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Miaisterial Union Takes Bteps to ImproT j
Statute !n Htbrwka.
Coadjutor Blhr William Pre posse
Actio and Coansntttee la A p
pointed ta Draft Bill for
At the regular meeting of the Minis
terial union held Monday morning In th
parlors of tha First Congregational church
Coadjutor Bishop Williams of Trinity ca
thrdraj presented tha mattar of dlvorca
and urged that tha ministers get a bill
through tha next legislature to remedy tha
divorce evil, It wm contended that per
sona divorced through, other reasons than
adultery should not be re-married, and In
the case of adultery should not be re
married Inside of a year from time of di
vorce. Bishop Williams said that for every
three marriage licenses granted here one
application for divorce was filed
Rev. C. M. Herring, Edwin Hart Jenks
and J. W. Cooler of the union were ap
pointed as a committee to take joint action
with the committee of the Episcopal church
which Bishop Williams represented. The
joint eommlttse will meet and draft a bill k.
to be presentees 10 me nexi legislature.
Rev, J. B. Btrorn. pastor of the tnrlngton
Congregational church; Rev. Byron T. 1
Btauffer, pastor of the First Methodist; pr.,nt. Mi.ny favorable newspaper corn
Rev. Fv M. Weeks, Presbyterian pastor-at- menU hav Wn create1 by the following
large, and Rev. Uu stare rxyquisi, puior oi
the Swedish Baptiat church, were admitted
to membership In the union. Dr. Jenke
spoke of his recent trip tnrougn tne ioiy
Land. I
The union adjourned for the summer. I
The next meeting win be Monday morning,
September IT.
Democrat a' Slap la tno Fees Issnreve-
anent CI on Members at
Mast Meetlag.
Improvement club' members of Omaha
who were Instrumental In getting up ths
big public meetlnr at the elty hall Satur
day night when various orators discussed
matters of municipal government are mut.
terlng "several things under their breath
st the' alight given them by Gilbert M
Hitchcock, who promised to speak, ac-
cepted a placa on the program ana at tne
eleventh hour "ducked and cauea on ir.
A. H. Hippie of the Water board, another
democrat, to nil mi place. ui ine aoo-
tor, not being a specialist on municipal
government and ownership of public utili
ties. ,flld not appear. It was afterward
learned that Hitchcock filled a little so-
clal engagement at one of the clubs which
he regarded aa more important, man tne
one he had agreed to nil on tne program
at the city hall.
Laurie J. Qulnby, a demo-popullet, was
the only partisan of this description who
was faithful to his pledge. He spoke.
While Hltohaock was dodging his date
and having ,. good time at . one of the
clubs another prominent democrat, Chair-
man Bullard of the city committee, was
adding to tha offense to the Improvers
by,, holding secret oonfab with a lot of
Independent telephone boosters In a room
adjoining; the council chamber, where the
mass meeting was being neia. mis nine
secret powwow also was attended by three
other democratic brethren. Councilman I
Johnson,. Sheldon and Davis.
"It seems the democrats, either dellber-
at rly or otherwise, messed things up gen-I
erally and handed us a direct slap In tha I
face." said one of the prominent Improve- I
ment club men of the ejty Monday. - "But
that's Hitchcock for you. all right." . 1
oath Omaha Baslarss Maa Charged
. , tilth Shooting; with Attempt
to Kill.
Charles M. Sanford, a well known busi
ness man of South Omaha, wai placed on
trial before Judge Sutton Monday morning
on a charge of -shooting with intent to
kill. The complaining witness Is Harry
Abraham son who formerly worked for
tenant of Sanford'a named Moekowlta In
a grocery store at Thirty-first and R
streets. Sanford decided to go Into the
grocery business In the building occupied I
by Moekowlta and ths latter moved out.
Abrahamson was sent back to the store to 1
get some things which had been left be-
hind. He says Sanford tried to push him
out of the store and then ehot at htm.
Sanford. aaserl ths boy called him names
and denies he shot at the boy.
The case agalnat Henry Murphy of South
Omaha will hot come up until the latter
part of tha. week, his attorney, being busy 1
la another court. . , . I
Catholle School U terclaea.
The graduating Classen of Mount St.
Msry s school ahd St. Catherine's school
clU hold their commencement exercises at
St. Berchman's academy Thursday after
noon at 2 J Seven will be graduated from
Mount St. Mary's and three from St. Cath
erine's. The students of St. Berchman's
had planned for a trolley ride and plcnie
at Manawa for Tuesday afternoon, but this
is held In abeyance to await the pleasure
oi tne w earner man.
Is Disease a Crime ?
