Doran, jr., 6 up
and 4 to play.
F. W. McCartney beat W. I,. Coakley. 6
up and s to play.
Warren Dickenson of Des Molne beat
8. W. Reynolds of Omaha. (I- up.
1. H. Johnson of Minneapolis beat J. R.
Lenilst of Omaha. 2 up.
Directors' Prise, First Round.
Grier beat Boardmen, 6 up and to play.
(tallies beat Powers. 6 up,
Kemper beat Daughertv. H up, 6 to play.
A. C. Jones beat J. w. Thomas, 4 iu, 3
to play.
Bancker beat Rlcard, 1 up.
Kinsler beat Sharpe, 1 up.
Hcrtlg beat Palmatier, 5 up. 4 to play.
Secretary's Prise, First Round.
Porter beat Bone, 1 up .
Hawkins beat Morrison, 3 up, 2 to. play.
Dowry beat Hoel. 4 up. 2 to play.'
Boyer beat Martin, default.
Heth beat M. C. Peters, a up, 4 to play.
A. 1.. Reed beat Colt. 6 up, 4 to play.
1aw beat tahn, 1 up.
G. M. Junes beat Cornutt, default.
Flection of Officers Precedes the ood
next place for holding the tournament.
It was also recommended that a separate
department lor women be established to be
officered by women and run entirely sepa
rate lor the women.
Over ion unit enthusiast gathered ground
the banquet hoard at the Field club r.t 7:30
at a banquet for t lie visitor. Af'er they
had done Justice to the long menu the
balance of the evening was ("pent In llsten
lnK to toasts and responses of an informal
order. K. H. Spraaue acted as toast master
and was wise in the selection of those to
speak. Among those who responded were
H. G Iavitt. John Cailv. Ben T. White
and M. Doran. Jr Mr. White told all
how welcome they were to evervthing the
club contained and the toaatmas'er invited
all to use the Cuuntrr club links fur the
balance of the week. M. Doran took inva
sion to tell what a fine secretary they had
had in Mr. l-emlu and what a fine presi
dent he would make.
Kiaa and Sawyrr Win.
GRAND RAPIDS Mich.. June 21
Champion H. Chandler Kgan and last
year's runner-up. D. K. Sawyer, had eaay
victories in the flist round of the Kent
Country dub golf match this afternoon.
The course waa about six stroke slow on
account of the rain last night and heavy
winds today. The pairings for tomorrow
In the Kent Country club cup match are:
F.ttan with Mun ton. CHugman wtih Hob
kiik. Smont with Sawyer and Griffith with
Games In Three-I l.eaga.
At Rock Island -Bloomington, 4: Rock
Island. 0.
At Decatur Deratur. $: Davenport. 4
At Cedar Rapids Peoria. 4; Cedar Rap
id. I
At Springfield Dubuque, 10: Springfield, 1.
Ma her Rides Wlaacr. . .
ASt'OT. Ixiudon. June 21. The gold
cup won by FU.iielor Huttou. ridden
bv Mntiei. the AmeilcAn Jockey. Prettv
Polly was second sad AvtUllo 1 1 ill a. live
hurar alar led.
Third Choice Fall Dowa the Bit: Stake at
Bheepfhead Bay.
Third Time Thla Year Dandelion
Has Lost by Small Maraln
Colonial Rlrl Finishes
NEW YORK, June 21. Alrxandur
Shield a o-year-old Meddler-Indigo gelding.
Go Between, carrying 1 1 pounds and third
choice, to 1, won the iJO.unn Suburban
handicap today. One of the largest cnowds
that ever witnessed the event was an the
Sheepshead Bay course of the Coney Island
Jockey club. Go Between wa but a short
head In front of K. R. Hitchcock's 4-yenr-old
Hamburg colt. Dandelion, who was
equal favorite In the belting with Cairn
gorm at 3 to 1. Colonial Girl, hacked from
M to 1 to 15s was third, three lengths be
hind the first two horses and the same dis
tance In front of the field.
The hnlsh was a terrific drive. Go He
tween catching Dandelion at the sixteenth
pole and fighting it out head and head to
The wire. Shaw on the winner outrode
Miller. As the two leader rushed past
the stand the 30.0H) or more enthusiasts
rone to their feet and wildly shouted en
rouragement. '
There was a delay of ten minutes at the
post, due to the bad behavior of Proper
and Colonial Girl. When the barrier was
ralaed Proper wa,s turned sideways. He
bumped Cairngorm and interfered seriously
with the latter chances In the early part
of the race. This Incident marred an other
wise good start.
Cederstrome and Astronomer rushed
away Into the lead with Dandelion third.
Around the paddockr turn and into the
backatreteh Cederstrome opened up a gap
of three lengths. Go Between was In the
bunch and Colonial Girl was trailing In
the ruck.
Winner Resins to Hon.
Coming out of the backst retch Ceder
strome had begun to tire and the entire
field closed up. so that seven or eight
lengths covered the distance from leader
to last horse. Sweeping Into the stretch
Dandellori was leading by a length. Ceder
strome wa falling back, but Cairngorm,
Dolly Spanker and Tokalon were to be
reckoned with. And behind these was Go
Between with Shaw sitting still In the sad
dle. The gelding's stretch running quali
ties are well known. Once the horses had
straightened out. Shaw let his mount have
his . head. In a few jumps Go Between
had passed all but the flying Dandelion
and, running straight and true, waa going
away at the end.
Colonial Girl moved up into third place
from nowhere. The others finished In the
following order: Agile, Tokalon, Proper,
Dolly Spanker, Kuroki. Cairngorm. Astron
omer, Cederstrome and Oxford. The time
was 2:054. the record, 2:I6, being made by
Hermls In 1904.
Dandelion has been an unfortunate horse
this year. He was beaten but a length
In the Metropolitan handicap, a neck In the
Brooklyn handicap and a head In the
Apurt from the Suburban. Interest cen
tered In the first of the double event, one
of the richest 2-year-old stakes. Water
Pearl, the unbeaten colt, was held at 2 to
7, but was soundly whipped by James R.