Not very long ag-o, a popnlar mag all no
bubllsbed an editorial arlieW In which
lbs writer aJaertod, In substanoei, that all
Ala should be regarded as criminal
Certain It la. that much of the sickness
and suttertuf of mankind Is due to ths
violation of aortal n of Katore's laws.
But to say that afl sickness should be
regarded as criminal, must appeal to
very reasonable inairtauai as rauiwuiy
It would be bftraa. unsympathetl,
weak, error-worked hoaeewif who sinks
voder iho hoary load of household earas
and bureaus, and suffers from weak-
li tin m vmrtona disntaeMnanta of Dolvls
organs and other dorangesaocts peculiar
to nor sax.
Freqaan tea ring of children, with 1st
acting aau4 apes the axstaui. coupled
wtia U care, worry sad labor of rearing I
laxao family, ts ruu tha eiua of vhIi
. aaraugemeaat aad ItUnn whloa are
assravaMd be We awf kyamnold eofea,
aud tbe bard, aad aerar onfting work wkl:
the Dutber la caUsd ix to torfcrm. Dr.
Pwaroa, U saakae U slat worU-teaMd rem
edy IvC iniri posaitat whWmim and
Wis i-f. rrararorvs rreaorlpuau ears
we V.0 sue ouetooaas so Ut
I litis aiea el
i el twiwini
Is Ike not (aat tha
poor, avor-woraad aoasewUe eea But set ttie
heeded Sao trass tor. mawr ' i m 11 earae
aad la-bur to enable ha VS savare front Vb
ta It
aaeef pis rwaituwi las ruu baaeai
Is a
' af boaaan iimiIiiih a
Htaant saaoileixie, ae says,
teaewws la taaae na to
lh Ukb htt trwemaal talis
la bis eaMoaive
luoe With Uxm m
f taaaiai ft kue MaVnte-e atMUif he sWwla
f Vm4 WWW swash to be eat4
lla hi Mis aatrarw tnas koalaaoaa, ml----
and lawetotMi eC Us atorwe so
tv dsmn iii I of Sue woaaaoly mveae,
b t iMunaaff met, la aauotoa to tak
t Bj "Verti rrasuki ahoy JWa
oi batiat rery ataab, or lot ktfaf partuda, en
hmt Wtl. all heavy htcaug er aValaliat of
uy hlud shuald aUo be erutded, at aiaoh
iuM-kk aif aa K
aitraua u aiaa
lh wAnm. Ltahl
pas ebrve aWe rale sad Ibe 1
trnVraaurtuawa wul da She ,
Or. Plaror't Medloal Adrtoar Is sent As
If slek oocsmU the Doe tor, free of charge
br let tar. All such ootnaiunlceUooe are
held sacredly aoaAdanstei. -
Dr. Fiereo Uses ant Pallet Invigorate
and regaiaM etoaiavu, Urar arj tj"t
on receipt oc saampa to par aipenao of
matnog ofvra bvaS to Dr. E. V. Plorca,
Bafiaio, M. T-, Si olio-coot stamps for pa
aar-wTorad. og tl staiapa far eivUi-booud.
LVrtain thinking people prefer
to have me do their crown and bridge
work because t make a specialty of
this brsnch of the profession. It can
be readily understood, without my
telling you, that I can da crown and
bridge work much better than the
average dentist who gives It no
particular attention.
Tha price of crown and bridge-
work, governed by the material used.
Is such that the majority of people
only care to have It done once.
Neither do I hurt my patients In In
serting crowns and bridges.
PH. FICKKR, DentlNt. 338 Hee llltlg.
'Phone Douglas 637
latted stairs Brewers' Aaaoelatloa
terestlng Stead.
The United States Brewers" association.
MhlAk has l.ia. . I 1a annual nnfl-Alltlnn
lndlanapoU reiterated Its determl-
n.tion to nut the brewing Industry upon a
, d ,h producti of the
- - ,., mor. ot . n.tional drink than at
rew)luUon, adopted byNthe convention:
"Resolved. That this convention heartily
ean - r - tui.tes tha many brewing assoela-
tlon ,n ,ut., ani Ctes that have taken
the lead In eradicating low and vile resorts
and fUBn to supply beer to saloons
tnat w.r, not approved by the public sent!
ment of their respective communities.
'Resolved, That It Is the senss of this
convention that all our members continue
In this wise policy, so thst the American
public may be the more quickly taught that
American beer Is a promoter of genuine
temperance, a beverage for the home and
'Resolved, That we urge every brewer to
so work that the time may speedily arrive
when a fair public will fully understand
and appreciate the true value of our prod
uct, both as a food and as a beverage,
and we recommend that each brewer fre
quently call attention to the fact that there
la so little alcohol In beer as not to produce
drunitetiiiee, when drank unmixed with ar
dent Btimulants.
H(iaoiTmj. That the Immense Increase in
th, cn.umptlon of American beer has done
mor to establish sobriety than all the pro-
hlbltory laws In existence and will, we be
lieve, be the means of a true solution of
the drink problem and the establishment of
Ideal temperance, besides showing the con
fldence the American publle has In the pur-
ty and value of the national drink."
During the convention the Interesting fact
was brought out that the Texas brewers
have for two years spent $10,000 each month
In closing vile saloons and low dives. The
association has the best legal talent to be
found, a cerpe of trained detectives and se
cures Its own evidence against saloon keep
ers who do not run orderly places. The
Texas brewers have received the praise of
the leading prohibition papers and of the
beat citisens generally. It la stated that
the detectives of the Texas brewers close
three times as many saloons aa the police
officials or tne various cities
The Intention of the brewers of the coun
try la, It Is announced, . to make beer
drink that can be taken In a sodawater
fountain or anywhere elm without subject
ing anyone to crrttcis-i. . The New . York
Herald, In a leading editorial as to safe and
keAlthy Summer drinks";" classed beer as the
foremost and least calculated to do harm
In warm weather.
Nebraska Aaaoelatloa at York Will
Be Attendee, by Ussy
Omaha Workers.
Twenty-five or more representatives of
local Sunday, schools will leave Omaha
Tuesday for the thirty-ninth annual con
vention of the Nebraska State Sunday
School association, which meets at York
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The
attendance at the convention Is expected
to reach too and arrangements have been
made for the entertainment of that number,
The principal address will bo Wedneaday
afternoon on "Building Up a Sunday
achool," by K. C. Knapp, director of Bible
..urtv. Hroadwav tabernacle. New York. Mr.
Knapp Is a young man, a graduate of the
university of Michigan. He was two years
i Sunday school work In Michigan, toured
ohlo tw0 months in the same work, studied
, tha Hartford Theological seminary and
tha euperintendent of one ot the
u.itin. Dundiv schools of Hartford. .
c, rAill Jonklna nf the flmahi Then.
, . . H,, .h. rim.
" " Z
classes at ins convention, ueorge wai-
lace and T. v. oiurgess oi umana are aiso
on the program.
An attractive feature of the convention
will be a aong service each evening under
the direction of L D. Elchorn of Canon
City, Colo. .
The convention proper will begin Tuesday
evening. Tuesday will be devoted to a
school oft Instruction for teachera. Mrs.
Oeorge O. Wallace Is the only Omahan
on tha program for this and she will con
duct a model primary school.
Enthusiastic Sunday school workers who
cannot go to York may go across the river
to Council Bluffs to ths annual convention
of the Iowa State Sabbath School associa
tion Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and
Mlaaoart Valley Aaaoelatloa Holda
Twelfth Aaaaal Coaveatloa
at the City Hall.
The twelfth annual meeting of the Mis
souri Valley Veterinary association began
Monday morning In ths rooms ot the
Water board at the city hall to last two
days. During the - morning a bunineea
session was held and . technical papers
rtsd by Dr. H, Jensen. Dr. 8. T. Miller
and Dr. W. C. Langdon. Tonight the
veterinarians will be entertained at the den
by Initiation Into the pleasures and privi
leges of ths Ak-Sar-Ben.
Tuesday afternoon a clinic will be held
at Dr. S. T. Miller's hospital. 2S Fourth
street. Council . Bluffs, at which difficult
operations will be performed. A banquet
In the evening will close the meeting.
About fifty veterinarians responded to the
roll oail at tha opening session, but this
number la expected to be doubled during
the day. City Veterinarian Ramacclottt la
eaairmaa of the committee on local ar
rengemente and Is assisted by Dra.
i. T. Miller, D. C. Scott. P. Jucklaess.
W. C. Langdoa. A. T. Everett and O. It.
These oliloers were elected at the after-
nooa session: President, Dr. 8. Stewart.
Kansas City; first vies president. Dr. H L.
Ramaoclottt Omaha; second vice president.
Dr. B. F. Miller. Council Bluffs; secretary.
Dr. B. F. Kaupp. Kaneae City.
Maar Children stoaoaoo'.
Many children have baea reecued by Dr.
King s New IlacoA ery for Coughs and
Col da Guaranteed. 0c and ft Fur sale
b' t?rotlt McConnell Di u Ce, '
Prospects for Heparin Look Good lino
Fstition's Lseality is OerUin.
City Engineer Will Preeeed at' Once
to Prepare Measare I'nder
Which Graalte Blocks Are
to Be Snpnlnnted.