Keene's Ballot. Results:
First race, sleeplediaae, short course:
Coligny won, Paul Jones second. Kernel
third. Time: 4:07,.
Second race-, six furlongs: Brunkilale
Nj-niph won. Tradition second. Time: 1:1.'.
Two starter.
Third race, the double event, five and a
half rurloiigs: Ballot won. Water Pearl sec
ond. Ethon third. Time: l:0fi.
Fourth race, the suburbnp handicap, mile
and ,t quarter: Go Between, llti. Shaw
( to D, won; Dandelion. 107. Miller (3 to D,
second: Colonial Girl. 113, Sewe (15 to 1).
third. Time: 2:H6Vj. Proper, Tokalon. Cairn
gorm, Oxford. Dolly Spanker. Astronomer,
L'ednrstronie, Kuroki and Agile also ran.
Fifth ruce, five furlongs: George S. Davis
won. Aletheuo second. Yankee Girl third,
'lime: 1:00.
Sixth race, mile and a sixteenth on turf:
Benevoh-nt won. Prince Frederick second.
Lancastrian third. I line: l:4n.
HesoKa un Other Tracks.
CINCINNATI. June 21. Favorite won
four of the six races at Datonia today.
Track slow. Summaries:
First race, mile: Neudeaha won, biular
aecond, Cambridge third. Time: 1:49.
Second ra,ce. five furlongs: Hnnart won,
John Kaufman aecond. hello Scott third.
Time: l:t.TVk.
Third race, seven furlongs: Daring won,
Bedford second, Ara third. Time: 1:31.
Fourth race, steeplechase, short course:
Plcktlme won, Chanlny second. Snow Drift
third. Time: SM.
Fifth iHoe. four and one-half furlongs:
Pink Star won, Montalban second, Charlie
Mitchell third. Time: 0:67.
Sixth race, mile: Double won. Fnnsoluca
second. Matador third. Time: l:4f.
Bl'FFA l0, N. Y., June 21. Results at
First race, mile: liantagnet won. Andrew
Mack second, Jude third. Time: 1 :4fi.
Second crce, live furloiics: Gromohol
won, Tudor second. Percentage third. Time:
Third race, mile and forty yards:- Non
sense won. Duke of Kendall second, Em
barrassment third. Time: l:4fc2B.
Fourth race, five and one-half furlongs:
Sanfara won, Platoon second. Tickle third.
Time: 1:10V
Fifth race, four and one-half furlongs:
Triumphant won. Kllicott second, Pinnud
third. Time: 0:57V
Sixth race, five and one-half furlongs:
Nuns Veiling won. Akhar second, Angleta
third. Time: 1:1V
WINDSOR. Out . June 21 Result:
First race, six furlon: Glendon won, Doc
Wallace second. Mat this third. Time: 1 :!!.
Second race, four and one-half furlongs:
Attention won. chandler second. Malta
third. Time: li :..
Third raVc. mile nnd a sixteenth: Dn
llnda won. Pentagon second. Stoessel third.
Time: 1:54.
Fourth ruce. six furlongs: Charlie Kast
man won. Bon Mot second, Hans Wagner
third. Time: 1:17.
Fifth race, six furlongs: Sunnv Brook
Won. Fair Calpsla aecond. Faunette third.
Time: 1:21.
Sixth- nice, stceplerha e. short course:
Gearholm won. Dawson aecond. Trenct the
Mere third. Time: :5fi.
DKNVF.H. Colo., June 21 Overland re
sults: ,
First race, trotting: Briny K. won oth
heats. Congressman Slhlev second. Time:
Second race pacing: Tess C. won. Martha
B. second. Time: 2:13V
Third race, rive and one-half furlongs:
Young Pilgrim won. Aarou J. second.
Phalanx third. Time: 1 :(i9.
Fourth race, mile hurdle: Profitable won,
Salem second, Iangfoid James third. Time
not given.
Fifth race, seven furlongs: Durbar won,
I..utig second, Frd Horn beck third. Time:
1 :27 V
Sixth race, six -furlongs: Baby Branch
won. Hondoo second. Kl Passano third.
Tinie: l:1iV ,
Seventh race, six furlongs: little Greg
won. Montcsuma second. Kdgediffo thlid.
Time: 113,.
Racing at Beatrice.
BKATRK'K. Neb.. June 21 (Special Tel
egram, i The matinee races held tins aft
ernoon at the driving park were largely
attended. Results
Roadster race, half mile
1 at Due
I ncle Josh. "..
Jack Daniels
Time; 1:28. 1:28.
k'lhlbttlon mile, pacing
Jessie M
Fred H
Time: 2:2M. 2 23',.
Trotting. 2 40 rlase
Countess H
Tame: S:42V. 2:53V 2:40
.1 1
Good Crowd at Mitchell Races.
MITCHKI-U S. D.. June 21. (Special Tel
egram. The three days' race meeting
came to a doe this afternoon after a very
successful aerie of race. Irge crowds
were In attendance each day and the
affair 1 a financial aucresa a well.
The 2 trot was interesting and waa
taken im (traight heat by Hllwood Jr..
Miss Keloppli a aw-ond. and Charting
a srs-oiiii. ana . nancig
The big ovsot oo the caid
PliQL third.
was the fiee-for-all. with six entries, and
e-.-n v one ofwihe five horaea ' driven
to a finish on both atretche. Vlsant Ftsr
t.H.k the nrt heat In lf:ut. Thn Billy Boggs
went In for two heat In the fourth and
tl'th bests D'ltupv. bv two remsrkable
lvie, finished first. The money was di
vided as follows: Billy Koggs first. Dumpv
second. Vlr-ant Sa-r third and Ipswich Boy
fourth. Black Walnut, a local favoiiie.
was drawn after the second best. He was
crowded on the bank, his driver was thrown
fi'oni the sulky and the horse ran three
quarters of a mill before he wss stopped.