The prospects for the repavlng of Far-
nam street from Thirteenth to Eighteenth
with asphalt to supplant the granite blocks
seem to be good since the legal depart
ment has given assurances that the original
petition was drawn In proper form.
Although there was no doubt as to the
validity of the signatures or their number,
question was raised whether the spe
cific mention of "asphalt" In the document
might not militate against Its legality
should any property owner seek to evade
the speclsl taxes. The charter makes It
clear that for new repavlng or repavlng
In place ot that deteriorated the original
petition must call only for paving and that
subsequent petition must deslgnste ttie
material after bids have been received for
various kinds.
It was supposed the same regulations
would spply In cases where good paving
was torn up merely to floor the street a
new way.
The Farnam street matter has reached
the point where final ordinances shnuld be
panned and bids asked for. Engineer Rose
water raised the point aa to the propriety
of the first petition in a letter to the legal
department, which decided that the form
or the paper Is all right. As a matter of
fact, the petition was prepared In the legal
department months sgo and the designa
tion of material wai with Intention.
In view of the ruling the city engineer
will proceed at once to prepare the ordi
nance. If special specifications which are
necessary cause no controversy, the asphalt
snouia go down late In the summer- or
early in the fall.
Shoshone Reservatloa to Bo Opened
to Settlemeat.
Announces Round-Trip Excursion Rates
from All Points July 11 to 29.
Less than one tare for the round trip
to Bhoshonl, Wyo., the reservation border.
The only all-rail route to the reservation
Dates of registration July It to a at
Bhoshonl and Lander. Reached only by
this line.
Write for pamphlets telling how to take
up one of these attractive homesteads.
Information, maps and pamphlets free on
request at City Office, H01-J Farnam street
Opening of ' Carey I -lads at ' 81
Anthony, Idaho, Jane IS, ItMM.
Seven thousand acres of choice farm
lands lying from eight to twenty miles east
ward from St. Anthony, along the line of
the new Yellowstone park extension of the
Oregon Short Line railroad will be thrown
open for entry by the Marysvllle Canal and
Improvement company on Friday, June IS,
190C, at 10 o'clock a. m. Cost of land and
water 120.80 per acre, payable in ten annual
Installments, Interest at s per cent on de
ferred payments.
A drawing will take place on day of open
ing, absolutely fair and Impartial. SeleC'
tion must be made at time of drawing.
There is no richer soil or more productive
region In the Snake river valley. Improved
lands In the vicinity worth 130 to tw per
acre. - -t
Aside from this the "C: C. 'Moore Real
Estate company will offer fof sale Immedi
ately after drawing 60,000 acres of farm
lands, wKh water rights. Improved and un
Improved, tracts to suit the purchaser on
easy terms.
Ashton, a new town In the midst of these
lands on the Yellowstone Park railroad
offers every Inducement to prospective busi
ness men and investors. Keep your eye on
Plats of above lands and town and all
Information relative can be secured at the
offices of the C. C. Moore Real Estate Com
pany, St. Anthony and Ashton, Idaho, and
W. F. Crosa. secretary Marysvllle Canal
and Improvement company, Marysvllle,
Write at once for further Information.
Clean Gravel Taken fraaa Bottom ot
River by Illlaols Central
(or Roadbed.
Officials of the Illinois Central are elated
over the discovery they have made of a
new ballast which Is dustless. This is
gravel taken from the bars of the Mlssls
slppl liver near Memphis by a centrifugal
pump at the rate of sixty cars every ten
hours. The first Is being used on the Yasoo
Valley line. It is clean and clear as a
Takes 8 Days To
Make Perfect Mai
Malt Made This Way Is Richest In
rood alne and Makes the
Beat Beer.
You know If you plant a grain of wheat
or oats or corn in midsummer where the
ground ts moist and warm It will sprout
and grow up very quick and rank and with
a aickly color not atrong and tough and
a healthy bright green as the stalks do
when the grain is planted in the spring.
in is is because the heat and moisture
sprout and grow It so fast In uldsuramer
that It doea not have tlmevto develop the
vital elements of the grain, while In the
spring It Is cooler, and thua alower in
sprouting and growing, giving time for the
grain to develop all Its nourishing, vital
food elements. These same considerations
are true In making barley malt from which
to brew bear. The usual method of mak
ing malt for brewing beer la the quick
four-day proceaa which compares with th
growth of grain planted In midsummer and
produces a malt that larks the nutritious
food elements of the barley.