Indlnnnpolls Loses to Toledo by
Krrnra In First laalaar. '
TOl.RDO. June 21 After batting hard In the flrft to win. Indianapolis lost
through errors. Toledo getting four runs
without a hit. S'orr:
H 11. A K
Ntnie t ... 4 I .1 s d Vlinum. rf 3 0
.1 ( lurk. If.. 5 t I n It IiinlTf. if. 1
iMmnnt. M ... 4 A o I 1 1 1 n ee . If S
.lut. rf ! 1 (1 (i 1 l rr. lh I
KrurgT, 3b . 2 0 0 t Kahft. 4 0
t l
1 (I
Knat. 2b. . I S i (I la men. Ill 2 I
W ( larhc lb S 1
I .11 Mar.-an. It) .. 4 I)
Ahtwitl, -.
Wlsgm. p.
Tntlln . .
.4710 Hnlmei. r ... 4 (1
. 4 n o i oW'f'ker. p.... 1 0
e o
Kallum. p....t
.n i 27 f: i .
TotaU 3 5 24 11 4
Toledo 4 0 1 0 II 0 it 0 S
Indianapolis 3 0 U 0 U u 0 0 03
Home run: Carr. Two-base hit: Dun
lenvy. Stolen bases Jude, Krueger. Struck
out: By Wlggs. H; by Walker, 1; bv Kellum,
2. Bases on balls: Off Wlggs. 2; off Walker.
3. Double play: Marian, kahoe and Carr.
Hits: off Walket, 3 in three innings: off
Kellum. 5 in five innings. Time: 1 :fiO. em
pire: Owens.
Lonlatllle W las In F.letenth.
I-Ol'ISVIU.K. June 21 Ixuiisvllle de
feated Columbus In an exciting eleven
Inning game today. Dunkl was a putxla
to the visitors with men on bases, while
Berger was batted at opportune time by
the local. Mailman s fielding and the bat
ting of Shaw nnd Quinlan were feature.
B H O A B. B H O A K.
Hallman. If
Srmall. cf....
Braahear. 2b..
Sullivan, lb..
" l (I Plkrln. rf. t
I a (I l Wrlilry. 5h. . 4
1 4 a B Hln hman. rf 4
1 t
0 1
t l
0 14
1 0
14 1 rnultr. If.
Iverwln. rf...
1 1 ci 0 Klhm, lb.
1 0 1 Prll. ,1b.,
4 I 11 (i Set. a...
2 0 n Rvan. c. .
1 1 0 Pfrror, p.
lb. S
sbasr. c...
Qnlnlan. sa
Uunkle. p.
. 4
. F.
Totala 4J 13 3J IS I TnUla If) I II II I
Louisville 0 2 O II 0 0 1 0 O ft 25
Columbus o 0 I 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 S
Two-base, hit: Shaw. Three base hit:
Quinliiu (::), Brashear. Home run: Picker
ing. Stolen bases: Wriglev, Stovall. Sacrl
llce hits: yuinlan. Brashear. Bases on
halls: Off Dunkle, 4) off Berger, 2. Struck
out: By Dunkle. i; by Berger. 13. Passed
ball: Ryan.. Hit by pitched ball: Coulter.
Double piny: gulnlan. Brashenr and Sulli
van. Left on buses: .Ixuilsville, 7; Colum
bus. 5. Time: .10. Cmpire: Kean. -Miller
Win lir Mntli.
MIUVAI'KKH June 21. Minneapolis
fought a great uphill game today, winning
In tiie ninth by Hendlng two men over the
plate. The score was 7 to 6. The feature
was a circus catch by Sullivan. Score:
B H C A E B.H.O.A.K.
nana, or n I l I) ci Rohlnion. aa t t i
Frensan. lb.. 2 1 III I 0 tirean, rf I J 0 1
Hn- " t 1 tl titlark. 2b 4 0 0 1
Oremlni r, .lb 5 3 2 2 n Baleman. lb . 4 1 lit o
Sullivan, rf .5 I 2 1 A HrmDhill. cl. 4 1 1
"vler. aa..
Yeaser, e.
Kol. 2b...
Kord, p...
Totala. .
.... 4 1 2 A 1 Holh. c 4 0 10 I
5 1 I t M't-hssn'T. If J i 1
.... I I ft MiCorm'k. 2b I i 2 1
.... 4 0 0 v 1 urtla, p tint
'Hynea 1 II u
411 IIS 27 1 2 Dougherty, p. 0 0 f i
Totala 84 11 27 lo 2
Batted for Curtis in ninth.
Minneapolis 1 l o 0 n 2 1 27
Milwaukee 3 1 0 1 U 0 0 0 0 ft
Hits: Off Curtis. 13 In eignt Innings; off
Dougherty. 3 in one Inning. Two-base hits:
Oylcr. Three-base hit: Hemphill. Stolen
base: Davis, llnnii on balls: Off Curtis,
2; off Ford, 2. Struck out: Bv Curtia. 9;
by "Ford. 4. Touble play: Sullivan and
Yeager Sacrifice hlta: Clark, Freeman,
Oyl.r. Ijefi oti has: Milwaukee. ; Min
neapolis. 11. Time: a.rtrt. empire: Sullivan.
tandlnK of the Tennis.
Played. Won
Columbus ..
Milwaukee .
Doulsville ..
Kansas City
St. Paul
Indiana poll
...V 57
. i. . r7 -.
uames today: .ludlanapolis at Toledo,
Columbus at I,oulvlle, Mlnneapolli at Mil
waukee, St, I'aul at Kansas city.
John Hobens Makes Lowest Score on
Homfitcioil fiolf Links..
CHICAGO, June II. John Hobens, pro
fessional, ot the- Fnglewood t.N. J. Gulf
club, led the held of forty-seven starter
In the Western Open Golf championship
at the end of the ttrst .16 hole play over
t lie Hoinewo.xl linka today. With the wind
blow-lntc a gale from the southwest, Hobeua
made the two round in 78 and 70, a total
of 164 strokes. Willie Smith of Mexico and
Willie Anderson t Onwentsia, the open
champion of the I'nited States, were but
two strokes behind, while Gilbert Nlcholis,
Denver, Fred Mcleod. Midlothian, and
Aleck Smith. Nassau, were tied at 157 each.
Weiaher conditions could hardly have been
worse for low scoring than they were to
day and tomorrow's play Is expected to
liow but little change In the relative po
sitions of the leadiiiR playei. Hobens
played beautiful golf ail day. as his score,
which Is ten. strokes under bogey. Indi
cates. The play ot .Willie Smltl and Wil
lie Anderson attracted almost the entile
gallery, Anderson's play in the morning,
when he jnade a 74, was the beet of the
"Nipper" Campbell, the little Boston pro
fessional, probaoly spoiled Ids chance of
getting In the money by some thoughtless
play at the third hole In the afternoon.
The lair green of this hole curve like a
boomerang. jThe woods in the angle caught
Campbell's sliced drive, and he triod to
get hole high by a long shot through the
trees, with the result that It look him
eight strokes to get on the green.
laurtnce Aucherlonle of Glenvlew," who
broke the course record In practice yes
terday, also spoiled hi chances in the
afternoon with an 88.
Only one amateur is within reachable
distance ni the firi group. Roliert K.
Hunter of Midlothian Hade 8-83 163. Next
na the amateur waa Dougla Stuart of
Humewood, who made 17-K4 171.
The leading scores Colow:
In. Out. Total.
John Hobens, K? jj.'ewor d
Willie Smith. Mexico
1 1
8i I
Willie Anderson, f '.iwentsia.
i Gilbert Nlcholis. Denver..
Fred McDeod. Midlothian..
Aleck Smith. Nassau
A. Smith. Columbus
J. Jolly, Arlington. N. J..
.. Aucherlonle, Glenvlew n
O. Haekhartli, OeonomoW'
R. F-. Hunter, Midlothian... 83
Harry Turpie, South Bend... 8j
A. Campbell. Hrookline
S Gardner. Garden Citv 4
Barnard Niclinll. Klyrla 82
W. I vow. Indianapolis KS
W. V. Hon re. Salt Ijike City. 84
A. Tavlot. Kxmoor SO
W. Marshall. Onwentsla 84
t. Louie Man la Hlah tinn nt Indlan
a soils Tonrnanieat.
INDIANAPOLIS. June 21 F. E. Roger
of St. Iiul won the first prize In the
Grand American handicaD today with a
score of 44 targeta out of a possible lflo,
ahootlng from the seveuteen-yat d line. A
sirong and variable wind blew across the
field all day. which caused the y& con
testants to make lower scores than they
had hoped for. Five traps were used, the
guns working in squads of five, twenty
targets being shot at from eacli net of
The r-rlf money amounted to I2.H74, which
was divided among the fifty high guns.
Mr. Rogers was awarded $27.. together
with the silver pitcher, which represented
the high gun of the day.
To.norrow the amateur and professional
championships will he contested. Among
those w ho made scores of ) or over today
were :
1.. I. Wade. Texas. V2; W. H. Heer. Con
conlla. Kan. !1 : Kdward O'Brien, Flor
ence. Kan.. 91 ; W. rt. Houn, Jewel, la-. 91;
W. R Crosby. O Fallon. III., JO.
Haatlnaa Makes Too Maay F.rrors.
HASTINGS. Neb.. June 21 (Special Tel
egraoi. i Poor support was the cause of
Hastings losing to Kearney today. Zarkert
maintained good control and allowed only
one eained run. Score. R. H. K.
Kearnev 0 0 0 4 0 1 1 0 0-i 2
Hasting 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 ! 2 7 J
Batteries: Kearney. Pendeigrafl and Za
lusky; Haatlnga. Z.ickert and Puteel.
The same iiums play tomorrow.
Nebraska Men nl shoot.
The scores ot the Nebraska stunner In
the preliminary event' at Indianapolis
w ei-e :
Townsend --
I,.. i ..
10 0
11 17
17 17
; iiixj
Undci man
11 X u
McHeelij it Jnincibl and GeU Superb
Support All Around.
Welch Makes Phe'nom Caleb and
Carter Walk to Plato Fonr
Times lft'lthoot Brian; "at
Bat' One.
Bsey sent out a ripping three-bagger
nd a good single. Carter made two sac
rifices and wnlked twice, Perilng and
Welch and Bender did the right things at
the right time, the little boy on the center
field fence lent eclat and his clarion voice
to the occasion, the girl with the thunder
storm skirt said "bee-ut-e-ful" when
Welch ran like a lost monkey in the eighth
Inning, caught Campbell' fly on the run,
fell down, rolled over and held the ball
all the while, while I'mplre Keefe called
"Out:" the Sioux City aggregation of ball
player tried to make a run. but could not.
and a confection vendor fell down eight
steps when Butch Freese fanned twice.
It all happened yesterday afternoon on
the Vinton street base ball park, where
the Omaha and Sioux City teams met for
another series of games. The result of
yesterday' uprising was S to 0 In favor
of the local team.
It .was quite a pretty game after all.
There were no really aensnttonal play,
but Just steady playing, with the Rourke
children leading the Sioux along the way.
On eevral occaslona It looked as if .the
Sioux boys would soor. but Just when
some excited fans who had money invested
at Sioux City or whose relation have a
tore there yelled, "They're going to
score!" then they didn't.
Deftflelder Campbell of the lowans did
some heavy work with the bat. lu three
times up he sent out as many hits over
to left field territory and reached first base
each time In good order. The fourth time
up he sent a dandy over to Harry Welch'
garden, causing Welch to do a whole lot
of gymnastjc work and' the little boy on
the fence and the girl with the thunder
storm skirt to get noisy. But Canphell
went out. (
Mceeley In tireat Form.
Pitcher McNeeley for the Rourke was
In good form and was well supported all
round. Mac passed. only one of the Car
ney employe, and he did' not mean to do
that. That Invincible combination, Bender-Carter-Perrlng,
started In with the first
Inning to mix It up. Bender sent out one
of those bee-ute-e-ful grounders to right
field snd Carter sacrificed him to second.
Pening lammed a good-for-two through
center field and Bender came In like i
man in a hurry to get somewhere as
quickly a possible. Then the little boy
on the center field fence yelled to hi
mother. "Mother, mother, pin a rose on
me." He did not care for expense. That
was the first Inning. The second was not
much for the home crew.