Pabst, tha master brewer, found by ex
perience that It required careful steady
apruuiuig ivr cigm aays to gel ail of til
nutrition all of ths life-giving, strength
sustaining food elements out of the barley
and Into the malt, and It la ths exclualv
eight-day method of making malt thai
makes Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer the richest
and moat wholesome aa well as the basi
flavored and most mellow beer on the mar
Pabst scrupulously cleanly method
brewing with Pabst exclusive v eight-day
malt makes Pabst Blus Ribbon Beer the
superior of all others. Doctors recommend
H becauae they appreciate that It Is abso
lutely clean and the richest lot food valu
As one well known Chicago doctor put It
"I prescribe Pabst Blue Ribbon and drink
It myseir becauae It Is the baer that la
never touched by human hands ar.d never
oomea In contact with anything but sterl
Used air from brew to glasa."
PABST BSBWIsO CO. Pheae Dong. f
1ST Leavenworth Street, Omaha, Neb.
Pabit BIud Eibbon Beer
crystal and ls"abso1utely dustless. Oravel
taken from pits has dust from Its contact
1th the soil, but that from the river has
been washed for ages. The cost Is less than
that from pits and the Illinois Central, with
Its tracks right at the banks of the river.
Intends to extend It over the entire system.
Lying la Roam at Drear! - WoaadeJ
Throagh Breaat Bad Pistol
Beside Mlm.
F. W. Wessels was found desd In his
room at the Drexel hotel Monday after
noon. A bullet . wound In his chest Indi
cated suicide. A S2-callber revolver was
found at his side. Mental depression was
assigned as the reuse for Wessels taking
his life. Coroner Bralley took the body to
the morgue. An Inquest will be held.
Mr. Wessels was. 66 .year of age and
lived alone at the Drexel. Ills wife died a
year ago. Two daughters Frances Wessels
nd Mrs. B. S. Caldwell live at 19 Geor
gia avenue. Mr. . Wessels was cashier of
the old Omaha. Savings bank. For two
oars he was not engaged In business.
It was reported st the Drexel hotel Mr.
Wessels complained more or less for a
week, although he gave no Inkling of In
tended, aulc-lde.
The funeral arrangements have not been
BBOvalloa Introdaced by I nloa ra
tine to Pot Its System
Into Art.
Ths Union Faclflc started an innovation
Monday when It sent out a photograph
car from Omaha to cover all points of
Interest on the system. The car was In
hsrge of J. E. Stimson official photog
rapher of the Unlonv Pacific, from Chey
enne, and J. Harsew of San Francisco.
This csr Is fitted with cameras, dark
rooms, glsss roofs, special photographic sp
paratus. dining and sleeping rooms, and
will accommodate four photographers.
It will be run' as special over the Union
Pacific, taking photographs of every point
of Interest slong the line, thus msklng a
complete new set of pictures of all the
speclsl sights to be seen on the Overlsnd
route. The photographers are expected to
secure and develop an average of about
sixty good negatives each day. The car
will work west of Green River, and then
take In the new route to the Yellowstone,
work backhand then proceed to the north
Clan Gordon Presents Token of Re
spect to Secretory t'pon His '
Marriage Anniversary.
About 120 members Q Clan Gordon Sat
urday night paid their rompllments In a
body to James C. Lindsay, who has been
secretary of the organisation ten years.
The occasion waa the tenth wedding anni
versary of Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay and the
guests . assembled at . their home, 1309
Evans street. They presented the couple
with a fine china closet and Mrs. Lindsay
with a gold pin. Chief William Kennedy
of the clan acted as master of ceremonies.
The Board of Education, of which Mr.
Lindsay is a member, was represented by
O. Philllppl. Feellnr the pride of the
occasion Mr. Lindsay -wore a number of
medals received In Scotland for various
athletic . and intellectual' achievements.
Including one of .whlqh, there is none Ilka
It In- the United tates. . .
Instruction ' In .tsynar Training So
Omaha Will' Hare Its Own
' " Material. 1
With the idea of educattng'manual train
ing teachers so there will be no necessity
for sending away from home for Instructors
as the work Is extended through the 'grade
schools, a special school Was opened Mon
day at the Cass building with Miss Lux
and Miss Lee In charge. About thirty-five
grade teachers began the work, which will
be followed two hours a day during the
summer and on Saturdays during the school
year. Some of the teachers are taking the
course with the Intention of fitting them
selves for manual training work, while
others are doing so merely aa an Item of
pedagogical development. . Miss Lux Is the
manual training . Instructor at the Caaa
sc&pol and Miss Lee at the Pacific. Both
came 'from Tope ka Kan. .
City Hall Attaches Walk T to Their
Offlcea, ns Elevator Men
Walk Oat.