The third wa the one where the fans
got their money's worth and wanted to
pay more to the gate man. Bender walked
nd Carter sacrificed some more; Welch
sent out a fine two-bagger, which knocked
Nohlltt off his pint and brought Bender
In; then Bassey made a single to right
field and brought Welch In; Dolan wa
hit by a pitched ball. Runkle went out on
a fly and then someone said something
about the inning being over, so the Omaha
boys took to the field and the Ploux went
to hat.' They only went to bat, as they
described various lines with the stick in
the next Inning and then Went hack 1 the
field. The little boy on the fence said it
was a waste of time for the Sioux boys
to stand up at the plate and pretend they
were going to hit the ball for a hit and
then go out in one. two three order. . He
meant the fourth Jnnlng.
Campbell snd Nohlltt made the only hits
for their tesm. They got to the bases
five times all told and were left on bases
five time all told.
The same teams will play this afternoon.
The seore:
AB. R. H. PO. A. 13.
Bender, r. 2 2 1 2 0
Carter, rf 0 1 0 1 0 0
Perring. 3b 3 0 1 1 n o
Welch, cf ' .2 2 4 1 0
Bassey, If 4 0 2 3 u ti
Dolan. lb .- X 0 1 a 0 0
Runkle, s 4 0 1 2-2 1
Howard. 2b 4 0 0 1 3 0
McNeeley, p 4 0 0 0 3 0
Totals 27 5 S 27 10 1
AB. R.
H. PO. A. E.
Campbell, If....
0 3 0 0 0
0 2 4 0 0
(18 0 1
0 0 3 0 1
0 0 4 1 0
0 0 1 u 0
0 0 1 s, 0
0 II J 0
0 0 0 4 0
0 6 24 10 2
2 0 1 0 0 1 5
2 0 1 0 0 3 -8
0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
2 0 0 2 0 0 06
Noblltt. ct I
Meyers, lb 4
Newton, ss 4
Weed, 2b 4
Tst. rf 3
Frost. Sb.; 2
Freese, c II
Corbet t, p 3
Totals 30
Omaha R 1 o
H 2 0
Sioux City R 0 0
H 1 0
Earned runs: Omaha. 2, Three-base hit:
Bassey. Two-base hits: perring, Welch.
Sacrifice hlta: Omaha. 3; Sioux Citv, 1.
Flrt base on ball: Off McNeeley, l"; off
Corbett, S. Struck out: Bv McNedev, &;
by Corbett. S. Hit hj pitcher: Dolan.
First base on errors: Howard. Weed. Deft
on bases: Omaha. 7; Sioux City, 5. Time:
1:35. Umpire: Keefe. Attendance: l.ftiO.
Champion Win In Math.
DES MOINES. June 21 With the score
tied in the ninth through Manske's losing
control, Des Moines won from Denver in
the laat half of that Inning by a score of
6 to 4 today. The game was grand ball
throughout and was either team a until
the laat. Towne brought In the winning
euore with a liner to left center. Score.
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Caff yn. If a o 2 2 1 0
O'Lt-ary, 3b 2 2 1 il 1 0
Weiuay, cf ,.4 0 '4 u u 0
Dexter, lb 4 u 0 12 0 0
Towne. c 4 o 1 i i o
Hogrlever, rf 4 o n 1 1 o
Andreas, ss 3 1 ll 2 1 (j
Magoon. 2b 4 1 2 4 3 1
Manske, p 2 1 0 0 3 U
McKay, p 0 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 32 5 s 27 12 1
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Mcllale, cf 2 o u 2 0 U
T. Smith, 2b a 1 i 2 u
Randall, if 4 o 1 1 0 0
Kuaaeil. lh 3 2 1 10 1 1
Heuillck. 3b 3 2 1 o 5 u
Melden, If 3 0 2 110
J. Hmtth, ss 3 0 1 u 1 1
2alky, c 3 0 0 7 0 1
Paige, p 4 . (I 0 0 2 1
kngie, p 0 u 0 0 0 0
Total 4 7 24 12 4
None out when winning run wa made.
Ilea Moinea 1 0 ll 2 0 1 0 0 1-i
Dei.ver 010200U" 11
Stolen baaea: Mcllale. Welday, Aiidtaa
I2i, Manske. O I-eary. Two-base hita: Wel
day, Kuaaell, Belden. Double play: Cauyn
to Towne to Magoon. First base on ball:
Off Paige, H. oft Manske. 4; off McKay,
2 Wild pitch: Paige. Struck out: My
Manske. 6: by Paige, b. Tune: 2:u6. I'm
plre: Davis. Attendance, Smi.
Jones In Bnre lorn.
LINCOLN. June 21. Lincoln had far tho
better of Pueblo today, piling up ten run
and holding the Indiana runleas. Pitcher
Jonea of Lincoln, chiefly by uee of hi
apil lall. held Pueblo lilt lesM until after
one man waa out In the ninth, wlieji Kl
wert drove Ilie ball into center lor a single.
The next man up. however, bit into a
double play. Vollendorf twlrli ateadily
except in trie fifth inning, when Lincoln
pounced on hlm for ten hits. Catclu r
bchrant contributed a wild tlirow, and
f.ire. the aide was out. thirteen men had
gone to hat and nine run were across
Ine plate. Uncoln made seven errora be
hind Jonea, but the Infield pulle! off thi.:
double plays and thus killed ex cry chance
of lh luddtns 1ji run. A brilliant tun-
nlng catch by Cook waa the fielding fea
ture of the day. Score:
AB. R. BH. PO A. K.
Fillman. ss 4 0 12a.'
Wolle. If 1 2 0 1 0
y.nllln. 3b i 1 1 1 1 1
Thomas, lb 4 1 1 13 0 I
Collins, rf 4 1 2 3 il 0
Ketchem. cf 4 1 1 0
Barton. 2b 4 2 2 3 4 2
.lnrn. c 3 2 2 & 2 l)
Jones, p 4 1 2 u 4 1
' Totals 37 10 14 27 17 7
AB. K. BH. PO. A. F-.
Cook. It 4 (I 0 1 0 1
McGlivtay. II. 3 o (i 7 V u
Shugatt. 2h 3 0 3 1
Melcholr. If 4 . 0 2 0 0
Ulake. cf 4 0 o 1 0 0
Klwert. ;,t 4 II 1 0 9
Fiske, ss X o 0 1 2 0
Schrant. c 3 o o Ft 4 1
Vollendorf. p 2 " 0 1 i 0
Totals 30 0 1 24 J 3
Uncoln 0 0 1 0 J 0 O 0 -lu
pueblo 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Earned runs: Lincoln. 8. Two-base hits:
Barton. Wolte. Stolen base: McGllvray. Dou
ble plays: Jones to Zinran to Thomas. Jones
to Jillllin to Thomas, Barton to Filimau
to Thomas. First base on halls: Off Jonea,
4; off Vollendorf. 2. Struck out: By Jones.
4; bv Vollendorf. 4. Time: 1:36. i'mplre:
McCnrty. Attendance. I.ioo.
Staudlnar of tho Teams.
Played. Won. lwt. Pet.
4ii 2T 22 .71
4? 2f 21 .fcV
47 22 2f 4
48 21 27 .438
47 17 91 ' 32
Des Moines
Sioux City .
Gaines today: Blotix City, at Omaha. Den
ver at Drs Moines. Pueblo" at Lincoln.
4. leveland'w Ins Both Ends of Doable
Header from Detroit.
DETROIT. Mich, June 21. Cleveland took
both games of a double-header, J to 0, and
3 to 2, here today, the second game going
ten innings. The opener was an uneven
affair. Flick saved his tnam from defeat
In the second gsme by a remarkable catch
in the ninth inning, which prevented War
ner from scoring the winning run after he
had driven In the tally that tied. Cough
lin waa put out of the II rat game for ar
guing a decision. Score, first game:
B.H.O.A R. B.H.O A aV
Fllia. f 1 i 9 uJunea. if 4 0 4 u
Ja.fc.on. If... a lie l.lnHMy. l ib I 1 10 U
Turner, .... 4 I 0 !'rers. rf lb 4 I 4 I u
Lsjola. lb.... 4 t 4 1 0 Mrlnlyrs, If.. 4 t 1
Kuarman. 1 1. 4 2 it 0 l'gii(hlln, Jb. I 0 0 5
Cnnialtoa. rf. t 1 B Lowa. tb-lb.. 4 1 I I 1
bradl-, Sb... a I 1 J 0Oi.arjr, aa... 4 1 4 t)
Bmia. c t I t 0 OWarner. C....1 I 1
Hraa. s 4 1 i J Mullln. p I 1 I t l
Piyn. 1 1 I
Totals II II 17 14 Cobb. rf. 10 u
Totala 12 Jflll 1
Cleveland 6 3 B 0 1 0 0 0 0-J
Detroit 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0-0
Two-base hits: lalole. Bradley, Hess.
Sacrifice hits: Congalton (2). Stolen base:
Flick. First baae on balls: Off Mullln, 3;
off Hess, 3. Hit by pitched ball: By Mul
lln, 1; by Hess 1. I.eft on bases: Detroit,
; Cleveland, S. Struck out: By Mullln, 1;
by Hess, 1. Double play: Turner to 1-a-Joie
to Rossman. Time: 1:46. Umpire:
8core, second game:
B.H.O A E B.H.O.A.K.
Fllik, cf 4 1 I 0 Jonea. cf I
Ji.kion. If... 4 I 4 OLlnHaay, l-Jb. S 1 1 u
Turner, .... i 1 S 1 (KYa.Td. rf-lb I till)
Uijotr. 2b ... 4 11S 0 Mrlntyra. If . 4 14 0 0
fturalt. lb... a 1(1 OCousblln. Ib.l Mil
Con mil on, rf. 4 1 II 0 4 Lowe, 2b-sa..4 1 4 i 0
Hranler. ab... 4 : 0 4 OOinry, aa... l a
Remit, r 4 S 1 i 0 Warner, ..
Pvl. p 4 0 1 I Kllllan. p..
'Cobb, rf..
Tom 1 1 91 14 SO It
I 0 0 S
.. 0 0 0 0 0
.34 INII t
Batted for dreary In ninth.
Cleveland 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 13
Detroit 0 1000 '0 001 0 J
Sacrifice hits: Jackson. iJiJoie. Bases on
bulls: off Killian, 1; off Eels, 6. Left on
bases: Detroit, 7: Cleveland, 8. Struck out:
By Killian, 5; by Eels, 4. Double plays:
Lowe, Lindsay, O'leary and Lindsay; Mc-Intyrt-
and Couglilin; Bemls and Stovall;
Turner and Stovall. Wild pitches: Kllllan,
1; Eels, 2. Time; 2:00. I'mplre: Connolly.
Tie tiame In Washington.
WASHINGTON. June 21. A heavy thun
derstorm stopped today's game between
Philadelphia and Washington after the vis
itor had been to bat In the eighth Inning,
the score being a tic at 1 to 1. Score:
B H O. A t. ' B.H.O.A..
Innet. i f S 1 1 0 ll llartael, If.... 4 i I 0 0
Srhalfly. 2b
I 0 0 I 0 Armhr'ttar, rf 4 0 1 o 1
L. Croaa, 3b . 0 S 3 U Ilavt. Ib
S 1 i
S 1 f 0
Andtrsoli, If . S 0 0 0 0 Lord, cf
Hlrkman, rf.
Altber, aa...
Riahl. tb
S 1 1 0 Murphr. lb... S 10 10
S 1 1 1 o M. 1'r.iaa. m.. I I 1 0
.1 0 10 0 0 Knight. Sb... I 0 10 0
Wakefield, c. I J 4 3 II Shrm-k. c.
Smith, p 1 0 0 1 0 Bender, p..
1 t 1
1 I
Ti.tala U 111 I 0 Totals 17 III S !
Washington 0 0 0 1 0 0 01
Fhiladelphla ....0 0 0 0 0 0 11
Three-baae hit: Lord. Sacrifice hit: M.