The old force of engineers and firemen
at the city hall "walked out" at 1 o'clock
Saturday and declared, the elevator service
could go hang for all they cared because
they would be replaced Monday -morning
with a new set. of employes selected by
the democratic administration. The re
sult waa that everybody had to climb the
stairs Saturday, afternoon and evening
and that the retiring force will be docked
a hajf day's pay. No warning was ac
corded of the strike. Monday morning
the new employes reported for duty and
went to work.
Fishing and Campln nta to Clear
Lake, la.. Via Chicago Great
Woatora Railway.
For parties of 10 or more one fare and
one-third for the round trip, good for IS
days. Tickets on sale daily until Septem
ber to. For further Information apply ts
H. H. Churchill. O. A., 161. Farnam 8U
Marriage Licensee.
The following marriage licenses
been Issued:
Nsme and Residence.
John Ryden, Omaha.....
... 2t
... 23
... 26
... U
Anna Holm, Omaha.. ;
Joseph T. Netsel, Omsha v
Clara Lehr, Omaha
Warren C. Ward. Eau Claire. Mich...
Margaret Isabel Draves. Nlles, Mich..
Lawrence Hooker, Belgrade, Neb
Llllle Keenan, Primrose, Neb
James J. Gannon. South Omaha
Alice telly, Scuth Omaha
Mark J. Bandola. South Omaha
Margaret Kelly, South Omaha
William D. Baker, Omaha
Lucy M. Morrlvaey, Omaha
George Leydecker, Omaha..'
Sadie Nolaa. Omaha
. 30
, n
DIAMONDb adhoim, 16th ana Harney,
Sterling Sliver Frenaer, 1Mb and Dodge
Judge Troup has granted a divorce to
Julia liuiett from Frederick W. Hulett on
the grounda of non-support.
The progrsm arranged for the forma
opening of "Juvenile City" st the public
play grounds has been postponed until
Friday night becauae of the rain.
Pletro Tumaino haa brourht suit In tha
United States circuit court for tlO.OOS
nsmag-ea against the I nion Psclflc rot
p rsoual Injuries sustained February 11
ISfUI. .
A three days' examination for teachers
who want to possess certificates enabling
thara to teach In the Omaha schools be
gun at, the high achool Monday morning
at s o riora ana win last inree qayt
About thirty applicants will stand th
- Perry Feeley of tool North Twenty-third
street aas neld up Hunnay evening by foot,
pads at Twenty-third and Saratoae streets
Sir. Feeley gave li U to the atratiaera.
Garfield cirt-le No. 11. Ladles of tha Grand
Army, will hold Its aid society st Hans
coin park Friday afternoon. Members are
remquea to brtjpf lunclieon with laeu,
k Kid larvcst of
Straw Slats for Men iuTVittmrihriurwgoo.!
lection of Straw Hats. f it is a dollar
Straw Hat, that kind is here if it is a $10.00 Panama, that kind is here.
We're Just a bit elated that we are headquarters for Straw Hats this distinction Is made from the fact
that we are selllnc more Straw Hats this season than In any former season. Variety Is right prices are right.
We have some specials here tomorrow, among them the following:
K( 9 Cft 9 AA Fln Spilt Straw Yachts, very
)de3u"9e3Us7evU fine-narrow braid, perfectly
bleached, carefully made and handsomely trimmed.
Fine Soft Milan
Colored Oitizsn and Eis Accuser Differ as
- to What He Waa Doinc
Colored Man Says He Was Herding
Hla Children When He Waa
Charaed with Corralling
Another's Money,
John Howard, colored, declared before
the people's bar Monday morning he was
t Seventeenth and Webster streets at
o'clock Saturday evening, rounding up his
children while the curfew whistle blew. V.
H. Sherlock said he saw Howard at Eigh
teenth and Lothrop streets at t o'clock
Saturday evening looking for J28 Howard
has been chsrged with stealing. The col
ored man pleaded not guilty when arraigned
Saturday morning on the charge of petit
larceny. The case was set for hearing
Wednesday morning;
Sherlock's story wss. he placed his pay
envelope containing (28 between his over
alls and his trousers, Intending to put the
money In a pocket. Evidently the envelope
slipped to the ground, as Sherlock main
tained that when he missed the money
he looked around and saw Howard drop
the envelope, which was then empty.
Thinking Howard had planted the money
and would return later Sherlock returned
about 8 o'clock and waited In hiding. At
I o'clock, Sherlock aald, Howard came back
and started looking for the money. Sher
lock m-de a grab for the man, who van
Howard acknowledged finding the en
velope in the afternoon. Nit denied having
the money.- Sunday afternoon at the city
jail Howard prayed that the Lord would
visit his wrath on those who caused his
arrest. He also prayed for an earthquake
In Omaha.