Cross. Stolen bases: Jones, Murphy,
Knight. Left on bases: Washington, 3:
Philadelphia, 3. Bases on balls: On Smith,
1; off Binder, 1. Struck out: By Smith. 4;
by Bender, 6. Time: 1:36. Uinpires: Hurst
and Connors.
Standing; of the Teams.
Flayed. Won. Lost. Pet.
Cleveland 63 33 30 .ha
Philadelphia 64 37 2t .i3
New York 66 X-' S3 ..Vx)
DetrUt 64 IN .537
St. Louis 5 m M .6-'7
Chicago 63 27 J .dI'J
Washington 64 Is 3a .&A
Boston 56 16 40
Games today: Detroit at Chicago. Cleve
land at St. Louia. New York at Washing
ton, Boston at Philadelphia.
American Association Directors Heln-
tnte Kelly, Owen and Kane.
CHICAGO, June 21. At an executive
meeting of the board of directors of the
American Baae Ball association held here
today a resolution was passed absolving
Manager M. J. Kelly of the Mlnneapolia
dub of the charges preferred against him
and I'mpires Owens and Kane and re
storing the three men to active duty. Pres
ident O'Brien wired the result to the vari
ous clubs In order that tne three men may
take part In the games tomorrow.
During the games between the Iulsxille
and Minneapolis clubs at Louisville June
9. 10 and 11 charge were alleged to have
been made by Manager Kelly that I'mpires
Owens and Kane had given the IxjuIs
vllle club information regarding signals
that aided that club materially. At the
meeting today Manager Kelly presented an
affidavit that he had made no charges
agalnul thex umpires.
' ' lona Leasee Reanlta.
MARSHALLTOWN. la, June 21,-(8pe-clal
Telegram.) Following are the results
In the Iowa league:
Marshalltown, N; Burlington, i.
Keokuk. 6; Waterloo, 3.
Fort Dodge, 4; ofckalooaa, 2.
Boone, 2; Ottumwa, 1.
Women . Play Tennla.
PHILADELPHIA. June 21. In the
women's national championship lawn tennis
tournament toduv Misa Helen Honiana of
N"W York and Mrs. H. Toulmln of Phila
delphia won places In the aeml-flnals which
will be played tomorrow.
Kterllngs Want a Game.
The Sterlings would like a game out of
the rltv for Sunday. June i4. Address
Harrv Sage. U3t North Seventeenth street.
"Wa ar
men and
ne84 of men due to inhmtaiwe, exbaurttion or the renult
of Bjeoinc disease.
northwestern Medical & Surgical Institute
Northwest Oonwr IZih and Jamam Sta. Omaha, Neb.
Book Wonnt It Up Two Twirlar for
Wiodj City Nationals.
t'hanar Weakens Chicago I Inenp
and I naleadlea the Team
Mrores of tllher
fen niea.
(BOSTON. June 21. Boston opened
sharply on Heebe s pitching today and
later found Overall's delivery to their lik
ing, winning frum Chicago. 10 to 1.
Tinker's expulsion by the umpire neves
tsted a snnke-up In tiie . Chicago line
and unsteadied the team. Score:
B.H.O A i:
4 14 4 1 Itrialrr
11 II O A ..
Prtriell. a.
Tenney. lb .
Hrmtn. Sb
Hatea. if
Hnard. If..
Imlan. rf
Broun, c. ..
Strohel. Ib..
Llndaman, p
f rf. Sulci
4 J I 'ishn-kard If 1 n 0 0
4 J 1 o il Hufm'n. rf-aa 4 14 6 0
J ! 4 "i li chaiee lb . l 1 1 0
5 i 2 n I stt it, iHili, :v I Ij I I
S i. j 0 (' Tli ker. ...! 0 ft I 0
4 1 il 0 Kllti if .... 2 0 I 0
3 0 I 4 il Kirrn. :i ... 4 0 6 1 0
i I I I 1 Moi-an i 4 I 2 s 0
- KH. p .... 1 i. (I 1 1
l 11 ST I overall, p .1 (I 0 S 0
Ttal . . . . Ji ' S 14 II I
Boston 3 0 3 4 0 0 0 -10
Chicago ii o o o i o 0 0 01
Two-base hit: Brown. I Ills: tiff Recbe,
t in three and one-third Innnm". off over
all. 7 in four snd one-third tunings. Sac
rifice hits: Dolan. Hates. Stolen base:
Dolen. iKiuble plas: Exits, Mnran,
Tinker. Btelnfeldt to Chance (all one donhln
playi; Bridwell. Stroebel to Tenney: Ever.
Hofman to Chance. Bases on balls: Off
Llndaman. 2; off Beche. 3: off Overall. :;.
Hit by pitched ball: Shcckard. Strurk
out: By Llndaman, S; by Overall, 1. Time:
1:40. linpire: Johnstone.
Qnakrrs Win ritohera' NHIIIr.
I'HlLADEI.l'IIIA, June 21 The locals
won a pitchers' battle todav, St. Iaiiiis
falling to score after the tinrd inning. V
wild pitch gaxe 1'hlladelplifa the xxlniicg
run. Score:
B H O A E.
B H o A K.
Tkotnu. rf .
. 1 0
. I II
4 1
.t 0
t I
4 ti Iturrh. rf . . .
0 3 0 Tninett. :b
1 1 ti Arn1t. "h . .,
I 1 PFroool. ,-f. . .
5 (i 0 Shannon, If . .
0 0 0 Berkley, lb...
1 3 0 Mi Hrliliv mc
7 y Ii Mnrrax . i- . .
0 1 1 lirnhot, n .,
4 1 n .1 ,
4 I t - 'i
4 II " ..
4 :i 1 0 ii
; n i ti ii
1 o II I i
:i iv o : !
, 4 2 II
i Olasano. Sb .
Ooortney, 3b
Time, rf
Mazes. If....
pranaflel. lb S 0
Dooiln. aa I 1
Donovan, c. . . S S
Ptttlnger, p.. 2
. ri o
.,0n n 'I o
Raub ....
Totala 24 7 17 1 -
Totala :tj 7 74 Ij t
Batted for McBride in ninth.
Philadelphia o 2 I () u 0 0 0 J
St. Louis 0 1' 0 o t o ii 0 03
Left on bases: St. Louis, ti; Philadelphia,
4. Stolen bases: Smont. Hup-Ii. Two
base hits: Murray. 1. Sacrifice nits: Beck
ley, Gieaaon (2), Titus, Shannon. Double
plays: Druhot, Beckley to Murray; Arml:.
Bennett to Berkley: Tltua to Court nex.
Struck out: By Plttlngor, 6, by Drulmi.
7. Bases on balls: Off Plttlnger, 2: off
Druhot, 3. Passed balls: Murray. 2. Wild
pitch: Druhot. Time: 1:30. I'mpires:
Carpenter and Conway.
t'hamplona Defrat Pirates.
NEW l'ORK, June 21. "New York de
feated Pittsburg In a nlnth-lnnlng finish to
day, 6 to 4. Manager McGraw was or
dered off the field at tho end of the toiirtu
inning and MctJInnlty and McG.inn were
put out In the fifth for disputing wiili em
pire O'Day. Score:
B.H.O.A K. B.H.O.A
0 Beaumont, cf. 4 1 a "
oOanley, rf.... ii 1 "
oliarke. If.... t 14 1"
0 Wagner, am... 6 1 S 1 1
ONealrm. Ib...,0 10'
1 lrh. Sb 4 S t 3 w"
ti Hllrhey, lb. .. 4 3 0 "
lGlbdoa. e 4 1110
Lever, p S 1 0 I I
I Mi PmrUnd, p. 0 0 0 0 0
0 Totala S9 14!t 1
Two out when winning run scored.
Batted for Mathewson In the ninin.
New fork 0 0 0 J 0 0 0 0 35
Pittsburg 0 1 0 1 2 0 0 0 0-4
Two-base hits: Nealon, Wagner. Hlta:
Off McGinntty, 7 in four Innings; off
Mathewson, 7 In five innings; oft Leever, 9
in' eight Innlnga; off McFarland. 2 in ono
Inning. Sacrifice) hits: Rltchey, Leaver,
McGlnnity. Stolen baaes: WBgner, Bres
nahan Double play: Gilbert to DaJilon to
Bowerman. L?ft on bases: Plttshuru, 12:
New York, 7. First base on balls: Off
Matthewson, 2; off Leever, 1. Hit by
pitched ball: By Leever. 1. Struck out:
By McGlnnity, 1; by Mathewson, 1; by
Leever, 3; by McFarland, 1. Passed ball:
Bowerman. Time; 26. Umpires; Emslle
and O'Day.
Standing of 4 ho Teams.
Pittsburg 53
New York 67
Philadelphia 00
St. Louis (. "0
Cincinnati hV)
Brooklyn 6.
Boston Mi
Ttreanahan, rf 4 1 1 0, rf-e. kill
Mi-Usna. lb.. 1 0 0 1
Smith, rf S 0 0 0
Mart. If.... 4 111
Drhlan. aa.... til
DeTlln. Sb.... 4 I S
Gilbert, Sb.... 4 111
Bn'man. c-lb. 4 S I -1
MeOlnnttr. p. 1 0 1 S
Malhewaon, p 1 1 1 0
Strang 1 0 0 0
Total U 11 17 IS
Won. Lost. Pet
41 19 -6-3
36 18 .6ni
37 20 Mil
31 29 .517
24 S .4ou
24 Sri .4011
21 3. ' .876
111 39 .32H
Games today: Brooklyn at Boston, Phila
delphia, at New York.
Imodynes There with a Hit When
One la Needed.
WAHOO, Neb., June 21. (Special Tele
gram.) Wahoo took revenge on Kelly
Welch today and won, 5 to 4, In one of the
best played games here this season.
Slmodynes won the game by his terrific
hatting, bringing In the first two runs in
the third inning on his two-bane drive ami
tlelng the score in the sixth Inning on his
second drive, and coming In on Smith's
single over second base, and finally winning
the game on his drive over the- left Held
fence In the eighth. Werta's all around
playing on first base was brilliant. A good
game la looked for tomorrow, as each has
won a game thla year. Sco.c:
B.H.O. A C. H II O A E
Yarinaa. If... 4
tOO Mills, cf . . .. I 0 I 0 0
E. Johnaon, e 4
Slmodynes Sb 4
Klrrhman. aa S
P.Jnhnaon, Sb I
Smith, cf 4
Weru. lb.... S
Wolia. p S
Hulll.h. p.... 1
ViDnt, p 1
1 4 0 0 i or 111. lb... 4 1 IJ 0 8
I I t 0 Hran. 3b 4 1 1 1 l
0 110 Kroll. aa a 0 0 1 1
0 0 0 1 Oraham. lb . 4 1 S 0 6
110 0 liriuil. It i I 1 0 0
0 IS I 0 Crahle. rf 3 I I 0 II
S010 0 Tnwriaend. (.41530
i 0 0 1 Weli-h. p 4 0
1110 .
Tola la SJ 7
0 10
:4 10 l
10 7 17 13 4
0 0 2 0 0 2 ll 1 5
Grand Island 0 0 0 1 3 o 0 ti 0-4
Karned runs: Wahoo, 6: Grand Island, 2.
Left on bases: Wahoo. 6. Grand Island, a
Baaea on balln: Off Hiiltlah. 2; off Vincent.
1; off Welch. 2. Struck out: By llulnli.
t; bv Vincent. 2; bv Welch. 7. Triple plax :
Vincent, Wolta and Hlnwulyncs. Home run:
Slmndvnea. Two-base hits: Kiniodvnes (2i.
Hit by pitcher: By Hultish, 2. Time; 1:2
I'mplre: Cook.
The same teams plav tomorrow.
Yale Wins from Harvard.
CAMHBIDGK. Maaa., June :i. - v
batting and excellent pitching won fur
Yale today from Harvard. Tiie score s
S to 1 and the game was the flrhl of the
snndal series. Score: B H Iv
Ysle 0 (J 2 0 0 0 1 0 0-3 10 1
Harvard 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1 3 1
Batteries: Myer and Jones; Castle an.l
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