G. Watterman of 1909 California street
appeared before the police Judge Monday
on a charge of assault and battery on Mrs.
li. Turnbull. Watterman will have a hear
ing Wednesday morning. He pleaded not
fiUty. .... '
The complainant alleged Watterman J
threw her from his porch Sunday evening
when she made a forcible entry to her
room for which she said she had paid rent
a month ahead. The woman entered by
cutting a screen door and forcing an open
ing In the other door with an tie.
A. I Sty res of 209 South Thirtieth street
went home Sunday evening with a burden
of strong drink and a desire to break the
law. He started In by breaking the dishes
and then abused his wife. Patrolman Mor
rison called at the place and waited on
Mr. Styres, who tried to take the officer's
club and star. The police Judge gave Styres
thirty days.
C. H. Antrim pleaded not guilty and
waived the preliminary examination when
brought before the police Judge Monday
morning on a charge of grand larceny. The
prisoner was bound over to the district
court In the sum of $300. Antrim was
charged with stealing fifty butts of tobacco
from the Illinois Central freight house.
Attorneys File Motion on Gronnd of
Conrt's Error In Overruling
Abatement Plan.
A motion for a new trial waa filed '.n
behalf of Joe Warren, who was convicted
of robbing the saloon of Nels Lausten the
night the latter was murdered. A Jury
found Warren guilty Friday night. Error
of the court In - overruling the plea in
abatement and refusing to allow evidence
of former Jeopardy to go to the Jury are
among tha reasons urged why the case
should be tried again. .
Cholera Morbus fared.
This Is one of the most severe and dan
gerous diseases. In almoat every neighbor
hood some one has died from It. lr. W.
E. Smith of La Marque, Tex., writes:
"My little girl waa taken with cholera!
morbus, brought on by bad drinking water
caused by the great Galveston storm. The
attack was so severe that I feared ahe
would die. A druggist advised me to give
her Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy, which I did, and three doses
of It relieved her. Since then I have rec
ommended this remedy to many friends
and It has never failed In any Instance."
Mortality Statistics. ,
The following births and deaths have
been reported to the Hoard of Health dur
ing the forty-eight hours ending at noon
Births Thomas Ixive, 904 South Eigh
teenth, boy, William R. Haughn, 2108
South Thirty-fourth, boy; Henry Dull.',
8411 South Fourteenth, boy.
Deaths Ivy Ann Watson, 7:4 South
Nineteenth, if. Harold Rue. 118 South
All of this can be avoided,
however, by the use of Mother's Friend before baby comes, as this
great liniment always prepares the body for the strain upon it, and
preserves the symmetry of her form. Mother' Friend overcomes all the
danger of child-birth, and carries the expectant mother safely through
this critical period without pain. It is woman's greatest blessing.
Thousands gratefully tell of the benefit and relief derived from tha
use of this wonderful
remedy. Sold by all
druggists at ft.oo per
bottle. Our little
book, telling all about
this liniment, will be sent free.
Til Inm Itrtlitir Cl. IbiH. b.
SPKCIAIi Genuine
the newest Pasha
worth fa.OO, at
Braids, In the Pasha
25 styles of nice
InZTZiuu in n inTnWnmmrJ
iglt Grade Treatment
(If rsponslbl. you
you nave a atsease er weakness peculiar to
the relvlo region, your condition calls promptly
for the best treatment the medical nrofeecion
affords. Cif this fact you must be thoroughly
convinced when you stop to consider hew many
different doctors you have conaulted, and how
many bottles of worthless medicines you have
taken. We have no fault to find with the man
who employs such Inferior treatment, for that
Is his privilege, but the money he thus expense
would go far toward securing for him a cure
that Is safe, rapid and permanent. e have
long studied and thoroughly mastered infirmi
ties of this character male pelvla diseases.
Recently we have treated acores of stubborn cases,
and not a single failure or unpleasant result
has been reported to ua. Other physicians msy
rest men, but we cure them, cure them to re
main cured, and thla fact we are prepared to
prove to the entire satisfaction of any man sin
cerely Interested. Our fees are aa low aa they can be conaiatent with high
grade treatment.
BV the 'sftsf and tr methods w csre fo remain curto', VARICOCELE, URETHRAL
BLADDER and KIDNEY troublti, and all associate slsssscs tnd weaknesses, wiffe
thtlr reffer complcaffons.
Northwestern Medical
. Surgical Institute...
a lEAJtLM, latfc aad
Twenty-fifth. 1; Mrs. Truelove, 2715 South
Thirty-second, 80; Jane Rlach. Toplnabee,
Mich., 64; John C. Drexel, Nebraska
City. 48.
eta Fire to Can and Carries it Ip
stalra with a Blase At
tached. Port Brown, office boy In the Natlonnl
Cash RcglsteV company's store at Fifteenth
and Harney streets, was painfully burned
on his right arm Monday morning while
carrying a biasing can of floor oil from
the; basement of the store to the sidewalk.
The boy waa taken to his home at Twenty
fourth and Parker streets.
Brown was working with the can of oil
in the basement aad set fire to the fluid.
He rushed upstairs with the oil and while
passing the draped shelves In the store the
fire communicated to the drapery. Drown
threw the can to the walk. A fire alarm
was sent in and the fire extinguished with
small loss.
Very Low Hates -meaday.
Every Tuesday, balance of the year, the
Chicago Great Western railroad will soil
bomeseekers' tickets to Minnesota, North
Dakota and Canadian northwest at about
half rate; to other territory flrst and third
Tuesdays. Write H. H. Churchill. O. A,
Isl2 Farnam street State number la party
and when going.
a newly discovered region, rich In silver
and other metals, Is conveniently reached
by the Grand Trunk Railway System.
A well prepared booklet descriptive of the
section will be mailed on application to
Geo. W. Vaux. A. Q. P. a- T. A., Grand
Trunk Railway System, 135 Adams St.,
Chicago. ,
Fishlnc nnd t ampin- Hates to Madi
son Lake, Watervtlle and Elyslnn,
Minn., Via Chicago Great
For parties of ten or more, one fare and
one-third for the round trip, good for tea
days. Tickets on sals dally until Sep
tember 80. For further Information apply
to H. H. Churchill. G. A., Iil2 Farnam St.
WATCHES Frenxer, 1Mb. and Dodge sl
ftlrkaey at Commercial t'lnb.
President Btlckney of the Chleneo Orest
Wetiiern and the board of directors of the
Omaha Grnln exchang" lll lie the g'leits
of the executive committee of the C'nii
nierclul club at luncheon Tuesday. -After
the lum heon Pietid'.-nt 8tckney will ad
dress the Commercial club.
Every woman covet
shapely, pretty figure, and
many of them deplore the
loss of their girlish forms
after marriage. The bearing
of children is often destrnctive
to the mother's shapeliness.
Di. aaaai.K
IF trues no all
Imported Leghorn soft braids. In
and telescope styles, (prt sp
soft braids In split straw,
may pay when cursd.)
Northwest Corner
13th and Farnam 5tSe,
By the Old Reusble DI. SEARLES, SKARLES
Established In Omaha for It years. The many thou
sand, of cases cured by us make us the most expert
enced .Specialists In the west. In all diseases and alU
menta of men. We know Just what will cure you
and oure quickly.
We make no misleading or false statements or offer
you cheap, worthless tieatment. Our reputation ana
name are too favorably known every case we treat,
our reputation Is at stake. Tour health, Ufa and haaw
plness Is too serious a matter to place in the hands on
a " AMBI.ES JPOOTOaV" Honest doctors of abilli
use their OWsT STAMX XX TI1IB TJ80rHB. We
can effect for everyone a life-long OVaVB for Weak,
Nervous Men, Varicocele trouble.. Nervous Debility,
Blood Poison. Prostatic troubles. Kidney, Bladder.
WAJTXXrO DiaZASSS, Hydrocele. Chronlo Disease.
Contracted Diseases, Stemach and Skin Disease,
pnpp Examination and Consultation. Writs law
BvmDtom Blank for Horn. Treatment.
Danglna Streets, amavaa. aeaawaka.
Matting Suit Cases are light,
neat and servlcable and are just
the thing to take with you on your
summer vacation trip.
We are offering a special value
this month in a 24-in. Japanese
matting case leather bound, very
servlcable and attractive, one of
our $4.60 values specially
priced thla month for
Other matting cases from $2.00
to $6.00.
We carry everything in Traveling
Bags, Trunks and Sample Casus
Salesroom and Factory.
1200 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
Diseases of Men
Cured for 05.00
Pay what you can and begin treatment now.
Dr. McGrew
Is and alwaya has
been the pioneer of
low charges for
treatment and fair
dealing with men.
Over Thirty Thous
and Cured Caaen of
all forms of Dis
eases snd Disorders
of Men guarantee
this fsct. Thirty
years experience.
Over years prac
tice right here la
Omaha and throughput the West.
A Guaranteed Cure
practically- assured fur only $5.00. Consul
tation and advlca FREE.
Treatment by mall Call or write. Box
7tM. Offices U5 Buuth Fourteenth attset.
Omaha, Neb.
Every Xloum
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M. Cor. Kth and Farnam ta
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